ABCD: American-Born Confused Desi (2013) Movie Script

The color got slightly dull.
- Mine!
If looks are there,
can survive in the field.
Our Seena was chucked out! Only
because, had no enough of looks.
Chucked out!
- Then what, told to go!
Shall we apply some more
pan cakes below the neck?
This channel doesn't
want people like me!
If we people read the news, it seems
there won't be hike in viewership.
Hey Girl! I'm going!
- Where to?
For the time being will join the
publication of Gopi Krishanan.
Will see, what happens next,
will come to your room, by evening.
' Umm!
Not because of looks...
...on reading the news there was
a spelling mistake, which is why.
Do you know on whose, name it was?
Whose was it?
- 'Kannan Koothattukulam'
Honey come, there is a breaking news.
- Coming buddy!
Good you read news properly,
don't commit error while reading.
Will put you on toss!
Get lost man!
The Finance Minister of Kerala,
K P Ravi Varma...
...was admitted at the Reheja
hospital at Delhi, due to heart attack.
Few hours back he was talking to
media persons, he was collapsing.
For a person to live for a day
Rs. 281- was enough... cited by the Planning
commission, however...
...Sri, Ravi Varma was fully in favor with
the planning commission's decision.
Following that, from his own party
members, strong criticism aroused.
As per the repots, obtained, Ravi Varma
had not battled out the danger zone.
Call that Anthonichan here!
Mister Anthonichan!
- Yes.
Did you get Akhilesh?
- Yes.
When will he reach?
In Qatar airways, via Doha,
will reach tomorrow morning.
How are things outside?
This Delhi journey,
then sudden arrival of Akhilesh...
...had created some discord, among...
...the members of youth
wing and their buddies.
Akhilesh, knows how
to deal with these kind of men.
On that matter,
he is much smarter than me.
He is coming here, with
a definite plan and agendas.
Then am I not a heart patient?
Will submerge that, in this
sentiments. Must be submerged!
I have called and arranged everything,
do like that. That is sir's order.
Listen to what I'm saying,
I know all this things.
So, will land tomorrow itself!
- Son.
Do the boy knows much
about the party matters?
Coming, after enough of training.
Are you not informed with the matters?
Most probably, son, Akhilesh will
be the new leader of youth wing.
Will tell in due course,
whether it is youth wing or parties.
"Son Johnny...Son.
You are my dear little one"
"Son Johnny...Son.
Why you want plenty money"
"Papa, down with your rules! Not need
Dad, this is New York life, my Dad"
"We are New York boys Papa"
"sorry Papa"
"Son Johnny...Son.
You are my dear little one"
"Son Johnny...Son.
Why you want plenty money"
"How wondrous is God's love?
How beautiful is it?"
"I find willingness
in the mind to accept it"
"How wondrous is God's love?
How beautiful is it?"
"Slowly kisses the sky,
my New York, Oh New York!"
"I also became a part of you,
my New York, Oh New York!"
"As it shines in your eyes,
whom are you searching for?"
"Are you expecting someone again?
Oh Johnny you are crazy, freaky!"
"Flashes and speeds
in New York, ABCD"
"Papa, down with your rules! Not need
Dad, this is New York life, my Dad"
"We are New York boys Papa"
"sorry Papa"
"Twinkle, twinkle, star comes to lie,
my New York, Oh New York!"
"Always in my memory, flower,
a dew drop, Oh New York!"
"Who are you? Whom am I?"
"No one will ask face to face,
your name or native"
"Oh! Johnny"
"Where are you up to this magic
journey?On with the chariots of dreams"
"Papa, down with your rules! ...Not need
Dad, this is New York life, my Dad"
"We are New York boys Papa"
"sorry Papa"
"Papa down with your rules! Not need
Dad, this is New York life, my Dad"
"We are New York boys Papa"
"sorry Papa"
Just now two blacks
had come and gone.
Why did you go to the station,
along with Thampi Chayan?
Everybody had called, Reetha Aunty,
Saleena Amma, Marry Kutty and all.
There is no one in
New York left, to know.
Korah, didn't you hear what I asked?
Good if you go there,
Mollamma had called from Paris.
Had told, you must not
be seen in that vicinity.
Who? Mama!
Mama's new husband.
She wept a lot on saying that.
Mom might have told everything,
what's wrong with you?
You mustn't talk.
Tell me what's this sirs, plan?
On 21st we are to Hawaii...
- What is on 21st?
We are going to Hawaii
on 21st, it is Korah's birthday.
Hawaii!, no Hawaii...Nothing doing!
Your classes are going to commence
within two months at Melbourne.
Till then, my son will not
go out of this threshold.
My future, I know
how to decide on that.
Within two years, three courses,
expelled from all the three of them.
And this fellow, never
used to go to college!
Now, both are in police station also!
What have you done?
After designing all this years.
Jesus! I've seen this
only on movies and TV's.
My hands and foot are
still trembling on thinking that.
But you are not the only one,
in this house. No more arguments.
Whatever you say, India, India!
Your Dad had created a good fame, by
laboring for the last 25 years. You will...
Joe, listen to what I'm saying.
Mom, if you want
us to stay out from here...
...for Korah's birthday
aren't we going to Hawaii.
Instead of for a week,
will make it to one month. Okay!
Haven't I told you?
No Hawaii, nothing like that!
You will only go to India!
Can't you understand?
How much I say.
What is wrong in what Mom is telling?
Then how must she react?
Son, that is what I'm also saying.
You must understand the situation.
Your brother is only two years old,
then our firms.
How many families are there,
who are depending on me.
Have you ever thought?
I will stay out,
but I'll decide where I'll stay.
Is it enough,
you decide all by yourself?
What do you know
about the reach of that gang?
To which tip of this continent
can you go, by winking their eyes?
That I must go to India,
is the solution for it?
Johns, you plan this, as your vacation,
till your classes at Melbourne starts.
Then that is, the native where I and
your Mummy was born and brought up.
All this life, what you are enjoying
today, had started from there.
It's been more than 18 years,
since the last visit.
You men, go and then
see the native place.
You both?
Yes. Korah is also coming with you.
Actually he was the one
who planed this Indian trip.
I can start a business, after returning
from India, planning to buy a Casino.
I and Charlie, no mom,
business makes a man perfect.
Must need cash to invest.
Mama, tell the new husband,
at least, fifty.
Bro, this is going to be the last
vacation with both of us together.
After this Indian trip, you are
going to Melbourne, for studies...
...and me back to business.
So I have decided in the first place,
that this vacation must have a variety.
Why are you so tensed man?
Thinking about those blacks.
Why? Aren't we going?
Your Dad, thinks he is so brilliant,
sending to see the native.
From here, it is half
earth distance to India.
Who is there to control us?
We will decide on
how and what to do there?
You go to India or any hell!
All guys with money freaks out,
goes to fire, there man!
Don't you know,
many die here on getting fired!
Have you brought your son
Akhilesh in to the party, as successor?
It is part's decision that young
people should come to forefront.
Regarding the Kerala Yatra,
undertaken by Akhilesh...
...there are lot of criticism
within the party circuits.
Are you journalist,
who decides the party matters?
There are many, who had
got caliber and experience... allegation that
they are all suppressed.
What do you want now?
Should condemn Akhilesh
as good for nothing!
Do you want to harass
our party to the core?
If that is the intention,
just carry on writing like that.
But regarding the caliber of Akhilesh...
...the ordinary people out here,
very well knows it.
Hasn't he got education, isn't he a
young man who has got an integrity?
Isn't he smart? Then what is the
problem? That, he is my son! Is that so?
Sir, but, that...
See, please I'm a heart patient.
When you attack a person,
on surrounding... least that you
must consider that, is it not?
When he had put on 'Kadhar',
he became a real leader.
Sir, that is not Kadhar, it is linen.
What Lenin?
Not Lenin, linen,
that is best suited for this hot.
Will look like 'Kadhar',
but the thing is class.
There are certain, difference
of opinion in the youth wing.
To settle that,
Akhilesh has some plans.
New generation, is it not?
Must require some strategies.
He is really talented!
It looks like; he will reach one step,
higher than the Father.
That is how, it should happen.
Having been waiting for long?
Heavy block at the Aluva Bridge.
Hey you!
Johns and Korah!
- Yea.
I'm Kunjachan. Got little late.
Innova is at the workshop.
Kindly adjust,
no much distance also.
Will take time, huge block!
Get lost!
August 15th.
Is it not independence day? All
these people are gathered for the rally.
My Mother India!
Hey lady! What is it?
That is all too expensive.
The children are like that,
they will scream, shit... enough money to survive.
Now she wants cotton
to be placed at the buttocks!
It was wife.
Not lovely, Pushpa!
Is that not Government vehicle, will
not kill all of a sudden will kill bit by bit.
Get down!
How heavy!
Hello...Not that way, this way.
Walk carefully, or else
will be pierced with steel.
The way we came is shortcut,
the vehicle will come this way.
Come, this is the house
allotted for your stay.
This area is much of a demanded area.
Come here,
why are you standing there?
Come, on comparing
with the rent, this is a Taj Mahal.
Kitchen and bedroom, even though
a small one, it is there, inside.
Then toilet, that is outside.
Even when there is no water in the
pipe, nothing to worry, there is well.
Though, it is very deep,
water will never be dried.
What is your name, you said?
- Korah.
You can draw the water!
You filthy animal, is this your
Dad's property, to use this?
Poor fellow only that much
if you want, can pour some water.
Hey man, why are you
showing us this house?
- To stay!
The food and accommodation
is arranged here.
For whom?
- For you!
Got six months' rent,
take the key. Here
Why is Dad handling our
matters so carelessly?
The agent arranged by Dad...
The car which came to pick up,
you would have run away!
And the house given for us, on rent
our dog's den is better than this.
Dad had gone for a medical
conference at New Jersey...
I'll call him and tell.
Gave the key and he left.
Got the key!
Your Dad doesn't know
to arrange a simple thing.
He is the same old guy, who had gone
from here, during the 'bell-bottom times'
Hey bell-bottom!
Joe, what is wrong with that house?
A two storied house, within the city.
Have told, got sufficient amenities.
Keralam, is not America, there within the
short notice, only this can be arranged.
Anyway let me check it, will arrange
the necessary amenities. Son, Joe...
Sir, today is the fourth day, right
from yesterday, calling from office.
North Indian parties have booked earlier,
should return the vehicle, by afternoon.
Sir, then what should I do?
When our new
car is ready, from here...
...take the goods from
this car to that car. Okay.
Not Yooty sir, Ooty!
Sir, this costly car means BMW, Benz
which one do you want in that?
No sir.
Have only, those in the list I told.
The high ranged out here
is BMW C4. Will that do?
Usually, only under the guarantee
of some travel agencies..., like these will be given.
I'm giving it in my own personal risk.
Then there is nothing to worry,
on giving it to people like you.
Must give the passport here, must
pay the advance payment that is all.
Can't we pay the full
amount as advance?
Where is the trip destined?
To chart the days,
how many days it may take?
Now we cannot tell
how many days we will be there.
After that, where to?
Is that so?
Sir, this card is not working.
Some technical problem
with the bank. Any other card?
This car is of much demand.
Sir, key...
Sir, four days bill Rs. 56,000!-
advance Rs. 30,000 balance Rs. 26,000.
From the office it is instructed
should collect as cash.
Samir as I told earlier, if you have
property only then the loan can be given.
Madam some problem
with their NRI account.
This Mathew is
he the husband?
- No, Father!
There is no goal keeper at the post!
We came, only last week,
we were busy, travelling...
...when we checked today
some problem in the card.
Maybe some simple error.
Oh! Forgot, what to drink?
Tea or coffee.
Ravi, something cold.
Who is this Issac John?
- My Dad.
He had closed this account!
Presently, this account is not there!
Actually does your Dad
have some financial crisis?
Tell Susan Aunty to divorce
your Dad and marry a rich guy.
I don't find any solution other than that.
That is what your Mama did!
But that French Pariah
is not letting me inside!
Thampi, as per my calculations things
have to happen in its place, correctly.
That is why, people like you
are employed here.
Joe, son tell me.
Today on checking the account,
it seems it is closed.
Yes, son.
On checking that account, it had lot
of cash in it, now there is no use of it.
Do you know the meaning of this,
what you said?
Do you know how much money you
had swindled here? 20, 000 Dollars!
Son, in our hospital a junior doctor
is not getting this much salary.
In India, living cost is less...
...including food, stay, travel plus
all other expenses, 5,000 bucks.
More than enough!
Only 5, 000 Dollars!
Dad that is not enough!
5, 000 Dollars!
I told 5, 000 Rupees! Indian Rupee!
Joe, even that is more!
The balance, should be spend carefully.
Learn how to manage money.
No text books will come at
par with real life experience!
The Indian plan was Dad's trap Korah!
2,000 Dollars!
When your call came, do you know what
all things came flowing to my mind?
Fish curry at the toddy shop...
...festival at the Kallu Para church,
Pathalam Balan's music show.
2,000 Dollars, Isaac doctor
had told, not to send a penny!
Strict order...
...even the amount of urine you are
spilling out there, we get the details here!
The doctor very well knows it,
I'll be the one...
...who will be helping you,
in which ever manner.
Hey, don't you know
the attitude of your Father...
...then my manager job will
be at stake! At Kumbanad.
Then, I also, will be at that place,
at the hell like you. Sorry Joekutta.
Korah, last time
where did we lie like this?
That day was also
a full moon was it not?
Moon, I don't remember that.
Without bikini!
Will there be any nude
beach like that in India?
Yesterday, night also
I tried to tune that beach...
...not even a single scene came,
when in dire need!
Not bad...spacious rooms!
Half earth distance from here to US.
Here, there is no one to
control us is it not Korah?
No one to help also.
To go back
at least we need, 2,000 Dollars.
Whom to ask? Who would give?
You had disgusted all of them.
Who? Me?
- No...Me!
At least if there were
1000 Dollars, I would have gone!
Then what about me?
I'll send you ticket,
on reaching there.
For that, I'll go,
does it make any difference?
Okay then you go!
Must call on reaching there.
This 1,000 Dollars,
is it really a big money!
Korah get up man!
Wake up.
"Not a penny left in hand"
"Not a penny left in hand"
"Not a penny left to
buy a mere square meal!"
"Not a penny left to
buy a mere square meal!"
"Not a penny left in hand"
"No one, to borrow.
No gold to pledge"
"No one, to borrow.
No gold to pledge"
"Beloved on seeing you,
bee stings in my heart"
"Beloved on seeing you,
bee stings in my heart"
"Not a penny left in hand"
"Not a penny left to
buy a mere square meal!"
Uncle, will you give me, mother's
new number, I do not have with me.
Why are you not saying anything?
"The stomach is empty"
"Just wandering here and there"
"The stomach is empty"
"Just wandering here and there"
"You screaming paisa!
Your stomach is left empty"
"You screaming paisa!
Your stomach is left empty"
"Not a penny left in hand"
"Not a penny left to
buy a mere square meal!"
"it is all outcome of
bad times and bad omen"
"it is all outcome of
bad times and bad omen"
"People hide out on seeing.
Darling it is a horrible day"
"People hide out on seeing.
Darling it is a horrible day"
"Not a penny left in hand"
"Not a penny left to
buy a mere square meal!"
"Not a penny left, my girl!"
Good evening, the new expectation
in Kerala politics Akhilesh Varma... our guest in Leader's Choice.
Within a short notice
have become a leader...
...who gained attention
on a nationwide level.
Akhilesh had not forgotten the past... night he is
dinning at the eateries...
...of Reghuettan,
where he always used to have.
Those very old tasty combinations
which had excited Akhilesh's taste buds.
We are going to watch,
the visit of Akhilesh, to this place... today's Leaders Choice.
I'm on waiting dude.
For that why do you want to scare,
by speaking English?
If it is 'no' means no need,
I can very well control for a day.
That is not mine!
That gas is from the tap! No water!
Bye the by, we have not met.
I'm Lyoid Fernandez, Anglo-Indian.
Grand Father was White, Grand Mother
hailing from Kumballangi. A cross!
Do you want a smoke, it is best
for tension. Can I take a smack!
Want girls?
College going items are there.
- What?
No what, and where is!
Ladies, but it has to be night.
They will wear the nighty and come.
Then boys!
You fraud! Won't look like!
That is also there!
Can you give me some paper?
- Only your passport left as paper.
This bloody Indian closet,
which ass-ole had invented this!
One hole and this kind of sitting.
Will create lot of problem
if it does not fall in to this hole exactly!
By the time you break your legs,
banging go and fetch some water!
Hi, we had come for BPL survey.
How many are staying here?
Me and...
This is mine!
- Johns & Korah.
How much is your annual income?
Can tell your Father's.
Joe, water!
Look, we have to visit lot of houses... cooperative,
all the findings should be exact.
Johns...will anything turn out!
Sister, will go!
Joe, what's going on there,
are you free after roaming around?
Here, we are just wasting the time.
Is that all, that can be
taken care of, where is Korah?
He is here.
Hey man Dad!
Are you both listening?
What is your programme,
tomorrow morning at 9: 30?
It will be somewhat
3 to 3.5 kilometers... Allocious College,
from where you are staying.
Then by around 8:30 in the morning...
...both of you get ready
and go to that college.
For what uncle?
By tomorrow itself, you are joining there.
The class had already started,
two weeks back.
You people are already late.
What we? Uncle, why should I go!
I had arranged there,
your admission also.
Then who will go to
Melbourne University?
Don't you know the land called
Keralam, is the biggest University?
When you study there,
you will pass, anywhere in the world.
Then...What will...We!
- You will study there! And pass!
No, we'll not go to class!
Don't bunk your classes.
Then there will be a short fall in
five thousand which I promised.
Then, only when you study and succeed,
only then you can come here.
Even if you take, any number
of years, I'll not say anything!
So, tomorrow morning 9:30
Allocious College.
Thampi, take the statement of the
account which is closed, do not forget.
Know, we are little late, past is past,
now this is the right time.
They will flourish in this, I'm sure!
Had expected,
will wash only on going back.
It is all because of you.
You are the one wearing the
under wear, and not washing it.
Then, all the blame is on me.
Who was the one,
who banged on that black's ball!
Is it me?
Then who broke
the strap of his girlfriend?
Is it me?
Is it me who got aroused and
jumped, on hearing India?
I'll do as I like! Who are you, who
told you to come, without asking?
Your Father! That fraud!
If you say about my Dad!
- If I tell!
If I know to come, I know to go also!
You wait and see, I'll wear under
garments only once I reach there!
Stop there man!
Buddy what is it, should I interfere?
Buddy what is this avoiding like?
After all, don't we
have a relationship?
What relationship?
- Relation, during shitting!
I can do what I can buddy!
We need one lakh rupees,
can you give that?
Will do it, by night,
by around eight, eight thirty!
Can be arranged buddy
but there is risk involved.
Whatever case it may be,
can the cash be obtained?
On giving hundred,
will get two hundred.
On giving fifty thousand,
will receive one lakh!
A matter of doubling.
Just because of your help,
'morning rituals' are taking place...
...just consider as a gratitude for that!
Have fifty,
will return as one in the evening?
Dude leave it, if not trusted!
Do we have to trust
that black fool Korah?
We've taken the decision,
sold the laptop and got the money!
That laptop is worth of 3,000 Dollars,
just sold it for 50,000 Rupees!
With this cash either one of us
can go, let's just try that.
Will go back, will drop this plan.
But with this cash I'll be the one going,
after reaching there, I'll take you!
If that is the case, I'll go first!
If at all going, will go together.
Must show them, for those who
thought we will never return.
This Johns and Korah,
who they really are!
Bloody pariah dogs
we are coming back!
How long are we waiting for porridge?
Buddy what is this, where were you?
Don't have any responsibility!
Want one is it not? - Yes.
Do you have fifty with you?
They are all regular customers
out here. You come, buddies!
You stay here, give that money.
Hey! Who is that? Is it Ambili?
- Korah!
What kind of a ridiculous name is that?
Not good enough!
Who is there, along with you?
- That is good, a nice name.
Mother, I'll go out and come.
If you go out...Who will smash chewing
leaves for me...Will your Father come!
That lady is mad!
Your Father is mad!
- Get lost!
Buddy here you go,
one lakh at your service!
Counting and all after you reach home.
That was not required!
After all, what is this? For the needy
I have arranged even the kidney!
Go and come back after visiting
Madurai, Ooty, Palani and all.
Then, don't give this to the bank!
- What why?
Only the Gandhi's picture is original,
the note is flake! Truly flake!
When caught by the police,
will be inside!
Not only you, me too!
Why do you want this money for?
- To go to America!
Then what, what madness
are you talking about?
No doubt will be behind the bars!
Is this money not for you
to roam around and freak out!
Get our money back!
Don't take the
measurement of my neck!
The money which is given,
can't be taken back!
I've not cheated anybody...
...morning I told, there is risk,
and it is doubling case and all.
Here comes police...
...then what did Mammotty do?
What a great comedy it was!
Then what should I do?
What are you guys saying?
We want our money back!
Again and again,
repeating the same thing!
Those guys cleaning the vessels, at
least they have ten stabbing cases!
I'm going, hear that!
Who are you, hey catch him!
Come! He harassed me! Catch him!
Leave me!
Go man!
Come fast, fast, my money, you pariahs!
Time up, don't beat!
You should have gone with that money,
and then you might have taken me.
No, you, should have gone!
Is it not that? You dog, I told
thousand times, that I will go, I will go!
If it is college,
then carry on with college!
Buddy! There is one more possibility
of getting the original notes!
Can you give kidneys!
My Mother!
Uncle! The bus, via Allocious College!
Don't you know to
read Malayalam, is it not?
I will get the vehicle to
the show room by evening.
Let this, week's episode
go on like this.
Then tell the producer, if there is
shoot, prior notice must be given.
Where to?
- Allocious College. Appa...Cious!
I'm not heading that way!
Appa...Applied Science!
Pop in, I'll drop!
Have heard a lot!
When and where?
Yesterday from the toilet!
I'm Madhu Mitha.
Madhu Mathi, nice name!
Yea, Madhu Vidhu (Honey moon)
No, Madhi Muddu!
Enough of it!
Looks like, this gentleman has not
done over with that trouble so far!
Are you really from States?
Is it any kind of built up!
We've got passport and all!
I have believed
then how come here!
Story means is there stunt,
chase villain, things like that.
Everything is there!
Is it so? - Yes.
- Then don't tell, will be bored!
Okay, everything is acknowledged!
Hey you! Get out of my car!
Did you get scared?
Sister was just conning!
Are you studying here?
Why, why not? Do we have
to change that, can change!
We are now learning
about money exchange.
But now I'm going to tell
about yet another exchange.
A cultural exchange,
an lndo - American partnership.
Two Malayalee's who are not Indians,
from now on, they are with us.
We learn from them and
they learn from us, lot of things.
Friends! Our friend Meena
Ramachandran, who had secured...
...a merit seat for MBA, had
attempted for a suicide as you know.
Meena had done that on
account of, rising college fees...
...which is hiked with whims and fancies.
She had escaped just because of luck.
Today she is at the hospital bed.
Our campus life
will be complete only...
...when we study with
the energetic persons like her.
This is not a so called strike,
be human...
...since it is our responsibility
that Meena must study with us... we are
boycotting today's class.
To whom did you ask to stop the class?
Who gave you permission for that?
Sir, it was on
account of increasing the fees.
Is it written anywhere, she
consumed poison on account of that!
May be some love affair,
or some kind of pregnancy.
For these issues, the class
cannot be discontinued.
Had invested two crores
to construct the auditorium.
I'm the one who is
answerable to the Father.
Then, somehow managed
the TV and news personals.
Those students were told to come.
Oh! Leaders.
So remember what have told,
classes must go on.
I don't want to listen to any excuses.
Is that enough!
Sir, only you have to tell,
what the management stand is?
Meena Ramachandran
had not died, had survived...
...and for attempting suicide there
must be some personal matters.
What can college
management do on that?
Every person is attempting to suicide,
based on personal problems.
Here, everyone knows
what Meena's problem is.
Is there any problems that
cannot be resolved on talking?
Management, will never trouble you.
Sir, hard to believe!
I will take up the expense of Meena
Ramachandran on carrying on...
...with her studies and
also her hospital expenses.
Our party will take up the matter.
See, we do not intend to take up
this as, bracketed as, a party issue.
Can you give any
assurance for preventing...
...rocketing increase of college fees?
Are you doing some kind
of car shows on TV, is it not?
Dear, you might be the one,
who had informed the channels.
I had submerged that!
Let us know what you have
decided. Only when it is positive.
We must not fall prey to girl's apple.
Even Adam fell prey to apple.
From that day the problems had started,
you must control on seeing girl's apple!
What did I do for that?
When that girl was
preaching something...
...why did you make, 'the eyes as bulb'
and leave the place like that and go?
Then, what?
Must we, be alone in the class?
If there is no attendance, the cash will
not fall in to accounts, do you know that?
If we could get one lakh as a lost
money, would have escaped!
From where?
Whom to ask? Who will give?
Are you trying to flee in between,
leave what is in your hand and go!
Will get man!
Hey drop and go man!
Will get balls! Only hundred bugs in
hand, not even money to buy burger!
Put the money and go!
Dude no need, from her
character, she is your Dad's sister!
Cannot be predicted!
Million Dollar babies had come at
the right time! Put your contributions.
This is the fund to discharge Meera
Ramachandran from the hospital.
We do not have
anything in the form of cash.
May be in Dollars,
never mind, put that also.
Can we put tomorrow?
Got enough money to secure an
admission on NRI seat, is it not?
Hey put it man!
I just wanted to enquire a thing.
Go on!
That is because!
- What is because?
- Like, what?
Our Meera Ramachandran...
No problem with her.
But son has got some problem!
Me? - Yea.
- No. - Yes, there is!
Really, I came to ask about Meera.
We are now going to hospital, if you
come there, you can know the matters.
There she goes with the apple!
Brother here!
I've got lot of purchase...
...toilet papers, some creams,
had enough of using this hand.
Will give you, your share, you can
do whatever you want with that!
So, that is 2,500 each!
That means eighty
something rupees per day!
How can we live with this amount?
From today onwards in our life,
there must be clear planning.
Now itself, the balance for this tea,
you have collected it by counting it.
Likewise we must think every
rupee, before we spent.
Take one 60!
This one too!
Like this, one or two times in
a month. That is enough!
Sir, do you want some more?
This me, should be seeing pole
dancing at the pussy cat longue!
Nissan's first hatch back in India.
Hey, there she is,
That Madhu Mitha!
On the TV.
Had used clear lens head lamps,
so will give better visibility
for the driver at night.
You are the one who gave
my hundred rupees to her.
Because of her, this Korah
was starved today afternoon!
I want it back now!
Your game! For that is she a girl? If
so, why can she grow the hair in length?
On looking closely, can
see the moustache also!
But should look closely.
I'm sure, she is the male!
She has not recognized us,
who we really are, that is why.
Today we will make her to respect!
The Finance Minister was
hospitalized at the sea shore hospital,
due to heart attack.
On the occasion of electing the
son, Akkilesh Varma as the
president of the youth wing,
Ravi Varma had discomfort.
Within the three months it is the
second time, he is being hospitalized
due to heart related issues.
Air this news just like this, if
anything more is required,
I will discuss with sir and tell you.
I can't understand why did Father
take up such a plan like this?
Son, you leave it, if sir does one
thing it will have lot of intentions.
Once we crystalize in mind,
he will see up there!
Lot of activist like this, dressed
in cotton and with a jute bag!
Hey girl! We've decided, what
to do on the issue of Meera.
Hey! Who is this 'we'?
Students union
when did that rapture!
Don't try to show off!
Do you have an official
representation of students?
You get the Akkilesh's money
and eat! Not of our concern!
The problem, is on the fees
of poor student's here.
When Akkilesh sir told, would
pay the Meena's fees,
you are one, who told, no.
Yes, I did!
But Meena's family wants that!
They have agreed, collected the
money also from tomorrow onwards
she will start coming
to college also.
Enough, of your, one man operation!
There are other males,
to intervene in this!
America, you don't interfere in this.
Leave and go to where you came from!
This son had come,
not just to walk off like that!
What is the problem? ls Meena
having any other ailments?
So ABCD's have come to
probe in to the problem, is it?
You people, are not
even Indian citizens,
this is the matter of indigents, who
doesn't have money to pay the fees.
Are you like that?
If so?
What hunger in America?
Porridge for Obama also!
Have you people ever starved,
ever lived without food?
That is all another item man!
Have you guys, heard of that?
Morning itself, your bed
coffee and all your...
Bed Coffee, we never used to
take that, saving rupees three!
Lilly Hotel at Pulleypadi, Rs.8!
If you cross the railway
gate and walk,
will reach college within
thirty minutes!
No waiting for the bus, no
hassles, no need to stand,
no need to take tickets.
Walking is good for health!
Lunch at Neethi canteen
porridge and beans! Rs.10!
At 4, by the road, black tea, with
sugar, 3, without, 2, no snacks!
That is cut!
Then, dinner, at the road
side eateries, Porotta, 4,
...for daily customers, 3, beef
may be free, on getting peas, is lottery, life just like that.
So, when you control like
that per day Rs. 831- in total.
So don't teach hunger!
Have you both,
come to study hunger?
What does it matter, if so?
Hey man! Don't point and speak!
All this arguments and noise
at a hospital, go, all of you!
Are you not ashamed,
like small babies!
Is it for this, you all came here?
When have you
decided to come to India?
That is when...
My childhood was in a crowded
city of New York in a big house.
A childhood where I was not
attended, though I had everyone.
To me Father was the
screams in that house!
In that big house, I was lone!
I was also alone!
Yes, we both, alone!
I saw Dad's smiling face only when,
money was over flown in the
balance sheet of the business.
Dad always loved, money and Dad!
Never have I watched even one
scene between Dad and Mom!
When I grew up,
the classes at college and text
books were only our relief.
We tried to forget everything by
concentrating fully on studies.
After securing lot of ranks
we were not satisfied at all!
But Dad was parting
more and more from our paths!
It was during this time, we
turned on to the activism.
The problems of ordinary
men and their life!
We stroked a lot for
the starving blacks!
I had to allot full of my time
to solve my Dad's problems!
When we came to know that even
the prayers cannot save Dad,
we left behind that city and
all the luxuries.
To India!
Dad still, calls us to return...
but the low profiled life, as we
longed, the little happiness in it.
That is what we experience here,
to you, it may sound like fairy tale!
It is not to prove it to anyone, we
live like this. No one to be defeated also.
If you want you can
check our bank balance.
Madhu Matha knows our house.
If you want you can also come.
Take this, might be needy!
Did it goof-up? Did work out?
Finance Minister
K P Ravi Varma expired.
Death was by evening seven
o'clock, due to heart attack.
Pertaining to which, he was
undergoing treatment...
in a private hospital. Upon his
death, ends the political life
that spreads over thirty years.
Ravi Varma's son and president of
the party's youth wing, Akkilesh Varma...
I, Akkilesh Varma will solemnly
abide and follow the constitution of India, directed by the law.
Will discharge the duties to
the best of my consciousness,
will strive without fear, favoritism,
unbiased, and will undertake justice
to men from all walks of life
I solemnly, take the
pledge in the name of God.
Then within three months,
by election will take place,
Government is ruling is out, only on
the strength of majority of single
seat don't you know that?
After thirty year of ruling
Ravi Varma had obtained
only the majority of mere 3000 Votes.
Time had exceeded
to come to the forefront.
There are certain small opponents
within the party circle,
for solemnizing before the
completion, of my Father's death rituals.
Father's 16th day demise! Apart
from death rituals, undertaken...
the Ravi's soul, is longing
to see you as a minister.
Long before, a Bishmachariya
in Kearla politics,
his son was made to minister like this
Then what happened for the by
election, the people gave a great blow!
I know sir.
Don't think we are
underestimating you.
There is a foul tendency
among the mass of Kerala,
to vote against those who
rule. Should be careful.
If we ask money from local guardian
I fear your Dad may come to know that.
This is our last chance, must come
back at least with fifty thousand!
Come here! Too bad that you do not
know the address of local guardian.
American is it not,
that is why, it is like this!
Are you going like that?
Give some perfume, let's us
also have some spray and all!
Do you know this
Kumbannad? Thiruvella!
How many kilometers from here?
One kilometers,
one hundred kilometers!
Will it be a hard drive?
Beauty will it not be!
What are, you children's problem?
Must go to local guardian's place.
Go on!
Don't know the way.
These are all the chances,
can catch a bus and go!
Will vomit!
Came to study the life
of the poor, is it not?
Get in carrying a plastic pouch!
Okay then.
Then, happy journey!
Buddy I'm Mathu Mitha,
where are you children?
On the bus, on the
way to Kumbanad.
Then come back immediately, there
are two thief's sleeping in your room!
Are not ashamed to tell lies,
empty stomached?
Who is there of yours at Kumbanad?
Tell the truth! Will only speak
lie, when you use tongue!
Dad's house.
Ancestral house!
I've got a UNICEF programme
today, not as much as you people,
can't get sleep without doing at
least one charity work, a day.
So my own scoters key,
no need to wait for the bus,
no hassles, no queues!
But must pour petrol and the vehicle
should be handed over,
tomorrow morning at home.
Madhu Mitha! Is she a girl? If so,
why can she grow the hair in length?
On looking closely, can see the
moustache also! But should look closely!
Which is this Murikkan
Parambil House?
This is the one.
Brother, someone is coming under
the pretext, it is Kalamandalam!
Not yet learned, have
been drumming for long!
This is not, your kind of
knocking, this is art. Is it not?
Good if you go to America,
will be a really a good show!
What is his worry!
No medicine for this!
Hubby, don't bother,
carry on drumming!
I'm John's... Issac John's at America.
My God!
Then what are the
news in America?
How is brother in law, still
with that wig and all?
I also like ducts, but the son
Sebastin doesn't take ducks.
He will only take KPSC's chicken.
Man KFC?
That is the one, when you go to
America, will only get stuff like this,
is it not?
Yes, all the compatriots are jealous!
For what?
Didn't you know anything? Next
month we are coming there!
Didn't brother in law tell, anything?
Issac brother had
send us all the visas at all.
Kariachan is learning
to drum for that only!
I will just rock for all the
Malayalee programs in America...
for church programs and all.
Then, brother in law
will be shocked, is it not?
Why not?
What is the value of dollar now?
It has been very long, since
we have seen Dollar!
I've never seen Dollar, do you
have one in hand, to show me!
This is our Sebastin!
Don't you remember him?
He is your younger brother.
He has given up old roughness,
now turned to a decent person.
Dad had told me to use your car
and your room on reaching at States!
Are you studying from native
place, from now on, is it not?
Brother in law Issac had told that.
Ask about the other thing.
You ask.
Hubby you ask.
He is your brother's son.
Is it not? You must ask.
Son, tell brother to send some
money along with the ticket.
John's and Korah Murrikkan had
come to Allocious College
by giving up the luxurious
life in America.
They have disdained
properties worth of millions
and have travelled
to seek their roots.
And they are all the more
happy in this endeavor.
They understand, when
a person comes to know
the problems of ordinary men.
They realize, to know
the real Indians.
That is the reason why,
these young men can enjoy stay
in single bedroomed house,
walk on foot and
country cuisines.
As youth's are speedily following
the fashion and luxurious life,
these Mallu's who had come
from America are all the more
different from the
present day youths.
As the new generation are after
extravaganza, John's and Korah
becomes unique
examples of simple life,
by showing their life as a message.
Hey are you staying here quietly?
You guys are the role model for the
new generation, then how come
you are shy and standing aloof?
We Malayalli's have a
problem do you know what?
Once we see something good,
very difficult to accept it.
Hey give them a good clap!
Now why should I take a
class on money management?
These smart ones, have shown
with their life, haven't they?
Sir, this Johns Issac and Keera
Murikkan, no Korah Murikkan,
they are wanted by principal.
Do you know what this is? Do
you know, who all will read this?
This is for the first time, a thing like
this, have come about the students here.
Got scared, is it not?
Hey congratulations man!
Not only about the students.
It is for the first time, a news
about the college is coming.
In three places, it is specially
mentioned Allocious College.
Saw the youth page
is it not? How is it?
Seena Mol really worked
as a thunder bolt is it not?
Congrats lady! You are really mad!
Really! Then our
readers are also mad.
You don't underestimate readers.
Hey get lost, right from the morning
the phone calls are pouring in...
like anything before!
Asking the numbers of that guys!
Those boys have become a star!
You have not cheated
the readers, but your self's!
Look, only now I came to the
track, when I started my carrier,
I had sincerity and
social commitment also.
Then what happened?
Now Seena Mol is a star.
Did you become a journalist for that?
Do you think that, all this
news coming in the newspaper...
and channels are true?
It is all created dear! Like this one!
But this is really atrocious!
Story must be sensational and the
circulation must go up, that is all dear!
Are you coming to fashion show by
evening? There will be smart boys, girl!
Both of you are happy now!
There was not much
clarity for the photo.
But mine was good one!
Both the guys are fire
brands! Must meet Balettan,
heard that went cross
with the boys of Akkilesh!
Where there is violence,
our party will be there...
then for the poor and starved.
Hey man, where, your
party is there, there is violence!
Rajesh, leave them alone!
You don't get worried!
We are supporting them!
Don't you know where the party
office is, on top of beverages?
Okay then, see you!
Be careful, men
started to take attention.
Is the aluminum
roofing of the house over?
Is the leaks done with?
So all your things are going
smoothly, but from your newspaper,
I'm not getting any benefit.
Had not the report
of Kerala Yatra appeared,
even though when I was on leave,
gave the news at the right time.
I saw that but also saw the story of
two idiots by the side of our news.
That news about the NRI boys, is it
not? That is only to fill the columns.
We have seen these kind
of madness, of the men
who have money, long before.
But anybody can understand,
in that, here and there...
I'm the one, who is sly poked!
Who had reported this?
A lady in the probation.
Told to publish, as it was
a story with a positive note...
from the minister's college.
Are you a bureau chief or...
But in the youth page!
Don't beat about the bush!
There should not be any kind
of follow up, on this story!
Why is that you told you will scribble
some positive story before the election?
Roopesh is working on the plan.
It must appear before the election.
Who is that? Mathew
sir got conned or what?
That news about those two
American boys, on that news...
it seems Akkilesh's Kerala
Yatra got duped up!
Threatened, will assault, if one
does any kind of follow up on that.
Then you don't take up that, our
channel will take up that story.
Man don't you have any other job!
If it comes in any
channel I will be in trouble.
I have decided to cover
that story, early morning itself,
when I asked three days
leave, for my sister's marriage.
I was told to come up
with some interesting story!
Leave that man!
No, will spice up, with
damn good visuals and all.
Who had put clavier spade.
That was striked by queen.
Then in that case, let the
Jacky be on top of the queen!
Everything, should be in
the mood of a live reporting.
Will enter after an intro, that is, in
the back ground there is house.
Not only back ground I
should be also in the frame.
Why don't we put the camera in a
low angle and charge and take like this!
Hey man don't make me mad!
At least today we must
have an exclusive, my buddy!
Living among us but
not like us, the two men,
who had become role
models for us, Johns and Korah.
Today in Youth and Talk we
have stunning life stories of them...
who had stolen the hearts of youth.
Keep it on the table!
Slept or what?
Got it man!
This is the cost cutting,
here the soap is cut and kept.
Paper napkin, this
must be the breakfast!
Sugar, to keep away from ants!
Hallo, who are you?
I'm Srikumar Perrunna!
What do you want?
Today, in this episode,
we are meeting,
who have come from America... two!
Beef is finished,
shall we order more?
No need.
Yes, order!
Brother, beef fry
one more plate, repeat.
Who will notice when the news,
that comes in the local page...
in the paper, but your colour will be
completely changed when on TV.
That is the impact
when it comes in channel.
This will go to the very house
in America! Just wait and see.
Just be part and cooperate, then I
will manage to make it, to a big event.
Son this Mullaperiyar what is
happening on that, there was a time,
when we were all frightened,
it will break very now!
Are you sad, on not breaking, you
should be happy on that is it not?
How much is it? We are together.
Upholding the simple
life followed by Gandhiji,
these two young men,
who had come from America...
Brother, is it necessary,
that this cooling glass?
My heavens! Must not
wear cooling glass!
Then shall I wear?
Not that, it may not
work out on our mood!
Shall we not add
some more flavors?
Yes, indeed!
Then carry on!
Camera is running okay!
How can you cut
short the living expense
when the living cost is shooting up?
According to Indian planning board,
for a person to survive for one day,
Rs. 28 is required, do
you agree with that?
What Rs. 28! With Rs. 83 can't live
her! Then how come with Rs.28!
Is your life, a protest
against our government?
These young men are inviting
attention to a big social
and political issue.
They are strongly protesting against
the ever increasing living cost,
making the poor, poorer, News
TV Channel is proud to bring new
generation Gandhians before
the audients exclusively.
Johns and Korah's campus stories
will be followed in Youth and Talk.
Wait and see.
This how the program
is done. Not like!
Manoj take the camera!
"Carry on, must go no with
the gimmicks till the last."
"ls the fortune line becoming
clear, or is it becoming good?"
"Carry on with it! Are they working
out on a plan? Old birds as they are."
"Hurdling the path!"
"ls the price shooting up? Or is
the price made to grow?"
"Which is the right
route to know the fact?"
"Are they imposters?
They are the new stars."
"Burning...Smoking inside,
they are the new fire balls!"
"Young tigers, are
made to tender stags!"
"Nowhere to hide,
leave them alone!"
"As others run, I will
run right at the middle."
"Men have different desires."
"What is confronted is..."
"What a big destiny of fate.
Do not succumb to fate."
"Carry on, must go no with
the gimmicks till the last."
Dad, what about the bike?
Here, the children of millionaires
are going to college by walking.
Get lost you and your bike!
" Puppets in some strings. "
"Do we need these games?"
"In a distant dreams,
on those paths."
"To move on, must play the game."
"And stride forward.
Must win the hearts."
"During those days, finally
we will return back."
"ls the fortune line becoming
clear, or is it becoming good?"
"Are they working out on a plan?
Old birds as they are."
"Hurdling the path!"
"ls the price shooting up?
Or is the price made to grow?"
"Which is the right
route to know the fact?"
"Are they imposters?
They are the new stars."
"Burning...Smoking inside,
they are the new fire balls!"
"Young tigers, are
made to tender stags!'
"Nowhere to hide,
leave them alone!"
"As others run, I will run right at the
middle.Men have different desires."
Today we have two special
guests, Johns and Korah,
they are also teaching us to
cut short the living expenses,
coming from America.
There is a caller on club
FM, let's see who this is.
Is it Johns and Korah?
We are the final year, electronics
students of Aqueous College.
We have decided to cancel the
annual tour and with that money,
decided to build a house
for the poor family.
"Men have different desires.
What is confronted is..."
"What a big destiny of fate.
Do not succumb to fate."
"Carry on, must go no with
the gimmicks till the last."
Who are they?
Chief Minister is
saying we are naxal's.
22 families are in the protest tents,
just like the beggars for
so many months now.
No political parties still now
have taken any concern over it.
Only few college students and
church have come up for help.
Only surviving with
food from the rice they bring.
Dude our rice is also over!
But even if we come...
If you come, the students from
the college, will have more vigor.
As a result of that, the authorities
cannot avoid us, all of a sudden.
We have already committed
certain programs. Is it not Johns?
There are lot of programs for
which dates are already given.
Will cancel all that, we will be
definitely be there for the protest.
Great help, a meeting with the
collector is scheduled after noon,
not much use, but must go.
Then shall we.
Okay then.
Okay children.
These guys, no cash
even, to cook the rice!
Tomorrow morning
program at the ladies college.
If we go for that, we will
get at least small snacks!
If we go for their program?
Who is going for the
protest and things?
Lucky, we die, eating a burger!
When, will we, go...
This is our breakfast.
Total five, out which three are sold,
this is some kind of poor,
Chinese quality metal!
After selling, shop
keepers may not take it back.
Only this much!
All that is received is 300,
100 is my commission,
one selling this medals and
trophies will fetch, only this much.
Believe me buddy,
we Anglo-Indians, will
they fool you American's?
If I go, will get more money than this.
Will get, more than this, but not
for that, but for this, this trophy!
If you give this, I'll get you Rs.
1,000 for this, as simple as a flower!
You are also on this competition,
try to get this trophy somehow!
I look decent, but if you play
more, you will see my true, nature!
What will you do?
Youth Icon Award
Rupees one Lakh!
How come we have not seen this?
Sit down!
We came, to know the
details of the award.
This one lakh Rupees
is it real or not?
Though, one lakh is not a big
amount, value of the award is really big!
No, no, one lakh is a
big amount! Is it not?
Is this price money
cash or cheques?
Cash cheques!
What happened?
Was very urgent, to take the ticket!
For whom?
For the poor, in our
colony, to go to Haj.
Who are they?
Will this price money be
received at the award function?
The result is not yet with,
you are in the third position.
First one is Finance
Minister Akkilesh Varma.
Second is, Kapila Das writer.
Must regard as a great achievement
that you are the finalist,
On the SMS vote
Akkilesh is far ahead.
Since, you had come in youth
award, there was a hype...
in SMS rating. Is it not Pottens?
Yes, indeed!
I was telling them Akkilesh
Varma, is the one leading.
No, no need of speculations. It is an
age of new media, one comment
or twit is enough to change
all this position within a day!
You still have time to
come to the front.
The final result will be
based on the SMS vote, only.
It must be like that.
Yes, sir.
We must somehow get this award.
Can send some
messages from my phone
if your phone wouldn't
have smashed by you,
could have send some messages.
We can send messages by the
friends in college and by Lyoid.
That is not enough dude
That Akkilesh will pay the cash
and employ men to send the SMS.
Where are you now?
At the shooting?
No, at the college.
When Scaria called
from Kumbannadu,
it seems you are not
picking up the phone.
You are busy is it not?
Son this month attendance is
very poor! So, in that case,
will remit only Rs. 3,000
in the account.
If the things go on like
this, the next month...
Will not be required, Dad.
Maximum one week, before
that I'll come to a decision.
Johns, son!
These men was are pushed to
streets in the name of development.
They have started to protest against
the government, for a long time,
who tries to vacate them.
This strike has got no backing
from any political parties,
students are backing this
strike and have gained attention.
Failing not to mention with the
involvement of Johns Korah in it.
They have made, life a protest by
which means are they
going to lead this protest?
We'll ask them.
For those who lost the house,
for those who were vacated,
their pain, we know that very well.
Thrown out from houses, no food!
This protest has got a genuine
intention, do not divert that.
We students only supports this
protest, it is for them to speak,
so ask them!
Both of you come here!
Why a show off here!
We came, to support the strike.
Will strike till, death.
Government, uphold justice!
Somehow must get that
one lakh rupees, with that SMS.
I told you, at that time, is it not?
When did you tell?
Will not spare this land!
Who had acknowledged
the collectors order?
It is me sir.
Are you planning to
stay in here, with that order?
Before 10 o'clock all this
sheds will be demolished is that
what you told and singed on it.
We had signed, on the condition
that we will be replaced with
houses. If there is any decision
on that, tell that sir!
No, no, I do not know all those
things! You go and talk to collector.
Then where will we go, tell that.
That, and all I don't know.
Get up!
Get up and go man!
Will strike till, death!
Will not spare this land! And the
house, we are born, never leave that!
No problem sir, they will cooperate
sir! No chance of a protest sir.
They are departing from the tents.
Hey, no need of camping here sir.
What is this man!
What is this, get up and get lost!
Move back from the vehicle!
What is your problem get up
and go! Didn't I tell, to get up?
What did you say?
Move away from the
side of the vehicle!
Tell the verdict on their matters,
where will they go from here?
As the election is declared,
government cannot take a decision on it.
As soon as the
election is completed,
rehabilitation package
will be declared.
Only till that time, they
only have to cooperate.
Don't try to fool them by saying,
adjust for the time
being and will decide later.
We have heard enough of it.
Tell the decision sir.
Tell sir.
You people can't
understand by saying is it not?
Lift them away!
Leave me!
On taking part with strike, will
get SMS, got beating! Stopped!
For getting the award you die,
or kill do whatever you want!
You wait and see this
plan will be worked out.
The channels came to
the hospital, took the interview,
only when we suffer,
will get the cash!
This is the cash we are getting
for the first time by suffering.
On trying real hard, that one lakh
rupees will fall in to our hands!
With that we can go back.
You try all by yourself, I'm not there!
You go, if you get the cash.
When you reach there, if you
have the soul! Send one ticket,
I'll come if I'm alive!
Had the police
knocked on your head!
It must be the police,
I can't! Tell, I'm dead!
Police really assaulted is it not?
We thought, you are pseudo
revolutionaries, saying,
knows the pain of the
ones who are starved!
But today on the intervention of
yours, there was a mood of revolt,
right from its roots!
Yes, spark of fire has been lit,
tomorrow it will engulf it to
a big flame! We'll spread it!
Tomorrow at least two
battalion of police will be there,
there might be firing also.
Once police attacks, must fight
back! We are there with you!
Police will shoot!
Let them!
Keep this in case of an emergency!
No need.
This guts, is the biggest weapon!
Tomorrow a historic
event is waiting for you!
The words of Mao
is going to be true.
Villages like lllampalli, on
account of its resistance
will shake the beaucracy!
The tents destroyed by the police
will sprout again there itself, tomorrow.
Comrades will see you tomorrow!
I must see them. Must
call them, back at the earliest.
Not getting them over the phone.
Scaria had gone in search of them.
I must see them,
didn't I tell, must call them back.
Wait there, you are the only person,
is this the way to
correct the children?
Apart from this what was the way in
front of us? Are they to stay here?
Then what happened
on sending them there?
Where was it?
For me it was here!
American Malayalli's Johns
and Korah are found missing
after the lllampalli lathi charge.
Their friend and neighbor,
Lyoid Fernandez had informed...
this to media.
We had a relationship, having
food, from the same plate,
using one, and common toilet!
Buddy on seeing the scenes of their
beating on TV, heart was broken!
I went to station to give a
petition but I was questioned,
I'm the one who is answerable.
Children's parents will ask me!
Though the time has lapsed, on the
missing of Johns Korah, still now,
we do not have a concrete
answer on where they are.
From the circumstantial evidences
we can come to know that...
it is a well-planned kidnapping.
There is a wide spread doubt that,
is police behind this missing?
Or is it any kind of sabotage?
Johns Korah's are they still alive?
Doubts are not ending, so as the news.
Even though, there was an attack
on police, no one was arrested
not even the leaders of the strike
nor the volunteers in the protest.
Then why should Johns and
Korah alone be arrested?
The DGP Varghese Manjuran
had stated that, American malayalli's...
and social activist, Johns Issac,
Korah Murrekkan's missing case...
further more investigations
has been stated.
Our only prayers are, both
of them must be returned alive.
What is this government doing?
Students protest, claiming that the
government is behind their missing,
protest tuned out to violence.
Fascist and ruling terrorist's
creates, generally, martyrs.
What happened in the case of
comrade Johns and Korah is
nothing different.
This government must resign!
People have asked in return
before, for the blood of martyrs.
With a weapon 'vote' !
Where is this, Johns and Korh,
government must answer?
Have Johns and Korh been
murdered by political rivals?
Or will we hear the both names,
in the list of ones in the lockups,
in the coming days?
Will this be a headache for
the government as there are only
few days left for the election?
Must smile properly.
Mother, greetings, should help.
Help, you all threw
away that children!
Then coming here and standing.
Whose matter are
you telling Mother?
He is the candidate here.
Akkilesh Varma, do
you know the symbol?
Why not?
We know everything,
Those children who disdained their
families for us, you all finished them!
Now, wants help! Get lost from
here, no one should be seen here.
Hi, sister!
Akkilesh Varma,
candidate, our varma sir's son.
What is this all about?
These fellows have switched off
the mobile and will be enjoying
the chill in Kuttalam or kuttikanam.
How many more days
left for election, Venella?
Trying for the maximum, some
decision will be taken within 48 hours.
48 hours! Tomorrow morning at 11
is the press meet, what will I say?
Let me...
You are very much late.
Things won't comply on
kissing the hand of bishop!
CM, don't feel bad,
police lathi charge at llliampalli,
worsened the situation to such an extent.
Oh! Now after everything,
planning to put the blame on
home ministry and police, is it?
How long, is this student's missing?
What are you coming to say?
Are these police here, standing
with the finger in the mouth!
Anyway, due to their missing it
has created worry for me also.
Look, it is your responsibility
also, to find them.
Those, children are studying in
the benami, College of yours.
Things will fall in its place
only when we stand together.
You must do yours and I must do
mine, then only we can sit in the
ministerial chair like
this with buttocks!
Stop it Venella!
No body get tensed,
I'll manage my concerns.
I will do any help to find them.
No need sir.
Now, it is my need to find them and
win the elections. No body take trouble!
Check this out! How is this lad?
He is a doctor in America.
Looks like those smug!
Who comes to marry film stars,
the one without moustache?
This is like that type. I don't want.
Then are you going to
study for Mother Theresa?
Professor you don't take trouble,
I'll find out my bridegroom.
Go and open the door!
Hey where were you?
Where are you coming from?
Madhu Mitha.
Happy to know that you are alive!
Two cops have come
here in search of you.
Madhu Mitha we actually...
If confession is your intention,
go straight and turn left.
Church is there, I don't want
to listen.You must listen.
I don't want to hear.
Not that, for the last two
days we were in a junk bus.
Give something to eat.
Me too!
Suffer by yourself!
Go to that hospital and take a look,
just because of you, there
are few indigents.
Who got thrashing
and are lying there.
What harm did they do to you all!
Madhu Mitha listen to
what we are saying.
Don't let me to say, go out!
Right in the front page, Johns Korh
missing must be investigated by
police, comments
Justice Krishnna Raj.
What is your plan, shouldn't
inform home? Call home!
Do you have double bulls eye?
Then two dosa's will do.
Child! Prepare for them,
whatever they need.
Grand Father have you believed
the American story told by them?
Whatever that was told
yesterday is true.
Then how are the things
to be, ongoing back?
Planning to be decent?
How can they go back? Who
will give money for the ticket?
Madhu Mitha, only you can help
us now. Will return the cash,
once we reach there.
I don't have interest in that?
I don't have cash with
me, then how can I?
You have lot of ear rings,
on selling two or three!
Is it not gold?
Don't turn on the lights.
Will anyone see?
Keep quite you!
Korh please, don't make noise.
Not me it is the door.
See, these unwashed under
garments! That is Korh,
what I said, will wash
only once I reach there!
Washing and all, afterwards, must
send the cash of this ticket to
Madhu Mitha on reaching there.
Both together!
Why are you, not
putting on the light?
Current bill!
Where were you, both of you?
We were here itself!
Media and people really
fried the government!
You are missing, in
the custody, killed.
Arrange the press
meet tomorrow morning.
Me and missing Jonhs and Korh!
They will be with me. The rest of
the things, on meeting in person.
You don't worry anything,
just tell what I tell you to say.
Somebody have kidnapped you,
I will tell who did, what
was the motive and all.
Then, tomorrow.
We are not here, tomorrow.
Not here!
Tomorrow, we are not here.
Flight is at morning
5:30 we are going.
Going where to? Do you know what
all problems you have created?
Without solving all that
cannot go from here.
Tomorrow press meet,
after that along with me, for
the election campaigning.
Going back, will decide later.
Is this your problem?
I'll decide when you guys go!
Not that way, come fast!
Catch them!
Don't leave, catch them! Stop there!
Want water to drink.
Do you know this person?
Yea, he is the one at the house.
No. Not this man.
Then do you know them?
Just take a look and say. May
be your own Fathers photo!
You do not know them? Then
you might be knowing him?
We know, we do not know them!
Gopan Chandrashekkar
one of the most wanted
extremist of central government.
Not only him, but you
know, all of them.
Last week they had met you.
19th night.
That meeting took
place in your house.
No sir.
There is an intelligence report that
you had planned a mission based
on Cochin Metro.
What was that plan?
It is true that they had come.
They came asking for
the support for the protest.
Told something absurd
and they had gone.
We do not know, their
ware bouts even now or then.
We are not connected
with any radical groups.
Whose is the master plan that you
are enacting here? Tell that also.
Turn off that camera,
erase that last question.
I know you do not have
any connection with the
so called radical groups.
That is what we are
also saying. Leave us free!
What was that bothering you, on
telling to stay with Akkilesh till election?
What? Do you think you call break
Finance Minister's balls and go?
We can't do that!
Here in Fort Kochi, we have caught
the whites for buying the ganja,
jailed them. And have made
them read...lndian law!
Now they are all in
jail making Chapatis!
No one have come
to ask nor will ask.
Sign, Sign than!
Hey get UP!
Get inside!
Slowly, stitch will break!
Urine is not passing is it not? Are
you discharged, or came out?
Where are they taken?
Tell me at least.
The problem cannot be solved by
putting those American boys in the jail.
Where are they taken
what is the plan?
Can go, only after telling that
Move back boy!
Are you blocking?
What you did is a big blunder?
When they are jailed,
there glamour will increase
They will grow from there.
After they are freed from jail, will
create head ache for us again.
A big trouble.
Then what are you going to do?
These things should not be delayed,
must be finished in a single shot!
How long I'm doing this! No
one has come to know that,
...bladder was smashed
by those children!
No one should know, it
is a shame, go and take rest.
Sir, they are waiting.
Coming man!
Live telecast of Home minister
Venella Gopalan Nair's press meet.
After government,
been put on turmoil.
The government's
official explanations,
after the missing of Johns and Korh.
Where is John's and Korh?
What is the crime they have done?
Why is the government
playing a hide and seek?
What the opposition
leader has told...
This is the foreigners act as per
1946, it is very well written in this.
Laws that have to be followed by
foreigners, on reaching here, in India.
This is the amendment
brought in 64. It is further strict...
What we have to ask is
what is the of fence done by them?
Be patient! Listen what I'm saying.
After that, can do
cross questioning?
Is it a big crime in interfering
with the problems of the poor?
It is a crime, were bail,
will not be obtained.
In politics, missionary activities,
like that, there are lot of visa rules.
Areas where foreigners
cannot intervene.
...It is not what I have
told it is in this.
Sit there, keep quite!
Those who come in tourist
visa must see the place and go.
Those in student's visa
must study and go.
If they start to align with Maoist
and start doing national threats.
This government cannot
watch that and stand.
Johns and Korah
are they not Indians?
No they are not Indians.
They are the American
citizens born in America.
This is a political conspiracy.
This is to curb young men
entering politics, a clear cut,
...fabricated, political
programming, is it not?
No, government has got clear
evidences, video tapes,
where they are accepting the crime.
When are they going to be
produced in the court?
Government has taken the legal
opinion of Advocate General,
necessary actions have been taken.
So government had
decided to put them in jail is it?
Kerala government is
deporting them. Listen carefully.
Their visa, will be cancelled and
they will be send back home.
Come, get "P!
Get up!
This is truly in humane.
A violation of human rights.
A responsible government
must enact the rules.
Governments had deported
many in the past, of those
who fail to abide with the visa rules.
In this case, pertaining to
the fact, they are students
and also their mass support.
Giving, concessions.
Government has taken this decision
on the humanitarian ground.
Kerala government is
bearing all the expenses,
including the flight
ticket, for the return.
Government had contacted
American consulate, Embassy,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all.
Not only that, their
parents are also informed.
Sir, sir please sir in this situation,
what would you like
to say to compatriots?
What did you ask?
How would you
react to the act of deporting?
Shouldn't have done this, to us!
Youth have already reacted
to the governments, action.
What do you have to say to youths?
Future is always in the
hands of youth! Support them!
We have proved that!
Older generation must trust them!
Any message before you go?
Any message to the people of India?
We have shown a way here, it is
dedicated to the young generation here!
Our life, is our message!
Greetings, main news,
this year's Asia Today, Youth
Icon Award, has been declared.
American Malayalee's, Johns and
Korh are the Youth Icons of this
year, who taught
simple life to youths.
This award is for creating a change,
among the youths of Kerala,
by cut shorting the expenses,
disdaining luxurious life style in America.
They were elected by the Malayalee
youths, all over the world, through SMS.
As Johns and Korh
are bestowed with this award...
it has opened, an archetype,
on new way of living.
Johns and Korh have returned
back, to where they have started.
Even though, they could not
make it, as Issac John expected!
They are coming back with a
master's degree that too,
from the biggest University, from
the world named, Keralam!
Whatever may be the
intentions of Johns and Kora.
Though they played
'fiddle' without knowing!
Government, out of their despair,
had to build houses for the natives
of lllampilli. They got
back, their old lives.
Along with happiness.
In the bi election, during that
time, though failed tragically!
Akkilesh Varma is still a minister,
not in Kerala, but in the center!
He was elected to the Raja Saha,
as a nominee of the ruling party.
He is actively involved in
reconstruction of the country,
as the assistant minister of energy.
Why because, isn't India
a democratic country!
Johns had kept his word, as
soon as he reached America!
He had send the entire money
spend on ticket to Madhu Mitha!
Along with that, he had exchanged
one more thing. His heart.
She had accepted it!
As, all this is required for the story,
as Madhu Mitha has
got lot of other jobs to do.
Nothing of this sort ever happened!
She had lot of things to do, again!
Media birds have
forgotten Johns and Korh.
They are waiting for
some other news avatar!
Who is capable of giving
breaking news and flash news!
Their running continues on and on!
Where is Johns and Kora now?
Who are responsible for all this!
"How wondrous is God's love?
How beautiful is it?"
"How wondrous is God's love?
How beautiful is it?"
"I find a willingness
in the mind to accept it"
"I find a willingness
in the mind to..."
"Son Johnny...Son.
You are my dear little one"
"Son Johnny...Son
Why you want plenty money?"
"Papa, down with your rules! Not need
Dad, this is New York life, my Dad"
"We are New York boys Papa"
"sorry Papa"
"Son Johnny...Son"
"You are my dear little one"
"Son Johnny...Son"
"So, why you want plenty money?"
"Papa, down with your rules! Not need
Dad, this is New York life, my Dad"
"We are New York boys Papa"
"sorry Papa"
"Papa, down with your rules! Not need
Dad, this is New York life, my Dad"
"We are New York boys Papa"
"sorry Papa"