Abducted: The Mary Stauffer Story (2019) Movie Script

[Mary Stauffer]
What I'd to like say
is that all of us experience
trouble in our lives.
I think that we only
have to take a good look
at our own lives
and the lives of others
to realize
that bad things happen.
I think if I could
talk to each one of you,
that you could tell me
of things that have happened
in your family...
somebody that's died,
or some disease,
or maybe a divorce...
many things.
Even if we aren't having
troubles at the present time,
I think we can all agree
that we will face trouble
at some point in our lives.
But what do we do?
What resources do we have
to deal with
the troubles of lives,
and how do we come through it
when even the most ardent faith
is challenged?
[Irv Stauffer]
It's hard to put into words
what your support
means to Mary and myself.
It's been our calling
to bring joy to all of you...
to get to know you,
to learn from you,
and to share the word of God,
and now
we're being called again.
And although we'll be away
for some time...
this will always be our home.
Now, before we offer
a final prayer,
I know that Mary would like
to say a few words, too.
Thank you, Irv.
[Mary exhales deeply]
The Philippines
is halfway around the world...
people of a different culture,
different ethnicity,
but people who speak
a same language...
the word of God...
and Irv and myself,
and our two children,
Beth and Steven,
will carry that with us.
Our strength
to follow our calling
on this missionary trip
comes not just from the Lord
but from all of you.
But we will miss you.
Write to us.
Of course.
We'll be counting on
your letters too, Ann.
Are you really gonna go through
with this, Mrs. Stauffer?
[Irv] Mary.
Look who came to see us.
I'm sorry, just one minute.
Aw, so good to see you guys.
Hi, sweetie.
Dear Lord,
we thank you for this meal
and for everything
that you've given us.
We pray for strength
and guidance
as we share your love
with new friends and faces.
- Amen.
I don't want to move away.
I won't have any friends there.
Oh, I know
it's gonna be hard at first,
but you'll make new friends,
and your old friends
will be here
when we get back.
It's not fair.
"It's not fair!"
[mimics whining]
Now, now.
[blows raspberry]
Hey, hey, that's enough.
- Bethy.
Stop and eat.
I'm not hungry.
[Mary sighs]
If I was eight years old,
I wouldn't understand either,
but this missionary trip
is important.
We do this
to help others in need.
It's an experience
you'll treasure
for the rest of your life.
Good night.
I love you, Bethy.
I love you, too.
On the day it happened,
I remember thinking
what a beautiful day it was.
How good it felt to be outside.
How that warm breeze
felt like the summer
had finally arrived.
Bethy, let's go.
You sure do have
a pretty new haircut
to take with you.
Thank you.
Mary, good luck!
Oh, thank you.
- Bye.
Your hair's so shiny!
- Thanks.
Trevor's coming over
with Aunt Sarah tonight
for dinner.
Will you help me cook?
Keep walking to your car.
- Excuse me?
Get into your car.
- What?
Get in now, this side.
Come here, baby.
Behind the wheel. Drive.
- Quickly!
- [Mary] Okay.
I said drive!
Just please, don't point
the gun at her.
I'll do whatever you want.
Go this way for awhile.
Why are you doing this?
You know why, Mary.
I don't know you.
Don't say that!
If you say it again,
I will kill you both.
Over there.
Drive as far back as you can go.
Okay, stop.
Give me the keys.
Gimme the keys!
- All right.
Get out.
Just do what he says.
It's gonna be okay.
- I know, honey.
[door thuds]
If you run, I will shoot you.
Get in.
No, please.
Get in!
- Okay, just...
It's okay, baby.
Come on!
- Okay!
Hey, car break down, mister?
Uh... no, we're good.
[boy, crying out] No!
Get off me!
Shut up! Shut up!
[trunk thuds]
- Mommy!
It's okay, it's okay.
I'm here.
It's okay, it's okay.
[car starts]
I'm scared.
I want to go home!
What's your name?
Hey, Jason...
my name is Mary,
and this is my daughter, Beth.
You're not alone.
None of us are alone. Okay?
We're just... We're all
gonna pray right now, okay?
[overlapping voices, indistinct]
Do you remember the color
of the car, Matty?
Was it a big car?
Kind of.
It was long.
I think it had a white top.
[gravel crunches]
[gear engages]
[engine shuts off]
[door thuds]
[trunk creaks]
No! Don't hurt him!
Don't hurt him!
[trunk bangs shut]
It's okay. I'm here.
I'm here.
We're together.
[gravel spraying]
Hey, sis.
Sorry we're late.
It's fine.
Mary and Beth aren't here yet.
Hi, Aunt Sarah.
Hey, bugaboo.
Trevor, you want to go
show Steven
what you brought to play with?
I'm sure she still has
a lot to get done
before you leave.
I know.
We leave in two weeks.
Have you found a renter?
No, not yet.
We're still trying to get
our stuff in storage.
[sighing heavily]
Hard to believe
it's already time for you to go.
I know.
I really admire
what you're doing,
but I sure wish
you weren't going.
You know Mary.
Once she gets her mind
made up about something...
Please, we need water.
No, get out.
Come on.
Come on, Bethy.
To the van.
Get in.
Get in!
[kidnapper] This way...
And keep going.
It's okay...
It's okay.
All right, let's go.
All right.
It's okay, it's okay.
I'm here.
We're together.
Please, she's terrified.
Please, just tell me
what you want.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, please.
Get in the closet.
I want to go home.
- No.
Get into the closet!
[Beth] I want to go home.
[lock clicks]
[door thuds]
[sobbing] It's okay.
It's okay.
Why did he take us here?
I don't know.
I don't know.
You don't have to wait.
It's fine.
Where's Mommy?
Oh, she'll be home soon.
Boys, if you're finished
your dinner,
you can go and play
in Steven's room, if you like.
Mary is never a minute late...
for anything.
I know.
Ramsey County Sheriff's
How can I assist you?
Hi. My name is Irv Stauffer.
Uh, my wife and daughter
are missing.
They should have been home
hours ago,
but I haven't heard from them.
Your wife and daughter?
Do you have any reason
to believe
they're in any danger?
Not specifically, no.
It's just my wife
is very punctual.
We're leaving the country soon,
and it's just not like her.
Where are you calling from, sir?
Arden Hill.
I'm just worried
about a car accident,
something like that.
Dispatch has no report
of any car accidents
in that area.
Can I leave my number?
Sir, our entire department
is focused on a little boy
who was abducted this afternoon.
I'm sure your wife and daughter
are on their way home.
There's been a lot
of police activity in that area
causing traffic delays, okay?
Please call back if you don't
hear anything from them soon.
She would've found a way
to call.
They'll be right there.
- Hello?
[dial tone buzzes]
Just you.
Let go of your mother, Beth.
It's okay.
You're safe in here.
I'll be back, I promise.
[door shuts]
[lock clatters and clicks]
[Beth sobs quietly]
What is your name?
Mary Stauffer.
How old are you, Mary?
I'm 39.
Do you know why you're here?
It's okay.
I want you to be honest.
I don't why I'm here.
We're going to discuss that.
I'm gonna ask you
some questions.
You're gonna answer correctly.
What is my name?
I don't know.
[irately] Yes, you do.
I'm sorry.
You're gonna have to help me.
How did we meet?
Was it long ago?
Ming Sen Shiue.
Think back 15 years.
I was a ninth-grade teacher.
You were in my class?
You gave me a very low grade,
Mrs. Stauffer.
I was denied a scholarship
because of that grade.
This is about a grade
I gave you 15 years ago?
I tried to talk to you about it,
but you wouldn't listen to me.
I wasn't one of your favorites.
You didn't give your favorites
grades like that.
I was the outcast.
I was the one they made fun of
with the funny name.
Why are you going away?
Irv is taking you away
to the Philippines.
It's all you've been
talking about at church
over the last several weeks.
Why are you going with him?
Because he's my husband
and I love him,
and our faith demands
that we help the unfortunate
in this world.
Except me, right?
I'm sorry
that I didn't help you.
I want to believe that.
this can't be about a grade
or that people made fun of you.
Why did you take me?
We're done talking now.
[light switch clicks]
[lock clatters]
I'm okay, I'm okay.
I'm okay.
He didn't hurt me.
I want to go home.
I don't want to be here.
I want Daddy.
I know, I know,
but we can't leave.
We've got to stay here
for awhile.
- Beth.
I want to go home.
Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, listen.
I know. I know, okay?
I want to go home, too,
but we can't, okay?
And right now I need you to be
a lot older than you are, okay?
I need you to be strong.
we have each other,
and we have God, okay?
And that's all we need.
That's all we need
to get through this, okay?
But I can't do this without you,
Beth, I can't.
I can't be strong if you aren't.
Can you be strong for me?
Alright. Okay.
What we need to do now
is pray, okay?
All right.
[together] Our Father,
who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done
on Earth as it is in Heaven.
[phone rings]
Ramsey County Sheriff's
How may I assist you?
Yes, this is Irv Stauffer again.
I think I spoke to you earlier.
My wife and daughter
are still not home.
Your wife's name?
Mary Stauffer.
Our daughter's name is Beth.
She's eight years old.
Is there any circumstance
where your wife
may have taken your daughter
against her will?
No, I told you,
nothing like that.
We're leaving the country soon,
and she was supposed to be
home hours ago
for dinner with family.
And where were they last seen?
Carmen's Beauty Salon
in Roseville.
And what kind of car
were they driving?
It's a Ford, an LTD.
It's green.
It's got a white vinyl top.
Mr. Stauffer,
can you hold for a moment?
I've got a man
who's called twice
about his wife and daughter
not coming home.
They were last seen about a mile
from where the boy was abducted.
The wife was driving
a green Ford LTD
with a white top.
have been searching
Hazelnut Park...
[doorbell rings]
...and the surrounding areas...
Mr. Stauffer,
I'm Sergeant Rayburn.
This is Deputy Knowles.
Come in.
- Thanks.
This is my sister, Sarah.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Mr. Stauffer, do you
or your wife know Jason Wilkman?
No. We just saw that
on the news.
No. No, I don't recognize
him or his family.
Did your wife and daughter
have any reason to be
in Hazelnut Park
after they left the salon?
Isn't that where
the boy was abducted?
There was an eyewitness
who saw a man throw Jason
in the trunk of a green Ford LTD
only about a mile
from where you said your wife
and daughter were last seen.
Happened about 3:45.
[Sarah] Oh, my God.
[Rayburn] The boy's friend
said the man appeared to panic.
He thinks
that Jason saw something
in the trunk of the car
that he shouldn't have,
and that's why he was taken.
You think Mary and Beth
were in the trunk?
We can't know that for sure,
but we do think that somehow
this is all connected.
Oh, my...
I have to go to the bathroom.
[thumping on door]
[calls out] Ming?
We have to go to the bathroom!
[lock rattling]
[door creaks]
There's a bucket.
If you intend
on keeping us in here,
at least have the decency
that it doesn't
include our own filth.
[Beth sobbing]
Tell her to stop crying.
Okay, she will.
Bethy, Bethy, baby, calm down.
He's gonna let us
use the bathroom, okay?
Okay? See? See?
I'll be standing right here.
[sighing dejectedly]
Go ahead, sweetie.
You said you were hungry.
[cupboard doors bang]
Stand up.
I won't hurt you as long as
you don't try and escape.
When I know I can trust you,
you'll be rewarded.
If you try to leave...
No. No.
...I will kill you.
[Mary] No.
She's just a little girl.
[Ming] If you somehow manage
to get away...
I will kill Irv and Steven.
I know where you live.
[lock clicking]
Now sit down
and finish your food.
How long have you
been watching me?
I've thought of everything.
No one will find you.
would it be okay
if I called my family?
[Ming] So you can tell them
where you are?
I don't know where I am.
I just...
I want to call
my husband and son
a-and tell them
that I'm not hurt.
I know they're worried.
I can't let you do that.
Well, then...
Can you let Beth
go be with her father?
She's just a little girl
and she's frightened,
and I don't think this has
anything to do with her.
I think that this is about me,
that you wanted me,
a-and it doesn't have anything
to do with Beth.
You're a very perceptive woman.
You want me to be honest, right?
You want to know
that you can trust me.
I'm tired of people
who lie to me.
Everyone lies to me.
So I think
we understand each other
a little better, right?
We can both be honest
with each other.
You're in love with me.
You already knew that.
If you love me...
why would you want to hurt me?
Having my hands tied down
hurts me.
Keeping me in a closet hurts me.
Frightening my daughter
hurts me.
No, I want you to be happy.
I can't let you go
so far away from me.
I can't let that happen.
Ming... let us go home.
It's the only way
not to hurt me.
Don't ask me that again.
You don't understand
what I feel.
You're hurting me.
Ming, you're hurting me.
[lock rattles]
Please, please,
don't lock us together
if we're in here.
There's no...
I don't care.
[door thuds]
[lock clatters and clicks]
You okay?
- Okay.
[Mary sighs]
[faint bicycle bell ringing]
Do you know what this means?
It means we're not
in the middle of nowhere.
There are people around us...
And when the time's right,
they're gonna hear us.
There are a lot of people
looking for us.
God will show 'em the way.
[Mary begins humming
"Amazing Grace"]
That's my favorite.
Mm, hmm
[congregation and choir]
...The sound
That saved
A wretch like me
I once was lost
But now am found
Was blind
But now I see
Thank you.
That's Beth's favorite.
I'm sure wherever they are,
they heard it, too.
Now, I know a lot of you
have questions.
We don't know any more
than many of you
have seen on the TV
or read in the papers...
But something I can tell you,
as many of you are well aware,
Mary's the strongest person
I know.
She will protect Bethy,
and I'm sure God is overwhelmed
with their prayers...
But I'm still asking for more.
Not just for Beth and Mary
but for the boy, Jason,
who was also abducted...
and I have this to say
to the man who took them.
"There is no wisdom...
no insight, no plan
that can succeed
against our Lord."
Sarah will be handing out flyers
that we'd like to keep posting
throughout the area,
and if I could just get
a show of hands
for any volunteers who'd be
willing to help us out today...
[news announcer]
Our top story tonight...
The search continues
for a missing mother
and her daughter,
last seen
leaving this hair salon
before being abducted
Friday afternoon.
Police cannot confirm,
but do believe the missing
mother and daughter
is related to the missing boy,
Jason Wilkman.
Anyone with any information
is asked to call
their local police,
who are continuing
to search the area.
We'll go back to you
in the studio.
[male announcer]
A southbound Amtrak train...
Write your husband a letter.
Tell him you've had
second thoughts
about going to the Philippines
and you need some time to think.
Tell him you and Beth are okay
and you'll be home soon,
but nothing has happened to you.
You just need
some time to be alone.
He'll understand.
I will read every word.
[door opening]
We covered a lot of areas.
Put the rest up tomorrow.
Whatever we can do to help.
Thank you.
- I'll be in the car.
- Okay.
How's Steven?
He doesn't really understand.
I guess that's good.
- Yeah.
I can stay here, if you like.
No, no, it's fine.
I, uh... [sniffs]
I'm tired.
I'm gonna go to bed.
whatever that boy
saw in the trunk,
it doesn't mean it was them.
I know.
But if it wasn't them, then...
where are they?
I love you, big brother.
- Thanks.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Are Mommy and Beth lost?
How come?
Remember when
we went camping last year
and we couldn't find
the right road back?
That's all it is.
They'll find it.
I want Mommy to read me a story.
Well, what was wrong with
the way I read you the story?
Alright, it's time to sleep.
Will they find
the right road back
by the time I wake up?
I hope so, kiddo.
Good night.
I can't sleep.
When I was a little girl
and I was alone in my room
and supposed to be asleep,
I used to pretend
that my bed was a boat.
I used to set sail.
Pretty soon, my whole room
was an ocean.
Even when it was dark?
Especially when it was dark.
When it's dark,
that's when God surrounds you.
He lets your imagination
take you
anywhere you want to go.
Can I pretend
that this is my room,
and this is my bed?
Just close your eyes.
Feel God's presence.
Now open them slowly.
Where are we?
In a closet.
[Mary chuckles lightly]
Okay, well...
in your heart.
Where do you want to be?
I want to be in my room.
I want to sleep in my own bed,
and Daddy just gave me
a kiss good night.
That sounds wonderful.
Can I sleep
in your room tonight?
[lock clatters]
[keys jangling]
[Beth] No, no, no!
Please, please!
- It's alright.
Please don't take my mommy.
- It's all right.
I know you don't like
being here.
Tomorrow morning,
I'm going let you
and your mommy go home,
as long as your mommy does
what she's told.
You're gonna let us go?
As long as your mommy
does what I ask.
Okay. I'll be back.
[lock clatters, then clicks]
[stairs creaking]
[Mary gasps]
No! No, no.
I won't hurt you.
- No!
I won't hurt you.
- No! No! No! No!
No! No. No...
[Mary] For some reason,
I thought of the shows
on TV at the time,
particularly the ones
where people get themselves
out of trouble.
The girls in Charlie's Angels
always had a resource
to call upon.
I didn't have any secret weapons
in my pocket,
yet I had something else.
I had God.
God didn't help me escape,
but He gave me three things
that I want to share with you.
First, He gave me peace.
Somehow, in the midst
of total fear,
I had strength.
That could only be
for one reason...
peace with God.
And through that
and my love for Beth,
I knew I could endure anything
to help keep her safe.
You made us a promise.
I know.
I bought you a dress.
I'd like you to wear it.
I'll clean your other clothes.
Put them outside the door.
What is it?
It's from Mary.
She would never write that.
I know nobody believes
that their wife is unhappy,
but she wasn't having
second thoughts about leaving.
If she did,
she would have told me.
You're certain about that?
She's my wife.
We have
a very honest relationship.
I guarantee you
that she was forced
to write this.
Irv, this is Sheriff Decker.
Reverend Stauffer,
nice to meet you in person.
Thank you.
You too.
I don't think we're gonna find
any prints
on this letter either.
He's clever.
The letter itself
was postmarked 40 miles north,
which doesn't exactly
narrow our search.
Well, at least we know
he's still in the state, right?
Well, at least
when it was sent, anyways.
If Mary was forced
to write this...
and Irv, I believe you...
then he thinks this will
make us and you back off,
which suggests
he hasn't harmed them.
Hasn't harmed them?
He's held them
against their will!
Yes, but the point
I'm trying to make
is that they're alive,
and that's better
than what we feared
up until this letter arrived.
[Irv sighs]
[engine shuts off]
Good morning.
Hey, Ming.
Morning, Robert.
I'm wondering if you could
take a look at something for me.
Yeah, sure.
I can't get the motherboard
to identify with
the main circuit controls.
Everything's powered.
How much RAM are you using?
These processors can't handle
more than 4K.
Hopefully, we'll get the 8088s
from IBM this year.
They've been
promising that forever.
They're coming,
and when they do,
these won't just be
office machines anymore.
How's your family?
They're great.
Ann says hi,
asked if you wanted to come over
for dinner this weekend.
I appreciate it,
but I have a family obligation.
Okay. Soon, then?
Yeah, sure.
[door thuds]
Mary? Beth?
[muffled] I'm home.
I went to the grocery store!
[lock rattles]
[bag rustling]
I wanted it to be a surprise.
Happy birthday, Mary.
[Ming and Beth]
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday
to you
Happy birthday, dear Mary
- Happy birthday, dear Mommy
Happy birthday
to you
[Ming chuckles]
Blow out the candles.
[Mary exhales]
[takes a deep breath and blows]
What did you wish for?
It's my wish.
Oh, and, Beth,
I know it's not your birthday,
but I didn't
want you to feel left out.
All the kids have them.
Thank you!
You're welcome.
You can play with it
at the table.
I don't mind.
[electronic beeping]
Did you have a nice birthday?
I appreciated the cake.
You're not being honest.
You're holding me
and my daughter
against our will.
I've had better birthdays.
You'll learn to like it here.
I promise, I'll make it nice.
You've made other promises.
I did what you asked,
and you still haven't let us go.
No, you didn't do what I asked.
You didn't make love to me.
I was making love to you,
but it wasn't reciprocated.
That wasn't making love.
That was rape.
Don't say that.
I didn't rape you.
It's just that
you weren't making love to me
the way I wanted you to.
Because I can't.
I love my husband.
I won't betray him.
Do you want to die?
- No.
Do you want
your daughter to die?
Then you'll make love to me
the way you did to your husband.
The sounds you made,
the things you said to him,
the way you called him
by his full name,
How do you know that?
That's how you'll do it with me.
How do you know
how my husband and I make love?
You'll say my name.
Were you watching me
inside of my house?
You'll say my name.
How dare you?
You violated me
before you ever
laid your hands on me!
Don't say that.
You raped me
before you took me
into your bedroom.
[roars] Stop saying that!
Have you ever watched someone
die of suffocation?
Have you, Mary?
[Ming panting]
It doesn't take very long, Mary.
You'll see!
But Ming!
Ming! Ming!
Ming! Ming!
[door unlocking]
Ming! No, no! Ming!
Your mommy
won't do what she's told!
Ming! Okay, okay, okay, okay!
Okay, I'll do it!
I'll just...
Okay, okay.
[Mary sobbing]
[door slams]
[muffled shrieking]
Mama! Mama!
[Beth pounding on door]
[Mary sobbing] No!
So, I found this...
and then I saw this.
That your bedroom up there?
Yeah. I checked.
The hole's
directly under the bed.
It doesn't make sense.
It's not even big enough
to see anything.
Maybe this guy's
into electronics,
has listening devices.
Chances are,
he's been stalking you
Do you have a list
of parishioners
from your church?
Partial, the donor list.
Does Mary have
any old yearbooks from
the school
where she used to teach?
Could be an old student.
I'll look.
[Deputy on radio]
Deputy Knowles, come in.
Go for Knowles.
We found the car abandoned
20 miles north.
Mary and Beth?
The car was empty.
There are other tire tracks
next to it.
Looks like he switched vehicles.
I'll go check the other windows.
Why was he so mad?
He's not mad anymore.
I did what he asked.
Don't be frightened.
Is he gonna let us go home now?
But we have to keep pretending.
I know you're scared, Bethy,
but I won't ever
let him hurt you.
Don't be afraid, okay?
I'll never let him hurt you.
Is it still your birthday?
I think it is.
I'm glad he let you
come back in the closet.
I wouldn't want you
alone with him on your birthday.
You're so strong.
I love you so much.
I love you, too.
[Mary] The second resource
I had was hope.
It wasn't the hope
that we would
get out of the closet,
or that we would be able
to escape,
or that we would survive.
It wasn't that kind of hope.
It was somehow an assurance
that, no matter what happened,
God would care for us.
Now, if you were to ask me,
"Did you feel God's presence?"
Despite our prayers,
I didn't feel God's presence,
but that is when
faith is tested...
and without faith,
there would've been no hope.
[rapidly pounding on wall]
Help! Help!
We're inside the house!
Honey, honey, honey! Honey.
We don't want to make him mad,
You got to be quiet.
There were kids.
I could hear them.
I could hear them!
They're close!
Oh, sweetie.
Sweetie, they're not gonna
be able to hear us in here,
not unless they have
their ear to the wall.
Okay, look.
I want to show you something,
But it has to be our secret.
But you said secrets are bad.
The secrets between family
and loved ones or friends, yes,
but not from Ming.
This is where we are.
This is the address
to this house.
Okay, I need you
to memorize this
so that if you ever get away,
you can tell Daddy
and the police where I am, okay?
Okay, memorize it,
then we have to destroy this
so that he doesn't know.
My life has been
tough, you know?
You said people teased you?
Are you interested,
or are you just saying that?
No, I-I want to hear it.
Well, we never had any money,
so I didn't have things
other kids had.
My father died when I was young.
I had to take care
of the family.
It was up to me.
You know,
I was in the Army, too.
Sometimes, my platoon guys
would say,
"Hey, Ming...
you look like a gook.
We might accidentally
shoot you."
That's terrible.
It's not fair for anybody
to be treated that way.
You're the reason I'm alive.
[Ming chuckles]
When you're in a dark hole,
"Why should I live?
What is my purpose in living?"
You have to come up
with something,
but you pulled me through,
otherwise, I don't think
I would have survived.
So I broke into your house.
I listened to you in the dark.
Sometimes, even your breath
gave me comfort,
knowing that you were close.
How do we resolve this?
How can we ease your burden?
Having a family,
people who care.
You could have that, too.
Who would want me?
I feel like there's something
personal between us.
You've affected me.
Killing is not something
I really...
and that would hurt
your daughter.
Hurting her is not something
that I want to do.
This is between you and me.
Do you understand?
But I don't need an excuse.
I have that streak in me,
that kind of thing
you can't control.
Look, Beth really misses
her father and brother.
You could let her go.
Just drop her off somewhere.
She doesn't know where we are.
She wouldn't be able
to tell anyone.
I'll pick up
some new food for dinner.
Is there anything else
I can get you,
something that would
make you more comfortable?
I would like a Bible.
Found two more yearbooks.
Anyone in her class
that you recognize?
No. That was 15 years ago.
Um, there was
something else, though.
I spoke to my parents.
Remember I told you they had
a break-in a few years ago?
Well, they didn't remember
until now,
but I spoke to my mother
this morning,
and she said that
when the man was in the house,
when he saw my mother
and father come downstairs,
he said something really odd.
He said that she was
"the wrong Mrs. Stauffer."
She got a description?
No, it was dark,
but she said she thought
he was Asian.
Let's narrow our search.
Let's go through these,
all right?
Look for someone Asian.
[toy beeping electronically]
[exhales wearily]
[beeping continues]
[blows air tensely]
[lock rattles and clunks]
Thank you.
It's so hot in here.
We can't breathe.
Could we please come out?
I need to pick things up.
[lock clatters and clicks]
Second Corinthians.
Chapter one, verse three.
[Irv] Jesus tells us
that we will have troubles
in this world.
It's a guarantee.
He also promises us
victory in our faith...
But faith isn't always easy.
If it was,
it would be worth nothing.
So we carry on,
as Mary is,
drawing strength from her faith.
And we must do the same,
all of us.
They need to hear our prayers.
I know what verse
she might be thinking
at this moment...
Second Corinthians,
chapter one, verse three.
"Praise be
to the God and the Father
of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the Father of compassion,
and the God of all comfort."
so that we can
comfort those in trouble
with the comfort
we ourselves receive
from God.
We do not lose heart.
Though outwardly
we are wasting away,
yet inwardly we are
being renewed day by day."
Why is he back so soon?
[faintly] Shh.
Let's let him think
we're asleep, okay?
[door creaks]
[door closes]
He could've
let us go out for awhile.
Mama, we've been good.
I know, baby,
but right now I'm finding
more strength in here
with you and this
than out there with him.
[muffled bass
thumping through floor]
Why would he go play music
in the basement?
Unless what?
Someone else lives here.
[pounding hard]
[music blasting]
[muffled music,
continues thumping]
[Mary] There were times
where I thought
I couldn't bear it any longer.
No air, no light,
but the third resource
that I told you about that I had
was love.
It's impossible to quantify
the love a mother has
for her child,
and so, through love,
our limit of endurance
was longer
than either of us
would have thought.
When people ask,
"How could you stand it?"
I answer that I couldn't,
but I didn't know that
at the time,
because my only purpose
was my love for Beth.
We had each other,
and she was the reason that
I had any strength at all.
Are you keeping someone else
in the basement?
In the basement?
[sets cutlery down]
That's my cousin, Brian.
He rents
the apartment downstairs.
He's been away traveling
for a couple weeks.
I put extra padding
on the floor in your closet
so he that he can't hear you,
even if you were
stomping on the floor.
Is that what you did?
Thank you for being honest.
[pouring water]
Beth, would you like
to go camping?
More like a camper
kind of thing.
I love campers.
I've been invited to attend
a conference in Chicago.
I would like to attend,
but I obviously can't
leave you both here alone.
I've rented an RV.
We could all go.
You want to take us to Chicago?
But I need to ask you...
what would you do
if someone saw you in the RV
and I wasn't there?
I would tell them
that we're being held
against our will.
[Ming chuckles]
Yeah, I bet you would.
I know you would!
No, she won't!
She won't make you mad.
Will you, Mommy?
Is that a promise?
Beth, if I gave you a pencil
and some paper,
could you make a list
of the things we'll need?
I have a better idea.
Why don't you drop Beth and I
off at home,
and you can go to Chicago
without having to worry
if we're gonna tell anyone?
Stop it.
Stop making him mad.
He'll hurt Daddy and Steven.
She's right, Mary.
You should listen to Beth.
She's the rational one here.
Make the list.
Why did you push me like that
at dinner tonight?
It's like you wanted
to make me mad.
Did you?
But I told you
that I would be honest with you.
That was an honest answer.
Even if it makes me mad?
My intention is not
to make you mad,
because I don't want
you to hurt anyone.
You're a smart man, Ming.
You know when I'm lying.
Why do you want to go
to this conference?
It's a job fair
for companies like mine.
I own a company
that sells and repairs
electronic equipment.
The kind of equipment
you used to spy
on me and my husband?
A question like that
is not being honest.
It's meant to antagonize me.
Well, I'm angry
that you spied on me.
You've been getting
more and more angry lately.
I think you're letting this
get to you.
I want to sell my company...
move to a bigger city.
You intend on taking us
with you when you move?
Of course.
Like I said on the first day,
I want to help you.
I really want to help you.
You're that kind of person,
aren't you?
You like to help people.
So let me.
You can afford
the luxury of optimism.
You have all your religion
for that.
I do,
but not because I'm perfect,
because I'm imperfect.
I have sinned many times.
You haven't done
the things I've done.
Well, I don't think
God has a scale of sins.
What gives you the right
to have God on your side?
Because He's said
anyone who calls upon
the name of the Lord
shall be saved,
and I've done that.
He's never cared
about me before.
Yes, He has.
So He controls your life?
No. I'm saying
that He's allowed this to happen
for some reason,
and part of that reason
I've already learned...
that I've seen a part of me
that isn't so good.
What's that?
I didn't meet
all of the needs of my students.
[Ming chuckles dryly]
Why didn't God think of that
15 years ago?
[door creaks]
If you make a sound,
I will shoot Beth.
I will do it.
What's with the RV?
None of your business.
"None of your business."
[snickers] Why don't you
open some windows, man?
Get some light in here,
you freak.
I like it this way.
And stop raiding my fridge!
What's gotten into you?
Nothing. Just get out.
In fact, start looking
for a new place to rent.
You can't live
in the basement anymore.
Because I need it!
[Brian] Need it for what?
[Ming] Just get the hell
out of my house!
And stay out!
Find a new place to live!
[lock rattles]
Was that your cousin?
He won't be
bothering us anymore.
[door thuds]
[lock rattles and clacks]
When we go outside,
you will not make a noise.
We understand.
All right, let's go.
Get in.
[engine starts]
[car door shuts]
[Ming] Who's out there?
The police.
I'm willing to die.
That was fast.
Two black.
Let's roll.
[squad car engine starts]
Do that again
and I will shoot you.
I will make you suffer for it
as long as possible.
If you pull this too hard,
it will break the gas line.
I've rigged it
so the camper will blow up.
Where are you going?
The conference I'm attending.
I've installed
listening devices.
If you shout out to anyone,
make any noise at all,
I will kill
as many people as I can,
then I'll come back here
and kill you both.
[door latches shut]
We have to whisper
so he doesn't hear us.
Can you get free?
He said not to.
I know, but we have to try.
Mommy, don't!
I'm just getting some air.
[skateboards rumbling
and thudding outside]
[Velcro ripping]
[Velcro continues ripping]
Do a 360.
[whispering urgently]
Hey! Hey!
[tapping] Hey!
My daughter and I
were kidnapped.
We need help.
You've been what?
A man took us.
We're tied up.
Please, get the police.
[boy snickers]
Good one. Nice.
All right.
[Mary whimpers] No.
No, please.
Who was that?
- I don't know. Some crazy lady.
[Mary sobbing]
[sobbing softly]
[lock clatters]
[door opens]
My cousin is gone.
You don't need to stay
in the closet anymore.
[keys jangling]
You've been good.
You can have this whole room
to yourself,
if I can trust you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I have another surprise for you.
After you've showered
and cleaned up a bit,
I'll tell you.
Alright, come here, yeah.
Alright, right here.
Do you know what day it is?
I've lost track.
Hello. Irv speaking.
Beth? Hi... [chokes up]
Hi, sweetie.
Are you okay?
Is Mommy okay?
Oh... [sniffles]
That's good. That's good.
I miss you both.
Happy Father's Day.
[voice shakes] Thank you.
We're fine, Daddy.
I'm so glad.
We can't talk anymore.
When can you come home?
I don't know.
Tell the man that took you
that I'd like to speak to him.
He won't.
I have to go.
Can you call again?
I don't know.
I hope I see you soon.
Me too, sweetie.
Bye-bye, sweetie.
Thank you.
[hangs up]
She wished me
a happy Father's Day.
[chuckles tearfully]
Oh, Irv...
They're okay.
What do you want to talk about?
I don't know.
It's really kind of you
to let Beth call her father.
It seemed to make her happy.
She really misses
her father and brother.
Do you miss them?
Yes, a lot.
It'll be over soon.
You're gonna let us go?
How would that work?
You know I can't let you go now.
What do you plan
on doing with us?
You promised
you wouldn't hurt us.
you have a good heart.
I-I know it's in there.
God knows it's in there.
Just let God into your heart,
and he will show you what to do.
I've spoken with the RV company.
I could rent the RV
for up to a year.
I'll go somewhere
where no one knows who I am.
And let us go?
Like I said...
that really wouldn't work,
would it?
Oh, Fourth of July's comin' up.
We should do something special
before all of this is over.
Get up.
What are you doing?
- I have to go to the bathroom.
[roars] What are you doing
outside the room?
Ming! Ming, stop!
Door wasn't locked
and you didn't tell me?
But she didn't go anywhere!
See? See?
It shows you can trust us!
We just... You can trust us.
- Get in! Get in!
No, not the closet, please!
I can't go in the closet again!
[Mary sobbing]
[news announcer]
President Carter has arrived
at Fort Wayne, Indiana,
for a brief visit
with civil rights leader
Vernon Jordan.
Jordan is in serious
but stable condition now
at Parkview Hospital.
He is recuperating
from the gunshot wound suffered
early Thursday morning.
Thank you.
- Police still have no...
The news doesn't even
talk about you anymore.
They've forgotten.
Remember when we talked
about the Fourth of July, Mary?
How do you normally
spend the holiday?
We go to Como Park
and watch the fireworks.
You want me
to take you to Como Park?
That would be wonderful.
So you can look for your friends
or wave down the police?
You keep saying
that you want to do the things
that make us happy.
If that's true,
then you need to do the stuff
that we want to do.
Watching the fireworks
would make us both happy.
It would make us feel
like a family.
[TV news continues indistinctly]
If you're really good
for the next week...
then I'll consider it.
[door rattles shut]
[Mary] I prayed a lot,
asking God to show us the way,
and I knew
people were praying for us...
...but I also knew
I was the one that had to act
on those prayers.
Ming intended to kill us
in the end.
I was sure of that.
I knew I was going to have to
free us from these chains
that kept us here.
What are you doing?
Go back to bed.
[door opens]
[kids laughing and playing]
[reporter] Officials expect
a large crowd with this weather,
exactly what everyone ordered
for this Fourth of July.
Now, the fireworks are set
to go off at sundown,
but if you're looking
for a good spot to watch...
well, you might
want to get here soon.
Are we going to go
see the fireworks?
I don't want to go to Como Park
without Mommy and Bethy.
We'll just watch it
from here tonight, okay?
I'm letting you do this
because I trust you.
I'll have the gun in my pocket.
If you try to alert anyone,
I will shoot you
and I will kill as many people
as I possibly can
before the police can stop me.
That's on you.
Do you understand?
We can't be responsible
if somebody recognizes us.
I might know people here.
You asked to see the fireworks
here at your favorite place.
If you want us to go home,
we will.
You're risking the consequences.
I want to see them.
We won't alert anyone.
[casual chatter, indistinct]
[sparklers crackling]
[fireworks exploding]
[fireworks display continues]
[cartoons playing quietly]
[Mary] I tried
everything to free us.
The chains around our waists,
the locks, the doors...
nothing worked.
I began to lose faith...
...but God had not
given up on me yet.
Don't do anything.
Nothing's wrong.
He might be on his way home.
Don't do anything again, Mommy.
I just want to see something.
Leave it alone!
He's gonna get mad!
[pin rattling]
We got to go.
Come on.
- No! I don't want to!
Honey! We have
to get out of here.
Come on.
Come on, come.
He's gonna come home.
He's gonna find us
out of the room
and he'll do
something bad to you!
I don't want to leave!
Honey, we don't have a choice!
Do you understand?
[line ringing]
[woman] Ramsey County
Sheriff's Department.
Hi. This is Mary Stauffer.
My daughter and I
are being held at a house
at 19 Lailey Drive in Roseville.
You're Mary Stauffer?
Yes. Please hurry.
Mary, are you able
to get out of the house?
I think so,
but he might be back
at any moment.
If there's the white van
in the driveway,
tell the officers
not to come in.
There's loaded weapons
inside the house.
Help is on the way.
Try to get
to a neighbor's house,
or find a place
to hide outside, okay?
Come on.
We can do it.
[vehicle approaching]
What is it?
Mr. Stauffer, I'm supposed
to bring you and your son
down to the station.
They didn't tell me.
They want you there.
- Did they find Mommy?
Come on.
[vehicle approaches]
[door closes]
[Beth] Is it Ming?
Is it Ming?
I'm gonna take you home.
My God.
We'll do this later.
Let's get you out of here.
Can you walk?
This way.
[Mary and Beth sobbing]
Call it in.
We found them.
Yeah, we've got them.
- Get them out of here.
Sergeant Rayburn.
Irv and Steve are on their way
to the station.
We're gonna take you
there first,
then we'll get you
to a hospital.
Is that okay?
Yes, please. Take us...
Take us away from here, please.
Right this way.
I'll come with.
- Yeah.
[tires squealing]
Put your hands in the air!
Turn around!
Hands on your head!
On your knees!
Get on your knees!
[Knowles] Mary, did Ming
ever take you out of Minnesota?
He took us to Chicago.
[Rayburn] That puts this
under the jurisdiction
of the FBI.
- Oh, Irv!
[all crying]
Bethy! Bethy!
Hi, Daddy.
I missed you.
I missed you, too.
[police staff applauding]
I missed you so much.
[Mary] People ask,
"Mary, why don't you
want to forget?"
First of all,
I don't want to forget
the bad things that happen,
because, until now,
I didn't know true suffering.
But for seven and a half weeks,
it was a horrible time.
The Lord blessed Beth
with that freedom of spirit
that allowed her
to live in the moment
and make the best of it...
And I know
that the Lord was with us,
and we had Irv,
we had Steven,
we had all of you.
We had faith.