Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy (1955) Movie Script

It has been said...
that a man's best friend is
his mummy.
In Egypt today, this theory
is to be in great dispute.
For two bold adventurers...
are about to discover...
another kind of mummy.
I'll have a waiter for you
in a minute, sir.
Hey, the meat's on fire.
How stupid can you get?
How stupid do you
want me to be?
There you are, sir.
The meat is
still on fire.
Dr. Zoomer, have you
any statement for the press?
You may say that I have
discovered the mummy of Klaris...
Prince of Evil.
And that somewhere in the
sarcophagus is a clue...
which will lead to the discovery
of the tomb of Princess Ara.
I see.
That's very interesting.
Go quickly and tell Semu
that we have located Klaris...
and will return him
to the tomb of his people.
And the Doctor?
He will not
escape punishment.
Well, as soon as I can find two
trustworthy men to accompany my mummy...
I will ship it to the States.
Who is that?
Dr. Zoomer.
Where's Rontru?
In the other room.
Dr. Zoomer found
the mummy of Klaris.
Then get it.
Have you no fear
of the curse of Klaris?
There is no curse that a
gun or a knife can't cure.
Get Klaris away
from Dr. Zoomer.
It won't be easy.
You follow
the Doctor home.
If anything
should happen to him...
it will be blamed
on the curse of Klaris.
Past the pyramids, near the
ruins of an old temple...
is a large rock.
Search there and...
Now this is the place.
I overheard Dr. Zoomer say
he needed a couple of men...
to accompany his mummy
back to the States.
Is she afraid
to travel by herself?
She? No, his mummy is a he.
What's wrong with that?
Some mummies are men,
some mummies are women.
It's a strange country.
What's strange about it, Lou?
Your mummy,
wasn't she a woman?
I never had a mummy.
What'd your father do?
Win you in a crap game?
What's the matter? I thought
you were gonna slap me.
I said stop that nonsense.
Beloved Klaris...
you will soon be returned
to your people.
Now come on. We'll go in here
and try and get the job.
Let's get back
to the States.
Dr. Zoomer.
Must have went out to lunch.
A man wouldn't go out
and leave his door open...
with a valuable mummy
in the house.
Dr. Zoomer?
Dr. Zoomer?
Dr. Zoomer!
Something funny about this.
We'd better look around.
I'll look in that room there.
You search this one.
Dr. Zoomer.
Dr. Zoomer?
Dr. Zoomer?
Mrs. Zoomer?
Is your husband here?
Mrs. Zoomer?
Lou, what's the matter?
In there.
Bandages with eyes.
The mummy of Klaris!
Nobody could have
a mummy like that.
That mummy is 4,000 years old.
She looks it.
Come on. We've got to
take a picture of that.
Come on, follow me.
Well, where is it?
It was here.
What do you mean
it was here?
It was here.
Mummies can't walk.
It must be around here
The sacred medallion is
I'll search
the infidel Doctor.
You must hurry.
Klaris has been too long
without sustenance.
If Klaris is gone,
somebody moved him.
It wasn't me.
Then it's either Dr. Zoomer, or
there's somebody in this house...
who don't belong here.
And I know who it is.
Now wait a minute.
Take this camera.
You go and hide...
and take a picture of anybody
that comes in this room.
And if there's anything fishy going
on around here, we'll have the proof.
I gotta take a picture
of you.
Stay right there.
Now, would you mind
smiling, please?
Attaboy. Now,
will you lean back?
That coat's in your way.
Hey. Hey, I found
a dead body.
Maybe it's the Doctor.
Where is it?
First the mummy disappears.
Now a body disappears.
The heat must be
getting the best of you, boy.
Go in the bathroom
and soak your head.
What's the matter?
The body is in here.
What body?
The body that was supposed
to be in there, is in here.
Show me.
Behind the door.
Come on. I'm getting
sick and tired of this.
Why don't you do
as I tell you? Go and hide!
Hide. Hide. Yeah.
Hide? Yeah.
Abbott, I got him!
Hey, Abbott! I got him.
It's me.
I am sorry.
You're no good
to me at all.
Now go wait for me
in the office.
Get out of here.
Get in the office.
Get in the office!
Dear friend, I suppose
you are surprised...
to hear the sound of my voice.
You can say that again,
brother. I thought you were dead.
I have much to tell you.
Okay, I'll sit down.
Shall I call Abbott?
This is for your ears alone.
I won't call him.
Yesterday, I found Klaris.
Me, too.
Today, I think I have the
secret of the Princess Ara.
I am giving
the secret to you...
in case something
happens to me.
I won't tell anybody.
Everyone who has searched
for Klaris has died.
Now that I have found him...
I fear the curse of Klaris.
Is that why you hid in the
closet and the bathroom?
Past the pyramids, near the
ruins of an old temple...
is a large rock.
Search there...
What happened?
Dr. Zoomer. He was talking
to me, and then he went...
He's right over here.
Where is he?
Dear friend, I suppose
you are surprised...
to hear the sound of my voice.
I told you before
I was surprised, Doc.
Now come on. Get up off the
floor and quit scaring me.
He'll never scare
anyone again.
He's been murdered.
Is this the man you
saw in the closet? Yeah.
Only thing is,
he had some clothes on.
We better call the police.
But in case
the body disappears...
you better take
a couple of pictures.
I'll get him up.
There you are.
Go ahead, Lou.
I searched
the Doctor's clothes.
The sacred medallion was
not there.
The wrath of Semu
will be upon us...
but we must face him.
Wait a minute. Make a note on
the back of one of the pictures...
so the cops will know
who it is.
This is Dr. Zoomer.
Signed, a friend.
Attaboy. All right, now. Go with me now.
Now give that to me.
Come on,
let's get out of here.
How many times did you
shoot Dr. Zoomer?
I shot the body three times
and the head twice.
Good. Come on, let's get out
of here before anybody sees us.
You know, instead of
calling the cops...
we'll send them
these pictures.
There's no need of us getting
involved in this affair.
Hey, boy.
Take this down to the police,
and here's a tip for you.
Give him a tip.
Hustle along.
Well, come on.
You have done well.
Let us celebrate the return
of Klaris to his people.
The sacred medallion, the secret
of Princess Ara, where is it?
The Doctor must have taken it.
I searched but I failed.
May the curse of Klaris be upon
the one who has the medallion.
Hetsut, Iben, return to
that house and search again.
If you do not find it,
you must die.
I've got to figure this out.
Buddy, my boy, if you find the
fellow who killed Dr. Zoomer...
you've got the murderer.
Hey, you've got
something there...
What makes you so dumb?
I'll prove it
with the lady. Lady!
How dare you try to
make a date with me?
I work in the caf.
I do my act. Nobody makes
a date with me.
I finish my act.
So you think you're going to
make a date with me?
You think I'll tell you
I live at...
42-42-54 Ruelle Padle,
Apartment 2B?
You think I'm going to tell you I
am not married, I live by myself...
and that my phone number
is 23-41-648?
Oh. Just because I work
in the cafe, I do my act...
And if you dare
to follow me home...
here's my card.
Hey, wait a minute.
What is this all about?
No, lady.
I don't think I can.
No, lady, I can't.
No, lady,
I don't think I can.
Hey, Abbott, what's
she saying? Maybe I can.
Lou, I'm surprised at you.
Accepting a card from a
perfect stranger, a lady...
with her address and her
telephone number on it.
Give me that card.
I'll get rid of it.
Extra! Read all about it!
Dr. Zoomer found murdered!
Here you are, boy.
I'll take one of those.
There you are.
What's the matter with him?
He must have saw something.
"The noted archeologist Dr. Gustav
Zoomer was found murdered in his home...
"and the famous mummy
Klaris stolen.
"The police expect to take the
murderer into custody any minute...
"thanks to some pictures sent
by an anonymous friend.
"For balance of story
and photo, see Page 3."
Hey, you know, those pictures that
you took may solve this murder.
Hey, look at these pictures
you took.
You took me
with Dr. Zoomer.
What have you got to say?
Believe me, he looks better
than you do. Why, you...
The kid is
tipping off the cops.
Let's see if there's
a back way out of here.
The newsboy said
this gentleman was here.
Which gentleman?
The one that's alive.
Which one is alive?
The big one.
Have you seen him?
This has been a busy day.
Perhaps. Perhaps not.
Sit down
and play your flute.
Keep playing!
Hey, you sit over here.
Blow that thing.
They're watching us.
Stop blowing.
What happened?
You got me in enough trouble.
Lay down.
Do you think
this is safe?
We have no choice.
If they didn't bring Klaris out,
then he must still be in there...
and so is
the sacred medallion.
We've got to get it
before they come back.
If they do come back, watch
out for the baby-faced guy.
He's a killer.
He's probably the leader.
We'll take no chances with him.
Now they say that a murderer always
returns to the scene of his crime.
Now we're going inside.
Turn on the recorder...
and when the murderer
hears Dr. Zoomer's voice...
naturally, he's going to
Then what do we do?
No! We grab him. Come on.
Come on.
Press the recorder for a
playback. I'll look around.
Should anyone come in,
call me.
Yeah. I'll tell you
what I'll do.
Hey, Bud, if anybody comes in,
I'm gonna call you fast, because...
He's here.
Behind me.
That's your reflection!
Look, why don't you
be a man?
Be brave!
Be tough like me.
Be tough like you?
Be tough like me!
Nothing scares me.
Nothing scares me!
Nothing scares me!
Be brave. Be tough.
Nothing scares me.
I can't be tough.
I would if I could.
I'm gonna find out.
This is a gun!
And I'm gonna use it.
Put your hands up
or I'll fill you full of lead!
Back up!
Back up!
Back up!
I'm gonna see
if I'm really tough now.
This is a gun!
And I'm gonna use it.
Put your hands up
or I'll fill you full of lead!
Back up!
Back up!
Don't shoot.
Please don't shoot.
Hey, Buddy, it's me.
Why, you...
Now stop
playing around.
I've gotta clear myself
of this murder rap.
We'll search
the trophy room.
A lot of these old houses
had secret doors and passages.
When you knocked
on anything...
you never knew what would happen,
or what you were going to find.
Come in.
Who are you talking to?
Somebody knocking at the door.
It's me knocking.
Did you push me?
Certainly not.
You're imagining things again.
What have you got there?
It's a piggy bank.
Piggy bank?
What's that?
Finders keepers.
Charlie, Josef,
get the medallion!
Hey, there's no latch on the
door. Come on, move this over.
Keep pushing.
Yes, sir.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
Hold it!
What are we gonna do now?
Go over to that door.
As soon as I give you
the signal, open it up.
Grab him. He's the murderer!
Are you sure this is the murderer?
We've been looking for a tall guy.
That's his partner. This is
the one who pulled the trigger.
We heard him say he shot the body
three times and the head twice.
Phone for the patrol.
This is a gun!
And I'm gonna use it.
Put your hands up
or I'll fill you full of lead!
Back up!
Back up!
Back up!
Back up!
He tricked us.
At least I know where to
look for the medallion.
We'll search till we find
him. Remember, he's dangerous.
So am I.
We have located the medallion.
It is in the possession
of a short, fat foreigner.
Take it away
from him.
So you do not fail,
I will go with you.
You know, if all those people
are after this gadget...
there must be some connection
between this and Dr. Zoomer's murder.
Right. Now, there's only one
way to find out if it's valuable.
That's to try
and hock it, right?
Come on.
Here, it's too big.
Come on, get in.
Yes, gentlemen?
What can I do for you?
How much can we get on this?
No! No! It is evil!
It's a curse! Take it away!
Protect me!
Protect me
from the curse of Klaris!
It means death!
Take it away!
There's something wrong
with him.
Let's find another place.
Are you two gentlemen the
proprietors? No, we're customers.
The proprietor
left in a hurry.
All we did was show him this... Take
it away! Don't show it to me, please!
Protect me! Protect me! Take
it away! Don't let me look!
Don't let me look! Protect me
from the curse of Klaris, please!
Ain't you scared?
Well, of course not. It's only a
valueless piece of costume jewelry.
But, of course, if you
need money... How much?
Would $100 help you?
You mean $100 for this?
Well, no, it's not
worth that, but...
it would always remind me
of you.
Well, let's make the price
$5,000 so you don't forget me.
Even if I was
willing to pay $5,000...
it's too large an amount
to carry around with me.
Where do you want to
make the payoff?
Suppose we talk it over
at the Cafe Bagdad at 6:00.
The name is Madame Rontru.
I'll be there.
I'll be there, too.
I can hardly wait.
Oh, boy!
I'll have to figure
this thing out.
$5,000 will take us
to the States.
Now I gotta figure out
the fare.
Let's see,
a first-class ticket for me...
third-class ticket for you.
A new suit of clothes
for me.
Of course you'll have to
have your shoes shined.
I'll have to buy some expensive
gifts to take home to the folks.
You can send home
a couple of postcards.
Excuse me, I owe you a thousand
apologies for my unwarranted behavior.
I will buy the medallion.
I'm sorry,
we have another buyer.
And she's
prettier than you are.
And tonight I'm gonna
meet her at the Cafe Bagdad.
Hetsut. Iben
We'll wait for darkness.
You came a long way
from St. Louis
You climbed the ladder
of success
I've seen the town and country
cars that were parked out in front
Of your fancy address
You came a long way
from St. Louis
You broke
a lot of hearts between
I've met a gang
of gloomy gals who were
Doing all right
till you came on the scene
You blew in from the middle
west and certainly impressed
the population hereabouts
But, honey, I've got news
for you I'm from Missouri, too
So naturally,
I've got my doubts
You've got them
dropping by the wayside
A feeling
I ain't gonna know
You came a long way
from St. Louis
But, baby, you still got
a long way to go
You blew in
from the middle west
And certainly impressed
the population hereabouts
But, honey,
I've got news for you
I'm from Missouri, too, and
naturally, I've got my doubts
You've got them dropping
by the wayside
A feeling
I ain't gonna know
You came a long way
from St. Louis
But, baby you still got
a long way to go
You've got
a long way to go
You got a long way to go
No, you don't.
Well, I don't see her.
Maybe we're too early.
Well, I've got enough money
for hamburgers and coffee.
And after we
sell the medallion...
we'll have
steaks and potatoes.
Come on, let's sit down.
Two hamburgers
and two coffees, please.
Yes, sir. Very well, sir.
Hey, this is a good time to get
the lowdown on that fake jewelry...
before we make a deal
with that dame.
Does this mean
anything to you?
It means death.
Death to whoever holds it.
You better get rid of that medallion.
You heard what the waiter said:
"It's death to
whoever holds it. "
You know, Lou...
I think it was the medallion that caused
those characters to throw the knives at us.
You're so right.
Boy, am I glad
I feel good.
How much are those flowers?
How much are these?
I ain't got no money.
No money?
They're a little wilted, you
can have them for nothing.
Sorry, sir. When you put
the flower on my tray...
you accidentally
put this jewelry on it.
Oh, no.
I will bring the coffee later.
Isn't that
a beautiful girl over there?
Abbott, I believe this girl
over here is much prettier.
Wait a minute. How can
you compare this girl...
with that gorgeous creature
over there?
Why, it's ridiculous.
Just a minute.
I still believe that that girl
over there is much prettier.
I still say that girl
over there...
is the prettiest girl
in the place.
Would you mind
if I try yours?
Sorry to have
kept you waiting.
I have a private dining room
just for us.
Well, that's mighty nice of you. Not you.
I prefer to deal direct.
Come, little man.
You brought the medallion?
May I see it?
I see you want
your money first.
It's warm in here.
Let me have your coat.
I'll put some soft music on.
What's the matter?
You're seeing things.
Come over here. Sit down.
Make yourself comfortable.
There, and I'll fix us
some refreshments.
Isn't that head
a scary thing?
You know, they say that animal
devoured a man just before they shot it.
And when they stuffed him,
they forgot to pull the guy out.
No, you don't.
I'll take care of this.
I'll hang it up myself, that
way I'll know everything is...
Give me this thing.
Why are you leaving?
You must be mistaken.
There's no one here but us.
What about this guy over here?
You see,
it's only a statue.
you don't trust me.
So here's your money.
Thank you.
See how honest I am?
Get out of here.
I've had enough
of this nonsense. Charlie!
I want that medallion.
Can't give it to you.
Why not?
I ate it.
You ate it?
With ketchup.
The police have arrested Hetsut
for the murder of Dr. Zoomer.
Then they no longer blame
the tall foreigner?
Not after the autopsy.
It showed the infidel Doctor died from
a poisoned dart imbedded in his ear.
So Hetsut put the noose
around his own neck.
Let him hang.
What about the two
that have the medallion?
They were taken to the house
of Dr. Azzui.
In that case,
I shall visit the Doctor.
You may as well put away
the gun. I will not help you.
My dear Doctor, I spent
many months as a nurse.
I'm fully capable of handling
either an X-ray or a fluoroscope.
Take care of him, Charlie.
Take off your coat
and unbutton your shirt.
Yes, ma'am.
Please don't cut me up.
Don't get excited.
I just want to look at you...
through the fluoroscope to see
if you're telling the truth.
Get behind there. No!
Turn out the lights, Charlie.
A marble, a couple of
buttons, a safety pin...
I lost a tie clasp two years
ago. See if it's in there.
Shut up.
What are those letters
of the alphabet?
They're from the necklace Dr.
Zoomer used to hold the medallion.
Those letters don't prove
he ate the medallion.
The only way to find
out is to cut him open.
No. Maybe if you stand me on
my head, it might fall out.
That's an idea,
but I've got a better one.
Turn on the lights.
Now what?
Shake him up a bit.
That's enough.
Get behind there.
Turn off the lights.
Little man, if you've lied to me
about that medallion, you'll regret it.
Let's stop fooling
and cut him open.
No, don't. Shake me up
once more. I know it's there.
All right. Just once more,
but that's final.
You, help shake him up.
If you think I'm gonna help
shake up my pal...
you're right.
Grab his feet.
Pick him up.
Don't let him get away.
Grab the table.
All right, get him down.
What good is the x-ray?
We can't read hieroglyphics.
We'll get someone
to translate them.
I'll answer it.
You stay here
and watch them.
I told you to watch those two
men. What are you doing here?
I came to warn you that someone
else is after the medallion.
Go in there with Charlie.
I'm looking
for two gentlemen.
A pawnbroker friend
of mine told me...
they had a rare medallion
to dispose of.
If you'll tell me why you're
interested in the medallion...
I'll tell you whether or not
they're here.
As a student of archaeology,
I am interested in any object...
which deals
with ancient history.
Could you read
hieroglyphics, Mister...
Professor Semu.
As I told you,
I'm a student.
I shall be happy to lend my
humble assistance, Madame...
Wait here a minute,
He says he can read the hieroglyphics.
We've got to take a chance.
I wouldn't trust him. Suppose he
reads the secret and then disappears.
That's exactly what
I'm planning on.
Here's an x-ray.
The sacred medallion of Ara.
What an extraordinary place
to keep it.
But a safe place. It would
be difficult to steal it.
However, the x-ray of the
hieroglyphics reveals the way...
to the untold wealth
of Ara.
"Past the pyramid...
"near the ruins of an old
temple, is a large rock. "
With my knowledge of the desert,
I could prove a valuable guide.
For how much?
I will leave that up to you.
I'm sure you will be generous.
When would you like to
start our expedition?
Before dawn.
Meet me at the Cafe Bagdad.
I will take two men
to help us.
Take the one
who has the medallion.
And if anything should happen to the
x-ray, you can still get the medallion.
Professor, you're a man
after my own heart.
How true.
Good night, Madame.
He will lead us
to the treasure.
You and Charlie follow,
but keep out of sight.
How much of a cut
does he get?
He's leaving that
to my generosity.
If he is a professor,
he has a lot to learn.
Semu approaches.
Warn our people.
We shall make camp here.
This is the first step.
Do you wish to continue?
The reward is great enough
for me to take the gamble.
However, if you are afraid
of the curse of Klaris...
you can go back to town. If I
were afraid, I would not be here.
But a legend that has lasted over
4,000 years must have some truth.
My dear Professor, some of the men
I have met have acted like mummies...
and others have certainly acted
like they were 4,000 years old.
But I have never met one
I was afraid of.
So why should I fear Klaris?
It is said that Klaris
never died.
That he still lives
and breathes.
Kept alive over the centuries
by his followers...
so that he may guard the tomb
of Princess Ara and her treasure.
Surely, you're not trying to
frighten me. I am only warning you.
Now I must see if this place
is as deserted as it appears.
After you've finished unloading,
pitch the tent over there.
What's the matter with you?
She's pretty.
Who? That horse. That's
a pretty white horse.
Unload the stuff.
Followers of Klaris...
my search has ended.
I have brought back the one
who has the sacred medallion.
And when we find the treasure, we'll
melt down the gold and recut the jewels.
And that mummy of Klaris,
it might be worth something...
if we could smuggle it
out of the country.
Whatever we find, we take.
The only thing we'll leave
behind will be the professor.
What about those two idiots?
They, too, are expendable.
Two more infidels
have arrived.
So, two more mice come to
nibble at the golden cheese.
When will they die?
After the feast of Klaris.
Prepare for the celebration.
All right. Pitch the tent.
All right, Lou, here.
Put your stakes here. Lou!
Abbott, is that you?
I will lead the infidels
to the worship room.
When the celebration of Klaris is
ended, their lives will end with it.
And so will the threat to
the treasure of Princess Ara.
You're always...
Hey, Bud, hey, Bud, it's in
there. I saw it. The mummy.
We better tell Miss Rontru
and the professor.
Wait a minute.
Why tell them?
If we find the mummy, we'll
make a fortune. Where is it?
It's in there.
Where will we find the mummy?
Don't worry, the mummy
will find you. Where is it?
Inside, in the hole in the rock.
Where's the hole in the rock?
Here. There was a hole
in the rock.
Where? There's no hole
in the rock!
Hey, there was!
Now this is no time to laugh.
This is serious.
Where's the hole in the rock?
Here, give me a boot.
I'll be, hey!
Look! Come on, follow me.
I have to get back before the
professor suspects something.
Was it wise to leave him
out of your sight?
Well, what did you expect
me to do? Bring him here?
This wouldn't be a bad place
to get rid of him.
I'll make the decisions. You just
make sure you keep out of sight.
And then he came out of here,
and then he tried to choke me.
You mean, the mummy is alive? Yeah.
Well, a live mummy is worth
more to us than a dead mummy.
I'll tell you what to do. You
sit here, I'll sit over there...
and when the mummy comes out,
and goes to choke you...
I'll whistle like this.
Then you grab him.
How are you gonna whistle?
I'll whistle like this.
Never mind. Just a minute.
I'll tell you what you do.
I'll sit over there,
you sit over here.
When the mummy comes out
to grab you, I'll...
Like this, and you grab him.
Mummy, you can come out now.
What are you whistling for? I'm
the one that's supposed to whistle.
Hey, Abbott,
where are you going?
Have you seen the professor?
The professor is not a professor.
He's right in there
with the whole gang.
And he's gonna kill us, right
after the celebration of Klaris.
No wonder he had no trouble
finding this place.
Charlie! Josef!
Where did they come from?
We've been double-crossed. Semu is
the leader of the followers of Klaris.
He brought me here
to kill me.
So we kill him,
before he kills you.
Then we steal Klaris
and get the treasure.
Take these tools. Go behind
those rocks and dig a hole.
Somebody's gonna
get buried.
You fellows stand on
either side of that opening.
The professor has
a surprise coming.
Lou, this looks like
a soft spot to dig.
Here, I'll help you. Give
me one of those implements.
Here, take your pick.
Wait. Hold it, that's a shovel.
Here's the pick over here.
Well, I picked the shovel.
The shovel is my pick.
No, this is a pick.
This is a shovel.
That is what I picked,
is the shovel.
How can the shovel
be the pick?
Look, if I had wanted a pick,
I would've picked the pick.
But instead, I picked the shovel,
because the shovel is my pick.
In other words, you don't want to pick
the pick, because the pick is a pick...
and a shovel isn't the pick
of your pick, the pick...
the pick, the shovel
isn't the pick.
Now you've got it. Now I
got it. I don't even know...
what I'm talking about.
You still don't understand, do you? No.
Here, look.
Now you take your pick.
There you are.
Now the pick is your pick!
Let's try it again now. Now,
come on, you take your pick.
You took the shovel!
Here's the pick, over here!
All right, please.
Come on, dig a hole here.
We're in enough trouble
as it is, Lou.
Now dig your hole there.
You know, if we try to escape,
we'll get lost on this desert.
And if we stay here, we'll possibly
wind up in that hole, instead of Semu.
I don't know what to do.
Something's got to be done.
You can...
Hey, a midget mummy!
Go away!
So, Lou. After all,
there's an old saying:
If you can't beat them,
join them.
That's what we'll do. We'll
strike a bargain with Semu.
After all, you've got the medallion.
You got nothing to worry...
Leaves me here
to do all the work.
You don't care who does it
or how it's done.
What have you found out, Professor?
Follow me and I will show you.
So you know who I am.
Killing me will be of no avail.
You cannot escape my followers.
You're right. So we'll
hold you as the hostage.
Then we'll have something
to bargain with.
Hey, let's get out of here.
Will you stop playing around? If we
get caught in here, we'll be killed.
Can't make that.
There must be another exit.
What's that?
Either Semu has changed plans,
or something has happened.
We must search
until we find him.
It stopped.
I wonder where it came from?
Here's an exit.
Come on, Lou.
Charlie, you look like
the real thing.
Josef, go get Klaris. We'll dump him
in here while Charlie takes his place.
And you, Professor,
are my hole card...
in case some of your followers
get in the game.
Let's find Semu and see if he'll
exchange our lives for the medallion.
No, it's too late.
When I saw the mummy, I got scared
so I coughed it up. He's got it.
Oh, no! What are we gonna do?
How are we gonna get out of this?
Ask Klaris. He got us into
this. And he's gonna get us out.
I know how to get in good
with Semu.
I'll bury him in.
You take his place.
It's moving.
It isn't now.
Come on, let's get him.
We'll take Klaris out and bury him
so those crooks can't steal him.
Then I'll come back
and take his place.
Have you decided to disclose
the secret of Ara's treasure?
Whether you talk or not, you're
still our passport back to Cairo.
I'll take the detector.
You bring the explosives.
There. Throw him in there, and
cover him up so he can't be seen.
Hey, boy!
Are we in luck! There's enough bandages
here to make me look like Klaris.
Get a load of this.
Let's get out of here.
I don't think I hit him
hard enough.
It's the Professor!
Help me lift him up.
Set him down.
What do I do now?
Untie him!
As soon as we have a chance to
get in good with him, you spoil it.
Take my hand, and we'll still
try to save the treasure.
Come on, Charlie.
We've located it.
He's not here. What do you
suppose happened to him?
I don't know,
but we're not waiting.
Look, we've better find
a place to hide. Come on.
Hey, Abbott,
what are you...
Come on, Costello.
The coast is clear. Hurry up!
No, don't try to
scare me, Lou.
Maybe there is something
to this curse of Klaris.
Charlie disappears and...
You've stalled long enough.
Either light the fuse,
or I will.
Have you got a match?
Get that torch.
Stand where you are!
Three of them.
Which one of you is Charlie?
Step forward, raise your hand.
We must hurry. Even now we may be
too late to save the treasure of Ara.
Klaris! You will destroy us
and the temple.
Back up!
Hey, where have you been?
I was thinking about leaving.
Get rid of it!
Here you are.
No! No!
What is it?
The secret of Princess Ara
has been revealed...
and Klaris is destroyed.
All that remains now
for my people is the legend.
Why not let the whole world
know of the legend?
I have a way of keeping the
memory of Klaris alive forever.
How can you do that?
Wait a minute. This is the
opening night of the Kafe Klaris.
And everybody's dressed but
you. I'll be dressed in a minute.
Wise guy, eh?
Do you know how to play one
of these? Why, certainly.
Show me.