Aaron's Blood (2016) Movie Script

I don't think I can do this.
Yes you can.
I'm Aaron by the way, and you
have nothing to worry about.
I'm the best.
You are?
Yeah, won't hurt a bit.
I promise.
Here, squeeze on this.
Oh god.
How long you been doing this?
10 years.
See? He knows what he's doing.
It's just
gonna be a little stick.
Nothing to worry about.
Okay, wait, wait.
You're supposed to hold my hand.
Here we go.
It'll just come and go,
you won't even know.
Well, what'd he do?
I'm here for Tate.
Oh yes, you can sign
him out right there.
Oh, and Dr. Donnelly
wants to speak
with you if you have a minute.
He'll have to serve
an in-school suspension,
just one day.
Well he's never done
anything like this before.
I know, but it's
We have to follow the rules.
I understand, I understand.
Are you sure he
tripped them, though?
He admitted it.
How's he doing at home?
Uh, fine, I guess.
What do you mean,
since the accident?
Well it's only
been a year, right?
It hasn't been a year yet.
You know, it's been tough.
Of course.
But, I don't mean that
as an excuse or anything.
Well I certainly think it
helps to explain his behavior.
He's such a good kid.
So what's going on with you?
They don't send
you home for nothing.
We should go home.
All right.
Here at JPL, we
have to solve problems
that nobody's ever
solved before.
And something the solutions
can seem a little crazy.
Today we're gonna talk
about this bad boy.
So when are you gonna
tell me what happened?
What happened with Justin?
He won't leave me
alone, that's what.
I hate him.
Why, what does he do?
He pushes me and
slaps me on the head.
In class?
In class, in the bathroom,
during PE, all the time.
And he calls me a pussy.
I got sick of it,
so I tripped him.
And you think that's
a smart thing to do.
Why didn't you say something?
What am I supposed to say?
What are you supposed to say?
You need to tell a
teacher, that's what.
No, they would call me snitch.
What, who cares if some
punk calls you a snitch?
Why didn't you at least tell me?
I'm telling you now.
Tate, if he touches you again,
I'm talking to the principal.
No, I can take care of it!
What, do you think
he's just gonna let you
get away with tripping him?
It's too dangerous,
you need to be careful
in your condition!
I know, dad.
Time to wrap it up!
Sorry, didn't mean to.
Payback's a bitch, huh?
Uh, Mr. Diaz?
There's been
an emergency with Tate.
Which hospital?
Well, did you tell them
he's a hemophiliac?
Hi, my son was just brought in.
What's his name?
Tate Diaz.
He's in ICU.
What happened?
I don't know, I haven't
heard anything yet.
This isn't good.
I'm not worried about
the hairline fracture
to the outer nasal bone.
The damage to the
internal cartilage,
while normally
not a big concern,
is a pretty big deal to
a kid with hemophilia.
Blood was collecting
deep inside the tissue
and behind his eyes,
but we were able to relieve
some of the pressure
and stop the bleeding.
It's a highly
uncomfortable procedure,
so we had to sedate him.
And now?
He's doing okay
for the time being,
but we'll need to
keep an eye on him.
There's a chance he could
start hemorrhaging again.
There's no doubt, he's
still in critical condition.
How much blood did you give him?
We transfused one unit,
we have two more on standby.
You're sure you
don't want me to stay.
I'm sure, go home.
I can get you something to eat.
I'm fine, I'll
grab something here.
Well, if you need
anything, you call me, okay?
All right.
And call me when he wakes up.
I don't even care what
time it is, I mean it.
And tell him I love him.
And I love you too,
little brother.
Call me.
All right.
I'm sorry, didn't
mean to disturb.
Oh you didn't, please come in.
May I be of service to you?
I'm father Kane,
the hospital chaplain.
Oh, okay.
Well, I'm not really
sure what I'm doing here.
I haven't been to church
since I was a kid.
Do you have someone, a
relative in the hospital?
Yeah, my son.
How is he?
Not good.
I mean, he's fine,
just worried about him.
What's your son's name?
How old is Tate?
He's 12.
Tell me more about him.
He's a great kid.
Smart, talented, you know.
He used to be so happy.
Used to be?
Yeah, uh, my wife, his mother,
was in an accident
about a year ago.
I'm sorry.
How's he coping?
He blames me.
Why is that?
Because it should
have been me instead.
You sound as though
you agree with him.
Well I wish it was me.
I would've traded places
with her in a second.
Guilt is a hard
thing to live with.
Irrational or not.
Are you sure he blames you?
Or is the blame
more self-imposed?
Uh, I gotta go.
Would you like for me
to go up and see him?
Dear Jesus, our lord and savior,
divine physician, and
healer of the sick,
we turn to you in
this time of illness.
Oh dearest comforter
of the trouble,
alleviate our worry and
sorrow with your gentle love.
And Grant us the
grace and strength
to accept this burden.
We place our sick
under your care
and humbly ask that you
restore your servant
back to health again.
In Jesus Christ's name we pray.
Where's my son?
Is he a patient?
Yes, he's been moved.
Tate Diaz.
I don't see him registered.
Could it be under another name?
What are you talking about?
He was in room 319.
No, nobody's been in
room 319 since Sunday.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
Sir, please lower your tone
or I'll have to call security.
What kind of a hospital is this?
Where the fuck is my son?
Jesus Christ!
I need security on
floor three please.
Come on.
Tate, where are you?
Tate, where are
you, I don't see you.
What is this?
Dad, what happened?
Oh my god, hey.
What happened?
What, don't you remember?
I was in an ambulance.
Yeah, you lost a lot of blood.
Where's your bandage?
Oh, it was annoying.
So I took it off.
Tate, what are you doing?
You can't do that!
Why, it doesn't hurt.
Stop, stop, be careful.
Can we go home now?
Can we go home now?
Tate, it's five in the
morning, you need to rest.
But I'm not tired.
Just lay down, please?
I don't see why
he can't go home.
Just keep an eye on him,
I'll need to see him in 10 days.
Wow, okay.
Thank you doctor.
Stay put, I'll get someone
up here to get you discharged.
Dad, aren't I gonna
be late for school?
You're not going to school.
I have a huge math
test today, I have to!
Tate, it's about to start.
You're never gonna
make it in time anyway.
Dad, math doesn't
start until third block.
It's okay if I'm late.
You sure?
I'm ready.
Hey, not until you
have some breakfast.
No, I'm not hungry,
can we just go?
You gotta have something.
That doesn't look
good right now.
You're welcome.
I'm just sick to my stomach.
I'll eat something at school.
Where are your glasses?
They're messed up.
What do you mean?
I'll be fine without them.
Since when?
What's he doing?
Diaz made 33 of those in a row.
No he didn't.
He's lying.
Think I can clock him from here?
Yeah I could.
Bet you can't.
What the?
Guess he showed you.
Shut up.
That's mine.
Oh, in that case.
Don't mess with my stuff.
Or you'll do what, you
motherless piece of shit?
Get out of here!
Leave me alone.
Got it?
Got it?
Yes, yes.
How's it going, Mike?
Mr. Tate.
What's wrong?
I'm not hungry.
You serious?
Did you eat lunch?
Well, try it.
For me.
Hey Tate, come on, I
worked hard on this.
How was school?
How'd you do on that test?
Got a 97.
Good job.
That's great.
I missed one I should have.
What's wrong?
What is it?
Oh, man.
Tate, are you all right, buddy?
You okay?
Uh huh.
Here, let me see.
You know, maybe I should take
you back to the hospital.
No, I'm just tired.
Can I go to bed?
Yeah, yeah, okay.
All right man, you're gonna
take it easy today, right?
All right, be careful.
Love you!
What's wrong with you?
You're all red.
That's quite a sunburn, Tate.
I don't think it's a sunburn.
Then what is it?
I don't know, it just happened.
Just now?
He was like, normal in science.
Why don't you go to the nurse?
Here you go, Tony.
Did you get in?
I did.
There's no alarm.
Are we on?
It's a definite go.
Are you feeling
dizzy, lightheaded?
Any chest pain?
His pulse rate is 45.
Is it normally that low?
No, why?
Is there a problem?
Just out of the normal range.
Could be from the nasal surgery.
Could be medication.
I'm sure it's nothing
to worry about.
No allergies?
I'm gonna give him a
low dose antihistamine.
Not enough to affect
his platelet function.
Could be a reaction to the
antibiotics you're taking.
We sometimes see skin
allergies to the sun
with certain medications.
Keep him out of the
sun for a few days.
Bring him back if you see
any signs of it reoccurring.
All right.
And what about his pulse?
I'm gonna check his
thyroid to rule that out.
Could be a number of things.
Perhaps lingering effects
from the sedative.
Drink lots of water, young man.
All right, just hang tight.
The nurse will be
back for a blood draw.
We'll call you with the results.
Sounds good.
Thank you doctor.
Time to go to sleep.
Let me see your hand.
What are you doing?
Why don't you call
me tater any more?
It's been forever
since I called you that.
Why'd you stop?
Well, you were
embarrassed, remember?
Oh yeah.
You got all old
and mature on me.
Why do you ask?
Well, I was thinking about mom,
and the trip we
took to lake Pahoe.
All right, well.
Goodnight buddy.
Love you dad.
Love you too.
That's the kid's bedroom.
Get back.
What the hell are you
doing, I said get back!
What's going on?
What do you want?
I'm not gonna ask you
again, you son of a bitch!
Don't shoot.
What are you doing here?
You really have no idea?
Who are you?
I'm just a guy trying
to do a good thing.
Tate, are you okay?
Not for long.
No, Tate, you keep
pressure on that.
That's why I'm here, Mr. Diaz.
How do you know my name?
Give me the gun.
All right, all right.
You know him?
He works at my school.
What do you want from us?
I said on your knees!
Okay, just tell me what
were you doing to my son.
That thing's not your son.
Your boy's dead.
Earl was doing you a favor.
What kind of sick
bastards are you?
What do we do now?
We go.
We'll leave y'all
alone, call a truce.
No! You, come with me!
Just for a minute, in the
other room, I wanna talk to you.
No, he's gonna kill you.
No I won't!
Dad, don't!
Shut up you fuckin' leech!
Hey, he's just a kid, man!
I said get up, you asshole.
Watch your back.
It'll turn on you.
You need to take
Mike's head off,
just in case, and do it soon.
And the same with the boy.
Cutting off the head
is the only way.
I'd do it before the change
is done, once the heart stops
there's no going back.
Look what I did.
No, listen buddy,
it's not your fault.
You were protecting me.
Am I a vampire?
No, there's no such thing.
Tate, what are you doing?
Tate, what did you do?
What did you do?
Dad, it doesn't hurt.
Tate, what?
I can't even feel it.
Oh my god.
I got some bad blood, didn't I?
I don't know.
Dad, make it stop.
I don't wanna be like this.
It's okay.
You gotta fix me.
We're gonna figure
something out.
Yes, I promise.
I promise you Tate.
I promise, we'll fix this.
Hey, it's me.
What's wrong, is it Tate?
No, no no.
Well yeah.
Well, is he okay?
Yeah, he's fine, he's fine.
I just need a place for
him to stay for a while.
I was wondering if maybe he
could hang at your place?
Yeah, of course, I'll
stay home from work.
Oh no no no,
you don't have to do that.
Are you gonna tell
me what's wrong?
He's just not feeling very well.
I gotta take care
of a few things,
just figure some
stuff out, you know?
Okay, you're scaring me.
You sound weird.
No no, I'm fine.
Look, I'll explain later.
I just wanna know if I
can bring him over now?
Yeah, of course.
Cool, well, we'll be there soon.
Is that aunt Karen?
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, you would never hurt
her or anything, would you?
No, of course not.
No, of course not.
Can I bring my game box?
Yeah, of course buddy.
Go ahead, whatever you want.
You okay?
Oh my god.
Hey Tate, it's me!
Hey buddy, where are you?
Tate, you here?
Oh, man.
Tate, you here?
Tate, what are you doing here?
Why did you leave
me at aunt Karen's?
What? I told you why.
You left me all alone.
Tate, we talked about it.
How'd you get here?
I walked.
Come on, no you didn't.
It's too far.
Where's Karen?
Where did you go?
Well, I had to take
care of a few things.
Without me?
You could have at least told me!
Tate, I did tell you!
What's wrong with you?
Why are you acting like this?
Don't ever do that again!
Hey, you don't take
that tone with me!
You don't talk to your father
that way, do you hear me?
Now where's Karen, is she here?
She's dead.
No, why?
I killed her.
Tate, what are
you talking about?
You told me you
weren't gonna hurt her!
I was thirsty and
you weren't there,
what was I supposed to do?
I killed her and now
I have to kill you.
Cutting the
head off is the only way.
I'd do it before
the change is done,
once the heart stops, that's it,
there's no going back.
There's no going back.
This is Earl.
I need to see you.
You said, once the heart stops,
there's no going back.
What does that mean?
You can't reverse it.
You mean, you mean
when the change is done.
That's right.
How do you know all this?
I've been around a long time.
So, how do we know
he's still changing?
Well, he hasn't caught full
fire from the sun yet, has he?
No he hasn't, but you're
saying that it could be reversed
before that, before it's done.
Look, forget I said that.
I don't know that for sure.
I've never seen it
with my own eyes,
it's just what I've been told.
I know it's your kid and all,
but you gotta think about
saving your own ass now
and everyone else, it's all
those innocent people out there.
If you want my
help, just say the word.
Yes, of course I want your help!
I want you to help
me save my son.
Tell me how!
Please, hey, listen!
Hey, look.
It's my flesh and blood.
How is he infected?
I don't know exactly.
Then there's no
point in discussing it.
If you don't know who
infected him, forget it.
It was a transfusion.
Okay, that much I know.
Please, I'll find out
where it came from.
Time's running out,
probably already has.
How much time do I have?
I'd say, three, four days tops,
but that's from the
time of infection.
Okay, well, the
transfusion was on Tuesday,
that means there's still time.
I gotta go.
I'm gonna be in touch.
But I'm gonna find him!
Patty regional hospital.
Yeah, my son had
surgery there on Tuesday,
who do I talk to about some
information off his records?
What kind of information?
I need ID numbers on
some blood he was given.
Hey Aaron.
Listen, I need a big favor.
What kind of favor?
I need you to look up a donor.
Can I help you?
Hi, are you Abigail dasher?
I am.
Um, you donated blood
at the central blood bank?
Sure did.
Are you with the blood bank?
Is there a problem?
Uh, no, no, my son
actually got your blood,
and I just wanted to thank you.
Come in.
Well thank you, so much.
No, thank you!
You don't know how
much that means to me.
Can I get you some hot tea?
Oh no no, I'm fine.
Well at least let
me get you some water.
Oh, please, sit down.
What was your name?
Um, Miguel.
Miguel, it's nice
to meet you Miguel.
You know, I donate
about four times a year.
I just don't understand
why everyone doesn't.
We should all do our part.
You know?
So, how's your son doing?
Well that's the thing.
He's not doing so well.
Is he in the hospital?
No, he's home.
That's good, I hope.
Strange things have
been happening to him,
and I wanted you to tell me if
you know anything about that.
What strange things,
and how would I know?
You know, just,
just tell me.
Admit it.
I don't.
I know about you.
I know, Mrs. dasher,
I know what you are.
I don't understand.
What I don't understand is why,
Mrs. dasher, I mean, what is it?
Is it some kind of game?
Is it some sick Russian roulette
where an innocent boy wins?
I don't know what
you want me to say.
I don't understand!
Say it.
I know.
Go ahead.
You're a...
You're a vampire.
I know.
I'm gonna have to
ask you to leave.
Can you just
give me an explanation?
I want you out of my house.
Please, don't hurt me.
I want you to prove it.
Cut yourself.
You know why.
I can't-
- you do it or
I'll do it for you!
I don't care,
wherever I can see it.
Do it!
Okay, okay!
No no, let me see it.
Let me see it!
What, do you want
me to bleed to death?
My husband's gonna
be home any minute.
Shut up!
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
I'm so so sorry.
Dear Jesus, our lord and savior,
divine physician,
healer of the sick,
in Jesus Christ's name we pray.
Do you mind if I have a
moment alone with Tate?
For one on one prayer.
Do you mind if I have a
moment alone with Tate?
Excuse me.
Have you seen the priest?
We haven't seen anyone.
Hi, can I help you?
Yes, uh, I need father Kane.
Is he a patient?
The chaplain.
Oh, we have several of those.
Let me check the
schedule for you.
Looks like he's here just
a couple nights a week.
All right, do you
have a phone number?
I'm sorry I don't.
It says here that we just
have his church address.
Would you like that?
It was a mistake on my part.
Excuse me?
A moment of sympathy,
and, dare I say, weakness.
Now what the hell is
that supposed to mean?
You didn't want
to lose your son.
He was dying.
No, no he wasn't.
I saw it.
Death was near.
That doesn't make any sense.
He was at the hospital,
for Christ's sake,
he was being monitored!
His brain was bleeding.
By the time they discovered it,
it would have been too late.
Why didn't you say something?
Would you have believed me?
So you turned
him into a monster.
I don't see it that way,
and neither should you.
How else should I see it?
As a blessing.
You have your son.
He will be with you
for a long, long time.
He wasn't dying.
He wasn't, that's a lie.
You're full of shit.
After he gets his
first taste of blood,
he will want it all the time.
But he will learn to
control the hunger.
He can get by with a
couple times a week,
but he must feed
enough to stay healthy.
If he doesn't, he will die.
There are plenty of ways
to get it without violence.
He will have questions.
I'm here to help.
It is my obligation.
I found him.
Tell me what to do.
Oh my god, what happened?
It's getting better.
Oh man, buddy.
Here, let me see your wrist.
Oh good.
Yeah buddy.
I'm scared.
Yeah, I know.
I don't trust myself.
I'm thirsty.
You've gotta fix me, promise?
You gotta make it
stop, promise me.
Yeah Tate, I promise.
Would you like to confess?
Mrs. O'Leary, I'm here
to take your confession.
Oh lord Jesus Christ, who
died for us on the cross.
Father Kane!
Is there anything
else I can do for you?
No, thanks.
I appreciate you being here.
What does last rites mean?
Well that's a sacrament
releasing you from all punishment
in this life, and
the life to come.
Does it mean Grammy
will go to heaven?
Well, most certainly.
Okay, let's go, sweetie.
Thanks again.
It's my pleasure.
Code blue in room 239.
It's Mrs. O'Leary.
She has a DNR.
I'm about to start dinner.
You still like Mac 'n cheese?
It's okay, I'm not hungry.
You sure?
Well, I'm gonna
make some anyway,
just in case.
I have questions.
So, why a priest?
That's all I knew.
I was a priest before,
and so I remained.
I don't know, it's a little-
- ironic?
It works for my survival.
And it's more common
than you might think.
Actually, excuse me,
I have to take this.
Is Tate with you?
No, why?
I've looked everywhere
for him, I can't find him.
Uh, I'm sure he's fine.
I'll be there soon.
So um, the whole cross thing.
I'm guessing that's not true.
One of the misconceptions.
I'm not sure where
that one came from.
What others are there?
Well, I don't sleep in a coffin.
And, flying?
And living forever,
that's not a myth?
How can anyone be sure?
How old are you?
Not old.
I was born in 1908.
So, this means that
Tate's never gonna grow up?
Well, if you mean
his physical body, no.
Well how are we supposed
to deal with that?
We'll figure it out.
One day at a time, just
like the prayer says.
Lord, give me the strength
I need to face today.
What prayer is that?
Prayer for strength,
one of my favorites.
I need to know something.
Have you ever killed
innocent people?
Why must you know that?
Just trying to figure
out what to expect.
Nobody's completely
innocent, are they?
So you have, right?
Not anymore.
I wanna hear it.
The prayer for strength.
Oh, okay.
Oh lord, you are holy
above all others.
No, no.
I want you to pray with me.
Oh lord, you are holy
above all others,
and all the strength we
need is in your hands.
We do not ask, oh lord, that
you take this trial away.
Instead we ask that your
will be done in our lives.
Aaron, hold him down.
Stand on him!
Hold it up.
Ah, that's terrible.
You sure this is gonna work?
No promises.
Hey, did you find him?
Uh, just stay there and
call me if he shows up.
Honey, what's wrong?
It's this kid from
school, he's out there!
No, he's coming after me!
He's a demon, call for
help, he's coming after me!
Stay right there.
Oh my god.
Tate, where have you been?
Are you okay?
You should stay away from me.
What are you talking about?
Come inside, come on.
Where did you go?
Well do you know
where he might be?
Okay, listen, I gotta go.
Listen to me, I'm
gonna be right there,
don't you let him go anywhere.
Evening, officers.
What's going on?
Aaron Diaz?
Where were you between
three and four this afternoon?
Um, why do you ask?
He was with me.
And where was your car?
I had it with me all day.
Do you know an Abigail dasher?
No, I don't think so.
Were you driving in the
Bella vista neighborhood
at any time, Montclair street?
Sir, Abigail dasher
says a man attacked her
this afternoon at her home.
A man fitting your description,
in your car, with
your license plate.
Oh no, that's
gotta be a mistake.
I think she has the wrong car.
I don't think so.
See, she took a photo
of you, driving away,
and it's indeed your car.
I can show you the
photo if you like.
Sir, can you turn around
and put your hands
behind your back?
You have the right
to remain silent.
I said he was with me.
Do you have any idea what
the penalty is for this?
I'm guessing it's a doozy.
Tell me, do you have any kids?
It's none of your business.
How about you?
Yeah, two.
Is there anything you
wouldn't do for them?
What does that have
to do with anything?
He's just a guy trying
to save his son, is all.
Where is he?
I need your blender.
Hey bud.
Hey dad.
You okay?
Where were you?
I was thirsty.
Look, it's gonna be all right.
I didn't do anything.
I couldn't.
I can't kill again.
I wanna die.
And you have to kill me.
Stop, stop, no, don't say that.
Look, listen to me.
Listen, I found something.
What is that,
what are you doing?
Listen, Tate
caught something bad.
I'm doing everything I
can to make it better.
Is that blood?
Where did you get it?
Doesn't matter.
What are you gonna do with it?
It's for Tate.
Would you tell
me what's going on?
I need you to
trust me right now.
And promise me that no
matter what happens,
Tate and I are gonna
have your support.
Of course, you know that.
Is this gonna work?
Is has to.
You need to drink this.
It stinks.
I know, just do it fast.
Now what?
I don't know.
I guess we just wait.
Hey Vaughn.
You wanna bet how
long it takes dispatch
to send someone to
come look for us?
How much?
Hundred bucks?
Who are you?
We could use some help.
What the?
Help, help!
Get me out of here!
Get me out of here!
Tater, come on.
Oh my god, Tate!
Tate, tater, talk to me Tate.
Don't call me that.
Get away from me.
Oh my god.
Oh my god, what's happening?
Please, you need
to get out of here.
Come on, Tate, come back to me.
Oh my god.
Oh my god, I don't
know what to do.
Oh, buddy.
Hey, dad.
What happened?
Hey, it worked.
Glad to hear it.
I don't know how to thank you.
Don't worry about it.
Tell him that it's all my fault.
Okay, that I just
forced you into it.
No worries, they
ain't coming after you.
I'll take the blame,
I will, all of it.
They ain't coming
after me, either.
We got a plan.
Just remember, you were with me.
What happened?
You didn't cut Mike's
head off like I told you to,
that's what happened.
Oh yeah, I know.
I couldn't, I'm sorry.
Oh my god, did he?
It's all good.
We got it all worked out.