Aazaan (2011) Movie Script

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!
I'm honoured to be a part ofthis..
..World Peace Festival.
All of us understand
the concept of power.
Recently, a close friend of mine
explained an
excellent concept to me.
Soft power.
If power needs to be compared..
..then analyse this.
In 2034..
..our population..
..will exceed China.
We have nuclear power.
Our army..
..is listed among the
top 5 armies in the world.
In lndia..
..every month..
..around 15 million
cellphones are sold.
Soft power.
Yoga, Gandhi.
Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan.
Ayurved, Basmati rice.
Tandoori Chicken.
The list is long.
Soft power is beyond
power politics and money.
It's an identity.
India's heritage..
..is attracting the
entireworld to herself.
This is our soft power.
And it is not dependent
upon any fluctuation..
..is independent of the
fluctuations ofthe stock market.
Three unknown suicide bombers..
..in Wuppertal, Germany..
..mocked the level three security.
And during the bombings..
..in Wuppertal, Germany..
..Indian Home Minister Mr.
Manohar Kamat had a heart attack.
He has been admitted
at AllMS in New Delhi.
And the condition is critical.
Heart attack!
I'm Menon.
I'm taking over.
Hi, I'm Pandey.
I'm senior.. - Okay.
Let's get to work.
Tell mewhat's going on?
Out ofthe three faces,
one man is ours.
AgentArjun Sahu.
Like Arjun, the other two are..
..experienced and senior agents..
..with the ClA, MOSSAD.
Like Arjun, they
too were kidnapped..
And the forensics found
from the debris of the car..
..shows us that..
..were underthe influence
ofsome sophisticated drugs.
Any updates from AllMS?
This is a kind of exotic virus.
Very rare.
Wewill need more time.
Atleast twenty four hours.
You have onlyten hours.
In my opinion, Wuppertal bombing..
..was just to infect
our Home minister.
The odd thing is that if..
..that was the sole motive,
they could've done it discreetly.
Someone is taunting us that..
..I'm more powerful than you!
Recap. Point no. 1.
Level 3 security is the
world's most stringent security..
..he cut through
it so easilythat..
..its laughable. Point no. 2.
Our minister..
..has been infected by a virus..
..an unknown virus.
India's top scientists are unable
to even identify its name. Sad!
Behind all this..
..is a man who is..
..not going to..
..do it anything discreetly
becausethat's not his personality.
His personality is such that..
..hewill devour level 3 security..
..and not even burp.
He has opened up a shop of
all kinds of biological virus.
A special virus to kill Arabs.
Another virus to suck
the life out of Jews.
It's unbelievable.
-Sir, it's an emergency.
What's going on?
What's the problem?
Why is everyone standing?
Get back to your station! Sonali,
move out ofmyway!
Whatthe hell is going on? Move!
The system is going to
crash any moment. What's..
system is back.
What is operation White Tiger?
Two years back, we..
..had sent our man to Paris.
..that was our job?
That's what we do.
I will tell you..
..that we had to
build his reputation.
His first operation was Paris.
After Paris, therewas
activity in Sudan and then we..
..had to send him to Sudan.
You have to kill Al-Mehmood.
He's the most dreaded lSl Agent.
And afterthis assignment..
..you will gain such notoriety..
..Doctor himselfwill
come looking for you.
Azaan, it's said that..
..that the hand of
Allah protects you.
You need it.
Thatwas it.
Hewas set.
They sniffed him out.
Who is..
..Azaan Khan?
Look at that?
Wow! What a crisp shirt!
You must've heard about the
London bombings this morning.
A Muslim patriot!Huh
National Defense Academy's..
..gold medalist.
In the London Bombing's suspect
list, there's just one lndian name.
Aman Khan.
Patriot gold medalist..
..Azaan Khan's younger brother.
This is not possible. Impossible!
Hey, Sharma!
This younger brother..
..how did heturn out to
be such a big terrorist?
A terrorist's brother aterrorist.
Since when are you
operating your sleeper cell?
This guy..
..should win an oscar
for his performance.
What a..
..facade of innocence!
What is it, Lieutenant?
Such a big secret..
..you've managed to hide
it verywell, isn't it?
Your mother is an lndian.
But your father was an Afghani.
And sir has spent the
first 11 years of his life..
..in his country.
Yes, I had..
I had forgotten.
Do you know the difference
between Yashoda and Devki?
This land has nurtured me.
And lndia is my country.
Is Aman alive?
Azaan believes so.
Drink some water.
Your Aman..
..has disappeared
after the London bombing.
What evidence do you
have against Aman?
What is that?
He must have already
been issued aticket.
Directly to Guantanomo
ClA interpol.
FBl, Ml-6, MOSSAD.
All ofthem are
looking for him desperately.
This is all a lie!
Neither was Aman
concerned with god..
..nor a mosque or a madrassa.
He had only one dream.
He has worked really
hard to get there.
Whywill he become a terrorist?
Because your father taught him that.
What are you staring at?
Don't you feel like hitting me?
Why not?
Hit me!
Hit me!
Just as I thought.
Mumma's boy!
Good job. Really, great!
You guys have broken every
known protocol in the book.
..both ofyou are on the line.
Look, why is it so
difficult to understand?
Azaan was our best option!
Their language,
culturewas in his blood.
And even if it hadn't been so..
..even then his
fervour was enough for us.
Reports have come that..
..Aman is in Waziristan.
But what can we do.
Nothing at all. And anyway..
..whywill the lndian government..
..bother about an
Afghani terrorist?
I can do anything to find Aman.
The intention is..
..really noble but..
..don't be a fool.
Hitting me in this
room as onething.
But that place is different.
That place is a land ofwar.
Where your kith and
kin are less human..
..and more animal.
..you will witness aworld..
..that will make your blood boil.
You might save every inch
of your bodythere but..
..your soul will be dead..
..that you will never be
ableto hide or heal it.
Think about it.
Wiill you be able to do it?
It is said that I have
Allah's hand protecting me.
For your sake, dear
Sharma and Pandey.
I really hope..
..he has the hand of
Allah protecting him.
I think they are planning
something very big in Europe.
Thank you.
He is my best customer.
Always pays me big money.
Sir Omar.
Hello, how are you?
Thank god. Good.
Tell me, who do you have for me?
I will give you my best man.
I will haveto test him!
But you never tested
any of my men before.
I didn't have a
job likethis before.
Where will I find him?
Very pleased!
Nice meeting you.
Have you ever met him?
Who? The Doctor.
I had the honour of
talking to him once on the phone.
Just before London bombings.
London? Doctor!
Who did you think
masterminded the bombings? Osama?
What's going on?
He is ready now.
I tortured him for three days.
He is a tough cookie(guy).
He's ready then.
He'll bethere in two days.
Good luck!
Keep him talking.
Track the call, people. C'mon!
Are you alive?
They're sending me
to Poland(Krakow).
Azaan, lndia is under attack.
We don't have much time.
Thethreat is biological.
It's a virus.
Azaan, Sharma here.
The man called Doctor..
..we'veto stop him
at any cost. -Aman!
We havetraced Sofiya in Paris.
Please sit down.
Your brother is dead.
I was called to identify the body.
Height 172 cms.
O positive.
I said that he is Aman Khan.
They accepted.
I'm not interested in
being a terrorist's girlfriend.
I was tired!
Forthe past two years, l
have been looking for Aman.
I don't believethat he is guilty.
Whether you accept it or not..
..the Aman thatwe loved..
..is dead.
He has chosen his path.
Forget him.
Anyway, you won't be
ableto look for him.
It's god's will..
..that wewill
cross paths once again.
"May I get a letter of blessings."
"By saying.."
"..god's name."
"May I get the
salutation ofkindness."
"By saying.."
"lt started with your name."
"ltwill end with your name."
"Difficulties became easier."
"All the obstacles
have been removed."
"Oh god!"
"Oh god!"
"Oh god"
"The ray of hope got lit."
"Hope grew within."
"May I get your embrace."
"May I get your embrace."
"By saying Bismillah."
Come up to the terrace, brother!
I am Malak
So you can throw a punch ortwo.
But show us what you came here for.
How good are you at
blowing things up?
But you will just
have 45 seconds there.
But whatever it is..
..you taught the foreigner a lesson.
Are you a Pakistani?
Yes. And you? -Afghani.
What are you doing here?
You're very
direct in your questions.
..a suicide bomber.
I came here to
become a terrorist. Evil!
The madness ofjihad was driving me.
So I came hereto sacrifice myself.
Things that I could
never understand myself.
I came hereto teach others.
Destiny got me here.
Now, what is right or wrong..
..whosefight is it? And
which fools are fighting?
What difference does it maketo me?
This war and jihad..
..right and wrong..
..I have made a cocktail
out ofit and gulped it down.
But what's with you?
Looking at you, seems like..
..you're very sad within.
What difference does it make?
No problems. It's said that..
..ifyou save an innocent man..
..it amounts to saving
the entire mankind.
Let it be said, one
day I will save you.
You wait here.
Bad lift!
Check your computer.
Threat is real.
Activate interpol.
The packet is clean.
Sir, what you're
about to see is very..
What is theworst case scenario?
God forbid, if among
the general population..
..this virus leaks.
Then within 24 hours..
..this virus..
..will affect 12
percent ofthe population.
And within 48 hours..
..15 percent.
And so on.
The strain ofthis Ebola virus..
..has been specially formulated.
The original strain
has been tampered with.
And what we have now..
..is the weapons grade version.
And the cure?
According to our
latest research, there..
..is a Naquib Mahfouz.
He's a famous
scientist overthe world..
..who has done maximum research on
finding the cureto the Ebola virus.
This is his picture.
-Where will we find Mahfouz?
It's been a while
since I met the Doctor.
Who is Doctor?
Are we surprised?
Sir, he's a strange man.
ClA, Ml-6, MOSSAD..
He has written the
dictionary for all.
Infact, the RAW in lndia..
..its A-B-C arethe
gift ofhis corrupt mind.
Undercover operation,
rendition act..
..it's a brilliant
act ifyou've observed!
But it is not being used in lndia.
Else, wewould've
kept Kasab in the jail..
..and fed him gourmet cuisines,
shame on us!
Anyway, America's
biological weapon..
..he is the man behind it.
The entireworld knows that lsrael..
..has the most advanced..
..biological weapon programme.
He is the creator and everything..
..behind it, sir!
He's a cheat!
Nobody knows his name.
He gives the formula,
..operates smartly and..
..then wraps up everything..
..and disappears. Try finding him.!!
The ClA has left no stone
unturned trying to find this doctor.
We believe that wherever he is..
..he's their special guest.
owns private limited companies and..
..has sent us this gift.
So what's RAW's plan?
One of our agent..
- One agent?
What can one man do?
Any aggressive movewe
make at this point..
..will blow our agent's cover and
I can't jeopardize this operation.
Morethan half of Europe's police..
..must be on his payroll, sir.
Tiill we are unsure of
his next plan or clue..
..we can't so anything.
We're helpless!
Atleast, Mahfouz..
..he has the cure to Ebola.
Let's get to him!
This apartment is clean.
Check your source.
Twenty minutes.
Tiimeto go.
Second floor, Van Gough.
71.5 million dollars.
In 1998..
..this picture..
..was sold at 71.5 million dollars.
In the list ofthe most
expensive paintings in theworld..
..this stands third.
1.1 million.
Hitler killed 1.1 million Jews..
..nearby Auschwitz.
Numbers, numbers, numbers.
What's in a numbers?
The explosion that you..
..were supposed to do in 45 seconds.
You completed it in 43 seconds.
What's in a numbers?
No flash allowed!
Peoplewearing cheap shoes..
..must be shot.
You tell me.
What's the purpose..
..of your life?
You're intelligent.
You must've figured it by now that..
..only I havethe
answers to my questions.
Lives of people like you..
..are aimless.
The purpose of your
life is miniscule.
You're born and you die.
It doesn't make any
differenceto anyone.
You'll have nothing in your hands,
neither your story..
..nor your destiny.
But if you conjoin your
purpose in life with mine..
..then your life
will become meaningful.
..who claims to be
protected bythe hands of Allah.
I was chosen.
The universe has chosen me.
My lifewas at crossroads.
On one side..
..a life of slavery
wherethe masters..
..would profit.
On the other side..
..I am the master..
..and l..
..have the power
to changetheworld.
Do you laugh?
Learn how to!
It's better people fear you than..
..Iove you.
Shoot him!
..never forgives mistakes.
Do it!
Professor Mahfouz.
I'm a big fan of yours.
..and l..
..are connected.
I love killing people.
And you always wish to save them.
You're old-fashioned, that's why.
..have made me god.
Earlier, I just had the devil.
Now, you have given me..
..a sword to kill that devil.
The cure to Ebola.
Ebola is perfect.
You see..
..if an over-populated
country like lndia..
..has to be destroyed.
Which weapon will you use?
Which weapon?
No idea?
You're such a big scientist.
But you're very foolish, brother.
Biological weapon.
One potent virus..
..that will turn every lndian..
..into a suicide bomber.
Think of the beauty
behind this thought.
One billion..
..suicide bombers.
Thewar has changed.
So will theweapon, professor.
I alone..
..have made this age into..
..an age of proxywars.
I'll miss you professor.
But I'm afraid that..
..you will not be alive..
..to witness all ofthis.
Do you have a cigar?
I don't smokethis cheap variety.
You're very keen on
changing theworld, doctor.
Interesting. Very interesting!
I'm very fond of psychology.
It's my favourite subject.
I like specimens like you.
This diseased mind ofyours.
It's very entertaining.
Money, power..
..all these things that you want.
This hunger that can
never be satiated.
There are many theories on this.
Onethat fits you well.
It goes like this.
Men like you are not
ableto satisfy your women.
Especially in bed.
Where it takes fervour
to satisfy the woman.
You need the drive..
..which lacks in
impotent men like you.
Your impotence starts bothering you.
You feel ashamed ofyourself!
You feel disgusted!
Suicide bombers, proxywar.
Why do you need to do all this?
You could've just taken a viagra.
Life would be worth living..
..not killing.
Take him away.
After Mahfouz's death..
..India's remnant hope..
..will also die.
Bytheway, you
have come a long way..
..Agent Azaan Khan.
Azaan, this better be good.
Else everyone is
going to be in trouble.
For the concluding
part ofthe performance..
..please come back tomorrow.
This story is mine.
This story..
..is mine.
It's a story about my life.
I've always known your story.
You're the good brother.
This story how will it end?
How will it end?
Come back tomorrow.
Come, let's go!
Good morning! Where are
you travelling to, sir?
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you do this to me?
Where am I lost?
I don't know.
Will you find me?
Will you find me?
How will our stories end..
..sometimes wewonder?
Whilewe wonder, we forget..
..we're making our own choices.
Our own paths.
One karma at a time.
Our stories and how theywill end..
..is in our hands.
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"With thefingers ofthe soul.."
"..you sketched a picture."
"ls it an image made ofsand?"
"Or is it my life?"
"You've healed my wounds."
"You're like medicine."
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"With your touch.."
"..everything is fragrant."
"You'rethe aroma, beautiful!"
"Lettheworld change."
"lf I get you.."
"..just once, beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Your mesmerising face."
"My heart is quenched."
"Maythe darkness fade."
"Such is your light."
"You've healed my wounds."
"You're like medicine."
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"With your touch.."
"..everything is fragrant."
"You'rethe aroma, beautiful!"
"Lettheworld change."
"lf I get you.."
"..just once, beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
Web blog Mahfouz.
Twenty years.
2068 tests.
My last attempt.
Antigen 4532..
Zahra case no. 359.
Blood heavily infected
with Ebola Maburg virus.
Showing considerable improvement.
Mahfouz's lab is in Morocco.
Doctor had tested his
virus in some African village.
So it can be in Morocco.
Yes, it's possible.
Zahra was in such a village then.
Mahfouzwas theretoo.
Mahfouz had tested his
cure on everybody but..
..it only worked on Zahra.
Zahra has the cureto Ebola, Sharma.
That's fantastic news, Azaan. Look!
The girl and the sand artist..
..don't let go ofthem at any cost.
Have I made myself clear?
Well done!
This is no cure to Ebola.
What did you send us?
Itwas nothing but plain water.
In twenty four hours..
..find a real antidote.
Orthe deal is off.
And so is your head!
Professor Mahfouz.
I feel like killing you once again.
I'm guilty of
professor Mahfouz's death.
I'm responsible for his death.
Never knew my parents.
Dr. Mahfouz is all I had.
He's all we had.
- Can I have a coke?
He saved my sister's life.
Do you still think
I'm the good brother?
It's not safe here anymore.
We need to go.
Come here!
Why is Zahra in danger?
The cure for Ebola is Zahra.
It's her blood.
That's why Dr.
Mahfouz has sent me here.
Come, let's go!
I'm Aman's culprit.
I'm guilty.
But what happened to Aman..
..will not happen to Zahra.
I will not let anything touch Zahra.
I won't let her down.
I know.
From the moment I saw you..
..I knew..
I've been waiting
for you mywhole life.
"l feel you know
that I love you so."
"Why are my nights so sleepless?"
"Even my mornings are full of
thoughts." - "l feel you know.."
"Yesterday's futile
talks seem special."
"For god's sake.."
"..don't hide!"
"For god's sake.."
"..don't hesitate."
"For god's sake.."
"..tell me that.."
"..you love me, for god's sake!"
"l feel you know
that I love you so."
"For god's sake.."
"For god's sake.."
"l feel you know
that I love you so."
"For god's sake."
"For god's sake."
"l feel you know
that I love you so."
Koln Bonn, Germany.
We'll meet there.
I'm happy.
Sharma has turned.
I agreethat..
..I pulled the trigger.
But you pointed the gun at Afreen..
..with your so called love.
You're right.
Allah's hand is protecting you.
..whoever's life you step into..
..you directly..
..send them to Allah.
Oh! Yes. Bytheway, did l
mention that it's my birthdaytoday?
And I promise you.
In my entire life..
..none has given me a
better gift than you.
That's it!
I was waiting forthis moment.
I haveturned Doctor into god.
Virus and its cure..
..are both with him now.
Butthe Doctor..
..he has special plans for me.
You could not meet
your loving brother.
But don'tworry.
Be assured that you
were on the right path.
After the London bombings..
..Aman became Doctor's pet.
But now what is the
difference between Aman and Azaan?
Both of you are ofthe same kin.
Both killers.
You're the good brother.
You're good!
"With thefingers of the soul.."
"..you sketched a picture."
"ls it an image made of sand?"
"Or is it my life?"
"You've healed my wounds."
Happy birthday, Sharma!
-"You're like medicine."
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"With your touch.."
"..everything is fragrant."
"You'rethe aroma, beautiful!"
"Lettheworld change."
"lf I get you.."
"..just once, beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
Do you even know why
you want to kill me?
What difference does it make?
I don't care, man!
Yes, you do.
Deep within..
..you'retrying to
run away from yourself.
Right and wrong, war and jihad.
You were calling it a cocktail,
weren't you?
Now the intoxication is fading away.
I can see it in your eyes.
Your conscience has
started pricking you now.
Our life is not so simple, Azaan.
My life..
..is not so happy.
You had said..
..that saving one innocent man..
..is like saving the entire mankind.
The virus has reached lndia.
I just know one address.
546, Lakshmi Mansion.
That girl also..
..has been taken to Hong Kong.
Global Corporation.
And one more thing.
Who is going to benefit
from lndia's destruction?
From now on..
..you're one of us.
You will have four
diplomatic immunity..
..wherever you go.
ClA, RAW, lnterpol.
None of them can touch you!
I need a room.
How many nights? -One night.
1 90 dollars.
Put him through.
Global Corporation.
Hong Kong.
I'll need backup.
Azaan, don't worry.
We'll do our best.
We need permission
to infiltrate China.
You know that I can't
give you that permission.
But this time..
..you don't need my permission.
Good luck!
Brother are you ok?
Stay away from me!
Whats wrong with you!
Have you lost it!
Tell me fast!
- I don't know where he is.
No, I'll tell you!
Room no. 205!
Where's the girl?
Is he dead?
Looks like you're dead inside.
I'll do you a favour.
I'm going to kill you.
Whatwill you kill a dead?!
Tracking the location, sir.
Ear piece.
GPS tracker. -Yeah.
You're all set, sir. -Thank you.
Sorry aboutAfreen.
Azaan, it is the way ofnature.
..that each time god's
creation has been threatened..
..to be annihilated
and there rises a man..
..with the power and
the selflessness..
..to preserve his creation..
We havethe location, sir.
Savethe country.
Therewill not be a darker
day in the history of lndia.
The menace of Ebola virus
has reached the common people.
On one hand, the count of
infected people is rising.
On the other hand
is a bitter truth..
..that there's no cureto Ebola.
There's no antidoteto it.
This dangerous virus..
-..is very grave and hopeless.
There's no wayto
control this pandemic.
It threatens to be the biggest
catastrophe in the history oflndia.
Kolkata, Mumbai, Agra and..
..New Delhi are in
critical condition.
There's no known cure for Ebola.
The situation in the country
is very grave and hopeless.
There is no way to
control this pandemic.
It threatens to be the biggest
catastrophe in the history of lndia.
Their crude home-made detonators..
..havethe Ebola
virus attached to them.
And yes. Agra's Taj Mahal.
Kolkata. Kolkata, two locations.
Howrah station and New Market.
In Delhi, I have DP, Red
Fort and the Metro. The Metro!
All the stations. I
need Mumbai on the line.
Sir, Zahra is our only hope.
The pharmaceutical company..
..are convinced that they can
come up with an Ebola vaccine..
..with her blood sample.
And sir, I know that
you know this but..
..panic and fear
psychosis setting in.
I'll handlethat.
Thank you.
Azaan do you realize
What you have done?!
I have quit
running away dueto fear.
And now..
..the gun is in my hand.
Azaan Khan!
You're very stubborn.
I hadn't got lost.
Why did you go in search of me?
Enough, Aman!
Enough? Enough?
This is just the beginning.
Azaan Khan, I'm your disciple.
Have you forgotten your reality?
I was just twelve years old.
I was angry because l
saw my family being killed.
I made myself and you
the victim of that madness.
And have you made that
madness the purpose of your life?
Grandfather was mad.
Instead of fighting for Taliban,
he fought against them.
Hetook everyonewith him!
And the punishment forthat..
..how long arewe going
to give it to theworld?
Till when arewe going
to punish ourselves?
Tiill when?
You and Zahra have
to leavethis place.
It's time to move on.
Pick up the phone.
Call your men and tell them
that security has been breached.
Send in Platoon 27.
..is standing in front of me.
My lifewas at crossroads.
On one side was other language..
..their slavery..
..and their profit.
On the other hand..
..I was my own master..
..and my power to changetheworld.
You were always weak, Azaan Khan.
It's time to move on.
One deadly virus ofwhich we had
heard only in films till date.
But we've got news that
it's spreading in lndiatoo.
Okay. Count 1000,2000,
3000 and open your eyes.
- I'm scared!
Don't be scared.
Just think about her.
Azaan, what are you doing? Azaan!
I won't be able to
stop them any further.
Don't be mad. We're almost there.
Azaan, what are you doing? Azaan!
What is operation White Tiger?
Sir, who is Azaan Khan?
- There's news about China's..
..involvement in this. - Is this
truethat a RAW officer has saved..
..India from Ebola virus?
Ebola, China..
..one lndian is
enough to fight them all.
It's a nice story.
But just a story.
It's nottrue.
Jai Hind!
With Zahra's blood samples one
effective vaccine has been made.
And now lndia's every
pharmaceutical company is making it.
He fought like a lion.
Tiill his last breath he
kept fighting like a lion.
That one man saved his country.
"With thefingers ofthe soul.."
"..you sketched a picture."
"ls it an image made ofsand?"
"Or is it my life?"
"You've healed my wounds."
"You're like medicine."
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"With your touch.."
"..everything is fragrant."
"You'rethe aroma, beautiful!"
"Lettheworld change."
"lf I get you.."
"..just once, beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"You've healed my wounds."
"You're like medicine."
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"With your touch.."
"..everything is fragrant."
"You'rethe aroma, beautiful!"
"Lettheworld change."
"lf I get you.."
"..just once, beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"
"Beautiful! Beautiful!"