Abduction 101 (2019) Movie Script

There is a girl tied up
to the ceiling.
She is unconscious.
I don't know exactly what
happened to her.
Her hands are tied
together with a rope.
We can hear there are
people around,
but I don't know who they are.
She wakes up, very slowly.
Her head hurts like hell.
She wonders where she is,
what's going on.
She tries to remember how
she got there.
She was walking in the woods,
and then it all turned black.
These people around, what
are they gonna do to her?
Are they mad, will
she get killed?
Will she get raped?
God, she doesn't even
want to think about it.
She's a nice girl.
She did nothing wrong.
Shit, they're coming!
This is a bad dream.
I want to wake up,
I want to get free.
No, no!
Oh god!
What the fuck was that?
I feel strange.
That thing is moving inside me.
I can't think
straight anymore.
Do you know who
that girl is?
Who is she?
It's me.
Are you dead?
Not yet.
Tell me more about
these bad guys.
They're very strange.
They wear these strange masks.
Is that what you're
scared of, the masks?
What scares me is what they do.
It all happens in this big,
dark forest.
Somebody is in danger.
They're gonna kill her
and feed her to the beast.
What beast?
The girl that runs in the
forest, she's my heroine.
Her name is Natty.
She knows there's something
wrong going on in that forest.
She's seen strange
things happening,
but she didn't get too close.
She doesn't know about the
abductions, about the monster.
She lives with two other girls
in a big house right in
the middle of the forest.
One of these girls is
tattooed, poetry, Dylan Thomas.
I always wanted to get a tattoo.
Her name is Cassie.
She owns the place with
her lover Davie.
Hey, Natty.
What's up?
There's definitely something
weird going on at that place.
There are people working
all the damn time.
I don't think they ever stop.
They have lights
going on at night.
They're constantly moving
during the day.
They're wearing coveralls,
respirator things.
They keep on carrying
these plastic sacks
down the cellar.
It doesn't look like any sort
of renovation I've ever seen.
We keep making small things,
what about making something big?
How would you feel about that?
And what did you have in mind,
my dear?
Well, me and Natty
have been talking,
and she found that
really weird house.
Yeah, you guys were
saying something about that.
There's all these really
great YouTube series
and it's a great way to
break into acting.
So I was thinking
- make a movie of our own?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I mean I
haven't really had
an opportunity to kinda
go off on my own.
You can be my star!
I would love that.
We should!
All three of us,
we're all smokin' hot so
any time there's
pretty girls on camera
it goes pretty well.
Yes, it does.
Let's see if we can talk
Natty into some of it.
I bet she's down.
She always is down
for adventure.
Girl is crazy.
We already hang out with her.
We already go out and do
stuff with her,
and I know you love
spending time with her,
so this would be a great way
to kinda capitalize on it.
And then my favorite girl,
and my other favorite girl,
it could be like a trio.
There's my favorite!
We were thinking about
the house that you found,
- that kinda spooky one.
- Oh, yeah.
We were thinking, since
she does the camera stuff,
and since both of you, all
of us are so fuckin' hot,
I was thinking about maybe
doing like a web series.
Ah, yes.
Sneaking spies, Charlie's
You know you are so
curious about
what's going on over there.
- You know you wanna know.
- Of course I am!
I mean it would be a lot
easier to do something about it
if there is something
bad going on.
If we got it on film.
Alls we have to do is go
over there, get a quick look.
I can just stick the
camera over the fence.
I mean really, what's the
worst that could happen?
We get in, we get out.
Ask for a glass of water.
If nobody says anything,
just keep going.
Well, if
no one's there,
you can definitely let us know.
We'll hurry, we'll help,
- ish.
- Ish!
We will kind of run
part of the trail.
Just get there and let
us know what's going on.
We all know what we're
doing tonight, right?
I know what I'm getting into.
Sneaking up to
the really spooky
house with god knows what
going on in it.
Yeah, yeah, I'm pretty clear.
Are we set?
I think we're set.
Make sure you go down
under the deck.
Let's do it.
Do you know why they picked
that night in particular?
It was a full moon.
They hadn't seen the dark
clouds coming.
It rains heavily on them.
When Natty gets to the house
the rain has almost stopped.
She will go inside first
just to have a look.
If everything's okay the
other girls will go in too.
Where did
that come from?
From underground.
Deeply underground.
There is something.
Is that the monster
you were talking about?
That's the monster they feed.
And the three girls,
did they get caught?
They got scared of the
sound and ran home.
The next day they looked at what
they recorded on the camera.
What is that?
I don't know.
I can't make
that image at all.
Can you sharpen, like
zoom in or something?
It's still fuzzy.
I don't know.
It's just too dark to
see anything well.
We need to go back.
That's why we're going back,
I mean,
we do it in the daylight.
Oh, god, it's moving.
I thought it was a tree.
That's spooky.
We were so close though.
I mean I love your camcorder,
but it's not great at
distance shots.
That's crazy close.
I want to get on
the other side of that fence.
They are
not so sure now.
Maybe it's not so
exciting anymore.
Now they're scared.
But everybody's ashamed
to be scared.
They don't have the strength
to say to the others,
I don't want to do it anymore.
And what's Natty gonna
think of them?
She wants to go back.
That's why they won't let it go.
You know this time, if
it's all clear with Natty,
I think we should go
over the fence.
I want to see what's
in that house.
I want to see
what's in the tent.
They'll never see
what's in the tent.
What will
happen to them?
The day after, they
decided to go back.
It was a sunny day.
They've decided to use their
phones as walkie-talkies.
Can you guys hear me?
Natty's phone
will be on at all times
so Davie and Cassie would be
able to hear what's going on.
The problem was that Natty
couldn't hear them in return.
Anyway, the plan was that Natty
would go first, of course,
while the others waited some
distance from the fence.
They'll wait for Natty to
tell them it's okay to come.
In the meantime, they'll shoot
some video of the forest.
There may be something weird
going on in these woods.
Davie, run!
Anyone home?
That's when the real
nightmare starts.
Does it scare you,
this nightmare?
It's a bit
different from fear.
It makes me feel like my
heart's gonna blow or something.
But I do kind of like
that feeling.
What feeling exactly?
The feeling of
being in danger.
To live something for real.
To be outside your comfort zone.
To be in a situation where you
don't know how it's gonna end.
You mean you
like the idea
of being in a
situation of peril?
I guess so, don't you?
I don't know.
Well if there's a
war, would you go fight?
I guess you wouldn't have
much of a choice on that.
But if you saw someone
getting beat up in
a dark street at night,
would you go help them?
I'll probably.
It depends.
It's not an easy choice,
choosing to close your eyes,
go home,
maybe get some bad sleep,
or choosing to be brave,
going into that street to help.
You might get beat up too.
You might get kidnapped.
I think it's pretty exciting.
Exciting to
be kidnapped?
Well, yeah, lots of people
fantasize about being abducted.
Do they?
Anyway, let's get
back to the story.
The drones, that's
what I call them,
heard something in the
white plastic tent.
Who are they?
Servants of
the creature.
They feed it and defend it.
That's what they're
programmed to do.
They're like zombies, except.
Except for the girl.
She is smarter than the others.
She gives orders.
I am still in that fucking cell.
It's been a few days now.
I can't breathe.
I'm dying.
I died a few minutes
after the fight.
I wasn't meant to
become a drone.
They threw my body in to
feed the beast.
It's weird to look at yourself
as a sack of meat and bones.
But that's what we are really.
After that they took
Davie and Cassie in.
Where the fuck am I?
My head hurts so much.
Oh, shit!
Where is Davie?
I was with her when we
got attacked.
What the fuck happened to Natty?
Am I gonna die?
Fuck, I don't wanna die.
Is she going to die,
like you?
Not like me.
I was never meant to
become a drone.
But Davie had some
different reactions
to that fucked up process.
They put her back in her cell.
Transformation could take
some very long hours.
Her brain,
she feels like her
brain is melting.
She can't think
straight anymore.
And that thing in her belly,
she can feel it move.
It's a part of her now.
And what
happened to Natty?
Natty is unconscious
in the cell right next to hers.
She is seriously injured.
Oh, god!
Tell me what the fuck
is in the pool!
What's in the pool?
What the fuck is in the pool?
What's in the pool?
Tell what you've done
with my friends!
Tell me!
You piece of shit!
What is in the pool?
What am I going into?
What have you done with them?
Davie, hey!
Davie, hey, we gotta go!
Okay, come on!
Come on!
I gotta get you.
Come on.
This way.
Come on.
Okay, just look at me.
You can make it up the stair,
Go on, I got you.
You got it?
Then I woke up.
I see.
And what do you think
all that means?
I think it
means it's time
for me to live some adventures.
Our lives are so boring.
Wake up five days a
week, get to the office,
always get the same crappy
coffee, say hello to everyone.
I'm sick of it.
All my days are the same.
I want to be scared.
That's why people watch
horror movies, I guess.
I want to be in danger,
to be tied up,
to struggle,
to fight.
Do you know people actually
pay to get kidnapped?
I didn't know that.
Still, it's fake.
I have to go now.