Abigail (2019) Movie Script

Navigator which weighs home lost no no
no no that's not like us you see the end
of that stream that's the North Star and
that's because it tells us where the.
North Pole is now
now we know that no is there and we live
right down here in the south so tada we
found our way home
whenever you're lost you just keep your
chin now
myself Mama's baked a pie and it's tasty
I bet
William what brings the head of the
security department here yes that was
the order for your entire department
good evening mr. Guerin
what is all this fuss about you know
what I did to this city
how important I am to them William I
will tell you what will happen I woke
him out of there
and no one will be able to laugh
mr. Derrick sang pretty yes my darling
I'm sure mr. Garreth would love to have
some tea but it's bed tuck
you give me half an hour to move it
ouch look what I have it's a gift I made
it specially for you it's so pretty
now this fear contains all my thoughts
about you you keep it with you always do
thanks daddy
now you go to sleep princess and close
your eyes and I'll sit with you until
you fall asleep come on
your husband is infected he and everyone
else at the lab I'm sorry Margaret
this is the head of the security
department speaking for some time now
the boundary has given us peace and
quiet but the epidemic has broken out
once again Henry's been taken hostage by.
Ian's gang we meet at nine on the
abandoned Street
the number of infected people was
growing every hour we all need to unite
to work together to deal with this
crisis tirelessly conducting checks in
order to catch all the infections at an
early stage this disease is highly
contagious leads anyone infected to an
excruciating death
we are doing everything in our power to
stop it for spreading across our city
there are no recognizable symptoms of
the onset and this infection can only be
detected by a special device the stage 2
of the infection the visual experience
fever and disease in stage 3 emulsions
and hallucinations during the third
stage the victim becomes highly
contagious for the sake of public safety
all infected persons are quarantined and
the pain was lethal injection is
administered before the disease
progresses to stage 3 anyone sheltering
infected persons will be considered a
traitor and will be charged with treason
for having but public safety and rest
the curfew has begun you are requested
to return to your homes
he is our hostage he was on our
territory where you're not allowed to go
this scheme and I bet at least one of
you turns out to be infected
just like your relatives they'll take
you in and give you the injection get
out of here while we are still being
nice if you sort of war here now the
inspectors will come in no time
shut your mouth you child of a leper the
first one who finds the flare get to the
roof and lights it wins if I win you
will let him go
and you will ask him for his forgiveness
on your knees and what if I win then
I'll be your hostage instead of him well
get ready you're not going home for a
long time.
I don't know what do you think but I've
been close to the resident I'll come by
later right
try not to worry I'm sure everything oh
shall we investigate that mmm now can
you tell me Missy what do you recall yes
to sit and then you fell asleep
ah but you fell asleep what is that oh
that is a that is so that you don't
dad why do you have so many clocks well
it said that I I don't I don't lose
track of time you see because these
clocks they keep time safe for you
you'll be sitting here and you'll be
listening to the tick tick tick tick
tick tick total of all of these clocks
and before you know it it's gone my dear
it's a big holiday it's not a holiday
mom I'll bake a cake she'll give me some
flour I'm not going outside today what
is this my daughter today everyone has
to go to the square I'm not my mood I
would go myself but I have to sit here
the sewing machine until nighttime
all right hey excuse me could you please
find some flour what are you doing no
okay fine I'm skinny.
Oh Missy my daughter is not in the mood
okay I'll go I'll go get me some sugar
in fashion traffic stop I will take this
for myself.
I hit an inspector that's it we're
finished we need to run away mom please
stop there was no place to run we can't
leave the city listen
Roy is dad's friend they were taken away
together but now Roy's an inspector
so maybe dad is also alive your father
is dead he was infected but Roy was too
and if he was sick then he should be
dead for 10 years already
Abby stop pack your things if we don't
hide they'll arrest us mom please
Roy won't tell on us how do you know
that otherwise I'll tell everyone that
he was visiting his wife and that they
have a child but she keeps hidden at
why does she hide him and one of the
inspectors were masked the authorities
don't want us to know that some of them
are very close to us we're going to
interrogate Roy he will help us find dad
what Noemi yes what else do we have to
lose why live a life where were
stigmatized as a family of an infected
- one this way we can at least hope to.
- Find dad
Where is my father I'm going to report
on both of you to the security
department this will be the end of you
they'll take you both in go ahead
I've already told something about you
Roy are you okay yeah now I see and all
the neighbors have been wondering who
the father was
he's not supposed to see his family but
he can come back to us you have to
understand how much that means to me if
it hadn't been for what do you want
you'll do as I say or I'll turn you in
and your son will grow up without a
father leave my family out of this Eddie
I will if you do what I say
visiting every door by door checking
every single building in the city I
asked you to offer them whatever
assistance you can they work for the
benefit of us all
anyone sheltering an active person will
be considered a traitor it will be
charged with treason for having
where's my father
I don't know heavy when they got us in
we got immediately separated I was
offered a choice either deportation or
become an inspector and you choose to
wear the mask
is that the tunnel that leads to the
residents of the security department and
do you know where to keep the
information about the infected ones
Ethan Blake should know we focus he
worked with dad he's responsible for the
infected ones if he's all of that yes
I'll go there and see by myself nobody's
allowed to leave this way during the
ceremony you'll see to it that I'll be
able to leave
where are the headquarters
answer me answer me
you're going to tell me everything
where are the headquarters
please answer the list
Ethan Blake in half an hour supporting
the infected to the permanent detention
the truck is with us the truck is with
us extra security
about this what do you care I'm the
chief engineer Ethan Blake I told you
open up now
ah let's pass the border well shall I
tell you a story instead deal once upon
a time in a city far far away the people
were very good friends with the
what are strangers like well they're
like people but but just what the same
as everyone else their eyes glow bright
in different colors the king of the city
he didn't like this and he was a
stranger himself but he wanted his eyes
to glow alone so he banished all the
strangers from the city for one day this
handsome inventor came up with a device
a special machine that could dim the
glow of the eyes of the strangers now
there was a spur glow anymore but at
least people could live together
but the king he didn't want to be equal
with anyone so he ordered the inventor
to give him the machine and then the
inventor refused oh no no no no my
darling nothing now sometimes in order
to be a human being you have to say no
Abbie I'm hallucinating
aren't I no please do not worry I teach
the new recruits and I'm gonna teach you
too you see sometimes things but not as
they seem to be don't be afraid there is
this unique gift about 1 in 10 people
possess something very special has
awakened within you now you are one of
the few that have it this very special
gift of wakens in people at different
sometimes it infancy is sometimes in
adolescence how do you boy I'm a girl ah
wait there is a boy in every snatch away
from the faces
but but how do the inspectors not know
about this place well they have rather
squeamish about coming but then were
that scum of the earth they don't want
to spoil their you know they don't like
this stench
but where are we going uh but who are
because anybody home
once again NICUs was my father I am
Marcus how do you teach them new
recruits with the memory of a goldfish
irreversible process typical case so I
did get with that did the epidemic
epidemic did she say epidemic is she
sick we're all in danger
there is no epidemic epidemic is just a
cover the authorities used to justify
taking anyone with a gift special gift
is very powerful and the authorities
they don't like
but what do they do with people they
take away they keep them somewhere we
don't know
ah how many times do I have to tell you
don't touch anything don't drink
anything in my shop remember the time
that oh of course
you don't remember anything stay here
Norman where have you been have you
fixed it
what hell was that you said you fixed it
stop talking go and fix it now
guys gosh I'm so grateful to you if it
wasn't for you my arrows this city would
be a ghost town thank you from the
bottom of my heart thank you thank you
let's get out of here before our
uniforms start to stink
but Marcus have a new girl he needs a
helper in a shop ready Barney Barney
Barney this girl has an extraordinary
gift power destroyed half the street and
she picked up an inch you have to teach
I'm bail oh don't let pride babysit
little girls we attack the day after
tomorrow we need to get everyone ready
only you can help a region full
I'm begging you only one training
session just look alright
one session if she fails don't ever ask
me again take her to the base
follow me the inspectors attack happened
all of a sudden we managed to get out
but Wesley Reed and Deo got captured our
safe houses keep getting busted one
after another that goes on like this our
entire network will soon be undermined
you have to hurry or else the revolution
will fail before it even starts this
uprising is a mistake the timing
couldn't be worse we better lie low and
wait it's true that means that every one
of us counts have enough parts to build
engines we'll be able to arm every
single fighter we aren't gonna win we
don't have enough people bail that's
exactly why we have to strike as soon as
the uprising will begin the day after
tomorrow tell everyone to get ready
that'll be all
I have to train a new recruit you've
never trained new recruits Bale follow
Why are you doing this my father was
taken I want to find him
and to do that I have to learn to use my
I teach you it'll be for our cause
deliberate the city but my father I
don't care about your father
you have ten seconds choose your weapon
what 11
I said choose your
show me your power
five seconds hi
ready you can go inhale Marcus and his
shop fighting is not for you you have my
father's photograph on that board
jonathanfoster for you he's a criminal.
I'm not staying here I'm going to find
him if you try to go away I'll find you
and hand you over inspectors myself I
captured the sound beans if you don't
believe me you look for yourself.
Wow he just flashed Bonnie that's the I
don't you and again in many many many
many years you can say hello to her too.
I'm Spencer I teach the new recruits and
I'm gonna teach you to you can't help me
you will never accept me here he'll and
the others consider my father a criminal
I know you it doesn't matter who your
father is
you are now one of us soon you could
hurt yourself what why what is it
it's engine and engine
no it's an engine it focuses and directs
our power well the shape determines what
they can do for controlling nature any
of the elements you use an overland but
I like the square ones better they work
on objects and my favorite is the
triangular ones they work on people kill
them or kill them for controlling nature
any of the elements you used an over
engine but I like the square ones yes
have a loop let's continue an engine can
even act as an object for example if you
need to hide something.
Wow I need to go home Hoess what who's
here right now 0:04 controlling nature
any of the elements and you can use in
the overall engine
where are you going I'm going home it's
important I forbade you to leave or what
are you going to shoot me again are you
always like that with the girls you
don't know how I am with the girls it
means you're only like that with me I'm
responsible for you I don't know
yes you do you just don't understand it
yet just let me go
leave her bail inspectors are coming
shut up what the hell how do you care
about this one so much
let her go where she likes she's
captured she could give us away no there
was something else here I can see how
you look at her where's the infection
ship tomorrow what part of the city from
the West make sure she doesn't come back
enough Stella she's a Foster's daughter
you know exactly what it means
that's not your decision I've always
supported you bail what's wrong with you
we're on the same side you better trust
someone you know more than a few minutes
why am I suddenly an enemy we belong
together don't we I don't feel that
we're together anymore can I go already
Abby mom I was so worried mom I know
everything the epidemic is a hoax and
the inspectors are taking away the
gifted ones did dad also have a special
gift and what about you I'm not like you
and Jonathan but your father said that
he would make sure that you would be
safe my amulet
dad gave it to me it was during my power
and it saved my life when the inspector
shot me
what when did this happen and don't
worry I'm okay I'm okay how can I not
worry now you have to hide that you are
like this you don't get it we are not
living our own life you can't find work
you're barely surviving I'm supposed to
hide then they took dad away but for
what after all we didn't do anything bad
they deceived us they forced us to be
silent and everyone pretends that it's
the way it should be a whole city of.
Lies and if we put up with lies it means
to be a grave with them to let them do
anything at all with us free is the one
who doesn't lie I will find dad I know
where to look
a V just a while ago you were my little
girl you are all grown up I need your
advice there are these people very good
people and they're about to do something
very big and they know what they're
doing but my intuition tells me that
they're making the mistake we can't
prove it it's just a feeling
just follow you heart my darling
I have faith in you and you should have
faith in yourself
just be careful
check me I would sugar what are you
doing are you crazy
maybe you forgot that you're my pet
inspector take the mask off take it off
if they catch you
that's it maybe we can call them all
over here and all three of you will
dance for me it will be fun stop it at
me what do you need now what is it
sky fortress and what's there
it's a prison for a special was after
they've been caught they brought their
are you sure what if they're being
killed you can't kill the gift it always
returns to the city to awaken in someone
else that's why they built the prison
and my father helped them Abbie leave
now if they catch you what's this
inside that thing there's a guide that
will lead you to the fortress now go
wait you have to take me to the tunnel
the one that leads to the flying machine
and where do you think you'll fly to
Abby beyond the boundaries of this city
there is an unknown and dangerous world
it's suicide to go there alone I won't
be alone
the inspectors are checking the tunnels
the only way to get the room is during
the shift change at dawn or at midnight
then we meet here half an hour before
well I don't want to lose you not you
not any of the others Stella you
understand true many of our people have
been taken in we can only defeat them on
public safety day when they're spread
around the city if we don't strike
tomorrow your pricing is finished it's
our only chance
end of discussion
we attack at dawn our troops will gather
here they'll wait there is no need for
an uprising this is the place where they
hold everyone who was taken from the
city we can get there on the supplying
machine and if we free them they will
help us shut up I give the orders here
you can either follow them or get out
but I know a way out of the city if we
leave this city
we won't stand a chance who are we going
to find there anyway half of them were
working for the authorities when they
were taken whoever they are I will not
entrust the future of this city and the
resistance to them look even she doesn't
want to go with you we need to talk us
through talk what's through how we're
going to leave behind everyone living in
the city know how to stay alive we are
at war and I'm willing already to
sacrifice any life including my own for
the sake of victory and if you're not
ready for that
you can leave now
why don't you want to tell us the real
reason you want to go out from the city
who are you trying to save Abigail.
Foster I want to save my father
don't you want to save your parents with
this so don't you dare talk about my
parents your father
worked for the inspectors jonathanfoster
gave them the device which they used to
identify and take off our friends
you are not here to help us you're here
to use us you really think I believe you
get out
are you sure the entrance to the tunnels
is on this street I'm sorry I had no
hello what's this you changed a lot much
prettier now
I can't say the same about you Garrett
such a smart girl
you came up with a plan to trick me
just like your father
Jonathan did well hiding you from us
this amulet suppress your special gift
your father didn't want you to have any
he realized that certain people should
not be more powerful than others and he
designed a device that can make
everybody equal you do believe in what
your father was trying to achieve don't
you I bet you're just as talented as he
join us together we can cream the city
of equals we're honest work and common
decency are held the highest not some
random gift of magic powers blind and
undeserved are you trying to recruit me
but I'm not anything like him
and never will be really this is your
chance to make up for what you've done
you have to kill him I'm not a murderer
kill her or I will do it myself your
attorney prove that you won't have mercy
on the traitors daughter
god oh god it took me three years to
make this infusion now come on you can
make it more here take it
tap this guy I grew it I dried it
infused it and now it's all gone
they'll forgive me please
keep it's mine where did you go with
that inspector is this instead of thank
you thank you for what
normal scars both killed because you
wouldn't listen to me it's you should
listen to me I shouldn't because I saved
your life
actually I thank you if you would not
gone there I would have had to risk
everything for you can you listen to me
for once
there's another way how did you get my
father left it for me and inside of it
there is a guide who can lead us to the
ones who are taken by the inspectors
stop don't open it
why not they're called fairies before
the boundary was built they lived in the
city with a gift at once but the
inspectors forced them into service but
why don't you want it to be seen by
everybody because now fairies are part
of a different world and we have to save
ours this is what I'm fighting apart
never since Garrett killed my parents
I'm sorry but revenge won't bring them
back but we can still see those who are
understand this as soon as we cross the
boundary we will want to stay there and
no one will care about this city we have
to liberate it if you're thinking only
about your father yes I haven't seen him
for 10 years and I don't know if he's
still alive
and I follow my duty
your faith is no foundation maybe it
needs no foundation but we should just
follow our hearts my heart wants you to
stay here in safety I can't stay here no
matter how much I want to
you and I are on different paths.
I have no right to hold you here
and I hope
you will change your mind
something flash just like a fire that's
not how fire burns but how does it burn
well in order to light a flame you need
three friends now the first friends is
and a few is what will burn but the
second friend is and will feed the fire
but the third friend is a spark and she
likes to play fool around just like you
and without her
air and fuel can't be deflate their
friends but they do everything together
just like life you have to find two
friends with which you can overcome any
obstacle because alone you won't get
very far
there are too many inspectors it came
from beyond the boundary
aren't you
you would have had us all killed but I
found the only sensible solution more
like saving everyone's back
it hurts me so much
to see how the man I loved
obsessed fanatic
all these years you've been toxicated by
thirst for power
you've drawn the whole city in blood
you're kind of teir would be something
the inspectors could never have imagined
but it was you throughout the city of
blood enough
take it away
what are you doing
we lost it's the end the inspectors will
be here soon yeah but what about our
friends the ones that have been taken
prisoner we have to get them out why are
you giving up you don't have to give up
we still have a chance to fix everything
we can all run off and hide now but
that's not right and we can only win if
we believe in what we are fighting for
this is our chance
we'll get out of the city and save our
friends we'll find all of our kind
everyone who was taken by the inspectors
and this Barry
will show us the way to us.
I have no right to tell you what to do
you should all decide for yourselves but
I'm going and if the words hope and
freedom mean anything to you then come
with me
you have to come with us Spencer I'm an
old man what am I gonna do this is my
home and I love this city and I've grown
so fond of this basement
I'm staying no please you have to come
with us my dear a be sure you can manage
without me.
I remembered my name after all
and I have never forget
what's the tunnel
it looks like we're inside the flying
machine no I mean can you make him fly
what a strange women why aren't they
wearing masks figure out how to fly this
when I was little my dad used to tell me
a story about outsiders who
beyond the boundary I'm scared what if I
was wrong and we're flying into a trap
what if you're right and when we get
there we're only going to find traitors
working for the security department and
what if my father is working for the
inspectors too it doesn't matter what we
find what only matters is that we have a
new hope and it's driving us forward
you're all here only because you have
faith in what your heart was telling you
give me your answer
trust your power
the Ewing
must have faith in yourself
the engine stopped working we don't have
a choice we have to go there and see
what's going on
who the hell are you
okay everybody spread out search the
building for Johnson
don't touch him he's barely alive
looks like his life force has been
sucked out of him we searched the whole
Jonathan Foster's not here
my father's not here
you were right my father created the
device that takes away the powers from
those who have them when I was little he
gave her an amulet that suppressed my
abilities but this device is much more
well it's not that simple
looks like we need all our powers to
destroy it well we've lost them we need
to have a look around let's go
dad daddy I was looking for you for so
long I've gone through so much well well
a be quiet now I am here where are we
it's like my memories you're on the
right path navigator I looked at the
watch and I ended up here engine what
did you act upon me but what did he do
what for
remember I can only point you in the
right direction I just wanted you to
come back it's just a recording oh you
put the sentences into my memories hints
anything can happen
even things that can't all you need to
do is to believe now keep your head up
hyah hyah Cupid hi
keep your head up
that's what he always used to tell me
look miss Sara was going there
there must be something
son be the shining on that wall
did you leave me a hint Abigail my joy
you're here
I found the board how can I turn off the
device that takes away the power from
the special ones I can only point you in
the right direction remember what I said
he said something about three friends I
need three things
whoa whoa stop you drew
their engines engines of all different
kinds Bravo right on the nose
they all do everything together that
means that we've got to somehow bring
them together ah I kept it the sunbeams.
We need to combine the beams from three
types of engines put the engines
together so that they point at the lungs
if you focus their beams into a single
that will destroy the device
having Norman inspectors will be here
fail my dad knew that I would come here
he left some clues for me to show how to
neutralize the device and bring our
power back though we need time okay
we'll buy some time for you Norman help
dad what are you trying to tell me dad I
did everything you said but the engines
not work I found the mirror any engines
but without the power nothing will work
where are you
quiet em again I mean I'm here with you
have you done
and why should I do
so that you can read the world not just
of the special ones but of their gift as
well so that you can have a weapon that
could destroy the gift itself because it
was my request
it's your order be honest Garrett what's
wrong Jonathan we're colleagues after
all the equality that we achieved
izabel only power can change and I have
this power the power is me it doesn't
belong to anyone one day I will become
part of this power it will return and
awaken in everyone this will be a city
of equals of the strong not a weak
just do what I asked you to and don't
forget about your daughter think about
yes you're right I have a daughter and I
think of her everything and that is why
I say
not this
and you have to go back to you soon
because the only way
it's only in my memories destroy the
so much
go back to myself I get it I know how to
do it
as a child I had special powers and my
dad taught me to summon them from inside
we mustn't talk about that everything is
changed ad Abigail
I knew you'd pull through I will always
be with you in
the new history of our city begins here
it's time to go home
Norman we're going home and the next
stop is its fencing too