Abare Goemon (1966) Movie Script

Warring States Era refers to the time when
Daimyo strengthened their rule over society.
Regional revolts had a special significance.
Local families in power and farmers
would unite to defeat their local Daimyo.
They sent their forces out to
refuse the local Daimyo's rule.
Eventually they won equal rights
in making political decisions.
This is the legend of one
such farmer who lived free.
Head on!
Kill the enemy!
Charge! Charge in!
Don't let them defeat us!
Kill them!
Kill them all!
Abare Go'emon
Screenplay by
IDE Masato
MIFUNE Toshiro
KATO Daisuke
SATO Makoto
OZORA Mayumi
HOSHI Yuriko
OTOWA Nobuko
Directed by
They're back?
Hey, everyone!
- Hey, everyone!
They're back!
- They're back!
Wife, be happy, we won!
Well, well and no one was injured?
That's right, no one injured!
We destroyed their secret base.
They won't bother us for a while.
Ma, I've got loot!
Well, what a great prize!
It's getting big.
Look at you, you look like a raccoon.
Well, let me eat something first.
Takahachi, you got yourself
some nice trophies.
Granny Roku, you should act your age.
I know, but I'm so happy I could dance.
Gon, feed my horse well.
Hey, why are you roaming
about with that big belly?
The baby's gonna come out backwards!
Sukeichi, it's your duty
to look after your wife!
Eat well for the baby.
Well, how come you're not getting
pregnant? You've got such a nice ass.
A fertile field won't sprout
anything without seeds.
Give me a break. My parents
had three boys including me.
No way that there's no seed.
Yours is a poor soil, a barren
field that just looks good.
You're wrong. It won't
sprout with empty seeds.
Empty seeds? You little imp!
Welcome home.
Wife, please have my baby.
Alright, I will eventually.
No, right now. Right here.
Even Sukeichi's wife is
pregnant. How come you aren't?
I want a big family I can rely on.
You've got a family you can rely on.
Mr. Yatota and Mr. Hayato.
They must have grown up to
be fine strong men like you.
It's been 8 years now, since they
became hostages in Enjoji Castle.
It looks like your two fine younger
brothers are coming home.
What? They're coming home?
Yes. A letter from the castle
arrived yesterday.
Why didn't you tell me sooner?
Hey, Hyoroku, my brothers
are coming home!
Wife, come on show me the letter.
Hurry up, even a monk
can do a slow job.
What's the point of me holding
the letter? Get someone to read it!
Welcome home.
Come on, read it. Read it aloud.
Dear all...
"Dear all?" That young brat is
greeting us with "Dear all?"
Damn, how condescending!
Look at that, Hayato. Doesn't
it bring tears to your eyes?
Such a welcoming sight. It's
our home. Where we grew up.
Nothing's changed after 8 years.
Such a stale old place. I'm sure
the folks there stink of mold too.
Hey, don't ever say that
in front of big brother.
Yatota, we're adults now.
We don't have to hold our
tongue around big brother.
He's the living god of the Shinobu Clan.
Or even the living spirit of Kaga's
Seven Clans. That's why we...
Enough already.
We were held hostage in
Enjoji Castle for 8 years.
We are the living gods.
I'm sure brother was never
going to let us die in vain.
What if the Kaga had ordered us to die?
To hell with him! Dammit.
Could they be from the temple?
No, they aren't. Something's wrong.
We found them!
Peasant soldiers!
Soldiers approaching!
Field soldiers!
Run, Hayato!
Get them!
It's a peasant soldier on horseback.
A peasant soldier? Get him!
Hey, Hyoroku! It's me, Yatota!
Open the gate!
Sir Hayato, you too!
Sir Yatota and Sir Hayato are home!
What, Yatota and Hayato are home?
What was that I just saw? You
two running around like wimps?
What did you do in
Enjoji Castle for 8 years?
Dance the time away?
Don't push us!
Not one day did we forget
our pride as Shinobu.
Then show me your palms.
The sword, the staff, archery,
did you work on them daily?
Or were you holding
women's hands instead?
Oh, you wanna fight?
Alright, come on!
What a great day! We've got
all the three brothers now.
The Shinobu Clan will be safe.
You brat!
How dare you!
No, no!
You're gonna drive them away!
When they finally came home!
Hm, you've both fought well.
Well done!
You fools.
It's been so long.
Sis, you haven't changed a bit.
You both have grown up so well.
Brother hasn't changed. Still
the same way he used to be.
He won't change until the day he dies.
Muscles are all he's got.
- Hayato!
Sis, are you having a baby yet?
Hey, leave grown-up
business to the grown-ups.
Well, everybody,
let's drink to celebrate.
Tell everyone in the village.
I'm glad both of you made it home safe.
Let me give you a formal welcome.
They look grown up on the outside.
Well, that's all good.
But I'm sure your brains are full of
useless things you learned in the castle.
I don't know what you studied...
But such things are
worthless here in Shinobu.
From now on I'll teach
you about the real world.
Aren't I right?
Listen, everyone.
They're young chicks that
just broke out of their shells.
Please give them your support until
they become full grown, I beg you.
You don't get to see that often.
He must be really happy.
He's as grand as a mountain.
I can't even come close.
Sis, doesn't that disgusting
dance offend you?
It sure is vulgar.
But it's masculine so it's kind of good.
My, what a pretty shell!
You look familiar.
It's Ayame.
Oh, Ayame!
You've grown so much!
You used to tease me when I was little.
That's right, that's right.
It was you, Ayame.
Get off him, you lowlife wench.
Leave him alone.
Get out.
Brother! We were just...
You stay out of this.
Listen up...
Yatota is the one who'll
eventually take my position.
I won't let anyone flirt with
him like a sneaky thief.
Keep that in mind, everyone!
It's alright, don't cry.
Don't pay any attention.
What was that about?
Brother, we were just...
He finally confessed.
I was shocked to hear it.
Guess who's behind it?
It's Asakura!
They were planning to hold
our young masters hostage.
Damn Asakura! How dare he!
It's just what a dirty
samurai would think of.
You never know what that tricky
old bastard might try next.
We brave men of the Shinobu Clan
shouldn't be shocked by news like this.
Stay alert!
When we part...
We'll never get to see
each other again.
I will never forget you.
A farmer's son like me...
...would've never been allowed to
speak with a princess of Asakura...
...if we weren't held hostage together.
Being hostage is a sad thing...
But it was wonderful with you here.
I suppose when you get back to Shinobu...
You'll find a nice bride.
No, I'll never marry anyone.
Just like this shell you're
giving me as a memento...
I'll never meet the other
half it belongs to.
Why was I born into a samurai family?
It's been 3 years...
You're finally able to sleep
in your own bed tonight.
You must be elated.
I was happier when I was a hostage.
What are you saying?
Our clan is in the middle
of a war with the Kaga.
How can we send our soldiers
to serve at Sir Enjo's castle?
He released our princess
when he had no reason to.
But how are we going to
handle the revolt then?
The peasants might take this
opportunity to attack us.
Would you still want to
send our soldiers to Enjoji?
That's reckless, utterly reckless!
Kagemasa has a point.
What are your thoughts, Tajima?
We don't have to lend manpower for
feelings of obligations or affinity.
You know the princess
was released unharmed.
He released her because he
wanted to make us feel obligated.
So he could make such a request.
It's apparent he's losing his confidence.
So what are you saying?
We should attack Enjoji Castle.
Attack Sir Enjo?
Do you think it's ridiculous?
Absolutely not!
It's far more ridiculous to remain
a follower of Sir Enjo forever.
What about the revolt
and Kaga's Seven Clans?
We'll get them on our side.
Stop joking.
The revolting samurai...
...and farmers are the ones we
should be afraid of, not Enjoji!
Whether we want to rule the Kaga region...
Or to seize the opportunity
to advance on the Capital...
We must get Kaga's seven
farming clans on our side.
If we can control them, even
Enjoji will be of no concern.
But would they agree to
a proposal of a truce?
I have plenty of ideas.
Farmers are like insects. All
they know is how to survive.
Let them have a taste
of civilized living...
...and the unity of
the revolt will crumble.
There's that wild Go'emon who'd never
join us even if he had to go to hell.
What about him?
Come on! Hold on tight, you brats.
The horses are laughing at you.
We ain't sightseeing,
tighten your butts.
Squeeze your knees tight,
you damn brat!
What'd you say? Had enough?
What? Never!
You damn brat!
Come here, damn it.
Brother, stop it!
Come on, you wimp.
Alright, Yatota! You did it.
Remember that spirit!
Now, it's your turn.
Damn brat, what was he
doing at Enjoji Castle?
That's a nice horse you've got.
Who the hell are you?
Me? I'm a roaming ronin,
Hattori Muta'emon.
I wander the nation in whichever
way the wind may blow.
I've heard that a great hero
lives in this land of Kaga.
So, I came here to take a look.
You wanna see the face of a crazy farmer?
I do.
I'd love to just see it once.
How is it? How do you like my face?
Are you Mr. Go'emon?
Stop fooling around.
I don't know where you came
from but you sure are fishy.
Get lost right now.
I see. You sure are full of life.
I like you.
Hey, arrest him!
Leave him. We ain't wasting
our time on a joker like him.
A joker, am I? I like you even better.
Look, Master.
Brother! Looks like something happened!
Asakura proposed a truce?
Is it true?
An Asakura messenger showed
up at Shachibei's Fort in Hikono...
...carrying a letter with
Asakura's official stamp.
Here, give me another cup.
If we make peace with Asakura
my son will come home.
Mine too.
I'm sick and tired of war.
We'll have a meeting tomorrow at Fukushi.
We want all you men to attend.
That's what I came here to tell you.
How auspicious.
It isn't!
Hyoroku, remember what
happened to your arm?
Have you forgotten your revenge?
Heikichi, would you rather be napping
wrapped in your wife's warm underwear?
Are you so old that you just
wanna snooze in the sun all day?
Sanzo, stop looking so
confused. I'm talking to you!
Look at your own faces, all of you.
They won't even scare sparrows!
Are these the faces of Shinobu men?
The clan of Kaga's people,
the Tiger and the Dragon?
What good are we if
we forget how to fight?
A truce with Asakura? Auspicious?
They will kill you if you
don't move fast enough.
A samurai's mind is black
like tar, full of evil intentions!
Their plan is to catch us off
guard and cut out our eyes.
We should never trust samurai.
They're dirty.
They're like the weeds in the field.
Until all the roots are dug up...
We can't enjoy a single
good night's sleep. Got it?
Brother, I...
Here. Pull this out before
you try your logic on me.
Hey, is everybody present?
So now, Asakura says if we...
...Kaga's Seven Clans
unanimously accept the truce...
They will attack Enjoji with us
and they want our response.
Enjoji is an old and
powerful enemy for us.
Five years ago they took
Fort Arima from us.
Three years ago, they burned the rice
fields in Atsuguchi before the harvest.
And killed 200 of us!
That's my village! My wife and 8 children,
plus my brothers were all killed.
Take revenge.
Revenge! Kill them all!
Wait a minute.
We can attack Enjoji on our own.
Why should we join with Asakura?
Asakura wouldn't make
us work for nothing.
Once Enjoji is defeated...
They'll let us rule three of their territories:
Iri-Yamabe, Mure, and Hakusan.
It means we can spread our alliance
beyond Kaga and into Ecchu.
We can't lose!
And one more thing.
Asakura sent this to us to
cover our initial expenses.
Forty kilos of gold! Isn't it amazing?
And the Sacred Contract of
the Five Gods of Kumano...
...with the name and face of the
head of Asakura printed on it.
Do you still think they're lying?
Everyone decide what you want to do.
I know what I'm gonna do.
I wonder what happened. Why
do they trust us like this now?
Alright! Our lives are in your hands.
That's right.
Guess we've gotta do it.
- We will!
We're gonna do it.
Alright, us too.
Hey, Shachibei.
You've become so good with the
abacus now that you're older.
Is there something you wanna tell me?
- Yeah...
I've got 10 or 20 things
I want to tell you.
I feel we shouldn't join Asakura.
We don't have to work our butts
off and help Asakura's evil plans.
What about it?
If your neighbor's screwing
someone else's wife...
Would you be there fanning
him to keep him cool?
You wouldn't do something so crazy.
They offer us their territories?
Sounds so generous of them...
But there will be strings attached.
Think about it.
They just want to keep us under
control in their own territory.
They'll tax us just as heavily as before.
They'll search every corner of
our house to find our money.
Taxes when we take a bride.
Taxes when we open a window.
When a war starts, they'll collect
one horse and two men per household.
And what do they do with them?
They'll keep them in a stable,
eat them when they wish.
We've been through all that before.
We have our own wits as farmers.
We don't have to dress like a
samurai and trip over our two feet.
Acting like a samurai, caressing
one hand while pinching another.
I hate playing their games!
They have vile minds!
Who was acting so impressed
by this a moment ago?
The farmers of Kaga
are not swayed by gold.
This here too.
We'd go to hell?
I've never heard of anyone
losing their eyesight doing this.
It's been a long time since I
heard such an amusing speech.
By the way, are you aware
who negotiated...
...for your brothers'
safe return from Enjoji?
I don't care!
It's alright.
The world changes as time passes.
I suggest you try learning
a new song some time.
Stinks! It stinks, it stinks!
What's this smell?
What's this smell?
I can't sing but I've got a sensitive nose.
Shachibei, tell us the truth.
What kind of bribes are you
getting from Asakura for this?
Land? A castle? Money? Or women?
Leave, while you're still breathing.
I overestimated you.
Get out or I'll cut you down.
What's that look? Don't look
down on me 'cause I'm a farmer!
How dare you speak to a samurai like that?
Hold on a minute.
After today's meeting we all may be allies.
So cut it out, both of you.
What, aren't you Jingo?
Jingo Juro!
Hey, you guys are here too?
It's been a long time.
Escorting the messenger?
It's been too long, it feels like it was
just the other day I saw you off at Enjoji.
When did you return to your castle?
Right after you left, they decided
to release Princess Azusa.
The Princess was released?
Hayato, do you still carry
that pretty shell on you?
I heard it from the maids, you
sure got lucky, didn't you?
What're you talking about?
He was intimate with the Princess.
I had no idea.
Don't talk about us like that.
Well, if we have a truce, you
may get to see her again, right?
Where's the messenger?
He's waiting patiently.
How did the meeting go?
Your brother is blind.
He doesn't realize
he's strangling himself.
A total of 3,000 men including
the Hikono Clan will join you.
Please take me to the messenger.
Doesn't look good. It's likely that...
It's not good for Kaga's
Seven Clans to split up.
Brother doesn't see
that times are changing.
He hates samurai but it's obvious
they'll soon be ruling the nation.
You know it.
You spent 8 years at the castle too.
I'm more concerned about
a war among the Kaga.
Splitting up will weaken our power.
- Of course.
What a blockhead our brother is!
Talking about pride but
ignoring the clans' welfare.
It's not too late.
Please go along with the others, or
we'll end up destroying ourselves.
It seems Asakura's begun their attack.
Enjoji seems overwhelmed.
Well, we aren't involved so we can relax.
There's no relaxing for a man as long
as he's alive. It's a constant war.
Our old friends are dying in that smoke.
What a shame!
Even the small bits of clouds...
Fly around the sky...
I wish I too could...
Go up to the sky...
Make her stop that song!
Milling can be boring.
Well, well, aren't you in a bad mood.
Damn it, she must be happy about this.
That's not true.
Sure, it is. I bet it is.
Women are happy as long as
they can keep their men at home.
I hate it.
Are you that bored since there's no war?
That's right, I don't like it.
I don't like it.
Wasn't it for a man's dignity and
pride that you didn't join the war?
Shut up!
Why should Shinobu's
men be home sulking?
Working in the fields,
tending the oxen...
...making love with their wives
and spewing out babies.
You call that peaceful?
What good are wives anyway?
Let a gust of wind blow them all away!
Remember how we defeated Shibudai?
The way we took them down.
It was great.
Hey, remind yourselves!
Rip their hearts out!
The strong enemies!
Come on out of the graves!
Come back to life! Come
back to life again and we'll...
What? You got a problem
with your husband?
You dunce, this is what keeps a man alive!
Sir! Sir!
She delivered the baby.
What, she did?
Is it a boy or a girl?
Yes, it's a girl.
Gon! Gon! Get my horse.
Where on earth are you
going to so late at night?
I said get my horse!
He's so mean.
What's his problem?
He's just different.
Like the spirit of a mountain
goblin incarnated.
He's a god of war, so to speak.
So, it's to be expected.
Normally he's never home.
But lately I spend all day with him.
I wonder if heaven's retribution
might strike me later, right Roku?
You're the only one who
enjoys it around here.
Gon, hurry up!
Are you still hanging around here?
I see you decided not to join the
war and play with horses instead.
What a peaceful life!
Don't kid with me now or
you're going to lose your head.
Chopping my head off
won't do you any good.
What happened to the brave Go'emon?
Do you feel like you owe them
for releasing your brothers?
Shut up.
Your name will suffer.
Be stubborn but times are changing.
The era of the samurai that
you hate so much is imminent.
Uesugi Kenshin of Echigo, Oda
Nobunaga of Owari, Asakura of Echizen...
If the farmers of Kaga are to survive...
I recommend siding with
a powerful samurai clan.
Don't be ridiculous!
Kaga's seven clans fought
to deter even warlords?
Those days are gone.
They aren't gone.
You can't use force to win.
- I will!
What is force anyway?
Gathering of your allies?
They're in separate factions now, aren't they?
Those who look ahead are forming alliances
with a Daimyo to ensure their survival.
Holding on to old dreams will only end with
you being eliminated by your old allies.
Damn you, you're here to talk me into it.
Hey, who sent you? Is it
Shachibei or is it Asakura?
Take a guess.
Damn you!
Hey! Hey!
Wait, wait!
What's that noise?
Hey, close the gate!
Hurry, close it now!
Hold it. Let them come closer.
Then we'll fire. Damn them.
They didn't do anything.
They didn't even fire an arrow.
It's Asakura.
Damn you!
Hold on tight. We'll be home soon.
Just a little while longer.
Oh, it's you.
That's a warm welcome.
Ten years ago you and I used
to rob deserters together.
Watch it, Muta'emon.
I see.
About the Shinobu, it doesn't look
like Go'emon is gonna budge.
He shows no sign of joining Enjoji, either.
Don't worry about him and
concentrate of conquering Enjoji.
So you couldn't persuade
him to side with us.
He knows what the samurai
are really up to.
I had thought he was merely a strong
fighter, but he has a tenacious mind too.
Sending those horsemen to intimidate
will only make him tighten his guard.
There are lots of ways to get him.
I can make him surrender.
We'll see about that.
The farmers of have returned.
Shachibei wishes to see you.
I'm busy. Later.
Let me see him. I need to
speak to him about something.
You're making the bird uneasy.
Please send additional forces.
We've lost over 500 men
in the ongoing battles.
Please! Please!
So, Go'emon had foresight.
Why are you running?
Don't you like me?
I feel for you.
I'm sure my brother will understand.
Halt, halt.
Who's there?
I'm sure he'll listen to me.
Come out whoever you are!
Brother, we were...
How dare you!
You thief, get out of my sight!
Brother, don't jump to
conclusions. She didn't...
Stop right there.
You don't see what women
are. You know nothing!
They aren't interested in you.
They only want to sneak into the
head of the Shinobu's family.
I see through them.
She's a demon, a monster!
Brother, wait a minute.
She isn't that kind of a woman.
You're being fooled.
- No, I'm not.
You can do whatever you want
and say whatever you want.
So, why can't I? What about my freedom?
What a stupid thing to say!
Making love to a woman when
you've never even fought in a war.
You bastard, bastard!
Shut your big mouth!
Beat me once!
Can you beat me?
You can't, can you?
You bastard!
Beat me, huh?
You idiot!
You're the abandoned child of a deserter.
Have you forgotten how my mother
took you in out of pity, have you?
Sure, you can read and write and work...
But the dirty blood of
a samurai runs in you.
That's why I can't stand you!
They're back!
Close the gate.
They're trying to scare us.
We won't give in!
Brother is free and wild,
has no pretence and is big.
Just like the big summer clouds.
He's just what a man should be.
You call that ugly beast fine?
Don't say that.
Aren't you angry at him?
He's too rough.
Look at poor Sis. She's
had no pleasure in her life.
Put to work, beaten and kicked,
doing whatever that wild man says.
The villagers, and us too.
We were treated more
humanely as prisoners.
You can rebel against him, but
don't put down his philosophy.
Being literate doesn't always help
one see how big a man he is.
I see you want to be a demon like him!
You wimp, are you afraid of brother?
You can't kill with sheer force alone.
Don't be foolish.
You're leaving this place?
Where to?
It's true we can't see
each other freely.
At least we can catch
a glimpse of each other.
What am I to do if you're gone?
And you...?
Please run away with me.
Come with me, to a place
where there's no war.
We have no chance of being
together in this village.
Is there any place without
war? Wherever we go...
I see.
The village means more to you than I do.
I never meant to use you for fun.
I'm asking you to be patient.
Do you see what I mean?
No, I don't. Take care.
When you kill a man, arm
yourself and don't ask why.
There is no reason.
Assume you're doing a
service for Bodhisattva.
It's easy to kill if you think of it as
cleaning up the garbage of the world.
Here, you try it.
What, aren't you going to?
It's crazy to kill
a person for no reason.
Hey, Hayato!
I want to say it!
I know everyone else do
too. Why are you silent?
What an interesting thing to say.
Brother, please forgive him.
It's alright.
Say whatever you need to say.
No matter what kind of person,
even if a criminal, life is precious.
Even an enemy's. That's why...
That's why what?
That's why random killing
is an act of insanity.
You must be a bloodthirsty wolf,
or a demon!
Hayato! Apologize to me! Apologize!
Wife, close the gate and lock up.
All you women go outside.
You say I'm a bloodthirsty wolf,
a demon.
A crazy man who kills randomly.
Do you really think that?
How about you, Yatota?
I see.
You agree with him.
That I'm crazy, a wolf, a demon.
Hey, I want you to remember
when our dad died.
Yatota, and Hayato.
Bid farewell to your father.
Don't be weepy!
It's been 40 years since his death.
Kaga's Seven Clans have fought samurai.
It's our duty to root out human trash.
That's what we must do, 'til we die.
As long as we live in this village.
It's not an easy job rooting
out the human garbage.
Only a fool or a crazy person would try.
But someone's got to do it.
If you want to grow a flower, you
need to pull out the weeds...
Fertilize the soil and plow.
You need to get your hands dirty.
Do you understand?
Hey, you rat up there, come down.
Or I'll stab your ass!
Well, I give up.
You two had better burn your
brother's lecture into your hearts.
They don't kill farmers
but don't let them run.
They squeeze every grain
of rice from you.
It's a very respectable
thing to fight those guys.
What, that's not what
you said the other day.
Don't mind it.
Well, I'd like to taste what
you're having there. Is it okay?
Sir Go'emon, it seems
your lecture has worked.
Look at this, aren't they courageous?
You're an idiot.
Here, take a swig.
You can't change your marriage
arrangement. You know that.
I don't want to go to Echigo.
I want to decide which
way my life should go.
I'm not marrying Sir Uesugi.
When I was 17, I became
hostage for the family.
I spent many days
of sorrow and hardship.
I don't wish to be used
as a tool anymore.
I wish to live like a human being.
How stubborn!
You're the one who made me this way, father.
Please wait. She's still very young.
Let me talk to her so
that she understands.
Disobeying your father
and the family...
You think you're serving
your duty as a daughter?
Tell her well.
Well, how brave.
I understand how you feel and
why you want to stick it out.
I, Juro, served as a hostage
with you in Enjoji for 3 years.
I know well what you're going through.
One half of a shell that got
separated cannot be replaced.
Is that true?
His name is Hayato, a young
brother of Go'emon of Shinobu.
It's hard to believe.
If it were true, what do you
want to do with Azusa?
We'll get him on our side through
the connection with Miss Azusa.
And get the clan to join us.
Please leave it all to me.
So, you want to trick her.
It's all for the family.
With your permission...
I'll get her to write a letter
asking Hayato to come see her.
I've already arranged everything
including getting the letter to Shinobu.
Alright, do what you must.
Here come the venders!
Here come the venders!
Old man Shigaraki, you
haven't changed a bit.
You're old enough to be dead.
Oh, you're Yasubei. You
seem to be doing well.
Where are those two men of yours?
Asakura's samurai chopped their heads off.
The heads were pickled in
salt and sent to the castle.
They stole 100 spears from Asakura
and sold them to his enemy.
Is that so? That would
get them killed for sure.
Well, spirits go to heaven.
This is a quality mirror.
Would you like it?
I haven't got a face
that needs a mirror.
Put some makeup on and your husband
may fall in love all over again.
It's too late for me.
Not at all. Women should stay sexy
until they're wrinkled up like a pickle.
It's the truth.
Salesmen sure know how to talk.
Please don't say that.
You must be Sir Hayato?
It's Yatota. They've both grown up.
Well, I saw you when
you were this little.
Excuse me, I'd like some water.
Sir Hayato, aren't you?
Hey, there's a bad one over there!
Oh, I let him stay with me.
What? You're keeping a thief at home?
It's safer to keep him domestic.
Please come to the castle for my sake.
It will help to save your village too.
I'll tell you more when you're here.
Come quickly.
Come quickly.
What, what were you looking at?
Leave me alone
That's a letter from
Princess Azusa, isn't it?
None of your business.
Actually it is my business.
I know too much about it.
Hayato, it's an Asakura trap. Get it?
What have I done?
He the got the Princess
to ask you to come out.
Don't go if it's just to see her.
If you go knowing it's a trap,
you must be well prepared.
You know that this village will submit
to a powerful Daimyo sooner or later.
Square heads won't understand it.
But someone young may be
able to serve as a go-between.
You told us to defeat
samurai the other day.
Well, that's the ideal.
I'm talking about reality now.
It requires an adult
sensibility to discern them.
It will serve the village
whichever way you choose.
Well, I won't say which is better.
It's up to you to decide.
It doesn't feel so good to
betray the honest Go'emon.
Let's not do it.
But if you want to go,
I can mediate for you.
Want to take on a big job?
Well, I'm not encouraging you to.
Let's not do it.
Though Princess Azusa
will be disappointed.
Find him?
- No.
Muta'emon either.
It's strange they haven't
been around for 3 days.
I wonder if they went somewhere.
Don't be ridiculous.
Where would he go?
Split up and search the hills.
Emergency, Asakura's men are here!
Asakura broke our security point.
50-60 horsemen came out of nowhere
and set the hills in the back on fire.
The strange thing is that there was,
among their army, that drunk...
- Yeah!
His face and apparently...
Hayato's too.
What? Don't say a stupid thing like that.
Hayato was there too? You bastard!
I'm just reporting what I saw.
They say a woman's hair can
link even two great enemies.
We won this war now.
I'm beginning to hate you
for the first time in my life.
Are you going to fight
your friends and brothers?
For the sake of Kaga's Seven Clans?
Yes, and for you.
But, we're enemies.
Even so...
I'll do anything.
The most difficult thing,
a job no one else can do.
If you tell me to, I will do anything.
Don't let go of me.
Sow seeds in the rough soil
of May, don't wait for June.
Sew early and reap early.
During the harvest, waste no time and
don't let the samurai burn the crop.
Be methodical and effective.
Even if we don't come home,
don't stop working in the field.
That's the responsibility
of those who survive.
I know. Don't worry.
Off to the war! Beat the drums of war!
Go'emon of Shinobu attacked
Yaguchi Castle last night.
He is proceeding to Fort Saijo.
Just as I figured.
Tell Fort Saijo to fight back and
hold for as long as they can.
You're the captain of Fort Saijo.
Don't forget that.
Normally you would've have been decapitated
but you've been given special treatment.
Defeat Go'emon's army to
repay kindness to our lord.
Don't regard him as your brother.
You can't refuse.
You said you wanted a world without war.
The war will continue as long as
Go'emon doesn't submit to the samurai.
Defeat or eliminate your brother.
That's the only way to
make your wish come true.
That's what the Princess wants.
Hayato! Don't go! Stop!
What's the point of fighting
your own brother? Stop!
I'm fighting to end the war.
He finally...
If Go'emon finds out that Hayato
is the commander of the fort...
He wouldn't attack so carelessly.
In the meantime we will in
Shinobu, razing the village.
Attack them in his absence?
If we attack the village in his absence,
Go'emon will surely lose heart.
We'll take this chance and
attack him with our full force.
That will ensure our victory.
Someone help!
Hayato went to Fort Saijo?
He's going to be killed either by
his friend or foe. Please save him.
He betrayed his village solely
for your love. I beg you please!
Wait! Wait!
Saijo... Fort Saijo is in danger.
The gate at the mountain
peak... the Shinobu men...
...broke through!
Your lives are in my hands.
Listen, move as fast as
you can down to the fort.
Don't hesitate. Don't be afraid.
Still your stomach and tighten your ass.
Don't forget that you're men of Shinobu.
Everyone, if you're nervous and stiff...
You're gonna drop your
belly button on the road.
Alright, that's the spirit.
Move out!
Shinobu men, listen well.
Guess who the commander of this fort is.
It's Hayato. Hayato!
Hayato is the commander of the fort.
You're lying. He can't be the commander.
He says he's the commander.
Everyone, don't be fooled.
Can you hear me, Go'emon?
The commander of this fort
is Hayato, your brother.
I'm gonna crush him!
It sounds like he's telling the truth.
Find out.
He's captured.
Shut up.
If Hayato is there, show him.
Hayato, if you're in there, come out!
If you're captured, yell something!
It's Hayato.
- Hayato.
Go'emon, if you want to negotiate
with Hayato, we'll accept.
But you must lay down your
weapons and hold your men back.
Three of you approach the gate.
The three of us will meet you.
What do you say?
Return Hayato to us!
It's cowardly to use him as a hostage.
He's not a prisoner.
He's the commander of this fort.
How about it Go'emon?
If you don't respond...
We'll attack you under his command!
Give Hayato back to us.
Hayato, come down!
Everyone, retreat! Retreat!
Hayato, kill yourself. Do it.
We'll watch your end. Kill yourself.
Go'emon, don't be stubborn.
Your brother has been
given a great honor.
Times have changed.
If you submit to us,
we won't treat you badly.
What do you say, Go'emon?
Shut up!
Hayato, say something!
Are you going to let the village, or
rather Kaga's Seven Clans die in vain?
He's showing you villagers
how you should live.
Shut up! Let Hayato say something.
I'm speaking on his behalf.
You're lying!
He's the commander?
Only in a name. Hayato, say something.
You're being used as a puppet.
What a farce!
Hayato, are you going to
fight your blood brother?
Shooting arrows at your home village?
Do you call yourself human?
Go'emon, because he doesn't want
to shoot arrows at his home village...
He asks you to stop fighting and submit.
Shoot an arrow, if you want.
I won't back down.
No way in hell I'll submit to you!
Hayato, listen.
I've been fooled by samurai many times.
But I never dreamt I would
be betrayed by you!
You can't go now.
Let me go. Brother, I...
Brother! Brother!
Brother, quick.
Brother, look! Hayato!
Yatota, fight for his sake.
Take revenge!
Push them back.
Kill them all. Bury them in flames.
Burn them down to ashes!
For Hayato's death, tomorrow
we will destroy Asakura's castle.
A woman like you alone, it's
dangerous. Do you still want to go?
I'm worried about the village
I left. Please let me go.
I see.
Oh, Saijo is burning.
Looks like Go'emon won the battle.
Terrible news, Sir Hayato
died in battle.
Damn Go'emon.
He's victorious, having
defeated Fort Saijo.
Let's see how he feels when his
village is attacked while he's gone.
Emergency! Emergency!
Quick, go inside.
Ma'am, you too.
They set fire to the houses.
That's all I know.
Let's drop this stupid fort
and return to the village.
Wait a minute.
What are you complaining
about? It's my order.
What about all our efforts so far?
They're going to take back the fort.
The village is important,
but so is this fort.
Go home if you want, but I won't.
He's right. We came here
planning not to turn back.
We can't go back.
I see.
You're turning into a real warrior.
Then, I'll go back on my own.
I can handle those wimpy
Asakura soldiers by myself.
You guys keep going.
Attack the castle tomorrow morning.
Got it?
Hold the fort. I'll be right back.
You and you, accompany him.
I'll do it. I must.
Or I won't feel...
Are you the only survivor?
No, your wife and children, more
than half the village survived.
I just came to collect food.
He's back!
He's back! Sir!
I'm glad you're all alive.
I'm glad you're okay.
You can't stay strong
if you cry so easily.
Hang in there.
We're all fighting for you.
The people of Shinobu...
Men and women shouldn't shed tears.
I'm sorry this happened.
But we were unprepared for the attack.
You're sorry?
You assured me not to worry.
Damn it!
How can you stand living
so shamelessly?
Why didn't you fight
them with all your might?
She escaped in order
to protect the children.
Please forgive her.
Shut up. Damn you!
You shouldn't do that!
Step aside.
Damn you!
She's pregnant.
I'm sorry.
It's been 9 years,
so I'd given up on it.
If you didn't stop me...
I would've become the
laughing stock of the world.
Listen, have a boy for me, if you can.
Quickly now.
It takes rice and barley
6 months to grow.
But it takes a child 15 years
before he can be of any help.
15 years...
It takes too long.
Hey! Hey!
Asakura's army is counterattacking.
Why don't you just beat them off?
- They're coming in from all sides.
We may not be able to
hold it through the night.
How's Yatota?
He's wounded but doing fine.
Hold on until help comes.
Don't surrender even if
you're the last one alive.
If your arm breaks, use your leg.
If your sword breaks,
bite them with your teeth.
They'll hold out until sundown.
But beyond that, we've got to do
something or they'll all be dead.
What could the five of us possibly do?
We can make a difference if we all go.
That's right.
I see.
So you'd come with us?
There's no discriminating
Shinobu's women from men.
That's right.
Alright, then get ready to leave.
- Yes!
Ayame, why are you hesitating?
Yatota is wounded. Hurry to Fort Saijo.
But I...
Why are you hesitating?
A Shinobu woman should be decisive.
What's that over there?
Asakura's army is back again.
Hattori Muta'emon is here to aide you.
I won't withdraw my offer
even if you refuse.
I don't want your help!
These farmers are my
friends. Please believe me.
We're here to help.
I don't want it.
Do you want to let Yatota die alone?
Don't you want to avenge Hayato's death?
Don't be so hard-headed. I've dashed
around Kaga to persuade others.
Shiranui and the others
should be arriving here soon.
Ah, there they are. That's
Kami'emon of Shiranui.
Use us in whatever way you want.
We're here to help.
That's great!
Shirogoro of Tomo should
be here shortly.
Hey, Go'emon!
We can't just sit by
and watch Shinobu die.
Yaza'emon of Akatani and Jubei
of Mikage should be here soon.
Shachibei of Hikono has arrived.
What, Shachibei?
Damn betrayer.
Go'emon, you're still alive.
Shachibei, what the hell
are you doing here?
Did you betray Asakura now?
We don't mind dying in
a battle against Enjoji.
But we had to think twice when
they ordered us to attack you.
Samurai are samurai after all.
They're so delicate unlike us.
All of you!
Put your lives in our hands, alright?
Give it all you've got for
Kaga's sake, alright?
Let's defeat all them dirty samurai!
What? All the Kaga Clans?
Yes, there are over 500 platoons led
by Go'emon, over 10,000 soldiers.
It seems they're coming
to attack our castle.
Damn bumpkins!
Subtitled and Mastered by Cannibal King