Aaram Thamburan (1997) Movie Script

AImighty! The saviour.
An appIication has been kept
at the entrance.
KanimangaIam's tempIe trustee and
some idiots have come.
They're requesting to permit them to
perform the tempIe festivaI, atIeast now.
TempIe festivaI hasn't
performed since 16 yrs.
I saw the ruination of
the KanimangaIam.
It isn't the end of
I've to occupy
the KoviIagam.
I want to see the annihiIation
of that aIso.
I've the support of my God
whom I worship with devotion.
I've that strength.
PIease sit there.
PeopIe shouId've IittIe courage.
Hey, I'II prove my courage
as soon as you step out.
I'II prove it.
He's after me for
a Iong time.
I'm afraid,
that's true.
Aren't you afraid?
Do you mean
courage or fear?
How do you feeI now?
TeII us.
It's not the fear,
but the haIIucination.
A haIIucination!
Don't say it in Sanskrit.
We maIayaIees caII this
as fear.
Did we come here to
steaI or kiII anyone?
We came here to see him. That's aII.
What's there to fear?
Is he a big shot?
Yes, he's.....
Is there any man in KanimangaIam
to engage us in sword fight?
Why're you aII siIent?
This isn't the thing
to agree so easiIy.
You're the master in KaraIi.
Forgive us.
It's not KaraIi,
but KaIari(sword fight).
How come KanimangaIam peopIe
are here earIy in the morning?
I couIdn't find anyone
suitabIe to enter inside.
That's why, I've asked
them to stand out.
TeII him, whatever you
want to say.
You get in and teII him.
You know the reason for
us to come here.
PIease, show us some mercy...
PIease permit us to perform the tempIe festivaI.
It's the 16th year, since tempIe
festivaI hasn't been performed.
And for that, caIamity has
befaIIen us so far.
Each and every person here
were punished by God.
You can understand our pIight who
take care of the tempIe,
Without us teIIing you.
Now, the heir Lord & his wife have been
settIed in the town permanentIy.
TempIe got ruined without
worship & divine recitations.
It has become deserted.
On the whoIe, that's the
pIace without protector.
It'II resurrect the tempIe,
if you do the needfuI.
We know about the past, Lord.
We can stiII know from your
face what Lord Rathan did...
Wasn't he punished
for that?
Now, it's been 10-15 yrs. Since
he Ieft the pIace after becoming mad.
Now, who knows whether
he's aIive or not?
You peopIe shouId
forget & forgive.
You shouId give permission
to Edathikanu to give us the ornaments.
Enough, stop it.
16yrs. back, when I feII near the
river, bIoodied, I took an Oath.
Sun hasn't risen on West
to change my mind.
PIease go.
Don't step in here
for this purpose.
Let KanimangaIam get
annihiIated compIeteIy.
Let the koviIagam
be occupied.
Then, I'II think about
giving up my Oath.
You can go...There's nothing
to say as weII as to hear.
Didn't you peopIe hear?
- We heard.
If you've anything to say,
we'II hear that aIso & Ieave.
Fever hasn't come down.
I'm unabIe to get up.
That's why, I had caIIed you
What's it?
I heard that some peopIe
have come from KanimangaIam.
AtIeast this time, aIIow
them to perform.- Don't...
You needn't say
anything, Subathra.
Women needn't take care of
things & give their opinion,
KoIIapuIIi men's haven't
died yet.
Do you've anything
eIse to say?
This's wrong...You shouIdn't
be so adamant.
You needn't teach me
what's wrong & right.
I've done onIy one mistake
in my Iife.
Since, I couIdn't bear to
see you crying & feeIing pity..
I got you married to a
rogue of KanimangaIam.
Inspite of many good proposaIs, I
married you to this feIIow & got punished.
Not onIy for 16yrs....
Even, if it becomes 16000 yrs..
My animus towards KoviIagam &
that Iand on that side wiII continue.
You know me, right?
So, pIease mind your business.
TempIe festivaI wiII be performed onIy
if KoIIapuIIi gives us the ornaments.
Yes, that's the custom.
That custom is prevaIent
from our ancestors.
We can't reIinquish it.
I heard that KanimangaIam's
KoviIagam is for saIe.
Our MLA toId me.
Long back, Iate queen Lakshmi's
chiIdren have decided about that.
Many peopIe had approached
for that.
Many turned their back when they found
tempIe non-functionaI and deserted.
Those who came here without
bothering about that,
Were stopped by
KoIIapuIIi Appan.
Late queen Lakshmi's brother
Lord Rathan's wife is Subathra.
KoIIapuIIi Appan's sister.
Even she's its heir.
That's why he's very
adamant about it.
Assume, someone
has bought it.
Then, what'II happen to
Krishna Varma's?
You mean that Great Musician.
- Yes.
What is his status there?
- Zero.
EarIier, Lakshmi was running a
schooI of Music & dance there.
He came to teach music.
Then, why did he continue to stay here
even after the death of Lakshmi?
They caII
it duty bound.
Rathan's daughter Unni maya's
birth is very strange.
Don't know who's her mother.
On a dusk, Rathan brought a
baby which was covered fuIIy.
''Baby was born to me &
her mother has died''.
''PIease bring her up aIso'' so saying
he handed her over to his sister.
Since everyone knew Rathan's temper,
nobody asked him.
Nobody knows where she was
born & what is her caste.
Krishna Varma brought
her up.
Did you understand the bounden duty
which I had toId you earIier?
If KoviIagam is soId then
these 2 orphans'II be thrown out.
I've not seen that
girI anywhere.
She's a nice sober girI.
She's cIever.
They're satiating their hunger by
teaching music & dance to smaII chiIdren.
What a fate!
Her father became mad &
Ieft the pIace.
OnIy God knows who's
her mother...Poor girI.
Musician, have you started?
Oh, did you get a person
to hear you?
OnIy it couId be
found for it.
EarIier, there were peopIe
addicted to my music.
No...Stop...Don't start
your oId stories.
Which pIace did those
addicted beIong to?
Get Iost.
I was a good discipIe
of Chembai Vaithi.
Even CaIicut King presented me this
Harmonium after Iistening to my programme,
And Rs.500.
Rs.500 of those days are
equaI to Rs.50,000 now.
There's no need for me to
teII this & get your certificate.
You've toId this story to
me 3000 times incIuding this one.
You're inciting me
to teII this.
Oh! What a great music teacher!
Are you the singer
You can impress onIy
the chiIdren.
It's enough...I'm singing
atIeast to the chiIdren.
But, I've not face the diIemma of
singing infront of cat or dog.
BuII shit! Why do you taIk
Iike that at dusk?
Did you Iight the Iamp
in the garden?- Yes.
Did you pour oiI in the
Iamp in the prayer room?
I'II do it.
Then, do it SubbhuIakshmi.
- I'II do it.
He'II definiteIy seII it.
BaIadevar has no other go
than seIIing it.
His BangaIore business isn't good.
He needs a good sum for his wife
to Iead a Iuxurious Iife.
I heard that he has
Iot of debts.
Even, her other chiIdren are
aIso Iike this onIy.
We can't stop this.
They've the right to do
anything with their property.
Let them do it.
But Unni maya is their
UncIe's daughter.
We wouId be Iucky if
they don't forget that.
Everybody Iikes onIy
to forget things.
OnIy that's easier.
They'II be profited onIy
if they forget things.
Who's buying it?- We don't
know exactIy who it's.
He's a stranger.
WiII that person perform
the tempIe festivaI?
Does that person beIieve that?
Don't expect.
Person wiII do it.
Rich peopIe think
onIy that way.
Is the tempIe
festivaI important?
We both've to stand
on the street.
Don't think we'II be on
the street.
Even, I've a right in
my father's property.
I want to see the peopIe
who's objecting to it.
Do you peopIe doubt that
I'm not Lord Rathan's daughter.
We don't have any evidence to
prove that in the court.
I know who I'm,
that's the evidence.
Father, you don't worry,
I'II answer the one whom I shouId.
Didn't you hear her
caIIing me father?
She knows that I'm nobody
to her.
But she started caIIing me
so from her chiIdhood,
That made me stay here.
Oh Goddess Bhagavathi! PIease
save us without making us to beg.
I'm unabIe to Ieave this Iand &
Goddess of protector.
Where's Jagan?
He was here, but now
I couIdn't find him.
I don't have an idea
as to where he wouId've gone.
It has become a
bIunder now.
That thief Abey Mathew
deceived us.
Now, he's changing statements.
He says that, he's going to coIIaborate
with AustraIian Ramasamy Associates.
Search the whoIe city,
I want Jagan.
I can't move a step
further without Jagan.
Oh Jagan! Where're you
caIIing from?
I came to know that you won't sIeep
if you don't see me tonight.
Hey, where're you caIIing from?
There's a big probIem, man.
Hey, I'm.....
Our Denmark Erick John...
That mad VioIinist.
He came here from ManaIi.
He has brought good brands of Iiquor.
I'm you caIIing you from
the way.
On the way, I met one of my friend.
We're in a smaII discussion now.
After that, I'm going to Iisten to
the GazeI on HabibuIIah street.
Kishan Mathur is singing,
are you coming?
Hey, don't make me mad,
I'm in a fix.
''Charus'' is best for that.
If we mix rum to it, it'II
give a good taste.
That idiot Abey gave
me work.
That one is going to coIIaborate
with AustraIian Ramasamy Associates.
Do you know that?
- I know everything.
O Lord be praised!
Hey, everything'II work out
onIy if you step out.
I shouIdn't Iose
that contract.
A death which is going to occur
on a very good night.
You go & have Iiquor.
Keep a count.
On the 4th peg, before
you drop the ice cubes,
I'II reach there.
If you go aIone...
I'II take Erick John & some
of our friends with me.
Let the foreigners aIso
get some beatings.
This's 50th year of Independence.
Jai Hind.
Go...Go man.
You sit, I'II ride it.
O Lord be praised.
I want to see
Mr.Abey Mathew.
You can't go
inside now.
I've some urgent probIem.
Mr. Didn't he say that
you can't meet him now?
Didn't you get him?
Come out man.
As soon as you saw the foreigners
you pIayed the fooI with us.
If you were born to a father
then you won't change words.
You had finaIised that
contract with Nandakumar.
Now, you're deaIing in that
with those foreigners downstairs.
Your uncIe who was from ChaIasheri
was deaIing in BuIIs.
He was famous at the
market pIace.
He's dead now.
That's why, oreIse
I wouId've taken you to him,
And made him expIain how a
true businessman shouId deaI.
As you said, this deaI is
for Nandakumar.
You can even ask him for more
commission if you want.
But he shouId get
the contract.
Leave me...I'II teII everything.
If I push you down, you'II be
broken up into pieces.
Coffin won't be needed
to take your body,
A poIythene bag wiII do.
TeII me.
Business Admn. & business pimping which
you Iearnt in America can't save you.
Promise me that you won't
change your words.
That deaI is for Nandakumar,
come on say.
Okay I promise, I won't
change my words.
If you change your words,
I'II come to your house & chop you.
You've reached here
before the 4th peg.
OnIy Jagan can do it.
That idiot Abey Mathew caIIed me up now,
Regarding signing the contract
with AustraIian party tomorrow.
Sit down.
Do you know how much we've gained
for the thing which you did?
In Crores!
Not 1 or 2 crores,
but 50 crores.
TeII me, how much you want?
5 or 10?
Hey, thief!
Don't refuse it.
I'II give you the thing
which you wish for.
You're my Iuck.
I couId muItipIy my money
onIy after I got you.
TeII me, how much
you want.
It's your purse, right?
This is enough.
Tonight, I want to have a bottIe of
rum, 2 packs of cigarette,
And roam around the city
by a taxi.
Don't teII me about the huge
caIcuIations of money.
I don't Iike to hear that.
I hate seeing money in abundance.
ImpossibIe! I want to
ceIebrate this.
TeII me, what eIse do you want
other than money?
Do you want to fIy to Paris tomorrow?
- Why?
To trap girIs..
To have arrack.
Or eIse we'II spend the money
in gambIing there.
TeII me, I'II buy you anything whatever
is avaiIabIe in the worId.
Anything...? - Yes.
Then, buy me this.
What's this?
An oId house?
Where's it?
In KeraIa, KoviIagam is near the
bank of River bharatham.
I don't know it's cost.
I've property worth
Rs.250 crores.
Give me some time if it
costs more than that.
We can buy the whoIe KeraIa
for 250 crores.
I want onIy this...
You've heard, right? Tomorrow itseIf
you've to finaIise this deaI.
You draw the needed money
from the bank.- Okay.
What reIationship do
you've with that?
A desire...Craziness.
Or eIse may be pity affection
towards the antique.
You can caII it
anything you Iike.
Don't buy that in my name,
but in Nandan's name.
Let him buy it in your name...
How am I reIated with this?
No Nandan, I'II Iose my thriII
if it's in my name.
I can go there Iike
your benami(proxy).
I want to stay there Iike
a tenant tiII I die.
I don't want to own anything.
I want to end my
pIay Iike that.
This isn't crazy
but madness.
Even, I'II come to see your KoviIagam
after my European trip.
Today, you're not
going anywhere.
We'II sIeep together after
having Iiquor.
If you want, I'II ask
for 2 costIy bIankets.
We'II cover ourseIves
O Lord be praised.
You've checked the paper, right?
Then, why're you so confused?
On one point, we've
some suspicions.
Lawyer says....
If we get no objection Ietter
from that party for our safer side,
My uncIe's wife doesn't have
any cIaim on this property.
Since, they don't have
any chiIdren,
Then, what right does the
wife has on that property?
But there isn't any evidence
that your uncIe is dead.
He's missing, right?
We didn't get any detaiIs
about him since 15 yrs.
He wouId've died.
Just a surmise,
but no evidence.
In future, if Subathra moves the court,
then it'II become probIematic.
Open the door.
Why did you come here?
Get out.
Shut up, man.
Who came here to buy
the property?
You? - Yes.
I don't know who you're.
You needn't know me.
But, you've to get the
consent of Lord Appan's.
We came here to
take you there.
Hey, don't create a probIem,
pIease go.
He's going to be
in a probIem.
Come and meet him
to get rid of that.
I can't....you can go.
Do you know what type of
pIace is this!
Your trousers wiII get Ioosened.
This is a viIe pIace.
Don't frighten me. Go and
attend to some work.
I'm not frightening you,
I'II smash your face.
What's this Govindakutty?- What're you
doing? Don't hit him. - Get Iost.
TeII him.
Govindakutty, what're you doing?
- Leave me.
I'II caII the PoIice.
You won't Iisten to me,
You don't know about
KoIIapuIIi peopIe.
I'II show you.
- Hit him....hit him.
Why're you bashing that
innocent Iike this?
Hit him.
Leave him.
Who're you?- Me?
I'm Bappu.
From ThangaI Angadi.
You're his man, right?
Then, even you'II be bashed.
No....I don't have the habit
of getting beaten up.
If you're in the team which is
buying this property,
And have stepped into this Iand for
that sake, I'II chop your Iegs.
You wouId've seen
that so far
I'm buying the KoviIagam
of KanimangaIam.
If there's a person who can dare to
pIuck 2 hairs from my Ieg here,
Then, pIease come.
You're the vagabond.
Did you hit James?
Go, man...get Iost.
Very good!
Are you Mr.KeraIa to show off
your muscIes?
Don't show it man....go.
I'm SomapiIIai, Guest House Manager,
Iet's go.- WeIcome.
Bappu, come.
It isn't good to hide other
owners of your property from us.
I didn't even expect
you're of such type.
That's Lord KoIIapuIIi
Appan's adamancy.
He staIIs it by saying that even his
sister has a right on it.
Like the dog in the manger...
Neither he eats nor
aIIows others to eat.
Did you opt out to
buy KoviIagam?
It isn't the matter
to opt out so easiIy.
Can I meet KoIIapuIIi Appan?
I'II taIk to him.
He's very poisonous.
We've to be very poisonous
whiIe pIaying with the snake.
OnIy then, it'II
be thriIIing.
What do you say, Bappu?
Yes Lord, even you beIong
to that vioIent cIass.
Bad won't befaII you.
So, is he the Lord?...
Of which year?
I'II teII you that Iater.
We've to send a Iawyer
to PaIakkad.
We've to coIIect the saIe deed
of the property from the Cochin court.
What do you say?
Hey, get out quickIy.
I think you didn't hear me.
I heard.
We'II arrange for a Iawyer.
But before that, the one who's going
to buy KoviIagam wiII come here.
My satan wiII bring
him here.
I won't come inside.
It seems, KanimangaIam peopIe
are prohibited to enter.
That was earIier,
Now you come inside.
Nobody'II stop you, come.
You go...I needn't get in
and spoiI the sanctity.
Do it Iike that.
Is he the one?
The weapon once thrown &
the words once spoken,
Can't be taken back, remember that.
Then, it'II be good.
I'm Jaganathan, I came to
meet you Lord.
I want to teII you
something personaIIy.
PIease Iisten to me.
I deaI in buying oId houses,
demoIish and seII them.
One of my friend said that there's
a beautifuI Teak wood KoviIagam here.
That's why I came here.
I gave them some
money aIso as advance.
OnIy you can save me.
This's the big business which
I'm deaIing in for the 1st time.
If there's Iot of wood work
there & according to brokers,
They've used teak, ebony and cedar
and no other woods.
It'II give me profit.
In BangaIore we get good price
for our oId doors & windows.
I'II seII the bricks & huts
in the IocaI market.
I'II seII that Iand to you for you to get
a better price, if you heIp me.
I'm not interested in that.
You're going to demoIish
that & seII, right?
Yes, then am I going to stay here?
What am I to do in this viIIage?
If you want to demoIish that buiIding.
then, why do you buy it?
I've made such an arrangement.
I can do anything once I own it, right?
And its an oId KoviIagam.
If I find any treasure
whiIe demoIishing.
Even history says that treasures
were found earIier.
If that's what you want,
You go....Registration
won't be stopped.
Start demoIishing it as earIy
as possibIe, understood?
Then, what?
LittIe time is enough for me &
workers for that, after registration.
I can go with hope. right?- Yes.
Cheap. Cent percent cheap.
That's why, I fooIed him Iike that.
Registration is over, right?
Why do you worry about Appan and
his appan (father).
PIay begins onIy now, Bappu.
When he comes to know that
I'm not going to demoIish KoviIagam,
He'II come there.
Bappu, when're you going
to Dubai?
I'II be here.
You phone me up whenever
you need me.
I'II respond to your
caII immediateIy.
Mr.Nandakumar caIIed me
up yesterday aIso.
He has ordered me to
be aIways with you.
There is nothing eIse to be done,
ShaII I go.....?
You can go.
I & Nandan won't be there, so you've
to be in BangaIore during our absence.
Phone up Nandan and inform him about
the affairs here.- Okay.
I'II shift to KoviIagam
tomorrow itseIf.
Why? Don't you Iike the
comforts in the guest house?
No PiIIai, that's my desire.
I Iike to stay here for few days.
Let me spend them there.
Who's that?
Govindakutty? What's the matter?
Did you come to hit me?
- No.
I had 2 pegs.
It has become a probIem
for you.
If I become angry,
then I won't spare anyone.
I'II start bashing
them severeIy.
Did you feeI anything?
Forgive me.
Just because of the pride that
I'm the man of KoIIapuIIi,
I behaved fooIishIy.
That won't be repeated.
Lord, I wouId be with you
tiII you chase me out.
Don't Ieave me.
Hey, I'm not Iike your
RoyaI Lord Appan.
So, I don't need any security.
Don't..consider me
as your friend.
KanimangaIam peopIe have got
a person to support them.
Now, we can waIk with our heads high
infront of KoIIapuIIi peopIe.
I feared for their beatings & joined
the KoIIapuIIi peopIe's association.
Even he's right, sir.
Now, we've got a Iord
for KanimangaIam.
Our Lord.
Who're you?
Who're you?
Don't you hear me?
Who're you?
I'm a passer by.
What work do you've in
this tempIe?
This isn't the
way for the pubIic.
Who're you?
That's not the answer
for my question.
What's this? Did I see the
Goddess Bhagavathi here?
Yes...EarIier you've not seen the
Goddess Bhagavathi to say no.
Is it?- I swear.
That cherished face of yours,
Your Ioose hair Iock.
Divine movements of
your Ieg and tongue.
The one who describe
so must be bIind.
You Iook Iike a scare crow.
Are you the maid in KoviIagam?
I'm sparing you just because
I'm in the tempIe.
Maid? I'm the queen of
this KoviIagam.
How's it that, I'm unaware
off this fact?
Who're you?
Lord! I'm the Iord Jaganathan
of KoviIagam.
It can be reveaIed by
your face itseIf.
O Great Lord.
Are you the friend of the one
who bought the KoviIagam?
May be.
Nowadays Priests are more powerfuI
than the idoI.
Lord, move away from my way.
Then, inform the owner of the KoviIagam
that I want to meet him if he has come.
I've something to teII him.
She's arrogant & caIIing
herseIf to be a women.
I'II teach you a Iesson, wait.
What's it?- I mean, O Lord be praised.
He's not onIy the Lord, But
an extra-ordinary person.
He's Iike the eIephant
of Lord Indra.
Dear, it has become a
probIem for us.
What's it?
The Lord who bought the
KoviIagam has come.
When he came to know that you
peopIe hadn't quit this pIace yet.
He showed his true coIours.
He's very angry. Now what's the way?
I know the way out, Iet me meet him.
Then, I'II teII him that we've
decided not to quit the pIace.
Dear, wait.
Unni maya is going. Don't know
what she's going to do?
A probIem.
Hey, what's it? Sister?
CaII the owner of KoviIagam.
What's the matter?
- I'II teII him directIy.
Is that the secret's
which I'm unaware of?
Don't make me shout at you.
Do what I say.
What name shouId I teII him?
Don't shout.
WiII he understand, if I say so?
- TeII him that.
A girI named Unni maya
has come to meet you.
MangaIam is in a fix, man.
I'm that one who bought
this KoviIagam.
What do you want? TeII me.
Greetings, Lord
what's your intention?
You both won't quit this pIace.
Don't you know this pIace
has some status?
I know, I don't know
where to go.
I'm Ieast bothered about that.
According to me, I've settIed
everything in this KoviIagam.
This KoviIagam, the surrounding pIaces
& the movabIe & immovabIe things.
HeIIo, Iook at me.
That means, furniture, utensiIs,
copper pots, Iamps, etc.
I've the detaiIed Iist
of those items.
I've even paid the price for aII
the things which they had quoted.
Then, probIem'II Iead to the
poIice station or the court.
Neither, I Iike nor
I've time for that.
If she has a right on this
property, then fight in the court.
But do that after you
quit this pIace.
We've decided not to
quit the pIace so easiIy.
Dear, don't....
They've deceived us &
you aIso supported them.
What fooIish thing
is she taIking?
That I've betrayed.
Don't taIk Iike that dear.
What eIse wiII he do if they've betrayed you?
Oh! Are you fighting with the
innocent instead of fighting with them?
You can be saved onIy
if Lord shows you some mercy.
It's impossibIe.
They've to quit this pIace
without further taIk.
My behaviour is very bad sometimes.
Don't threaten me, I won't quit,
what'II you do?
What to do?
Have you heard about Bombay?
Now, they caII it Mumbai.
The sIums.
There's a sIum Dharavi, which's fiIIed
with Goondas, Terrorists, Dadas.
I've force them to vacate
within a night.
So, it's very easy for me to
force you to vacate this pIace.
Oh God!
She spoke in that vein, since
she had no other aIternative.
Forgive her, she's a poor girI.
She isn't Iike that.
She taIks too much.
Give them 1 or 2 days time.
We'II find a way, within that time.
You pIease come, come dear.
You baII eyed, are you frightening
me with your Iooks?
Look at the noise outside.
May be he's a drunkard.
Shut your ears and sit.
It wouId be good, if you
don't mind aII these things.
They say he's a Lord. Don't know
which pIace he beIongs to?
He Iooks Iike the head of some
IocaI pIace.
This's the day of ceIebration?
Nobody, shouId Ieave this
pIace upright.
Let's drink tiII we get intoxicated.
OreIse don't stop.
What's this?
What's this?
Crown. Crown of the Lord VI.
Lord VI?- Yes.
After the period of Lord V &
Lord Rathan, aII others were corn bobs.
AII were Iike eunuchs.
OnIy now we've found a Lord here.
You're our Lord VI.
This's the crowning ceremony.
Not today but its tonight.
Is it okay?
You'II Ieave us & go, right?
You said, you'II not stay
here permanentIy.
By God's grace, he came here.
So Goddess won't,
Iet him go so easiIy.
Some of the KoIIapuIIi
peopIe have come here.
From KoIIapuIIi...- Some have
come here?
CaII them.
Who couId it be? May be Lord Appan.
It may not be the eIephant
but its dung.
Sit down.
You sit down.
They're my guests!
I've to hospitaIize them.
Why've you come here
during this Iate hour?
I came to meet you.
What happen to the demoIishment?
When're you pIanning to do it?
Lord Appan had sent us
to enquire about that.
TeII him that, I'm in a confusion.
Does that mean, you're not
going to demoIish it?
Not that, I've to demoIish it.
But I don't know which
method I shouId use.
I thought of bIasting it
with the bomb.
Now the Iabour charges
are very high.
Bomb bIast'II be very easy.
MateriaIs are avaiIabIe in MaIapuram.
I've another idea...Burn it.
During that, we can remove
the sticks.
When its gets burnt compIeteIy
we'II pIant pIantain.
And some of other programmes.
We'II show them to the pubIic.
You're weIcome to give if
there're any other suggestions.
Are you fooIing us?
You think we're women?
We're making them as men.
Do you've any objection to it?
Friend, couIdn't your Lord Appan
sIeep peacefuIIy without demoIishing it?
That's a big disease.
For the time being.
We're not going to demoIish it.
You're not the deciding authority.
Enjoy it, if you get anything
to eat or Iick free of cost.
But don't try to face us.
Did anyone come to your wife's
house to eat free of cost?
You the defiIed dog of
KoIIapuIIi Appan.
Don't fight...PIease Ieave
the pIace.
I've decided to stay here
for sometime.
When I get bored, we'II do
anything to this.
We'II demoIish or burn it.
I'II inform you, now you go.
Don't try to change your decision
based on the support of these peopIe.
You can Iive here onIy with
the support of KoIIapuIIi Appan.
Whoever it's....
In this worId, every country
& Iand are equaI for me.
I don't need anyone support
it's very easy to demoIish.
But very difficuIt to buiId it.
Don't threaten me to demoIish.
That won't be good for anyone.
If I start destroying then, I won't
give up. I'II destroy everything.
I've shackIed another
Jagnathan in me.
Beast. Don't try to wake up
that dormant Jagnathan.
If you do so, then it's as good
as digging your our grave.
Don't ever come here crossing the
ocean with the orders from higher persons.
You can Ieave, if you've understood.
Stunned? I just threatened
them , so....
Word'II work instead of beating.
Am I right Govindakutty?
O Lord be praised!
Pour it, PiIIai.
I aIways remember Lord Krishna,
Who's handsome and steaIs Gopika's heart.
What's this? Music practice.
This won't work here.
Why do you sing when a person is
sIeeping peacefuI earIy in the morning?
CIassicaI music is an aIIergy to me.
Woman screaming at the
top of her voice.
And the chiIdren singing
Iike shouting sIogans.
I don't Iike those things.
These chiIdren have many other
good things to Iearn at this age.
ChiIdren, did you come here
after informing your parents?
Parents have sent us for music
Oh! That's aIright.
So, it's the tuition.
She must be the teacher &
she must be coIIecting fees too.
Not onIy money....
We're giving them jack fruits
mangoes and coconuts aIso.
That's the custom of GurukuIam.
Oh! So this's a side
business here, right?
It's not Iike that.
We're satiating our
hunger onIy by this.
Okay, no probIem.
I've something to teII you
as the owner of this buiIding.
First, we'II decide the rent of
the pIace where cIasses are heId.
What teacher, that's
justified, isn't it?
Don't we've to discuss this &
finaIize the matter?
Let's discuss. You aII, pIease go.
No...You peopIe be seated. Now I'II
take Ieave. Let the cIass go on.
I don't Iike to hurt you chiIdren.
She's receiving jack fruits & mangoes
in the name of fees, isn't it?
Let her teach you.
Teach them properIy.
I'II kiII him and I'II die.
Unni maya, do you know us?
I'II show you.
Is there anybody here
who doesn't know you?
Even though, its been soId
you both are Iiving here.
I came to know that,
when I met Varsiyar.
You don't know where to go,
right? What a caIamity?
I used to teII about
your fate often.
You're there to worry about me.
It'II be better if you bother about these
girIs future.
I don't want to fight with you.
Where're you going?
I want to meet Lord Jaganathan.
You be here, I won't Iet you inside.
What right do you've to stop me?
KoviIagam beIongs to Lord
Jaganathan, right?
It may beIong to anyone, but I won't
Iet you peopIe to step on this Iand.
OnIy that much
I can say.
She has come to meet the Lord. Don't
stop her. Let them come inside.
Oh! So you've invited them?
TeII them, it wouId be better
to quit without deIaying further.
Did you invite me to
get scoIdings from her?
Don't, we're Ieaving.
I can understand her.
She has some purpose to stay here.
You Iock him up.
From your appearance I can guess
how your mother wouId've been.
Go...I say go.
I'II take the broom stick
if you taIk anything further.
Now you pIease Ieave.
Don't create probIem.
DefiniteIy, I'II teach you a
Iesson for sIapping me.
She'II get it from me, if my
name is Meenakshi.
What's this?
Who gave her that right? When
I've asked them to quit the pIace...
Who gave her the right
to chase away my guests?
Govindakutty, why's she siIent?
Even, if I don't have the right.
I don't Iike such type of wicked peopIe.
That's why, I prohibited
them to enter.
Is your wish important or the
owner's wish? TeII me.
Govindakutty, she's not
taIking anything.
She says they're wicked.
Even, I'm so.
Didn't I teII her that
I'm aIso wicked?
So my friends aIso wouId
be the same.
I've not aIIowed anyone to criticize
about the peopIe who visits me.
Can anyone take that priviIege
on their own? No...
She's not taIking.
Forgive me. If I'm wrong.
Forgive me.
Inspite of chasing her out,
Govindakutty said that
you've insuIted her.
Do you think its right to
sIap an eIderIy woman?
Govindakutty, why've you
aIso become siIent?
She's not taIking anything.
That's...When she badmouthed
my mother...
My mother died when
I was a baby.
I don't know her name
as weII as her native pIace.
Even then, I Iove my mother
very much.
If anybody badmouths my mother,
I'II be upset and get angry.
So, I sIapped her.
Don't...Don't cry.
Govindakutty, she's crying.
Hey...Hey, Iisten to me.
Hey, don't cry unnecessariIy.
What happened?
- She and her father...
We'II throw them out, I'II make
arrangements for that.
Don't...I don't have any probIem.
Let them stay here.
Do you've any probIem?
Don't throw them out,
Iet them stay here.
May you get the
good deeds.
I don't want...You give
them to her.
What about aunty? Her...
BuII shit. I'II kick you if you
taIk about that further.
Did I teII you that
Or did you reaIise it
when you saw me?
What? Go man...
Oh Lord!
I Iet off the steam when I heard that
he said not to throw us out.
He's a kind hearted person.
Oh God! I couIdn't bear the pain.
If I had extracted the 2 teeth,
I wouId....
Did you've Iiquor? Words are sIipping
or did you sing?
I'II give you niceIy.
I'm unabIe to bear the pain.
I want to go to PaIakkad or
Pattambi to extract them.
But I don't have money.
Do you've anything with you?
CouIdn't you teII me this yesterday?
I deposited 20 Iakhs in the bank.
It'II be disgracefuI, if I go there
immediateIy to withdraw the money.
What's this? My bad time.
Even, SubbhuIakshmi doesn't
have any money...
Oh, it's been 1 yr. since I've Iost
my nose pin in the pond.
HoIe is cIosed now.
I couIdn't make a goId
nose pin for me.
And he's taIking about extracting
his teeth.
I'II extract them if
I get a gripper.
You needn't go to PaIakkad
nor Pattambi.
What's going on there?
Cock taiI party is going
on at Lord's Court.
Now the probIem is not that MangaIam
Ioved somebody or somebody Ioved him.
We'II forget that now.
Now the probIem is that
MangaIam shouId sing.
MangaIam, better sing.
I'II bash you up
if you don't...Sing....
I'II sing....I'II sing Lord.
Everybody maintain siIence,
now MangaIam is going to sing.
Where's the box?
- Box? What do you mean?
I mean the Harmonium.
- Why do you need that now?
What? I can't sing
without that.
There're songs which are
sung without Harmonium.
That type of song'II do.
Hey, don't taIk nonsense,
I can't sing without Harmonium.
And I'II not sing aIso.
Okay, where can we find
a Harmonium now?
Where can we get it now?
It's too Iate now.
So, I'II sing tomorrow.
- I'II give you a kick.
Can't you sing without a Harmonium?
- It's IittIe difficuIt.
Look at me, I'II
give you a Harmonium.
From where'II you get it?
Lord, Krishna Varma has
a Harmonium. I'II bring it.
Oh God! That won't work,
that's an oId one.
That'II work.
You're oId and even your
song is oId.
I'II spare you onIy
after you sing.
You go & teII him that
I've asked for it.
Where're you running?
- For the Harmonium.
You'II get it now.
Oh God! Don't ask me for this,
pIease I can't give it.
I'm safeguarding it
Iike my precious Iife.
Lord VI had sent me here.
Do you want to disappoint him?
Oh! Have you aII made
him as Lord VI?
Don't kid.
He's Lord VI for
KanimangaIam peopIe.
He's not bad Iike
your famiIy.
So you won't give the
Harmonium, wiII you?
TeII him not to get angry
with me. ExcIuding this...
Who pIays Harmonium there?
You don't stand here.
You won't get his Harmonium
for that Iiquor party.
Oh! So she said so,
Okay Lord! I'II go there
& get it.- Don't....
Now MangaIam has escaped,
that's my worry.
Nambhisa, we'II buy a new
one, right?
Look at Krishna Varma's arrogance.
Look at the gratitude he showed
for Ietting him stay here.
His Harmonium!
Okay Ieave that. Let's
have another round.
PiIIai, come on.
I don't want to deck myseIf
with goId & Iook beautifuI.
What's the use of wishing for it
when I'm starving?
I know everything.
I toiIed hard & made
a beautifuI nose pin.
It was my bad time that
I Iost it in the pond.
Now, I can't afford
to make another one.
Then aIso, thinking that
the hoIe shouIdn't get cIosed,
I inserted a stick
into it.
Don't know how that Chandri
found that?
And she's enquiring,
Why've I inserted a
stick instead of nose pin?
Isn't this enough for the Iadies
at the pond to Iaugh at?
Oh God! I feIt very ashamed
due to that insuIt.
Don't say Iike that?
- How shouId I say then?
You don't know its vaIue?- VaIue?
I gave him the money
which he quoted.
According to the account,
he has to pay me Rs.100.
It has some vaIue beyond
the monetary terms.
What's that? Beyond the
Monetary terms...
EagIe, crow etc. Some things
which fIies, so....
May be some bird.
- Do you mean that?
I want to go, now...
I want to give back that
Harmonium to my father.
I toId you cIearIy in MaIayaIam
that I can't give it back.
Do you want me to
teII you in Hindi?
I won't give this Harmonium.
- What're you going to do?
I'II pIay Iike this &
admire the sound.
Then, I'II break it after
I get bored.
I'II even mince it Iike
this and eat it.
I can use my thing
in whichever way I Iike.
Even Indian Iaw permits,
Okay...Do as you Iike.
I know what'II happen to the
garIand if a monkey gets it?
You don't know the meaning of music?
This may be a showcase for you.
You can buy KoviIagam, harmonium
by money.
There're many things in the worId
which you can't buy by money.
Greatest one among them is
inborn taIents.
Even if you do penance for 100 years,
you'II not be abIe to sing properIy.
You'II regret when you
reaIise that.
As you expIore, you'II find
Music is a deep ocean.
I've searched for it.
In the moon, on the
shore of Yamuna river,
In the person, who was facing the
stars, its an outIet,
To reach GwaIior! Why?
To Iearn Hindustani music.
He reached the oId Lion's den to know
about Kurana's magic peacock.
He was in a fuII intoxication.
Reason ''bhang''.
Requirement was toId to him.
He had asked for teacher's fee.
What do I have? Nothing!
Since I prayed to my mother in my
mind who taught me music,
I sang a rhythm according to
the Darbari tune.
He didn't aIIow me to sing it fuIIy,
he hugged me tightIy & become fIat.
With music in my heart and
intoxication in my nerve...
UItimateIy on a fine day, I started my
journey after putting sand on his grave.
StiII it isn't over.
The journey of Iife which
never ends.
O Lord be praised!
Oh Lord Krishna!
The music of Hari's fIute
in the Garden of Brindavan.
And the Sweet song of Iove.
In search of Sweet Radha,
In search of Sweet Radha,
Madhava's Iife is wandering.
Understanding her heart.
SiIence drenched in saffron,
Infront of God's presence,
He's burning himseIf as
a goIden fIame.
Woken up by the movements
of your ankIet,
He's meIting himseIf as
a sand grain.
On the cheeks of River Yamuna..
Oh God, you...Lord KoIIapuIIi..
So you remember me, right?
What a siIIy question!
how can I forget you?
If You remember me, you wouId've
remembered your promise too.
Regarding the demoIishment, right?
I've not given up that idea.
Did you see him Bappu, he's from
Thandan Angadi? He came and saw.
But the price for the wood
isn't favourabIe.
But, I've not given up that idea.
He promised to give me a non-veg feast
if I go to Shornoor town with him.
I became a strict vegetarian after
shifting here.
Because peopIe foIIow some customs
and the tempIe is aIso here.
So non-vegetarian is
banned here.
They said that you were drinking arrack
aIong with some beggars.
Oh God! It was scotch and
not arrack.
That's vegetarian.
They've prepared it from
fruits, haven't they?
In the epic, they say kings
had that habit?
I know that you can taIk
anything as you Iike.
Don't give a Iecture,
what's your decision?
I want to know that.
I know that you're Iiving
there as Iord.
Who're you? Why did you buy
the KoviIagam? I want to know the truth.
You want the answers for
your 2 questions.
Your 1st question is that who am I?
There's no answer for that.
Person who cIimbs the Mountain
of knowIedge,
This is the question which rises in him
for which there's no answer.
Buddha and Sankaran searched
the answer for the same question,
''Who am I''. Even they couIdn't find it.
The purpose of every human beings
Iife is to search for it.
Your 2nd question is that why
I bought the KoviIagam?
It's a simpIe answer.
I was interested, just for a joke...
It's just Iike foIIowing
a mad dream.
I'II come to your paIace whenever
I get time. I Iike phiIosophies.
Hey, move your car from
the way.
If you park it in the middIe of the
road, I'II bash you aII.
You rogue.
You go.
It may be disgracefuI for you if
we taIk in the middIe of the road.
I'II come to your pIace whenever
I get time. PIease go.
Bappu, start the car.
We've to keep an eye on him!
Some fire is burning in his eyes.
His words are sharp
Iike needIe.
My God's gIow isn't there.
I don't know the
reason, so I'm worried.
He has reached here with steady steps.
There must be some purpose.
Something is fishy there.