Aba jan (2017) Movie Script

In the Name of God
Hi there!
I need some mint.
How about some basil too?
Yeah, why not.
Throw in some coriander too.
Oil! Buy some oil!
Hi there, Reza!
(Whispering a prayer)
- Hello, ma'am.
- Hi there.
O, father!
I think of our village's stray dogs.
If you showed no fear,
they'd not dare attack.
They'd run away with the slightest wave.
But if you were afraid of them,
they'd pounce on you.
In case of Israel,
our lands have been...
This is a red alert warning!
It means there will be an air strike.
By Hatef Alimardani
Leave work and go to
the nearest shelter!
Don't be afraid! Don't!
It's nothing. Don't worry.
(Reciting a prayer)
Don't be afraid!
Don't be afraid!
(Saying a prayer)
You went there again?
What's the matter?
Your dad?
Where are you going, Yarahmadi?
Come to the Principal's Office!
Yarahmadi! To the Office!
All right.
I'll come.
I'll be there by sunset at the latest.
Hopefully he'll get better.
All right.
Please think of something
for the 5th graders.
I've become like a spare teacher.
I've asked them ten times.
They don't have any available
teacher so late in the year.
They keep hesitating so the year ends.
They should have thought of
it before their "cleansing"!
Aren't you coming?
No, go ahead.
Where were you going?
I was going to cut some berry leaves for
the silk worms from near Abajan's house.
Forget it. Let's go home now.
We'll go to Abajan's later on.
- Bye for now.
- Bye.
The sweets are 15 tomans.
The biscuits?
The biscuits are...
What's going on?
Who are the school cars waiting for?
Hurry up!
Stay here.
What are you doing here? Go!
What are you lads doing here?
Nothing, really.
Why are you standing here there?
Get lost! Now! So help me God
if I see you here again!
How many times should I tell you to
bring your stand closer to school?
The school cars' drivers told me to move!
They've got no right to say that!
Don't even come tomorrow if you're
going to stay on this side!
Yes, sir!
Let go of that kid, for God's sake!
Now go!
What is it?
The doctor came to see him.
He said he won't last till morning.
Hi there.
Sorry I got here so late.
I was busy.
Do you hear me, dad?
Take the child outside.
Let's go sweetie.
Are you all right?
His body is cold.
Have you given him Sideritis?
Nazkhand gave him Ziziphora.
That thing is useless.
Have we got any Sideritis?
We might have some left.
Here, it'll be ready in a second.
This brings the dead back to life!
Hold this.
In the Name of God.
Open your mouth.
Open! Open!
What's in it?
Kazem's mother used to make this.
It brings the dead to life.
Drink this, dad.
Drink it.
There you go!
(Whispering a prayer)
Is that you, Heshmat?
No, no news here.
(Everyone saying a prayer)
I'll call you right back, Heshmat.
Yes, bye for now.
Thank you, Kazem!
Make way!
God gave him a new lease of life.
Didn't I tell you the
drink does miracles?
He needs his teeth.
Where are they?
You had them.
Go bring them.
This is a red alert warning!
It's red!
Just go!
Where is the wheelchair?
Why a wheelchair?
To take him with us.
Just go already!
Why are you standing there?
Move it!
Hurry up!
Sit down, kids.
Turn it off!
What about Abajan?
I kept telling her, but
she wouldn't listen!
Turn that thing off!
Let's all say a prayer.
Sit down!
It's nothing!
Just sit down!
It's nothing.
You slept on!
Hurry up before it's too
late for morning prayers.
All these years and I'd never seen
you miss out on morning prayers.
Get up. On our way, we should
buy some dates to donate too.
Even if I come there, my
heart will be elsewhere.
Don't make that face;
get up and let's go.
Sleep already, honey.
Close your eyes.
Hi there.
This Lion and Sun tattoo has
caused me all sorts of trouble.
Damn that tattoo artist.
I might even end up in
prison for wearing this.
It's not like you had no idea
what it was going to look.
I've told you so many times that it's what
my fellow servicemen in the army did to me.
They must have been high or something
to copy the lion from the sheets.
Ever since Nazkhand takes dad to the
cemetery, he's feeling much better.
He won't calm down unless
the body is found.
What are you talking about?
There are so many mothers out there
whose sons have been martyred.
Have they all seen their sons' bodies?
Or are we more special?
Kazem has said this so many times.
She keeps saying she is going to accept it.
She even says a prayer for his dead soul,
but I know she doesn't believe it.
I made Farrokh sleep, mum.
By for now.
Come back here!
I said come here!
Don't you see how busy I am?
Watch the kid for a while and then go.
But I'm running late.
I need to go to my dressmaking class.
If your father sees you with that face!
What's wrong with my face?
It used to be broidery and other
classes, and now it's dressmaking.
Do you expect me to just sit at home
and watch for Farrokh all the time?
Did I say that?
I said stay for a while and leave when
we're done handing out the charity Halva...
...so Abajan doesn't notice.
Take this dish for your Haj Baba.
But he doesn't have any teeth.
Since when do you need
teeth to eat Halva?
She's just being too lazy!
I don't know what happened
to the old man's teeth!
He's upstairs!
Haj Baba!
Haj Baba!
Here's some Halva for you.
Are you Shamsi?
No, I'm Farzaneh.
Isn't that delicious?
How about a plate for me?
It's for the soul of uncle Khalil.
Our people only worship the dead.
Can I burrow these, Mohsen?
Give them back! They're of no use to you.
I'm taking them back.
You didn't even copy my tape.
I told the lads.
It'll be ready by the end of the week.
I'm going to my dressmaking class.
What are you doing?
I didn't fall over!
Wait there!
What is it?
Don't think for a second that I don't
notice your constant giggling with him!
I wasn't doing anything wrong!
Don't be so cheeky with me!
Your dad keeps telling he's like a brother to you,
but don't take me for a fool!
Have a little shame!
Stop being so cheeky!
They're bringing the good
quality version tomorrow.
What are you doing?
It gets Arab channels
when the weather is good.
I'm working on it.
But this is our own channel 1.
But it gets all the channels
when the weather is good.
I've seen it at my friends' places.
What a sunny day it is!
Yeah, my brain is boiling in there.
You didn't have to do this now.
You could have waited till afternoon.
Who would take care of these birds then?
Don't you know how much the
old man has worked for them?
Don't sell the couple for
anything less than 20,000!
Oh, he said he wanted the canary too.
I won't sell the canary
for that sort of prices.
She's a good one. I want to couple
her with a bullfinch to breed.
I've got to go now.
- Mohsen!
- Yes?
Be careful!
I am.
Is that Jabbar Sing?
Be quiet!
Stupidity is doing something
without thinking.
Didn't you hear me?
Yes, sir?
Didn't I tell you to be quiet?
I didn't do anything, sir.
Get out of the class!
It wasn't my fault, sir.
It was Yarmohammadi's.
He's lying, I swear!
Both of you! Get out!
Move it!
I didn't do anything, sir.
You just keep blaming me!
Get out!
A classroom is not a place
to giggle and mock!
I treat you all the same way!
Even if it is my own son!
It doesn't make a difference whether someone
is the Principal's or an official's son!
The rich kids should be more careful!
- Yes, sir?
- Come clean the board!
Merci, sir.
We don't say merci anymore.
What do we say?
Merci is out of date now.
Now clean the board.
Make it quick, son.
Sir, I'm not finished writing them down.
But we aren't finished yet either, sir!
Quiet! What's going on?
Sit down!
3-second shelter drill!
Everyone under the benches!
Get back up without saying a word.
May he rest in peace!
God bless his soul.
I didn't even see my son the last time.
Oh, my sweet son.
Lucky you!
At least you know what
happened to your son.
Her son has been MIA for a
year somewhere in Haj Omran.
He went MIA during an operation.
May Lord grant you with patience!
Apparently one of his friends has
seen him after the operation.
Hi might have been taken prisoner.
It's what people say
that ruins one's life.
Our son-in-law has seen him get shot.
In the middle of the night?
How could he see him?
Red Crescent is helping us.
They have even found someone
with the same name.
It's only a similarity in names.
Khalil Bahraei was sent to the front from Tabriz.
Hi there!
How did these boys find us here?
They are too smart. They're here in
time for the shopping afterwards.
He's my daughter's son.
He looks just like his uncle, my son.
He reminds me of him.
Hope our little boy here
lives a long life though.
Let's get going.
The shops are going to close.
May Lord grant you with patience!
Is that your sister?
No, we're married to the same man.
She's like a sister to me.
- I don't feel like it.
- What's the matter?
I don't know what's wrong with me.
I'm just a bit confused.
I keep having these heat rushes.
I get hot and I get cold.
I don't feel like talking to anyone.
You're lucky you're having it
a few years later than usual.
Hey, boys!
Thank you, Abajan.
Abajan! What's the thing that makes
everyone dressed but stays naked itself?
That's a needle!
Now, what's the thing
with 6 legs and 2 heels?
Is it shoes?
It's the scale!
Why did you say the answer?
This is our stop, sir!
Let's go, kids.
We're here.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Wait for the minibus to go.
Take my hand.
Come here! Take my hand.
Now go!
Look how cute this is!
- Abajan?
- Yeah?
It's nice.
Come here, Alireza!
We want the right size for him.
All right.
Let me see...
Hi there!
How is it going?
Poor woman!
Her life is not easy.
What can she do?
By the way, Hassan said new coupons
for kitchen oil have been released.
Let's get it.
What's going on in there?
She's disgraced us!
Let go of me, damn it!
What's the matter with you guys?
What's going on, Shamsi?
Some damn lad has claimed he's seen Farzaneh
with a man behind the match factory.
Of course it's a lie!
Sohrab has seen them
with his own eyes!
Who the hell is Sohrab?
Whoever the hell he is!
Where's she been since this morning?
Why should I stay home all day?
Shut up! I'm going to peel your skin!
I should treat her my way!
Let me see what's going on in here!
What's the matter, Shamsi?
I don't know really.
Damn it!
She's with a man!
Please don't!
Let go of my hand!
She was seen walking with the lad!
He must have been a stalker or something.
It's not just today!
She's been doing this for quite a while!
Let's all say a prayer!
Go upstairs!
Open the door and tell me
what's going on in here.
I'm afraid of dad.
It's just me. Open the door.
You rascal! What have you
done to drive Hashem so mad?
I didn't do anything, I swear, Abajan.
Who was with you behind
the match factory?
No one, I swear to God.
Why are you lying?
You never tell the truth!
I've raised you, remember?
Why are you lying? Who was it?
I swear to whatever
you believe in.
I swear to uncle Khalil's
soul there was no one there.
I didn't even know the lad.
You don't know him?
That's a lie! You said the
same thing last time.
Who was it?
I'm talking to you!
How do I know who he was!
I don't go through the coppersmiths' market
because they keep throwing me lines.
They had closed Razieh's eyes
from behind and had kissed her!
Shame on you!
Shut up!
What should I do now?
Whatever path I pick,
the boys keep approaching me.
Sohrab saw the lad and
ran after the bastard!
But they're saying you were
walking with each other!
Yeah, he walked with me
and kept talking to me.
He was a cheeky one.
What's my blame in this?
If you do this one more time...
...I'll know what to do to you!
What should I say to Hashem now?
I've got no idea!
But he'd shredded you
to pieces if I wasn't here.
I'm very sorry, Abajan.
You little rascal!
What do you think you're doing?
I'm sorry.
Don't you dare do this stuff
around this household!
I promise!
What's Hashem's fault
that you're his daughter?
I'm sorry.
You should never do this
sort of stuff in this house!
I'm sorry.
You know how to play a role, you lizard!
Stay right here until I come back!
You're grounded there for 3 days!
No one else should try
to discipline her now!
Did you hear me?
Now stop being so cheeky!
- Mohsen!
- Yes?
Go and get the coupon oil from Karim.
Hooria? Farzaneh?
Shamsi? Nazkhand?
Why isn't anyone answering
the damn phone?
Can I go now?
Look! Watch her 24/7!
She's your half-sister, remember?
Be a bit more protective of her!
Oh God!
Oh my God!
He's eaten opium, Abajan!
It's my son, Abajan!
He's eaten opium, Abajan!
What happened?
Let me see him.
He's eaten opium.
Open your mouth!
Damn it! Farzaneh!
What's the matter?
Bring some milk!
What happened?
He's taken opium.
Oh my God!
Push your finger to the back of his throat.
Get a car, Hashem!
We're going to the hospital!
That cheeky girl distracted me!
Why was there any opium
inside our house, Hashem?
Lower your voice!
- Why do we have opium in our place?
- I said lower your voice!
She doesn't even understand!
Don't even mention the opium or
it'll get us all in trouble!
Your son is dying and you only
care about not getting in trouble?
You don't even care!
You should've watched the kid.
What's it got to do with me?
Why do we have that
shit in our house?
I don't know!
No one in my side of family
does any of that stuff!
You mean my family does that?
I've pretending my entire life!
No wonder he is never seen
without a cigarette in his hand!
Don't get me started!
Say all you want!
Go ahead!
Shamsi! Don't just accuse him!
Then who else is responsible for the opium?
Just tell me!
You're driving me crazy again!
What are you going to do now?
Hit me? Go ahead!
What are you guys doing?
This is a hospital!
Look what he's doing!
It was just an accident.
It's not my fault!
So help me God if anything
happens to my son!
Stop calling him "your" son!
Your dad gave him to you?
Stop it!
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm staying here.
What did the doctor say?
They cleansed the kid's stomach.
They said we should wait till
morning and examine his situation.
There's nothing anyone
can do for now.
They closed the door
and threw me out.
Now just get up and go home.
I'm not going anywhere.
You guys can go.
You go home, Hashem.
But my child is in there.
Get going already! What use is
in making so much noise here?
All right!
I'll give you a lesson at home, Farzaneh!
Hi there.
Come to my room!
Have some sugar water.
No, I want to go to my room.
How are you going to take all the stairs?
Have some sugar water.
How did it go?
I'm talking to you!
What happened?
Tell me!
We're lucky, he's going to be fine.
Then where is Farrokh?
Don't worry!
The doctor said he should stay
at the hospital till tomorrow.
Farzaneh is with him.
One of us will replace
her in the afternoon.
Thank God!
Well done, God!
They kept saying he'd taken opium!
We don't even have any opium!
It's just a kid. He's probably eaten
something that hasn't gone down well.
You just made a big deal of it.
We made a big deal of it, Hashem?
We don't have opium in this house?
Do you even realise you almost
lost your son last night?
Do you realise what we
went through last night?
What's it got to do with me?
It was an accident!
He says it's got nothing
to do with him.
Is Ainaz's dad to be blamed for
the needle she set her foot on?
What does Ainaz's foot
have to do with this?
You should know how to live your life!
There you go, Mr Teacher!
We don't know how to live a proper life.
Sorry about that!
Heaven and hell are in this life.
This is the result of your actions.
Look! No one asked for your preaching!
The kid got food poisoning.
What's it got to do with me?
Who are you to...
See that? That's why I keep
telling you to stay home.
Let's go! Get the kid!
Good to see you go!
A brother-in-law is not even family.
Not even a proper man!
The opium might be someone else's.
Like who?
He very well looks the part!
Thank you, Kazem!
He did everything to help us last night.
He shouldn't have!
Farrokh has a father!
It's Abajan's fault that sent
me home from the hospital!
I don't know why this lad is always
ready to help at such situations.
What an ungrateful man!
Haven't I always been there for you?
We don't need your help.
Just leave!
I shouldn't even be talking to a person like you.
Everyone around here knows you!
What's that supposed to mean?
What have I ever done?
Have I robbed people?
Or is selling birds a crime now?
You put on a show and
think no one sees you?
People can tell from your face!
And the smell can be felt from a far!
What's wrong with my face?
It's probably because of my Goitre disease.
But what smell are you talking about?
- Hashem, don't!
- I want to know about the smell! He's accusing me!
I have a young daughter;
what honourable dad does drugs?
I know how to live.
I'm leading a proper life!
Yeah, right!
Don't you dare touch me!
Why are you accusing me?
You want to ruin the life of my daughter?
I'm not answering you out of respect
for the martyr in this household.
Let go of me!
What is it, Hashem?
You're so drunk you think you're invincible now?
Why are you all blaming me?
Why should I be held
responsible for this accident?
Because you haven't been held
accountable for 20 years!
Because I pretended nothing
was wrong in this house.
What is wrong in this house?
- What is wrong?
- I've got no idea. You tell me!
I'll show you what's going on in here!
So many people have told us on you!
Shut up!
And you wonder where the
kid has found opium?
I swear to God, Abajan!
Let me be for a second, damn it!
What are you doing? Let her go upstairs!
Is there something wrong in up there?
No, that man is just bullshitting!
She shouldn't listen!
What have you got up there?
My life is up there!
Don't go! Where are you going?
What are you looking for?
I swear to God it wasn't mine!
He's bullshitting!
No one accuses a proper man!
You keep lying down in here and
expect no one talks about you?
I don't do anything wrong here.
You've turned this place into a shithole!
This has become a pigeon nest!
I've done all this for
the love of Soleiman.
Did I do wrong to feed his birds?
He had only a few pigeons!
Not 100 or 200!
They reproduce!
Should I answer for their
reproductive actions too?
Where do you hide that shit?
There is nothing like that in here.
Whatever, just search all you want!
I'll even lend you a hand.
I'm searching the place to
shut other people's mouths.
Whoever sees you in this
state will get suspicious!
Why? I look like this because
of my Goitre disease.
I worked in that match
factory for 20 years and...
...as soon as I developed this
damn disease, they threw me out!
Why do you think I look like this?
Why? You should take all this shit out!
Or you should move out
with your family!
You think I enjoy living like this?
I've got no other choice.
You have no right to sit on the roof
looking over neighbours' houses!
There are women living around us!
It makes them uncomfortable!
No woman dares go out because of you!
Why are you doing this?
I've fully covered every
corner of the roof.
Come here, Abajan!
See what your son-in-law is up to.
What is it this time?
You should tell us about that! Here!
See what your husband does!
I knew he was up to something.
But I didn't think he'd even sell his honour!
Watch your words!
What is that?
Is it yours?
No way, he's bullshitting!
This has got nothing to do with me!
What is it doing up there then?
I don't own whatever is up there!
- What is going on?
- Ask your son-in-law!
I've got no idea what
he's talking about!
What is it?
Those are political manifestos.
But I swear to God...
What do you mean?
I keep saying there's something
wrong in this place.
They are not mine!
I fought the enemy in the battlegrounds
while the enemy was in my own family.
You served in an army kitchen
in Ahwaz for 40 days! Shut up!
At least respect the
martyr of this house.
Give that to me for a second!
You'll get me in trouble!
Don't touch me!
Let him go! There's nothing he can do!
It's not his! It's mine!
Don't touch me!
I said they're mine!
You're taking a bullet for Hashem?
They're not his. They're mine!
He's lying, I swear!
He's not even old enough
to understand that stuff.
Congratulations, Abajan!
See what's going on in your house?
That's how a kid raised
by Hashem ends up!
Give them to me!
Please don't do this!
He's just a stupid kid!
I don't know what to say.
He's not into that stuff.
He hasn't even got the guts
to do this sort of thing.
He must have been fooled by others.
Who was that boy who kept
coming to see him? Amini!
He wasn't raised by proper parents.
That rascal has deceived him.
Where are you going?
Give those to me.
Let go of me!
Go get lost somewhere for the night.
We don't need any more troubles.
I'm not going anywhere.
And he can do no shit!
Oh my dear God!
Hi there!
Hi there!
Come and taste this.
It tastes very good.
God bless the food.
May God grant you his blessing!
This list looks fine.
Now please bring me the other
donations list to sign.
Mr Mohseni!
Keep this. Thanks.
Hello, ma'am.
God bless you.
Thank you.
Any news?
Nothing, really.
The lad, Mr Jafari,
whom you talked with...
He'd come home on a leave.
I asked him again.
He says he's seen him upon the
Iraqis' overnight attack.
But that doesn't match what
Kazem had already said.
We have gone through tomorrow's list.
His name is not on it.
I think the lad might have mistaken
him with someone else in the dark.
What Kazem says
makes more sense.
Is there a problem if I go to
the front and search for him?
I swear to God I've
searched everywhere.
The front is not a suitable place for you.
Look, I've said this many times.
You can't see anyone
during an operation night.
Everyone can only focus on the
voice of the soldier next to them.
Kazem or Mr Jafari... it's strange
how any of them could see him.
Well, my son is very smart.
Even with one leg, he'd never
fall in the hands of the Iraqis.
You're ruining yourself
with these thoughts.
Trust in God.
He's no different from other soldiers.
Banafsheh Alley
What are you doing?
We're changing the
name of the alley.
(New Name: Martyr Khalil Dorani)
Who gave this to you?
It's from the Municipality.
The Municipality has no right to do this!
This alley has had this name for 50 years.
It's not going to change!
Shame on you, ma'am.
This kid has given his life for you and me!
Who says this kid
has been martyred?
Don't cross that line again!
What? She's taking the plate!
What's going on, Seyed?
I don't know! Why don't you ask them?
Don't touch me!
Just go, please.
But she's taking what
belongs to the government.
You've got no right to change
the name of the alley.
I don't know what's
wrong with this people.
- Hi.
- Hi there.
What are you doing, Hashem?
I'm taking them all to Bijar.
You should have waited
to find a job first.
I was afraid we could get in trouble.
- Wow, Farrokh was discharged?
- Yes.
Don't be upset with me, Hashem.
I was worried about the kid.
What's wrong Nazkhand?
They took him.
Your son-in-law tipped them off!
Weren't you saying Kazem
was like Khalil to you?
We fed him all these years and
look how he sold up in the end!
It was Mohsen today; let's see
how he frames Hashem tomorrow!
He's so afraid he took all the birds
away and now we won't have any income.
He stung us damn well.
Aren't you going to say anything?
Of course, you aren't.
You don't say a word no
matter what people do to you!
You didn't say a word when
he took another wife.
You didn't say a word
when your son went MIA.
I really don't feel for you anymore.
Even patience must have its limits.
What are they going to do to him?
Mum! Call that Mr Mohseni.
He'll get in deep trouble and
we won't be able to save him.
That boy will confess to everything
as soon as they give him one slap.
Hasn't Khalil given his
life for this country?
Shouldn't they give us just
a little special treatment?
I don't understand what's on your mind
that seems more important than all of us!
This is the last one.
I'll come in a minute.
I know you wouldn't let me take them
away if you were conscious enough.
But don't worry.
I'll hand them to a man I trust.
Don't worry at all.
Are they safe and secure?
Thank you.
I'll be back tomorrow evening.
If anything happens call Elyasid
in Bijar and say one word.
Just say "Farrokh misses his dad."
Nothing else.
Nothing is going to happen.
You haven't done anything wrong.
He had no mercy for Mohsen,
he won't have any for me either.
He'll do his best to frame me.
Hopefully not.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Have a safe trip.
Take care. Bye.
You promised! I can't take this anymore.
All right! How many times
are you going to say that?
He'll behead you! Be careful!
Didn't you ask the cleric at the mosque?
All right. All right.
Yes, I did.
I read the Sharia book;
I've also asked the cleric.
I personally remember
it for nearly 15 times.
What are you going to do with Hashem?
What are you even talking about now?
Will they release him now?
My son has done nothing
wrong to be kept in there.
He shouldn't have taken
responsibility for them.
He did it for Hashem.
I'll tell her to come.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
I just wanted you to know
this kid is like my own son.
Thank you.
Didn't Mohsen give you
anything to hide?
Will they let him go?
This kid never missed a
prayer or fasting day.
Someone must have fooled him.
How else would he know anything about Communism?
A kid who is raised without a father,
appreciates his mother even more.
He wouldn't do this stuff.
He wasn't raised without a father.
Haj Baba was like a father to him.
Haj Baba wasn't even a
father for his own children.
I raised your uncle Khalil on my own.
Give me my cream.
And then your mother says why I
accepted another wife in this house!
Soleiman had a right to do that.
He was working in the shop all day.
And when he got bankrupt and old,
he stayed home and kept nagging at me.
It was since Nazkhand came to this
place that he got a bit kind.
You've never seen his bad temper.
Well, that's because you
weren't in love with him.
You wouldn't let him get
remarried if you loved him.
I was too young to know
anything about love.
Hashem brought his cousin from Bijar.
He said it she'd help your
mother and breastfeed you.
Then I realised how
Soleiman's behaviour changed.
I asked him about it.
I said:
"How come you're suddenly so cheerful?"
He said: "To make it short, I've
fallen for Hashem's cousin."
You're stunned at the sight of my dark fortune?
But she only breastfed me 10 times.
10 times or 1 month.
I don't know. Turn that
light off so we can sleep.
I think it's my dad.
It's Mohsen, Abajan.
Who is it?
Mohsen is back.
You're back, honey?
Thank God they let you go.
Are you going somewhere?
Leave me alone. Get out!
Why are you packing?
- Get out!
- I'm talking to you!
I said get out!
All right.
He's packing his stuff.
He's got no right to do that!
Where are you going?
Where no one meddles with my life.
No one meddles with your life here.
You've got nothing to do with this stuff.
They wouldn't let you go if
you had done anything wrong.
Where are you going?
Aren't you supposed to go to university this year?
What are you talking about, Abajan?
What university?
All right, then just go!
Khalil left; you can do the same thing!
Who cares about a mother?!
Nazkhand went through so
much troubles raising you.
Who cares? Just go!
You've never had a father.
But you had two mothers who
watched over you like lionesses.
I've always treated you
like my own children.
Don't you remember how you ran to me.
How your mother got jealous?
She'd stolen my husband and
I was stealing his son.
We raised you to watch
over us when we get old.
And now you're just leaving?
I'm not saying you owe us anything.
We did what we had to.
My Khalil left.
I won't let you go.
Please don't go, son.
I'll come back in a few days.
Mohsen? Where are you going, son?
Yes, sweetie?
What is it?
Are you deaf, Farzaneh?
I said...
Oh my God!
Farzaneh is not here, mum!
What's wrong?
Farzaneh has left. She's put a
pillow under the sheets to fool us.
What should I do now?
What should I do now?
Farzaneh told me to give this to you.
What's she written?
Are you giving this to me now?
Are you giving this to me now?
Are you giving this to me now?
What should I do, mum?
Hashem will kill me!
He won't dare!
I'm going to call people.
No, don't call anyone, mum!
We'll be disgraced.
She'll come back.
She doesn't have anywhere to go!
She'll be back!
She'll be back by midday.
Oh God...
Yes, you're right, sir.
No, we're not lodging a complaint
against anyone for now.
I see.
Her friends' houses?
I don't know what to say, sir.
His father will be home soon
and will make a decision.
Thank you.
Yes, we'll see how things go.
What did he say, Kazem?
He says we should go to the police
station and lodge a complaint.
But we'll be disgraced in the city.
Her father should make this decision.
I don't want to end up taking all
the blame again like the other day.
I wouldn't ask you to come if I
wanted her father to know about this.
People just talk.
What are you saying?
I didn't say anything to Kazem!
Who the hell is he?
I only care about my own troubles.
I don't know what to do
if Hashem comes now.
She should have a
little respect.
She didn't disrespect him!
He gets mad in the face of
this sort of behaviour.
What will Hashem do if he comes now?
Do you even worry about me?
You're saying Kazem is
a good man, lucky you!
It's my turn. Listen to me! She
keeps defending her husband.
Hashem will kill me!
Pack your stuff, Alireza. We're going home.
They don't have a man in the house.
Let's stay the night.
No way.
This family doesn't deserve our help.
Your sister was going to eat me alive!
She's just worried about Farzaneh.
I apologise for her.
What do you want me to do now?
Is there anything we can
do so late at night?
I should go to school tomorrow.
They can't live like normal human beings.
Look at that!
A child who's raised with pigeons and addicts
and runaway girls should end up like that!
I swear to God...
As soon as Soleiman dies, Hashem and Mohsen
won't let you get a dime from this property.
Wait and see for yourself!
You shouldn't say that!
Am I not talking to you, Alireza?
At least let Aynaz and I
stay here for the night.
Let's go home, son.
You always somehow end up in here.
Who cares what I allow or not.
If anything happens to my kid,
I'll hold you responsible.
Hoorieh! What is this kid doing here?
Don't you see he's burning in fever?
Kazem has kindly talked to
the Colonel about Farzaneh.
I said what is the kid
doing out in the cold?
He's going home with his dad.
He's got no right to do that.
Take him back inside.
Give her a syrup while
I make him a brew.
What kind of mother are you?
You should pay all your
attention to your son.
He isn't careful enough.
He's a very wise boy.
Your only difference with Hashem, in my
mind, was how you cared about your family.
A war has its own rules.
Whoever stands in front
of you is a traitor!
At least you should have asked
him where he got the papers.
Why should I?
It's none of my business.
Khalil was a friend of mine and I won't let
his blood be disrespected in this house.
Or maybe you're taking
advantage of his blood?
You were afraid they might
throw you out of school?
What are you talking about?
What advantage?
I want him to be honoured?
I convinced them to change the name of the
alley to his name to make him eternal.
And then they called me and said his mother
has stopped their men and wouldn't allow it!
Of course I won't allow it!
Why should they hang my son's name on the wall?
My son hasn't been martyred!
You don't worry about
Khalil's business anymore!
You're not allowed to do so.
No one asks for permission to
do something for his friend.
How dare you hang his name on the wall!
Any news?
She's not back, Abajan.
It's dark now.
She'll be back.
She's got nowhere else to go.
Haven't we missed out
on any of her friends?
It was just the girl with whom
she went to dressmaking class.
I don't think she's with her.
Hashem told me that.
I should have believed him.
That girl is such a lizard.
She never tells the truth.
Oh my God! It's Hashem!
Hashem is back, mum!
Go talk to him.
Why are you acting like that?
Hi, Hashem!
Good to see you back.
Where are the kids?
They're in the kitchen.
They'll be with you in a moment.
Did you give the birds away?
Dinner is ready.
- You should say "hi" first!
- Hi.
Did they let go of Mohsen?
I don't know.
Are there policemen inside the house?
- I don't know.
- What the hell do you know then?
Get lost!
You should talk to him
and calm him down.
I'm afraid he's going to kill me, Abajan.
He's got no right to do that!
- Are you going to stay here till morning?
- Shamsi!
Oh my God!
Nazkhand! Why don't you go talk to him?
You're related to him.
He might listen to you.
- What should I tell him?
- I'll pour some tea.
Just go!
Don't be afraid, honey.
Welcome home.
Come hand have a cup of tea.
- Hi there.
- Hi, Abajan.
How are you?
You know, Farzaneh is not home.
No one knows where she is.
Where has she gone?
Where has Farzaneh?
Where the hell is she?
I just want to talk to her!
I need to talk to her for a minute.
Isn't she her mother?
What's happened to my daughter?
Shamsi! Take this for him.
I can't, mum.
Come on. They've calmed him down.
I'm afraid. I know that man.
- Nazkhand!
- Yeah?
Take the dish to him.
Why me?
Don't you see she won't do that?
Take it.
Go already!
Where is Shamsi?
She's making the kid sleep.
Where the hell was Shamsi
when Farzaneh left?
She was asleep.
She left in the middle of the night?
Oh God!
Does Kazem know?
I'm sure he knows.
No, I swear to God.
Can I tell you something, cousin?
Please don't get upset.
Farzaneh left with Mohsen.
What did she do with Mohsen?
Farzaneh hasn't been breastfed by me at least
15 time to make them brother and sister.
You know that.
Shamsi didn't allow me
to feed her anymore...
...as soon as she realised her
husband had fallen for me.
Please don't do that to yourself
or you'll get a heart attack.
Does Shamsi know?
So she knows!
Why did you get sick?
I love you so much.
One of the Iranian soldiers
imprisoned in Iraq...
...bravely declined to be interviewed
by a foreign female journalist...
...for not respecting
Islamic Hijab rules.
He then convinced her to wear
the hijab for the interview.
Iranian POWs in Iraq
O, lady, Fatima said
this in your honour:
Your most precious
ornament is your Hijab.
The Iraqi regime, against all
international conventions,
...declines to provide the
names of Iranian POWs.
But with the perseverance shown
from the Iranian nation...
...they eventually agreed
to release the list.
Why are they doing this?
Here are the names of Iranian
POWs in the released list.
Alimohammad Aslani
(enlisted in Kamyaran)
Alireza Bayat
(enlisted in Ahwaz)
Reza Jabbari (enlisted in Masjid Soleiman)
Ahad Ayazi (enlisted in Ardebil)
Akbar Azarvara
(enlisted in Khalkhal)
Khalil Dorani
(enlisted in Zanjan)
Oh God!
My son...
My Khalil!
Where is your leg, son?
My sweet son.
In a psychological warfare trick by
the Ba'athi Regime of Saddam Hussain,
...a group of international journalists have
been shown around the Iranian prisoners' camp.
Oh my God...
Thank you, Lord!
O, Solution to All Problems, Imam Ali!
Thank you, Lord!
Come, Soleiman!
Your son is alive!
Call on all neighbours.
My Khalil is alive!
Thank you, Lord.
Thank you, Lord!
O, Solution to All Problems, Imam Ali!
Thank you, Lord!
My Khalil is alive!
Shamsi! Your brother's alive!
Your brother's alive!
Oh God!
Hold on a second, You forgot the sugar.
Did you talk with Hashem?
How many times are you
going to ask that?
I'll let you know when I do.
Hashem is not in a good mood now.
And I don't feel like handling the kids.
But we've even talked to a cleric.
We know that Sharia
allows their marriage.
I don't know what the problem is now.
Is she at her aunt's?
Yeah, she's too afraid to come back.
I've called Mohsen too
to come back from Bijar.
I always protect her, and yet she
just leaves without telling me.
She'd wanted to talk to you late
at night, but she got too shy.
Being in love makes you do crazy things.
She's the crazy one, why
didn't you tell me?
What does this do in there?
How do I know?
You probably dropped
in the rice container!
Why me? You did it yourself!
Whatever! Thank God we found it.
I was so worried about the old man.
Take these.
All right. Oh God...
Get yourself together; that doesn't
look good in front of all the people.
Did you take them all?
Put them on more quickly.
But no one goes to school today.
I don't know. Say that to your dad.
Hi there, Kazem!
Why are you standing outside?
Come on in, please.
Thank you. I hope he comes back soon.
Yes, come in please.
No, I'm waiting for Alireza;
we're going to school.
Alireza is getting ready.
Come on in.
You're not a stranger.
Come in, please.
I'll deliver the food to neighbours.
Here, here's some food.
Come on, son.
We'll miss out on the prayers.
He could skip today.
Look at his face!
Don't start again.
He looks perfectly fine.
But no one goes to
school today, dad.
I haven't even bought any ink.
What do you mean, no one?
You mean Farid?
You want to end up like that man?
Let's go.
Let him skip just one day.
It's no big deal.
If I don't know how to treat my own son,
how can I expect to treat the other kids right?
I've told everyone to come to
school till the final day.
And you want me to let
my own son stay home?
So he should go for your sake!
- Hi there, Seyed.
- Hi.
I hope he comes back safe and sound.
Was Khalil with you at
the operation night?
We're back to square one again.
You've asked me that in 100 different
ways and I've answered you every time.
Thank God he's alive now.
He'll be able to give you your answers.
You weren't there at the operation night.
My son wasn't with you either.
- What are you saying that?
- Enough!
Stop it, Kazem!
You got scared and hid
somewhere in the dark.
It's all right. It was your choice.
Life is too sweet to be
given away that easily.
But why did you lie to me?
I did it for your own sake, I swear.
His name was not on the list and
no one had any news of him.
Whoever I went to would
give me the same answer.
They all said "don't get her hopes up."
"This will ruin her."
I didn't mean to hurt you.
It will be better for your own
future if you become a doctor.
You'll work in a hospital in the morning and
in your own private practice in the afternoon.
If you marry one of your fellow doctors or nurses,
your future will be even more guaranteed.
If you become the only provider like me,
your life will always be full of troubles.
Don't you need berry
leaves anymore?
No, the worm is in its cocoon now.
Here it is.
Thank you.
I'm going to the doctor with Shamsi.
Farrokh is asleep in the room.
Say hi to your wife, Mahmood.
Thank you.
Why haven't you distributed these
among the neighbours then?
I kept a few for ourselves.
Farid, take one of these for your dad.
Did you hear me?
Aren't you going to feed the old man?
Yes, I will.
He's hungry. I can feed him if you're busy.
No, I'm done here.
He doesn't let go of the rooftop
even now that he's sold the birds!
Abajan has sent this.
Thank her for me.
The school about to start
Where are you going?
Sir Please, I have
to buy something
Ok come back soon.
The whom are absence
will get negative point.
The final exams start tomorrow.
The school door will close at 8 A.M and
we are not let anyone who is late.
The garde one to four should take
the form to their parents...
Run.. hide
This is a red alert warning!
It's the school!
They hit the school!
They hit the school!
Oh God!
A Hatef Alimardani Film