Aarudhra (2018) Movie Script

When did you come?
You mean to vacate the house?
All things have arrived.
I won't give back the advance.
You leave,first.
"Slain in sky"
"A tiger is progressing for hunting"
"It streaks from the forest
to the country"
"On the way,
it search for scamps"
"It gets the scales for it's sin"
"It's a promise,
the tears has a power"
"It's a promise on your father,"
"God has eyes"
"A tiger is progressing for hunting"
"It streaks from the forest
to the country"
"Hundreds of secrets
hidden inside the earth"
"That's not hidden,
it was hiding to come out"
"In this world,
everything has a price"
"There is a judgement for
every sin"
"It's here..."
"There is a verdict above everyone"
"Many secrecies was hidden
deep into the soil"
"Scratch your chest and show
that friendship lasts ever"
"If betrayal happen
in that friensdhip,
"Why the soul lives?"
At Awhalwadi hill range in Pune,
this murder has happened horribly.
Pune SI Bansali is investigating the case.
The deceased was identified
as the brother of...
...Tamil Nadu minister, Mohammed Raja.
At Awhalwadi hill range in Pune,
On the body of the deceased...
...it's written as the dedication to "slain in sky",
to Anwar basha, the demon.
It's written in the copper plate
and nailed on his chest.
Two months before,
to Awhalwadi hill village
Unidenified person from Tamil Nadu came
Took a house for rent
Two days before household articles
seemed to have brought in a box
Subsequently, yesterday
the same unidentified person
came and
Took away the things and vacated the house
Police started investigating
On the basis of these information
Sir, have you confirmed the
deceased as Mohammed Raja's brother?
Sir, it's said that the murderer
is from Tamil Nadu,
-Have you found him,sir?
Just now,the Tamil Nadu police
has started the inquiry in Pune.
Within two days,
we'll convey all details to the press.
That's all i can say now.
Over there...
Cover that.
Madam, totally 112 nails.
Each and every nail
is pierced 3 inches deep.
His lungs was bulged.
He must've suffered to breathe.
Open the skull.
I want the PM report immediately.
When will I get?
Some organs need to be
sent to the chemical test.
Sir,stand away.
When looking at the body condition,
either a bird or an animal had mutilated.
As soon as you get the report,
hurry up the investigation process.
Very cruel murder!
I never seen such a
worst murder in my service.
Damn sure,it must be
the cuddapah people.
Alert signal is given today,
we can't go home it seems.
-Who is that,sir?
-Don't know.Check him.
Hey,who is that?
Who are you?
Why do you stare?
If you wake up the person
who sleep, he'll stare at.
Get up.
Get up.
Simply mocking me.
Who are you?
Where are you coming from?
I came by Rajadhani express
from Mumbai.
I missed a baggage.
I'm waiting for that,sir.
Will you sleep here,
if you don't get the baggage?
Hey, what do you have
in the bag?
Which is your native place?
Sir,my native is...
a village near Chidambaram.
I had a petty shop
in Haridwar, sir.
Sir, don't take that.
They're divine things.
How many of you've
are masked priests?
What's all this?
-We can't believe you people.
It's all mantras and yantras.
It's all divine things,sir.
Rudraksha,copper plate and
turmeric water.
Don't talk.
Take away all the things,sir.
Send him, sir.
You don't know anything about me.
Pack your things without cribbing.
Whose photo is this?
That's nothing,sir.
She is well known to me.
Sivappa,Watch the news whether
the school was given holiday.
We go to school only
for three days in a month.
It's time up.
You must go to school.
We'll find out an idea.
Leave letter is over.
in the school dairy.
Leave now.
You act as if you sleep.
I have done all the home work.
What then?
Sivappa, if asked to sleep,
You looklike having a stuff in mouth.
Are you acting,
as if you sleep?
Sivappa,why are you acting?
Get ready.
Get ready in ten minutes.
Take bath...
Leave now...
In Moscow, the capital of Russia,
A bomb blast has happened,
near the railway station at Midnight.
Russia has confirmed as,
the act of terrorists.
Why no one places a
bomb in my school?
We will do.
Nowadays, schools load books
but students want bombs.
What to do?
In Tamil Nadu, in order to prevent dengue,
the medical camps is set up at all districts...
Why do my Hindi teacher,Tinku
is not getting dengue fever?
We'll try.
Shall we go?
The Jewels of AMT Jewellery,
will bring smile to your home.
I must go to shop
before Will's uncle.
Say bye to her.
- bye.
A new family has come
to our apartment.
She is a Dubsmash freak.
Her name is Jolitha.
"Guru Vishnu..."
-"Guru Vishnu..."
"Guru Devo..."
Mahesh uncle,
Neethana sonna
To be friendly with everyone
I want to be an obedient
girl with humility...
Hey Sadakku..
Third year is final?
OK, can you tell Baba Baba
Black Sheep completely
I wanto psss motion
Go ahead
She has a sister.
We have come two days before.
We must unpack the parcels.
He scolds to take the things out.
They both have rhyming names.
One family.
Two Dogs.
Uncle, take things out.
A person works as husband
to her.
His name is "Aavudaiyappan".
"Investigation officer".
But everyone calls him
as, "drumstick officer".
That superb officer has
an assistant.
What's happening here?
This family is a fake.
A song for them.
"Ma... ma...mama,"
"I'm your Munimma..".
"Ma... ma...ma...mama,"
"I'm your Munimma..".
"Ma... ma...mama,"
"I'm your Munimma..".
"Ma... ma...ma...mama,"
"I'm your Munimma..".
"Hey boys so hai"
Thum chaai...
"let's see"
"me ma mo..."
"The boy looks good"
"To do something good"
"The boys looks crazy"
"To do something clever."
"He took a selfie"
"Put his Sleepy face"
"You come in WhatsApp, Uncle "
"I won't leave even if you ignore."
"Uncle, are you a cheat?"
Hello... Hello...
-they are new tenants.
Both of you come.
See here,is this meekness?
Is it your's?...
Yes, what's the problem?
-This is the problem.
His pet dog got our dog
into the lift and played.
Oh, it's the dogs play.
You are great,
I too love an aunty,
but I couldn't do anything.
Let both of us take a selfie.
Look here,steady.
What? You're taking
selfie with a dog?
It's like your son-in-law, boss
Are you Salman khan?
-Am I a deer?
To do hunting?
"To open up my mind."
"OTP is with you"
"Tell me so crazy"
"You're the micro SIM for Apple"
"If said once,
it's ok,dear."
"If I'm the Aadhar Card."
"You're the credit card."
"Uncle, are you a cheat?"
I'm Aavudaiyappan,
Private detective.
I'm Siva, staying in 404.
We own a heritage shop
near Velachery.
Visit once,
if you can.
Oh,Antique shop!
I like antique pieces very much.
See you.
Boss,he belongs to
your category.
He has a shop for aunties.
It's not a shop for aunties.
That's the place of selling
old and ancient things.
Both are the same, isn't it?
Good morning,sir.
Commissioner is waiting for you.
Come,take your seat.
Thank you,sir.
Sorry, Mr.Aavudaiyappan.
I called you not for this case.
The matter is...
-Sir, see the printout.
-It's for a personal matter.
Sir,minister is on phone.
By the way,
she is deputy commissioner,
Ms.Shreya Chandran.
Bold and sincere officer.
He will stare at old ladies,
She stands cool.
Boss, don't put me behind bars.
Boss, knock out.
Nice to meet you.
By the by,a child abuse case
has happened in Coimbatore.
That accused was shot at
his genitals, isn't it?
She shot him.
No boss.
I want to talk with
you personally,come.
You must do
me an urgent help.
Tell me.
In Purasawakkam,
the owner of AMT hotel,
The Jewels of AMT Jewellery,
will bring smile to your home.
Don't know what happened to him?
Missing for past three days.
Missing for three days?
His son Mahalingam
is calling me frequently.
If I take up this case, the
information might leak out.
That's why I'm appointing
a private detective.
Earlier,you closed "Dharamchand case"
without going to press.
Similar way,if you close
this case also...
.... it'll be more helpful.
Sir,photos from Pune murder spot.
32 faces rudraksham is a rare piece!
In general, murderers are of
only two types.
Either they'll do the job
without any evidence.
Or,to confuse the police
they'll leave some wrong evidence.
Sir,we'll handle this case.
You leave it.
Sorry, Mr.Aavudaiyappan.
She'll handle that case.
You better trace out
the AMT hotel case.
At least at 80 schools so far,
I'm creating awareness
about child abusement...
As we don't teach them,
they're facing many dangers.
It's important to talk to
children about child abusement.
Actually,I'm doing this
as a profession.
For school children,
especially five to ten years aged.
It's must be taught
in the school syllabus.
Dear children,
I'm going to teach you...
...about Good touch and bad touch.
Good touch means,
Hug by parents,
Our teacher pats us
as a gesture of appreciation.
Shaking hands with friends.
These are termed as
good touch.
Bad touch means,
Strange persons kissing us.
Sue not to tell anyone
and asking you to sit on lap.
Trying to touch
the privy parts.
These are termed as bad touch.
I'm telling you this because,
Today our society
is mingled with bad persons.
Why do they touch us?
We can't understand the motive
of their touch at this tender age.
If we are aware of
these touches,
We can protect ourselves
from child abuse.
Thank you, sir.
That statue is nice
It is a marvellous painting
It is expensive
Uncle good morning
Uncle at home, here I am your boss
I started after you..
Reached office before you reach
Go to beauty parlour and colour the car
Otherwise I don't care
Uncle, some customers are coming
Ha.. unbelievable
Come on Dora
Wilson brother, brother
Manit Singh family has come from Punjab
The phot you kept outside...
They are impressed with the Sardarji photo
What, Sardarji..
Oh.. only with the turban,
Bharathi has become Sardarji?
Don't break the steps
Please come, please come
-I am Wilson owner of the shop
-Iam Manit Sing, owner of Punjab
Hey! This is amazing!
This is my gallaray
old and gold
-Thisis my secretary Dora.
-This is small box
-No, this is Big Boss
This the secret place,
the lamps are from London
hey, hey Owner brother, don't confuse
our family by your lengthy talk
I don't want that
We want a bronze statue
I will pay howmuchever money
you want, you take it
I don't undrstand
Not Poori, Bronze statue
-What the hell? Are you mad?
He is asking for the bronze statue.
Mayil Singh!
-Mayil Singh?
-What's this?
I asked for a different statue,
why are you getting this one?
-In what language is he swearing?
-I don't understand.
-I need a bronze statue.
-A bronze statue!
-Bronze statue, I say!
-Yes, the bronze statue.
Come on.
-Mayil Singh!
-Not even this one?
Be quick!
A manequin!
A manequin!
Is this the one, Mayil Singh?
Damn you!
This guy is troubling us!
Get another one.
What is he trying to convey by pointing at that fat lady?
If you don't find what he is asking for
-he'll force you to marry that lady.
-No way.
I'll kill you!
Look! There!
-That's the one.
-You tortured us for this statue?
I'll arrange it. Hey. Parcel the statue.
Hey! The punjabi guy has troubled us.
Thanks for giving us the statue
that we were looking for.
You wanted to buy a woman's statue.
And you kept saying bronze statue.
My husband can't pronounce it correctly.
Get lost before I curse you.
-I want the monkey statue.
-I want the monkey statue.
Get lost. Finally, they are
amaking monkeys out of us.
What happened uncle?
-Have you just arrived?
- Yes...
A punjabi family came and
made morons out of us.
Who kept the monkey's
statue here?
You move out of the mirror
and the monkey will be gone.
AMT's golden jewelry is the pride of your family.
Blackie, you must finish all
the works before my arrival.
I will do.
You must do half of the
works of my husband's.
Yes,I'll do.
I'm your half husband.
You talk in a disaster way.
I'm worried of lack of time.
Are you the half husband?
I don't know that,boss.
Get the car ready.
Uncle,I'm also ready.
It's my pleasure.
Come, let's go.
If a youngster accompanies me,
I'll get ideas as spark.
Yes,Instead of that skin head,
It'll be useful in
investigation if I go.
No,you get inside.
Tomorrow is your final exam.
I know what he is going to investigate
Boss,what a big house!
On the day he went missing,
He drove the car
at early morning 4,
His car was stranded
at Ambattur bridge.
We don't know where he left,
What happened to him?
She is my Aunt.
He was an ardent devotee.
Goes for holywalk every month.
Dad donates idols to all temples.
My grandfather is too good.
Daily goes to Kapaleeswarar temple
The day AMT went on missing
He used this car
There is a temple inside
Only the priest is missing
Keep everything safely
Let the investigation gets oveer
Hey Krishna,dad's attire
is drying up.Take that.
No, i won't touch mine.
You take on your own.
When think of you,
my mind bounces.
When try to write,
I can't get the words.
Poem, everywhere poem..
You saw me once, a thorn pinned me
Shouldn't a thorn be removed by a thorn?
Come on look at me once aagain
No one can steady me.
What are you doing?
Don't be afraid.
Hey, can't you be quiet?
Sorry,he has thrown that.
I'll come.
Hey,why did you
throw on her?
Hey Siva..
Whatever problem you dont care
But underwear problem you take care
What to do?
Does he wear so large?
Shouldn't be right on.
What an arrogance!
She gifts Aavudaiyappan's attires.
God,give me what I want.
Hey,I don't wear this.
Dear,why are you crying?
What happened?
Who hit you,tell me?
I denied choco bar.
Tuition master hit me.
He hit you for
not taking choco bar!
Tell me,what happened?
My mother works as
a maid in that apartment.
I'll study there till
my mother comes back.
Then, master....
You could've told your mom.
He threatened, if I tell mom...
...he'll kill by driving car
on her, when she sweeps.
Don't be afraid.
Listen,you must understand clearly.
You must not allow anyone to touch lips,
neck,chest and genitals.
Then,our relatives, dad's friends,
tuition master...
... whoever touch you odd,
tell your elders without panic.
Don't be Afraid.
You left denying choco bar.
Sorry sir.
Master has bought
a gift for you.
Hey,who are you?
Sir, I'm very decent.
I belong to educated family.
Inquire in neighborhood,sir.
I'm 40 years old,
still a bachelor.
It's painful,sir.
It's painful.
No, sir.
Choco bar...
Eat now.
See,this is an important place.
You must watch
everything keenly.
Don't be a jester.
This is my dad's main office.
Oh, then you are incharge
of jewellery shop.
Excuse me,sir.
Boss,why are we here?
For investigation,boss.
I'm in that work,only.
By assisting him,
I thought of becoming,James bond.
It seems,I can't even
be a thief.
Nice to meet you.
Sir asked you to meet
in MD room.
Shall I say a poetry?
I'll say,come.
He loom up the power.
But I got the shock.
What a bizarre world?
Shirdi Baba prasadam.
Statue from Vietnam.
Kuberar Temple.
Meenakshi amman Chain
Scented roots from Chidambaram.
Rudraksham with 32 faces.
Vinayak statue from Mumbai.
We have seen devotees.
Even ardent devotees.
But,Spate of devotion
flows on here.
First time seeing here, boss
On the whole, not a day
would've passed...
...without pooja in his house.
Yes, boss.
Did you call me,sir?
He is Ramanujam.
He works with dad
for past 38 years.
For 38 years!
He is the only person
to be informed dad's missing.
I see.
He is panic-stricken about dad.
How do you feel that something
might happened to him?
It's been 38 years,sir.
Rudraksham with 32 faces.
Could you please give me
your phone number?
My number! Why?
You are a close aide to him like a shadow.
If I need any information,
I can ask you.
Hey,I can't remember
Ramanujam's phone number.
You said as noted.
-Just for fun.
You ask him again,
as you forgot...
Boss,I already saved the number.
Thank you.
You send this number to Jolitha.
Ask her to take the
list of call history.
Then,tell her to get me a duplicate
SIM card of the same number.
Leave me.
I'll get later.
I won't leave you.
Instead of going to
native for festival,
Many feel happy when
their wives are out of station.
Do you know, which is the
biggest jail in the world?
Tihar jail.
Being with wife for long haul.
It's my responsibility
to get you divorce.
You must be in terms of someone.
Sir,Nambi from Thirumbalam has come.
He is adamant to meet you,sir.
He says, he knows you well.
Hey,how did he come here?
Send him out, first.
Take this money,
Send him away.
Somehow, he came in
search of me.
Take this.
He won't meet you.
Won't he meet me?
I must meet him.
He won't.
Can't you listen me?
If the axe rise up,
The banyan tree must fall.
Mr.Shiva,you better come to
Ismail's house,in Kasimedu.
We'll meet there at evening.
Tell me,Jolitha.
I got all the details
of that phone number.
AMT Ramanujam's phone bill
was above 10K, every month.
I see.
Then, Ismail has been
contacted frequently from that number.
We'll discuss later in home.
I'll wait,uncle.
Boss, why do you have
doubt on AMT Ramanujam?
If a person gets panic,
Either he would've done
some mistake...
...or he must hide other's mistake.
To my knowledge,he is
caught up with a blue whale.
Someone must be playing with him.
Blacky, we must vacate
this apartment.
Even the owner
asked us to vacate.
Uncle doesn't spare any aunty.
I'm not bothered about that.
Good family!
The tuition master in upper floor
is admitted in hospital...
... because of shock in privy.
I have a doubt,uncle.
Is it an accident?
It looks like an accident.
But, actually it's a threatening.
We are involved in AMT case.
Someone doesn't like that.
But, how do they know
that we took up this case?
We are not clear still
who they might be?
They are very clear
on our whereabouts.
That's why they are
watching us keenly.
Uncle, who is the most suspicious
person in this case?
The close aide of AMT,
Ismail,whom you got in phone list.
There is possibility for
either of them to kidnap AMT.
If we follow kasimedu Ismail
We might get an idea.
Boss,where are we at this time?
To Ismail's house.
You mean this light house?
This is night house...
Hey, hold this.
Boss,why have you changed
It's a special glass.
What's special?
A camera is inside, to catch
all the moments happening around.
Top notch! boss.
I'm very proud
to be your assistant.
I feel like sticking to noose
to be your boss.
Let it be,boss.
This place is apt.
Are you new?
Very much.
It's visible.
Shall I call the sweets?
Call them...
Why does he wander?
She is from khajakasthan.
Is anyone from Amazon?
You are there.
Boss,shall I select from each place?
Boss is not satisfied it seems.
A special one!
What is that?
Shall we go to Durbar hall?
"Didn't you see in the attire of,
skirt and half-saree?"
"Don't you've a desire to
watch the dance show?"
"Didn't you see in the attire of,
skirt and half-saree?"
"Don't you've a desire to
watch the dance show?"
"Isn't this a day, where the
silver moon comes bouncing?"
"Isn't it the time,where queen
comes in palanquin?"
"Isn't it a disguise,if you deny here?"
"Isn't it a flaw?"
"Didn't you see in the attire of,
skirt and half-saree?"
"Don't you've a desire to
watch the dance show?"
"It's distinct when tress is
adorned with jasmine."
"It's distinct for jasmine,
when my beau assigns it,"
"It's distinct for legs,
wearing anklets,"
"It's distinct for legs,
wearing anklets,"
"It's distinct to the concert,
if heard on bed,"
"It's distinct to the concert"
"Didn't you see in the attire of,
skirt and half-saree?"
"Don't you've a desire to
watch the dance show?"
"It's distinct to face
wearing nose pin,"
"It's distinct for nose pin,
when it nap on beau's chest."
"It's distinct for life,
if adorned with bindi on forehead."
"It's distinct if it
goes weary by kisses,"
"It's distinct on the whole."
Is unique, okay?
Double okay.
I must meet Bhai.
Ismail Bhai.
Baby boys,
Follow me.
You get in.
I won't come.
If I come, he'll not leave me.
How do you know about Ismail?
Ramanujam told me.
Are you both friends?
It's five lakhs for two.
Hey,come in.
Native chicks,enjoy.
Come here.
She is 13 years old.
Boss,what happened to you?
Just for fun.
Will he find anything
related to this case?
It's the 117th place, where
I'm talking about child abuse.
Sexual offense against children
is increasing in India.
Even the wild animals
don't indulge in abuse.
But humans do.
What's the reason for
increasing rate of these crimes?
The culprits can escape easily.
There is no proper
punishment for the culprits.
We met some
sexual offenders in prison.
We inquired them,
why do they indulge in cruel act?
We are terrified
at their reason.
Children who feel a distance
from parents are our target.
If we talk to them kindly,
they'll come on their own.
Feared of identity,
we'll kill them.
Always parents are busy in phone.
So targeting is easy.
Haven't you spoiled the
life of both, you and the victim?
Why does my life gets spoilt?
I'm enjoying the basic
needs here.
After a few years,
I might be released on...
...birth centenary of leaders
If we touch adults,
it's a problem.
But not a problem
with children.
They may get panic,
but won't tell in home.
A child's life and dignity
is so casual for them.
Who is the reason behind this?
The culprits who
target lonely children,
The parents who leave
the children alone.
So,the children must
always be in entice of parents.
Parents must not let
the children to be with strangers.
Hey, who are you?
Who gave you permission?
Who let you inside?
Go away.
You are coming in
with this vehicle?
Don't know where is AMT?
Someone is teasing.
Hey,come on.
What's the problem?
You stay here.
Go away.
I'll look after that,
you go.
Why did you come here, Nambi?
The job is over,still what?
Go away.
I need 5 lakhs.
I too need.
But,who gives us?
What I gave earlier,
isn't that enough?
That's for the job done.
Now,it's for the job
I'm going to do.
Don't be louder.
Take this.
A good source of money!
"The bad company is bound
to harm you".
-Just tell me what the matter is.
-Like you said,
Ramanujam and the kidnapping
has some connection. You were right.
-What's surprising about it?
-He was speaking to a rowdy.
He gave him some money and while going
the rowdy spoke about somebody's shop
and said that it's a flourishing business.
-I see.
-Shall I follow him?
No, don't mess it up.
The job I assigned you with
was to follow Ramanujam.
-Just stick to that. Okay?
-Damn it!
He is hell bent on killing off
my brainy ideas!
Kerala- Athirapally
stone quarry.
"Immersing the mortal in water"
Don't Leave me.
Hi Smiley.
Are you in anger?
I'm waiting.
What's this?
"You hit the wall with nail"
"How come you
gong on my head?"
Hey, skin head.
Will you both
make a good pair?
Boss is waiting,come on.
"Your parents are from Africa
So America didn't accept"
-Ma'am the minister's brother?
-About that murders?
-The rumors on social media?
-Investigations are going on.
Please cooperate.
I can't reveal it to the media.
The press is relentless!
Sir, I found these traditional beads
from the murder spot.
The same type of traditional beads!
Are they leaving this unintentionally,
or intentionally, for us to know?
Sir, yesterday
in lawyer Shenbagamurthy's office
a guy named Nambi was creating ruckus.
Here's the CCTV footage.
Collect all the CCTV
footage from this area.
I want a report in two hours on who
the guy is and his whereabouts.
Dear, a gift coupon for 12K
is sent from Chennai silks.
What do you say?
Hey, hurry up.
Chennai silks manager is here.
You talk with him. We'll be back.
What do you say?
Who has come?
I can't understand anything.
I got your video footage.
So,the AMT case
which I hand over you...
...and the Anwar basha serial murder case,
both are the same,right?
I'm damn sure.
How did you
grab this,Aavudaiyappan?
I had a doubt on Ramunajam,
right from the beginning.
So,I inquired him in
the technique of police.
Is the treatment started?
Huge money, property documents
are in his name.
He is not simply a benami
but a huge tsunami.
What's the link between Ramanujam
and the psycho slayed victims?
Do you know,
who are they?
I never seen them.
Really, don't know?
-No,I don't know.
Is he your own brother?
Or cloning?
He said that
they are not related to him.
But for lawyer
Shenbagamurthy's demise...
...he went to his house.
There I got the clue.
Ismail,who do service
to your boss...
...Is caught by the police.
So, he told everything.
I'll tell the truth.
Either you must be
affected by them...
...or might be fond for money.
That's why you kidnapped
and killed each and every one.
So, now tell me where
you kept AMT Thanikachalam.
Hey no...
Why do you say unfair?
Why must I slay my boss?
It's said that our name is
written on the rice bead we eat.
Is he good or bad?
Our food has the
name of my boss,AMT.
How it's possible to write
the name in every rice bead?
Go sir.
Uncle, I got Vietnam flight tickets
and four passports from his room.
Vietnam visa seals in all.
AM Thanikachalam.
Anwar basha.
Who is this Daniel?
Where he is?
your loyalty is appreciable.
But loyalty to faulty
not only affects you...
...but your family also.
You...as you said, our boss AMT,
Business man, Anwar basha,
Lawyer Shanbhagamurthy and
Daniel are long time friends.
Our boss has a
requisition in Vietnam.
Rudramurthy statue.
He has a weakness.
What's that?
Why did they go to
Vietnam, often...?
By the statement of Ramanujam,
AMT has a weakness.
I think all these serial killings
happened around this.
Finally,only one person is left.
He is real estate magnet,Daniel.
Got information that
he is in abroad, now.
Regarding the rape and murder of
an 8 year old in Jammu and Kashmir
Kamal Haasan representing his
political party has condoned it.
In his tweet on the cruelty,
and as a father and a citizen
he is has expressed anger
regarding the incident.
A few people abducted the
child who was busy playing.
They raped her for 8 days in a temple.
They took the half dead child
to the jungle.
They choked her throat and killed her.
And at that time
God didn't provide justice.
You have been discussing
this in every school.
We should do something beyond
mere discussions, Shiva...
Have you seen this girl?
-Stop the car.
-I remember seeing him somewhere.
He's the one we saw in the CCTV footage.
Catch him!
Stop, you!
Watch it! Damn it.
All the Tamil letters
are different.
This is used now,
only by sculptors.
Give it to Prof.Ramachandran...
...and ask him about the sculptor
who writes this now.
Do you know AMT?
Often,he comes to meet sir.
If in need,come for inquiry.
Tell me about Anwar basha.
The culprit must be
an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva.
Because,the first murder
was named as "slaying in air"
Next is,"immerse of mortal in water"
He calls the incidents
in the order of "Five elements".
Also a Shiva abode is nearby
in all the murder spots.
Especially,that abodes are meant
as "victory of good over evil".
He followed everyone
for years together...
...and kidnapped them cleverly.
A clear and brilliant planning.
He may not be a big criminal.
He must be a common person.
Anwar basha and Shenbaghamurthy
were killed in...
... that group of illegal friends.
Daniel is not here.
Mostly,next murder is of AMT's.
In all the incidents,
furious blood and...
...and revenge maniac is visible.
If not,it's not necessary to
murder so furiously...
... getting them to
isolated places.
"Curse of fire"
Thalangpur- Rajasthan
Sivamalai... Help...
Give me water.
Give me water.
Save me.
It's burning...It's burning...
It's burning.
What did you give me?
It's not water.
It's the acid used for polish.
You know, isn't it?
Save me.
I'm your brother.
Save me.
It's burning.
Save me.
It's burning...
I'm an animal.
You mean animal?
No animal will betray
other's life.
You are worse than that.
When you left
the country and stayed in Haridwar.
I made you to come to Chennai
with the help of sister,Parvati.
Why are you here?
-You are not at all coming.
You come once.
-I'm not coming.
Hang up the phone.
I made you to come
to my house...
...when you were roaming
as a dog in Chennai.
I'm your brother,
Forgive me,Sivamalai.
Forgive me.
Don't do anything.
It's burning.
Tears,the weapon which
breaks you.
It's painful when sculpting.
If you win, we must not
talk about that.
If lost, we must not be alive
to talk about that.
Think of the day,
you came to me.
Nothing will be painful.
Rishikesh- Beginning of Ganges
(Mantras recitation)
He gave life to the statue
and made it as god,
In return, God made him as a statue!
Blessed by Lord Shiva.
I calmed down Rudran.
He'll do the offerings formally.
You be with him.
As said in "Atharvana Veda",
give sacrifices at places of victory...
... and ensure there is,
no rebirth to demons.
Rudran will be with you.
The slayings will continue...
I was in Srilanka for past 15 days,
in a deep forest regarding a project.
Yesterday,after landing
in Chennai,
I came to know that Anwar basha
and Shenbagamurthy...
... were kidnapped
and killed brutally.
Now AMT sir was also kidnapped.
What's going on here,sir?
I just can't believe this!
Okay,now you need
police protection.
Just a minute.
No one can
near me,sir.
I'll take care of myself.
First,find out the murderers..
...and gun them down like dogs.
Sir,Daniel has come.
Didn't you go to meet him?
Why did you ask me
to follow Aavudaiyappan?
I know everything.
You better follow him.
In Jammu Kashmir, an eight years old girl
was brutally raped and killed.
Politician,Kamal Hassan
has condemned the act.
He tweeted, as a father
and as a citizen of the country...
... I'm enraged by the incident.
Few persons kidnapped
a girl child who was playing,
Confined her in a temple
for almost eight days...
... and mutilated her worst.
Took her to the forest
and killed her by choking.
At that time,even god didn't
see or question that.
You preach in every school.
Siva, we must do something
more than we talk.
Centre for protection of girl children.
Daniel has come
from abroad,yesterday.
He was missing from yesterday
after he went out.
Sir,yesterday at 11a.m,
Daniel was talking to me.
He left with someone through
the back gate at 11a.m.
He denied the security and
went driving on his own.
I See
Whether you rush
the investigation or not,
...he rushes in kidnapping.
Play back.
Zoom forward.
Why did he go there?
It's very confusing.
We own a heritage shop
near Velachery.
Visit once,if you can.
Siva,paste the address
and send that soon.
He may get decomposed.
Van has come.
Send the parcel.
Siva,Aavudaiyappan is coming.
Sir, welcome.
You are expected
to come long back.
Hope you got time now only.
Welcome, sir.
Have you come
to buy any gift?
No,I need to do an inquiry.
You come.
Aren't you in home,
yesterday morning?
I went to meet an importan person.
A real estate business man,
Actually, he was back
from Ceylon yesterday.
He called me to his office.
We have a property in ECR.
That's in a litigation.
He told he'll help me to sell.
So,we both went there.
What Siva,you said your property
is in litigation...
...and asked me for help.
But you brought me to
Three projects are over,sir.
You are the one left out.
For two months
you're following me.
But,I got time only today
to come here.
We can come here,
Only, when the time permits.
Hello,it's time to enjoy.
Still a long way to go.
Okay,we'll get a patta
for this graveyard...
...and will build 200 apartments.
Siva,where are you?
Siva, where did you go?
What are you doing?
Not Siva...Sivamalai!
Do you remember,
the statue of Rudramoorthy?
"A tiger progress for hunting"
"It streaks from the forest
to the country"
"On the way,it search
for scamps"
"It get the scales,for it's sin"
"It's a promise,
the tears has a power"
"It's a promise on your father,"
"God has eyes."
"A tiger progress for hunting"
When are you back?
By 1p.m.,he dropped me
and left.
Why, sir?
What happened to Daniel?
Sir, you are tensed.
Have coffee.
Thank you...
He is an ardent devotee
of Lord Shiva.
He won't even sip water
on the day of "Pradosha".
The culprit must be
an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva.
What's this box?
A french clock.
We are packing to Delhi.
Will you send such
huge parcel also?
For 5 feet clock,
this huge packing is a must.
Boss,it's going on.
It'll be going on.
We must stop.
Come often,sir.
Did you forget anything?
I must see, what's inside?
Ask him to open.
It's the package to Delhi.
Sir,we packed for long haul
with much difficulty.
Will you open now,
or shall I?
Sir, didn't I tell you?
It's a clock.
Will you repack?
"Slain in air"
"The world...the world
will chase you"
" If you hide, it'll chase still"
"The lies and enemity
together chase you"
"Don't run away"
"Treachery will chase you"
"If plead for kindness"
"it'll choke the neck."
"If we cry in hasten"
"It'll laugh at us."
"Don't hide"
"Blood shatters on the tree
of Buddha's abode"
"Spear will pierce into the heart
and ask for thrills."
"By being friendly
in countenance, betrays at the back"
"When closing the eyes
for few minutes."
"A tomb will be built on us."
"Cut the roots"
"Act as a hunter"
"Dampen the cruel"
"Ash of yatchan"
"Womb of fire"
"Form of Rudhra"
Jolitha,just a minute.
I'll come.
Uncle,I got a dairy
in Siva's home.
Different backgrounds
were drawn in that.
Do you believe,that a person
can be packed alive in a box?
Good question.
If, it was like setting up of
oxygen source for heart surgery.
This rat is alive for
so many days in the box.
The reason is not only
oxygen source...
... but also injecting steroid.
Boss,if a 60kg weighing person
is packed and sent...
... as a parcel to places,
won't anyone search in doubt?
If we send such a parcel,
anyone might be dubious and search.
But,when that's the profession,
and send such parcels...
...no one will check.
So,you confirmed
Siva as the culprit.
But,within few minutes,
I'll confirm.
Boss,did you work earlier,
in bolt shop?
I'm excited of this case, we do
instead of a squad.
Hey, shut your mouth.
Police is coming.
All art pieces.
Hey, Manimudi!
Hey,I have a doubt
when looking at this.
I too have the same doubt.
This vehicle was owned in 1898
by the queen of Nagpur, Mayavathi.
Now who has the ownership
of that queen?
That's the doubt, isn't it?
It's not merely a mud
A rock.
Thank you,sir.
Note this words, carefully.
In copper plate,16th century
Marathi language was seen.
That style and this one
is similar, isn't it?
Boss,you got the point.
Idiot,Take a still.
Here it is,boss.
Steroid glucose.
She's like our chick.
I'll kiss her.
He'll kidnap and pack
everyone from here.
Come here...Come here...
Uncle,he might have
packed AMT here.
You are correct.
Fix this camera.
Boss,AMT is not here,
Instead, a lot of evidences are there.
"Slain in sky"
"Immersal of mortal in water"
"Slaying in air"
Keep it that side.
Fool,why did you
switch on the light?
I didn't,boss.
I thought you switched on.
Will I ask you,
if I switch on?
"A plaque of land."
Morning- 5:00AM
Picchavaram forest- Rudramurthy temple.
(Chanting Mantras)
Do you know what I did
who accompanied you in sin?
I'm sacrificing them
for "Five elements"
Hey, I was searching for you.
Not known you...
...I was wandering around
Aavudaiyappan,like a dog.
Lynch him and chop into pieces.
Have it. Please eat.
No Problem sir.
Chop and bury him.
You don't worry.
They'll cut and
bust him into pieces.
We'll go.
Hey, he must die
in front of me.
I must see.
Yesterday night 12:30 AM.
Why did you
switch on the light?
I didn't,boss.
I thought you switched on.
Siva,that is...
I asked you to come
at day for purchase...
...but you have come at.night
When came for a walk,
The shop was opened.
Whoever comes once,
to our shop,
They'll come often.
I'll come straight away
to the matter.
AMT's friends were kidnapped
and killed brutally.
Now,you have decided
to finish AMT also.
That is, a psycho killer who lives
in the name of Siva,an innocent.
Am I right?
"Silence is the sign of
I think i'm right.
Yes, that box revealed
all the truth.
I packed that box
to send you by courier.
Again, knock out!
I can't understand,Siva.
Psycho killers like you
may feel...
...happy and satisfied
on killing others.
But, don't you think of
the family and other relations...
...of the deceased?
Don't you have a courtesy?
Speak out.
Thirumbalam village,is
my native.
Trikambeswarar family,
who gives life to divine.
Our world!
Mother,Samundi and sister
4 years ago.
Chidambaram-Thirumbalam village.
I'm Vilvamoorthy uncle's "Sivamalai".
Nambi and Parvati from Kollam
who lived with us,like relatives.
I was born in Muttam.
Everyone was born by
kisses only.
What I mean is different from you.
-Tell me.
Sivamalai did higher studies.
What's that?
Hey,what's that?
B.pharm, mom.
giving medicines at hospital.
But,he goes with his dad
along with chisel.
You get him.
-What to do?
In this country,the family dedicated
to art is downtrodden.
As my sister said,
why don't you come
to Chennai?
I own a heritage shop.
I'll pay 20k as salary per month.
Will you come?
No,he won't.
Even if you pay him in lakhs.
He gives soul to divine eyes.
Asking him to come
for the sake of money.
Parvati and Nambi,
how are you?
No complaints to say,uncle.
Only the doors vary.
But,we ever dwell here.
If we get order for four statues,
they give us a share.
Affectionate people.
That is his attitude!
After my exams, my brother told
he'll buy me a two wheeler.
We can come to school
by two wheeler.
-What happened, brother?
Tell me.
Today is your maths exam,
isn't it?
You forgot.
Writing pad, paper and
geometry box.
Nothing I forgot, brother.
Nambi took the vehicle.
How much hard for me
to come by bicycle?
Hey, look there.
A white crow.
Hey,see here.
To pray for your maths exam.
I went to Periyandavar temple,
which is 10kms away...
...and brought sacred ash.
But,you forgot the holy ash.
That's beautiful.
My brother!
Listen to me.
Keep it safe.
Time up,
-let's go.
You write the exam well.
Go safely.
Instead of reading the book?
Will you pass
by applying this holy ash?
It's not just an ash,
it's the faith of my brother.
You see,
I'll get pass.
"Oh beloved,oh beloved,"
"Oh beloved, oh beloved,"
"My words are sugar palm,"
"Is that sweet?"
"Is that sweet,"
"Along with my dear,"
"Cuckoo must sing,"
"Does it agree?"
"Does it agree?"
"I'm the mother to my father,"
"I'm the father to my mother,"
"I'm the dearest,"
"Oh beloved, oh beloved,"
"Your words are sugar palm,"
"It's sweet,"
"It's sweet,"
" Along with my dear,"
"Cuckoo to sing,"
"It agrees,"
"It agrees,"
"Won't the peacock waft yearns
to groom my sister's tress?"
"Won't all the flowers hesitate
to blossom before her?"
"Like the ant which sleeps
under the mushroom,"
"a nap on father's shoulder,"
"With affection, even fermented rice
when served by mother becomes tasty,"
"Will the heaven be
like our relationship?"
"Will I get happiness as
on my mother's gesture?"
"Tell me..."
"Oh beloved,oh beloved,"
"My words are sugar palm"
"Is that sweet?"
"Is that sweet?"
"Along with my dear,"
" Cuckoo to sing,"
"Does it agree?"
"Does it agree?"
"Is Lord Muruga beautiful
in squire with peacock?"
"Amuse with our peacock,"
"The abode of god
is our homestead,"
"The family deities is with us,"
"Whoever comes to our house,
are welcomed by the chisel sounds,"
"The love with no boundaries,"
"What the god expects,".
"My brother's hands
are swings,"
"My mother's tongue
pampers me,"
Oh dear...!
This is the house of
the chief sculptor.
He is a big shot.
Owner of AMT Jewellery.
Is anyone there who doesn't
know him?
He comes oft times in
jewellery shop advertisement.
He is seen even
if we switch off the TV.
Sir,have coffee.
-Give him.
A remedy to family deity.
I want to place a
statue of "Rudramoorthy".
Heard that no one
can do other than him.
The work must hasten.
Take this.
Get that.
The amount is high.
-Hey,let it be.
You are the god
who makes diety.
Oh no.
He'll bear god in soul.
And parents as God.
Bless you to be good.
Come on...
She is our last beloved.
Yes,the one who must
go to shop.
Good,she is a chatter box.
(Chanting Mantras)
Why did you bring
him suddenly?
He is so affectionate
on our family.
He got Jewels
for our daughter.
Sir,that's acid.
Don't touch.
Boss,you clean up the hands.
Clean up.
Take that chain.
Why do you get jewellery?
Going to dance class?
You've put on little weight.
No, brother.
I'm 36 kgs only.
Is it? you must be 40kgs.
I'm 36kgs only.
Shall I weigh you?
We caress our girl children
but some snakes who comes...
... to our house don't
see them as children.
Like a cobra, Nambi,only in his
name, he had faith.
But he was different.
Why did you lift me?
Step me down, brother.
Step me down, brother.
Why the face doesn't
rest to Rudran?
Do it with fulfilled heart.
If the statue goes fault,we must
offer that to "Five elements"...
...and destroy either in fire,
water or soil.
That is "Shilpa sastra".
(Architectural rule)
Better you go to Rudramurthy
abode in Pitchavaram...
... and give a hen for sacrifice.
(Chanting Mantra)
Dried ginger coffee.
You'll get it.
Today,definitely you'll get the face.
Come here.
No, brother.
Where is uncleanness for fire?
Come in.
You are the sign of fire.
Keep your face still.
Why did you do,so?
See here.
See,the beautiful tab
of your face.
Is it good?
(Chanting Mantras)
This polynomials are
tough for me.
I scored centum in Maths.
Shall I teach you?
You would've got a zero.
Okay,come here.
What do you want to know?
I don't understand anything,
-Tomorrow is exam.
Is it?
You teach me first.
-Let it be.
See this video.
Be relaxed.
What do you do?
You keep on studying.
Is maths so important?
Nambi,what are you doing there?
She has doubt in maths.
So, teaching her.
Will you come here?
-Ill come.
I finished the statue.
I ordered for the polish.
I need help to hold the statue.
Okay,you teach her.
I'll look after that.
Sivamalai, I'll also come.
You go and teach her the lesson.
Why are you coming?
It'll be helpful.
Nothing,I tied up the
statue in vehicle.
Have to go.
I must get that for polish.
Mom,I'm going for polishing.
I'll come back by 5.
Doctor has confirmed the
delivery on next month 30th.
So shy he is!
You're working from
morning onwards.
Put this betel.
Parvati, what are you looking at?
Don't have any other work?
Go and do the work.
Sivamalai, our girl is very much
worried about maths.
The maths teacher
scolds her,it seems.
She cries a lot.
A coaching centre
is in Chidambaram.
The teacher is called
as "Centum teacher."
Rs.1200 as fee for
every month.
I paid.
Two days class in a week.
Only on Saturday and Sunday.
Don't want all that.
Who'll accompany her?
What are you saying?
I'm here.
Can't I do that?
Mom,Nambi is the
true brother of Aaru
You get her,brother.
She must score full marks.
-Not for that.
Who is protective than Nambi,
in this world?
Those who believe Nambi,
was never let off.
Not for that.
Whom do we believe
than Nambi?
It's difficult for him to
accompany her regularly.
How to convey in home
about Nambi's mischief?
If I say, do they mistake me?
Does god have kindness, brother?
"God is the form of kindness".
Then,why did he created
a beautiful deer...
... and a tiger to hunt that?
How does the god
have kindness, brother?
Where are they?
Sivamalai,I got offering from temple.
Come,we'll have.
Yes, coming.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Sivamalai,what both of you
doing there in snow?
I must tell about
Nambi to brother.
Samundi mom,I wonder,
what are you busy with?
It's getting late for consecration.
Will you hurry up?
I'm coming.
Dear,what's the problem?
You are upset from yesterday.
You say philosophies.
What happened?
Nothing, brother.
You do one thing.
Pluck a rose flower
from our garden...
...look at the mirror with a smile.
You'll see two roses.
How, brother?
That's it.
Come... come...
My beloved, you must smile ever.
Get up.
Hey, you mud.
Lifting a grown up,girl.
Hey, leave her.
Leave her.
She attained puberty.
She is still a kid.
She doesn't know anything.
Put her in cradle.
Is she a kid?
She is 15 years old.
Mom, dad and myself are
going to consecration...
... on Wednesday in Nellithopu.
We're leaving.
Dad, I'll hold a seat in the bus,
Dear,I'm leaving.
Don't be upset.
Hey, it's raining.
Why do you go today?
You can go tomorrow.
-You be quiet,mom.
No rain,no storm.
We must pass on.
Do you want dosa?
How a baby is born?
What do you ask about?
That's why i told not to
befriend that Mayavaram girl.
Are you listening us?
Is this the question
you ask for?
Hey Samundi, why are you
scolding her?
Yes, listen to what your child
is asking about?
As the parents hesitate to
talk about this to children,
The children get into troubles.
Everyday she travels
to Chidambaram to study.
How dare she ask a question?
Her legs must be painful.
Where is your anklet?
Nambi took for polishing.
Mom,I won't go to tuition
with Nambi, hereafter.
He accompanies you
leaving over his works,
You'll say more than this.
Samundi,you keep here and go.
If Nambi is not here,
everything will go useless.
Dear, I'm going to Nellithoppu
for consecration.
Will you send me with smile?
Smile now.
Why do you ask her
to smile,now?
What if she smiles or not?
Whom we make to
smile,when alive...
...they'll cry for us,
when we die.
Just smile,once.
Dad is leaving.
Give the anklet.
Mom has left to temple.
I must go.
I bought it for you.
Give me.
One condition.
I'll put the anklet.
It has become a
routine to you.
Only once.
How to manage him?
Sir,the statue is ready.
She is of tender age.
To her...
Forgive me,sir.
Don't tell anyone.
Did you get the pain?
Come fast.
Sister,is everything ready?
Yes, doctor.
Tell me Samundi.
Aaru, dear!
Aaru, dear!
Aaru, dear!
Aaru! What happenend to you?
Why are you kept like this?
What happened?
Oh no...oh god.
I can't see you suffering..
I can't bear, dear.
Aaru, Dear!
Tell me.
What happened?
Tell me.
Hey,why are you afraid now?
He said as only one person.
He goes to Vietnam
for this matter only.
How many cases
we have seen?
Nothing will happen.
You brought her to
perform a dance.
Then what?
Sir will take care.
You said as only one person.
But,four persons are here.
What, if how many are here?
The dance is the same.
She is a young girl.
Hey,What are you talking about?
Here is five lakhs,
You asked for.
Pick it up.
He is satisfied.
See now.
Come here.
Do you like pigeons?
I love flowers.
What flower?
Sir,I must go home.
Sir, I must go home.
Come here.
Hey. Come here.
You dog.
Where have you
brought me?
It's the guest house
of AMT sir.
He wants to see your
dance performance.
That's why I brought you.
Is it? AMT sir?
Sir, take care of not indulging
me in any problem.
Keep quiet.
His pressure has increased.
You are talking
about your problem.
That's all.
You don't be in panic.
That doesn't work.
Come,we'll bury on the way.
Lift up.
Shenbhagamurthy,hurry up.
The forest officials might come.
Hey, give her.
Anyone may witness.
Someone has come for hunting.
Hurry up.
Take the vehicle,soon.
Our angel! sir.
For 17 days,she suffered with agony,
pain and breathed last.
She is our chid.
"Who has beaten you?"
"The abode of god"
"The nest where the parrot lived"
"Who demolished?"
"Yesterday, in this nest"
"The blossomed flowers
aren't here today."
"I Can't bear"
"Oh beloved... Oh beloved"
"Who has beaten you?"
"The abode of god"
"The nest where the parrot lived"
"Who demolished?"
Whom we make
to smile when alive...
...they will cry for us,
when we die.
"Dear, I never seen you sleeping."
"You're not able to hear me."
"Who'll suffer for my sake?"
"Even if I cry,
who'll wipe my tears off..."
"Even the blood has become dry."
"The veena has turned as firewood."
"In the pearl palanquin,
the moon which came around,"
"Have become a part of hearse."
"Who'll console now?"
"All the affection has turned into ash."
They have thrown 25 lakhs
and asked to change the case,
As the entire family committed
suicide because of debts.
If not, they threatened that,
I'll be said as pander
to my sister.
Ask him to accept.
Better to accept, take the
money and leave.
I was insane.
You left my family in perils
and standing with ten hands.
"Veera rudraya!"
"Gora rudraya!"
"Theera rudraya!"
"Yagna rudraya!"
Is all the mantras a fake?
I won't leave this.
Why are you here?
Why are you here?
For what you need adoration?
For what you need honouring?
For what you need rituals?
Don't want.
I'll destroy you with the
same hands that created.
I'll destroy everything.
Go away from here.
As I was in dying situation,
my uncle and...
...my sister Parvati took me
to siddhar in North India and cured
"Sivamalai" was changed as "Siva".
I had a clear thought.
I planned well.
I targeted each and everyone.
I started hunting them.
When said about
a ten year old girl,
AMT came like a dog
and was caught.
Siva, for taking revenge,
each and everyone...
... has their own valid reason.
That too,in your stance,
the reason is very strong.
If you took action
on them as per law,
you would've got the justice.
The victim asks for justice.
Even the culprit asks for justice.
Only the money decides
whom must be given justice.
Child abuse is not just
one or two incidents,
A three years old child in Salem,
A five years old child in Namakkal,
Recently,a child playing in street
was abused, killed and burnt.
In capital city, Delhi, 462
abusement cases are registered.
In India, for a year,
almost 1112 girl children...
...whereabouts are not known.
From Asifa to Aarudhra,
these lubricious dogs...
... are chasing the girl children
for hunting.
How many culprits of child
abuse was sentenced to hang?
For 25 years,we have imprisoned
three innocent people.
In other countries,
on 10th day is the death penalty.
If proved guilty,they'll be killed
with poison injection.
In other countries, genitals are cut.
But only here, the sexual offenders
are given bail...
... released in three months,
and given machinery for survival.
And protect them.
This is the godown
mentioned by Aavudaiyappan.
To whom?
I latched up the police.
To kill these demons there
must be a person like me, sir.
The black spot on my Aarudhra
must be washed away...
... with the blood flowing in AMT's body.
It's my responsibility
to get him punished.
Tell me,where he is?
He must be lying as a worm
under my sister's foot.
The one who destroyed my family
is awaiting a severe punishment.
Come on.
Catch him.
You made the police come.
It's locked.
Break it soon.
What are you discussing
with him instead of arresting?
Ask to trace out him
with his cell phone signal.
Come on,quick.
Madam, the tree has fell.
The vehicle won't go this way.
I'll thrash you to death.
Come on.
Leave me.
Does god have kindness,brother?
"He is the form of Kindness".
Then why he created a
beautiful deer and a tiger to hunt?
The amount is high,sir.
You are the god who makes deity!
"My beloved! My beloved"
"My brother's heart can't bear, can't bear"
"He stands as fire before the evil"...
There is no safety,even for
the girl baby in the womb.
In the society of sexual offenders,
we have to change ourselves...
...as the government,the law,the police.
Then only we can safeguard
Our girl children.
"I'll mingle as tears in the eyes,"
"I'll live."
"Don't I have a mind?"
"Shouldn't I live as a woman?"
"The flowers which are buds,"
"Won't the sin of sacrificing the buds go?"
"Though it's said,the woman as goddess,"
"Even there is no way
for little flowers to live."
"Though thousands of temples on earth,"