ABCD (2005) Movie Script

O God! Shower your
blessings on all.
Are you on a job hunt?
- Yes sir.
Your qualification? - M.B.A.
Education isn't so necessary
to make money.
An uneducated legend.
Hold your head high.
Straight forward approach.
Broad shoulders.
Does he mean Kattabomman?
A broad chest.
- Lord Hanuman?
Strong will power.
Never say die attitude.
You need these to succeed in life.
l've never been to
school in my life.
But l make Rs.10000 everyday.
See for yourself.
lt is god's offerings.
What is this?
l'll break your head with
this if you shout.
O Holy Saint! Bless us.
May you live long.
When you go to temple,
offer money in the charity box.
Hail Lord Murugan!
Excuse me sir. - Yes.
Can l come in? - Please.
Good morning everybody.
Please take your seat.
- Thank you sir.
Show me your credentials.
Which is the poorest
country in this world? - lndia.
Just a minute.
Hello...yes sir.
Only 1 vacancy, 27 candidates
have applied for the job.
Okay, l'll do it for you.
What's today's date?
- 27.05.2005
Tell me the week day of
the same day 3 years later.
lf you don't mind...
What's he doing with the mobile?
- l don't know either.
lt's Tuesday.
Even l didn't know about
this feature in the mobile?
Show us Srilanka in that map.
Asking an M.B.A. graduate to
show Srilanka on the world map?
lt isn't a proper question?
lnfact you're kidding me.
The moment the phone rang,
l knew l'll not get this job.
Though you don't offer me a job,
l'm going to offer you one.
Take this. Don't get scared.
This is Banyan tree sapling.
Plant this at the office entrance.
lt'll grow slowly & will become
your company's property.
lt will give shade to
the next generation.
The good deed will be yours.
For making you do
this will make me happy.
Love has no barriers.
That's my nature.
You will be stoned by this world.
Do not break.
You are the wind.
Some day it will garland you.
Never get carried away.
Falling from a mountain
brings no fear to a wild river.
Keep your hopes & dreams alive.
ln this world,
neither honesty nor truth lives.
lt's a society of corruption,
and it is unbearable pain.
Stop it mom. lt's very painful.
- Stand properly.
Quick, l'm getting
late to school
Bharathi sister,
your breakfast is ready.
Sangeetha, is it okay?
You look awesome.
He who sees you today will die.
But the question paper is out.
- What do you mean?
lt is the code word for
the inner garments.
Keep talking such nonsense and
forget about your arrear papers.
Studying at the last minute
has become a habit to you.
l'm leaving, mom.
Tousled locks! When will this end?
lt is her life which is
tousled & not my hair.
Bharathi, the gravy isn't boiled well.
So, eat early or else
it will get spoiled.
lf it gets spoiled,
l'll throw it down.
What you're talking is not right.
We are a middle class family.
We must adjust to live.
How much should we adjust?
lt's my fault for having
you named Bharathi.
You are adamant & short tempered.
l'll get angry with those
who do wrong.
What l mean to say is...
What you did earlier was business.
And what you're doing now
is prostitution to me.
l'm not interested in either of it.
l'll talk to the person concerned.
Excuse me. - Yes.
l would like to meet Mr. Sundar.
Tell him that l'm Bharathi.
Hello. - Yes.
A girl named Bharathi is here for you.
- Oh! She is my fiancee.
She is looking very beautiful.
l think you are very lucky.
Hi! Bharathi. What a surprise!
Then, how about our
marriage arrangements?
l want to talk to you personally.
Just 10 minutes.
Hope, l'm not disturbing your work.
No problem.
Your parents had come
to my house.
The dowry you give determines
my status in the society.
lt's our culture. lt doesn't matter.
Could you please tell me
your monthly salary?
Looks like you'll marry me
only after seeing my pay-slip?
l'm getting Rs. 8000.
You toil hard every month
to earn Rs. 8000.
But l can earn Rs. 10000
everyday if l take to prostitution.
What are you talking Bharathi?
- Don't shout.
This is your office.
What more will you provide me
which l've not had in my home?
The same old stuff
which l eat at my home.
More vessels to wash than
what l wash in my home.
What's going to be new is
...the night!
8 hours in the bedroom.
Even there, it is going to
be a give & take policy.
You give & l give.
Do l have to pay for what l give?
So, to sleep with you all your life,
you ask for a deposit.
This is just like prostitution.
l'm sorry, Sundar.
l do not want to be a prostitute.
l came here to tell this to you.
l came to your office after deciding
that you're no more my fiance.
But at any cost,
next time when you see a girl,
never ask for dowry. Bye.
My mother did everything
for me when l was a child.
After attaining puberty,
even my mom hasn't seen me nude.
You're a stranger to me.
By tying the auspicious
thread in the morning,
l give myself to you fully at night.
Should l pay for that? Stupid.
Do you call that a marriage?
Then, l don't need such a thing.
Even after giving love,
affection & a beautiful girl,
they still ask for dowry.
Only after giving a
car, jewels & money,
he will marry you.
To beget a child,
you ask for dowry.
The other name to
manhood is shame.
Giving more dowry for
highly educated grooms... nothing but Male Prostitution.
And it is a sin.
What's all this, son-in-law?
Where is Chandra?
Who is your son-in-law?
lf your daughter lives with me,
then l'm your son-in-law.
lf she lives elsewhere,
how can l be your son-in-law?
What is the problem between
you both to apply for a divorce?
Nowadays, every man
smokes, drinks & gambles.
l do all those,
and l don't deny that.
Do you know what your
daughter is doing?
She is doing the same
as a challenge.
She wants to create a revolution.
What woman is she!
A man will always be like this.
She must adjust with me & live.
But your daughter...!
Your runaway daughter has
left me six months back.
What are you saying?
Your daughter is living
in the next street separately.
Go & see how she is living.
lf you make her sign
the divorce papers,
l'll marry some other
girl & be happy.
lf you come into this house
again calling me son-in-law,
you'll lose your honour.
Get lost.
Get lost.
What's all this?
Father, you must be feeling tired.
Take rest.
l'll tell you everything
after coming from office.
Going to office?
From when?
My heart pains.
What's happening Chandra? Tell me.
Just see the life l had been
living all these days.
This is what a daughter can
show to her father.
Bring my mom...
Oh god! What have you made
my daughter's life into?
lt's hell.
He is addicted to all bad habits.
l tolerated everything.
He is torturing me for money.
Since l'm not able to
give him money,
he wants to make money
out of me. - Oh God!
l feared that he might ruin me.
So, l left him.
l started to wear a white sari.
People will talk to him
about my widow's attire.
This is the biggest
punishment to him.
No man ever would see
his wife in this attire.
He's dying a death everyday
seeing me in this dress.
l'm a very orthodox person.
But l'm happy to see that
you're not an ordinary woman.
But as a father your life is
more important to me.
Next time l see you,
l want to see you happy and
wearing a traditional attire.
l pray to god to make it happen.
How long will she bear this burden?
lt's time to get freedoml O my...
She gives herself to you...
...but lives in tears.
My wife looks beautiful, ah?
You only saw her from back.
Now watch her front too.
She looks even more beautiful.
We must admire girls.
Man related a woman to the moon.
Even the moon has some marks on it.
lt is all because of some man's ego.
Be brave.
Don't worry about me, father.
Not here.
We can have this outside.
Here she is.
Mother, l'll be back soon.
Hi! Alphonse.
Peter Alphonse.
What do you want?
Bible says ''Ask you'll get,
knock the door will open.''
Very nice.
lt's not wrong to admire beauty.
But to touch,
you need my permission.
Why me when there were
so many in the church?
You were beautiful and
sparked the fire in me.
What is your opinion about sex?
Have sex when you feel it.
Only dogs have sex on roads.
We humans do it much
worse in a closed room.
We call it a culture.
Do you know the difference
between human & animal?
We won't even spare girls
who cover themselves in a sari.
How can we leave a girl
like you showing her skin?
l work for those orphans like me
who live in this church.
l dress up this way for my job.
But this has tempted someone,
lf l've committed any mistake,
give me pardon of sin.
O holy father! Forgive me.
May the holy spirit free
you from all sins.
The soothing breeze will
flow through the windows.
Don't close the windows.
The goat reared by Lord Jesus Christ
will walk through the path of wisdom.
Her eyes are modern poetry.
Her heart bears the holy cross.
She is a little nightingale.
Her mind with a clear vision,
...her heart chanting the bible,
Like an Angel she lives & forgives.
Madam, milk...
Lakshmi, Chandra has come.
Madam, here is your luggage.
Didn't son-in-law come?
No... - Why dear?
He is dead.
Drunken drive...
met with an accident and died.
l've signed in the papers of
Provident Fund and lnsurance.
l've finished everything.
As you'd wished...
now l've come in
a traditional attire.
May l come in?
Oh maidenl World is for you.
Don't worry. Stay cool!
Don't discriminate
sorrows and happiness.
lf you lead such a life...
You will reach your destination.
When your marriage become false,
you don't need protection.
Oh dear!
Women die in kitchens
and in bedrooms.
lt's time now to show
their true colours.
Oh no! What a big crowd...
Today will be a
good collection day.
Sir, we were all waiting for
you since a long time.
lssue the tickets quickly.
Don't get tensed.
Have patience.
l'll do the right thing
at the right time!
Very hot!
Hey, move man...
You rascal, are you kissing me?
Why are you sitting in
the ladies seat? Get up man!
Do l've to tell you separately?
Get up...
Come on... Come and
take your seat.
Sister-in- law, you sit here.
Brother, sit there only.
Don't give your seat to anyone.
What's going on here?
Allotting seats...
Why did you push conductor to
sit in some one's place for that?
Then, why did they
occupy ladies' seat?
Who are you then?
- A man.
Then why are you sitting here?
lf l don't sit near my wife,
then some one else will
sit and trap my wife.
Already l've lost 4 wives
in the bus...
And she is my 5th wife.
Are you questioning me?
This time, l'll sit here only.
Are you his 5th wife? - Yes.
Which number he is for you?
- 7th.
Shit! - What's this man?
Then what? She is leading you...
Being her 7th husband,
are you showing-off?
Shouldn't she clear your doubts?
Asking stupid questions!
Where do you want to go now?
- Tambaram...
Hey stupid! Do you have sense?
Scoundrel... ldiot...
Are you eating something else?
l eat only food.
- Really?
Didn't you see the board?
- l didn't. People told me...
Will you board without inquiring?
Why are you beating me?
- What else can l do then?
You've boarded Parrys bus,
and buying ticket to Tambaram.
How can l spare you alive then?
Won't this bus go to Tambaram?
Don't take my luggage...
Get down...
Get up...get down....
Get lost!
You senseless people!
Getting into the wrong bus
and creating a scene.
Hey fool...
- What man!
He was right.
lt's you who has
boarded the wrong bus.
This bus goes to Tambaram.
- ls it Tambaram bus?
Didn't go yet?
You got into the wrong bus,
and asking me stupid questions?
l mistook the whole thing...
Listen to me...
Hey you ldiot,
l'll not spare you.
Sister-in-law, stand that side...
Brother, come this side...
All of you be alert...
Don't let him go...
Ponnatha, come here...
How dare to throw us out?
Have this...
Chandra, stay out of
that gossip monger.
She can make even
the dumb speak.
She will prick with words.
Good morning sir. - Yes.
All these days,
you were in this house.
Now l think your daughter has come.
Don't ask me to vacate suddenly.
lt's very tough to get
a bachelor's accommodation.
Don't worry.
l've talked to my daughter.
There won't be any problem.
You please carry on...
- Thank you sir.
Wow! Our street turned
beautiful with your drawing.
Though you made colourful designs...
Will those flowers have fragrance?
Be careful!
Thank god!
Drawing wasn't spoiled.
lt's alright even if it's spoiled...
but if you break your legs,
what can you do then?
She had drawn it with great effort...
How can l spoil it?!
Making designs?!
After getting you married to me,
your father spoilt my life.
And you're making designs here?!
You should have a child to play
and spoil your design.
You'll never become mother
until l get the land deed.
Mind it!
lf you start with one single dot,
you may stand alone...
So if you start with 10 dots,
you will have lots of choice.
lt seems, you can have
many choices in life.
Excellent show!
8 bundles...
Let me check if it's my bus.
All buses are of same colour...
That's why l'm getting confused.
lt won't go to Tambaram.
They beat me black and blue!
Why did you cancel your marriage?
Don't you've sisters?
They should also settle
in life, shouldn't they?
You know what had happened, don't you?
Then why do you talk so?
l know. But, will you remain
a spinster forever?
You're getting old, aren't you?
You are a woman.
First settle in your life.
Anand, travel everyday to and fro
but haven't yet found a job..
What if you always stand
on the periphery of life...
Climb up!
Definitely, l'll climb up.
Hey, get inside...
Do l've a big mouth?
You've a frog, dog,
monkey, pig like mouth.
Do you see so many
animals in me?
l just asked you to get inside...
what are you talking man?
Then say that with respect.
Why are you talking
about my mouth then?
Did you buy ticket?
- l've bought it.
You and the driver are travelling
ticketless since ages.
You scoundrel! What nonsense
are you talking? You fool!
l'll rip out your skin.
You rascal!
He is insulting a government servant!
You son of a gun!
lf l kick you will fall
into the water-lorry.
You're good for nothing!
You too have started troubling me?!
Why are you taking away my life?
l'm not troubling you.
This bus is torturing me everyday.
You get down and push the bus.
This has become a routine work!
All of you get down & push the bus...
get down...All of you get down...
Anand, sorry...
Push the bus... go...
Push the bus.
lt runs smoothly in the morning
but troubles later to push it.
Push the bus...
push the bus...
Push the bus...
push the bus...
Excuse me, give...
l'll keep it.
Sitting duck!.
Push the bus...
push the bus...
You scoundrel!
l should find a job
with this money only.
lf you still want it,
please take it.
lf you give me money honestly,
l won't like it.
lt's an insult to my profession.
You keep it as my gift.
You're the first man to catch me.
See you boss!
Oh god! bus...Hold on...
Hello... hold on...
The person failed to take
back his file from me.
l've seen so many files like this.
Today they will give you file...
and tomorrow they will come
to take back the file.
You will also return the file.
Then he will say thanks and
ask about your whereabouts...
and then you will go to
hotel, park, and beach....
Finally, he will close your file
and throw you away!
Everything is funny for you.
This file has some
important certificates.
Poor guy! Don't know where
he's searching for this file!?
Happy Birthday, Divya!
Many more happy returns of the day!
Thank you so much Christopher.
So sweet!
This is enough.
No. lt's my proposal.
For what?
Divya, you know very well
that l love you.
l love you Divya!
Oh no! Christopher...
l'm telling you again...
l don't hate you.
At the same time,
l may not dislike you.
But we have been friends
from our childhood...
l never felt like loving you.
l'm very sorry to say this, Christopher.
l don't want to hurt you.
But thanks for the compliment. Bye.
Excuse me sir...
Please sign here...
Severe head injury.
Needs a surgery.
So, we need your signature.
Get his signature.
Sir, take her chain.
What's this blood stains?
Got hurt?
Sir, l didn't get hurt.
A girl met with an
accident on the way.
l got her admitted
in a hospital.
You do everything other
than finding a job.
Hereafter l can't do that also.
l've lost my certificates.
So now you've to find
certificates as well as a job.
Oh god!
What to do?
lt's all my time!
Sir, what happened?
Sit down...
What happened?
lt's nothing...
Leg sprain...
Father, shall we go to a doctor?
Don't worry. lt's nothing.
Bring some castor oil.
Sir, slowly lift your leg up...
Oh god!
Why do you unnecessarily
get involved in accident cases?
How can l ignore when a life
is struggling for survival?
Father got hurt.
That's why...
Oh no! Why are you...
When a father-in-law considers
son-in-law as his son,
lt's not wrong to consider
father-in-law as my father.
What happened, father-in-law?
- l slipped in the bathroom.
Hey, l didn't ask about that...
What happened to the will?
Look hubby, he has already
explained you about it.
Don't ask him again.
l've done beyond my means.
Then you should've chosen
a groom suiting your status.
Should've got her married
to some clerk.
Why do you need
a Computer Engineer?
Look, my father has given
more than he promised.
How can he give
beyond his means?
Your father is coolly sitting here
after getting you married to me.
He should always pamper
the son-in-law with gifts.
Sitting here!
Oh god!
l asked you to get his
signature on the will.
Are you massaging his legs?
Everything will be okay
if l beat you...
ls this the way you
run a family?!
Get lost! You stupid...
15 day old pain...
now it's gone!
Where did you learn
this technique?
From my father.
Bring some hot water.
ls your father staying
in your native place?
My mother died after my birth...
and my father died at my young age.
Both of them are no more.
My uncle brought me up.
Now he is in abroad.
No one is alone in this world.
God is there for everyone!
God bless you.
You will be alright.
Divya, l'll meet you in the evening.
Okay doctor... - Take care.
Who got you admitted here?
Don't know mother.
Mother, with so much care....
he has admitted me in the
hospital signing my admission...
He must be a good person.
Mother, l want to meet him.
Why suddenly?
Father asked me to give this to you.
For massaging his legs?!
May be...
lf l take this coffee, even help
will become commercial.
lf you do something,
then l've to pay back.
Love will vanish when you do
something with expectation.
lt won't...
Now, love is in the
shape of coffee.
Without any expectations...
This chain...
lt's the girl's who met with
an accident yesterday.
Doctor gave this chain to me
before taking her to the operation.
l forgot to return it.
l'll pray for you to get
back your certificates.
A poisonous coffee.
A girl like a dirty pitcher.
Give me 1/2 kg of that
indecent vegetable.
Mam, l don't sell those vegetables.
l meant the Tomatoes.
ln April, it's Rs.5, and
in July it's Rs.10.
ln October it's Rs.20.
and in November,
it's Rs.50.
l meant that...
Green leaves are free
for buying vegetables.
You give green leaves free for
buying 1/2 kg of ladies' fingers.
Coffee is free for massaging legs.
Coffee has reached top floor.
lt will be good if they don't
lose their honour.
l didn't get you madam.
lt's enough if the
right person gets me.
l've plenty of work in kitchen...
Mind your business only!
How much?
Why are you keep on talking then?
Here it is...
Am l here to chat?
Excuse me sir...
- Yes...
Yesterday, a patient named Divya
was admitted here.
Can you please get her room number?
- One second.
She left yesterday
after discharge.
Discharged? - Yes sir.
Sir, has she given any address?
- No sir.
She went with Mother Superior
from Santhom Church.
Thank you sir.
Sisters from Tsunami relief work
returned for short supply of medicines..
Arrange that first.
- Okay mother.
Excuse me mother...
- Yes...
Where is Divya?
Who are you?
What's the matter?
My name is Anand.
Oh! ls it you who admitted Divya
in hospital signing as guardian?
Sorry mother. They insisted on sign
for the patient's admission..
That's why...
Thanks for admitting her in the
hospital though you're a stranger..
Meet Mr. Christopher...
Hello... - Hi...
Nurse gave her chain to me
before the operation.
l forgot and took it with me.
l want to return it to her.
She has gone out some where...
Give it to me,
l'll give it to her.
Thank you mother.
Thank you mother.
A man named Anand gave this.
The one who admitted you
in the hospital...
Where is he?
Just now a man in
yellow shirt went...
Didn't see him?
No mother.
Just a minute...
Oh god! l'm late...
Where did l keep it?
Mother, l kept a file here.
Did you see it?
Which file? - Don't know.
Why are you getting tensed
for the unknown?
What was so special in that?
Oh god! There were some
certificates in that.
Whose file is that?
- Don't know.
Didn't you ask me to
clean the house?
That's why l disposed them
to the junk shop.
Oh god! Have you disposed it?
What is this mother?
You have disposed my respect too!
What is left now?
You've given up what you got
and searching for the unknown!
Can't you talk clearly?
Hey, don't act too smart...
l'll beat you.
lt's getting late to the office.
See you mother.
Get inside...
Get into the bus without fighting.
Why are you in a haste?
Get in slowly...
Brother, move away...
Brother, move away...
Get inside...
Why all are fighting?
Get inside...
They fight while alighting
and boarding the bus...
You will never reform.
Get inside...
No one is getting inside...
This isn't the right way...
My way is the best...
Hey, why do you carry it?
To reserve a seat for me in the bus.
Reserve a seat?!
Oh Snake!?
Where is he?
Come here...
Will anyone reserve
a seat with snake?
The passengers ran away...
Keep it inside.
Sir, what else can l do?
l'm travelling tension free
because of it..
Or else, how can l get into the
bus over powering the crowd?
For that...?
Nagaraja, people are afraid to
get into the bus fearing you.
Conductor is begging...
Get inside dear...
get inside...
What is it dear?
Are you angry with me for throwing you?
Sorry dear...
Tomorrow l'll buy 2 extra eggs
for you, okay?
He is chatting with that snake?!
Come on dear....
Are you becoming emotional?
Didn't l tell you to keep it inside...
l'll kill you...
keep it inside.
lt seems he will kill us...
ls it not a joke to you?
Let's show our true colours
to him some other day.
He is complaining about me to it!
Will it remember my identity?
He has kept the snake
inside his bag. Get inside...
lf you call us with a snake inside
the bus...we won't get inside.
Won't you?
lf it comes out suddenly....
Will it come out?
Hey please go...
people are scared.
Why are they getting scared
of a moving bus?
They are not scared of bus....
They are scared of your snake!
How can l go with you alone?
No collection!
They will suspend me.
Look at there...
already driver is on death bed!
You're right...
then give me Rs. 500.
What for?
- To take my son in a Call Taxi.
How much? - Rs.500.
This has become regular...
Get lost!
Do you want Rs 500?!
ls it your father's money?
You useless fellow!
ls it the way to cheat me?
Get inside...
lf you have a snake,
are you Lord Siva? Get inside...
Will he again lob the snake inside?
Do you know one thing?
This is the bus route...
Oh god! File party!
Hey... what?...
Why did she call me?
My file...
Thank god! l escaped.
Hello, my file...
l've your file.
lf you've, then give it to me.
lt's with me only.
lt's within the city...
City?! - Tell him the truth.
No...l mean it'll be in Chennai.
- Chennai?!
Better tell him that
you've lost it.
Lost it?
Oh god!
Oh God! Thanks for lifting me up.
l'm very sorry.
l kept it safely...
don't know how l missed it...
You are casually saying this?
You've missed not my file, but my life!
l'll try my level best...
lf l don't get it, l'll help you
to get duplicate certificates.
There are many formalities for that.
l'll grow old before l get it back.
They say, ''There is a woman
behind every man's success''.
But you're going to be
there behind my failure!
My name comes first
only in the alphabetical order.
Not in any other thing....
Why are you laughing yourself?
Love blooms from the heart...
Love grows as you
try to hide itl
This is the beginning...
This is endless....
This will have changes...
Don't know when it will bloom...
And when it will whither...
There is no rules for itl
Love isn't a one time wave...
it'll hit again & again like sea waves...
lt will hit the shorel
Sir, l'll take the key.
Did you get back
your certificates?
No sir.
Aunty... - What is it?
Aroma of your cooking has
enveloped the entire street.
l didn't cook today.
Chandra cooked.
Had your food?
Just now... ldly... Pongal...
Kurma.... ldiyappam...
l had everything!
He hasn't eaten...
He formally answered
your mother's questions.
He will be hungry...
Go and give him chappati.
lt's like chappati...
lt's chappati!
Have it.
lf you hadn't eaten,
you could've told us, right?
Why are you starving?
Don't talk while eating...
Food may get stuck in throat.
Taste is superb!
One should be lucky
to eat your food.
l should gift a golden bangle
for the hands that cooked!
Hubby, you're sick...
please have little food.
Did l ask you to feed me?
l've severe headache from morning
and l'm unable to go to office.
You stupid... - Sorry hubby.
To hell with your sorry!
Did you feed me properly?
Look at my shirt!
l think you've not come to feed me...
You've purposely spoiled my shirt.
lf you feed me, will l be
affectionate on you?
Don't show it on food!
Show it on the will...
Then l'll feed you...get lost!
Did you eat?
Did you eat?
You told me that you will
buy a golden bangle...
Was it all a lie?
With my first month's salary,
even if l'm unable to buy
you a golden bangle,
l'll definitely present
you a plastic bangle.
lf you sleep with hunger,
how can we sleep peacefully?
Don't hurt us, please.
What did you say?
l said, don't hurt people's feelings.
A file came with newspapers
which you bought yesterday.
Really? But we have already
dispatched it.
Oh no! lt's a very important file.
Check it yourself.
lt's not here.
What am l going to tell him?
l've got the file.
Okay, take it.
What is it?
Somehow l got the certificates.
Fake certificates?
Forgery, ah?
l felt l hurt you badly.
Listen to me...
- l was sleepless & worried.
But you seem to be very cheap.
You must be jailed.
Plus 2 certificate...why?
lt's all your mercy.
You're a University gold medalist!
What can l do?
l've to find a suitable job.
l doomed your future.
Aren't you angry with me?
You didn't lose it intentionally.
No point in feeling sorrow for it.
l haven't doomed your life.
lnfact, l'm going to
start it afresh.
All the best.
You've got back your life.
You've proved that woman will
not be behind a man's failure.
l did a penance and you
granted me boons l wanted.
l did a penance and you
granted me boons l wanted.
You asked for a pillow to sleep.
After getting it, sleep rarely.
This is enough,
my desires will get fulfilled.
l did a penance and you
granted me boons l wanted.
Loneliness all around,
caressing my youthful feelings.
Got a good news?
Enjoy with your friends.
Got a bad news?
Come & share it with me.
You were an unexplored island.
l'm the water...
covering you all 4 sides.
Loneliness all around,
caressing my youthful feelings.
Where were you all these days,
O my love!
This is enough,
my desires will get fulfilled.
You did a penance and
l granted boons you wanted.
After a long search,
l discovered you.
l had penned my desires
and anger in a letter.
l had kept it a secret
for my man.
l fought my shyness.
l struggled to overcome the barriers.
Oh my moon!
After a long search,
l discovered you.
l would lock yourself
in my heart.
This is enough,
my desires will get fulfilled.
l did a penance and you
granted me boons l wanted.
You did a penance and
l granted boons you wanted.
The soothing breeze
will brush the flower.
The wounds start to heal.
ls this enough?
l want more.
Hi Divya. - Hello Doctor.
How are you? - l'm fine Doctor.
How is your health?
l'm completely alright.
How are you? - l'm fine.
Family shopping?
- No, l've come alone.
Then Anand? - Anand?
The one who got you
admitted in the hospital.
Jesus Christ!
Mr. Anand.
Are you alright now?
- l'm okay.
l've been yearning to meet you.
Now l got the chance.
Thanks. - Bye.
Wonder how love sneaks
into your heart.
Wonder how it spreads
its roots.
The wind called love will
even break the closed doors.
Love is not rain.
Love is not any object.
lt's a feeling buried
in our hearts.
lt blooms...withers...
and again sprouts.
And peeps into your heart.
Not slept yet?
l unable to sleep. - Why?
Any problem?
After my father's death,
it was my uncle who brought me up.
But l lied to him.
- What lie?
Lied him that you're in a big post?
Lied him that you've lot of debts?
Lied him that you're married?
What made you to say that?
My uncle who is settled abroad
wants me to come with him.
How can l go?
You can be well off
if you go there.
Then why...?
lf l hadn't met you people,
l might have gone.
And now...?
l couldn't break these bonds.
Neither your uncle is wrong nor you.
When your lie affects none,
why do you bother about it?
Go & sleep well.
Look everybody.
Advertisements are a necessary
for any product to reach the public.
lnstead of promoting our product
like the other companies do,
we must do an advertisement
with a difference.
lf you guys have any
good caption, tell me.
lt's small. - No.
lt's cute & beautiful.
- Something better.
Do we enjoy writing?
But both literates & illiterates
must understand it.
Say something like that.
Get a caption from
all the candidates.
lf you find anything interesting,
forward it to me.
What are you doing man?
What did l tell you?
Are you educated?
Are you mad?
lt writes soft even if you
handle it violently!
lt's an unbreakable pen!
Excellent. - Thank you sir.
You're appointed.
Very soon we will arrange
a quarters for you.
You can live there.
Wish you all the best.
Our M.D. is here.
- Okay, let's go.
Divya... - Yes sir.
What's this?
Sorry sir.
A person l know has come
here for an interview.
l told you in the interview itself.
lf l offer you a salary
for your qualification,
it'll be just Rs.2000
or 3000 only.
This job isn't for
your personal ability.
lt's for your personality.
You've to be glamourous,
you've to get things done
with personal attraction.
Have you got me?
- Sir...
Hello...l'm on the way...
ls this alright sir?
That's good!
Come to the buffet hall.
Why are you so dull?
Yes sir.
They are very important people.
- Okay sir.
Give complete details to them.
- Okay sir.
This is my card,
room number 105.
What baby!
lt's okay...okay.
Sorry sir.
lf you're interested,
l'll give you Rs.50000 a day.
Can't l get you from
your skimpy dress?
Going away like a chaste woman.
l was forced to wear this dress.
ln this society amongst
these wolves,
you've to put up
a brave fight to survive.
Why everyone is like this?
For me, you are an angel!
l love you!
l love you so much.
An unknown sensation
in a secret place.
An unknown war.
No sound of streams or
bird kisses in the wild.
Reeds on the banks of
river are feeling shy.
Desires are launching an attack
on the heart to succumb.
A unknown sensation
in a secret place.
An unknown war.
Opened the lid of coffin...
...born again...
Woke up as Juliet...
came out...
Depleting ozone layers
in the sea of my heart,
love will replenish it.
Breathing love...
ln the world of Romeo's love...
Shakespeare is confused.
Turnaround in the climax.
History will change and
lovers will unite in the climax.
Let Salim unite with Anar,
and let this new century usher
in new history...need of times.
A unknown sensation
in a secret place.
Took the advice of time
and accepted it.
Shed off the clothes
and lost it.
Has the sweet desire ordered you?
Why are you still hesitating?
Something wrong with you?
Cell phone camera
is attracting.
lt's searching for
the elusive beauty.
Open sesame!
My order!
Let the satellite system
be opened.
Scientific world shook
and sang peans of love.
An idea beyond encyclopedia.
Write it in detail and
add it in love exam.
A unknown sensation
in a secret place.
An unknown war.
No sound of streams or
bird kisses in the wild.
Reeds on the banks of
river are feeling shy.
Desires are launching an attack
on the heart to succumb.
- lt's me! Anand's uncle.
Oh! Please come in.
Father, didn't l tell you about
Anand's uncle from abroad,
he's here.
- Greetings. Please sit down.
Please sit down.
He's your father...l found it.
l can make out from his nose.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Mother! - Yes.
Eyes are like yours.
l know everything. That's me.
Sister, l'll take the ball.
- Stop boy.
He's your brother,
he's just like your father.
No, he's neighbour's son.
Just for fun! - Joke!
l understood from his bow legs.
No one can cheat me.
Why are you still here?
Get him something to eat.
- Okay father.
Anand, come...come...
Now l know why you always
reject my foreign job offers.
Thanks dear.
How can anyone have a heart
to leave such a beautiful wife?
You always said you
never saw your mother.
She resembles your mother.
Shall l say something?
l always wished
him a good life,
l'm happy he has got more than
what l had wished for him.
Altogether he's very lucky.
What did you say your name was?
Wonderful name.
Anand, come here.
l couldn't see your marriage
...come here.
Surprised?! Flowers!
Adorn it in her hair.
A new life will begin for you.
Why are you rejecting
it outright?
lt's the time to break the
lock of sealed emotions.
Why are you still hesitant?
The cyclone hasn't
passed over yet,
Bay of Bengal hasn't been
able to withstand it's fury
Cyclone is striking the sea.
lt's raining with thunders!
A new life of hope
is seen in the eyes.
Present this too!
Come on!
lt's marriage of goddess.
lt's the most auspicious time.
All directions!
Hereafter no more dark
nights in your life.
l'm very happy today.
Hey Lucky boy!
Then, l'll take leave.
Bye madam.
Shouldn't this have happened?
Shouldn't it become real?
What happened to you?
All that should happen in light
is happening in shadow.
Lord Hanuman! You went as
a messenger for Lord Rama,
can't you be a messenger
to my daughter also?
Beautiful face!
Holy lamp!
Welcome to you!
Beautiful face!
Holy lamp!
Welcome to you!
Welcome to the misty
morning's gentle breeze.
A form lost in the
void of eyes.
A letter written with tears.
Letters evaporated and
left salty imprints on it.
Your lips can decipher it.
Beautiful face!
Holy lamp!
Welcome to you!
You are the fragrance
and l've inhaled you.
The pole supporting the twig
has become it's root & life.
To bear flowers...
A holy journey...
With memories you
in my heart,
l hear your voice
in my every beat.
l did penance and yearned
for a man like you.
Your relationship is the most
cherished thing of my life.
Beautiful face!
Holy lamp!
Welcome to you!
A heart isn't burning from fire.
A wounded bird nursed and
stood by it through thick & thin.
There's a sky for
the two birds to fly.
Buddha's path...
Sage's path...
l changed the path and forgot it.
l swam through the storm waters,
but got drowned when water receded.
l ran through the dark nights,
but lost myself in
broad daylight.
Found myself in your lap.
Beautiful face!
Holy lamp!
Welcome to you!
Beautiful face!
Holy lamp!
Welcome to you!
Welcome to the misty
morning's gentle breeze.
A form lost in the
void of eyes.
A letter written with tears.
Letters evaporated and
left salty imprints on it.
Your lips can decipher it.
Please forgive me.
One ticket to Valluvarkottam.
- Valluvarkottam?
Hey Elderly man! Buy ticket!
He has already bought a ticket.
Bought? Just now l've come
and issuing tickets.
Did any other conductor
issued him a ticket?
He has already taken a ticket.
lf so, then show me his ticket.
He's my father. Don't l know whether
he has bought or not?
He may be your father,
but l don't know if has
bought a ticket or not, do l?
Am l not saying he has?
Get lost man...
hey elderly man!
Why have you stuffed
his nose with cotton?
Didn't l say he has
already bought a ticket?
He's dead!
Were you going with a corpse?
Are you planning to travel
without tickets? Sit in your place.
ls it justified to bring him here
instead of giving him a decent burial?
ln this fast moving modern times,
even if your parents die,
throw their corpses
and walk away.
Who is having money to bury them?
Will a son talk like this
about his father?
He gave birth and died now.
Where are you going away?
- What do you want me to do?
Take the body with you.
l don't have money to shave my beard,
what will l do taking this body?
l beg you, take the body or else
all will get down from the bus.
l've to go empty.
Then give me Rs. 3000!
Rs.3000?! Why?
What's this stupid question?
Take out the body from here,
put it into a call taxi,
take it to home,
make a bier,
put up a canopy,
offer milk on the third day,
again make an offer
on the seventh day,
conduct sixteenth day
mass inviting a priest,
and arrange a feast,
who has money for all this?
What do l do with this body?
Throw it into a dust bin
on the way. - Dust bin?
Police will suspect and
use third degree on me.
What can l do for it?
l beg you to take it with you.
l've Rs. 500 with me, you take it.
- Okay, give it to me.
Enough...come with me.
Shall we go?
Just got Rs. 500 only,
let's try another bus.
Can't you give immediately
on demanding?
How long can l hold my breath?
My son never took
so long with anyone.
Beat you.
Come quickly.
Get into a good Omni bus this time.
Sinners! l've seen cheats and frauds.
But this is something really new.
They are finding new ways to fleece.
Do they think and make plans?
How easily they cheated me?
l'll do the selection
for your tastes.
Budget is Rs.1000,
but l'll pay for it.
Don't create a scene
near cash counter later.
No...this isn't good on you.
This is very good.
What's this?
Receipt of pawning my sister's
ear studs. l forgot about it.
lt's an year old bill.
Rs. 800...with intrest
it'll be Rs. 1000.
First redeem it.
l wanted to buy for you.
Middle class is like that.
More often than not it happens
on it's own than what we wish.
Didn't get me?
The budget allocation
you made for me,
it had to be spent
for your own family.
Come, let's go.
Sorry...can l buy it next week?
Sorry...we don't want it.
l want to ask you a thing.
lf two hearts unite, what's next?
Next...? - lsn't it marriage?
Yes, l've decided to go
ahead with marriage.
Don't decide in haste,
postpone it for a week,
seek your parents permission...
They shouldn't know about this.
Please try to understand
my position.
How is this sari?
Wear the best dress you have.
Then...? There are jewels in this.
Come to the street corner
phone booth with these jewels.
l'll also it?
Marriage time is at 9 am,
plan and come.
Come...we are late...quick.
Procession of Thiruvarur Chariot.
Sudden marriage to illluck girl.
The bird is about to fly away,
and it's curtains down to the drama.
What are you looking at my face?
Am l narrating a tale?
Give me, l've plenty of work.
Hearing other's tales.
Excuse me...
Did you buy garlands too?
l've bought auspicious thread too.
Have arranged everything?
Don't you like it?
No...not like that...
Come inside.
Just ten more minutes for the
auspicious time to elapse,
you are coming so late.
Sorry sir.
You told about this boy, right?
Yes sir. - Give the ledger.
Sign on the right top.
You sign now.
Sign please.
Your father respects me very much...
What has it got to do
with their marriage?
Witness sign?
What did you think?
They are marrying against
their parents wishes,
till they cool down,
l wanted it to remain a secret.
Thank you very much, Anand.
Against all odds the lady who got
us married is none other than, own sister-in-law!
My brother's wife!
Even after the death
of that demon,
she has great concern
for our family,
she isn't just my sister-in-law,
but my mother.
Are you married?
ls your husband dead?
Why didn't you tell me this?
l never felt like sharing
it with anyone.
With me too?
She's about to start a new life,
come, let's go and greet her.
they have arranged
a reception in temple.
Whose design is this?
lt's time to reach destination.
lf the doors to a temple are closed.
lsn't there any place
to live in this world?
No permission is needed to
build nest in the temple tower.
Our life is a child's cooking,
there are stones and mud in it,
and fragrance of soil too.
Whose design is this?
lt's time to reach destination.
The night comes...
lt conjures up new relations...
Time makes us understand it.
When it rains outside,
will the pillow get wet?
Will lotus wither if
any frog leaps over it?
There are icebergs to rest
for the migrating birds.
Whose design is this?
lt's time to reach destination.
There's no history
without pain in life.
Stagnant water is sewage!
Though seeds of love
were planted,
there's no one to harvest it.
Tree on the bund of paddy field
will sprout a grain of paddy.
A dot will end and
another will start.
lf you decide there's
hope for you too.
Whose design is this?
lt's time to reach destination.
lf the doors to a
temple are closed.
lsn't there any place
to live in this world?
No permission is needed to
build nest in the temple tower.
Our life is a child's cooking,
there are stones and mud in it,
and fragrance of soil too.
Whose design is this?
lt's time to reach destination.
Why the bus is going so slow?
Driver, if you drive so slow
when will we reach our place?
Conductor, tell him to drive fast.
Where are you from?
- Kanjampatti!
Why are you here?
- For a family function.
Who is she?
- My wife. - Will you send?
Not to me, to sit there.
What's the connection between my wife
sitting there and bus plying slow?
Send her and watch
the speed of the bus. - ls it?
Nayantara, go and sit there
Go...let me see.
Sit in a way the
driver can see you.
lt has started.
Why the bus is speeding like this?
You asked for it, didn't you?
Nayantara, come and sit here.
Come and sit here.
Come here quickly!
Tell him to slow down.
Come here quickly.
The lady has come back.
Why the driver is speeding off
as soon as l sat next to him?
Yes, are all speeding
buses going like this only?
Some drive like this
to kill people.
Will you ask him to go fast?
No, let him drag us
to our destination.
Very good.
Driver, it seems you're dragging.
Thief has entered my bus.
You board and get down
from running bus.
Don't you ever use a bus stop?
That's for people who buy tickets.
Didn't you find any other bus?
All buses are empty,
only this is crowded.
Come this side.
She's just having a thread.
- Just a thread!
Why do you allow such people in?
Be careful with your money
and your purses!
Sending signals through song?
l've to safeguard my passengers,
who else will save them?
First save yourself.
l know to save myself.
Don't get down from running bus
and get crushed under the wheel.
Bloody thief...
My bag...he stole my bag.
What am l to do now?
How am l to pay for the collections?
Bloody sinners!
My life is a daily walk
on the sword.
Just a momentary loss of
concentration, l'm robbed.
The coupon given by office
for the friendship day,
you appear confused since then.
Where are you planning to go?
lt's gift coupon for that only.
You go to Queensland,
l'll go to VGP.
Why are you going to VGP?
l'm not going alone.
l've a companion.
Anand and l've decided to
celebrate friendship day together.
Okay...okay...have you
booked any cottage?
Shut up! Keep quiet.
lt's just a get together....
Shut up!
Happy friendship day!
Thank you.
What's this concept?
Friendship Day is
celebrating friendship.
Sharing my inner feelings with
such a friend isn't wrong, is it?
There's no water
in this lilly pond.
No leaves in the tree.
A parrot is resting on it.
The parrot hopes one day
it'll rain and turn green,
and its life will
turn into spring,
it's waiting.
Just like me.
lsn't it like Bharathi?
See it now,
concept would've changed.
Did you see? There's water
in the lilly pond now.
Leaves in the tree,
a parrot's companionship too.
Your life will be happy hereafter.
Happy Friendship Day.
What are you doing in this rain?
l had invited a friend for
friendship day celebrations.
Be careful! Welcome.
This painting is different.
Everyone left after feeling
for crucification of Jesus.
But the sheep in the painting
shed tears for long time.
Like the sheep loved Jesus,
to tell me he loves me
just like that,
this is the painting
Christopher presented to me.
But you know very well
that l don't love him.
Anyway, it's alright.
Happy Friendship Day.
What's this?
People are killing baby girls
using barbarian techniques.
Or else leave in the garbage can.
For men to get a job
they ask for deposit,
for women, it's a request
to sleep with them.
l feel humiliated to
be born as female.
So, l've shown my real
feelings in that card.
Father protects a girl
when she's young,
after marriage
it's husband's duty,
later on it's son's duty.
Did you observe?
A man protects a girl all
her life in different forms.
Because they are very precious.
Atleast hereafter feel
proud to be a female.
Happy Friendship Day.
Madam courier.
Anand, Sannidhi street...
lt's all over between us,
no more any relationship
between us...
l'm leaving you once for all.
Let bygones be bygones.
Did you send this?
l sent it for Friendship Day.
What did l do to you to send
such a card of hatred?
Did you read it fully?
l read it.
Read it again.
How many times l may read but
the matter will be same, isn't it?
Don't it again.
You'll understand why l had
to write like this.
lt's all over between us,
no more any relationship
between us...
l'm leaving you once for all.
Let bygones be bygones.
Go ahead and read next page.
Your sadness and sorrows,
with love from Anand.
Rs. 1000 bet!
- Rs.2000 bet!
l bet he'll jump!
- l bet he'll not jump!
l've bet money on you and,
cleared the crowd for you,
jump correctly!
- Don't jump!
Allow me to die peacefully.
Don't jump.
On what you all are staking money?
Who is he?
Brother, look there.
- A man is sitting up there.
He's threatening to
jump down to die.
l staked Rs. 1000 that
he'll jump. - Bloody sinners!
He staked Rs. 2000
that he'll not jump.
You tell us brother,
will he jump or not?
A man is about to die,
are you staking money?
lnstead of saving his life.
Are you not humans?
Who is bothered about
whether he lives or dies,
just stake & make money.
l'll kill you in one shot,
hey, you wait man!
Don't invite trouble,
let's go from here.
A human life is priceless,
once gone will not come back.
Wait...what do you want to do now?
- l'll jump down.
Why are you sitting then?
l'm afraid of standing at heights,
so l'm going to jump sitting.
Bloody, you weren't scared
of coming to roof top,
are you afraid of standing here?
Why are you committing
suicide then?
What's your problem?
Love failure.
You're saying like you've failed
the exam. Tell me everything.
l loved a girl for six months.
Suddenly she left
with her husband.
With husband?
Was she another man's wife?
Love is common to everyone,
let she be another's wife
or concubine doesn't matter.
lf you stop me,
l'll push you down.
Why do you want
to push me down?
lf men die for love like this,
there will no man left on this earth,
women will find it very difficult,
just think over it.
l'll die.
You want to jump?
- Yes.
You'll get mangled.
What will you do if you don't die
after jumping from here?
l've a rope,
l'll hang myself to death.
lf you don't even after
hanging yourself?
l've a knife,
l cut my throat and die.
lf you don't die even after that.
l've poison with me,
l'll have it and die
lf you don't die even after that.
l've a bomb also.
- Where is it?
You're sitting on it and talking.
ls it a bomb?
Why is it ticking away?
lt'll tick if it's under your dicky.
No...leave him alone
and come down.
This is stupidity!
ls it sin to come to save you?
lf you get up, it'll blow.
- Blow!?
Brother isn't seen!
l should've also staked
money instead of this.
Which place is this?
Everything is upside down.
What happened to you?
Nothing...l think it's
just food poison.
Why do you eat things
that doesn't suit you?
Why are you cleaning it?
lt's just a helping a sick.
lt's nothing.
Gurgle your mouth.
l'll make diet food for you,
come and have it.
Everything will be alright.
Am l troubling you?
l like this trouble.
A widow laid trap
and a man fell into it.
lf a man vomits it's just
a ten minute pain,
but if a woman vomits, the pain
will start after ten months only.
Play without making noise.
Where are your parents?
They've gone for
the Voter lD cards.
May l help you?
You want to take credit for
the dish helping a little.
l'm not that magnanimous.
Never give up kitchen.
What's this Chandra?
Eyes are burning,
unable to open my eyes.
Open your eyes.
- lt's burning.
Be careful...sit here.
lt's burning.
Sit here without
opening your eyes.
Just 2 minutes.
One second.
Thank you.
Don't open your eyes
till l tell you.
Open your mouth.
You said you'll cook for me
when l was sick,
l thought l'll cook for you
when you're not well.
l'm not a good cook like you.
This is a bachelor's cooking.
My father has sent a gift
for our wedding anniversary.
ls it our wedding anniversary?
What's that?
Father has written a letter to you.
What's in it?
lt's an year since we are married,
neighbours are asking
about the stork's visit,
Your parents were worried
about your pregnancy, weren't they?
Go and show them
your stomach now!
ls it very spicy?
Are your eyes still burning?
l'm scared.
lf anyone shows affection
on me, l'm scared.
Nobody had shown it on me.
Travel will stop at a destination.
lt'll start again from
where it stopped.
Heart is the threshold,
hand motifs are the temple.
lt'll change everyday.
Not all the relationships
last for a lifetime.
Sometimes new partners
are found mid-life.
lf door to the life closes,
there's always window
to blow in fresh air.
Fresh air of love.
Anything special?
Your birthday?
Wedding Anniversary!
My parents wedding anniversary.
Sixty years.
Oh! Sashtiabdapurthi!
Look, they are refusing to
visit a temple on this day.
They are avoiding citing
my life as reason.
You tell them.
As they grow old they
become more like children.
Not all are blessed to spend
a life together so long.
My daughter never had a life.
What's the use of going to
temple and offering prayers?
Let her go for her
own satisfaction.
They will say so.
You come.
There's another vow to be fulfilled.
l made a vow to offer special
prayers if you get a job.
Be careful.
Can't you walk carefully?
lf l had seen l would've
run into her. - No.
What? Take your hands off me.
Please leave them.
Hello, please listen to me
and leave them.
You go that side.
Hello, please listen to me.
- You call the police.
Hello, please listen to me.
- You go that side.
Hello, please listen to me
and leave them.
Stop it man!
Trying to beat a policeman?
Come to the station.
lt's not my mistake.
Please listen to me...
Don't talk to him,
get him into the jeep.
Get in.
Start the jeep.
l've to talk with you.
Come with me.
l was confused on getting
a call from the police station.
You arrested a man Anand?
That temple scuffle? - Yes.
A lady Bharathi bailed him out.
You'd arrested a man
named Anand in temple.
He has been released.
- Released?
Why are you getting so angry
if anyone teases her?
They didn't tease some
third person, it was Chandra.
Will you get so furious
if they tease Chandra?
So many people tease
or touch me in the bus,
can you go and fight
with every passenger?
lf it happens before my eyes,
l'll definitely fight them.
That's why l fought them.
Poor girl!
- Am l not a poor girl then?
Please listen to me.
No...don't say anything.
Are all women equal to me?
There's difference.
There's difference between
them and me.
Look, l'm having a coffee
with you in hotel,
l'm talking to Chandra
on the terrace,
l came to the beach
on your invitation,
l went to the temple
on Chandra's invitation.
She too moves close with
me as you do.
How can l differentiate
between you both?
Oh! ls she giving all that l give you?'re right...
Did she give this?
Don't accept this from her.
Then l'll be no different from her.
Because l love you.
Please listen to me.
l'm special to you and never
ever compare me with others.
Okay...relax...l'm not comparing
anyone with you.
This is a public place.
- So what?
So what?
l hate men.
Reason for it is my father.
He had courage to give
birth to children,
but chickened out from
bringing them up and ran away.
l've been supporting my
family since l was thirteen,
neighbours, in bus, in office,
all men l met look the same,
l don't like any man.
After l met you my hatred
for men started to wean.
My strong will weakened
on seeing you.
Please try to understand me.
Make me special,
don't compare me with anyone.
Because l love you.
lt all happened because of me.
Were you hurt seriously?
No..nothing like that.
Little hurt.
l'm unlucky always.
l should've thought of it
before inviting you.
You got hurt on our
first visit to a temple.
What are you saying?
l think l got a job because of
your luck. But you are...?
One Mr. Anand who stays here?
- Anand?
l came to the station,
they said some Bharathi
had bailed you out.
ls she a lawyer? - No.
She's the girl who missed and
got back my certificates.
Will she be beautiful?
No...just like that l asked.
Oh Jesus!
What would've happened
if it had hurt your eye?
Oh my god! l saw you in the
jeep unexpectedly,
and came down to
the police station.
But you were released.
ls it paining?
May be it's an internal injury.
Let's take an X-ray,
come to the hospital.
No need of it.
- What's this Anand?
Hello! - Hi!
Didn't l tell you, it's her.
Won't you invite guests
into the home?
Latest model vehicle.
lt's your wish to sell at
the price l ask or not.
You are talking as if it's
a brand new vehicle.
Whatever said and done,
it's a second hand vehicle.
No need of a procession
to a broken palanquin.
No need of offering prayers
to a broken idol.
lt's an old withered
dry flower garland.
lt's changing colour
in the last minute.
A candle had wished for
a swing of happy life,
poor thing it failed to
understand the situation.
Wings of a silk worm is
different from that of a bird,
it's curtains down to
the wish of flying.
What's this?
He never comes to a temple.
l didn't come to offer prayers,
l came to take god to task.
Any temple l visit will offer only
sacred ash to my daughter.
But she had dream of
getting vermilion from you.
Whatever it may be,
my daughter is a widow.
When people with eyes
and ears are merciless,
what's the use in abusing a
god without eyes and ears?
Everything has gone to the dust.
Come Bharathi, have sweets.
Why did he come here?
l'm very happy.
Your marriage got cancelled
after the engagement.
When the world branded
you as unlucky,
he came seeking your
hand in marriage.
Why are you happy as if your
deserted husband has returned?
Why was he here?
Didn't get it?
Came seeking your hand.
What was your reply?
- l accepted.
lt's me who is going to marry.
Shouldn't you've asked my opinion?
Are you asking this even after
knowing our family's condition?
Shouldn't l desire anything for myself?
l love a man.
l've decided to marry him.
Sangeeta, close the windows.
Neighbours shouldn't know even
if we fall in love in our dreams.
Because love is taboo to
middle class women like us.
The society will point if
an arranged marriage fails,
but if a love marriage fails
they'll blow it into a big issue.
Your husband deserted you
after an arranged marriage.
Are you happy?
Women were in the home
till your generation,
this generation must work
and get sold also.
What a shameful life!
Yours was a failure,
sister will be lucky. Please...
Okay, talk to him yourself.
Let's decide other things later.
Has your mother accepted Anand?
She did.
Then, it's your marriage next.
l'm going to him to talk
about that only.
Best of luck...
long live happily...good luck.
They are trying to resurrect
the stopped marriage.
l've told my mother
about my love for you.
Shall we marry?
What do you mean by love?
- mean...
Exchange of affection, that's love.
You were emotional with me.
lt had more of a search than love.
What l had for you
is pure affection,
why are you confusing it as love?
What are you saying?
You were furious at me,
you kissed me yourself,
and left saying you love me.
You never asked me anything.
Don't you like me?
l like...l like very much...
the duty of your responsibility on
your family at this young age,
your courage,
l like all of you.
You've missed to
understand one thing,
if l had been middle aged,
you would've seen a father in me.
if l had been younger,
you would've seen a
younger brother in me.
Because of same age,
you mistook it as love.
l don't love you as you think.
l love another girl.
Then my love for you and
your response towards me,
is it all....a big lie?!
ls it love or affection
to kiss a child?
lf that's love,
then this is also love.
There's nothing wrong
in this love.
How can l marry another man?
lf everyone decides to
marry only their lovers,
not even 10% will get married.
The rest 90% is compromise.
Do l've to compromise now?
l loved you, it's true.
l'll always love you,
it's also true.
This sweet hurt of love will always
linger in my heart, it's also true.
Your relationship will remain
a pain in my heart all my life.
lt's inviting trouble.
But l still love you.
Let's never meet again.
lt's paining.
l'll pray for sometime and come.
Heart is strange.
lt forgets past and
begins afresh again.
lf a rainbow disappears another
will come into the horizon.
lf you understand this,
you'll be happy.
Love never nests
in withered trees,
it always finds another
tree to make nest.
Time will jot on the heart
and then erase it,
it'll jot again.
Excuse me. - Yes.
l want to meet Mr. Sundar.
What's this?
Will any woman do the last rites?
Only men do it.
Rites are conducted
for the dead only.
l'm doing it for myself.
l forgot myself.
Dead and forgot.
l'll make the final
offer to the dead.
Mother, l love a girl.
She's a widow.
l wish to marry her.
What are you saying?
What about Divya's love?
Women can be practical
but never emotional.
She was brought up by you and
didn't knew much about this world.
This is true.
Divya's love for me is
an emotional outburst
l couldn't reject Divya's
proposal immediately.
She would've been hurt.
You couldn't understand Chritopher's
5 years of sincere love.
You'll understand the importance
only when you go away from it.
l decided to marry the girl l love
only after l knew she was a widow.
The moment you said
you'll marry a widow,
you went a step down for me
to raise many steps higher.
l may get a husband easily.
But for a girl like you said
needs an understanding man.
l'll never interfere in
the life of such a girl.
My love for you is
increasing fourfold.
l'm really proud of you.
You never got what you wished for.
Will you accept one
who is pining for you?
Christopher, you know everything.
Will you marry her?
Some get it easily.
Some forget it very easily.
An earth quake will hit,
and earth will get buried.
New life sprouts out
from the buried earth.
Don't worry about unfulfilled wishes,
accept what you get as it is
to keep heart in eternal sunshine.
God has created forgetfulness
to keep humans happy.
A great scholar.
My company has allotted me quarters.
l've to shift there immediately.
Good news.
lt will be very comfortable.
New people & new relations.
lt's going to be a great life.
All the best.
Chandra, as l had promised you...
...for the hands which
served me food...
Why such formalities?
As my remembrance!
l've many with me.
You must be very busy now.
Go & make arrangements to shift.
Excuse me Chandra.
Close your eyes...please.
l love you.
Do you know whether
l love you or not?
How could you do this without even
knowing that l love you or not?
You bought me clothes,
you were worried when l was ill.
What do they mean?
How could someone keep quiet
when a person is suffering?
When l bought you a T-shirt,
l was a friend?
When l served you food,
l was your lover?
When l cleaned your vomit,
l was your wife?
You misunderstood everything
which l did on humanitarian grounds.
lf l had wished for another life,
l would've got it in Bangalore itself.
Please go away.
My parents respect you very much.
No love, no life & no bond.
There is nothing in our life.
No love, no life & no bond.
There is nothing in our life.
There are no relations.
No one knows where life begins.
These bonds are created
by us, the humans.
Somedays in mother's womb.
A few days in the arms
of sweetheart.
What do the rest of the days mean?
No love, no life & no bond.
There is nothing in our life.
The bond with your husband
begins on the bed.
lt extends to the cradle.
How long will his love
and affection last?
Where does a beautiful girl
or a black boy go at last?
We take birth as humans.
On death, we leave nothing behind.
Just six feet of soill
No love, no life & no bond.
There is nothing in our life.
There are 9 exit points
in our body.
One for mating
and giving birth.
God writes our fate
but the humans forget to read it.
Though born many a times,
and died,
souls reach the shore.
Your deeds are recorded.
But the souls are immortal.
You must live, Chandra.
l knew your past.
You never knew how my heart felt.
That boy was good.
That's why l intentionally passed
comments on you both.
Hoping that you might marry
him & live happily.
lt's true that l love him.
But it's wrong.
These marks explain
the life l was living.
Oh my god! He has burnt
you with cigarette.
Bharathi or Divya.
One of them is perfect
match to him.
Myself & the bike are the same.
Not me, mother.
The affection is in the form of coffee,
without any expectations.
lf you sleep with hunger,
how can we sleep peacefully.
Don't hurt us.
Do you know whether
l love you or not?
l came to this city with
no hope in life.
But you considered me as
one of your family members.
l'll never forget that.
l'm leaving.
May happiness accompany
you all your life.
lsn't Chandra at home?
Just a word with her...
Shall we go?
Okay, bye.
l meant we both together.
Come, let's go.
To our house.
l told you my decision
yesterday, right?
Why do you keep disturbing
me again & again?
Listen to me.
Leave my hand.
What's all this?
Why are you behaving like this?
Leave my hand.
l know everything Chandra.
What you think is not life?
Listen to me.
Come, let's go.
My parents are sitting outside.
They'll mistake you.
Leave my hand.
l've no feelings for you
in my heart.
Listen to me Chandra.
Don't say anything.
l don't like to come with you.
May l know the reason?
You don't need reasons
for not liking someone.
l don't like you, got it?
Please. No Anand.
No Anand.
l've lost many things in my life.
No, not me.
What have you lost?
Thinking that you're sacrificing your life,
you're actually losing him.
l'm a married man.
Won't l know that you're not married?
Do you know why l acted that day?
Because l wanted you both
to get married.
What's your problem?
You're sacrificing your life because
there are 2 girls in his life, right?
But he made them understand that
it was only an infatuation.
lt was only affection.
Why do you confuse yourself
by mistaking it as love?
For a girl like me,
finding a groom is easy.
But one must fully understand
the girl you mentioned.
l've lost.
l've lost.
No Chandra.
lt was you & your love which has won.
A permanent bond for life.
Sorrows start to find their
way out of heart.
Our dreams bear the
fruits of happiness.
When you pour all your love
on one another,
it results in a new life
stepping into our lives.
The fruit of our love
enters into our lives.
Beautiful face!
Holy lamp!
Welcome to you!
Beautiful face!
Holy lamp!
Welcome to you!
Welcome to the misty
morning's gentle breeze.
A form lost in the
void of eyes.
A letter written with tears.
Letters evaporated and
left salty imprints on it.
Your lips can decipher it.
Beautiful face!
Holy lamp!
Welcome to you!
You are the fragrance
and l've inhaled you.
The pole supporting the twig
has become it's root & life.
To bear flowers...
A holy journey...
With memories you
in my heart,
l hear your voice
in my every beat.
l did penance and yearned
for a man like you.
Your relationship is the most
cherished thing of my life.