Aankhen (2002) Movie Script

It's amazing, simply amazing
In this game
There is adventure, just adventure
In this game
What's the fun in life
When you live in fear?
The fun
This heart wants to live!
Eyes are not needed
There are chances of my destiny changing
Eyes are not needed
There are chances of my destiny changing
Death has signaled
Only a genius can do this.
Sir, our new office model is very good.
It is beautiful.
But calling its architect a genius...
Its architect has never climbed
the stairs of a college, Mr. Sharma.
It is only with his intelligence
and hard work
that this 10th grade educated man
has given our bank
an international status.
Sir, you mean, this model...
Yes, our bank's General Manager
for Development,
Mr. Vijay Singh Rajput, designed it.
He is a true genius!
That man is mad.
Gentlemen, six months from now,
our bank's main office
will be transferred from Dava Bazar
to Cuffe Parade.
On the 27th of October, Saturday,
the first day of the new moon,
the shops around here will be closed.
On the 27th of October, there
is a one-day international match
between India and Pakistan. That is why...
I'm sorry, sir, actually...
Stop calling Mr. Vijay mad.
He is suffering from schizophrenia.
Which has no cure.
And you know it very well.
Sir, his illness is worsening.
When he gets angry,
he turns into a wild animal.
A few days ago, he badly beat up
the night watchman.
The night watchman was sleeping
on duty, Mr. Bhandhari.
Was it such a crime
that one has to beat him up
like an animal?
I don't understand
why you keep defending him.
Mr. Bhandari, Vijay Singh
has given his entire life to this bank.
He had only one goal, only one ambition,
and that was the bank's progress.
He didn't even get married,
so that he would not get distracted.
He must have tried,
but upon noticing his madness,
all the girls must have ran away
out of fear.
Who can trust a madman after all, sir?
The security van will arrive
at the old office
at ten o'clock in the morning.
From here, four containers of cash,
one container of jewelry,
diamonds, jewels,
safe deposit, and vaults boxes
will be transferred to it. Then...
Shut up! Shut up!
I said I will call later.
Put the phone down!
I'm extremely sorry, sir. I'm so sorry.
If you keep defending him,
that stupid fellow
will continue doing foolish things.
It's that simple!
Mr. Bhandari is right, sir.
For the last two years, Mr. Vijay Singh
has beaten up five staff members badly.
And because of that,
he's giving the bank a bad name.
He's dangerous, sir.
He is not only mad, he is dangerous.
Sir. Sir, I'm really very sorry, sir.
Sir, actually, there was an emergency.
My wife is in the hospital.
She will go to delivery any time, so...
-I am sorry, sir.
-So what are you doing here? Go.
-No, sir. I am sorry.
-No. No. Go.
-No, sir, I'm fine. I'm sorry, sir.
-Yes, sir.
-He's strange.
-Yes, sir!
Good morning, sir!
-Hi, Sanju. The file is with me.
Mr. Rajput, have some sweets.
My wife gave birth to a baby boy.
Thank you.
Are you in a good mood today?
Or are you in the mood
to beat up somebody?
The watchman you beat up
because he was sleeping
cannot even lie on his bed now.
-Hello, Father. This is Shailesh.
-Good morning, sir.
Jadhav, get Mr. Singh
a glass of coconut water.
Mr. Mahadevan, I'm fine.
Just carry on with your work.
Where is Dilnaz?
Dilnaz, have some sweets.
-What is this for?
-My Meenakshi gave birth to a baby boy.
-Thank you.
Who does he look like?
He looks like Shahrukh from the left
and Hrithik from the right side.
He looks just like me.
Shailesh, you look just like Salman Khan.
Come on, Dilnaz!
If Dilnaz says you look like Salman,
then you look like him.
I would like to encash this
to Rs. 100 notes, please.
Mrs. Pochkhanwala.
How much money did you withdraw?
I withdrew Rs. 10,000
like I do every month. Why?
That bundle lacks one Rs. 100.
No, sir, the bundle...
-Count it again.
-Sir, I counted it.
That's 1, 2, 3, 4...
5, 6, 7,
8, 9,
10, 11,
12, 13, 14,
15, 16...
Sir, come quickly.
Another trouble is about to happen.
Then, 94, 95...
-Sir, look!
-96, 97, 98...
And, 99.
And the last note...
is in your pocket.
She has been one
of our bank's valued customers.
She never counts her money.
And you...
You cheated her.
Madam, please step away.
Why is there a need to...
Hello, Father, Shailesh. I'm coming.
Get up, you thief!
-Get up, you thief!
Help! Help!
-Excuse me, sir!
-Sir! Sir, stop!
-They are coming.
-Move back.
You are being dismissed.
Don't ask me why!
I was dismissed from my bank.
Don't ask me!
Oh, god! Oh, god!
I am not at all surprised
to announce the name
of this year's Employee of the Year award.
Because for the last 20 years,
only one man has deserved this award.
Once again, it's Mr. Vijay Singh Rajput.
Thank you.
Believe me, I am just as pleased today
to receive the best employee
of Vilasrao Jefferson Bank award
for the 25th time,
as I was when I received it
the first time.
Thank you.
The truth is often very strange.
Vilasrao Jefferson Bank.
I made it.
I have given every moment of my life to it
and reared it like my own child.
And I was only...
How ungrateful!
The truth is extraordinary, bizarre,
and is often stranger
than even one's imagination.
A small group of people
ran a small business together,
where people pawned their jewelry
for money on interest.
I went from door to door
and convinced thousands of people
to open an account with this bank.
Its customers, clients,
furniture, fixtures,
the color on the walls, the pictures,
the bank peons, accountants,
cashiers, managers,
and even their uniform color
were all chosen by me.
I will make them pay
for the humiliation I got in return.
They will get a fitting reply!
The truth that seems new and unknown
that shocks us with one glimpse of it,
often makes us start
accepting it as unusual.
It was I who made this bank
with sheer hard work.
Now, I will ruin it.
"An eye for an eye."
I'll plan a bank robbery
that will shock the world.
Neither will there be a bank,
nor any money in it.
I will steal all the money, the jewelry,
and only then I can rest in peace.
I will do it!
By hook or by crook.
The truth is also unimaginable.
It is beyond our power of understanding.
And that is what we are often afraid of.
It is almost impossible to rob this bank.
But there must be some way
for me to attain my goal.
And my goal is V.J. Bank's...
The V.J. Bank's safe deposit vault.
And some seemingly impossible events
gradually become true.
I will reach the safe deposit vault
hidden at the heart of the bank.
I will cross every wall,
every hurdle, and every obstacle,
and escape, or I am not worthy of my name.
One impossible event...
A unique, bizarre, unimaginable, unknown,
unheard of, mysterious incident
is about to become reality.
A dangerous reality.
I'm nearly finished
in completing my mission.
I'm close.
I will get my revenge against V.J. Bank.
My revenge will happen.
But how?
But how?
Raju, help Arun.
Remember, team work is very important.
Be careful. Rahul, go now.
-Very good.
Rahul, pull the string hard.
They must hear the bell ringing.
Come on. Let's go. Be careful, careful.
Take it easy.
Remember, do it together. Concentrate.
That's it.
Slowly. Remember, you have
to keep your balance.
Ravi, bend your knees more.
Be careful.
That's it.
The victory is yours now.
Arun, concentrate.
Be careful, Arun.
That's it. Yes.
Maintaining your balance is necessary.
Try to follow the sound of the bells.
Follow the sound of the bells.
That's it, Arun.
Come on.
This pot is Vilasrao Jefferson's
main office.
These blind children
will be my weapons, and...
You will be my revenge.
-You are wonderful!
-I'm Vijay Singh Rajput.
-And you?
-I'm Neha Srivastav.
-Neha Srivastav.
-Who is this child?
-He is my brother, Rahul.
- And you...
-Your brother!
"A chance of a lifetime for the blind."
"A workshop for the blind."
Are you sure this message
will reach blind men?
And what is this?
When will this advertisement be published?
I can do it the day after tomorrow.
Where is my brother? Where is Rahul?
He is mortgaged!
He is mortgaged with me.
If I pay you Rs. 5 million,
I am bound to keep something
you value as security.
This is business.
And what can be more valuable for you
than your brother?
What? What are you talking about?
I don't...
You don't understand anything.
You will understand.
You will understand everything.
I will pay you Rs. 5 million.
And you will train three blind men
for me with your talent.
For what?
It's for the most unique and amazing
bank robbery of the world.
You don't believe it, right?
No one will believe it.
Who will believe that three blind men
can walk into a bank
in broad daylight like sighted men
and commit a heist?
Who will believe that?
But it will happen.
Because truth is stranger than fiction.
Truth is stranger than fiction...
Look, this is impossible.
Why are you playing this joke on me?
I had an advertisement published
in the newspaper
for the blind men across the country
to participate in a special kind
of workshop
in which everyone will be given
a special kind of training.
-Look, why don't you listen...
-It's the perfect plan.
After the workshop,
they will be given a scholarship
and also jobs.
Why are you doing this to my brother?
They can make a lot of money.
In return, they will have
to reveal their ambitions,
and also the extent to which they can go
to fulfill those ambitions.
-The selection depends on that.
-Stop it!
-Many people have replied,
-Stop it.
but there are only three men
whose life story and ambition
can force them to go to any extent.
The first one is Arjun Verma.
Hey, Arjun. Pass the ball.
Arjun Verma.
I used to play football when I was small.
I used to play with my friends.
I lost football and also my friends...
because I lost my sight.
After I lost my parents,
my uncle brought me up.
But I grew up on my own,
when I was still very young.
Then one day, to give sight
to his blind son,
my uncle took away my sight.
No one must have ever betrayed
anybody in such a manner.
But one day, I will surely see.
I want to see how your world
is more beautiful
than my world.
That's my biggest ambition.
I don't want to know any of this.
I only want that Rahul...
This is your second student, Elias.
Sai Baba of Shirdi
I have come at your doorsteps
Sai Baba of Shirdi
Hey, man, you're in the first-class!
Oh, my Sai Baba, everyone call out to you
Please give me some money
I told you this is first-class.
This song is also first-class.
That's why I am singing the whole song.
-Sai Baba of Shirdi
-Hey, blind man!
Don't act smart!
Can't a blind man be smart?
-So what if I am blind, I am smart!
-Get lost!
You pushed me, you idiot!
You are still a middle-class man,
even though you travel in first-class!
You rogue, you'll be cursed with cancer.
If it gets cured, you'll get AIDS.
-You'll get AIDS.
-The train has left, Elias.
-Why are you shouting, Elias?
-My voice itself is loud.
But he's really going to suffer!
He'll end up in the hospital
and ask the doctors to check
if he has cancer.
-Greetings, Mushtaq.
Forget all that and keep
this lottery ticket. Take it.
-Lottery ticket!
-Chandu forced it on me.
Try it, maybe you'll be lucky.
I will be lucky
if I get to wear good clothes.
There will be pockets on those clothes
and money in those pockets.
It's hard cash!
Mushtaq, come what may,
one must have money.
Yes, it is very important.
And once I become rich,
I will buy myself a plane ticket.
I will wear an expensive suit,
sing English songs,
and beg in style!
-And I'll sing that song.
-Which song?
Give me alms!
Beg from your father and give me alms.
This is your third and the last student.
He's the most interesting,
and perhaps, the most dangerous of all.
His name is Vishwas Prajapati.
His story is very interesting.
Until three years ago, he could see.
There is brazenness and desperation
I am in a daze
Lose yourself into me
Forget everything else
Break this silence
This is the racing of the heartbeat
The heat of the breath
Let this love simmer
It's the consent of love
Oh, my darling!
My darling!
Oh, my darling!
My darling!
There is brazenness and desperation
I am in a daze
It is my desire, my heart's call
To surrender my life to you, oh, my love!
It is my desire, my heart's call
To surrender my life to you, oh, my love!
I began to feel restless
I began to lose myself in paradise
Hold me in your arms and don't stop then
There is brazenness and desperation
I am in a daze
Break all walls
Change tradition
Let everything go, oh, my love
Oh, my love
Break all walls
Change tradition
Let everything go, oh, my love
I am in your arms
Act sensibly and then passionately
There is desperation and even I seem lost
God is the greatest businessman.
"He snatched my sight
and gave me a special gift in return.
Sixth sense.
Your advertisement alerted my sixth sense.
Your advertisement
is not just any other workshop,
but it is something else.
Something dangerous.
Something dangerously exciting.
And that is why, I,
Vishwas Prajapati, am coming.
Whether you call me or not,
I... am coming."
These three will be coming
to meet you tomorrow morning, Neha.
-See, I...
-I will see.
I will watch everything.
I will see how you will train
these three men
to commit the most sensational
bank robbery in the world.
How you will fulfill my dream,
I will witness all that.
But I will watch discreetly.
These three should never know
who is behind all this.
When you start training here tomorrow...
Mr. Rajput, you are mad!
And I will never become
a part of your madness.
Not over my dead body!
Sister, save me, please! Save me, please!
Mr. Rajput, what are you doing?
Tomorrow morning at 9:00.
Sister, save me.
Please let me meet him once, Mr. Rajput.
Please let me meet Rahul once.
Please, Mr. Rajput!
Take me from here!
We've come afar
And have brought along with us
The gift of love
-Is anyone here?
I'm sorry, I'm early.
Actually, I just came to Bombay, so...
Sorry, midday, yes, no, orange, lemon,
first-class luggage,
to stop the train, pull the chain.
-I can speak only that much English.
Let's talk business now.
I must get my money soon.
-How much will you pay?
-I will accept anything you give.
What? You are asking money from me?
You're begging from a beggar?
Are you a politician?
Beggar? What are you saying?
What are you saying? I roam around
with this harmonium around my neck.
It's not a talisman. The rogue...
Hey! What nonsense is this?
You should know that I am blind.
If you are also blind,
how can you train me?
Listen, I think there has been
a misunderstanding.
Actually, I also came here
for the training.
That means you are blind like me.
-Come, sit.
First-class. I am already seated.
I'm sorry, I am late.
-Are you also blind?
That means, you are the one
who is going to train us.
Yes, I only advertised in the newspaper...
Excuse me. May I come in?
-You are?
-I'm Vishwas Prajapati.
Your uninvited guest.
Please come. My name is Neha Srivastav.
-And he is...
-Arjun Verma.
I'm Elias. And that should be enough.
-And you?
-My name is Neha Srivastav.
No, I am not talking about you.
I am talking about the fourth person here.
Fourth? There is no one here
apart from you and the three of us.
Are you sure?
Of course, I'm...
-Will you have water?
I want tea. Serve it with less water
and more tea leaves.
What is this workshop about, Neha?
This workshop is dangerous,
and very profitable for us.
We can gain millions.
That is why the first meeting
has been called here
and not in some training center.
Am I right, Miss Neha?
What nonsense is this?
The glass slipped from my hand.
I am so sorry.
Now, if your fourth man believes
that I truly am blind,
can we get to business?
Come with me. We will sit and talk
leisurely in the training center.
Please, come.
Miss Neha, it's either
you don't know this place
or you are pretending
not to know this place.
-What do you mean?
-My sixth sense can never fail me.
I know that apart from the four of us,
there is a fifth man here.
I know that.
Shall we go?
This game is interesting
Even death is amazing
Every moment here is exciting now
All the best
All the best
-This is that place, where...
-Tell us what we have to do.
Miss Neha, please
get straight to the point.
-Do we have to sing?
You have to...
You have to rob a bank for me,
for which I will pay you Rs. 5 million.
-Did you hear what I said?
-But how can we do that?
I don't care
I am just concerned about money
What have we got to do with that?
We accept it, boss!
Pay us Rs. 200,000 as advance payment.
This is ridiculous. Ridiculous!
Try to understand what I am saying, Arjun.
First, go and get your brains checked.
Arjun, wait!
Try to understand what I am saying.
I accepted.
Why are you trying to shoot me?
Arjun, listen to me. You have to do this,
or this time, I won't miss my target!
Convince him. Convince him, Vishwas.
He has no choice.
-Arjun! Arjun!
Why did you shoot?
Our plan is finished with him withdrawing.
The game will be over before it starts.
But you said there won't be any bloodshed.
And you promised that
if you want to see your brother alive...
you will help my plan succeed.
Go and convince him.
Or he will die alongside your brother.
I promise you that.
Arjun, you have Rs. 5 million on one hand,
and death, on the other.
I will never commit any crime
for money, okay?
You can give us your share of money.
Just do this job as a social service.
How will you leave this deserted place?
As a corpse on someone's shoulder.
She will not let him leave alive.
I can try. Goodbye.
No! Stop!
Had you moved even one step more,
you would be dead.
Arjun, stop. Stop or I'll shoot.
Without a gun?
If you wanted me dead,
you should have let me fall in the ditch.
Arjun, listen to me. I beg of you.
If you don't help me,
I will be in big trouble.
Look, Arjun, an innocent life...
What nonsense is this!
To get you out of trouble,
I should go rob a bank?
Madam, please.
I can only tell you
that if you leave now,
an innocent person
will lose his life, Arjun.
Please, Arjun.
If not to save your life,
stay to save someone else's life.
Please stay back. Please!
An almost identical model of the bank
has been placed before you.
It is similar to the original bank.
I will help you get familiar
with every part of the bank and...
-But how is that possible?
-He has to interrupt!
-The moment they find out we are blind...
-Only if they find out.
Arjun, you will behave like a normal,
sighted man, and not like a blind man.
While committing the heist,
only you will know that you are blind.
Everyone else will think you can see.
Then, why not get this job done
by normal-sighted men?
He has to interrupt.
Neha, kill him.
Arjun is right.
Neha, why did you choose us for this job?
Why us?
Because those who can see
do not have what you have.
You are blind, Vishwas.
It's the perfect alibi.
After the heist, by chance,
if anyone suspects you,
you only have to prove
that you are totally blind.
Then who will believe that three blind men
robbed a bank in broad daylight?
Believe me, your biggest drawback
is your biggest strength.
Now, let us familiarize ourselves
with the bank's geography.
I mean, it's dimensions, angles,
where the chairs,
and other things are placed.
You have to choose, feel,
and identify everything,
and fit an image of everything
in your brain.
Shall we start?
What fell down?
My tooth.
You're both blind and an idiot!
You are two in one!
Were you sitting on the floor
and playing marbles?
No, I was checking the floor.
Are you going to walk
on your hands in the bank?
-I said I am sorry.
-Sorry indeed!
Will it be okay if I kiss
your wife and say sorry?
Then I will choke you
and say I'm very sorry.
-You will choke me?
-With one hand!
-That too with one hand?
-Shall I show you?
Get lost! Who wants to kiss your wife!
I will kiss my girlfriend, that too,
with a chewing gum in my mouth.
Once I get my Rs. 5 million,
I will marry her.
Neha, forget this blind man, train me.
-Left, right. Left, right.
-Left, right. Left, right.
Hey, wait!
Every day, she ties up our feet together
and makes us march left, right, left!
Even your mouth should be tied up.
Come on, let's practice!
That is what I have been doing
for four days.
Even after removing the rope at night,
my legs feel trapped.
I sleep with my feet in the air.
What's the point?
Elias, if we don't march in step,
how will the plan succeed?
Neha will ask us to march
three steps ahead.
I will be here, Arjun, over there,
and God knows where you will be.
Our feet will work as our eyes
in the bank.
That is why our feet must march together.
Got it?
Do you understand?
That is why Neha asked us
to tie our feet together and walk.
-I understand! Neha told us! Come.
-Come on, practice it.
Neha! Neha!
A yes for him and a no for me.
Neha! Neha!
Vishwas, what is the time?
It's 5:45.
What have you got to do with the time?
Keep moving.
The poor girl in is trouble,
but you won't understand.
Even my friend, Mushtaq, is in trouble.
He suffers from an upset stomach
every day.
Will Arjun rob a bank for him?
But, Vishwas, because Neha told him...
"I have a cough, cold, and fever.
Arjun, rob a bank."
He's ready to do it!
Just you wait! You'll be a dead man!
We have started marching on the road
-With our brave hearts
-You'll be a dead man!
Arjun, stop! There is something ahead.
Arjun stop!
-What happened?
-What happened, Vishwas?
-Arjun, are you all right?
-Arjun fell in a ditch. Vishwas, bury him.
-Elias, shut up!
-Give me your hand.
-I won't give my hand to a fallen man.
Hold my hand. Elias, you hold my hand.
-Come up. Pull.
-Has he come out?
He has come out, hasn't he?
Push him in again. Drop him again!
Wait a minute. Are you badly hurt, Arjun?
Neha? No, I am fine.
-Call a doctor.
I'm going to kill him!
Neha, look, he is trying
to strip me off my clothes.
You are blind, yet you want
to commit rape? Help!
I am so sorry. I forgot to tell you...
That you dug a grave for us.
-Shall we start, Elias?
Okay, Elias.
The main door is behind you. Here.
Three steps ahead from here.
-One, two, three.
Go down four big steps from here.
-This is one, two, three, four.
-Now, turn right.
-I have turned.
-Three steps ahead.
-One, two, three.
This is the Inquiry counter, Elias.
Turn left from here and five steps ahead.
One, two, three, four, five.
Correct. There is a pillar
at seven steps from here.
Pillar at seven steps.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
Is there also a jungle after the pillar?
Elias, another seven steps from here.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
-This is the counter.
-Turn right from here.
-I turned.
Now, there is a sofa four steps ahead.
One, two, three, four.
-Now, turn in the opposite direction.
Like this.
Oh, you mean, turn around.
Here, I turn around. Now?
Now, there are counters four steps ahead.
Four steps. One, two, three, four.
Now from here, seven steps ahead.
-One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
-What is this?
-The Savings counter is here.
Five steps ahead from here
and one step up.
One, two, three, four, five
and one step up.
Correct. This is the Receipt counter.
-Payments are given here.
Please give me something
in the name of God.
Elias. Elias, now turn around.
Turn around.
You're speaking my language now.
Turn around.
-Now, take one step down from here.
-I go down.
Now, go eight steps
straight ahead from here.
Eight straight steps. One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight.
Here, it's eight.
The train has arrived on the platform!
-Elias, take one step ahead.
-I have climbed one step.
-Go three steps ahead from here.
-One, two, three.
-Turn left from here.
-I have turned.
Now, go 12 steps up from here.
I have to go 12 steps up now.
That's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
9, 10, 11, 12.
Very good, Elias.
Did you understand everything?
Just a minute.
I've memorized the entire map.
Watch the replay.
That's 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7,
6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.
Then, I turn and take three steps.
One, two, three.
Now, I step down.
Then, nine steps,
9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Then, one step up.
Then, take payment from here.
Then, I turn around.
Then, five steps down from here,
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
This is the Deposit counter. Then, I turn.
Then, eight steps from here,
8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
There is a counter here.
I turn around from here.
A sofa at four steps, 4, 3, 2, 1.
The sofa is here. I turn around.
Then a counter at four steps, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Here's the counter. I turn around.
Then the pillar at seven steps,
7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
A jungle here. Then seven steps,
7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
There's a fish tank here.
-Give me Rs. 2.
-Bravo, Elias. Keep it up. Keep it up.
Then on five steps is the counter,
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Did it open?
Did Arjun open his love account
in Neha's heart?
Then, I turn from here.
Then at three steps,
there are stairs. 3, 2, 1.
Then, four steps. 4, 3, 2, 1.
Then, three steps, 3, 2, 1.
What is ahead? It's the door!
There is a grill behind the door.
We have come to your doorsteps
All right Vishwas, concentrate.
Pay attention to the sound of the marbles.
Come on.
Elias, get ready. It's your turn now.
Did it break?
Yes, but you have to work very hard.
Here, work hard.
All right, Arjun.
Okay, Arjun.
Concentrate on the sound.
-What happened?
-I have never handled a gun before.
No, no, Arjun! What are you doing?
What happened?
I have never handled a gun before.
All right. First, place this hand
over my hand.
A hand over a hand!
Now, keep the other hand here.
What's going on?
-Now, hold it tight.
Let's leave. An adult film has begun.
Shut up!
She is teaching me how to use a gun.
Arjun is jealous, so what can I do?
Vishwas, there is a wheel 12 steps ahead.
Go and push it.
-That's 1, 2, 3, 4...
-Okay, Arjun.
-Concentrate on the sound.
-five, six...
seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve.
Did it break?
Everything broke except the bottle.
Who named you Arjun?
Vishwas, I can die in peace now.
I have found two friends
who can be my pallbearers.
Man is stupid. He is afraid of death.
He spends his entire life
preparing for death,
yet, he is afraid of death.
What can I say?
Arjun is crazy about Neha.
He cries about his future.
And you cry over your past.
What are you trying to say?
As if you did not understand.
Don't pretend.
I know you sit with her picture
in your hand every evening.
You put it back in your pocket,
didn't you?
Even I have a brain.
Whose memory do you hold
close to your heart?
Tell me. If you consider me your friend,
you will tell me.
Even I will feel better
if I hear your tear-jerking story.
I will feel I have company.
I'm not the only one who is sad.
Tell me.
Raina. Her name was Raina.
-She was my fiance.
She got married.
I understand. You became blind,
so she threw you out of her life.
No, I am not sad that she left.
Even if I turned blind, that does not mean
that even she should avoid me.
She could have met with me
at least once...
even if it was just as a friend.
I, myself, would have said no to her.
What hurts me is that
she didn't even give me a chance...
to express how much I loved her.
What a destiny!
How tragic is your story.
One has become Majnu and the other one
is going to become Ranjha.
Even if the moon falls off from the sky,
his bottle will never break.
Okay, Vishwas, now this game
has become very dangerous.
If you miss your aim,
the bullet will hit me.
So be very careful, okay?
All right, Vishwas.
Elias, come forward now.
Now, I am giving a plate to Elias.
And I am giving this gun to Mr. Arjun.
What are you saying?
Come on. Arjun, shoot.
What shoot?
Arjun, target the plate.
Stupid, have you gone crazy?
You are giving him the gun.
Arjun, please don't shoot.
Keep the gun down.
I swear Elias,
I will not target the plate.
Hey, no!
Arjun, Elias always asks you
who gave you the name, Arjun.
Prove to him that you deserve
to be named Arjun.
-What are you doing?
-Shoot him.
-No, dear...
-Vishwas, you cheat!
Hey, you know his ability in shooting.
He even brushes on his eyes.
Arjun, if the bullet hits me,
I will beat you!
Arjun, no!
-After you die? As a ghost?
-No! No! No!
-I am gone.
-Yes, as a ghost.
Here's another! And another!
Arjun, for the sake of Neha!
To stop the train, pull the chain.
Arjun is the train and Neha is the chain.
-Keep pulling it.
-Stop this nonsense, Elias!
You take your position. Stand here.
-Arjun, you shoot!
-Be careful.
-Of course.
What happened, Elias?
Look, he's acting as if he's in pain.
Put some sense into him.
Arjun, Vishwas, his eyes are bleeding.
-Elias, is it painful?
-What is happening, Elias?
My master Ibrahim applied poisonous paste
on my eyes to make me blind.
Do something.
This happens every
every three to four days.
I used to tell him, "I've had enough.
I have become blind."
These are my eyes and not food
in which you can keep adding spices on.
Let's take him inside.
Vishwas, after firing the first shot,
the first thing you'll have to do
is break the burglar alarm.
If some officer presses the alarm,
it will start ringing
in all the police stations.
And within five minutes,
the police will reach the bank.
But the moment the alarm breaks,
within 20 seconds,
the safe deposit vault door
will close automatically.
Vishwas, you have to stop
that door from closing
or the container with the jewelry
will get locked inside.
-Did he fall?
-Shut up!
He will make it the next time.
-Do you find it funny?
-Sure, he will make it.
Do you want to bet?
I am not that stupid
to bet on a blind man.
Good boy.
Give me the ball!
-Arjun, catch the ball!
-Give me the ball!
Hey, you idiot!
Don't hit me with the ball!
-Make a goal.
-Show him you are worthy of your name!
I'll tell you who named me Arjun!
Neha, put some sense in your boyfriend.
Ask him to go after you,
why is he after me?
Be careful!
Keep quiet, so that he
won't know where you are.
Elias, keep quiet.
-The rain has made him go crazy.
-Don't let him find you.
You talk too much!
I told you to keep quiet!
He cannot stay quiet.
He will keep talking even when he dies.
Here you go.
-Lift him. One, two, three!
-Let's swing him.
We are sending you to your girlfriend.
Throw the ball towards me.
Hold on to him. I am bringing the ball.
Hold him.
Take away this wealth
But give me back my youth
Give me back my childhood days
A paper yacht, the water of the rain
Thank you.
Wow, Elias, you sing well.
I've been a great singer
since I was a child.
I kept singing the same song that day.
I sang "Happy birthday" for myself.
My mother was going to buy
a cake from Suleman Bakery.
It was my fifth birthday.
I could not wait until Mom
bought the cake home.
So even I went after her.
When I walked a little,
I realized that I lost my way.
I kept standing there and crying.
I thought my mom will come
and take me home.
Ibrahim came and took me
to his house in Lower Parel.
He took me away from my mom.
My mom used to tell me,
whenever I am in trouble or afraid,
I must pray to God.
I kept looking at a mosque
in the distance and fell asleep.
When I opened my eyes, I could not see.
He blinded me in my sleep.
My life became hell.
This is my mom's handkerchief.
It still smells of her,
the fragrance of my childhood.
When I die, cover me with it.
I won't feel like I
am in the arms of death,
but in the arms of my mother.
Come on, let's talk about something else.
Do you go out? I go to hear films.
I have to know which songs
are most popular with the public.
I have to sing that song in the train.
-Of course. And Vishwas, you?
-Why, won't he come?
His sixth sense helps him know
the whole story.
So, magician, is some new magic
playing in your head?
Two things.
Neha is not what she seems to be.
You are absolutely right. The poor girl...
Oh, my god! She's a poor girl, indeed!
You are a magician, he is a Romeo,
and I am a beggar.
-But she needs to be pitied.
-Shut up!
Will you marry her?
Do you want to have kids with her?
Then feed your child through his mouth
and not through her ear.
We have to stick together
and remain friends.
During and after doing the robbery,
we have to work together.
If being blind is our weakness,
then our unity is our armor, our strength.
We should not leave each other's side.
You mean, the support of one blind man
is another blind man.
And the second blind man's support
is the third blind man.
The three of us can do wonders together!
-We will succeed one day!
-We will succeed one day!
-We will succeed one day!
-We will succeed one day!
-Arjun and Elias, and also Vishwas!
-Arjun and Elias, and also Vishwas!
-We will succeed one day!
-We will succeed one day!
A torn pocket can be stitched
You will get everything you want
Even your good days will come
And surprise you
You should not stop, not tire
But keep moving in life
Why worry?
You are right
Why be anxious?
You are right
A torn pocket can be stitched
You will get everything you want
Even your good days will come
And surprise you
You should not stop, not tire,
But keep moving in life
Why worry?
You are right
Why be anxious?
You are right
You want to eat chicken curry
But you need money for that
But since you have only Rs. 10
Have a half cup of tea and fritters
You want to eat chicken curry
But you need money for that
But since you have only Rs. 10
Have a half cup of tea and fritters
Don't cry over your fate
Just keep moving in life
Why worry?
You are right
Why be anxious?
You are right
Your days may be dark today
But they will brighten
It will be we who will be rich
Someone else will be poor
We will have so much money
That the income tax officer
Will be after us
A torn pocket can be stitched
You will get everything you want
Even your good days will come
And surprise you
You should not stop, not tire,
But keep moving in life
Why worry your brains?
You are right
Why take tension?
You are right
A torn pocket can be stitched!
You will get everything you want!
Don't sing out of tune!
Even your good days will come
And surprise you
You should not stop, not tire
But keep moving in life
But keep moving in life
But keep moving in life
Why worry?
You are right
Why be anxious?
You are right
You are right
You are right
You are right
Even the power of sense
has its own importance.
And that can be experienced
when we get into a situation.
These mannequins can only
give you an idea.
But in the bank, anyone can come
from anywhere for any reason,
and you can only save yourself from them,
only you can judge that.
All right. This is the bank,
and the people in it. Start.
He is begging by singing a song
even in the bank.
Your phone is ringing.
That's good perfume.
This is fun. Yes, it feels like
I'm roaming on an empty platform.
Neha, bring all these men to the bank.
It will be fun. They will...
I told you! This plan is impossible
and I'm right.
Even a small mistake by us will make
the plan fail, like it failed just now.
When we cannot do anything
with these mannequins,
what more will happen in the bank?
Yes, Neha. However hard you try,
three blind men cannot rob a bank.
Look, Mr. Goenka. It's Ekadashi
on the 27th of October.
On that day, the bank
will transfer to the new office.
I have been performing
the Ekadashi prayers for 20 years.
If I perform the prayers
for the last year here...
All right, Rajput. You do it this time,
but remember...
Mr. Goenka,
I'll never break the tradition
of performing the Ekadashi
prayers every year.
I promise you that.
I had so many dreams. But in one stroke...
-I am leaving in the evening.
Where? Do I have a bungalow
at every station?
You still ask me where I will go!
In the end, where would a prostitute go?
To a brothel!
My brothel is the local train.
Why are you crying, Elias? We tried.
What is most likely to happen?
We return to our old lives again.
But that poor girl's sorrow is greater.
He is talking about Neha again!
Someone please put some sense into him.
No, Elias, just think. What about her?
Sir, you saw I tried my best.
I tried my best, sir.
But, sir, I have been performing
Ekadashi prayers in the bank
for the last 20 years.
What? Mr. Rajput, you saw
Elias's one mistake...
It is my mistake.
It is my mistake, I accept.
But this is the last Ekadashi prayers
in the old office.
Like every year, I should be given
a chance to perform it.
It will be a great favor.
Mr. Rajput, why don't you listen...
Yes, I am listening, Mr. Vijay Singh.
I accept your proposal.
All right, you will perform
the prayers this year, too.
Don't you understand?
Even I will be present
in the main office that day.
Do you have any idea
which part of the bank you are standing?
This token machine is probably
not working.
I am standing near the water cooler.
Now, I am standing
near counter number ten.
That means you will...
I will go perform the Ekadashi prayers.
And after supervising the entire heist,
I will return.
These three will take me hostage
and run away from there.
And I, myself, will bring them
back here safely.
How's that?
Sir, I need a form to open a new account.
Can I get it?
This painting is beautiful,
especially the cap.
Can you tell me where you bought
the painting from?
Sorry, I don't know or just a minute
or it was bought from somewhere.
It's okay or I'll wait or thank you.
Excuse me.
I am from Raheja and Raheja Company.
I want a form for a safety deposit box.
Go to counter number one.
Mr. Ingle, give him a form.
Thank you.
Excuse me. Water.
-The water cooler is in that corner.
Can I get the sports page?
Let me read it first,
then I'll give it to you.
Hello, Mister! What is this?
This is a glass for drinking water
but it is so dirty. What is this?
There will be six files in this briefcase.
You'll have to put more perfume
in this file. It doesn't smell.
Your briefcase is very nice.
Is it imported?
-Where did you buy it from?
It is very necessary
that while exchanging the gun...
Don't keep on giving advice every time.
Whatever has to be done in the bank,
we have to do it.
You don't have to do anything.
And, anyway, your man
will be present in the bank.
Watchman, when the security van arrives,
inform me.
Neha, I feel strange in this.
Can't I wear something else?
Arjun, it is very important
that you wear this.
But why?
Because it's a perfect alibi.
If you get caught for some reason,
it is necessary for everyone to think
that there were two men
and a woman involved.
-Now, come on!
-Arjun. Now!
The watchman will say, "I will help you."
Wrong, Arjun. Let the watchman
bend completely first. Okay? Come on.
Hands up! Everyone raise their hands
and come and stand near counter
number nine and ten. Hurry!
Please don't shoot.
If anyone moves, I'll kill him.
Don't move! No one moves!
Nobody will move.
Nobody moves!
You! Yes, you.
Do one thing. I will count up to ten.
Go there and get the container
and keep it on this red handkerchief.
Or Number One, shoot him!
Yes, Number Two.
No one will move!
These belong to our customers.
Please don't take them.
If you talk too much,
I will blow off your brains!
Number Three, pick this container
and go out. Quick!
No one will move!
Look, all the jewelry is marked.
You cannot sell them.
We can sit down and strike a deal.
-Please listen to me.
-We are ready to make a deal.
But in exchange for our freedom,
you'll come!
is stranger than fiction...
Vilasrao Jefferson is my soul
which no one can separate me from.
You are fired!
Tomorrow morning, my three blind men...
will fool the entire world
and begin an unimaginable,
extraordinary, bizarre game.
And my revenge will begin!
Our security agency
will diligently fulfill
the responsibility of transferring
all the jewelry and money
from the old office to the new office
of Vilasrao Jefferson Bank.
We will leave the old office at 9:30
and reach the new office at 10:00.
Not a minute less, not a minute more.
Hail Lord Ganesh!
Just looking at Him
Fulfills all your wishes!
Hail Lord Ganesh!
Just looking at Him
Fulfills all your wishes!
Hail Lord Ganesh!
Just looking at Him
Fulfills all your wishes!
Hail Lord Ganesh!
Just looking at Him
Fulfills all your wishes!
Hail Lord Ganesh!
Vishwas, God knows what
is going to happen today.
But if anything happens to me,
take care of my harmonium.
Hurry up, Gafoor. All the wood has rotten.
It is infested with white ants.
Take it to the dumping ground and burn it.
-Yes, madam.
Sir, your provident fund check
will be ready in a short while.
No problem, I'll wait. Thank you.
I'll wait here.
I'll wait here.
I have received special permission
from the Police Chief.
If anyone tries to attack our trucks,
just shoot them, okay?
Come on, boys, come on!
You sent me to the bank
even when a cricket match is on.
It's four! Four! Father, bet Rs. 200,000
on Anwar and Afridi
making a century in partnership!
Heed my advice sometimes, Father.
Give the phone to Meenakshi.
Your TV is very nice.
It's Toshiba. It's imported.
It was made abroad.
-Was it made in Japan?
-It's foreign.
When Dilnaz says it's from Japan,
it's from Japan.
Hey, Mr. Rajput!
You walk like a lion in a cage.
Is there any problem?
No. Actually, this is our last day
in the old office for all of us.
That is why I am feeling
a little restless.
That's true. You started your career here.
Yes. This is where it started and ended.
Today is the last day.
I won't get such a chance again.
All the best, Arjun, Vishwas,
you remember everything, don't you?
-Yeah. We are prepared.
-We are prepared.
-Elias, do you remember?
-Yes, I remember everything.
I have to go in.
What is the first line I have to say?
-What are you doing, Elias?
-I was just joking, Neha.
There will be a man sitting
at the Inquiry counter.
I will go and tell him that I want
to open a new account
and if I can I get a form
Dilnaz, there is no one
at the Inquiry counter. You go there.
Hi. Good morning.
I want to open an account.
I want a form, sir.
You called me "sir"?
-That is what I was told to say.
-You are too much!
You are too much!
That is what I was told to say!
If Dilnaz says you are too much,
you are too much!
-Your Dilnaz...
-What is the matter, girl?
Sir, this man...
I told her, "Madam, give me a form."
She says she is not a madam.
No, sir, he...
This is good.
The painting behind you is beautiful.
Especially the cap.
Where did you buy it from?
-I don't know. And here is your form.
-Thank you.
Sir, I have come
from Raheja and Raheja Company.
Where is the safe deposit box?
Go to counter number one.
Ingle, give him the details
for the safe deposit box.
-The water cooler is in that corner.
Excuse me, is that today's newspaper?
-Give me the Sports page.
-Hey, sixer!
Give me the Sports page.
Shall I invest 100,000 more?
-Yes, Father.
-The Sports page, please.
Hey, man, you have to say
the dialogue now.
Has my check been cleared?
It's your dialogue now.
Have you forgotten?
You have to say, you'll give it
after you've finished reading.
Say it.
You are not paying attention.
You don't even come for the rehearsals.
Say you'll give it
after you finish reading it.
Shut up!
Good! I thought the token machine
was not working.
It's working fine.
Hey again, sixer!
Where did he go? Did he pick my pocket?
What is this?
Is this a glass for drinking water?
Look, it is so dirty. What is this?
You people don't do any work.
Jyoti, call Sawant.
What now, partner?
When you don't say your dialogues,
that messes up my act.
Go now. Go now.
-I'm sorry, sir.
-Are you blind? Can't you see?
-Is it real?
-Shut up!
-Is it loaded?
-Don't talk nonsense.
-Is your briefcase imported?
-I'm sorry, I made a mistake.
Inform me as soon
as the security vans arrive.
Yes, sir.
Madam, I'll help you.
What happened, madam?
Watchman? Then, who was he?
-Oh, god, my purse!
-What happened?
-Your purse?
-My purse has been stolen.
I was keeping it over there.
I will die without it.
Don't die, I will find it for you.
Raju, check here.
-What happened, dear?
-Check here. You, be here.
-Hey, you!
You were the one who was asking me
about the painting.
-Yes, it was me.
-It must be you who stole my purse.
You are doubting on your father, my child.
You thief! You goon! You ruffian!
Why are you cursing me?
-What nonsense are you talking about!
-You stole it!
I have not started stealing anything yet.
If Dilnaz says you stole it,
that means stole it.
Please behave yourself.
What is the matter?
He stole my purse. Call the police.
Not now, call it later.
There is still time for that.
-Relax! Relax!
Excuse me, sir.
Look, Dilnaz, he is our customer.
-Customer, my foot!
-No, Dilnaz.
When Dilnaz says my foot,
then it's my foot.
Shall I call the police?
Okay, that's enough!
-Mahadevan, where are you?
-Yes, sir.
Is this the way to speak with a client?
I am not at fault.
I was told to inquire about the painting.
What is this stupidity?
I just inquired about the painting
and I have turned as a thief.
When I turned behind,
you stole my purse. I know it.
Oh, Prem you had gave me that purse.
He stole the purse I gave you? You...
I swear on my harmonium
that I did not steal the purse.
You don't trust me?
Then you can search me.
Yes, Prem, search him.
Why should I allow you to search me?
Dilnaz asked me to search you,
then I will search you.
-Wait. Wait.
What were you thinking?
If you search me, I will search Dilnaz.
That will be tough on you.
Dilnaz asked me to search you,
then I will search you.
For your satisfaction,
I will search him, okay?
No, I will not allow you to search me.
-No one will touch my body.
-He will not let you.
The bastard!
Hey! What are you doing here?
-You go there and do your duty. Go.
-Okay, sir.
Sir, look...
Today is Friday. I fast on Fridays.
No one will touch my body today.
Believe me, when I search you,
I will not find anything on you.
-Are you sure?
-Yes, I am sure.
Then, why put your hand in my pocket?
Look, there are only ten minutes left
for the security van to arrive.
We have very little time.
-No, no.
-Oh, my god!
Why don't you tell him
there will be no problem if I search him?
-I'll talk to him.
Look, mister, allow him to search you.
He is a nice man.
No, I will not allow myself
to be searched.
Please let him search you.
He is a nice man.
I am fed up! I will go home.
I am not interested in this.
Let him search you, Elias, you idiot!
Idiot! Please let him search you.
I will allow him,
but don't blame me later.
Nothing will happen.
All right.
Madam, you are still here?
-Search me.
-There's nothing.
Did you find anything? Search some more.
Stay back. Stay back!
Why is there such a huge crowd?
There were no crowds
in the rehearsal, but here...
I instruct the directions, let me go!
Number Three, take your place!
All of you go and stand
near counters number 7, 8, 9, and 10.
With your hands raised. Hurry!
-You have come?
Everybody leave.
Please don't shoot.
Number One, Number Three,
take your positions. Nobody moves.
-Don't move.
-Look in front of you.
If anyone moves, Number One,
shoot them dead.
If anyone moves,
I'll gorge out their eyes.
And his, too.
-Who? Me?
Yes, you.
Do one thing. I will count up to ten.
You go and get the box containing jewelry
and keep it on this red handkerchief.
Please, count until 20.
The box is very heavy.
Do as they are saying. Hurry!
Sir, Dilnaz says it is very heavy.
Then, you also go with her.
What are you doing?
Don't try to abscond
from the Inquiry counter.
I warned you not to move!
Oh my God!
Are you trying to act smart?
I made a mistake by mistake.
-What were you doing?
-I was going to check the car.
Car? Shall I clean up your carburetor?
I am the only son of my father and mother.
-Do you have just one father?
-Just one father and one mother.
Just one father and one mother?
You're acting smart, aren't you?
Open your mouth.
Keep this inside your mouth
as a toothbrush.
Did you brush your teeth?
Keep it as a toothbrush in your mouth.
What, it fell down?
-The gun.
-Pick it up!
Now, keep it in your mouth.
Open your mouth!
Did you keep it?
Correct. Now stand still.
Did all of you see?
A new toothbrush! Vicco Vajradanti.
Keep it there. Over the red cloth!
Look, this is our customers' jewelry.
Don't take that, please.
Number Three, pick the box and go out.
-Listen to me, please!
Look, you will not be able
to sell this jewelry in the market.
It doesn't matter, we will wear it.
We can sit and talk and strike a deal.
-No one will say anything.
-Listen to me. This will not help.
You are committing a crime.
All this jewelry is marked.
-Shut up!
You will not succeed in this.
Where are you taking me?
-Look, look...
-Keep quiet!
You cannot escape. You...
-Number One?
-Are you ready?
Come on! Hurry!
-Come on, be quick.
-Come on, be quick.
-I said stop!
Open the door!
-Where is the car?
-It's over there.
Take the car to Byculla station. Fast!
-Who is he?
-Keep quiet, I'll tell you later.
Just get out of here quickly.
Are you blind? Can't you drive properly?
Put it in gear.
You two did not do it right.
Who have you brought along?
-Can I go back?
-You cannot go back.
Just keep moving.
-Vishwas, turn the car.
-Arjun, you are crazy!
You both are crazy.
It is not right to cheat Neha like this.
Turn back the car.
-All right.
-Turn back the car!
Keep moving ahead!
-Turn back.
-Keep moving.
Shailesh, just keep driving quietly.
Vishwas, it is not right
to cheat Neha like this.
I have not cheated Neha.
We are not going to run away
with this loot.
We will go straight
to the training center.
Then why did you have to do all this?
Neha has promised us
that everything will be all right.
I trust Neha,
but not the man who is with her.
We have done this
for our own safety and security.
That is why I changed
the entire plan. Understand?
And you did not think
it was necessary to tell me.
What kind of friendship is this?
-Arjun, try to understand...
What do we do with this driver?
We will let him go.
-Yes, go straight ahead!
Please don't kill me.
I am a God-fearing man.
That is why I am sending you to Him.
-Good morning, sir.
-Good morning.
-Your name?
-Sir, I'm Dilnaz.
And I am Prem.
-Give me the sack.
And the box, too.
Give me the box.
-Come out.
Shailesh, hail a taxi quietly.
How can I hail a taxi if I keep quiet?
-Sing a song and hail it.
-Shut up, Elias!
You shut up.
People will be shocked to hear
a man's voice from under a veil.
-Shailesh, hail a taxi.
-Say anything.
-What do I say?
You don't shout, "Helicopter!"
to hail a taxi.
-Shout, "Taxi!"
Who will hear you
if you call out so softly?
-Shout loudly!
-Taxi! Father!
Is your father a taxi driver?
-Where do you want to go?
-I want to go home.
I mean, to Shamim Street.
No, we have to go to Borivali,
Pandurang Naka.
You said we are going
to the training center.
-Then, what is going on?
-We will keep changing taxis,
so that the police cannot find us.
Let's go.
-Do you know Pandurang Naka in Borivali?
-No? Then, take it there.
-I don't understand.
I mean, you drive, I'll guide you.
Yes, I know. You mean,
those three men who came...
No, sir. It was two men and a woman
who was wearing a veil.
And the man who came
to open a new account.
He had a very strange name.
-What was his name?
All the three addressed each other
not by name but by numbers.
Sir, please, if Dilnaz says
they called by names...
No, sir. His name starts with "E."
-What was his name?
-Yes. E...
-Come on, you can do it, Dilnaz.
-For the sake of our love!
-Yes! Idiot!
Take it. Keep the change.
What a fancy dress.
This is Neha. Where are you, Mr. Rajput?
I am in the bank.
Listen! The news of the heist
has spread in the entire city.
Meet me in the parking lot of Fountain.
I am coming there.
Hey, I have become a rich man!
See how I look in this attire.
Look at my suit, my boot
Like a beggar from London
I think he is gaining consciousness.
And I am about to lose consciousness
because of joy.
I enjoyed robbing the bank.
Vishwas, come, let's rob
another bank together.
Work with you again? Never!
And what were you told to ask?
Is the bag imported? And what did you ask?
Hey, brother, is this gun real or fake?
Are the bullets in it real or fake?
Thank the heavens that no one
realized we are blind.
Can I leave now?
Hey, Elias, come on, hurry up.
Neha will arrive soon.
-Where is that box?
-Take it.
Hide it in a safe place, all right?
Put it in an absolutely safe place.
I know a place.
It is such a place, that after hiding it,
even I won't know where I have hidden it.
-Vishwas, take my advice, don't send him.
-I will find it, stupid!
You two stop fighting now.
You go quickly.
Neha will come anytime now.
Listen, don't drink.
I'll kill all of them.
I'll kill of them, Neha.
-No, Mr. Rajput.
-I swear I'll kill them.
Mr. Rajput, it is possible
that by mistake they...
Give them the benefit of the doubt.
-I only told them...
-You told them?
That if anything goes wrong
for any reason,
they should come to the training center.
Maybe they are over there.
We should first check...
If they did this deliberately...
-No, no, Mr. Rajput.
-Then I will...
Hey, this is a one-way street. Move out!
-Please help this blind man.
-Come on. Move!
Please help this blind man.
He will bless you.
A blind man will bless me?
Vishwas, we've brought him here
but what will we do with him?
We'll see.
-Hey, he is not here!
Shailesh, don't move!
You know how good my aim is. Don't move!
-Vishwas, where did he go?
-Arjun, keep quiet.
Let me hear his movement.
Shailesh. Don't play with me..
Vishwas, what have you done?
-I did not do anything.
-Then who killed him?
I did not shoot.
-Then who did?
-I did.
Neha, you? You killed the poor man?
Take his body and bury it
in a ditch behind.
-You killed the poor man?
-Do as I say! Or...
Or what will you do?
What about the promise?
-Arjun, don't argue with her.
-But Vishwas...
Even our time will come.
What happened to your sixth sense?
Didn't your sixth sense know then
that the poor man will be killed?
-Calm down, Arjun.
-How can I calm down?
I am digging someone's grave
and you are asking me to calm down!
I can understand. I understand everything.
But Neha can never do this.
And you know this very well.
Yes, I do, but...
You promised Mr. Rajput
that there will be no bloodshed.
And I promise you
that if you don't help me
get back my money,
I will kill each one of you.
And, yes, this time. I will not break
my promise. I promise you.
I don't understand anything, Vishwas.
Everything will be clear.
If he comes before us this time,
everything will be clear.
Come, let's go.
Arjun, please! Tell me where Elias is.
Or what will you do?
Will you kill us too
like you killed that innocent man?
I did not...
Yes, I killed him.
And you are responsible for that.
Instead of taking my man
as hostage from the bank,
you picked up someone else and cheated me.
We did not cheat anybody.
Do you understand that?
And, yes, if we wanted,
instead of coming here,
we could have run away.
But we did not do that.
Get this clear, Neha, until we are sure
that we are not at risk
from you and the police,
we will keep the box
containing the loot with us.
And, yes, we have sent Elias
to hide the loot in a safe place.
Where did you send him, Arjun?
Where did you send Elias?
Where is Elias?
You are the firefly. I am the flame.
Come to me, my Coca Cola!
I am an overflowing drink
Of love
Drink me before I overflow
I am an overflowing drink
Drink me before I overflow
Try every intoxication before you get high
Try every intoxication before you get high
I am an overflowing drink
Drink me before I overflow
Try every intoxication before you get high
Try every intoxication before you get high
Drink secretly, without anyone
Knowing if you want
But include me in your high
My love will give you a high
My beauty will give you a high
Even my gait will give you a high
Think again before you get sober again
You also serve me a drink
Before I turn sober again
Meet my blooming youth
Meet my glowing beauty
Mess my hair, ruin my makeup
Make me go crazy
Put me on a high before you turn sober
Put me on a high before you turn sober
I am an overflowing drink
Drink me before I overflow
I am an overflowing drink.
Drink me before I overflow
Try every intoxication before you get high
Try every intoxication before you get high
Are you sure that the information
you got from the taxi union
is absolutely accurate?
-Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
-Are you sure?
-Hello, sir.
-Hello. Sit down.
The first taxi, MRF 2276.
Driver's name, Yusuf Tyrewala.
-From Byculla to Borivali. Right?
-Yes, sir.
The second taxi, MRP 6409.
Driver's name, Sadguru Shetty.
-From Borivali to Mahim. Is that right?
-Yes, sir.
The third taxi, MRC 7625.
From Mahim to Shamim Street.
-Is it right?
-Yes, sir.
Call the three taxi drivers here.
-What happened?
-Sir, this man...
-What is it?
Sir, I found this wallet
at the place from where they took a taxi.
-Come with me.
Sir, it was near Borivali, Pandurang Naka.
Sir, they were behaving strangely.
Sir, one of them even dashed
against me, his nose..
-One minute.
-Check this wallet carefully.
-Yes, sir.
What about his nose?
Sir, his nose was fake.
I saw his face up close.
-You're saying you saw his real face.
A betel-leaf from Benaras
Opens up the mind
Such wonders will I work
Then everything will be mine
A boy from the local train
Can you give the police department
a proper description of his face?
Yes, sir.
Bank robbers
What happened? Is the sketch ready or not?
How much longer will it take?
It is almost ready.
Once he says it's okay, it will be ready.
I am a light drink
I am a light drink
Let me taste it!
This is the man who bumped into me!
-Yashwant. Yashwant!
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
-This is our man.
And if my guess is right,
this man must be hiding in Shamim Street
-with his accomplices.
-Yes, sir.
Yashwant, get his image posted
on every wall of Shamim Street.
We will search every house
in Shamim Street.
We'll ask every person living there.
I want this man within the next 24 hours,
dead or alive.
Let's go to Shamim Street.
Come on, move!
Check every corner, every house,
every square,
wherever there is a possibility,
check that place.
We have to solve this case tonight.
Come on, quick!
Come on, let's go!
Stop that!
Hurry up. Come on.
Have some shame!
Why should I feel ashamed?
I am not committing robbery.
I am doing it openly.
And I'm relieving myself.
Arjun, it is 12:30 midnight.
Where is Elias?
He has run away.
Now, he will sell the jewelry
and buy a train for himself.
Shut up, Arjun! You...
He will roam alone in his train.
He will beg and sing songs for himself,
and also give alms to himself.
Bye, Elias! Don't ever meet us again!
And her? Never!
Let him kill. Let him shoot.
At least, he will come out
in the open on that excuse.
Come out, you...
Come and face us, you coward.
Come out! Out!
I am here Vishwas, right before you.
We need to talk to each other.
Man to man. What do you have to say?
-It was you in the bank, wasn't it?
-Yes, it was me!
I am the maker, planner,
director of this entire game.
Are you happy?
Now tell me Vishwas, where is Elias?
Elias' face has been recognized.
The police has surrounded
the entire Shamim Street.
Do you know that Elias's image
has been posted everywhere?
Elias is in danger. I can sense it.
Vishwas, relax.
They are here somewhere.
-Everybody has been lying to me!
-Neha, believe me, no one cheated you.
I don't trust you!
But, Neha, no one has cheated you.
Everybody is lying to me.
-You don't understand.
You don't know what can happen.
-You don't know Rajput, Arjun.
-I know.
My Rahul.
My Rahul.
Rahul? Neha, who is Rahul?
Rajput has taken my younger brother
away from me.
Despite having a gun in my hand,
I cannot kill him.
I wonder how my brother is.
Is he is alive or not?
Neha, listen to me.
I joined this plan to save someone's life.
I didn't even know who it was.
But I know you now. I love you, Neha.
Believe me, Rahul will be safe.
All three of us will leave
this place unharmed.
Come here. Go up.
Come on. Come with me.
Over here! Come on, hurry!
-Go in this lane. Hurry up!
-Yes, sir. Come on.
-The rest of you, come here.
-Okay, this way.
Some of you, go up.
Some of you, go up. Half of you, go down.
-Check properly!
-Let's go.
You made him run away. I know it!
But rest assured that I will not let
your conspiracy succeed.
-I will...
-I am an overflowing drink
Elias, where have you been?
Where is that box? Elias, please say it.
Ibrahim, how did your voice
become so soft?
Don't tell anyone anything.
Just stay quiet.
You bastard! Tell me where
you have hidden the box.
-His voice has gone hoarse again.
-Keep quiet, Elias.
His eyes are bleeding.
-Please, Elias.
-Oh, it's painful.
My eyes are bleeding again.
Come on, follow me.
His fever is very high.
Even the blood won't seem to stop flowing.
We must do something.
If he is not given proper treatment,
he will die.
Tell me, where's my jewelry?
Come on, speak up!
I will tell you, but on one condition.
First, get him treated.
Then I will tell you where the loot is.
-I want the loot first.
You'll get your loot, but right now.
Elias's life is in danger.
-He needs a doctor. Help. Please.
-Call the doctor.
Okay. The doctor is here.
He's in Shamim Street.
-You two go. Come on, hurry!
-The doctor...
-Don't argue with me.
You say your friend, your brother is sick.
Get the ambulance.
It will be easier to take Elias
and escape in an ambulance.
Dr. Siddiqui. Block 38.
Have you checked that house on the hill?
No, sir.
Leave the witness and other people here.
The rest, come with me.
Vishwas's sixth sense is really good.
Elias's life is in danger.
The police have recognized his face.
will have to die.
What are you saying, Mr. Rajput!
-You loved to laugh, didn't you?
-Mr. Rajput.
-You laughed at everything.
-You told me...
-Where is the box?
-What are you doing?
-Where is the box?
-What are you doing to him?
-Come on!
-What are you doing?
-Look, Elias.
-Leave him.
Tell me where the box is.
-Or you will die laughing.
-Leave him.
-Mr. Rajput, leave him.
-Get off the way!
Arjun, I sense danger.
Elias's life is in danger.
Tell me where it is.
No, no, no...
Tell me. Tell me.
Elias. Elias, just tell me
where you have hidden the loot
and I will spare you.
-Elias! Elias! Elias!
Elias. Elias!
Oh, god!
Oh, god!
Elias! Elias! Elias!
You killed him.
You killed him!
-No, I did not kill him.
-You killed him!
-You yourself saw he went in the balcony.
-Don't lie to me!
What are you saying?
Didn't he fall off the balcony?
You killed him and I will kill you!
Don't be crazy. Neha.
-Don't be...
-I will kill you.
Your brother...
Rahul is still in my custody.
The police will be here in a while.
And I will tell them the truth.
If the police come here,
you will be in trouble.
You'll be in trouble, Neha.
You were the one who gave
special training to three blind men.
The advertisement I gave in the newspaper
was in your name.
And the whole world knows
that there was one woman
among the people who robbed the bank.
And you are that woman.
If the police interrogates me,
this is what I will say.
And you will be in the police dragnet.
You cannot kill me.
In fact...
you are my armor.
And as long as you are alive,
nothing will happen to me.
And what if I am no longer alive?
-What do you mean?
-I am your armor.
As long as I am alive, Vishwas and Arjun
can never come out of this.
Look, look, Neha...
I may not be able to save Rahul,
but I can surely save Vishwas and Arjun.
Neha, listen to me.
You were right, Rajput.
Who will believe that three blind men
robbed a bank in broad daylight?
Look, Neha. Just...
Now, Vishwas and Arjun's biggest strength
will be their weakness...
and my death.
Neha! No!
Look, the police
will be here any time. You...
You... What...
I... I didn't kill her.
I didn't kill her, Arjun. Arjun!
What are you doing?
The police will be here any time.
I didn't kill her.
-They will arrive any time.
-I'll kill you.
Despite having a gun in my hand,
I cannot kill him.
Because he's the only one
who knows where Rahul is.
Where my Rahul is.
Look, Vishwas. You can only hear,
whereas I can also see.
Arjun, Vishwas, we have very little time.
Time is running out.
Heed my advice. Try to understand.
Instead of Rs. 5 million,
I'm ready to pay you Rs. 10 million each.
Just give me that box.
You will never get that box, Mr. Rajput!
Arjun, no!
Because only Elias knew
where that box was.
If you really don't know
where the box is, then...
Arjun, run!
Okay, if you want to play hide and seek...
Come on. Even the lights are off now.
It's very cool. All right.
Vishwas... Vishwas, it's me, Arjun.
-He is coming.
-Come, Arjun, hurry!
Arjun, are you all right?
-Yes, I'm fine. And you?
There is a window in front, Arjun.
Yes. One, two, three!
Open the door!
This is the police.
Open up the door!
Inspector, it is good you have come, or...
What are you doing here?
I... I... Please come inside.
The thieves have been caught.
And the constable said...
Prem, this face...
There is something special about it
which I noticed in the bank.
There's something very strange.
Didn't I tell you, Inspector,
I will find the thieves
who looted the bank?
He is the man whose face you recognized.
Oh, god, his eyes!
-Call the ambulance immediately.
-Yes, sir.
Who is this woman? Who is she?
Who murdered her?
What's going on here, Mr. Rajput!
Inspector, she is the woman
who planned the bank robbery.
What nonsense are you saying?
How was she murdered?
Yes, it's very simple, Inspector.
This woman committed the bank robbery
along with her three accomplices.
One is Elias and his two accomplices
who murdered her,
and who are hiding in that room right now.
Constables. Take positions.
Where are you going, Inspector?
They are very dangerous.
It's all over.
We must surrender ourselves to the police.
Telling the truth is in our interest.
Vishwas, Vishwas, Neha's death
is an indication.
She wanted to tell us something.
Think, Vishwas, think!
The truth.
She wanted to tell us to reveal the truth.
Open the door and come out.
Surrender yourself to the police.
There was something special, Prem.
When he stole my purse, he did something.
Something strange happened.
Damn it!
These, Mr. Rajput? These two...
Yes, Inspector, that's them!
Mr. Rajput, I heard
that you are a little crazy.
-I didn't know you were this crazy.
-What do you mean?
Are you trying to say
that these two blind men robbed the bank?
-What? We robbed a bank?
Sir, we cannot even loot
two minutes of happiness,
how can we rob a bank?
Sir, please save us. This man is mad.
He has been threatening to kill us.
As it is, we are ill-fated.
He was saying something
about us taking the blame
of having looted the bank
or he will kill us.
-Mr. Rajput, they are saying...
-I am listening!
I am listening to what these poor,
innocent rogues are saying.
Now, you listen to me.
These three blind...
Look, don't laugh. I will prove it.
Please do.
This Elias, he was involved
in the bank robbery.
-Do you accept that?
-Of course.
-He was blind.
-But seeing his eyes, it seems
-he has been blinded just now.
-It's him...
To prove that blind men
can commit a bank robbery,
he only blinded Elias.
Or Elias could see.
-Of course!
Elias was blind. Arjun was wearing a veil.
I am wearing a veil?
Inspector, I don't do such crazy things.
Weren't you wearing a veil?
The teacher was in a veil.
I mean, the late Neha.
One more lie!
Elias was not blind,
Neha was wearing a veil,
and what about the third?
It's Ibrahim, who ran away with the loot.
Who's Ibrahim? Look, Inspector,
I don't know any Ibrahim.
These three, Vishwas, Elias, Arjun...
Neha, Elias, Ibrahim.
Ibrahim was the name of Elias's boss.
Did you hear that, Inspector?
Just two minutes ago, he said
he didn't know any Ibrahim. Now...
-Yes! I meant...
-Decide, Mr. Rajput.
Did you or did you not know him?
Look, Inspector, come with me.
There is a warehouse behind this house.
There is an identical model
of Vilasrao Jefferson Bank
in the warehouse.
Come and see for yourself.
And the truth will be revealed.
Come with me.
Call Dilnaz, Prem, and that taxi driver.
You said you will have to search him.
And he said he will not allow it.
Yes! Then that man's pockets...
The Inspector called for the two of you.
Come, Inspector.
Look. Look at this model.
Where did it go?
All this wood has rotted.
It is infested with termites.
Take it to the dumping ground and burn it.
Mr. Rajput, I am waiting for you
to reveal the truth.
Inspector, that model was here.
I saw it myself.
-Oh, really?
-These people...
Where's the model?
Model? What modeling
are you talking about?
Sir, no modeling was done here.
This is our workshop.
We learn to make baskets, flowers vases...
-Mud toys...
-Horses, elephants, monkeys, others.
And, yes, even classical dance.
Every Saturday and Sunday, from 3:00-5:00.
-If you like, we can dance and show you.
-Yes, Inspector.
Give me strength, Mother!
-Stop it!
-Behave yourself.
They are both blind.
They are not blind, Inspector.
They are frauds.
They are pretending to be innocent.
These two...
These two... Hey, come here!
Did you see these two men
when the bank was robbed?
Look at them carefully,
recognize them and tell him.
Just a minute, Mr. Rajput.
Dilnaz, Prem, look at them carefully.
Can these two be bank robbers?
-Yes, they can.
And Prem, you?
If Dilnaz says it's possible,
it's possible.
And what if I tell you
that they are blind?
Blind? Then they cannot be the thieves.
-And you, Prem?
-I agree with Dilnaz, Inspector.
Janardhan, did you ever feel
that the three passengers
in your taxi were blind?
-Who told you?
-I did.
Have you gone mad? They cannot be blind.
Sir, they showed me the shortcut
from Borivali to Byculla.
They knew the way.
Forget about them being blind.
They can't be blind even in one eye.
Very good! You may all leave.
Inspector, don't believe these fools.
Then, should I believe you?
Yes, because I'm telling you the truth.
-Arjun was wearing a veil...
-Cut that out!
The bank employees said
there was a woman in a veil.
Did the employees raise her veil
to check if she was a woman?
Did you raise the veil
and see that she wasn't?
But I only sent him...
Sir, I just remembered, sir!
When he searched that man's pocket,
he didn't find anything.
And the next minute, that man
drew out a gun from his pocket.
This man is that man's accomplice.
I am 100% sure.
Where is the jewelry, Mr. Rajput?
Mr. Rajput, will you tell us here
or at the police station?
Look, Inspector,
give this a serious thought.
No, just listen to me.
-Look, listen to me.
-Mr. Rajput. Come on, arrest him.
-I will tell you... Wait!
-Mr. Rajput.
-I am just trying to tell you, Inspector.
-Come with me.
-Look, listen to me.
-I understand.
Look, these three blind men
can rob a bank.
-I understand what you are saying.
-You don't understand.
Three blind men can enter a bank
and rob it.
We'll go and talk in the police station.
I'm coming to the police station
with you, but just think.
-Come on.
-Three blind men can rob a bank!
Rahul's being found didn't make
Neha's death go in vain.
No one believed it. No one.
I know. Truth is stranger than fiction.
Neha is dead. Elias is dead.
And also...
You know, Arjun,
for the first time in my life,
my sixth sense failed me.
We lost the money, and also good friends.
Come, let's go from here.
I don't like it here.
Take Elias' harmonium.
He asked us to look after his harmonium
if anything happened to him.
-Just a minute.
-What happened?
-My sixth sense never betrayed me.
-What do you mean?
Truth is really stranger
than fiction, Vishwas.
We have won, Elias! We have won!