Aakhari Decision (2010) Movie Script

Many ways lead nowhere.
But still we have
to walk on them.
At times willingly or
at times unwillingly.
Similarly, some people
enter into your life. .
. . without an invitation.
And become part of
you like a shadow.
And then. .
. . your life's decisions. .
. . are not yours alone.
A strange isolation,
an emptiness is experienced. .
. . within and around you.
This isolation screams. .
yells. . creates disturbance
And then. .
. . you take a decision.
A Last Decision.
For which you've to pay
a very high price.
Mr. Richards!
- Mr. Richards doesn't
see strangers.
Good looking.
I need to see Mr. Richards.
John, show this gentleman
outside please.
Victor sent you.
Look, take the key to the safe,
money is yours. Take it all.
You don't get it.
What else do you want?
I'm not here for your money,
Mr. Richards.
But I do appreciate the offer.
Your men.
They were quiet rude
to me earlier.
I've a son and a daughter.
Victor knows I've a family.
We were in complete agreement.
I didn't know, the
deal would go bad.
Just couldn't control. .
it's the nature
of this business.
I haven't even met Victor.
How would I cheat? I mean. .
I just dealt with the
men here so. .
And now you're dealing with me.
You don't understand
the shit you've
got yourself into Mr. Richards.
It is costly.
And that cost is not open
for negotiation.
DDR -=KaMaL=-
You've come?
Amazing !
Red colour suits you so well.
Do you know?
This used to be a favourite
colour of Manav too.
By the way, when did
you buy this sari?
I'd stored it, never got
chance to wear it.
Guests will be here soon.
Get dressed.
Try this small fritter.
Look here, Mr. and
Mrs. India, arrive.
Here comes our birthday boy.
Everyone. . Everyone. .
It's a special day today.
Shyam has turned 65.
Even the wrestlers hang
up their boots at this age.
But this old man is
not ready to rest.
Give him a big hand ! Yes!
I wish some miracle
to happen today. .
. . for a smile to
appear on his face.
Somebody offer him
a drink. Drinks!
Your servants are very lazy.
Please, excuse me.
- Sorry. Sorry. .
You're so strange.
- Yeah but no drinks, nothing.
Look he's standing behind you.
- Hey, so late?
No. . no. .
Come. . come. .
Excuse me, sir.
We'll see the body.
Will I be able to. .
recognize the body?
Ranjit, you know what, minor
incidents aren't. . - Yeah.
Commissioner, sir! - But. .
- Commissioner, sir!
Kindly tell us, what the
iron incident was about?
The iron? Friend.
She's the only one
woman in my life.
Nobody else except her. Sorry.
No! No! I'm not talking
about a woman.
Iron ! Press.
That day, the whole morning
I kept ironing my uniform.
And I lost track of the time.
And when I noticed it. .
. . I came to know that I
was late by an hour, you. .
. . you won't believe it
but that day. .
. . that was the first
day of my duty.
All my seniors were
waiting for me.
Puri sir, walked straight up
to me, grabbed my collar. .
. . and dragged me to his cabin.
That day he rebuked me
so much. . so much. .
But yes. .
. . he changed my entire life.
Even after 40 years, I still
remember every word of his.
. . uttered by him on that day.
Jaya !
Jaya, do you still hold me. .
. . responsible for
Manav's death?
Shyam ! You've had quite a lot.
Let's go. - But. .
Excuse me, everyone.
I'm. . I'm really sorry, I. .
I blabbered too much under
intoxication. - Hey.
You're still thinking about it?
Shyam dear, it's not good
to think about the past.
0kay listen ! Forget about it.
I'm going to my native place.
What do you mean?
You don't know him, I've a
childhood friend there.
Yesterday I received his letter.
He has written that he's
suffering from cancer.
And he thinks he won't
live for long now.
So he wants to see me
for the last time.
0kay, fine. I'll take leave for
a few days. I'll call them. .
No. I'm going alone.
What do you mean? And Jaya?
I'll tell her.
But you know what?
She has some stage commitments
and I don't want to disturb her.
0nce she's through with it,
I'll tell her. - 0kay. 0kay.
So what're the things that
you were asking me about. .
. . last week as you wanted
to have a party. .
Lee! - What?
Is my pipe down there?
Just get it yourself.
C'mon !
I'm not here for you.
Victor is on the way, sir.
And he knows. .
who has taken my son from me?
- Yes, sir.
Finally! You remembered me?
You know I never call up
when I'm working.
Fine, I'll note it down so that
I remember it next time.
Look, I'm about to
leave from here.
You reach the airport on time.
Have I ever been late?
0bviously I'll reach on time.
And I need to speak to you about
something very important.
Is everything alright?
Any problem?
No, everything is fine. Just. .
Anyway, leave it.
I'll meet you directly
at the airport.
Thank you for staying here, sir.
I've a parcel for you
from India. - Thank you.
Little, feeling low.
Don't know why my heart
is become a wanderer. .
And is roaming around
like a loafer.
Little. . Little. . . Little Lost.
Little. . Little. . . Little Lost.
I don't know what
destiny holds for me.
I don't know what god
has meant for me.
I search for new ways,
and end up at the same places.
Little. . Little. . . Little Lost.
Don't know why my heart
is become a wanderer. .
And is roaming around
like a loafer.
Little. . Little. . . Little Lost.
Little. . Little. . . Little Lost.
Where have I come,
and from where?
and don't know where am I going?
And surfing the ashes
of the journey,
just living, meaningless
like that.
Little. . Little Lost.
Don't know why my heart
is become a wanderer. .
And is roaming
around like a loafer.
Little. . Little. . . Little Lost.
Little. . Little. . . Little Lost.
Answer it. I won't mind it.
No, it's okay. - Fine.
You wanted to speak to
me about something?
Nothing special. Just. .
Arjun, how long this will go on?
Mansi? - What's this, Arjun?
Leave all this.
Have you ever thought
about living a normal life?
I love you, Arjun.
You know it, don't you?
I do.
And you too knew everything
about me from the beginning.
Mansi, my life is like this.
And I won't give any
excuses about it.
What's there for food?
Typical man !
I've just arrived.
What's the big deal if
I've asked for food?
Exactly! You're
absolutely right!
Everything revolves
around you, right?
How did I forget that?
Do you want to fight?
You're nagging since I've come.
Arjun, for a second. .
. . for a second I wish you
could feel what I feel.
You'll understand everything.
I've brought something for you.
I don't want anything, Arjun.
Dear, it's especially for you.
They'll look very nice on you.
Have a look.
I've already booked a table.
We must get ready.
What are you thinking?
Sometimes I think. .
. . that you're right.
How long will I be able
to do all this?
There's some problem with
security over there. Got it?
Understood, sir.
- Be careful. - No problem.
Want it done! - Yes.
Good ! - It'll be done today.
- Best luck.
I'll reach there now.
Did you like those earrings?
How can you live two
lives with such ease?
I'm with you.
C'mon, let's go.
Mansi ! - Yes!
Listen, Mansi.
I'm going to Victor.
For a last assignment.
I'm going to tell him
that after this job. .
. . I'll quit all this.
Forever. - Waiter!
I won't lie to you.
That I'm doing all this for you.
Yes, Mansi.
I'll tell them and then quit
this job.
How will you do all this, Arjun?
They won't let you quit so
Mansi !
He has brought me up
like his own son.
He'll understand.
I'll explain it to him.
It's my problem.
Not yours.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, Arjun.
C'mon. Let's go.
You go home.
I'll come later.
Hey, stay here.
I'll give you the best
son from my family.
Best son.
Hey Swami ! - Sir!
0rian sir, my guest.
He's my guest.
He must not have any
problem in my house.
No tension ! - Sir!
I don't care about any
family other than mine.
I had heard that you can do my
That's why I've come
here from Greece.
0rian sir!
The person who killed. .
He's. . Just a minute.
Hey, Swami, bring that
Here. - Yes.
This is his photo. Just see.
- Victor.
I want to see his corpse.
His corpse only.
Tell me.
Will my work be done or not?
My sons work in the whole world.
In the whole world.
None of them. Till now,
has missed their mark.
Very skillful.
I've personally trained them
and brought them up.
But my son Arjun, very special.
Very special.
I don't know but. .
Arjun is extraordinary.
My son. I've brought him up.
I'll give him to you.
Fine, Victor.
When can I meet this Arjun?
Hey! Who is he?
Drive him out! 0ut!
Go home.
Fool, had to spoil my
shirt with liquor.
Look, he has come here too.
Drive him out from here.
I told you to go home.
Hey, throw him out of here.
Who are you? Who are you?
In the sky, on the land,
You are everywhere.
In the sky, on the land,
You are everywhere.
Without you I can't live.
Without you there's nothing,
Without you there's nothing.
These lonely nights only
increase your thoughts.
Where is this love taking me?
These lonely nights only
increase your thoughts.
Where is this love taking me?
Is where I find your love.
I hope I don't go mad,
I hope I don't go mad.
You are everywhere,
Without you I can't live.
Without you there's nothing,
Without you there's nothing.
Without you there's nothing,
Without you there's nothing.
Your are in my wish and in my
You are seen everywhere,
where are you hiding?
Have searched all around,
all my life in hope
of finding your shadow.
I am wounded,
I miss you every moment.
I'm somewhere, you are elsewhere
That's how our lives is.
Without you I can't live.
Without you there's nothing,
Without you there's nothing.
Arjun ! Victor!
Everything okay?
And my assignment? - It's done.
Very good ! Very good !
Arjun, my guest is eagerly
waiting for you over here.
Come here immediately.
- I'm coming. - 0kay.
I've got a splitting headache.
What happened?
- A strong headache.
Take Anacin etc.
- No, It'll be alright.
I'm going to sleep.
- Just a minute. Sit down.
I wanted to tell you something. .
. . I'm going to Kaliyapur
What? - Yes,
I'll go and come by the train.
Why? Suddenly?
It's an emergency,
so I've to go urgently.
I'll tell you the reason
on my return. 0kay?
Arjun ! My son !
What's this? Your coat is torn?
I hope you're not injured.
What happened? - Nothing sir,
somebody came in my way.
I had to remove him.
I told you. Didn't I tell you,
0rian sir? Just see.
0rian sir, my friend.
He has come from
Greece, to meet you.
He has got a very
big job for us.
0rian sir, didn't I tell you,
he's my son? Arjun !
See. Extraordinary son Arjun.
Doesn't he look handsome?
I've heard a lot about
you from Victor.
I told him about you.
- Sir I want to speak to you.
Yes, sure. We'll talk. Wait!
0rian sir.
You need not take any tension
Arjun has come, so now your
tension will vanish.
No problem, your job
will be done. - Sir.
I want to speak to
you in private.
I'll talk to you, Talk to you
right now, 0rian sir, 2 minutes.
I'll just speak to him and
be back. Swami ! - Sir.
What's this?
0rian sir, my guest?
For us our guests are our God !
Serve some tea and snacks.
Call the waiter.
0kay, sir. - 2 minutes,
excuse me. - Sure.
Come, son. Come.
Come. Tell me, what do
you have to say?
I don't want anymore
Is this profession a girl that
you can bid it goodbye?
What I am today it
is because of you.
You've educated me and
given me an identity.
But. .
. . try to understand. I can't do
this work anymore.
To Mansi, I've. . - Do you have
any problem with me?
It's nothing like that, sir.
- Have I said anything to you?
I've brought you up.
I took you as my son.
Tell me if I've committed
any mistake.
Look! Look, Arjun.
This is a big assignment
and it's very important.
Very important.
This 0rian, will give us a
huge amount for this job.
Both of us will earn so much
in just one assignment. .
. . that we haven't
earned in our lifetime.
With the money, what
all you can do for Mansi. .
. . you know it better than me.
I've made a promise
to Mansi. I've promised her.
You'll marry Mansi, right?
Won't you? - Yes.
I'll get you married. . to Mansi.
I'll get you married. .
I'll give her the bridal dress.
I'd be very happy to
see you both married.
But do this job.
0therwise you won't
be able to see Mansi.
What do you mean?
Look, son. Try to understand.
Do this job. Marry Mansi.
Quit the profession.
I won't mind. I'll send you
for your honeymoon.
I'll get you married to her.
I'll get you the wedding dress.
I'll give you everything.
This. . - Victor.
0h, I'm sorry to interrupt.
Arjun, I want only two
minutes with you.
May be we can have a drink.
Victor, do you mind?
Why would I mind?
My son is like yours too.
Take him away.
Thank you. - You can take
him away. - Come, Arjun.
I haven't said everything
inside, yet.
Not only from Victor,
since a few years. .
. . I've been hearing about
you from many people.
I know what you are.
Do you know who I'm?
I'm 0rian.
Doing this business since
many years.
From Greece.
I left India around 20 to
25 years ago.
First time, I've returned.
I can't help you.
I want to talk to Victor only.
- My son was exactly like you.
He wasn't scared of anybody.
But he was very adamant.
He wanted to deal with
things on his own.
He wanted his father to feel
proud about him.
It was useless. - What happened?
He was killed.
Till yesterday I had a son.
Now he's just a corpse.
Will you start a life afresh
in Canada?
I'll speak to Victor after you
But before that do my job.
I'll give you two Canadian
0ne for you. .
. . and the other one for your. .
Yes, for your Mansi.
Mansi. Nice name, isn't it?
If anything happens to her. .
- Calm down, Arjun. Calm down.
You're short tempered. Relax.
I can give you a new life.
Far away from Victor.
But before that. .
. . you must do my job.
0ne who has killed my son. .
. . I don't want even a
flesh of his left intact.
Hello! - David.
You know our Arjun, right?
He has an affair with a girl.
Yes, he has fallen in love.
So, I'm little tensed.
Just take care of it.
- 0kay, sir.
Victor can get anyone
to do this job.
Then why me?
- Victor, believes in you.
And my men too.
And there can be no
lose ends left in this job.
I need the best.
And it's you.
0rian sir!
How are you? Arjun !
0rian sir! See, how my
Mumbai city is! See!
Arjun ! My number one son.
Tomorrow morning. .
. . will be your train.
Morning train.
Everything is ready.
Swami, is everything ready?
- Yes. - 0kay.
Give it. . give it. .
These are the details of the
next job.
And this is a small gift from
Victor for the. .
. . successful accomplishment of
the job done in US.
My number one son ! Come,
son ! Come!
I'll be back in four days?
Can you even sense the
turmoil I'm going through?
You won't understand it. .
. . and I can't explain it
to you again and again.
Look. .
. . this is the last time.
After this. .
I'll quit this profession.
You had promised this to
me earlier too, Arjun.
Give me four more days.
Believe me. Help me.
After this,
I'll quit everything.
I promise, Mansi.
I think this way. . - This way. .
There. .
This is your coach. - Yes.
You're not a friend
but brother to me.
Talking like girls.
Travel carefully. - 0kay.
Take care. - Yes.
C'mon, it's time for
the train. - Yes.
Excuse me! - Come. - Thank you.
Can't understand who's
the criminal. It's too much.
See, what's happening
in your democracy?
It happens everywhere, uncle.
We aren't unique. - No, I'm not
talking about the world.
I'm talking about India.
What does every Indian
get in return. .
. . for his honesty and
hard work?
Now you tell me.
After so much has happened. .
. . how can we say that
our police is doing nothing?
I can't understand one thing,
why do we break the law?
It's known uncle. Decency is at
times skipped with convenience.
Leave it. That is tattle tale.
0ne thing is for sure.
If we will clean the
dirt of our society. .
. . these things won't
happen. But we. .
. . leave this job to some
cowards. Got it?
Thank you.
Excuse me. - Yes, sure.
I'll just come back. - Yes.
Arjun ! - Yes, Mansi ! Tell me.
I'm sorry.
But I was feeling very scared.
I'm pregnant. - What?
It was confirmed just
three days back.
I don't know how to tell you.
Since I've learnt this. .
. . I've gone mad of
thinking about it.
Arjun, please don't get angry.
I know you didn't want children.
Perhaps that night. .
Look, Mansi. I'm not angry.
Everything will be alright.
I'll be back in four days.
We'll go to Canada.
Canada? - Yes, Canada.
I'll tell you everything in
detail on my return.
I miss you. - I know.
Look! I can't talk to
you much for now.
Don't worry. I'll hang up now.
''God. . My God. . ''
''God. . My God. . ''
''God. . My God. . ''
''God. . My God. . ''
''God. . My God. . ''
''God. . My God. . ''
''Fate me a glimpse of
my beloved, my God''.
''God. . My God. . ''
''God. . My God. . ''
''The eyes search for you,
where are you hiding?''
''Heartbeats are erratic.
Come here now. ''
''The eyes search for you,
where are you hiding?''
''Heartbeats are erratic.
Come here now. ''
''Now what should I do,
you only. . ''
''Now what should I do,
you only. . ''
''You only tell me, 0 God?''
''God. . My God. . ''
''God. . My God. . ''
''God. . My God. . ''
''God. . My God. . ''
Breath in. .
0kay, alright.
Stop smoking and take
the medicines properly.
You need to get a blood test
done. Shalini ! - Yes, sir.
Come! - Send him for
a blood test. - Yes.
And send the report.
CBC report - Come.
Carefully. - Yes, sir.
It was ringing so I thought I'll
answer it and give it to you.
Its Pandey.
- Commissioner! - Yes, tell me.
Shyam you left suddenly
without security.
I didn't feel it right.
You're so stubborn.
If you decide something once. .
. . you won't listen to anybody.
Listen, you're not alone.
There are people here who
worry about your measly life.
I hope you understand. - Yes.
Anyway, let it be.
Take care of yourself.
Don't worry, Ranjit. I know
how to take care
of myself. 0kay?
Is everything okay, uncle?
- Yes, everything is set.
Everything is fine.
No need to worry at all.
David? - Hello, brother.
- What are you doing here?
At times I too purchase a
ticket and travel by train.
I've heard the scenery
ahead is very beautiful.
Listen, Arjun.
When heroes do stunts there's
a mattress kept for their safety
You can take me for a mattress.
This is the biggest job of
our life. Also for Victor sir.
You'll only finish the job.
I'll see to it that nobody
comes in your way.
You weren't told as you
wouldn't have agreed,
I hope you're getting me.
If you try to come
even ten feet near me. .
. . people will say there
used to be a David.
Got it? - God bless you, Arjun.
You're really a student
of Victor's school.
Tell me, when did
you get married?
- A few day ago, uncle.
Negotiations were on since
three years.
- I see.
- Then things got finalized.
Parents were forcing me
to get married. So, I did it.
See this - Beautiful ! Very nice!
Thank you !
So, are you married or not?- No!
Any girlfriend? - Yes, I've one.
Since how long is it going on?
We've met recently.
Haven't started
counting the days yet.
Very strange!
Time has changed.
I remember when I and Jaya met. .
. . just two days later
our alliance was fixed.
It's in the hands of
time, uncle.
Many things change with time.
It's possible that you
could change too.
Excuse me! You had
forgotten this in the bathroom.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Take care, uncle,
your memory is fading with age.
Ticket! - Sorry!
So, what's your profession?
Seeing his seriousness it
appears. . - Here. - Thank you.
That he must be a businessman,
No, I think he's a law person.
- No, no. - He's a policeman.
I just don't think
so. In service
officials wear such
caps and all.
He's not connected
with Law. I'm sure. .
Sir, he. . - 0kay. . okay. .
You won't stop asking me.
Fine, uncle. I'm in a business.
I sell dishwashers.
- 0h ! Dishwasher.
I thought if I've to
do a business. .
. . why not something big
or glamorous?
Great thought! We too want to
buy a dishwasher. - 0h really?
Yes! - We're going to
shift into a new flat.
Here, sir. Whenever you buy
I'll give you good discount.
Great! Now that we
know each other.
I'll take 25% discount from you.
- I'll give you 100% .
Great! - Wonderful !
Thank you !
I. . can't sleep in the train.
Who's it?
Sir, David is here. - I know.
But sir, David?!
I've sent him for your safety.
Your safety is very important.
You're my son, right?
Don't take any tension.
Arjun, aren't you
happy on seeing me?
You've hurt me.
I'm a human. I too have a heart.
- Really? - Tonight. .
He has to be finished tonight?
Somebody else is also
present inside. - So?
It's important to know about
him before killing him, David.
Your brain doesn't work.
That's why Victor sir
always gives you small tasks.
What did you say?
You didn't hear me?
- No, I didn't. Repeat it.
Now let me do my work
- Tonight.
Pray, you finish the job tonight
0therwise I'll finish you off.
Let Victor sir do the]
required later.
But I'll close your
account here itself.
Sir, your phone.
Sir! Sir! Sir!
You know. .
. . I meditate here.
You must not come here.
Sorry sir! - No phone calls.
- 0kay.
Tell me. Tell me.
No. . no. . Listen, David. I know
something is wrong over there.
I know.
I want my work to be done.
I want it to be done.
Give us three cups of tea.
- Yes, sir.
Whatever you say but. .
. . Englishmen have favoured
us with two things.
First this train and
secondly this tea.
But uncle, even before them
people maybe drinking tea here.
But not on the railway
stations, right?
Where're you going? - To a
village near Delhi. - I'll
call you.
My father's friend is
there we want to buy a plot.
Father is not well,
so I'm going instead. - 0kay.
And where are you going?
- Near Ludhiana.
To see somebody or just
for an outing?
No, my village is near Ludhiana.
And I've few dealers there too.
It's a business trip which means
the business is doing very well.
Great! - And you?
I've a friend there.
He's suffering from cancer.
He wants me to stay
with him for few days.
I see. - Actually, I'm not fond
of an outing. I'm just going.
C'mon, the train is about to
leave. - Who is he? A guard?
Look, I don't want
to be too personal.
But I wanted to tell
you something
For the first time when I saw
you coming from there. .
. . then. .
. . my son's memories got
rekindled within me.
Your faces have a striking
You know when I saw you
coming for the first time. .
. . I felt my dead son. .
. . was alive again.
What had happened?
- No. . nothing.
What are you thinking?
- Nothing.
My son's photograph.
Manav Singh.
Excuse me!
You must finish Victor
sir's job. 0kay?
0therwise he'll feel very bad.
Killing and killing at
the right time
makes the difference, David.
Well said ! - It seems
you won't understand it.
Your brain really works.
Don't keep everything inside,
bad for health. Doctors say that
I'll cure you completely.
Don't worry.
Go back to your work.
- See you, brother.
Come with me. I want to speak
to you about dishwasher. C'mon.
Tell me who are you?
- What's this?
This is Rajeev Chowdhary
from CID. Got it?
Now tell me, what are you doing
in the train along with a gun?
Look, let's sit and talk.
Hey, don't act smart.
Now you will not board
the train understand.
Show me your ID, c'mon.
C'mon, move. .
move away. . go away.
Whoever you are. . . Understand. .
Look, I'm here for Commissioner
Singh's security.
Now I'll send you to the local
police station. C'mon.
Very strange! - What happened?
When I got off the train,
Rajeev said he has to go.
He told me to leave his
luggage with the station master.
I don't know.
It's really very strange.
- Absolutely.
What's the matter? Why
are you gasping for breath?
Train had already left.
I had to run.
This train doesn't halt
for long at stations.
Village atmosphere
is really different.
Fragrance of the mud.
And the stink of dung.
Nobody would realize even
if a murder is committed.
I'm ready. - Good.
0therwise I was thinking of
that if you can't do then. .
Had you not been our accomplice.
. . you would be nowhere.
'For the first time when I
saw you coming from there. . '
. . the memory of my
son was rekindled. '
'I'm sorry. I'm pregnant. '
'How can you live two
lives with such ease?'
'. . memories of my son
were rekindled. '
- '. . you live two
lives with. . '
Good evening, sir.
0kay? Is everything okay?
0rian sir! - Victor! Sit!
So kind of you to come
here at this hour.
When will you give
me good news?
When I'll receive a call,
I'll give you the good news.
See! I've received a call.
Sit here for two minutes.
Swami ! - Yes, sir.
Keep watch. This man
is very dangerous.
0ne minute!
Swami, keep watch.
Tell me. - Sir. .
. . both have escaped.
Both meaning? Both. .
Both means what?
Sir, Commissioner and
Arjun both have escaped.
No, no, it was another call.
My wife had called.
After two days, I've a flight.
Victor, you too must
come with me.
You'll like Greece very much.
There are nude beaches
over there.
And the girls there. .
if you see them. .
. . you'll forget Goa.
And who knows the girls there
might even like a bear like you.
No, 0rian sir.
My Soni is very comfortable.
Very much. . - Anyway. .
The man on the train. .
- Wait. . Swami !
Soni, two minutes.
Take her away.
You don't drink. Don't drink.
You are bodyguard.
Yes! Tell me.
The man in the train,
who killed my son. .
. . who's he? - He. .
I was thinking. . I ought
to see his photograph.
At least I'll know what the
person looks like who
killed my son?
Why see his face? I'll kill him
and chop him into pieces.
I'll chop him into pieces.
What will you do by seeing it?
I want to see his photo, Victor.
Swami ! Give that photo! Photo!
Yes! Photo! Here, look at it.
You know. . who's he. .
a Commissioner.
He has grown old. He's at the
door of death.
He can die anytime.
He's grown old. He'll die.
What will you do by seeing him?
- Yes. He's a Commissioner.
He's a special man,
Victor. - Special?
You don't know how special !
Call your men and tell them,
the plan has changed.
I want this man alive.
Let's relax here.
I'll tell you everything
about me and what am
I doing here.
No, officer.
I think we must go back.
Try to understand.
Your life is at risk.
C'mon, let's go inside.
Is anybody there?
Please sit here. I'll check.
Where am I stuck?
Excuse me. Is anybody at home?
Let's wait here, if someone
comes, we'll talk to them.
I'm from CID.
Inspector Rajeev Chowdhary.
Sir, your family had made a
special request to the
For your security.
Security? - And I was
sent on this assignment.
I was told that you
should know nothing. .
. . till I receive orders
from the department.
Sorry for the lie, sir.
But I had no other option.
It must be Ranjit.
Some people are after your life.
Had I not been there. . - What?
And if that's the case then
I should go back home.
My wife is alone.
Anything can happen to her.
It's not possible, sir.
Nothing will happen to your wife
She's absolutely safe.
- Look, you can't keep me here.
Your safety is
my responsibility now.
But who gave you
the power to stop me here?
Sorry, sir.
We must wait here.
0kay, tell me something.
Who was the man who
attacked you in the train?
I don't know. - What?
I saw you talking to him and
you're saying you don't know.
I don't know, sir.
Somehow they must
have come to know. .
. . that you're in the train
and he was sent to kill you.
I couldn't keep you there.
Your life was at risk.
Do you know?
The man in the compartment. .
. . wanted to kill you too.
He could have killed you
anywhere during the journey.
And I had a fight
with him for the same.
The train was leaving
so I had to let him go.
Look, you have to believe me.
You have no other option.
By the way, who
do you report to?
0fficer Tandon !
Tandon. . the one who
has come from Delhi?
Not from Delhi, sir. Lucknow.
Who are you? Why did
you enter in the house?
Greetings, brother.
I'm sorry. But we lost our way.
Lost your way? - Yes.
Actually, I hope we haven't
caused you any trouble.
Keep this. - No need of this.
We were just about
to leave and. .
You please sit and relax.
Make yourselves comfortable.
Please sit down !
I want to meet him.
Take me there.
0rian sir, it's very difficult.
It's not possible.
Sam ! - Sir!
You can fill any amount you want
Yes Sir.
- Where are you right now?
Near Jodhapur, sir.
- Look, 0rian and I are
coming there.
I want Commissioner and
Arjun alive. I want them alive.
0kay, sir.
- If you don't do this. .
. . I don't know
what I'll do to you.
Hang up now.
Have some tea. - Thank you.
How come you city people
have come to this village?
Actually, our car broke down.
Car? Who drives
cars in this village?
When there's some occasion,
we see cars here.
Actually I want to make a call.
Is there any PC0 here?
PC0? Step out. Take a right walk
for half hour, you'll be there.
You'll find a big temple
of Lord Hanuman there.
Right there you'll find a PC0.
Thank you very much for the tea.
And thank you for tolerating
the bother we have caused you.
Bye, sir. See you again.
''Your name is truth ! ''
''Your name is truth ! ''
''Your name has got power! ''
''Your name is truth ! ''
''Hail Guru ! ''
''Hail Guru ! ''
Hello! - Hello! - Shyam !
I'm waiting for
your call since so long.
I had told you to call me
as soon as you reach there.
You can think that I've reached.
0kay, tell me something.
Did you talk to the
officer and CID. .
I appreciate it. You keep
inquiring even when off duty.
Yes, I had sent one.
What will you do?
0kay, I'll call you later.
There's no tension at home.
It was good. Well done!
Sir, car! Sir, car! - What?
That car, sir.
Come out!
Where are you off to?
What's your problem?
- You'll ask me
about the problem?
Look, don't forget that
you're in uniform. Do your duty.
Finger down. Who are you?
I agree I'm not Commissioner of
this area. But
I'm a Commissioner.
I know your seniors very well.
Learn to respect them.
- Yes, sir.
Free him. - But, sir. we've
found a loaded gun with him.
He has a license.
And he hasn't committed
any crime. Free him.
0kay, sir. Thakur,
bring him. - Yes, sir.
Sir, tea or something?
Sir, the sweet mart here are
very famous. Please taste it.
Give him his gun.
Get up! -
Who's it? - Up!
- Who are you?
- Where're they hiding?
Who is hiding?
I was sleeping here.
I'm a farmer. Look.
Where's that old man
and his friend?
I don't know that.
They asked me the
way to the village.
I told them.
They left from there.
I don't know anything more.
Where have they gone?
In which direction?
- There. . There. .
Go fast. You'll reach
there in half an hour.
Papa ! Papa ! What happened?
Papa ! Papa !
So, we'll meet again.
What a co-incidence! Bheem !
For the first time. .
. . I personally came out
for my work in so many years.
Because of you.
You're so kind, Victor.
Who did all this?
- Don't know, sir.
He and he. .
he and he. .
Is equal to zero.
There's a twist in the tale.
Now there'll be fun.
Constable, take them
for the post-mortem.
0rian sir!
AC is on. Do you
want to switch it off?
Yes, switch it off.
Let me breathe the
air of this place. - 0kay.
Switch off the AC.
Switch off the AC.
You didn't answer me properly.
Why did you call me son?
From last many years
I didn't call anybody son.
Don't know Rajeev whether
you're aware of it or not. .
. . but I am an
ex-police officer.
But when I joined police force. .
. . I was sent on a mission
to tackle a group.
I started working in that
group posing as their man.
We accomplished many big tasks
like in 0rissa,
Tamilnadu, Bihar.
They had one thumb rule.
Every member of that
group should have a mark. .
. . on his left shoulder.
See this.
Besides me there were
3 more members in that group.
0ne was Simon,
the other was Anuvidan. .
And the third one was. . 0rian.
0rian? - Yes, 0rian.
Then what happened? -Then what?
Same that always happens.
In a police encounter 3 of them
got killed and I escaped alive.
Actually I was saved.
The men knew that
I was an officer.
Then my seniors were very
happy seeing my work.
And Mr. Puri recommended
my name for promotion.
Then I got promoted,
got married and had a kid.
What happened to 0rian?
I had heard that somebody
killed him in Hong Kong.
You believe him? Yes, we had
a tip that a big consignment. .
. . of cocaine will come by ship.
So we raided the ship. .
. . and in that raid a 1 7 to 18
year old boy got killed by me.
How do you know
that he was 0rian's son?
Very simple. That boy too had
this mark on his left shoulder.
Why are you telling me all this?
Because I know. .
you've come to kill me.
What? - You're not an officer.
And you're not
here for my security.
0rian has sent you, right?
Why do you feel like this?
I didn't waste my years in the
police department doing nothing.
Nobody becomes a police officer
by merely showing his card.
Why didn't you retaliate?- Some
jobs are best left to others.
Do you think I'm a fool?
without security or reservation,
I'm taking an unplanned trip?
I was well aware. .
. . that a few of 0rian's
men will follow me.
I didn't get you?
I. . I don't want to
see my past again.
Everyone has to die one day.
But I want to die far
away from Jaya, Ranjit. .
. . and Mumbai's
newspaper journalists.
That man was someone else.
- You're right.
I'm not that man. And. .
And I want to forget my past. .
And I want your help for it.
Will you help me?
Will you?
Thank you. - I'm with you.
- Thank you very much.
Hello! - Mansi !
Arjun, where are you?
- I love you.
I called up to say this.
Arjun, what's happening?
Are you alright?
I'm fine. - Where are you?
Things will happen the
way you wanted them.
Now when you'll meet me. .
. . you'll meet a new Arjun.
I'm with you forever.
Arjun !
I must leave now. - But. .
Why do you do this kind of work?
There are other jobs?
There are many jobs.
Look, you're young.
Commissioner sir.
We have a lot many
youngsters in the nation. .
. . but not money
or jobs or direction.
Money isn't everything
in the world, son.
To live in the society you need
to have a position. A faith.
Faith ! Are you joking?
What did you achieve
by keeping faith?
Stop the car please.
Yes, Mr. Yadav, you
were right. Arrest him.
I'll speak to you later.
- Sir, I was telling you
this before.
There's one more person,
who's following me.
Sir, are they together?
- No, he didn't tell me yet.
Don't worry, sir. We know to
make them speak the truth.
Yes, but be careful.
He may prove to be useful to us.
Seem to be very thick friends.
Give me the stick.
Yes! . . .
Why did you kill those farmers?
I didn't kill them.
Do I look like a fool to you?
I can't say that. - You. .
Scoundrel !
0kay, do one thing.
Sir was saying there was
someone else with you too.
Who was he?
Look, there was
somebody with you.
Now we don't know who he was. .
. . how did you meet him?
And why? We don't know.
So think before you speak
0therwise we'll
torture you all night.
C'mon, speak up.
His name is. . David.
I don't know where he is.
But. . I have his number. -Good !
Very good boy!
Good body also! Thakur,
give him some water.
Jai Hind, sir.
Hello! Is Mr. David there?
You called David, so who
else would be there, you idiot?
Come to the point. - Why are you
Mumbai people always in hurry?
Just like your Commissioner.
- Commissioner is with you?
Commissioners never
stay glued to one place.
But I've a handsome young guy.
- Look, I want him at any cost.
You can take him away.
When did I refuse?
But I need to see money for him.
- Where will you meet me?
Say it. .
Have you brought the money
or just empty handed?
This is half.
Rest I'll give after his death.
Look. . what's your name?
David. - I can't give
you this man.
But it so happens that the
prisoners generally escape. .
. . from the jails in India.
Like, parrot and
sparrows fly away.
Is there any hotel around?
There's a hotel,
a motel, there's
everything. What do you want?
So, parrot, fly away. .
Sparrow fly away.
You've harassed me a lot,
Harassed you?
It's your problem.
Number 2. - Number 2?
Number 2 will teach you
a lesson today.
I'm here on my own will.
Don't be so happy, David.
Had Victor sir not told
me to keep you alive. .
. . I'd have killed you by now.
Sir, tea or anything else?
- Forget it, where are they?
Sir, I've sent them
to Sita hotel
nearby, on the Shivpuri road.
I hope you didn't beat him a lot
- Sir, otherwise how would.
. . he have given me
the phone number?
And it's my duty to protect you.
Sir, constables would ask why
a goon is getting VIP service.
What answer would I've given
them? You tell me, sir.
Sir! - I don't need this.
- Sir, I. .
Let's go. Move aside.
What have you reduced him to?
How was he. .?
Boss! We were playing
hide and seek.
And as always I
was acting police.
Arjun ! - Where's that man?
I don't know.
He left me and escaped.
- You still have the nerve.
Tell me.
Where's he?
Tell me where's he? Tell me.
- 0rian, I'm here. Leave him.
Bheem !
I can hardly believe it!
0rian sir!
You know him? - Victor,
I'll explain this to you later.
So it is you.
You're acting very smart.
It seems police job has. .
It's none of your concern.
You wanted me to come here.
I'm here. Now leave him.
I'm concerned, Bheem.
Victor, send your men down.
I want to speak to Bheem
in your presence.
David, take him away.
Don't worry.
You still won't give up, Arjun.
I'll remove your attitude.
Don't worry. Don't worry.
I won't kill you so early.
You still need some thrashing.
By number 2. Right?
Victor, have a drink.
Cheers. - Cheers!
Poor Victor!
You remember the rules
of Chaturnath.
Useless fellows have no
identity in the world.
So, Commissioner Shyam Singh.
Traitor! I looked upon
you as my brother.
And you. .
A police agent in our gang?
You betrayed all of us?
And what a co-incidence!
That my son died at your hands.
I didn't knew it then.
But when I realized,
it was too late.
Stop it!
I don't care how it
happened and why?
Now you can do what you want.
You're repeatedly saying this.
Don't worry.
I'll fulfill your desire.
I had told you, 0rian that
I've left all this. - No, Bheem.
Bheem, no.
Enough, son !
Everything is over now.
C'mon, get up.
We have to go home. - No!
It's too late.
- No, it's not. C'mon, get up.
I have killed your son Manav.
Sir, when we reached the spot,
David D'souza was dead.
His skull was broken.
And he was bleeding heavily.
And famous international don. .
. . 0rian's dead body was
also found in that room.
And yes, one more
dead body was there. .
Mumbai's don. . what. .
- Victor Chaku.
Yes, Victor Chaku ! His dead
body was also lying there.
And sir, let me
tell you one thing.
The entire credit
goes to Mr. Yadav.
Had he not known this
the entire police force. .
. . wouldn't have known
that so many people. .
. . are going to meet in
this small village.
Thank you, Commissioner.
You really performed
your duty very well.
Department is proud of you.
I'll definitely add a. .
. . recommendation note
in your promotion file.
And I'm sure you'll soon
be called SP Yadav.
Thank you very much, sir.
It was my duty.
Roads are roads but they
too are very strange.
They sometimes go straight
and sometimes not.
Travelers have destinations. .
not the roads.
Roads are just roads.
Many a times, roads choose you. .
. . and many a times
you choose them.
You don't get peace on the roads
Arjun !