Aamaar Bhuvan (2002) Movie Script

It's new. He brought
it from Kolkata.
Who is he, Daddy?
Brother Noor.
Noor. Noor Ali. He is a
different person today.
He was a very poor carpenter,
brought up at his. .
. .elder brother's place.
His elder brother got him married
to a girl they knew.
Sakina. He got married to Sakina.
He got them married and also
created a rift between them. .
. .within a year.
Some fictitious and some true
complaints were made.
The village council heard the case.
All dowry that the
bride had brought. .
. .was taken into account.
These were divided, conditions
were hammered out.
The divorce papers were made ready.
They divorced.
within a year, the two remarried.
Noor wed according to his
elder brother's wishes.
Noor's cousin, Meher, does odd
jobs at people's houses.
All Meher has to call his own
is his little plot of farmland.
Meher fell in love and married
the same Sakina.
Sakina is a mother of three today.
- Coming.
Go check on your brother.
what's the matter?
- He is hungry.
Oh, sonny boy.
Oh, sweetie pie, what happened?
what happened, dear?
You don't need to do that.
l'll do the kitchen.
No, dear. what happened, dear?
No, sweetie, no.
Yes, do that.
Shaju went early in the morning.
He isn't back yet.
He has gone to
the fields with father.
He'll spend the entire day at
the fields. Like his father.
I tell your father that the boy
is smart. He is fit for school.
we'll educate him.
who listens to me?
He'll be like his father.
Do odd labour jobs
at people's houses.
Dear boy, what happened?
Do some studies now.
Are you sleepy, dear?
what a cry baby he is! Shaju
and you were not like this.
Do you know what Shaju says?
'I'm grown up,
I will wear trousers now. '
And he says that he'll study
with a private tutor.
Then again he says, ''Oh, no, a
private tutor is expensive. ''
Shaju is. .
They weren't divorced then.
Noor had his grandmother's. .
. . nose ring. she had given
it to him on the sly.
Noor gave that nose ring
to sakina. On the sly.
sakina would wear it on the sly.
Noor kept the nose ring a
secret when the village. .
. .council was dividing
their belongings.
He didn't let anyone know.
Noor wasn't the fighting type.
One day, compelled by poverty,
he sent his wife. .
. .away to her parents house.
He didn't care for anyone and
left for a Middle East. .
. .country entirely empty-handed.
Years passed by and Noor's
fortunes changed.
One day, Noor returned.
He was loaded with money.
He was well off, but didn't
sit on his wealth.
He invested it in different ways.
This became a topic
of conversation. .
. .with the villagers.
where are you going, Matin?
Peace to you.
Peace to you too.
Are you going to Noor Ali's house?
Yes, it's that way, right?
Yes, that way. Come.
l hear he has redecorated
the haunted house.
I don't know if it
was haunted or not.
I saw nothing except
snakes and frogs.
Look what he has done with it.
Yes. People are talking about it.
who is he doing all this for?
- You are right.
They are just the two of them.
I hear he has come back
quite rich from abroad.
He has. I heard it too.
That way. Do it that way.
He said that. .
Hey, you.
- The money was taken. .
- Greetings.
The way he has earned money.
Brother Afsar.
You recognised me.
won't I recognise you?
You've taken me piggy back. .
. . many times in childhood.
Piggy back?
Don't you remember? You would
give me a ride on your back?
Yes, on my back. Once you
even fell off my back.
I fell down?
- Yes.
No, you must've thrown me off.
And I am. .
Don't say it. Uncle Rahmat.
How can I forget you?
You're the only one with a
hand operated machine in. .
. .the village.
You know it?
You've a spray machine too.
- Yes.
You've a machine for
winnowing of crops.
You see, it's all for them.
For the village folk.
They work so hard day and night.
I couldn't bear to see it.
I thought if I could get a. .
. . machine for them.
That's all.
You are. .
You haven't forgotten anyone.
Yes, it seems so.
I thought he has forgotten you too.
Uncle, how about some tea?
How is your uncle?
Uncle passed away.
Oh. I didn't know.
How would you? You
weren't here then.
That's true. Hey, listen.
why don't you visit the shop?
- Actually. .
You all know his father?
- Yes.
He rolls bidis ( rolled cigarettes )
well. - Yes.
I went to his house and asked
him to oversee my shop.
And he. .
- Yes.
Do come to the shop, okay?
- Okay?
I'll come for sure.
- Do come.
How are you?
- Fine.
I'll be back.
He came here in the morning.
- Yes.
Didn't you go? You. .
Do you recognise me?
Do you recognise us?
Yes. what's this?
You're still like that.
The way you were.
That was a long time ago.
You had a daughter then.
she was about two or
three years old. Right?
I've a son too now.
How is everyone?
Good, l hope.
why don't you visit us some day?
You asked him to come? You did.
Don't you've any shame?
why? what is there
to be ashamed about?
If you knew that, you wouldn't
ask him to come home.
Didn't it occur to you
what people would say?
Listen, it's his cousin's house.
why would anyone gossip if
he visits his cousin's house?
Only a cousin?
You bring that up again?
Bring what up?
what indeed !
what did I say?
why are you angry all of a sudden?
won't I be angry?
who are you? And who am I?
why bring up a third?
- Oh.
Hey, listen.
Come listen.
Come here.
Can you hear it?
- Yes.
It's been a year now.
what happened to your cousin?
Did he visit? Your dear cousin.
He won't come.
what happened?
He'll come, you'll see. He'll come.
Don't cry, dear. Good.
saira. Come.
Go see, someone is coming this way.
- who?
Go take a look. Go. Go.
Is Meher home?
- No.
You are. .
He is my father.
Right. You're saira.
You were so little then.
You've grown so much in a few years.
After you is shahjehan.
- Yes.
where is he?
- At school.
How come you're at home?
I don't go to school anymore.
You don't?
- No. I study at home.
Oh. Has your dad gone to work?
- Yes.
Isn't there anybody else at home?
Mum and my brother.
Brother? You said he
has gone to school.
Shaju has gone to school.
Oh, this one is younger than Shaju?
Yes, he is younger. Very much so.
He is a year old.
Oh. Tell your father
that I, that I. .
what will you say?
Tell him I had come from
the neighbouring village.
won't you come in?
Not today. I'll come another day.
I'll come when Meher is here.
A cold drink. .
No, it's okay.
A little water. .
No, no. My sweetie, don't cry.
No, no.
No, no. My sweetie, my sweetie.
No, no crying.
would you like some more?
- No.
I'll leave.
'The broken roof has fallen
in, in the storm. . '
'. .that spring brought. '
'A nose ring worth Rs. 1. 50
was made for lady Amina. '
where are you? Dear Shaju.
I told you he'd come.
I met him on the way.
where are you?
Hey, Shaju.
what happened? Shaju.
Komila. Komila.
No patience.
How does it look?
Did you call me for this?
Doing craft like this by yourself
brings so much pleasure.
But one must keep in touch.
Get it?
Oh, dear, let me see. what happened?
- It's nothing.
Nothing? It's bleeding.
It's okay.
- I'll put some medicine.
No need.
Don't do what is not your work.
You do what is your work.
Get me a cup of tea.
They've been waiting
for a long time.
Oh. It's about the pond?
Ask them to go to Jalpada,
I'll follow.
Please go to Jalpada, he'll follow.
Come. Look, that's the pond.
It's been lying like
this for a long time.
start work in three-four days time.
Make arrangements for. .
. .extra workers that you'll need.
In short, you can't delay the work.
Do what you think is right.
Can you do it?
Yes. why not?
what is your name?
- Nasir.
Nasir. Good. You?
- Very good.
Call Meher Ali too. He is my cousin.
He is well built and sincere.
Payment is the same. Rs. 100.
what say?
- Yes.
I came by your land. It's fertile.
Yes. Machine. It's all
the machine's doing.
Now, I'll grow more crops.
Three harvests a year.
If our forefathers had these
facilities, we wouldn't have. .
. . had to slog like this.
Don't say that. Machines
too need hard work.
You need to know how it works.
But that Rahmat. .
Look at him. He talks of land.
wherever I go, I see him
standing. Idiot.
He is so concerned about everything.
Do you know how much interest
has accumulated?
I know. That is why I don't
go there any more.
But I'm doing fine. I harvest
crops, repay my debt and. .
. . pay interest.
I work hard everywhere.
You can really manage it all.
You must if you've a family.
Take my son, Shaju, I can't
even take him out of school.
And that idiot, Rahmat Ali.
Look how he stands there.
Go home. Instead he stands
there in the sun.
Open the umbrella.
He sucks people's blood.
He threatens us with the village
council at the drop of. .
. .a hat.
Village council indeed. Idiot.
As if the village council
is his personal property.
Look, do you recognise it?
Is it recognisable?
what are you saying, Uncle Matin?
Not recognise it.
why is it in this state?
Exactly. They were big
landowners at one time.
He went around taking over
the entire village.
Look at it now. It was an epidemic.
A malaria epidemic cleaned
out the entire family.
The entire family.
That is what I say.
who are you doing all this for?
why do you need so much?
I understand.
- what?
Am I not right? Tell me.
I know. I know what you want to say.
No one comes this way
nowadays, right?
who will come here to be assaulted. .
. . by bats and crickets?
At one time, we. .
That was a long time ago.
we played 'cops-and-robbers' here.
we did too. Hide-and-seek.
I remember, I would
be the cop and Meher. .
. .I mean my cousin brother.
I know. He is a very fine boy.
But he has to work so hard.
He would be the robber.
He won all the time.
Here now, gone the next minute.
who's there? who's there?
Aren't you Meher's wife?
what are you doing here?
I'm taking a few bricks.
I'll use them.
But why you? where is Meher?
You could've brought your son.
will you manage alone?
- Yes.
I can do it.
who's there? who?
Me, it's me.
Uncle Rahmat.
Is Meher home?
- No he isn't.
No? Not there?
It's so late and he isn't home?
This isn't right. when is he in?
Uncle Rahmat, please leave now.
Oh, why? where is he?
At Ghazi's brick kiln.
- Brick kiln? Now?
Go check it out, he may be
fooling around in the. .
. . marketplace at Bheegyo's.
Please leave now.
Can't I wait a little longer?
Are you asking me to leave?
Okay, I'll go. Tell him.
Tell him, I'll come again.
what a creep.
- what happened?
I thought. .
what did you think?
Look at her, she only laughs.
You come home so late.
Don't I get hungry?
Haven't you eaten?
- No.
were you at Ghazi's brick kiln?
- Yes.
so late?
- Poor thing.
At the brick kiln, right?
- why?
- what?
Did you go to that shabby theatre?
How did you guess?
Tell me, who told you?
Uncle Rahmat.
Did he come here?
- Yes.
Now, you're laughing.
That is why you got a start.
why didn't you tell me?
You'll go to the theatre
and not take me.
Lying to me all the time.
- wait.
won't take me anywhere.
- wait.
what are you doing? Let go.
want to pinch?
will you scratch me again? - Yes.
will you beat me more?
- Yes.
why? what did I do?
You don't take me anywhere.
Tell me what have I done? - You want
to go everywhere alone. - Lies.
Its lies.
You don't take me to the bazaar.
Not to my parents' house either.
- I took you just the other day.
what a liar!
Buy me a radio.
- Yes.
Okay, I'll buy you a radio.
No, I need it now.
A radio so late in the night?
- Yes, I want it right now.
I'm hungry.
- No, I won't give you any food.
I'm hungry.
- No.
Buy me a radio.
- I'm hungry.
Buy me a radio.
- I'm hungry.
If the ball enters the radio
store, it's a penalty.
''I was living in the
stars somewhere. ''
''You were living in the
stars before this. ''
''You've been called down
to the earth for me. ''
Do you like it?
- Yes, I do.
''You've been called down
to the earth for me. ''
Young boys, old men,
everyone likes it.
''For me. ''
It's great fun.
Goal, goal.
- Don't go there.
You can't buy that,
it's very expensive.
You see this.
Goal, goal.
''sometimes this thought
crosses my mind. ''
Give me the ball. Goal.
Throw it here.
This one. - ''The clarinet
plays on the streets. ''
''The clarinet plays on the streets. ''
''It's the nuptial night and
I'm lifting your veil. ''
''It's the nuptial night and
I'm lifting your veil. ''
Good. Very good.
''You're falling into my arms. ''
You'll get Bangladesh radio.
''I'm falling into your arms. ''
You'll feel it's coming from
your neighbour's house.
''Your arms call out to me. ''
You'll get news about
crops and weather.
Vividh Bharati too.
''sometimes this thought
comes to mind. ''
You'll give it to your wife, right?
she'll be happy.
Here, give the ball here.
- ''I lie in your arms. ''
I'll give it to you for Rs. 300.
This way, this way.
- Hit a goal, a goal.
You'll get Bangladesh
radio on this. Good.
''I know you belong to someone
else but still. ''
what happened?
Run, run, hit there.
''This thought comes to
my mind sometimes. ''
Hey, come. Come.
Do you want to buy something?
Nothing. whom were you talking to?
- Yes.
I was listening to the radio.
Have a look, it's a good
radio. Have a look.
You'll get to listen
to radio Bangladesh.
I saw him clearly. was I mistaken?
''I'm but a mortal poet. ''
No, it's good. You'll get
to hear radio Bangladesh.
- Yes.
I'll give it to you for Rs.400.
Fine, fine. what's on that side?
That's my warehouse.
Isn't there a door?
- Oh no, no door.
I saw him clearly. where did he go?
Have a look at this. You'll get
radio Bangladesh clearly.
I saw him.
Hey, that's Meher. Meher.
Hey, Meher. Meher, Meher.
He is running away, Meher.
Hey, Meher.
- she isn't at home.
she has gone to aunt Hasina's house.
If they don't see your brother
for one day, they miss him.
They don't have kids. Poor things.
Hey, you're back soon.
what is it? Did something happen?
Nothing at all.
why are you lying down?
Tell me. what happened?
I'll go to the Gulf. ( Middle East )
- saudi Arabia.
Arabia, Arabia.
- why?
what do you mean why? I'll go. Yes.
I'll earn a lot of money.
Like your cousin brother?
Your cousin brother has fed
you with all this nonsense.
Did he say something?
why would he? I'll go. Three years,
five years or seven years.
I'll stay there.
And earn money?
- Yes.
No. No need to earn money.
so, what should I do? Till the farm.
work at menial jobs house-to-house.
Yes. All that you've been
doing all this while.
what others do. .
No. I'll go.
I'll go and like brother Noor. .
Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, has he gone mad or what!
Shaju. Look, what is he doing?
why are you laughing?
what has happened to you?
Tell me. Tell me.
what has happened to you?
I can't play cops-and-robbers.
what? ! Cops-and-robbers.
Yes, cops-and-robbers.
with that lousy Rahmat.
I'm a father of three kids.
Hey, what are you doing?
Look at that,
I've my things in there.
Look at that. what are you doing?
Give it here.
Bring it this way.
Give, give.
Not that.
Give me a basket.
Listen, come home once
you're done here.
sister-in-law was asking.
Your work is outside.
You don't come in ever.
so, I thought, you being
family and all.
Yes, Brother Noor told me.
so much.
A little tea would've sufficed.
This isn't much.
water is over there.
Go on, eat.
I heard your harvest is
very good this time.
I used the machine.
- Your own?
Mine? Rahmat Ali from
south side, it's his.
I see.
- It's his.
I know that he has everything.
If you harvest it. .
I'll get about 1200 kilos.
And then there is hay.
You'll sell it?
I have to. I owe money.
The harvest is so good.
wish our forefathers could see it.
Eat. Your sister-in-law has made it.
Very tasty. The store-made
ones aren't so tasty.
what do you want to say?
You say it.
- I'll say it.
Look, I'm hosting a feast at home.
I'm inviting people.
Just a get together.
we couldn't do it all these days.
Yes, we didn't get a chance. so. .
Rahim. I'll be back.
He is like that.
He'll never sit in one place.
Always doing something
or the other. - Yes.
I was telling you about the feast.
- when?
I'll fix a date.
You better not come alone.
Bring along your son,
daughter and wife.
I've never seen sakina.
I've only heard of her.
How old is your son?
He is. .
Bring it, bring it here.
Come. Keep it here.
Meher, these are from my garden.
Take them home.
- who else?
where is everyone?
You, now? what is it? You?
- Yes.
It's me, Meher.
Meher, Meher.
You always return late.
I was passing by this way.
Thought to myself, the girl. .
. .stays alone here with the kids.
Let me check on her once.
Okay, I'll leave.
what say? saw that.
How he sneaked away like a rat.
- As if. .
what as if! You saw him.
He won't let go easily.
Tomorrow, he is sure to lodge
some complaint against me. .
. . in the village council.
will you speak up?
- what do I say?
Tell him that. .
Once I harvest my crops,
I'll pay you off entirely.
- Yes, indeed.
Doesn't he know how much I owe
people in the marketplace?
You'll pay off uncle Rahmat.
we'll see.
- what will you see?
won't you pay him off?
You know, he is not a good man.
I've nothing.
whatever I had is gone.
There are a few pieces.
what say? will you pay
off uncle Rahmat?
Hey, tell me.
Listen, I've a request.
will you do it? - what?
will you do it?
- Tell me.
First, promise me you'll honour it.
- Tell me.
Your nose-ring.
Bring it here. Get it.
- why?
It's expensive. You like it.
wear it, I want to see it.
- No.
why? what happened?
- No.
You never wear it.
It's always in the suitcase.
Is it something one wears everyday?
I want to see you wear it,
that's it. - No.
what happened?
wear it.
when else? In front of Shaju-saira,
in front of strangers?
- Does anyone do that?
should I bring it?
- Go.
Can't fix it?
Give it to me.
Give me.
''The broken roof caved in with
the weight of the spinach. ''
''A nose-ring worth Rs. 1. 50
was made for lady Amina. ''
''The broken roof has caved in. ''
Open it.
- No.
Open it.
Open it.
Hey, wife. what's the matter?
Open it.
- what?
Open it.
No. I won't open it.
what do you want? Go to sleep.
what is it? Your nose-ring?
Pay off all your loans.
Pay off Rahmat.
Don't sell it. Pawn it.
Are you giving it angrily?
- No.
Bring it back when you
harvest the crop. Okay?
Tell me, will you release it? well?
Tell me.
where did you get this?
where did you get it?
I stole it.
You're good at it!
Don't get it?
what else did you pilfer?
Pil. .
You said that you stole it.
Oh, did you think I really stole it?
No, I know you asked for it, right?
we were short of money. .
so, you asked for it.
You've sold everything.
You left nothing.
what was there? what did she bring?
still she had some.
she has some yet. Earrings.
Have you sold all
of it or pawned it?
That. .
You haven't brought them back.
You've sold it.
You took everything and
now you steal this.
You stole it, right?
Okay, tell me how much do you need?
well. .
Right now, how much do
you need now? Tell me.
Right now. .
1000? A 1000?
- Yes.
All right, I'll give it, but there
is no hurry. Return it when you can.
And no wasting money.
Not at all. That lousy
Rahmat Ali's money.
He is troubling you a lot.
well, this and that.
Okay, okay. I'll give you.
This, you. . Let this stay with me.
''who dances in my heart
today, I don't know. ''
''On and on and on. ''
''who dances in my heart
today, I don't know. ''
''On and on and on. ''
''Along with that music,
I too dance along, I do. ''
''On and on and on. ''
''who dances in my heart
today, I don't know. ''
''On and on and on. ''
''Laughter and tears, diamonds
and emeralds. ''
''Make one sway in tune. ''
''Good and bad, dance in sync. ''
''Life dances, death too. ''
''Along with the music on and on. ''
''On and on and on. ''
''such joy, such happiness! ''
''The night dances in freedom,
in captivity. ''
''Over the waves, in those colours. ''
''Along with the music,
on and on and on. ''
who gave you so much money?
which jeweller is that?
''who dances in my heart
today, I don't know. ''
''On and on and on. ''
''Dance little birdie. ''
''Dance little birdie,
you'll get paid. ''
'Fire that ruins, floods. . '
''we have good patrons here. ''
''Dance little birdie,
you'll get paid. ''
''we have good patrons here. ''
wonderful !
Hello, Uncle!
- Hi !
I don't come this way often.
I thought I'd just drop in.
what do I see here?
- sit.
what do I see here?
I must admire your taste!
Go on.
You know how to get work done,
eh. That you will know.
You've chosen a fine colour.
It looks great!
It looked so dull, uncle. I'm
hosting a feast, guests will come.
I thought. .
Yes, you're holding a feast. when?
I think next. .
Hello, Uncle Matin.
- Oh, there you are.
''Oh, ray of light, go there. ''
No, I won't go.
''I'm here. ''
''Here is your land. ''
Take Shaju and saira.
''Oh, ray of light. ''
You go.
- And you?
''Oh, ray of light, spread on. ''
why Mum, why won't you go?
''You're here, this is your land. ''
They insisted that you go!
''Oh, light, your home is here. ''
Keep that away!
''You ride on waves. ''
You're very stubborn !
''why so much pain?''
They are fond of you. You go.
Oh, they're fond of me?
And no one else.
''You ride on waves. why the pain?''
- Let go.
what do I say if they
ask why you didn't go?
Don't say anything. You don't
have to say anything.
''This is a request. ''
Do what you want.
''A prayer. ''
why should I go? Do I've
a decent sari? shoes?
Do any of us have anything
decent to wear?
we don't have a thing and
we just go like that.
Just look at us!
will you buy me a
pair of flip-flops?
Hey! will you?
You'll go?
- will you give?
Meher, Meher!
Meher! sakina !
Meher! sakina !
who's there!
sakina set out in the same sari. .
. . with uncle Gafoor from
the neighbouring village.
His elder daughter started her
labour pains since night.
sakina has no equal as a midwife.
If she helps in the delivery,
the newborn is considered lucky.
so, everyone seeks sakina.
They feel confident.
That's why uncle Gafoor left home
in a rush in the morning.
Oh, sakina, you've come. Come.
You came and a baby boy brought
light into our home! Go.
Go inside.
Are you coming tomorrow afternoon?
Tomorrow, I can't come.
I've a drama, I'm going to Kolkata.
But dad will surely come.
- Fine.
Brother Nadir, are you in?
Shaju ! what are you doing?
Shaju ! Go, leave!
Shaju. shahjehan.
Hey, want to ride?
Let me do this.
You're coming tomorrow. - Yes.
Let me take him today.
Let me.
will you go like this?
Take a shirt along.
we'll do that.
Uncle Noor!
Uncle Noor!
what a lovely sari !
You look very nice!
They love you a lot, right mum?
You let Shaju go? In those clothes?
Is that why you're
sulking since then?
so what! He took him
because he loves him.
what if he falls off the bike?
Is he a little baby? so
many people ride bikes.
when did you hear of
someone falling off?
You know dad, mum herself says
that Shaju is very smart.
smart indeed !
where was the need to
go their a day earlier?
Look, they have no children.
How nice they'll feel
to have him there!
what if they plot something?
If they try to charm him!
who'll plot? Brother Noor?
- Yes.
I know they're eyeing Shaju.
- who?
who else? Your cousin brother.
Your sister-in-law.
what is she saying, saira !
what is your mum saying?
what are you saying, Mum?
You stay out of it!
These are sweets and stuff. Keep it.
If you want, eat one!
were you at home?
- when?
Oh, yes, I was.
Did you offer a cold drink?
Yes, won't I?
And some snacks?
who would serve it? were you there?
The shop is just round the corner!
You could've brought a cake!
Hey, couldn't you?
A guest comes home and. .
You're really. .
As if he would eat!
I even told him where you had gone.
Did he sit for a while? Or
did he just come and go?
why wouldn't he sit?
He sat, took Bablu on his lap.
Gave him Rs. 10.
He mentioned you too.
He said. . He asked
if you'd go or not.
Hey, will you?
where are my flip-flops?
I'll arrange it. who knows,
may be Shaju has already. .
. . brought the place alive!
what are you calculating so much?
- One must.
One must!
As if all those
you invited will come.
True, but. .
why don't you lie down for a bit?
You've been working so hard
for the last two days.
Lie down? where is the space?
Oh ! Look at his feet!
Little prince! He is occupying
the entire bed !
who'd say he isn't our son?
He likes the trousers a lot,
what do you think?
He was so happy with the trousers.
He stood in front of the mirror
and then in front of me.
Then he ran up to the terrace
and came running down.
Back to the mirror and
then in front of me.
It was a game for him.
when I came to the room I saw
him occupying the entire bed.
He hadn't even changed
out of his clothes.
Don't get too attached.
what about you?
And he loves to talk!
No end to his talks!
You said it.
what is that?
what is that, uncle Noor?
want to see? Here.
why are you using it on your cheek?
Are you tickling yourself?
what do you mean, I'm shaving !
I too want to shave!
- You?
Let me see, if you've
any hair on your face!
Take! Keep it carefully!
should I open it?
You smell so nice!
Shaju, Shaju ! Shaju, get up!
Get up, it's late!
I've good news for you.
- what?
Good news!
- what is it?
what? why don't you tell me?
Don't you want to hear it?
- No.
You know brother Noor had come.
He returned your nose-ring.
Hey, what happened?
what happened?
He returned it?
- Yes.
so that you can wear it tomorrow.
You had pawned it.
You took money against it.
You haven't paid off the money.
Have you?
No. Brother Noor gave it
to me just like that.
Just like that?
- Yes.
I had said that. .
- what did you say?
Keep this, right?
He has money that's why he gave it.
when people have money
they do these things.
whatever you say, brother
Noor is kind-hearted.
- Yes.
Aren't you asleep?
Give Bablu here.
No, let him stay here.
No, dear, no.
No, dear, no.
Mum, I'm going.
- Don't be late. - Yes.
won't you go to work?
I don't feel like going today.
when you've a bath and come. .
Listen. Return the nose-ring.
Return the nose-ring
to whom it belongs.
what rubbish are you talking?
- I'm right.
How are you right?
It belongs to your cousin brother.
Return it to the rightful owner.
It's yours.
- No.
In the village council meeting. .
Village council? when?
Your cousin brother
didn't mention it.
In the divorce papers.
what didn't he mention?
The nose-ring.
- Oh.
so, many days, no, years. .
l didn't tell,
I didn't tell you either.
I won't wear that nose-ring.
He gave it. Today, when
you go there. .
what sort of a person are you !
Don't I've any pride?
Don't you have any pride?
Don't we've any dignity?
Listen, we'll go late.
There will be so many people.
I'm nervous!
He wants the machine,
but he also has to pay for it.
Isn't that Anwar's son?
Yesterday, Behari
did well. what say?
If I know a few things,
it'll be convenient.
There is no question of
inconvenience, even so. .
Please eat.
some of the things are good.
Is it okay?
Your committee should. .
Uncle, are you serving properly?
In my village. .
Is everyone there yet?
Please don't hesitate
to ask for more.
Don't feel shy, okay?
Get the fish here! Here.
No, this is not the case.
I'm shocked !
I'm flabbergasted !
How can you do this?
No one invited me!
I wasn't even informed !
what! Am I an outcast?
I carry no weight? I'm outcast? !
what! where is the head
of this family, where?
Oh, dear, oh, dear!
You must be wondering
as to who this man is!
who is this man?
Mr. Chatterji !
who? Matin?
surely, you're Matin !
Absolutely right, Brother!
what about you? Did you
drop from the sky!
No, Brother, I came from Heaven !
Excuse me, someone has come.
some more than this.
Look who has come!
No point feeling shy.
- who?
I don't know. I can't recognise him.
He wasn't feeling shy.
- Take.
No, he may not have done it.
Uncle, please give me the water.
- Yes.
Matin, you recognised me
with my booming voice!
There isn't a voice like this
in this country! - No indeed !
Mr. Chatterji. The west
side Chatterji house!
- Noor!
Culprit! You excluded me.
- Oh.
what does this mean?
Uncle, let me touch your feet first.
Hey, they've all come!
I don't know any
of these little people!
Move, move!
Not me, not me.
what a problem this is!
Not me, not me!
Hey, my clothes will come off!
Go, go, go!
Quiet, be quiet.
Oh, dear God ! Oh, dear!
Here is another one, slipped away.
Oh, dear!
- what a mess!
Hey, what do you want to do?
Do you want to touch his feet?
Go ahead !
Touch his feet, here, go!
who is this? I don't know him.
He is Rafiq's son !
- Right!
Go, go!
Come, we'll go there and sit.
- Come.
Come. Uncle Matin, you sit there.
My word ! Never was I in
a situation like this.
It was an attack really!
An attack on you? I understand
but why an assault on me!
You want me to lose
my caste in old age!
Uncle, I thought you
live in Kolkata.
He does, with his son.
He has closed the chapter here.
Look, there is something called
'attachment to one's land'.
You for instance. You had
gone to some Arab land.
Could you stay there?
You did come back.
That is 'attachment to one's land'.
You too are afflicted by the
same thing in your old age.
Did your wife allow you?
Too many objections.
I just didn't think.
Good, you've at least one person
who'll discipline you.
Did you run away?
The s. D. O. of this area
is my son's student.
He is the one who arranged
everything in the government. .
. .cottage here.
He told me about you.
I was so touched when I heard it.
I said, ''I'll go'' ! He is the one,
who sent me by car here.
what do you want now? Go, go!
what is it?
Hey, go!
No, it's okay.
Do you want to say something? Come.
what happened?
- Mum hasn't come. No one has come.
why haven't they come?
- I'll see.
Those who haven't eaten,
please come here.
Come, let's go.
To the courtyard at the back.
Come on, come on.
Come on, let's go.
Come, come, everyone.
Come, let's go and eat.
I've finished eating already.
I'm forbidden.
will you sit or what?
No, let's go.
You said you're forbidden.
By whom? Your wife?
Or the doctor?
Both of them! They've starved me.
I know! I'm very happy.
who is he?
- My nephew.
Touch his feet.
- I've already!
Oh, you too were in that group!
Grow up to be a fine man, sonny!
will you go or. .once you start
talking you forget everything !
Come, come. - And you don't talk at
all ! As if I do all the talking !
I've to find out where the car is.
They haven't come.
Yes. He isn't eating.
why didn't you eat?
- I couldn't convince him.
He just won't eat.
what happened? Shaju.
what's this? Let me see!
Look at me. why are you crying?
Shaju, what a silly boy!
A big boy like you crying !
Shaju, hey, come,
we'll all eat together.
You, me, your. .
- Yes, we'll all eat together.
- Come.
Uncle Noor!
- Coming !
There's no one here.
Is it the right place?
How much did you take?
such a short journey.
Hey, let's go.
- Is this the house?
Daddy, are we at the right place?
why? Come. Come.
where is everyone?
Go carefully.
Oh, dear!
what are you doing?
we're late.
Give him to me.
- No. It's okay.
saira, call your father.
No dear, no.
Call Shaju !
Shaju !
He is crying.
No, dear, look! Don't cry, dear.
we should've come earlier.
Hey, come let's go back.
No one has seen us.
But Shaju.
- Right.
what should we do?
- Quiet!
There's Shaju !
why did he go away?
Uncle Noor!
Isn't that Shaju's voice?
- Yes! It's Shaju.
Let me see.
where are you going?
- I want to see him.
wait! why is he crying?
what do you mean?
won't a child cry?
why did I come?
''who dances in my heart
today, I don't know. ''
''On and on and on. ''
''Along with that music,
I too dance along, I do. ''
''On and on and on. ''
''Laughter and tears, diamonds
and emeralds. ''
''Make one sway in tune. ''
''Good and bad in tune,
dance in sync. ''
''Life dances, death too. ''
''Along with the music on and on. ''
''On and on and on. ''
''such joy, such happiness!
such joy! ''
''The night dances in freedom,
in captivity. ''
''such joy, such happiness!
such joy! ''
''The night dances in freedom,
in captivity. ''
''Over the waves, in those colours. ''
''Along with the music,
on and on and on. ''
''Laughter and tears, diamonds
and emeralds. ''
''Good and bad in tune,
dance in sync. ''
''Life dances, death too. ''
''Along with the music on and on. ''
''On and on and on. ''
''such joy, such happiness!
such joy! ''
''The night dances in freedom,
in captivity. ''
''Over the waves, in those colours. ''
''Along with the music,
on and on and on. ''
''who dances in my heart
today, I don't know. ''
''On and on and on. ''