Aarambham (2024) Movie Script

"The End"
What took so long to come, Shankara?
It was hard to find.
Okay, the generator is here.
Couldn't find this anywhere in the village.
you said it was urgent,
so, I went to town and got it.
How long does it take to start?
give me ten minutes.
Even if the Dream is not visible to the eye,
we keep taking steps towards it.
We keep moving forward without knowing
how much time has been left for us.
We don't know where it will take us.
Time brought me here.
Here are my last moments..
It's time for me to take a leave.
prepare a memo,
we need to submit it in the court.
Procedure at 4 o'clock in the morning.
Should happen without any trouble.
Okay, sir!
your time is up.
What is all this time?
How would that be?
Where will it be?
In a watch?
The interval between sunrise and sunset,
is that called time?
So, that means..
The sun that sets will rise again.
Why can't time come back to me
as it came to the sun again?
What if, it comes back?
Many mistakes, ruined lives,
all that will adjust.
There is no need for this prison.
Stay quiet for a while.
Don't be nervous,
keep it normal.
Wait for some time,
Shankara switches on the generator.
What is this?
Should I read this?
This story is mine, Today is the beginning.
The story is mine, Today is the ending.
Beyond the doors,
Beyond the walls,
While I have the direction to fly,
There is nothing to worry about anymore,
Since I am a captive here,
Shouldn't I be independent elsewhere?
No one can catch the vapor from the water,
it must fall as rain by itself.
No one can catch me,
Because I'm kind of..
Prisoner number 299 escaped.
I repeat, Prisoner number 299 escaped.
Squad 2 & 3, leave immediately.
"close all the doors, stop all the meetings"
"lock all the prisoners and be alert"
Red alert!
Red alert!
"Inmates shouting"
Jailer Girgi is speaking from Kalaghati Jail,
Connect them to me immediately.
"Inmates shouting"
why are they hanging like monkey's in the circus?
Hey, are you up?
Miguel escaped from jail.
After hearing this, you can't sleep, that's why I didn't wake you up.
At night, they say.
The surprise is that he escaped without knowing the four walls!
Police are searching for him.
He is not an ordinary guy!
Will they catch him?
I don't know but,
Girgi is appointing someone for him,
said Ramappa.
Who is it?
What's up, Madhava?
why didn't you tell me about your marriage?
I wasn't sure until I saw the girl.
Okay, what about the dowry?
For people like us, giving a girl is great, should I expect dowry?
I thought of sharing this with you but you asked me before I could say.
I understood it when you were ready in such a style.
Sir, please leave me.
I know about you.
I'm already suffering with hair fall.
Detective Chaithanya Madhav?
Good morning, sir!
my name is Ramappa!
Please come.
Sir, please come.
Sir, signature?
What is happening Ramappa?
Sir, please come.
Is everyone waiting for us?
yes, sir.
Hey, open the door!
please come.
It is as if the house is locked after the thieves have stolen everything.
since how long you have been working here?
Since 17-18 years.
That means you have spent more time in this prison
than a life sentence.
you are right sir.
So, you know everything about this jail?
No one knows this jail better than me.
How long ago was this prison opened?
It's been more than 60 years, sir.
This jail is in 40 acres of land,
with 120 people of security,
they have installed current fencing very recently.
Do you know how shameful it is, if a prisoner escapes from our jail?
What are you all doing?
Playing games?
I need answers.
Sir, one minute, please wait.
They came.
Allow them inside.
Sir, please.
please, go.
Why are you still standing?
please take your seat.
Coffee? Tea?
At what time did he escape?
Around 10 o'clock.
I came here finishing all my formalities.
Everything was normal at that time.
with in less time,
they informed me that the prisoner was escaped.
No sound, No clue,
How can he escape?
It is unknown where he went and how he went.
Tell us what to do now?
If you investigate this case and give us any leads,
I will take care of the rest.
Don't let anyone know about this.
Since how long he is in jail?
past 2.5 years.
Did he ever tried to escape before?
He is a nice guy.
but don't know what's the reason behind this.
What crime did he do to come to the jail?
Murder case.
This is the case file.
you said he committed murder but he is a nice guy.
Where is his cell?
Come, let's go.
yes, sir.
Come with the keys.
Okay, sir.
let's go!
I was first afraid to know Miguel was escaped,
but happy later.
but, It didn't take so much of time.
Are you still thinking about him?
Look Ganesha,
he did a big mistake escaping from this jail.
If his time is worst, they will catch him &
throw him back in jail.
Even if he is lucky, he cannot remain calm.
We can't be sad that he is not with us,
Can't be happy that he is out.
So, Don't over think.
I'm not thinking about him.
Is he my brother that I should suffer?
I've asked three times for parole.
I'm worried about that.
Still, there is no information about that.
I'm thinking about that.
Okay, tell me.
Where are those people appointed by Girgi?
"Time is an Illusion"
Do you think it works?
I heard, they are not just ordinary people.
They can outsmart any rat with their skills.
If they can't catch him?
Will you?
He escaped in the night before
being sentenced to death,
he must have planned in advance.
How did he plan to escape?
I don't understand.
He didn't cut the bars.
Door is locked.
Wall is not broke.
Surrounded by 20 feet wall and electric wires.
let's forget everything,
how could he escape from this police security?
This seems to be the end!
What can they do if they couldn't find any clue?
How will they catch him without a clue?
I forgot, bring it up first.
go, bring it.
This is his diary, sir.
Ganesha is my first friend in this jail.
Who is Ganesha?
sir is calling you.
Stop laughing, come.
Will Ganesha come back again?
Who knows?
What are they doing with him?
Please tell me.
Please talk bro..
Shut up and leave.
You always get us into some trouble.
Officer shout on us every time you do a mistake.
You exploit any small opportunity to your advantage.
Yet again, you need practice sessions.
Go away!
Why is he leaving telling me to leave?
What is that noise?
They are rehearsing the drama, Sir.
Oh, you have activities in this jail?
We have everything in this jail.
You play drama well too.
No, sir.
No way.
Thank you.
It's okay, sit.
Okay, sir.
No one can catch the vapor from the water,
it must fall as rain by itself.
No one can catch me, because I'm kind of..
A kind of?
A kind of..
That's all he wrote.
He might be in a hurry just like me.
Madhu, go, look.
It's going to rain, maybe he might come.
My wedding is in three days,
we need to close this case as soon as possible.
My wedding is..
tell me.
what should I say, sir?
Tell me, why did you came here?
Okay, sir.
One minute.
Can I help you?
Jack rod.
One day while picking up Miguel
from the court the jeep stopped,
somewhere outside the town
with only four constables,
He know that the jeep has stopped,
Then he who had a chance to
escape came to the jail,
Even though there was no chance of escape now, he disappeared,
I don't understand that sir.
He doesn't talk much to anyone.
No matter how much trouble he faced,
he was silent.
He was always alone thinking about something.
but, suddenly,
one day..
"Inmates shouting"
Leave me!
What? Should I vacate the house now?
Okay, I'm leaving tomorrow.
Which house?
He is very strange, what is his name?
Ganesha here.
Madikonda, is after chellur village?
yeah, I know that place.
My sister-in-law got married to a
boy from your village.
but, why are you fighting with a guy like him?
you look as innocent as me.
Don't get into any troubles here.
How many years sentence?
What kind of a guy he is?
Should I console him?
Okay, leave it.
What happened is happened.
Don't worry about the past.
Everyone wants to fight with the
new arrivals in the jail, don't care.
Arrogant guy..
But, from now on, no one will quarrel with you in this jail, because..
Now let's get him little scared.
Lucky that jailer didn't know about this.
If the jailer finds out,
they will put you in a separate cell.
"Bell rings"
Don't worry,
I will help you out if something goes wrong.
I guess it's yours?
Looks like the dice worked.
Thank you!
Let me show him my attitude.
Miguel became my friend from that day.
he is a very strange guy.
One must have lost so much in life
to become who he is now.
I will tell you what I know sir,
Chapter-3 "Companion"
remaining might be in that diary.
What happened to TV?
Who is it?
who is it? come outside.
Hey, should I come inside or you are coming out?
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
Why do you need this Antenna?
Can't you speak?
However, you don't need this, I will take this..
Why do you need this?
I have a radio at my house, but not Antenna.
I will create a Antenna, so that I can watch something in a radio.
Do you want to create an Antenna
that can show video on a radio?
Do you know how this Antenna works?
Yes, I know, I read about this.
They catch the waves in the air
and send them to the TV,
then we can see actors from anywhere in this world.
Don't you know about this?
Sir, sir, please give this to me.
However, you don't need this.
If I can watch a picture on the radio
with an Antenna, why did I buy a TV?
My journey with sir started from that day.
This song is being sung amidst the waves, Dancing all over this town.
Danced without any limits
Or else, it would've been pointless.
O rain clouds, let your showers pour down,
Shall we witness this happiness together?
The winds behind gently blow,
Come, come Oh my friend.
Our hearts sing this melody,
There's no hesitation in our steps,
Yet this conversation lingers over us,
Your journey has started moving
Step by step,
If we walk, will we go together?"
If I narrate a story, will you listen?
Or will you turn away?
If you step on it, you can move forward,
but what if you stop because it scares you?
listen to me warrior, never stop moving!
He is sick, sleeping.
Are you sick?
Why, Leelamma?
Sir he is definitely lying.
No, sir, I'm not lying.
I swear to god sir.
How can his mother name is Leelamma,
and his name is Miguel?
Wow, Madhav!
you are right.
What's with the name?
Mary is his mother.
She gave him to me as I didn't had children,
I didn't want to change his name in her memory.
Okay, now let's go to the market.
Why did you stop?
Time passes at that shore,
But the longing doesn't fade.
When I think about it, it feels like
There is nowhere else to go.
In the expanse of stars
Every constellation seems like a river.
Let's move forwar
No matter what
But, isn't this our song,
No doubts in our steps
Now, embrace this momentum,
Our journey has begun
Step by step,
If we walk, will we go together?
If I tell a story, will you listen?
Or will you turn away?
If we run, won't they walk?
If we deviate, how can we move forward?
Listen carefully, brave warrior,
Shouldn't we triumph?
There are many mysteries in this creation,
we can't believe all of them,
either we can't deny all of them,
then, Sir started chasing a mystery.
That is
"Deja vu"
Deja vu?
yes, sir, I forgot about that.
yes, sir.
I always forget about that.
What is Deja vu?
A line has two points,
A man who starts walking from A point reaches
the End point after walking for some time.
What if we joint both these points?
It becomes circle.
yes, Circle.
It becomes circle.
Now, A man who starts walking from A points,
doesn't stop walking,
because there is no End point.
Then, he keeps walking again & again.
May be,
One might go through the same situation again & again.
That is "Deja vu"
Rao sir is everything to Miguel,
whether it's a problem or a solution.
hey, Idiot!
What are you doing, come here.
Come here.
Doesn't let me work.
What happened?
I already said you to drink hot water
when you are cold.
This are not hot.
Nice Sense of humor, Keep it up!
hey, Miguel..
keep it aside, I feel a lot of pain, oil it and tie it.
Oh my god!
Who said you to go around?
He was born first, before frustration.
Do it quick.
Start roaming allover the village.
Who said you to stop?
Will you kill me?
We can fight later, do it slow for now.
Shit, I should go and meet sir.
I'm already late.
Hey, you always run behind your sir,
Why don't you go out and watch a movie?
you know nothing..
go and dance in the theater.
Compared to the movies I watched when
I was a kid, what did you actually watch?
I couldn't go to movies after my marriage but,
earlier I use to watch every movie in Meenakshi theater,
after that a Biryani to eat in Milan hotel with a soda.
Those good old days were different.
What did you do?
After roaming with that old guy,
you also became old like him.
Don't ever dare to talk to me about movies..
Should I say more?
you won't let me sleep if I stay here.
Same old stories, I'm tired listening to them.
you don't remember Necessary things
but things like this are well remembered.
Come fast.
What is this for?
for your brilliant memory.
you anyway leaving, clean the house before you go.
I cleaned it in the morning.
did you?
When did you clean the house?
How can you see it without current?
we got the light.
Oh, Shit!
I forgot to ON the fuse.
He might have did it for himself.
Apply some oil to my legs before you leave.
Have you gone mad?
Has your husband oiled your legs earlier?
Take my blessings before you leave.
I will come again in the afternoon.
Why is that door open?
It's ON.
He doesn't do anything completely.
He forgot to close the door,
but If I do the same mistake he won't accept.
give it to me.
get down.
Hold me.
Sir, fuse..
Oh, I think you are busy, I will come later.
hey, stop!
hey, I'm not doing anything.
There's nothing going on here, Nonsense.
you can go, I won't tell anyone.
I will wait here.
What are you waiting for?
Did I disturb you?
hey, Idiot!
I'm just helping her out.
Oh, really? what are you helping with?
I understood when you two were laughing and talking.
There's nothing like you are thinking, I swear.
I just helped her out.
Don't you trust me?
I do, but sometimes, I doubt.
hey, keep my age in the mind and talk.
yeah, you are right.
Okay, when did I said you to change the fuse?
you forgot to do that and talking nonsense here.
Actually, you didn't close the door..
Who is mister Subramanya Rao here?
Tell me.
I came from Hyderabad to meet you.
What is the matter?
Our professor..
Sir, first call her inside, it's raining.
Come in.
Sir, should I come tomorrow?
Is this your mother-in-law's house to
come everyday, come when there is work?
you always stay here,
is this your mother-in-law's house?
What did you say?
I could hear you.
I know, that's why I said.
Please come.
Why did you call her inside?
If she gets to know what is happening here,
I won't spare you.
Be quiet.
Why will I tell her?
my bad.
please come.
please sit.
Who are you? Why do you want to meet me?
my name is Vasanthi.
I did M.Sc in physics.
Our professor Patil sir said many things about you sir.
I want to work as a Intern with you.
Oh, Patil was my classmate.
he used to send me everything I needed from Hyderabad,
I don't know what he said about me
but you came a long way for me.
There's No much work here for you to do as an intern.
Okay, sir.
I'm heading off.
Don't worry.
He will take care.
you don't worry, I know many people.
I will inform to your Patil sir, you can join there.
You've come a long way, take some rest.
you can use that room.
Okay, sir.
hey, who threw stones?
Who is that rascals?
Who did this?
Hey, Not the mirror,
I will break your face If I caught you.
Is that him?
May be.
Who else would it be?
be careful.
Don't worry about this.
Some idiots might have done this.
are you okay?
No, I'm good.
go into that room.
I will see you later.
Who did this?
Who will it be? Ponnana.
Who is he?
hey, stop!
Don't run.
Take him away.
Wake him up.
get up.
You Are aware that it's not advisable
to provoke dogs, right?
Be cautious, be careful.
I assumed they wouldn't chase me
since I see them every day.
How would dogs would know that?
We should be careful.
hey, take him to the hospital.
Following the consultation, ensure he returns to work,
he's the only one capable of handling the work here.
Okay, sir.
What happened Soma?
Dogs possess the ability to inflict lethal
injuries on humans if they desire.
bro, actually..
first listen to me.
What happened?
Miguel saw what we're up to,
and now he's threatening us.
He claims he'll inform the villagers about it.
Where did he get such courage?
Did we receive the money from them?
No, It's been a week, and they still haven't paid.
Get your tasks done.
everyone here is bothered about me.
- Do you stay here?
I live very close by, but I stay here to assist Sir.
I've heard he has a short temper.
but still you were able to remain here, Great.
Who said?
There's nothing like that.
I don't have anyone except my mother.
He treats me as his son from my childhood.
you are lucky.
because you got what I wished for.
I'm lucky that I found someone like him.
The connection between us is beyond words.
Hey, Idiot.
How much time do you need?
This old man..
Perfect timing.
you stay here, I will just come back.
Why are shouting in front of her?
Place the coffee there and focus on the task at hand.
If you raise your voice at me in front of
others like this again, I will kill you.
Just one word in front of the
girl managed to infuriate him.
She will leave tomorrow.
Come and work.
It will take an hour, if I start now.
I should go home to serve food for my mom.
I will start once I come back, have your coffee first.
It appears unlikely that I'll be able to finish this work
in two days, I may need to look for another person.
Can I help you?
See, I will directly come to the point.
I don; t know who you are.
This is not like your college experiment.
I lost everything for this experiment.
We are doing this work by giving up everything.
I don't want to explain you everything.
I don't need new people, got it?
Sir, I didn't think my question
would make you so angry.
I don't want any credits from this work.
It is not for reputation.
I don't want to take any risk at this point of time.
Are you afraid that
I will tell others about your experiment?
Why do I fear?
can't you understand what I'm saying?
This experiment can also lead to death.
you are unnesserily wasting my time.
If so, it doesn't matter if I lose my life.
are you mad?
You must leave immediately,
there's no staying here any longer.
send her away immediately, you are risking your life,
what kind of upbringing allowed you for this behavior?
I'm not Vasanthi, my name is Sharadha
Sharadha Subramanya Rao!
Can you recall the name you gave, Or you forgot?
Why would I come searching for you,
if you remember me?
The experiment you carried out resulted
in the death of my brother
You're unaware of this, correct?
Twenty years ago,
The hasty experiment conducted by Rao sir
led to the tragic death of their son.
In order to prevent her daughter death,
his wife, took Sharadha and departed.
On that day, Rao Sir, who had been separated from his family, was finally reunited with his daughter.
Now, I came like someone
and met you like a stranger.
I didn't come here to stay with you.
I came here to find out who you are.
I will go away.
Since he didn't recognize you, he asked you to leave. Please, come in.
Sharadha had many questions to ask, but she didn't.
Rao sir had Nothing to answer, but he did.
I am experiencing the
consequences of my own mistake.
I wasn't aware that you were also
struggling in the darkness.
I've Never Left You Behind.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, I'm late, just wait a moment,
I'll fetch you some food.
How many times a day should I eat food?
Do you have a habit of forgetting?
Why are you so angry, Leelu?
She probably have looked for me,
and then ate a little later.
It's okay.
go and eat.
okay, but listen, Sharadha came today.
yes, Sharadha.
Who is she?
Rao sir daughter.
You ought to say this initially.
After all these years, she eventually made
her way back to her father's house.
happy for them.
They will at least remain together from now on.
Bring that girl home once.
I want to see her.
Okay, I will.
Sleep, I have to go.
Okay, eat and go.
Come home early in the evening.
What happened sir?
are you thinking about your son?
I didn't intend to keep this matter hidden from you.
If you have no intention of keeping it hidden,
then you should have said, sir.
I actually wanted to..
don't say.
For all these days, I thought you wanted me because you liked me,
I didn't know you needed a goat for this experiment.
Rao must be tense (sarcastically)
Sir, can I say you something?
The path we're on isn't solely about reaching a
destination or embarking on a journey,
It's about the companion along the way.
The choice of our companion will determine
our journey's destination.
Without you, my life would lack meaning.
or else, I would have still continue trying to
attach an Antenna to the radio.
Come, let's go.
wipe your tears away.
Should I help you?
Got you, you can't escape now.
What happened Madhav?
If I'm right in my guess,
he would have undoubtedly go there, sir.
let's go and catch him.
Catch who?
Miguel will definitely go to meet Subramanya Rao.
We can catch him there.
Alright, where does Subramanya Rao reside?
Sir, it's not a big deal,
we can know once we reach there.
Madhav, stop!
you can't, sir.
Didn't you read the case sir?
Miguel's presence in jail is a
result of him killing Subramanyam.
Hey, 308, 102, where are you guys?
Look, there is a transformer
that seems to have exploded
The house was burnt down in the quarrel
and the body of Subrahmanyam was not found,
Miguel himself admitted this in the court.
Everyone has their own form of insanity.
This is the world for our sir.
for me too.
Do you have any such?
I'm not mad like that, I'm perfectly fine.
hey, what nonsense?
I don't know how much I can say at this time, but I will try.
To simply put,
Sometimes when you go somewhere, or meet someone
that place,
those Surroundings and Situations,
It seems like it has happened before.
yes, sir.
It happened to me many times earlier.
it feels like a dream.
That is..
very detailed,
like when a person is talking to you
while holding a tea cup,
you feel like the tea cup might fall.
before you say what you felt.
The cup falls down.
few people call it a Coincidence.
few people call it sixth..
sixth sense.
but me as a science student,
I saw it in completely different way,
Why shouldn't that incident happened to us before?
If it had happened before, we would remember it, wouldn't we?
What if it happened and we don't remember?
How can that be possible, sir?
the feeling that you have already experienced
something that is actually happening for the first time,
that empty space in the mind is called..
Do you not understand?
I will explain.
Look Shraddha, Time is inevitable and Indestructible!
It won't be in our control.
Time is like floating river,
It always move forward.
It can't come back,
just like this line.
Now if we take a canal of this river and join it here,
The River starts flowing twice between this two points.
Now if a man travels in this river called Time,
He will flow between these
two points again and again,
So, he may experience the moments, again,
and again,
and again.
Now all we have to do is dig a canal for this river.
That is what we are going to do.
What if it happens?
If we do that, what happened to us will happen again and again.
yes, but there is a risk in it,
If someone enters the canal, there's a risk of getting stuck and caught in a loop.
forming a bloody infinite loop.
What the..
Hey, why are you pacing around like that? Are you fed up with my explanation?
No sir, I'm actually late,
my mother would be waiting for me.
Okay, go!
Can I come with you?
Are you bored too?
I'm kidding.
Okay come, my mother wanted to see you.
Wash your legs, I will just come back.
Miguel come fast.
Why? what happened?
There's something on my legs.
Be patient, I will see what it is.
What happened?
Nothing, don't worry.
Oh, these are..
That dance won't bring it out.
What to do?
If you leave it like that, they'll suck all your blood,
just like your father.
Only either Lime or turmeric powder works.
Sharadha is here.
Oh, you came?
Take the clothes from your back, Why did your mom send you instead of she coming?
Not you!
She isn't Shyamala, she is Sharada, Rao sir's daughter.
Oh, Sharadha..
Why don't I know her? please sit.
How are you?
I'm doing well, thank you. How is your health?
I'm fine.
When did you came?
I already told you that she came in the morning.
When did you told me, idiot?
Switch off!
She might have forgot.
I will go prepare the food.
Where are you currently located? Have you finished your studies?
yes, I did my master degree,
we are currently in Hyderabad.
I lost my mother, so I'm living alone.
you are living alone..
Stay with your dad; it's not good to be alone.
Mom, Sharadha was very good at dancing.
No, Leeches stuck to the legs
Leech was stuck on my legs..
She has decided to say something.
wait, wait..
Please don't..
I need to say you something.
As a child, Miguel would go out in the rain without clothes,
one day he ended up with leeches on his body.
Just like they grabbed your legs,
As he was naked, they grabbed them there.
Not, it was on my back.
Shut up, it was on your As.
While trying to get the leech off, I accidentally burned his rear end with the stick from the oven.
Mom.. please stop.
He still have that scar.
I can never forget this,
can't stop laughing out of this memory.
I don't understand, whether to feel sad because of your forgetfulness,
or happy because you remember things like this.
If we stay here, she might say
many things like this, let's go.
Let's go.
Okay, I will headout.
I can forget everything, but not this.
Eat, eat darling.
Who is your Darling?
Who else? It's you!
Why did you take so long to open the door, Sir?
The old man is thoroughly drunk.
What happened sir?
Pentamma is here?
Miguel look at this.
yes? what happened?
Broke again.
How many times do I have to tell
you to not drink this much?
Nothing will happen to your experiment, don't worry.
Why are you looking at me?
It's the same old face you see everyday, let's go.
hey, are you Wearing a new shirt today?
yes, Shouldn't I wear?
yeah, yeah, you should.
Now that you're wearing a new shirt, let's go to the studio and take a photo.
Taking photos at a young age is good; they'll serve as lasting memories.
I always wanted to take my photo when I was young.
I didn't happen.
Once time has passed, it's gone forever.
No, I don't want now.
You never listen to me.
Yes, how many times did
I ask you to take me to the temple?
I took you to the temple two days ago.
hey, don't lie to me just because I forget.
Stop crying.
I have an experiment tomorrow, we'll go some other time.
I'm not crying, it's just the onions.
Okay, tell me are you doing
all these for Sharadha?
Do you think will that girl fall for you?
Anyhow, Hair fall is bound to happen.
eah, yeah, I thought you'd say something nice about me, but you've completely spoiled it.
Nothing left.
Miguel, Mary gave you an unnecessary birth.
Leelu, Lately you have been talking too much.
Know who you are talking to.
Let me tell you before that I am not a good person.
Hey, I have seen many people like you, get out.
Go and impress your Girl, not me.
Should we surrender without a fight
Or shall we soar like a starling
How does the earth change
As if dancing in amazement?
Time adorns a new color.
Like a magical star...
Soft footsteps have been made...
The word is like rain..
The path is like a path of flowers..
The place become like the Moon..
A breeze of joy whispers,
At this moment, on this land..
A touch of that time remains above
On this earth, in these stars.
Why do you look so tense?
Oh, are you afraid that you might die in tomorrows experiment?
Nothing like that.
Actually a bit nervous.
But If I don't show up in experiment tomorrow,
Rao sir will kill me anyhow.
I'd rather do the experiment tomorrow rather than avoiding it.
It's better to die unconscious.
Should we journey towards the distant celebrations..
In the depths lies friendship..
Like experiences woven into knots
Quietly arriving like footsteps
How can a person be so good..
This fading afford, it seems worth it..
Like Unyielding thread
All these are stories, untold words,
All these are stories, unspoken desires..
Like secrets known to the clouds
Like whispers in the moonlight
Time adorns a new color
Like a magical star...
The wind might have whispered..
Love spread across the skies
At this moment, on this land...
That time's touch lingers above,
In this earth, in this breeze.
hey Miguel, look at them.
Oh, these are Glow warms.
So, Do you think I completed my M.Sc without being aware of what it is?
Oh, sorry!
you are right.
Can we stay here for little longer, please?
We can see lot of them on our
way back to home Sharadha.
Sir could be waiting for us, let's go.
We came here in the morning.
Miguel, look here.
look at them.
My town, that place,
the glow worms are not new to me,
but those moments with Sharadha felt new.
To be honest, I wanted more of those moments.
everything until now is good,
Rao sir,
and now Sharadha.
While this is good,
tomorrow's experiment is most important.
I don't know what might happen,
but if something happens,
this might be my last words in the dairy.
Wonderful final moments
that will stay with me forever.
the day has come for the Rao sir's experiment to be done.
"The first attempt"
Temperature 30 degrees Celsius minimum
Threshold 45 degrees
Pressure 101.32 kilo pascals
and Volume to be constant throughout
He is preparing everything for my death.
Don't worry.
Sharadha, check all Values.
yes sir.
Pulse is normal.
Don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
Do you know, you are the first person to experience Deja-vu with this experiment.
What a privilege.
Might be the first, but we should make sure he isn't the last one.
I doubt.
Whatever might happen but don't lose hope, Miguel.
It's like I'm preparing for my own funeral.
Wait, I will help you.
Be careful.
I'm going.
Initiating GA.
yes sir.
Increasing load.
Okay, here we go!
Temperature increasing.
We got the current.
Every one of us will experience death eventually.
"Rao sir"
"Can you hear me?"
"I'm stuck here"
"Can you hear me?"
He came.
He came.
What happened?
Why are holding your back?
I was Sitting all night,
may be some strain in the back.
Why is your eyes red?
They didn't let me sleep all night.
Did they interrogate all night?
hey, they just now send me out.
However, the bruises left by the police may not be physical, but the pain is known only to those who have endured it.
They didn't beat me, Instead I pissed them off.
Yes, after beating you so much, why don't they break a sweat?
They didn't beat me.
That's why I like you, Ganesha.
No matter how many blows you took,
You never give up!
I swear to god that they didn't beat me.
Babai, even though he was beaten up all night,
He Never Give up his attitude.
Who has the courage to beat me?
hey, what did you say?
No sir, Nothing.
I was talking to him.
He might say the same thing to everyone.
Did you sleep well at night, sir?
If I sleep in the morning,
how can I sleep at night sir?
Then, what did you do all night with Ganesha?
We were reading the dairy you found.
What is written in that diary?
Nothing, sir.
He just wrote about himself that's it,
We didn't finish it yet.
I will inform you.
Send Ganesha.
Our team is searching for him.
We are expecting a Clue from you.
I can't handle his expectations.
Sir, will he have his job?
I will tell you, come.
So sad.
What happened sir?
I heard that someone had beat you.
No sir, Purandhar is a Idiot,
he is spreading all these rumors.
Don't believe such rumors sir.
I know everything.
- Sir.
Everyone is saying the same thing.
- People will talk regardless.
Sir, this isn't the right key.
I will go to Girgi sir's room
and bring the new key.
Go and ask Ramappa,
he will give another key.
Or he will show us another room.
What happened to you Madhav,
Can't you even handle a Key?
How can you take care of your marriage,
when you can't handle such things.
Okay, go.
No need sir, I've opened the door.
Sorry, I opened it.
Please come sir.
Sir, I suspect him.
yes, sir.
Did you help Miguel escape?
doing things like this?
No, sir!
Sir, I open it to access the kitchen for food
whenever I feel hungry, that's it.
Sit there.
He tends to be overacting always.
Can't even open a lock,
but talks like a loudspeaker.
he is a yes-man!
No doubt.
He is a gentle man!
Sir, I have doubt.
Who takes on the responsibility of caring for your family,
while you're away on these investigative missions?
Always interrupting.
Why do you care?
- I asked just normally..
- Madhav..
I'm divorced.
Sorry sir, I didn't know.
Sorry sir.
Shall we continue the story?
He said he had been to somewhere.
Chapter-5 "Infinity"
It's called Infinity.
"It ends where it stars and it starts where it ends"
"you go back to the same place again and again."
"you walk on the same path you walked before."
Sharadha quick.
How are you feeling?
Do you felt anything?
It's completely dark.
Pulse is normal.
Something is wrong,
We have to rectify that.
Sir, are you there?
Sir, are you inside?
Come fast.
What happened?
why did you make it home?
Why would I come,
if you pay the money on time, Sir?
Oh, Okay.
I will send you the money.
I was in research tension and
Forgot to pay you.
Oh, Miguel.
Looks like there's some exciting
research happening in there.
Ponnana, The work you came for is over,
isn't it?
That's is what I'm saying,
it's important not to meddle in others' work.
One should steer clear of interfering with other' tasks, or else.
What are you going to do?
Miguel, wait.
I should start doing a special
research on you from now.
In case Miguel does something, let me know,
but remember, conflict won't resolve anything.
Answer his questions.
Why aren't you not talking now?
you think I can't do anything,
but remember, He who grows a crop also knows
how to chop it when it is harvested.
I won't show mercy next time.
If you're adamant about continuing the fight,
I won't respond verbally this time either.
What will you do?
Ponnana, I will send your money, please go.
Please go.
When did you got into jeep, What's the rush?
Sir, I'm warning you for your own good
get him out of your house before he sets it on fire someday.
Get lost.
What did you do to him? why is he so angry on you?
No one knows the reason for the anger he got on Miguel that day.
Brother, Krishna.
Miguel, how are you?
Where is your Sir?
Sir didn't come, she is Sir's daughter Sharadha.
Two coffee.
Before I say, he said it.
Are you very regular to this place?
The coffee here is good,
Sir and I'm a frequent visitor.
Oh, really?
Yes, the food here is also delicious.
Thank you Sathi.
Thank you.
Thank you bro.
He is saying Thanks to me.
Yes, It's good.
What are you thinking about?
Is it about the experiment?
It's okay!
If not today, we can be successful tomorrow.
No, but I have a doubt.
You're quite well-off, isn't it?
I mean, you are wealthy,
Aren't you uncomfortable staying here?
No, I'm actually happy.
Look Miguel, you don't need money to be happy,
you just need good company, Idiot!
Oh, Idiot?
okay, Okay!
Drink, we'll pay the bill and leave.
I will pay.
No, don't.
Brother Krishna.
you have to pay 6 more rupees.
Krishna, We just had two coffees.
Coffee is just one rupee, your old debt is there.
Oh my..
When did I?
When did I take debt?
Please take.
We are already late let's go.
you might have forgot.
Come fast.
Why did you pay the bill?
Leave it, Miguel.
I never came out of that hotel with debt.
you might have forgot.
Okay, how much should I pay you?
It's okay, leave it.
I don't want to be indebted to anyone.
Leelu might be sleeping.
Whose is that?
Whose is this?
To your mom.
Now just watch.
Sorry, Sorry.
I'll clean it.
Look what Sharadha brought for you.
Leelu, wake up.
What about you?
When are you vacating the house?
Ponnana, are you mindful of the conversation
you are having in this place?
I had to take that house under my loan, I thought where will
the old lady go at this age of pushed out?
Now she is dead.
Whom should I wait for?
You should not talk such things here.
Then, where should I talk?
Should I keep roaming around you?
Do You Think I Have No Other Work?
If you had some work to do,
you wouldn't have come here.
You've come a long way to make our town your home,
we at least allowed you to stay here.
Don't interfere in everything, be quiet.
This is our village issue.
He is paying off your debt, Somehow.
yes, he is paying.
she has passed away. If he claims he isn't her child, who should I approach for my money?
Rao sir is still alive.
He is old too, What if he dies?
Who knows, he might die soon.
"crowd shouting"
Just like everyone else, you'll also eventually die.
How dare you touch me?
Leave me.
Get off me, how dare he?
Miguel, Stop.
Ponnana, what do you want?
He should vacate the house, that's it?
he will vacate today.
He should.
I will never forget this.
you can't go anywhere.
I will see your end.
Did you brought your vehicle?
No, I've called for another vehicle.
We don't need it, your vehicle is enough.
We don't need extra vehicle.
It's okay, I will take care.
We don't have many items.
take that.
Hey, Idiot.
Wait, I'm coming.
Tell me, what happened?
The bond that is created..
An exhausted existence.
On the walked earth..
The dispersed breeze...
Is this the destiny?
Heart has become diseased,
but still keep moving forward
The distance..
Without departing from a person... oh...
Without death arriving... oh...
Miguel, If you ignore me like this, I won't be there to Call you someday.
What things return again once they are lost...
Like the foam merging into the sea, is the pain that brings relief.
Why does time change fate so swiftly,
Turning bonds into nothingness... like a fleeting river
Hey, try to come home early in the evening.
You have to take care of Me too, not just your Rao sir.
The path lies on the ground... oh
Don't let the focus shift... oh
A tired sea.. Oh
can't stop the waves.. Oh
The relationship is over
but I still owe..
I know that just because I say you not to feel bad,
doesn't make your pain go away.
When those we love die, so does the role
we played with them will die too.
but our brain doesn't know about that.
We can't come out of that role,
that is what causes us pain.
I know how does that pain feel.
Time is the only medicine for every sorrow.
Forget about this experiment and
all these things for while.
Everything will become normal.
No sir, We should continue our experiment.
But All I feel bad about is,
Leelu gave me so much,
but I couldn't do anything for her.
Even I was not with her in the end.
Am I very selfish sir?
Life doesn't always turn out
the way we envision, Miguel.
Take rest.
Why are you sitting in the dark?
Rao sir..
Rao sir..
What happened, Shankara?
"Sir, everyone thinks Miguel caused
the entire warehouse to burn down.
you have to come with me Sir, Miguel should..
Is he out of his mind?
It's all drama, sir. He's the one who set fire to
his own warehouse and falsely accusing me.
Did you forget about the fight
that happened in the morning?
Hey, Shankara.
Sir, let's go inside.
Don't know what actually happened but Shankar was scared of Miguel.
Pressure is normal.
Don't wear it,
once you come out of this experiment.
Don't forget.
Happy journey.
All the best.
you are the first person to experience
Deja-vu with this experiment.
Hey, stop, start the Reading.
All systems are on standby, sir.
He is definitely in Rao's house.
Let's not leave him today.
Goons shouting
Miguel, come out.
Hey Subramanyam, come out.
Miguel come out.
Sir, Ponnana is here, what should we do now?
Don't worry about him, leave it.
Let's finish our experiment first.
Start the regulation.
Come out.
Look at their drama.
You set fire to my warehouse,
and now you're hiding inside the house?
hey Scientist, come out.
Open the door
Open the door
Open the door
Open the door
It is not written what happened next?
Miguel got arrested the same night, sir.
I'm not sure what happened that night,
but every morning he used to write this diary.
Look for that day in the diary.
I will tell the story from here.
Chapter-6 "Deja-vu"
we got the light.
you will go back to the same place where it all started.
you walk on the same path you've walked before.
Sir, Should I come tomorrow?
Is this your mother-in-law's house to come everyday, come when there is work?
you always stay here,
Is this your mother-in-law's house?
Hey, what did you say?
I could hear you.
yes, I know.
hey, who threw stones?
Are you okay?
Who is that, Rascal?
Don't you have any other works?
hey, not the glass, if I caught you,
I will break your face.
It actually happened.
Whatever we thought has happened.
What did actually happened?
It has already happened before.
Which means,
we are successful in Our experiment.
I'm living my past again.
Sir, we are successful with our experiment.
How many days back?
How long back?
Sharadha came home.
Which means?
Who is it?
She was alive.
Is that you?
Hey, Idiot.
Is that you?
You're completely drenched in rain. Didn't you take an umbrella?
What happened to you?
Come here.
Come here.
Why did you go out in rain?
Don't you know that you shouldn't go out in rain?
Do you think you are still a Kid?
What's the hurry? Where will I go?
Why are you staring at me like that?
hey Idiot!
Did you eat?
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
I will feed.
I owe you an apology.
Even Amid your curses,
you loved me.
I'm sorry for neglecting your moments of happiness.
Sorry for bothering you
while I was playing games as a kid.
Most importantly,
I'm sorry for not appreciating
you enough as a mother.
Sorry for not fulfilling your dreams.
Sorry, Leelu.
I should go and meet Rao sir Immediately.
What If someone see me?
Make it quick.
Someone might come.
Hey, keep that bag aside.
This time the cargo is more high.
make it quick.
Tie it.
Where can we hide this much of cargo?
We should not hide it in our place this time.
We were caught the last time.
Everyone in the village owes money to, Ponnana.
We can empty someone's house
and take refuge there.
hey, Who is it?
hey, wait.
Don't go, bastd.
Who are you?
What did you see?
If you let anyone know about this in the Village,
Ponnana won't let you live.
Does this village entirely belongs to him?
Somehow, he devastated the village,
and now he's determined to destroy the villagers too?
Tell him, if villages get to know about this, they all will burn him alive.
That's when it all started..
What happened, Soma?
Dogs possess the ability to inflict lethal injuries
on humans if they desire.
Sir, listen to me,
actually what happened was,
Miguel saw everything that we were doing.
Looks like, Miguel.
Why are you hiding your face?
Oh, are you going to Rao sir house?
Come, I will drop you.
No, I'm going to town.
It's okay, you go.
I'm heading to town. come, I'll give you a lift.
Two meals on that table.
Sir, coffee.
Shankar, stop here.
How are you, Miguel?
Hello, Krishna.
Tell me.
I didn't brought the money.
Never mind, pay me next time.
If you don't mind, can you lend me five rupees?
I don't have money to go.
yeah, okay.
I'll make sure to pay you next time I'm here.
Krishna, don't forget to ask me, if I don't repay.
okay, sure.
Thank you.
I don't have much time, I should meet sir.
That is very much detailed,
when a person is talking to
you while holding a tea cup,
Few people call it as Sixth sense.
Sixth sense.
but, me as a Science student,
I see it in different perspective
If that is happened before,
we do remember it, isn't it?
What If it happened and we don't remember?
What the..
Hey, Who are you?
you just went out, isn't?
How can you..
Where is, Sharadha?
Who gave you this?
20 years..
It took me 20 years to see what I saw today.
I never said anyone that I had a son.
This is my dream I have been
searching for all these years.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
Be careful.
Don't say this to anyone.
Don't get caught to anyone.
I didn't say it anyone.
I came here to meet you.
Someone is here, let's go.
Sir, Sir.
I need to say you something.
We'll talk later, let's go.
Sir, wait.
My mother is going to die.
Each one of us has our final day.
We never know, when is Our last day.
You know that day,
you can't change anything that is going to happen.
This is your second chance, Miguel.
If you want to give something to Leelamma,
give her everything you could.
Why did you come so early today?
Didn't you go anywhere?
You frequently scold me for spending time with Rao sir instead of with you.
I want to take you to town.
Why is this so much love suddenly?
No, I can't believe this, you may go.
Make sure to give it some thought before I leave;
this is a rare opportunity for you.
Are you serious?
you want my blessings?
Whispering softly like the heart,
A precious past once cherished
Like a dream in the eyes,
Time forgives gracefully.
Like a breath with every moment, Is this the end or a beginning of sorts?
Grasp these moments tightly, hide it
Following each movie screening at Meenakshi Theatre,
we'd feast on Biryani with Soda at Milani Hotel.
Now that you're wearing a new shirt,
let's go to the studio and take a photo.
I've repeatedly asked to go to the temple together,
when are we going?
Mary gave birth to you unnecessarily, Miguel.
I'm very tired, help me in the kitchen.
I don't have time,
I need to go for experiment.
you won't know my value now.
Your presence remains,
Yet my mind never saw it..
The time that has passed,
Do you know how much it is worth?
Your love is the true wealth,
No riches could ever buy it..
Grasp these moments tightly, hide it
Time, sleep for a while
the iris, sleep for a while.
I want to say Thank you to you before you leave.
For tolerating me..
For feeding me..
For making me strong..
For teaching me the Value of Life..
For standing by me..
Most importantly,
I want to Thank you for being part of my journey.
I can't join you in your journey, but
I always cherish your memories.
Take care, idiot.
He should vacate the house, isn't it?
He will vacate today.
He should.
I will never forget this.
We should teach him a lesson.
Once he vacated his house,
move some bags of marijuana and hide them inside.
The police arrive and nab him,
teaching him a lesson.
okay, sir.
hey, Is everything okay?
Okay, you may leave now, don't forget to keep it there tomorrow.
Then he'll understand Who I am.
How dare he touch you, Sir?
Beating me won't make him great.
Do you think I will leave him?
Who will save him?
We'll see his end.
Okay, let's go,
It's been late already.
I need to sleep.
Hey, hey.
Fire caught up, Is anyone here?
Hey, someone set fire on it.
Stop the fire, come fast.
Go, and get the water.
"crowd shouting"
Go and identify who it is.
Where did he go?
hey, go and see there.
Why are you behind me, go.
you go this side.
you go and search there.
Hey, look in the bushes.
Where did he go?
where is he?
Do you think I'm unaware if you come,
burn my property, and then flee?
you thought I can't do anything, isn't?
Isn't it because of Rao sir
that you're so self-assured?
but, Why does it bother you so much
if I grow marijuana?
because I said I will keep it in your house?
Now this is burnt in fire.
I will grow it again.
This time, it's in your house,
but you'll be the one going to jail, not me.
You started the war, but I will end it.
The flames that started then turned into a fire now.
Once you come out of this experiment,
Remember, you should not wear it.
Happy journey!
All the best.
Come out.
hey, old man, come out.
Sir, I guess it's Ponnana, what do we do now?
He is just a barking dog, don't worry about him.
We need to finish the experiment.
Start the regulations.
Look at his Dramas.
You directed him to burn my property,
and now you're hiding out in your house.
hey, Scientist, come out!
"Goons shouting"
Come out, we will kill you.
Open the door
Open the door
I know that you are hiding inside your house.
I know how to get you out, wait.
Do it.
pour it.
Sir, I think we need to stop.
No, Sharadha,
It might go wrong if we stop now.
What are you waiting for?
Set it on fire.
but sir, What about, Miguel?
What should happen will happen.
We are responsible for Miguel's life.
Sir, what do we do now?
Go out and talk to Ponnana.
Tell him I will pay him for everything he need.
Sir, what about you?
you, go!
Oh, there is girl inside.
Where is your Sir?
please stop the fire, house is already burnt.
Miguel is inside the house.
Sir can't come out of the house.
Please stop the fire,
he said he will pay you for everything.
Do both the father and daughter think I'm fool?
If Miguel is inside, who burned my property?
you think I'm a fool?
Subramanyam, come out.
I will see your end today.
What are you still doing inside the house?
Sir, please wake up.
Sir, are you okay?
Miguel, are you here.
Sir, I came.
Let's go to the hospital.
hey, can't you see?
Hospital doesn't work now, let me die.
Sir, I've already lost my mom, I can't lose you.
Do you remember what I said that day?
Everyone of us has our final day.
Today is my final day.
It's my turn.
Sir, don't be foolish.
That's the worst mistake I've ever made.
Sir died because of me.
in a way, I killed him.
Chapter-7 "The Journey"
Both the house and the experiment burned down.
Ponnana and Subramanya was dead.
Miguel got arrested.
What happened after that?
what happened, sir?
Did they leave you?
Did you ran away?
please, don't leave me alone.
Even after all the hard work, my father passed
away without fulfilling his aspirations.
Dad, all the hard work you have
put so far has been burnt.
Nothing has left.
Everything is destroyed.
Nothing is wasted, Sharadha.
Sir died, after he achieved what he wanted.
He achieved what No one in the world
has done from a small village.
I'm proof of his experiment.
If my guess is right,
Due to the experiment being stopped midway,
the other Miguel is still alive.
He might have met Sharadha.
Even If No one believes,
this is the Truth, Sharadha.
In two days they will take him to court,
you go and meet him.
What happened?
Did anyone meet Miguel on the
day of his court appearance?
Once a girl met him in the court.
Did he go anywhere after that?
No, sir.
He can't go anywhere without us in the court premises.
I will be waiting there.
Did he go to toilet?
you can't go there along with him, isn't it?
I know this is not easy.
but we don't have a choice.
Because the world is not yet ready to
accept what has happened to me.
So, the person who got arrested and the One who arrived at the jail, are not the same individual?
Chapter-8 "The end"
How long will it take?
Prepare the memo, we should submit it in the court.
Procedure stars 4 o'clock in the morning.
Don't worry, be calm.
Keep it normal.
I came here because of the experiment,
and I stayed here because it stopped in the middle.
You and Miguel, should finish the experiment.
On that day, I will get freedom,
not just from jail, but also from this world.
It took me twenty years to witness this day.
I guess it's yours!
Hey, come early in the evening.
You shouldn't only be with Rao sir;
you should also take care of me.
Sir, why don't we go and arrest Miguel?
How do you explain?
We will tell them what actually happened.
Considering the facts we know,
nobody believes he's innocent.
They won't believe Us too.
Does that mean we lost this case, sir?
We didn't lose, Madhav.
I don't want to be a Winner in this case.
If what is written in this diary is true then we cannot catch Miguel,
because there is evidence that he has been
out for two and a half years.
If what is written in this diary is a lie.
We need to start our investigation
from the beginning.
Which means,
There's No Subramanyam,
There's No Sharadha,
It turns out everything about this case is a lie.
Now all I want to know is,
what is written in this dairy is True or Not?
How can we know that?
Take your suit case.
I've handled many cases so far,
Every case had a Story behind it,
I was one who concluded all those stories.
but this story,
it's different.
Like Miguel said, No one can catch vapor.
it must fall as rain by itself.
just like that, Miguel is not just a case,
It's a journey,
Journey that has No end.
"Rao sir"
"Can you hear me?"
"I'm stuck here"
"can you hear me?"
No matter how hard you work,
you don't get money for even one cigarette,
I don't understand how people are surviving.
Once you get released, be with me.
We can live life King size.
What do you say?
you never listen to me.
Do you believe me?
Should I marry you to make you trust?
In my village, our Sir did a experiment on me,
It was very successful,
Someone like me has come out.
I'm here and he's out.
I won't be here for too long, I will disappear.
What a joke.
Nice story.
Did you watch Happy ending?
Back to future?
Teacher, teaches private lessons to student.
Did you watch all these movies?
I've seen many Hollywood movies.
and you are saying me a New story?
hey, Purendhar.
Look what he is saying,
he says he disappears one day.
Locked behind these cold steel bars
A prisoner of time seeking the stars
Locked behind these cold steel bars
A prisoner of time seeking the stars
Within the dark, a glimmer a light
Is a whisper of hope that guides him tonight
Will he, take the leap of faith
Trapped in these walls burdened by the truth
Waiting for the sunlight to break its golden hues
Trapped in these walls burdened by the truth
Waiting for the sunlight to break its golden hues
This too shall pass, he can make it through
Through the storms and shadows a path will ensue
This too shall pass, he can make it through
Through the storms and shadows a path will ensue
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
This too shall pass
Believe it's true
Through the storms and shadows