Aaina (1993) Movie Script

Dear parents and students.
The judges have made their decision.
Our chief guest has arrived
on the stage to award the prizes.
When the name of a winner is announced
they should come forward
and receive their award.
The first prize goes to...
...Reema Mathur.
And the winner of the second prize
is Reema's elder sister
Roma Mathur!
I won't accept the second prize.
Roma, this is a decision of the judges.
The judges have taken a wrong decision.
The first prize must go to me.
Roma, don't be obstinate.
Be a sport.
I am not obstinate.
I win first prize every year.
And my dress is better than this dress.
Roma, behave yourself.
Come. Accept your prize.
I have never lost
and I will never lose.
This is my trophy
and I should get it.
I won't accept the second prize.
Come, Reema.
It is your turn now.
Sister, give me this trophy
for one minute.
-Give her the trophy, daughter.
Why should I give you my belonging?
But I won it, didn't I?
What did you say?
Will you win against me?
Roma, what is this indecency?
Mohini, did you see?
Teach your elder daughter
how to lose.
And teach the younger one how to win.
Or else the lives of both
of them will be difficult.
Roma, you are beautiful!
-Oh no! Sister.
-Just wait a minute. One minute.
I have been hearing
this for last two hours.
OK. Now be a good girl. Go outside
and see whether there is sunlight
or still there are clouds.
What have you got to do
with the sunlight, Sister?
If there is sunlight,
I will wear this bright dress.
Oh God! May there not
be the sunlight.
Otherwise she will
take two more hours.
First she will change this dress.
Then she will remove
this make up and redo it.
Then she will wear matching jewelry.
Wow! Wonderful! Did you see?
There is no sunlight.
And I think there won't be any.
You never know!
Please don't guess on your own, Reema.
OK, sister. Get ready as you want.
Take your own time.
I will go by an auto.
-Good morning, Mr. Saxena.
-Good morning.
-Have any new books arrived?
-Thank you.
-You are welcome.
-Excuse me.
Are you Mr. Ravi Saxena?
As of now, yes.
I have read a lot about you.
Are there my writings in your course?
No! No!
A great thing has happened today?
Did you know whom I met?
-Ravi Saxena.
-Who told you?
The glow on your face told me!
I have been hearing only one name
for last three months.
Ravi Saxena, this.
Ravi Saxena, that.
In fact, I have begun feeling envious
of your Ravi Saxena!
Come on, father!
How does he look?
Father, he is--
What can I say. So handsome!
-Greetings, sir.
-Good evening.
-Good evening.
You are very late, sir.
Sorry, friend. I came late.
Usual meetings.
Your exhibition has become quite a hit.
It will be hit only when the rich people
like you spend money.
Make me spend as much as you want.
I have to leave within half an hour.
This is a nice painting.
Sorry, friend.
This has been sold out.
How do you know?
There is a red dot.
This is a fantastic painting.
It has been sold out.
A strange coincidence.
Who is this gentleman
whose taste matches with mine?
Ravi Sir, this is not a gentleman,
but a lady!
There she is.
Put a dot near the painting
at which she is looking
with so much concentration.
-I haven't seen that painting.
-Haven't you even seen it?
What is the need to see it?
I will like whatever she likes.
It should be bought.
Sorry, madam. It has been sold out.
Any problems, Pradip?
No, not much of a problem.
But yes, there is a problem.
Madam also wants to buy the painting which
you have bought already.
You can buy now.
Your problem has ended now.
No thanks.
It didn't look so good when
I gave it a second look.
It is good for you.
She was right.
Really there is nothing special in it.
Excuse me.
Didn't you buy this painting?
-In that case, Pradip, I will buy it.
The things should be bought
as per your own taste
not as per the taste of other person.
-Tell me one thing.
Do you always acquire things
of your liking?
She doesn't have a red dot on her,
does she?
Her name is Roma Mathur.
She gave this card
when she came here.
Hello, Mathurs.
Daughter Reema,
are you watching the television?
No, I am not watching
the television.
Then do one thing.
Switch on the television quickly.
The longer you will talk to me,
the more loss you will incur.
Who told you that there is no romance
in the business? After all--
Mr. Ravi, tell us one thing.
Why is there no romance
in your personal life?
The reason for that is...
You need a girl to be in romance.
Didn't any girl come in your life?
I can't talk about life.
Because I have met that girl only once.
Who is that lucky girl?
Tell this to our viewers.
It's a very personal.
But I can surely say one thing.
If she is watching this program
she will definitely understand
that I am talking about her.
What if she is not watching this program?
Then I, myself,
will have to go and meet her.
Did you watch my program?
I was talking about you.
It won't help being a shy.
I lay bare my heartfelt feeling.
Won't you say something?
What has one heart
Said to another heart?
Listen to it
Listen to it
What is it calling for?
Listen to it
Listen to it
What has one heart
Said to another heart?
Listen to it
Listen to it
What is it calling for?
Listen to it
Listen to it
O spring
Please come!
Please come!
Please come!
What has one heart
Said to another heart?
Listen to it
Listen to it
What is it calling for?
Listen to it
Listen to it
O spring
Please come!
Please come!
Please come!
Please come!
"What has one heart
said to another heart?" Listen to it.
In the very first meeting
I became yours!
I engrossed only in your thoughts, friend
I want to reveal
All the secrets today!
I want to tell you the things
Which have been
Untold till today
The meaning of the signs!
Please come!
Please come!
Please come!
What has one heart
Said to another heart?
Listen to it
Listen to it
What is it calling for?
Listen to it!
I will put vermilion on your forehead
I will tie your hair
I will shower love on you
As much as you want.
May there be a new world of our love!
May there be the ground of emotions!
May there be a wall of dreams!
And the backyard of stars!
Please come!
Please come!
Please come!
Please come!
What has one heart
Said to another heart?
Listen to it
Listen to it
What is it calling for?
Listen to it
Listen to it
O spring, please come!
Please come!
Please come!
What has one heart
Said to another heart?
Listen to it
Listen to it
What is it calling for?
Listen to it
Listen to it
Daughter Reema, what are you looking at
with so much intent?
I was watching the interview
of Ravi Saxena.
Do you like Ravi so much?
O big brother,
if that piece of paper is tastier
than this cheese toast,
then give me a piece of it.
No, if you wish--
May I apply some butter on it?
Vinay, I am thinking whether to call up.
Don't think, big brother.
Here is a telephone. Make a call.
-What happened?
Some male is speaking.
So what? Try again.
Let's do it.
-What happened?
-This time there was some female.
So this proves that the dogs or cats
don't lift the telephone in the house.
The thing is that,
being a business tycoon is one thing.
And calling up a girl for the first time,
is another thing.
When you hear any voice on the phone
you must ask with utmost politeness.
-Hello! May I talk to Miss Roma?
She has gone out.
Where did she go?
She went to the auction
of Darya Mahal.
In fact I have called up to remind her
of the auction of Darya Mahal.
She was seeing in a mirror
the spring of the youth.
She remembered me and turned shy.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this mirror is not an ordinary one.
A page from history.
A story from old times.
A piece from a history.
Just have a look at its expensive frame.
-Three thousand rupees!
Only three thousand rupees?
The historical dust gathered
on it is worthy of 10000 rupees.
Look, I am interested in this mirror.
Sweep yourself the historical dust
of 10000 rupees.
-Three thousand.
-Three thousand one.
Four thousand.
Four thousand and one.
Five thousand.
Five thousand and one.
What? Did I hear six thousand?
This piece of history is yours.
Now, the lot number five!
Lady Curzon had imported these articles
from France in 1888.
Ten thousand.
Ten thousand and one.
Fifteen thousand.
Fifteen thousand and one.
Twenty thousand.
Twenty thousand and one.
Is this man gone mad?
Thirty thousand.
Thirty thousand and one.
Madam, it's your turn now.
It's all yours!
You own the articles of the kings!
Good morning, grandmother! Hi Reema.
Good morning mom. Good morning dad.
Welcome! Sit down.
Will you have a breakfast?
Yes, papa.
You purchased a lot yesterday.
Father, you will be impressed of me.
Yesterday I didn't buy anything.
I see. Nothing?
Father, I bought nothing.
Then what is this?
Go after having a breakfast.
She buys unnecessary things.
She spends all my hard earned money
on such scrap.
I have no money to burn
on such antique rubbish!
Sister, we needed that tub very much.
After all, an antique tub
adorns the house!
No, Reema.
That commode was badly needed.
This antique commode
is something very special.
You have crossed the limit this time.
I think that you liked my gifts very much.
Yes. My family members
liked them more than I did.
So it has become very necessary
now to see you.
Tomorrow morning, at 5 o'clock?
Taj coffee shop. OK?
Hi! You are looking very beautiful.
I am very angry.
Should I say that you look
very beautiful while in anger?
Sit down.
I have come to ask you.
Why are you chasing me?
What do you want?
I want you.
So do you want to say that
you fell in my love
in just two meetings?
It takes only one meeting to fall in love.
And we have met twice.
But how did you think
that I would love you
in just two meetings?
Miss Roma, I am a businessman.
I strike a deal only when
the other party is interested.
If you were not interested
in me, you wouldn't have
come to see me.
Don't you know any other
way of expressing the love?
For example?
You could have sent flowers for me.
You could have written me
a letter to express your love.
You could have praised me.
OK. I will fulfill your this wish too.
Take roses.
You live in my breath
You live in heart beats
You live in my thoughts
You live in my breath
You live in heart beats
You live in my thoughts
My love!
It's very nice
How should I praise you?
You live in my breath
You live in heart beats.
You live in my thoughts
My love!
It's very nice
How should I praise you?
You live in my breath
You live in heart beats
Your open hair is like the pot
Of fragrance in the ambiance
There are opening buds
There are lot of
Flowers in the garden
The skirt of your sari flew
And made the swift air crazy
You live in my promises
You live in my memories
You live in intentions
Of the heart
My love! It's very nice
How should I praise you?
You live in my breath
You live in heart beats
In this wet season
The youthfulness prevails on the clouds
When you walk provokingly
The direction of the breeze changes
It hasn't seen such thing
The heart is afraid
My heart throbs, darling
You live in my eyes
You live in my dreams
You live in the books of the heart
My love! It's very nice
How should I praise you?
You live in my breaths
You live in my breaths
You live in heartbeats
You live in heartbeats
You live in my thoughts
You live in my thoughts
How much sugar?
-I have brought a gift for you.
-I see.
It's beautiful!
-What but?
But how can I accept this ring?
Is there only one way
of accepting the ring?
The thing is that--
My name is Sunil Bhatnagar.
I am a photographer
from Society magazine.
Your face is very interesting.
I am in search of such face
for the cover of next Society magazine.
If you don't mind,
may I take your few photographs?
What do you say?
-Come, Mr. Bhatnagar.
Thanks to you,
I got a photograph for the cover.
Did you know? Sunil was saying
that I am a photographer's delight.
What were you saying?
I wanted to say that...
I want to marry you.
Marriage? You mean...
Ravi, I have never even thought
about the marriage till today.
Then think about it.
It's not about thinking, Ravi.
You should talk to my family members
about marriage.
Don't worry.
I will talk to your father today. OK?
-No, it has become cold.
Is that Mr. Mathur?
This is Ravi Saxena speaking.
Sir, I want to talk to you
about a personal matter.
Yes, surely.
Please come to my office.
Sir, if you allow me,
may I come to your house?
Certainly. It will be a pleasure.
Tomorrow at 7 o'clock.
Will it be convenient for you?
I will reach to your house at 7 o'clock.
Wait a minute.
Father, please...
-She is looking very beautiful, isn't she?
Tell us whom we are waiting for.
If I say that we are waiting for the joys,
will you believe it?
Come in, Ravi son. Come in.
-My brother, Vinay.
Vinay! Come in, you too.
-This is my mother.
-This is my wife, Mohini.
And you have known Reema since before.
Yes, she is very much fond
of dropping books.
-Come, sit down.
-Please, sit down.
Sit down, daughter.
Please, have a seat.
Daughter Reema, serve us tea.
Yes, father.
So, son Ravi, you told me over the phone
that you wanted to talk to me
on some urgent matter.
Then, go ahead.
The elder ones should talk these things.
But you know that we don't have
any elders in our family.
So... So... So I...
So, I have been promoted temporarily.
-So it is obvious that I will talk to you.
-Yes, son.
Sir, I have come with
a wedding proposal
of my elder brother
with your elder daughter Roma.
-Hi Ravi.
-Hi Vinay.
Come, daughter Roma. Sit down.
You are looking handsome. sit.
Daughter Roma,
you didn't tell us anything about Ravi.
Father, it is because I knew
that you would
like Ravi very much.
Sir, you didn't reply my question.
Son, what can be more joyous thing for us?
-Mohini, serve some sweets.
-I'll go and see.
-No, I will go.
Daughter Reema!
I am sorry, daughter.
That's my brave girl!
-Reema, did you hear?
-Yes, I did.
-Thank you.
Mr. Mathur, there's one request.
Get two of these married quickly so that
my path gets cleared.
Yes, son.
But the engagement first.
Then the marriage.
I knew that you would say this.
That's why we have
come fully prepared.
Come on, big brother. Start.
Many congratulations!
Mother, many congratulations.
-Mother, these sweets...
-Many many congratulations to you.
Have it, son.
You also have it.
Hello, busy man!
Hi, beautiful!
-Come, come. Come.
-Come Sunil.
You must have recognized Sunil.
Had you photographed Roma
in that restaurant?
-Yes, sir.
-How do you do?
Shake hand of Sunil once more.
He not only photographed me,
he also published my photograph
in the Society magazine.
The photograph is very beautiful.
Whose photograph is it?
It's mine, isn't it?
It must be beautiful!
Sunil wants to talk to you about this.
Mr. Ravi, Roma's photograph
has created a sensation
in the whole advertising world.
You won't believe.
My telephone was ringing continuously
from 7 to 10 in the morning.
It didn't stop even for one second.
As soon as I used to keep down
the phone there used to be another call.
Tremendous response.
-That's why I wanted--
-One second, one second,
You mean to say
that Roma should remodeling.
Have you come to seek my opinion on this?
In that case,
I wouldn't like you to do modeling.
But why?
Roma, you sought my opinion.
So, I gave my opinion.
Next is up to you. OK?
But Ravi, there should be some reason
for your opinion.
Roma, I gave my opinion, didn't I?
Sunil, I won't do modeling.
OK, stop right here.
How much is it?
Take this.
-Hi, I'm so sorry.
You know what happened?
My friend met with an accident.
I was with her in the hospital.
I'm so sorry. I kept you waiting.
What a beautiful thing!
-She is the society girl.
-Leave it, Pakya!
Let me enjoy the beauty, friend.
What's the matter?
What's the problem?
Then go away.
Why are you staring at her?
We are staring not at you, but at her.
Does she charge for staring at her?
Go and pretend to scare her. Not me.
You pimp!
What happened?
Get in the car.
I can't believe that I can fight
in the street in this manner.
Have you understood now
why I don't want you to do modeling?
I am sorry.
Forgive me. If I had come on time,
all this...
I kept you waiting
quite a long, didn't I?
It's OK. I will wait
for you tomorrow.
Tomorrow I will arrive
one hour earlier than you.
And we will watch
the movie together. OK?
I don't like to wait
or keep somebody waiting.
Be ready tomorrow.
I will pick you up from the house.
Am I very ugly?
Is the moon ugly?
You say such thing to make me happy.
My daughter, you have got
another moon inside you.
Tell me who told you
that you were ugly.
My mirror keeps telling me.
Break and throw that mirror!
Hey, if you don't believe what I say,
ask your husband
after the marriage.
-Greetings, grandmother.
-May you live long.
Hi, Reema. How are you?
May you live long. Sit down.
No, grandmother.
I am here to take Roma out.
Don't tell me that she is not ready.
No. She must be ready by now.
Sunil, Mr. Bhalla
is the leading film producer, isn't he?
Hey, Roma. I will not allow
any ordinary producer
to come near you.
Do you know
what his reaction was after
watching your photographs?
-He was blown away. He was floored.
He said that he would
call me up around 5 o'clock.
In fact I am waiting for his call.
Are you going out somewhere?
No. No, I wasn't
about to go out anywhere.
And this is not the time to go out.
OK. Wait near the telephone. I will call
you up as soon as he calls me up.
What is this, sister?
Oh Reema, I have severe headache.
Ravi must be coming to pick me up.
Please convince him.
I am suffering
from acute headache really.
Explain it yourself.
Oh Ravi. I am so sorry.
I was waiting for you
after getting ready.
All of a sudden, I started
suffering from headache.
Oh come on, Roma!
We won't miss the movie today.
Take two tablets.
Everything will be fine. Come on.
I don't take medicines, Ravi.
I will sleep for one or two hours.
Then I will be OK.
Leave me alone for some time, please.
OK. Take rest.
I will watch the movie with Reema.
Come, Reema.
-No, Ravi. I can't--
-Come on.
-Come. Come.
-Ravi! No!...
You don't look good
at all while in anger.
Shall we go to watch the movie?
No. Let's go back.
-No, we won't go back.
I will tell you.
Oh! Is this the same honeymoon cottage
you were telling me about?
What a beautiful place.
Whenever I feel tense or dejected...
...I came here.
This means that you need
to be tense or dejected
to come here.
Come. I will show you a room
which I have made for Roma.
Wow! You are very well
aware of sister's taste.
What a gift.
OK. Tell me what gift you
will give Roma on her wedding?
Give Roma some of your maturity,
and power to forgive as a gift.
After marriage, we will need
these things very much.
If I gift these things
to the sister as you said,
what will you give me in exchange?
Whatever you wish.
Then come home
and patch up with my sister.
Oh Ravi! Come and join.
-Hi Ravi. But you were to come tomorrow.
OK. I'll go.
I will come tomorrow.
-Sit down, Ravi.
Will you have a breakfast?
No. I will have only coffee.
Thank you.
Have it.
-How much sugar?
-Two spoons.
I knew it. I was poking fun
at him deliberately.
-Sir, this is your parcel.
-Thank you.
What is this, Ravi?
Reema, this is for you.
-Take it.
-Thank you.
What is there in it, Ravi?
A sari for Reema.
A sari for Reema.
And nothing for me?
Can it be possible?
This is for you.
Thank you. Why didn't you give me
my present first?
I was just poking fun at you.
It's very nice.
I will keep that one.
But sister,
green is Ravi's favorite color.
Maybe. But it doesn't suit me.
I will keep only that one.
It's OK, sister.
Keep this one.
Ravi, you have become
our son-in-law now.
It is your duty to find
a nice boy for Reema.
Grandmother, what is the need
to put a condition of nice boy?
Any ordinary groom will do for Reema.
Why did you say that?
You made her cry again?
I was just joking, father.
Reema has become habitual of crying.
Excuse me. I will be right back.
Are you crying?
No. I am not crying.
Is this same Reema
who used to tell me that
my sister is very nice
and talks rudely only occasionally.
She doesn't mean it
and my sister is very nice etc.
What happened today?
You took ill of her remark.
I beg your pardon on sister's behalf.
Forgive me.
How lucky Roma is.
When I get annoyed with her,
you talk to me.
When you get annoyed with her,
I talk to you.
She survives in this manner.
Tell me one thing.
If we get annoyed with each other,
who will talk to us?
But why would we be annoyed
with each other?
Hope not. If such thing happens,
I will stand to lose.
Thank you.
Now I am perfectly alright.
Great. After all,
that's what friends are for.
I needed a friend that day.
You need a friend today.
Hello, Roma! Congratulations!
For what?
Mr. Bhalla has selected you
as a heroine of his next film.
-It's confirmed.
Do you know? The shooting begins
on ninth of next week.
On the ninth?
And soon after that there will be
an outdoor shooting for one full month.
Roma, why are you speechless?
You should go mad with the joy.
Sunil, you don't know.
There is my wedding
on the ninth of next week.
Roma, if you had wanted to get married
then why did you do all this?
Look. Let me tell
you one thing clearly.
There is no place for married girls
in the film world.
And such opportunities
don't knock often, Roma.
Sunil. Sunil, what should I...
Get married or do this film.
It is your call.
Reema, I am very afraid.
Are you afraid of losing to me?
No. You can't defeat me.
I mean--
Everything is happening so fast.
There was an engagement yesterday
and the wedding on the day after tomorrow.
-Sister! The marriage will not be on held
the day after tomorrow.
It will be held after a month.
Come. it's your turn first.
But one should get time
to understand the things.
What are you saying, sister?
Whatever has happened till now,
it was as per your will.
And whatever will happen in the future
it will also be as per your will.
Everything is appearing monotonous.
I mean... the same music,
the same wedding gown,
the same ritual,
the same priest.
The same traditions
which have been going on
for the last thousand years.
Sister, sometimes these boring
activities get very interesting.
And after all, you love Ravi as well.
It's OK to be in love, Reema.
But it means,
the end of the road.
There is a board of road closed
next to me.
And I was not born just to live
and die as Mrs. Saxena.
Then what were you born for?
I didn't get time think of it too.
I never got the time to think about it.
It's check, sister.
What are you doing this?
The horse always moves
in two and half positions.
Get it away!
This chess is also very boring.
And it is not necessary that
the horse should move only
in two and half positions.
My Banno's wedding procession will arrive
Beat the drums!
My Lado's wedding procession will arrive
Beat the drums!
I will dance all night today
Beat the drums!
My Lado's wedding procession will arrive
Beat the drums!
My Lado's wedding procession will arrive
Beat the drums!
You will go to your husband's house
We will miss you!
You will go to your husband's house
We will miss you!
Don't forget us after going
To the husband's place
Why are you weeping, father?
The daughters are meant for others
Why are you weeping, father?
The daughters are meant for others
Now she will live with the husband
Beat the drums!
My Banno's wedding procession will arrive
Beat the drums!
My Lado's wedding procession will arrive
Beat the drums!
The flowers are blooming in the hair
The cheeks are pinkish
The flowers are blooming in the hair
The cheeks are pinkish
The 'Bindiya' is shining on the forehead
And the kohl in the eyes
The jewelry is adorning the body
You are looking very pretty, sister!
The lipstick is adorning the lips.
The ring is adorning the ears
The henna has been applied
On the bride's hands
Beat the drums!
My Banno's wedding procession will arrive
Beat the drums!
My Lado's wedding procession will arrive
Beat the drums!
I will accept all your sorrows
I will gift you all my pleasures
I will accept all your sorrows
I will gift you all my pleasures
I pray to God for your happiness
May none of your
Wishes remain unfulfilled!
May your every wish be fulfilled!
I stated the wish of my heart
My Banno's wedding procession will arrive
Beat the drums!
My Lado's wedding procession will arrive
Beat the drums!
I will dance all night today
Beat the drums!
My Banno's wedding procession will arrive
Beat the drums!
My Lado's wedding procession will arrive
Beat the drums!
Brother-in-law! Give me! Give me!
Sister, here is your wedding gown.
Sister, the wedding rituals
will take place only wearing this.
Hurry up!
Reema, are you, too,
hanging around here?
All of this has happened
because of me.
I always have always
hidden her mistakes.
I am facing the fall out
of what I did.
What is the use in repenting now?
She went away embarrassing all of us.
Darling Ravi, don't be angry
while reading this letter.
Try to understand
why I did what I did.
I am getting a chance
to be the heroine of a film.
One doesn't get such chance every day.
The wedding can take place later.
I will return as soon as the production
of the movie is over.
We will get married
the very next day.
I know that you love me so much that
you will wait for me.
Yours, Roma.
I will go downstairs now
and announce with folded hands
that my useless daughter has ran away.
-The wedding procession can go back.
-Wait, sir.
This wedding procession
won't go back.
Ravi, Roma can't come back
to this house after this.
She can't come back
in my life as well.
I won't marry her.
If you allow it
and if she doesn't take it ill,
I would like to marry Reema.
But Reema won't agree to it.
If she doesn't agree to it,
I will take back this procession.
But I--
Will you do one thing unquestioningly?
Marry me.
You will go to your husband's house
We will remember you
Don't forget us after
Going to your husband's place
Why are you weeping, father?
The daughters are meant for others
Now she will live with her husband
When I see you in such clothes now,
I feel that...
I have done grave injustice with you.
I don't want you to make sad, Ravi.
But what can I do?
I always wore sister's used clothes.
But I can't bear to be
in her wedding gown.
I understand your agony, Reema.
And I also know that you
understand my condition too.
When I read that letter,
the darkness prevailed before me.
In that darkness,
I saw only one ray of light.
And it was you, Reema.
You saved me from breaking down.
And the savior is always great.
The one who forgives is also great.
Then why didn't you forgive her
and wait for her?
I have forgiven her.
I have no enmity towards her in my heart.
But why would I wait for her?
You loved each other very much.
Still after that one moment
that love became a thing of the past.
Then what is the future of this wedding
which took place in a moment?
I trust you, Reema.
You should trust me similarly.
Otherwise, we wouldn't have
performed this wedding ritual.
You would not have this
'mangal sutra' on your neck.
Without asking any question,
will you accept my request, Ravi?
As long as sister Roma is standing
in between husband and wife...
We will live like a good friend.
Marriage is first a union of soul
then a union of body.
Sister is not here but
her existence is spread
in the atmosphere like a shadow.
Maybe you are right, Reema.
Today I need a friend
more than a wife.
The day you will think
of me more than just a friend...
Then just move
your hand towards me.
I will wait for the dawn.
-Can I take one book?
Bring that book here.
Do read it.
It is a very good book.
I didn't know that you...
had such a long and beautiful hair.
You are right, big brother.
How could you know like this?
She applies so much oil
and hides her hair
just the way she hides herself.
You know, big brother what Bahadur
was saying?
That if cooking oil
in our house gets exhausted...
While cooking snacks
then there won't be a problem.
There is no need to worry, at all.
The snacks can be fried
even with my sister-in-law's hair oil.
Forget about my hair
and comb your hair properly.
Today is you first day in the office.
You are not going to have fun.
Yes, yes. Sister-in-law. But it is fine
for my big brother to have fun.
My dear, sister-in-law.
Don't tie your hair for few moments.
And then see the poetic nature
of my big brother.
He will get inspired
and he will compose two-four odes
in a couple of minutes.
OK. OK. Take bath, big brother.
We can talk later. No problem.
I like it when you keep your hair untied.
your name should be in Guinness book.
Because you are the first beautiful woman
in the world who wants to look so ugly.
Look, sister-in-law.
The attention that you give
in decorating your house,
you should give that much
attention even to yourself.
You don't look like
a newly-wed bride in these clothes.
Look, wear beautiful saris
like a new bride.
And please don't hide your beautiful eyes
behind these glasses.
And if there is still
anything missing then
we can add few jewelries to make you look
more attractive, sister-in-law.
There should be earrings
in ears, nose-pin in nose
necklace in the neck,
key-chain are around the waist
anklets on your ankles
and bracelet in your arms
then your sweetheart can't
go away from you, sister-in-law.
Mr. Bhatia, from today
Vinay is your responsibility.
You will explain the business to him.
Sit down.
Tell me, what the problem is.
Your guess was right, sir.
Our JK Rastogi has joined Bombay textile.
And he didn't even gave us
one-month notice
and directly send his resignation.
Bhatia, send him one-month salary
and a check of 50,000 rupees.
He saved us from the trouble of dismissing
a senior officer.
Sir, at 5 o'clock--
I remember that meeting. Thank you.
-OK, Vinay.
-Thank you, sir.
Why are you smiling?
No reason, big brother.
I was thinking that in business
you're are very prudent
...and expert.
But if you had been even half
of that in your personal life...
then it would have been great.
Come on. Let's get back to work.
This painting is very beautiful.
When did you come?
I came when you were stumbling.
I will bring tea.
First let go of me.
On one condition.
Promise me that you will
again stand on this stool
and fall again.
I am disturbing your romantic scene.
your mother is on the phone.
Go and attend the phone.
But first put me down.
Alright. Alright, big brother.
Till today you never took me
in your arms.
Really? Come.
-You want me to come. Really?
-Come, come.
Come. You naughty.
Yes mother, I remember that
tomorrow is your birthday.
Wait a minute. I will ask him first.
We will surely go.
We will come, mother.
-How is my doll?
-I am very fine, father.
You were always good.
But are you happy?
If she had not been happy that this glow
would not have been on her face.
She is looking very pretty.
God, save her from evil eyes.
Come, Ravi. Sit.
It is not possible.
She will definite be inflicted
by evil eyes. But those
will be my brother's eyes.
He keeps on staring
at her day and night.
It is another matter that
because of her arrival...
...I have become less importance.
Now you are more important.
Your path is cleared
now to get married.
Aunt, tell me something.
Are you really Reema's mother
or elder sister?
-No, no. I was asking casually.
You know.
I was appreciating uncle's choice.
Son, you have made
your aunt very happy.
-Now eat something.
-Yes, uncle. I will eat now.
You are strange.
Aunt is in front of you
and you are thinking of food.
I am praising aunt so much
so that she will chose...
...a beautiful girl for me too,
whose hand I can hold.
-Am I right, brother?
-You are right. Right.
Find a bride for him.
By the way I have many
girlfriends in my life.
But it is hard to find
someone good enough to marry.
All the girls in his college
are crazy for him.
I remembered a very good song.
Really? Thank you.
-Take this.
-Do you remember, brother?
Child, why are you eating
with your left hand?
Yes, Reema. Why are you
eating with left hand?
Eat with you right hand.
Actually she forgot to bring
her right hand from home
in a hurry.
Am I right, sister-in-law?
No, problem. No, problem.
It happens after marriage.
Good night, Reema.
What is the matter?
-Reema, get me one button.
-I will bring it now.
I am in love
Sorry. Sorry.
Will you go out with me this evening?
Will you get scared?
I will come to pick
you up in the evening.
What are you thinking?
I was thinking that
it seems like a dream.
It is a dream.
A dream that has come true.
Can I ask you something?
Once you said that the day I think
of you more than a friend
then I should move
my hand towards you.
Beautiful! Beautiful!
Take away my heart
My dear! My dear!
Take away my sleep
You have made me restless
You too took away my peace
Beautiful! Beautiful!
Take away my heart
My dear! My dear!
Take away my sleep
My bangles jingle on
The sound of your arrival
Your Bindia shines brightly
Whole night in my dreams
I have asked God to make you mine
I am also impatient for so long
Your house is my whole world
Beautiful! Beautiful!
Take away my heart
My dear! My dear!
Take away my sleep
Why does the kohl in the
Mirror of your eyes feels shy?
When you look at me
I become vibrant
My heart is longing for your love
Wherever I see your
Love is showered
I want to live with
You and die with you
Beautiful! Beautiful!
Take away my heart
My dear! My dear!
Take away my sleep
We won't break this
Bond of our souls
I won't leave you in any season
Always be on my lips like a song
Come in my arms with love
Always keep me close to
Your heart like this
Beautiful! Beautiful!
Take away my heart
My dear! My dear!
Take away my sleep
Beautiful! Beautiful!
Take away my heart
My dear! My dear!
Take away my sleep
Are you happy?
Wow! What a great couple.
One disloyal lover
and one traitor sister.
One, who promised to be
with me for whole life
and other, who was the witness
of that promise.
You have set up a great example
of treachery and disloyalty.
-Sister, please. You--
-Shut up, Reema. Shut up!
Don't call me sister.
You have don't the great work of saving
the honor of mother and father...
For that you have been
applauded by everyone.
Now your drama has ended.
What is your worth?
You are just a temporary wife
and this is your worth.
Don't dare to say even
a single word against my wife.
Wife. What a joke!
To take revenge against me
you made use of a woman
and now you are calling her your wife.
I thought that you would be ashamed
to come in front of us again.
Then how dare you enter this house!
You betrayed me. You broke the promise.
You are disloyal.
I didn't flee from the wedding stage
but you did.
And on top of that you have the audacity
to blame us.
By the way, what is so great about you
that I should have waited for you.
You should thank Reema
because of her I am not saying anything
to you and tolerating
all this nonsense or else--
Or else.
Or else, what? Ravi.
Would you have killed me?
This would have been a better way
to take your revenge.
By marrying Reema you
have acted like a coward.
You can remove me from your house,
from your heart.
But how can you remove
the fact from your conscience
that both of you have done
injustice towards me.
Both of you can't be happy
by making me unhappy.
Because I won't allow
you to live happily.
She took whole bottle
of sleeping pills.
Look, what this crazy girl has done?
Father, didn't come.
Roma came home
and your father drive her
out of the house.
Then she phoned me at 4 o'clock and...
...said, I am leaving and then--
Mrs. Mathur.
She is out of danger.
There is nothing to be worried about.
She is conscious now.
You can take her home
within one or two days.
But take care of something.
She is mentally disturbed.
And such patient with suicidal tendency
can attempt to commit suicide
again and again.
Therefore you
shouldn't leave her alone.
And try to keep her happy.
Excuse me. The patient
is calling Mrs. Reema.
What did you do, sister?
Why did you do it?
Why are you crying? I should cry.
I said many bad things
to you in anger.
I have hurt everyone's heart.
But maybe I don't know anything besides
hurting everyone's heart.
I thought I should commit suicide.
But I couldn't even do that.
Keep quiet now, sister.
Nobody commits suicide
for such minor conflicts.
I forgot whatever you said to me.
But I have not forgotten.
Reema, as long as you don't forgive me...
...I won't be able
to forget all those things.
It is not good for the patient
to talk more.
I will come again tomorrow.
-I want to tell you something, Ravi.
-Tell me.
Father is not going
to let sister stay at home.
-Where will sister go alone?
-What is that you want to say?
Can we keep her in our house?
This is your house,
you can do whatever you wish for.
If you think it is right
then I don't have any objection. OK.
Hey, why are you standing outside,
please come in.
After coming here I feel
that I am at home.
-These flowers are so beautiful.
-I knew you'd like it.
Other than you nobody
knows my likes and dislikes.
Come. Sit. You take rest
I will get juice for you.
No, come and sit beside me.
Come, come. Take this.
Reema, I think, Ravi didn't want me
to come here, right?
Hey, no sister. He himself wished
that you come here.
Whatever I did with him,
after that he--
Sister, forget all that things.
I too want to forget all those
things as it is not worth
remembering that I myself
ruined my happy life.
I am my own enemy, Reema.
I was running behind
a shadow and the sun set
and the shadow vanished.
Do you know, the movie
for which I left
all this and ran away
what happened to that movie?
After a shoot of 15 days
the producer kicked me out of that movie
and he signed another famous heroine.
To hell with them, sister.
From now on, try to be happy.
In two to four days,
you will forget all this bitter things.
Is Roma staying at Reema's place?
What could've I done mother.
I was waiting for you to come.
Your son is not ready
to listen about Roma.
Thank God that Reema and Ravi
took her along with them.
Have you gone mad?
She will ruin Reema's family.
Hey, what are you doing in the study,
such late night?
Why didn't you sleep till now?
This is not the answer for my question.
Ravi, actually I wanted to ask
for forgiveness as I...
...misbehaved with you that night.
Come on Roma, why should
you ask for forgiveness?
I think it is necessary because...
-...I have caused you pain.
-You might have.
but I don't have any bitter feelings
for you now.
Ravi, I know that you still love me.
Your thinking is very wrong, Roma.
I don't have any feelings
for you in my heart like hate,
love, or anger.
Ghalib, this thought of yours
is good to console your heart.
If whatever I was saying was true,
then this pillow wouldn't
have been here.
Good night.
-I will make tea today.
-No, no, sister, I--
You relax, it is a kind
of exercise for me.
-Vinay, how many spoons of sugar?
-Two and a half spoon.
-How about you, Reema?
-One spoon, sister.
One spoon.
-Take this.
Ravi, you take two spoons
of sugar, right?
-Look, I remember everything.
-This matter is very old, Roma.
Now, I take only one spoon of sugar.
My taste has changed now.
Reema, you make tea for me.
Come, sister.
Reema, actually I wanted to talk to you.
-Tell me.
-I am a bit worried.
-Why sister?
-Is there is any misunderstanding
between you and Ravi because of me?
Why do you feel so?
Then why does he sleep
in the study room instead of bedroom?
This decision was mine, sister.
Because in the situation we
got married, it was difficult
for me to accept it suddenly.
Whatever you did
was absolutely right, Reema.
Because there would be
nothing more insulting than...
...this that Ravi got married
to you in anger and helplessness.
If I was in your place, I wouldn't
have accepted the one
who was rejected.
Anyway, whatever had to happen
has already happened.
The whole life you both can't stay
the same way, right?
I mean...
...if I leave this place
you might come close, then I'll--
What are you saying, sister?
Where will you go now?
Me... Oh yes, I haven't
brought anything with me
can I borrow your sari?
-Oh sure, sister. Come.
Look, take whichever you want.
Which one did you like?
But you didn't like this sari, sister?
This is a very old matter, Reema.
My taste has changed now.
Please sit, sister.
Ravi, this is your favorite color, right?
How am I looking?
You were right.
This color does not suit you.
This color looks more good on Reema.
-Where are you going?
-Sister, didn't have her dinner.
Sit down.
She is not a kid. If she feels hungry.
She will eat.
There is no question,
I have told you right, that's it.
But Roma, you are not trying
to understand, it is a...
-Hello sir.
-Oh Sunil... Sunil Bhatnagar.
Which magazine have you brought
with you today?
No, Mr. Ravi, not a magazine.
Actually there was an offer
of a film for Roma.
But sir, Roma denied it.
Roma, you denied it?
You don't like it, right.
That is the reason, I won't do acting.
Oh come on.
Don't worry about my likings.
This country needs good actresses.
Mr. Sunil, you have
to take her in your film.
If she can act so well in the house,
then on the screen
she would be marvelous.
What do you want, Ravi?
What is the matter?
You insult me every now and then.
What the hell. Why?
After all what is the reason for all this?
I am ready to change myself
as you want me to.
I don't want it anymore.
Ravi, you are just trying
to lie yourself, but till when?
I know that you can't
live without me.
Now you too understand one thing,
I, too can't stay without you.
Listen to me carefully Roma,
to me you are only Reema's
elder sister now. OK.
I don't have any feeling for you.
Nobody can take my place.
Don't you feel ashamed
talking like this
to your younger sister's husband?
Don't talk to me
like a middle class man.
I am not Reema.
I am Roma, Ravi.
Love is more superior than,
this man made relationships.
I know that you know all this.
Because just because you
get me, you got married to Reema
to feed your male ego.
No matter how many
marriages you do, but you
will always love me only.
Did you hear that?
You will always love me because
you have always loved me only.
Ravi, please, forgive me.
Please forgive me.
We... We will...
start a new life together.
You divorce, Reema.
Stop it! Stop it! This is too much.
Before I say something to you,
leave this place. Get out!
-Wait Ravi, don't open the door.
Ravi, please don't leave me.
I can't tolerate this.
Why don't you understand?
I love you.
-I can't stay without you Ravi.
-Roma, please Roma.
-I love you. Look, look.
-Roma, please behave yourself.
Ravi, please embrace me.
Please hug me. I love you.
-I love you, Ravi.
-Roma. Get away, Roma.
Ravi, Ravi, Ravi.
-Brace yourself, Roma.
-I love you very much, Ravi.
Please don't go away from me, Ravi.
I can't tolerate this, Ravi.
-Please embrace me. Ravi, Ravi.
-Roma. Roma for God sake.
Don't force me to call
the security guy to throw you out.
It would be better if you leave
this place by your own.
Have you gone mad?
How did you like my style
of committing suicide?
Mr. Ravi Saxena, I need to talk
to you something very important.
Please come.
Please come. Mr. Saxena,
is she the same girl who tried
committing suicide
by taking sleeping pills?
-We have got the report with us.
-Anything serious doctor.
It is serious and it isn't serious too.
Please come.
Today, you have come very late--
-Hey, what happened to sister?
-It is just a minor accident.
-I had taken her to the doctor.
-Come, I will--
I will take her.
You are in my breaths
You are in my heartbeat
You stay in my thoughts
This night is very lucky as it
Is sleeping embracing the moon
Here on the bed of depression my desires
Are crying all alone
By covering their face
This night is very lucky as it
Is sleeping embracing the moon
Beloved I got your love,
But I lost it
What kind of destiny is this
I got separated from you
But your memories are with me
You are in my honesty
You are in my pleads
You are in my prayers
This night is very lucky as it
Is sleeping embracing the moon
I have sleepless nights
I have restless days
All my dreams are incomplete
My life is incomplete without you
You are in my dreams
You are in my eyes
Under the protection of love
Come hide me in your arms
This night is very lucky as it
Is sleeping embracing the moon
Here on the bed of
Depression my desires
Are crying all alone by
Covering their face
No, Roma. This is not appropriate.
-Did Roma eat her breakfast?
She doesn't feel like eating.
Come on.
And five kilos of Basmati rice.
Sister-in-law, listen to me
and don't accept what has says.
Buy everything in more quantities.
I think your sister has become
a permanent guest in our house.
Why are so insolent?
I was only kidding.
If it was a joke then
I was a very crude one.
Apologize to Roma.
Didn't you hear me?
-I heard it.
Let him go.
Maybe he didn't mean it.
-I apologize to you on Vinay's behalf.
Let's go. Come on.
Can I come to escort you
to the airport tomorrow morning?
What is the need?
I am going to Delhi.
I will take the suitcase now.
There would be disturbance in the morning
because of the movement.
OK. Goodnight.
Check and mate. Did you see this?
You can never defeat me, Reema.
Wait a minute, sister.
Now I know hope to protect my king.
This is called check
and mate, sister.
You have won against me
for the first time.
I have learnt my lesson
after losing again and again.
I won't lose now.
-Hello. Hello.
-Wait a minute.
-Hello, Roma.
Roma, where is Reema.
She is sleeping.
Alright, tell her that I am coming
at 10.30 tomorrow.
-Who was on the phone, sister?
-Are you going to the market tomorrow?
At 10 O'clock.
I needed few things.
I will give you a list.
Please bring them for me.
I want to talk to you about Roma.
Which Roma?
Don't you want to know where
and how she is.
I think she died long time back.
Badal. Where is madam?
Madam, went to the market.
She will come soon.
Alright. I am in my room.
Get me one cup of tea.
-Thank you.
The shower in my bathroom
was not working.
Therefore I came here to take a bath.
Why are you so angry?
You didn't inform me of your arrival.
I did phone you.
Roma didn't tell you.
Listen, Roma.
I mean Reema.
Sister, you knew that Ravi
would come at this hour.
Yes. I forget to tell you.
He phoned last night.
I don't know what is happening
to me day by day.
What problem you have
if Roam stays here?
You will have a problem big brother.
Why are you getting involved
in matters that don't concern you?
How long will you stay
in your sister's house?
Now come home
and apologize to your father.
You want me to apologize, mother.
Neither in this life
nor in the next one.
And by the way mother,
I can't live in that house now.
What are you saying, child?
I am saying the truth, grandmother.
-You stay here, please.
-No, child.
How can I live in your in-law's house?
And my presence won't be of any help.
But listen to me carefully.
Ravi is your husband.
He is not a trophy
that you have won
which can be snatched by Roma
or gifted to her by you.
Child, grab hold of your
family life with firm hands.
-But granny--
-No, child. No.
This is your battle.
You will have to fight it alone.
Please, Reema. Don't start
this crying and begging.
I accept sister that even today
you can get whatever
and whoever you want.
You can win the whole world.
But... leave my Ravi for me.
Because for me Ravi
is my whole world.
Don't make your world
so small, Reema.
It is stupidity to sacrifice
your whole life for a man
who is beyond your reach.
Leave this madness.
Wear your spectacles and then check
you will see a world beyond Ravi.
But this is my world.
Ravi and this house.
Only an Indian wife
can understand this.
How would you know it?
You have not
performed the nuptial rounds.
You have not put vermilion.
You have not worn nuptial
thread around your neck.
You can't compete with it by wrapping
a towel around your body.
You want to compete with me with
the help of charity that I gave you.
Forget that nuptial round
and break your nuptial thread.
Even your Indian husband wants this.
It is not so easy to separate this
from a wife.
It is very easy.
This nuptial thread was tied
around your neck because of me.
Come. I will remove it and throw it.
Your love didn't have power
at that time or else
this nuptial thread
wouldn't have been in my neck.
And even today your love
doesn't have the power
to break this pure relationship.
You don't know its strength.
Distribute the rest.
Is this the method to wish birthday?
One who is dear, close to the heart
and dearer than life
would be wished like this.
Happy birthday Ravi.
Oh, yes. How should we celebrate
the birthday this evening?
Could we keep a party, Ravi?
No. There won't be a party.
Today I want to give a treat to Ravi.
Will you come somewhere
with me in the evening?
It is a superb idea, big brother.
Fantastic. Let's go out
somewhere in the evening.
No. Not you. Only Ravi and me.
Oh! OK. OK. Perfect.
What do you say, Ravi.
Will you come?
Will you get scared alone?
Scared. No, no. it is not possible,
One who is dear, close to the heart
and dearer than life
doesn't get scared of anything.
The truth is that our big brother
is feeling shy to do out
on a date with you.
-Am I right?
-We will go in the evening.
Only you and me.
-Where do you want to go?
-Hey! Congratulation.
-Are you surprised?
Hey! You are surprised as
if you don't know that
today is your birthday.
I didn't know anything
about this party. Is this your idea?
Roma didn't tell you.
Roma? Where is Roma?
You carry on with the celebration.
We are going out.
We will join later.
Please carry on.
-Can we go, Ravi?
-Yes, let's go.
My face is like a mirror
My face is like a mirror
You can see you image in it
Raise your glance at it, dear
And see your destiny in it
My face is like a mirror
My face is like a mirror
I will show the charm of
My beauty to this world
One day I will win the
Beautiful game of love
The dreams that you had one day
The dreams that you had one day
You can see them
Becoming a reality
You can see them
Becoming a reality
My face is like a mirror
My face is like a mirror
Human cannot be like a mirror
Nothing is out of reach of time
False can survive only as long as...
...it is not confronted by truth
This promise of a life
Time won't break, dear
No one besides me has
Any right on your love
The thing which
Bonds body with soul...
The thing which
Bonds body with soul...
...you can see that thread
...you can see that thread
My face is like a mirror
My face is like a mirror
There is not cover
And the truth is exposed
I know that mirror
Reveals the truth.
It is also true that
Mirror often breaks
It falls and shatters
At the slightest mishaps
My dear, my love
What colors have been brought...
My dear, my love
What colors have been brought...
...by our destiny
See it
See your destiny
My face is like a mirror
My face is like a mirror
What are you doing?
I am packing your suitcase.
I think you like this room very much.
You will want to shift me in your room
and come in this room to live.
I am shifting your from this house.
Wow! Such an attitude!
I am happy to see
that my younger sister
is becoming mature.
But I won't become as shameless
and disrespectful as you are.
I am ashamed to call you my sister.
Then you call me the second wife
of your husband.
I will pull your tongue out
if you utter this word again.
You have taken my place and now you
are speaking like me.
You are an ideal Indian woman who
believes in making sacrifice.
From where did you
take up this new form?
Yes. An ideal Indian woman,
who can sacrifice
anything for her husband's welfare.
And can take up any form
to save his husband
from destruction.
Before blaming me
for destroying house
first learn how to settle a house.
You cannot call his bed your own
and now you are claiming rights
on his house.
No. I am claiming rights
on the house of the person
in whose heart I have
made my place.
-You will find many beds outside.
-Shut up.
Today I won't get slapped
by you and accept my defeat.
I always fulfilled my duty
as a younger sister.
But you always thought
of it as your victory.
But my existence is not
for getting defeated.
And Ravi has made realize this.
If mother and father had
made me realized this fact
then today I would have
been not the second but
first choice of Ravi.
Don't fool yourself, Reema.
I was Ravi's first choice
and I am Ravi's last choice.
You have no relationship with him.
And if you don't believe me
then you can ask Ravi...
...what is my relationship with him.
Tell me Ravi,
what is your relationship with her?
I got the answer, Ravi.
Now I can't live in this house.
No, Reema. This is your house.
It will always be yours.
You won't go anywhere from here.
But we will go.
Let's go, Roma.
Wait, Ravi.
I want to tell you something.
But now it is too late.
Let me protect you
From all the evil eyes
I will give you all my happiness
Let me protect you
From all the evil eyes
I will give you all my happiness
I pray to God
To keep you happy
No desire should
Remain unfulfilled
All your hopes should be fulfilled
I have expressed the
Feelings of my heart
Ravi, today I am very happy.
I knew that one day
I would win you back.
-True love always wins.
-I know, Ravi.
Do you know, Ravi,
if today you had not
taken my side in front
of Reema then I would
have killed myself.
I know you can sacrifice
your life for me.
You have proved it twice.
Today even I can sacrifice
my life for you.
Ravi, drive slowly. Ravi.
Ravi, no!
What did you do, Ravi?
Ravi. Ravi, what has happened to you?
Why are you driving the car so fast?
Ravi, please drive the car slowly.
Ravi, please. Slowly, Ravi.
Ravi, our house is back. Ravi.
Ravi, stop the car.
I am getting scared.
Ravi, please, Ravi, stop the car.
Ravi, what are you doing? Ravi.
Ravi, what are you doing? Ravi.
Watch ahead, Ravi!
Ravi, we are moving towards the gorge.
Ravi, stop the car.
There is a gorge ahead.
Ravi, stop the car.
Ravi, what are you doing?
Let go of my hand.
Let go of my hand, Ravi.
Let go of my hand.
Ravi, let go of me.
Please, Ravi.
What has happened to you?
Are you out of your mind?
Ravi, what are you doing?
Let go of my hand.
I don't want to die, Ravi.
Let go of me.
Let go of my hand.
I don't want to die.
If you want to die then die alone.
Leave me. Let go of my hand!
Ravi, stop the car.
Stop the car, Ravi!
Let go, Ravi!
Ravi. Oh, Ravi.
I knew that you
wouldn't leave me alone.
And I was sure that you
would leave me alone and flee.
It is a sin to commit suicide, Ravi.
And to fake committing suicide?
You mean you were doing a drama.
Yes, drama. To prove that
not just today but you
never wanted to sacrifice
your life for me.
Ravi. You are saying this, Ravi?
No, the doctor says this.
His report says that you
took only two-three sleeping pills
-not the whole bottle.
After that you cut your wrist
in front of me. In front of me!
Because you knew very well
that if you would have cut
it in solitude then no one
would have saved you.
Right, Miss Roma Mathur.
I did all this to get your love, Ravi.
You don't love me.
But you want to win one more game
with your younger sister by getting me.
And I didn't want to see Reema lose.
Therefore, I did this drama
of love with you to see,
to what extent you would go.
The Roma...
...the Roma whom I really loved
is long dead.
And now a stubborn,
arrogant and selfish Roma
whom I hate. Only hate!
Then go back to your Reema
who is neither arrogant
and selfish like me nor beautiful.
This mirror has made you delusional.
Just try to look at your own conscience.
You will find a very ugly woman.
And you call yourself beautiful.
-You call yourself beautiful!
You got sacred and fled
from the wedding hall.
You couldn't become
the wife of your love.
You call yourself beautiful!
-You call yourself beautiful!
To fulfill your selfish means
you have disgraced your parents.
You couldn't become a good daughter.
You call yourself beautiful!
You call yourself beautiful!
The sister who gave you shelter
in her house
you are trying to ruin her house.
You couldn't become a good sister.
You call yourself beautiful!
You call yourself beautiful!
-You can only love yourself.
You cannot give happiness to others
but you can only snatch it.
You are a blemish on the womanhood.
You call yourself beautiful!
Beauty is not something
that you see in the mirror.
Beauty is something that
cannot be seen in the mirror.
And I have seen that beauty in Reema.
I love her.
And I love her from my heart.
Her eyes have revealed
to me the love she had for me.
These shattered mirrors
are now your life.
Maybe you will realize
your mistake by its pricking.
What do you think?
-That you have defeated me.
-No, sister.
What do you think?
That you have snatched Ravi from me.
No, sister.
What do you think?
That Ravi doesn't love me
now but you.
No, sister. No.
You think that you
can compete with me.
You think you are more
intelligent than me.
You are more beautiful.
No, sister.
Than what is so special in your Reema
that Ravi doesn't
love me but loves you.
Why are you so good?
Why am I not like you, Reema?
I have lost, Reema.
I have lost. I have lost.
Please forgive me.
Forgive me, Reema.
No, sister. No.
Can I tell you something, sister?
You don't look good when you cry.
Ravi, I--
Can you listen to me
without asking any question?
I love you very much.
I love you from the bottom of my heart.
I will accept all your sorrows
I will gift you all my pleasures
I pray to God for your happiness
May none of your wishes remain
May your every wish be fulfilled
I stated the wish of my heart
My Banno's wedding procession will arrive
Beat the drums!
Fair girl! Fair girl!
Steal my heart
My darling! My darling!
Steal my sleep