Aasai (1995) Movie Script

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
wish you all a good evening.
We welcome you,
the residents of Tambaram.
On behalf of this Kanapathran road show association,
We have come here to give you a show tonight
on Ravanan's desire of women.
First see how King Ravana comes to hijack Seethai.
Today the dawn has come as midnight.
Who are you good looking girl?
Sridevi or Radha?
To dear sister
a letter from your sister Yamuna.
How many years have passed
since you came from Delhi,
Do you remember me and our dad?
or forgotten?
Why don't you write even a single letter?
Will we not wish to see you and your baby?
No one will believe that you haven't been sent
because of dowry reasons.
I can understand you were afraid of
your father-in-law,
Now, both of them are not alive no?
If you compel brother-in-law,
he will definitely take you here.
We are eager to see you and the baby.
Your loving sister Yamuna.
Note: lam sending my
photo with this letter.
Not for framing
but to show your baby.
Jeeva, you won't mistake me
if I ask you one thing no?
That depends on the matter you ask.
Will you marry all the three of us?
Marrying? You three? Why?
Because, you look handsome.
World is made for me.
running rivers are for me.
See his face. I will put you in jail.
Are you from this town?
To whom did I ask?
She may be a woman police
This will not suit me.
I think this yellow can be set right.
I must pick her up.
What she is turning that side?
to be corrected anyway.
Grandma, can't you get in?
Yes, give me a hand raja.
Come slowly.
Is she your grand daughter'?Yes
Grandma, that side.
you sit in this side.
In which class you are studying?
Doing my plus two.
I like social service very much.
Grandpa, can't you get in?
Wait, come slowly. You weigh heavy.
In which shop you are buying rice?
Go straight near the toilet
and lie down there, go.
Social service is like my life.
Grandma, the girl is very beautiful.
Come on brother. Come fast.
the train is moving no?
Didn't I tell you about social service?
That is this.
You sinner,
For helping you to get inside the train?
Why did you beat me
instead of thanking me
I came to send off.
Did you come to send off?
You pulled me inside the train,
Will your father give money to come back from Chenglepet?
Pull the chain and stop the train.
You fool! How will the train stop
if I pull the chain?
Why are you slapping again?
Stop the train by pulling the chain.
You want me to pull the chain now?
Don't you want money more than
the meter reading?
No madam, I saw your face
you look bright, that is enough.
How was the picnic? was it good?
We have good result for the letter you sent.
Your sister and brother-in-law
have come from Delhi.
Go and see inside.
Hai Yamuna, how are you?
What happened? What?
Yamuna, stop.
are you going stop or not?
Go to your husband.
Hey, water, you will slip down.
Are you angry with me?
Wont I be?
I have come now no?
After how many years?
For the past 4 years, you didn't even think
to come and see me no?
Not like that.
Like that only.
lam a motherless girl.
Only you are like a mother.
Who else will take care of me?
Does it mean that I don't have affection
if I don't see you?
Ok, for how many days?
Tell now itself
I have to make up my mind no?
When are going back?
Will we have to talk about that now itself?
Hey sleep is enough.
open your eyes.
I have come, your aunty.
The nose is like yours no sister?
Like a mother of 5 babies,
how you talk sweetly to the baby?
Did I take? She came by herself.
She loves me so much.
Actually, you are still angry with me no?
Not like that sister.
Then? I am seeing from my arrival.
Did you ask anything about my husband?
Ok, I am asking.
where is he? Come start.
He was longing to see you.
Yamuna has come.
Why have you locked the room?
Sister, the bathroom in this room
does not have padlock.
Are you taking bath?
are you inside or not?
This is Madras, not Delhi
Don't take bath in bucket of water.
Take bath in a spoon of water.
I am here.
How are you brother-in law?
How tall she has become no?
I thought the door will break
in the galatta made by sisters.
Ok, the strong door and it escaped.
Jokes apart,
Don't you think that a sister-in-law
and a father-in-law
Are here for so long?
Let bygones be bygones.
from now, let every thing go right.
Why is past needed now?
Where have you started with the uniform?
Have you got transfer from Delhi to Madras?
Me! That too leaving Delhi?
I have a meeting in our office academy.
Yamuna, you didn't tell how
the baby looks.
Does she resemble me?
No, she is very cute
Like my sister.
Ganga, beat her on my behalf.
I am not for this game.
As our house near the railway station,
our house will shake normally.
That too when Vaigai Express passes,
it will be more.
We are used to it.
only you will feel difficult no?
No, no, what a beautiful house is this?
It is very nice see the train passing from this back yard.
Is there any powder factory nearby?
a fragrance in the house always...
Like a child, a father-in-law with
an innocent heart,
Like a deer running in governor's bungalow,
a sister-in-law.
Without coming here, I have wasted
4 years unnecessarily.
My name is Jeeva. Shortly Jeeva nandhan
what is your name?
What is the girl's name?
I am telling that I don't remember the face even,
you are asking me the name.
You said that your saw girl in the bus no?
you said you love her no?
That is right, but
I don't know how to explain that.
He is a history professor...
he tries to explain that.
You tell about her beauty.
Wait for some days.
A girl will come here.
She will vage a war with her eyes.
She will even defeat the moon.
1 don't know if her name is Kamatchi or Meenakshi.
1 don't know from which country she is.
Find the address of that girl.
We will take her here overnight.
Even yesterday in my sleep,
I saw that cuckoo.
Like a garland of pearls from Tmicorin
she was sweating.
She ran like wind in the hill.
In the dream she always
comes like this
She will look like golden beauty
Without match sticks
she will light the live fire
Like a river of milk and honey
she came in the eyes.
I planted her in my heart
like national ag.
While green half saree ies,
he forgot himself in that.
He didn't wink his eye:
and his eye: didn't sleep.
She is a buttery who plays
hide and seek with always.
My love will definitely become true
and wind is the witness
She always comes and goes
in my thougt
Is she a chariot made om of sandal wood?
I have stuck my lover
in my thoughts
Like a portrait.
Is my heart a rest home for some other girl
to come and stay?
What can I say about her enhancing beauty?
The budding beauty like a ower.
I felt very much for,
mother did not see my baby.
I want mother's photo,
to take with me while going to Delhi.
Mother wished to see your marriage no?
When are you going to marry?
Don't play, tell.
what type of groom do you expect?
Only one condition.
Till the end dad will be with me only.
who says ok for this will be the groom.
I will beat you.
do you think to keep dad with you for the whole year?
Only for six months in your house.
In my house for six months.
Six months in forest and
six months in house.
Oophs! What dad? ?Why do you allow her take water?
You know that she already has chest pain no?
Oh! My leg..
Why do you remind me
of my chest pain now?
I am free here. What will happen
if I take a bucket of water?
What do you want now?
do you want to take water?
Yamuna, go and bring the three big pots
which are in the loft,
And put them in her head.
Hey, our maths teacher's son.
Do you know what he did?
There is a big well in the back of his house no?
He was looking down in the well
counting eighteen,
A priest came that side and
Asked him why he was counting and
,He also peeped into the well.
Do you know what he did?
He kicked him also into the well and
started counting nineteen.
What do you understand from this?
he has kicked 19 persons into the well.
Hey stop. This was a well known joke.
why are you laughing for this?
Why are you looking like this?
Are you going to say the matter or
do you want me to tell?
What matter?
Ask himself what the matter is?
Nothing, he is bluffing.
Which is bluffing? I thought
he will open the matter.But he is not telling the matter.
Ok, you tell.
He has lost his job.
H ow?
Like this anything may happen to you also.
Your son also will become an orphan. Is that 0k?
If you don't oppose the management for this now,
then you can never oppose anything in future.
He supported one lady no?
they gave her the job and he lost.
Four days have passed since the suspension.
What, you have all become silent?
If we talk straight, these problems will come
let us see.
I am trying through union,
I think I will get the job again.
I don't know all these things.
I want to forget the sadness.
I want kalyani.
She is not in the town.
I told about beer.
What Yamuna,? You are asking me to
close his eyes,
Just for fun 0k?
How long I can stand like this?
Come soon.
Dad is hurrying to see the news.
Can I open.Yes.
Whose hand is more red?
Tell my hand.
Ask someone else.
If I tell the truth, your sister will beat.
what to do'?
Only her hand is darker.
young age no?
See what I am going to do?
This ground is superb.
can we play here?
See the basket here.
Don't break. Since my daughter and
son-in-law have come,Please leave today.
How can I leave?
You borrowed one lakh rupees no?
You borrowed for your daughters marriage.
Your daughter has come after delivery...
Did you pay even a single rupee till now?
If I don't give within two months,
you can cut me into two pieces.
Listen to me. Come.
Daughter and grand son are sleeping well.
He is also not in the house.
Go before he comes back.
I am seeing as your are older.
otherwise, I'll play basket ball here.
oh god!
Daily morning 10.30 bus
studying in computer point.
Address, No.12, Pillaiyar koil st, thambaram.
How do you know my address?
born on 14th December.
Original name Saraswathi
Pet name Yamuna,
You know more details
about me than myself,
I spent 500 Rupees for my friends
to collect the details in a week,
Are you going back my darling?
If you go this house will become lonely.
How will I be without seeing you?
Where are the sisters?
It is the time for the train.
They have come after weeping no?
Say bye with a smiling face.
you are a good girl no?
I am not good.
Yamuna, see my face, I too feel bad
I will try to come as early as possible.
You also come to Delhi.
Shall I cancel the ticket?
Wait please.
Have you taken the feeding bottle?
Uncle, you and Yamuna should come
to Delhi.
Then? We will stay until you ask to quit.
If you come there, I will take you
to the TV station and Show you the live news reading.
See, he is indirectly telling that
lam mad after news.
Is Yamuna not coming to the station?
She is crying here itself,
if she comes there, she will cry more.
Come let us go. It is time.
Yamuna, my bindi is small,
let me take yours.
Why all on a sudden?
Sekar told me 143.
143 means?
Don't you know 143?
Sir, here one girl doesn't know 143.
Don't you know 143?
How many letter for I?
How many letters for 'love'?
Four letters.
How many letters for 'you'?
Three letters.
Got it? 143 means 'l love you'
if you have any doubts in this,
Come and see me in my house
I will give you books.
Why are you seeing like this?
go and give it, go.
Nothing will happen no?
Hey, have we written love letter?
we have written only 143 no?
Go and give it.
Go friend, Yamuna has come.
At Yamuna is carrying red umbrella in her hand'?Is she a commur
Left or right?
right only.
Has the bus gone?
We are here no?
If anything happens;
It is our responsibility
to admit you in a hospital,don't worry.
You have medical claim in factory no?
L am going.
Ponnusamy is going, leaving the friendship.
Leaving the friends alone.
Will he back or will he go
without coming back'?
What is Ponnusamy's story?
Will he go and give that?
even if he gives,
Can you guess and tell
what will happen?
He will beat with the cheppal.
What is the noise?
One fellow slipped down.
Still 11 persons are going to fall
11 bananas are there only.
How did the fruits go there?
Brother, when the peel goes here
the fruits will go there only no?
Hey, were you watching the peel coming here
and the fruits going there?
Yes brother.
Show me you tongue.
What man?
Why are you beating him?
Then what? He says 143 to a girl. What will they do?
Don't you understand? Go man.
In a green yard, a dew drop is sleeping.
Why is the sun waking up that
by pinching?
Will the heart become like a bird?
If it ies, will the sky be enough?
Shall 1 walk in the grass or
shall 1 spread and sleep?
Who gave the feather to y?
Who gave you 100s of colours?
Flowers which hide between the leaves,
Nod their heads by seeing me,
Cukoos which hide between leaves,
Give music by seeing me.
My heart is a ower garden.
Smile is my religion.
See, the sky is open,
Come to send me in the sky.
Hey squirrel who runs jumping!
Who gave the speed to rim like lightning?
Hey river which run: with sounds]
Who gave the music sense?
Like the hill mother giving milk,
Water Falls ow in white.
To drink the
whole river,
Sparrow ies, with the desire
What is there in your daughter's horoscope?
very good no?
Yamuna is innocent no?
you don't worry,
To see a good alliance for Yamuna
is my responsibility;
Leave that,
your whole day duty is
to read, watch and to hear news only no?
Then who reminded you that?
That you have daughter and
she has got the time and all?
That too seeing the newspaper only.
I saw the matrimonial column,
Saw my daughter
Immediately ran to see you.
You can go after taking food no?
I'll go home and take food.
Do you remember the first night confusion
you made on the marriage day?
Only after hearing the 9'0 clock news.
You were adamantly saying
that you will enter the room
lam going to slap you,
she is going to hear.
Ok, let me start
Here is the drumstick,
this was grown in our tree.
I am leaving,
I have given Yamuna's matter in
your hand, you have to take care.
Plate is ready, come to take food.
I don't want, I am not in good mood.
I had to tell a lie to my friend,
that the horoscope is good,
Total family is going to suffer,
Yamuna will not get married easily.
I saw the horoscope, kalasthra sthanam is very weak.
If she gets married,
that itself will be great.
Yesterday, a man came with you in the auto
for the computer class no?
Is he your father?
How did you find?
In both the faces, 1kg fat, V: kg folly
and 'A kg smile.
You are telling in kgs?
did you work in nadar shop?
I have bought a thanks card.
for whom?
For the lawyers of the Madras Lawyers' Association.
Only because of them today's bandh no?
Only so I am able to be with you alone.
At least today, cant you call me shortly
by name Jeeva?
Will you be reduced if you call?
What happened?
What is there in the eye?
Some dust.
Are you angry?
Is sir's parcel ready?
Yes sir, box is ready, have this.
How much is this?
The rate is too expensive.
He is asking for a lesser price.
Deduct 1O rupees and give 100 rupees.
What'? You are giving 'I re instead of '100 rupees?
If I give one rupee,
it is like giving 100 rupees.
Take the parcel and come.
My name is Jeeva. You know me.
4 days have passed; a smile at me,
a hello, nothing.
Always in bad moods,
or staring at me
What is the meaning of these?
Do you think that I will run after you
and beg you to speak?
What is the great mistake I committed?
Did I plan night and day and
hijacked you and kissed you?
I tried to remove the dust,
I felt like and I kissed you;
I don't say it is right,
it is wrong only.
This is not big matter for those
who think that ladies are for that only;
Just like that they will throw and go;
Only to those men who wish to respect you
like me, all problems.
You have understood the ladies no?
leave that.
From now, no connection between
you and me.
Were you angry with Jeeva ?
What is the problem between you both?
I think he was shook by the doze
you gave him in the bus.
He was drenched in the rain and
he has got high fever it seems;
Temperature is 106 degrees.
Who said?
What if whoever says?
Who is there for Jeeva,
other than you?
What ever may be the problem,
I think it will be better only
if you and see him.
Then it is your wish.
Did you become wet in rain?
I heard that the temperature is 107 degress?
You planned and got wet no?
The idea is to take revenge on me no?
Then why did the fever not subside?
Because, I did not take the medicine.
Why didn't you take medicine?
Because, I wont get the medicine in the shop
for my fever.
I don't understand.
Medicine for my fever is... only you.
It is your wish to believe me or not.
I promise, I became like this,
only by thinking that you are not for me.
If I hug you, my fever will vanish.
Has my finger touched you even?
If my fever is to be reduced,
I should hug you.
Shall I hug you?
No need to hug?
Did I tell that I don't want
you to hug?
Meenamma, early in the morning
and in the evening,
Your thoughts only.
The word you said at the first sight is cm epic.
Small small quarrels and small strikes
will come and go like lightning.
Even if small fights come and dash,
love alone will live without damage.
Months and days will pass,
This is not the owers that change colours.
In a small flower cord,
in the bright coloured night,
In the bed, to this parrot,
shall I show a new magic?
A window is there to peep into that,
without closing that Come to touch me.
1 am your darling, m! the bed
let me hug to full fill my desire.
Meenarrrma if rain you drench
I'll get fever
If you go in mm
I'll get sweat
The love I made, the time
I pinched your cheeks,
Remain in my heart even now
without any change.
Silk sarees, jewels and vessels,
1 asked you and fought with you, and
that are in my eyes.
You a jasmine ower! Golden moon!
Let us talk a lot in the first night.
Ganga sister, have this money,
Thank you for all the help you did.
Wishes sister.
Wishes brother.
In the conversation with the neighbour,
I understood the words,
Husband, Thanks and Pam leaving
When are you going to understand
Hindi fully?
She was talking showing her hands
towards you no?
Even if you search the whole city Delhi
you wont get a husband like me.
Have me in your pall...
See the pride in the face.
I was about to ask you.
For the past few days,
you show more love to me.
What is the matter?
I will tell you when I switch off the lights.
You are too bold.
What would have happened if
dad was awake?
What will happen?
shall we see?
Today is your birthday.
Shouldn't I come even
to give you a gift?
In the midnight?
I wished to give exactly at 12 at midnight.
Is that wrong?
What is inside straw?
You have to open exactly
at 12 'O' clock only.
A beautiful love gift.
Do you what I am going to give
you in return?
Letter has come from Madras,
Yamuna seems to miss us a lot.
Don't need very cold.
Stone, big stone.
you also don't need to it.
That's why I threw all the rice.
Let us have fruit one day.
what is there?
Have this ball first.
tell me that you have excused me.
Hey! What are you doing?
get up.
Do you see that I fell in your feet
like a politician?
A person came to my house.
he gave new notes for '1 lakh rupees.
He has settled the full amount with interest.
See I have torn the bond paper.
The person who gave your debt is none
other than your son-in-law only.
Who will get a son-in-law like this?
you are very lucky.
Don't keep anything in your heart 0k?
shall I leave?
If you want money, come to my house.
Did you see his work?
how is my selection?
I will immediately judge a person
if he is good or bad at the first sight.
That comes to me easily.
If a guy like him come for you also
I will be doubly lucky no?
I will find him out.
that is a gift.
We are from telephone department
we have come to give connection.
I have not yet applied, how?
We don't know sir,we have received an order
to give connection to your house.
Is that telephone department?
Connection has come.
I am talking only from that connection.
Hello uncle,
Who? Is that son-in-law?
from Delhi?
Is Yamuna not there?
She has gone to the computer class.
To talk to Ganga often,
I only arranged for the phone.
A person with ball will come no?
he came here one day suddenly,
And fell on my feet,
when asked the reason,
He told me that
you have repaid the debt.
Today, another man knocked the door
and gave the telephone connection;
If I forget all these helps,
lam not a human being at all.
Shall I tell in a single word?
You are not my son-in-law;
But you are my son.
Wouldn't it have been six months Jeeva?
I expected this before itself.
I have not yet told what it is.
You came to ask if it would have been
six months till I lost my job no?
Yes. What do they say in the factory?
Management in angry with me.
Ok come shall we run to the beach once?
I am talking serious.
Ok, in the factory I talked
in support to the workers no?
So they are making me wander to and
fro in vain.
They are making you wander no'?
why don't you try for an other job'?
You are thinking that you are beautiful and well educated
Must have loved a handsome, and well settled person no?
You also think that you have fallen in the
hands of a wrong person by mistake
Don't speak as you wish
I feel to bad.
Till date have you told your dad
about our love?
I am begging you to tell him
about our marriage no?
Even today I am ready to tell.
but if I tell, what will be the first question?
He will ask where you work.
what is the answer I can give?
Think practically; will my dad accept
for our marriage without a job?
Won't you marry me if he doesn't accept?
You are angry. Not today,
let us talk about this some other day.
We have started no?
let us finish today itself.
No need, yesterday itself dad asked me
why I was late. Let me leave;
After I leave think from my angle without anger,
if you were Yamuna, what you will do,
Ok I going to my house.
Do you mean to say that you are going
to house or leaving me?
Yamuna? Are you calling from Madras?
ls dad alright?
Nothing. Dad is alright.
Do you know I am glad
to hear your voice?
Actually, I called you to say
that I wont talk to you.
It is one week since the phone has come.
Expecting your call daily, leave me...
Do you know how much father felt?
What are you talking?
I don't understand anything.
Has the phone connection come to our house?
Are you playing?
only your husband got the connection.
Everyday he is talking to me over the phone
For one hour.Did you talk to me at least for one day?
I could have asked him to call you
but I didn't do that intentionally.
I was expecting a call from you.
one week has passed.
Are you looking for my diary?
what do you want to know?
I myself thought of talking to you
an important matter.
Shall we go out?
You said you wanted to talk something.
Look here, I like Yamuna very much,
I think of marrying her.
What is there? Is that a thing that doesn't
happen in this world?
Didn't any one marry his sister-in-law?
Your sister wrote me one letter no?
To join the split family together?
She also sent a photo no? That is the starting point.
Was our marriage before 5 years?
I didn't watch at that time,
Yamuna would have been very small in skirt.
I missed it.
You are short lived,
at anytime, you may get heart attack;
Will you live for another 6 months?
after that?
You will die no? to be practical,
After you go, I am going to marry some one;
Other than that some one, marrying
your sister will be better no?
There is an another advantage in this;
if your death is delayed,
To make your sister your rival
will not create any problem for you both no?
What will they say? Lust...to control that
I have taken bath even in the midnights.
Feeling difficult to forget Yamuna.
Shall I say about a scene that
comes in my thoughts?
I am pouring some water in Yamuna's head,
When water comes down, my finger also;
Forehead, nose, lips, neck,
how can I enjoy Yamuna ?
I am telling you all these because,
On my behalf, only you have to
ask your father.
I feel shy to ask myself.
Yamuna stop it
what's wrong with me
how you will ask me itself?
to marry my sister
No, leave me
Leave me and my sister
don't you feel pity for me?
Why don't this heart pain come now?
Won't I die now itself?
Ganga listen to me
No, lam going to Madras please leave me
Why do you locked?
Forgive me, then how can I stop you from going to Madras?
That's why.
We bought this lock from
Pallic Bazaar Know?
Two keys must be there..
where is the other one?
Hey Jeeva,
to remove you fear,
You have a registered marriage
with Yamuna .
You are asking me to marry Yamuna,
with courage?
Is it a joke? Was I talking about
my relatives?
I was telling that only no?
How can we take her for the marriage?
That is my worry, tomorrow,
she will be there in the registrar office.
We paid for garland..
how did you get sandal paste?
Veerappan sent that from Mysore
Why meter runs so fast?
from there to here 80 rupees?
Did you buy that from the market?
Did you buy the car first or the meter?
Get down, Jeeva is here.
Have you told the matter?
Not yet.
Just to keep suspense.
You fool, what a serious matter is this?
What Jeeva?
The point you said that day is right;
Till I get a job you cant tell your father;
And I also cannot wait with tension.
After we spoke in the beach,
I was very much upset and afraid;
That is why I feel, we can have
a registered marriage.
I asked him bring you after
telling the matter;
But he has brought without telling.
For a girl, if the marriage is told suddenly,
How shocking it will be for her?
I don't understand; marriage for whom?
For you and me.
Fraud marriage? why all on a sudden?
For a safety.
For whose safety?
Let it be my safety.
So, you don't believe me.
Who said like that?
Then why is this arrangement?
This is not a big matter as you think;
you are going just sign;
Then you can go to your house;
can go to computer class;
I will take care of my work,
the no one can part us legally.
Why are you crying now?
Jeeva, I love you so much.
no doubt in that;
I will definitely marry you only,
no doubt in that too;
But definitely without my father's knowledge
for a secret marriage,
I will not accept; definitely never;
sorry. I am leaving
One minute Yamuna, one day
we are going to marry;
That we can do now no?
One day we are going to die,
can we die today?
Yamuna please understand my position.
Don't insult me in front of my friends.
I have arranged for all.
Did you arrange after asking me?
You are doing all the mistakes,
then you are blaming me.
What ever I do is wrong,
what ever you do is right.
Hey why are you standing with the garland?
No marriage is going to take place here.
Why are you throwing the garland?
She has cheated me.
I am not talking to you,
lam talking to my friends, you go;
Taxi is waiting for you;
Why are you getting tensed for nothing?
Without getting tensed, what will I do?
Like you I don't have
dad, sister or brother-in-law.
Im an orphan who grew in Ramakrishna home.
Like this if a good girl comes and
being missed, will I not get tensed?
If you are here, the fight will be more
start first.
Yamuna, listen to me.
If we don't get married here today,
then we will never get married.
If you are ready for that,
you can very well go.
What is my mistake in this?
lam not ready for this fraud marriage.
Because of this, if destiny is that
we will never join any where means,
Let it happen as destined.
Dad, this is an urgent letter from Ganga.
The groom who lived with me
for 5 years after marriage is different;
The groom after seeing Yamuna, is different.
He has almost become mad after Yamuna.
like Ravana who saw Seetha.
He gave 'I lac rupees to that fellow,
not out of mercy;
But to get a good name from you.
He gave phone connection in madras,
not for us to speak;
But to hear Yamuna's voice often.
He does everything step by step,
after planning.
When we came there last time itself,
I had doubt
That if he has desire on Yamuna;
When Yamuna called me,
my doubt was confirmed.
For the last one week, he has kept me
house arrested.
He has disconnected the phone.
he has stopped the servants too.
Only with the fear that he may be trapped,
He never keeps orderlies from the army.
If this letter goes to his hands,
I am lost.
Please come soon and take me to madras.
Why I am hurrying is, to get Yamuna,
he may even kill me.
What darling, how long will you be like this?
Ok you want to go to madras,
that's all no?
Start, the flight is in one hour,
get ready fast.
Ganga, nowadays I forget everything,
If you want to go to madras,
a small condition is there
You see, I forgot to tell that.
Nothing, a small romance in the bed,
that's all.
Even if you are angry, I am at least
your husband no?
Can't you make me happy?
I know you won't deny.
shall we start with milk?
I have mixed sleeping pill in the milk.
Don't be afraid.
Only one tablet.
for the matter I am going to do now,
You must be quite without
shaking your body no? For that only.
If I mix 2O tablets, you will easily die,
But if postmortem is done, I will be trapped.
Then, are you asking why I mixed
only one tablet?
That is, I am going to send you up
in a new method.
Dad, dad...
Sister has gone disappointing us all dad.
What are you telling?
Brother-in-law called from Delhi.
Is it true?
Ganga, what have you done...
From the childhood, she had had
heart problem;
I only did not take care of that;
At 11 in the night, she has woke up her husband,
Saying that she has chest pain;
before calling the doctor, she died.
In this old age, you have to
take care of the baby.
Leave me, see his face,
he never moved out from her.
He didn't even drink water;
We don't know what we are going to do
with a small baby in hands.
But one thing, she has gone with holiness.
You would have remained,
leaving me..
No other way; only by seeing
the baby's face, I can forget Ganga.
Uncle, I think going back.
Is it? You said you won't get transfer also?
Won't it be difficult for you
to come to madras often, To see the baby?
What are you telling?
the baby is going to come with me.
How you...?
Small baby... not yet stopped mother's feed...
How can you keep her alone in Delhi?
you must feed her in time.
It is difficult only..
there is an other way... no need..
Tell me.
No need, leave that.
You tried to say something no? tell me
Let me ask directly,
can you and Yamuna come to Delhi and stay with me?
For some days, that too for the baby's sake.
This thought didn't strike my mind.
I had been thinking selfish.
you have helped us how much?
We are coming with you to Delhi,
that is our duty.
Ganga will remain always smiling.
she left only us crying.
What is there for us?
How she got the heart to go
leaving this small baby?
She compelled me to be with her
for 6 months in a year.
Now, I have come, only she is missing.
she has gone.
Hey you came to my house,
got in an auto;
I thought you are taking me to a movie,
but you have brought me to Delhi?
Everything is the work of love.
Where is your friend's house?
we keep on going?
If rode, it will go only.
Welcome sir.
This is the house you are going to stay.
Whatever may be the expenses,
I will give.
Because, his father has helped
me so much.
What son-in-law?
Don't mistake me, let the baby
be with me from now.
Only by seeing the baby's face,
I must forget Ganga.
Good only,
ok dashing is also gain only.
With some ideas, and through the help
of some friends,
I finally found Yamuna's address.
She is not in the house,
she has gone to Agra tour.
Jeeva sir, are you alright?
After how long we are meeting?
Have you got married?
Did you come for honey moon?
Where is your wife
Where is your friend?
Convey my enquiries to them.
Dad will be waiting for me,
lam leaving 0k?
I am not needed, but the dog
I gave is needed?
Yamuna, I will not take the dog;
that will remain on the road and die.
Shall we go home?
to my house.
Yamuna, I am not able to understand you;
In the morning you went fast,
leaving the dog;
In the midnight, you coming and
and searching dog?
Look at my face and tell that
you don't like me;
I will immediately leave to Madras.
Not tomorrow, now itself.
Do you like me or not?
See, now also you are not answering,
That means you don't like me.
Let me leave.
When I start, you are stopping,
can I take that you like me?
Shall I hug you?
Shouldn't I hug you?
Did I tell not to hug?
Keep your ears in my heart once
and hear Thilothama,
See, my heart will my only your name
T hilothama.
Thousand dreams,
your are the one who gave.
Even one dream is reduced,
I will be disturbed.
Heart is now beating in the eyes, why?
Without eyes being closed, why do dreams come?Why?
Now nights are long nowadays, Why?
Moon is coming near the window
and fightingWPry?
In everything, your image appears, andWhy?
My name is forgotten now. Why?
Sky has come near now, Why?
Because of you,
Sleep has gone far away now. Why?
When a river mixes in an ocean,
it never parts.
After mixing in a poem,
relation is not known.
Without air, there will be no life,
Without love, there will be no life on earth.
Without eyes, there will be no show
Without dream there will be no moon.
Without water there will be no fish,
And without a lady, there will be no love epic.
There will be no mountain
which doesn't touch the earth.
Without touching you,
there will be no relationship.
Oho.. this nature is amazed seeing as both.
Oho... this is the nature of love
what is the hesitation in that?
If I didn't tell this matter to anybody,
I'll become tensed,
lam going to ask your Granddad
to get Yamuna married to me
Tell All the Best to Daddy.
Uncle, about Yamuna's marriage,
I want to talk to you.
I myself wanted to talk to you,
about this.
You have started.
I think, this goofs wish.
The matter is, a guy by name Jeeva.
He is a computer engineer in Madras.
She showed me his photo;
he looks very handsome.
It seems that they love
each other.
But the marriage will be only
if you like him,
Are you not feeling well?
what happened?
Let me take the baby out.
Nothing, only now, dad told
about the matter.
What is his name?
I myself thought of telling you;
dad has told already.
You are meeting Jeeva today evening
in Hotel Holiday Inn.
But, only Jeeva will pay for the treat.
This is his treat.
His treat, right?
Please come to the portico.
Dad, he is Jeeva.
Oho, you look too smart.
Lips are red,
don't you have smoking habit?
I don't have those three habits sir.
I think someone known to you.
Who? Not known to me.
Where is Mr.Madhavan?
You look fairer than expected?
He is not my son-in-law,
actually he is my son.
He is the one who is going to accept you.
Come let us talk while having dinner.
Where is the toilet here?
Go straight, there it is.
So, are you the thief?
I mean, the thief who stole Yamuna's heart
lam not the thief,
lam the loser.
Only Yamuna stole my heart
Like you, I also thought of
joining in army.
They asked me to cut the hair very short
I was afraid of that.
Brother, excuse me,
it is only my mistake. Get up.
Didn't get hurt no?
No no, nothing.
What happened?
A singh fell on him.
Is it'?
I know there will be more singhs in Delhi.
But I never thought a sing will fall on me.
Nair, today he is going to pay the bill,
this is his treat.
So, salute him.
What to order?
what will the Major sir like?
I will like, whatever you like.
Am I right Yamuna?
If I drink ice water,
I will be affected immediately.
What happened Jeeva?
I have lost the purse.
See thoroughly.
How much did you have in the purse?
Yamuna, I told you that a sing fell on me no?
He would have stolen my purse.
See what I am going to do.
No need Jeeva.
Thief, me? I am taking my food here.
Leave that Jeeva.
What Jeeva?
this will become a problem;No need.
Son-in-law has Citi Bank Card.
Do you want to have any cool drinks?
No.Sit, let us go after two minutes.
You have made that sardharji a mad.
Did you bring your purse?
I just asked if you forgot.
Because, persons coming to five star hotel,
will not steal the purse.
How he gets angry!
does he have BF'?
This is also a costly restaurant.
good time that I came with the credit card.
Come let us go.
When I gave auto fare, the purse was there,
When I was in the lobby
the purse was there.
Then when sardharji fell on me,
you also fell on me.
I checked his pocket, and
the purse was not there.
Then why couldn't you be the person?
I want to check your pocket.
Are you joking?
No sir, I am telling this seriously.
I want to check your pocket.
Will you touch my son-in-law?
do you know his bank balance?
Don't you know his standard? Will he take your purse?
First ask his excuses.
fall on his feet and ask excuse now.
On his behalf, let me ask excuse.
brother-in-law, what Jeeva did is wrong.
Don't feel bad.
Nothing is there to feel bad;
when we meet for the first time,
Something bad has happened.
that is bad.
Let me be in the car.
Jeeva, let us leave this.
After the confusion in the hotel,
dad is very angry with Jeeva.
You don't worry, I will take
care of him.
That will take some time.
till that time, let Jeeva not be in Delhi.
It will better to go to Madras.
Only you have to send him.
Here is the air ticket,
go up and give it to Jeeva.
Tomorrow morning is the flight.
I will take care of the baby,
you go.
Baby is sleeping well.
let her sleep here.
I am going to temple
I will come late in the night.
Milk is in the flask;
Give it after one hour.
Is Yamuna not in house?
She has gone to the airport.
Jeeva is going to Madras.
Did you get the ticket?
she has gone to send him off.
You should me do a small favour,
only you have to bring her from the airport.
Hello, this Jeeva speaking,
today is April 1st, fools' day no
Only to see if I can make Major sir a fool
I made you come to the airport.
Do you hear the noise of tearing paper?
I was tearing the flight ticket,
which you gave me.
Because, if I should be in Delhi or I should go to Madras no?
It is wrong for you to decide
Then, taking this airport matter serious,
don't get angry with Yamuna.
She doesn't know this matter at all.
all are my plans only.
At least for one day,
without anybody's disturbance;
I wished to be happy with Yamuna
That is why I am taking her with me.
But it is my responsibility to bring back
Yamuna safely.
A small complement,
You look very trim
in uniform than in color shirt.
Long live India and
long live Major sir.
It give shock Sana,
when you walk.
Heart beats fast automatically,
Are a Rajasthani deer?
My sight fell on the lady.
On the time when fell, next minute was born.
Why does she bite nails, and she looks at me
She passes lightning through her eyes.
Why does she laugh: loudbi, and
she engrosses in my heart and
Shows Heaven nearby.
She is beautiful, Parrot
She kept luster in her eyes.
Will I go leaving you?
If you give me a kiss and hug me
I will sing in Hindi,
She is a big thief,
Eyes will tell love story.
If I had known, that it would be too late,
I could have informed brother-in-law.
No need to come,
you could have been with him.
Only his name whenever you open your mouth.
I don't even like to see his face.
Why are talking ill of him always?
What is the fault you saw in him?
You know he has no bad habits like
drinking and smoking?
Hereafter don't speak about him like this.
at least to me.
You can never be corrected.
Do you know one thing?
One day a creditor came into my house and shouted.
When he heard this, he immediately settled
the amount.
Not one two rupees Jeeva, one lac rupees.
who will give?
It is six months since he lost his wife,
He never agrees for second marriage.
How will he marry?
his love is on you.
Don't talk nonsense Jeeva.
It is my habit to believe all.
Your habit is to suspect all.
You believe him so much no?
See if he allows us to be happy at least for one day.
If he allows, will you accept that
he is a gentleman?
Let him do that, we will see then.
Madam, one bad news.
Sir asked me call you immediately.
The baby is very serious,
admitted in the hospital.
Doctor asked to give this injection to the baby.
What, affection has come
all on a sudden?
Why are you taking care of the baby?
As sister delivered
this baby and expired,
ls there any law
that you should look after the baby?
Your lover should be brought to Delhi,
Dressing very well, you should go round;
Is that all you need?
Would this also have gone with Ganga?
I don't like that boy;
I don't like you wandering with him.
If you feel your responsibility,
will you go round like this?
If you really have conscience,
Always be with the baby and take care,
Like a mother.
As it is my duty, I told you this,
Now it is up to you to hear or not.
I don't know
how she got wet in the rain,
The temperature was 102;
I became very much tensed,
when I was told that the baby is serious;
Other than you, whom do I have'?
That's why I brought you immediately.
When things like this goes on happening,
your dad hates Jeeva;
Actually, I feel very sorry for that.
You go home, I will take care of the baby.
Can't you understand
he asks you to drink liquor
Thief, thief, catch him.
Why do you hide your face?
Sonia Gandhi's house is on this way only.
Will we go home in this way usually?
Is that not a different route?
That is different route only,
Algeria Prime Minister has come;
For security reasons, that road has
been closed.
So only I came on this way.
Yamuna, hold the legs.
Uncle, move.
I think he has over drunken,
let us take him to the hospital.
Where are you going dad?
Shall I lie down here at least?
Why? Very well.
what happened?
Dad, have milk.
I don't want anything.
I don't even want to see her.
What mistake I committed to that extent?
Son-in-law! Ask her not to speak to me
I am saying.
Some drunkard is lying on the road;
she takes care of him so well.
If I see someone, I will immediately tell
if he is good or bad.
It is a gods gift to me, not an easy joke;
That day what did that guy do in the hotel?
You also saw no?
I decided that time itself that this is not a good case.
Then, you got him a ticket and asked him
to go to Madras; did he go?
What happened? At last he drank and
he was lying on the road;
Will he come up? Who has to save them?
When she told that she loves him,
did I deny?
If he had been, I would have got her
married to him on that moment;
Knowingly, who will push her in to a pit?
Finally, let her decide if she wants
me or that drunkard.
Him only.
Where are the military head quarters?
Leave that, did you get Yamuna on line?
what did she tell?
When I asked her if she believes that
I would have really drunk,
She is not answering directly;
What else did she tell?
No, she has told something, that's why you
came out so sad.
I fear that if she believes that I am drunkard.
She has seen with her own eyes,
me lying on the road no?
Nothing of that sort.
I think it will be better for me
to prepare my mind;
I fear that Yamuna may leave me.
Madhavan is the only reason for all these;
He only made me lying down like that.
I will not leave him just like that.
Stop, it is my mistake to allow you
to talk to this extent.
Don't ever come here with false acquisitions
on Major Madhavan any more.
I know him very well not only officially,
but also personally.
Military servant means good conduct only.
Sir, I didn't come here to give a complaint
that all the servants are bad;
As a senior officer, you can take action
against the mistakes that Mr.Madhavan do in his personal life no'
You say that you are a best friend,
you can advise him too no?
Mr, if you yourself go out, it will be better.
You can quit me sir,
but you can't quit the truth easily.
See, one day you are going to realize
how bad he is.
Jeeva, I feel very bad about the complaint
that you made on brother-in-law.
On your own imagination, can you
give a complaint on him?
He is of 12 years service,
first he joined as a commission officer;
Now he is a Major.
I never expected you to give a complaint
on him, that too to his friend.
When I heard of this, I was shocked.
Yamuna, this like an anonymous letter.
If he had had any ill feelings on me,
he could have asked me directly.
Leaving that, to speak at the back...
I started thinking why he hates from the beginning.
I think he mistakes me for
moving with you closely and friendly.
It is jealousy and more that that,
I can understand all these.
If I want this suspicion to go,
there is only one way.
Yamuna, you go to Madras with Jeeva.
How long can you look after my child?
One day or other, you must go to his house no?
Let that be today.
He is talking to you seriously no?
you are doing something?
Why do you get tensed?
It is 0k, leave that.
Do you know why I say this?
Always it will be better rather to speak out
than to hide in heart no?
Shall we talk now itself?
The point is, our Prime Minister may not like me,
Pakistanis may not like me;
Even you may not like me,
That and all is not a big matter,
As long as I marry Yamuna.
But, as our Prime Minister hates me, or
Pakistanis hate me or
As you hate me, if a problems comes in
marrying Yamuna,
I will not keep quiet just like that.
Don't I like you?
I like you very much sir.
That is the whole problem.
Then, let us celebrate this,
by going around.
Today is holy too.
In Delhi, holy will be colorful.
beautiful no?
I can be come colorful only on this day,
you are always fair.
Don't keep you evil eye on me sir.
Why are you always playing with the dog?
Is it a very special dog?
Is that a gift given by Yamuna?
ok 0k, you gave it to Yamuna.
Give it to me, let me see and give.
Can't you see from here?
No.. to touch and see
no need if I should not.
You can see very well.
How Jeeva?
Only because of him the dog died.
Because of me?
Go that side sir,
you killed the dog unjust fully.
What did I ask you?
I asked you to give the dog to see only no?
If you have given immediately,
would the dog have been dead?
Why are you looking at me like a mad?
He was adamant in not giving me that dog,
That fell on the road,
Died unnecessarily
Is that all needed; that much grudge!
You will let the dog die rather
than giving it to me.
Didn't I give you the dog?
Why are you telling lie?
Hey! No, a lie will never come from my mouth...
Did I give you the dog or not?
Tell me the truth.
No Jeeva, no need, leave him.
Yamuna, don't trust him,
he is a big fraud.
Hey! Go, go man,
I will not let you without killing.
I will not let you today until you tell the truth.
Go, let us see if you or me;
Please, no need Brother-in-law
no need, put that down.
Please leave it uncle, for my sake.
At least, you listen my words.
Howl begged you not to beat him!
did you listen?
Did you see him, when I said no need,
he threw that down and went immediately.
See who listen to my words;
see, who has more affection on me.
He is thousand times better than you.
Did your wife have chest pain?
how did she die?
Why suddenly?
If you don't want to speak, let us leave.
We can very well speak;
She woke me up by 'I 'I in the night, with chest pain;
I phoned up Military hospital immediately,
for ambulance.
Before Dr.Sharadha Panciker came,
she was dead.
You are telling lie Mr.Madhavan.
That didn't happen like that.
I have inquired.
Shall I tell you the truth?
I only killed my wife.
As usual I started to the officers' club that day;
She will usually come with me,
that day she refused;
I left that careless.
When I came and touched her in the night
thinking that she was sleeping,
It was too late.
Everything was over.
chest pain.
Sinner, at that time, I was not
in the house.
If I were there, I could have
saved her no?
You yourself tell;
I am the reason
for her death no?
I cannot escape from this guilty feeling
till I die;
You can ask me, if made a murder;
Will that be a murder, only if kill with
a knife?
Being careless is also equivalent to
murder no?
How can I tell this truth out?
That is why said a lie; That I was nearby,
I called the doctor and all...
Let us keep that she died
because of heart attack.
That is a chapter; that is over and leave that.
Do you like Yamuna?
Don't understand sir.
Why do you think like that?
I can understand; it is not
your mistake;
My wife is dead, I have infant too;
that needs a mother anyway;
Sister-in-law is in the house, that too beautiful;
Important point, she is not yet married;
Naturally outsiders will think that,
I like to have her only.
Have it like that itself;
is that true or not?
This is another lie.
It is quite normal to love sister-in-law,
Jeeva and Yamuna love each other;
Then they have almost become
husband and wife;
To love other man's wife, and
become mad is a mistake no?
The craze to get her will make you
even to murder;
You can't bear that leaving you,
Yamuna loves Jeeva;
So, degrading , insulting and showing
that guy to be bad;
You are trying to remove him from
the game;
No need Madhavan, no need.
leave that;
Lust will ruin a man.
There is no unknown Ramayana to you.
There is none other than Ravana,
Who fell down from the height of fame;
Your records are clean.
Why like this in personal life?
Not too late even now;
Be friendly with her like a brother.
Otherwise, desire will end in crookedness;
And that will make a man a mad.
Welcome sir,
Original brown sugar sir.
I got this from a known person.
It is very cheap in Agra, sir.
If you get from Delhi , it will be very expensive.
Go carefully;
protect yourself from the police.
To smuggle drugs is a crime no?
One of our tamil men is in Delhi;
And he sells brown sugar
If you go immediately, you can arrest him.
His name is Jeeva, and the address.
He has hidden so much brown sugar!
Uncle! What happened to you?
you seem to be disturbed?
They have arrested that guy,
he has smuggled again.
He is in jail.
I also heard of that.
I hesitated to tell you this.
I will tell immediately if
I see a person;
Does Yamuna know this matter?
Why should she know?
no need to know this.
You see a good guy; let us complete
the marriage fast.
After hearing what I am going to speak,
don't mistake me;
What is that?
I am not qualified to bring up my
child till end with response;
If I want to give for adoption;
I don't get the heart for that too.
So to go for second marriage is
the only way;
Whom can I marry?
Whoever comes will come only for my money;
That woman may behave like a wife to me
But definitely,She will not be
a loving mother to my child.
So, only Yamuna can be good mother
for my baby.
When I came to know that there
is lover for Yamuna,
I thought of receding;
But I never expected him to be
so bad;
Now Jeeva is not there;
only so I told you my wish.
If you like this idea, and if Yamuna also like this,
We can speak about this.
Otherwise we can drop this matter.
Son-in-law! Yamuna's marriage is fixed;
You are the groom.
This idea didn't strike my mind;
If Ganga is alive, she would have felt very happy.
Yamuna, don't cry.
If Jeeva who is in jail,
really smuggled drugs or not,
If he is good or bad,
I don't want to go deep into the matters like..
I want you to be happy without tears;
That is my first worry.
See, let me try 100% honestly,
to take Jeeva out from the jail;
Ok? Believe me.
Five minutes, I will meet the jailor and come;
By any means... please uncle.
What sir, how are the comforts in jail?
You didn't expect me here no?
One good news.
I thought of telling you first,
so only I came to you;
Marriage for me and Yamuna;
in another ten days;
Dad also gave his consent;
with a promise;
Yamuna is in the car outside
What sir; I am telling about the marriage;
Can't you wish me at least?
Take the vehicle;
Is it your father's road?
Can't you hear?
lam telling no?
When I came to know that
Yamuna has a lover,
I thought of killing you.
What will happen?
You will become god;
Then, you can never be quit
from Yamuna's heart
I only did this and that
and slowly put you in jail.
There are some known persons
in this jail;
I requested them and asked them,
To finish you.
You smuggled drugs and
got caught.
Matter was known to Yamuna.
Unable to bear that insult,
you committed suicide.
I will set up like that
and close the file.
Are you giving kiss?
That day in the car.. how? Mockery?
I don't know if prime minister
likes you or not,
I don't know if pakistani
likes you or not,
I won't like you.
What will you do?
Do you know how these came
to this extent?
All is because of you Yamuna's sister only.
I asked if I can marry sister-in-law
kindly only;
If she accepted, there wouldn't be
any problem;
Leaving that, she shouted that
she is going to Madras,
How can I shut her mouth?
That's why; I mixed a sleeping pill
in the milk,
If say, you won't believe;
one shoe lace,
One polythene cover; that's all.
Don't do anything to Yamuna , Madhavan!
No need, I beg you;
Please leave Yamuna;
She is a good girl;
Dad, come dad, let us go;
No dad, no time, he may come;
How did we forget her?
Take her and come.
Come fast;
Be careful dad;
Go inside;
Hide the suitcase fast dad;
No need for porcelain vessels,
which prick your hands;
From now only stainless vessels only;
Yamuna, I feel tired;
will I get a glass of coffee'?
What uncle? Is it Hindu?
Where have you both started?
To Madras?
What is the matter?
Do you know the matter?
Where is dad?
I heard his voice;
He said that he feels giddy,
I only made him lie down.
Yamuna, I have head ache,
can you apply some medicine?
Yamuna, I want to show you some photographs,
Can you come inside?
Where are you coming from?
From Mexican sir,
going to paharjung.
Hariharan is not only my senior officer;
but also my close friend.
He unnecessarily interfered in your matter;
That is why I had to send him up.
You won't believe if say,
I killed him in a hurry, but
I felt very much after that.
I tell you all these because,
Beyond friendship, the reason for killing him is;
The desire I have on you.
He is in Chotanikarai in Kerala.
Subjugation is his job;
I went to him and tried if I can subjugate you.
Why? Because of the desire on you.
Suppose, if you have not met
Jeeva in your life,
If he had not loved you
If your sister died of chest pain,
Any how short life;
what if I killed her or died due to chest pain,
What would you have done?
Thinking that I am sympathetic
lost wife and
Struggling with the small baby,
You would have accepted for the marriage no?
If these all have happened?
We are going to Malaysia;
I will look after you like a queen;
I have arranged a for a house like a palace;
If you come with smile, it will be good;
Or do you say that you will cry and shout?
No problem;
With all your cries, I can
take you into the aeroplane,
No one can ask me anything.
Because, I have doctor's certificate in hand;
That you are insane.
The baby has fainted;
we must go to the hospital;
Don't move;
If you take one step from
the place you are,
I will lit the fire.
This room is full of gas.
Everything is known to everyone;
What uncle? Supporting me all these days...
Do you hear what I say?
You are going to lit fire.
Are you mad?
Don't lit;
Lit the fire sir;
lam not afraid;