Abduction: The Harvesting (2024) Movie Script

So Monique says that Peg
is having a midlife crisis.
- She's trying to recapture her
faded youth,
something like that.
Monique says that people
live too much in the past.
"Time's arrow goes in one
direction, my dear."
I mean, look, she has a
point, but...
I don't know. I think
that's a little extreme.
Peg could go to the salon
once in a while.
She asked about Jack again.
She said Valerie's getting
I mean, it was prom not
a wedding for God's sake.
I just think everybody should
move on.
- He's sleeping in again.
He's sleeping in.
He'll be fine.
He'll be fine if he
doesn't have a 7AM class.
College isn't like high school.
He's on a dual scholarship.
Expectations will be higher,
- Richard...
he'll be fine.
I just don't understand why he
has to go
to a college 3000 miles away.
2,968 miles. And you know why.
He has to be his own man.
But he's just a boy.
That's why he has to go.
Mother knows best.
Yes, she does.
He's not as sure about
it as you think he is.
Did he say that?
He didn't have to.
I'll be late tonight.
Don't let him sleep all day,
Men don't sleep in.
Hey, kiddo!
Come in.
- They're here.
- Woohoo!
Eight miles. Eight goddamn
But they did come in a little
so these are some of the
older labs. Is that okay?
I like the old labs.
Okay, it's Lab Seven.
Oh, and hey, before I forget,
we're gonna have a little
get together the day
after the day after tomorrow.
Just the team and spouses.
- Monique will give Lily the
We're in the history books!
So. How's it going?
How do you feel?
I'm good, Mom.
Good, but you're not
great. Are you... great?
I'm "great."
Jack, I know these feel like the
best years of your life.
And they are.
But high school,
it-it's where you
make friends until graduation.
College is where you
make friends for life.
How would you know?
You never went to college.
Hey, pal, go easy on your old
I'm sorry. It's not that
I don't want to go.
It's just that none of my
friends are going out of state.
Toby's going out of state.
Janelle, Marcus and Bri's
kid, what's his name?
- None of my real friends.
- You mean Valerie?
- It's-it's not just her.
- Jack, you have an
obligation to your abilities.
- I've always told you that.
- We get what we get,
but when we get so much more
than everyone else,
we have to see it through.
Don't we?
- Yeah?
- Okay?
Yeah, okay.
You're gonna love it, kiddo.
The whole world is gonna open up
for you.
- You're gonna love it!
Later, Mom.
- Wait!
- What's the rule?
Mom, I haven't had a track
meet in four months.
- You sleep in because you're
out all night doing --
I'm not doing anything bad.
I don't wanna
hear about it!
Doesn't really matter.
The rule's still
the same.
What's the rule?
- Mom...
- What's the rule?!
Let's leave tonight.
I can't. My mom would freak.
She's gonna freak anyway.
Do you care about her or me?
I care about the both of you.
She hates me.
- She doesn't.
She doesn't think I'm good
enough for you.
She doesn't think anybody's
good enough for me.
Okay, look...
we don't have to do this.
You live your life and I'll live
- See you in 50 years.
- Val...
We're going to do this,
but we gotta do it my way.
Let's meet at the airport next
We'll tell everybody once
we get to where we're going.
You promise?
I promise.
What about your mother?
I guess she'll have to stop
living my life
and start living her own.
- What the fuck?
What the hell?
- Jack?!
- Jack! Jack!
Come on, Jack! Get up!
Jack. Jack. Wake up. Wake up.
- Jack...
- what's wrong?
- I didn't know
who else to call.
No, no. Richard?
He-he would just say
I'm making things up
or imagining things.
Okay. Okay.
I'll see you soon. Okay.
- Monique.
- Thank you for coming.
No place I'd rather be, my dear.
- Did you feel wind?
A paranormal breeze?
Or was it only temperature?
It was only temperature.
It was the whole room.
When I touched him, he was ice
I-I thought he was dead.
Frigid temperatures often
indicate a presence.
Something or someone
out of place.
- "Someone." Monique, you know
I don't believe in ghosts.
Ghost spirit essence. These
terms have no meaning.
There are forces invisible
to the naked eye.
They're all around us
every moment of every day.
Some are light, some are dark.
It might be that Jack has become
more sensitive to these forces.
Did he find anything recently
or was he given anything?
No, I don't think so.
- Nothing. Are you sure?
Well, I can't be completely
- Did anything else unusual
happen prior to the event?
Yeah, just Richard.
He didn't come home and then
he left early
in the morning.
So I didn't see him.
That's unusual, I guess.
That's not unusual.
Hubert did the same thing.
Everyone's in a tizzy
over these core samples.
Jack needs to be on a plane in
six days.
Trust Monique, my dear. We'll
get to the bottom of this.
Everywhere I go, I come
Impromptu dining...
allergic reaction,
cardiac arrest, et cetera...
afternoon napping...
- Ah!
Spiritual cleansing.
That is the tip of our spear.
- Oh, shit!
- Wait!
- Lily, wait!
Are you okay?
- I command the unseen
forces to leave this room.
I command the negative entities,
low vibrational energies
and agents of non-benevolence
to leave this room!
I enjoin the forces of light
to vanquish evil
and leave this room!
Jesus fucking Christ...
Richard, can you please
come home? It's urgent.
Are you okay?
- I'll live.
What the hell just happened?
Hell is the operative word,
my dear. Whatever that was,
it wasn't Jack.
- A dark force
has entered his body.
No, no, no. - You saw what
happened with your own eyes!
No, no, no. He's, he's
supposed to go to school and,
and in a week.
And he has to pack.
Look at me, my dear.
Look at me. Look at me.
Jack's life is in danger.
This is an old friend.
He doesn't have a phone.
He wouldn't pick one up if
he did. This is the address.
He should at least
be able to point you
in the right direction.
Wait a minute, are you leaving?!
My presence here is an
antagonism more dangerous
for everyone, including Jack.
You'll have more luck without
me. You're his mother.
It's the strongest bond there
I'll be in touch.
You can handle this, Lily.
You just told me
my son was possessed.
I don't think I can handle that.
- You'll have to!
And be careful of Richard.
He's a scientist. He doesn't
know how to fix this,
but he'll think he does.
Go! As soon as you can!
- Jack?
- Jack.
Jesus, Jack. You look like
you ran a mile.
- Lily?
- Lily!
What the hell?
- I know what I saw, Richard.
- I mean, Monique got hit in
the head, for God's sake!
Monique is a drunk.
Wouldn't be the first
time she hit her head
after a few too many.
Maybe you're a drunk,too.
- You know I'm not.
Something is wrong with him.
- Our son!
He's got the flu.
- What happened to your hand?
- I, uh, cut it
on some equipment.
I have to go back to work.
Let him rest.
It burns.
Oh God. What now?
Hi Mrs. Warner.
Jack's not feeling well right
He's not? He was fine last
Where did you go last night?
I don't want you to
say anything to anyone,
but Jack May have caught
something contagious.
Okay? So I need to know
exactly where he was.
I assume he was with you.
Where'd you go? What'd you do?
And don't bullshit me, Valerie.
Okay, look, nowhere.
The same places we always
go to... The Habit, the mall.
Are you sure?
We-we drive around and talk.
You didn't take anything, eat
something, take a new drug.
No. - Don't lie to me!
- No, Christ!
You can't keep us apart.
Oh yeah. By this time next week,
Jack will be on the
other side of the country
with his whole life ahead of
And you will be here with
your whole life ahead of you.
And that is just the way it is.
So I would go home, Valerie.
- It's not a matter of me
believing you
or not, Mrs. Warner.
It's a matter of protocol.
An exorcism is a last resort.
Psychiatric evaluation of your
and other members of the
household is the most
important thing --
- Monique...
Monique said that wasn't a good
How long have you known
Monique? Are you close?
- Yes. She was one of
the first friends I made
when we moved out here
six years ago.
Her husband is my husband's
- Monique is a beautiful soul
but --
Alright, how can I put this?
- She's a nut job.
I know. She means well,
but she's a nut job.
this is real.
This is real!
I am not asking you to come over
and perform an exorcism.
I just... I want you to come
and see for yourself so that
you can tell me what
you think I should do.
I'll come by tomorrow
after Morning Mass.
Thank you.
My son's possessed but sure
let's wait till tomorrow.
Hello. Lily.
Is Monique okay?
- Yes, I think so. I don't know.
I'm still at work.
I'm sorry to call you directly,
but I'm trying to get
in touch with Richard.
- He hasn't been in all day.
Are you with him now?
Uh, No, no.
Well, I was wondering if you
could have him call me.
There's been a development
with one of the
core samples we've got.
It's, uh, quite important.
Okay. Yeah, yeah, sure.
I'll call you when I see him.
- Thank you.
Uh huh.
Richard. Hubert's still at the
I'm not here to see Hubert.
Jack! Jack!
Jack, come back to me. Jack --
- You never loved me.
Jack, come back to me.
Mom, please leave...
- Did you put this in his room?
He doesn't need this.
- He doesn't have the flu,
You're a doctor now?
No, I know my son.
Oh yeah. Do you?
I also know my husband
and he doesn't work late.
I'm working on a special
project from the head office.
Nobody here knows about it.
- Oh yeah?
Someone died at the drill rig?
Who told you that?
The Internet!
A day worker broke the
rules, came in contact with one
of the chemical reagents
in a storage shed.
It was...
a tragedy for his family,
especially his mother.
- She should have taught him
not to break the rules.
- But maybe she was
a rule-breaker too.
- I'm going to bed.
Hi, Peg. Jack's under the
I think you should come back
You think your perfect son
is too good for my daughter?!
- I never said that.
Did Valerie say that?
Jack is an exceptional boy.
Nobody denies it.
But my Valerie,
she's an exceptional girl.
She's got heart. She cares about
She just doesn't use
them and toss them aside.
She's loyal, she's intuitive
and she knows what's going on
What's going on here, Peg?
You pushed Jack his entire life
so you can push him away as
far away from here as possible!
What kind of mother does that?!
The kind that doesn't believe
everything their kid says.
Their kids that didn't come
from Valerie, Lily!
You're so young, so superior.
But you'll get old one day
and still be just as blind.
Jack and Valerie are planning
to meet up at the airport when
you drop 'em off next week.
They're eloping.
- Oh yeah? Let's ask Jack.
Jack, go back to bed. Jack?
Jack! Jack!
- What-What's wrong with him?!
- Jack -- I told you he's sick.
- Oh!
- Jack, please....
- You can't do this.
- Jack!
- Hello.
Am I speaking to Jack?
Who else?
Okay, Jack. Okay.
My name is Father Jordan
and your mother wanted
me to come visit you.
She's worried about you.
- Do you think she should
be worried about you?
Of course not.
She said you've been
experiencing some
unusual things.
Like what?
- Can you make things move
without touching them?
I don't know.
- Oh, look at me, Jack.
Look at me.
You hurt your mother's friend,
Mrs. Blankenship.
I did.
Did you do that on purpose?
She's a dark force.
Do you know something about
her, something about her past
that you can see?
Maybe something about her
You've obviously never met her.
- Does this bother you?
Should it?
Will you hold it?
- Jack...
It's okay. It's all right.
- Does the cross bother you,
Not the cross.
- Then what's bothering you?
You are bothering me.
You're a dark force, Father.
Now why would you say that?
- Jack! You're killing him!
It's what he wanted.
I think this is my fault.
Why would you think
this is your fault?
I read something somewhere that
- evil fills a void,
an emptiness
- in a person or a family.
It-it gives evil, ghosts,
spirits, demons,
- an opening.
I-I-I don't really know
about the ghost part but,
I do know generally that evil
will find a place where
love is lacking.
I don't love my son, Father.
- It's not that I don't want to
or that I haven't wanted to
give him everything. I have.
I've given him everything.
It's just --
- Isn't that love.
No! It-it's not! It's --
- I married Richard
when I was 18 years old.
And nine months later I had
And I-I just...
You know what Peg was,
Peg was right.
I have been spending
his entire life
preparing him to leave.
- How fucked up is that?
- I'm sorry.
Mrs. Warner.
I have been a priest
a very, very long time.
- There are two things
I know for certain...
your feelings are not the reason
why all of this is happening,
and your son is not possessed.
You were there! He-he
tried to kill you!
I-I cannot explain it. It-it...
It's the most fantastical
and terrifying thing
that has ever happened
to me in my life.
- He doesn't reference
Jack as if
Jack is a vessel
for something else
speaking through Jack.
- And he doesn't seem to be
speaking any other languages
and doesn't seem
to have knowledge
of past or future events
he shouldn't know.
He's angry,
but it's very, very specific.
It is almost as if he's
being inconvenienced.
- He didn't talk about
spreading evil
and destroying the world.
- He just wants to be left
Some thing has your son, Mrs.
- But it's not one of my demons.
Is-is there anything, I mean,
anything you can think of
- that might have
happened recently
that seems out of the ordinary?
- Anything?
My husband, Richard.
He's-he's been acting
really strange lately.
- I don't know. He talks
to me differently.
- He acts differently. He-he
stopped taking his medication.
Medication for what?
For his heart. He has
high blood pressure
and you know, he stopped
taking it for two days already
and he should really be in
the hospital, but he's not, and--
He knows what's happening with
Are you sure about that?
Yes. Yes. Before this all
started, Richard disappeared.
He came back because I
saw him the next morning.
But he must have come home
really late.
And, and then the next day
Jack was like this and,
and Richard, he had a bandage,
something on his hand,
and then he stopped going to
His boss called me.
So he leaves the house
and doesn't go to work.
- But where does he go?
I don't know.
- Well you have to confront him!
- Unless you think
confronting him
will put you and Jack in danger.
Don't you think
we're already in danger?
Then you must find another way.
Hi, uh, this is Lily.
- Hello, Lily. Have you found
No, um, but I was just thinking
the last time I saw him,
he had injured his hand
and I wanted to know
if you knew if he got hurt
at work or...
Well, I'm, I'm sure he didn't.
We take injuries pretty
seriously around here.
There's protocol and reporting.
- What if he didn't report it?
Why wouldn't he report it?
The last time we talked, you
mentioned something happened,
um, a new development
with a core sample?
- Well, it's, it's
pretty amazing,
but it's also highly classified.
Right, I don't need to know
any details. It's just,
I think that might be why
Richard is acting strangely.
Well, I haven't told him yet.
I wanted to tell him in person.
Well, maybe, maybe he
found out from someone else.
You know, he really respects you
and you've been such
a great mentor to him.
I think maybe he doesn't
wanna let you down.
Oh, that's ridiculous.
I'm really worried about
Do you think that you could
just gimme a little hint
of what was in that core sample?
Well, I guess he's
gonna tell you eventually,
but we found indications
of water in the sample
and there was something else
there too.
- There was materials
from an asteroid.
An asteroid?
- I know. Isn't it fantastic?!
It's been sitting there waiting
for hundreds of millions
of years and --
I know she just showed up
at my door.
She had some nerve.
- Yeah. It was ridiculous.
Yeah, I know what you're doing.
- Yeah, her hair.
it still looks stupid.
Yeah, I-I don't think
I'm doing anything tomorrow.
- We do have to get Jack
ready for college, so...
- Did you put covers on him?
- Lily!
Huh? Yes?
Did you put the covers on him?
- I did.
Thank you. But it's
better if he's left alone.
I know that's hard to
Can you understand it?
I'll be back later.
- Hey!
- Slow down!
- Keep up!
I'm trying!
- Mom?
What's wrong?
- What's the last thing you
A man came to talk to me.
- Do you remember what he said?
He asked me questions.
Did you answer him?
I think so.
What did you say?
I don't remember.
He was upset with me.
I did something bad.
No, Jack. Nobody's upset.
And you didn't do anything bad.
I was flying.
Through the air like Superman.
That's stupid.
No, it's not stupid.
Tell me more. What were you
I was high up. I could
see the whole world.
- I couldn't breathe. I
didn't need to breathe.
- I don't know
how or why.
Where were you going?
Dinner will be ready in 10.
Don't eat too much.
- He hasn't eaten in two days.
Go ahead, Jack. Eat.
No. That's enough.
Time to rest.
- Okay...
Why don't we just talk about
Talk about what?
The trip.
I was thinking we could drive.
It'll only take a week
and school doesn't
start until
the week after next anyway.
We can leave tomorrow.
We have the party
tomorrow night.
He doesn't wanna go to that.
I have work.
It can be a mother-son trip.
What are you doing, Lily?
I know it seems impulsive, but
it's okay
to do something spontaneous
once in a while, isn't it?
- Go to your room, Jack.
- Jack!
I'm leaving, Richard.
I don't know what you did
or what the fuck is happening
with you, but I am leaving
and I am taking my son
and if you try to stop me,
I'm calling the police.
If you call anyone!
I'll kill us all.
What the fuck were you doing?
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry about last night.
I've just been under
a lot of pressure.
Don't fucking touch me.
I scared you. I was
wrong to say what I said.
I'm so sorry. I shouldn't
have said it. It was crazy.
I've been thinking.
I think you're right.
I think you should drive Jack
across the country to school.
- You do.
- Yes, I do. But leave tomorrow.
- I need to see Hubert and
there's the party tonight.
It's very important to everybody
that we're there. Okay?
Okay, Lily?
I'll be back in a little while.
I love you.
- Jack! ... Jack!
- We have to go.
- I can't.
- Come on!
- Get up!
I can't.
He won't let me go.
- Lily! Lily!
- Lily!
- Lily?!
- Lily!
- Good morning!
- Hi Lily. We brought treats.
- I've Just been sick about our
misunderstanding the other day.
Peg told me all about it, dear.
So many misunderstandings.
It's hard to keep track.
How 'bout some coffee?
I may just be
an administrator, Aaron,
but I'm also the manager
of the budget,
which includes your salary!
Why the hell aren't you
at your desk?!
Why isn't anyone at their desk?!
What the hell's going on?!
Call me when you get this.
Where the hell have you been?
Working on a special project.
"Special project."
What special project?!
Would you please explain to me
what the hell's going on!
It's something I can't explain.
It's something I have to show
Lily, how are you?
Good? Good not great?
Are you great?
Where did you get this table?
Excuse me.
Hi. Hi Hubert?
- This is Hubert Blankenship.
- Hi, um, this is Lily Warner.
- Hello, Lily. How can I help
Listen to me. Something
is wrong with Richard
and Peg and Monique.
Monique is at my house and
I think you need
to come get her.
- Nothing's wrong with anyone.
You just need to wait there
until Richard picks you up
for the party.
You spoke to Richard.
He's worried about you. We all
Lily... Lily...
Lily? ... Lily!
Lily... Lily... Lily!
Excuse me.
Where are you going?
- Richard wants us
to pick something up
from the store
for the party tonight.
Come on.
Don't want to
disappoint him, do you?
Excuse me.
Lily!! Lily!!
Wake up!
Lily. Lily, what are
you doing?
Who are you?
I'm your husband.
- The fuck you are!
Ah! You fucking bitch!
You're crazy.
Let him go!
I don't have him.
Fuckin' LIAR!
Okay. Okay, okay.
- Okay.
Finally found your mother
I'm taking him.
I don't care if I have to tie
him up and carry him out,
I'm taking him!
You'll have to kill him.
He's a part of us now, Lily.
And we're a part of him.
You wanted Jack
to leave the nest.
Well, he's leaving, boy.
He's going on quite a trip!
What about all that fucking
possession bullshit?
Preparation to survive the
The core sample...
the asteroid...
It infected you! Your hand!
Infection is the wrong term.
Then what is the right fucking
A probe like billions of others.
Billions of years.
Billions of galaxies,
stars, planets...
Jack is a specimen.
One of the few on this
rock. You should be proud.
Many are called, but few are
Laugh again... and I break
- Feels good, doesn't it?
- All that pent up rage
towards your spouse?
- I'm sure you'd love to bash
his face in. Go on. Do it.
- Do it!
- DO IT!!
Lily, don't listen to him. Run!
Shut up, you pathetic fuck!
They're gonna kill us all.
If you're lucky.
What do you want?
I'll do anything. Just don't
take him. Tell me!
What is it?!
What do you want?!
What does any
superior species want?
Resources, power,
- sustenance, technology.
Jack is none of those things.
- No, he's not.
He's a competitor.
An exemplary one.
Young, healthy,
intelligent, strong.
That is the criteria.
And for every strength,
there is a weakness.
- The first rule of war:
know they enemy.
We're just trying
to get to know you.
You don't know
how lucky you are.
It doesn't always go
this way for the mother.
But Jack...
he loves you.
It makes us,
I don't care
what I have to do.
You are NOtaking my son!
It's already done.
Why is everybody
acting so weird?
Are they?
- You're acting weird. Ever
since you picked me up.
- Appetizer?
No... thanks.
- Go on.
Thank you.
- Appetizer?
- Where are we going?
Far away, I think.
Will we come back?
I don't think so.
As long as we're together.
- No, I don't want another one!
Jesus Christ! What the hell
is wrong with you people?!
- Fuck,
- Mother...
- What are you doing here?
I'm trying to save my son.
You don't need
to save me, Mother.
But I do. And my son
doesn't call me "Mother."
I know he's in there somewhere.
Mom. I'm right here.
It's not what you think.
Not for me.
Not for Valerie.
We're the Travelers.
What about them?
What's gonna happen to them?
- The same thing that happens
to everyone here, eventually.
- They're inconsequential.
They don't matter.
Jack would never say that.
He just did.
I've seen so many worlds,
Mother, across so many eons,
yet I've never seen a species
do so little with so much.
There are no words in your
languages to say it properly,
but you should
consider it a blessing
to be consumed
by the universe.
Nobody thinks it's a
blessing to be consumed.
- Jack wants you to live
the life you want to live
while you still have time to
live it.
You need to let him go.
What's the rule?
What's... the rule?
I love you, Jack.
From the moment you
were born, I loved you.
My love for you
is just so, so big,
I just didn't know it yet.
You are my son and nobody,
NOBODY can fucking take
that away from me!
- Jack...
I love you.
- What have you done??!!
- Jack! JACK!
- Jack! JACK!
- That's the last of it.
Are you okay?
I think so.
You still don't remember
anything, do you?
No, not much.
Just, uh, floating?
How about you?
- I already told you five times.
Jack picked me up, like usual.
I woke up in someone's yard
with a bunch of dead people.
- Two of them
were my parents.
- I really don't want to keep
talking about this.
- I'm sorry, Valerie. Truly I
- But I'm just trying to
find out how you survived.
Nobody survived.
Not even Jack.
Because you killed him.
I did what was necessary to
get the thing out of his body.
Christ, I'm not infected!
- Mom! Come on.
Okay. Well, if Valerie's
not infected with an alien virus
- sent here a billion years ago
to take over the earth,
- then I think it's time
we get on the road.
You can't win. Lily.
You can't stop this.
We'll see.
We know where you are.
And if we can't take Jack, we
will take someone eventually.
- What can you possibly do?
What every superior
species does...
- I'm going to abduct you.