Abang Long Fadil 2 (2017) Movie Script

Hey. You're late!
Look at the time. You're late!
The director is there.
Come on!
Datuk, this is the stunt double.
His nose is too big.
I don't like him at all.
Just go.
- I can fight, Datuk.
Don't ruin my film.
Go away.
Datuk, just let me audition first.
Take a look at my talent.
I really like action
movies like this.
I can fight, Datuk.
- Really!
Yes, Datuk.
Not bad.
Okay, Man.
Tell him to get changed.
Hurry up.
- Do I get the part, Datuk!
- Go and get changed. Hurry.
Okay, crew. Standby!
Roll camera!
- Scene 34. Take 3.
And action!
- Hey! You'd better...
...talk nicely. You don't know me.
Who do you think you are!
You're talking big!
- Okay, stop!
Change to the stunt double.
- Standby!
This is my first time, bro.
- And action!
- Hurry! Change actors.
- Useless!
Is that all you've got!
You act like you're so tough.
But you hit like a kid!
- I don't want to be a stuntman.
I want to be an actor!
If you really are upset,
hit me one more time!
Okay, stop.
Change to the stunt double.
Please, I don't want to get hit!
Standby! Action!
- Datuk!
Cut! Next scene!
It's so painful being a stuntman!
It hurts a lot!
Datuk! I want to resign!
I don't want to be
a stuntman anymore.
I don't want to be an actor.
I don't want to be Aaron Aziz.
I don't want to be Yusof Haslam.
Is the money ready!
- Yes, boss.
This is the information
on our new target.
Good. Standby tomorrow.
We will meet up with Tiger.
Yes, boss.
Taji Samprit.
You said that we'd meet tomorrow.
Why have you come tonight!
We have to be cautious, Taji.
The police are targeting you.
The police can't do anything.
No one can touch Taji Samprit.
Here you go. This is the
information on your target.
I have read it.
Taji, this will be my last job.
I am retiring.
Once this job is done,
I want you to burn...
...the documents of
my personal profile.
My gigolo has arrived.
Not bad.
You look like my favourite
actor, Shahrukh Khan.
Come in!
Come in!
Slow down.
- Don't be shy!
You're acting like
this is your first time!
Please take it slow, Datin.
- Come on.
I'm not used to this!
You act like this
is your first time!
No! The truth is, I've never
done this kind of thing before.
This is my first time.
- That means you're still a virgin!
Calm down, Datin.
Hold on.
I have changed my mind.
Hold on, Datin.
I can't do this.
Look, this is a lot
of money, darling.
The truth is,
I used to be a gangster.
I used to beat people up.
I did all kinds of things!
I have come here now...
I didn't want to come here.
My agent told me to come here!
I can't do this kind of job.
Please help me.
- It's all right.
I'll just give this to you.
Just take it, dear.
Are you serious!
- Yes.
Thank you. I'll take
this money, Datin.
Take it.
- Thank you. You're so kind.
Hey, are you sleeping!
Wake up!
We are the police.
We have received intel...
...that there will
be a murder here.
What's wrong with
the CCTV on the 17th floor!
Is it not working!
Get 6 men to standby
in the lobby. Hurry!
My magazine fell out.
What! It's normal.
Sometimes it falls out.
Do I look that old!
Looks like he regrets leaving!
Good evening.
Squad team, standby for action.
Squad team.
Check all perimeters.
All set.
- Clear.
All clear here, too.
All units, check all levels.
It's pointless. You know this.
When he's escaped...
...we won't be able to find him!
He disappears like a ghost!
- Sir, we've just received info.
Sir! I have reversed
the CCTV video!
Someone did enter that room!
A man dressed all in black.
He want down to the restroom
on the lobby floor.
He hasn 't left
the building yet, sir.
All units, head
to the lobby now! Go!
Hit the close button!
Move! Quick!
Don't try to do anything!
What is going on!
I don't know anything!
What did I do wrong!
Suspect has surrendered.
Don't move!
Quick, cuff him now!
Who is Shark!
I'm Inspector Wahab.
A funny face like this
turns out to be a hitman.
I wonder how many
people he has killed.
Including yesterday's victim,
he's killed 50 people.
I can't believe it myself.
That's a lot of people.
Sir! Tell me why I am here.
What did I do wrong, sir!
At 10: 15, you entered
Room 1702 on Level 17, right!
This about the Datin, is it!
Yes, I did go to that room.
So you admit to it!
- Okay, I admit it.
How could you do this!
I was desperate, sir.
I used to be a gangster, sir.
I would beat people up.
If people didn't pay...
...for their car loans,
I would tow their cars.
If people didn't pay for
rent, I would cause a havoc.
But I couldn't go
on like that forever.
Doing this job, I felt
that it was easy money.
The work was easy and...
...it's fun, sir.
Did you say fun!
How long have you
been doing this for!
Don't be so serious.
It's just a small matter.
The problem is, you shot her!
Sir, I didn't even show my gun.
I couldn't have shot her.
You have to go to court
for the crime of murder!
What murder!
I didn't kill anyone!
- Don't twist the story.
We found your silencer
in the hotel toilet!
Sir, I didn't do that.
I'm not a killer.
I'm a gangster, trying
to be a gigolo, sir.
Before that, you are
sentenced to jail without bail...
...and you will be
heavily guarded! Take him!
Hold on, sir.
I'm not a murderer!
Don't do this to me!
I didn't do it, sir!
Listen to me, sir!
Sir! I was just trying...
...to be a gigolo!
Sir! You've got the wrong man!
- Shuib, I will send him...
...with the special squad unit.
Special squad!
I usually hear about...
...the Special Operations.
Is this a new squad!
Special squad.
Special Operations.
Special squad.
Why have you come to see me!
- Those who come...
...to celebrate Raya
get to have a drink first.
It can be arranged.
These statues are filthy.
Why are they naked!
Don't you have any desires!
So what is so important!
- Taji Samprit!
Starting from today, we
will go our separate ways!
This is a divorce! We will
no longer hold hands!
But I want my share!
- Don't be an idiot, King Kong.
We are stronger
if we work together.
Our business is simple.
We collect the protection money...
...from the rich bosses.
We sell drugs.
If anybody gets in our way...
...we kill them.
- Our hitman has been captured!
I can't even sleep at night!
I'm sweating so much!
We might get captured ourselves!
The police can't do anything.
Relax, bro.
Don't be afraid.
- What are you talking about!
What is this!
Don't you dare touch me!
Are you trying to molest me!
- You look afraid.
Taji Samprit, I give you 3 days.
If not, I will expose...
...all our operations
to the police.
Are you blackmailing me!
If not me, my son will kill you.
He has a black belt
in Tae kwan do and Karate.
He knows Jiu-Jitsu,
Okaido, Tanpa giro.
You name it.
- Teppanyaki!
He's still learning that.
Why did you break the table!
I'm sorry, Father.
I made a mistake.
I was going by my impulse.
He can break the table
because it doesn't move.
I give you 3 days.
I want my share.
If not...
Let's go!
- King Kong!
- No!
Such an impudent guy!
Don't worry, dad.
Let me handle this.
The murder of a victim,
Mrs. Mona, otherwise known...
...as Datin Kara was killed
in a luxury hotel in Kuala Lumpur.
The suspect has been
arrested by the police...
...at the crime scene.
He is suspected to have killed...
...up to 50 people in his
career as a serial killer.
Let's go! Inspector!
Can you give a comment
about this case!
Are there any updates!
- For now, I can't give...
...a lot of comments.
We will bring the suspect...
...to Sungai Buloh Jail as we
wait for the court proceedings.
Don't you have any comments!
Fadil! What is your
comment about this case!
Did you really kill Mrs. Mona!
- I'm innocent.
I am being framed!
- Fadil!
Turn left.
Sir, if I'm not mistaken,
this isn't the normal route...
...to Sungai Buloh Jail.
Sir, what is going on!
Inspector Wahab!
Get out of the car!
Get out!
Don't take any action!
Release the suspect.
- What is all this, sir!
We can't do this!
- Follow my orders!
Do you realise what
you are doing, sir!
If our superiors find
out what we are doing...
You shut up. I am
the officer in charge here!
I said let the suspect go now.
Uncuff him and get
him out of the car now!
Hurry up!
What is going on!
What is going on!
I don't understand!
As promised.
Special squad
to the control centre!
We are being attacked!
Hey, Tiger!
Or your real name...
...Fadil, right!
It's an honour to meet you, son.
You have worked
for me for 7 years.
I have not even
seen your face once.
But I find it funny.
You are usually slick.
You are as efficient...
...as the shadow of death.
But how did you get
caught by the police!
Or is that your
way of retirement!
No, the truth is...
Are you trying to telling
me that you want to quit...
...this gang permanently!
Tiger, I need your help...
...one last time.
You will work with my son.
It won't be like
it was in the past.
One more thing.
Don't tell my son about Mona.
Tell him that it was not...
...an order from me.
That woman is an idiot.
Did she think that
I didn't know she hired...
...a gigolo for herself!
Don't worry, dad.
Let me handle him.
Don't disappoint me, Doyok.
- Yes.
Please have a seat.
From now, I just want
you to do one job for me...
...which is to kill King Kong.
...I'm a gangster.
Not a killer, bro.
I don't do this kind of thing.
This is the upfront payment.
I can only trust you.
I will give you
a new condominium...
...a new car...
...and new weapons.
Don't say that I
don't treat you right.
Hello! What!
Hold on!
Hey, I am having fun here!
- Boss, there's an emergency.
Tiger has escaped, boss!
- What! This is impossible!
- Boss, our guys say...
...that Taji has hired
Tiger to kill you!
Boss, where is Hafiz!
He went the other route.
Are you the mafia or spies!
The police are getting advanced.
The mafia has to be more advanced.
- Hasn't it ever occurred...
...to you that you might
get caught! What will you do!
Tiger! As long as you
do your work properly.
Remember. The deadline
for you to kill King Kong...
...is tomorrow night.
Good luck.
In today's news, the suspect
named Tiger, or his real name...
...Fadil bin Shafiq, has
escaped with a group of mafia.
They attacked police vehicles
that were on the way...
...to sending the suspect
to a jail in Sungai Buloh.
The mafia group is allegedly
led by Taji Samprit.
The cases surrounding
Taji Samprit are considered...
...complicated because
he is very cunning.
What's your problem!
- Kill that reporter.
She's such a nuisance.
Bro, I have a problem.
I have investigated
the crime scene...
...and I think that
something is not right.
Who told you to
investigate the crime scene!
Aren't we both assigned
to solve this case!
What's the problem!
- Remember! You're still new.
Don't get yourself involved
in Special Squad matters!
I'm not trying to be a hero.
I'm just trying to be a good cop.
I found out that you
sent the suspect to jail...
...without the court's orders.
What is that all about!
Don't move.
Don't scream.
Don't do anything, if possible.
Don't even be startled.
Stay quiet.
If you want to stay
standing up, just stand there.
I am actually...
I am not Tiger. I'm trapped.
You have to help me.
I don't know how I got
involved in all of this.
Don't worry, I won't kill you.
I wouldn't kill...
...a pretty girl like you.
Peace be upon you!
Peace be upon you too.
What was that for!
- You're asking what that was for!
You messed with my girlfriend!
- Since when was I...
...your girlfriend! Enough.
Hurry up and let's start filming.
Ready! Go.
At 3pm, in my own house,
I, Yana Ibrahim...
...managed to take down
the most wanted criminal...
...Tiger, or Fadil bin Shafiq.
The incident happened when I...
Hey! I am not Tiger!
I am Fadil. People call me...
...Abang Long Fadil.
I came here to tell you...
...that I'm not a killer.
You're lying! Don't lie!
- I swear I'm not lying!
If I was a killer, you
would've been dead ages ago!
I would've shot you!
- If you're not a killer...
...why have you come to tell us!
Just tell the police!
I can't do that!
The police let me go!
You said I escaped from
the police because the vehicle...
...was attacked.
All of that is a lie!
I believe that Taji and the
police are in this together!
I can tell you each and
every thing that has happened.
Just listen to me.
When I was at the hotel...
...I was planning
to become a gigolo.
But I couldn't do it.
I felt it was sinful...
...to become a gigolo.
After that I ran away...
...then I don't know
who came to kill the Datin.
Suddenly they said
that I killed her!
It wasn't me!
If I had killed her...
...why didn't I turn the CCTV off!
Why was the CCTV on at first...
...and then suddenly
it was turned off!
I didn't do it!
I'm gangster, not a killer!
Do you believe me!
Do you believe me or not!
Do you believe me or not!
- Ali, do you believe...
...his story!
- Whether I believe him...
...or not, it's up to you, Yana.
We have been covering...
...Tiger's story for so long.
Tiger is slick.
When it comes to killing,
he leaves no trace!
He's telling the truth.
A killer or criminal...
...would not turn off the
CCTV after doing his work.
That's right.
- He would've done it before...
...he committed the crime.
One more thing.
If he was really
Tiger, you would've...
You would be dead.
- Tiger is cunning, slick...
...and smart.
- He is good.
He's not like this guy.
A Persian cat!
That's not true. If I
wasn't smart, I wouldn't...
...have found my way in here.
I wouldn't have found you guys!
Can you be quiet! Let's just
hand him over to the police.
But if what he's saying is true,
this is our chance.
Okay, here's the plan.
What if we put a hidden camera...
...in his shirt and let
him continue with his game!
Just imagine how many
viewers we will get.
We will get promoted and he
will get proof to clear his name.
Hold on. No.
What do you mean!
What I mean is, you get to help
the police in their investigation.
You also get to record the
person who has hired you to kill.
That way, people can
see that you're innocent...
...and just a victim
of the situation.
Okay. Other than me,
who else is on your hitlist!
King Kong. I need
to kill King Kong tonight.
King Kong!
King Kong is Taji's partner.
So now Taji wants
to kill King Kong!
I know that he wants to kill me!
It's confirmed!
The problem is,
who will watch over me!
You! Your body is as
soft as a fruit jelly.
Bos, I have apologised.
But why did you push me...
...out of the car like that!
I am in pain!
You're lucky I kicked you!
If I had hit you,
you would be dead!
I want you to find 5 people.
They must be big...
...they must eat raw eggs
and are as big as tractors.
They will be my bodyguards.
Is my singing good!
- Good, very good.
I'll pay!
Go get some peanuts! Go!
- No, tomorrow!
Go and get peanuts!
I'm paying.
It's so hard bringing
an invalid with me.
Hello! Test.
Dil! Do you hear me!
They have a lot of bodyguards.
How are you going
to get inside, Fadil!
Don't worry.
Let Singham settle the case.
Who are you! Go away!
Excuse me. Before you
road block the people...
...you had better ask first.
I'm Singham.
I'm from India. Calcutta.
I have come here...
...to check on your boss.
Whether he is okay or not.
Before that, I am
your boss' lawyer.
Boss, a lawyer
has come to see you.
- I think it's better...
...that you leave
me with your boss.
I have something private to
discuss with your boss.
Don't worry, I will
take care of your boss.
Okay! Go!
I am Tiger.
Now I want you to tell me
what is Taji's real operations.
Tell me!
What's the matter now!
Connection lost!
Where did that knife come from!
Ali! What is this!
What is going on, Yana!
The police have arrived!
Go! Hurry!
Police from Bombay!
- Hey!
No, I just got a new bike.
I'm coming to pick you up now.
Oh God! He has a gun.
Oh God!
He is taking my new bike.
Yes! He's starting the bike.
My motorbike is gone!
It's stolen!
But it's okay. The police
are chasing him now.
It's all right. Don't worry.
Tomorrow I'll buy...
...a lorry to pick you up.
My motorbike has been stolen.
Yes, I don't know
where it's gone.
Come on! After him!
Yes, sir! I am chasing him!
This is a warning.
Stop at the roadside now!
Stop at the roadside now!
At the roadside!
Stop now!
Stop at the roadside!
Why are you so slow!
Drive faster!
Sir, this is the
fastest I can drive.
Don't let him get away!
- You're the one who let him...
...get away the other day!
Come on!
This is a warning!
Stop at the roadside now.
Drive faster!
Oh no!
Hit the brake!
We're done, Yana! A knife
at the back of the head!
Yana, I told you so!
Just hand him over to the police!
You are the one who trusted him...
...and now you're
blaming me for this!
I know, but I did say to
hand him over to the police.
Let the police do their thing!
You and your ideas about
hidden cameras and speakers
Do you realise that we
have indirectly helped...
...and conspired with a killer!
Okay, this is the plan.
Let just forget it.
He is caught by the police.
We can't say
anything to the police.
We'll just keep quiet.
Do you understand!
- All right then!
You are really good.
I want you to kill
one more person.
You mean you want me
to kill that reporter!
Is it really necessary!
- Not the reporter.
This is someone else.
- But you said that...
...was the last job.
What is this now!
Yes, I understand.
But I am willing to pay you...
...RM 10 million!
RM 10 million!
That's a lot of money.
Who do you want to kill!
- Taji Samprit. My father.
I know that he hired
you to kill my mother.
Now it is time for me
to lead my father's empire.
Okay. I agree.
But you have to pay me first.
Upfront money.
RM5 million.
Sorry. It's different this time.
You have to kill him first.
Then you take his jewel locket.
It is the key to
his hidden treasure.
I don't know where
the location is myself.
All the evidence
and the list of names...
...from the mafia who work
with us is situated there.
I need all of that
so that I am able to...
...take over my father.
After that, I will give...
...the locket to you.
Don't say that
I don't treat you right.
Stay away from me!
What is this!
- Stay away from me.
Tell me. Tell me what happened.
- You're a killer, aren't you!
What killer! You saw the
camera recording, right!
You watched the video,
didn't you!
The camera had a glitch.
When it went back on...
...I saw that you
killed King Kong!
The camera had a glitch!
If the camera had a glitch,
who will help me!
I don't have any more evidence!
That's the only evidence I had!
I didn't know! When I entered
the room, King Kong was dead!
The camera had a glitch!
Peace be upon you.
- Police!
Yana, you believe me, don't you!
- Peace be upon you.
You believe me, don't you!
You believe me.
Can we come in!
- Please come in, sir.
Sir, please have a seat.
- It's okay. You should sit.
All right, Miss Yana.
We have a few questions...
...about your claims made over
the telephone this morning.
You have information about
the murder of Datin Mona...
...and the suspect named Tiger.
Is that true, Miss Yana!
Miss Yana!
- No, I think there's been...
...a misunderstanding.
I didn't mean to say
I had information.
Do you have any information!
I'm the reporter who...
...you always see on TV.
- Reporter! Okay!
No wonder you look so familiar.
So this means there was...
...a miscommunication.
You want info from us!
All right. Actually, this
is a complicated case...
...and it is also
a high profile case.
That's enough.
Let's make a move.
- I'm talking to a woman.
You're cutting me
off just like that!
You don't need to act
like an inspector...
...when you're talking
to a woman. Let's go!
You are crazy.
He wants all the pretty girls.
I know that the suspect
came here. Am I right!
I would like to remind you
that the suspect is dangerous.
Did he say anything to you!
About the incident...
...when he escaped! Did he!
I want to know.
- Really!
Are they gone!
- Yes.
He is the one who released
me during the incident.
He is corrupted.
But why did he want
to catch you last night!
I think that this is
all part of Taji's game.
Taji told me to kill people.
After I finished my work...
...he wanted the
police to kill me.
Taji is evil. If I see him,
I would pull his moustache off.
So what are you
going to do now!
I'm going to get my money.
After I get my money...
...I will leave. I don't
care how I leave...
...but I'm not staying here.
I don't have a choice, Yana.
Unless you find out
who the real Tiger is.
How do I find him!
There are no clues at all.
How do I find him!
Tiger, good job.
You have finished your job
but I don't want you here.
If the police find out...
...I will be in trouble.
Enough with your drama.
I am fed up with all of this.
The police won't bother you.
You want me dead, don't you!
After I killed King Kong,
you made a report to the police.
You let the police
think I was guilty...
...and have them kill me.
When I am killed...
...the case would be closed.
You're smart, Taji.
Do you know why I am here!
Your son sent me to kill you.
You deserve to die anyway.
Do you think that
you can kill me!
I won't kill you.
I have only one request.
I want to be free.
I don't want the police...
...to look for me. I am then
going to leave this place.
Wait, Tiger.
Okay. I accept your conditions.
But before that...
...I want you to kill my son!
How could he be willing...
...to kill his own father!
If you kill my son...
...I will give this locket to you.
It is worth RM 10 million.
This locket is a key
to my secret vault.
Do you still remember!
Last year you gave me...
...all your personal
details as a deposit.
Do you remember!
Don't worry.
I have not opened it.
I hold true to my word.
But just like our agreement...
...if you mess with me...
...I will give those
documents to the police.
What do you say!
- Okay.
I agree.
- Good.
Let's go.
I don't want to see
my son's face in this house.
You can get the locket.
But how are you
going to kill his son!
It's the same thing.
I have an idea.
If this idea works...
...it could clear my name.
Okay, I just need your
help and your contacts.
Do you know
any make-up artists!
Hey, Yana!
What are you doing
here with him!
He is a killer.
A villain!
He has caused so much trouble!
Can't you see that!
Okay, Ali. I need your help.
He is asking for our help.
He is innocent.
How do you know that!
- I know.
I believe him, Ali.
Are you going
to help me or not!
Okay, what do
you want me to do!
What are we doing!
Just wear it!
Test mike.
Rolling! Action!
That's odd. My father
should be home tonight.
Where has he gone!
- Okay. Sit here.
Do you want to know
why he's not back!
Take a look at this.
This is why.
Good evening. Breaking news.
Taji Samprit, otherwise known
as the leader of a mafia group. .,
...was shot dead in
a parking lot in Kuala Lumpur.
The victim, aged 70,
is suspected to have been shot...
...3 times. The suspected killer
is Tiger, the infamous hitman...
...in this country.
He managed to escape...
...after an attack
on a police vehicle...
...when he was being
transported to jail last week.
I am Yana Ibrahim...
What do you say!
I have killed your father.
Well done, Tiger. Well done.
You should've recorded
this news report for me!
It is incredible.
I have recorded
the whole thing, Wak.
It's all in here.
I have prepared it for you.
This is for you.
But where is the locket!
I left it behind, Wak.
Okay, listen. Let me set
a time for us to meet.
We'll meet somewhere and
I'll give you the locket.
I'll look for it.
- Don't mess with me!
I'll give it to you, okay!
Listen here carefully.
Don't mess with me!
I will not hesitate to kill you!
Now tell me.
Where is the locket!
Relax! I told you
I'd give it to you!
Useless man!
Remember, Fadil. I give
you till tomorrow morning.
Sorry, sir.
You can't come in here!
I will avenge
your death, brother!
My limbs are numb.
I can't feel my limbs!
Hey, where is the locket!
Let's discuss this, boss.
Calm down.
Sir! Can you open the window!
Open the window for one minute!
- It's okay. Thank you.
Do you want to buy this spray!
- No, I don't want to.
Just try it.
- What are you doing!
Let's go!
You useless kids!
They sprayed my face!
It hurts.
What is going on!
Ungrateful son.
How could he stab his
own father from behind!
What are you doing!
He's already dead!
- Stop it!
Calm down!
He's dead!
Can you calm down!
How many times do
you want him to die!
Everyone, calm down.
I have done my job.
Where is the locket!
Throw his body away.
When are we able to catch Tiger!
Where is he now!
You must know.
I was just informed that
Taji Samprit's son was killed.
Where did you get
this information!
What's going on!
- You blacked out just now.
Are you okay, boss!
- I'm fine.
Good. There is an address
inside this locket.
You go there and
find the old man.
Show him this locket.
- He will lead you...
...to a container.
- Bring the lorry to me tonight.
It is in a secret location.
I will send you an SMS.
Take the locket
and keep it safe.
Why won't you go there yourself!
- I am afraid the police...
...will follow me.
- I know the police...
...are following me!
- I thought you and your father...
...only had the same moustache.
It turns out you both...
...behave the same way.
Like father, like son.
Why do I feel pain on my neck!
My hip hurts too.
- You probably don't have...
...enough exercise
for your hips.
- You need to workout more.
I will go now, boss. Take care.
- Okay. All right.
Congratulations to us.
Our plan worked.
RM 10 million! If we split
that by 3, each of us...
...will get more
than RM3 million!
We are rich!
Relax. Don't get too happy.
Chill! We haven't
got anything yet.
Listen here. Their treasure
is in the container.
The treasure itself,
if we divide it by 3...
We won't just be
getting RM3 million!
We'll get tens of millions!
We need to go home...
...get our stuff, pack our bags
and go to get the evidence...
...of Tiger's identity. We will
then give it to the police...
...and then enjoy ourselves.
We get out of the country.
What's up with that car!
- The driver is probably crazy.
Maybe the tyre is punctured.
He is showing off!
I'll get closer!
Don't provoke him!
What license does he have!
What's his problem!
- He is shooting at us!
Evade him!
- There is no other way to go!
To the left!
To the right!
Be careful when
you're on the road!
Shut up!
Come out, Yana!
Are you okay!
You're hurt.
- It's nothing serious.
My car is ruined!
- What are you talking about!
Can't you see she's hurt!
You can claim for insurance.
You can't claim for her.
What's the matter with him!
You go and leave me here.
Let me distract him.
What will happen to you!
- Don't worry about me.
If I get out of this alive,
I will look for you.
- Come on, Yana!
Come out!
Come out!
Hurry up!
Should I look!
I can't stand
the sight of blood.
Peace be upon you!
I'm suffocating!
That hurts!
Why! Why do you
want to kill me!
Do you know that I'm Cobra!
King Kong's twin brother.
- King Kong!
I have come to avenge his death!
No wonder you
look like King Kong!
Okay, listen here.
There's been a misunderstanding.
I don't care about
your misunderstanding!
I will skin you and
make a wallet!
A wallet!
Get up!
- Wait.
I have RM500,000 at my house.
Don't try to mess with me!
- No!
Are you messing with me!
- No.
I will slap you!
- I'm not lying! Don't!
That's a punch you're going
to give me. Not a slap.
Yes, that's better.
Are you messing with me!
- No!
The money is at my house.
Come on!
Let's go to my house.
At your house!
Are you okay!
- I'm okay. Oh, no!
What will happen to Fadil!
He's in danger, Ali!
We're in danger and you're
still thinking about him!
Listen. Whatever it is,
let's go to the clinic first.
After that, we go home.
Tonight we'll meet up...
...at TVKL.
We'll think of something.
But Fadil is in danger!
Do you understand!
Ali, come on!
- All you think about is Fadil!
You care so much about his nose.
What about my cheek!
My father is dead!
My father!
Father! You're still alive!
- Doyok, aren't you dead!
You should be dead
before me! Not me!
So it's true that you wanted
to kill your own father!
You! I told you
to watch over my son...
...not to become a traitor!
- Boss, we don't know anything!
You don't know!
I will not kill my own son.
My men will do it for me.
Be prepared.
It's all right, bro.
We can talk this through.
- Father!
You are getting old!
I am supposed to be
the leader of this group.
I was counting on you.
But you can't wait.
Be prepared to die, Father!
You want me to die!
Over my dead body!
You're dead!
Good night, Wak.
You said you killed him.
And I bought it.
You tricked me, Fadil!
Do you realise
that you're an idiot!
I am not Fadil, idiot!
I have never been
captured by the police.
I just used Fadil to close
the case files on me.
So that the police
would think he was me.
But you took him back
and ruined my plans.
So I killed King Kong that
night to trap Fadil again.
But the problem is,
that kid is slick.
I didn't expect
him to get away again.
Who is that kid!
- He's just a low class gangster.
I want you to kill him!
That kid!
He has my father's locket!
- That's why I said...
...that you're an idiot.
But never mind.
I can help you and
settle all your problems...
...under one condition.
All your father's treasures...
...in the container.
I want half of it.
Half of it! I do not agree!
You have no other choice.
All your father's men are dead.
You only have one way out.
Give me your father's riches
and we will flee the country.
If not, you need
to fight against me.
Don't try to trick me!
You should know your place!
You're so full of yourself,
acting like a gangster. Move!
This is all I have.
This is all you have!
- Yes, this is all of it!
Tell me the truth!
- I'm telling the truth!
This is all I have.
You have to believe me.
I didn't kill your brother!
This is a lot of money!
It's my telephone!
Answer it! Don't you
have any other ringtone!
Answer it! Don't mess
with me! I have a gun!
Answer it!
- I'm going to answer it!
Loud speaker.
That is for photos.
Loud speaker!
Hello, Fadil.
Listen carefully.
I am Tiger. I want you
to bring the locket...
...to an old factory tonight.
If not, you will die.
- What locket! Where is it!
What locket!
- That tickles!
What's the matter with you!
Nobody wears a locket here!
How am I supposed to know!
Where is the locket!
Where is it!
That's all you have!
You tried to trick me.
That's all you have!
Don't mess with me...
...or I'll shoot you!
Fadil! Are you okay!
I'm fine. Don't worry.
Is your passport ready!
Yes, but I'm at
TVKL station right now.
Okay, we'll stick
to our original plan.
I'll send an SMS of
the location shortly.
Hello! Yana.
- Have you burned the DVD!
I'm doing it now!
But the problem now is...
...the footage is not enough
to prove Fadil is innocent!
Oh no! So what are
we supposed to do now!
How am I supposed to know!
Hello, Yana!
Good evening, Fadil.
I am giving you one hour.
If you don't come,
I'll kill Yana.
Hey! Don't hurt her!
Fadil, don't come here!
He wants to kill you!
- Fadil!
Okay, relax.
Why am I so worried!
It's not my problem.
They don't know where I am.
I can just run away.
Don't worry about me.
If I get out of this alive...
...I will find you.
I believe him, Ali.
Do you want to avenge
your brother's death!
Yana, are you okay!
At last.
You have arrived, Fadil.
Of course. He really
cares about this reporter.
I'm starting to like her myself.
Hey, you moustached skull.
Don't touch her!
If you do, I will put
hangers on your moustache.
Okay! I didn't
come here to fight.
I've come here
to settle this matter.
Now I have brought
the locket that you want.
But I want you
to let Yana go first.
Throw the locket first!
- What are you waiting for!
Just throw it here!
Yana, are you okay!
Is your wound okay!
He didn't touch you, right!
How dare he!
Tiger, come out!
This is what you deserve!
From the red corner, Cobra!
That hurts, you idiot.
Run, Yana.
I said, run!
No. Don't kill me.
Don't shoot me.
If you shoot me,
Tiger will shoot you in the head.
Your head will
be blown into pieces.
If you shoot him,
I'll shoot you!
Drop your weapons!
Don't move!
This place is surrounded.
Drop your weapons now!
- Hey!
Enough with your act!
Do you think that I don't know...
...who you are!
You work together with him.
You corrupted cop!
You are an accomplice with them!
- What are you doing, Shuib!
That's enough already.
I have proof.
You have been in frequent contact
with Taji's right hand man.
I'm ashamed of you.
- Can you let me explain!
I have tried so many times
to catch them but I've failed!
When we captured Fadil, I had
a feeling that he was innocent.
But I needed to make sure.
That's why I handed him...
...over to Rudy!
For your information...
...Rudy is police informant.
You! You're a cop!
Only me and the head of the
Special Squad knows about this.
The bag that you
saw Rudy give to me...
What did you think it was!
A bribe!
It wasn't a bribe. It was
the recording of Taji's house.
The problem is, Taji is smart.
He never talks about...
...his business in his house.
- So you used me!
Why did you chase me!
Why did you try...
...to shoot me the other night!
I did think you were
Tiger in the beginning.
Because you accepted
all of their offers.
It looked like you had
killed King Kong as well.
That's why I chased
you that night!
I followed you the following day
and I heard your conversation...
...with Yana.
Maybe I wasn't 100% sure...
...that you were innocent,
but this made me want...
...to investigate
this case even further.
So that I could use you as
bait to get to the real Tiger.
If what you are
saying is true...
...you must know
his real identity!
I do know now. For all this
time, I've been following...
...and investigating you
because I know that Tiger...
...would be watching you.
Then I realised that...
...something wasn't right
about the people around you.
Who is he!
Tell me!
He's Ali!
Where did you go just now!
- To the toilet.
I tried to get to Yana
to explain all of this...
...but she ran away!
I didn't want
to waste any more time.
I went straight to Bukit Aman
to get the G PS coordinates...
...for Ali's mobile phone.
The coordinates brought us here.
Wahab! You are really amazing.
I'm sorry for misjudging you.
It's all right, Shuib.
What's passed, has passed.
I know that you misunderstood.
It's all water under the bridge.
Please forgive me.
Forgive me, Wahab!
You're making a drama here!
Tell me who he is!
There's too much for
me to explain to you.
He is the cameraman
for a TV company...
...that broadcasts murder
cases that he commits himself!
This man is a psycho!
- I'm not a psycho!
I've had feelings for
you for so long, Yana.
I became her cameraman
because I needed a cover!
When you were reporting about
me, you were really serious.
You became excited
when I killed people.
I liked it because I've never
got that kind of attention.
So I told Taji
that I wanted to retire...
...so that I could
be with you, Yana.
But when this guy came along,
people thought he was Tiger.
You were giving
your attention to him!
You helped him! You believed
everything he said!
Why is that!
Tell me why!
Because I had a feeling...
...that he was not a criminal.
He is kind.
He was just a victim
of the situation.
That's why I helped him.
I knew that he
wasn't a criminal.
He's a good man.
I also feel like...
...I am starting
to have feelings for him.
When will this end!
You're such a spoil sport!
You'll be going to prison soon!
No! You will not be able
to prove that I'm guilty!
No! There is proof!
The locket has proof.
It has the location of
where you can find the proof.
Hey! You killed your father
and his people in your house.
All of that has been recorded.
I placed a hidden camera.
Special Squad unit, come in!
Move now! Go!
Die, all of you!
Yana! Get up!
Come on!
Move now! Go!
Move now! Move!
Where are you running to!
- Yana, run!
Save yourself!
Shuib, move!
It is not yet time
for me to die!
Shuib! I'm out of bullets!
Take this!
Don't move!
Don't try doing anything!
Yana, are you okay!
Fadil, where is the locket!
The locket is in his pocket.
Fadil, is this
the locket you mentioned!
You will be all right.
Take care of yourself, okay!
Wak, don't you feel hot!
I am being captured.
You're the one who feels hot.
What will happen to me!
- You're free.
But I will contact you
to be a witness in court.
Thank you, sir.
Fadil, thank you
for helping the police.
According to the coordinates
of the locket...
...this is the place.
What exactly is here!
I feel like
something is not right.
I think someone has taken it.
What container is this!
- The night you were kidnapped...
...I took Taji's container.
The police
have taken the locket...
...but the locket is fake.
The original locket
is with me.
This container has all the
secret documents and treasure...
...that belongs to Taji.
...I think I want to make a movie.
What kind of movie
do you want to make!
What kind of movie!
Datuk Yusof Haslam.
I want to invest
in making a movie.
Sure. We'll do
Abang Long Fadil 3.
What do you think!
I have a lot of money, Datuk.
I'm a rich man.
I want to do Abang Long Fadil
versus Transformers.
Not coming to cinemas
because Fadil got caught...
...and went to jail.