Abbey Grace (2016) Movie Script

- Tag,
you're it, Elizabeth.
- I wonder where little
girls go when they die.
- Elizabeth,
what have you done?!
- You said it was my day.
Anything I wanted.
- I swear, you are such
a little hair factory.
Between you and Ben, I'm never
gonna get this house clean.
Well, don't mind me.
- Damn it, Ben, you
scared the crap out of me.
Now what?
- It's everything, Stacey.
You, that dog.
Everything is out of order,
out of its place.
Let me show you again.
Everything must be
stacked perfectly
with exactly one
pinky's-width betwen each row.
Your pinkies are
smaller than mine
so you'll have to
adjust for that.
Got it?
- Maybe this will work.
- Anyway, I fixed it this time
but please, be more
thoughtful in the future.
- You know, you're amazing.
Not a single can out of place
but you can't lift a single
finger to help clean the house.
- My house, my dirt.
- Thought it was Mom's house?
- Was.
- Ben, you've
gotta be realistic.
I can't stay here forever and
just keep taking care of...
- No one is asking you to.
- Ben, you gotta learn
to take care of yourself
or go somewhere
someone else can.
If you would just let
me try a little bit
of behavioral therapy, I
know that I would be...
- Don't analyze me!
I'm not one of
your case studies.
Now, please, keep that
slobber bucket away from me.
Good boy.
Oh, what are we
gonna do with him?
The Caged Family by
Stacey Lynch, PHD,
research, chapter one:
Subject has OCD
and multiple phobias,
the most severe of which
is agoraphobia.
Subject has been unable
to leave his house
for 23 years.
Not even to attend
his mother's funeral.
Uh, that's pretty
screwed-up isn't it, boy?
What are we gonna do with him?
Well, I don't know but
we're gonna have to try
to fix him.
But for now, we need a break.
Come on, that's a good boy.
Let's dance,
Oh, yeah
I'm gonna dance with Duke
Who want's to play ball?
Go get your ball.
Go get your ball.
Gimme your ball.
That's a good boy.
Alright, already.
I just swept this porch.
You better run.
Come on.
Bring it here.
Come on, baby.
Come on, bring it here.
- This is not OK!
Get it off!
- No, not the dirt!
Get in this house right
now, Benjamin Lynch.
You filthy little boy,
you'll catch your death.
- No, Mama.
- It's none of your concern.
- Ow.
Mommy, it burns.
Mommy, you're hurting me.
- Now there's my
sweet, clean son.
- My coconut water
supply is depleted.
You were supposed to
buy more yesterday.
- What are you talking about,
there's like 20
bottles in there?
- Those are for my smoothies.
You know that.
You have to go to the store now.
What if the weather is bad
tomorrow or the car won't start?
Anything could happen.
It must be stocked now or
I won't be able to sleep.
- I'm not doing it.
I'm not driving 20 miles
to buy you the same thing
you already have.
Drink the left side
waters, please.
- Fine.
I'll just dehydrate then.
You're so selfish.
- Selfish?
I dropped everything
to come here.
My practice is hemorrhaging
money so I can be your maid
and plan a funeral for a
woman I couldn't stand.
- And there's another thing,
I asked you to put fresh flowers
at her grave two days ago.
- Would you look at yourself?
You don't have a
life because of Mom.
How can you still care
about that crazy woman?
- She wasn't crazy.
She felt things,
she knew things.
- She knew how to control you.
- She just wanted us to be safe.
You never understood her or me.
You left the first
chance you got.
Please, Stacey,
she's our mother.
I'd take them myself if I could.
- Alright, I'll do it.
Just so you know,
I'm not doing this for you.
I'm doing it for Ben.
You know, you really
screwed him up.
And you were OK with it
because as long as he was sick,
he was never gonna leave you.
But guess what, now you're
gone, and he's alone.
And now, he doesn't have
the life he deserves.
But, you know what Mom,
I am gonna change that
and give it to him.
- Stacey, are you OK?
- I haven't felt
this good in years.
Coconut water's on me.
- Ah, get him off me!
- Come on, Duke.
Come on, boy, let's go.
Outside, outside.
What are you doing?
Come on, let's get outside.
Duke, come with me.
Duke, this way.
Come on now, Ben's
not in the mood.
Let's go outside, good boy.
That's a good boy, come on.
That's a good boy.
- Do you see what he has done?
He digs and he digs
and he brings the outside in.
Look at this!
- I'm sorry, he's a dog.
That's what dogs do.
- From now on, he
stays out of the house.
The hair, the digging, the dirt.
No more.
- We'll talk about this
when you've calmed down.
Hey, settle down, boy.
Hey, hey, hey.
Settle down, boy, settle down.
Come on, let's go.
Outside, outside.
Duke, come on.
Let's go, this way.
What are you doing?
Come here, boy.
Let's go outside.
Settle down.
Come on, let's go.
Outside, outside.
Duke, come on.
Come on, get outside.
Come on.
Come on, Duke.
Alright, here we go.
What has gotten in to you?
Whew, I thought you had a
higher tolerance for assholes.
You're just gonna have
to stay out here for now.
Not that I wouldn't be
fine with you eating him
but he'd probably just
give you a tummy ache.
Alright, you be good.
You stay out here.
- I've had enough.
He's got to go.
- We've been here for two
weeks without any trouble.
He's just acting out
because you're so hostile.
It'll pass.
- Acting out or
not, I don't care.
He goes!
- Come on, you have to
give him another chance.
- He can stay outside.
But you have to
clean my comforter.
And I mean cleaned.
Boiling water and bleach.
- Ah, that dog.
- Stupid dog.
- Damn it, Ben, you
scared the crap out of me.
- I need my coconut water.
Stop creepin' around.
- I need my coconut water.
- Fine.
Excuse me.
Hey, don't worry, buddy.
Everything's gonna be OK.
OK, alright, honey.
You just behave
until I get back.
Mom will bring you a treat, OK?
Alright, be a good boy.
- No.
No, no, little girl.
You're gonna get
yourself killed.
What do you want?!
What the Hell?
Damn It, Stacey,
it's not a barn.
One for me,
and one for Duke.
Make it two.
Good boy.
Oh, shit.
- Hello.
- Stacey, your dog...
- Hello?
What's wrong, boy?
OK, stop it.
Duke, stop it right now!
- Stacey,
something's wrong with him!
- Duke, no!
- Oh my, God.
Ben, is that you?
Ben, it's me.
Open up.
Open the door.
Let me in.
- Where is he?
- I don't know.
He's out back somewhere.
- Something is seriously
wrong with that dog.
I don't know, he just...
He must be injured
or sick or something.
I don't know, he's never done
anything like this before.
I mean, he doesn't
even chase squirrels.
- He's not normal.
I fed him two Xanax and
he's more vicious than ever.
- What?!
You drugged my dog?
How dare you?!
I mean, he just probably had
a bad reaction or something.
- He tried to kill me.
- Oh my, God.
- Xanax doesn't do that.
I'm calling Animal Control.
- What?!
He's just sick!
- Stacey, don't be a fool.
- Screw you, Ben.
Where did he go?
- With any luck, off to die.
- You just can't help
being a dick, can you?
I have to find him.
Close the door.
No, Duke.
Duke, stay.
Duke, please.
Please don't.
Oh, Duke, please.
Oh my, God, Duke.
I'm so sorry.
Ben, help me!
Oh, Duke, I'm so sorry.
What is going on?
Help me!
- Is he OK?
- I don't know.
- The collar.
- I had to leave it there.
- Will they let
you stay with him?
They should.
I'll take care of things
until you get back.
- You take care of things?
You left me there.
- I didn't mean to.
I froze.
- You weren't too frozen to run!
Go away.
- Just for me to say I'm sorry.
- Is there Xanax in it?
- No.
- Can I have one?
Make it two.
- You know, I'm really
reluctant to ask
but it is very important.
- What, Ben?
- You left my coconut water
on the porch yesterday.
Now it is ruined.
- You have got to be kidding me.
You simply take the
left side waters
and move some over to the...
Is this a game?
Are you playing a game now?
- What have you done?
You've moved my water.
I haven't touched
your stupid water.
Why would I touch your water?
- So you wouldn't have
to go back and get more.
- You know, I don't have
the energy for this today.
- I think we should talk
about our situation.
- I'm done discussing
coconut water.
- No, not that.
I mean, our living situation.
Well, you've been
here for two weeks
and I don't feel like
you're making an effort.
- Oh, really?
- Wait.
I have more.
First, you mock me
and you treat me like a child
and then you make me beg
for what little
help you do give.
I need you here for me.
And sometimes you're
just plain hateful.
- Not trying?
Take a look in the mirror.
Hateful, sometimes
but you're ungrateful and lazy.
You know, since you won't
accept any real help
from me anyway,
maybe you just don't
need anyone here at all.
So, believe me, as soon as
Duke's better, we're gone.
- Wait.
I don't want that.
I'm sorry.
Let's just try to treat
each other better.
Can we agree on that?
- Sure.
Look, I need to
tell you something.
Ben, I think you're
getting worse.
I called a colleague
of mine, Dr. Thompson,
to come out...
- No!
I'm not the crazy one.
Call him and tell
him not to come.
- It's too late.
- Well, when he gets here than
I'll just throw him out...
- What is it?
- Nothing, there's
just a pretty girl
standing in the doorway.
- No there isn't.
That's the doctor you're
gonna throw out on her ass.
- Hi, how are you?
So good to see you.
- Oh my, goodness.
Come in.
- Thanks.
And you must be Ben.
How are you?
- I'm uh...
- OK, we'll come
back to you later.
- Cool house.
- It was a boarding
school for girls.
- Hmm.
- It closed in 1919
when the headmistress
hanged herself.
- Ew, and you grew up here?
- She didn't do it in the house.
- Your brother seems so sweet.
- Yech, don't let him
fool you, he's crazy.
- Crazy cute.
- Mmm...
- Everything OK in here?
- Look.
Somebody should check that out.
I guess it's up to me.
- I guess, I guess I could go.
- Yeah, save it.
Are you alright?!
- Stacey!
Please, say something!
- It's a spider!
I got it!
That's weird.
I don't see anything.
I hate those little bastards.
Anyway, there's
nothing up there.
Not a speck.
But I did find this
really weird painting.
- I'm not staying in here.
- There's always Mother's room.
- That's where she died.
- Pass.
Anybody die on the couch?
- So, last night
was pretty strange.
Does that sort of
thing happen a lot?
- Not so much.
- Your house is kind
of freaking me out.
I did some research.
They said that there
was a punishment room
where the headmistress locked up
the little girls for days.
- Not likely.
I know every inch of this house.
One of the benefits
of being a shut-in.
Wait a minute.
That's her.
Stacey, that's the girl
I saw petting Duke.
Her hair is cut
up but that's her.
See, she even has
the leg brace on.
- That photo was
taken in 1919, so...
- Third from the
left, Abbey Grace.
Hey, isn't that one of the
names from your painting?
- After they closed
this school, hmmm,
it was sold as a
private residence
where, in 1943,
another little girl
slaughtered her family.
- Any good news in there?
- Not really.
After she killed her family,
she hung herself
from your oak tree.
- Wow.
- I don't get it.
How does a child manage
to kill her whole family?
- I don't know,
element of surprise?
- I'm gonna go in town,
gonna go check on Duke.
- You're going in to town?
- Yeah.
I'll get your coconut water.
- Ben?
I'd like to help you
with your issues.
Would that be OK?
So, you said that touching
was a major challenge for you.
Let's just jump in
with both hands.
Sorry, hold on.
So, when did it
all start for you?
Like, what age do you think?
See, it's good.
It's good.
Ben, you're doing so good.
Are you ready to take
another step further?
Good job.
And we're just gonna take
You know what?
It's OK.
It looks like rain, anyways.
- Geez.
- Ow, ow ow.
Help me!
I'm in the basement!
I'm down here!
- What in the world are
you doing down here?
- I fell.
- Jesus,
Ben, are you alright?
- I need a shower.
- You need to check on him.
He's fine.
Just a little dirty.
Hell, it'll probably
do him some good.
- Stacey.
- You go, he'd rather
you check on him anyway.
- Fine.
Are you alright?
I knocked but you didn't answer.
- It's the craziest thing.
I was reviewing the
footage from the basement
and, well, let me just show you.
- Footage?
- Yes, Mother had
cameras put in.
I swear,
I saw something reach from
the shadows and grab me.
You believe me, right?
- Of course I do.
- I can't, I'm sorry, I can't.
- No, you were traumatized.
It was wrong of me.
- You're so stupid.
So stupid.
You're so stupid.
Stacey, is there something
wrong with your leg?
- What the Hell, Stacey?
- You got to be kidding me.
This is weird, even
for his standards.
I can't even take this.
- Calm down.
We'll just put everything back.
- Put what back?
- This is too much,
Ben, even for you.
- You really think I did this?
- Who else?
You stack shit everywhere.
Everything's lines up
perfect and organized.
I'm sure by some sort of
screwed-up logic of yours.
- There must be a
simple explanation.
You could have done it
without knowing, Ben.
- Me?
What about Stacey?
She's trying to drive me crazy
so she can write about
it in her stupid book.
Yeah, I know about that.
You should write about yourself.
I'm not the one who
had the breakdown.
- Stacey?
- What happened when I was 17
has nothing to do
with this, Ben.
You're just messing with me.
- The video.
We can watch the video.
- Holy shit, what
the Hell was that?
- It's Abbey Grace, look.
- Back it up.
- You saw it, right?
- Yes.
- Stacey, you too?
- Yeah, right, Ben,
this isn't funny.
I don't know how you did that.
Stop screwing with me.
- I did nothing.
- Come on, guys.
- He rigged it somehow.
Just to get attention.
- I believe him.
- What?
- I'm not saying
that he didn't do it
but maybe he just doesn't
know that he did it.
- Well, either way,
I just can't do it anymore.
When Duke's better, I'm just
gonna put him in a facility
and sell the house.
- He's all the
family that you have.
Just don't make
any rash decisions.
What if...?
- What?
- What if he didn't do it?
How would you explain it?
- I don't know,
what do you think?
- Maybe we have some kind of
OCD poltergeist on our hands.
- So, you think my
mother came back
and rearranged the kitchen?
I'm gonna go inside.
You coming?
- Yeah, soon.
- OK.
- How did you get out here?
How was your bath?
Are you alright?
- It was like, something
pulled me under
and Ben said that
something grabbed him
and pulled him in
to the basement.
What is it?
- I thought I saw Duke's
reflection in the mirror
the other night.
I just dismissed it.
I just thought I was tired.
- I know a guy,
his name is Roman,
he's like a spiritualist.
I can call him.
- I don't know.
I don't think Ben would let
anybody else in the house.
- But think about it.
Weird things are happening.
Duke, he's like the
sweetest dog I've ever met
and he tried to kill you.
- I know but the vet said
it could have been Xanax,
a reaction to it or there
could be some bacteria
in the system or something.
I just...
- Maybe it was but
what if it wasn't?
- Yeah?
- Can I come in?
- Alright, sure.
- I'm sorry about earlier.
- We all are.
Tell him, Stacey.
I'll call him now.
- You can use my phone.
It's the only land-line we have.
- OK, I'll pick you
up at the airport.
And Roman, thanks again.
- I hope this works.
- Yeah.
- What the Hell, Bridget?
- Stacey.
- Are you coming in?
- In a minute.
- Hey, guys.
- What's he doing?
- He said to give him a minute.
- In a minute.
From what you've told me,
I think you have
a restless spirit.
- A demon?
- No, a demon is a
whole different story.
A spirit is usually
just looking to move on.
Move on?
- To the afterlife.
When we die, one of
three things happens.
Our souls go to Heaven or Hell.
Sometimes something
holds us here.
It's very very rare.
A spirit becomes violent
or even able to enter
the human realm again.
- But, if that's the case,
why did it push
me down the steps?
- And me in the tub?
- Rare, but not impossible.
There had to be
evil and violence
that contributed to their death.
A touch of darkness enters
their soul and drops it here.
It's consumed by evil
and wreaks vengeance
on anyone it can connect to.
- Stacey?
- It's OK.
Everyone has their own beliefs.
- Do we have a problem here?
- Not sure.
I'd love to look around, see
if I can determine what it is.
- Can we help?
- No, just give me
a couple of hours.
- But what if it is
a vengeful spirit?
- Let's pray not.
I'm gonna need my holy
water for this one.
Goddamn it.
- Not a very promising start.
- I need someone
to go into town.
- I'll do it.
- Take this luck
charge of the sacrament
and fill it with holy water.
- OK.
- I wonder where little
girls go when they die.
- You OK?
- I need to be alone.
- What's going on?
- Out!
Bless this home
and all who enter.
Please cleanse this
home of all stagnant
and negative energy.
Fill this home with light, love,
and with positive energy
of the highest vibration.
Bless this home
and all who enter.
Please cleanse this
home of all stagnant
and negative energy.
...home with light and love
and with positive energy
of the highest vibration.
- What's going on?
- You've got some serious
shit going on here, man.
I tried but I can't help.
- What do you mean?
- You need to get out.
- I don't get out.
I don't get out.
- Calm down, Ben.
That's not an option.
- Listen to me, for
your own safety,
you need to get
the Hell out, now!
I'm calling a cab
and I'm out of here.
- No!
- It's OK now.
I'm never gonna leave you again.
We'll never leave this place.
- And hurry.
- Why was Roman's bag outside?
- We've got problems.
- Roman's gone.
- What do you mean, gone?
- I don't know, he said
he was calling a cab.
- He wouldn't have just left
his bag out there, would he?
- Maybe he's still around.
- We should look for him.
Maybe he changed his mind.
- Yeah, Stacey and I
can go look outside.
- You just stay
and look in here.
- Roman?!
- Roman?
Roman, are you here?
- You wanna go out and play?
- What?
- Maybe he just forgot his bag
and got the Hell out.
- What the Hell?
- You shouldn't take things
that don't belong to you.
- There!
- Holy shit.
Shit, shit!
Where is she, where is she?
Ben, where is she?
Stacey, please stop it!
What are we gonna do?
- Let me think, let me think.
It's still Stacey
so we can't hurt her.
We just need to
subdue her somehow.
- No.
- You said subdue
her, not kill her.
- Check her.
- You check her.
- She's alive.
Help me tie her up.
Line is dead.
- Battery's dead.
I've got a quick-charge
adapter in my purse.
- What?
- I left it in Stacey's car.
I'll go get it.
- Stacey,
how do you feel?
- Things that belong
to me were taken!
Now I take something of yours!
- Run!
- Come on, Ben.
Come on, we gotta go.
- He's not.
I'll be back for you, brother.
- Oh, my gosh.
- You know I never
really liked you.
- Listen, bitch,
now you let go of
my best friend.
So just get the fuck out of her!
- Let me out, let me out.
- Are you ready to
tell me where it is?!
I know you've got it.
I heard it.
Little girls
who lie
get in
to Heaven!
I'll find it myself.
- Abbey Grace!
I know you're a good girl!
I know what it's
like to be trapped!
Maybe we can help each other!
Come to me!
Come on!
We can be friends.
Tell me what you want!
- Shhh.
- Damn it!
That's it.
- I've got it.
I know what happened to you.
I know what you want.
- You only know what
I allow you to know!
See what I allow you to see!
- Please, leave my sister alone.
Ahh, stop it!
- Don't worry.
When I'm through
with this night,
she will join you.
- Stacey!
Think of Duke.
He needs you!
- Hey!
- What are you doing?
That's my sister.
- That's not Stacey
anymore, Ben.
Let's just lock her up and
get the Hell out of here.
Come on, we'll come
back with help.
Come on.
Come on, Ben.
Let's go, come on.
Come on!
- I can't.
- Yes you can, come on!
- Ben!
- I can't.
- Come on, Ben, let's go!
Just go.
- Come on!
- Just go!
- No.
Stacey, no!
Please, Stacey.
We're friends.
- I have no friends.
- Why be afraid?
But that's who you are.
- Here, take it!
- In time, this one served you.
And looked what
you've let happen.
- You've done this.
Not me.
- Make it right, Ben.
Do what you think you must do.
This body will die.
They always do.
- Bridget, thank goodness.
Are you alright?
- I think so.
Ben, what are you
doing out of the house?
- Later.
We need to find Stacey.
- Where is she?
- I don't know.
Wait here.
- OK.
- Stacey!
You OK?
Stacey, it's OK.
It's OK, you're safe.
- Ben!
- Bridget!
Get out of the house!
I put it back.
- You put nothing back!
- What do you want from us?
- Your life.
- I told
you, Abbey Grace,
Music is the devil's tease.
It will rot your soul.
Into the pit with it, girl.
What have we here?
- Please, it was my mother's.
It's all I have left of her.
No, it's mine!
- Such a pity we lost
another one to influenza.
- Stop!
It's over.
- I've heard that before.
is that you?
OK, love, my cab's here.
- OK.
- I'll check on
you next weekend.
- Thanks, Bridget,
for everything.
- Of course.
- I'll walk you out.
I'm going in to town.
- OK.
- Whoa, what happened while
I was busy being possessed?
Way to go, little brother.
- Can I get some help?
- I don't think I
can do much but...
- Not you.
- Duke, oh.
I'm so happy to see you.
Oh, my God I missed you so much.
Hi, oh my gosh, my good boy.
- Baby steps.