Aakasa Ramanna (2010) Movie Script

There are land more than water
& water more than land too in this creation.
God creates the sin orgoodness
in our side only.
The problem is what we adopt
in those 2 things. That's it.
God will enquire & punish them
immediately, who committed mistakes.
We believed that God will punish
everyone in the following births.
But somebody's life is ending before
whenthe court givesthem punishment now.
That's why God is suppose to give
them his punishments immediately.
As soon as they commit mistakes...!
l've told amatter
to Teja's friend's circle.
As an eye is keep on watching
our moves from the sky...!
Didthey hearme?
l didn't tell you about Teja, did l?
Let's watch it.
Okay. Why do l need it? But tell me
your height & weight, man.
Hello! What?
Do you want my height & weight?
-Yes, man. l've told youthat only. Right?
Hey! Are you chasing abride forme
& are you sending me to the next Olympics?
No, man. They ask your height.
-lt's okay. My height is 8feet.
That much...? -Okay. 6 feet. -Do you cheat me?
-Why isthat? 5 feet and 2 inches.
Tell them as l am a handsome guy.
Then yourweight...! -lf you see
my family weight, 42 k.gs.
Let me reduce that goingto gym.
Move away, brother.You'll fall down
if l dash you by mistake.
ls that that weight you lifted? What?
ls that the weight l lifted? -l asked the same.
l didn't build my body in the gym.
l've stolen a machine.
That's okay. l've chosen
an alliance foryou.
What about yourwife, man?
My wife...? l've divorced her.
What's the reason
for divorcing her, man?
Do you ask me the reason?
-Yes, man.
Brides people will ask this
even if l don't ask you.
l didn't even dreamt that
l'd live like a slave in a small room.
What do you mean?
-What happened is...!
l am very strong.
Ma'am! We've come newly
to nearerhouse.
l've come here to introduce
myselfto you. -ls it so?
What, ma'am? Why do you read paper
making your baby to suffer on the floor?
Dear kid!You'd not crawl
onthe floor, dear.
Come, dear. l'll take you. Come.
What happened, then? -She lifted me.
She didn't leave me with that.
She's beaten me & pinched me
forplaying onthe sand.
That's why l wanted to leave away
from that road roller.
l've left her. Let me keep
the phone. -Okay, man.
Mind yourwork.
What, man? -Mywife is out of station.
-ls yourwife out of station?
Let's enjoy in ourfarm house. -Farm house...?
-l've arranged Chitrangi. -Chitrangi...?
Are you coming? Come on.
l'll adjourn all the files in 2 hours
& l'll be there in front of you.
l didn't tell this funny fellow
as Teja until now.
About the one, who is goingto come...!
Here...! He's Teja about
whom l wastelling you until now.
Don't think that why l didn't get a good
place instead ofthisto introduce him.
Everybody says that relationship,
which gets formed inthe liquorshop,
...will be long lasting.
That's why l've started from here.
Raj hastaken more pegs.
Hey! He only hastaken first.
Look.You've wasted
5 pegs money unnecessarily.
You take your holy seat, sage.
-Hey! That's all.
Did l ask you to honour me?
Did l ask you to reveal me as a sage?
Shut yourmouth.You both leave away.
You come here after 10 minutes.
Thanks a lot. -Hey! 2 Anthrax!
He's ordered asAnthrax, hasn't he?
lfl hide my holy garland inside,
nobodywill tell me as a sage.
Excuse me! What do you want?
-A holywater.
Mineral water. Not general water.
Why? Don't you like liquor?
-No. Forhim.
He's got a danger in watertomorrow.
-Get us a veg salad & ice burgs. Go.
You man! Leave that language.
That'd be in ourhermitage only.
See there. Beauty queens like Ramba
& Oorvasi are giving dance performances.
Look there.
Look there.
Whateverl should give you?
You tell me your demands.
What do you want?
Tell me yourwishfrankly.
l'll give youthe pleasure.
You will enjoy me.
lf you have a great lustful thought,
l don't mindthat, man.
Why do you worry,
when l'm there with you?
l have no wings, man.
But the power is yours, man.
Let's share the pleasure equally, man.
Shake it up. Break it up. Rock it up.
Whateverdo you want now?
So... You're a sage, aren't you?
Oh! ls it a secret? -Yeah.
Which category do you belong
in sages group?
What does it mean?
lt means... Some sages will take out
Pooja items from their mouth.
Or some sages will teach Yoga
to millionaires alone.
Orsome sages will get down
from foreign car,
...walk on the red carpet
& say bye-bye to devotees.
Are you that type?
l do not belong to any type, dear?
l'm teaching the philosophies.
Okay. How much will you ask?
-Only quarter. -Not that, sage.
l ask about yourfees
My philosophies are related
to god & devotees only.
Sage! l'm...
According to my devotees
status... From 3 to 5...
So cheap? -l'm getting in lakhs.
You'll sight my beauty always.
You're a naughty guy.
Your youthfulness will bloom
in the nighttime very fast like aflight.
You are comingto me
secretly like a cat.
You'll start yourplay immediately.
You come here, dear.
l'll give you liquor& my beauty totally.
lf you come here, l'll come near you
& induce yourlust.
l'll satisfy your
heart's lustful feelings.
Shake it up. Break it up. Rock it up.
What do youwant? Ask me.
Sorry. They will spoil their livers
taking liquorhere.
Let's meet in some
othersituation again.
Not Peethimothy, man.
Call me as Timothy.P.
Okay, sir. Leave that matter.
Some fight is going on inside.
You show your powerthere.
He's Ranaa. His speed is high.
But his discretion is
inthe middle stage.
Hisfatherhas a confident opinion about him
as he will take a wrong decision correctly.
Oh god. Stop it.
Who has given a great punch?
Stop it, man. l've got stupor.
You guys! l've given you jobs
to protect my body.
Why are you building your body?
You guys came very lean.
But you've become too fat now.
Stop your eating, guys.
Stop it l say.
Don't hit him. -l'll murderhim.
Send out him first.
Whoevermay think about them.
l'll murderthem. -Leave him.
l'll enquire him about the happened
matter & l'll murderhim.
You sit and relax.
Tell me now, guys.
A great man in the association...
Please. Don't mind anything.
As a great man in association,
l ask you guys.
What happened actually?
We spoke very badly about
Raana's girl friend, brother.
About his girl friend...?
Wrongly about Raana's girl friend...?
You guys... Comments!
You guys! Yourlife will get ended.
Do you know who is Raana's girl
friend foryou? Sister!
How is that? She's refused
ourbrother's love. Right?
Brother's love is one side, then.
Raana is ourbrother-in-law.
Brother-in-law's loveris oursister.
Enough. Say sorry to him. -Sorry, Raana.
We spoke wrongly. Forgive us.
They are saying sorry,
aren't they? Leave them.
Okay, man.
Hey! You just smile.
We all are the same. Right?
Hey! He's taking away our ball.
-That's Raana's personal ball.
Okay. What's Raana's girl
friend's name? -lsha, brother.
Oh god! She's an immoral girl. Right?
-What, brother?. You told heras our sister.
She's yoursister
& she is not my sister.
You shut up.
l'm ahundred percent diamond.
Let's share the pleasure.
lf you feel hard to give your500/0,
the loss is foryou only.
l'm the best beauty in U.P,
A.P, Europe, U.S & space too.
lf you are rich, meet me.
lf you are not rich, leave me.
l'm the only glamorous girl
all overthe world.
What a world is this?
Sage. Tomorrow is my marriage.
lt means you've created
a background to adopt asceticism.
My fiancee doesn't
like me taking liquor.
So from tomorrow...
You're going to give up this from
tomorrow. So... Do you drink fully today?
No. -Then? -lfl take liquor,
l'll quarrel with others. That's all.
l've come to fight with somebody
taking liquor on my final day.
Dear! Give me afull as aparcel.
Sage! -l too follow your path.
-l bless you, my dear.
l'm in sage uniform inthe daytime
& l take liquorinthe nighttime. Or...
Or... lt will be difficult forour sage
to bless our sisters at night. Right?
You Muthu! -That's...
-That's okay, sage.
You told me something else.
What's that? What's called Karma?
Not Karma.
lt's a Karmaphilosophy.
That's the same.
What does it mean? -lt means...
According to yourprevious
birth's sins & goodness...
We won't be failed to face out fate.
That's a belief & that's the truth too.
Where is my full?
-l don't understand.
Here is your syrup, sage.
-Very glad, dear.
Sage! -l'll tell you again to make
you to understand my words.
lf you do any mistake now, court alone
will not punish you forthat.
God also will punish you.
You won't be failed
to face his punishment.
lf anybody cooks... Whetherit istasty orbad,
they have to eat that definitely. Right?
l'm confused now.
Didn't you understand it? -No.
Let me tell you.
lf a bachelor boy...
-My blessings to you, dear.
l won't come to this pub again.
l won't to yourplace definitely.
Come fast, guys. -Sage!
Sage!Your dhoti. -Your intoxication
has increased. Wearyourdhoti.
Sage has taken more liquor
it seems. -Hey! Be careful!
Sage! Please come.
You've come out from the pub.
-l didn't come out from the pub, did l?
Have you attained the peak?
Sage! -Who called me? -lt's me.
l've got alarge doubt...
We are normal people.
We do mistakes knowingly or
unknowingly & face our punishment.
But you're taking liquor
being as a sage too.
Won't you have anyfatal punishment?
We are the permanent holy people.
We don't have any fatal sin or goodness.
We are beyondthe Karma.
-He's the only representative of Karma.
That's okay. Won't you have hangover
orvomiting? -They are common here.
He's spoiled the pub just now.
-Slap him.
l'll bless you.
His intoxication has increased.
Have you wom yourdhoti?
Okay. Let's leave.
lsn't girl coming with us? -Why?
-To enjoy... No. To bless him.
No. Let me go & sleep today.
Start the car. -Sage! One minute.
Start the car, man.
-Sage! l've brought it. -Dearbottle!
Proceed. -Sage! Last question.
-He told like this only in the beginning too.
Ask me. -Sage! Will our God
punish the accused immediately?
Or... Will he punish them
in the next birth?
Answer me. -Dear!
He will punish them immediately.
You go. Do you have
any otherdoubts?
Ask me if you have. You start.
Can you see the lorrythere?
-Yeah. Start, then.
Sage! Sage!
Sage! Sage!
lf you want to tell me
anything, tell me.
Tell me. Hey! Call the ambulance.
Tell me, sage.
Tell me, sage! -Karma!
lf yourwords are true,
nobody can escape from Teja's judgment.
That's called Karma.
He's passed away immediately
by his Karma.
Money...? Did you call me forthis?
You've told me only once,
haven't you? Enough.
l'm also trying forthat only.
Okay. l'll come to you
along with that.
God might have created
someone to give me money.
Who isthat?
Hey! -Dad!
-l wanted to call you only.
l've forgotten my gun in the car's
dashboard. Check it. -Dashboard...!
Revolver...? lt's here, dad.
You bring that to home.
Okay. -You can go anywhere
after keeping the revolverin home.
Do you understand? -Okay, dad.
Dad! -What? -l need some money.
How much? -5 lakhs. -5 lakhs...?
ls that less in your point of view?
Forwhat isthat money?
Bar bill...? Carbill...?
No. -Look. lf you have any concrete
reason except barbill orcarbill...
...tell me and get moneyfrom me.
You idiot! lfl tell you the reason,
everythingwill get spoiled.
Can you hearme?
-Dad! No need, dad.
Giving you money after knowing
the reason is my principle.
Getting bribe for each & every case
is also yourprinciple. Right?
Yourproperties are mine in future
after your death. Right?
ls asking 5 lakhsfrom that
money now, a mistake?
My dad has given me a shock.
Who will give me money now?
Somebody is calling me without having
any work. l won't pick up the call.
They don't have any work.
l won't pick up the call. Jai! Pick up, man.
Tell me, man. -Maidhanam!
Where are you? -What'sthe matter?
l want some money urgently.
-How much?
5 lakhs. Can you give me? -l've printed
that just now. Come & take it.
You fool. -Hey! lt's not a comedy.
Seriousthrill...? -No, man.
l'm in atragic position.
Why do you need that of money?
l've bought a carhere.
Sir! Please. l'm calling formoney.
What? Will you call the police? No, sir.
Why do you go that much forthis silly matter?
Sir! Myfriend is there.
He will help me definitely.
You man! Did you understand?
-l've understood. But sorry, man.
l also have got a necessity just now.
l was planningto call you only.
What's yourneed, man?
Everybody has theirown problems, man.
You've bought a car now.
But my aunty has got a serious problem.
We have to do by pass
l have to pay 5 lakhs in hospital.
l've used my moneyforthat.
Where are you, man?
-l'm there in hospital.
Just aminute.
Doctor! How is my aunty's condition?
What? Can't you say anything
foranother24 hours?
Thanks, sir.
That'sthe matter, man. -What, buddy?
Yourdad told you sit in the counter
today. -Are you a mad?
ls our shop important? Aunty is important
forus. That's why we've come to hospital.
Why did you say so?
-Wait a minute. Sister has come.
Sister! Do you want blood?
Let me give you, sister.
2 liters...? Sorry, man.
l don't have money this time.
Call othersfor your urgency.
You can't contact me further.
Let me keep the phone.
Bye. -Hey Maidhanam!
Whom should l ask now?
l'd have seen Lord Vinayaga's face
in the morning. But l've seen herface.
Okay. Where are you now?
l've gone to city. l'm nearerto your
colony. -At what time you'll be here?
Tell me where you are. l'll come there.
Nearmy house.You've taken liquor.
-ls that l? Did l take liquor?
Tell me. Didn't you take liquor? -No.
Why did youthink like this?
Okay. l'll call you again.
Accident...? -Actually l am in a shock.
Some animal has crossed
the road suddenly.
l don't know anything.
Yeah. There is a poultry here.
Animals will be coming here forfood.
Didn't you get anything?
-No. Nothing. l'm alright.
Have you got anywound? Tell me.
Let me call up hospital.
l have phone too.
-No need. l also have aphone.
You don't tell this to anyone, please.
-l also should help you as a passenger.
My house is there only.
lf you need any water, come there.
No, ma'am.
You didn't dash anybody.
Keep it good.
You've dashed wonderfully.
Only the mirror has got broken
without disturbing your car.
You have to give training foryouths,
who drive rash having liquorin the pub.
What happened? -Atendercoconut
hasfallen on the mirror.
Did you park under a coconut tree?
l got an urgent job. That's why
l was suppose to bring this car only.
Why do you get shocked as you've dashed
somebody & take his bodyto dispose, then?
Drunk & drive...? -No.
Why did you think like that?
Am l blabbering something?
Give me yourpapers. Papers!
Have a look.
l don't have license alone, sir.
lt's like she is yourwife
& you didn't marry her alone.
Driving without license is
not the rule, sir.
You're aliterate.
Don't you know that too?
lt's there in my home.
l've forgotten that while coming out.
ls this yourname?
-Yes. That's my name.
ls this that car?
Yes, sir.
That's my name & this is my car.
l'm going to participate in
a M.L.Afamily'sfunction urgently.
Can l move now?
-You've taken liquor. Right?
You've taken liquor. -No... No.
Get down, please.
Look. lf you want to enquire me,
come by tomorrow morning & enquire me.
Okay...? -Get down.
Sir! -Get down.
Come here.
Come. -Sir! -Stand here.
Do you know Telugu poem?
lf you know the Telugu poem,
you can tell that & leave away.
Tell me.
One face... l mean...
lt will be there...!
While seeing again and again...!
Brave and mighty people, whom we can
see again and again, have different qualities.
ls there anybody
in the world equal to them?
lmthihaz Ali!
l didn't tell thisto prove that you don't
know about a great person in Telugu history.
You've taken liquor, haven't you?
l've checked whetheryoutell
this clearly ornot. Wait here!
Don't move.
Check whetherthis number
car is missing ornot.
One minute, sir.
What, sir? You've trapped
a weight case it seems.
l got a doubt as he's robbedthis car.
l've come far away giving him
a chance to get escaped.
What, sir? -lt's many days
since l've chased. Right?
We know that you're too sharp.
But he may get escapedfrom
you cheating you, sir. Be careful.
l think he is not that much talented.
He's a small robber.
Sir! That car information has come.
This cardrivernearthe signal...
What did you say as yourname?
There's a case on you as you dashed
a cop in the signal & car No. also matches.
Actually l saw an accident & l was
passing through that way withthat shock.
Constable also misbehaved
with me on the way, sir.
l arrest you. You adjoum your
M.L.Afamily's function. Come.
Leave me, sir. What? That P.C
also misbehaved with me like you.
Stop! Don't try to dash me alone.
Dashing 2 cops at the same will be bad.
Tie your hands back. -Sir! Listen to me.
Allow me to go. lt's urgent.
l use my brain alone commonly.
Don't make me to use my gun.
ln that case... Okay!
What's there in that? Tell me as
you supply mutton to M.L.A's family.
Don't open this, sir.
Nothing isthere into this.
Let me check it out.
Sir!You've seen it. Right?
Nothing isthere. -Wait.
Let me close it, sir.
Did you only dash him?
Why didn't you take him to hospital?
To dash him again...?
Doing like that is expensive, man.
Did you hide that here?
-Sir! l don't understand yourwords.
lt's happened unexpectedly.
Sir! l pray you. Tomorrow is my marriage.
Pity! He's called 108 also foryou.
He didn't dash any dog
oranything.A human.
l repeat.
He's a person & not an animal.
l've arrested the driver. Over!
Come, man. You've beaten
a police taking liquor.
You've murdered aperson
by causing an accident.
Keeping you in a non bailable
section is my responsibility.
l have no any link
with this accident truly, sir.
Let me pray you, sir. Tomorrow...
-Tie yourhands back.
Sir! Tomorrow morning is my marriage.
-Let me make your marriage, man.
You won't go to M.L.Afamily's
function in this birth hereafter.
Yourchapteris over.
-l'm innocent, sir.
That M.L.A also won't be there,
when you come back from jail.
l'll tell your matter, man.
l've brought another
person to help you.
l won't move. l only came first.
Why should l move?
lt's not a town bus to reserve seat.
Move. -She's a lady, isn't she?
Give hera seat in the front side.
lt's a police van.
There won't be a separate seat
forladies here like jail. Move.
Anotheraccused is here.
How can l move?
You idiot! My ears are paining.
-Hey! l didn't ask you to shout.
l told youto move.
You come here, man.
He's running away.
Hey! Let's get escaped.
-Where? Tell me. -Come.
Stop! Orl will shoot you.
lsthat you?
l'm sorry. l've hit this
by mistake. Water, please.
Did you see my husband?
Who is he? -l sent him there foryou.
l have to meet him urgently.
-Ma'am! Listen to me, please.
Please, ma'am.
-Please come with me until there.
Dear! Dear!
Where did you leave?
My life has got spoiled.
What happened?
-A car has dashed my only child.
l've received a call in 2 minutes itself,
when l came home aftermeeting you.
Who are you actually?
-Teja! You don't get escaped.
l've helped you, haven't l?
Have you killed my child even though?
You move from that place.
Youtold that as some animal.
Everything has taken place before
when l lifted up my head & saw.
Ma'am! Come back.
You've taken liquor, haven't you?
-l'm sorry.
Leave me. l have to kill you.
Hey! Don't move. -You least dog!
Why did you murder my daughter?
Tell me. -Daughter...?
Why did you end my daughter's life?
There will be aturning point
in each & every story.
A boy has got murdered.
Why is she saying as a daughter?
How did Raana's ball come
to park actually?
Has Teja got involved
in this case injusticely?
Why did Raana get arrested?
Who isthe expired person?
Many such doubts...!
lf we want to know these, let's rewind
this story and review from P.Timothy story.
Oh god! Where do you go
in this nighttime?
Cut yourtalks.
Cut your 500/0 offood. Wash yourface.
Food that you have cut...
Why? Will you eat it?
l'll offerthat to 50 people.
-l know where you go now.
To have liquorwiththem
in that pub. Right?
l know the matter, what you know
& you know the matter, what l know.
l can go anywhere
& l will not touch you alone.
Because you are a very
cheap person forme.
lt's already late. -l'm leaving.
-Why? What lacks forme?
l don't know why. l feara lot on mountains
& giant wheel from my childhood.
l did that job foronly once
with a great interest. That's all.
You dad told that you are 2 months pregnant.
He told me to marry you orto die.
So l married you.
Maggi! You'd not take junk
foods such as burgers daily.
That's why l've given up
taking those. Right?
Oh god! Didn't you keep
a drop ofbrain at least?
Okay. Let me leave.
-Timothy! Don't go, please.
l'm taking only 2 rotis daily
to reduce my weight.
Let me take only one from tomorrow.
What's this?
-Timothy! Don't go, please.
Not by this.
lt's okay even if you become so lean
and eligible to come through this way.
l've married you. But l will be
keep on going to Chitrangi.
Stop, Timothy.
Aren't you ashamed to say that?
l'm a brave man.
l can do anything.
Go, idiot. -Not that, Timothy.
-Shut yourmouth.
Otherwise l'll cut yourtongue.
Please listen to me, Timothy.
lfhe is little handsome,
we can't even control him, man.
Shut up. He's coming.
Hai friends. -Come, king oflove!
Nothing lacks forthis. -Right!
You are telling yourself
as a brave man totally. Right?
You idiot! Say something.
Didn't you hearhis statement clearly?
l'm a brave man.
That's myfate. -Sorry! Here, man.
Buddy! lt means you are going
to have yoursecond marriage. Right?
l can't bearthat fatty ape, man.
l also can't bear it, buddy.
Hey! Keep quiet. -Do you have a spare?
lf you have a spare, give him.
Why do youtease him?
Keep quiet, man.
Yes, buddy. Bhoomika
& lshwarya got married. Right?
Which actress do you search yet?
-lliyana & Genelia are there. Right?
l'll get adjusted with them.
Hey buddy! Let me hit
that person's face with this.
Watch that.
No, man.
lt's got missed, man.
lfhe sees ourvehicle number
& informs in police, we will get into the jail.
Hey! lt's a new vehicle.
Number plate won't be there inthis.
You've done amistake.
You'd have hung his dad's carnumber.
He'd hang yourdad's car
number plate.
My dad's vehicle is a public vehicle.
-So what, man? -What about these books?
Exams. Right? His dad asked him
to study & burn that.
He's read it. Right? So burn it. Here.
Hey! Don't bum my books.
-Hey! Go, man. -l say don't do this.
Don't burn it. Here!
-Can't you burn that, buddy?
Look at me. l'm a senior,
who burnt my books.
Let me help you. Come.
-You man! Careful! Crazy man.
ldiot! lf we tum this book like this
& bum this... Do you see how good is this!
lt's burnt, man.
-Hey! Throw out that.
You useless fellow. We'd burn
our books like this afterreading.
Buddy! lf a that burns alongwith that book,
won't they give the insurance amount?
You have to ask that to its owner.
That's why l ask you.
That's yours. Yes. -lsthat mine?
Buddy! His wife is out of station.
My wife has left me insulting me.
ls enjoying with Chitrangi having
yourwife at home, necessary foryou?
Pity! lf yourwife comes
to know this, how she will feel?
Stop it. -Why should l stop it?
lt's very bad to tell this.
lf yourwife comesto know this,
she will feel a lot. l saythat.
Stop the car, man.
l want to urinate urgently.
Do you want to urinate?
-Or... Will you pour Rasna?
You pour anything. -Stop the vehicle.
-Guest is going to come in 5 minutes.
My Chitrangi is waiting there.
-l beg you, man.
l won't stop it. -lf you don't stop,
won't l urinate here?
Proceed, man.
-You can do anything, man.
lt's anew vehicle.You man!
Why do you spoil the vehicle? Stop it, man.
Stop it, man.
Can't you understand mywords?
What happened, man?
Whom did you dash, man?
-l too don't understand, man.
ls that he?
What can l do? -What can we do? l've turned
wrongly because ofhim only. Right?
He's there.
He's taken out his gun, man.
Turnthe vehicle. Tum!
You man! Start! You move!
Hey! Nobody has got anything. Right?
-What? l'd have died by gun shot.
Everything hastaken place
because ofhim.
Timothy! -What happened, man?
-Stop the vehicle.
Hey! Are you ablind man?
He has got a gun.
lf he comes, our life will get over.
Stop the vehicle. -What's the situation here?
l have to washthis vehicle.
You idiot! l say stop the vehicle.
Stop it first. He will come
and murdereverybody.
Timothy has got bleeding. -lf any
police comes here, we will get trapped.
Hey!You don't understand
his situation.
What's his situation?
He didn't understand my situation.
A Saturn has interfered
in our path & passed away.
lt's a gold like costly vehicle.
Hey! lt's paining. -lf police comes
& enquires, they will arrest the driver.
Hey! What happened? ls it bleeding?
What he is showing us, man?
We will wash that later on.
What happened actually?
When you had put the break,
his part has got affected.
lt's got affected. ls that all?
-Not that. lt's got cut.
Has it got cut? lt's gone totally.
Let'stake him to a hospital urgently. -Come.
l won't come. Why? Will you die by
the bleeding. -l want that. -What'sthat?
My piece. -We won't get
your piece orsomething. Shut up.
Timothy! Let me get you that. Okay?
Thanks, man.
l can't be alive without that.
-l know that.
Hey! Let's go. Come on. -Where?
Are you a mad? Let's go means.
He's having a gun in his hand there.
He will shoot 2 bullets on our head.
Try to recoverme first, guys.
Hey! He can be alive without that.
But l can't be alive without this.
l won't come, man.
Why do you look me? l asked you
to stop that. But you didn't stop.
lsthat paining? Okay. Let me go
alone & bring yourpart.
Hey! Leave that there itself.
ls that a goldto roam with that?
l'm leaving to search his part
that has got cut. Let me try.
Do you talk with sense actually?
Hey! Talk seeing hisface, man.
He used to tell as he would cut always.
But his part has got cut now. How?
Hey! Let me leave.
-What should l do until then?
Should l sit here seeing hisface?
Do a thing.
Start the vehicle and be ready.
Let me come now itself.
-Die. -You don't worry, Timothy.
l'll get youthat in anyway.
What? lce...? Nothing is needed.
l asked you to bearfor5 minutes.
See, what has happened now.
l'll cut everything. Shut your mouth.
Oh god! Police is too fast than us.
Little bit. Slowly. Like that.
Some message is coming there.
Go & see. -You take care ofit.
Go, man. l'll take care ofit.
Sir! Tell me, sir.
Okay. We will come there. Over.
What'sthat message, man?
Somebody has met an accident
nearthat fly over. lt's again urgent.
Anothercase also...? Come on.
What happened? -Return run!
May l help you? -We are here forthat
job only. Why do you help? Move away.
You come, brother.
You hold it & lift it up.
Go. Slowly. Like that.
l'm a brave man!
Have you come forthis?
ls this yours oryourfriend's?
What do you say?
l don't understand anything.
What, man? -Why did you get inside?
Just to see. -What can you see inthis?
What's there in this to see?
Hey! What do you say? -Hello. Leave me.
l'm also amedical student. Do you know?
Oh! lt's good. -What do you say, sir?
Leave me. -Where do you go?
How can you go home?
Let's call the police. You will answerthem.
Police...? What did l do, sir?.
You only dashed that girl, didn't you?
Sir! l don't know anything.
-Without knowing...You come on.
Sir! -Where is my daughter?.
Who are you, sir?
-Hey! Where is my daughter?
Who is yourdaughter?
-See, he is running.
Hey! Listen! Stop there.
Don't cry. He's gone. Right?
He will bring somethingfor you.
He is coming.
Get inside, man.
Stop, man. Stop!
Have you got it, man?
-Here. -Thanks, man.
What should we do this? -Take it
to Chitrangi... -Hey! Police is there.
They might be enquiring something.
You move, man.
See, he has showed us
a cinema unnecessarily.
lf you say that
you will cut again, that's all.
lf you take me carefully
& make my operation, can this work well?
Why should it work hereafter?. Stop
Chitrangi's relationship & go to yourwife.
She only has understood you.
-l've played well refusing my wife. Right?
Can she forgive me now? -Anybody
will forgive us if we tell the truth.
She's yourwife. Right?
She will forgive you.
Are you taking usto police?
You onlytold me to go. Right?
-Should l be there in this, then?
Shall l do athing? Let me crush yourneck.
-You didn't say so. l won't come to police.
Did l dash herthrough my car?
She interfered on ourpath & died.
Not that. -Don't say anything, man.
Let me repairthis van
& destroy all the evidences.
What about my matter, man?
Don't shout. Let's say the doctorthat a
dog has bitten you. Let's give you treatment.
Hey! Who did this accident?
lt's we. -Oh! Not that.
We'd say the same. We didn't do that accident
& we don't have any link with that.
Tell me now. Who has dashed her?.
That's not we.
-Yes. -Why should l lie?
You only dashed her, didn't you?
-You idiot!
You're going to die
by my hands today.
Move, man. You didn't see anything
& l didn't do any accident. -What man?
You stop. lt's okay
if you say as l taught you.
Or l will leave you here itself
& you will die by bleeding.
We didn't dash her.
-You'd say like that.
Otherwise... -Oh god!
Take me to hospital, man. l beg you.
lf we want to hide the truth, we have
to burythat in our innersoul first.
ls that possible?
They forgot Raana
& his witness inthat hurry.
lf we have to untie some critical knots,
we have to hold the one side end.
That's whywe have
to come in reverse.
From the anotherlocation.
What a daughters!
They are giving us only tensions.
lf we give them little freedom,
they are cheating us.
Okay. Let me go for a walk with my dog.
l think that is also doesn't obey me.
Come, dear. Come.
My doubt might have
given him a caution.
Let me go for a walk lonely.
Why is this carhere?
You dog!
You man!
What should l do?
l'd have murdered you, man.
No.You've spoiled herlife now itself.
That won't take place hereafter.
That won't take place hereafter.
What should l do this body?
l have to hide this first.
You've achieved youraim until now.
You'd not come here henceforth.
Leave away. l got a headache
by you until now.
l got back pain now.
Should he need a coat forhis face?
You've made all the comforts
in yourcar.
What's the use? You're suppose
to sleep in yourdickey now.
lf you had known this already,
you'd have putA/c in dickey also.
Hey! You have body & brain.
But you don't have sense, man.
What can l do now?
l've kept the dead body in dickey.
What's yournext move, man? Think ofit.
An idea will change your life.
Yes. Let me do him as
he got trapped in a jail.
lf l hadn't done like this,
he'd have gone to jail.
So what l did is right.
l feel betternow.
Weather is too chill now.
lf callers log on now,
let me ask them how theyfeel.
You man! How do youfeel? Tell me.
You didn't think that you are going to
sleep in yourcar dickey yourself. Right?
l'll kill you and put in the cartrunk...
Sorry trunk is not free. Rascals!
Come, man. Come.
Who is coming in this time?
Come, man.
Do you know what is the time now?
12 hours and 40 minutes.
You're going to fall down now.
Yoursoul will go to the hell now.
Not as a murder. l have to see yourdeath
as an accident in tomorrow's news paper.
You've spoiled everything until now.
Do me afavourat least. Bye.
lfl hadn't moved intellectually,
everybody's life might have got over.
Today is not goodfor anybody it seems.
l don't know whethermedical shop will
be opened here in the midnight ornot.
Theywill roam forthis
throughout the 24 hours.
l don't know whose isthis.
Okay. Let me use thistoday.
What, dear? What happened?
Some youngsters threw out
thisfrom theircar.
l'm dropping this inside
to prevent the fire accident.
Be careful.
What happened, dear?.
Again back pain...?
Nothing. Come on.
Get into the car.
Did you go for a walk?
From where do you come? -l'm coming
afteruttering mysticformulasto my mom.
lt's become late forme
to drop her& come.
ls yourdinnerover?
l've taken my dinner.
-Why is there an ambulance?
l think something has happened.
Why do you tum this side?
You told that there is
some problem. Right?
That's why l've turned.
l met anotheraccident
also just now on my way.
Where? -Underthe fly over.
Fly over...? -Drivertold that
some animal has crossedthe way.
That animal is pity.
l don't know how is that.
lfit is possible,
why don't we go & see that?
What? -Okay.
You get inside. l'll come now itself.
Where now? -You told that some accident
took place nearthat fly over. Right?
l'll see that & come.
-Can you come earlier?. -Keep this inside.
l am coming.
Problems are solved.
Where is lsha?
ls this a shock? Who can
get escaped from the crime?
To his daughter's death that
took place in front ofhis house...
...and to Jai's death
that took place in the park.
What's the relationship
in between them?
lf we want to know forwhat
Raana & his friend got arrested...
We have to check Raana
& Jai's heart.
l need 10 minutestime forthat.
Don't you also want time?
That's Jai, isn't it? He told that
he is there in hospital.
Why is this here even after12:10?
Jai is also here.
lt's nighttime. lf he sees any girl
in thistime, he will become a dog.
38, 39, 40... Oh no.
l've forgotten the chips.
Buddy! l'm Javeed speaking
from Gandipet guest house.
Tell me. -How did you set
many matters, buddy?
l've arranged many girls. l'm getting
regularly. l can arrange girls in anyway.
Buddy! What did you do
for my matter, then?
Who is there nearyou?
-Subbu! -Use him.
Why did you say so, buddy?
You idiot! -No, buddy...
lt's a good item, man.
lt will work according to ourusage.
lf we have an item,
we can use that well.
lt means...
Hey! My voice won't be sweet.
Can he understand
my heart's idea actually?
lt's the way. He's crazy man.
Who will marry him?
Dying in terrorists hands is
betterthan living with him.
Shampoo...? Head and shoulder.
l've checked detergents
& cosmetics. Everything is perfect.
We have to order Lays in chips.
-Okay. Orderit.
Do you need that? -These...? -Yes.
Why do you look like that? Saint juice.
Do you want that?
Why do you look me
in a double meaning?
What did my dad tell you?
l'm new to this shop & he asked you
to take care of me well. Right?
You take care of me.
You have to teach me everything.
-Yourdad told you everything. Right?
Should l tell you again? Oh no!
Why do you think wrongly
aboutJai again, Raana?
Do you mean as he will misbehave with
Thara even afterthat she is my lover?
You can keep him as a waving doll also.
lf you talk wrongly about him,
l'll crush yourneck, idiot.
Leave man.
Thara! You concentrate
on my mattertoo.
-l can give you moneytoo.
Can't you remove yourhand? Why do
l need extramoney except my salary, sir?
Did you get your salary forthat?
My dad didn't tell me this matter.
Why do l need some more money?
lt means... Dadtold me that you asked
Rs.50000 foryour sister's education.
He toldthat he could not give me that.
Let me give you that amount.
You...? -Only once... -Phone, sir.
What, man? l told that l'd come. Right?
You know that it is
urgent for me. Right?
l'll get you tomorrow.
-Why don't you come now?
l'm there in a good mood.
-What? Business...? -Business only.
l'm fixing the rate.
-Are you fixing the rate yet?
l got a doubt. Do you have
money or not actually?
l have, dear.
-Get me that now itself.
l'll get you now. -Okay.
l'll try it. -Make it fast.
l'm getting the smell here.
What did you take?
Naughty! Come withthe money fast.
l'm coming.
Oh God!
l also need money. Who will give me?
lf l ask my dad... That's not possible.
No otherway. Loot it.
Okay, Raana. Why do you love lsha,
when Thara loves you?
Look, uncle. Why uncle?
Call me as brother. Okay, brother.
lsha gave me herheart & she gave
herselfto me before our marriage itself.
How any times, man?
Naughty! Don't you know that?
You also went there
for4 times. Right?
Keep quiet. Can anybody take
an account of going to girls?
Not like that, brother.
lf you need this, take it.
You use this in your house.
l have to go out urgently.
l'll come within an hour. You stay here
until then. -No, sir. lt's already late.
Let me leave away after
taking stock list. Okay?
You have to be here for
so long by tomorrow night too.
We have to discuss many matters.
Tell me abye at least. -Bye.
Oh god.
Let herget set with me.
Oh god! Jai is coming out.
He didn't notice my car. Right?
Leave away. He's left.
Jai has left. Come, brother.
Where is my conscience?
He also might have left.
Raana! lnnerconscience should not
be there with you foryourjob.
Can l tell herthis matter ornot?
Whethershe can understand me
orrefuse it. Okay.
Why did you come here?
Do youwant to send me?
Where else do you ask me to come?
Do you ask me to come with
a bare body without this too?
Hey go. l askedwhy
you came in thistime.
Why are you here in this time
without going home?
Has it become so late?
My new boss asked me
to check ourstocks.
Pity! He doesn't know
about maintenance, does he?
l'm an experienced person.
l'm helping him.
lf you take pity on him,
you are suppose to maintain his sin.
Has Jai got married?
Dear! Okay. l have to talk
to you. Come here.
We'd not go now. Please. Let's close
the shop & talk aftergoing out.
Let me talk hugging you tightly and keeping
my head on your chest in this moon time.
My dadwill see us
& he will punish me well at home.
l won't talk to you. -Not that, dear.
She's called me. -Who'sthat? -lsha!
Why? -She's got pregnant.
-Because of whom? -Because of me only.
Forwhat you misbehavedwith her?
She will be too charming, right?
-Am l not beautiful?
What does she have & What l don't have?
That's... l liked herforany reason.
Why don't you love me?
What lacks forme?
Nothing lacks foryou.
Okay. She asked me money
for herabortion expense.
How much? -5 lakhs.
5 lakhs? ls herabortion so costly?
She's blackmailed you, man.
You girl! Wait! She says that
l'd give herthat amount to marry her.
Can you marry hertoo?
Oh god. -We love others
to marrythem. Right?
lt was raining one day unexpectedly.
Current also got cut by electricity board's grace.
She got worked out with
the rain & powercut effect.
She asks me money now.
No sales. You guys! Look at the board.
Sorry! Wait! Let me tell them.
Hey! Didn't you see the board?
Sir! My grandma has got
heart attack, sir.
Send them saying that there is
no sales now. -Ma'am! Please.
Shall l allow them inside? -Sir!
You got a grandma. right? -Please come.
Thanks. Purchase soon & leave out.
Sir! We are Timothy'sfriends.
Why do you tell him those? Come on.
What's up? -Thums up.You're dark
in herdress colour. Why do you need her?.
Chips okay. Sodas okay.
What else l have to purchase?
Energy drink. Chitrangi.
l'll drink this and...!
Do you want this?
Why does he need? He's active only.
Are you coming? -l'm coming, man.
This is very important.
This is for K.K & this is forme.
This is a family pack.
For Timothy...? This single piece
is enoughfor him. Right?
He's wasted last time too.
Thara! Nobody has given me money.
That's why... What?
Snacks 2 packs, 2 lays, sodas,
Kohinoors & Little hearts!
Okay. Did you purchase these
for a l.C.U patient?
Ourgrandma isthere in l.C.U
& we are not there. Right?
We bought these fora time pass.
-Forwhat is this, then?
lt's my grandma's final desire. -Hey!
Yourgrandma asked a Kohinoordiamond.
Not Kohinoor item.
They are going to give drips to
ourgrandma there. We have no time.
Okay.You bill these.
Okay. She might have bought it.
Why did we buy it?
She is not matured like us, man.
Rs.320. -You cheat! Pay her
Rs.320. -Leave out fast.
Bye, ma'am. We will come again.
Don't chat with her. Leave out.
Have this as yourtip. -No thanks.
You only should have that
according to yourmentality. Change!
Oh! She's a superb figure.
Enjoy hertonight.
Doesn't lshahave money?
-Why she asks me if she has money?
Herfatherused to get hereverything
& he'd not give hermoney alone it seems.
Don't you have money?
Her dad is better. He gets her needs to her.
My dad will shout asking me the reason.
Why don't you ask your dad?
l asked him. He askedthe reason
forthat money.
ls that formy dental treatment?
More over... How can l tell him
that l'm going to marry her?
lfl ask him money saying this reason,
l got afraid as he'd mistake hercharacter.
Whom do you want to ask, then?
Oh god! How do l have that money?
There...! -From the counter...?
That's impossible.
-Thara! Please. -l can't do it.
lf Re.1 reduces in that counter,
l'll lose my job.
She is blackmailing you. Leave her.
l need this job, man.
House rent. My sister's studies.
Tell them that arobbery
hastaken place here.
Where? Sister's studies...?
-l'm going to clearthis shop now.
Look here.
l've understood. -Wait, dear.
l've understood, man.
You've become a mad.
-l don't know any othergo to get money.
So... Can you rob
the money shooting me?
You're my dear. Right?
-Will you kill me & marry her?
Why will l murderyou?
l'lljust slap you.
Call thatJai & tell him that somebody
has taken awaythe cash showing you gun.
lt's a good plan.
Are you using me forher?. lmpossible.
You loved her refusing me.
No.You've hurried with her.
l won't take this risk for her.
Take this risk for me at least.
No. l won't say him.
Won't you say him? You... What?
You're not even pretending as youfear.
Did yourbossfix any camera here?
No. Shoot me fast.
l have many works afterthat.
-You foolish girl.
l can't shoot you. Do a thing.
You shoot yourself.
You can't kill me.
Because l alone can do anything foryou.
You also know that.
Dear! lf you're honest, can they
registerthis store on yourname?
Leave it. Can they give you any reward?
l need that money.
Oh god. -lsha! -lsha...?
Why did she come inthistime?
Have you brought hertoo here?
-l...? -Ask herto leave.
l am ashamed ofher.
ls she yourgirl friend? My girl friend.
l'll come managing her.You be ready.
Why did you come here? -Oh god!
Come. l'd like to talk to you.
How did you come
to know that l'm here?
What? Did you scold me?
-Oh god! Did you think like that?
That glass could mute yoursound.
But it didn't filter your expression.
Raana! l'll come here.
You stay here. Keep that gun safe.
What, dear?. Did you rememberme?
Have you got money?
-l know yourneed.
l'm trying forthat only.
l'll arrange that very soon. Okay?
Hands up with respect.
Orthis bullet will rest in your heart.
How many days it is
since youtook bath?
No. Drop yourhands.
lf you have this gun, it's illegal.
lfl have this, it's legal.
lf you fire, it's amurder.
lfl do it, that's a protection.
Yourarrival is not a great matter.
Whetherthe bullet has gone
inside ornot. That's important.
Oh god! Oh god!
What happened?
Krishna & Makesh Babu are okay.
-Makesh Babu?
Hari Krishna has acted very well.
There was no any problem
with James Bond too.
ButJackie Chan only has shot that.
When didthey come?
Do youwant to murder her?
Oh god. lt's got shot by mistake.
-Give me that first.
lsha! lf you stay here,
she will murderyou it seems.
You leave out. -lt'stoo chill outside.
Can you give me your jacket?
She's a crazy girl. Don't mistake her.
Okay. -Let me meet you tomorrow.
Take care. Okay...?
Oh god. Theywill deduct
this loss also from my salary.
This also happened in favour of us.
Tell them that the thief had shot this
to threaten you. Youwon't get any problem.
lf you shut your mouth,
l can save my job.
Look. lf anybody gives apolice complaint
forthis gun shot, police will come now.
Let me leave away withthe cash before that.
Tell me. How much isthe cash here?
Hey! No money. No. Listento me.
You don't do this.
-You didn't understand me.
lfl take away this money,
my necessity crisis will be solved.
Let's deposit 2 lakhs
in yoursister's account first.
Herstudies will neverget stopped.
Let me keep this money
back here, when l get.
There won't be any risk in this.
Think of it. -Okay.
You cantake fully. You give me my share
afterwhen you get enough money.
What again?
l didn't agree this plan
only for money.
l won't be fail to suffer
marrying somebody.
You at least can be happy
marrying yourlover. Right?
Go, man.
Do amatterbefore you leave away.
What's that? -Shoot me. -What?
Police will come & they will ask me
many questions.
There is a chance forme to answer
them wrongly at that time.
lf l have a small wound, theywon't
question me & they won't doubt me too.
Should l shoot you?
You've turned as a mad, dear.
l need this job. l can't be
without doing this to save my job.
l can't do it. -Please, man.
-Don't ask me.
lfl lose this job,
we can't build our house.
l got personal problems. lf l lose
this job, l'll tell the truth to police.
Let me have my sufferwith me.
Shall l shoot here? Tell me.
Did you come here to murderme?
-Shall l shoot you here, then?
l know. l've understood yourplan.
l'll pass away & l'll lose
my job also afterthat.
What's the use of yourjob
afterwhen you pass away?
Okay. What do you ask me to do now?
You come to left.
Shoot me planned.
You think like a real thief & do it.
-That's my practice.
Did you think before moving
with her? -Don't talk about lsha.
Where should l shoot?
Here...? -On my hand.
No. On my shoulder.
Do it carefully. Okay?
Bullet may pierce your hand.
-Bullet won't be in the hand.
Here. -That's it. l remember
as l readthat in my Chemistry subject.
Here...? -There only.
-Shall l shoot you?
Shoot it. -Sure...? -Sure!
Pain. You're saying now itself as pain.
lf l shoot you, l think you'll die.
Shoot here.
-Here! Don't think about my shoot.
You will fear!
Think about something else.
What can l think?
ls Sakshi news paper quality best?
Or... Eenadu paper's quality best.
Think & tell me.
Oh god! Oh god!
l can't shoot it. -Look at my eyes.
lf you love me truly...
-No. l love lsha only.
Okay. Heronly. Shoot me
if you don't want to hurt me.
Remove yoursleeve.
Let me count up to 3.
3! -Yes. -Okay.
One... l'm sorry.
Oh no. You asked me
to count up to 3, right?
lfl shoot you unexpectedly,
you won't have fear. So...
Go, man. -Sorry!
Wait. Let me put bandage.
Where isthe cotton?
-lt's there in the corner.
You go & get me the phone.
Wait! lt's not at all coming. Okay.
Why do you ask me the phone?
Call up to 108.
l'm a thief. How can l call them?
Let me talk to them.
-Don't shout. Where is it?
lt's there in that side only.
lt's there in that side only.
Where? -You know money's place.
Don't you know this? -Who kept it here?
lt's ringing.Actually...
Which number l've dialed?
You might have dialed 108, man.
Come, man. -lt's ringing.
Here. Speak.
Do you want any help, ma'am?
Athiefhas shot my hand.
l'm alone here. Please come fast.
Okay. Tell me youraddress,
ma'am. -Note it.
Shall l leave now?
Be careful.
Oh no. l got caught in a tragedy.
l've arranged the money.
l've missed my keys now.
lfl want to stay here, 108 will come.
lfl want to leave, l need keys.
What's this? Carwindow is open.
Thank you, lsha.
l've arranged the money. Right?
l have to jump away immediately.
What'sthis? Jai's caris here.
Why do l need this?
l have robbedfrom him only.
l'd not be seen by him.
l have to jump away from here again.
Okay. l don't know those things.
Do whateveryou can. From here
first...You listen to me first.
l've brought the money.
My caris not getting started.
Tool kit. What's this?
lt's like my bag has got scattered.
This is okay.
Where is my ball? Who has scattered
my bag & taken out my ball?
lsha! Move away.
lsha! Get up. lsha! Get up!
lsha! Talk to me.
Nothing has happenedto you.
Here is the money that you asked me.
Take these.
Who has got dashed? -Don't know.
l also don't understand anything.
Hey! He's showing his gun, man.
Go, man.
Drop the down. ln a distance.
Keep yourhands back side.
Don't talk anything.
You tell us yourpoints only after
when l take you to ourstation.
lf you can't get an opportunity forthat,
tell that in court by day aftertomorrow.
Media will come by tomorrow
morningto make you ahero.
Tell everything to them.
Come on.
Get into the jeep.
Bend yourhead.
An accident has taken
place nearthe bus stand.
Condition istoo critical.
Send an ambulance here urgently.
l'll send it from that
area services, sir.
l got afraidthinking
this as some bomb.
lsthat this?
ls that yours? -What, sir?
The body part, which is there.
lt's okay. Can you tell me
about the happened matter?
2 youngsters have dashed her, sir.
-Who are they?
l've seen them in the
super Bazaarjust before.
Super Bazaar.
Somebody called me & told me
that they saw you in the super bazaar.
As you've robbed there...!
ls that true?
Phone...? Who is that?
You've shot that girl,
who is workingthere.
You've run off with the money.
ls that all? -Who told you, sir?
Did you call him?
The person, who shot you, isthere
in the van. Can you identify him?
Did youfind Raana?
Raana...? How do you know his name?
Tell me the truth. -l loved Raana.
So... lt's a well planned robbery. Right?
-Oh god. -Don't call the god.
There's no place in the van
formany people. Come on.
No. lt's paining. Hold it.
Come on.
What's this, Mallesh? Our ambulance
treatment is not fit forher.
Leave that. Let me try.
-Get into the van.
No use. She's dead.
lt's a group robbery.
Wait here.
l'll be back now.
lsha! Oh god.
You're the cause.
You called the police. -ls that l?
Okay. Why did you join in this?
l could have got escaped blaming
you only. But l'd not do like that.
Because l... l'm not lsha.
l'll be there, where you are.
Don't talk about lsha.
Why? Do you feel as lsha
has passed away?
lf she hadn't died, l'd have killed her.
-l knew that already.
lshahas died by an accident.
-No need to cry.
Look this photo.
l got this inthe cash counter
afterwhen you left withthe money.
They both have a relationship
from the beginning.
Here!A body part is there.
Go & collect that. -What's that, sir?
lt's men's body part.
Go there & collect that.
What'sthat, sir?.
-That's a human body part.
Human...? -lt'sthere.
Go & collect that.
Don't you want that, sir?.
-He's told us as he doesn't want that.
Let me go & bring that.
She's cheated you.
l've taken 2 people under my custody.
Search about those 2 youngsters,
who dashed that girl by a van.
Body part of a person amongthem,
is there in ourcontrol only.
A lady called me as an accident has
taken place underthe nearerfly over.
You attend that case too. -Okay.
Somebody has made
an accident taking liquor.
Shall we start?
Can you drive well?
People are not bad basically.
They are good.
Not that too.
We believe that people show theirgood
& evil characters according to situations.
Raana & Thara...!
Both are 900/0 good people.
But they have showntheir
bad mind because oftheir necessity.
But othertype people are
also there in our story.
What do you do? -l'm calling you.
Hey! Not that. Where are you?
l'm there near ourphone.
Stupid! -Hey sorry! Let it be.
What's yourprogram today?
See. l'm going to leave
my house tomorrow.
Wow! lnteresting!
With Jai...? -No.
-Then... With Raana...? -No, dear.
Not with Jai or Raana.
Then with whom?
Shall l tell you the truth?
-l'm tensed. Tell me.
They both are helping me. l'm goingto
run off to get settled with my new lover.
They are financing me.
Are they financing you?
lsthat true? -Then? lf you keep it
confidential, let me tell you a secret.
Trust me, dear.
l told them that l became pregnant
because of them. -Did they believe it?
Those crazy guys have believed that.
How much did you demand them?
-They are paying 5 lakhs perhead asfine.
Forwhat? -For having
physical contact with me.
You dirty devil!
ldeais good. Let me also practice this,
when l'm there in need of money.
You didn't tell me about the person,
who is going to marry you. Right?
Did anybody come there?
l thought that he is my new party.
Old party only.
-Yes. Who isthat party?
As l've confirmed a new party...
l've planned to leave
these old parties.
Oh! -Actually l'm in love with a guy.
ls he at least a final guyfor you?
-But... What aboutJai & Raana, then?
l'll call you again.
Why do we keep
that ancient statue, sir?
Hey! That's ourancestors statue.
-Sorry, sir.
He is a great freedom fighter.
ls it so, sir? -But...
How did that get broken, then?
Some children, who play
in that park, have broken its head.
Let me repairit tomorrow, sir.
lt's okay if you repairthat tomorrow.
-l'll do it tomorrow, sir.
Orl'll remove your head & fix in that.
-Oh! Don't say so, sir.
Stay in line. -lsha! Where do you
go in this mid-night?
lf you question me while going out,
my work will get troubled.
l'll come back in 5 minutes.
Has he come?
Hey! l warned you as if l see him
inthis surrounding, l'd murderhim.
Why did he come again?
l only called him.
He's not a trustworthy person, dear.
You don't know about his character.
l know. -lfl see him again
with you, l'll murder him.
Mind it. -lfhe do like that again,
l'll murderhim myself.
You tell me, man. -That...
Can l get the mood
if you give me lip to lip kiss?
Have you brought me the money?
lfl don't give you... -l'll be sitting under
atent in front of yourdad's shop tomorrow.
You're confident in yourdemand
it seems. -Give me.
Come to the park for 10 minutes.
Let me give you finally.
l told my dad as l'd come back
in 5 minutes. -ls he there?
Hey Nagababu! You've taken
5 minutes in just talking to me.
Okay. What shall we do now?
l have to get adjusted
for3 minutes sometimes.
lt won't be failed. 3 minutes.
3 minutes. Try to catch me
at least in 3 minutes.
l only will win.
-Jai! Catch me if you can.
Can you catch me in just 3 minutes?
What, hero? You're sitting here
saying that you will catch me.
l know that youwill come to me
in anyway. -Not at all. You're tired.
l'm goingto get tiredfinally. Right?
That's why l'm relaxing here
without getting tired now itself.
Do you know that?
l can't be caught by you so easily.
l'll get you definitely.
Why? -Because
l have the thing, what you want.
Oh! l've made the matter ready.
-Won't you come, then?
l swear on elder Pichai. -Who's he?
-Your grandpa. You've kept him in your park.
of course l'm a prestigious man.
l won't touch you until you come from there.
Let me see how you will be
without touching me.
You show me.
There's akick in youreyes.
This is yoursmall lustful request.
Little bit! Little bit!
Look into my eyes.
Little bit! l'll reveal out my secrets.
Can you touch me softly?
You're there in intoxication.
You come to induce my excitement.
ls your powerequal
to Champagne, dear?
You come nearme & get mingled
with my youthfulness.
Your naughty plays,
which impressed me...!
How many times you have watched
this move? lliyana did this betterthan you.
Shall we do a thing?
A Chiranjeevi sir's song isthere.
Ranguluthundhi mogali Padha!
Why don't you dance forthat song?
Okay. You told as only 5 minutes.
We need 10 minutes
forthis song itself.
Shall we start ourplay?
When did girlstell the truth?
Oh. lt's very nice in this nighttime.
Let me give you one more.
Why did you push me like that?
lnnocent guy!
Do you want to cheat me?
Oh no. Sorry!
Have you got hurt?
-Not there. Here.
l'm emotional. l don't understand
anything. lt's okay. Come.
lt's getting late. -Money. -Money...?
Take it.
Okay. When will you remove it?
What? -Your baby in yourwomb.
ln Vizag tomorrow... -ln Vizag...?
Can't you do abortion in Hyderabad?
Everybody will come to know
about it. Right?
That's why...
-Oh! Have you come inthat route?
Counting is later on. Dating is first.
Counting afterthat.
Okay...? Come on.
lt will be good if we sit here.
What happened?
-You've bitten me. -Oh. Sorry, dear.
Emotionally...! -That's why
l told that l'd not come.
lf l leave Raana's ball here...
What can l do now?
What, lsha? Has Jai left?
When Jai & l was there inthe car, Raanahas
seen us & dragged awayJai to ourpark.
What do you say? -l'm scared.
-Cool down! -What can l do now?
lsha! Call up the police first.
Let me think ofit & call you again.
Don't get tensed. Let me call you.
Janu's witness will prove
that Raana only murdered jai.
This isthe chance to leave
Raana also along with Jai.
Where is he? -He's gone.
Good. Go & sleep.
Oh no. Where is that?
lt may be cupboard.
Oh god. lt'd be there,
where l kept it. Right?
What do youwant, dear?.
-Nothing, dad.
How did blood come in yourhands?
How did this come? Show me.
Nothing isthere forme. l'm fine.
-lt's bleeding.
l'm okay, Papa.
Did he beat you? lf anything happens
to you, l can't bearthat, dear.
Where isthat?
-Ask me. Let me tell you.
To help you. -Dad!
Did you see my bike keys?
No. -Can l take yourcar?
What happened?
Tell me now at least, dear.
Daddy, please.
Carbattery is not good.
lt may give you trouble. Be careful.
-Okay. l'll take care ofit.
lshu! lf you want to tell me the happened
matterat least now, tell me.
lt's not getting started.
What's this?
Oh no. Raana! Attend your phone.
Where are you?
Attend yourphone, Raana.
What happened to my car?
Oh god! Daddy!You've spoiled my work.
A girl is standing here lonely in this time.
-Let's ask her. Stop the van.
Figure is wonderful, man.
-Hai! Do you want ourhelp?
No thanks.
lt's night. Right? lf you need help...
-Can you come?
To drop you. -Sorry!
l think there is no diesel.
lt's very hot.
Leave her, man. She's Raana'sfigure.
Who's he? -lt's he,
whom we met in super bazaar now.
ls Raanathere in superbazaar?
Yes. We've seen him there only
just now. Just a minute!
He finished his job... South lndian there,
North indian here...
You proceed. lt will get started.
Move, man.
Thanksfortelling me
where Raanais. -lt's okay.
Let me come forride
with you next time. -Okay.
Come, man.
What are you doing in super bazaar
without lifting your phone inthis time?
He's locked this it seems.
l need that money.
lsha! Why did she come inthis time?
Why did you come in this time?
-l'd like to talk to you.
What? Are you scolding me?
Did you think like that?
Raana! Come!
l'll come back.You stay here itself.
Take care of that gun.
What, dear?. Did you rememberme?
Did you get the money?
l know yournecessity.
l'm trying forit only.
l'll arrange it tonight itself.
Okay...? -Okay, dear.
What happened?
No problem with James bond.
But Jackie Chan only shot it.
Do you want to kill her?
l've shot it by mistake.
-No lack forthis. Give me.
lshu! lf you stay here,
she will murderyou it seems.
Leave out. -lt'stoo chill outside.
Can you give me yourjacket? -Sure.
She's a crazy girl. Don't mistake her.
Let's meet tomorrow.
Come on! Get started.
Come on. l'll fill up yourtank
tomorrow. Come on, baby.
l wanted to trap you.
But you've got trapped voluntarily.
l'll call the police now.
A person has shot a duty girl
in colony superbazaar.
Who are you?
Can you tell us his identifications?
Jai's car.
Get started.
Get started, please.
Come on. God! Lift the phone, please.
Hai lshu! How are you, darling?
When are you coming?
-Let's meet by tomorrow morning. Right?
l have to leave out
from here now itself.
Plan has got changed.
Okay. Have you got money?
lf not, won't you take me?
l've told you, haven't l?
Love is expensive, baby.
lf we have to live well afterrunning out
from home, somebody should have money.
Am l right ornot? Why?
Didthey refuse to give you?
Jai has given me. Raana... -l think Raana
might have known your pregnancy lie.
Okay. Where are you now?
l'm comingfrom city.
l'm there nearyour colony.
At what time youwill come?
Tell me where you are. l'll come there.
Near my house. Okay. l'll come.
You've taken liquor, haven't you?
Tell me. You've taken liquor,
haven't you?
Did l take liquor? No. Why do you
think so? -You do anything.
From here... -lsha!
l've brought the money.
My caris not getting started.
Listen to me. Raana has come.
l'll call you later. Okay...? Bye.
l told you that there are suitable
punishments according to mistakes. Right?
Shall we see others scores
in this Karma drama?
Don't look me for so long, doctor.
-lfl don't see, l can't find the problem.
Have you got married?
-Only once, doctor.
That'sthe final. -Doctor!
-Do you have children?
No. -You won't get any more.
-Doctor! -Tell us another matter, doctor.
What do you ask me to say?
He won't have children ifhe doesn't
keep a mighty driveror a cook at home.
You say as cook. lfhe changes his
cooking procedures, can he get a child?
lnstead of causing any untoward
incident by fixing this in his body...
Changing him as a complete girl by doing
sexual operation is better. lt's my opinion.
A.K.Lingam sir! -l'm Eekalingam.
Bandhar retum. No Lingam. They've disturbed
me in the mid-night unnecessarily.
Let me throw this to my Tommy.
Let it be useful forthat at least.
That's mine. Give me.
Hey! You understand yourmistake at least
now & go to yourwife. She'll forgive you.
lffate gives such a peculiarpunishment
to P.Timothy, who wanted to cheat his wife...
What about Teja, then?
Teja! -Hello, Trisha!
What happened to yournumber?
lt's a new number. Youtold that
we need moneyfor ourmarriage. Right?
Have you arranged it?
l asked my friend lsha to arrange that.
l'll bringthat to you
as soon as she gives me.
Dear! Pick up the phone.
Dear! Pick up the phone.
Why do you call me
& disturb me, when l'm in duty?
Pick up the phone, man.
What, dear? Why did you call me,
when l am doing night duty?
What do you pluck there throughout
the night without picking up my phone?
What am l doing? l caught 2 cases.
Do you know that?
Who are they? -l've arrested
a criminal named Teja here.
Anotherone is... -Whose is that?
-Not that, dear.
That's... This... -Tell me clearly.
-Shall l come home & tell you in detailed?
No need. Disconnect the phone.
-Shall l keep down? Let me keep down.
l'll come out bytomorrow
morning itself, darling.
Where do you come, man?
Where can you go, man?
Costly cell phone. lf you want it,
you cantake it. Rs.20000 worth, sir.
lsthat enough? l've found
a girl's dead body too. Right?
l'll trap you in both the cases
& ruin yourlife totally.
ldiot!You've taken 2 boosts also.
lsn't that enough & 2 cases also? You...
Teja, who wanted to spoil many
girl's life forhis happy future...
Punishing him in 2 cases
are less. Right?
This dad, who wantedto murder
somebody else forhis daughter's mistake...
Making him to lose his daughterpermanently,
is areasonable punishment only.
To him, who wantsto enjoy girls
as an use and throw dolls...
He's got a punishment of suffering
by Spinal chord damage.
Brother! Jai brotherhas got
consciousness. Come, guys.
Why do you shout, man?
Am l a cinema actor?
Useless fellow. -Why are you
so fair, man? -Don't touch me.
But... Can you commit
suicide forlsha's death?
Did lsha pass away?
Did l commit suicide?
Another bad news, brother.
-What's that?
Robbery has taken place
in ourstore. -ls it so?
How much? -10 lakhs. -10...?
l took only 5 lakhs. Right?
-Yes. But Raana has robbed 10 lakhs.
Did Raana rob from ourstore?
l want some money urgently, man.
-How much? -5 lakhs.
Can you give me? -He & Thara
have got escaped together.
Did he take Thara along
with him forhoneymoon?
How may be they both now!
lfl have to break the lock, l need Rs.2000.
Because it is apolice lock. right?
Here. Take Rs.7000.
Open this lock.
-Can we get any punishment?
l don't know on what case
we will get arrested actually.
Let's go out of this state
for2 months.
My dad is also a policeman. Right?
He will set everything in this time gap.
You break this fast, man.
2 months...?
ls it so? Everything has got spoiled.
My mom's medicine has gone
& my sister's studies has got spoiled.
My job & ourprestige in
our colony... Everything has gone.
Everything has taken place because of you.
You're responsible for everything.
Whether you marry me,
hug me orhide me in you...!
How can you get escaped now?
Hugging...? You...?
You man! Break this fast.
l'm feeling the hell
by this lock with her.
Should l be there in a wedding lock
with herthroughout my lifetime?
Break it.
You... Get up! What's your
problem in marrying me?
Marriage...? You...?
lfloving some others lover
& wasting his life is his punishment...
Living with such a devil like wife throughout
his lifetime istoo worst punishment.