Abhimanyu (2006) Movie Script

Dhamal Pasha speaking.
Tonight at 12:30 AM,
there will be a blast.
I'll get late for school, come soon.
Go alone today. Anek Da
hasn't returned yet.
Morever, there's no one else
to manage the store.
I'll come in the evening
to fetch you.
Okay, don't forget to
come in the evening.
Putul, come.
Tina, you forgot to take
your lunch bo.
Take care.
Come on, get in.
- Let's go.
Mom, get up!
Wake up, mom.
Speak to me. Get up.
Say something, mom. Get up, please.
Talk to me.
Mom, speak to me.
Sir, look at this.
They killed my mom, sir.
Ones who killed your mom,
I won't spare a single one of them.
I promise you.
Make arrangements to take
her home. - Yes, sir.
I somehow managed to find this
bike's number plate and details.
Raghav Ray, he is the head
of a terrorist gang.
I mean, he is the chief.
He fell down a valley.
Approimately, one kilometer
within the border, in the forest.
Did you Rayd that area?
Am I out of my mind?
What do you mean?
- I mean, I'm still a novice.
I don't have enough eperience.
I mean, I'll be
at the police station, sir.
I've given you the information,
the rest is up to you.
As if the terrorists would
have spared me had I gone there.
Nobody in my family ever
died at such a young age.
Come on.
Raj Sinha, mark today's date
in your calendar.
That's because you've made
the gravest mistake of your life.
Rest of the days in your life
will keep reminding you of this day.
I'll send you a calendar.
You may mark today's date in it.
Every year, you may
recall this day.
As the last day
of your life.
Raj Sinha!
You cannot stop our fight.
Even if I rot and die in jail,
our fight will continue.
Police is not capable enough
to stop them.
They killed him so brutally.
Did he deserve to die this way?
Wouldn't he have had visualised
a better death for himself?
He suffered so much.
You couldn't tie the string of your
pajama till you were 12 years old.
I tied it for you.
You passed away.
Who killed my son?
Inspector Raj Sinha.
I want to see him dead once I finish
performing my son's final rites.
Keep Raj Sinha alive
and kill his entire family.
Only then will he realise
how does it feel to lose
one's loved ones.
That means, your responsibilities
have now decreased.
What do you mean?
- Promotion is moving a step forward.
You won't have to fight
with people personally.
You will also get a chair to sit.
I did have a chair to sit on,
even before, dad.
But I could never sit.
As long as the terrorists are here,
I cannot sit peacefully.
These terrorists are very bad,
aren't they, uncle?
You need not know all that.
You have your meal.
They're really bad. Hence,
your uncle punishes them.
Do you make them kneel down?
Yes, just as your teacher
makes you do it.
Not at all. My teacher
never made me kneel down.
You know nothing. Bad boy!
Hello... Fine, sir.
Is that in-house?
Okay. Okay, sir.
I have to meet the DIG, tomorrow.
You just returned.
Why did they let you go then?
Don't go again. - It's an urgent
call, mom. I have to go.
Will you go away tomorrow?
The terrorists have gathered
at the mountain once again.
Their target this time is you.
And your family.
- Father...
What are you doing?
No.. Rimi!
- Oh, no...
Uncle, they killed dad.
They killed everyone.
No one is alive.
No one.
Yes, Mr Kamaal.
You had taken the responsibility
of Commander Raghav Ray.
How did the police catch him then?
Do you know how much loss
we had to incur because of that?
I had to suffer a loss too,
Mr Kamaal.
The police's bullet
killed my only son.
Raghav Ray's life is much more
precious than your son right now.
And if this precious life
stays with the police for too long,
it won't take me too long
to reach the graveyard.
You don't worry, Mr Kamaal.
I have wiped off my tears.
Death is what rests there now.
I'll turn the land into a graveyard
to bring commander out of jail.
I love my India.
I've been wanting to tell this
to you since a long time.
I really feel bad to see
such a young girl
working in the factory.
What can we do, sir?
We don't have the support of anyone.
My son is handicap.
How will we earn a meal
if we don't work?
It's not an inconvenience for us.
It is for me. From today,
neither your daughter nor we
will have anymore problems.
I take the responsibility
of your daughter.
Aunt, go home and look
after your handicap son.
And we'll look after your daughter.
Let me go.
- Come on...
Mom... Let her go.
They will ruin my daughter.
They'll kill my daughter. God...
If I have offered
flowers at your feet
even for one day,
then answer my prayers today.
Save my daughter! Please save her!
Who are you?
- Abhimanyu Nag.
I am not an ordinary water snake,
but King Cobra.
One sting and you'll be finished!
- Hey, move!
God answered my prayers.
You came down as an incarnation
of God to save my daughter. - No!
I am not a God!
I'm a human who is hanging
between devil and God.
Who is finding a reason to kill
be it God or devil.
Is Abhimanyu alive?
To find the stuff of the gang,
you have to go to two places.
One is a bar
or at a prostitute's place.
Where will you go first, sir?
The first one.
I need to talk.
I want to end my life,
but I am unable to do so.
I even tried many times
to kill myself.
But I couldn't.
To kill one's own self,
one needs some courage.
And I don't have that.
Maybe life didn't want to
give you death,
but a new life in return.
You can actually be relieved
that life did not give you
only sorrows.
Life also wanted to give
you some happiness.
I'll give you the opportunity,
but you have to take
the responsibility of two lives.
One of those two is like
your daughter Mishti.
My niece Rimi.
She is just like
your daughter Mishti.
The terrorists have targetted
to kill her and her mom.
I want you to stop them.
Consider this as a favor
you're doing to your friend.
I have come to you
with great hopes.
He is uncle Abhimanyu.
Rimi's mom.
Abhimanyu will stay here from now.
- Rimi,
show him the guest house.
Come with me.
Please go.
Let me update you everything
about Abhimanyu.
He was working
with the Crime branch once.
He lost everything in life
and is all alone now.
And I need someone all alone,
who can keep a watch
on you both all the time.
If you have a problem
with Abhimanyu,
you can tell me.
- I have a request.
Unless any of us calls him,
he shouldn't enter our house.
I'll tell him that.
Come in.
How many days will you stay here?
I don't know.
- Don't you really know?
Do you know who was Abhimanyu?
Have you read Mahabharat?
- No.
Abhimanyu is Arjun's son.
He is a character
from the epic Mahabharat.
Everyone conspired and killed him
in the battle of Kurukshetra.
Hello. Yes, mom. I'm coming.
You can dial our residence
land phone number from here.
You will have to dial 02.
Well, what should I address you as?
Uncle Abhimanyu?
- No!
Just that.
Bye, Abhimanyu.
Here you go, sir.
The man who has come
to Raj Sinha's house...
Who is he?
- Your death!
What has he come for?
- To hang you to death.
- Yes?
Do photographs talk?
Usually, they don't.
But they talk if drunk.
I see...
But does she drink?
No, sir. Her dad drinks.
- I see.
I have lot of similarities
with her dad.
Like father-in-law,
like son-in-law.
My wife will have no problem.
In North Bengal, through waterways,
many imported arms have arrived.
Two kilometers away from the sea,
these imported arms
and amunitions are exchanged.
And if the terrorists lay
their hands on these arms,
the entire pocket in that belt
will go to them.
And then, they'll form
an anti-government administration.
Before that, we'll kill them all.
Clean sweep!
- Not us,
but only one person
will go on this mission.
Inspector Abhimanyu Nag!
For such a huge mission,
will inspector Abhimanyu Nag
go all alone? - Yes.
He will enter the whirlpool
all alone
and also come out of it,
after killing them all.
Sir, he is the culprit.
Should I target him?
No, he is only an informer.
He is here to check
the surroundings.
Let him go, the real
hunter will come after he leaves.
Okay, over.
Here, the arms are in the truck.
Get ready.
The driver has reached
the morgue.
Where do you want me to send you?
Morgue or directly,
to the crematorioum?
Abhimanyu Nag, Crime Branch.
I am not an ordinary water snake,
but King Cobra.
One sting and you'll be finished!
Dump the dead bodies
in the graveyard.
Abhimanyu Nag,
Crime Branch.
Because of this one man,
our mission was flopped.
And I will have to answer
Kamaal Pasha for this.
For the first time in life...
I am sure you don't want me
to be humiliated again in life.
No, boss.
In the next week, Mr Kamaal
is sending more people.
And this time, before Abhimanyu
pounces on us,
we'll have to surround
and attack him.
Hip Hip...
Good morning, sir. Hey...
Why did you salute me?
Even the DIG will salute you
as you are a one man army.
How do you manage?
Before I leave home,
I call the God of Death.
You know what I tell him?
- What?
Not to follow me
as my time is not up as yet.
And that I'd call him
once my time is up.
That's all and my work is done.
I'll take the phone number of Death
God later. I need it too.
Go to the DIG's cabin.
A guest is waiting for you.
Who is it?
- Police Minister.
Vikram Sen.
May I come in, sir?
Hey, come in.
Please come in, Abhimanyu.
He has been waiting to see you.
Let me introduce you to him,
he is... - I know him.
Police Minister Vikram Sen.
I didn't know you.
I was understanding your profile
from the DIG.
I will have to speak a few words
about you while felicitating.
Keep the felicitation aside
and save your words.
Ones who died are twerps.
The day I'll succeed in killing
Raghav Bual, I'll accept the reward.
And acknowledge your words.
Did you find any clue
of Raghav Bual?
He has been jumping around.
I just have to spread my net
and catch him.
The day I do that, I will enjoy
a full course meal with fish.
I've heard, 'Bual' fish delicacy
is very tasty.
I see that he is more dangerous
than what you just told me.
Keep him safe.
He might become the fish's prey
while trying to catch it.
Dad, look at these.
This is me and this one is mom.
Oh, my!
This looks exactly like you.
And mom looks exactly
like your mom.
On seeing this, you can make out
these are mom and daughter.
Dad, how did I come
into this world?
Well... One day,
I went with your mom
to the forest for a stroll.
There we saw a basket
inside which you were lying.
How did you come?
Actually... Your grandma
and grandpa
went to the forest for a stroll.
And they saw a basket there.
I was inside that basket.
How did grandpa come?
Hey, that's enough.
You need not know much.
Now, arrange your books and come
for dinner. - You arrange them.
Your daughter is so naughty.
You saved me from her.
She is a child of modern times.
How could I have not saved you?
I'm your wife, after all.
Yes, sir...
Okay, sir.
You will have to go, right?
Come, have dinner.
I'm sorry.
Why do you say sorry?
You are my pride.
You save so many lives.
And can't I give you freedom
to save people's lives?
When I read your name
in the newspapers,
I read it several times.
I feel so good.
I am your wife.
How can I not feel good?
Come, let's eat.
Sir, this gang is coming this side
to cross the border.
- Abhimanyu Nag...
My men are your pistol's target
whille your wife and daughter
are in front of my pistol.
Dad, they will kill us!
Let us strike a deal.
Let my people cross the place,
without any hassles.
Because if you open firing there,
I'll start firing here as well.
None of you will shoot.
Sir, we have orders
of shoot at sight.
- It's my order, nobody shoots!
Shoot at sight!
Despite the orders, you did not
signal them to fire.
Being an officer
of the Crime Branch,
you committed a grave crime.
Because of you, so many
head constable officers
died at the hands of terrorists.
What do we understand from
this, inspector Abhimanyu Nag?
What is there to not understand?
It's crystal clear.
Inspector Abhimanyu Nag
joined hands with the terrorists.
He stood by their side
and helped the terrorists
to enter our area.
Inspector Abhimanyu Nag,
you may put forth
your explanation if you have any.
We can consider your past records
and think about it. - No.
We'll only look at
his present record.
I have all the evidences
right in front of me.
Abhimanyu Nag is a black
chapter in the police department.
And I don't want a black chapter
in the manual of my department.
TRaytor Abhimanyu Nag
is being terminated
from his services.
'Dad, look at these.
This is me and this one is mom.'
Abhimanyu Nag's death is not
a reason for us to rejoice,
but it's also scary.
Because now, we are the target
of the entire police department.
So what's our next move, captain?
We will have to change our den.
- Captain...
Inform the entire unit
that our boys
will have to go underground
for some days.
Yes, Captain.
The invincible will rise again.
In some other land.
No, I am feeling unwell.
I am not good.
I heard, Mishti is down with fever.
Take her to a doctor.
I know,
once your fever subsides,
you will be naughty again.
I forgot to tell you something.
I've found a job, of a guard.
You know, there's a small girl here
who is of Mishti's age.
If Mishti was here,
the two would have become friends.
I'll come to you.
Very soon, I'll be...
Where are you?
- What's wrong?
Rimi... What has happened?
- I am scared.
I am scared.
- What is it?
Nothing has happened, dear.
Nothing is wrong, I am here.
We are safe. - Mom...
What happened?
I heard her scream
all of a sudden.
She is scared of darkness.
Your job is outside the house.
And not inside.
Don't come inside
unless we call you.
I will listen to you only as long as
two people stay out
of your house.
One is God and the other is Devil.
If even one of these enter
your house,
Abhimanyu Nag
won't wait for your call.
I will order death to go back
and enter your house.
Right from vegetables to spices,
I have information
of everything.
Except you.
Like a mystery,
I know just one thing.
Care of Raj Sinha.
Neither do I know anything
before it or beyond it.
Has any of your forefathers
worked in police department?
So then you may ask them.
They might have
all my details.
I want to know your details
from you, Mister?
Abhimanyu Nag.
That's my name.
And my history...
I'm not an ordinary water snake,
but King Cobra.
One sting and you'll be finished.
Whenever you come in front of me,
tie an amulet around your wrist.
I won't need that.
I drink local alcohol.
No poison can harm me.
Anaconda never attacks you
at your feet.
It will swallow you
from your head.
Your local alcohol
will do you no good.
It will open its mouth
and you'll be finished!
Titli was right.
The alcohol could be adulterated.
I will have to keep a watch on him.
Will you come with me?
I have my teddy at home.
You can stay there too.
All four of us will sit and chat.
Will Abhimanyu scold us?
No, I will tell Abhimanyu
that you are now my friends.
Why did you touch these?
- They are now my friends.
Will you be my friend, Abhimanyu?
- No!
Neither are they your friends
nor am I.
Don't you ever enter my house
or touch any of my things.
Go away! Get out of here.
Rimi... Rimi...
What happened, dear?
Abhimanyu screamed at me.
Did you say something to him?
I entered his house and touched
two dolls of his.
I told him, they're now my friends.
And asked him
if he'll be my friend too.
He snatched away both the dolls
from my hand and told me,
not to touch them again.
He then drove me away
from his house. Bad boy!
My daughter isn't that bad.
That you have to always scold her.
I won't ask you to love her,
but at least I can expect you
to sympathise with her.
This is all she desires for.
I didn't...
I didn't want to hurt you.
I wanted to tell you
those aren't just dolls or toys.
They are my...
That's my wife and daughter.
My daughter Mishti is just like you.
If she was here, I would have
got you to be her friend.
My daughter Mishti
is no more, Rimi.
She can never be your friend.
Please forgive me.
I could not give away
Mishti to you.
Good night, Abhimanyu.
Good night.
Will you be my friend?
Grandpa, come.
Let me introduce you to grandpa.
Grandpa, he is uncle's friend,
He is also my friend.
Inform mom that I am here.
Let me talk to your friend
until then.
Abhimanyu Nag!
I'm surprised to see you!
That's natural.
The one you had thrown
into the clutches of death,
has still managed to survive.
It would've been better
had you not survived.
Police department despises you.
A life lived with others' hatred
and despise is not worth it.
Dying is much better.
I did not die,
because you are alive.
You stamped my file as a tRaytor
and signed it.
Police Minister Vikram Sen.
One stamp and sign of yours
changed the course of my life.
You are indebted to me actually.
I feel ashamed.
One who I have stamped
as a tRaytor,
his life is ruined.
How did you survive then?
In order to pay back
for what you did to me,
I am still alive.
You better leave as you are alive.
Else, my next move
can destroy your life.
I was waiting
for you to say this to me
so that I could tell you,
'Get lost, you rascal!'
I am not your private property
that you can make me
dance to your tunes.
- Abhimanyu Nag!
I am not an ordinary water snake,
but King Cobra.
One sting
and you'll be finished!
- No.
You've come to a house where
decent people live. Have tea,
refreshments and just leave.
Don't interfere in my affairs.
Else, maybe it is your life
that will be ruined.
Brother-in-law has brought him here.
And I have nothing to say
when it comes to
his principles and decisions.
I'm surprised! It's about
yours and your daughter's life.
And you have nothing to say?
You don't have to say anything.
Take Rimi along and come with me.
I will talk to Raj Sinha.
- No, father.
That will mean, insulting him.
I at least have Rimi with me.
Who does he have?
He is fighting for our sake.
- What fight?
He is in Kolkata.
He has left you in the custody
of a man who was dismissed
from the police department
for helping a terrorist gang.
Will he save you?
Brother trusts him so much.
So, you won't come with me?
I've already told you,
I will come to your place
with Rimi.
But only after the battle is over.
The government has received
a letter from the terrorists.
Until we don't release their
commander Raghav Ray,
Raj Sinha's family
will be in danger.
What if they harm Rimi?
You won't have the option
of even going back then.
Tell this to Raj Sinha.
Why is she walking towards me
holding those bangles?
To wear it or put it
around my wrist?
Oh, no!
She is really coming this side.
She could make me wear it.
She has told me several times,
to wear a bangle and sit idle.
Since I didn't do that,
maybe, she is coming personally
to put it around my wrist.
How do these look?
Good. They're really beautiful.
Who is it for?
- For you!
Who else will it be for?
All you do is drink.
After marriage, you'll lie
somewhere sloshed.
And to save your job,
I will have to chase the criminals.
You wear these bangles
and take care of home.
And I will earn a living.
Show me your hand.
- No.
I won't wear bangles.
Today, you will have to wear
these bangles.
Hey, no! I won't wear bangles.
- Wait...
I won't wear bangles! No!
I won't wear bangles! No!
I will never drink.
I'll work and you'll look
after our home.
No! Let me go...
I won't wear bangles, Titli.
'I won't wear bangles, Titli'.
Did you think
I bought these for you?
- Yes... I mean, no!
How did you know
what was on my mind?
That's because you understood
what was on my mind.
What was on your mind?
That if I had money, I would've
bought a dozen bangles for you.
Thank God, she had no money.
You're laughing?
You are.
Yes, you did smile.
I did not until ten seconds.
I laughed in the eleventh second.
I see.
You laughed in the eleventh second?
Okay, let's do it once again.
This time, for twenty seconds.
There you go!
You're smiling.
Yes, in fact, you are laughing.
- Hey...
Hey... - Rimi's school
is reopening tomorrow.
I don't have the courage
to send her to school.
I'll drop her at school.
Only if you trust me.
I am not afRayd anymore.
Tell me why.
- That's because,
Abhimanyu will be with you.
Good night.
- Good night, Abhimanyu.
Hold on.
This is for you.
- For me?
Thank you.
Does it look nice?
- Fine.
Bye, Abhimanyu.
Abhimanyu is shot!
What are you doing? Abhimanyu!
They won't find her, sir.
Even if they search
the entire jungle,
they won't find the girl.
'Show this to Raj Sinha.'
'If Raghav Ray isn't released, '
'the next video that you will see'
'is how we kill your daughter.'
They will kill my daughter.
I cannot live without Rimi.
- No, don't say that.
I have no one besides her.
I have nothing to live for.
Please calm down.
Nothing will happen to Rimi.
She will come back to you.
- Mom.
Rimi! Where are you, dear?
Where are you calling from?
They have locked me up
in a room.
They don't give me anything to eat.
Yes, tell me.
You please tell uncle to take me
away from here. - Yes, dear.
Else, they'll kill me.
Please tell uncle.
- Did you call up at home?
If you repeat that again,
I will shoot you next.
Please don't kill her.
I beg of you, please let her go.
Don't kill her, please.
Don't kill her. Please let her go.
One, two, three.
- Don't worry, Raj Sinha.
Rimi is still alive.
Rimi being alive is a good
news for you, Durjoy.
If she is harmed in any way,
I won't let you move an inch
from the place you're standing at.
I will burn down the place.
You know that's not possible.
That's because you're trapped
right now.
Let me remind you our old deal.
Commander Raghav Ray's release.
Rimi's life in exchange.
Time limit is seven days. - Not in
exchange of Raghav Ray's release,
but I will get Rimi back
in return of your life.
Please let my daughter go.
She is a child.
What harm did she do to you?
People dying at the hands
of police by their bullets
are innocent too.
But they still die
because the police thinks
they're criminals.
And people dying at my hands
are not accused either.
But for me, they're criminals.
I beg the life of my daughter.
Please give my child back.
Many mothers
have lost their children.
Their life is not less precious
than your daughter's life.
Explain this to Raj Sinha.
Sir, they're in Tarpar.
Via Chowk Bazar road.
- You have done enough.
You need not do anything.
Go away from here!
My daughter...
Please leave it to destiny.
If she is destined to live,
she will survive.
Please, I beg of you.
You can leave. Please leave.
Be brave, Nandini.
I am unlike other mothers.
I cannot be brave enough to
count the days of my child's life.
Will you take me
to that man in jail?
Raghav Ray?
- Yes.
I'll fall at his feet and tell him,
to kill me.
And let my daughter go.
We'll lose this battle, Nandini.
This battle is between you and them.
Rimi is no where in it.
Then why will she have to die?
She doesn't even understand
the meaning of this battle.
She took birth in this family,
is that her biggest mistake?
If Rimi has to die anyway,
Durjoy Ray won't be responsible
for her death,
but you will be!
Raj Sinha!
Abhimanyu Nag!
You are not an ordinary water snake,
but King Cobra.
Instead of finishing others,
you had plans to get killed.
The two other snakes you mention
best suits you.
Viper and watersnake.
You cannot be King Cobra.
The ones who kidnapped the girl,
do you remember their faces?
If you can give me some clue,
I will find out the rest.
And if I am able to bring her back,
Titli will be impressed. I have
been trying to woo her for long.
Now, I want to take it ahead.
Try to recall.
'Get up, Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu!'
'Abhimanyu, help!'
Do you recall anything?
Do you know why I called
you a viper or watersnake?
This is why.
Had you been King Cobra,
you would have memorised
their image before
you passed out.
They have all plans to kill you.
They can come here any time.
Those medicines
won't do you any good.
Drink alcohol. It will reduce
the affect of poison,
but you'll stand very soon. Bye.
Abhimanyu definitely knows
who has kidnapped
Raj Sinha's niece.
But he didn't tell me.
- It doesn't make any difference
if he tells an alcoholic
like you or not.
I may be a drunkard,
but I need to find out
who those people are.
After all, the incident
happened in my area.
I am the OC (Officer in-charge).
You were rather a constable.
I'll slap you hard.
Why, sir? I did fill your glass.
No, I did not say that to you,
but her.
This is Titli, my daughter.
Why is her photo with you, sir?
Is my daughter Titli
kidnapped too? - No.
Who will kidnap her?
Only I could have kidnapped her.
Do you have the guts?
One needs to have guts
to kidnap someone.
If you keep drinking all day,
you cannot kidnap anyone.
I asked you to go and you left.
I forgot what more
I had to tell you.
Whenever you wish to
tell me something,
don't talk to my photograph,
but tell me stRayght.
Go home.
Why did I ask her to go home?
I could have asked her
to sit here for a while.
- How are you feeling?
Any news of Rimi?
After some days,
maybe I could give you
the news of her death.
That's what they've told me.
Will you fulfill a request of mine?
Say it.
- I want to go to the jail once,
to meet that terrorist.
Will you take me?
There is no one else
whom I could say this to.
If I fall at his feet and beg
to spare Rimi,
won't he listen to me?
Won't he understand my pain?
No matter how evil he may be,
but won't he feel bad
to kill a small child?
Please let go of my daughter.
Your fight is with the government.
It's with Raj Sinha.
And not with my daughter.
You have already ruined my life.
Please release my daughter.
Let her go.
Your daughter is my passport
to leave from here.
If you want her back,
you will have to get me out.
Else, she will have to die.
Explain this
to your government
and Raj Sinha, both.
I... I came here
to tell you about my pain.
I cannot live without Rimi.
I feel you aren't that cruel.
Please release my daughter.
She is hardly
ten years old.
Will your anger subside
after killing that small child?
I beg of you.
Please let my daughter go.
I... I will fall at your feet.
Let her go.
Please let her go.
You are getting emotional
for no reason.
We are used to seeing deadbodies.
We don't feel anything
when we kill someone.
Even if your daughter was a five
year old child,
we would still not have
tears in our eyes.
We still would've shot her down.
Hey, you!
The department took away
my badge,
but not the name my father gave me.
Abhimanyu Nag!
I am not an ordinary watersnake,
but King Cobra.
One sting and you'll be finished!
If even a single drop of blood
falls from Rimi's body,
I will make you see
a river of blood of your people.
Neither the police
nor your bosses,
nobody will be able to save you
from the clutches of Abhimanyu Nag.
I had alerted you several times.
But you turned a deaf ear to me.
You think I'm useless!
Now, my words have come true.
If Nandini and Rimi
were my responsibility,
nobody would've dared
to even harm their shadow.
But what did you do?
You asked a corrupt man
like Abhimanyu Nag who was
thrown out of the department
to guard them and were
busy touring around places.
They have asked the government
to set Raghav Ray free
in exchange of Rimi's freedom.
What did the government decide?
Nothing as yet.
But it will decide,
what I decide.
The government is yours,
but Rimi is the daughter
of Raj Sinha's family.
Yes, the government will do
what Raj Sinha wants.
Raj Sinha will not let go
of a single terrorist against any
of his family member's life.
Go and inform your government.
Rimi was the member
of your family
only till my daughter
was your brother's wife.
The day she became a widow,
your family's responsibility ended.
Rimi's grandpa that's me,
will take decisions about her life.
Vikram Sen!
You and I never had
the same opinion.
Neither do we have it now.
I don't want to waste a single day
due to these arguments.
The government
will set Raghav Ray free.
And if that can happen
within 7 days,
I will try my best for that.
Whose life do you want to
save first, Mr Vikram Sen,
Rimi or Raghav Ray?
One life in exchange of the other.
One person's life
in exchange of a hundred lives.
I will kill all those scoundrels
and bring Rimi back.
You have to do nothing.
Nothing at all.
The responsoibility I gave you,
you failed in it.
I don't need your help anymore.
- My job isn't done yet, Raj Sinha.
Because I am not dead.
You will die, next time.
You are aware
of Abhimanyu's history.
He went bravely into
the opponent's army,
but returned as a corpse.
This Abhimanyu isn't destined
to get beaten up repeatedly.
I am Abhimanyu of modern times.
Abhimanyu Nag!
I am not an ordinary watersnake,
but King Cobra.
One sting and you'll be finished!
They have given seven days time
to the government,
and not me.
Even before your government
decides to open the jail's gate,
I will bring Rimi back.
'Bye, Abhimanyu.'
Are you leaving?
I am going to complete
the work left incomplete.
You are Rimi's mother.
The pain of losing one's daughter
is extreme.
I have known her for very less time.
But losing her
is as painful for me.
My fight is not with two people,
but just one.
That's the devil. - But you don't
have anyone's support.
But I know I have
the support of one person.
That's you.
And that is
my biggest weapon.
We have lost someone
very dear to us.
Our pain is the same too.
So is our battle.
We won't bear the pain anymore.
If I fail in my task,
I'll save a bullet
for myself.
I'll close my eyes
and shoot myself here.
You'll understand that I died
because I did not succeed.
'Bye, Abhimanyu.'
'This is for you.
- For me?'
'Thank you.'
You won't find anything more.
What did you think?
That the evidences will be here,
till you're back from the hospital?
That you'd come back
and collect them.
Some of them flew away in the wind
and some got washed out in rain.
But I have a small clue.
I know you very well remember
the faces of the ones
who kidnapped her.
But you didn't tell me.
You kept your eyes closed.
So that you could teach
them a lesson.
No... Believe me, I don't have
any problem if you do that.
I can help you in every way
for this task.
Before that, I want to strike
a deal with you.
What deal?
I am of no help to you, but...
You must keep me with you
throughout the task.
So that the senior officers
and Titli,
will understand I am capable
of something too.
- I will neither disturb you
nor help you in your task.
I'll only be there for name sake.
Driving license.
I found it at the spot.
I also have his bio-data.
Myustafa owns about twenty
gambling dens and casinos here.
If not very important,
Mustafa doesn't come out, but...
Mustafa gets out of his den
for money and girl.
Once his work is done,
he goes back to his den.
His hideout is where
the terrorists hide too.
Do you know his hideouts?
- Of course, all of them.
But I never went to any of them
as I don't want to die now.
Come what may,
I will have to bring Mustafa
out of his den.
Not me. I told you beforehand,
I will neither help you physically
nor will I stop you.
I am only for namesake.
Handing Mustafa to you
is my responsibility.
Are you out of your mind?
Mustafa will send you to heaven
before you do anything.
- Shut up!
Didn't you just say, he gets
attracted towards women?
I will use that to my advantage
and bring him out of his den.
Tomorrow, there is a celebration
of the tribals in Mustafa's area.
Mustafa comes there to attend
the festival, every year.
But this year's celebration
will be his last one.
Hey, who are you?
Mustafa is caught.
Look at this carefully.
This is a knife.
But when Abhimanyu Nag uses it,
the doctors send the victim
directly to God of death.
You may kill me if you want,
but you won't find the girl.
Instead, you will only
find her dead body.
If the child is harmed
in any way,
I will cut you into pieces
and throw in the streets.
Your next three generation
will be petrified
to even hear my name.
Where is Abhimanyu?
- I don't know.
Don't you know?
- No, I don't.
Abhimanyu won't be able to save you.
He will come here
and see your deadbody.
Abhimanyu Nag is a Cobra.
If you add some chillies
and salt to an injury,
you will start quivering
like a leaf.
I'll tell you...
I'll tell you everything.
You will go to a hospital
if you speak the truth.
But if you lie,
you will land in morgue.
The choice is yours.
Speak out.
- The girl is...
The girl is in our den.
You have many hideouts.
Which one of them precisely
is she in? - In my...
In my old hideout.
Will they kill me?
My mom will be
deeply distressed if I die.
My mom has no one but me.
They killed everyone else.
If I help you to get out of here,
will you manage to escape?
Nobody is here at the moment.
Leave through the back door.
But I am not familiar
with the place.
Once you get out of the tenement,
you'll see the main road.
Ask anyone your address,
they'll help you.
Everyone knows your house.
Nobody here will be able to harm
you anymore.
You're really sweet.
Just like my mom.
Go, my dear. Go away.
Unless you don't set
Raghav Ray free,
you won't get the girl back.
This is a big conspiracy.
Who is the deal between?
Durjoy Ray from our state
and Kamaal Pasha from Bhopal.
Raghav Ray
is Bunty Sulaiman actually.
Kamaal Pasha's commander.
He changed his name
and was working here secretly.
If Raghav Ray is not released,
Kamaal Pasha
will kill Durjoy Ray.
If the government doesn't set
Raghav Ray free,
Durjoy Ray will kill the girl.
Who else is involved in this?
The police minister, Vikram Sen.
Hello. - You're trying
to double cross me, Vikram Sen?
On one side, you're negotiating
a deal with me
while on the other,
you sent police force
to kill my boys.
Police did not kill any of your men.
The one who did it is not a cop.
His name is
Abhimanyu Nag!
It is your lookout to plan
how you'll stop Abhimanyu Nag.
That is not my headache.
My job is to get approval
from the ministers in tomorrow's
meeting to release Raghav Ray.
Where is the girl?
I set her free.
- Did you?
Yes, I set her free!
You will keep torturing a small
child and you want me to
tolerate it?
Are you proving your bravery to me?
If you have the guts,
go, fight with the police.
You want to kill me?
Come on, kill me.
I am not a part
of your gang anymore.
Dispose her body.
the girl has escaped
from Mustafa's hideout.
Trust me, I did not kill her.
Trust me, this is where
I had kept her.
I want to know clearly
what is the stand of the government
about the terrorists' demand.
Are we going to release Raghav Ray?
If we set a dangerous terrorist like
him free, their powers will double.
Things will go out of our control.
I cannot let that happen.
They will kill my grand-daughter
if we don't set Raghav Ray free.
I cannot afford to let
that happen either.
Let me make one thing very clear.
Today's meeting will now decide
if I'll stay in the minister's
cabinet or not.
And if I am not a part of it,
the ministers under me
will quit too.
Had someone else been kidnapped
in place of your grand daughter,
you would not have said this.
Neither would you say this
if it was your grand daughter
who got abducted in my
grand daughter's place.
You would take the stand
that I am taking.
If the news of my
grand daughter's death
is printed in tomorrow newspapers,
there will be another news
to print too.
That your government has changed.
The government will set Raghav Ray
free to save your grand daughter.
I kept my promise, Durjoy.
The government is releasing
Raghav Ray.
The deal we made,
I have done my part of the job.
Now it is your turn.
Well done!
Now tell me what is your deal
with Durjoy Ray, Mr Vikram Sen?
You?! - I came here to see
what deal you striked
with Durjoy Ray.
What exactly
are your terms?
- What terms?
They'll set my grand daughter free
and in return, the government
will release Raghav Ray.
If you tell another lie,
I will kill you and hang
your photo on the wall.
Your photo will be
garlanded by evening.
Abhimanyu Nag!
I am not an ordinary watersnake,
but King Cobra.
One sting and you'll be finished!
I will tell you what deal
you made with Durjoy Ray.
With Durjoy's help, you planned to
create terror attacks in the state
and put pressure on the government.
So that the government
falls apart
and you take the opportunity
to sit on the chair
of the Chief Minister.
Nobody will believe
your fake stories and imagination.
O really?
If I slap hard on one's cheek,
anybody will believe what I said.
We blame the enemies
who are outsiders.
But the most poisonous enemies
are politicians like you
who invite terrorists
like Bunty Sulaiman and Raghav Ray
to our country and please
them with their hospitality.
Only to spread poison
in our country.
And when those guests of yours
get caught,
you be a good host
and to set your guest free,
you get your own grand
daughter kidnapped. - That's a lie!
I don't even know
who Bunty Sulaiman is.
Before Mustafa died at my hands,
he revealed the secret
you share with your guests.
I am neither a friend of yours
nor am I your relative.
It won't take me a second
to take your life.
Just as you took no time
to get my wife and daughter killed
at the hands of Durjoy Ray.
If a policeman's wife and child
is killed by a terrorist,
nobody in the department
loses anything.
But Rimi...
She is your grand-daughter.
Didn't you spare a thought
or hesitate before
you handed her over
to the terrorists? - No, I didn't!
I didn't hesitate a bit.
Not at all.
In politics, one has to sacrifice
dear one's life at times.
Rimi is that pawn of mine.
And Raghav Ray is
nothing but my trump card.
Is that how precious my child's
life is for you?
Didn't you spare a thought
even for once
how Rimi always came into
your arms lovingly?
- When I was born,
why didn't you give me
some poison?
I wouldn't have been ashamed
to call you my father at least.
I knew not every daughter
gets the opportunity
to be with her father forever.
But daughters like me don't
deserve to live.
Don't forget,
the mothers of our land
gave birth to brave men
like Netaji, Bhagat Singh,
Binoy, Badal, Dinesh
who fought for our independence.
And one such mother
gave birth to a police officer
called Abhimanyu
to end terrorism.
Like how you handed over
Rimi to the terrorist gang
and decided her fate,
today I leave your fate
to Abhimanyu.
Your fate will now be decided
by Abhimanyu Nag.
Did you see this girl
in the photograph? - No.
Have you seen her anywhere?
- No, I haven't.
No... Mom!
Didn't I tell you
that if I failed to bring
Rimi back,
I'd save one bullet
for myself?
There is one bullet in it.
Close your eyes and shoot.
I don't regret my decision
to die.
I just regret
that my death couldn't save
Rimi's life.
Please set Abhimanyu free
of all the pain and sufferings.
Sister-in-law, Rimi is alive.
I saw Rimi.
Are you serious?
Yes. - Hope you aren't
giving me false hopes. - No.
Is Rimi alive?
- Yes.
Rimi managed to escape
from Mustafa's den.
But they caught her again.
Raj Sinha called me
to inform they're
taking Raghav Ray
across the border.
They won't succeed.
Between the two states, on the
border, they'll find Abhimanyu Nag.
And not Raghav Ray.
Only Raghav Ray's body
will be sent across the border.
Here is the bullet you saved.
I am giving it back to you.
Use this bullet
to wipe off terrorism
from this country.
Each minute is dangerous for us.
Once I send you across
the border,
I'll send the girl back today.
What about our mission here?
If you want to be alive,
forget about your mission
for some days, Bunty Sulaiman.
Because if Abhimanyu Nag finds you,
you will never see the border
in your lifetime.
The place you're standing at,
you will fall dead right there.
Durjoy Ray!
Surrender yourself
along with Raghav Ray.
The police has surrounded you
from all sides.
I'll stop the police with the help
of my boys.
You cross the border.
Raghav Ray, alias Bunty Sulaiman...
A criminal brought to our country
to destroy our people.
You brought along
the support of many
influential people.
Every blast you made
killed many innocent
people of our country.
Today, Abhimanyu
will make 28 pieces of you
on behalf of each state
of our country
and send it to your boss,
Kamaal Pasha.
Didn't you carry
the pressure cooker parcel
in this hand?
With this hand,
you brought the transistor parcel.
Let me go!
I take an oath
that I will never step into
your motherland again.
Please let me go.
I won't give you that opportunity.
The land that gave birth
to Netaji, Bhagat Singh,
Binoy, Badal, Dinesh,
Abhimanyu Nag won't allow
any Bunty Sulaiman
or Kamaal Pasha
to step into
this divine land.
- Abhimanyu!
- Abhimanyu...
Rimi, they have spread
dynamites all over.
Run along with me.
Okay? Ready?
Ready, go!
Abhimanyu, get up.
Get up!
Get up. Come on.
Run, Rimi. Run...
- Mom...
I told you, Durjoy Ray
that I am not an ordinary
watersnake, but King Cobra.
One sting and you'll be finished.
No, Abhimanyu.
Let me go.
Beware! No!
You are not a Cobra,
but just a pawn in the trap
laid by Durjoy Ray.
History repeats itself
and every time, Abhimanyu
gets trapped
and is killed.
No, Durjoy Ray.
I am not the Abhimanyu
from Mahabharat.
I belong to this country, Bharat.
Abhimanyu Nag.
I did not come into this world
to be trapped and killed by you.
But to annihilate
traitors like you.
I had saved this bullet for me.
This bullet taught me today
that despite losing everything,
why did I still survive.
You don't love your India.
I love my India.
Abhimanyu, nothing has
happened to you.
You are alright.
I am alright.
It's just time for me to leave.
No, you won't go anywhere.
You will stay with me.
This is Mishti.
Whenever you think of me,
talk to Mishti.
She will talk to you about me.
She is a nice girl.
She will be a good friend of yours.
Bye, dear.
See you again, friend.
See you again.
'Whenever terrorists'
'like Kamaal Pasha, '
'Bunty Sulaiman, '
'Durjoy Ray step into our land, '
'in order to protect
this divine land, '
'Abhimanyu will arrive.'
'For me, for you, '
'and for our country!'