Aatma (2013) Movie Script

"Go to sleep,
the night's passing away."
"The night passes by,
why can't I sleep?"
"Those are just
shadows in the night."
"Don't be afraid of the shadows."
"Go to sleep,
the night's passing away."
"There's no one here,
so what scares you?"
"The air's filled
with innate silence."
"It's just your illusion,
that someone's here."
"Go to sleep,
the night's passing away."
My baby's looking so beautiful.
You want a gorilla.
No, I want a rabbit. - Rabbit huh?
This one?
Thank you, papa.
- Welcome, dear.
You are such a happy child.
Can't you be more gentle?
Come, dear.
Come, come.
I'll tell you a story.
Papa, I want to sit up. - Sit up.
Here...you go.
Abhay. Don't let Nia sit there.
- Don't you trust me?
I'm his father.
Tell me, dear.
Who do you love more,
mom or dad? - Papa.
And, does papa love mom?
Forget that.
Let me tell you a story.
There was once a princess.
What was the princess called,
papa? - Nia.
Nia! - Yes, Nia.
And she was very beautiful?
- Like me?
No. She can't be more
beautiful than my daughter.
And, her father, the king
loved her more than his life.
His queen was beautiful..
..but she was arrogant
of her beauty,
Nia, hurry up.
You will be late for school.
- Okay, mom.
Come on.
Come on, take your bag.
King Bruce knew that
he was outnumbered.
But, as he saw the spider,
in his.. Nia!
Pay attention. - But, teacher..
Nia, stop!
Where were we?
So, what does he do?
King Bruce went back
to the battle and..
Nia. Nia!
Please pay attention.
But, teacher..
- I don't want to hear anything.
You all tell me the story now.
Who is going to tell
me the story of King Bruce?
What are you doing, Maya?
Getting rid of
the fake smiles, mom.
I don't want these memories
to be here when Nia returns.
I've decided I'm not
going to tell her anything.
Nia will understand.
Try talking to her.
Papa. Nia's a sensitive girl.
I won't tell her anything. No.
I am so sorry this
has happened to you.
We forced you to marry
a boy of our choice.
How could I be so wrong?
I saw his job,
his intellect, but not his heart.
There's no point now, Pratap.
Maya, we'll support you,
in your every decision.
Okay? - Yeah, mom.
Papa, it's not you fault.
I'll cancel my weekend
trip to Denver.
I don't think this is the time.
No. Mom's with me.
I'll be fine.
Mom. - My baby.
How was your day?
Hey pumpkin. Hi. - Sit here.
How about dinner?
I'll have pizza. - Me too.
We'll all have pizza today.
You're going to have veggies.
So, how was school?
We heard the story of
King Bruce in school today
And, Paras pulled my hair.
I'll tell papa when he returns.
Papa will hit Paras.
Good girls don't get into fights.
You're a good girl, aren't you?
Mom, when is papa coming back?
First finish your pizza.
Papa had called up.
He left a message for you.
Papa has asked
you to sleep on time.
But how could papa
leave without saying bye?
He wanted to say bye, but..
..he had to leave urgently. - But..
..will he return in two months?
- I hope so.
That's what he said.
How many Sundays in two months?
Eight Sundays in two months, dear.
And Mondays? - A lot.
Now, be a good girl
and go to sleep. Okay.
It's only then that Sundays and
Mondays will come quickly.
Goodnight, mom.
Goodnight my pumpkin.
Shut your eyes.
Mom, video.
'My baby's looking so beautiful.'
And this helicopter..
You're such a good girl.
Good night papa.
I love you, Nia.
- I love you, papa.
I'll just come. - Yeah.
Mom, is Nia ready?
She isn't coming out.
Pratap's been trying
to call her out.
Nia. Wear your dress
and come out quick.
All your friends are here.
No! I won't cut the cake
until papa doesn't show up.
Nia. All your friends are here.
Wear that dress and come out. - No!
Nia, please listen to grandma.
I've got a big present for you.
Won't you like to see it?
- No. I want papa.
Nia, open the door.
No! I won't cut the cake
until papa doesn't show up.
Nia, listen to me.
You hate papa. I want my papa.
Nia, look. Don't do this.
I loves you a lot.
Papa can't come.
Nia, listen to me please.
- Someone has come.
Please come out.
Nia, please open the door.
Look at this pink chocolate
cake that I brought for you..
That tickles.
Why are you giggling, dear?
Nia. - Nia.
Stop that video and come out.
Dear. How did you
get ready so soon?
It's a secret.
Fine, your friends are here.
Come. - Bye, papa.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday Dear Nia. .
Happy birthday to you.
Yes, she is at home.
Please hold on.
Call from the police station.
Hello Mrs. Verma.
Inspector Raza here.
Good afternoon!
I wanted to talk to you.
Can I meet you?
Satish, send two coffees
in the conference room, please.
Thank you!
So what can I do for you,
Do you love your husband
Mrs. Verma?
What kind of question is that?
I'm sorry!
I'm a policeman and
I'm used to ask questions.
What's the meaning
of asking such questions?
I feel many times that
I ask strange questions.
My wife too felt so.
Your daughter Nia, how old is she?
She turned six today.
She loves her father?
Yes. l Please be seated.
I was thinking
Mrs. Verma if distanceu
uerases love.
I didn't get you.
I also didn't understand
what I said.
You are s strange man.
You called me here as
if it was something urgent.
And now you are talking in idles.
Love is a strange thing.
It's beautiful but more dangerous.
Please be careful with your daughter.
Why are you saying this to me?
Just like that.
Perhaps time will tell.
You and even me too.
By the wayu
uI needed your signature.
Just a formality.
So who's going to answer
this really tough question?
Teacher, I. Teacher.
What is air made of?
Okay, Nia.
Get up.
Come here!
Get out of the class,
and kneel down.
And put your hands in the air.
Turn to page 75, everyone.
Gunjan, 75.
So, today we're going
to learn about the moon.
Who's not seen the moon?
One. Two. Three. Four.
You haven't seen the moon?
Of course you have.
The moon is the big round
thing in the sky at night.
Moon has no light of its own.
It reflects the sun's light.
The light we see of the moon,
is the light of the sun.
Everyone has seen the sun, right?
What's going on.
Principal. Principal.
We checked the CCTV.
But, there's a
magnetic interference..
..between 12:32 and 12:34.
Magnetic interference?
Nothing's been recorded. Look.
Whatever's going on, Nayak.
I've a bad feeling about this.
Very bad.
Mom, something happened to Paras.
- It's okay, dear.
Hello, Mrs. Verma.
Hello, inspector.
Did you know the student?
He studied in my daughter's class.
Nia's friend?
No. He used to trouble Nia.
I see.
Inspector, I'll leave.
I hope next time we'll
meet in a better situation.
I don't know why, but..
..I feel the situation's
going to get worse.
Look after your daughter.
Bye, inspector. - Bye.
Is Nia asleep? - Yes.
She doesn't want to hear a story.
She said her papa's
going to tell her one.
That boy studied in her class,
right? - Yes, papa.
He used to sit behind her.
God, I can't even
begin to imagine..
..the condition of her parents.
It's absolutely horrifying, mom.
Wasn't Akanksha's son
in the same class? - Yes, papa.
Rahul and Nia are really scared.
I think you did the right thing.
You were right in not telling Nia.
I hope so, papa.
Please, papa, tell me.
Tell me a story.
No, I want to hear
Hansel and Gretel's story.
Tell me, papa. Please.
Tell me, papa.
Nia, what's happening?
I'm listening to a story.
Nia, it's time for you to sleep.
And you aren't on your bed.
Come on, go to your bed.
And close your eyes.
I'll sleep after hearing the story,
please go.
Nia, what's wrong with you?
There's no one in the room.
Who are you talking to?
There is.
I can't tell you. It's a secret.
Who is it, dear? Tell me.
You know who's here.
Mama doesn't know.
Tell mama.
It's a secret.
No. Don't hide.
Come out, please.
Where are you?
He left because of you.
Nia. Darling.
I know you miss your papa.
But he won't come back
playing such imaginary games?
Thanks, mom.
What's wrong?
Something's wrong with Nia.
She pretends to be talking
to someone every night.
A lot of children her age do that.
Don't worry.
No, mother.
She talks to Abhay.
I've decided.
I'll take her to a child
psychologist after school.
Maybe it's not such a big thing.
Maybe...she's imagined
a father in Abhay's absence.
That's all.
No, mom.
It's not that simple.
Then? - A lot's been happening.
Tell me.
Mom, I've been having nightmares.
And I can't sleep.
And I feel someone's trying
to take Nia away from me.
That's not going to happen.
You know that's
not going to happen.
Mom, every night.
And Nia.
The way she's behaving.
Look, you are taking her
to the psychologist tomorrow.
Just tell him everything.
It's going to be alright.
Don't worry.
I'm sure it's going to be fine.
I don't know, mom.
Don't worry, dear.
Don't worry.
Who can tell me what's
the spelling of country?
Wow. So many.
Would you like to tell
us all what you're looking at?
Nothing, ma'am.
Oh, they why aren't
you answering my question?
You didn't ask me ma'am.
Acting smart, are we?
What's the spelling of country?
C.. - Nia, get up.
When you're asked a question..
..you're supposed
to get up and answer.
Nia, look at me.
What's the spelling
of 'constitution'?
C O N S T I T U T I O N!
Aero.. - A E R O P L A N E.
Biz.. - B I Z Z A R E.
Ad.. - A D J U S T M E N T.
What you laughing at?
Put your hands up.
Put your hands up.
Nia's punished.
Mrs. Verma.
Hi. - Hi.
Can I talk to you?
Yeah, is everything okay?
Yea, everything's fine.
Just that, since Nia's
father's left, she's been very..
Distracted. - Distracted?
Yes? - She doesn't
pay attention in class?
Off late,
Nia's invented a secret friend..
..and she talks to him
in the middle of the class.
Starts giggling in
the middle of a lesson.
Sometimes she has
a smile on her face..
..as if someone she
knows is right there.
Look, I really think she
needs some sort of medical help.
Hi, dear.
Hi, Nia.
I'm still completing the papers.
One hour.
Then you can pick me up.
Okay, darling.
See you.
That's done.
So, let's see.
He's behind you.
Turn back.
Look up, dammit.
Look up.
He's right behind you.
Look up.
He's behind..
No! Please...
Before dying, the victim
tried to break the glass.
The pot's so heavy.
It should've shattered the glass.
Very good, Nayak. Go on.
No signs of injury.
Wasn't this Paras's Teacher?
- Yes, sir.
And, she had punished Paras.
Find out why? - Sir.
Nayak. Mrs. Verma's daughter, Nia.
She was in Paras's class.
Something's surely happened.
What's your name? - My name's Nia.
Nia. What a beautiful name.
Just like you.
Doctor. Can we talk
in private, please?
Anita, could you come in please?
And can you call for
a glass of water, please.
My darling, Nia.
Some chocolates.
Thank you.
Anita, let me introduce you.
She's Nia. Nia, she's Anita.
Nia, go with aunty.
I'll see you in a bit.
- Have fun, Nia.
Yes, Mrs. Verma. Tell me.
It began 7 years back.
When Abhay and I got married.
First year was fine.
But, gradually things
started changing.
I don't know.
He started doubting me.
It seemed like he wanted
to possess my being.
He used to have bouts of anger.
He would lose control for a while.
He lost his job.
His friends.
And then, he would disappear
for the entire day.
Sometimes for three-four days.
The further he drifted from me,
the closer he got to Nia.
At first I thought it was a phase.
It will pass away.
Yes, right.
Who was it?
Ma, I'll call you later.
It was mom. - Mom?
Show me. - Abhay, it's personal.
I never ask for your phone.
What's the problem
if it was your mother?
Abhay. - Let me check.
Check my phone.
See how am I calling
Abhay, please.
Check. - I don't want to see.
Please stop it.
It was Pankaj
No, it was mother. Like I said.
Show me. - No.
Abhay. Abhay. Abhay.
Don't scream.
Don't scream.
What do you want to prove?
My child's sleeping.
Why are you crying?
Sometimes grownups make mistakes.
You won't understand this now.
But you will one
day when you grow up.
Mrs. Maya Verma is granted divorce..
..on the grounds
of mental harassment.
Due to Mr. Ajay's temperament..
..the custody of her daughter
Nia is given to Mrs. Verma.
Mr. Ajay.
Can meet his daughter for an hour..
..on Sundays in
Maya Verma's presence.
You can't do this.
What is he saying?
Your honour,
I really love my daughter.
No one can snatch her from me.
Maya, say something.
You know how we prayed
for a daughter..
..before she was born.
I had prayed so much.
And finally I had a daughter.
Do you know what
her favourite game was?
When I used to land the plane,
like this..
She raised her hand
for the first time.
You were watching too.
Your honour,
I would sing lullabies to her.
Sleep my child. Sleep.
Sweets dreams are calling you.
She would giggle.
You know all this.
Why don't you say something?
Look.. - Constable.
Am I that bad? - Don't touch me.
Take Mr. Abhay out of the court.
Am I that bad..
Let go, I'm no criminal.
I'm no rapist, or terrorist.
Nor a murderer.
Am I so bad,
you're scared to touch me?
Tell them.
You think I'll leave
and never return.
I will come back for my daughter.
Get that. I don't accept
the court's decision.
What judgement?
Why do I need the court's
order to meet my daughter?
I don't accept such judgements.
Get that..
And you.
Your days are over. You get that?
And, you won't
get a wink of sleep..
I condemn the court
I condemn the decision
She's my daughter...
She's my daughter.
I didn't tell Nia
about Abhay's death..
..because they were really close.
She worshipped him.
And, doctor.
Nia's a very sensitive child.
But I feel, I made a mistake.
I should've told her before.
Mrs. Verma.
These days children
get all kinds of exposure.
See. Through television..
..children understand
the concept of life and death.
Doctor. Nia talks to Abhay.
Earlier, it was just at home.
But now she even does it in class.
Her class teacher
even complained today.
Look. There are many children..
..who make up an imaginary world..
..to escape from their loneliness..
..or something that they've
lost in terrible accidents.
In this world,
there are many imaginary people.
Some of them are their friends.
I wouldn't worry about it.
I believe...children
have a different God.
For now, I suggest that..
..you take Nia somewhere
out of this city.
It will be a change.
For both of you.
"Live life a little more."
"Live life a little more."
"Let's make a promise to our life."
"Live life a little more."
"Live life a little more."
"Let's make a promise to our life."
"Why should we worry? Me and you."
"Why should we stop our breath?"
"The moments will pass away."
"Live life a little more."
"Live life a little more."
"Live life a little more."
"Let's make a promise to our life."
"Listen to the hints
of the heartbeats."
"Let the dreams beat."
"The heartbeatsu"
"..listen to their hints."
"Let them beatu"
"uall your dreams."
"Be with people, be happy."
"There is no hint of sorrow."
"If there is sunshine
of worries then grow clouds."
"In carefree rain, get drenched."
"Live life a little more."
"Live life a little more."
"Live life a little more."
"Let's make a promise to our life."
"Let's live life a little more."
Mom, look. Look at the car.
Nia, go slow.
Nia. Come on.
Mom, I want that.
No, dear. - He's here.
Nia. - I want that. - Let's go.
He'll surely get it.
Nia, let's go.
He's here.
Nia, let's go.
I want that locket, mom.
- Get inside.
I want that locket.
He's here for his daughter.
Hi, room for Maya Verma.
- Certainly.
Room no.117.
Have a nice stay with us.
- Thank you very much.
Come, baby.
Hi, Pankaj. - Hey, Maya.
Hope you reached safely.
We reached in the evening.
Nia's enjoying here.
Sorry to bring up work,
Maya but Martin's report.
Let's not talk about work.
I'll sort everything
out when I return on Monday.
Okay. - Okay, then.
Have a good time.
Bye, Pankaj.
Come, Nia. Let's go sleep.
Come on.
Nia, where did you get this locket?
Did you pick it up?
Nia, am taking to you.
Was that Pankaj?
Nia. - Show me your phone.
Nia, what are you saying?
Show me your phone. - Nia.
You think you can snatch
my daughter. - Nia.
Nia's mine.
I have come to get you Nia.
Mr. Sharma's a wise man.
He's helped many people.
He'll help you too.
Don't worry.
I've sent Nia to Akanksha's place.
Did you love your husband?
No. We were divorced.
And your daughter?
She loved her father.
That's why I abided by
this marriage for so long.
Your husband's back.
His love for his daughter
has brought him back.
But his heart's filled with hatred.
He has come to take
your daughter away.
So, under no condition
do you leave Nia alone.
Your husband's growing
powerful every day.
He won't wait too long.
- For what?
He doesn't belong
to this world now.
Human beings can't stop him.
Yes, but if he wants
to take Nia along..
..he'll need her permission.
Her love has brought him here.
But that love's kept him back.
- I don't get it.
The love between
you and your daughter.
Without breaking that..
..he cannot take Nia along,
or kill you.
But yes,
if he breaks that bond.. - But..
What if she starts
hating her father?
What can we do?
This is for your daughter.
And yes.
You two will have to play
along with Nia for few days.
She should feel that you believe..
..that she can talk to her father.
I'm leaving for Haridwar tomorrow.
And, I'll talk to
my Guru about this.
He might have a solution.
Yes, I will.
Not Raddy bear. Barbie doll.
Nia, are you talking to papa.
Papa's promised he'll
get me a Barbie doll.
What else did papa say?
Papa's sent a message for me.
He's coming to take me away.
Nia, let go off the phone.
Mama's got something for you.
I'm talking to papa. - Fine.
Then I won't give you your gift.
Gift? Show me.
First come here. - Bye, papa.
Good baby. - Show me the gift.
I don't want it.
Dear. - No.
Please, dear. - I don't want it.
It's good for you.
It's burning. - Listen.
You love, mama. Don't you?
Wear it for your mama.
But, it's burning.
Please, dear.
Don't ever take it off.
You are my good girl, don't you?
I'm going to play.
Hello. - Hello.
Hey, Maya. Sorry to disturb you.
But.. - Pankaj.
Yes, it's me.
We need to mail the
Singapore client's designs.
And, until you don't make
the changes, we can't send them.
I'm coming to the office.
I don't like this font.
And this colour,
it clashes with the background.
So, please ask them to change it.
I knew it. I already told them so,
Maya. - Okay.
And, the new colour sample
swatches will arrive tomorrow.
I'll be working on Martin's design.
So I'll be late.
Maya. - Hello, who is it?
I am coming. - Who?
I'm coming to get Nia.
Who is this?
Like I said.
- Who the hell is this?
Every night will
be filled with darkness.
I'm back.
Maya. - Hey! it's me!
What happen? Are you OK?
Let's go.
Of course. Come.
I'll drop you. - Yeah.
Bye, Maya. - Bye.
Please take care.
Will my child sleep with me today?
Love you. Goodnight.
I won't come. You come.
You didn't bring my Barbie doll.
I won't come.
Come, papa. Please come up.
Nia. - No, you come up. - Nia.
I won't, you come up. - Nia baby.
Mama, tell papa I want to
play 'jump-jump'. - Please, dear.
You didn't get my Barbie doll.
I won't come with you.
Nia, listen.
Look at mama. - Papa wants to play.
Mama's coming. Don't move.
Mama's coming. - Come, papa.
Come on. - Please, Nia.
Mom. - What happened?
Let's go to Akanksha's house.
Now. - Why? What happened?
Come on.
Come Maya.
She'll be safe.
This isn't an illusion.
Abhay's back.
Maya, you don't really
mean that, right?
I saw him myself.
First at Panchgani.
And today, he tried to kill Nia.
He wants to take her along.
And that priest, mom invited
home said the same thing.
If educated people
like us say such things..
..then people will call us crazy.
I don't care what people think.
I am not crazy.
Please guys.
You have to believe me.
There's nothing wrong with Nia.
I feel it too.
Whenever I am with Nia.
I can feel his presence around her.
Please relax.
Whatever your decision is,
we're with you. - Yes.
Mom. I'm scared.
Don't be scared, dear.
You're a strong girl.
I am with you.
I am not going anywhere.
What happened?
I think it was a bad dream again.
Where's Nia?
She has gone home.
Aunt's getting her breakfast.
Good girl.
Finished your breakfast.
Off to school?
Rohit uncle will drop
you to school today, okay.
Okay, mom. - Okay.
Come my baby.
Hey, don't forget your lunch box.
Say bye. - Bye grandma.
I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Akanksha. - Maya.
I was thinking about
your bad dreams.
It reminded me of my nightmares.
You get them too.
I used to during my pregnancy.
You know what, keep a
sharp object under your pillow.
You won't get it.
What sharp objects? - Anything.
Fork, knife, anything sharp.
You know. Just keep it.
Fine. I'll do it right now.
Mom. - What happened?
What is it?
What is it? - Mom. Abhay.
Calm down. - Abhay.
Abhay. - Just a minute.
Let me check.
You calm down.
Let me see.
Let me see.
There's nothing.
Mom, there.
There. There..
Calm down.
Mom, he was there.
Okay. - Mom, he was there.
There's nothing now.
- Everything was open here.
It's nothing. - Please believe me.
I believe you, dear.
I believe you, dear.
Believe me, mom.
A lot has happened?
You must be tired.
And you've an appointment
with the psychologist in two hours.
So, you try to sleep. Okay.
Thanks, mom.
And I am with you.
I am not going anywhere. - Yeah.
Time to go visit your psychologist.
Get up.
Get up.
Good girl, come on.
Did Nia talk to her father today.
I talk to him every day.
I see.
So, where does papa stay?
- He stays with me.
With you. - Okay, tell me..
..Where is papa at the moment?
l Papa is with me.
Yes, doctor.
Alright, I'll do that.
I know you love your father. Right?
But, does Nia know..
..that Nia's mother
loves her a lot too.
She loves you a lot, child.
Nia, your papa...
...isn't here.
He has gone very far away.
Your father is far away from you.
He will never return.
Nia, your papa is dead.
Excuse me.
Can you ask the doctor
if I can go in or not?
Sure, ma'am. Give me a moment.
Sorry, ma'am. He doesn't
seem to be answering the phone.
I'll just go and check.
Pankaj. I need your help.
Can you get to third floor,
plaza building?
Yeah. Thank you.
Akanksha, take Nia home.
The inspector wants
to talk to me. - Sure.
Nia baby. Go home.
Shall we go home?
Hello, Maya.
Hello, inspector.
What are you doing here?
Nia misses her father.
So I thought that,
some counselling might help her.
Was Dr. Bhandari
normal when you met him?
Yeah. He was perfectly fine.
And I guess,
Nia knows about her father now.
But she doesn't want to believe it.
Isn't it strange, Maya?
Every time we meet, someone's dead.
I guess...us meeting
is not a good omen.
Your husband's case has
been declared an accident..
..and closed.
But I don't feel
it's actually closed.
I visited Nia's class
teacher's scene of crime..
..I felt just like when I visited
her friend Paras's accident site.
Mrs. Sinha.
Yes. She's dead.
When we found her body, she didn't
have a single injury on her body.
Then, how did this happen?
Her throat was slit.
But you just said there
was no sign of injury.
Her throat was slit from inside.
From inside.
That's.. - Impossible. I know.
But that was a tragic death.
And, she wasn't alone.
- Who was with her?
She was four weeks pregnant.
I want to show you something.
Paras. Mrs. Vaishali Sinha.
It's there in all the
security tapes of the school.
All these killings
are related, Maya.
What are you hiding?
You won't believe me. - Try me.
There are some things
even science can't explain.
Please tell me.
I... - Yes.
Shall we go home?
Please come home tonight.
I will talk to you.
Maya. We're always there for you.
You take care.
Thanks, Pankaj. Bye.
Are you okay, Maya?
I am fine.
Did the inspector
ask you lot of questions?
No, but I've invited him home.
I want to tell him everything.
Do you trust him? - Yes, mom.
I'll get something to eat. - No.
Nia. - What happened, Nia?
Why are you laughing?
Papa says, your cooking's so bad,
even dogs can't eat it.
You think this is a joke.
Your mom's scared to death.
And your father,
you talk about all the time..
He was a monster.
He used to beat your mother.
- Akanksha, please.
And he's no more.
And guess what,
I am really happy he isn't.
And don't ever utter
his name before me.
Akanksha. - And, tell your papa..
..I'll never feed
him even if he's dying.
Akanksha, please.
Don't worry, I'll handle her.
Come, say sorry to aunt. Come on.
Nia. I am so sorry, baby.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
Come here. Come.
Akanksha. - Maya.
Maya, stop him.
Open the door.
Open the door.
I am sorry, Mrs. Verma but..
..all the evidence
are against Maya.
I didn't do anything.
I've to arrest her. - No.
I didn't kill her.
Let's go. - Please.
Get up. - No.
Maya.. - Inspector.
You know, I didn't kill Akanksha.
Abhay's killed her.
Inspector, listen to me.
Nia. You know who killed Akanksha.
Please tell them.
They will take mom away.
They will take mom away.
Please tell them.
Nia, please.
Inspector, please.
That's what he wants.
He will kill my daughter.
Why don't you understand?
He'll take Nia away. - Come on.
Nia. Nia.
I am sorry, Mrs. Verma.
I had to take her in custody.
But, looking at her condition,
I'll take her to the hospital.
So that, she can be
kept under observation.
I'll try my best.
Thank you.
Mrs. Verma.
You mean to say your
dead husband's spirit..
..possessed your daughter.
He doesn't possess her.
- I'm confused.
You just said he talked
to your though your daughter.
That happened just once.
You mean you heard your
husband's voice just once?
Yes, he...called me. - Called you?
Did he call her and then you?
You don't believe me.
Abhay wants to kill my daughter.
And you think this is a joke.
Mrs. Verma,
we're trying to help you.
So, Mrs. Verma, did you
just hear your husband's voice..
..or see him too. - I don't care.
I don't care whether
you believe me or not.
I can even kill you
to get out of here.
Injection, get her the injection.
I need to save my daughter.
I need to save my daughter.
- Quickly.
Do you understand?
- Quickly. - Leave me.
Please, I need to get out of here.
Help me, please.
Please help me.
Call inspector Adhav.
He believes me.
Save my daughter.
Open the door.
You...come quickly Pratap.
I have become all alone.
Police has taken..
She's in custody.
Leela, please don't panic.
I'll be there by tomorrow night.
I'll make things right, okay.
Just stay calm.
No, please.
I say stop.
Mama. - Nia.
My baby.
I love you. - I love you, mom.
Don't ever leave me.
Papa says you'll never love me.
Why, mom?
I love you, dear.
Mom loves you.
Papa has asked me to meet you.
He says he's taking me along.
Nia. Your papa's dead.
Your father's dead. He's dead.
He wants to kill you, Nia.
Try to understand.
Stay away from him.
Stay away from him.
You're a liar. You're a liar.
Papa says you're a liar.
You lie to me as well.
I am going with papa.
- Nia, please.
Please, Nia.
Where's grandma?
Where's grandma?
I am sorry, Maya.
She's no more.
Only for you.
Only for you.
It's only happening for you.
Nia, papa's dead.
Nia. - I hate you.
I hate you.
'Your husband's growing
powerful every day.'
He doesn't belong
to this world now.
Human beings can't stop him.
Papa, where are we going?
We're going very far away.
To a place where you'll
get lots of Barbie dolls.
Will mom come along?
Dear, I did ask your mother.
But, I wonder why
she didn't come along?
But, papa. I want mom as well.
Your mom doesn't love us.
He'll come.
He'll come for his daughter.
He's here. He's taken her away.
Papa, mom was crying.
Nia. Listen to me.
Your mom doesn't love you.
You only love your papa.
Get that.
Come on.
You know.
Soon the train will be here.
It will take us along.
Just watch.
Time of death 12:07
Looking for papa. Papa's here.
I want to go to mom. - Mom.
Forget about mom.
Come on.
The train's coming.
Don't be scared. I'm with you.
My child.
You want your mom.
I want to go to my mom.
I want to go to my mom.
- You want your mom.
What do you think?
You can snatch her from me? - Mom.
You'll never touch
her again, Abhay.
What do you think?
You can stop me.
Not even your soul can stop me.
You snatched my daughter from me.
- Don't hit my mom.
You snatched my daughter from me.
Let mom go.
You're a demon.
Nia. Nia.
I'll show you what a demon is.
Let mom go. - Look! Look!
I love you, mom. I'm sorry.
I hate you.
I hate you, papa.
I love you.
Let her go.
You're making my daughter hate me.
- I hate you, papa.
You're making my daughter hate me.
- I hate you, papa.
See. You made my
daughter hate me. Maya.
My child.
My child.
My child.
Mom, don't go.
Mom's not going, dear.
She's always with you.
Please Mom, don't go.
I love you. - I love you, mom.
Mom! Where are you?
Where are you?
Mom. Mom.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Nia.
Happy birthday to you.
Yes. Yeah!
"I forsake my body for you."
"I was obsessed about you."
"I forsake my body for you."
"I was obsessed about you."
"For ages it's been together,
the ties that bind us."
"Your spirit with mine."
"Your spirit with mine."
"Your spirit with mine."
"I forsake my body for you."
"I was obsessed about you."
"For ages it's been together,
the ties that bind us."
"Your spirit with mine."
"Your spirit with mine."
"Your spirit with mine."
"Whether in this world,
or in that one."
"I'm with you everywhere."
"Whether in this world,
or in that one."
"I'm with you everywhere."
"I dwell in your."
"I exist if you do."
"Or I've no existence at all."
"For ages it's been together,
the ties that bind us."
"Your spirit with mine."
"Your spirit with mine."
"Your spirit with mine."
"I forsake my body for you."
"Only for you."
"I forsake my body for you."