Aakashamittayee (2017) Movie Script

On that fine moment,
Both Kesavan nair and Saramma
They were thinking deeply about a
name for their awaited little one.
They wrote the names on the paper
and picked it respectively
Kesavan nah' baked
into his paper
and declared the name
as "Mittayi (Candy)"
So does the Saramma and
Whispered as "Aakasam (the sky)"
Finally they confirmed the name
unanimously as "Aakasa Mittayi"
"Hey...temple tree!"
"Give your branches for making
little sparrows nest..."
"No. never...my little sparrow..."
"My branches are full of flowers
with golden leaflets"
"Hey...Mango tree!"
"Give your branches for making
little sparrows nest"
"No. never...my little sparrow
"My branches are full of
tender mangoes"
"There are no branches left in"
"Oak and teak tree to make
nest for little sparrow"
"The Ball tree and Sizzling tree are"
"Not at all agreed with
little sparrow"
"Then they said..."
"Then the plantain tree said..."
"Blossoms honey dripping
banana flower"
"Agreed to make nest for little
sparrow in its leaf"
"The little sparrow made nest in plantain
leaf with plantain leaf thread"
"I am telling the rhythm
of good deeds"
"When swings rhythmically
comes the time"
"When dances with shyness
in festive season"
"There come framed stories
of sky toffees"
"Then the night..."
"then night rained with
thunder and storm"
"Then the Oak tree and
Teak tree fell down"
"Ball tree and Sizzling
tree fell down"
"The Temple tree and Mango
tree fell down"
"Only the Plantain tree survived"
"in the rain with thunder and storm"
"The little Sparrow survived
with happiness"
"in the leaf of little plantain tree..."
Very nice,
You are still here. It's the time
to go to work
Planting is not enough, but we need
to take care of it.
- What?
- Nothing.
I notice you since yesterday
- Do you want to tell me something?
- No, you just go.
Inform me before noon
Only after that you need to
inform your parents.
- You got it?
- Yeah
What's the news Mr. Peethambaran?
Some personal matters
a family matter
Do you have urge
to know that?
Do you?
Go inside,
Greetings, Sir
Hey Palani, Why don't you
wear uniform today?
Sir, today I am
on leave.
I need to consult with a Doctor
for my wife.
Okay, just 9-
The paper load of Economic Times
has to go today itself.
Before noon
Show me the log book after recording
the sending time...
- Okay?
- Yes
Mr.Peethambaran has only one
grade higher than me
But he thinks that he is the M.D.
- You need to do it today itself.
- Okay
- Do you have all which I asked?
- Yes
- Do you have pregnancy test kit?
- No, only Prega News, is that okay?
You need verify the way bill
and lorry bill...
before sending the paper roll,
verify both the list.
- Sir, There is a call for you?
- You just verify this, Okay?
Tell me, is that so?
Are you sure?
Is this the suspense you kept
in mind since yesterday?
How many months?
Three months,
it is confirmed.
Your wife is little anemic.
I will write one iron content tonic
You need to take it
twice a day without fail.
Doctor! Somebody told
me something.
I just want to clarify
it from you.
Actually Rekha is my distant
relative, a cousin
Will it affect my child as we
both are from the same blood relation?
- What do you mean?
- No, I mean...?
There is no issue with the baby
at this point.
Is that okay?
There is a well known
Traditional Ayurveda Physician
I want to meet him
tomorrow itself.
Now-a-days pregnancy has become a disease
and pregnant women are called 'patients'
What do we call our baby?
If it is baby girl call herVidya Vinodini
and Vidya Vivek for baby boy
Aren't these both girl names?
So what? Don't male and female
have same names..
For example see names like
Baby, Biji, Shaji, Shiji, etc.
Whether it is he or she, I want
the word 'Vidya'(knowledge) in the name
But you wait and see,
it will be a baby boy
He will roll over in the third month
and stand straight in
the sixth month.
And run all over the house
in the ninth month
And call me father when he
becomes one year old.
I will send him to play school when reaches
his one and half years of age.
I will send him to the best school
here for his LKG.
I will make him score A-Plus
in his 10th class.
And repeat the same in Plus two.
He will start entrance coaching in
his 8th standard itself.
His MBBS studies will
be here itself.
But, I will try in an American
University for his M.D
Then specialization,
And need to practice there
for sometime.
I will find an NRI doctor for
him as his partner.
But she should speak Malayalam
language fluently
And he'll work there for a long time
and make a lot of money
At last he would come here
in an NRI status
Then he'll buy one and half acres of
barren land of your miser father.
And build a big hospital
Then me, my son and my
daug hter-in-law will live there.
Will live there for sure
Then what?
Dear, children also have their
own dreams and wishes.
We need to support them to
lead their desired life
Afather and mother should
do only that.
I am talking to you only
Oh my God.
Watch yourself
Don't walk so violently like this
Baby in the womb will get crushed
Let every footstep be
soft and gentle
Like this
Is this Okay Dear?
Enough, Just walk
Is it playing?
That's it, morning walk is over
Stop there
Come inside
- Didn't you go for a walk Radhika?
- No
Rekha? Don't waste your
time in chatting
I too read in Women's Magazine that
walking is good for pregnant ladies.
He is mad
He is just straining his wife
You just go and get one
bucket of water
We need only this kind
of exercise
No...No...l will take it
Hello, it's you, father?
One minute...Radhika?
Your father on the phone
Whoever it is, don't call
and disturb her often
Listen to me, she has some
rules and regulations here
I will admit her in the hospital when she
reaches nine months and nine days
She will deliver the baby
at the time stipulated by astrologer
I will call you then
And you can come and see
the baby then...okay?
Senseless family
Listen to me carefully
This is your eighth month
At this time don't meet your illiterate,
jealous and senseless family
Instead of that look at
picture of God
If you get bored looking at that,
then look at my face
That's enough
A good face to look at!
I need Cesarean,
Oh my God!
I can't bear this,
I need Cesarean
I suggested to consult a traditional
medicine doctor
You refused but no issues,
the doctor has told not to worry
Then, you take my pain
You're advising me to be relaxed
- My dear
- You just go out of here
Sir, you please wait outside
The doctor will come now
Why do you suffer like this?
There are so many good
hospitals in Ernakulam
If it is financial problem, we are ready
to spend any amount
We were not delivered depending
on the size of the hospital.
Then, why do you worry?
That's olden time
lam telling you too,
if anything happens to my sister"
...then, I will show you, who am I
Come, let's go
ow. My God
She might deliver now
- Sister, what is happening?
- I will tell you if anything happens
Will she deliver between
3:30 and 3:45 p.m.?
I meant about his horoscope, Saturn's effect
will start if it crosses 3:45 p.m.
Then Mercury's effect
will happen only after 24 years...
It will be a problem if
she delivers before 3:30 p.m.
Moon will be very strong,
So Mercury will be weak
It is the best time for
the studies for 24 years...
...only if she delivers the baby
at the stipulated time
So please operate and
take the baby out at that time
Is that Okay?
Sister, will you do that?
- You just go man
- Oh! She pushed me out
Where to go?
Delivered, it's a baby boy
Thank God
Welcome Dr.Vidya Vivek
M.B.B.S, M.D
He is born in birth
star Pooram
He will be very smart
Have you selected the name?
Akaash (the sky)
Hello. Is it True Wisdom
Central school?
My name is Peethambaran
Yes, the same person
called you yesterday
Yes sir. It's a baby boy
I book for admission now itself
I will transfer the fund
to the said account
Afor Apple
B for Ball
C for Cat
Come on my boy
Your play and study will
be here from today
Come on, my boy
See you
Come on
Is he required to go to play school?
Foolish things!
You are at home and
I too will come home after work
He needs to grow up
and play with us
All the children in his age in these
quarters go to play school
What's special with your child?
Are you so poor?
I will feel ashamed
if people ask me
Those who ask you are jobless
It is not proper to confine
our child within four walls
Let him grow by watching
the sky and earth
Your rubbish sky and
earth theory
The fee is Rs.25000!-
Will you enroll him or not?
Just tell me that
Certainly not
I know that you are reluctant
to spend money
Why are you being so stingy?
Oh! My dear son
I will buy you toys
worth thirty thousand...
...instead of twenty five thousand
You play and grow in this
house with those toys
Akash! Come here my son
- Where is he?
- I sent him to play school
I too have right on him like you
I sold my two Gold bangles
and paid his school fee
- Do you know what have you done?
- No need of debate in that subject anymore
He'll go and come back by school bus
There is no change in that
We reached home, my dear
Please stop crying dear
He was crying since he
reached school
Vivek...Come on...
Come on...
What did teacher teach you today?
Stop crying, my dear
My dear, please look around
How beautiful our earth is!
The human race only can
appreciate this beauty of this world
There are many good people
who keep this world nice
This world is not as you think
The people are not genuine
So, don't trust anyone
Do you understand?
- Hi...How are you?
- Going well
Just give a smile when
you meet someone
People will stick to you
if you give a smile
So, don't be friendly with anyone
Every being in this world is
suffering for their food
Satisfying one's hunger is a virtuous act
Don't care about others
We need to mind our business only
You mind your work only
That's the only thing you have to do
Whose words do we follow now?
Both of your fathers are giving
different concepts
What did your father say?
When you meet a good man
just give a smile
When you meet a bad man
just leave from there
We don't need any trouble
Don't make a fuss of your presence
Repeat what I said
Don't make a fuss of your presence
I am so confused
- Rekha...
- What?
There have noted about project
submission in Ad I's school diary
What is Vivek doing for
the project?
Are you referring about
making a Taj Mahal model?
That's not possible for us
We get different sizes of ready made
models from Matha Stores
My husband has gone to buy that
How does Matha Stores know about
the school project work?
That's why I am telling you that
they both are in nexus
- Am I right?
- You just go and buy one
Or else they won't allow him
inside the school
- Hal
- Hai
- Greetings
- Greetings
This one costs Rs.250/-
I presume you want Tajmahal, Sasi...
No...No...one thermocol,
a pair of scissors and a Fevicol
ls your Dad going to make
Tajmahal for you?
No...No...He will make it himself
You can make it yourself,
but it won't look perfect like ours
Hello bro, the project is not for you!
It's for him
- Yes
- My dear
Dear, I made this myself
Well done, Give me
a hand shake
Give me too
Oh! My Tajmahal
You must do only what you can do
Two rubbish architects
This is what will happen
if you hesitate to spend
How can I face Rekha now?
When did I hesitate to spend?
It will boost his confidence
if he does it himself
For me money is not
greater than him.
But he cut a sorry figure
in front of other kids at school
- Why don't you understand that?
- Oh! My God
Did you tell your teacher that
you did it yourself?
Yes, only afterl told that
she wrote on it 'very poor'
Shouldn't we do the
project ourselves?
- Is that wrong?
- No, Never
Your teacher is wrong
Tomorrow we have parents meeting,
you go alone and handle it
I won't come
He is not good in his Studies,
Sports and activities
And his health is
also very weak
You just enquire that
Please sign here
Good morning, Ma'am
Vivek's standard is going down
every term
He has no concentration
in the class
He keeps on chatting
with his friends always
Nowadays, he doesn't
do his homework
This won't repeat again
I will sit with him personally
from now onwards
Please give an extra
attention to my son
I feel very sorry for his
being less attentive in class
- Sorry...Sorry
- Its okay
- Please sign here
- Just wait till you come home
Akash K.J.?
Good morning, Ma'am
Good morning
Akash com es to school
not for studying
He is always playful
He is very bad in his studies.
He doesn't do his project work also.
He got zero in that
Akash, just wait outside for a while
I strongly believe that Akash has done
the project perfectly
Forget encouraging him,
at least please don't insult him
You've given bad remark to a boy
who spent the whole night for his project
But appreciated people who bought
the model from a stationery shop
Gave 'Very Good' comment for those who
made it with help of an an worker
For who is this project work?
Is it for students or parents or
stationery shopkeeper or an art worker?
Very good
Are you sure that it was done
by that student himself?
Sir, he is talking sensibly
Then, you go and
tell before them
Why should we interfere
in others' matters?
Why do you even sit then?
Just shut up or go away
This parents meeting is meant to
know about the students
Do you think that all the parents
came here think that way?
More than their children's future
they're scared about getting insulted
Childhood is to play and
be happy, am I wrong?
Do you know what will happen
to Vivek when he returns home?
- Please don't beat me Dad...
- I will study well
Are you going to school for this?
They are scared of their parents,
school and teachers
They are afraid of everything
You need give them
a little more freedom
This is not the subject
that you need to talk
No, definitely I will talk
Sir, please come here,
a parent here is making a fuss
I am just telling the fact
Am I making a fuss?
This is about the
future of my son
My son must feel confident that
his father is with him, when he's in trouble
How many students have that
confidence here?
My son has..
Don't you have confidence that
I am with you?
Yes Daddy
Smart boy
What's the problem?
Sir, we do have problems
My son is studying in this
school since L.K.G
Two teachers have changed for him
in this term itself
How will they understand
his character and ability"
...if teachers get changed frequently?
You need not interfere
in our internal matters
I will interfere in this matter
because my son is studying here
Did we ask you to enroll
your son in this school?
Yes, of course
You only advertised in
every nook and corner about your school
Because of your propaganda the housewives..
...pressurised their husbands to
enroll the kids in this school
No need to have revolutionary speeches
Your son is not eligible
to study here, get out
You need not say that
This school is not fit to educate my son
Akash, come here
What's the matter, Dad?
- Do you like study in this school?
- No! I don't like
Did you hear?
You ask your kids the same question
Half of them will say 'No'
- Dad, I don't...
- Don't talk
Come on my boy
Don't spoil your son's future with
your ego and anger
Achild's future is in his mind,
not in the school
We have to bring out that
What happened?
What's all this?
That's what I need to ask you
What's wrong with you?
Are you mad to get TC for
our son from the school?
Why didn't you consult me?
I felt really ashamed when Rekha told
that my son was told to get out
Why do you hear somebody
else's words?
What you did was wrong
and not what they told
Will he get admission in a reputed school
after making an issue in school?
His one year of schooling is wasted
He would rather not go
to such a school
Even he can learn how to live
by watching the people
We will admit him in
govt. school next year
So, that's your plan
Nowl realise your hidden scheme
You were looking for
an excuse to change his school
- For what?
- For your benefit
If he had studied there he should go to
their school in the city for higher studies
You have to spend more
money for studies
Then college, engineering
and higher studies...
You have spoiled his future
You know government school is cheaper
You can arrange a low grade job in your
filthy factory after he passes 10th grade
You are jealous
Jealous on his growth than you
You don't want him to
achieve anything great in life
Dad's responsibility doesn't end
in just giving birth
You have to make them reach
higher levels in life
I should have slapped you the day
you enrolled him in this school
That's my fault
I and my son won't
live here anymore
He shouldn't grow up to be a rogue
You can go anywhere
But you can't take my
son with you
I won't allow his life to be
spoiled by your pride and vanity
Having problems in a family is usual
You have to talk with him
and compromise it...
I can't live with him anymore
Don't talk like this dad
He is very adamant
He thinks that he doesn't need
anybody's support
Akash is our child also...
We also have the right to take a
decision in this matter
You stay here for sometime
He will definitely come to take you
Then, we will decide on this
I don't want a discussion
I just want my son
You find a solution
in that matter only
It is very easy to make
a problem worse
We need to find a solution
in the beginning itself
Dear students, Today I am going
to teach you a new song
- You can also sing with me
- Yes, sir!
Oh! My dear Green Parrot
from the palm tree
You just stay in your Nest
If you go out of your Nest
Surely you will be caught
by the Cat
What's told to the Parrot?
You will be caught by the Cat
if you go out of your Nest
You stay here, I will
meet the Headmaster
What's wrong with if he
is not good in Maths?
He got full marks in English
and Social Science
So, he is good in language
You must appreciate him
for the subjects done good..
.,instead of scolding him
for less marks in Maths
You are very smart
You just try to only need pass
mark in Maths
But you have to score full marks
in the subjects you like most
Smart boy
Akas h?
- Do you like this school?
- Yes
Don't you know my husband? He told me that
we shift only if we get new quarters
But now he is shifting everything
to change the house
- You tie that rope in both sides
- Okay sir
My son needs a peaceful atmosphere
It is my duty as his father to provide it
- Sir, I am...
- Yes, I am...
My son will call me Donkey instead of Daddy
if my son grows up with your son
So, I don't prefer that
- Dear, is your Daddy mad?
- Yes, a little
Not only madness but some
foolishness also...
Can't we meet if you shift from these
quarters to the next quarters?
I do have a very clear
plan about my son
My son's standard is not that low
to live in these quarters
He is supposed to settle abroad
So, tell your son not to make
friends with my son
Where is My future Doctor?
Dr. Vidya Vivek
- Dr. Vidya...
- Yes...coming Dad
- Hey, Vivek
- See you then
- Stop there
- Tie it strongly
I will pluck your both eyes out
if you see him again
- Go and sit in the vehicle
- Come here
Then, bye forever
Get in
You have a registered post
An ego problem for a while
I thought she would come
back after that
I thought to meet you in person
because of this Divorce notice
Radhika, your decisions are wrong
Brothers and father will not
protect you all the time
First you understand that
Don't spoil our son's future
for your ego
Moreover you need a person
to quarrel with you all the time
So pack your bags and
return home with me
Have you come here to advice
and insult me?
- What's your desire?
- I need my son back
I know how to bring him up
I won't allow you to play with his life
I know how to take him back then
Don't come here again
to talk to me
Didn't you hear what she said?
Meet you in the court
Come on, he's come for
a damn compromise...
I won't ask you to forgive her,
because she is wrong
lam just sitting her as a
security guard in front of my house
I am not capable to correct my children
I will pray for you
"On the bough of Euphorbia
in the sky"
"Come and undulate in my swing"
"I shall sing my lullaby
by holding you"
"on my bosom and shoulders..."
"On the bough of Euphorbia
in the sky"
"Come and undulate
in my swing"
"I shall sing my lullaby
by holding you"
"on my bosom and shoulders"
"Even when you lift
your wings"
"and swim through the tides"
"I am definitely waiting to see
you below, always..."
"To hear you calling me,"
"On the bough of Euphorbia
in the sky"
"Come and undulate
in my swing"
"I shall sing my lullaby
by holding you"
"on my bosom and shoulders..."
"Near you to sing a lullaby"
"to feed you milk...
to hug you"
"and to pat you like a mother"
"I am here with you"
"I shall comb your lock"
"cover you with sweet perfume"
"Oh! My dear blossom...
give you milk gruel..."
"My moonlight, in your
honey-flowing words"
"my silence melts down"
"you are the blossoming
"day by day"
"I shall wear on my chest"
"On the bough of Euphorbia
in the sky"
"Come and undulate
in my swing"
"I shall sing my lullaby
by holding you"
"on my bosom and shoulders"
Oh god, my dad is coming
Run fast...
"To feed you, to lean on me"
"to tell you to wake up in
the early morning"
"I am here in person
behind you."
"To see your hand growing,
Your leg growing"
"I shall
stand as your shade"
"Oh! My dream of dear,"
"hurry up without staggering steps."
"My golden bead"
"The icon of tomorrows nation"
"Come to see the world of reality"
"On the bough of Euphorbia
in the sky"
"Come and undulate
in my swing"
"I shall sing my lullaby by
holding you"
"on my bosom and shoulders..."
"Even when you lift your wings"
"Swim through the tides"
"I am definitely waiting
to see you below, always"
"To hear you calling me,
near you to sing a lullaby"
"On the bough of Euphorbia
in the sky"
"Come and undulate
in my swing"
"I shall sing my lullaby
by holding you"
"on my bosom and shoulders"
Oh! Daddy...
Oh! The madman reached
One day, I will dismantle his bike
Look at this
My son is studying hard
The other boys are getting spoiled
playing in the ground
Dr.Vidya Vivek...l am
proud of you my boy
Keep if LIP
Thank you Daddy
Hey! Hold your
book properly
Everybody, keep your ticket
in your hands
Ticket. "ticket...
Next. .. next...
Here one guy hasn't taken the ticket
Hold him there
Please take the ticket
- What happened?
- I lost my ticket
Where has it gone?
Ticket. "ticket...
Next one...next one
- Where did you get in?
- From Thevara
Here it is...
Give me your ticket please
I have taken the ticket...
but I lost it now
I missed the ticked somewhere
Are you practicing new
way of fraud?
I am ready to pay the fine
Are you traveling without taking
the ticket then? Get out
Take your hands off my shin
Don't touch me...Get out...
- I said I have taken the ticket
- Then where is the ticket?
- I am ready to pay the fine
- You don't need to pay anythingmget out
Get out
- I am ready to pay the fine
- Get out man
Take your hands off
She seems to be an
innocent girl
What if they had abused instead of me?
Daddy, why don't people
believe each other?
Firstly, we need to be
straight forward
How many tickets you want?
Two ten rupees tickets please
For you...?
Two ten rupees tickets please
Why did you take two tickets?
I have to be right by
chance if I lose other
Did you talk anything
to that girl then?
I am not confident, My heart starts
beating when I see her
My stomach starts burning,
I feel giddy
I feel dehydrated
Can I tell you something?
- What my dear?
- I get the shivers
Three Tickets for Velloorjunction
Dad, she is coming, look
- Don't be tensed dear...
- Daddy, I feel like shivering
- Don't tell nonsense
- Velloorjunction
Dear, no need to
take the ticket
I have taken your ticket
I have taken your
ticket too...
Please come...sit here
Don't be afraid...
I am his father
Please come...
Come...sit here
- What's your name?
- Saira Banu
- What?
- Saira Banu
- We need to get down now
- You keep quiet
- What's your father do?
- He running a tea shop in Velloor
- Are you the daughter of Sulaiman?
- Yes
- Do you know him?
- I have seen him in the bus
lam working in the
newsprint there
We live in the quarters, we can have a cup
of tea if you come home
- Why don't you talk anything?
- Because he is not talking
- Are you ready to talk?
- Yeah
I came to talk with you once,
but you didn't respond
What to do then?
Should I smile all the time?
You need to take initiative
to talk with me
I spoke to you once
You didn't speak to me then
- When?
- 12th of last month
Evening 3:30 p.m.
- Do you remember that now?
- I thought you swore at me
You felt as swearing when I
showed gesture to sit there
Open your mouth and speak
if you want to speak
- Why do you point your finger to me?
- So what?
- Me too point my finger
- Okay, do it
- I will rap you on your head if I get angry
- I will also beat you
- Let's see
- Okay
Uncle, it's the time
to go, bye
Okay dear...Come here
when you get time
But you should inform your parents
that you're visiting us
- Okay uncle
- Okay bye
- Akash, bye
- Bye
Hello...Come here dear
- How is your heart now?
- It's clean and normal
This is natural in your age
But remember one thing,
Boys and girls are equal
The pain is same
Don't house wrong feelings about them
Mind gets dirty at wrong thoughts
We lose our humanity when
din piles up in our mind
Then, we resort to violence
Everything gets solved
if you talk together for 5 minutes
- Do you understand?
- Yes
Buddy, please show me
Stop writing everybody
Aparna and Johny...
Both of you collect the papers
Then exchange the papers
with each other
I am going to write
the answers in the board
Look at it and correct the papers
Rajes h, I don't know who
is evaluating my paper
- Whose paper is that, buddy?
- Aparna
All of this are wrong
Is it Aparna's paper?
She is sitting in front bench
wearing red shin
You correct it and
give her full marks
Smart girl
No girl forgets a boy
who saves her from shame
Just remem ber that
Now you can start
Stop, All of you return
the papers now
Ajith, you got zero marks
Which scoundrel has
corrected my paper?
Vivek...you got first as usual,
Ten out of ten
You got ten out often
Six out often
Praveen, Nine out often
Not me...he did it
Krishnanjali, Eight out often
I'm quite sure about the questions,
but I can't attend the last questions
Go man,
She has seen you, just go
Just go and talk to her
We need to take initiative
in this kind of matters
Just go
You fool...Get me down
here and go alone
- Shall I ask her that how is her studies?
- I will punch you if you ask that
You please ask something else
You just go...go my boy
- I can't...
- Just go...
It's good to leave from here
Where is he?
Why do you walk
with your cycle?
Is this your...?
There is a treatment for
your problem...Come on
Dear, please talk something
What's going on here?
Daddy, he got the same problem
which I had then
Walking with his cycle
and roam about here
What's that?
How is your studies
Going well
Well...your father?
- Oh god...Father?
- Why are you scared?
I just asked that how is
your father? That's all...
Are you sweating?
What happened?
Did you get fever?
His attitude is not fine now
You do one thing...reach your home
before the snowfall
- Akash drop him at his home
- Come on dear
You are not supposed to forget
your school bag
Boys and girls are equal
Don't think anything
wrong with our opposites
Your mind will be full of dirt
if you think like that
- What's your name dear?
- Aparna
- What's your father do?
- Father is no more, sir
I am sorry
Coffee will get cold.
Please have it
My father was also working
in your factory
He met with an accident when he was
maintaining the crusher last year
Are you the daughter of Vasu bro?
- Canl leave Akash?
- Okay...bye
- Please wait Aparna
- What?
Please come here when you get time...
But you need to inform your parents
- Certainly...Bye
- Bye
- Dr.Vidya Vivek?
- Yes dad
You have to study 20 hours a
day from now onwards...
You can sleep four hours...
that's your choice
Then, you have remember
this board all the time
Look here
Dedication + Meditation +
Concentration = Education
- Understand?
- Yes
Good boy...
Stan your studies
Oh! Mom...
lam confident thatl get 100%
if they conduct exam now
Why does he disturb me
all the time then?
That's his character
Come dear, eat something
You have temperature
That's because of my fate.
Naughty bV
Oh God, Jayan uncle
Why do you hide at seeing me?
Did you make any mischief?
I feel ashamed, uncle!
What happened dear?
100% success is compulsory
in this school
We won't allow him to
attend the main exam
-if he doesn't get pass marks
in all the subjects
That happens only when you
fail in the model exam
No uncle, I will fail...
Me and Vivek are ready to
help him in his studies
Very good...
Then you will succeed definitely
And prove to the teacher that he is wrong
Great persons studied
very less, my dear
So be confident
What's this?
This is revision test paper
- Can you show me?
- No Uncle
- What happened? You got less mark?
- I got very low marks
Then I must see that for sure
Difference between rural
and urban areas...
If dog protects man that's village,
If man protects dog that's city
Wow, is this your poetry?
Did you write all these poems?
- Are you?
- Yes
- Do you have more like this?
- Yes
Can you bring that?
Just go and bring them
You are the first person
to read my poems
Here it is
Oh! So many!
What's this? Are you launching
rocket after writing poem?
His father has used this
as the ear pick
'Some solitary moments'
Some reminders...
Some moments and
some words
Some true faces and
some disguised faces...
Some madness...
"As dwarfness is my height"
"I am copying the lines"
"of a great poet in my heart..."
"As dwarfness is my height"
"I am copying the lines of a
great poet in my heart"
"I look the world with
utmost pride"
Give me a hand shake
"I saw the big trees
falling down"
- Will you pass the exam?
- Just go man...
"Small grass standing straight"
"Ants walk with loads
in line through a way"
"I saw with my naked eye"
"the micro organisms keep"
"the wet nature of soil
with utmost care..."
Exams are over...
- Akash...
- Daddy...
You got selected in Cycling Association
in State Level Com petition
If you win in this, you can participate
in National games under-16 category
- Congrats Akash
- Thank you Saira
- Are you ready to participate?
- Of course, dad
lam sure, I will win
Do you know that my dear?
My son will get admission in
any school for his marks
But, do you know the specialty of
the school which he is going?
They will teach the second year
subjects in the first year itself
How is that?
He will lose his touch in subjects
if we wait till the results
So, I will send him for the entrance
coaching from tomorrow itself
His grandparents
want to see him
He'll get relaxed if
he goes there for a couple of days
Shut your mouth
damn grandparents
illiterate country fellows
My son doesn't need
such illiterate people as relatives
I will divorce you if you come
again with this matter
Her damn grandparents
Nasty fellows
Just tell him to divorce you
I will come with you
when the court asks me
We two can live freely
What about you?
Your character is not
good as you said
Akash fast...
Akash fastmfast...
Come on...Come forward...
Come on Akash...
You must win
Fast. "fast...
- Oh! Yes...
- Akash...fast...
Don't you have work in kitchen?
Come on...come on
Pedal fast and come
fonNard...come on...
Pedal fastmpedal fast
ow. My God
What's going on here?
Are you watching cycling in the time
to prepare for the entrance exam?
Don't watch the 'EV, again
Do you understand?
Take this, study the whole book
in this night itself
Come inward...
Akash fast...
Akash fast...
Take a selfie...
Can't see him
Can't see him, dear come on...
Come on
Watch and learn...
Akash...l feel very glad...
Then see you
I will drop Saira
and back
It's the time to late
Can I leave?
You are not going
to do anything
Dearjust go and tell her before some
other smart guys propose her
You write it down and give her if
you are not confident to talk
- Is there any fault with your cycle?
- No
- ls the tyre punctured?
- No
Then, why are you walking with it?
Why do you?
What's in your hand?
Nothing Daddy
Give me that
Oh! My God...
I love you...
- Did she give you?
- No...Daddy...
Are you telling lie?
Hey girl, stop there
Do you propose my son at this age
who is about to live in Washington?
- Daddy...No...
- Stand up...
- Daddy, She did not write that...
- You shut up
Where is your house?
- Overthere...
- Okay...come on...
- I need to meet your parents now
- No...Dad...
- Leave me uncle
- Daddy...please stop there...
Leave me uncle...
Shut up...
- Daddy, please listen to me...
- You don't stay here anymore
Go home...
I will give your share at home
- Come here...
- Oh! My God.
- What happened?
- Here it is
Ask her...
- What happened?
- I don't know anything my Mom...
- What did she do?
- I don't know anything...
Oh!...see the innocent angel
I don't know anything
This is Vasu's family, isn't it?
Is this both of your plan?
What? Tell me...
What's the matter?
Here it is...Look...Your daughter
gave a love letter to my son...
- I didn't write that for God's sake
- She is telling lie...
- Definitely she wrote it herself...
- I didn't write it...Mom...
Your family's plan to snatch my
son is never going to happen
I haven't written anything
If it is so, howdid my son
get this paper?
Tell me the answer
Look. She doesn't
have the answer
Move you bloody bitch
You destroyed the pride
of our family...
- Please don't beat me Mom...
- Why do you live like this?
- Hello...Please come here
- What?
- For what?
- I said you come here
Its better to leave this place
You destroyed the goodwill
of your father and me...
Stop Mom
Who told this idea to him?
So, you behind this, isn't?
But he wrote himself, uncle
My Mom know me. She believed me
I didn't write this letter
Anyway it's the past...leave it.
We don't need any talk
regarding this matter...
Don't you want to
know your result?
Did it come online?
Yes, I came here
after knowing that
Mr.Vidya Vivek...Congrats...
you passed with full ofA Plus
Dear congrats...
What about mine uncle?
One more full A plus from our group
CongratsmSaira Banu
Thanks dear...
For Aparna...There is Three A-Plus, two A
and one B...not bad...very good!
- Then what about mine?
- Dear definitely it's a good result
Two A-plus and four A...
very good man...
Congrats dear
I definitely failed, didn't I?
Your school got 100% victory
- You know, what does it mean?
- What does it mean?
You also passed
my dear Poet
One B, three C and two D-plus
Look down...
Sir, the result has come
I'm passed with
all the subjects
Don't under estimate the students
any more...keep in mind that...
Our school has got
100% victory as usual
We have a glad news
at this time...
Our student Mr.Vidya
Vivek is one of the...
-four students who got highest
mark in the state.
Mr.Vidya's rank to the first by securing
100% marks in all the subjects except one
and scored 599 marks
totally, and he lifted-
-our school's rank to
the first position
How did you lose that one mark?
I don't know that...
- I had written it very well
- Are you sure to get 100%?
- Are you confident?
- Yes.
Excuse me, Sir...
My son is confident to get 100%
He can't spare that one mark
lam going to apply for revaluation
Daddy...Vivek got 100% in
all the subjects except English...
In English he got 99 marks
His dad wants to apply for revaluation
His father needs to consult
with a psychiatrist first
They are going to send
him for Plus two in..
'Viswa Chaithanya Ramananda
Memorial School'
Where is that school, dad?
Call it a Mental Asylum instead
- Give me that, how is the school?
- Very Good
Please come
We are very strict...
Use of mobile phone in the campus
is a serious of fence here
We want to enroll him here
especially for that reason only
Student must think of studies
and studies only
We also prefer that
We will tell you when
to visit your child
Until then, he is not reachable
Add that too to our wish list
You need to eat well
You need to obey everyone
He has not joined the army
to fight with Pakistan
He has joined in a
school only for his studies
You and your unnecessary sentiments
- Hello...l am Rahman...
- I am Vivek...
Come on...
Hello, birthday boy.
Hey, Saira
- Many many happy returns of the day.
- Thanks.
What birthday gift
did your dad give you?
Full freedom
Hereafter I won't run behind you to
advice and correct your path"
...as it will strain our relationship
I want to tell you only one thing
You are free to do
anything in your life-
-that can be shared with me
You must not do anything that
cannot be shared with me.
I wish to see mom
Wish granted
Hello, uncle.
Why are you staring at me?
Don't you recognise me?
Who are you?
What about you, uncle?
Can you recognise me?
Why have you come here?
You stated in court that
you want to be with your father.
At that time, I wanted to be with my dad.
Today, I wish to see my mom.
What is wrong in that?
Which standard are you studying?
How can he study without
finishing the food?
He has grown by
watching his father.
- Akash.
- Hi, grandpa.
Ignore those idiots and
come to your grandpa
- Grandpa
- God Bless you, my dear!
Sit down.
I heard you won
the State Cycling competition
I wanted to congratulate you
since that day
You knowl can't move out of home
Dad told me that
you call him often
He called me the moment
he saw your results
Cong rats, son
Where is my mom?
She was elegantly roaming everywhere
But everyone cornered her to the backyard
Gradually her arrogance got vanished.
Only her fear and ego to face him
forces her to be here.
Let time teach her
Father used to say one thing
Value of life doesn't depend
on the number of years lived.
It depends on how we
lived those years.
When I return back with mom..
...I will tell him that he need not worry about her past
And only the future life with her counts
Take this.
Come, mom
What have you suddenly
made a visit to my house?
I have one guest at home
So, I have decided to stay
with you for a few days.
A guest has made you
walk out of your own house?
- Who is that guest?
- Radhika.
Is it? Come inside.
What is this? The photos in
your house are all of bachelors.
Have this.
People who have decided to remain bachelors
have done something for the world.
You just look over there.
I am also pan of that list
I have a car, house and a job too.
But I couldn't get a girl.
Thus, I have made this theory
into practical life
Nowl feel very happy
I didn't see you last week.
Everything got changed all of a sudden.
What is the reason?
I went to Pala last week.
I stayed with the
father's younger brother.
After couple of pegs
he told me to leave
It seems if I had stayed there overnight,
it was not safe for his unmarried girls
Even our family doesn't give respect
We are living such a worthless life.
There is no place for a person
who doesn't have a family.
But still your photo doesn't qualify to be here
And you need not sum up your life like this
on the basis of your uncle's craziness
We must live for us rather than
spoiling our life for others.
Dad, this is not fair
Why have you walked out after mom came?
Then, what for I brought her home?
- Come, let us go
- Hey, give me one minute
Your mother has come home
after a long time.
If she sees me in the house,
she may feel guilty.
More than that I cannot behave
naturally to her.
Let us give her some space.
I will come after a few days
I will come, sure
Now you get me
few dresses for me.
Why have you decided
not to go for Plus two?
My father left us with lots of debts.
Even if I join in any
government school...
My mother cannot settle all the debts alone
Why don't I work for 2 years..
...and join open University
to continue higher studies?
Of course, you can do
post-graduation also.
That is how we also studied.
Uncle, you just see I will start a
TV channel when I grow up.
An exclusive channel for children
- I will be one of the investors in that.
- Thanks, uncle.
Which group you are
planning to take, Akash?
Arts group.
What about our gang leader?
Me too, what else can a student like me
study who scored below average marks?
Why do you degrade yourself?
You are the successful lad in this group.
- It is not silly.
- What are you saying?
Dude, didn't you tell him about that?
- Uncle, what is that?
- Dad, what is that?
- I will show.
- Just celebrate it.
Wait, he should only see it first
What is it now? Have you come to
tell that you got admission?
Sir, I wrote a poetry
And it is going to be published.
The book will be released on 23rd of
this month at memorial hall.
Sir, you must definitely come.
Sir! lfl get surprising news likethis,
I will come again to surprise you.
Has any of your poems
ever got published?
I will attend his function for sure
Why me? Why should I come for this?
You must come, I insist.
Oh! God
- You?
- Take this.
Book publication of
Ajith Pazhani.
"Mere visuals is insufficient to measure
the depth and height of the life"
"Mere visuals tabulate the depth
and height of the life only"
"The world shrinks like a dust to
the greatness of the soul"
This poem was written by our friend
and this is his first poetry
Today we unveil Ajith's book of poems
including the one that we heard now.
Respected Poet
Mr. Balachandran Chullikkadu..
...will present the first book copy
to our Jayashankar uncle..
Jayashankar uncle is the man
behind this book publishing
Come here.
I welcome respected Balachandran
Chullikaadu Sir to have few words with us.
My beloved people.
I was thinking that the book
written by Ajith Pazhani...
...would be an outcome of
a teenager's writing experiment
But I saw it as
a reflection of thoughts...
...of a matured writer
I wish him all the success
and support from the
-bottom of my heart for his
future literary works.
- Can you please take that seat?
- Sure.
Joseph uncle.
This is Aparna's elder sister.
- Hi
- Hi...
NowAjith Pazhani will speak to us.
I feel very happy today
My father used to say one thing
'One should not show
their presence in this world.'
'And we should leave this world
without making a fuss'
This is why I didn't show
my poems to anyone
Jayan uncle is the reason
for showing it to the world
Jayan uncle only told that there is
no connection between education and talent
He explained that qualifying school exams only
doesn't make one successful
Nowl feel that I am relatively tall
People like me are always
treated as jokers
No one likes to accompany me..
Including my own sister
Why are you trailing me?
I feel embarrassed when my
friends ask about you.
Either you go in front of me
or maintain a distance
Sister, I came to give your record book
that you forgot to take.
Give it to me.
My mother only shed
tears for me.
Mother, I will come out
in flying colours...
...and you need not worry about me.
Mother, don't cry.
Mother, I can't withstand your tears
Now Ajith's father will
speak to us
What my son said is true
I was always scared of the society
around me and I lived with that fear.
I brought up my son also in that way
I felt very lucky to get
an admission in a school.
The school authorities sent him
back in the context.
...of his physical and academic growth
I don't blame them
Because even I couldn't
understand his capabilities.
The scare in my mind..
My inferiority complex"
Jayashanker Sir is responsible
for throwing the light on us
...to make us believe that
we are also equally capable
Thank you Sir.
Now, Jayashankar uncle will
have a word with us.
No one is ready in this world
to support and encourage each other
Amotivating word is..
...more than enough to pull out
the talent of a person
The person must believe that the
motivation is with love and sincerity
I didn't take much effort
to motivate Ajith.
He is already blessed with talents.
My duty was to just show
him a right path.
I thank the people in the
dias and everyone
Okay, let us start.
Well, Dude.
I need to share
one thing to you.
You have to make it happen.
What is it?
Don't you knowAparna's sister?
I propose to marry her
I know she is a widow
I don't mind the religion.
If there is no other objection
What about your celibacy?
And the photos in your home?
My dear poet don't tease me.
I will remove it tomorrow itself
Anyway Joseph, it is a good decision.
We must ask her opinion in this.
Ambika is also interested in this
How do you know that?
It is your mom on the phone
Ask her the matter
Why do you answer your dad's phone?
Give it to him.
It is for you.
Excuse me for a minute.
Don't you want to talk to me?
Why do you say so?
You only have changed
lam always the same person
Then, you don't need to trouble your friend
Just come back home with Akash
Buddy, this is the power of poetry
Two lives have got settled with
one poetry book publication
You won't believe if
I tell about his talent
I understand that you can't
judge the book by its cover
- Mother? here...
- It has been for a while.
Listen Vidya!
Try to utilise this time in
studying rather than"
...having useless talk
with your mother.
It will reflect in your results
Do you get me?
Just go and study
Father, I want to say...
He wanted to tell me something.
I didn't hear that.
It is enough.
Vidya, focus
on your studies
Give importance to studies
than these useless talk.
- Did you hear me?
- Father?
Damn with your pampering
You have already done
the phone call, right?
Then, go and study
Let me make one call
Take it.
Who is it?
I don't know. It is an
unknown number.
- Dear, we lost him
- Shut up
This is Vivek
Vivek, what happened to you?
I am not feeling well
I can't carry this anymore
Even for a small slip
they give a huge punishment.
They are spanking us like cops
Sometimes they even starve us
Buddy, didn't you tell
this to your father?
- What?
- He is crying.
Vivek, do you want to
speak to him?
Let me give the
phone to Aparna.
- Hello
- Buddy, Security.
He is not in the line.
He was there till now.
Vivek, don't cry
Don't cry
Vivek, don't cry
Hello, Vivek
What happened?
Vivek, what happened?
What happened to you?
Hello, Vivek
- What happened, Vivek?
- Hello, Vivek
You must with live with the loved ones
where you love to live
Now-a-days engineers are
going for driver jobs
And doctors are selling Sim cards
for their livelihood.
But parents still want their children
to become doctors and engineers
So sad
You guys do one thing.
Tomorrow is a holiday, isn't it?
So, go and meet him
Can I go?
You can go with your mother's consent
But, you must say the truth.
- Joseph, we get down here
- Okay
- Uncle, see you
- Okay, dear
You can go dear...
Keep this money with you...
Mom...He is an innocent guy
Even parents can visit students
in our own time only...
So, friends are not at all allowed
Did he contact you?
Sir, He...
We have been missing him
for a long time
So, we came here
Sir we just want
to meet him once
- Get out
- Please sir
We won't take much time
- Drive them off
- Okay sir
Go...Go out...
go out...
Leave the place
What do we do now?
They have only one way...
We have um pteen ways...
I have my own way...
Come on dear
You call the cops if I
don't return in an hour
on! My God...
Look down
How did you reach here?!
Don't look at the sky always
when you walk
You need to look down sometimes...
Only then you'll understand
howl came here
- Who is this?
- He is my friend
Why you are here?
What's the matter?
Are you going to roam outside?
Go and study...
- I am Ajith...
- I am Rahman
- Let's go now
- Do you really mean it?
Yes, they are waiting outside
- Aparna has also come
- Is it true?
- You can also come
- No...One person should be here
You can go with him
Dear, how do we go outside?
Trust me
Come on
Come back soon
Come on
- See you then
- Okay dear
Be careful
Shake your hands with each other
Shake hands...
Is it a phone call to say 'hello'?
Akash...first we need to
change his dress...
"The morning, what's written
on the flowers"
"The words spread in
drizzling branches"
"Join with me to
search and see..."
"Now this world is for search,
seek and know"
"The morning, what's written
on the flowers"
"The words spread in
drizzling branches"
"That tender word contains
the awareness of truth"
"The earth and children waited
for that call"
"rose butterflies...
the bird sang and came"
"the light and colors of the
world merged together"
"the waves of spring flew
and came in front"
"The morning, what's written
on the flowers..."
"The words spread in
drizzling branches"
"The first lesson is to learn life"
"The friendship may blossom as
the meaning of life..."
"We may leave the old books
in the way of past..."
"We may sit in front row of the
school with light and leisure"
"The morning, what's written
on the flowers"
"The words spread in
drizzling branches"
"Join with me to search and see"
"Now this world is for search,
seek and know"
"The morning, what's written
on the flowers"
"The words spread in
drizzling branches..."
Why did you come back?
You could have gone home
Phone is ringing
- What?
- Phone is ringing...
What?...From school?
Why this time?
I lost everything including my
self esteem, pride and money
- Give me the pants
- You're wearing it already
Put it inside...
I don't know how
to apologise to them there
- Why do you follow me?
- I'll also come with you
You are the only person
who is responsible for this
- Please dear...
- No...l don't want to hear anything...
I was sure that something wrong
would happen when you called him
Aren't you peaceful now?
Give me that
- You didn't wear the shin
- Bring my shin
Oh! My God, whateverl didn't want
to happen is happening
How did he go out
of the campus?
I will handle him
when I reach there
He won't do wrong...
I am sure
Your son, I will show
him what to do
- Dear, I want to see him
- Shut your mouth
Tell them that I left
if they call you
Please dear! Take me too
You don't need to come
with me...Go to hell
Only God knows what's
going to happen?
Sir, it is because of his upbringing
Why does he spoil others?
- Sir I said...
- No more talk, take him today itself
- You don't need to talk anything
- Please pardon him this time
- For this? I sent you here for this?
- Daddymdaddy...
You tell me
- I struggled a lot to enroll you here
- Daddy please listen to me
- Please listen to me, Daddy
- Daddy?
- Then, why did you do this?
- Please don't beat him, uncle
- Please don't beat him, uncle! Leave me
- Why did you do this?
- Aren't you aware of my efforts?
- I haven't done anything wrong
I didn't do anything...
I swear...
Only once...
pardon him once sir
He will never repeat this
See. Once we decide,
there is no change
We have seen this kind
of drama several times
- Just leave with your son
- Sir, Please...what will be his future?
I beg your pardon
Please help me sir
They are insulting me
before others, please listen to me
Shut up...you go...
I said go...
Sir...this is my dream
of eighteen years
I brought him up only for this
Sir. He won't get admission
anywhere if you sack him
- Sir...Please help me...l beg your mercy
- What you are doing? Move
Please Sir...Please Sir
My son Vidya Vivek jumped out
of the hostel secretly many times
I understand that he did many wrong
things and is addicted to drugs
They have given him a last warning
and allowed to continue here
lam solely responsible
for all his activities
The hostel authorities have
no responsibility any more
I will kill you...
I will kill you now...
Leave them...
It's him...he is the only person
who is responsible for all
I will kill him in front of you
- Keep your manners
- What manners?
What kind of manners should I show?
I shifted from here only to keep
my son out of bad company
I sent him 150km away from here for
his studies only because of that reason
Then you went there and-
- Hey...Mr...
- Leave me...
I told you never to meet my son...
This nasty group of people
together have misguided my son
Now, are you justifying this?
I think you also know about
this secret scheme of spoiling my son
- You tell me...
- Why are you talking like this?
What kind of scheme?
Had you listened to your son
they wouldn't have gone there
Are you really advising me?
I am not advising you
I strongly believe that this is not
the way to bring up your child
They are not slaves
Go to hell man, I don't want your help
and advice to bring up my child
He got his first place because
of my treatment
He will get first place in
Plus two in future
Then he'll get the first rank in
entrance examination
Get first rank in M.B.B.S
One day...
He will be first in the world...
Stop talking nonsense
You are right, your son is first rank
but only in studies
Sir, but in practical he is a big zero
We need to teach them to
live well in our society
Can I ask you something?
What qualification do you
have to advise him?
Have you ever lived a good life?
Has anybody spoken
good about you?
Have you ever loved anyone?
You don't even love your wife,
son and people around you
You love only yourself
Don't fill his head with
your dirty and filthy things
- Who is dirty, man?
- Take your hands off
Children have the right to talk
and mingle with anybody
This world is theirs too
They will decide their life
No...never, I will decide
about my son
I will decide about what, where
to study? Whom to talk to?
I will even decide whom
he should sleep with...
Did you get that?
This is my last warning to all of you
I will kill you if you have any
connection with my son
Hello...tell me...
Dear...our son attempted suicide
Got a call from school about that...
No...he is alright
But you need to reach the school soon
I am scared
Sir, what happened?
- Who is on the phone?
- Sir...
There is something wrong with him
You please come fast
- Akash, you go and get the car
- Okay Dad
I did all this for his well being
There was no world for
me other than him
Have you ever seen a
loving father like me?
Why didn't he understand that?
Dear...we will take him
home today itself
He can study from home
from now onwards
He can study whatever he wants
I will never compel him for anything
I only need to see that
Sir, Vivek...who attempted suicide?
He's taken to the hospital
To the hospital?
For what?
You told me he is alright
What's wrong with my son?
- Which hospital you sent him to?
- I don't know that
Nonsense...don't you know
which hospital he was taken to?
There is a Local Hospital
in 10 km distance
May be they took him there
Sir come on...
Dear please don't cry
He will be alright
He will be alright.
Oh god
A student named Vivek from
Viswa Chaithanya School?
We returned that case then
We advised to go to some other hospital
because we don't have scanning facility
Mr.Jayan...what is this?
Nothing, this is a routine practice
in hospitals
We can go there now
Sir, you please
calm down
- A student named Vivek?
- First row of left end from here
Where the student is named
Vivek who admitted?
Why didn't you inform the
parents about the hospital?
Is this fair?
We sent our kids with faith in you
Swami is in the room
No, only parents
can enter inside
- Just want to see him
- That's not possible
Didn't sir tell you...?
Only parents can enter
- MnJayan...
- Sir you go inside
Oh! My Goddess
Come...please sit here
Swamimwhat happened
to our son?
They told he is alright
Who told you there is
something wrong?
He is a smart boy
come with me
I will take my son with me
Please allow me that...
Do you have any doubt in that?
You can take him with you
We want to see him
Of course...the treatment is going on
Let them finish that
You can see him
My dear son
A small boy who done something wrong
Don't blame him for that
School and hospital belong to us
We have brought him here for
the best treatment
I have brought two specialists from the
main hospitals in the city for this case
You tell me, is he critical?
No. Nothing wrong with him
But we need to be more attentive
Be confident about him
Pray to God
...to get him healthy
Take something to drink.
Come on.
Have it
No need to worry,
I spoke to the doctorjust now
Come on...
Have it.
A minor operation.
What do you mean?
Nothing serious...
I need your permission for that
You just drink it
Here it is. Drink it
Then only you need to
sign the papers...
Come on.
lam only giving you this.
If so, is that ok to take him to
our place for the treatment?
As your wish
But he will be definitely alright if
we do this operation...
You can take him tomorrow
or day after tomorrow
Thank you, sir
Thank you so much...
Drink it...
How is he?
He is in critical
stage now...
It's doubtful if we take him
from the ventilator
No...no, just keep it on
Let us give them sometime
to accept all this
I will take care of the
rest of the things
Why are you here?
I will tell you the entire story
You please come with me
Jayan, the thing is not
like as you think...
Awell planned drama
is going on here
The boy you said is
already dead
But they will not inform
that to his parents now
Because it will affect the
reputation of the school
They will keep him like this
for two three days
Gradually they will inform you
as he is getting serious day by day
They will inform the
parents about his brain death-
-when they are capable
to accept his death.
In between they will take
the consent from his-
-parents to remove his organs
to keep his memories.
The buyers are here...
It is charity for namesake
But they do business worth millions
You killed him...didn't you?
Then, are you playing drama in front
of these innocent parents?
Stand up you scoundrel...
You must stop your education
business today itself...
-in the name of studies and discipline
to deceive the parents
Our children's life is not for your dirty
business in the name of charity
Our Vivek is no more
He left us hours ago
Bring some water
That boy had a love affair.
The girl rejected, he had jumped from the
top of the building because of depression
We had informed all this
to his parents before hand
Lie...a big lie...
Don't believe what they say
That warden is a king liar
This is the last letter
written by him
This is his suicide note
This warden and security had beaten him
when he complained about the food...
They lied that they
found Pornographic CD's..
...from his room when
he went to complain
They stripped him before all the students
on the night of his suicide attempt
To my dear Mom
I fed up with this life...
I can't continue to live in
my current state of mind
Everybody treated me like a culprit
They punished me mentally and
physically for silly things
They tortured me by
stripping my clothes
I have never done
anything wrong
I didn't get a chance
to even talk to you
This life was really like a prison
They don't even allow
to come out of the room
This suicide is to break all the
chains of slavery to freedom
Oh God!
"Even when you lift yourwings
and swim through the tides"
"I am definitely waiting to see
you below, always..."
"To hear you calling me,"
"On the bough of Euphorbia
in the sky"
"Come and undulate
in my swing"
"I shall sing my lullaby
by holding you"
"on my bosom and shoulders..."
"On the bough of Euphorbia in the sky"
"Come and undulate in my swing"