AB Aani CD (2020) Movie Script

-Yes, tell me.
-Shivalkar here.
It's time for the meeting.
How long will you take to come here?
Sorry, I won't be able to make it
for the senior citizen
committee meeting today.
-I've to attend a housewarming ceremony.
It's my younger daughter-in-law's
brother's housewarming ceremony.
I must go.
They've given a personal invitation
and insisted on my presence.
-But will you--
at this age, no one values our presence.
So, those few who really do,
we should respect their emotions.
But how can you...
Okay, bye. I am in a hurry.
Hey, how do I look today?
I asked you something.
You won't like the truth.
And telling a lie is against my principle.
-Come on, hurry up.
Hurry up. Dad is ready and waiting.
Why is he coming?
What do you mean?
I don't like to repeat things, okay?
Why do you live in the past?
He was against our marriage, right?
He didn't even attend our marriage.
So, you're at it again.
You're too complicated.
Have you ever given me
an honest opinion?
Yes, I have. That's why you married me.
What does that mean.
I mean, the first time I came to see you,
I honestly gave my consent.
That's why you married me. Right?
What a big favor you did me.
I think that was the first
and the last honest opinion.
Otherwise, you're always
complicating things.
Okay, I agree.
Still, we are happily married
since the past 20 years. Right?
And this flower
that has blossomed in our garden?
Flower, indeed.
It has turned into a cabbage now.
Look at his hair.
He didn't even talk to me
for many days after our marriage.
Only for a month.
Then, he forgot everything.
Now, he's behaving well with you, right?
Listen, it happens at this age.
He has aged, not me.
Once again, I repeat.
I don't want your father to attend
any function at my maternal house.
I've already spoken
with brother-in-law and sister-in-law.
-I hope this makeup looks good.
-Yes, of course.
I didn't want to apply
It shouldn't look gaudy. But...
What's this? Where are you off to?
What do you mean?
We've to go to the
housewarming ceremony, right?
Yes, but the fabrication
guy will be coming today
to repair the window of your room.
I had called him up
and he said he can come only today.
So, I told him to come right away.
Because you are at home anyway.
Is grandpa not coming with us?
No, my dear.
Our car is very small.
Five people can hardly fit in it.
I told him to buy a bigger car but...
You've mastered the art
of diverting any topic on me.
And then, you start taunting.
Forget about the taunting.
But it's more difficult to divert
a topic than to divert a car.
-I mean--
No, nothing.
Before he starts his logic
and confuses all of us, let's just leave.
-Come on. Let's go.
Let's go. Put on your shoes.
-There they come.
How are you?
-Thank you.
Constructing such a huge house in Pune
is a big achievement in itself.
Absolutely yes, because her father
immediately transferred
his old house in his son's name.
And he immediately
redeveloped the old house
to construct this bungalow.
-Good decision.
-Thank you.
-He has spent a lot.
-That's right.
And my dad also gave away
his provident fund money to brother.
-All of it?
-Yes, of course.
-I mean, you.
-That's good.
In short, without the blessings
of elders in the house,
youngsters cannot progress.
-That's true.
You must consider this.
Yes, sir. Tell me.
What do I say?
You were supposed to come
and repair the window today.
This is Chandrakant Deshpande.
Sir, I informed your daughter-in-law
that I won't be able to come today.
Is that so?
But she said you would come today.
I think there's some confusion, sir.
I had told her very clearly
that I won't be coming today.
Oh, God.
I'm so tired.
The function was wonderful.
-Isn't it?
-I will tell brother.
Before going to the housewarming ceremony,
you said the fabricator is coming
to repair my room's window.
Yes. Did he not come?
No, he didn't.
Because he wasn't supposed to come.
I called him up and he said
that he won't be coming today.
And he had clearly told you about it.
Is it?
Maybe, due to so much running around
I couldn't remember
if he's coming today or some other day.
Quite possible.
But when somebody repeatedly insists
to attend the function...
It's okay, dad. It's okay.
People do insist
that we attend their functions.
That doesn't mean we should
actually attend all the functions.
You're too much.
Come on, let's change now.
And, dad,
even if you were to come,
there was no place in the car.
Shravni has also grown up now.
Last week, all of us had gone
to Thevur on a pilgrimage.
All of us had gone together.
I was also in the car.
Have the children grown
so much in just one week
that there's no place for grandpa
in the car now?
When did you come, Sunny?
Half an hour ago.
Let's go.
You've to go to the office
tomorrow morning.
We can't afford to neglect our routine.
Let's go.
I... I'll lock the door.
That's true.
No one can compromise on their routine.
Today's routine was incomplete
without this insult.
Now, it's complete.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Instead of doing up and down,
why don't you use the lift?
But no.
If your leg slips or gets stuck,
you will break your bones.
Have you seen the museum in Hyderabad?
Wow. Today, Deshpande has spoken
about Hyderabad.
That's true.
Otherwise, he'd talk about
his father's transfer
to Allahabad as a teacher.
And his first prize
in painting in that school.
Are you exercising?
Yes, talk to me.
Is this urgent?
No, not really.
But it's definitely interesting.
Gargi, listen.
I will go home and get fresh.
Then I will call you up. Okay?
You may call me up.
But I may not have the time
to receive your call.
What do you mean?
That's why I called you up.
-I've got a new assignment.
It's not a 100% confirmed.
But today, we have a meeting at 11 a.m.
If everything is finalized,
then I w'll be busy
for the next month or so.
That's good. It seems exciting.
Oh, baby.
I had told you.
What's going on here?
What's going on in this public place?
What do you mean?
Are we doing anything wrong?
-Look at him.
-He's arguing.
Is there any ban on holding hands?
But look at the way
you're holding her hand.
-Aren't you ashamed
doing such obscene things
in a public park?
They don't have any culture.
-No shame at all.
Hello, your days are gone.
Now, that you can't do anything
do you expect others to abstain?
First of all, just leave this place.
Go home.
Take your medicines and sleep tight.
Damn patriarchs.
Hey, mind your language.
They live on bonus years
and teach us manners.
-What's this?
I was a teacher.
I've reformed many insolents.
Hey, go home.
Okay, fine.
Instead of listening to half the story.
Gargi, wait a minute.
I will call you later.
There's some fuss happening in the park.
Bye, I will call you later. Bye.
Okay, bye.
Don't act oversmart.
I won't respect your age.
-I will straightaway raise my hand.
-Who do you think you are?
-Let go. Let go, I say.
Let me go.
Why are you fighting with me
for these old men?
You know what the problem is?
The one standing in front of you
is my grandpa.
My real grandpa.
Whatever you said to him till now,
I forgive you for it.
But if you utter a word against him now,
I will beat you so much
that you won't be recognized. Understood?
And let me clear one more thing.
I'm a lawyer.
You will be sent behind bars
for a decade or more.
You won't get any private
or government job.
Moreover, you will lose your girlfriend.
Understood? Now, get lost.
Grandpa, please sit.
You guys go ahead.
I will wait here for some time.
-I will go with him.
-Sawant, let's go.
-Let's go.
He came on time.
Otherwise, we were in trouble.
What's the matter, grandpa?
Are you not feeling well?
Shall I bring my bike?
Shall I call a rickshaw?
It's best that I call an ambulance,
and take you to the hospital--
It's nothing like that.
Nothing serious.
It's nothing like that.
But that boy's statements
are echoing in my mind.
I just can't forget it.
Don't pay attention to him, grandpa.
He was ill-mannered.
Do you know what he said?
"These patriarchs
are living a bonus life."
Please don't think over it much.
Whatever he was,
a loafer, insolent or stupid.
He wasn't wrong at all.
It was absolutely correct.
-Let me tell you one simple thing.
had gone to a clinic to enquire about
some medical center.
It was a private clinic.
I wanted some information about
senior citizen medical help centre.
Time is up now.
No, it's not.
Lunchtime begins at 1:30 p.m.
as is clearly written here
and there are still 10 minutes to go.
Not all work is done as per the schedule.
Timings are just printed
as a part of the rule.
Our duty time is from 10:00 a.m.
but we start working from 9:30 a.m.
So, please let me take my lunch.
It's wrong.
Yesterday also I had come here,
and waited till 11:30 a.m.
But no one was at the counter.
I see. You mean, I am telling a lie.
No, I didn't mean that.
Please, come after an hour, sir.
Let me enjoy my lunch for now.
Wonder why he needs so much information
about the medical help and schemes.
-He has lived enough.
He just came to kill time.
Come, let's eat.
This is how it is.
Which clinic was it, grandpa?
I would've given them a fitting reply.
I remember,
reading somewhere,
that being aged,
is very cruel to man.
Grandpa, please, don't speak like this.
I am alright. You go.
You go to your gym.
-Are you sure? Hope you're fine.
-Yeah, I am alright.
-I am alright.
And you didn't like it,
so you shouted at them.
Dad, why should you
interfere in other's lives?
What if the matter
had gone out of control?
And what if you were harmed?
Ultimately, who would have trouble?
Your family, that is us.
Now, stop teaching everyone everywhere.
It's been many years
since your retirement.
Who will take the classes of interfering
in lives after retirement?
Are you busy?
No, I'm just playing with the laptop.
Just move your leg aside.
Can't you reply properly?
Can't you ask properly?
Can't you see I am
doing something important?
Keep that aside. Listen to me first.
Ok, tell me.
I think grandpa is ill-treated
in this house.
What do you mean?
It's not a big issue.
But he has been troubled
with small things.
I fail to understand what you are saying.
Please be clear.
The other day, uncle called us
for the housewarming ceremony.
He was ready to go
but nobody took him along.
And several times, he told mom
to bring honey for him.
But she hasn't brought it yet.
Day before yesterday,
when I went out with grandpa, then--
-Why did you hit me?
Don't you think you're
suddenly talking like a granny?
Have you grown up?
I also notice these things.
But we are still very young.
So we can't object.
-You know how our family members are.
So, will this continue forever?
Even I've been thinking about this
for the past few days.
We'll figure something out.
You don't worry. I am there.
-Now, go.
-But do something concrete.
-Sure, I will.
Before marriage, during the marriage,
and even, after marriage,
we always used to pledge
to be with each other forever.
One day,
you suddenly left everything and--
How does the other person
live the rest of his life?
Happiness and sorrows,
I experienced both equally in my life.
But now...
I am scared of loneliness, Varsha.
Anyway, you are not unaware
of what's happening.
Now, I am tired, Varsha.
I have only one prayer now.
Like he united us on this earth,
he should make sure
we reunite in heaven also.
I am waiting for his call now.
So that I can meet you.
I can't tolerate it.
No, they just made us stand
with the board.
They didn't do anything else.
-Yes, it was just pastime. That's it.
-Thank you.
Sir, you gave the bill
for just one cup of coffee.
But we had ordered two cups of it.
How can I charge you?
I will take the bill
for only one cup of coffee.
-Just a minute.
Madam, can you please
click my photo with her?
-Take a video, please.
But why?
Gargi has done wonders.
She used to come to our canteen daily,
have something,
speak a little and leave.
Gargi is great.
Great, Gargi. You're great.
I feel proud that I know Gargi.
Great, Gargi. Gargi is great.
Hello, madam.
-Here, let me park your bike.
-It's okay.
-No, please. I will park it. Let me.
-I will do it.
Madam, you're doing such a big job.
Let us contribute a little.
Please give it, madam.
Thank you.
Hello. Have you seen the videos?
Yes, I saw the videos, Gargi.
But I didn't understand anything.
That canteen man
and that man in the parking lot.
What's going on?
I told you about marathon meetings, right?
They are successful now.
What is it about?
-Amit sir--
-Who's this Amit sir?
Are you mad?
-You asked me who Amit sir is?
By Amit sir, I mean Amitabh Bachchan.
What about him?
I will have to tell you in detail. Listen.
-Amit sir studied in Allahabad.
One of his teachers
from class fourth to seventh,
Sharma sir, will be 100 soon.
Amit sir has come forward to celebrate
his teacher's birthday
and he has announced a program
-where all his batch-mates will come.
I've the responsibility
to cover this entire function.
Okay. That's great.
And you know what?
Please, excuse me. Hi, dad.
Keep your mobile away
while eating at least.
-I am not eating.
-Not you.
You know what?
Today, my sir and I
had a meeting with Amit sir.
-Wow. Really?
And you know what,
I've not updated my social
media status on any platform.
But all those who heard about it,
their entire viewpoint
has changed towards me.
That man in the parking
and all the others.
Naturally, it will.
Amitabh is a celebrity.
Okay, bye for now.
I'm very tired.
And I have lots of pending work.
Okay, bye.
-I'm have to go to Mumbai urgently.
-I will tell you about it once I return.
-But have some milk.
-No. I will eat on the way. Bye.
-I am in a hurry.
I'll tell you everything when I return.
-Tell grandpa I'll be back soon.
Hello, Gargi,
I'm on the way. Yes, I'm coming.
Sorry. I'm extremely sorry.
-Where were you?
I've sent you so many messages.
There was a lot traffic. I am sorry.
Why didn't you order anything?
I was waiting for you, actually. So.
Excuse me.
Two lattes, please.
-Sorry. I am in a hurry.
-It's okay.
-So let's directly come to the point.
What? Who are you gossiping about?
Who is the target today?
Yes, that's true.
Oh, my God. My best friend.
Shravni, bring some chips.
-Have some fritters.
-Take it.
-Yes. Take it, all of you.
-Hi, Shravni, how are you?
-Hello. I am good.
-Shravni, make some tea.
By the way,
haven't you noticed
any changes in the house?
Curtains? Curtains are changed.
Oh, my god. What observation skills.
Jeweller's eyes.
Absolutely. Did you like it?
-Very nice.
-You know what?
-Much better than before.
-Yeah. I know.
The colors of the walls
and curtains were not matching.
That's why I changed it.
-But it's good.
-You did the right thing.
Please, enjoy the fritters.
Take a selfie.
Where are my paintings?
I've removed them.
What do you mean?
They were a mismatch
with the wall paint and curtains.
So, I've removed it.
Radha, those paintings
were on these walls
before you got married into this family.
I know the history
about those paintings, dad.
There may not be any history,
but there were emotions
attached with the paintings.
Still are.
On our 35th wedding anniversary,
your mother-in-law had selected
few paintings of her
choice from my creations.
And she decorated these walls with them.
Dad, I haven't thrown away
those paintings.
They are in your room.
Please serve the tea.
Actually, we should throw away
all old things.
-Take your tea.
-You, too.
And you. oh yes, you will need coffee.
Sit here on the swing. Sit down.
Your humming was really sweet.
You've got a sweet voice.
You're also a good poet.
Sing. Sing something.
Come on.
May we always stand by each other
May we always stand by each other
Like a heart lending moral support
To the other heart
Like a heart lending moral support
To the other heart
May we always stand by each other
Sunrays emerging out of the fog appear
Sunrays emerging out of the fog appear
Like the sky embracing the earth
Seasons should instill
Such fragrance in the flowers
Like a heart lending moral support
To the other heart
Like a heart lending moral support
Colours must blend
in each other in a way
Colours must blend
in each other in a way
That only the kinship
Prevails over the self-conceit
Like the footsteps
That are fond of shadows
Like the footsteps
That are fond of shadows
Like a heart lending moral
support to the other heart
Like a heart lending moral
support to the other heart
Like a heart lending moral support
May we always stand by each other
Check who's at the door.
You fill the form.
Just tell me where I should sign.
-Chandrakant Deshpande? Courier for him.
Grandpa, courier.
Courier for me?
You don't expect any courier in your name?
-It's not that.
We are from the generation
that depended on
post, parcel, and registered services.
Courier was never on our list. That's why.
-What's it?
-But this is in your name, grandpa.
The address is also correct.
-Where has it come from?
-What's this?
-Grandpa has received a courier.
-I see.
-What's this? From Amitabh Bachchan?
Dad received a courier
from Amitabh Bachchan?
-Quite strange.
Who's this Amitabh Bachchan?
Wait a minute, aunt.
Grandpa, shall I open it?
Read it out.
I am also equally excited now.
Please read.
"Dear Mr. Chandu,
greetings from Amitabh Bachchan."
Greetings from Amitabh Bachchan to dad?
That's what is written here.
"I hope you remember we studied together
in Allahabad Boys High School.
Sharma sir was one of our teachers.
This year,
Sharma sir will be completing 100 years.
I've thought of honoring him
on this occasion
along with all the past students
of our batch.
I'm announcing a program in this regard.
I will write to you again
once the date and time is finalized.
Don't forget to send me your e-mail ID.
I hope you and our other batch mates
will get together once again
at our school in Allahabad
and refresh old memories.
Thank you.
Your friend, Amitabh Bachchan."
Oh, my god.
you never told us that Amitabh
Bachchan was your classmate.
How could I have told you?
I've also come to know about this now.
Do you remember anything of that time?
I don't remember at all.
I can understand
that it's difficult to remember.
You're nearly 65 now.
He's 75 years old.
He didn't go to school soon after birth.
We don't even remember
our school time friends.
-How will he recollect any?
-Yes, that's right.
How will dad remember anything now?
I agree, but he has clearly
mentioned in the letter.
Allahabad, Sharma sir,
and school and all that.
-It must be true.
-Aunt, the letter is genuine.
What are you saying?
This is too much.
I don't remember anything. Nothing at all.
Dad, you may not recollect all of it.
But maybe a little.
Try to remember.
You might recollect something.
Try to remember?
Dad, can you recollect
Sharma sir at least?
I can't recollect anything.
He's too much.
-He doesn't even remember Sharma sir.
Gargi, the courier boy had come.
Oh, good.
He came little late.
I was so tensed, you know.
But now, I am relaxed.
By the way, Gargi, thanks a lot.
No need.
I know you have a busy schedule.
You have a workload
and you still helped me.
Still, you're doing all this.
Come on, Gargi.
You must do this much for a friend,
isn't it?
Any problem at home?
-Did anybody get a hint?
Listen, Gargi... Hello.
-I will call you later. Bye.
-What happened?
You silly girl.
Should you overhear
somebody's conversation?
Who was on the call?
It was a call from Amitabh's office
to check if we've received
the courier or not.
Should I not update them? Yes.
-I see
But why should you talk
to them secretly here?
I think, even in Amitabh's
office there's a Gargi.
-It's not that. Listen to me carefully.
-Just a minute.
First of all, I am not small anymore.
Just one sting from me,
and you will be exposed.
Listen, I was going to tell you
but I was wondering
how you would take it and react.
I understand everything. Okay?
Now, tell me the truth.
Otherwise, I will call everybody.
-Wait, I will call them. Mom.
-Hey. Are you mad?
I will tell you everything.
I don't know how much
you will understand.
But listen.
I understood your grandpa's problem
but how can I help you?
Last night, we talked over the phone.
And what did you say?
That you were just introduced
to Amitabh Bachchan
and people's behavior
towards you changed entirely.
Your prestige increased
all of a sudden. Correct?
-I want to use the same gimmick.
Now, listen to me carefully.
Last night, what did you tell me on phone?
That it's Sharma sir's 100th birthday.
And Amit sir has invited
all the past students.
I mean his classmates.
Now, it's a coincidence,
that my grandpa also studied in Allahabad.
And he's of the same age group.
-Just a minute.
Please come to the point.
All I want
is for Amit sir to send an invitation
of this program to my grandpa.
That's it.
Have you lost it?
Of course, a fake invitation.
But I want the subject
of the letter to be this.
That Amitabh Bachchan
and Chandrakant Deshpande
were classmates from class 4 to class 7.
Just imagine., they both were classmates.
If this news spreads in our area
even by chance,
everybody in our area will become crazy.
People's viewpoint
about my grandpa will change.
Are you mad?
Why did you come to Mumbai
for such a small thing?
Thank you.
You could have done this from Pune too.
It's not that, Gargi.
When you're lying about something,
it should be flawless.
Me doing this on my own,
and a professional doing it for me.
-makes a huge difference.
-I agree.
Things will be done professionally.
Yes. So, listen. The design, CorelDraw,
Photoshop, nd most importantly,
Amit sir's signature.
Are you mad?
Forget about the signature.
What if this leads to a problem?
Listen, Sanya.
From an experience point of view,
this job is very important to me.
Come on, baby. Don't worry.
That letter will reach my home.
There will be chaos in the house.
And then grandpa's health is not so good.
Who will accompany him to Allahabad?
All these questions will come up.
Immediately, I will write
a letter to a dummy address saying,
"Thank you for the invitation.
'And sorry but I am unable
to attend the function." Topic closed.
Now, what's your opinion?
I mean, If the topic closes at this point,
-then it's good.
Understood? Is it clear now?
Now, go study or else you will fail.
Shut up. Don't teach me.
Yuck. Why don't you shave?
Why do you touch it? Idiot.
It's nothing.
We are ready for breakfast,
waiting for you.
We've made puffed rice.
It won't taste good if it turns cold.
Are you coming?
I'm still surprised.
You don't worry.
-Grandpa is here.
-Sit here.
Come. Sit, grandpa.
I don't want to have breakfast.
Only tea.
Listen, grandpa,
I spent the whole night
thinking about Amitabh's letter.
Well, a letter from someone like Amitabh
to Chandrakant Deshpande
is really something.
And that too an invitation with insistence
to be present at the function.
Yes. And do you think we slept well
after seeing that letter?
Our condition was no different to yours.
We lost our sleep too.
That letter kept flashing before our eyes.
Exactly. This is what I want to say.
You all are so excited.
But how can you say
that the letter is genuine?
Come on, it's signed by Amitabh.
Have you seen his sign before?
Grandpa can't even remember
if he was his classmate.
How will he recognize his handwriting?
You mean,
you doubt that the letter is genuine.
That it's not signed by Amitabh.
No, I don't want to say that directly.
I just want to say
that we read the news
about senior citizens getting cheated.
It even happens on WhatsApp.
If we receive one more letter
asking to send Rs. 25000
airfare to Allahabad. What will you do?
So, what do we do?
Should we go to Amitabh's house
and ask for his notebooks
of class 4 to verify his handwriting?
Don't worry, grandpa. I am there.
Internet can be a great help.
I will do extensive surfing
on the Internet
and get to the root of this matter.
Okay? Don't worry.
See you. Bye.
Brother, what's this new drama now?
What drama?
Don't ask me.
You had sent the letter. Right?
-Now you're questioning it?
Of course, we should.
Speak softly, first of all.
Shravni, that's why I call you stupid.
Shut up. But why do you do all this?
So that the family is totally convinced.
Go it?
-You're right.
Your mom and mine,
both are free the whole day.
Someday they will use their brains and--
For that matter, even our fathers.
They will surely have doubts.
-So, before they doubt
we should raise a doubt and resolve it.
So that there's no tension.
Most importantly,
-our plan is fake, right?
So, we must be very careful.
-Got it?
Okay? Done? Thanks.
I didn't realize you're so smart.
-What do you think?
After all, you're my brother.
Okay, go. Stupid.
-Breakfast is served.
-Only one.
I surfed the entire night
and found one poem.
I had to surf a lot for this. Look here.
This is Harivansh Rai Bachchan's poem
written in Amitabh's handwriting.
The letter that we received yesterday,
we just need to compare this handwriting
with that of the letter.
We will consult an expert for this.
I agree I have not been painting
for the past few years.
But I am still a painter.
I know. I mean, I can still compare
the curves of the handwriting.
I can verify handwriting.
Sorry. This is your subject. Forgive me.
Will you do me a favor, Shravni?
Will you please bring my eyeglasses?
Bring it fast.
Dad, sandwich?
Did you bring it?
With a perfunctory check,
it seems this handwriting
is of the same person.
-Let me see.
-Let me see.
Take this.
Is the handwriting the same?
Just a minute. Let me start.
Watch TV.
Hello, Shani. How are you?
Say hello to your family members.
And my salutations
to Mr. Chandrakant Deshpande.
Why double salutations to Mr. Chandrakant?
Because, he's a great personality.
He was Amitabh Bachchan's classmate.
It's not a small achievement.
These are the answers to your questions.
This is Allahabad station
that you see behind me.
And this is the street
called P.D. Tandon lane.
It takes you to Amitabh Bachchan's school.
Come, I will show you.
Here, we're here.
Amitabh Bachchan and Mr. Chandrakant
studied together in this school.
Boys high school and college.
Now, let's go inside the school. Come.
This is the tamarind tree.
Mr. Amitabh and Mr. Chandrakant
studied together under this tree.
Now, we've reached inside his classroom.
You can see it's very big.
Oh, my god.
So this is the school register.
It has Mr. Amitabh Bachchan's name.
I've spent five hours in a day
and done the best job of my life.
Do call me up again if the need arises.
Your friend, Sanjay Shukla.
Did you see this?
-Did you see this?
-What was this?
He had a doubt.
If this had actually
happened in Allahabad.
So he called his friends
over there to verify.
Are you convinced now?
P.D. Tandon lane.
Boys high school. Isn't everything there?
Are you convinced now?
I was convinced, uncle.
I was just verifying it.
-Senior citizens are getting cheated--
-Shut up.
He is like this only.
If he has a doubt about something he will
not give up until he finds the truth.
-Why don't you stop thinking?
Yes, hit him once again on my behalf.
One from me too.
-Hello, Sanjay.
Your portrayal of Allahabad's local
guide was awesome.
Nobody would guess that
you're Maharashtrian.
I'm in theatre since the past 20 years.
Can't I do this role?
Okay, listen.
When will your next play be?
Where? In Pune?
On the 20th.
Reserve two tickets for me.
Why two?
I will be coming with a friend.
Is she the same girl?
Yes, of course.
-Okay, see you. Bye.
-Okay, bye.
Do you see all this?
In such a short time,
I can see major changes in the house.
Just a few days ago, I told you
that I am a simple man.
I've lived a simple life.
I mean, on happy occasions I become happy.
And on sad occasions, I become sad.
But in the 75 years of my life
the situation that I've come across now,
how do I face it?
I'm unable to understand that.
In some corner of my mind, I feel
that this should be true.
This should happen.
And I should meet Amitabh Bachchan once.
This is just my feeling, okay?
I still have uncertainty in my mind.
And that's true.
So? What do I do?
You tell me.
Yes, Sanya, talk to me.
Gargi, listen,
our plan is gradually turning successful.
But grandpa is not 100% convinced.
But you said just send a letter
and things will be alright.
Yes, I know, but things haven't
gone as per my plan.
Anyway, what do you want me to do next?
Listen, I've mailed you what I want.
Send me that mail immediately
in Amitabh Bachchan's handwriting.
Yes, I will do that.
But today I have some work, so--
Never mind. Your work is important.
So finish your work and then do my job.
Yes, I will send the reply
as quickly as possible.
-Yes, bye.
I've solved your problem in no time.
I've sent a direct mail
to Amitabh Bachchan.
You've sent a mail to Amitabh Bachchan?
Yes, directly.
And I've written to him in clear words
that you've sent a letter to my grandpa.
But he doesn't recollect
if you were classmates.
So, now, you take care of the matter.
How can you send him such a mail?
What else do you expect me to do, grandpa?
You're not getting convinced.
So, I've approached him directly.
That's it.
And let me tell you this finally, grandpa.
If you get a reply to this mail,
it means he was your classmate.
And if you don't get a reply,
then it was a lie.
Okay? Done?
Thank you.
Sir, the detailing is done.
Air tickets, Allahabad hotel bookings
and crew's entry passes are ready.
Good job.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Madam, your prints.
Yes, come.
Take this.
-Dad. Uncle.
I want to show you something shocking.
-Show me.
Come fast.
-And you bring grandpa. Go, fast.
-What's up, Sanya?
Come, Radha.
-Wait for a minute, dad.
Show us before they come.
Wait, uncle.
Have some patience.
-What is it?
-Come sit, mom.
Come fast, aunt.
He has a habit of creating suspense.
Please sit, grandpa.
Now, listen.
I received the reply
to my mail to Amitabh Bachchan.
-What are you saying?
-Let me read it for you all.
-"Respected, Mr. Sunny." That's me.
Like Chandrakant, a few of our classmates
are also unable to recollect anything.
It's very natural that you
tend to forget things at this age.
Let me tell you one thing.
I'm sure Chandrakant would remember it.
We were quite naughty during the class.
Sharma sir always shouted
at us and he used to say,
'Keep quiet, ABCD.'
ABCD means Amitabh Bachchan
and Chandrakant Deshpande."
"Attached herewith is a group photo
of our school life.
I'm sure he will recollect everything
after watching it.
Thank you. Your friend, Amitabh Bachchan."
-A photo?
-Show us.
-Open it.
-Turn this way.
-Wait. Let me show it to grandpa.
Show me.
You look so handsome, grandpa.
-Show me.
-Let me see.
-Show me.
-Bring it here.
Take a look.
-Amitabh Bachchan and grandpa.
-Oh yes. It's true.
-Isn't the photograph too old?
It's a childhood photograph.
It has to be old.
-This. Is this Amitabh Bachchan?
Yes, there's no doubt about it.
Look at his sparkling eyes.
Clearly visible even at such a young age.
But in childhood
Amitabh Bachchan was quite short,
isn't it?
-One can get tall later.
Look at the friends together.
Yes, like they're bum-chums.
Dad, this is really wonderful.
He was handsome, but even dad
looked like an emperor
even without a moustache.
It's NCC means...
This is a scouts photo.
Look at it.
-No, is he Sharma sir?
Yes, that's right.
Presentation is a must.
You're done with it, right?
-So, give it.
What are you checking?
No, I was just setting
this photo as my screen saver.
I see.
Having Amitabh's photo
as your screen saver is nothing new.
He has millions of fans.
But tell me, how many are fortunate enough
to have such a photo?
-Let me see.
-Here it is.
Show me as well.
Show us also.
-Wait a minute.
I will move it a little behind
so that everybody can see.
Yes, that would be good.
What's this?
Can you see those two in a circle?
One of them is my father.
And the other boy is Amitabh Bachchan.
I see. That's good.
Amitabh has sent this photo
from his school time.
But which one is Amitabh?
On the right or on the left?
-Amitabh is lefty, right?
So, he must be on the left.
Yes, tell me.
I've recently posted
on our family group.
All the photos.
Did you see everybody's reaction?
Yes, of course.
I've seen everybody's reactions.
Thumbs up, smileys, bouquets, applause.
Yes, that's my
father-in-law's achievement.
Mom, Amitabh Bachchan.
It's not a small thing.
Iff they have a photo
with even a struggling actor,
they proudly post it in the group.
Tell them to see this photo.
You're so fortunate
to be married into such a nice family.
Dad, fennel seeds.
So, is your window repaired now?
I had spoken with the fabricator guy.
He was refusing to come.
But I insisted that he come.
We have a senior citizen at home.
What if due to wind flow
you catch cough and cold?
Who will be responsible?
Then, he quickly came.
Is it alright now? Smooth?
Otherwise, I will call him again.
No, no need. It's smooth now.
I don't want smoother than this.
Otherwise, it will slide
with my breathing. This is fine.
Dad, you're too funny.
Okay, tell me if you need anything.
Dad, good night.
I forgot to take my sugar medication.
-Do you want money to buy now?
-No need.
Daughter-in-law had kept it ready
on the table.
But I forgot. Now she will yell at me.
Did you get the news?
Which news?
Amitabh Bachchan and CD.
They are close friends.
I heard that they were classmates.
That's okay.
But my daughter-in-law and CD's
daughter-in-law are of the same class.
I mean they are members
of the savings scheme group.
-I found that out here.
But listen, Amitabh Bachchan and CD
are close friends. And we
are getting the news from outside.
But why didn't CD himself tell us?
-Even I agree with you.
Let him come.
-We will question him.
-Keep everything ready.
-Yes, it is.
Sir is here.
Sir. Sir.
Sir, I wanted to talk.
With me?
Yes, sir.
I won't too much time.
Regarding what?
Sir, our Bachchan.
Amitabh Bachchan, sir.
What will I say about him?
You can say anything, sir.
-Are you ready?
Is it on?
-Madam, your hair.
Sir is also ready.
Hello, friends.
You can see
that we are with Mr. Deshpande.
Amitabh Bachchan's
close friend Deshpande.
Sai Baba local channel is lucky
to be the first to interview him.
So, from him, we will find out
how old their friendship is.
How did they become friends?
And how are they keeping in touch now?
So, Mr. Deshpande,
my first question to you is,
how old is your friendship?
-Our friendship?
How old is my friendship
with Amitabh Bachchan?
I am sorry.
But is there any compulsion
to give this interview?
-Yes, sir.
-Sorry, but I can't give it.
-Thank you.
-Sir, you can't do this.
Sir, it's a big deal.
-Thank you.
-Come on.
You can see,
Amitabh Bachchan's closest friend
is not ready to talk to the camera.
Never mind.
This is Mrinal with cameraman Rajesh.
Do you have any different
sections for senior citizens?
-Yes, we are running many schemes.
-Dad is here.
Hello, sir.
Sir, we have come
from Good Health hospital.
Yes, I figured.
Please sit.
Please sit.
-No, thank you, sir.
-Thank you.
-Tell me.
-I came with a proposal, sir.
What proposal?
We run various schemes
for senior citizens.
I understood.
So, our management wanted you
to be the brand ambassador.
Wow. Brand ambassador.
-Isn't it good, sister-in-law?
What will you pay?
-Let's discuss it.
-Just a minute.
I should be the brand
ambassador of a hospital?
Are you pulling my leg?
How's this possible?
That's your humbleness, sir.
Give me some time to think over this.
Yes, you can take your time, sir.
Anyway, you've reached a high position.
Okay, tell me one thing.
Suppose I accept your offer,
what will be my job?
Nothing much.
-We run various programs in our hospital.
You need to be present
during the programs.
-And in Amitabh style
you will have to do a small photo session.
Photo session.
Okay, you can leave for now.
I will let you know my decision later.
-Okay. We will wait for your reply.
Did you have tea?
-Yes, we did.
-See you.
-We will let you know, ma'am.
A photo session is no big deal.
Joshi, have some sweets.
Madam, here, you have some too.
-Oh, thanks.
-What's the news?
You know Amitabh Bachchan?
He turned out to be my father's classmate.
-Is it?
-And for his program in Allahabad,
he has specially invited my father.
Amitabh Bachchan himself.
Wow. That's great.
What's it now?
Come on, you're asking me?
We, the senior citizen group
will be celebrating
your 75th birthday with great pomp.
Will you please listen to me?
No, you yourself had said
that we will celebrate
senior citizens' birthdays
on the last Sunday of their birth month.
-Yes. We've agreed to you.
That's the rule.
We will celebrate your birthday
in our group and that's final.
-Come on.
Madam, please sit.
Uncle Sawant and uncle Shivalkar,
how could you decide
to celebrate father's birthday
without consulting us?
-What do you mean?
-Why should we consult you?
Just a minute.
-Didn't you recognize her yet?
She's the chairperson
of women's committee.
Okay, so?
-And a member of our savings group.
Most importantly, she has been waiting
-for the past one hour before you'll came.
Earlier you were reading
the newspaper, dad.
-So we didn't disturb you.
-Such respect?
Dad, she wants you to give a speech
in the women's committee meeting.
Global definition of Deshpande
and Bachchan's friendship.
-Oh, my God.
And dad, our savings group women
-want to honor you.
The reason is so wonderful.
I mean, Amitabh Bachchan.
No, no. We don't know all this.
-Deshpande will come to our group.
But he will first come to our meeting.
-Just not possible.
-How can that be?
How is that possible?
Can I give some input?
In my opinion, you shouldn't get
excited and announce something big.
But, dad...
-Let me finish.
Getting honored by the senior
citizen's group is okay
only on my friends' insistence.
Because I had set that rule for all.
But don't extend things
beyond a certain level.
This is my humble request to all of you.
-But listen to us.
-Hey, but...
Okay, now listen.
I will show you
how the set should be put up
-on CD's birthday.
-Take this. See.
-Show me.
-Let me see.
Wow. It's very nice.
Twenty one.
-This way.
-I know. I am the tailor, okay?
-Of course, you are.
-Do it slowly.
Forty six. Okay.
You see,
we must take proper measurements.
That's my business.
For any ordinary person,
simple or XL or
XXL measurement is okay.
But if the person is a celebrity,
moreover, if it's his birthday,
then I have to put in more effort.
I have to work hard. Okay, leave it.
Tell me one thing.
What type of fabric do you want?
You tell me,
what type of fabric do you want?
Cotton? Terrycot? Terywool? Polyester?
Silk? Handloom? It's in fashion now.
Branded. Branded one in good quality.
-Okay, branded.
-Use quality silk. Pure silk or raw silk.
-Pure silk or...
-Pure silk is good.
Pure silk is good, right grandpa?
Never think that you are a senior citizen
and if it will suit you?
Nothing like that.
Don't forget whose friend you are.
Oh, my God.
So, you also got the news?
-Yes, of course.
-This is shocking.
Most importantly, I have a request.
Go ahead.
It's okay if you don't pay me.
No problem. But...
Introduce me to
Amitabh Bachchan. Right?
-Is it proper?
-Isn't the painting really beautiful?
It has added to the glory of the house.
After all, it is mother-in-law's choice.
She had chosen these paintings
from dad's collections.
But, sister-in-law, whatever you say,
whether it is dad or his paintings,
mother-in-law's choice is amazing.
Hey, it's surprising.
These paintings are back in their place?
I mean it was a mismatch
with the curtains and walls.
-I mean...
we realized that these paintings
are adding to the glory of this house.
That's why.
-Let's change the paintings of that side.
-Let's go inside now.
In life, I've seen many colors
in paintings.
But this is the first time,
I've seen colors that chang so fast.
Yes, Sanya. What's it?
Just called to say that everything
is going on perfectly over here.
Good. Finally, I'm free now.
What do you mean?
Half of my working hours
were spent doing your job.
What are you saying?
Yes, of course.
I'm taking salary from this office
but working for you.
Amitabh sir's signature,
make the fonts of his handwriting,
edit his photos.
Everything was done for you.
Come on, Gargi. Boyfr--
Can't you do this much for a friend?
Yes, everything for a friend. Okay.
I will genuinely be busy now
because Amitabh sir's
entire program's planning,
travelling, booking
and everything are my responsibility.
-So, I will be very busy now.
I can understand that.
I hope you won't forget me in all this.
Shut up, Sanya.
Okay, bye.
-Take care.
-Yes, bye.
-May I come in, sir?
Sir, I wanted to speak to you.
Do you need permission?
It's not regarding the work.
I wanted to file a complaint.
-Yes, sir.
About Gargi.
She's an intelligent girl.
She is handling all
the projects of Amitabh sir.
Yes, that's okay. But the problem is
that sitting in our office,
she's using our stationary and laptops,
she's doing somebody else's personal work.
Oh, I see.
We've made a simple invitation
card of your birthday.
-Devki Pundit's performance?
Chief guest is Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.
Amitabh Bachchan?
Are you in your senses?
Why will Amitabh Bachchan
come to this program?
-Why won't he?
If he can invite you for the program
that he has organised,
-why can't he attend your program?
It's okay between us.
But he is Amitabh Bachchan.
-Let him refuse your invitation.
Why should we decide on his behalf?
You please listen to me.
Hey, Sunny, come here.
-What is it?
-My friends
have cause more confusion. Look.
What? Chief guest Mr. Amitabh Bachchan?
Do one thing.
Take a photo of this card
-and e-mail it to Amitabh Bachchan.
-No, I won't do that. Sorry.
-Yes, he's right.
Why do you involve him
in our senior citizen program?
Alright, I have a suggestion.
-You just scan this invitation card...
...and e-mail it to Amitabh
from the senior citizen's group ID.
It will be senior citizen
group's responsibility.
-Is it okay now?
I knew it.
You've gotten so deeply involved in this
that when you called itself, I knew
it was regarding Amitabh sir.
So, tell me.
No, I've sent you an invitation card.
Have you checked it?
Yes, I received it.
Your senior citizens are so daring.
Yes, what do I say and how?
They've insisted I send a mail
to Amitabh Bachchan.
Okay, I've received your mail.
What do you want me to do next?
Nothing, just write
in Amitabh's handwriting,
"Thank you for the invitation.
My best wishes to Mr. Chandrakant.
But I won't be able to attend the
program due to personal reasons."
Okay, I will do that. I will do it now.
-Yes, bye.
Madam, sir has called you.
Coming, just five minutes.
No, he has called you urgently.
-Yes, coming.
Gargi, what am I hearing?
You're doing some
outside work from this office?
No, sir. It's not outside work.
-May I come in, sir?
It was my personal work.
It's for the family. That's why.
Sir, this is the latest printout.
And these are the earlier ones.
Oh, my God.
Gargi, I am really surprised.
What's this?
-Sir, please--
-What is all this?
No, sir, please listen to me.
You're not doing any
outside work from the office
but it is regarding Amitabh sir.
What's this?
What do I understand from this?
Sir, if our office project
is leaked outside, it means--
Bring her laptop to me.
What should I understand
from these papers, Gargi?
Is this your work ethic?
-May I come in?
Yogesh, wait outside.
I will call you later.
Okay, sir.
Sir, please listen to me.
It's nothing like that.
Amitabh Bachchan's project indeed!
Now, you will know
what happens when you snatch my project.
Sanya, listen, there's a problem.
What happened?
Boss got to know everything
and he has seized my laptop.
It has all the material
regarding Amitabh Bachchan
and his handwriting font.
I don't know.
Listen, I can't send you Amitabh's
refusal letter now.
I get it, dad. You sit.
What happened?
But what has happened?
You just sit down now.
-Please, be seated.
-Just a minute.
Please, be seated.
What's it?
No idea.
They barged in all of a sudden.
What happened?
Congratulations for what?
What is going on?
Don't ask.
You're the winner. You won the game.
-What has happened? Which game?
Look at this.
We've received Amitabh's mail.
-Look at this printout.
-Read it out.
-If the program is on the 27th,
then I will definitely attend it.
See this. Read it.
Oh, really? Is it true?
Uncle Sawant.
I hope you're not pulling our legs.
Like it happened during the rule
of the Peshwe's.
Maybe he refused
and you misunderstood it as his consent.
Sunny, let me see.
We really worked hard for this.
These clients...
Sorry, sir.
She is disconnecting the call.
Sorry, sir.
She is disconnecting the call.
Keep trying.
I am so sorry, sir.
I am extremely sorry, sir.
I forgot to put it on silent.
Give me two minutes, sir. Sorry. Sorry.
Sunny, when I'm disconnecting your call,
you should not try again.
But listen...
-Sunny, I told you my laptop is with sir.
-But, I.
As soon as I get my laptop I will reply.
I don't know how
but we've received Amitabh's reply
and he has accepted the invitation.
Exactly, and you said
you haven't sent it yet.
But I mean it. I haven't sent any mail.
Then, how did we receive that e-mail?
I have no idea.
Okay, I will see what needs to be done.
I will call you later. Bye.
She has disconnected it.
I don't understand what is going on.
What do you mean?
These things are not in our plan,
how could it happen?
I didn't get you.
Gargi said she hasn't sent any letter.
And even if she had,
she'd have expressed refusal.
I don't understand what--
What is going on?
What is this?
Will you please explain?
It's nothing, grandpa.
It's just like that.
Will you--
Let's go inside.
Will you please let me know now?
Grandpa, my friend named Gargi
works with a channel.
She got an opportunity
to shoot Amitabh Bachchan's event.
She was also introduced to
Amitabh Bachchan in that regard.
So, I thought of an idea
that with her help, if we prove
that you and Amitabh are friends
it will boost your respect.
I did all this for you, grandpa.
I mean, we noticed your loneliness
and we planned to end your troubles
in this house.
And that letter...
the video of Allahabad,
everything was fake.
Nothing is true.
Even Sanju is also a fake.
Now, this letter of acceptance.
I don't know who is playing with us now.
That's okay.
Whatever you just told me...
has already happened.
Okay. Done.
Thank you. It has happened.
Is Amitabh going to come?
It was a game for you.
But who landed in trouble now?
Me. How do I face the family members?
And the outsiders?
What about my friends
from the senior citizen group?
Grandpa, you please don't attend
that program of senior citizen group.
Please, express your inability
to attend that program.
Why? Why shouldn't I go?
Tell me. Why shouldn't I go?
As per your plan,
they've made complete arrangements.
In fact, I am going to go there
with a smiling face.
I will attend that program.
And I will let them carry
out the entire program.
Then I will go on the stage
and apologize to them with folded hands.
And will tell that it was a lie.
-And then I will slap myself.
-Don't do that, grandpa, please.
I will tell them that it wasn't like this.
All this was a lie.
Amitabh Bachchan will not be coming here
because we don't know each other.
I won't blame you.
I will take the entire blame.
At the most what will happen?
People will abuse me and curse me.
They will call me a liar.
That will be a gift
to me on my 75th birthday.
But I will attend the program.
That's final.
I will go with a smile.
Forget all the troubles
Forget all the troubles
Forget that prank
With a smile, celebrate
This event of life
This event of life
Live in present
The future is unforeseen
Live in present
The future is unforeseen
The future is unforeseen
Get over your past
This event of life
Let your inner songs
Let your inner songs
Be your voice
You're the real voice
You're the real voice
That appears different
Even in the crowd
This event of life
Everybody seems to be our akin
In fact they are
Everybody seems to be our akin
In fact they are
If you trust each other
If you trust each other
Even the company becomes an event
This event of life
This event of life
This event of life
Why are you calling me?
And what are you doing here?
I've come till here
but I don't have the guts to go inside.
How can you do that?
Grandpa was very angry at home.
He said he will attend the program
and reveal the truth to all.
"People will hit me. I will accept that.
If they won't hit me, I will hit myself."
I hope he won't do that actually.
I wish he wouldn't.
We tried to earn him some respect.
But things have gone south.
It's become a headache now.
So what will you do now?
I've no idea.
No matter what, you must go inside.
-You can't do that.
If we are not there,
the problem can worsen. Come inside.
-Please, come.
it's a very lucky day in my life.
It's a happy day.
I won't say it's only a happy day.
It's worth penning down in golden words.
Centuries pass,
and then comes a day
when you get an opportunity
to compere a program
for a grand birthday
celebration of a great personality.
I'm fortunate to get
that opportunity today.
So, I am not just lucky
but fortunate.
Exactly 75 years ago
a miracle happened in this universe.
Our closest and most loved friend
whom we call CD,
aka Chandrakant Deshpande,
was born on this day.
Will you please stop and give me a chance?
I said, may I say something?
Will you please stop
and give me a chance to speak?
What do you mean?
Come, please come. You're a star today.
It's your day.
Come and say something.
Let us listen to you
in your unique style of giving speeches
in pure Marathi language.
all of us are getting old with time.
So experiences keep on adding in life.
That's why I hope we all understand
that there are always two sides to a coin.
Similarly, even today's event
of welcoming Amitabh Bachchan.
can have another side, right?
I am going to talk to you
regarding that other side.
in his marvelous speech,
my friend, Shivalkar,
praised me a lot
with respect, love, and care.
All that praise
is a symbol of your love,
and friendship.
But whatever I am going to tell you now.
After that, your love,
and respect for me
might turn
into extreme hatred.
I'm sure about that.
That's why
I must share it with you all.
Because, friends,
whatever little life I have left,
I don't want to live it
with a burden of lies.
I won't take too much of your time.
Just in three sentences,
only in three sentences,
I will end my speech
and end this drama.
Sentence one.
Amitabh Bachchan was never my classmate.
Sentence two.
Amitabh Bachchan and I
do not know each other.
We've never seen each other.
And sentence three.
Amitabh Bachchan will not come
to attend this event today.
No, he will not come.
Now as to who's behind all this,
whose fault is it, who's responsible?
Don't trouble yourself
in figuring that out.
But I feel that
when we take a particular step,
of course, with good intentions,
if to achieve that goal,
one takes the wrong direction,
then everything...
just collapses.
once again I repeat,
Amitabh Bachchan,
this gentleman,
was never my classmate.
We never knew each other. Never.
Today, Amitabh Bachchan
will not be coming to this program.
Not at al.
If possible, forgive me.
Thank you.
Chandu. I've come.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
This is Amitabh Bachchan.
Today, I've come here
to meet Mr. Chandrakant Deshpande
because it's his 75th birthday today.
Chandrakant and I were batchmates.
We were together
in school for three years.
So, Chandu,
happy birthday and congratulations.
A round of applause for him, please.
Chandu, I want to tell you....
that just because it's your birthday
it's not compulsory that
I will speak only good about you.
I'm your very good friend
so, I can even speak about your flaws.
So, ladies and gentlemen,
after his wife's death,
he stopped painting.
He's such a good painter.
He is so talented.
But he stopped painting.
Because his wife is no more,
he stopped painting.
No. This is wrong.
Let me tell you one thing.
Listen to me carefully.
Remember, if our talent
is not with us in our old age,
we will not be able
to find the beauty of life.
All I want to say
is, please preserve
and nourish your talent.
In your old age, only your talent
will bring you happiness in life.
Thank you for your invitation
to this program.
I'm thankful to all of you.
Bye, Chandu.
See you.
Sir, this is my family.
Okay. Let's go.
Excuse me, sir.
Okay, Chandrakant.
Happy birthday.
-Thank you.Thank you.
May I come in, sir?
Yes, come in, Gargi.
Sir, I wanted to talk about
something important with you.
-Go ahead, Gargi.
Sir, I accept my mistake.
I did unrelated work from the office.
But the biggest question in my mind
is that even after I had stopped working,
how did the acceptance letter get signed
by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan?
Most importantly,
how did he reach the program?
Why do you ask me, Gargi?
Sir, my laptop was in your custody.
And Amitabh sir's signature
font was in that laptop.
Only you have the password to my laptop.
What do you mean?
Sir, you're at a very big post.
You're senior to me.
you're not an expert at telling lies.
I am sorry.
Yes. Yes, you're right, Gargi.
Sit down.
Please be seated.
I sent that letter.
That day, I was shouting
at you but actually I was not upset.
I was extracting information from you
about Chandrakant Deshpande sir,
my drawing teacher.
Was Chandrakant Deshpande your teacher?
He was my drawing teacher.
During my childhood, I've stayed
in his house a number of times.
I've had lunch with his family.
my drawing improved because of him.
I became a art commercial graduate.
I reached this position today.
In between,
I had forgotten all this but...
thanks to you, Gargi.
Because of you
I recollected my past.
I recollected my teacher.
After you left,
I kept thinking about what I could do.
Amitabh sir was in Pune for a shoot.
-Hello, sir.
Sir, I have a request to make.
It's about my drawing teacher.
I learnt drawing
from him in my childhood.
Sir, his 75th birthday is coming close.
And his friends have organized
a program to celebrate his birthday.
I am also Chandrakant
Deshpande's student, sir.
Whatever I am today
is because of him.
I will share the rest of the details
with you later, sir.
We are already in Pune,
and I wanted to make a request.
If you could attend that function
for even five minutes,
I would be much obliged.
I mean, it's a request.
Okay, sir. Bye.
And look at his greatness.
Somebody who he has never seen,
he agreed to meet him.
Even if it was for five minutes.
But just at my request,
he agreed to come to that program.
He's great.
But you too are great, sir.
Thank you.
I will take your leave.
Just a minute, Gargi.
Sir doesn't know this.
So do not tell him.
Don't tell anyone about this
in the outside world.
My sir's dreams were never big.
He has got this big dream now.
Let him live in that dream.
Anyway, I was never able
to gift him anything.
I'll be satisfied that in this pretext,
I've given him something.
Okay, sir.
-Hello, Sanya.
-Tell me.
-Suspense is over.
-What do you mean?
-Check the door, Shravni.
How many times
should I fill up these forms?
The forms have increased. Turn it over.
You have a courier.
Please, sign here.
Grandpa, a courier for you.
Once again?
-Let me check.
Once again you've got a courier.
And the address is correct.
-What is it?
-Shall I open it?
Yes, please.
-What's the matter?
-One more courier for grandpa.
Once again?
-What's this now?
-What happened?
It's Rekha's letter to grandpa.
She said she studied
with grandpa in college.
She has organized a get-together
of college friends
and grandpa is also invited.
-Who's this Rekha now?
It's property tax bill and he says
it's Rekha's invitation
to grandpa for a get-together.
Give him a tight slap.
Once again on my behalf.
Never tell lies.
It effects one's intelligence.
What do you mean?
I can't explain.
I will show you in a style
that you understand.
Hey, Sunny, never tell lies.
If you tell lies,
it effects your brain, understood?