Aardvark (2017) Movie Script

EMILY: Obviously working from home,
I'll ask that you respect my privacy.
That said, what we share
in this room is also private,
and of course
I will respect that in turn.
I could just imagine myself
spending a lot of time here,
letting my mind wander.
So you say you've been
to therapy before?
And what brings you back?
Wanting to get my act together.
I got a new job. New therapist.
New prescriptions.
So you're seeing
a psychiatrist as well?
I've been on medication before, too.
And what medication was that?
You know, I also got a new job.
Yes, you said that. And do you
have health insurance through them?
Oh, God, no, no.
It's a grungy
little coffeehouse downtown.
I'd be lucky to get a paycheck.
Well, you have several options there.
Money's not an issue.
Oh, you know what,
we can settle at the...
No, it's... Well.
So no suicidal thoughts?
No thoughts of harming yourself
or others in any way?
No, absolutely not.
I checked "no" on all that stuff.
Well, is there anything in particular
that prompted you
to return to therapy?
My brother's back in town.
He's been gone for a long time.
Well, how long is a long time?
Fifteen, 16 years.
It's not a simple relationship.
Relationships with actors never are.
So your brother's an actor?
Would I know him?
Uh, if you ever meet him,
don't ask him that.
The truth is, he's one of the great
talents of his generation.
He's like that guy you see
and you go, "Oh, shit, that guy."
Okay, so then he's very successful?
He's one of the great talents
of his generation.
He's completely unrecognizable
from role to role.
But what you just said
made him seem...
It can be gradual.
What can be gradual?
Recognizing him.
Do you watch a lot of television?
No, I don't. Sorry.
ABIGAIL: Well, hi, there, Emily.
EMILY: Hey, Abigail.
I wasn't sure if I should expect you
after the last time.
You're the first one here.
Come in, come in.
I wanted to speak with you privately.
I think I need to quit the book club.
ABIGAIL: Sweetie,
is that really necessary?
EMILY: I think so.
I don't think Sela meant
to attack you personally.
My taste is not
that incredibly obscure.
Of course not.
Alice Munro is not obscure.
ABIGAIL: It's just someone
Sela's not familiar with.
EMILY: (SIGHS) You're old.
I mean, collectively,
and I'm the youngest one
in the group.
I feel that
I am having trouble relating.
I just thought that it was
the least that I could do
to tell you in person.
Put yourself in my shoes.
MONICA: (ON TV) I had your back.
You'll never know
everything I did for you.
NATE: Then I'm grateful for that.
MONICA: So why can't you do
this one simple thing for me?
NATE: Because this isn't about us.
This is about a city that's broken
and needs to be put back together.
MONICA: You never cease
to amaze me, Nate.
NATE: We both want
the same thing. Justice.
you want to save the world.
I'm too selfish for that.
So please don't call me anymore,
at 2:00 in the morning or otherwise.
NATE: Monica,
let's finish what we started.
ANTHONY: Well, I'll be.
- Anthony.
- Hey, sweetheart.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh, wow. Wow.
This is not where
I would have expected to find you.
Well, according to my physician,
it's time to get
the old ticker in tune.
And an ex of mine
always had good things to say
about these trails.
Yeah, they're a great place
to be alone.
So, what mile are you on?
Oh, I'm just starting.
Well, I'm afraid it's not for me.
Unfortunately. Sorry.
No, no. Why are you apologizing?
Right. That's your thing, right?
Well, it was nice seeing you.
Hey, I'd like to take you to dinner.
- Anthony.
- No, I'm serious. Just as friends.
Okay, why not.
Excellent. Good. Well, I'll call you.
- Okay.
And now if you'll excuse me,
I have to go back to my desk.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Hey...
- All right.
- Okay.
- Yeah...
All right.
What are you doing?
Nothing, really.
I mean, it's slow.
Is there...
Should I be doing something?
We're low on milk.
Do you want me to use less?
No, I'd like you to go get some.
- JOSH: (UNDER BREATH) Oh, shit.
- Josh! Josh, my man! Josh, wait up!
You got a smoke?
Uh, I don't smoke. I told you that
yesterday and the day before.
I gotta make friends
with more smokers.
Things gettin' real expensive
these days.
I wish I could help...
How about you loan me $10?
What did you do with the $10
I gave you yesterday?
You didn't give me no $10.
I didn't?
No. You said you weren't giving me
money for cigarettes.
Then why are you asking me
for money again today?
I'm starving.
I need to get something to eat.
Well, your lead-in was all wrong.
But if you spend this money
on anything other than food,
I will be eternally heartbroken.
And I'll probably kill myself.
I don't need all that
on my conscience.
Are you hungry or not?
Yes. I'm hungry.
Then take it.
But no cigarettes or heroin.
$10 ain't gonna get me
much heroin, now, is it?
I wouldn't know.
You've seen your brother?
You've seen your brother yet?
You're looking for him, aren't you?
Yeah, I was, but...
It might just be a rumor.
It might not even be true.
I heard it from some chick
I went to middle school with.
She said she ran into him
and they spoke,
and he said that he was only going
to be around for a little while.
But how long is a little while?
That's the question.
I have no idea.
How do you reckon you're gonna
find him? What's his name again?
How're you gonna track Craig down?
JOSH: Craig knows where I am.
LUCILLE: Damn right.
Damn right he knows where you are.
Holy shit, dude.
Holy shit.
LUCILLE: My man.
You're unbelievable.
I mean, you really are.
I spent months on this one.
Bag lady.
Had to get every last detail.
This is your best work by far,
without question.
This one was all for you.
I knew you'd appreciate it.
If I'm being honest, though,
I do sort of wonder why
you wouldn't come to me
as yourself, if you're really back.
This is what I do, Josh.
Honestly, I don't even think
I'd recognize you at this point.
It's been forever.
Josh, you know exactly
what I look like.
If I was just myself,
I wouldn't know what to say.
DANIEL: Josh, seriously?
You've been gone almost half an hour!
Yeah, um, all right.
You okay?
There go three douchebags.
Okay, yeah.
I almost called you Dr. Milburton,
but you're not a doctor, are you?
I'm a licensed clinical social worker.
Licensed is good.
Well, I'm glad we could see
each other today
because you seem a little on edge.
But that said, I won't always be able
to accommodate last-minute calls.
I had a cancellation today.
Are you all right?
I should be asking you that.
Why is that?
You look tired.
Why did you want to see me today?
Did you see your brother?
And how was that?
It's hard to say.
Was it a planned meeting?
So you just bumped into him,
like on the street, or...
Yeah, sort of.
Did you try to engage him?
Why aren't you sleeping?
Do you know what you should try?
Watching television.
Have you seen South Street Law?
Starring Craig Lewis Norman?
Uh, I might have. I'm not sure.
I have.
All 12 seasons more than once.
The first three seasons
actually aren't that bad.
Is Craig Lewis Norman your brother?
It's not his best work.
It's paycheck shit,
you know, there's no craft to it.
But you can get a great look at him.
Well, if you were to see Craig again,
would you want to engage with him?
Right when he booked the gig,
the South Street Law pilot,
it was a really
rough time for my parents.
They had this one kid, Craig,
who lived clear
on the other side of the country
who didn't seem like
he was ever coming back.
And this other kid who nobody knew
if he was going to have to wear
Velcro shoes his whole life.
I don't understand.
I have to tell you something.
I have a condition.
I have since I was 19.
What condition is that?
It doesn't have a name.
Or at least all the conditions that
do have names aren't a great match.
And the medication
that you've been prescribed,
is that specifically
to treat this condition?
Sometimes it is, yeah.
And what was the diagnosis
when you were 19?
I do perfectly fine at life.
We all have our good days
and our bad days, right?
But you must want help, right?
Otherwise you wouldn't come to me.
How have your parents been
handling things more recently?
My parents are both dead.
Could I speak...
Could I speak with Craig?
Why not?
Because I don't have
his phone number.
But he has some way of reaching you?
He sent me money.
Every month.
I don't even remember.
Hi, Don. I hope you're not too busy.
I should have called first, right?
I know.
You look well.
Thank you, same to you.
You're right. You should have called.
So, what's the story?
(SIGHS) I have a new patient.
A challenging patient?
I can't tell if he's bipolar
or if he has some sort of
dissociative disorder...
Does he experience bouts of mania?
I don't know.
Do you find him difficult to reach?
Does his grasp on reality seem looser
than it should be? Is he paranoid?
I can't really tell yet.
Then what makes you think he has
one of these 64-cent conditions?
Because he told me. More or less.
Well, there are records somewhere.
Who referred him?
The Internet. He's paying cash.
He may be dysfunctional in other ways,
but if he's paying you cash
to treat him for schizophrenia,
then he's certainly
not schizophrenic.
I didn't say that he's schizophrenic.
I wish I could be more helpful.
He has a brother.
Oh, does he?
Why don't you publish
a paper on him, then?
Look, I'm really quite busy.
You told me
I could always come to you.
But I didn't mean it.
You're not very good
at reading people, are you?
It hurts me to see you.
Can you understand?
You called me a slut.
And yet here you are.
Against my better judgment,
I am actually leaving.
JOSH: You have that thing.
It's my cousin's band.
It sounds fun.
You remember how to lock up, right?
I'll check in after the show.
- MAN: Excuse me?
Oh, sorry.
Is this 71 East Willow Street?
I'm looking for Dr. Emily Milburton.
Oh, it's you.
You look just like
your picture online.
It's a great picture, by the way.
Sorry, I'm Craig Norman.
Joshua Norman's brother.
Yeah, I know. I mean...
Yes. I can see a familiarity
in the eyes.
What, to Josh? Really?
I don't think we look anything alike.
I'm not a doctor.
Sorry, what?
I'm a therapist, but I'm not a doctor.
Okay, are you allowed
to tell me if you're seeing
my brother as a patient, is that
illegal? Can you tell me that?
No, no, that's not illegal.
Yeah. Um, yes, Josh is my patient.
Wow, who's this asshole?
Okay, that's my personal phone.
Can you...
Hold on, just one second.
Hey, now you have my number.
Sorry, that wasn't really fair.
What do you want, exactly?
It's late,
and, um, this is very unusual.
Ah, sorry, yes, you're right, this is
unusual. Um...
But since it appears that
your plans for tomorrow night
have been canceled,
would you like to have dinner
with me tomorrow night instead?
We could go to Caproni's.
I haven't been there since prom.
Uh, what do you think? 8:00?
Yeah, 8:00 should work...
Great. Okay, I will see you there.
Um... Oh.
If I wanted to get back to 22...
You're driving?
Walking. I thought
I would give that a try.
Okay. Well, you're gonna take a right
out of the driveway,
and then a left on Glen Rock,
and you'll follow that until
it becomes Springfield Highway,
and then you'll hit 22
in about half a mile.
Okay, so a right and then a left?
- Mmm-hmm.
- And I'm good.
Got it. See you tomorrow.
How's it going?
Um, what were you watching?
I'm sorry, was I being too loud?
No, no, I'm just curious.
It's a video of a guy getting kicked
in his balls by a donkey.
I just wanted to be sure it wasn't,
you know,
some kind of official business.
WOMAN: (ON RADIO) ...122-B on
Ironwood Drive, any available units,
repeat, 122-B in progress.
Copy that, this is Davenham.
I'll check it out.
You know what that is? A 122-B?
It means there's a verifiable
likelihood that someone
will steal two youth-sized bikes
for no other purpose
than to race them.
who do you think
would do such a thing?
Come on, bud.
We've got some bikes to steal.
I really don't understand
how you had time for this one.
I studied clowning in Europe.
I'm not sure I see the connection.
Total body control, baby.
I can assume a new character with
just a few carefully selected words.
And that ridiculous fake goatee.
Hey, the goatee is real.
Yeah, but you know
that I really hate cops, Craig.
But I'm not really a cop, am I?
What if I have a flashback
and I start tweaking out?
Then I guess we would call it my
most convincing performance to date.
But it's all an illusion, Josh.
You know that.
Come on, man. You used to beg
to hang out with me.
What's the problem?
Brother, I cannot do this alone.
Come on. This is it.
- Come on, Josh!
- My man! On the run!
- Whoo!
Whoo! That's what I'm talking about.
We're the police, baby!
- Come on, man!
You just gotta put
your heart into it, baby!
- MAN: Hey!
- I'll show you who...
Hey, what the hell are you doing?
Oh, shit. I'll see you
at the rendezvous point.
Wait, Craig,
I don't even know where that is.
- Yo, get off that bike.
- Shit.
Hey, it's you.
Hey, uh, I work here.
I'm glad somebody does. I've been
sitting here for 30 minutes.
You okay? You're breathing
really hard. Were you running?
No. I mean, literally yes,
but not, like, out for a run.
What about you?
What brought you out this evening?
Well, I like to walk around at night,
then thought I might have a coffee,
saw this coffee shop.
Okay, yes, that makes perfect sense.
Do you think you're going
to go walking tomorrow?
I imagine so.
Could I join you?
There's a gas station at 22
in Springfield. We could meet there.
I'm Josh, by the way.
Do you still want a coffee?
Nah, it's okay.
See you tomorrow.
You bet.
Well, the place is still standing.
That's certainly a positive.
Uh, look,
I'm going to need you to close
again tomorrow night,
- so let's just go over a few...
- I quit.
So, um...
Emily, I won't always be able
to accommodate last-minute calls.
This is not a normal thing for me,
and I'm sorry
for interrupting your day.
Oh, um, you didn't interrupt anything,
don't worry. That was a joke.
I'm actually always available
to accommodate last-minute calls.
Have you spoken to your brother yet?
Why? Have you? (CHUCKLES)
I haven't.
But after our last session,
I was worried about you.
My condition?
Well, yeah. (CLEARS THROAT)
But that's not what this is about.
Hold... I'm not saying, no...
I'm not saying
that you wanted to see me
like you have a crush on me,
and I definitely don't have
a crush on you.
You do have a certain way
of presenting yourself,
- which is commendable, but...
- Okay, I don't think that
you have a crush on me.
- Oh.
I wanted to see if you were okay
and was worried about you,
but you seem fine.
You really seem fine.
But you could have asked
if I was okay over the phone.
Yeah, well,
sometimes a therapist will...
You have something
important to tell me.
I never said that.
You didn't have to. So what is it?
What is what?
The important thing.
There is no important thing.
Why aren't you sleeping?
Oh, I don't know.
Have you watched South Street Law yet?
The first three seasons
are really very strong.
I'm not going to charge you.
That will be all?
Oh, um...
- I quit my job.
- Oh.
Uh, okay, do you want to...
No, it's great.
Um, do you like my shirt?
I got it at a real discount
because it was marked irregular.
But sometimes irregular things
can be just fine.
Shall we?
(LAUGHS) Sorry.
Sorry, it's just, uh...
Let's go. Come on, let's go.
No, no, no.
(SIGHS) Yes.
Have you ever been in a car
that's run out of gas?
Me neither.
Kind of makes you think, right?
Think what?
That all this gas stuff, like this
dependence on foreign oil
and whatever, or oil in general,
it's like,
what if they've just convinced us
all that our cars need gas to run
when really
they'd run just fine without it.
That's why no one really
gives a shit if we run out of oil,
because it was useless to begin with,
and once it's gone
they'll just wax nostalgic
about the good old days
when they could sell people
what's basically mud
like it was gold or something,
which is also pretty useless,
if you ask me.
I don't know if that
all really holds up.
You're right.
It's just something I think about.
how's this walk going for you?
So far, so good.
Well, this is great.
I can see why you like this.
I was a student at the college.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, that's how I ended up here.
Born and raised, myself.
I didn't graduate.
Who needs it?
It was my choice.
It just kept going
on and on, you know?
No, no.
I didn't go to college.
Do you have a lot of friends?
Like real friends, or on Facebook?
Real friends, for sure.
I have a lot on Facebook.
So you only have, like,
a few quality real ones?
I guess.
One more quality than the others?
I wouldn't say that.
I've just
been worried.
About what?
That you're maybe
some sort of criminal
who spotted me for a mark, and...
You need me to kill someone for you
or you'll harvest my organs.
Well, I'm not. (CHUCKLES)
I can't tell you
what a relief that is.
Because when I first saw you,
I thought that
this could really work.
I thought maybe
we'd really hit it off.
Wait, so when did you decide that
I wanted to harvest your organs?
I don't remember.
Thank you.
Well, so you're an actor.
Is that right?
I'm sorry I don't watch very much TV.
It's okay.
That is, however, where I do
the majority of my work.
What's the show?
South Street Law.
If you're interested,
it is pretty much everywhere,
I think, at this point.
It's a very big hit, right?
Or was, was a very big hit.
I was very lucky.
But that is all over now.
Well, why is it
that you're back in town?
Josh mentioned that both
of your parents are...
Real estate issues.
I own some property, well,
I was left some property in town,
when my parents died,
and I got an offer on it
out of the blue.
So, um, I wanted to make sure
there were no
weird issues.
This time of year,
I would have thought...
Well, I mean,
(CHUCKLES) I'm not kidding myself
about what the property's worth.
I mean... But I thought for Josh,
you know, that I would sell it
and give the money to Josh.
But you...
He says you haven't seen him
in like 15 years?
I just... I did wonder
how you knew he was my patient?
Uh, well, I pay his phone bill,
so I did a reverse look-up
on some of the numbers.
I don't usually like to pry,
but, you know, he doesn't really call
that many people,
so I was actually thrilled to
find out that you were a therapist.
But don't you want to be
in contact with him yourself?
He says he doesn't even
have your phone number.
Well, you know, Josh is
a pretty disturbed individual.
I just mean
a piece of property around here
probably isn't anything to you.
I'm just surprised that you would
come all this way for that.
Um, you know what?
I think I don't want
to talk about Josh anymore.
Well, talk to me about acting, then.
Okay, what do you want to know?
Is it time to say good night?
I think so, yeah.
Maybe we could hang out again?
If the weather holds.
That was a really
nice walk, Josh. Thanks.
I figured this place was closed.
It is, isn't it?
That door is... Something just moved.
Mmm, maybe it was
a light or something.
It must have been.
- Just go.
- What?
It's better that way.
But you do want to hang out again?
I'll see you soon, then?
Hey, there's nothing to be sad about.
it's been almost a week.
That's a record for us.
How are you feeling?
Well, I feel like I have to ask,
and you don't have to tell me,
but have you been taking
your medication?
Why not?
Is that a serious question?
You do know those drugs
make men grow tits, right?
They're not without risk.
And I don't want to be lost
to the world.
But isn't the point
of therapy and medication,
to bring you back into the world?
I have a confession to make.
I've been watching South Street Law.
Craig, huh?
You're right. He's very good.
Do you find him attractive?
Well, I wasn't thinking
of him that way.
Well, what way
were you thinking of him?
- Not that way.
- Mmm-hmm.
I wanted to get a sense of
where you were coming from...
So you're watching South Street Law.
Good for you.
I take after our mom.
I wasn't looking for a resemblance.
Okay, that's bullshit, but fine.
I'm sorry, Josh,
is something bothering you?
You didn't believe
that I had a famous brother,
that he was a great actor,
and so you had to see for yourself.
Well, whether or not I believe you
is not an issue.
So you still don't.
I'm just trying to understand.
Because there are things that
I could tell you about my brother
that you really wouldn't believe.
Like what?
I was lying when I said
I haven't seen him for 15 years.
I have seen him. He comes to me,
but only in character.
So you see Nate Marcus,
and not Craig Norman?
Sometimes he comes to me
as an old homeless woman.
Sometimes he comes to me... I mean,
Craig took clowning in Europe,
did you even know that?
He has amazing command over his body.
So when you see
an old homeless woman,
how do you know that it's Craig?
We talk!
And then what?
Let me ask you a question.
Let me ask you a question.
Is it real?
When I see him,
when I talk to him, is it real?
Most of the time, our perceptions...
Please just answer the question.
I'm not sure that it matters.
You charge for this?
Josh, hold on.
Just... If you want to go now,
do you want to come back tomorrow?
There you are.
Did I tell you where I live?
Yeah, you did.
The downstairs door was unlocked, so.
Yeah, the downstairs door
is always unlocked.
I don't think the lock even works.
I thought we were going
to hang out, so I...
Yeah, I thought we were going
to hang out, too.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
I haven't seen you for days.
I figured you were gone.
Gone? Like, I'd moved away?
What have you been up to?
I don't know.
What have you been doing?
Have you been out walking?
I tried. It's not as fun alone.
I know. I was just out
walking for hours alone. It sucks.
Okay, I'll take you
for a walk, come on.
If you've been walking for hours,
aren't you tired
and you want a break?
No, come on.
Are you thirsty?
You want some water or something?
Can I use your bathroom?
You can use my bathroom.
It's nice to see you again.
JOSH: Since you're here, do you want
to watch TV or something?
I don't usually have people over,
but if you wanted
to watch something...
So this is where the magic happens.
Yeah, I should have said
this space is off-limits.
I hope you can understand.
Did you ever study clowning in Europe?
Wow, did Josh tell you that
or did you read that somewhere
on the Internet?
- I didn't look you up on the Internet.
- Uh-huh.
I did go to Europe for a little bit,
and clowning was meant to be
on the agenda.
It was right before
I split to go to LA.
I was basically looking for
any reason to drop out of school.
I vaguely remember telling Josh
something about that.
But no,
I never went to a single class.
I just sort of dicked around Paris
for a little while and came home.
Well, it must have stuck with him.
Isn't that weird?
I mean, you must get that
all the time,
like, people remembering,
like, weird things that...
I mean, I remember this one time,
Josh came with me and a bunch
of friends to the zoo, right?
He was little,
and we thought
we'd play a prank on him.
We would run ahead
and we'd hide behind trees
and yell his name
and hide in a tunnel.
He was, like, eight, but he was
terrified and he ran away.
And I remember being so pissed,
I had to look for him
for, like, 20 minutes.
I could not find him,
and I just remember.
(SIGHS) being so angry.
And now, obviously,
realizing it was awful,
especially given
how everything turned out.
Is that normal?
To remember things like that?
Like you said,
people hold onto all sorts of things.
Yeah, I guess.
I was really glad to hear from you
after the other night.
I'm sorry I had to leave.
I had to get back to LA
- to test for this new television show.
- Oh.
Did you book it,
- or get it or whatever?
- Yes. Yes, I did. I did.
- Congratulations. That's great.
- Thank you.
Thank you. I'm not going to do it.
- Really?
- No, it's terrible.
I mean, it's terrible.
It's embarrassing.
What about your real estate?
How's that going?
Well, you know, I mean, it's...
As soon as I sell, the house is toast.
It's just... I mean,
I don't even know what anyone
would do with it.
Hold on,
would this be your childhood home
we're talking about?
Yeah, I mean, the house is
basically falling down.
I mean, not literally, but...
I mean, I don't even know
what you'd... I mean,
you'd have to kill the mold,
and the... Things are probably
for the best the way they are now.
No, what?
Things are not best the way they are.
They're actually pretty bad.
I don't understand.
For Josh.
Well, I mean,
I'm gonna go soon and then
everything will be back to normal.
You need to see him.
Is that your advice as his therapist?
As his therapist who's currently
sleeping with his brother?
As a therapist, yes.
And he needs much better care
than what I can give him.
Well, maybe I'll stop
paying for it, then.
I think Josh hallucinates.
You think he hallucinates?
Yeah, no, he hallucinates.
He's schizophrenic.
Or maybe bipolar
or maybe schizo-affective,
or maybe all of the above.
I mean, do you have any idea
how long I've been hearing about this
and dealing with this?
- Craig...
- I mean, God, that is...
That is not why I am here.
It's you.
You are what he hallucinates.
As different characters
that you've played.
What are you talking about?
Like Nate Marcus? What...
No, but...
Like the...
Like an old homeless woman?
When would I ever have played
an old homeless woman?
Why don't we go to bed?
Okay, well,
I'll call you before I leave.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about my place.
Don't be.
I want to be able to have you over
and stuff, watch TV, and...
But I...
I just don't really have people
over right now.
It's not something that I do.
After my mom died...
She died of breast cancer,
and my dad had a heart attack.
He went first. It was really sudden.
So that was a bad year.
Anyway, after all that happened,
I would just
sleep outside
for, like, weeks at a time.
I would get so fucking cold sometimes,
but it just kept going on for
a while, like, years, I think, maybe?
I think it was years.
But you know how it is,
and then I moved into
my current apartment.
I have to tell you
something about myself.
When I was 19,
I had a psychotic episode.
And I ended up in the hospital
for almost a week.
Most of that in restraints.
You could ask me for more details,
but I honestly don't have them.
You'd have to ask a doctor
or someone.
I've taken different medications,
had different treatments
of all kinds...
JOSH: I have a brother.
But he hasn't been around very much.
Hey, is there anything that you
want to tell me about yourself?
MEN: Josh, Josh, Josh...
Don't listen to them!
What did you say?
- Let's make this quick.
- Josh, come back!
- Make what quick?
- Very funny. Which one of you is it?
Holy shit.
What do you want from me, Craig?
My name's not Craig.
I know what this is.
Jesus, psycho.
Shut up. I know what this is.
JOSH: I know what this is!
I know you're doing this to try
to mess with me.
I know you're trying to get to me.
I just don't know why.
- Back off.
- What do you want from me, Craig?
What do you want from me...
He deserves it.
Come on, bro,
we gotta get out of here.
No, he deserves it.
Uh, Emily Milburton?
Everything okay?
Are you looking for someone?
Yeah, I'm looking for Josh Norman.
He's my patient.
I'm the one who called you.
Okay, I want to see Josh.
He had this in his wallet.
I'm sorry, you're his therapist?
Yeah, I'm his therapist.
So I don't need to show you
his rather impressive file?
Who is prescribing his medications?
I don't know.
The guy has prescriptions
all over the planet.
I mean, I would love to give him
a real painkiller, but...
Yeah, he's not a drug addict.
He has prescriptions for ziprasidone,
olanzapine, risperidone,
but the benzos are what really
have me worried.
He's not taking them.
He's not taking any of them.
Wonderful. You do realize
he's schizophrenic, right?
Can you step aside, please?
The police are on their way.
I don't think it's a good idea
- for you...
- (YELLS) Step aside.
You're in a hospital, Josh.
- You had a little card in your wallet.
Oh, Jesus. (GROANS)
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, my head hurts really bad.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
The police want to speak with you.
Hospitals and police.
It's my favorite things.
Well, you were attacked,
and they need to find out who did it.
Is there a cop there,
right on the other side
of that curtain?
I asked them to give us some time.
What about the girl?
What girl?
The girl that I was with? Is she okay?
I don't know.
I didn't hear anything about a girl.
Josh, do you think that it was Craig
who did this to you?
It was three douchebags.
One douchebag, in particular.
But I don't think
we can rule Craig out.
- You just said it was...
- I know what I said.
I'm going to go get the officer.
I've seen Craig
since he's been back.
Did you sleep with him?
Why would you ask that?
That's very personal.
Yes, it is.
I'm sorry, I don't make
very good decisions in that way.
I'm sorry.
Why don't you just go?
Where the hell were you?
- I'm sorry, what?
- I...
I've been calling you, like, all day.
Josh was in the hospital last night.
He got in a fight, he got beaten up.
Okay, when exactly did you call me?
All day. All day
I have been calling you.
I... I was busy.
With what?
It's none of your business.
Well, I had to tell him.
(SIGHS) That's on you.
Well, he already knew somehow.
Well, I have to leave first thing
tomorrow morning, so...
- Sorry.
- You can't.
I'm a horrible person, all right?
But you need to see your brother,
and you need to let him see
that you are real.
How did he react?
When you told him
we were sleeping together?
He was very upset.
I'm pretty sure he knows I'm real.
Look, you want to know why
you're not a good therapist?
It's not because
you're a horrible person.
It's because you're alone.
Nothing has any context.
I bet you just sit there
and nod your head
while people cry
about their problems to you.
Am I right?
I mean, what are you supposed to say?
Okay then, Debbie, have a good week.
Oh, Debbie, Debbie, Debbie.
I didn't think I'd see you again.
I'm not coming back.
You don't need
to find a new time for me.
I understand.
Shame they never caught the douchebag.
But I'm sure if they had,
he would have just hired a lawyer
and cried "crazy person."
I'm sorry,
but it's not your fault.
I just wanted to make sure
that you're okay.
That's very nice, but I'm fine.
Have you, um...
Seen Craig?
I started taking my meds again.
I don't have the sweats
or the jitters, and I can still
open my jaw.
That's a good thing.
And I guess I have more clarity.
Like, I'm not seeing and hearing
things that aren't there.
Well, that's good.
That's very, very good.
Is that what you believe? Really?
Because I miss them, you know?
I really miss those things
that weren't there. Isn't that weird?
I think it's perfectly natural.
I miss certain of them
more than others, I think.
I haven't...
I haven't seen him either.
Of course you haven't.
Well, I don't think
I will see him again.
Emily, I know that you only said
what you said because
you felt the need to lash out
and you were angry with me.
And I think that
you're a very lonely person.
I am, too.
It's easy for us to get carried away.
I don't understand.
Emily, you never slept
with my brother.
I'm sorry, Josh.
I am so sorry, but I did.
That's impossible.
- Why is that?
- Because I am my brother.
I am Craig Norman.
I have been, the whole time.
Sorry, I'm just kidding you.
I'm just messing with you.
I'm not Craig Norman.
No, no, no. I was just joking.
I was joking, it was a joke.
- No, no...
Hey, hey.
How could we possibly be
the same person?
I mean, you must have googled
him at least, right? He's famous.
I just...
I can't believe he would come
all this way and not have seen you.
I guess he really didn't want to.
Craig Lewis Norman?
Yeah, it's me.
It's really you, huh?
This is what you look like now.
I hope you're not disappointed.
You look a little like Nate Marcus,
if I'm being honest.
Uh, well, typecasting, I guess.
Uh, I made her come.
You sure it wasn't
the other way around?
You can call me anytime, Josh.
Come in, both of you.
Do you want some water?
I'll, uh...
I'm okay.
Where's your bathroom?
It's just... Just through there.
Here, let me, uh...
CRAIG: Thanks.
You don't... You don't have to...
It's good to see you, buddy.
CRAIG: It's good to see
you're still in one piece.
A couple of bruises, is all it was.
My schnoz is healed. I could
probably take this off, actually.
They ever catch the guy?
It was just a few douchebags.
What can you do?
Well, I was worried, you know.
I was worried when I heard.
I must have changed my flight
back home five different times.
You staying at the old house?
No. No, thought about it when.
I first made plans to come out here,
but then I saw the place
and I thought, "Great."
Been trying to make up my mind
what to do with it, you know?
What do you think?
It's your house.
It was left to you.
It wasn't left to me.
Yeah, I know that, Josh,
but I'm asking you.
I mean, you have every right...
I bet I look really, um...
I bet I look really different than
what you remember from
the last time you saw me, huh?
Josh, it was seven years ago
when we saw each other last.
Do... Do you not remember that?
JOSH: No, that's not right.
That's definitely not right.
It was 15 or 16...
CRAIG: It was when Dad died.
When Dad died,
and I got the call, and I came here,
and Mom was as good as gone,
and no one could find you.
I looked all over for you.
You weren't at the house.
The hospital said
you were never there,
and I found you
living on the street.
Never at the hospital is...
That's not exactly true.
Josh, I could have put you
in an institution.
But I put you here instead.
I thought it would be more
manageable for you
than living in the house.
EMILY: Well, I should go.
- No, it's...
- Yeah, it's okay, Josh.
Josh, yeah, I just...
I had to stay away.
- What?
- Before.
I had to.
But I kept you in my thoughts.
And not the money, that's not...
I just... I just...
You know, I keep thinking.
I keep thinking about how I...
I keep thinking about
how I treated you.
(SIGHS) Like the day at the zoo.
I think of you just being so lost
and bewildered and abandoned
and it just rips my heart out.
So I'm sorry.
Apology accepted.
Honestly, I...
I remember always having
a great time at the zoo.
What are you going to do now?
Why don't you just stay?
WOMAN: Well, yeah,
so he says to his boss...
MAN: I had to tell him what I thought.
WOMAN: Oh, had to?
If I hadn't told him
what I thought, then...
Oh, yeah, that he should,
you know, go... himself.
MAN: Then we were going to be stuck
in the same rut
- for the rest of our lives.
- What, you and him?
You and me.
Are you expecting someone?
MAN: Lot of anger. WOMAN: What?
I get so goddamn angry, you know.
I don't even know at who.
"At who." At whom?
Which is it? "At who"?
MAN: I am just like my father.
He was this exact same way.
All right, I think we're just
about out of time.