Abduction (2019) Movie Script

Dear, it's Dad.
Lucy, dear?
Lucy, it's Dad.
Please, wake up.
Wake up, Lucy!
What the hell is this?
We'll take you off here.
If you take it off, you kill her.
You're lying.
Maybe, but you are willing
to take that chance?
V ... V ... Vietnam?
No! No!
-How are you?
- The hell take you!
You're lucky today.
Usually I don't give a chance.
I've got a question for you.
Who their area is this?
Fuck you, pussy boy!
What did you say? I can not hear you.
Talk higher.
Who their area?
Master ... Master Trahns.
That is right. Master Trahns area.
Then go home and ask your boss
to pack and bring the horns from here.
Vietnam is closed. Do you understand?
- Is that done?
-Yes, it's done.
Are you sure they understand?
Yes, they do enough.
U ... U ... Excuse me.
I ... I ...
My name is...
I ... I don't remember what I'm called. I don't remember what I'm called.
I don't remember anything.
Tell them.
That's not necessary.
If I can't trust you ...
But I can't hold on to you anyway.
Is it really your last job for us?
It's my last job for anyone.
What to do in China?
Your military friends
will not meet you.
I'm not gonna fight anymore.
The wife will open a noodle shawl.
Should the beautiful wife be a cook?
I can't imagine it.
You do not need
Imagine her at all.
Shut up.
The youth are ignorant.
Don't use it against him.
Master Trahn,
You don't have to complain.
I am indebted to you forever.
An ... English ... English?
Excuse me, you speak ... English?
Eng ... English?
Br ... British
amb ... amb ... Embassy?
British Embassy ...
For God's sake, ma'am! I try
to find the British Embassy!
I do not come!
I'm no longer descending!
Hey dear.
Sorry I'm late.
Where have you been?
I have a surprise for you.
Wait! - I was at the embassy.
I picked up my passport.
We're going home.
- Don't mess with me.
-I'm not kidding. I promise.
I'm finished. We can go home.
-I love you.
-It goes away in the sink.
- It's not a shirt.
It was the last time.
Like last time?
And before that again?
Or before that?
- But I'm done.
Listen to me. Trust me
I'm finished. See.
My last payment.
It'll help us
to start over.
I don't need your blood money.
I'm finished.
We can...
We can go home.
Lucy, November 27th
Who are you?
Wake up.
Come on
Now we go.
You can't sleep here.
Up with you. Now we go.
Get up speed.
Get out of here.
U ... U ... Excuse me.
Eng ... English?
Stitching. Get out of here.
- The British Embassy?
Get lost!
Come on! Come on!
- Are you still in town?
Not long untill. How?
It's best that you stick. Dad heard that the Russians will visit you.
I think they have already done so.
- I thought it was a nightmare.
-What are you talking about?
Sonny ...
- How did they find out where I live?
- Maybe they were following you home?
Yes, probably.
He's moving. The stairs in the north.
Hurry! Get up the pace!
We've found him, boss.
Give us a few minutes.
Remember that a big bonus is waiting
if you bring him alive to me.
After him!
-What's up? Do you have him?
- We're working on it.
Release it!
Drop it,
otherwise I blow your head off!
Take it easy. Just take it easy.
Down on the floor. Now.
Good boy.
Boss, it's Andrei.
I think that bonus is mine.
Here he is.
So you are the master dog of Master Trahn?
Do you want some tea? Something to chew on?
Nobody said you can talk.
I see that your boss has paid well
for the lives of my men.
It was smart for you
to search the apartment. Good boy.
For a genius.
You still breathe for a reason.
And just one reason. I'll set an example with you.
The question is just ... just how.
The question is ... where's my wife?
Your wife?
How the hell should I know?
You do not know?
If I knew you had a wife,
She had been in there now
and entertained my men
in bed right now.
Okay. I believe you.
Because you thought you had me.
You have balls, I must say.
But now I'm going to teach you a lesson.
Here's your lesson.
You should have shot me
when you had the chance.
How is the entertainment,
your stupid bastard?
Just a photograph? No wallet?
No cash?
The police might have taken them.
It had not been the first time.
Is it English?
Good morning, Vietnam.
I have to talk ...
... with the police.
I have to talk to the police.
-What is he saying?
-He wants to talk to the police.
It seems like the police
already talked to you.
- Give me the picture.
-I can not. It's evidence.
It's mine.
What the hell is going on here?
Good morning, doctor. Another great day at work.
-Who is he?
-He is extremely violent.
No papers, no memory.
Maybe no girlfriend.
It can be your day today.
One from the West.
Put him in a separate room.
Add new dressings every hour
to reduce the swelling of the face.
The authorities will probably come soon,
And I won't have any problems.
I examine him when he wakes up.
She likes him.
They didn't kidnap Maya.
They thought I was done.
In that case, they had boasted about it.
You are right,
but if it wasn't the Russians ...
Who was that?
That's a good question.
Maybe it was your military buddies.
They don't want you home.
Weren't you
the most honorable guy in the unit?
That's why you stuck?
Maybe they think you've told everything.
- They may think you silenced.
-That's just nonsense.
They are neither smart nor organized.
Half of them are dead,
and the rest is in jail.
Something else and me
don't mean to be disrespectful ...
Maybe Maya has had enough and flew home alone.
She had not left me without further ado.
Please be patient.
I'll use my contacts.
We'll find the Maya for you.
Thank you, Master Trahn.
What are you going to do now?
Don't worry. It's almost over.
Why her of all?
My most trusted soldier.
It's a betrayal.
Sorry, but she's the key.
Her DNA matched,
and they paid well for the database.
I should never have left you
take care of the shops.
They gave us 20 million in diamonds.
No money is worth this!
They are not ... people you can refuse!
You immediately break contact with them.
Just a last switch, okay?
We will hand over the item.
Then we're done, okay?
You told the police
that you don't remember anything?
It's ... coming back, slow.
But I still don't know how
I ended up in fucking V ... V ...
The last thing I remember clearly is that I
came out of the water by ...
Victory Fountain Parks.
Pardon. It helps against the stuttering.
-Victory Fountain Parks?
-Yes. I don't know if I can explain it.
For a moment I saw the exit.
It was right in front of me.
And the next moment ...
... I was gone again.
I went in circles.
I can't explain it, okay?
There is something v ... v ... very strange
with that place.
And you told the police you were
caught by those who kidnapped Lucy?
The longer I stay away from the park,
its more remember.
They did something to me.
Tribal ... and all the tics
and h ... h ... h ...
... my memory!
I understand my story
sounds sick.
Obviously I'm not
in good condition at the moment.
You can check it for my daughter
disappeared two weeks ago.
They wrote about us in the newspapers
last Friday.
You probably don't have the newspapers here,
but I can get someone to fax the article
if I can use the phone.
-It is okay. I can do it myself.
- Okay, but listen to me.
She disappeared early in the morning
on New Year's Day.
Andrew, I'll help you.
I have it.
My last payment? Wait, you owe me more!
For the woman.
Not diamonds. You know what I need.
Our business is complete.
Thanks. Thanks.
Where's my wife?
I'm not asking again.
Sonny, tell the asshole
that I mean seriously.
Oh, fuck!
Where do you think you should?
Anna Pham
Manager at the Psychiatry Department
There we have you.
Idiot. Of course.
Sunday, January 7, 1985
Sunday, January 7, 1985
What the hell?
Let me go! Now!
Where's my wife?
Your fucking idiot! You're already dead.
When my dad comes here ...
Your father is the second man.
I heard everything.
You dont dare...
You don't understand! You saw what they can do.
We had no choice.
You could have warned me,
But you wanted diamonds.
-And your new arm.
-You don't understand.
I saw them ...
I saw that they ate my cousin, Quan.
Remember we said
that the Russians took him?
It was not the Russians.
It was these creatures.
He tried to trick them,
and they tore him to pieces ... -... and ate him like a chicken.
-What? What are they?
Aliens. Monsters. I do not know.
They don't come from here,
And then I don't mean Vietnam.
-What are you doing?
-If I cut you off your arm ...
-... so maybe you take me seriously.
-No no no!
-I do not know. She was on a list.
- What list?
A database. They look for people
with specific genetic codes.
- What codes?
- They look for a particular DNA sequence.
Your wife matched. It was just bad luck.
Where do I find them?
Victory Fountain Parks.
- How do I get there?
-It's on all maps.
North of town. Just continue north,
past the Chong district.
Have you talked to the embassy?
Yes, I called them.
Someone comes in a couple of hours.
- I also found the newspaper articles.
-Oh well?
And I have a question for you.
- What year is it now?
- Excuse me, huh?
- What year do you think it is?
-1985. How?
Which year do you think it is now?
Twenty eighteen.
Twenty eighteen? Do you mean that in 2018? 2018? Why not?
That sounds reasonable.
If they can change rooms,
they can probably change time too.
-Therefore they have been hidden for so long.
You gotta get me out of here.
- They have my daughter.
- Sorry, but I can't.
And it hurts.
Pardon. Pardon.
I just...
It does not matter. In a couple of hours
I'm not your problem anymore.
You lied to me.
What do you really do?
with nice old master Trahn?
I married a hero,
not a gangster.
Get out!
The thing is, he really believes in it.
They all do that,
It knows my best student.
Of course, but ... Forget it.
What is bothering you?
Pictures. He looks quite alike.
It's been over 30 years ago.
Shouldn't he look older?
Maybe it's his father,
and the girl is his sister.
He took his father's identity
to escape the pain.
Anna, that's a classic case
of transmission. You should know.
I almost regret it
that I called the embassy. I could have treated him
and wrote a book about it.
You can do better than that.
Aliens are a clich.
My full son-in-law swears on
that he saw a UFO in the park
near Chinatown.
Park? Which park?
I do not know...
The one with a fountain.
Victory Fountain Parks.
Is it okay?
- How did you ...
-I do not know.
I don't know what you think you saw.
But this place ...
This place ...
What time is it?
Do you know what time it is?
I've been here longer than that.
Can I call someone for you?
I ... I ...
- I'm looking for my wife.
-Your wife?
Is she here with you?
She's been ...
She has been abducted.
Abducted? What do you mean?
-Of whom?
-These people.
What are you watching?
-Do you see that?
- Do you see the tree? We go against it, right?
Why don't we come closer?
How is it possible?
I do not know.
I'll show you something else.
Give me your phone.
Hold it up.
- Turn it up. What is it? An optical illusion?
This place is quite sick.
The longer you are here,
its sicker you become.
There is something very sick with that place.
There is someone you should meet.
I drive.
Hello. He's with me.
- How's the British going?
-Abrupt. The embassy people just came.
- The British Embassy?
-Yes, two big guys.
Bao took them to conference room 2.
Thank you for coming.
Watch out!
What the hell?
They are probably not from the embassy.
Not an embassy nearby.
Who is he the guy?
Anna, you gotta get me out of here, okay?
Soon there will be more of them.
Do you mean aliens?
Amazing that I say this.
I should check my head.
They're not aliens, okay?
I call them drones. They are people
controlled by aliens
with the spiders
attached to the neck.
Why didn't he die?
You shot him in the head.
You can shoot them in the head, legs, arms.
It does not matter.
You can just pull out the spiders
and stop the motor functions.
Where do I find them? They have taken my wife.
I do not know.
We can go back to the park.
That is the only clue I have.
What the hell?
You no longer come.
Sorry, but the park is closed.
-What's up?
- The area is closed.
It was a gas explosion.
The park is not safe.
A gas explosion in the middle of the park?
- There were pipes underneath.
-What are you talking about?
-I just want to look closer.
-I just want to look closer.
- Sorry, cops.
We're going now. Sorry, sorry.
- What kind of a gas explosion?
-Come on.
- What kind of a gas explosion?
- Or a meteorite strike.
For some smartings, huh?
They realized we found the entrance,
so they closed it.
-What do we do now?
-I do not know.
Do not you know? My wife is in there.
My daughter is also in there,
but I don't know.
We're leaving here.
Six, five, four, three, two, one ...
Now you sleep.
But you can still hear my voice.
Try to remember Lucy.
Now I want you to try to remember
when she disappeared.
-I can not.
- Yes, you can. These are your thoughts.
You control them.
You can remember.
You can do it.
They don't allow me.
You're safe. You're with me.
I'm protecting you.
Just relax.
We use a security word.
When you hear the name "Lucy",
will you wake up rested,
do you understand?
We try again.
I was looking for her.
I didn't sleep for several days.
I looked everywhere.
But she was gone,
as if she disappeared in the air.
Police. They were not helpful.
Every time I went
into her room I knew ...
... an intense nausea.
It happened to me too.
They said it was mental,
but it was not.
There was something physically wrong with that place.
I'm sure.
Then I found him.
I finally found
someone who believed in me.
It was a scientist.
But I don't remember his name.
Relax. Who did you find?
I do not remember...
I'm talking about other dimensions.
Other levels of existence.
Who did you find? Who believed in you? He was a researcher.
He knows where my wife is.
I must know.
Who did you find? Who believed in you?
Lucy. Lucy.
- Is it okay?
Doctor Gong.
We talked on the phone.
He was the only one who believed in me.
He knew my symptoms.
All about the disappearance of Lucy,
before I said anything.
Doctor Jiao Gong.
Jiao Gong. A Chinese researcher.
He lived here in Ho Chi Minh.
We have to find him.
- Doctor Gong.
- Never heard of him.
Doctor Gong, my name is Andrew Quinn,
from London. Do you remember me?
- You're confusing me with someone else.
-No, we've met before.
30 years ago,
but for me it feels like three days.
- They have my daughter.
- They have my wife.
Come on.
Most do not realize
that the whole concept behind feng shui
comes from the contact between aliens
and old civilizations.
Don't touch anything!
Most are for tourists,
But some items are irreplaceable.
This. That's what they were looking for.
It's a loupan, right,
an old chinese compass? Old writings claim
the original loupan compass
was created after
an alien navigation device,
which was so powerful
that it could cross dimensions.
An immortal luopan that was blown up
on its first journey here.
Where did it come from? Another galaxy?
Another dimension. It is said that they
has been looking for parts of the compass
for hundreds of our lifetimes ...
to build it together again.
But was not the original one
feng shui compass
a misunderstanding
about how magnets work?
Our compasses are pale editions
of the extraterrestrial original.
You hardly manage
to measure changes in chi.
They use magnetic needles in the center.
But the immortal loupan
had a special meteorite core.
An alien rock.
Like the one you carry?
Please don't touch anything.
This represents many years of work.
I have devoted my whole life
to study this.
- I've seen this.
Have you seen that form?
Yes, I've seen it.
They had my daughter ... ... and other people caged inside.
They stood at the exact distance
who pointed to this.
And they had green jade slices
attached to the neck.
I built this machine
to measure changes in nature's chi
using old
feng shui principles.
My family has tracked visitors
for several generations.
They are almost impossible to find
since they can change the dimensional flow.
Bend room and time.
But by doing so,
they affect our three-dimensional world.
They can do more than change it.
I've seen things.
Are you saying you've been in contact with them?
Yes, I have had contact with them.
More than you suppose.
This is what they are looking for.
I want you to have it. Hold it.
Let your aura interfere
into the meteorite fragment.
And then you put it there.
Control Stein filament.
Our long hunt is over.
You brought them to me ...
Thanks for the drink, Mr. Helt.
I'm not a hero yet.
I just took the basic training.
-You're my Everything.
-You are my hero.
I married a hero, not a gangster!
Wake up!
You have to concentrate. Consentrate.
Come on, come on. Wake.
I get his attention.
You stick.
No. Wait.
We don't have enough time.
Hi! Hi! Hi!
What the hell is going on?
Where am I?
What am I doing here?
I need to know what's going on!
Hi! Are you OK?
Fight against!
Come on! I know you're in there!
Come on!
When you hear the name "Lucy",
Then you wake up.
Lucy! Lucy!
You know it wasn't me, right?
Well you're back.
Sorry, buddy.
Is it okay?
Now we take them.
But I won the fight, right?
No, I did.
I think this is the way.
I don't recognize myself.
Something feels very wrong here.
It's not here. We move on.
Oh my God, what the hell
have they done to you?
We must increase their form
to work in their world.
Our old vessels were worn.
We had used them for too long.
So we got a new one. -You also see this? There are three of them.
-What have you done with my daughter?
-And my wife?
- We need them.
-To what?
We need them to come home.
We've been here for a long time.
The lifecycle of our vessel
shorter and shorter.
Soon we will not survive.
Make them continue to talk.
Why don't you show their true form?
Our true form?
Their brain hadn't understood it.
We live in eight dimensions,
while you can only experience four.
We are leaving.
It would have been like an ant
had tried to understand quantum mechanics.
But since you insist.
This is not good.
Run! Run!
You're not going anywhere.
You have so strong and beautiful chi.
And to the next phase
We need everything we can get.
Help me! Get me out of here!
Maya! Maya!
You are here. You found me.
Of course I did!
It's time.
Lucy, I'll get you out of here, okay?
What's up?
We open the gate.
What are you doing with them? We chose them for their strong chi.
They'll take us home.
Should they travel with you?
No, Connor Wu. No.
Their type cannot
walk through the gate and survive.
And you had disturbed the journey home.
We can't allow it.
Besides, it won't be
something left of them to bring back.
Release her free! Does!
No! Stop!
Excuse me, dear. Pardon.
I'll take care of it.
It's gonna be okay.
Dear, you would have your hero back.
Here I am.
Have a look at you!
-Are you OK?
Did they hurt you?
-I do not remember.
-Dont you remember?
Forgive me, dear. OMG.
Eight months later
Connor, is that you?
Maya, can you hear me?
I hear you. Where are you?
Norwegian texts: Anders Svendsen