Aathi (2006) Movie Script

I'm Shankar, Retd. DGP.
- Hello.
Looks like you love
mother nature? - Yes.
Me too.
That's why I settled here
after my retirement.
I never saw you here before.
But I've been watching you
for the past week.
You were coming with
your friends everyday.
But today, you've come alone.
Yes. Every moment we spend here
is like a fresh dew drop.
It's a heavenly feeling.
- Right.
Infact, I was waiting
for this moment.
Retd. DGP Shankar
was shot dead...
...yesterday morning on the
shores of Rameshwaram.
Killers identity is
still unknown.
Police are trying to
find the culprits.
Special Task Force officer Mr. Pandian
is sure to catch the killers.
To participate in ASEAN meet,
India's Prime minister...
Uncle... - I'm Coming.
- Uncle, I'm going to the college.
Don't forget to take your medicine.
I'll take care of that.
Go, it's getting late
to your college.
The breakfast is in the hot-pack
and coffee in the flask. - Okay.
Another important thing.
Don't add sugar to coffee
after I leave. Okay.
Anjali... be careful.
Why are you looking at me?
Is it because I'm beautiful than you?
I'm beautiful from birth.
Being beautiful is dangerous, right?
Passing comments on me?
You look very happy after
coming from Rameshwaram.
What's the matter?
Ice cream please.
- Here it is.
When it rains, people take cover.
But she gets wet in the rain
and eats ice cream too.
She is very unique.
When it rains, she forgets everything.
Come, let's have ice cream.
Eating ice cream and
getting wet in rain.
No one other than you will
have this kind of taste.
Why not?
Surely some one will be there.
There must be at least 10 people
who think & act just like me.
If not 10, at least 1 .
Definitely someone will come.
Don't come near. Go.
Stop. The train is coming.
Boys, get out of the track.
Are you mad?
What's wrong with you?
You're hale & healthy.
I forgot to die in trying to save you.
Why do you want to die?
If I had told you this,
would you have listened to me?
I've too many problems.
Yes, you may be true.
But I'm neither here to
solve your problems
nor did I save you for that reason?
There is no man without problems,
and without problems,
man is incomplete.
To live in this world,
everyone needs courage.
You've lot of it.
Courage to die.
When you've the courage to die,
why are you scared of
facing your problems?
Stand up against all odds,
not only the train.
That is courage.
Have courage to live.
It is easy to die, but to taste success,
you must win.
We must win.
Boy, for that, will you take
such a big risk?
I won't mind taking risk
if I like to do it.
I wear colourful dresses.
But couldn't catch her attention.
Only my tummy shrunk.
I must take some risk.
She is not looking at me.
When did you come?
When you were busy trying
to catch her attention.
Working out early morning!
It is usual.
Trying to trap her with
your silly acts.
Don't tell this to your mom.
You look like an old man
but very naughty.
Thank you son.
When you love her so much,
why don't you talk to her?
Let's sit & talk.
Talk to her & maker her
your concubine.
It'll be good if it happens, right?
- Yes.
Your mom & that lady's
husband must accept this.
He has a sword with him always.
Give me an idea.
Any secret between father & son?
I'm planning to get that
aunty married to him.
Feeling shy!
First ask him to love me.
Later he can try for other girls.
Do you think I can't?
Girls from all over India
will fall for me.
As if you are capable...
I must do and then show her.
Don't lose the tempo.
I'll perform your marriage.
Brother, are you getting married?
How can I marry when a
senior is in the queue?
Mani is going to get married.
Congrats daddy.
- Thank you dear.
What Boss? Chatting?
Who is the girl?
Call me brother & not boss.
Why shouldn't I when the entire
state calls you the boss?
You can't be reformed.
Getting admitted in
the Madras college?
What are you going to do in
Chennai leaving us here?
Planning to stay alone?
It's wrong to apply there
without my permission.
Why are you shouting?
- Okay you shout.
I can't.
- Then, I'll shout.
What do you think of yourself?
A man?
Where did you learn to
disrespect your parents?
Who gave this silly idea?
Dad, you're over reacting.
- Really?
It is your good time
he is just listening to you.
If he starts shouting,
you're gone. Be careful.
You don't want us to
question you, ah?
No. I applied to have fun & enjoy.
What's wrong here?
Did we stop you from smoking,
drinking or ogling at girls?
Chennai people are eager
to come to Delhi.
But you want to go to Chennai.
You don't know something, dad?
He has lost interest in chatting.
You're talking too much.
Just shut up.
Why should we live in
two different places?
Just 2 years.
It'll go off in no time.
So, you've decided to go.
Then listen to our decision.
If you go there,
we'll come with you.
What about that aunty?
We'll see to that later.
First go there & find a beautiful girl.
Please sir, help me.
- Leave my hand.
Please sir.
Help me sir.
How can they kill you in public?
Don't get wet. Come inside.
I'll take care of them.
Sir... - Stop.
How could you kill someone
in public & broad daylight?
Poor boy!
What is his fault?
Fault? Bloody scoundrel!
They were not worried about the
death of DGP in Rameshwaram.
But they will telecast about the
murder committed with RDX.
Should I watch that silently?
Now, I'm going to kill him.
Let this be telecast live.
Why do you unnecessary
get into trouble?
We came here to eke a living.
Let us just do that.
Everyone is looking at you.
Even the police is nearby.
But the police won't mind this.
RDX can't be touched.
Just try to understand
the current world.
Why do you get into
trouble unnecessarily?
What do you want to do now?
I want to kill him.
But one condition.
- What is it?
Abdullah, whoever comes in
our brother's path, I'll kill them.
That's it.
Have you come to Chennai
for vacation?
No. We've come to buy Chennai.
Are you interest to sell it?
He is kidding me.
Actually, he is venting his anger
on you instead of me.
I'm not angry. I don't like you
all coming here for my sake.
We are coming here because we don't
want you to stay alone & suffer.
But getting transferred for
my sake is too much?
Not just transfer, I won't even
mind resigning my job.
Looks like you love
your son very much.
What did you do in Delhi?
Ogling at the aunty next door.
It's enough. Stop it.
I didn't tell you to stop.
I didn't stop for you.
Who is he? - RDX.
It is a bomb.
You need to lit fire
to blow a bomb.
But his very look will
blow up the place.
Is he the ruling party's M.P.?
He is the backbone of all parties.
Only such people are
called as national leaders.
Brother has to come.
Started again?
He'll never change this stupid act.
He'll not change.
And he won't come
till the rain stops.
As the rain pours,
our souls start to sing.
As we dance,
the music of joy overflows.
The flowers get wet in the rain,
the heart gets cooled.
the earth melts,
and the joy multiplies,
to speak the language of desires.
O rain! Come & pamper me.
O rain! My heart yearns for you.
O rain! Come closer.
O rain! Cuddle me & go away.
When you touch me,
you're a friend.
Bring love in your every drop.
Pamper me...
My heart yearns for you...
O rain! Come & pamper me.
O rain! My heart yearns for you.
O rain! Come closer.
O rain! Cuddle me & go away.
Every drop of rain unfolds
it's desires when it falls on us.
As I get wet,
shyness engulfs me.
Plant a kiss with your
drop of rain, O cloud!
My hands embraces you.
Weaves love for you.
Come & buzz around me.
Rain drop, so beautiful,
rain drop, so magical,'
O rain! Come & pamper me.
O rain! My heart yearns for you.
Since you pour in my threshold,
should I call you the
queen of generosity?
Since you caress
my closed eyes,
should I cajole you
as a child?
As you fondle me around,
as I merge in you,
Will you be my pampered child?
Like a white fire,
like a flower filled
with shyness,
will you adore me?
The rain drop so close to my heart,
the rain drop, so mythical,
and as it touches me,
I'm in ecstasy.
O rain! Come & pamper me.
O rain! My heart yearns for you.
O rain! Come closer.
O rain! Cuddle me & go away.
When you touch me,
you're a friend.
Bring love in your every drop.
Pamper me...
My heart yearns for you...
Who is Bullet here?
Who is Bullet here?
Stop staring & tell me.
Who is Bullet here?
Tell me.
Who is Bullet here?
Where is he?
Tell me, who is Bullet here?
- It's me.
So, you are Bullet.
- Yes boss.
Such a big stick to hit you?
- Throw it down.
Are you a rowdy?
- Nothing like that.
What do you mean by that?
- Let's not fight in the college.
If not in college,
shall we fight outside? - Yes.
I didn't name myself.
Tamil Nadu people
gave me this title.
My shoe is Reebok.
But I'm a rogue.
This is Bullet speaking.
Send an ambulance to
City RDX college.
Can't you see me talking?
Then why do you disturb me?
Put them in the ambulance.
Get inside...
I'll rip you apart.
Thank you very much.
You said you'll hit us lightly,
but you kicked us all.
Since this was my first fight,
I was a bit emotional.
Please don't mind that.
As I promised, take Rs.10000.
Take it & go away.
But you hit us a lot.
Shouldn't I hit an extra large
body of yours?
I'm a small boy.
Please forgive me.
Why does a small boy
need a chain?
I bought this from
Nathella Sampathu Chetty.
What Nathella? - Get lost.
RDX rules the city,
and I rule this city college.
Friends, I'm everything
in this college.
If you listen to me,
you won't have any problem.
Please go to your classes.
Here goes the Bullet and
I'll come if there's any problem.
Should I tell you separately?
Go to your class.
It is my phone.
- Phone? Is this your phone?
Come on, try to touch it.
Touch it...
...and I'll rip you apart.
Saw what had happened?
- Yes I saw.
When you went inside the ambulance,
I saw the chain.
But when you came out,
I found the chain missing.
The wounded asked money
for hospital expenses.
So, I gave him the chain.
Because I know to hit
as well as to love.
I heard you speaking
Rs. 5000 & Rs.10000...?
He praised me that
I'm 1 among 10000.
I asked him to go.
I've come across many people.
But never a joker like you.
Why are you calling me a joker?
When I've the sim card,
how could you talk on the phone?
This is okay.
But how did you know
ambulance internal matter?
This is called as baiting to trap.
Hi! - Hi!
Offering flowers to Buddha?
- Why not?
Those who know about Buddha
won't offer him flowers.
I don't know about that.
But I'll never give up this.
Is this also included in
your childish behaviour?
It's your fate.
Sign here.
Madam. - Give it to me...
Anjali, let's go...
Hello Mister, sign here and go...
Oh Supreme power!... Oh Goddess!....
Oh heavenly goddess...
You please take your seat.
You please carry on your work.
After hearing your name in college
yesterday, I've forgotten myself.
Which name?
Supreme power! Goddess Angala
Parameswari... wasn't that your name?
How can I explain you?
In this modern world, they keep
short and sweet names.
You have kept such a divine name!
Never go with ugly girls...
Oh no! My name is Anjali.
Really? Is your name Anjali?
Name of the heroine in
the film 'Agninakshatram'.
You're coming from Adambakkam
using 2 trains and 3 buses?!
Great interest in pursuing studies.
No... I'm coming from
T. Nagar, Agraharam street...
It's nearby only.
Is it so?
Then, who dropped you
on bike today?
Is he your lover?
- Oh no! I don't love anyone... - Thanks!
For what?
If I ask your details,
you'll refuse to tell me.
That's why... now you're caught!
Anjali... Coming from T.Nagar,
Agraharam street...
Special note:
You still haven't fallen in love.
Oh god! Don't mistake me...
Yesterday I saw you in the rain...
You too were eating ice cream
in the rain & playing with friends.
I started liking you immediately...
I have a sister.
she used to chide me always...
Saying "No one will have
such a bad taste".
I got so excited after seeing
you having similar taste.
That's why I thought
of having an intro...
Are you saying
she's a mad girl?
You please shut your mouth.
I'll introduce my sister to you.
Nothing more...
It's all just for fun.
Don't take it seriously.
See you then...
Sister, bye...
Kuttima, clap your hands...
That's it!
Shit! You stupid!
It's all gone!
Who is that goddess?
What? Here is Goddess Lakshmi!
She is our family goddess...
I meant the goddess of your University.
As soon as she appeared,
you started worshipping her...
I'm referring to that...
Did this devil tell you?
Did you come to this place
only to see her?
Oh no! Don't talk rubbish.
We both have similar tastes.
I just shared this with her...
To hell with your useless taste!
Getting drenched fully in the rain,
and having ice cream...
Did you invite her for
a romantic duet song?
Is it fair?
You were after a college girl...
don't you feel ashamed?
Excuse me...
Your husband fell at women's feet
to flatter them. I'm not of that type.
Forget it.
What else did you talk then?
I just told her that I like her.
That's all!
Thanks boss!
We just wanted to know how
that girl entered your college.
Oh god! Please leave me!
Is she beautiful?
Yes. She is smarter than me!
Ask him to bring her home...
My son, can you bring
her here once?
Oh god! What's all this?
Fantastic family!
It's nothing like as you think...
Will you all please shut up?
Let's see we'll keep quite or
you'll get floored by her.
Hey, why are you wearing dupatta
for your dress?
Get lost man!
- Now a days, this isn't a fashion.
Yesterday your parents would've
asked about Anjali, haven't they?
How do you know that?
I told your sister!
Including this photo!
Why man?
This is my timely help to you!
Good morning...
Who is he?
Is he a Lecturer?
We can see him here often...
He may be a Chairman.
Good man!
He is friendly with everyone.
Infact, girls like him very much.
This world has both
good and bad things!
This is the philosophy
of the world.
A good person is also here,
along with you liar!
Hi Geetha, how are you?
How is your studies going on?
What are you doing?
Taking photos?
You show this photo to everyone!
Send your photos!
Take your sisters' photos...
Are you boss of this place?
Are you a big boss?
Fair looking!
If you dress neatly...
Will you become a gentleman?
Look, appearance isn't important...
Your character should be good!
Why did you stop here?
Japanese found bikes,
we found the custom
of worshipping it.
Let's have a small prayer for it.
Why now?
Just for the safety of the vehicle.
Aren't you bothered about
your safety then?
I pray for my safety also...
Aren't you bothered about
your vehicle then?
I pray for both!
Aren't you bothered about the
driver of opposite vehicle?
He too must have prayed
for his safety.
How do you know about that?
Let him do anything...
Is it important now?
Let's pray for our safe journey!
Now... the vehicle... which is coming
opposite to us... - Stop it man!
To offer a single coconut
for the vehicle,
you're questioning me
like an Income Tax Officer!
No need to pray
and offer coconut!
I don't need this bike!
Leave me! I know my way!
He is also affected!
Bullet never walks!
Hey, get me a new bike!
Sir, come with me...
Looks like very old...
No. It's a new one.
- I didn't refer your bike!
'Bullet' going on a moped is
a historical event! Note it down!
Take this biscuit.
- I want only chocolate.
Please dear...
- No. I want only chocolate.
This is a good biscuit.
Have it. It tastes good.
Wow! Sun Feast Milky Magic!
Thank you uncle.
Is it our Aathi?
Yes. He is our Aathi!
Why is he sitting there?
Has he started visiting temples?
Can't you wear half-saree
while visiting a temple?
She is a small girl...
Father, I told you about Bullet
showing me a photo, right?
Here is that girl!
Oh! Is it she who inspired
him to come here?
Have you forgotten me so soon?
Yesterday in the college...
Didn't you ask me to
forget everything?
So I've forgotten you!
Have you come to offer prayers
or offering? - I'm not used to it.
Mr. Mani?!
How come you are here?!
Sir, I should've asked that.
Are you going to exchange garlands
or register your marriage?
She is my friend.
They are my parents.
Civil Engineer.
She is a home maker.
She is my sister. - Hi...
Oh! Is she the one who commented
about our tastes?
Since you both have similar tastes,
it got synced!
What got synced?!
- Chatting... dating...
What do you mean?
Stop it Mani!
He is talking about
our friendship...
Did he tell about us?
- No.
You don't know anything about us...
But we know everything about you!
Everything means?
Queen of confusion!
Please be quiet!
It's getting late for you...
please go...
Hey, wait...
What is your name?
- Anjali.
God bless you.
Hereafter you are also
a member of our family.
Don't fail to come to our house.
To your house?
Won't you come to our house?
I'll come definitely.
I like the girl very much.
Let's fix the marriage
on the next auspicious time...
Oh god! Mani...
can't you keep quiet?
Oh god! Bullet, a man beat me.
Does he know that
you're my man?
He beat me severely
only after knowing it.
Even after knowing my power,
someone has dared to beat you!
I want to see him now!
Where is our gang?
Yes sir. - Bullet has left!
Bullet, he is the one
who had beat me!
Bullet, what happened?
Why are you keeping quiet?
I'm not ready to talk to a poor man.
History will belittle me.
You ask him.
Did you beat our man?
He has accepted his mistake.
Let's go.
Hey, wait men...
Who is Bullet here?
Boss, tell him that
you're Bullet! - No!
The one who doesn't know Bullet,
isn't a gangster at all!
I don't talk to ordinary people!
Let's go!
Hey, will you come here or
should I come to you!
Hey, listen man!
If you chew, it's chicklet!
If you buy to eat, it's cutlet!
The one who knocks you is Bullet!
Bullet, don't ever step backward!
Then shall I take a side-step?
Bullet should never become a zero!
Show your true colour to him!
Hey... why did you stop me?
- Oh god!
At a time, I'll show you all my power!
Why did you stop me?
Tell me... tell me man...
Hey, stay back...
don't step further...
I'll first finish them and then
I'll rip out your skin!
I'll be silent to a certain limit...
If I get angry,
I'll flow out like a beer!
Who is supporting him?
Tell me...
Get up men... get up...
Has he gone? - Yes...
Has he really gone?
- Yes, Bullet.
Don't worry. I'll buy a quarter
and a chicken biryani for you.
On your account!
Whenever I try to act smart,
he is coming at the right time!
It's better to avoid him.
Come, let's go...
- Hello...
Oh! Is it you?
I always find you in the library.
Do you love books?
I like library very much.
- Oh is it so?
I too like library very much.
Should great people only like library?
Shouldn't we like it?
Truly I like it!
It's a thrilling experience to meet
people with similar tastes, isn't it?
Anyway, I'm Aathi...
You're Anjali, right?
Today you seem to be
in a jolly mood...
That day you felt shy
in the temple...?
It's all because of you!
My parents used to tease
everyone in the town.
Specially my friends!
My parents are like my friends.
But it will be delicate to the people,
meeting them for the first time.
You too faced the same
thing, didn't you?
No. I also like friendly parents.
Again same taste!
Are your parents also
friendly with you?
They were!
Sorry Anjali. I remembered them
and hurt you!
How can I forget them?!
I always remember
their absence.
Does your father like you crying?
Does your mother like you worrying?
Does your family like
to see you sad?
They won't, will they?
Then why are you like this?
Look Anjali, our relations are dead,
not their relationships.
They are always with us!
Always watching us!
Only if we are happy,
their souls will rest in peace.
You just smile and see...
You can see your mother!
You just feel happy...
You can see your father!
If you are happy, then your
entire family will be happy!
Tell me now, don't you have any
other family members?
Oh friends!
This is the latest philosophy!
Please heed my words!
Is there a crack in the sky?
Is there a sad breeze?
Then why should we feel sad?
Everyone has problems...
We should tackle and
overcome them.
Don't you have a sky to fly high?
Babe, Oh my babe!
Don't worry.
We make merry!
Babe, Oh my babe!
Don't worry.
We make merry!
Oh friends!
This is the latest philosophy!
Please heed my words!
There is only one moon
and one sun!
We have got only one life!
Let's live!
Take fragrance out of flowers!
Take fire from lamp!
Everything is for good.
Analyse it.
There is hot summer
and cool winter.
This is what we learn
from the nature.
We can learn many things
from our joys and sorrows!
If you learn to balance them,
you will always have peace!
When you heed your conscience,
you will never go wrong.
Babe, Oh my babe!
Don't worry.
We make merry!
Babe, Oh my babe!
Don't worry.
We make merry!
Oh friends!
This is the latest philosophy!
Please heed my words!
Stop it...
Dancing here?
Come home...
Dancing there?
Dance here!
Keep singing,
you will find new tunes!
Keep running,
Your track will fast!
Keep swimming,
you will find the shore.
Everything depends on us!
Your soothing words reduced
my pain and changed me.
I have only tears of joy now!
Sorrows are just passing clouds...
Happiness is like the sky!
Time is a good healer.
We will feel the presence
of cool breeze!
I'll get rid of my pain
and dance with you.
If you are true and innocent,
you will be in bliss.
Babe, Oh my babe!
Don't worry.
We make merry!
Babe, Oh my babe!
Don't worry.
We make merry!
Oh friends!
This is the latest philosophy!
Please heed my words!
Everyone has problems...
We should tackle and
overcome them.
Don't you have a sky to fly high?
Babe, Oh my babe!
Don't worry.
We make merry!
Babe, Oh my babe!
Don't worry.
We make merry!
What is it dear?
Feeling hungry?
Anjali, it's been a long time
since I saw you smiling.
You should smile
always like this!
No uncle.
I can be happy only
after they are dead.
This is the right time for that.
RDX never gives up
anything he likes.
He's eyeing a big
complex in Chennai.
Scared of taking on RDX,
Owner Sulaiman sold the property
to RDX's sworn enemy Pattabi,
and left this city.
RDX won't spare him alive.
Tomorrow both the
gangs will fight it out.
In that melee we must
gun down Abdullah or Sada.
Hey, ask all of them to
come out of the shop...
They won't...
They will...
They won't...
This place belongs to Pattabi.
Now this place belongs to RDX.
I'm the boss of this place...
It can never happen.
It will happen...
It can never happen.
I'll see how it happens!
Hey, wait...
We should kill RDX!
First let's kill Abdullah and Sada...
Are you all planning to kill me?
S.I. Moorthy, are you here?
Hey, Pattabi, please sit down.
Do you want to kill me?
You will plan for it...
I always interfere in
all your deals...
If I was in your position,
I'll also do the same.
I'll have the same idea!
Because you are
criminals to the core.
We are just green horns, aren't we?
How can you bear me?
You will get angry!
You like to kill, don't you?
Like this, if you cut...
they will be dead!
First you should be a man
to rule the world!
If you want to kill a man...
just kill him!
Just like this!
Locking horns with me?!
You should strike the right spot!
If your men get scared of me,
and cut my hand instead of neck...
and if I survive the attack...
I'll definitely kill you!
Got it?
Perfect! Very good!
If you place it at the right place,
then you will get blown up!
Not only the man you aim,
People surrounding for
500 metres will perish!
One of us should
own that complex.
30 seconds...
Why this violence and bloodshed?
I'm fed up of this life.
Let's die together!
At least people will have peace.
20 seconds...
Instead of after each other's life
all our entire lives...
We'll die in 5 seconds...
5 seconds...
Give me the pen...
Take it!
Understood my power now?
Now I can easily kill you.
I hate killing people.
But you should be alive!
I need an enemy like you!
Only then, I'll know my value!
Your troubles keep my mind sharp!
Otherwise it will become dull!
There is no point in playing
without the opponent!
Now you are a wastrel!
See you!
Pattabi, if you want to kill me,
plan perfectly.
If you don't know,
just make a call!
A new party is rises
in Tamil Nadu.
What is this?
We have more parties than people!
Mind your work.
Hey, wait...
why are you going silently?
What is that?
- Just a small wound...
Then why did you use a band-aid?
Mother, why are you getting tensed?
There was a small problem
in the complex.
What man?
Why did you interfere in that?
Mani, Anjali got trapped
in that problem.
I got wounded while saving her..
that's all.
There he is!
When heroine is in trouble,
he became a hero!
Stopped with wounds or,
went to a movie, park etc.?
Yes! I love Anjali.
She is my life!
I'm going to marry & live with only her.
Is it enough?
You shut up!
Brother, Anjali...
What? It's all because of you only!
Oh no! Just now Anjali
came here and left...
What have you done, Mani?
What will she think about me?
- What did I do?
Please keep quiet.
- He spoke some romantic stuff
She felt shy & went away.
There is no such thing between us.
So, there are other things
between you both.
I didn't ask you details.
We can discuss that later.
Hello... didn't she come there?
Where were you till now?
At least you could've
made a phone call.
I phoned to many
people to find you.
We must kill them.
We must kill them.
When I see them,
I get very angry.
What happened Anjali?
Uncle, we shouldn't
delay this any more.
We must kill them & move.
I can understand you anger.
Our haste shouldn't become
an advantage to them.
We will surely kill them.
- When?
It isn't easy to kill RDX.
Yesterday, if Aathi hadn't saved you...
It's giving me shivers.
You must live happily...
I can't lose you taking
hasty decisions.
We will move only after
seeing their death.
Our next plan shouldn't fail.
Aathi. Is it a new bike?
Did you buy this bike?
- I stole the bike.
Stealing is my business.
Stop joking.
It's true. I wanted to ride such a
bike for a very long time.
There was no one around.
I stole the bike.
Say this to any drunkard.
I won't believe you.
This is a new bike.
Fearing I may ask a treat,
you are lying.
You won't believe me.
Take this.
You'll understand.
- Okay. You move.
Let me play.
What bike is this?
It's big like a pregnant bullock.
One wheel is at north pole and
the other is at south pole.
How to ride this bike?
They have re-modelled a water lorry
with some steel accessories.
If you want to go for a round,
I'll take you.
Hey, this is my bike.
- Your bike...?
What's your last price for it?
Are people watching us?
- No.
Then, hit me once.
All the best.
Keep it up.
Aathi, I can't understand you.
I can't understand myself.
Saw Anjali?
No.You're looking for Anjali
to propose to her, right?
I'm looking for her to say
that I don't love her.
We don't need address...!
Hey, move...Greetings.
Your name is Solam,
but you're living a luxurious life.
4 pilot cars, 40 security guards.
Wonderful life!
It's all your mercy.
- Come & sit here.
For a meagre salary of Rs. 5000,
they are so faithful to you.
I made you a Minister.
How faithful you should be to me!
What are you talking, Boss?
Tell me what do you want.
I just came to talk to you.
Garbage, slush... Let's sit in the car.
It's an A/C car.
We are from this place, right?
It's been very long since we
spoke sitting on the platform.
Order 2 teas.
Have it.
Clear the traffic.
Traffic... - Just shut up.
Why did you take the
pain to see me?
A phone call is enough,
I would've come to you.
Sitting in this place...?
I took you from this place,
and made you a Minister from
a low level party worker.
That's a golden period.
Want to go back again?
What are you talking boss?
You know Abdullah & Sada...
They both are... - Your eyes.
They both are like sickles.
They are my weapons.
I've never said 'No' to them.
- I know.
I'm not interested
in 5 years of power.
I want power for lifetime.
But he wants to be an MP like you.
You could have told me this.
Why trouble him?
This is not a big issue.
You said the same thing
last time too. - Really?
You also promised to get me
the highways contract.
Did I promised that also?
Okay, I'll finish it.
MP seat for him and
contract for him.
They must get it.
You're getting it for them.
Hi Anjali! - Hi!
Why did you leave without
dropping into my house?
You were hurt yesterday.
I came to see you.
Did you think I would be on
bed for this wound?
I saw. You were in a
very romantic mood.
Sorry Anjali. - For what?
When you came to our house,
I shouldn't have spoken like that.
If I were you, I would've also
done the same thing.
Actually, I must thank you.
For me being so romantic?
No. For saving my life.
It would've been nice if you had
come home & said this.
No. It wouldn't be nice
to come at that time.
No matter when you come,
my family will be like that only.
My family is a kingdom.
I'm their king & whoever speaks
to me is the queen.
They think that way.
- So be it.
First, you resign.
Both you & people want me to resign.
What can I do?
If you're not able to do
what we asked for,
what's the use of you
being a Minister?
Did you forget that this Minister
post is our brother's mercy?
What can I do?
It's all the handiwork of Pattabi.
He is very close to
the Central Minister.
He doesn't care about not getting
the MP seat & the tender or not,
he doesn't want you
to get those projects.
Till he is around there,
we can't do anything.
Trust me.
I won't cheat you.
If you can, kill him first.
What are you talking?
Don't you know our strength?
First kill him!
Hey, sit man!
Don't lose your temper...
Let's first get permission from
our boss. Will he deny us?
We must have killed him
in that complex fight itself.
Tomorrow I'll kill him in his place!
After that I'll meet our boss!
You stay here...
Uncle, be careful!
You've missed it!
I want Pattabi before dawn!
Who killed Sada?
I don't know!
Definitely Pattabi didn't kill him.
Who did it in a wink's time?
RDX has many enemies.
Definitely one of them
would've done it!
I missed the chance
of killing him!
Friend, why are you worried?
Aathi, have you ever
seen me crying?
I cried when I was 4,
after that I'm crying now.
Why? What happened?
Sada was shot dead.
How is he connected to you?
Aathi! Thank god, no one heard this!
Sada was controlling North Madras,
and South Madras was my domain.
Both of us were giving the
police a tough time.
Now Sada is dead...
I've lost company!
Is it? How did they kill him?
How can I explain you?
It's a big story!
A group of enemies fired
shots at him...
I didn't stay quiet...
Before I could collect those
fired bullets and reload them...
They shot dead Sada!
But I've a plan to kill them...
One day...
What will you do?
I will show it in action!
Do it...
You are innocent... go to class!
It's all big man's job.
Hey, I killed Sada!
Look, since I'm upset,
don't try to make me laugh.
Go to your class.
Trust me, I killed him with this.
Oh god!
Show me your left hand...
Your right hand...
Hey, get 2 teas for us... go...
- Okay boss!
Aathi, hereafter, don't show
magic in front of boys...
Because, only now I've become
rowdy and bossing over them...
I'm trying to expand my level...
Don't spoil it!
Stop your show-off here.
If you do this in
RDX's market area,
He will immediately come
to know about you...
And you can lead a more
comfortable life than this!
Thank you Aathi!
Sada is dead.
How dare you open the shops?
Before I destroy your shops,
down your shutters.
Bullets works for RDX.
And will do anything he says.
Where are you going?
To meet RDX.
- For what?
To say that I killed Sada
and you are the witness.
Going to fix me up...?
Take your places.
Sorry Sada.
I should've done this earlier.
I killed Sada.
I'll also kill Abdullah.
You need a knife to kill.
But my hand itself is a knife.
I killed Sada.
I'll also kill Abdullah.
Yes... yes... yes...
He is the real man.
A real man.
He is my perfect enemy.
This is an open challenge.
Playing with real men is what
makes the game interesting.
Brother, who is he?
He is no ordinary man.
A lion.
In his eyes,
I saw wrath not just anger.
Madness to kill!
That lion has challenged
to kill you too.
Kill me...? Bloody...
Before he kills me, I'll chop him to
pieces and throw it on Sada's grave.
And you'll see this happen.
Those eyes & hands...
He has killed both of my tigers!
He has killed them
in a busy area...
Can't you identify him?
You search him everywhere...
You bring him here like Police dogs
searching for the corpse...
Go... go fast...
Now I've to reveal the truth...
- What are you going to say?
Infront of me, you chopped
a man's head!
What more is there to say?
Forgive me father!
Aathi, what's all this?
Father, that is...
- Stop it... don't explain me anything!
Let's leave this place...
- No father...
Since you've killed a criminal,
no one identified you to the police.
But if RDX knew that you've
killed them...
He will never spare you alive!
Please come...
let's leave this place!
Hey, let's go! - I won't!
Till I finish all of them,
I won't leave this place!
Because... I came here
to kill them!
My son can't be a murderer!
Mother, I'm not your son!
Forgive me, mother!
When you met me as a child,
I told I was an orphan, didn't I?
That was a lie!
I had everyone!
My present college library
was my house long back!
My lovable parents...
My uncle and aunty
who tolerated all my mischief...
My uncle's daughter
who repeats all my actions...
I had many relatives...
Above all, my beloved grandpa...
My family was like a pleasant
and beautiful garden!
Hey, you may fall...
Brother, what are you doing?
If you want, you can also join...
Hubby, why are you behaving
like a child?
There won't be any problem!
Hey, be careful!
He may fall...
Oh no! It's paining...
- Hubby...
Brother, didn't I tell you?
Are you okay?
- He is fine...
You should be very careful while
playing with the children.
I was. But he slipped...
To hell with your play!
I didn't do it purposely...
Hubby, you are very careless...
You too started scolding me...?
Brother, what have you done?
Poor children!
Did I do it purposely?
Brother-in-law, why did you do so?
What I did?! I was just...
Brother-in-law, you always
behave like this!
They only asked me to lift
them up, so I did it...
Did we? You only called us...
Did I? - Yes!
Okay! First all of you finish scolding me.
Then I'll open my mouth.
Dad, nothing happened to us...
Then why are you creating a scene?
Usually we get scolding from you...
Today I just wanted you to get
scolded by all of us! That's it!
Children did this for fun...
Then why all of you joined them?
Did you all have so much
vengeance on me?
Greetings sir!
They call me RDX.
Please sit down...
Sister, please sit down...
It's been a long time since
we had home food!
Dear, what are you looking at?
I'm also hungry.
Serve me food...
Sir, I don't have any property
other than this house!
I also didn't find any place other
than this for my complex.
What did we ask you...
Hey Oldie, we just asked to
give your home to us...
Are you complaining about
us to the A.C.?
Hey, give respect to his age...
Your money won't be sufficient
to run my family...
Sir, first tell me your problem...
I've to perform my elder
grandchild's marriage...
Problem is solved!
Younger one...
Boss, stop it...
She is a poor little girl...
Child sentiment?!
No... poor young girl...
That's it!
Oh god!
Father, save my daughter...
Grandpa... grandpa...
Pathetic situation!
These scenes are not
for people of your age.
Didn't I warn you?
You never listened to me!
Look there...
your grandchild is helpless...
All that is left with
middle class is honour,
Now you've lost that also...
From now on,
property belongs to RDX!
Don't want... listen to me...
I'll manage... you go...
Robert, don't worry about me.
You go and take shelter
in the Minister's house...
I'll manage this...
Go... go fast...
Hey, what do you think
of a Minister?
Getting tensed for silly things!
We are the ruling party!
Why are you fearing an A.C.P?
Don't worry.
I'll take care of everything!
Good morning sir...
Come on man...
Hey, ask him what he wants?
What are you thinking man?
What do you want?
- I want him!
What are you going to do with him?
Demand for your promotion...
I'll give you...
I want only him!
Hey, he is my man!
Sir, he raped a little girl!
Forget it man!
Young man...
got into a mood...
You should've sent
your wife to him!
Hey, mind your words!
I'm clear.
I know you're a traitor!
I know you are the leader
of these scoundrels!
What man!
Crossing your limits...?
I can... - What can you do man?
You know only to do boss over
in front of these cheap men!
You are unaware of an A.C.'s power!
You don't know about me!
- Who are you man?
Are you the god?
Are you god if you belong
to the ruling party?
If you win every time,
will that make you an MGR?
or wearing specs make
you Karunanidhi?
Who are you man?
Our country is still backward,
because of you wastrels...
Only because of you people,
rowdies are becoming leaders...
and all criminals
are ruling over us!
What man... giving a big lecture?
Yes! I only promoted
these rowdies...
I did all illegal things
with the help of them!
I'll continue doing it.
What can you do?
You're here only to
salute & guard us.
Listen to me. No.
He killed the Minister for not
giving him protection.
Please arrest him.
Why are you tensed now?
You can't control him!
It's possible only by one matter...
What is it?
- Sentiments.
Family sentiments.
Who are you?
I'm RDX...
It means...
- It's not a bomb...
People call me like that.
What do you want?
My group includes me, my brother,
Sada and Abdullah.
We indulge looting, arson
and murders.
And are eking our livelihood...
That is our profession.
Why are they interfering in that?
Shouldn't we live our lives?
Who are you man?
Greetings sir!
I've come to see you...
Nothing serious...
Sir, your son has arrested
my brother and my men.
They should be released...
That is my humble request...
I know you can do this...
If you tell a word to him,
A.C. will heed you.
Yours is a big family...
You are all very kind
hearted people...
Innocent children...
You can't bear a death in
your affectionate family!
Killing people is like
a game for me.
I've told what I want to...
I leave it to your choice.
Without knowing our power,
you are talking big...
Please go away...
He will be coming now...
If he sees you here,
he won't spare you alive!
Now watch... who is going to die...
There they are!
They are bravos!
My family is unaware
of the word 'fear'!
They are more than
enough to finish you!
Take him away!
Father, what's all this?
Is this the way you bring them up?
What can I do?
All behave like you!
Dear, why are you playing
with such a big sword?
You have it, haven't you?
Wow! It's raining...
We feel happy to lie
on our aunt's lap!
We all are like lovable parrots!
We all are one!
We have only one roof!.
Our smile composes music!
We feel happy to lie
on our aunt's lap!
We all are like lovable parrots!
We get wet like creepers
in the rain!
We hide in our mother's saree!
We are loitering around
like squirrels...
We welcome people
with our love!
Lullaby makes us asleep...
Even elders behave like children...
Our family is an
example for happiness!
We feel happy to lie
on our aunt's lap!
We all are like lovable parrots!
RDX, I'm releasing
you taking risk!
It's fine if you kill him...
We will be dead!
Even god can't save us!
If we want to live peacefully...
He should die...
His entire family should die!
We all have same dream!
We all have same thoughts!
We have separate rooms...
But we are happy
living together!
We have different forms...
but we have same feelings!
We follow our ancestors!
We enjoy having fun
in our home!
We are the flowers of
our garden of love.
We feel happy to lie
on our aunt's lap!
We all are like lovable parrots!
We all are one!
We have only one roof!.
Our smile composes music!
We feel happy to lie
on our aunt's lap!
We all are like lovable parrots!
Father, let's stay back...
Tomorrow you have to go to
school, haven't you? Go to bed...
Father, tomorrow is sunday...
Is there only one sunday?
It comes every week.
Let's come here next sunday.
Okay? Good night!
Go and sleep...
Dear, look at me...
Aathi, hiding so much
sorrows within you...
How come you were so casual?
Love of you for me,
an adopted son,
a goddess like mother,
It's because of this lovable sister!
You all kept me alive.
Infront of me,
they destroyed my family!
I want to avenge!
I didn't even see my parents' ashes!
Every red brick of that library
is blood of my perished family.
God has left me alive
to demolish them!
Uncle, I feel like one of our
family member is alive...
Hey, don't dream...
No uncle... I feel like that.
You were a little girl then.
No one would've survived
that killing spree.
Whenever I go to my house,
I feel the presence of our people...
Nothing wrong in that...
but there is no chance...
No uncle, I feel so...
You would've felt like that since
we lived there for long years...
Sorry... I dashed against
you by mistake.
No... it was my mistake...
When ever I see you, I don't know why
I feel the presence of my family.
I don't know where but
I've lost my heart to you.
Sorry Anjali. Though I feel
like you are mine...
I can live only with
your memories!
Because I'm don't know my end!
Oh slim girl!
Why do you need a girdle?
A small ring is enough for you!
Oh sparking fire!
Why are you nearing me?
It will catch fire by
your one glance!
Why I beat the drums?
Just to show a naughty dance...
Why I'm bloomed here
with sexy eyes?...
This rabbit just wants to
have a love dash!
Oh slim girl!
Oh sparking fire!
Oh slim girl!
Why do you need a girdle?
A small ring is enough for you!
Oh sparking fire!
Why are you nearing me?
It will catch fire by
your one glance!
This charming girl is
mesmerising me.
This charmed girl is
demanding kisses.
Shall I bite your candy
cheeks and melt it?
An insect is tickling a bee
and flying away!
How come you get
the colour of corn?
You are very keen
in harvesting me...
Cotton and fire will catch fire.
Is it wrong?
Oh slim girl!
Oh sparking fire!
You bursted crackers in my heart...
And gave a wide smile!
You have locked me
inside your heart!
You made me restless
and go mad on you.
You just made me to fly in air...
Oh train! Shall I keep going?
Oh Peacock!
I want only your feathers!
My play boy has the tact
to charming me!
Oh slim girl!
Why do you need a girdle?
A small ring is enough for you!
Oh sparking fire!
Why are you nearing me?
It will catch fire by
your one glance!
Why I beat the drums?
Just to show a naughty dance...
Why I'm bloomed here
with sexy eyes?
This rabbit just wants
to have a love dash!
Brother, I never expected to
see you in this condition!
I was planning to make
you as a Minister..
But now you're dead!
Sir, can you identify the murderer?
It's enough if I get
his foot-print...
What will you do then?
Will you hang it on the wall?
Get lost man!
He is already down...
Investigating in the
dead man's house?
No sir...
Look, I'll give you one week's time...
Don't know what you will do...
Collect his details...
Or else I'll rip you apart.
This scoundrel is
bossing over me?!
Brother, why are you getting vexed?
I'm here for you!
All my police force
is at your disposal.
I'm ready to sacrifice
even my life for you!
Then die...
Sir... - Die...
Get back my men alive!
Are you foreseeing my future?
I'll kill you!
No sir... I'll definitely...
Hey, what were you doing?
Hey, Police men are fit to
be your guards only.
Police shouldn't get into this.
I know what I to do...
get lost man!
Brother, what I'm trying to say is...
- Hey, get lost man!
Who is this mad fellow?
Hey, give respect!
Mister, who are you?
Bala! Tonic Bala!
Why did you come here?
If he says truth, bring them here.
If he is lying,
then pack him up to heaven!
Hey, why it's locked?
Yes... wait...
I'll get the key from inside...
Hey, get down...
- Oh god! Police!
Where have they gone?
Just now, they vacated the house.
What? Where have they gone?
I think they are going to Delhi...
How did they go?
- In a Maruti van...
Mother, please go...
First you all go to Delhi.
RDX had found out our place.
Get ready...
You also come with us...
- I'll...
I'll come there after killing them!
If I spare them alive, they will
make this place, a graveyard!
Oh god! No...
Mother, please try to understand me.
No time to talk...
Let's leave the place together...
or let's die together!
Enough!... Enough!
Already I've lost much.
I can't lose you!
You want us to be alive...
Shouldn't we wish for the same?
Hey, if anything happens
to you... then...
Till I've your love & god's blessings,
no one can harm me!
Come fast...
You keep going...
You keep going...
Come fast... Mother...
Father, this side...
Come fast...
Come quick...
Aathi, take care...
Aathi, you also come with us...
Aathi, listen to me...
Come on buddy...
I only challenged you
and killed your men!
Hey... didn't you see the status
of our lorry men?
Go back!
That's it!
I'm a player, not a spectator!
Boss, why are you standing?
Please take your seat!
You are shocked to see
me here, aren't you?
I enjoy creating sensation
in my opponent's place.
Shall we start the game?
You can watch my violent storm!
Would you like to watch it?
Who are you?
Are you A.C.P.'s son?
Not his son, I'm a tiger!
I liked it!
I like you very much!...
Killing my men and
sitting boldly in front of me...
I like it very much!
Why? Did you think that
I'll tremble on seeing you?
You know only to shout!
I can kill you in a jiffy!
I'm still alive just to chop you
into pieces, man!
Challenging me?
I can kill you here itself,
are you ready?
Going to kill me?
It's a big joke!
I've nothing except my life!
There is no one for me!
I'm alone!
Here is the gun...
If you're a man, shoot me!
Look, if you can, kill me...
Or else...
I'll fire at you!
Shall I?
If I fire, you will die instantly!
You shouldn't die easily, you must
die a death every moment in fear.
Throwing challenges isn't important!
You have to win!
If I start, I won't stop...
I'll pound you to pulp!
RDX never fears for death!
Stop blowing your own trumpet!
If you are not scared,
then why do you keep bodyguards?
You are scared of me!
You are scared that I may
chop you into pieces!
Then, you wouldn't have sent
your henchmen to kill me!
Hey, you couldn't bear the
death of your 2 men...
Infront of me, you destroyed
my entire family...
I'll definitely kill your
brother in front of you!
You should die in that pain!
It's not enough!
I want to see more fear
in your eyes.
If you have guts,
call your brother from Dubai.
Or else, I'll make him
to come here!
See you!
You are not scared of death!
But I love to die!
Only honour can stop me,
not death.
If I want to kill,
I should kill him!
Or I should die by his hands!
Place the rice balls here.
Priest, did anyone conduct
rituals today? - No...
Race? - Bharadwaja Gothram.
Name? - Ramachandran.
Name? - Ramachandran.
Race? - Bharadwaja Gothram.
What was the name?
- Ramachandran..
Just now an old man and a girl paid
homage to the deceased soul.
Same name and same race? - Yes.
Where are they?
- Just now they left...
Hey, Aathi, how come you are here?
There is no one for me!
I'm alone!
It's getting late... let's go...
You should definitely
come to our house.
See you Aathi!
You are arranging for
a music concert!
You are always after me...
You are arranging for
a music concert!
You are always after me...
Brushing your cheeks with mine.
Painting the town red
with our love.
When, if not now?
When, if not now?
When, if not now?
When, if not now?
You are arranging for
a music concert!
You are always after me...
Your hip is like a sandal wood.
You have a sweet lips.
Oh chubby and sexy girl!
I'm here for you!
Oh bee! Are you trying to get
the honey from this flower?.
In this pleasant evening...
let's sing a romantic song!
When, if not now?
When, if not now?
When, if not now?
When, if not now?
You've lit fire to heart
with your laser eyes.
You've whipped my heart
with your hunter like eyes.
Shall I take you to the
world of ecstasy?
Shall I admire your beauty?
My shyness is pulling
me backwards...
When, if not now?
When, if not now?
When, if not now?
When, if not now?
You are arranging for
a music concert!
You are always after me...
Brushing your cheeks with mine.
Painting the town red
with our love.
When, if not now?
When, if not now?
When, if not now?
When, if not now?
He who knows his details
get into the car.
Brother, I'm Robert speaking.
It's been a very long wait.
Come home fast.
First I must kill him.
Come here first.
Later we can...
Are you going to welcome me?
I can't meet you without meeting
the one who challenged you.
He dared to come to our den
and challenged us.
How did you leave him?
He has challenged that
he'll kill you in front of me.
It is either going to be him or me.
Let's see.
I'll meet you after that.
Hang up the phone.
Where is he?
Tell me, where is he?
Father, 2 members of my family
are still alive. - Really...?
No father.
Good or bad,
it must end with me.
They shouldn't be harmed
because of me.
Tell them that you're alive.
They would be very happy
to know that you're still alive.
Go. Make it your first priority.
Beautiful eyes, ears...
Turn that side.
If a girl is so beautiful,
everyone will fall in love.
But he must restrict himself
ogling at you.
He shouldn't challenge anyone.
Uncle... - What is it?
Who is your uncle?
Only 3 of you or is the
entire family still alive?
3 of us?
Where is he?
- Who?
Your nephew who killed Sada, Abdullah
and has challenged to kill me too.
Is my nephew still alive?
I told you, didn't I?
I told you that he'll be alive.
Don't you know he's alive?
Then his family in Delhi...
I thought of catching him
by taking his sweetheart.
But his entire life is
in my hands.
Uncle, let's go.
What are you doing, Anjali?
- Come fast.
Go, uncle.
- Anjali, you escape.
No uncle. - Go to him.
Just myself?
- Don't worry about me. Go.
Where is he? - I don't know.
Where is he? - I won't tell you.
Boss, he is Aathi.
Take her, where I mentioned.
Aathi... - Uncle.
How dare to throw a challenge?
Now you know who is RDX's brother.
I could've pumped 3 bullets
to each of you.
Do you know why
I'm sparing you alive?
You challenged that you'll kill
me in front of my brother.
I pumped bullets into
him in front of you.
Come & kill me in front
of my brother.
I'm Aathi.
Thank god I saw you.
I was afraid that I might
die without seeing you.
You're fine uncle.
Someone is waiting for you.
It is Anjali.
She is now in his custody.
Save her, Aathi.
I'll save her.
Where is Anjali?
Welcome my boy!
Staring at me!
He is very sharp.
You challenged that
you'll kill him.
But now you look very tired.
Dance my boy!
Where is Anjali?
They are beating you.
Where is Anjali?
How could you beat this
little boy so badly?
Where is Anjali?
Even after hitting you so badly,
you're still strong.
You've inherited your
father's courage.
Your blood has lot of power.
I need more of his blood.
Where is Anjali?
We know your power & guts.
That's why we didn't keep her here.
Where is Anjali?
Today is your last day.
You were separated long back.
But somehow reunited.
But still she doesn't know
who you really are.
She'll also undergo
similar torture.
Where is Anjali?
Aathi, it pains, right?
You've been waiting for years.
It will pain.
Would you like to talk to her?
Her fianc wants to speak.
Give the phone to her.
Your fianc is speaking.
Hello. - Anjali.
Anjali, are you okay?
I'm Aathi speaking.
So, you are my fianc.
Where are you Anjali?
Where are you Anjali?
I want to see you.
Where are you?
Tell me where you are.
I'll be there in no time.
Don't worry about me.
Kill them all.
Kill them all.
They destroyed our family.
Chop them into pieces.
Don't care about me.
Chop them into pieces.
They destroyed our family.
Kill them all.
Don't spare them alive.
Kill them all.
Where is Anjali?
Cool baby.
Tell me where is Anjali?
You are very angry, ah?
You can only shout.
Nothing more.
No. Don't make me cut lose.
Still making empty threats.
If I tell you where she is,
can you save her?
Go & save her.
She is in your home.
I mean... the library.
She'll be dead before you go there.
We'll die but only after I kill you.
Tell me how?
As long as she is our captive,
you can't do anything.
The fire burns upright,
no matter how you hold it.
I'll burn you all.
You said you will kill me.
You challenged to kill me
in front of my brother.
Kill me.
Take this pistol.
I'm here.
My brother is there.
Kill me.
I'm here.
My brother is there.
Kill me.
Fire a shot at me here...
Kill me.
Kill me.
Boys, kill him.
Take that car. Quick.
Go man.
Go fast.
Come on man.
Come on man...
What you feel is the pain.
What I've is vengeance.
Vengeance is in the blood.
Tell me your father's name?
Come on tell me.
His father's name? - Di..di..ya
And his father's name?
Don't remember your
great grandfather's name?
Shall I tell the names of my
30 generations of ancestors?
What you took aren't just lives.
They are affection, clan,
culture & heritage.
You got angry for
killing your brother.
You destroyed my entire family.
What should I do with you?
Here comes Aathi...
...with a new message.
Belongs to the tiger family.
Here I salute you.
Self belief & action
describe him best.
Together let's light the fire of victory.
Dance to the tunes.
The new dawn is in the offing.
Worship love.
Fight evil.
Fear god.
Welcome O my master!
Let's shower our blessings on him.
Here comes Aathi...
...with a new message.
Belongs to the tiger family.
Here I salute you.
Self belief & action
describe him best.
Together let's light the fire of victory.