Aakrosh (2010) Movie Script

"So Hail Lord Rama Chandra.."
"Hear the tale of Lord Rama."
"It will relieve you
from all your miseries."
"It's the story of Dashrath's son."
"He was the man of the greatest merit."
"Now hear the chapter.."
"..when Lord Ram attacked Lanka.."
"..and defeated Ravan
and brought back Sita as well."
"So hear this tale. Let me
tell this tale of the Golden era."
"I shall narrate this beautiful tale.."
"..and chant the praises
of Lord Ram and Mother Sita."
"Hear the tale of Lord Rama."
"It will relieve
you from your miseries."
"It's the story of Dashrath's son."
"He was the man of the greatest merit."
"Lord Ram was the man
of the greatest order."
"Son of Air God,
Hanuman, was Lord Ram's devotee."
"Lakshaman was the loyal brother."
"Together they attacked Lanka."
"Then Lord Ram got his wife,
Mother Sita back."
"Lord Ram was the man
of the greatest order."
"Son of Air God Hanuman
was Lord Ram's devotee."
"Lakshaman was the loyal brother."
"Together they attacked Lanka."
- "So hail Lord Ram..
- Hail the Lord."
"Lord Ram went to Lanka
and defeated Ravan."
"He is going back to Ayodhya as a hero."
"With a smile on his
face and bow on his shoulder."
"People were hailing Ram
after Ravan was killed in Lanka."
"Following Ram was his
loyal brother Lakshman."
"They were talking about
Ram and Sita in every village."
"People came in hordes
to see Ram with his army."
"People were screaming
and celebrating.."
"..when they got a glimpse
of Lord Ram and Mother Sita."
"They were hailing them."
"They lit their paths."
"And then.."
- Down with..
- CBI.
- Down with..
- CBI.
Stop this corruption!
- Down with..
- CBI.
- Gautam, Dhiresh and Dinu..
- Get them back.
No one is ready to
take the responsibility..
..of the missing students.
As you can see..
..all the students of
the MK Gandhi Medical College..
..are on hunger strike.
Their demand from the government is to..
..find the students who went
missing from Janjhar district..
..and carry out an
investigation on it ..
.. and send the CBI for the same.
- Down with..
- Delhi police.
The Indian government
is in deep slumber.
We won't put up with this inefficiency.
The Indian government
is in deep slumber.
We won't put up with this inefficiency.
Yes Vrinda. Yes.
Along with the Delhi police,
the Jhanjhar police..
..is also trying to wash
their hands off this case.
No one is ready to
take the responsibility..
..of the missing students.
Students demand..
We have with us the friend
of those three students..
..and the student president
of this place. Ramesh Jain.
Mr. Ramesh, can you tell us when you
last spoke to those students?
On 26th October,
the day they went missing.
What did you talk to them about?
They were just saying that
the Jhanjhar police had arrested them..
..and then call got disconnected.
So do you know why
they went to Jhanjhar?
Dhiresh and Gautam
went to Dinu's village..
..to celebrate 'Dussehra'
(Hindu festival).
They were supposed
to come back the next day.
It's been two months since then.
But till now we've got
to know nothing about them.
And the police and
the government's response..
..to the whole affair
is extremely irresponsible..
- Down with..
- CBI.
'The irresponsible response
of the government..'
'..seem to be the best words to describe
the reason behind the students' fury.'
'From MK Gandhi Medical college..'
'..it's me Shalini Dey,
with cameraman Ashutosh Mishr, delhi.'
Sir, we would like
to ask you a question..
Because of it MK Gandhi Medical
College you will have to answer.
Sir, we would like to know
what the government is doing.
Sir, it's been two months
since the students went missing.
Why is the government
not taking a serious step?
That's not true.
The government is trying its level best.
Sir, what will be
government's next step?
For that we have chosen a CBI team..
..which has already left for Jhanjhar.
- Sir, sir, please tell..
- What is..
No more questions please.
- Hail India, sir.
- Hail India.
Please give it to me, sir.
Please come, sir.
Major Pratap Kumar,
officer under.. ministry.
Siddhant Chaturvedi, CBI.
Come, we shall talk on the way.
Did you read this?
At such a beautiful and serene place
murders, kidnappings and rapes..
Crimes like booth-capturing
are taking place.
And that, too,
thrice the number in Delhi and Mumbai.
Not thrice, but five times the number.
The complaints of most
of the crimes are not registered.
If that happens,
the army will have to leave the border..
..and come and put up
a tent here in this village.
So what you mean to say
is that whatever is written..
..in these documents is wrong?
These documents are the
proof of the inefficiency..
..of the government officials
sitting in AC rooms.
People living in the city
are far away from the truth.
Now that you are here,
you will understand everything slowly.
By the way, what's your age?
I am old enough to be in-charge
of two high-profile enquiries..
..out of which six saw convictions..
..and because of that I am sent here..
..as the in-charge of
this enquiry and your boss.
You must've guessed my age.
In the army, my commander used to say..
.."Son, confidence
is a double-edged sword".
"If you hit the target right,
you are on top.
If not, may God help you".
That's a good one.
Sorry, sir.
This is the only lodge in Jhanjhar.
A lot of woodwork goes
on in this area, sir.
Sir, with great difficulty,
we got just one room.
You two will have to share it, sir.
Where did you set up the office?
We got an old theatre, sir.
The negotiations are going on, sir.
We will strike a deal in a day or two.
Have you gone mad or what..
If he learns from there,
I will believe it.
- Tell me what I should write.
- You can ask him.
Siddhanth Chaturvedi.
I need to meet Mr. Vibhuti.
Sir is busy in a VIP meeting.
- Sit there and wait for a while.
- Okay, okay.
Only these two.
Sir, Kanua's father has brought..
.. his son's release orders
from Delhi government.
He says that we may
kill him in an encounter.
Who cares about the Delhi government?
That scoundrel.
Again he paid Rs. 100 less.
Brother, if I wish I can even kill..
..his wife and kids and
his whole family in an encounter.
Who can stop me?
Yes. But, sir,
this is a property dispute.
Panchan, you idiot. Duffer.
Now will I have to teach
you how much time it takes..
..to turn a property
case into a rape case?
I'm in the office.
I see.
How old is the girl?
I see. Okay, the goods are original?
Sir, he says his goat entered
Mr. Chaubey's garden by mistake.
It completely destroyed
their expensive rose garden.
These girls always try to exploit us.
How long will it take?
Yes. Don't forget the protection.
- What?
- How much longer will it take?
I told you that he is
busy with a VIP in the meeting.
Who's the VIP?
Do you know all the VIPs of our region?
Go sit there and wait.
I will ring the bell and call you.
Forget this VIP.
I will wait for another five minutes..
..and then break open the door.
- You don't worry. It will be done.
Don't worry at all. - Okay.
- Goodbye.
- Alright. Goodbye.
- Sir.
- Yes?
- These guys came for you.
- Siddhant Chaturvedi, CBI.
Yes. I got a call from
Delhi that someone's coming.
Did you have tea and snacks?
- Hey, Saithu.
- No, no, thank you.
We need some information
about those three boys.
Yes, why have these Delhi officials
created such havoc unnecessarily?
Which three boys?
We have no idea at all.
But they call us
everyday and trouble us.
Mr. Chaturvedi, do you have
any knowledge about the three of them?
As per the mobile records..
..those boys made the
last call from Jhanjhar.
What are you saying?
As soon as they said
that the Jhanjhar police has..
..arrested them their
phone got disconnected.
Arrested? By us?
Does anyone know if there
is some other police station..
- ..in this area other than ours?
- How's that possible, sir?
There isn't, right?
Total cross-connection.
Look, don't waste your time here.
This story seems like a
figment of someone's imagination.
Those boys must've gone somewhere else.
And anyway,
the kids of this generation..
..are quite hot-blooded.
They must've gone to Mumbai
or somewhere else to have some fun.
And they sent you here
from Delhi unnecessarily.
That's the situation. Tell
us if we can do anything else for you.
- Anything else? - We will
call you if there's anything else.
- Okay, okay.
- Let's go.
Brother, the water is dirty.
It's not good.
You'll get pure water in that well.
We don't need water, Brother.
Just tell us where we'll get Rukumlal.
- Who are you?
- We've come from Delhi. We are policemen.
- Where are you going, Brother?
- Juni.
- Juni.
- We've come to help you.
We've come to help you.
Please listen to us.
Where will I find Rukumlal?
Father is not here.
You will find him at work.
Hey, Juni.
Why are you talking to him? Come here.
The people here are
quite afraid of the police.
- By the way, who is this Rukumlal?
- Dinu's brother-in-law.
He must know something about him.
- Who is Rukumlal here?
- The one in the vehicle.
- Are you Dinu's brother-in-law?
- Yes, sir.
Two months ago Dinu came to
the village with his two buffalos.
Did he meet you?
No, sir. He didn't meet me.
He came to the village and didn't meet
his only sister and brother-in-law?
You are hiding something.
Why did Dinu come here?
I don't know, sir.
- Please forgive me.
- Don't be scared, Rukumlal.
Tell me the truth.
He must've met someone in the village.
Did he have any enmity with anyone?
I told you once, I don't know anything.
Please forgive me.
- Let me go.
- You are twiddling thumbs over here?
Come on, get back to work. Come on.
Grandpa, how much is
8 multiplied by 7? 54 or 56?
Son, I am an illiterate man.
Only Dinu could've answered
your bookish questions.
- I don't know where he..
- Juni, don't trouble grandpa.
Keep that book there and have your meal.
Look who's there at the door.
Coming. Coming.
Wait a minute.
- There's that idiot..
- Father!
Get him. Get him.
Get him!
Where will you run?
Get him.
The officials are here. Come inside.
Hey, Juni, where is your father?
Tell me.
Last night some guys took father away.
Juni, come inside.
Listen. Listen to me.
Can you tell me who took Rukumlal away?
Don't ask me any questions, sir.
I want my husband alive.
Yes, so did you file a
complaint in the police station?
Why don't you understand
that we want to help you?
Oh, God. What is wrong with everybody?
Why doesn't anyone say anything here?
In the last six months, eleven people..
..were kidnapped in broad daylight.
Their dead bodies were
recovered from railway tracks..
..wells and near the highway.
And still you don't file
a complaint in the police station.
If investigated, the cause of death..
..is registered as
suicide or accidents. Why?
Because neither is there any complaint,
nor any witness.
Is everyone blind in this neighborhood?
We are alive.. because we are blind.
Only those have been
kidnapped from here..
..who wanted to become a witness.
Uncle, we are from CBI, from Delhi.
At least one of you say something.
We'll protect you.
Sir, we would be thankful to
you if you leave us in our condition.
What's going on, SP sir?
Last night there was
an attack on Dinu's home.
His brother-in-law Rukumlal
has been kidnapped.
- Really?
- Yes.
Have you taken any action yet?
Relax, Relax.
Why are you getting so furious?
The police department of
our country takes an action..
..when someone files a complaint.
What else do you want now?
That I should go to everyone's
home every day and ask..
.."Sister, do you have
any complaint to file? No? Fine".
"And while we are at it, shall
we also send some groceries for you?"
- And you say..
- If that's your problem..
..then I will file the complaint.
I am warning you, SP sir.
I need Rukumlal within 24 hours.
If I write in my report
that the Jhanjhar police..
..is supporting the criminals,
then you know..
..what could be the
consequences very well.
- Banke, file the complaint.
- Yes, sir.
- Hey, Sarko.
- Yes, sir.
Go and bring a cold drink for sir.
These city people get
heated up very soon. Right?
What are you doing? You're
on the computer since a long time.
Mother has sent the photos
of some girls.. for a match.
Just checking them.
- Did you like anyone?
- I left that decision to mother.
She should like her.
She will get me married
as soon as I go back.
Forge tall this. Tell me what you think.
Why are the villagers so afraid to talk?
It's an old fear.
Now it's a part of their lives.
- What do you mean?
- I will tell you an interesting story.
There's a small village
at about 80 kms from here.
A poor 'Dalit' (Low social class)
family used to live there.
You know, 'Mother, father,
two daughters, one son' types.
They bought a farm with
their lifelong earnings.
Got a good harvest from the farm.
Got some money..
..from the harvest.
With that money, they bought two cows.
Ganga and Jamuna.
One day when the 'Thakur'
(Village head) of the village..
..was passing by,
he commented in friendly banter..
.."Hey, 'Dalit',
you have prospered a lot".
"Do you want to become
a landlord like me or what?"
And that 'Dalit' also replied jokingly..
.."No matter how hard we try.."
"..we can never become
'Thakurs' from Dalits".
"But, yes, if God wishes,
my children would study well.."
"..and lead even better
lives than the Thakurs".
The Thakur thought of it not as a joke,
but a slap in the face.
That night when the family returned..
..from the 'Janmashtami'
(Lord Krishna's birthday) fair..
..they saw their house, farm, cows..
..everything had been burned.
Next morning,
the father brought sweets..
..for the whole family and said..
"Don't worry".
"Everything will be fine".
And everything did become fine.
The father had mixed poison
in the sweets. Everyone died.
But somehow their son survived.
Well, the point being,
you will get to hear..
..such stories everyday here.
This fear is deep-rooted in them.
By the way,
what does that boy do nowadays?
Right now he's ironing his shirt.
I thought since poison
didn't work for me..
..so I would try some whiskey.
"The light flashes in.."
"..bits and parts."
My darling!
"It is filled in my heart."
"I became as intoxicating as liquor."
"I have tasted everything."
"I have tasted everything."
"There's nothing
sweeter than your love."
"There's nothing
sweeter than your love."
"Neither honey, nor sugar."
"There's nothing
sweeter than your love."
"There's nothing
sweeter than your love."
"My beloved has woken up."
"My beloved has woken up."
"My beloved has woken up."
"Taste it. Taste my love."
"I was bitter."
"The heart was poisoned gradually."
"All my words went in vain."
"My body would be afire and
extinguished every now and then."
"The nights come knocking at my door."
"And the words are filled with spice."
"The nights come knocking at my door."
"And the words are filled with spice."
"The words don't make a difference."
"I have tasted everything."
"There's nothing sweeter.."
"There's nothing
sweeter than your love."
"There's nothing
sweeter than your love."
"There's nothing
sweeter than your love."
- "There's..
- Nothing sweeter than your love."
"The twinkle in your eyes."
"It plays hide and seek with us."
"The sweet medicine of love."
"At least say it now,
you mischievous girl."
"The twinkle in your eyes."
"It plays hide and seek with us."
"The sweet medicine of love."
"At least say it now,
you mischievous girl."
"Don't torment us like this.
Don't torment us like this."
"I'm dancing."
"Heart should be precious."
"The body sells for pennies."
"Heart should be precious."
"The body sells for pennies."
"There are thousands to buy the body."
"But I didn't find
a trader for my heart."
"You're mad in this lane of hearts."
- "You're mad in this moment of madness.
- Mad. Mad."
"You're mad in this lane of hearts."
"You're mad in this moment of madness."
"I have tasted jaggery
and sugar candy with a smile."
"There's nothing sweeter than my love."
"There's nothing sweeter than my love."
"Neither honey, nor sugar."
"Neither honey, nor sugar."
"There's nothing
sweeter than your love."
"There's nothing sweeter.."
"There's nothing
sweeter than your love."
"There's nothing
sweeter than your love."
"There's nothing
sweeter than your love."
Oh, God.
What a surprise.
Look, Chacha Choudhary
and Sabu (Comic characters)..
..have come to our house from Delhi.
You dance to kill.
I feel like drinking acid
and sacrificing my life for you.
Come, I will introduce
you to my first friend.
Y. K. Tiwari. He's a collector.
Mr. Shambhulal.. Mr. Shambhulal..
Below development officer.
He has a timber factory.
He has a girl factory.
And yes, he is the brother-in-law
of the headman here.
Got it? So shake hands.
Shake hands. Why are you feeling shy?
He won't bite. Shake hands.
That's it.
By the way,
why were you roaming around..
..with a trident in your
hand like Lord Shiva (Indian God)?
There was an attack
on our lodge just now.
They threw a burning
trident into our room.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva.
Do you know who they were?
- 'Shool Sena'. Who else?
- 'Shool Sena'?
And what does this mean?
I will explain everything.
First have a peg. Please come.
- Please come.
- We didn't come here to drink.
No, no, no, Brother.
Today is my happy birthday.
You will have to drink today.
Please come. - Please come.
Hey, bring the English
liquor from the mirror cabinet.
Please come. Please come.
Who is the leader of this Shool Army?
Who are his men?
Collector, you explain to him.
Brother, no one has any
clue as to who is this Shool Army?
Where does it come from?
Where does it go? Who is its leader?
Everyone knows just one thing.
That it rules over the entire area.
And let me tell you something.
We are helpless.
And this attack on you.
Consider this attack to be a warning.
He could've finished
you off if he wanted to.
Is this a threat?
Brother, who am I to threaten you?
I was just narrating a story.
You did not like it?
Here's another one.
Are you getting it or
you want a beating from me?
Today she'll be killed at my hands.
Come on, bring it here.
You lousy woman.
I am so unfortunate to have married you.
There was only one bottle left.
You've humiliated me before the guests.
Sir, will the local liquor do?
Full power.
24 hours. No toilet or shower.
Now why are you staring at my face?
You witch. Will you be
happy when the glass gets into..
..someone's feet and there is bloodshed?
Mr. Vibhuti, from tomorrow I need..
..two armed policemen outside
the lodge 24 hours a day.
Sir, this isn't Delhi.
We are as it is short of manpower.
To look after the law and order.
I can see that.
More than half of them are stationed..
..outside your house as guards.
Rest get vegetables from the market.
I'll complain about
you directly to the DGP..
..if I don't get protection
by tomorrow morning.
Let's go, Pratap.
What's wrong with you?
You seem quite upset since last night.
- Everything okay?
- I'm fine.
Look, we can't open the dam now.
Sir, our fields will be ruined.
- I had told you beforehand.
- If we don't get water..
Nothing doing.
I will not listen to anything.
There is a problem.
Don't you understand?
Couldn't he have said this before?
- Hail India, sir.
- Hail India.
What's happening there?
Sir, the chief engineer has
shut the outflow of water from the dam.
That's why the farmers are enraged.
Moreover, it hasn't rained this year.
If the water from the dam is stopped..
..the entire yield
here will get ruined, sir.
Sister Geeta, I had made a wish
for you at Shankar Teela yesterday.
Wear this holy thread.
You'll surely be able to conceive.
What happened, Jamunia?
Why are your eyes teary?
Why are you getting scared? Tell me.
Last.. Last night they
kidnapped my husband.
I guess sir knows who they are.
Please ask sir to save him.
Don't cry, Jamunia.
Enough. Calm down. Don't cry.
Apply the mud pack on the
rest of the utensils and leave.
Stop the car, Siddhant.
Just five minutes.
- Where are you going?
- I'll be right back.
Hey, Baklu..
He's the one.
You're here to get a haircut?
So much of dust flies
around in the village.
So I thought of combing
my hair a little.
It becomes very difficult
to keep yourself clean.
What's your name?
Sir wants to know your name. Full name.
Siddhant Chaturvedi.
Are you a Brahmin?
That's why you are so
conscious about cleanliness.
What difference does it make with..
..regards to cleanliness
if I am a Brahmin?
Believe it or not, Son. It does.
And that, too, in the entire country.
People in the city wash their hands..
..if some guy from
a low caste touches them.
But I don't let the need
to wash hands arise here.
Fantastic. The white-skin is out.
What a diving catch.
Monkey style.
Lousy guy. He's out.
Hey, call him up. Turn it around.
Bet Rs. 2 lakhs on India now.
Sir, the one who bowled is a Muslim.
And the one who took the
catch belongs to a low caste.
And the ones who are
hugging both of them..
..comprise of Brahmins,
Sikhs and Kshatriyas, too.
'And the new man in is..'
I wish we could learn
something from cricket.
Many bigwigs have come to teach us.
But I wonder where they disappear.
We get tired looking for them ourselves.
That reminds me.
Wait up.
You came here to look for some boys,
didn't you?
How far has your investigation reached?
How far do you expect?
The Shool Army attacked him last night.
But let him save his own life first.
Then he can save someone else's life.
I understand.
I'm the leader around here.
I understand everything.
The thing is that when
the press and media..
..pressurize the government
the government.. Stop it, will you?
The government,
too, has to play out a drama.
It has to form an inquiry committee.
And who gets trapped?
You CBI officials.. and these policemen.
Who reads the report?
There is a hue and
cry for a couple of days.
And then when Indian wins a match,
everything's forgotten.
Everything's just get
erased from the people's mind.
They don't remember anything, sir.
That's why I suggest,
write whatever you feel like..
..in the report and go back to Delhi.
Why are you getting your hair spoilt
in the dust and mud of this village?
Here are some nice bananas.
Rs. 12 a dozen.
'Here's some okra for you.'
Brother, the eggplants
I had bought from you..
..last time were absolutely
rotten from the inside.
Geeta, I want to talk to you.
I don't talk to strangers.
Don't do this the next time.
Geeta, I'm talking to you. Geeta.
Brother, how much for these tomatoes?
Ma'am, why are you asking the price?
You should've informed me. I would've..
- ..delivered the vegetables home.
- Everyone's watching.
Don't add to my woes.
Please leave me alone.
Hey. Move. Back off.
He is alive. He is alive.
This is a dead body.
It's a police matter.
Come on.
Take him to the hospital
before the media..
..shows up with their entourage.
God forbid, if he dies,
we'll have to face the media.
Come on. Hurry up.
Which hospital are you taking him to?
Whatever happens in
our area is our headache.
Just stick to the task you're here for.
I had lodged the FIR about him.
So we've found him.
Now do you want to
suck the life out of us?
Come on. Go. Go.
Let's go, Siddhant. Let him go.
Rukumlal is the only link to this case.
It's pertinent that we find
about his kidnappers before he dies.
He is only half-dead now.
If we chase, he'll die for sure.
By now you must've
realized that we can't..
..carry out the investigation
in public like this.
What do you think?
Am I doing an investigation
for the first time?
Two high profile inquiries.
Six convictions.
I remember everything.
But the law here is different
from that of the other countries.
Here every heart is under terror.
No one will open their
mouth even by mistake.
We'll have to return empty-handed.
We'll not have
to go back empty-handed.
The car of those three
boys has been found.
Do you believe in God?
God comes to our aide
in various disguises.
This time he came in the
disguise of the chief engineer.
The one who shut the water of this dam.
The moment the water
level receded.. Viola.
It exposed the roof of the car.
Then the name of this
God is co-incidence.
- Found anything?
- Sir, not much.
Some bottles of soft drinks.
An earring and a mobile phone.
I guess there was a girl
with those boys that night.
But, sir, we haven't got
a report about any missing girl yet.
Anyways, get this car
thoroughly inspected..
- ..by the forensic department.
- Sir.
Send this SIM card to Delhi.
Find out in whose
name was this registered.
And to what numbers were
calls last made from this number.
- Okay. Got it?
- Okay, sir.
- Brother, move.
- Back off.
One thing's clear, Pratap.
This car did not fall.
It was made to fall.
This is not an accident.
There is not even a scratch
on the headlights and the grills.
And nor on the railing.
Pass me the lens.
- Get a specimen of this.
- Yes, sir.
I think this car was dropped
into the water with a crane.
This mark on such a high railing..
..could be only because
of the arms of the crane.
Find out who has a red colored
crane in Jhanjhar district.
- Yes, sir.
- And, yes.
Send for a rescue team of lady divers.
- Comb the entire area.
- Yes, sir.
Hey. Found anything?
Yes, sir.
Two loincloths. And a left sandal.
Hey. Listen. Hey.
Last year my sister-in-law
had drowned along with her mug.
Sister-in-law was an absolute witch.
Say goodbye to her from a distance.
Anyone who finds her mug,
return it without fail.
Do return it.
What's happening here?
The CBI guys are selling fish.
Fresh Rohu. Five for Rs. 10.
Why are you laughing?
They are eventually doing their job.
Go get some.
Would you believe it, Pratap?
The rent for this entire
theatre just Rs. 10000 per month?
You'll get the entire village
on rent here for Rs. 10000.
Buddy, at times..
Sir, we've found four
red cranes from this area.
All four are registered
in the name of Sughna Gilgit, Sir.
And the paint specimen we
took from the railing of the bridge..
..matches with one of the cranes, sir.
And its report is in this file.
By the way, sir, Sughna Gilgit
is famous among the locals as Nasbandi.
Yes, sir.
That's because he
stabs all his victims..
..in their private parts and kills them.
I've got Rakesh on the job, sir.
We'll get the rest of the
information very soon as well.
Come on, drink from your cup.
Go. Go to your house.
I'll shine it clean.
You'll get money.
Dear, one Paya Shorba,
one Tandoori Chicken..
..two plates of Nalli Kebab,
one Raan, one Bheja fry..
..and a crisp Tandoori Roti
(Indian delicacies). Make it quick.
Once I get the money..
If I don't get the money,
I'll strangle Gajodhar.
It's very costly.
The rest is for Nasbandi.
Tell him that it's a
treat from brother Pratap. Go.
Can't you hear?
Do you want me to yell into your ears?
You fool.
Get it quick.
You idiot. You want to splurge on this?
Go and die!
Go to your sister! Devil!
Get lost!
- Brother Pratap has sent it.
- What are you saying?
You fool. Pratap who?
It's time to fix you up.
Come on.
Here are some medicines.
Buy some medicines.
Here are some medicines.
God. How did they come in?
He's dead.
What is that jeep doing outside?
What jeep, Brother?
Mine's in the garage.
- You..
- Hey, you.
Why are you creating a scene?
- Book this scoundrel for murder.
- Move.
Do you even know what he did?
I know everything, Brother.
Listen. Come on.
The brakes of his car weren't working.
Some lunatic jumped before his car.
Got ran over and died.
What could he do if that
poor guy ran out of luck?
If he had stayed there, the people..
..would've beaten him to death as well.
That's why he directly
came under my refuge.
Brother, button the topmost button.
He is lying.
Yes. You are absolutely right.
At first, I also took him to
be a fraud and did not believe him.
That's why I sent the
car directly to the workshop.
Here's the report.
The brakes of his car
were indeed not working.
Were completely failed.
- Hey. Move.
- Hand him over to us.
How can we, Brother?
We want to investigate in our way.
Sir, we'll have to complete
certain formalities.
We'll take him to the hospital first.
He'll be examined to see if he's drunk.
Then he'll be presented in the court.
And I can hand him over
to you only after all this.
As you can see, I've got my hands full.
So please don't disturb me anymore.
Please leave. Leave.
Major Pratap Kumar.
Special investigations team. CBI.
I have some official
questions to ask you.
Where were you on the
night of the 26th of October?
At home.
When did your husband come back home?
At 7:30.
After that, did he go out somewhere?
No. He was watching TV at home.
- You are lying.
- No.
You are lying.
How can you say that I'm lying?
"She bats her eyelids
when it comes to lies."
"She can't lie even if she wants to."
"It should be a straightforward deal.
Keep it simple."
"Either I have to get
you or you have to lose me."
"Come on, let's trade our hearts."
"What's the anger for?"
"Come on. Come on."
"It should be a straightforward deal.
Keep it simple."
"Either I have to get
you or you have to lose me."
"Come on, let's trade our hearts."
"What's the anger for?"
"Come on. Come on."
"It's a deal of the hearts.
Come on, trade it for mine."
"Come, embrace my world."
"You may make me swear by the deal."
"Swear yourself as well."
"Come, dwell in my eyes."
"It's a deal of our
flight or of the skies."
"Take away my flight
and my wings as well."
"It's a deal of hopes.
Of dreams and sleep."
"Take away my sleep."
"And dwell in my eyes as well."
"It should be a straightforward deal.
Keep it simple."
"Either I have to get
you or you have to lose me."
"Come on, let's trade our hearts."
"What's the anger for?"
"Come on. Come on."
"It should be a straightforward deal.
Keep it simple."
"Either I have to get
you or you have to lose me."
"Come on, let's trade our hearts."
"What's the anger for?"
"Come on. Come on."
Pratap. Pratap.
"Come on."
It's a very proud day for our..
..village Shabrampur
and especially for me.
Today, Mr. Pratap Kumar,
a student of this school..
..has not only made this district..
..but the entire region
proud in the entire..
..country with his bravery and courage.
Now I would like captain Pratap Kumar..
..to come here and say a few
words of encouragement to our kids.
I want to say just
one thing to all you kids.
Don't ever be ashamed of your caste.
A person's caste doesn't
make him good or bad.
His deeds make him good or bad.
Sir has taught me this.
My parents passed away in my childhood.
Since then,
he has raised and brought me up.
Whatever I am today
is all thanks to him.
Pratap, I want to ask
for something from you.
I hope that you won't turn me down.
Forget my daughter.
You've endured a lot
of pain and sorrow so far.
You can figure out from your past..
..how cruel the life in this village is.
Here the entire family
has to pay the price..
..for the mistake made by one.
27 years ago I had the
strength to fight the world.
Perhaps that's why
I could bring you home.
But today, I'm very weak. I'm old.
I won't be able to fight today.
I have two other
daughters besides Geeta.
If you got married to Geeta,..
..the society will
make their lives miserable.
Let alone getting married.
It will be difficult for them
to even venture out of the house.
Such girls either hang
themselves on a fan..
..or jump into a well..
..or at brothels..
Son, this heart has
always given you blessings.
Don't force it to curse you.
Forget Geeta.
I would think that I got my fees.
Pratap, why have you
come back to remind me..
..what I have forgotten years ago?
I just want the answers to my questions.
Your husband wasn't at home
on the night of the 26th of October.
And you know where he was.
I don't know anything.
Your eyelids are batting again.
Pratap, you've to listen to this.
That SIM we found in the car that day..
..belongs to someone
named Roshini Sukul.
Her father's name is Thakur Omkar Sukul.
He is an ex-minister of this place.
He is now a headman.
All the ministers
here are in his pocket.
Brace yourself.
This investigation is going to get ugly.
That's fine.
It's good that you came.
Who is Thakur Omkar Sukul?
The CBI officials are here.
I'm sorry.
We came to your house uninvited.
Call your daughter Roshini out please.
She wanted to ask us something
about the three missing boys.
You knucklehead.
Are you stupid?
You're asking where my
daughter is in my own house.
You won't get to meet Roshini.
Do whatever you can.
Thakur sir,
don't take my decency to be my weakness.
We've certain evidence
on the basis on which..
..I can even arrest
Roshini if I want to.
Here's the warrant.
I clean my bottom in the
morning with papers like these.
Only what I say becomes the law here.
Take her away if you have the guts.
I shall change my name if
these guys don't rip you apart.
Let's go.
Take off as soon as you can.
They've found evidence.
If I lost it, I'll shove
the evidence down your throat.
You'll be left wincing.
What? What are you staring at?
Get lost.
You CBI's sycophant. Out.
You move, you die.
Ask your men to lower their guns.
Lower your guns.
Now tell me who the sycophant is.
I am.
Come on.
- I am.
- I did not hear you.
- Say it loudly.
- Pratap, what madness is this?
Leave him.
I did not hear you. Say it loudly.
- I am..
- Pratap, it's an order.
Come on, let's go.
Pick him up. Hurry up.
Is he okay?
What is wrong with you?
We are sent here to find
the evidence and witnesses.
So that we can present
a strong case in the court.
And that gun has been
given to us for our protection.
We have to give an account
for every bullet that we fire.
There's a system to
the way we work. Oh, God.
There are protocols to be followed.
Here the system is that if
someone abuses you, rip his tongue out.
And if someone's
word is the final word..
..then you've to keep your
gun in his mouth 24 hours a day.
You don't play on fire.
You play with fire.
That's the way I work.
Don't tell me your way of working.
I know exactly what I am doing.
You were sent here to help me.
Not to argue with me.
- Keshav.
- Yes.
From Delhi, I need..
..one senior lady inspector
and at least 50 policemen. Armed.
- Yes, sir.
- By 8:00 am tomorrow.
Come please.
- What's his name?
- Lakshman Halwai.
Lakshman Chudiwala.
What's this..
You have also.. Hello. Yes. Is there..
I'm senior inspector Tejaswani Alahawat.
- One minute. - We have come
to take Roshini into custody.
Please co-operate
or else we will have to..
..take her along with force.
Leave me.
On the night of the 26th October,
you were with those boys.
Here's your mobile that
was obtained from their vehicle.
According to the phone records..
..you made your last
17 calls to those guys.
Do you want to say
anything in your defense?
Look, the story is very simple.
Dinu used to love you..
..and you used to pretend to love him,
just to have fun.
Your family fixed your
marriage with a rich man..
..and you happily accepted it.
When Dinu learnt about it..
..he came to your village
with his friends to meet you.
If Dinu had revealed
the truth about you here..
..then your family's reputation
would've been completely ruined.
And to save yourself
from this disgrace..
..you, along with your family, killed..
..Dinu, Dhiresh and Gautam.
That's not true.
I didn't kill anyone.
You see this earring?
I have many such proofs..
..to take you and your
family to the gallows.
The truth is that you got Dinu killed.
How can I kill Dinu?
I used to love him.
Dinu was the brightest
boy in the school.
That's why he even got a
seat in a medical college in Delhi.
I thought..
..once he becomes a doctor,
my family will accept him.
But they were all against
this relationship.
That's why they fixed
my marriage with Vijay Singh.
When I told Dinu about this,
he came to our village..
..along with some of
his friends to meet me.
That night, there was 'Ram
Leela' (Play about Lord Ram).
Hail Lord Ram Chandra.
"Lord Ram went to Lanka
and defeated Ravan."
"Ram is going back
to Ayodhya as a hero."
"With a smile on his face
and a bow on his shoulder."
"People were hailing Ram
after Ravan was killed in Lanka."
"Following Ram was his
loyal brother Lakshman."
"They were talking about
Ram and Sita in every village."
"People came in hordes at the
place at which Ram went with his army."
- I am very worried, Dinu.
- Why are you getting worried?
They are my closest friends.
Dhiresh and Gautam.
Their families have
great influence in Delhi.
Yes, once we reach Delhi,
we are out of danger.
What if my father learns about it?
By that time we will be married.
They have made all the arrangements.
As soon as we reach Delhi,
we will get married in the court.
- Gautam, take left.
- Yes.
- Someone is following us.
- Hey, you look in the front.
Who are they?
Why are you scaring me?
I told you.. Father won't spare us now.
You.. Nothing will happen.
- Drive faster.
- I'm doing that.
Take a look at this.
- Come. Come out.
- Papa.
Papa. Papa, leave me.
- Aren't you ashamed to do this?
- Dinu.
Papa, let me go. Leave me.
- Papa!
- Get in.
That's all.
I don't know anything more than that.
My family kept me locked
in a room for two months.
Do you remember anyone's face?
They were in police uniforms.
And they had high-power
torches in their hands.
I couldn't see anyone's face properly.
I could only hear their names.
Ajad Shatru and Saitu.
Can you identify any of them?
- Sir. Sir. Sir.
- Sir.
Sir. Sir.
Sir, is it true that headman
Omkar Sukul's daughter..
..Roshini Sukul is the
prime witness of this case?
Right now the investigation is going on.
Once the report is filed,
all of you will know about it.
Sir. Sir. Please, sir. Case..
My driver Hariya.
He is working for me since 20 years.
And his father..
He was my father's driver.
There was no problem at all till date.
We treat him like
a member of our family.
If my son gets carried away tomorrow..
..and marries a 'Dalit' girl..
..then I, along with
the people of my caste..
..will sacrifice him with pride.
- Which three boys?
Have you seen them? - Sir. Sir.
- Not just you, none of us have seen them.
- Sir. Sir.
Why don't you understand?
It's a conspiracy..
..of the central government
to defame the state government.
Why do you worry?
Once our party comes in
power in the central government..
..we will show who has the upper hand.
We believe that the truth
always comes out victorious. Goodbye.
- What happened?
- What was there to happen?
We went in and came out.
- What did the girl say?
- What would she say?
She was confused like Gandhari
(Mythological character).
The CBI scared her a
lot before presenting her.
- She won't recognize anyone, will she?
- How can she?
- But the CBI failed completely.
- Really?
Their faces turned pale.
It will be fun when people
will shout "Shame, Shame" at them.
Okay, listen.
There's an army of journalists outside.
Keep both your mouth
and temper in control.
These stupid journalists.
These CBI people who are
walking around with pride..
..are the ones who should
be taken to the gallows.
- Sir.
- Sir. Please sir.
Sir, is it true that the
police is also involved in this..
..and that they are trying
to protect the real culprit?
And the CBI commander is a
member of the untouchable community?
Is that true, sir?
Were you the one to frame Dinu?
Some people even think
that the police is behind..
..the disappearance of the three guys.
Your comment?
- Move back.
- Move back.
Sir, Roshini has taken your
name during the CBI investigation?
There are many persons in
the village with that name. Go.
Yes, but there must be only
one policeman with that name, right?
Move back. Will you get inside now?
Go away!
Take this.
Move back. No one saw anything here.
Policeman! Please help me!
What wrong have I done?
I am sorry, Brother.
Don't beat me up, Brother.
Let me go.
Many of our people were kidnapped.
Many of them were killed.
We saw their families' pain..
..but we couldn't muster
the courage to feel their pain.
We just keep worrying about
our own lives like cowards.
We weren't strong enough to fight them.
But we have to unite now..
..for our children.. for Dinu..
The atrocities that we
have been facing since ages..
..we will have to raise
our voice against them.
Hey, I heard that your wife is gorgeous.
Let me have her someday as well.
Hey, Manka. Hey, listen.
Don't go home this evening.
Your sister's alone at home.
I will go there.
Come on, it's time.
- Start the commotion.
I will stop from behind. - Okay, sir.
- Start.
- Okay.
Hey, move.
Hey, give it to me. Give it to me.
Leave it. Leave it.
Leave it.
Come on. Leave it.
Hey, leave it. Leave it.
Hey, leave it. Leave it.
Leave it. Leave it.
Stop right there.
The way to the court is closed.
All of you go home.
All of you go home. It's my order. Go.
Go home.
We are taking precaution.
Leave me. Leave me.
All are from the CBI, sir.
We.. One minute.
The court's verdict is
that the investigation officers..
..don't have any reason
to keep Roshini Sukul in custody.
Since the girl couldn't identify..
..anyone in particular
in the required time..
..she is permitted to go home.
The investigation officers
were unable to prove..
..that the missing boys were killed.
And if they were killed,
where are the dead bodies?
Who killed them? And what
is the reason behind their killing?
Due to lack of concrete
evidence against..
..SP Azad Shatru Singh
and other police officers..
..the court acquits them.
During the course of this case,
the investigation officers..
..recorded statements
of many new witnesses..
..but they completely failed
to present any witness in the court.
The investigation officers
are found guilty of..
..misusing their power and
also the government resources.
Other than that they
are also found guilty of..
..increasing tension
amongst the public..
..and sensationalizing
this case with the help of media.
The court gives them a
strict warning regarding this.
And if they are so
desperate to be on TV..
..they could work in
some melodramatic TV serial.
They will become heroes on their own.
This case is dismissed right here.
My Brothers, ours is the
only country in the whole world..
..where we have to fill our name,
caste and religion..
..on every application and form.
This classification of
castes has not been done today.
It's been there since several years.
Our ancestors classified
us among castes..
..according to our occupations.
"Power. Power. Power."
"Power. Power. Power."
"Power. Power. Power."
"Power. Power. Power."
"Power. Power. Power."
"Power. Power. Power."
They are here.
- Come fast.
- Johnny!
- Wake Johnny!
- Johnny! Juni!
- Johnny!
- Give me gun!
- Mother!
- Johnny! Johnny!
- Run! I'll bring Johnny!
- Father!
Where are you?
Run away!
Help us!
I will shoot you if you come forward.
- You eat my food and point the gun at me?
- Father.
- Put it around his neck.
- Leave me.
Leave my father. Leave him.
Leave my father.
- Leave. Leave me.
- Come on.
Does anyone amongst
you know who did all this?
Can anyone recognize them?
Someone show some courage
and come forward..
..and tell me who did all this.
You did. You did all this.
What happened?
Where's your pistol?
I didn't bring it.
Pick the cycle and run.
Enough is enough.
You came here to look
for the three guys, right?
Because of you more than 300
have been killed or injured here.
Because of you, CBI has become a joke..
..in the whole country today.
Public. Media. Parliament.
Everybody is ridiculing us.
There's a lot of pressure
on me from the top authorities.
And because of you, I don't want to be..
..the scapegoat anymore.
Write whatever you want to write.
Give me the final report
as soon as possible.
Sir, please try to understand.
This is not just about
Dinu and his friends anymore.
Now it's about the age-old disparities..
I haven't come here from Delhi to hear..
..your lecture on caste discrimination.
This is the limit.
You have already wasted a huge
amount of time and money of the CBI.
Close the case. Shut the office.
This enquiry is over.
Every fool thinks that
on joining hands in the temple..
..and shedding a few tears,
his sins will be washed away.
But today's God is also quite smart.
I have to commend
you on one thing though.
You are a great wife. Good Indian wife..
..who puts up with whatever
nonsense her husband dishes out.
That's why every man
wants a wife like you.
And it's not difficult either.
Just marry a timid girl.
She will do whatever you say.
You are like those grandmas.
I wish you could understand
that a woman is not just a wife..
..but also someone's mother and sister.
Think about what the mothers and..
..sisters of those three
boys must be going through.
Only then will you realize their pain.
Sorry. I didn't come
here to lecture you.
I just came to tell
you that I am leaving.
Last time I had left
without telling you.
This time, I thought I
should tell you before leaving.
So long till we meet again.
The only regret is
that I still love you.
I burnt my hand.
Where is Jamunia?
Did you bring the rice?
Why don't you get it down?
No one's alive.
They killed all of them.
My child.
I saw him in agony.
Don't be scared. Tell them the truth.
They will protect you.
Surania. Take care of her.
Sir, call for you.
You want a witness, right?
Indravati hospital.
Bed no. 17. Ladies' ward.
Do you know Jamunia?
Some policemen came
with the doctor's petition..
..and took Jamunia away. - When?
Just a couple of minutes ago. Sir..
Hey, stop.
- Let's go.
- Leave me. Leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
This way.
Go back. Go back.
- What?
- This way.
Which way did they go?
Take a right. Take a right.
Go right again.
Go straight.
- There's no way ahead.
- I say go straight.
There is no way.
God! Damn it.
Don't blame me if
something happens to you.
I can't see anything.
Do you hear me?
She has regained consciousness,
but her condition is very critical.
Her tongue's been slashed.
She's in great pain.
She'll never be able to speak again.
Just follow that car.
Tell me.
'Ganguly has come forward
and struck the ball..'
- '..above the long off
and it's a six.' - Six. Six.
- Six. Ganguly's second six.
- Yes, sir.
It's the second six of this over.
Banke, do you like cricket?
Tell me, who is your favorite player?
- 'They are now changing their
field positions.' - Tendulkar.
Same to same.
Matching-matching. Mine, too.
There's just one problem.
Whenever we need runs,
he gets out on 99.
'Dived beautifully
in order to keep the ball..
..from going over the boundary ropes.'
What's your name?
- Dhiresh. - 'The Indian batsman
has succeeded in taking two runs.'
- What?
- Dhiresh Patel.
Pa.. Patel? You belong to my caste?
Father's name? What work he doing?
Secretary. Internal affairs.
- 'Without taking any risks
at this time..' - Great.
Hey, you.
Hey. You.
- What's your name?
- Sir, Gautam.
Just Gautam?
Is there some confusion after Gautam?
- Sir, Gautam Sharma.
- Sharma.
What your papa do?
Sir, he's a judge, in Delhi High Court.
Oh, God. Both their fathers
turned out to be supermen. Great.
Please come.
These are your Amar, Akbar and Anthony.
How many times do I
have to explain it to you?
It was my mistake that I
didn't cut your head off right then.
I thought he went to Delhi,
so I got rid of him.
But he thought of going
to Delhi to be a doctor..
..come back and marry my daughter
and then become a 'Thakur' (Landlord).
You were born in filth,
but you dream of becoming a king.
You rogue..
Hey. Hey, Pappu. Enough.
I have already given
the dose that they deserve.
And that, too, with great pressure.
Now think what next. What next.
- 'Is playing..'
- Like this..
Hey, didn't you feel ashamed
of yourself to support this fool?
If you really wanted to help him..
..you could've sent
your sister away with him.
'And Sachin Tendulkar,
both are in sublime form..'
Don't listen to your heart.
The heart has a hundred wishes.
It will eventually lead to
your destruction and that'll be it.
Have you heard that saying?
Do you know its meaning? It's very easy.
The one who follows his heart,
will always be destroyed.
If I leave this place alive,
I will take Roshini along with me.
You scoundrel.
He's dead. Okay.
Sir. Please don't kill us, sir.
We are just students, sir.
We just came to help
him as friends, sir.
Please leave us, sir. Please.
Okay, okay. Now stop crying.
Wear your glasses.
- Kishori.
- Yes, Brother.
- Come here with that vehicle.
- Right now?
Yes, right now, you idiot.
- One minute. Wait.
- 'Now Ganguly is..'
- And yes.. Ask the Nasbandi
to be ready. - Okay.
Sir. Please, sir.
- If you open your mouth.
Please, sir. - Shatru.
- Shatru.
- Please, sir.
Come here.
- What did you see here?
- Dinu is dead.
- You want to leave this
place alive or not? - Yes. Yes.
Then you didn't see Dinu dying here.
You saw him running away.
And why did Dinu run?
- Why?
- Because Roshini refused to run away..
..with a worthless fellow like Dinu.
What happened then?
Dinu said that
he would commit suicide..
- ..without the girl and ran towards
the jungle like a madman. - Yes.
We will just say what you tell us to,
sir. Please let us go, sir.
It's a four.
He smashed that one.
Now he needs just
3 runs for the century.
- Okay, file an FIR that these
two boys killed Dinu. - Okay, sir.
- Take it in writing that they
accepted the crime. - Yes, sir.
And take their fingerprints on the axe.
If they go back on their word,
we would destroy..
..their lives with that same FIR.
Tell me, will you
give it to us in writing?
Sir, we will give anything in writing.
We won't tell anything to anyone.
- Please let us go, sir.
- No.
Oh, God. That fool. How many times?
How many times will
he make the same mistake?
I don't know what happens
to him when he is in the 90s.
Go and sit there. Go.
Stupid batsman!
The whole country is corrupt!
Look at him.
He missed it by just two runs.
He missed a century again.
Here, 99 and 100.
Here, the century is over.
IG sir, they are from
influential families.
Leaving them alive was a huge risk.
They would've opened their
mouths after going to Delhi.
"Milord. Milord".
And we..
But, Brother, why did you
wake me up at this hour of the night?
Make a grave for all three of them in
the jungle under the sacred fig tree.
- Okay.
- Water.
- A lot of blood has been lost.
- Water.
Where is our chain?
I need those autopsy reports
on my table absolutely ASAP.
Sir. The dead bodies are there.
Please come.
Preparations are being made
for DNA test for the forensic reports.
How did they find out
about the dead bodies?
Quiet, Shatru. Quiet.
Don't talk about the dead bodies here.
Not a word.
Sign here.
- Excuse me.
- Sir. SP.
Hey, Shatru, come here.
Here. Here. Fast.
- I need to talk to you.
Come along. - Yes, sir.
On unearthing the three dead bodies..
..the Jhanjhar murder
case has taken a new turn.
The chief CBI investigation
officer of this case..
..Siddhant Chaturvedi has promised..
..that it won't take long for
the CBI to unravel the whole truth.
According to the sources..
The three dead bodies have been
brought here for the post-mortem.
The bodies are badly decomposed.
We are giving you the live
coverage of this incident. Rolling.
Close the door.
Have you informed Pratap?
Yes, sir. He's coming.
Until she is not able
to give her statement..
..two of our officers
will be guarding this room..
..for 24 hours a day.
Okay, sir.
The neighbors brought her here.
Where are you going, Pratap?
Don't get carried away. Listen to me.
Pratap, stop.
Oh, God, Pratap, it's an order.
We are not killers like them.
This has nothing to
do with your investigation.
This is personal.
And because of your personal problems..
..I can't risk this whole investigation.
Forget your investigation.
I will kill you.
Come on, shoot.
I swear I will kill you.
If you got carried away..
..and took even one wrong step,
this whole case will be ruined.
But still I promise you,
that when the right time comes..
..I will give you a
chance to take your revenge.
After today, we will just do as you say.
We will do it your way.
What do you think?
Would he have shot me?
Yes, sir. He would have.
That's what I think.
He scared me out of my wits.
- God is..
- The ultimate truth.
- God is..
- The ultimate truth.
- God is..
- The ultimate truth.
- Say the truth..
- He's the ultimate truth.
- Say the truth..
- He's the ultimate truth.
- Say the truth..
- He's the ultimate truth.
- God is..
- The ultimate truth.
- Lalu, pick the phone.
- Yes.
- Hello.
- 'Good morning, sir.'
This is Sugandha from Airtel.
Can I have a minute to talk to you?
- Yes?
- Some girl is talking in English.
Then put it on the loudspeaker, Brother.
Hello, madam.
'Sir, this is Sugandha
speaking from Airtel.'
'Our company has picked a lucky draw..'
'..from the names of all the MPs.
You won the second prize in it.'
- Really?
- 'Congratulations, sir.'
I have won second prize. Wow. Great.
- And? - 'We are giving you
lifetime unlimited talk-time..'
'..as the prize, for free, sir.'
She is giving it for free.
Shall we take it? Tell me.
Sir, if you want to activate our offer..
..then type "#09"
and your mobile number..
..and reply it to our SMS.
This service will be automatically
activated with your next billing cycle.
Hey, I forgot what she asked me to type.
It's "#09".
- This square one?
- Yes, that one.
- "#09". Hey, it's great.
- And your number, too.
- Okay, my number?
- Yes.
Sir, we have hacked
the phone's database.
Message, phonebook, address-book..
Now we can call or
send message to anyone..
..from that number.
Do all of you want to get thrashed?
Who calls for a meeting
at 12:00 at night?
You're the one who sent
us this message on the phone..
..calling us for an urgent meeting.
I forwarded it to the other
members on your instructions.
Yes. We have been waiting
since such a long time.
That's why we gave you a call.
Are you drunk?
When did I call for a meeting?
See for yourself.
See this. Who sent this message?
The mobile number's mine,
but the message isn't.
Mr. Shambhu. Mr. Shambhu.
Why are you taking names unnecessarily?
One minute.
Everyone switch off your mobiles
and keep them on the floor. Come on.
Hey, frisk everyone.
Why are you panicking so much?
What's the problem? Tell me. Tell me.
Someone is watching us.
Everyone shut your mouths
and escape from here.
Either one of us has turned
traitor or this is the CBI's game.
You said that no one
can find those dead bodies.
Now they have found out, haven't they?
That, too, the CBI.
Listen to one thing carefully.
You killed them together..
..and I just buried them.
That, too, on your insistence.
- If I go down, I will take
everyone down with me. - Hey.
I will kill you. Shut up.
Is the picture clear?
Sir, the picture and sound,
both are clear.
CBI knows nothing.
If none of us opens his mouth,
no one will know anything.
Okay, now everyone get
out of here quietly. Go.
And listen..
..if anyone goes out and says a word..
..then I swear on Goddess
Kaali (Indian Goddess)..
..his and his family's dead bodies will
be found in the middle of the village.
So from now,
there will be no calls and no meetings.
Come on, leave. Leave. Leave.
I am tired of explaining it to you,
but why don't you get it?
Now listen to me carefully.
Until I don't get the full amount..
..I won't send you the goods. Hang up.
Please come. You want some wood?
Some other day.
Today we will take you along.
We will chat,
take you around in the village..
Do you think I have gone mad?
Why would I come with you?
We have a warrant.
You will have to come.
- Come.
- One minute, sir.
Khasia, if that Kalicharan
doesn't make the payment..
..tell him that I
will thrash him up good.
He thinks I get wood for
free from the Almighty one.
And listen, keep the factory open.
I am just going to hang out
with these officers for a while.
- Keshav.
- Yes, sir.
What happened after you got
Ghanshyam into custody last night?
Sir, we gave him
such an electric shock..
..because of which
his pants were left ripped.
So what was he telling about Kishore?
He is also a member of the Shool Army.
And he was the first
one to shoot those students.
He's lying.
Why would I shoot? Sir, I didn't shoot.
But it was his jeep
that was used, right?
No, sir. Not at all. It wasn't used.
The one who turns a court
witness gets away easily.
The one who doesn't
gets hanged for sure.
What will you hang me for?
Is death penalty a joke?
- Okay, hang me.
- Why are you getting so excited?
- Keshav, order four teas.
- Yes, sir.
Will you have tea?
No, I don't want to have tea, sir.
At least, let us have tea.
Four teas. Special.
- What, Brother?
- Kishore is talking to the police.
So what else to say?
Nothing. Let me go now.
That's it. I'll leave.
- Where will you go, buddy?
- Here, dear. Take it.
Think again about
turning a court witness.
What are you looking at?
What are you looking at? Get lost.
Put the speaker on.
Let me hear everything. Idiot.
He took away the wood and built a house.
That, too, for half the payment.
Who will pay the remaining amount?
Tell him that if he doesn't
pay the money, I'll burn down his house.
Who is it?
Hey, look who it is.
Quiet. Quiet.
Idiot. Have you given money
as dowry along with the daughter?
- What?
- You..
- Stop there. Stop.
- Stop.
- Stop. Stop.
- What happened?
- I haven't done anything.
- Stop there.
- I swear..
- Traitor. Catch him!
You betray your friends? Kill him.
You betrayed the people
of your own caste.
Get him inside. Get him inside.
You betray the people of your own caste?
Hey, put him in the car.
We won't leave you.
Get in. He will dead today. Get in.
Get down now.
Come on! Come on!
You traitor.
You joined hands with the Delhi police?
You betrayed Shool Army?
Tie up his hands. Tie them.
He will die. And we won't
leave his wife and kids either.
You dared to betray Sena?
We'll hang him! Pull it. Pull it.
Who's it? Run.
- Run.
- Run.
You can't escape now.
They believe that you
have become our informer.
You are lucky that we
came here to save your life.
But it won't be the case every time.
If you were a court witness..
..your and your family's
responsibility would've been ours.
Anyway, I think he is
destined to die in their hands.
Sir, please save me.
Sir, please save me.
Sir, please save me.
I don't want to die, sir.
Sir, please save me. Please
save me from the ones with the trident.
Sir. Sir. Sir.
Sir, I am ready to tell you anything.
Sir, please save me. Sir. Sir.
I have two little kids.
Please save me, sir.
If I die, they will be ruined, sir.
Please save me and my family, sir.
I am ready to do whatever you say, sir.
Think about it. You won't
go back on your word later, right?
No, sir. I swear on Goddess Kaali.
I'll expose all of them!
Just save me, sir. Just save me, sir.
Wait. I'm tired.
Come on, do it fast.
Why haven't you kept
the luggage inside yet?
Now will you move it, please?
Now do it fast.
Start the car.
Because of you..
Papers. For the watermelon.
What is it?
- You..
- Is the razor giving you pain?
Today I will show you what real pain is.
Hello, mister.
Cleaning's going on inside. Come later.
Keeping all the evidence and
testimonies of witnesses in view..
..the court finds Omkar Sukul
guilty of Dinu Bhowri's murder..
..and gives him 7 years' imprisonment..
..according to the Indian
Penal Code Section 302.
Pappu Tiwari, according to Section 184..
..for causing riots and
according to Section 302..
..for killing Rukumlal
Nishad and Juni Nishad..
..gets 10 years' imprisonment.
Police officer Azad Shatru Singh,
according to..
..Section 201 for
destroying the evidence..
..defending the killer and
for presenting fake evidence..
..and according to
Section 302 for killing..
..Dhiresh Patel and Gautam Sharma..
..is sentenced to
10 years' imprisonment.
Along with that,
Revti Raman Rai according to..
..Section 153 and Section 153 (A)..
..for making provocative
speeches in public..
..and for causing caste-based
tension amongst the public, ..
..gets 3 years' imprisonment..
..and a fine of Rs. 30000 in addition.
It was a good try. Well tried.
But the prison is like
a second home for us, Brother.
There will be a party
with an item girl everyday.
And the prison term..
It will be over in the blink of the eye.
Then you'll see.. Then you
will see how we cause destruction.
Total destruction.
You snake. Kishori.
We are going to prison.
Now you are also finished.
- They are coming.
- They are coming.
Hello. Very good. Very good.
Congratulations, sir.
Hail the headman.
Hail the headman.
- Hail Brother Shatru.
- Very good.
Hail Brother Shatru.
Hail Brother Pappu.
Hail Brother Pappu.
Hail Brother Revti.
Hail Brother Revti.
Hail the headman.
Hail the headman.
Hail Brother Shatru.
Hail Brother Pappu.
Hail Brother Revti.
Hail Brother Shatru.
Hail Brother Pappu.
Hail the headman.
Hail the headman.
Hail Brother Pappu.
Hail Brother Revti.
Hail Brother Revti.
Hail Brother Pappu.
Hail Brother Pappu.
Hail the headman.
Hail Brother Pappu.
Hail Brother Pappu.
Hail Brother Pappu.
Hail Brother Pappu.
Hail Brother Pappu.
Hail Brother Pappu.
I learnt it from you. Playing with fire.
- Your train's here.
- And yours?
It will be here in half an hour.
The world is round.
We will definitely meet somewhere again.
We'll definitely meet. At your wedding.
Don't forget to invite me.
See you.
'In independent India,
even today, many lovers..'
'..like Dinu are killed
in the name of honor killing.'
in the name of religion and caste..'
'..people are divided
as untouchables and outcasts.'
'Even after so many
years of independence..'
'..has India really got freedom?'
'Well, in Dinu's story,
there was one change for sure.'
'After so long,
some people of the high-caste..'
'..kept their friendship
with a poor man.'
'After so long,
some high-caste people..'
'..took a bullet on
their chest for a Dalit.'
'I have a feeling that
the time will come soon..'
'..when a person in India
won't be known by his caste..'
'..but only as an Indian.'
'I have a feeling that my beloved
country will get freedom soon.'