Abducted on Air (2020) Movie Script

- Behind me are the remnants
of what used to be
an old bread factory,
whose crumbling walls now house
squatters, stray cats...
and is now a place where kids
come to hang out,
drink, party and to, what?
And to what?
I mean, who gives...
- How about we fill it out
by pulling up some images
of the broken glass?
I... I think I even
have footage of a rat.
- Broken glass and
rats... Riveting.
- Come on, Sasha.
You're helping
to raise awareness.
- About what?
And old pile of bricks that
no one gives a crap about?
It's not news, Alex.
And Gavin's just gonna bury it
behind the weather report,
like he does all my stories,
if he even runs it.
- What is it?
- Can I talk to you about
my story on the old factory?
- Which one was that again?
- The one with the squatters.
- Right, right.
- I... I really wanna
make it into something,
but it's impossible to spin.
Please, send me
something to cover
that I can actually
sink my teeth into.
- Like what? That story
you did on the dog attack?
Too bad that guy lived,
because surface wounds
don't make headlines.
Um, these are crime-scene photos
from the home-invasion
story I'm opening with.
Don't work too late!
- Was there anything else?
- No.
(Whispering, indistinct)
- So?
- Uh, Diane has a home invasion.
Look, everyone's gone home,
so why don't you just go,
and I'll figure out a way
how to wrap this up.
- All right.
Sasha, are we...
You know, with the whole
flowers thing?
- Yeah. I... I thought
it was sweet.
- Well, you know I'm
your number-one fan.
- Thanks, um, you know,
for the support.
- You'll get there, Sasha.
- Good night, Alex.
- Good night.
(Chuckling softly)
- With Cleveland
establishing itself
as one of the fastest growing...
as one of the hottest
high-tech cities in the country,
stopping development
seems impossible.
I'm still working!
Development seems inevitable.
Development seems inevitable,
but that is something
that must continue to be fought.
Development seems inevitable,
but that is something
that must continue to be fought.
Must be continue...
Continue to be fought...
This became evident
when local residents
set fire to the building
still under construction,
which set off a blaze
that left the neighborhood
and families in ashes.
Ah, that's a story.
With Cleveland
establishing itself
as one of the hottest
high-tech cities in the country,
stopping development
seems impossible.
But this is a fight that...
(Muffled shouting, screaming)
(Breathing heavily)
(Both chuckling softly)
We did it!
- Yeah.
- We really did it!
- Oh, baby!
Was I too rough?
- No! No, you're
never too rough.
(Both breathing heavily)
Did you bring the ties?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Imagine how riveting
that footage is gonna look!
No one's gonna be able to forget
my face after seeing that.
Has to be believable for when
I make my headlining escape.
This is gonna
launch everything, Aidan.
I mean, what network
isn't going to give
their reporter who starred in
the biggest story of the year
all the juicy airtime?
The tragedies, the homicides...
I am those stories now.
And a great story
deserves a great writer.
And you'll get my life rights
to write your bestseller,
my brilliant professor.
Did you remember
the sleeping pills?
- Uh... Ah, I must
have forgot 'em.
- Aidan...
- Ah!
- I have to have a reason
why I don't remember anything.
- I know, I'm sorry. I'll make
sure I bring them next time.
I should go.
You gonna be OK?
- I will be, once I know
we pull this off.
- We will.
- Ah!
- OK, good night.
( Network theme music )
- (Announcer): A Diane Baldwin
Cable Four exclusive.
- I am standing on the very spot
where just last night,
one of our own reporters,
Sasha Bruder,
was brazenly abducted
by who was clearly
a violent attacker.
Known for covering heartfelt
stories that touched us all,
Sasha's continued disappearance
has struck a cord
with our audience
as the community
rallies to find her.
So, you left before she
recorded her final words?
- I was going to help her, but
she wanted to do it on her own.
- Is that unusual?
- Sasha likes doing
things on her own.
She's a dedicated journalist
who works hard to
make her story great.
- Thank you.
It has been 24 hours since
Sasha Bruder was abducted,
and so far,
there have been no leads.
Cable Four has gone from a place
where we report on crime
to a crime scene itself,
as we all question why anyone
would want to harm
one of our own.
To date, investigators
have little to go on
and appeal to you,
the public, as do we,
to please aid them
in their search for Sasha.
- You know, she was
a graduate of the university.
- She was in my
features writing class.
- Really?
(Inhaling deeply)
Well, I assume if they don't
have an immediate suspect,
the police will be digging,
probably visit campus.
- If they know what
they're doing, they will.
- It's funny.
I cannot recall any of
her stories on the news.
She must not have
been very good.
- Cable Four...
Stuck with little stories
nobody cares about.
- Well, she's all
over the news now.
- Hmm.
(No audio)
- Oh, I, uh, picked up
your good suit
from the dry cleaner's
for the party.
Aidan, I just took
a sleeping pill.
- Thanks for grabbing my suit.
- Mm-hmm.
Good night.
- How's it going?
- What can I say?
You're on every single
media outlet in the country.
(Both chuckling)
- No, no, no.
You eat it.
It'll seem better
if I look starved.
- Oh my God!
- Oh, it's fine.
I'm fine, really.
It's worth it.
Did you bring
the sleeping pills?
- I did, but I don't
think it's a good idea.
You're all alone here.
What if something bad happened?
- Aidan...
They're gonna test
every inch of my body,
including my blood.
I'll be fine.
Nothing's gonna happen.
(Clears throat)
- Um, wanna...
(Both laughing)
- Mmm...
- I knew you were
the most incredible woman
the moment you walked
into my classroom.
- You just wanted
to get in my pants.
(Both chuckling)
You saw my full potential.
And now we're both gonna
get what we deserve.
- And that slideshow!
It was amateur, at best.
- Thought the board approved it.
- We did, on the promise
that it would deliver.
Not to mention, there was a lot
of talk about that reporter
for a night that was supposed
to be honoring my father.
- She was alumni, Joce.
- I saw you talking to Matt
for quite some time.
- Yeah! He read my book.
- (Laughing): Really?
- Don't have to
sound so surprised.
- Well, we both know
it was a flop, Aidan.
It doesn't do either of us any
good to deny it, especially you.
- Apparently, he quite liked it.
He just felt that if the story
had been more sensational,
it would have sold more copies.
- So, you haven't
given up on the dream?
- No. I know it's not what
you wanna hear, Joce, but no.
- A massive manhunt is underway
to try and find Sasha Bruder,
missing 3 days,
who we fear has fallen victim
to the same monster
who abducted
and killed Helen Stricklen
in neighboring Cuyahoga Falls,
a monster who is still at large.
( Network theme music )
Professor Ferguson?
- Yes?
- Diane Baldwin, Cable Four.
- Of course! Hello!
- Is this the classroom where
you taught Sasha Bruder?
- It is.
- Do you remember where she sat?
- Uh, it was a long time ago.
Uh, I don't remember.
- But you do remember
her as a student?
- Sasha was an
exceptional student.
Graduated top of her class.
- Really? Um,
do you mind?
- Well, we teach journalism
here, so please feel free.
- So, impressive.
Top of her class.
- Sasha had
undeniable instincts.
- Have you been in touch
since she graduated?
- She has, uh, come to see me
a couple of times for advice,
but, uh, no,
we don't keep in touch.
- Is it common for your
students to seek you out
once they've moved on?
- It's not uncommon to seek
guidance from those
who taught you.
And I do have a fairly decent
reputation around campus.
- I'm sure it helps
that your father-in-law
was president of the university.
- Hmm.
- Are you worried about her?
- Sasha's disappearance
has weighed heavily
on the entire campus.
- To your knowledge, is there
anyone that you can think of
that might have
done this to her?
Uh, maybe a boyfriend she had
while she was here. A... a lover?
- Not that I could think of, no.
- Maybe she was hot for teacher.
- I don't think so.
- Well, thank you,
Professor Ferguson.
- Thank you.
(Door opening)
(Sasha moaning)
Here. Sasha...
- No.
- It's only water.
Diane came to see me.
She made me more nervous
than the detective did.
- I'm, uh...
I'm not surprised.
- From what I can see,
they're running out of angles.
- Then it's time.
(Chuckling softly)
- Suspected abduction victim
found on Eleventh and Orfus.
- Gavin!
- Yeah?
- I think they found her.
- All available units
toward Orfus and Eleventh.
(Siren wailing in distance)
- Hey!
- Hey!
- How are you doing?
- I'm OK, I... I guess.
- Any ideas who did it?
- No.
- Don't worry.
We'll get them soon.
We're just glad you're back.
- So, uh, we should
do this quickly
before they make
the official announcement.
- Are you sure
you're up for this?
- She called us, OK,
because she's a reporter first.
Right, Sasha?
- I'm ready.
(Man talking on PA, indistinct)
- All right, guys, we're gonna
go live in 8 seconds.
- OK...
- You got your frame?
- (Whispering):
You ready?
- Go, Diane.
- I'm sitting here live
with Sasha Bruder
for her first interview
since her abduction
and remarkable escape
just hours ago.
It is nothing short of a miracle
that we are laying eyes
on you now, Sasha.
Please, tell us
about your ordeal.
- Um, well, I don't...
I don't remember a lot.
I... I was knocked out,
and then he had me drugged.
- So, you know your
abductor was a man.
- Yes, yep. I...
I mean, I never heard his voice,
but I remember the
sound of him breathing...
and... and his hands.
- I know this is hard.
- (Whispering):
It's OK.
It's important
that I tell my story
so our viewers can stay safe.
- Atta girl!
- I can't imagine what you
must have gone through.
You are like family to me.
(Crying): And we're just so
grateful to have you back.
- What the hell
is going on here?
- Uh, just give us one...
We will continue to follow
Sasha's story closely.
But for now,
back to the newsroom.
- Let's go.
(Diane clears throat)
- Sasha Bruder is safe
and spoke with me
for an exclusive
and explosive interview
just hours after
her remarkable escape.
- You really didn't
have to drive me.
- Well, I know you didn't
have anyone else to call.
All right. Don't forget, do not
speak to any of these reporters.
- Of course.
(Reporters talking, indistinct)
- Let's do this.
- Oh, I'm fine, Diane.
You don't need to walk me in.
- We need to think about
what you've been through.
The optics are better
if we made sure that you
didn't come home alone.
- Actually, I disagree.
I'll do this on my own.
But thank you for everything.
(Cameras clicking)
- Sasha! Sasha!
- Sasha, can you comment at all?
- Sasha!
- Ms. Bruder!
- What can you tell us
about the suspects?
Did you fear for your life?
- Ms. Bruder!
- Sasha, this way!
- Sasha!
- Ms. Bruder!
- Thank you for
all of your support,
for the television coverage
and the social media.
To see how you've
all rallied to help me
and to hear from
so many other survivors,
it's... it's been inspiring.
And I hope the sight of me
inspires all of you
to never give up hope no matter
what you've been through.
Thank you.
(Reporters clamoring)
(Keys jingling)
(Phone vibrating)
- So did we pull
that off or what?
- So far, so good.
- Well, you were brilliant,
a poster survivor.
- Yeah, until it
became the Diane show.
Did you see those tears
she squeezed out?
As if she actually
gives a crap about me.
- Yeah.
Don't worry about it.
This story is going to be
all about you.
- Yeah. I just need to make sure
I keep it that way.
- We will.
(Siren wailing in distance)
- Ms. Bruder, we're so
happy to see you safe.
- Oh, thank you.
Sorry, I would have
been here sooner,
but there's been a lot going on.
- Of course.
- How is he?
You didn't let him watch
the coverage, did you?
- Uh, I don't know.
His TV is on most of the time.
- You know the only time
he recognizes me
is when he sees me
on television.
- I'm sorry, Ms. Bruder.
- Hey, Daddy!
- (Man on TV): When they gambled
on Ray, they were banking on...
- I hope you weren't
worried, 'cause I'm fine.
- I mean, if you look at...
- See?
I'm home now.
- He's one of the reasons
why Ohio is ahead
moving into the third
and why they put money on Ray.
- I know. Why don't we watch
some of our old video?
- That's a bet I'd buy into
after watching what
he's been able to do.
- Daddy, you stay there
and don't say anything, OK?
- That's all for you,
baby girl! Ready?
- This is Sasha Bruder,
with a very important news.
very important news.
Don't ever touch the stove.
- We've told you that,
haven't we?
- Daddy, I said
I'd tell my story.
This is a serious lesson,
or you will get burned.
This is Sasha Bruder,
with very important news.
- We need an angle
on your story,
'cause without any leads,
the story's gonna dry out.
- You really have no idea who
might have wanted to hurt you?
- No.
I... I've gone through everyone
with the police
from my past, my present.
(Inhaling deeply)
The only thing I can think of
is maybe I have
a super fan, you know?
I mean, people become obsessed
by celebrities all the time.
- Uh, you have to be a celebrity
to have a celebrity stalker.
- I like the obsession
angle. It works.
Alex, let's pull up
all the Sasha stories,
see if we can find
someone in the background
who pops up more than once.
That'll be our super fan.
- Hey! I missed you.
- Hmm.
- They didn't find somebody?
- What do you think?
Or have you heard something
on the news that I haven't?
I have to figure out a way how
to keep this thing going, Aidan,
or else they're going to
shove me in the back again
as the last story of the day.
- Don't worry.
You just need to relax.
We've come this far, right?
- Mmm. Maybe I...
Maybe I should be the one
reporting on
the story, you know?
Like, be the first journalist
to report on my own story.
The audience
sympathizes with me.
That is, until they find out
that I'm screwing
my married lover.
We have to keep our eye
on the prize here, Aidan.
My life story is hardly going
to be an interesting read
without my meteoric
rise to the top.
- We'll get there.
- (Whispering):
Meteoric rise to the top...
(Siren wailing in distance)
- Just who I wanted to see!
So, uh, I guess you've heard
we couldn't find anyone
to work this stalker angle.
- What if I were to
report on my own story?
I already have
the viewers' sympathy,
and it's my story
that they want to hear.
- OK. I'm listening.
- I address the
audience directly.
I take them back with me
to the scene of the crime.
They're with me as I recount
the horrors and the survival,
and then, eventually,
the recovery.
- That's ludicrous!
- How so?
- Well, I mean, playing
at their heartstrings
will pull them in for a moment.
When they see there's
nothing more to your story,
they'll switch channels
to hear about
the latest car crash
or homicide.
- This isn't the norm, OK?
How many networks can say
that their own reporter
was the victim of
a violent abduction?
Gavin, this is
television gold, OK?
It's a missed opportunity
if we don't run with it
and try something that
no one else has tried before.
- Read this.
- What's this?
- Another home invasion.
- I don't think a robbery
trumps what happened to me.
- It's a father of two who was
taken and found shot to death.
- We'll still run
your story from the desk,
before the first
commercial break,
but for now,
Diane leads with this.
- Gavin...
Don't you think I should
be the one reporting
on the victim stories?
Like these home invasions?
Because I am a victim?
- It's not about
relating, Sasha, OK?
Diane is our top
investigative reporter,
and you, you're... you're
just not there yet.
- Are you sure about that?
Because I think I am.
- An increasing number
of home invasions
has rocked the city
and left
law enforcement scrambling
to try to uncover
these masked monsters,
who will stop at nothing,
not even murder.
The victim, found dead
by a single gunshot wound,
was a doting father of two
who volunteered at
the local fire station.
Baffling the police
is the lack of evidence
left by these masked bandits,
who are becoming more brazen
and more violent by the day.
- (Man on TV): In other news,
an investigation...
- You're a damn saint, Alex!
is underway on the deaths
of two women
who died after undergoing
what is normally considered
routine surgery
at a local clinic.
Now deemed suspicious,
their deaths were
originally documented
as being the result
of heart failure
due to unknown
existing conditions.
The clinic is currently
still op...
(Insects chirring)
(Dog barking in distance)
(Camera clicking)
- Hey...
- Hey.
- So, this really
doesn't look OK.
- (Crying): Yeah.
- Do you wanna talk
or go for a drink or something?
- Yeah, I would
really like that.
But, um, I don't
wanna go anywhere
where someone
might recognize me.
- Yeah, of course. Come on.
( Leave Like That
by SYML )
- Whoa! Now we're
on the doubles.
- No, we started on doubles.
- That explains where
my anxiety has gone.
(Exhaling sharply)
You left behind
more than memories
You know, I thought I
was fine, and then, um...
and then everything that's
happened just became real.
- Yeah, that's normal.
In post-traumatic stress,
you know, sometimes,
it takes a while to sink in.
- Well, it sunk.
And now I'm too
afraid to go home.
- Hey, you... you're free
to stay here, you know.
Not in... in any way.
I just... I mean,
I... I'll sleep on the sofa.
- Oh, thank you.
But I'm not... I'm not
kicking you out of your bed.
I will sleep on the couch.
I'll suffer through the pain
- Why did you sleep
with me that night?
I mean, it's... it's clear
you're not interested.
- Mmm...
- But it's no secret that
Diane sleeps with Gavin
to get what she wants, so...
- I'm not Diane.
And you are not high
enough on the food chain.
(Both laughing)
Oh no, where'd you go?
I... I, um, I really do
like you a lot, Alex.
I do.
But this job is...
it's my first big break.
You know?
I don't want things to
get messy at the office.
I want to do this all on my own.
- I'm sorry. I... I... I shouldn't
be making this about myself.
- Oh, no, no, no!
I... I'm so happy to be
thinking about anything else.
I am getting a
bit tired, though.
- Yeah. I'll grab
some bedding.
- Yeah.
You never got the chance
to hold me
I learned to love
your selfish ways
- I put an extra
pillow on the bed.
- Alex...
- No, it's fine.
I've spent more
nights on this couch
than I'm willing to tell you,
so you're not putting me out.
Oh no, got me low
- Thank you.
How you gonna
leave like that?
Before we turn in, a toast.
To, um...
moving past all of this
with the help of good friends.
- And to finding the creep
who did this to you.
- Ah!
Yeah, I see that
Cable Eleven got the jump
on that city councilor's DUI.
- Forget that.
Thanks to Sasha, the cops
have a lead in her case.
They're preparing to
arrest him this morning.
You won't believe
who it involves.
Just get here.
(Men talking, indistinct)
- Sasha?
- (Sasha): Yeah, they said
they were securing a warrant
first thing this morning.
And I told them he would
definitely be at work.
- Hey! Sorry I'm late.
My alarm...
Uh, I... I must have...
What's going on?
Why is he filming?
Did I miss something or...
- Alex Peterson?
- Yes?
- You're under arrest
on suspicion
for the abduction
of Sasha Bruder.
- What? No. There's...
There's... been a mistake.
Sasha, tell them!
What? No!
This isn't right.
Sasha, you know
they've got it wrong.
Sasha, I didn't do anything!
Sasha! Sasha!
(Exhaling slowly)
- I'm back!
- So, you planted
the photos I took?
- I did, yes.
And after searching
his apartment,
they have officially
arrested my stalker.
Oh! Wait till you
see the live coverage.
It was so dramatic.
Now I just have to explain
why I didn't suspect him
after our little
one-night stand.
- You didn't tell me
that you slept with him.
- Oh, please!
Like you don't go home
and screw your wife
after I get you all hot.
- Actually, I don't.
- I don't care!
I know it just makes
you want me more.
- So, what do we do
when they release him?
- Oh, don't worry about that.
I've got it covered.
Give me more than enough time
to convince Gavin that I
deserve all the big stories.
- (Gavin): We're going live
in 15 seconds.
(Bell ringing)
- Uh, powder.
- In five, four,
three, two, one...
- Sasha, thank you
for speaking again.
We know you've already
been through so much.
- Well, it's important
I don't stay silent
to keep our viewers informed.
- Of course.
Now, Sasha, you and I
both work with Alex,
and you've even said
that you've had a physical
relationship with him.
Now, why did it never occur
to you to suspect him?
- Because before anything else,
he was my friend...
someone I respected.
yes, there was one time
that we took our friendship
to the next level,
but I... I realized that
it would be unprofessional
for us to have a relationship.
And he was supportive
and understanding about it,
like he always is.
- So, why did you
start to suspect him?
- Stick to the facts, Sasha.
- Well, um, I remembered that he
called himself my biggest fan,
which I thought was sweet
at the time.
And then I found
this card that he'd sent
that said he was crazy about me.
I just, I had this gut feeling.
And I... I knew it wasn't
enough to get a warrant,
so I took it upon myself
to dig a little more.
And that's when I found
the photos in his apartment.
- Diane, ask her
if she was scared.
- So, were you scared to go
to his place, alone?
- Yeah. Yes.
Of course. But I...
I had to find out
who did this to me...
for myself and for all of you.
And if it proves
to be Alex, then, I...
I'm sorry.
It's hard to think about someone
that you trusted like that.
- I understand.
But we had just received word
from one of our sources
that your blood was found on
an article of Alex's clothing.
What do you think of him now?
- Camera 2 tighter on Sasha.
- Uh, wow!
(Clears throat)
I'm sorry.
It's just overwhelming.
To think that he could
hurt me like that, I...
You know, after this,
like, who do you trust?
You know, I think
it's a lesson for all of us.
I'm not saying live in fear.
But be vigilant.
Because you never know when you
could be taken by surprise.
- Well, thank you, Sasha.
- And cut it!
- (Man): A Cable Four exclusive.
- What the hell was that?
- A ratings exclusive.
- That's right,
a Diane Baldwin exclusive,
which means I get
the final word.
- Diane, you weren't watching it
from the audience
perspective, OK?
And she's right.
People will relate to her.
- An ambitious reporter?
- Takes one to know one.
- Don't you think
it's at all suspicious
that she just happened
to suspect Alex,
and she's now back
in front of the cameras again,
getting the most airtime
of her premature career?
- I don't care if it's
suspicious or not.
What I care about is that
we got the story first.
And tomorrow, she gets
one of the lead stories.
- Ugh!
(Door opening, closing)
- With Cleveland
establishing itself
as one of the hottest
high-tech cities in the country,
stopping development
seems impossible.
But this is a fight
local residents...
(Sasha screaming on video)
(Sasha grunting)
- The subway stabber? Yeah.
I'll pull it up right now.
Thanks, Gavin!
(Door rattling)
- Holy!
- Oh, jeez!
- Sasha...
- What are you doing?
I could have shot you!
- Since when do you have a gun?
- Since I was abducted.
Why are you here?
Someone could see you.
- What does it matter?
Your abductor has been
officially charged.
- Did you watch?
I had more screen time
than Diane.
It was awesome!
- Yeah, I just wish you'd
told me about the blood.
That's a little bit different
from the crazy super-fan
idea that you had.
It... it pretty much
seals his fate.
- The plan was for us both
to get what we wanted.
Now, thanks to Alex,
I just found out I'm getting
one of the top stories.
- That's great. And what happens
when he denies everything?
- The evidence is solid.
Plus, every guilty
person pleads innocence.
Have you admitted your
affair with me to your wife?
What about the one before me?
What was her name? Lily?
Don't deny it.
I've had my eye on you long
before I took your class.
- So what? You're saying
I was an easy target?
- I'm saying I did
my homework for once.
- I just feel like
it's gone too far.
- So, what?
You don't wanna be
the bestselling author
of my sensational story?
We're in this together, Aidan...
whether you like it or not.
am I signing off my life rights
to my mentor...
my lover...
or my biggest fan?
(Insects chirring)
- Sasha, it's Diane.
- (Whispering):
Get downstairs.
What can I do for you?
- Can we talk?
- Sure!
- So, you did it!
You're back in the news.
- Uh, yeah, you were right.
So, thank you, Diane.
You're a true mentor.
- Well, I assume we're going to
be milking your story
for the ratings
for as long as we can.
And I just wanted to
get my facts straight,
which is why I
re-watched the video,
you know, the big showstopper.
And something struck me.
- What was that?
- After you're dragged away, um,
there's the sound of a crack.
I don't know what it is.
It could be something falling.
But it got me thinking.
In our first interview, um...
you said that
you were unconscious
from a blow to the head,
which is why you don't remember
being taken to
wherever you were held.
- That's right.
- Well, if that's true,
why is there no record
of a head trauma
in the medical report?
- It must be an oversight.
- Do you really think that they
wouldn't have been thorough,
I mean, given the circumstances?
- Well, I would hope,
but we've seen it before.
I mean, detectives and
police, they miss things,
as I'm sure
doctors and nurses do.
I mean, you find holes in your
investigative work all the time.
- You know, you're right.
It's just, personally,
I don't like missing things.
- I understand.
- Oh, and Sasha...
you missed a button.
(Door opening, closing)
(Exhaling sharply)
(Door closing)
- Grading papers?
- Don't start, Joce.
- So, what?
Are you just gonna
wait until it gets messy
so I can clean it up again?
- I never asked you
to pay off Lily.
- No, you didn't.
So then why admit
your affair to me?
- Maybe because I
wanted to come clean...
because I wanted to fix
what I had done, fix us.
- I would really love
to believe that, Aidan.
I truly would.
But I know it's because Lily
was threatening to talk
about how her respected
professor seduced her.
- Oh, come on, Jocelyn!
You're the one who cares
what everybody thinks,
you and your phony little circle
of fake academics
and father's friends.
- Oh, and you were
practically crowing
when Matt said
he loved your book.
Not to mention, you were more
than happy to take the job
when my father
offered it to you.
- I took it to make you happy.
- Oh!
- But I never fit in here,
in this stuck-up
little community.
- Oh, I see.
So, is that supposed to
excuse your behavior, then?
You didn't fit in?
Well, whether you fit in or not,
the man I married
at least had moral standards.
I'd like him back.
'Cause I really don't
know what happened to him.
- Diane, you'll lead
with the train explosion.
Sasha, you'll
follow with the update
on the home invasions
and the limo crash.
- The home invasions
is my story.
- Not anymore.
- Oh!
OK, I'm working on
something bigger anyway.
- I have an idea.
What if Diane and I were to
work on some of these together?
I'm sure there's still
something I can learn from her.
- Sasha, we're not making
Cagney & Lacey here. OK?
Do you want the
top stories or not?
- Of course she does.
- Sasha?
- It was just an idea.
(Phone chiming)
- All right, with the train,
we'll open up interviewing
the conductor...
For the train,
we're gonna take it
from that first interview,
then go right to
the footage of the crash.
- That sounds perfect.
- Daddy, you are never
going to believe...
(On video):
This is Sasha Bruder...
What are you doing here?
- Oh, I thought I told you
I was working on a bigger story.
- Daddy, I said
I'd tell my story.
- Wow! You really have
wanted this for a long time.
- Diane, there's
nothing more to my story.
Even Gavin is ready to move on
to the stabbing in Tremont,
so I would appreciate it if
you left my father out of this.
- That's OK.
He couldn't tell me
anything anyway,
but he sure did smile when
he saw you up on that screen.
You know, I'm an
ambitious woman,
and even I had other dreams.
If you can believe it, I
actually wanted to be a... a vet.
- Are we sharing here, Diane?
Because if you want, I can tell
you all about my childhood.
- No, that's all right.
I think I got what I needed.
But you should feel good.
You made your daddy proud.
(Thunder crashing)
(Car beeping)
(Phone ringing)
- Hello?
- Where are you?
- I had to come home.
Someone's following me.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.
I know it was that bitch.
- All right, Sasha, calm down.
- No, Aidan. She went to
see my dad today.
You should have heard her.
I... I tried to play nice,
but she's out to get me.
- OK, we should probably
just put the breaks on,
just until she
finds another story.
- She won't, Aidan!
She won't let it go.
- So what are you
gonna do about it?
- I don't know.
But I have to do something.
(Dial tone)
Can we talk?
- Of course!
Well, I don't have any red wine,
but can I offer you some scotch?
- No, I'm good.
I, uh, I was really...
pissed off earlier,
because I felt like you crossed
a line going to visit my dad.
Then I realized I would
have done the same thing
if I had been pursuing a story.
- Investigative journalism 101.
- Diane, you know my story.
So, I don't really understand
what you're trying to do here.
- You may have
won over the viewers
with this whole victim act,
but I don't buy it.
- Buy what?
I never asked for
any of this to happen.
It just happened.
- Well, in my world,
nothing just happens.
There's always a reason.
- And the reason is Alex.
Diane, they found photos
of me in his underwear drawer!
My blood was on his jacket.
What more do you want?
- You can bring me
all the evidence
to implicate Alex that you want,
but this isn't about Alex.
This story is about you.
And you forget,
I was you, Sasha,
hungry for a chance
to deliver to an audience
that was riveted
by every word I said.
It's called power.
And we all want it.
The difference is how we get it.
Sleep with someone,
throw someone under a bus
or make up your own story.
Whatever it is,
I'm going to find out.
- What you're doing
is harassment.
- Then charge me.
Ah, but that wouldn't
look good, would it?
Your friend and colleague
and the face people trust
digging into your story because
she doesn't believe it?
Imagine the questions
that would stir up.
- You can't stand it, can you?
Being outshined.
- (Laughing): Please!
You're more delusional
than I thought
if you believe that you're a
better journalist than I am.
Now, if you're not
gonna have a drink,
um, I've got things to do.
(Phone vibrating)
- Hello?
- It's Gavin. I just picked up
a 10-35 to Diane's address.
- Is she there?
- I can't reach her.
This is yours, Sasha.
Get on it.
(Birds chirping)
(Camera clicking)
(Siren wailing in distance)
(Exhaling sharply)
(Line ringing)
What's going on?
Was she there?
- No, but it looks like
another home invasion.
- OK, a camera's
on its way to you.
- Yeah, I'm gonna send you
the images right now. OK.
(Men and women chatting,
- We're going live, people!
Let's get on top of this!
- Be sure to get the house
and yellow tape
and everything
in the background.
All right, let's do this.
(Officers chatting, indistinct)
- Five, four...
- I'm standing before the house
of our own Diane Baldwin,
now the scene of yet
another violent break-in.
Images from inside the house
clearly show a struggle,
and now Diane is missing
and feared dead.
I'm sorry.
- Oh my God!
Sasha, what did you do?
- We will obviously continue to
follow this story closely, as...
- Jocelyn, I thought you
were still at your meeting.
- What did you mean?
What... what did she do?
- I'm sorry?
- Just now, you said:
"What did you do?"
- Oh, um, it's, uh...
I was just reacting to
the crime-scene photos.
I mean, she clearly
went in and took them.
- And that bothered you?
- That's risky.
- Not to mention unethical,
but why would you care?
- I don't know what it is that
you are reading into this,
Jocelyn, but I was reacting to
what I saw on the television.
- OK. But if I were you,
I'd stop watching this garbage.
- Sasha, good work!
I'll have to do some damage
control with those photos,
but it'll be worth it.
- Thanks.
- How did it look,
besides the photos?
- It was messy.
A little blood would have
been good, but it worked.
- Sasha...
What are we doing here?
- Well, what do you think?
What? What's wrong?
- What's wrong?
Diane. I mean...
- I know.
It's great, right?
I mean, we can
finally breathe. Hmm.
- It wasn't part of the plan.
- Who would have thought
these home invasions would
work to our advantage?
- Do you have no
sympathy for her?
- I did.
Didn't you see my tears on air?
Killed in the ratings.
Now Gavin has no choice but to
give me all of her best stories.
Come on, relax. We're finally
getting what we both wanted.
- And what if they, uh...
find out that it, uh,
wasn't a home invasion?
- I think it's pretty clear
that's what it was.
Trust me!
- You have to be more careful.
Because in your report,
you refer to Diane
in the past tense...
and nobody knows if
she's even dead yet.
- Thanks...
for the warning.
You know what? Uh...
We can do this later.
I'm gonna go see my dad,
tell him the good news.
He'll be happy for me.
(Insects chirring)
(Car beeping)
- An admirer?
- Can I help you?
- Oh, you don't know who I am?
- Should I?
- My husband is
Professor Ferguson.
You met with him tonight.
- Ah, it's a pleasure
to meet you.
Uh, sorry, I'm not quite
sure why you're here.
- I'm not quite sure why a
former student of my husband's
would be meeting him
in an abandoned building.
- For this exact reason.
Because tongues seem to wag
whenever I visit him at
the college to ask for advice.
- Oh!
- Which you know
why that would be.
- Whose reputation
are you protecting here?
'Cause I know how important
it must be to you right now
with all the press
surrounding your abduction.
Look, if you are or ever were
having an affair with Aidan,
it would be to
both our advantage
if you would just
stay away from him.
- If Professor Ferguson is
involved in scandalous behavior,
then you've come
to the wrong place.
- Just so you know,
if something is going on,
Aidan will tell me,
because he knows I will
protect him any way I can.
But who will have your back?
(Car door opening, closing)
(Engine starting)
(Line ringing)
(Phone vibrating)
- Hello?
- Your wife was just here.
- What? What did she want?
- What do you think, Aidan?
She followed you tonight.
- W-what did...
What did... what did she see?
- Does it matter?
- Listen, Sasha, you're gonna
have to trust me, OK?
If she saw anything,
whatever she thinks she knows,
she's never gonna
come out with it.
- And what about you, Aidan?
Would you come out with it?
- Sasha, I would never.
- Well, that's not
what your wife thinks.
So watch yourself, Aidan.
And keep your mouth shut.
(Dial tone)
(Door opening, closing)
- Where were you?
- Don't you know?
- Uh... Were you at some
meeting that I forgot about?
- Do you realize how it looks
if you were or still are at any
time involved with that woman?
I mean, God, Aidan, you
could have been a suspect!
You still could!
The man they have in custody
has not been found guilty yet.
- Jocelyn, she still
comes to see me for advice.
- Stop lying!
You have been glued to the TV
since she was abducted,
like some...
I don't know.
She's met with Harry Pullman
about the rights to her story.
And you better believe
that Harry will dig and dig
until he gets all the dirt.
- What do you mean?
Where did you hear that from?
- Oh, your fan, Matt Pearson.
He and Harry
happen to be friends.
- They sign a deal, or...
- Is that what this is about?
You get to screw her
and... and write her story?
You know, if you wanna know
if she signed a deal,
why don't you just ask her?
(Phone ringing)
Did she follow you?
- No! We shouldn't be here.
- Someone sent me this.
- That is clearly somebody's
idea of a sick joke.
- Are you sure?
- Sasha, nobody
knows what we did.
But even so,
we have to cool things down
a little bit now, OK?
Things are spiraling way
beyond what we had expected.
First Alex, now Diane?
- What do you mean, now Diane?
- Sasha, you killed her!
- Now who's making assumptions?
- Look me in the eye and tell me
you had nothing to do with that.
- I had nothing to do with it.
- And if you did, would
you be honest with me?
- I just told you I had
nothing to do with it.
And if I had thought of it,
then I would have told you,
because we are in this together.
- So maybe we should
sign those papers, right?
For your life rights?
Should we do that right away?
- Of course.
- OK.
I should go.
- I have a surprise
for you, Dad!
Harry Pullman's gonna
write my life story!
Can you believe it?
Here, this will make you happy.
- Good evening! This is your
Cable Four news at 6:00.
Reporting on our top story
tonight is Sasha Bruder.
- (Repeating TV):
Thank you, Mark.
The search for our own
Diane Baldwin continues
as divers work around the clock
for what they fear
is a search and recovery.
But us here at Cable Four News
are not giving up hope.
A special hotline
has been set up
so you, the public, can help us.
- Sasha...
- And, Diane,
if you can hear this,
do not give up hope...
- Sasha...
- Yeah.
because just like me...
Yeah, Daddy, that's me.
you too will get home.
It's me!
( Barricades by
Fredric Gary Comeau )
You say you wanna meet me
Halfway down the street
But I don't trust you
(Door rattling)
I had to claw my way back
Had to find the right crack
To slip into the...
( Lyrics indistinct )
I'm building up
my barricades
Oh, I just need
a little shade
(Breathing shakily)
So, let those
pretty heels of yours
Lead you to some other doors
And I'll just sit here
(Phone ringing)
Build my barricades
- Sasha!
Did you hear?
Alex's court date has been set,
so we should revive
the story for tonight.
- Do you really think
that's news anymore?
- As long as we can
milk it, it is.
Which means you get
your wish to report on it.
What the hell
happened to your hand?
- Why don't you give
the story to someone else?
I'm working on
the mall shooting,
which should lead, anyway.
- First of all, you don't
decide what leads. I do.
And you wanted this,
so you're taking it.
Just make sure you hold
the mike with the other hand.
(Phone ringing)
- Sasha Bruder.
This is she.
I'd be thrilled to.
(Typing on keyboard)
(Sasha on recording): After
this, like, who do you trust?
After this, like,
who do you trust?
After this, like,
who do you trust?
After this, like,
who do you trust?
After this, like,
who do you trust?
(Recording continues repeating)
(Door closing)
After this, like,
who do you trust?
After this, like,
who do you trust?
(Knocking on door)
Don't turn on the lights!
- What happened, Sasha?
- Someone knows.
- That's impossible.
- Someone knows, Aidan!
These were hanging from
my back door when I got in.
You'd know that if you
picked up your damn phone!
That's not all.
Someone was with me tonight
at the studio...
messing with me.
- Well, I don't know.
Maybe that's just it.
Maybe it's just someone just...
Just trying to rattle you.
- Why would someone do that?
- I don't know, Sasha!
- How much does she know?
- Who?
- Your wife.
- Nothing!
I haven't told her anything.
- This is deliberate, Aidan!
They're covered in blood.
That's deliberate!
Who would do that?
- I don't know, Sasha!
This is...
This is crazy.
I mean...
I mean, if someone knows, if...
If someone knows,
then I don't know,
they could go to the police.
And if they go to the police,
then we are done.
And so, maybe, we have to start
thinking about telling our side.
- To who, Aidan?
To the cops? Really?
Is that how you see yourself
getting out of this?
I was given an offer today
to meet with the head of CNN.
They want me, Aidan.
I could be reporting
for one of the biggest
networks in the nation, me.
So trust me...
when I say I won't let
anything or anyone...
jeopardize that.
I'll bury them first.
(Men and women chatting,
- Excuse me, Lily?
- Yes?
- Sasha Bruder, Cable Four.
Can we talk?
I think we've lost our way.
And I want us to get
back to where we were.
We're two of the same, Aidan.
It's what brought us together.
- Why don't we meet
and talk about it?
- OK.
- I'll be there.
- Was that her?
- If she ever comes here,
don't let her in.
why the change of heart?
What the hell is this?
- It's just a little document
I had your first lover sign
confirming your affair.
Surprisingly easy
to get her to talk.
- You know, whatever the hell it
is that you think you're doing,
Sasha, I don't care,
because I am done
with all of this.
- How much do you think
your wife is willing to pay
to clean up your
little mess, Aidan?
More than she paid Lily?
I know you told Jocelyn.
She's been messing
with me ever since,
trying to get me to break.
- It wasn't Jocelyn.
- Who else knew about these?
- Were you even gonna keep up
your end of the bargain?
Give me the rights
to your exclusive story?
Or was that just a carrot
that you dangled in front of me
to get what you needed?
- Oh...
Is that what this
has all been about?
My story?
OK, fine!
You can have my rights.
Does that make you feel better?
No? I didn't
think so.
- This is all on you, Sasha.
You know, you created this.
All I signed up for was
a plan that we both agreed to,
a plan that you didn't stick to.
- I assumed you had
the stomach for it.
But I guess I was wrong.
- Yeah, because I am
not crazy like you.
- I'm not crazy!
People love me!
Lily loves me.
She... she watches me every night.
Called me an inspiration.
And now I have
her exclusive story.
I can see it now:
"Sasha Bruder reporting live
on an emerging campus scandal."
How do you think your wife's
gonna take that, Aidan?
Not well, I'm guessing.
In fact, I think... I think
it might just kill her.
"Breaking news!
"Disgraced wife of
respected professor
"murders him,
and then turns the gun
on herself."
You know, I bet if I go
to your house right now
and I profess to
tell her everything,
she will just open the door
right up and let me in.
- I... I never told anybody
anything about it, Sasha.
I would never do that.
- I would really
like to believe that,
but you've already gone crying
to your wife once before.
It's pathetic.
You're pathetic.
And I'm not gonna spend
the rest of my life wondering
if you're gonna break,
go to the cops
and ruin everything it is that
I have worked so hard to build.
- They're gonna know that
the gun is yours, Sasha.
- You don't think
I know what I'm doing?
It's not registered.
Could be from anywhere.
- If you knew what
you were doing, Sasha,
you wouldn't do this,
because you're a reporter.
(Gun clicking)
- And now I have
the next big story.
(Doorbell ringing)
(Knocking on door)
(Doorbell ringing)
(Sasha): Jocelyn!
(Knocking on door)
Jocelyn, it's Sasha!
I need to talk to you.
(Phone ringing)
What is it?
- It's Alex.
He's being released.
- How?
- The news is breaking.
Look, this is your story.
You wanted to cover it,
so do it before he leaves
the courthouse and we miss it.
- Dammit!
- Good evening!
Sasha Bruder with Cable Four,
here with breaking news
out of Cleveland.
I've just been informed
that my former colleague
and accused abductor...
- Hit the notes!
- will be released.
Early reports indicate that
new evidence has come to light
that suggests an elaborate plot,
a plot to frame Alex Peterson
in order to further my...
Can we cut?
- Keep rolling. We're live.
- I said cut.
Gavin, what the hell
is going on here?
Yeah, and...
Diane, I...
Wow! I don't
believe it.
I... I'm...
- Quick! Get them
into a two shot.
- We have new breaking news.
Diane Baldwin is here with us
outside of the courthouse.
- It's OK. I can
take it from here.
- No, this is my story.
- Well, what are
you gonna tell them?
That you faked
your own abduction,
then tried to
kill your accomplice?
- I, uh...
No. I...
Aidan, I...
He's not dead.
He's right there.
Just turn the camera on him now.
Come on, do it!
- The reason he's not dead
is because I loaded
your gun with blanks.
- Bitch!
- You can take her away now.
- Bitch, no! No, don't touch me!
Get off of me!
Get off of me! Aidan!
I'm the victim!
I'm the survivor!
I'm the one they
want to see on TV!
- Are we still live?
- You're damn right we are.
- To my loyal viewers,
the past few weeks have been
the most challenging
of my journalistic career.
And it pained me
to mislead you all.
But in order to
break this story,
I had to go deep undercover
in a way that no journalist
has ever done
to make Sasha Bruder,
who I suspected was behind
her own abduction,
believe I was
no longer a threat.
In this way, I was able to
track her every move,
make her fearful
that someone knew,
until, desperate
to eliminate any evidence,
Sasha attempted
to kill her accomplice,
an accomplice
I was unable to uncover,
who agreed to work with me
once he realized Sasha
would never let anything
get between herself
and her ambitions.
Because Sasha Bruder
only wanted one thing,
and that was all of you.
- (Man): You understand
Aidan Ferguson cut a deal.
He told us everything.
So you might as well come clean.
- Can you adjust the camera
a little to the right?
It's my better angle.
Thank you.
Now count me in.
- Three, two, one.
- Good evening!
I'm Sasha Bruder,
and this is my exclusive story.
It's been 20 odd years