Aattam (2023) Movie Script

Ive been sending
him photos.
Jason is very happy
with your work.
But he feels youre quite slow.
Good work takes time. Right?
Ill talk to Jason.
You can move in by Christmas.
No stress.
- The plastering will start right away.
- It must.
He plans to stay here
during the holidays.
Of course. Itll be done by then.
Whats the characters name?
- Late as usual!
- Youre late too.
Hurry, get in.
Hurry up!
Hurry up! Get down quickly.
[indistinct chatter]
Mind your step.
Cijin, careful with those masks.
- Isnt this beautiful?
- When did you take it?
Dont leave anything
behind in the van.
Got everything, Aji?
[indistinct chatter]
Finally! I thought youd
end up serving me on stage.
Anjali, does this look good?
Yes! Its good!
Ive stuck it together,
Dont put it on now. Let it dry.
Dont wear it. Let it dry.
- Im going.
- Where to?
I havent got my flowers yet.
Keep me company.
You want me to get
an earful from sir?
Hes a young boy.
That was not nice.
Ive seen crooks much younger
than him. You have no idea.
So, you're going to
tell her today?
It's been a bad day.
- But I should tell her, right?
- You must!
Debts can wait,
but never love.
Tell her! Shell say yes.
Im bored of the same
damn veg food.
Madan, put in a word for me.
Yeah! I read it fully.
How about an omelette with it?
Bro, Ill call tomorrow
Lets meet in person. Okay?
Youre finally here.
Youll be fine in five minutes.
Do I get an interview?
- No idea.
- I wanted to say something.
Prasanth, you made me panic!
I stressed you out, right?
Dont linger on! Go
put on your make-up!
Im glad you didnt forget it.
Keep this!
This is all my stuff. Not yours.
Your stuff is over there.
I don't take milk tea.
Any black tea?
Whose phone is it?
Im charging mine.
Thats mine. Dont unplug it.
- My phone has died.
- Mines got just 20% battery.
My phone's dead.
Thank you.
Jolly, buy a mosquito repellent.
Didnt you all get bitten last night?
- Whats your name?
- Manikandan.
Hey, I wasn't bitten.
Non-vegetarians have
a higher body heat.
That attracts mosquitoes.
Whats wrong?
Why are you so serious?
It's nothing.
- Nervous about the performance?
- No.
Why is there only
one lady in this play?
- This play is like that
- Sir
Is it about to start?
No, no. Carry on.
Cijin might pull some stunt.
- To check the girl out.
- Let him try.
Look at the camera. Smile.
- All good?
- Yeah.
Its not fair to click a
selfie without the hero.
He's only interested in
being photographed.
I came to get you.
Sir is looking for you.
- Why?
- What's the matter?
- I dont know.
- He seems really upset.
Ive been longing to take
a picture with Selvan.
Come on.
Say cheese, everyone.
Hari, youre blocking the others.
Really? Thats because youre
short. Move to the back.
Give it to me. Once more.
Now everyone, smile.
Look here and smile.
I cant fit everyone
in the frame.
It doesn't have a wide angle!
Whose bloody phone is this?
Youve got a terrible phone.
Let me try mine.
See? Look here.
Now look!
See the difference?
Can someone click it
for god-sake?
Shorties come forward.
Aji and Anjali, come to the front.
Vinay. You, too.
Just take the picture.
Dont get on my nerves!
Click the photo.
Such unnecessary
inferior feelings.
- To hell with the photo.
- Everybody, smile!
[In English] You can only
expand on the possibilities...
and the suggestive structures
the playwright allows you to.
- Sir.
- Yes, Cijin?
Hari said you called me.
Its fun when young
boys play such tricks.
But youre a father to
a three-year-old.
Youve seen the girl, right?
Now, go.
- Hari said you called me.
- Go!
Dont you dare do
such pranks again!
Who the fuck are you!
Are you threatening me?
Did I startle you? Did I?
Come on, you are a man!
Dont get scared so easily.
- What's going on?
- Nothing, Aji.
- Were having fun.
- Leave him alone.
Just fun. What a shame.
Slowly turn around. Lower
your head and bend backwards.
Stretch again
to the other side.
And when we slowly
come closer to this position,
Our shadows will look like
were kissing.
I have nothing new to say.
For the next hour and a half...
Keep your minds focused
on your characters...
onstage and offstage.
Don't be complacent, thinking you've
played the role over forty times.
Jolly, mind your neck.
Dont roll it too much.
Keep in mind that we soon
have to perform in Delhi.
Thats all.
Do your best. Itll turn out well.
- Sir, I want to say something.
- Please.
A few of my filmmaker
friends have agreed to come.
Im not sure they will. But
Ive asked them to come.
And there are some
foreigners as well.
So, If you...
I mean, if we...
perform well, many of us
will benefit. Got it?
As sir said, let's do it well.
All the best!
All the best
Im not Kapilan!
Im Devadathan!
You cant be Devadathan!
Your words are unpleasant
And your body
lacks that fragrance
I resist!
I resist your fragrance
and your bond.
Go away!
Go far away from me!
Did I not marry you?
Is your womb not bearing
my child?
Have mercy on me.
Im your consort.
I wont be carried away
by your demonic ways.
I belong to him!
To the valiant and majestic,
The blue lotuses in your
flowing tresses
Blossom and float as
though on a pond
When I gently pluck a flower
The skies turn crimson
and your cheeks turn pink
Filled with longing
Now to appear on the
far horizon of your sight
The graceful night embraces the
moon within the bounds of the sky

I have endured decades of penance
Acquired wisdom from
all the Vedas
I have mastered
and embodied all arts
But Kapilan! You can never
be as great as Devadathan
Why not?
Your ego is louder
than your hymns
Sever it!
Sever everything that
smells of the ego.
- Whats the matter?
- I'll tell you.
He has our photos from the play.
But hell only share them
if we pay him.
So were paying him handsomely!
- Go on.
- 181613
Got it?
Still holding onto her photo?
Beware of Nandan.
Give me the damn phone!
Done? Okay! See you.
We watch all your
movies. You are awesome!
- Shes your biggest fan!
- Thank you so much.
Please stop playing the villain
and play the hero instead.
Yea, they are coming soon!
Hope you liked
the play. Thank you!
The director is here.
- Is everyone here?
- Yes, Sir.
They are Haris friends.
Chris Trevor...
and his wife Emily.
They wanted to congratulate
you in person.
You can tell them. Please.
Ive seen a few plays here in
India but this one really stands out.
Very rooted and yet
very contemporary.
I mean, its such a spectacle.
You know... the
lights, the music.
This man, what a director!
What a Director!
- Selvan, did you understand?
- What was that end bit?
As if you got any of it!
He said the play was wonderful.
Say thanks. Relax!
Thank you, Sir.
So, wheres the
lady of the play?
You know... I think I have a
bias to the lady of the play.
I think she outdid
all of you men.
Were you dancing
or flying, darling?
Were you dancing or flying?
Shes saying we men
werent as good as Anjali.
Come on, Madan!
Anjali has been in this
group from a very young age.
Sixteen or seventeen?
- Sixteen.
- Sixteen? Wow! Very nice!
- Vinay also.
- We We both came together.
- We were in school.
- Okay
- Hari.
- Yeah?
Should you tell them about
the dinner... Or should I?
Yeah, I will.
They have a
property in Fort Kochi.
Great ambience!
So they are here to invite all
of us to spend the night there.
They plan to throw us a party.
That sounds great!
They dont have any guests
tonight. Its fully vacant.
So we'll all sleep there
and part in the morning.
You are a sweetheart Hari!
Lets have a ball tonight!
You frightened me, Prasant!
- Congrats!
- For what?
Everyone is talking
about your performance.
You were fantastic!
I feel good about it too.
Everything somehow
fell into place, right?
Are you free?
I have something to tell you.
Just two minutes.
Ah, I am free...
But I must return Shajitha
her clothes right away.
No problem.
- Well talk later?
- Its okay.
Its fine. Well take an Uber.
- Its too late.
- 7.45 is not too late.
Invites like these dont come often.
Dont be a spoilsport.
Go with them.
Oh no! You guys are stinking.
Spray it on!
Let me spray him first.
Hes too smelly.
Your perfume gives me an itch.
That's enough!
Prashanth! Come here.
Doesnt this belong to Hari?
So what? It's mine now.
Jolly. Three bottles of booze?
Arent you tempted?
I am.
But I promised her I wouldnt drink.
Dont get bullied by her.
Athira made you quit smoking
for two years, remember?
Dont talk about that bitch.
But you still keep
the bitchs photo.
Arent you worried?
What if Nandan sees it?
I don't care.
He made us pose for it.
He took the photo.
He clicked it as well.
That's a lot of booze.
Are you sure that sir will go
with the foreigners?
I dont want to drink
in his presence.
Hell go for sure. He wouldnt
want to curb our freedom.
Let's go.
[In English] The place looks beautiful.
Oh! Thank you so much.
Im happy to hear that.
This is Maria. She will be
your caretaker for tonight.
And please make yourselves at
home and really enjoy yourselves.
- And well be seeing you in the morning.
- Sure!
And just Hari make sure
nobody eats on the bed.
Sure, sure! Guess he caught
your standards.
And... One more thing.
What is this?
- Have fun, guys!
- Wow!
Thank you, Chris.
Thank you so much!
More booze!
Thank you so much!
Aha, is she already in bed?
Why dont you look around?
I dont want to.
Im sleepy. I don't want
to see the place.
We're raising a monk here.
Ill sleep on the couch.
You two can sleep
peacefully in the bed.
Im happy you came.
No need for sacrifices. We three
will easily fit in the bed.
Youre sleeping in the bed.
Sir, do you think Hari is better
than me in the role?
No. I don't have
any such thoughts.
It took me 14 years to
play the heros role.
And to give that to somebody
whos been with us only for two years..
Agreed, hes a film actor...
But hes an amateur in theatre.
You said you were going to just
try him out for a stage or two.
But this was the ninth.
Before he joined us, we hardly
performed three plays in a year.
Once I made him the hero, this is
the ninth show in 7 months.
He has great value in the market.
Hes a real crowd puller.
Hes the reason you all are
better paid now.
I better shed my
hopes, right sir?
Youre only thinking about yourself.
All right, sir.
Listen. Deposit it on the 7th.
Not before.
They should pay me on the 5th.
Bank it on the 7th to be
on the safe side.
You never know with
film folk and money.
Thank you.
This is a huge help.
Ill return it. But give me some time.
Never mind! Take your own time.
But do me a favour.
Don't tell the others for Gods sake.
Or dozens will come borrowing.
Come on, time for a drink.
Can I tell you something?
Hari has many movies releasing.
Sure hell quit theatre soon.
I dont think hell turn up
for the Delhi show either.
I dont want that role
because of his generosity.
Oh my! Somebody is
seriously dejected.
I have the right medicine for you.
That is some medicine!
Its a Steroid.
Only one dose though.
Six months. Or a year.
Take your time.
Ill wait for you.
One minute.
Its Shajitha. I should answer.
She must be looking for you.
Shell get suspicious about us.
Well, let her.
- You dont have a problem with that?
- No.
- No problem?-
- Not at all.
Come on, sing!
Lets make it fun!
Set the pitch!
Pitch is everything.
Hey Jolly, play the
pitch on that speaker.
- Wait.
- You smoking already?
- Did you ask for vodka?
- Yeah.
- This is the last one.
- Whatever!
The speaker is connected
to someones phone.
- Let me check.
- Whose phone is this?
- Never mind! Just sing!
- Okay, okay.
Pour me a drink.
A lake shore full of romance
Long ago, one evening,
as the sky turned red
A beautiful woman,
wearing a halo
Bloomed like a morning flower
And spread into my soul
Your turn!
Girl, why wont you smile?
Who doesnt smile?
Why wont you, girl?
Who are you, girl?
Girl, why wont you smile?
Is it because you have
no anklet bells?
Is it because you have
no nose-ring?
Why doesnt this girl smile?
- You drank vodka?
- No, whisky.
That was wonderful!
Theres no point in asking me
the same thing again and again.
Im stone sober! I promise.
Okay. Whos there?
- Can you see?
- Oh! Anjali drinks?
Sure! She can drink like a fish.
- Ill put Shajitha on. Shell tell you.
- Is he drunk, Shajitha?
He hasnt touched
a drop. Dont worry.
I dont trust these guys.
He doesnt break his promises.
- Right, Jolly?
- Yeah!
What else? When
are you coming back?
- Hello.
- Hi.
- How are you?- Im fine.
You have nothing better to do?
Ask Anjali to wear
her clothes properly.
You need to give men their space.
Or they get sneaky.
You and I know him well!
Look at her! Dead drunk
but still standing.
Hows life in Bhopal? Is it good?
It's fine.
This little pond beckons me.
Oh God!
A show is about to begin here.
I cant wait any more.
Bye bye!
Whose phone is this?
He jumped in!
Hey, no. I'll jump in on my own.
- Come, Aji.
- Ill jump in myself.
Don't push!
- No, the cheque is in my pocket.
- Put it away then!
Why are you hiding in that corner?
No way!
No. I don't know how to swim!
Hey you!
What the hell have you done?
Whats with you, man?
Its just fun. Lets enjoy.
Whats your problem?
Look at her!
Damn it! I'm sober again.
The pool was a bad idea.
- In the mood for another drink?
- Always!
I saw more bottles in Haris car.
But I don't feel like asking him.
- In his car, right?
- Yes.
We can get it without asking.
- We only need the car keys, right?
- Right.
Let's see.
Common, the game is not over yet.
Can you spare a moment?
Its something personal.
Prasanth shame on you.
I know what youre about to say.
I cant think of you like in that way.
Forget about it. Right now.
Let me go sleep.
Im really tipsy.
Hari, can I have a cigarette?
I dont have any.
Come on! I feel like a smoke.
When I feel like it, I never get one.
Here you go.
But its empty.
I told you!
Come on. Give me a cigarette.
Theres a packet in the car.
Take it.
But where are the keys?
In that basket on the dining table.
Take only one.
Im happy with one.
Goodness Delna!
Hari was talking nonsense.
I cant help it.
Im stone cold sober!
Please take my call.
We can talk about it.
Please just take the call.
Fuck it!
"The Bluetooth device is
connected successfully."
[playing on bluetooth speaker]
She has a mild fever.
I haven't turned on the AC.
No problem. Take a rest.
Were leaving in half an hour.
Get ready soon!
Shajitha, wake your husband up.
Ill wake the girl up.
Chris and Emily will be here soon.
A quick thanks and were off.
Gotta get back to work.
Anjali left early this morning.
She took a cab around 5.30.
She said there was
an emergency at work.
- At 5.30 a.m.?
- Yes.
- Is the little one sick?
- She has a fever.
Okay, then.
The person youre calling is
not responding. Please try later."
I spoke to your father-in-law...
He wants to claim half of the
wedding expenses from you.
Im happy to pay.
What hes asking for is fair.
But I need some more time.
Dont worry about that, Vinay...
Dad is just annoyed about
our divorce plans.
Give it a week and things
will calm down.
Same with the court! 6 months of
counseling is just to cool people down.
But if you both
plan to wave it off-
'Anjali New'
This divorce could be mutual for you.
Families need time to
let things sink in.
Go ahead with the counselling.
We dont intend
to trouble anyone.
Bloody hell!
You should've told me
that very morning.
I wouldve cornered
that bastard.
Ive been calling you
for the last two days!
Why the hell didnt you pick up?
You never pick up!
Seriously? Youre
taking it out on me now?
I still havent recovered
from the shock!
I understand.
Anjali, leave it to me.
I know what to do.
Hes the one who should
leave the group. Not you.
I promise Ill get him kicked out.
Vinay, please. I dont want all that.
I dont want to tell
anyone about it.
Thats the last thing I want.
You dont have to
say a thing. Ill do it.
But you are sure
it was him, right?
You want to see some proof?
Sudha will do the dishes
and prepare food too.
Let her know if you want her
to come every day.
The clothes are all over
on the bed upstairs.
Fold them when you get time.
- Here.
- Its okay, madam.
Come on! Give him too.
Madam, is your husband
is a theatre actor?
I saw his photo in the papers
the other day.
Don't be silly! Its just a hobby.
Have you heard ofThe Hindu?
He worked there as an editor
for many years.
Sorry Madam... I didnt
mean it in a bad way.
Now go ahead and bitch about me
in your canteen.
Still eating? Open the door!
Hey Vinay! Its been ages!
Whats up?
All good! Where are you headed?
Im off to Calicut for a raid.
I might get a promotion
if things go well.
I must go. Im getting late.
Is Madan home?
Hes inside. Trying to
butter up the Gods.
See you.
So, why arent you
saying anything?
Im in shock.
I dont mind taking this up.
But isn't it wrong
to tell everyone...
that she spoke
to 'me' about this?
Try to understand. Shes trying
to get legal help.
Ive calmed her down somehow.
Shes in no state to talk about it.
She was devastated
when she spoke to me.
Youre right. Itll be torture
for her to keep repeating the story.
Correct! You are the most senior
in our group.
Theyll take it seriously
only if you address this issue.
Only then will we have a solution.
Isn't this a starfruit?
Madan, who are you calling?
I dont want to trouble you, my dear.
Vinay is here.
He has told me everything.
Ill call a group meeting tomorrow.
Well make a decision.
It did happen, right?
Thats all, my dear.
Now she has
spoken to me! Right?
Tomorrow is a Sunday.
Well call everyone here.
Sounds good.
Aji. Its a tiny balloon-like thing.
Its called a saccular aneurysm.
The risk of a rupture is high
since its in the brain.
It can go unruptured for a lifetime,
but in your case...
Compared to the previous scan,
the bulge has widened.
The bulging has widened.
Thats why it is risky.
But why does it have
to be in my head?
There could be multiple factors.
Hypertension is one.
- You used to smoke, right?
- Yeah.
Smoking can be a major cause.
Could be hereditary...
or even stress...
Let's call it fate.
What can I do about it, doctor?
Drivers don't get to choose
their holidays, Madan.
Okay, I'll check with my boss.
Dont lean on that headrest.
Your hair is dripping with oil.
If Sir finds out...
Ill lose my job!
Who was that on the phone?
Seems fishy.
Say that again?
Intermittent fasting.
Avoid sugar completely. In one month
your belly fat will melt like butter.
Really? One minute.
Hello Madan.
Im at the temple. Shall I call you back?
Okay, tell me fast!
Ill come straight from the shop.
Ill pick up Santhosh on the way.
Ill come by 11.30. See you there.
Doctor, let me tell
you something now.
You say I'll be done in 20 minutes
if the balloon bursts. Let it be.
Theres something
fascinating about that.
I dont have the time or
the money for treatment.
Lets pretend this conversation
never happened.
- I hope everyones been called.
- Did you call Selvan?
Ask him not to tell that asshole,
or therell be chaos.
Why isn't he called?
I dont understand.
All right.
One thing at a time! Finish your
call, then massage me.
- Vinay!
- Yes?
Once we raise it in the group,
theres no going back.
He will defend himself, Im sure.
I hope Anjali won't back out.
What nonsense!
She was about to call the police
and post it on Facebook.
Why the hell would she back out?
I'm just anxious.
Goodnight. See you tomorrow.
First lets find out
what its all about.
Well only buy booze
if everyone contributes.
No need to buy booze.
Why not?
I said, no need to 'buy' booze.
-Isnt that Madans friend?
-I think so.
Madan, the sealant has worn out.
Ive fixed it for now.
Dont use the toilet today.
This photo is sharp.
-Cijin looks very pleased.
-No other paper has featured it.
- Such a fantastic write-up!
- Hey, when did you get here?
You guys were smoking there, right?
I just passed by right in front of
you. Didn't you see me?
Everyone's happy.
Sit down.
Selvan! Grab a chair.
Is everyone here?
I'll try my best.
Is Prasanth here?
Not yet.
- Jolly, call Prasanth.
- No need. Im here.
Bad traffic on the bridge.
Forget the story. Sit down.
Be careful. Its hot.
Why a steel glass for me?
Stop such distinctions.
I made coffee just for him
and he still complains!
Don't drink it then.
Aji, sit here. I can't stand his face.
Grow up guys!
What was that?
A coconut fell on the roof.
Madan, now tell us
why we are here.
Everyones curious.
Is everyone here?
I told you all that Hari is busy with
a shoot and cant come.
Truth is - I didnt call him because
this meeting is about him.
What is it?
- Something has happened.
- What?
Anjali came to see me yesterday.
- She came here?
- Yes.
Last Sunday we were all
at the resort, right?
Anjali told me that Hari
misbehaved with her that night.
Misbehaved - as in? Did he
insult her or something?
Such matters can be
brought to a compromise.
But this is something even worse.
While she was asleep,
that filthy prick groped her.
What the...!
Wonderful! This was the one thing
that has never happened in our group.
Check it off now.
When you took Haris name, I knew
something nasty had happened.
But when did this happen?
Sudheer, I told you
She hasn't taken my call for the
last three days.
Now I know why.
I can't believe he'd do such a thing.
But he did.
Madan, what exactly did she tell you?
Around 2.30 at night, she was
sleeping on a sofa by the window.
Not sure if he was just passing
by, or he went there deliberately.
But that's when it happened.
He put his hand through the
window and groped her.
So it happened in her sleep?
Not when she was awake?
She was asleep.
So she didnt see who it was.
She clearly saw
him running away.
Did she say the window was open?
Cijin, hes not a cop to
cross-examine her.
- Can only cops ask such questions?
- It was silly anyway.
Listen he is well
capable of doing that.
I was once his driver right,
hoping to be in the movies.
Such bawdy jokes he was into.
I can't tell you.
Stop talking rot!
Im gonna belt this bugger one day.
How do we face her again?
A girl whos been with us
for 16 years
was groped by an asshole who
joined us only two years ago,
and were being frivolous about it?
Exactly! Bring him here and
lets beat the shit out of him.
Aji, theres no point in being
emotional about it.
We've just heard about it.
We should discuss more.
Discussions are
our forte, right?
Shes the only one in this group
who cares to call me to check on me.
So yes, I am emotional
about this.
Beat him up if you want.
But it must be a unanimous
decision. Thats my point.
Santhosh, listen to this...
if he did it, he didnt care that
we were all there that night.
We are just buffoons for him.
- Guess you had a slip of tongue!
- What?
You said 'if' he did it.
So we need to
make sure he did it.
What are you trying to say?
Are you saying he
didnt do it to her?
We are not arguing about that.
But a mere
accusation isn't enough.
When it comes to Anjali,
thats more than enough.
See, we're dealing
with a serious matter.
She was in tears when
she told me about it.
The girl is in a state of shock.
Try and understand that.
Hey! Where are you going?
Carry on. Ill be right back.
Prasanth, we are
discussing something serious.
I feel uneasy after hearing all this.
I need a smoke.
Another excuse
for him to smoke!
Hey Jolly.
Hari and you were sharing the
same room that night, right?
- Hari, Sanosh and me.
- We shared the same room.
- Was he very drunk?
- Somewhat.
Thats it! A sober mind
would not do such a thing.
We should stop drinking.
Youve all been drinking
too much recently.
And you know it.
He didnt do it
because he was drunk.
The truth is that alcohol
brought out his true nature.
We were all drunk,
for that matter.
You and I dont drink.
Were you drunk, Jolly?
- He quit drinking.
- Right!
Except for us three,
all the others were drunk.
Anjali was drunk too.
So what?
Just reminding you since
you were doing a count.
Yeah, she was drunk too.
This wasnt the first time
weve partied together.
Have we ever
misbehaved with her?
Forget about misbehaving...
Has any one of us even thought
of her in that way?
No right?
So dont blame it on alcohol.
Blame it on him.
- Madan, did she tell you in person?
- Yes, she did.
Yesterday. Why make him repeat it?
Im not being suspicious
But I disagree with something...
Today is Sunday.
It happened last Sunday.
Why did it take her so long to tell us?
She couldve told one of us the next day.
Why did she keep silent
for a whole week?
Whats that fucking question?
Someone groped her breasts.
Damn it!
It wasnt a purse she lost to
sing out to you the next day.
Who talked about breasts?
Madan never said anything.
Hes mouthing off at me!
You dumbhead!
Thats what groping means!
Does Madan have to spell it out?
I can call you names too.
Dont you dare!
Out with it!
- Cijin...
- Tell him!
I don't like his tone.
Wait, let me finish.
He sounded wrong
from the beginning!
There are seniors here.
Let them talk.
Who are you to talk?
This was meant to be a
damn discussion.
- Leave it, man.
- Stop bossing around!
- You sit.
- Sit down.
Sit down. Lets talk it through.
You veterans discuss it then.
- Cijin... Stop it.
- Tell him!
- We always do this.
- Sit down.
Is it over now?
Done with the drama?
Let me tell you what I think.
If this ever goes public,
well all die of shame.
Both Anjali and
Hari are dear to us.
So we should call them here.
Talk to them and then
reach a compromise.
Thats my opinion. Now dont
jump down my throat.
Santhosh, we've gathered
here to speak our minds.
So lets talk.
Sudheer, why are you so silent?
He should be expelled at once.
Don't we have
'Arangu's' letterhead?
Write the dismissal matter,
get it sealed by Sir.
Give Hari his notice.
That's the first step.
Other investigations can wait.
This is my decision.
Not my opinion.
Dont go. Sit down.
Im not going anywhere.
I need a smoke.
Or I might feel like beating
him up myself.
Dont be long. Ask Prasanth to
come back inside.
Madan! Sudheer is right.
We cant have Hari
in the group anymore.
Sudheer looks as if we
did something wrong.
Remember the havoc he created
in Hyderabad in Jollys name?
In the end hes
always the good one.
The idea of compromising was so naive.
I use that with kids at school.
By compromise, I didnt mean
baby talk or gentle advice.
This should not come out.
No matter what.
If this ever did - it would mean
the end of our group.
Bear that in mind.
We just heard about it,
and we're gonna dismiss him?
Is it right?
Sudheer is our close friend,
but I dont support his suggestion.
This is precisely what we want.
Everyone should talk freely.
And give their opinions.
Madan, when it comes to something
like this, we need to clarify things.
So it isnt right to fly into a rage.
Can we think for the girl now?
A little empathy
would be good.
Isnt that the inverter sound?
The battery is low, I guess.
Where is it?
Ill take a look.
Its upstairs.
Ill show you.
Whats with Prasanth today?
He is usually very outspoken.
What was all that noise?
Cijin and Vinay are arguing.
Well, Cijin has got a sharp tongue.
I was thinking
of calling Anjali.
Not now. Let's first
come to a decision.
So yes, Hari called me a
couple of days back.
He asked if I knew any caterers
for his kids birthday party.
He seemed very casual.
He didnt sound awkward at all.
Yes. He called me too.
Random chat.
And some movie gossip as usual.
I was all ears.
After we returned from the
resort, he called me too.
He wanted to know the
price of a folk drum.
Like you said,
he sounded relaxed.
I am wondering.
Is it possible to be so casual,
after doing such an obscene thing?
It doesnt make sense.
I have my doubts.
Thats called good acting!
You didnt get it?
He called you guys to see whether
you had heard anything.
Let Madan come.
I have something to say.
Hes a very tricky man.
How long has he
been in our group?
- Two-and-a-half-years.
- Two-and-a-half-years...
He grabbed the heros
role in no time at all.
Not a simple task.
Vinay used to play
the hero so well.
Hari has ruined it.
No, Aji.
The group did benefit
from his arrival..
Jolly, Whats the problem?
The battery water mustve dried up.
We've to remove the casing.
Jolly, is Haris marriage in trouble?
How would I know?
You see them often.
Come on, Cijin...
Fixing their plumbing doesn't mean
I know about their personal problems.
I do my job, get paid
and go home.
I dont pry into their lives.
There are no lights blinking.
Please check it tomorrow.
Power cuts are common here.
Dont forget. Okay.
All right.
- Is it broken?
- It needs fixing.
Yeah... needs fixing.
Madan, you must be sterner.
They are going haywire.
Did you hear them carry on
about compromise?
We can only present the problem.
We can't decide for them.
Let them speak!
Why did you put on an act
when I started talking?
An act? Meaning?
Did Hari insult her or something?
I had to pretend I was
hearing it for the first time.
Yes, but dont overdo it.
Here. I found it.
If this ever came out,
well never get a female artist
agreeing to joining our group.
No one fancies acting on stage
anymore as it is.
Do you think shell
keep quiet about this?
Shes wont let it go.
if it happened at all.
What do you mean 'if it happened'?
Would she lie
about such a thing?
- She would. She could.
- Right, Santhosh?
Don't be silly.
I know what youre talking about.
This is far from it.
Whats that story?
It happened long ago.
Aji and Selvan know about it.
Remember the marriage issue?
Oh that...
Dont you know, Sudheer?
Not until someone tells me.
Ill tell you.
It happened four years ago.
I received a marriage proposal
from Anjalis cousin's family.
I met the family and
we liked each other.
It was almost confirmed.
After two weeks
they rejected me.
You know why?
Anjali didnt want it to happen.
Tell them what she said about me.
She said he has a bad temper
and smokes weed all the time.
I hadnt touched that shit in all my life.
How did you know that Anjali said it?
Her brother told me.
He was a friend.
Didnt you confront her?
What for? She was not interested
in having me in her family.
So she put an end to it.
And I didnt persist.
This is what...
Ah, these women! They always
think about what benefits them.
Youre screwed if you trust them.
Its better to avoid such statements.
You shouldnt talk like that.
But thats been my experience.
Im a martyr!
Whatever! Dont drag your
personal affairs into this discussion.
Youd be fired if you spoke
like that in an office.
I am not getting
fired here, am I?
Stop talking like that anywhere.
I have my freedom of speech.
Yes, you do. But freedom comes
with a sense of responsibility.
You can patronize the kids
at your school. But not me.
The inverter isn't working.
Nothings wrong
with the battery.
Call the electricity board.
I can call, but they won't pick up.
Then let's sit outside.
Its too hot in here.
Thats right.
Lets go.
Sudheer, wasn't she in Shajitha's
room that night?
- Yes.
- Did Shajitha know anything?
- Did she say something?
- Exactly!
Usually, the roommate
will come to know.
What do you mean usually?
- Have you ever been groped?
- Why would anyone grope me?
- I am a man!
- Really?
What do you mean usually...
- Stop bickering about everything.
- Leave it.
When I spoke to Shajitha,
She said that
Anjali was worried about
something at work
so she took an uber and left very early.
- Nothing else?
- No, thats all she said.
So the next step is to inform
Sir as soon as possible.
Exactly! Let him
take a decision.
No, Selvan. We should decide
and then let him know.
Anjali would not have told Madan
if she wanted sir to decide.
She wanted us to decide.
We must tell sir the matter
this evening.
Hes flying out tomorrow.
- To Nepal?
- Yeah, Nepal.
So lets not drag this out.
Tell me your decision
about Hari, one by one.
- Can I ask something?
- Yes.
You are very close to Anjali,
why didnt she tell you first?
Exactly what I had in mind!
But who am I to ask, right?
Yes, we are very close.
She tried calling me several times.
I was in the middle of counseling,
I couldnt take the call.
I had no clue she was calling
to tell me about this.
Come on!
How would he know?
Now tell me what
to do with Hari.
I've already told you.
Expel him!
People should know we expelled him
as soon as we found out.
A girl accuses someone and
we chuck him out immediately.
Is that right?
Did you just say 'a girl'?
Hey, Sanosh!
Is Anjali just any girl?
She's one of us!
We must hear his side of the story
before deciding. Thats all I meant.
Do you mean to expel him
permanently? Or temporarily?
What's on your mind, Sudheer?
He should be expelled forever.
I don't support that. I agree
what he did was despicable.
He deserves to be punished.
So suspend him for six months
or a year.
And when she has calmed down
and is willing to forgive him,
well bring him back.
This is what I think.
Yea right!
Jesus Christ is back I guess.
Forgive him! Like hell.
Wake up, man.
Stop arguing. I was only
voicing my opinion.
Im doing the same thing.
He doesnt deserve
to be forgiven.
He must be expelled.
Thats what I believe.
Sure! Everyone knows your reasoning.
Stop it, Santhosh!
Let's not digress.
No, no. Wait. Say that again?
Why should I say?
It's no secret.
Oh! I was wondering why
no one brought it up before.
You mean I have grudge against
Hari for taking my lead role.
Thats it, right?
Even if it involved my own father,
my opinion wouldnt change.
He should be expelled.
Okay! Okay! Next.
Dont cross-question
when someone's speaking.
- Go ahead, Jolly.
- Let others talk. Ill tell you later.
I see it in a different light.
In a way, we played a part in
what Hari did to Anjali.
- What part?
- You want to know?
Hes been with us for
over two years now.
If Hari still had the mind to grope
a fellow actor, we better quit theatre
and do some farming instead.
That's more dignified.
- Can I tell you something?
- Let me finish. Dont interrupt.
We never considered him
one of us.
Thats why this happened.
Doesnt matter what
sort of a person he is.
We are a theatre group, yet we failed
to bring about a change in him.
Let's accept that first.
How is it possible to know a person
inside out? Be practical.
You said not to cross-question.
Let him speak.
I didnt ask you to
know him inside out.
I meant that our art
hasnt reformed him.
Got it?
Have you finished?
- Yes.
- What are you trying to say?
- Should we throw him out or not?
- Throw him out or keep him?
Isnt there something
better we can do, as artists!
Forget art and crap!
Cant you think like a commoner?
Thats what were doing. If this had
happened in a flat or a club,
how would a commoner react?
Is being a commoner enough
is my question.
Your principles are
easier said than done!
Put yourself in her place.
I have only one thing to say.
He groped her today. Hell do
something worse tomorrow.
Hes that kind of man.
You dont really know him well.
Dont ask me, Madan.
Ill go with the groups decision.
I have nothing else to say.
Hari has insulted me a lot.
I really don't like him.
But we cant just go by
what she says.
- So what can we do?
- Prove it!
Let things clear up.
Dont rush into a decision.
Prove it? Who should
prove it to whom?
She should prove
to us that he did it.
Dont you want any proof??
What a great idea!
After what she has gone through,
she must now prove it?
A girl was groped in the middle of
the night. What proof do you want?
I don't know... Like...
Sudheers wife was in her room
that night. She can be a witness.
Did the resort have CCTV?
Have any of you seen it?
CCTV! Bullshit!
Wholl check the CCTV?
Wed have to call the police.
They wont give us the footage.
For the sake of the group, it's best
we dont drag the police into this.
Am I right, Sudheer?
There are a few things
you should know.
If she files a case
against him,
it falls under Section 354, which
is a non-bailable offence.
Hell be arrested.
Once they arrest Hari and since
we were all there too,
the police will question all of us.
Think about it.
Madan, he hasnt acted in many
movies but hes already a celebrity.
If this news leaks out,
the media will love it.
Our groups name will be said
a thousand times in the news.
Were lucky she didnt take
the matter to the police.
Okay, then.
I've said everything I had to.
I have an online meeting now.
Maximum twenty minutes.
Carry on with the discussion.
- Jolly hasnt said anything.
- Whats your decision?
Im not sure what to say.
Why not?
We once had a meeting
like this in Hyderabad
to remove me from the group.
I had messed up.
Hari was in the meeting too.
But you guys didnt
throw me out that day.
- You gave me another chance.
- So?
How can I ask someone who
supported me to leave the group?
Jolly, you just got into a brawl.
This is sexual harassment.
How can you compare?
Hes talking nonsense.
- I know that.
- Then what?
Whatever the group decides,
I am for it.
So, who wants Hari to be expelled?
Nandan, Aji, Sudheer
and me. Total 5.
Make it 6. I cant deal
with the police and stuff.
That makes it 6.
Five left.
Prasanth and Jolly said theyll
stand by the group's decision.
How lame!
They should have
their own opinion.
Its okay. Give them time to think.
So, order your lunch on Swiggy.
Come on. Lets go smoke.
Call me too.
We are one when we smoke.
Cijin and Sanosh
are stupidly stubborn.
Madan is putting on a great
act. How did you convince him?
He knew I couldnt pull it off.
Did you see how Santosh
brought up my issue with Hari?
Does Madan know that I know?
No, he doesn't! Dont
give him that impression.
No, never.
Do they know you
came here yesterday?
No one will know unless you tell them.
Over here.
- Rice for lunch, alright?
- Yes, with chicken.
We're screwed anyway.
Madan won't allow
meat in the house.
-Where did you get this?
-I always have it stocked up.
Here's to a truce!
Don't worry about Madan,
I got it from his secret stash.
Oh Vodka. So it won't reek.
Don't take it to heart.
I said it in the heat
of the moment. Sorry.
I'm sorry.
I was puzzled when you lashed out.
Im sorry too. I think
I got on your nerves.
I heard you talking about
the marriage proposal.
What you believe is not true.
Anjali never had a problem with you.
Her cousin sister was seeing
a Muslim guy.
Since Anjali knew you personally,
her cousin begged
her to cook up a story,
so her parents would call it off
Anjali had to finally give in.
Why would I lie?
Anjali could've told me.
I did tell her that, but she
was scared.
He really liked that girl...
and back then he was
he was new to the group.
She wasn't sure how hed react.
So all that led to the
lovely family I now have.
That's the spirit!
You've taken a load off my mind.
Santhosh, isn't Neha
in the 9th grade now?
No. She's in the 11th grade.
If Hari had done this to Neha,
would you suspend him for six
months and take him back again?
Would you?
Hello. Laurels Cottage?
Am I speaking to Maria?
Thirteen of us stayed
there last Sunday.
Yes. That's right.
I forgot my watch there by mistake -
on the table next to the step.
Did you find it?
Oh you didn't?
It was an expensive watch.
Oh no! Never
meant you took it.
Did you have any guests
there this week?
I see. Do you have CCTV
by any chance?
I don't have anything
against her, she's really cool.
But shouldn't we ask him before
making such an important decision?
That's just my point.
All right! What will happen
if you asked him?
I have no idea.
He will never accept it.
Then Anjali will be forced
to take legal action.
The news spreads and
our group will suffer.
If we expel him, won't he
make it into an issue?
Never! It will put an end
to his movie career.
He keeps quiet, we keep quiet.
If this ever leaks out, world
should only know one thing.
We expelled him as soon as
we knew about it.
Thats what is best for the group.
Think about it! You need to
think about the group as well.
Respected Sir,
As you know, after our play
this past Sunday,
we actors had a party at
the cottage in Fort Kochi.
Yesterday Anjali complained
to Madan,
the group coordinator,
that Hari sexually assaulted
her that night.
The complaint was that Hari groped
Anjali's breast
while she was sleeping near
the window.
In a meeting held here today
with the other members,
it has been confirmed
that the complaint is true.
Sir, this is a serious case
of sexual harassment
which could destroy the
very foundation of our group.
Therefore, we request you
as director
to immediately expel
Hari from the group.
Sir, Everyone will sign this letter
with full conviction
that you will stand by us
in this decision.
Yours sincerely
Sounds good.
That's why I made
him read it out.
Isnt this enough?
Yes. We will tell sir personally anyway.
Give the letter only after
youve spoken to sir directly.
This is just a formality.
Nothing more.
I have signed.
Gotta see Hari after all this!
Filthy dog!
Personally I don't agree with this.
But I don't want to cause
trouble for the group.
Another friendship comes
to an end.
You have heard the letter once.
I don't mind signing it.
This is for sir, right?
-Shouldn't we inform Anjali about this?
Madan will let her know
once were done.
That's not enough, Madan.
She should only know that
this decision was unanimous.
So we feel that we should
call her here and tell her directly.
By we do you mean the two of you?
Sanosh, Cijin, Selvan and I
are of the same opinion.
Santhosh, we'll let her know.
But why bring her here?
That's not how it is, Vinay.
Initially, a few of us had different
views about this matter.
Thats part of a discussion
and she shouldn't know that.
She should know that we
made this decision together.
Why create heroes and villains?
That's not needed.
Come on! She's never going to
know what we discussed here.
- Don't make egoistical decisions!
- You can't say that.
What about the Jolly incident?
Madan, Sudheer and Hari were
the saints who forgave him.
And we became the
bad guys. Ask him.
Jolly won't deny it.
Whatever! It is not right
to call Anjali here.
-Why not?
-She'll have a hard time facing us.
Same for us as well.
What is there to explain anyway?
Cijin, just sign it if you care.
Anyway, don't even think of
calling Anjali here.
You don't decide that.
Santhosh said: "'Selvan'
is of the same opinion".
I am Selvan.
I asked them to call her here.
Only if she is okay with it.
I'll call her.
All right. Do whatever you want!
Stop there, Sudheer!
First comes Sir, then me, then Aji.
Know where you stand!
See this! It's fully dyed!
Don't force me to prove my seniority.
She'll take my call. I'm sure.
Call her only if she'll be
relieved to see all of us.
Of course, Aji.
Only if she is
comfortable coming.
Let me call her.
Ill put it on the speaker,
so everyone can hear it.
-Yes, its me, dear.
Madan has told us everything.
We have all made a
decision on that matter.
We want to tell you of
our decision in person.
Can you please come here?
To Madan's house.
Ill be there. No problem.
-Hope you don't mind coming?-No, no. I'll be there.
I'm at a friend's house in Thevara.
Ill be there in an hour and a half.
Okay, Okay.
-At Madan's house.-Okay.
So that's sorted!
Now let's eat.
Under these circumstances asking
her to come alone isnt right.
Vinay, can you go and pick her up?
You can take my car.
I'll go.
No problem.
Don't answer their calls again!
I messaged you on WhatsApp
and kept waiting for your response.
I just saw the message, Vinay.
My phone was in Serah's room.
- That's enough!
-Yeah, I'm done.
Who'll play Vinay's role when
Vinay plays Hari's role in Delhi?
Hey. Yes, darling?
I'll be a bit late.
We'll have to hire more actors.
Remember Sharath? He is good.
Sanosh! Bring my phone here!
Madan, it's Hari.
Call you later.
Bring it here.
Put it on speaker.
- Hey brother!
- Yes?
I've got helluva news for you.
Life changing news.
- Spit it out!- Not on the phone!
-Are you at home?
Im at Aluva. Give me 10 minutes.
I'll be there.
Im about to go out.
I have to meet someone.
Can we talk on the phone?
I'm in a hurry too.
Im on my way
to a movie location.
You'll be shocked
if you hear about it.
Hang on for 10 minutes.
What? What's he talking about?
Who knows?
-Is he coming here?
-You heard him!
- Why did you call him here?
- He called. Not me.
Stop arguing!
Our plans will go awry if he comes now.
Do something quickly!
Take all of this away.
He said ten minutes, right? Let's hide
our shoes and our bikes.
Be quick!
- Keep everything behind the house.
- Let's hide in that room.
Not in that room. What if
he wants to use the toilet?
Let's go upstairs.
All of you stay in
the room, upstairs.
Where are you running to?
Help me with the chairs.
Why hide? Why not ride away
on our bikes?
Nine people in three bikes?
Come on, let's triple ride!
We don't know which way he'll come.
We might run into him.
-Jolly, is this Vinay's?
-Yeah! Bring that too.
Take away that glass.
Shit. It's locked!
Jolly, come here,
we'll have to lift it. Cijin!
Come on, fast.
Put your phones on silent.
"The Bluetooth device is
connected successfully"
Your lucky day!
-Thank me first.
-What is it?
Hold your horses and first say thanks.
Alright... Thanks. Tell me now.
Have you got a passport?
Tell me if you have a passport.
Yes... why?
In that case...
get ready for a three-month
trip to Europe.
Not just you. Were all going.
Our play is soon going international.
Are you drunk?
You think I'm drunk?
I'm sober as a judge.
I'll drink...
tomorrow night.
We'll all have a party!
I don't understand.
You didn't get me?
It's something I've been
trying for a long time.
Remember those foreigners?
Chris and Emily!
They were so impressed with our play.
They called me up this morning
and said they have a surprise.
I went to see them.
This was their offer:
Next January, February, March...
They are taking our
team for a trip to England.
Stunned, right?
Eighteen shows in three months.
That means six shows a month.
Not just England...
Finland, Denmark...
And maybe France.
Three months make ninety days.
Say the play takes 18 days,
we'll still have 72 days left.
In those seventy-two days,
Well have the greatest time
weve ever had.
The best part is,
Well all be paid well.
Not a couple of thousands. But
800 thousand Rupees per head.
And 1.5 million Rupees for Sir.
Fortune is smiling on us all.
-Are they really serious?
-Come on, man!
They even showed me the
British government's invitation letter.
One minute.
Oh no! It's Deepak. The controller
Give me a moment.
Yes, Deepak..
I'll be right there.
I'll apologise to him.
My co-star is waiting.
Let him wait, right?
Arent you happy with my news?
I am... I'm stunned.
We'll get to perform at
the London National Theatre.
-We'll be in London for eight days.
-This is quite something.
Did you inform Sir?
No. I spoke to him over phone
but didn't mention it.
I prefer to tell him in person.
-He's flying to Nepal tomorrow.
-I know. That's why I came.
I'll see him tonight.
You should come with me.
January will be here in a blink.
But only Prasanth and
I have the passport.
That's no problem.
It takes less than a month to get one.
-Don't tell the others about this.
-No, no.
Let Sir tell everyone.
That's how it should be.
I came to you because I couldn't
contain my excitement.
Deepak is calling.
Forget it. He's just checking
in with me. Let's go.
I'm leaving now.
Oops! Forgot my phone.
I'll give you a call around 8 p.m. OK?
Meet me at Oberon Mall.
We'll go to Sir's place together.
-Wait a minute.
Three months of travel means
-Does it include Anjali?
-Come on, man!
She's our one and only heroine!
My wife might come too.
Not sure yet.
Anjali will get some company.
Look at you!
You look dazed.
Don't tell anyone for Gods sake.
Keep it quiet for one more day.
See you at 8. Let's go.
Hello, Madan. Hope you're well.
-Wasnt he the movie star?
-Yes. Hari.
I didn't know his name.
So... I'm not asking
for votes from you.
All I promise is - I'll never spoil
my fathers reputation.
Why are you all so silent?
Say something.
We're not destined for good things.
Don't say that.
It's easy to say such things.
We're trying to kick him out
and he's trying to fly us out!
Is Anjali here?
She's inside.
Sit down. I'll call her.
No, I'll go in.
We need time to think.
Anjali shouldn't come now.
Madan, call Vinay quickly.
Stop him, if he hasn't reached.
- I'll call him.
- Madan...
They insisted on bringing her here.
Never mind!
Where are you?
What about Anjali?
Nothing. I just called to see,
if you'd got there.
How long before you're back?
What did he say?
No luck. They've already met.
Damn it!
Why did Selvan call me?
You sound like you're the
Calm down first.
So why did Selvan... call me?
I didn't tell you, because
you were with Serah.
We've decided to kick that
asshole out of the group.
They want to tell you in person.
They want to convince you
that they're all on your side.
Simple as that.
Shouldn't we think it through?
Aji, shouldn't we think it through?
Let's go outside and think.
We'll have a smoke too. Come.
Come on!
Prashanth. Come on.
Sudheer! One minute.
Come here.
So when Madan brought it up,
I stood there like I'd heard it
for the first time.
I didn't get you.
Just pretend that you didn't
tell me anything.
You told Madan.
That's it.
Vinay, why are you doing this?
It's you I talked to.
That's right.
But after some thought,
I believed it was better that
I don't get directly involved.
I'm not sure about it.
I have a doubt.
Take a look at this photo.
- Recognise the person?
- Yeah.
Look at the time.
How can that be?
No woman would ever lie
about something like this.
Don't try to act the detective!
Got it?
Such ridiculous findings!
- Hello.
- Hello.
Hello. Hello. Sudheer sir?
Why is it connected to that?
Hold on!
Yes, I can hear you!
Can you disconnect it?
I can hear you...
Yeah. Tell me.
You said you gave it some thought
and decided to not get involved.
What were those thoughts?
I was thinking about us.
I didn't want you to know.
Cijin, Santhosh and Sudheer
suspect our relationship.
I felt it from the way they spoke.
What's wrong if they find out
about us?
It would be awesome!
If they come to know.
They'll say, this was a plot you and
I made to kick Hari out of this group.
Not just now,
But, we dated for four years
before you got married.
Even then, you didn't want
anyone to know about us.
Why are you bringing that up now?
We've never spoken about it.
I doubt we ever will.
You've never been
sure of me, right?
Anjali, let me get done
with my divorce first.
Then I promise we'll tell
Will that do?
Will that do?
I'm going to say something.
I'll admit it's terrible.
An opportunity like this won't
come our way again.
Think about it.
Should we forget it for an
issue like this?
We're not chameleons, are we?
Not long ago you all signed to
expel him, right?
I told you to think it through.
The letter to Sir is still
on the table.
We haven't sent it yet.
This is God's plan.
That the foreigners would
make us this offer,
and that Hari would tell Madan today.
It's God's will!
There was something wrong
with our decision.
For over ten years we've
worked in the theatre,
have we ever visited anywhere nice?
Once in a blue moon we go to
Delhi or Hyderabad.
This is a 90-day trip across
five countries, dammit.
Forget the places.
How much is each paid?
- Six?
- Eight.
800 thousand Rupees!
That's beyond our wildest dreams.
I hardly earn a few hundred a day.
With this kind of money,
I could build a small house...
and get married and be
free of debt.
800,000 rupees is a
fortune for us.
I'm not the only one.
Aji, how much do you earn a day?
Jolly, why take a census now?
No, let him talk.
Aji! Tell us.
What do you expect from
a fuel station?
8,000 rupees max.
Just eight thousand!
- What about you?
- Twelve.
Your wife is pregnant, right?
A baby will soon arrive.
Sanosh, what about you?
We're all in the same boat!
We all need money.
Stop digging into it!
You're not like us!
You own a travel agency.
Travel agency, my foot!
I have a debt of 1.4 million
I don't even earn half your income.
Lost my office because I
couldn't pay back the lenders.
So don't lecture me about money.
They'll be here soon.
Decide what we're going to
tell her.
We have no other
option but to expel him.
Brother... this can
change our lives forever.
Why should we suffer if he groped her?
If we don't fire him,
Anjali will sue him.
He'll be arrested and we'll
all be in a mess.
If that happens, do you think
they'll still take us to England?
Use your head!
Look at this!
This is a cheque Hari gave me.
150,000 rupees!
I tore it up before signing
that letter.
You almost had that money.
Why tear it up in such a hurry?
You know why!
I can't take his money and
stab him in the back.
Yeah! Well, now suffer.
Say the cheque got torn and
he'll write you another.
That's not a problem.
Come back to the matter at hand.
There's only one solution
We need them both.
Sudheer might say I'm naive.
There's no doubt that
this is a great opportunity.
London's National Theatre is a
prestigious place
to perform.
And countries like Denmark
and Norway
are extremely beautiful.
- Must-see places.
- Needless to say!
I don't blame you,
if you've changed your mind
about Anjali now.
Stop saying 'you'!
Start saying 'we'!
Let's tell her about the trip.
What if she changes her mind?
She'll blow your head off!
- Santhosh!
- Yes?
Can we find a compromise?
It's possible.
What he did was
definitely wrong.
But the way she dresses isn't right either.
I've told her that many times.
She says I'm regressive.
I have a plan.
We must tell Anjali that
we're going to fire Hari.
But Sir should
not know about it.
Don't show him our letter either.
Madan and Hari should go
and see Sir tonight.
The three of you should then
meet the foreigners
and make things official.
After that, Madan has
to do one more thing,
put a story in the newspaper
saying our Arangu group is going on
an international trip.
Include the foreigners'
names as well.
Then that becomes public news.
Only then should Sir know about
the Anjali-Hari issue.
It should look like she came
to us for help,
and we had no choice,
but to exclude Hari from
the trip.
Got it?
Come on, Madan.
We came to know of it today.
Assume we never came to know.
What if Anjali had told you
this next week?
If this plan works,
we get to go on the trip and
kick Hari out as well.
Only he can be so crooked.
Nandan, your idea is great.
- But it won't work.
- Why not?
Hari is really close to these foreigners.
They made this offer
because of their love for him.
Not because of our play's
They won't take us anywhere
without him.
One thing is sure,
having both Anjali and Hari
back is an impossibility.
If that's ever going to happen,
Anjali has to forgive Hari first.
There's only one
way to do that...
The seniors of our group,
Aji, Madan, Selvan
and Sudheer...
the four of you should go to her
and apologise on his behalf.
Go down on your
knees if you must.
She'll forgive him because
she has a soft spot for you.
But don't mention the trip.
She should know all that as
something that happened later.
It's worth thinking about.
There's no time to think!
They'll be here any minute.
Let her come.
I'll talk to her. I don't mind.
All the seniors should
talk to her.
Since it's a great opportunity
for the group,
I'll apologise on behalf of
that rascal.
I won't apologise on his behalf.
We have a senior
here, let him do that.
Aji, what do you think?
How can I face them?
I feel uneasy.
Then why did you agree to
come when Selvan called?
When he suddenly called,
how could I say no to such seniors?
Anjali, I forgot to tell you...
Yesterday, Madan asked if
you were sure it was Hari.
And if you'd seen him.
I said you saw him.
They're not going
to ask you anything.
But in case they ask, you should
say you saw him that night.
Stop the car.
Stop the car, I said.
What's wrong?
I cannot lie.
Why did you say something
like that to Madan?
I didn't mean to say it, Anjali.
He asked me clearly:
"Did she see him or not?"
I said it on the spur
of the moment.
He wouldn't have taken it
any further,
if he thought you had not
seen Hari.
That's why I told you, Vinay.
I don't want to tell anyone else.
I'll just leave the group.
I don't get it.
He groped you and you're
leaving the group?
He should leave the group.
if something like this happens
in a place
we think is the safest-
it's devastating.
It's not the same place any more.
That's why I said I'll leave.
I understand, Anjali.
But if that rascal leaves,
it'll be the same safe
place again.
I'm not willing to
lie just to prove it.
Did he grope you?
Don't look at me like that!
- Did he grope you or not?
- Yes.
- Did you see him?
- No.
You only have that crap that
fell from his pocket as proof.
Not just that.
I'm sure it was him.
That same scent.
Only I'll believe it, Anjali.
When we present it to the group,
it won't be enough.
The group is only standing with
us because
they think you saw him.
Did I ever say I wanted people
on my side?
I don't understand
what your problem is.
What are we supposed to do
after an incident like this?
Nothing? I asked you to file a
case against him, but you didn't.
I asked you to put a post against
him on Facebook
and you didn't do that either.
Now you don't want to tell the group?
What should I do? Act
alongside someone
who groped you for the rest of my life?
That's why I said there's
no need for all this.
I want to believe nothing
happened to me.
I don't want to be reminded of it.
Okay, Anjali.
It was my mistake.
Tell them that you didn't see him.
I'll be a liar before Madan.
I'll tell them,
I was the one who made
Madan say that.
So you won't be the only one
leaving the group.
A tiny balloon, the doctor said.
It might not burst.
But if it bursts, I'll be done
in twenty minutes.
What are you saying?
We should treat it.
I said not to do anything.
To be honest, I didn't feel anything
when I heard the doctor.
I thought I had no more desires
left in life.
But, after Hari talked
about the trip,
I felt a whim to
see those places...
And die happily on that trip.
A crazy desire, right?
Aren't you thinking thinking
how terrible I am?
To roam the world at
the mercy of that bastard!
Leave it if she's willing
to compromise.
If she doesn't budge...
show her this.
Let's go.
Get the umbrella from the back.
How many more lies must I tell
to prove it happened?
I told this to Madan...
I saw Hari.
Now what more?
This isn't some story we made up
to trap an innocent man.
Is it?
We'll go in?
I'll text it to you.
My phone's charging upstairs.
Just tell me.
250 MG
- Quite a name!
- I might collapse without it.
I'll go and buy it.
Aji... they're here.
Come outside.
I've got something to tell you.
Would you like some tea?
No, Madan.
- Some water?
- No.
Then go upstairs.
We'll talk there.
Hey! It's already 7.
Not going to the temple today?
No. A friend is taking over.
I sent her upstairs.
Choose your words wisely.
Tell her we've
decided to fire him.
And as we planned-
play the apology card.
Don't mention the trip.
Who is going to apologise?
Aji can do it.
What about Vinay?
We should tell him.
Nandan is telling him.
Is she upstairs?
Yes. She is.
Aji, let's go.
800 thousand!
800000! For each of us!
Stop saying it over
and over! I heard you!
Are they going to tell her about it?
No, no. They're looking to reach
a compromise.
A compromise? Don't
even think of it!
She'll dump me for that reason alone.
Never thought you'd
ask me such a thing!
No, dear...
We even prepared his dismissal letter.
It only occurred to us after
we called you here.
Forgive him this once and it won't
break up the group.
If Sir finds out, he'll
be upset.
- It was my idea that they ask you.
- Yes.
Yeah, Aji told us.
Do you think it'll make any difference,
Is it true that she wanted
to take legal action?
No. I just made that up
and told Madan.
He's not as bad as you think,
my dear.
There's never been a complaint
against him.
This happened
because he was drunk.
Try and forgive him.
We are just asking you.
Forget it if you can't.
We'll hand the letter to Sir.
Absolute bullshit!
- There's one other option, Madan.
- Tell me.
Let him stay. I'll quit.
No, no.
Either expel him, or
reach a compromise.
Don't say that word again.
It's so cheap.
You may vent it out,
But don't call Aji cheap.
I said that word is cheap.
Not Aji.
Sudheer, it's not fair what
we're asking of her.
She has the right to speak
her mind.
We're not defending him.
You're more important to us.
I can't imagine
meeting him again.
I need time to think.
Think about it, dear.
Take your time.
Also think, if you
were at fault too.
What fault?
I mean... Men lose
it when they're drunk.
They don't care even if it's
a family member.
I warned you many times not
to drink with men.
I see...
Shut your mouth, Selvan.
I've made up my mind.
You say I'm equally to blame.
But he did it to me, right?
I'll deal with it.
To hell with compromise!
Anjali, my dear. Wait.
Anjali, wait.
Let's talk about it.
There's nothing more to talk
about, Santhosh.
Selvan says he did it because
I was drinking with all of you.
That's not what I meant,
my dear.
You didn't let me explain fully.
Is that what I meant to say, Aji?
Look at this.
His dismissal letter.
We're not bluffing you.
Look at everyone's signature.
Read it calmly.
Selvan is old-fashioned.
We don't share his views.
We took the decision as soon
as Madan told us the matter.
Did we even ask you for details?
We trusted what you said.
If you trust me so much, why
ask me to forgive him?
Just to check...
If we have other options
than just kick him out?
We discussed whether, as artists,
we could take a different stance.
I said we'd let her decide.
I don't want to be a damn artist!
I can never face him or
share the stage with him again.
She's making a simple point.
Why on earth can't you
I don't want anyone to
understand, Vinay.
It happened to me.
So I'll handle it somehow.
Just look at everyone.
They're scared stiff. So am I.
We're scared you'll tell people
and report it to the police.
That's the only reason
we decided to fire him.
Nothing to do with trust,
as Cijin put it.
Santhosh, speak for yourself.
Don't talk for the others.
That's what everyone thinks.
Did anyone see him do it?
We haven't even asked Hari.
Fear! That's it!
- You might be a coward!
- Yes, I am!
We're not cowards like you.
We're fighting for justice.
Sanosh is right.
What exactly happened?
How did it happen?
When did it happen?
No one is even allowed to ask.
It's a sin to ask!
Just swallow the story, whole.
What do you want to know?
I'll tell you everything!
And you can all be happy.
Vinay, this is exactly the
scene I wanted to avoid!
You don't have to answer
to anybody, Anjali.
Those who want to, will
believe it.
Are you all mad?
Then why not tell
her the real matter.
Prashanth, what do you mean?
Mind your tongue.
Stop this bloody drama.
She's not here to be insulted.
Come on, Anjali! Let's go!
Anjali, one minute.
Can I ask you one question?
Just one question.
Madan said it happened
at 2.30 in the night.
Is that true?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Look at this photo.
Everyone should see this.
Delna and I had
a fight that night.
She video-called me that night
and I clicked it.
I mean... took a screenshot.
Look, who this is.
Come and see.
It's Hari. Sleeping.
Fast asleep.
Now look at the time.
Going by what Anjali said-
Did he walk in his sleep
and do it?
We've been talking since
the morning.
Why didn't you show this
to us before?
I just noticed it now, when
I was checking my chat.
Show me.
This photo is a problem, Anjali.
So what do you want me to say?
That's enough!
Keep him in the group.
Anjali! You're under no obligation
to convince anyone.
That's not right, Vinay.
We decided to fire Hari.
That calls for some obligation.
- Right, Madan?
- Yeah.
There was no
such need until now.
But this photo is
quite confusing.
Can I ask you something
if you don't mind?
You were fast asleep.
Did you see him clearly?
You're stooping so low.
So be it!
I want to know how someone
who was sleeping in my room,
till 2.12 that night, could get
there at 2.30?
To hell with your time tricks.
Whether he came walking
or flying is irrelevant.
She saw him. And that's enough!
Why are you throwing a fit?
Jolly had a doubt.
And it's a reasonable doubt.
Let her speak.
She needs no lawyer.
Madan, please come. I have to
discuss something with you.
Why tell a secret now?
This is a group
discussion, right?
Anjali, leave if you want to.
I will not force you to answer
their questions.
You can leave...
But don't complain that
no-one believed what you said.
Enough, Santhosh!
Learn how to talk to
a woman first.
My dear.
For the group's sake...
Can you tell them, just like
you told me;
What happened that night?
It will put an end to all
their doubts.
That night-
after playing cards,
I went to my room.
What time?
I don't remember.
Don't remember.
Okay, continue.
I got very tired by night...
Should be the drinks,
I was feeling dizzy as well.
I went to bed soon.
After I fell asleep
Where did you sleep?
Let her speak, Santhosh.
There was a sofa in the room.
That's where I slept.
After I slept...
It was after about
twenty minutes...
Aren't you ashamed to make
her say it again and again?
She doesn't have to.
You said he put his hand
through the window.
So the window was open?
It was an a/c room. Then why
did you leave the window open?
Shamna wasn't feeling well.
So Shajitha asked me not
to turn the a/c on.
That's why I left the window open.
So you were asleep when
this happened?
Anjali, we believe everything
you've said.
But how could this person, seen
in the photo fast asleep,
know you were sleeping
on the sofa?
How did he know the window
was open?
We saw him go to the terrace several times,
saying his phone was out
of range.
And her room was on the way
to the terrace.
He might have done it
on the way.
Come on. What are you trying
to prove?
Nothing to prove.
I have a strong doubt,
that's all.
You were very drunk that night.
Fast asleep as well.
Shajitha didn't see anything either.
I think it was a
'Tactile Hallucination'.
What crap is that?
Look it up on Google.
It's more like an illusion of
somebody touching or pushing...
It stems from fear.
Alcohol aggravates
it. That's all.
The whole thing was an illusion.
What he did to me, and how
I was scared till morning.
It was all my imagination.
Being shut up at home, not going
to the workplace-
it was all just in my head, right?
Anjali, seeing this photo
made me doubt.
Now just tell us that you
actually saw him.
We trust you.
Did you really see
Hari running away?
I didn't see him.
- What nonsense are you saying?
- You didn't see him?
I didn't see him.
But I'm sure it was him.
- We've been fools!
- Enough talking!
She didn't see him, dammit!
Then why the hell
did you lie to Madan?
Too bad, Anjali.
Imagine if we'd taken her word
for it and fired him.
Tell us the truth.
Sudheer, not to play
a detective, right?
Don't be intimidated by their questions.
You said you saw
him. Just say it again.
She said she didn't.
Stop coaxing her.
We need to know.
Why did you tell such a
made-up story?
It's not made up.
Here. It fell out of the pocket
of the man who ran away.
You all know
whose key it is, right?
Not only that.
The horrid smell of his perfume
was all over the place.
- Isn't that Hari's?
- Yeah.
That is his key.
Then how did the photo
make sense?
You saw what time it was
in the screenshot.
- What?
- Come here.
How did she get that key?
No idea.
If you stare at me,
I'll stare at you too.
How did she get that key?
What is this, Nandan?
I called you so many times.
I can't see you. Out of network?
Wow! Perfect timing.
Living happily, right?
She's right.
Hari threw a tantrum that morning
over the missing car keys.
That's true.
Someone had come from the
workshop to tow the car away.
They say, the truth will always
come out.
Or God will not drop the
key out of his pocket in time.
- Isn't it?
- Definitely!
There is enough evidence to
believe that Hari did it.
But, Anjali...
Why did you lie to Madan that
you saw him running away?
Sudheer, it's almost like
she did see him.
There's no such thing as
almost seeing.
She saw him or she didn't.
Answer the question, Anjali.
Why did you say you saw him?
Even after I said I saw him,
you asked me to forgive and
What was that?
Tactile hallucination!
What medicine is that, Aji?
It was hard to find.
It's not easily available.
Vinay, can you drop
me at the bus stop?
Okay. Give Hari this key.
I have no intention of filing a
police case or going public.
I want to believe this
has not happened to me.
I just want to sleep.
So right now, I've decided
to quit the group-
Anjali, one moment!
It wasn't Hari...
It was him! It was this creep,
who groped you!
How dare you, fucking asshole!
Let go of my hand!
Leave me!
This key is your proof.
Isn't this key the proof?
Hari and I were in the
same room that night.
That night,
he wanted cigarettes and he
took the key from Hari.
Did you see me?
Yes, I did.
The key went missing after that.
I remember it well.
I remember clearly that you took
the key.
Just a second. Just a second.
Is there any truth in
what Sanosh is saying?
What are you implying?
Am I crazy?
He's settling a score!
Stop blabbering and answer
my question.
Did you take the key from
him or not?
Stop lying.
Tell us the truth.
It is true that he said there
were cigarettes in the car...
He said he had left his car keys
in a basket on the dining table.
I went to get them.
But there was nothing there.
A while back, Jolly said
he saw you going to Anjali's
room at midnight.
Why did you go there?
Why would I go to Anjali's?
Yes. I had a slight headache.
I went there to see if Shajitha
had any medicine.
He's the one!
I just made up
that jolly saw him.
But he was quick with
the 'headache' story!
You bloody bastard!
Are you fucking with me?
Leave him...
Vinay... Leave him...
And did you get the medicine?
Shajitha didn't have any medicine.
That means you saw Shajitha?
I'll check with her.
Twenty years at the newspapers.
I've dealt with bigger assholes
than you.
It's written all over your face.
You'd better stop lying
and tell us the truth.
Am I the liar?
You filthy bugger.
Answer me, you dickhead!
You are the only one who
is lying.
Let go, dammit!
I've got something to tell
you all.
Anjali never came to Madan
or said anything to him.
She said everything
to him... To Vinay.
Anjali did not even see Madan.
Know that?
Vinay has been
here since yesterday.
He told the whole story to Madan.
And he recounted it to us.
Anjali never spoke to Madan.
It's all rubbish!
He somehow wanted
to kick Hari out.
That's the thing. And...
You'd better not force me
to say more!
Got it?
Madan, was it Vinay who told
you everything?
He is a liar.
No. That's the truth.
I told everything to Vinay.
Hear that? Did everyone hear it?
Vinay didn't talk about it
because of the friction
between him and Hari.
When did she say this?
How could I have talked about it?
You saw it today.
Santhosh immediately brought
up my issue with Hari.
That's why I asked Madan
to address it.
You shouldn't have
fooled us, Madan.
I did it for the good of the group.
Is that a crime?
What did Shajitha say?
Did she see Nandan?
Why are you hesitating?
What did Shajitha say?
If it's about Nandan...
Yes, he went to her to
get the tablet.
Everyone should listen.
Especially you!
Anjali. Didn't you doubt me?
We'll settle scores later.
Shajitha said something
else too.
I'm not sure how to tell you.
Our daughter saw it, she said.
She saw Anjali
and Vinay kissing.
What's that?
What nonsense!
I'm just telling you what
Shajitha said.
Anjali and I were seen kissing?
Did you hear that, Anjali?
How much will you twist
this case?
I haven't completely believed
what my daughter has said.
If it didn't happen, just forget it.
Do I even have to tell you that?
We kissed, it seems!
This is the problem with your generation.
If a man and woman get close,
you go looking for a scandal.
You talk about it too.
Today has been such a day.
Or she would have whacked you
for the things you've said.
Listen! My wife and I
are still married.
I don't need to find a relationship
And that too with her.
Kissing, it seems!
I got it now.
It clicked with me now.
Want to know what your daughter saw?
The scene where Devadatta and
Padmini kisses
in the shadow play.
That's what she saw.
Got it, sorry.
There's no point saying sorry
after talking such nonsense.
Anjali, he had said such baseless
stuff and you -
Enough is enough, Vinay.
Stop it!
How many more lies must I tell?
Who else should I fear?
I'm done. Listen.
He and I have been in a
relationship for the past one year.
I don't know what the kid saw
but we kissed at the resort that day.
Not just that day.
It's happened many times before.
Because we love each other.
I know this is a
complex relationship.
But we are in love.
He might be afraid of you all.
I used to be too.
Not anymore.
Haven't I asked you
a thousand times?
If there's anything
between you and her?
Take your hands off, Prashanth!
This is none of your business.
So, I was in love with someone,
who was sleeping with a
married man.
Wow! That's another love story!
Selvan, didn't I tell you?
They are an item.
What a show!
Bringing the key.
Making Madan talk about it all.
We all decide to fire Hari.
Do you idiots get it?
This was all a drama they both
played to get Hari out.
I don't think anyone groped her.
Anjali, are you happy now?
I told you they would say this.
Keep telling the truth. Go on.
Do you all think I was lying
about what happened to me?
You don't have to believe it.
Do you think I was lying, Aji?
First you said it was Hari.
We believed it.
Then it was Nandan.
We believed that too.
How can we believe something
that you didn't even see?
What if tomorrow you get a
feeling that I did it?
What do we do then?
I've been following you for
ten minutes.
Say something.
You won't get a damn bus,
standing here.
Let me drop you home.
Anjali, please say something.
All that is over, Vinay.
I quit Arangu.
I begged you to tell them
that you saw him.
I did not see him, Vinay!
That's why I said 'I did not
see him'.
Did you notice something?
None of them even asked that.
If it was not Hari, who was it?
None of them asked that.
When I think about it now,
I feel you were right.
Nothing happened to you.
No-one did anything to you.
Don't you want to
believe the same?
That is enough.
To tell the truth,
there was no need for us
to tell Madan.
Not us. I mean, me.
What do you really think?
Could it have been Hari?
I was so confused when Jolly
showed that photo.
What do you think, Anjali?
I don't know.
But when I saw everyone
defending Hari-
I felt Hari's presence in
that house.
Your instincts are right.
When I came to pick you up,
something happened there.
I see...
So, I didn't leave the group.
They kicked me out, right?
To go on that trip, you said.
Not exactly.
They just got dazzled by
the offer.
When Nandan told me about it,
I felt like beating his brains out.
Then I thought over it.
When a driver, or a plumber,
or a gas-station worker...
is hit with such a huge offer-
How else would they react?
What is the Chef thinking?
But I'm sure of one thing.
If we're going on this trip,
we won't go without you.
I'm sure of that.
What is it?
All because I showed the
screengrab at that time.
That was the twist in the tale.
I have a request to make you all.
Hari mustn't be told anything.
At least, till we finish the tour.
Not just Hari, no one should know.
How can you take things so lightly?
She could be at the police station.
You guys have no clue about
girls these days.
Let her go to the police.
We'll deal with it.
She hasn't seen the person.
On top of that, she was drunk.
And the only proof she had
was that key.
She left that on the table right here.
Sanosh, don't worry about the CCTV.
I called them. They don't
have CCTV.
I must say this.
We are the worst buggers.
I think everything she said
was true.
Either Hari or someone from
our group groped her.
No doubt about that.
Then, it must be you.
Madan, you have any intention
of calling Hari?
You walk towards the dead guy...
You take off your hat,
you kneel.
It's an aerial shot.
That's the film's interval point.
- Time for the shot?
- No. It's Madan.
- Is this okay?
- It's good.
- You should've hung up.
- He kept calling.
Answer the call, Hari.
He has been calling
for some time.
You were disturbed even
when he called earlier.
No disturbance at all, sir.
Madan is from our drama team.
A few months back, Madan
calls me up one night
and says a friend from Australia...
has a plan to make me
the hero of his movie.
And that I should come to
his hotel immediately.
I was far away, at my wife's house.
It was raining cats and dogs.
Yet I rushed over,
Playing the 'hero' is any actor's
dream. Isn't it?
But when I got to the hotel,
there was no friend, no
Australia. Nothing.
Madan was there,
drinking with his friends.
He made a bet with them...
that he could bring a movie guy
anytime at his will.
I didn't say a word then.
But you don't forget
such things.
I paid him a visit this morning.
Good things come in threes.
Call him one last time.
I'll call.
Vinay, the farther you stand,
the more you're left out.
His eyes lit up when he heard
about Europe and the money.
Poor guy.
He lives off his wife's money.
There! He's calling again.
Put it on speaker phone.
Time to break the news, I guess.
Just a minute.
Hello. What's up?
Hey, Hari.
Shouldn't we go meet Sir tonight?
Meet Sir? Why?
To talk about the European trip?
How about we go to
Australia instead?
Then, we can meet your
producer friend,
who was to cast me as a hero.
Europe, it seems!
You thought I'd forgive
your 'producer prank'?
Hope you haven't told the
others about the trip.
Don't. You'll just get humiliated.
You tricked me, and I tricked you.
Tit for tat!
We're even now.
Don't take it to heart.
Go to bed now.
Good night.
That was downright awful!
This is just fantastic!
We asked for it!
We really asked for it!
Great! We totally deserve it!
You deserved this!
Salim says he did it, because
I partied with you all.
I'm not ready for any
How could Kapil, who
was asleep
in my room at 2.12,
grope you?
Did he walk in his sleep?
Did we ever ask you for
any details?
As artists, can't we do better,
than firing Kapil?
How many times have I told
you not to get drunk?
Just swallow the story, whole.
Something tells me, that it
was a hallucination.
Sophia, you can leave, if
you want.
But don't complain that
no-one believed you.
I don't need to have a relationship
I don't think anyone groped her.
This was all a drama, they
played to get Kapil out.
You don't have to believe
Do you think so, Alex?
First, you said, it was Kapil.
We believed that.
Shouldn't we go meet
those foreigners?
To discuss the trip to America?
You shouldn't leave our group.
I did it.
I don't know what came
over me.
I had never thought of you
like that.
I'm the one who did it.
- Have you told the others?
- No.
I'll tell everyone now that
I did it.
Don't you want to see me?
I don't want to see you.
Go back.
Don't tell everyone.
No one should know anything.
No, Sophia.
I can't live with the guilt
any more.
- You must see me.
- No!
I said, you may go!
I don't want to know who
you are.
For me - you and the other eleven
are one and the same.
I now invite the writer,
director and actor,
Anjali Balan onto the stage.
Let's welcome her with a big
round of applause.
Let Anjali speak now.
I think you can start by introducing
your team mates.
Thank you for being such a
wonderful audience.
I can't begin to tell you how
overwhelming it was to...
Write and direct this play.
Let me introduce my
12 teammates.
And Jithin.