Abigail (2024) Movie Script

(door opens)
(hinges creak)
(door closes)
(Abigail vocalizing
"Swan Theme" from Swan Lake)
(bag unzipping)
(Tchaikovsky's "Swan Theme"

(horn honks)

The temperature okay back there?
Is it, uh, too cold
or too hot or...
Temperature's fine.
Just fucking drive.

House cameras are down.
See y'all on the other side.
Yes, sir.

Eye in the sky.
In position.
They tell you
whose house this is?
Yeah. Me, neither.

(music ends)
(thunder rumbles)

(faint ticking)
(cell phone chimes and vibrates)
Hmm, let's go.
-How do I look?
Oh, fuck.
So... you got a boyfriend or...
something like that?
("Glamorous Lifestyle"
by The Jacka playing)
(singing along):
Every time you drive by
But you're so into me
you don't ever ask why
You know I got paper
'cause I'm a D-Boy
You a B-Girl,
glamorous lifestyle
Rocks on the wrist,
big dreams, nice cars
-You wanna live life
-(music shuts off)
With a rich rock star...
-(clears throat)
(computer chimes)
Front door is clear.
-(lock chimes, latch clicks)
-LEADER: We're in.
(thunder rumbles)
Tiny Dancer is arriving.
(door closes)
Hey. No one said it was a kid.
Oh, no one said that?
It's a fucking kid.
You want to walk? Walk.
Yeah, what's what I thought.
Get in position.
You, over there.
(lock chimes, latch clicks)
(cell phone ringing
and vibrating)
-(door closes)
-It was good.
I had fun.
Yeah, I think so.
No, not yet.
-(wood creaks)
Yeah, it's fine.
Okay. Bye.
(muffled screaming)
-Oh, fuck!
-(Abigail grunts)
(Abigail screams)
Help me, somebody! Help me!
-LEADER: Oh, fuck!
-(groans) Little bitch!
-(shushing continues)
ABIGAIL (muffled):
I can't breathe!
(screaming fades)
(slow panting)
HACKER (over earbud):
Could be the father.
Fuck. That's not
part of the plan.
SNIPER: Ten seconds
till they at the door.
Should I take the shot?
-(earbud beeps)
-LEADER: Negative.
We'll be out in nine.
Good luck.
Need a new pickup. Back gate.
-On it.
-(engine starts)
(tires screech)
LEADER: All right.
I think we're in the clear.
-(lights clack)
-(alarm wails)
Oh, fuck!
-(alarm wailing)
-Open the gate, assholes.
(tires screech)
(tires screech)
All right, kids.
We're not out of the woods yet.
We still got to get
out of the city.
She okay?
Yep, she's good. Blindfold?
(passing horn honks)
-(tires screech)
Let me see.
-LEADER: Fuck.
-It's not too bad.
Thank you.
You grab me like that again,
I may have to respond.
Okay, there's cameras
at this intersection.
Take a left down the alley
before the light.
-Did you hear me?
-HACKER: Not bad.
-I know, right?
What's your name, anyway?
Hey. No names.
You know the fucking rules.
All clear from here
to the destination.
All right. Y'all might want
to hold on to something.
It's about to get
real accelerated in this bitch.
Yeah, baby!
We did that shit, y'all!
-Home free.
("Glamorous Lifestyle" resumes)
I know you see me right here
every time you drive by
But you're so into me
you don't ever ask why
You know I got paper
'cause I'm a D-Boy
You a B-Girl,
glamorous lifestyle
Rocks on the wrist,
big dreams, nice cars
You wanna live life
with a rich rock star.
(song ends)
-(birds calling)
-(insects trilling)

What the fuck?
(gate creaking)
(van doors open and close)
What's up, boss?
You made good time.
-MUSCLE: Whose house is this?
-(driver whistles)
This place is pretty sweet.
You like this?
Yeah, look at
all this cool shit.
Find a room
and get the girl situated.
Set up a lookout position.
Meet back here in five.
For those of you who
don't know, I go by Lambert.
You all came highly recommended.
And so far, those
recommendations are paying off.
All right. Sweet dreams. Okay.
You know the rules.
No real names, no backstories,
and keep the grab-ass
to a minimum.
It's a 24-hour job,
and the hard part
is already over.
Now you babysit.
But the only one
that sees the girl is this one.
So she only hears one voice.
The rest of you...
get comfortable.
-Yeah. Who's the girl?
You don't need
to know her name.
I don't care about her name.
Whose kid is she?
-The fuck's that matter to you?
-A very wealthy man
who's about to be
$50 million poorer.
Look, you're safe here.
And to be completely certain
that you can't be tracked,
I'm going to collect
your cell phones.
Nobody's tracking me.
We're not taking any chances.
Give 'em over.
In the bag.
Bullshit, man.
One second. I just gotta
send this real quick.
Thank you. Just... Okay.
(sighs) Thank you.
(button clicks)
Keep the doors locked
and the girl isolated.
Anything else I can do for you
before I leave you to it?
Uh, how come
we can't use our real names?
So if any of you fucks
get caught,
you can't rat out the others.
Yeah, dumbass.
You asked the same question
in the van.
You want names?
Frank. Dean.
-Sammy. Peter.
-Joey and...
-SNIPER: Damn.
The man got his finger
on the pulse of pop culture.
And you're Don fucking Rickles.
You happy?
Not really.
Who the fuck
is Don Rickles, man?
There's clean bedding
and lit fires in the rooms.
Kitchen's fully stocked,
so is the bar.
See you in 24 hours,
my lovely pack of rats.
Why'd he...
How come he called us rats?
Goodbye, good luck,
God bless you...
(bicycle bell dinging)
Man, this place is dope, right?
No. No, it's not. Thank you.
Come have a drink with us, Joey.
Gotta go check on the kid soon.
Maybe after.
-(bell ringing)
-(imitates buzzer sounding)
No party poopers allowed,
Hey. Who do you guys
think that, uh,
-this girl's father is?
-Hmm, some tech billionaire.
Nah. Probably real estate.
Nah, you don't get
a house like that
without being into some shit.
Weapons, drugs...
human trafficking.
What about you, Joey?
(imitates tire squealing)
-(rings bell)
-Who you think he is?
America's dad. Tom Hanks.
Ha, ha.
(wrapper rustling)
Let me get
a piece of that candy.
Get your own.
Fuck you, too.
You grew up with a bunch of
brothers and sisters, huh?
I'm like a expert
at reading people.
Oh, really?
You like a nanny
or a babysitter,
looking after that kid.
Your man here is the bagman
for that dude
who let us in the door.
Lookout/private security.
Explosives man in the back,
and a little
teenage runaway hacker
turned black hat for the feds.
You might be
the least perceptive person
I've ever met.
How the fuck
would you know that?
You literally got nothing right.
About anyone.
Pretty sure
she ran away from home.
-(Sammy chuckles)
-Crisp $100 bill,
you can tell me
one true thing about me.
Told y'all she ain't know shit.
You used to be a cop.
No way.
Did he arrest you or something?
It's the stance.
The walk. The shoes.
Not to mention
the standard-issue Glock,
the shoulder holster,
and he used police hand signals
back at the house.
Not a street cop.
No. Too smart.
You need to be in control.
So I'm gonna say detective.
Homicide or vice.
And he tries to hide it,
but he's from Queens.
Probably only been up here
a few years.
Hey, uh, you do me, too?
Right here.
I almost feel bad taking this...
'cause you've basically got
a fucking neon sign
over your head
that reads "muscle."
Quebec, right?
You got bullied in school?
Probably by Dad, too.
So when you got bigger
than everyone else,
you turned the tables.
Made it into a career.
How much will this get me?
Wow. Really?
A 20?
That's cheap, considering
you come from money.
-It's true.
-JOEY: Which means
you're only in this
for the kicks.
You don't get your hands dirty.
You use a keyboard
instead of a gun
and tell yourself that makes
what you do not as bad.
Good luck
when the illusion wears off.
Very good.
(Rickles chuckling)
No cash.
Then I'll just leave it
at "semper fi."
And you're getting off easy.
Hold on, now,
you forgot about me.
You don't want me to do you.
What you mean? This fun.
You're not a professional.
I'm the best motherfucking
wheelman in this town.
I didn't say you weren't good.
I said you're not
a professional.
You've got... loose wiring.
Probably a sociopath.
And you are a junkie.
Cop knows a junkie.
Your little candy affectation.
Long sleeves.
Why you don't want
to have a drink with us.
You in recovery or something?
How many days you got?
-We gotta be worried about you?
Don't ever fuck with me.
I will know.
I'm gonna go check on the girl.
I knew it.
Junkies never share candy.
-(chain rattles)
What's happening?
How are you feeling?
(breathing deeply):
Where am I? Who are you?
I can't tell you that.
-I want to go home.
-Me, too.
But we can't just yet.
Hopefully very soon.
Can you take the blindfold off?
It's really tight.
(gasping breaths)
Are the cuffs hurting you?
(breathing deeply)
My arms are sore.
Sit up.
(handcuffs clicking)
-(Abigail sniffles)
What's going on?
We're keeping you here
until your father gives us
some money.
-Do you know who my father is?
And we don't want to know,
so don't tell me.
Can I...
Are you hungry? I could
bring you something to eat.
Are you gonna hurt me?
If you behave and do as we say,
and if your dad gives us money,
you'll be fine.
In the meantime,
I'm here to keep you safe
and comfortable.
Can you promise me
you're not gonna
let anybody hurt me?
I'll do you one better.
I pinkie-promise you
that I'm not gonna let
anyone hurt you.
What's your name?
Um... Oh, you can call me Joey.
Do you have any kids?
I have a little boy.
About your age.
What's his name?
Mine's Abigail.
I can't tell you his name.
-Can I make one up?
-I'd rather you didn't.
I'm just gonna call him Justin.
What's Justin like?
just a...
normal kid.
What does he like?
Just normal kid stuff.
I don't really know
about kid stuff.
My dad, well...
he thought
he wanted a child, but...
then he just lost interest.
You've made a mistake.
He doesn't care about me.
I'm gonna leave you alone now.
I'll be back soon.
Really soon, okay?
I'm sorry about
what's gonna happen to you.

-Yeah, motherfucker!
Drink, bitch!
-I really don't want to.
Oh, my God.
-I like your tattoos.
Do they have, uh,
a meaning or...
We're not supposed
to get personal, big boy.
PETER: Well, I know, but
I like your little demon guy.
I just said it's too personal.
Thank you. You don't even
know my name, man.
(Peter laughs)
-How's the kid?
-She's fine.
Look, I don't need to know
who the girl's father is,
-but do you know?
-No. Why?
She just implied
that her father might be
-a particularly violent man.
-(sighs) Wow.
She implied that, did she?
of course
she fucking implied that.
She's scared.
She wants to rattle you.
I don't think so.
Again, do you know
who her father is?
Oh, my God, you're gonna be
a real pain in my ass,
aren't you?
There's one in every crew.
No, sir.
I just don't scare easy,
so when I do, I pay attention.
Yes! I like that one.
You're just missing
so you have to finish
the whole bottle, aren't you?
I don't know why
you would say that.
-(coin clatters)
-Oh, that's bad.
-I like you.
-You're scary, though.
-PETER: Scary?
-SAMMY: Yeah.
Why am I scary?
-SAMMY: You're funny.
-(Peter chuckles)
-Oh, that's bad.
-PETER: Your turn.
I don't have a quarter, man.
(Peter laughs)
Oh, fuck! (stammers)
Fuck! Shit. Christ.
Look away!
Don't fucking look at me!
You see my face?
You see my fucking face?
Huh? Are you lying to me?
-You fucking lying to me?
-No. I'm-I'm not!
-Don't lie to me.
What color are my eyes?
What color are my eyes?!
It's a simple
fucking question, kid!
I didn't see your face!
Well... good!
Who the fuck is your father?
Jo... Joey said
you didn't want to know.
Well, fuck Joey!
I do want to know!
-Who the fuck is your father?
I'm-I'm sorry.
-Who is your father?
-My father is...
(breath trembling)
Kristof Lazaar.
The fuck did you say?
("Smokestack Lightnin'"
by Howlin' Wolf playing)
Why don't
you hear me cryin'?
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Yo, what's going on, bagman?
I'm leaving.
-FRANK: You heard me.
You cut up my share
however you want.
I'm out.
Whoa. Hey.
What happened?
Hey! You can't just leave
without telling us
what's going on.
What's going on? What's going
on is that we are fucked.
That little girl is
Kristof Lazaar's daughter.
-Who's Kristof Lazaar?
Who's Lazaar?
that's a urban legend, man.
-Calm down.
-No, dude.
He's not a fucking urban legend.
He is very fucking real,
believe me.
Nobody even knows how big
his fucking empire is.
So he's, like, a crime boss?
He controls a lot more
than just crime.
Is Lambert fucking insane?
He just put a death mark
on all of us.
Including himself.
What if we just, like,
you know, like, give her back
and say sorry?
Oh, yeah.
"Here's your daughter,
Mr. fucking Antichrist.
"We're really sorry.
Hope she's not too traumatized.
Let's play a round of golf
Fuck you, Frank.
This isn't the time
for sarcasm, okay?
Let's just leave.
We leave her with some food and
make an anonymous phone call,
get the fuck out of Dodge.
-(snaps fingers)
-I like that.
It's not like
she's seen our faces.
Uh, actually, she has,
thanks to you.
I was supposed to be the only
one in and out of that room.
-And I wore my mask.
-Well, I didn't,
so I walk in there
to see Angelina Ballerina
memorizing my fucking face.
Major party foul.
Why did you take off
her blindfold, Joey?
It's messy.
Now we have to kill her.
Not a fucking chance.
We're not killing the girl.
She saw Frank's face.
RICKLES: Even if Lazaar
catches up to him,
he don't know shit about us.
He knows that I'm Quebecois.
Huh? He knows
that Sammy comes from money.
He knows that you come
from a military background,
thanks to Joey.
Just had to do your little
magic trick, didn't you?
Hold up.
If we just leave her here,
then we don't get
none of that money?
Kind of need some money
real bad right now.
I don't know about y'all.
How much do you trust Lambert?
I trust him enough.
That doesn't make it
worth the risk, though.
If seven million per person
isn't worth the risk,
then what is?
It's a lot of money.
All right, he wouldn't have
had us kidnap the kid
if he didn't think
we could pull this off,
so maybe we all just pretend
like we don't know
who her father is,
and with the money
we're making from this,
we just disappear forever. Hmm?
Start a new life.
I never have to see
any of you fucks ever again.
Everyone stay alert.
Any threat is
gonna come from outside,
so we set a perimeter
and we hold it.
Rickles takes first watch
in the crow's nest.
Joey, secure the interior.
Look for any ways in or out.
What is it, like,
22 more hours, hmm?
22 hours.
(picks up bag)
-(footsteps receding)
-DEAN: What a dick.

(distant thumping)
(floor creaking)
(heavy thumping)

(thumping, creaking)

(thumping continues)
(creaking, rattling)
(floor creaking)
I thought I heard someone
out here.
I'm not as stealthy
as I thought.
Want to come in?
I sort of have
this reputation
of being a professional.
And so you have to do your job.
Hey, listen.
I don't trust
any of these other fucks.
So let's watch
each other's backs.
I was thinking the same thing.
(footsteps receding)
(soft chuckle)
(static pulsing)
(maniacal laughter over TV)

(cat meowing on TV)
CARTOON CAT (on TV): I'm that
hungry little kitty cat
you just read about.
I'm so hungry I could eat a...
a woodpecker.
Yeah, that's it.
Oh, my God!
-What the fuck?!
-No, it-it's me.
It's Dean, it's Dean.
-I'm sorry.
-What the fuck, Dean?!
Just was trying to prank you.
-I'm sorry.
-It's not funny.
You can have it.
-Get out!
I saw the way you was
looking at me earlier,
and I thought we could just,
like, you know, vibe out or...
-Get the fuck out!
-I'm not looking at you, man.
-Whoa, whoa.
-Wait, wait, wait, wait.
-Get the fuck out!
-Stupid motherfucker!
-I didn't mean to scare you.
I don't give a shit!
-Are you sure?
-Fuck off!
Get the fuck out!
Go! Get the fuck out!
-All right.
-Get out!
Don't come back!
my fine pigeon... -(sighs)
I'm going to pick you dry.
(fire crackling)
(snoring softly)
(lighter flicks)
(lighter flicking)

What the fuck?
(water dripping)
(door creaking)
Is someone down there?
-What the fuck?!
Scared the shit out of me,
little motherfuckers.
Man, fuck this shit.
-(loud squeak)
Ow! Oh, shit! (screams)
Help me! Help...
You're just in time for dinner.
What are you going to have
for dinner?
Help me! Help!
(distant clattering)
Dean, you better not be
fucking with me again.
(trembling breaths)
(distant clattering)
(distant squeaking)
Stupid. (sighs)
You little shit.
Can't... (gasps)
(inhales sharply, exhales)
(retches, coughs)
(quivering breaths)
What? What happened?
His head fell off.
I don't know.
Why do you have a dick
on your face?
-Just go get them.
Go get them!
-(Sammy sighs loudly)
Okay. Okay.
Help! Help!
What the fuck were you doing
down here, anyway?
I couldn't sleep.
I heard something.
What, you just had to come
and check it out, huh?
(inhales sharply)
You think I could do that?
Be honest. What does that
look like to you?
It looks like a fucking
wild animal ripped him apart.
No. No. No. I'm not fu...
We're not fucking going there.
Oh, fuck.
Why are you all acting so weird?
There are stories
about Lazaar's hit man.
-Can we not do this, please?
I heard a story once.
Three of Lazaar's top guys
got pinched a few years ago.
The FBI flipped 'em.
Night before the trial,
they were all holed up
on the top floor of a hotel.
A dozen agents in the next room
and two on the door.
Next morning,
FBI goes into the room.
All they bodies
are ripped apart.
Limbs... and organs missing.
That's his signature. Valdez.
He's a fucking animal.
And there was no way
in and out of that room
except for the front door
or the 23rd-story window.
So how'd he do it?
-It's not fucking bullshit.
That's not the first time
I heard that story.
We'd better check on the girl.
All right, let's game this out.
If Valdez
or anyone else is in here,
that means Lambert gave us up.
And I don't buy that.
Or Lazaar got to him and
beat our location out of him.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Lambert is
a meticulous motherfucker.
He's very, very careful.
If he gave us up, that means
either one of us did it
or Valdez is in here
and he did it.
Or one of us is Valdez.
I, for one, would like to
revisit the cut-and-run idea.
Yeah, but...
Wrinkles, now that Dean is dead,
-we have a bigger share.
You're welcome to my share,
You could be the richest
headless man in America.
-He just died.
So messed up.
She's fine.
RICKLES: Just because she's
still in there doesn't mean
that Valdez is not here.
I'm out.
You coming?
(Frank scoffs)
Suit yourself.
-You're leaving?
Bye, Wrinkles.
Come on.
PETER: Where the fuck
did that come from?
What the fuck?
Stand back.
It's locked.
Thanks, Peter.
(loud thudding)
(indistinct muttering)
Uh... what the fuck
is happening?
PETER: I think that, uh,
trying the door,
it, uh... it-it triggered it
or something.
Fuck. (grunts)
This whole thing is a trap.
Wrinkles! Where's...?
Hey. Where's Wrinkles going?
If this is Valdez,
maybe he checked on the girl
and left her there
to throw us off.
I'll see what I can find out.
What the fuck?
I need to ask you something.
Has anyone besides me
and the man with the glasses
been in here?
No one at all?
Can you pinkie-promise me that
you're not keeping a secret?
He's gonna hurt me.
-The man with the glasses.
He told me I had to keep
a secret or he'd hurt me.
What did he say?
It's okay. You can tell me.
-(Abigail sniffles)
I'm not gonna let him hurt you.
But I need you
to tell me what he said.
(inhales sharply)
He said he works for my father.
He said his name was...
(door opens)
I need to talk to you right now.
I'll be right outside.
Someone stole my fucking rifle.
Frank is Valdez.
-He told the girl.
Frank wanted to leave.
That doesn't make any sense.
He acted
like he wanted to leave.
If he's Valdez
and Lazaar's his boss,
then why kidnap his kid?
Maybe he and Lambert
are planning a power play.
(sighs) That skinny
motherfucker rips people apart?
Something doesn't add up.
Aside from Frank,
these guys are amateurs.
-You're Army, right?
-We can take 'em.
-We can take 'em.
If it's Frank,
he'll know how to get out.
Which means
so would I if I spend
about six minutes with him.
You take the other two.
Take the main staircase
while I go south.
We meet in the middle.
We gonna get through this.
I have to.
You have a kid?
We'll make sure you get home.
(Rickles sneezes, sniffles)
-(distant clattering)
(wood creaking)
(raspy, strained breathing)
(strained, shallow breathing)
(Joey panting)
(Rickles gurgling)
(thumping, creaking)
This is so fucking disgusting.
God, what the fuck?
Where's Frank?
Don't point that at Sammy, Joey.
Seen Frank?
House this fancy, you'd think
they could put fucking towels
in the...
Oh. Hey, Joey.
What's going on?
Why'd you do it?
Do what?
Bring us here to kill us.
Don't do it, Peter!
I don't know what the fuck
you're talking about,
but you don't sound
very calm right now,
Little Miss Paranoid,
so forgive the precaution.
You guys know what the fuck
she's talking about?
I think she thinks that
you brought us here to kill us.
Wow. Fantastic insight, Peter.
Care to share
what's on your mind, Joey?
You're Valdez.
You told the girl,
you killed Dean,
and you just killed Rickles.
Mr. Wrinkles is dead?
-I didn't tell that girl shit.
Wow. You got a lot
going on up there, junkie,
but your brain's not quite
putting it together, huh?
You let a little girl
get inside your head?
You're not as smart
as you think you are.
The girl, though,
she's fucking inspired,
turning us
against each other like this.
I believe her.
Well, I hate to say it,
but I think
we're gonna have to get rough
with her.
I'll do it.
(sets pool cue down)
Don't take another
fucking step, Peter.
It, uh... it's my job, Joey.
Look, I just want to get to
the bottom of this, you know?
My team is dropping
like flies, and...
well, our guest
has besmirched my good name,
and I take that
very personally, you know?
(breath trembling):
I'm very sorry, okay?
(Peter groaning)
Joey, what's happening?
Just sorting something out.
I'm just trying
to do my job, huh?
Fucking put it down.
I'd really prefer not to
-have to fucking shoot you.
-(Peter groans)
-What is he talking about?
-Get up.
just shoot her.
She's not gonna kill me.
I might be wrong, Frank.
-Joey, I'm scared.
-Fucking put it down.
-I'm not fucking around here.
-You promised, Joey.
I'm doing my best here, Abigail.
PETER: Please point that
somewhere else.
You're not touching that girl.
-PETER: Okay.
-FRANK: Put it the fuck down.
JOEY: Sammy,
little help would be nice.
Don't pull Sammy into this.
We need to know what she knows.
JOEY: Just let me
fucking talk to her.
-PETER: No, no, no, no, no.
I'll talk to her. -JOEY: Peter.
-JOEY: You step the fuck back.
FRANK: Put it down, or you
can die right fucking now.
-PETER: Guys, come on.
-JOEY: Don't fucking try me!
Sammy, shut the fuck up!
What the fuck? How the fuck'd
she get out of those cuffs?
-Holy fuck!
-Aah! Get her off of me!
-(Sammy gasps)
-PETER: Fuck! (yelling)
-(gun fires)
-(Abigail shrieks)
-Jesus fucking Christ.
-(Sammy gasps)
-Did-did she get me?
-FRANK: Fuck.
What the fuck?
(all panting)
(inhales sharply)
-FRANK: Oh, fuck.
-SAMMY: Aah! No, no, no, no.
-No fucking way!
-What the fuck?
(rasping exhale)
-(banging on door)
-What the fuck?
What the fuck? What the fuck?
(Abigail continues shrieking)
We kidnapped a fucking vampire.
-(distant shrieking)
A ballerina vampire.
Someone has been messing
with us ever since we got here.
Right? It's got to be, uh,
some kind of trick.
I don't know anyone that could
pull off a trick like that.
-Do you?
-I feel sick.
At least Valdez isn't in here.
The fucking girl is Valdez,
you moron.
I thought her name was Abigail.
She isn't... There isn't a...
-Jesus fucking Christ.
-(banging against door)
(banging stops)
We got to get out of here.
There's got to be another way.
No, I checked
all the other doors.
These are some kind
of magnetically sealed locks,
and these shutters
are two inches thick.
You think
you can hack the locks?
-With what Internet?
-I don't know.
You-you can't do it manually?
SAMMY: Well, even if I could,
I don't have any equipment.
You know, there's got to be,
like, a control room
or something.
Okay. What do we know
about vampires?
Th-That they're not real.
What are we talking about,
like Anne Rice
or True Blood,
you know, Twilight?
Very different kind of vampires.
Okay, we know
they feed off blood.
We're really doing this
right now?
They can turn other people
into vampires.
Oh. Okay, fuck it.
Um, they can turn into bats
and stuff like that.
Mind control,
they make you do shit.
They don't have a reflection.
Not listening to this.
Okay, how do we kill a vampire?
-FRANK: Garlic.
-A stake through the heart.
-JOEY: Holy water.
FRANK: Oh, you're
a fucking priest now?
-Daylight is a big one.
-Oh, that's a good one,
but it's, mm, 3:30
in the fucking morning.
Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.
Shut the fuck up!
Hey, dum-dum, we got
a real fucking situation here.
So I don't give a shit
what you think.
Either you're helping us,
or you're 270 pounds
of dead weight.
Which is it?
Just don't do that again.
There's pool cues
in the game room.
Go sharpen 'em into stakes.
You, go check the kitchen
for garlic.
-Yes, alone.
What are you thinking?
I say we tool up
and we kill her.
That's a mistake.
You said it yourself.
This girl is smart.
She's been manipulating us
from the start.
We don't know if any
of this stuff is gonna work.
And even if it does,
killing her would be the
stupidest thing we could do.
And why is that?
Because we lose the only
bargaining chip we have.
Well, what do you suggest?
We trade her to Lazaar
for our lives.
No. I'm not betting our lives
on your fucking hunch.
I'm telling you,
she's gonna see you coming.
No. Debate is over.
Decision made. Okay?
I got 'em!
Sammy, those are fucking onions.
Well... (scoffs)
I don't cook. I don't know.
All right, let's go kill us
a fuckin'... vampire.
Good luck.
Oh, I'm not going.
I already told you why.
And if you put your hand
around my neck, you'll lose it.
I'm not gonna touch you.
Go put your feet up.
You two, on me.
Let's hit the kitchen first.
Fucking onions.
(flies buzzing)
-(Frank sniffles)
-(Sammy sighs)
Let's fucking go.
-(Sammy yells)
-(Peter shouts)
What the fuck?
(Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake
playing in distance)
(music growing louder)
(Peter yelling)
(music continues playing
over record player)
(breathing heavily)
What's happening?
Let's... let's just talk.
-(Sammy yelling)
-(Abigail shrieking)
-FRANK: Fuck!
-PETER: Holy shit!
Fucking help me, you fuckers!
(Frank yells)
-(Frank grunts)
-(Sammy groans)
(Peter yells, groans)
(pained moaning)
(Peter yelling)
(guttural gasping)
(Frank grunts)
Oh, fuck!
Oh! Oh! Oh! Jesus!
-(Sammy groaning)
-Oh, Christ! (groans)
You're so bloody and so gross.
(Frank groaning)
FRANK: Ah, Jesus, Mary and
motherfucking son of a bitch!
Oh, fuck!
(Frank groaning)
Oh, if you fucking say,
"I told you so."
Oh, shit.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
Oh! Motherfucker!
-Why didn't she kill you?
-She is fucking with us.
Oh, fuck!
I'm guessing
none of those weapons worked.
Well, the stake worked
on my fucking leg,
and she used the crucifix
on Peter like a fucking
and the garlic did fuck all!
-Shh. Shh.
-JOEY: Well, I have one thing
we know does work.
When I jabbed her with this,
she was out, out.
If we can corner her,
it's nighty-night.
The Sleeping Beauty act
was bullshit.
No, it wasn't.
I checked her pulse,
and her breathing was slow
and steady.
We split up.
Whoever finds her first
alerts me through the comms,
and I come running
with the syringe.
That's great that you're
the only one
with a weapon that works.
Listen, you sit here and bleed,
or you trust me.
(rhythmic clicking,
static crackling)

(floorboards creaking)
-JOEY (over earbud): Check in.
All's clear on the east side.
-FRANK: Nothing on two... yet.
PETER (over earbud):
There's no vampires here.
Not that I'm actually looking.
FRANK (over earbud): Channel's
still open, dick face.
Put that fucking bottle down
and fucking do something.
Can she turn into a rat?
'Cause I might be looking
right at her.
Maybe she can join the pack.
Oh, now I get it.
I get the...
I get the name now.
I get it. The Rat Pack, right?
PETER (over earbud):
That's funny.
(trembling breaths)
Fuck! Fuck.
(earbud crackling)
Sammy, your comms
are cutting out.
(over earbud):
Sammy. Sammy?
-(gasps) Fuck!
-(bats squeaking)
-(liquid sloshing)
(flies buzzing)
-(screaming over earbud)
-What is it?
There's bodies!
Bodies in the pool!
(staticky noise over earbud)
-(Peter screaming)
I got a splinter...
on my finger.
A huge one
from the stupid stick.
A little more concerned with
the bodies in the pool, Peter.
FRANK (over earbud):
How many bodies we talking?
Like, two, three?
(Peter groans)
Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
(Abigail clears throat)
Peter, stop fucking around.
Vampire on my ass!
Take that.
All right. I got her trapped
in the upstairs hallway, so...
Holy fuck! Vam...
-(Abigail hisses)
Oh, shit. (muttering)
(snarls, screeches)
(Frank pants, groans)
-(Abigail screeches)
-Ugh. What the fuck?
-I'm here.
Oh, shit. Shit.
(whimpers, groans)
Oh, fuck. (sighs)
Oh, shit.
What color are my eyes, Frank?
-(Joey grunts)
PETER (choking):
Sammy, help me!
Sammy. Sammy.
-Sammy, help me. Sammy.
-(Abigail grunting)
-Sammy, help.
(Sammy yelling, grunting)
-(Frank grunting)
-JOEY: Oh, come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the fuck?
She's fucking flying!
-Fuck! What the fuck?!
-(Peter yelling)
(both grunting)
(both grunting)
I can't hold her much longer.
Come on!
Do it now. Come on!
FRANK: Joey!
Jesus fucking Christ, come on!
Joey? Joey? (groans)
(groans) Fucking bitch!
I'll kill you fucking fucks!
I'll rip your fucking heads off
and gorge myself on your blood!
(Abigail panting loudly)
(breathing slows)
(all panting)
Oh, yes.
What the fuck's gonna
happen to me?
How do you feel?
I feel like I got bit
by a fucking vampire.
What the fuck is gonna
happen to me?! Huh?!
What's gonna happen to me?
I don't know.

(rustling nearby)
We want to talk.
Please, please let me out.
I'm scared.
Cut the shit.
(chuckling softly)
You're really good at
pretending to be a little girl.
Thank you.
I've had a few centuries
of experience.
Tell us how to get out of here,
and we'll let you go.
Hey, what's gonna happen to me?
Am I gonna turn into a vampire?
Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
-She said maybe!
-It's okay.
Listen, little lady,
or ma'am, whatever.
We're very sorry, okay?
We didn't know who you were.
We thought you were just
a regular 12-year-old girl.
You were gonna beat me
and torture me
when you thought I was just
a regular 12-year-old girl.
Yeah, well...
Like I say, we're very sorry.
We would never have taken you
if we knew who your father was.
You did work for him,
didn't you?
Haven't you wondered
why I brought you all here?
You brought us here?
Jesus Christ.
There was never any money.
I planned all of this.
Lambert works for me.
-What are you talking about?
-Don't you know, Jessie?
What did you just call me?
Jessica Hurney.
You started your career
siphoning money
from your affluent parents'
bank accounts.
Hedge funds came next,
then private offshore accounts,
and eventually,
much bigger fish.
One in particular.
I can give it back.
(chuckles softly)
Terrence Lacroix.
Muscle for the Montreal
Broussard family.
Did it bore you,
snapping necks for pay?
Enduring endless taunts
from your colleagues
about your stunted intellect?
Is that why you stole
from your crew,
who just happened to be a
tiny subsidiary of our empire?
How long did the money last,
you weak,
disloyal inebriate?
Former Detective Adam Barrett.
You thought you could
infiltrate our New York arm
under deep cover.
But you liked the life
a little too much, didn't you?
The power you had when you were
free of rules and regulations.
It became an addiction.
How empty did you feel
when you finally arrested
our three lieutenants
you'd worked so hard
to get close to?
And how empty did you feel
after I ripped up their bodies
in the hotel penthouse
because of you?
You changed your name,
you left town, and you never
saw your family again.
But it wasn't
for their safety, was it,
Detective Barrett?
(chuckles softly)
Finally, we have the tragic
Ana Lucia Cruz.
Former Army medic
drummed out of service
for shooting up
Uncle Sam's morphine.
I was injured in the field.
You tried
to take care of your son,
before abandoning him
to his fuckup of a father.
Shut up.
You became an underground doctor
for some very shady people.
But one day, you were just
too high to do your job,
and instead
of removing a bullet,
you nicked an artery,
and someone very important to
my father's business bled out.
But you and Detective Barrett
have something in common.
You never went back
for your son.
Shut the fuck up!
And what do you tell yourself,
That you want to be your
daddy's little errand girl?
No, he did lose interest in you.
That wasn't a lie.
How many of your father's
enemies do you think
you're gonna have to kill
until he loves you again?
If this is about revenge,
why didn't you just kill us?
-Why'd you bring us here?
-Because it isn't.
-This is just a game to her.
-FRANK: Bullshit.
She was screaming at the house,
and Dad triggered the alarm.
That wasn't even her father.
That wasn't Lazaar.
And for what,
because you're fucking bored?
For your fucking entertainment?
What can I say?
I like playing with my food.
You're the same as all the other
meat sacks I've brought here
over the years.
Nothing different
about any of you.
Nothing special.
Just something
to help me pass the time.
Quick question.
Who's inside a cage right now?
If you let me out,
I'll let two of you live.
Oh. Which two?
-It's a surprise.
-FRANK: Fuck this.
Let's just kill her now.
You tried that, Frank.
If you would like
to open this door
and try again, please do.
My offer just expired.
Now I'll only let
one of you live--
whoever lets me out.
She's fucking lying, moron.
You touch that door, you're
as dead as the rest of us.
Maybe it's worth a try.
We have her, Peter.
That's why we did this--
so we can trade her
for our lives.
That will never happen.
Joey was right.
No matter how many of you
I kill,
my father doesn't love me,
and he's not gonna trade
anything for me.
So go on, Peter, let me out.
Go on.
Peter, if you touch that door,
I will shoot you.
I'm sorry, guys.
-Aah! You shot me! You shot me!
-(Sammy whimpers)
I barely grazed you.
Now give me your gun
so I can patch you up.
You're sure crazy.
I prefer "impatient."
Frank, help me out.
Sammy, watch her.
Fuck that shit. Mm-mm.
-I'm not staying down here...
with that.
Fuck that shit, Joey.
I got this.
-SAMMY: You okay?
Getting shot hurts, Sammy.
Oh, fuck.
(sniffles, sighs)
The offer still stands, Frank.
Open the door, and I'll let you
keep all your blood.
-Organs, too.
I'm serious.
You could be useful to us.
Why don't you... tell me...
how to get the fuck out of here,
and I'll consider it.
If I told you,
you'd just leave me here.
You first.
You know what?
My offer just expired.
Have fun spending eternity
in a fucking elevator.
I'll tell you.
But you have to let me out
immediately after I do.
(inhales deeply)
All right.
It's a deal.
There's a secret door
in the library.
The bookshelf on the right wall.
And Then There Were None.
Very good.
A deal's a deal.
Oh, right.
The deal. (chuckles)
Ain't I a Silly Billy?
Still gullible at your age,
you fucking freak? (giggles)
(both laughing)
-(Abigail continues laughing)
-What's so fucking funny?

(Abigail screeches)
-(Joey grunting)
(shrieking continues)
-The library.
-Oh, shit.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
-(Sammy sighs, gasps)
-(doors close)
(chuckles softly)
(breathing heavily)
(Peter chuckles)
You looking
for some light reading, Frank?
Shut the fuck up.
(breathing heavily)
And Then There Were None.
(book drops to floor)
Agatha fucking Christie.
You fucking playing me?
Fucking ballerina fuck.
Stupid fucking dancing
fucking vampire fuck!
Fuck! Fuck!
(inhales sharply)
You good?
So what the fuck now?
She was already healing.
You saw it, too.
Keep an eye on the door.
Stay in the light.
Grab something.
We're gonna break
through this wall.
Will you fucking stop already?
She's not going anywhere.
She's waiting for it
to get dark, and then...
we're fucked!
-Goddamn it.
-(bar drops to floor)
Aw. You run out of candy?
I'm scared.
Was that true?
What she said about your son?
That you left him?
But I got clean.
And I was gonna go back for him.
That was... (shudders)
That is the plan.
That's good.
How often do you get
to talk to him?
Tried calling him.
I just, um...
I can't do it.
That's why I took this job.
With that money,
I can start over, you know?
A reset.
Fucking bullshit.
It's not about the money.
The money's an excuse.
You didn't go back for your kid
'cause you're scared of being
a piece-of-shit mother.
God, everybody's got to be
a fucking victim now.
"Oh, I left
'cause I was on drugs."
"Oh, I was on drugs
'cause I got hurt."
Own your fucking shit and go
and be a mother to that kid.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Did I hit a fucking nerve?
Oh, my God.
I don't need to hack the locks.
I just need
to find a power source.
And if I can find
the power source,
then we can just short it.
What, are you gonna unplug
the fucking house?
Okay, we search the house.
Two teams.
And we don't stop
until we find it.
Well, who's going
with Twilight here?
I'll go with you.
I, uh, saw your reflection
in this earlier.
Oh, my God.
Let's go.
-SAMMY: Fuck this job.
-Fucking dream team.
(Sammy muttering)
Oh, no, no. Stay close.
-I got you.
FRANK (over earbud):
Not seeing anything yet.
What about you guys?
Eh, nothing.
Stay alert.
She's toying with us.
There's nothing here.
You got any other bright ideas,
Goddamn it.
Why did you all listen to me?
This isn't gonna work.
This is so fucking stupid.
Listen to me.
You got people out there
that you care about?
I have people, too.
So, you and me,
we're gonna go find
that power source.
We're gonna get
the fuck out of here.
-You think so?
You and me.
You're my friend.
(rumbling, creaking)
ABIGAIL (whispering):
(distorted recording
of Swan Lake playing)
-ABIGAIL: Jessica.
You're mine.
SAMMY (softly):
ABIGAIL (whispering):
You're mine.
Well, there's nothing here.
But don't worry, because...
-(Peter groaning)
You drink too much.
Sammy. Sammy.
Sammy's not here.
(screams, groans)
(Peter screaming)
(record crackling)
("Blood and Tears"
by Danzig playing)
Blood and tears...
SAMMY (over earbud):
Help. She's on the east side.
Oh, fuck!
Sammy, we're on our way.
Been crying
You cry a thousand tears
Darling, don't despair
I know your heart
still bleeds
Darling, don't you care
There's blood
In your...
You cry a thousand tears
Darling, don't despair
I know your heart
still bleeds
Darling, don't you care
There's blood
In your tears
There's blood
In your tears
Blood and tears
Blood and tears.
(gasps) Oh, no!
Oh, no.
He's dead.
She got him.
Oh, no.
-JOEY: What happened?
She's still in here.
Come over here.
Here. Here.
I've always hated this room.
My father turned me in here.
Lot of painful memories.
But it's never too late
to make new ones.
-(distant laughter)
-(whispers): Holy shit.
That was fucking...
-(tray clangs)
(Frank grunts)
Now what do we do
about the real fucking problem?
(clacking, creaking)
-Well, that's a...
What the fuck else
are we gonna do?
(breathing heavily)
(indistinct chatter plays
over speakers in distance)
DEAN (over speakers):
I'm the best
motherfucking wheelman
in this town.
JOEY (over speakers):
I didn't say you weren't good.
I said you're not
a professional.
You've got loose wiring.
Probably a sociopath.
(Sammy chuckles over speakers)
FRANK (over speakers):
And you are a junkie.
Cop knows a junkie.
Your little candy affectation.
Long sleeves.
The way you don't want to
have a drink with us.
You in recovery or something?
What the fuck,
you backstabbing son of a...
-Oh, fuck!
You're one of them!
He's one of them!
No shit, Frank.
What the fuck is happening,
I brought you back here
to offer you a deal.
We're not taking
any fucking deals.
I wasn't talking to you.
You fucking set me up.
Abigail turned me two years ago.
She found out
I helped you in New York.
She came for me
and threatened my family.
Now all I do is bring
her father's enemies here
so that she can play
her little hunting game.
But I am done.
What's your fucking point?
You can die here,
or you can help me kill Abigail.
Help me take her,
and you can have anything
you fucking want.
But you'll need
a little upgrade.
I'm not gonna become
a fucking puppet like Sammy.
-Fuck no.
You'd be just like me.
You'd get the complete
Total autonomy.
LAMBERT: I've told Lazaar
there's a problem.
He's on his way.
We'll kill the girl,
we'll kill her father,
and we'll take over
the whole fucking thing.
Frank. Please...
Fuck it.
-(stake clattering on floor)
-Bite me.
(Lambert laughing)
Yes, drink,
and you'll be one of us.
(deep gurgling)
(Frank coughs)
You're still with us.
meet your first victim.
(Frank laughing)
That's for setting me up,
you undead prick.
Oh, yeah.
I feel fucking great.
(Frank chuckles)
(Joey panting)
I told you not to fuck with me.
You better fucking run.
(trembling breaths)
(Abigail humming Swan Lake)
So you found Lambert.
Did he try to convince you
to take it all
before you killed him?
Our game ends here.
I've made sure of that.
-(Abigail grunts)
-(Frank growling)
(Abigail groaning)
(Abigail groaning)
(sighs heavily)

No. Fuck.
I fucking hate ballet.
(door creaks open in distance)
(line ringing)
BOY (over phone):
Hey, Caleb. It's Mom.
Gotcha. Ha-ha.
Can't come to the phone
right now, but leave a message.
(phone beeps)
I love you so much.
And I'm so proud of you.
You're the one good...
You're the one good thing
I did in life.
And I just needed you
to hear that.
(footsteps approaching)
I love you so much,
my sweet, sweet boy.
And I always have.
Sorry to interrupt.
It's a little late
to be a good mom now,
don't you think?
You fucking junkie.
I'm gonna fucking
kill you, Frank.
-(Joey yells, grunts)
Oh, yeah?
(both grunting loudly)
Why don't you just kill me?
Where's the fun in that?
You want to have some fun?
All right.
Let's have some fun.
I'm gonna make you
my fucking puppet.
-(Frank growls)
-(Joey gasping)
And then we're gonna go see
that kid of yours.
And I'm gonna make you kill him.
(grunts, gasps)
I'm too weak to take him alone.
Help me kill him,
and I'll let you go.
You can see your son again.
FRANK: I got the whole
fucking world
In my hands.
Well, well, well.
Look who came to join the party.
If you want to kill me,
you have to drain me.
-(Joey whimpers)
-(metal bar scrapes on floor)
(neck cracking)
(Frank chuckles)
(groans, whimpers)
Wait there.
Isn't this fun?
(raspy panting)
-(body thuds)
(Joey breathing heavily)
No. No. (screams)
You ready to join the team?
Oh, yeah.
(grunting rhythmically)
Wakey-wakey, little puppet.
Oh, hey there.
I think it's time to play...
...my game.
Frank says, "Pick it up."
Frank says, "Get the fuck up."
Frank says, "Kill the girl."
Oh, God!
You little fuck!
You don't fucking quit.
You thought you could just
make her your puppet?
(panting, straining)
(metal creaking)
(neck cracks)
Here's the thing about
being a vampire, Frank.
It takes a long fucking time
to learn how to do
all the cool shit.
Oh, fu...
Thank you.
No problem.
Am I...?
You're fine, now that he's dead.
I think I'm gonna...
I hope you get Justin back.
It's Caleb.
I know.
For what it's worth,
you just have to show up.
I've gone by many names
over the countless years.
Father, don't.
I can smell your blood.
-ABIGAIL: You don't understand.
-I can taste it.
-ABIGAIL: Please stop!
She saved my life!
She was here when you weren't.
I came when you needed me.

I'm here now.
I think you should leave.
It's getting awfully close
to dinnertime.
See you around, Joey.
What the fuck?
(crickets chirping)

(chuckles softly)
("Burn My Tongue"
by Jean Dawson playing)
I smile in the mirror
in silence
I sharpen my teeth with gold
(engine starts)
I burn my tongue
with violence
My eyes turn blood to stone
There's a devil
on my shoulder, I feel it
Burning my face with hope
There's a monster
in the mirror in my spirit
We can't spend
too much time alone
I hide from the world
I know myself
Who's that running away?
Who's that
running away?
Who's that running away?
Who's that
running away?
Drag my feet on new pavement
Holster on my hip
like a baby
I was born innocent
with no patience
My pacifier
tastes like whiskey
There's a devil
on my shoulder, I feel it
Burning my face with hope
There's a monster
in the mirror in my spirit
We can't spend
too much time alone
I hide from the world
I know myself
Who's that running away?
Who's that
running away?
I stand on the edge
of my own way
Who's that running away?
Who's that
running away?
Who's that running away?
Who's that
running away?
Who's that running away?
Who's that
running away?
(song ends)

(indistinct choral singing)

-(music fades)
-(Abigail chuckles)