About Her Brother (2010) Movie Script

Between the Peace Treaty of 1951,
and the Security Treaty of 1960...
as Japan regained its
my mother was growing
up in Osaka.
While the Osaka Expo
was drawing millions,
and that strange
anti-hero 'Tora-san'...
first took the screen,
she came to Tokyo
to study Pharmacy...
met my father,
and fell in love.
They married, and ran a pharmacy
in the suburbs of Tokyo.
In time, I was born.
I remember my mother
in front of the TV, delighted...
when her beloved Hanshin Tigers
won the baseball championships,
first time in 21 years.
There was also,
the tragic airplane crash...
and the National Railways
going private.
Through those bewildering days...
I sat before the TV,
as if nailed in place.
My father, who was always frail
passed away when I was still small.
My mother's younger brother,
a far wilder Tigers' fan than she was...
who celebrated their victory
by jumping into the Dotonbori Canal,
started coming up to Tokyo
to help look after me.
He called himself an actor,
and was very funny.
I loved him when I was small...
but as I grew up
and he never changed...
he became annoying.
The relatives disliked him
for the problems he'd cause...
and five years ago,
at my father's 13th-year memorial,
he got drunk and disorderly.
My mother
had harsh words with him.
After that we lost touch.
About Her Brother
Takano Pharmacy
I'm back!
A gift from the beauty parlor.
Isn't that nice!
Put them in some water.
We finally got an answer
to your uncle's wedding invitation.
I saw it. It's not an answer,
it was returned.
'This item was delivered to
the specified address...
'but the presence of the addressee
could not be confirmed...
'so it is being returned.'
I told you there was
no point inviting him.
I guess not.
I'll get it.
Oh, hello.
We've brought a gift.
What? Just a minute.
Mother! Come here!
It's Dr. Endo and Mr. Maruyama.
What brings you both?
They gave us this.
on behalf of the Area Merchants.
You didn't have to!
Time goes fast.
It seems like only yesterday Koharu
said she hated dentists...
and bit my hand.
Thank you for everything.
Not at all.
We're losing a pretty girl.
Everyone's disappointed.
Us two.
It can't be helped, though.
As long as you're happy.
We shed tears over it every night.
And you shed hair.
Hands off!
Thank you.
Be happy.
Wasn't there anyone local?
For what?
A young lad to win Koharu's heart.
You've got a son, don't you?
Forget it.
A high-school dropout
against a university hospital doctor?
No, huh?
Did that new bell come in?
Can't you talk?
Knock, knock.
I hear you.
Dinner's ready.
'I hear you.'
Then why can't she answer?
Give that to her son.
You know what your dad said
when you were born?
'Let'll be a sad day
when she goes as a bride.'
He's weeping in
his grave right now.
Father, I'm sorry.
Stop doing that.
You're not a child.
Mother, shall I help you
with your kimono tomorrow?
No, thank you.
That woman's brother
from Osaka...
Your crazy uncle...
Is he coming?
No. We couldn't find him.
Oh, that's good.
I can't abide that man!
That ill-bred lout!
I know that.
Well! A feast!
That smells good!
We're celebrating.
This is once in a lifetime.
Well, everyone...
There's only three of us.
So what?
All three of us, then...
To Koharu's happiness.
Thank you.
And Grandma,
you get along with Mom, ok?
You said that last night.
You're going senile.
Look who's talking!
Well, let's eat.
All done?
Koharu, you're beautiful!
This is Koharu?
It seems like only yesterday
you were on my knee.
Shohei, thank you
for all you've done over the years.
It's nothing.
As long as you're all happy.
There you go.
Koharu, thank your uncle.
I don't need it.
Thank your mother.
'Thank you for all you've done,'
is what you say now.
Oh, that's all right.
At times like this
you need to say things properly.
This is one of life's
turning points.
Especially after all
Ginko's gone through...
raising you alone.
Go ahead, say the words.
I will, then.
For all you've done...
over all these years...
I thank you.
Very good!
What are you crying for?
If only Kazuo were here...
Where's Koharu's wedding at?
'Koharu', sir?
My niece!
I'm sorry?
I'm her uncle, stupid!
Never mind!
Away with you!
The groom, Yusuke Terayama,
and the bride, Koharu...
have just been married
in the hotel chapel.
I thus inform you...
that the ceremony took place
in a most dignified manner.
I was Yusuke's professor
in medical school...
Excuse me.
Mrs Ginko Takano?
Your younger brother
asks to speak with you.
He's here?
In the hall.
Tetsuro? What does he want?
To celebrate, of course.
Get rid of him.
We can't do that!
This way.
Hey Sis.
So Koharu's getting married?
How did you find out?
Who do I run into but Auntie
from Suminoe, and she says...
'Are you off to Koharu's wedding?
You named her, after all.'
Well, blow me down!
That was just two days ago.
Hi, Brother.
So I raised money for the train,
but I didn't know the hotel.
I just jumped in a taxi.
Tokyo taxi drivers
are just plain rude!
Right, Brother?
Forget taxis.
But that's why I'm late.
Am I in time for the ceremony?
He can come in, can't he?
We can't send him away now.
But I ask one thing.
Oh, a speech?
I'm no good at that.
No, thank you.
I wouldn't be asking you
for something like that!
I mean this!
No drinking, you mean.
Remember Kazuo's 13th?
You got right disorderly.
Don't bring that up again!
Today is a happy day.
The groom's from a good family,
so there's important folk here.
You keep that in mind.
Don't you worry, Brother.
I know what a fool I get
when I've had a drink.
You're a fool to start with,
and you just get worse.
You'd say that to a brother?
Brother orno, a fool's a fool.
He's no fun at all!
I've asked them to set you a place.
You wait here.
This way, please.
Hey, Koharu!
Boy, did you get old!
Who are you?!
Come on, let's go.
Whoops! Wasn't that something!
Bite me!
I was in university with
Dr Terayama, the groom's father.
Together we attended lectures
and honed our skills.
And we often drank together.
I remember one day for some reason
he suddenly said...
'One day I will have a child.
'Propose the toast
at the wedding for me.'
And today
that has come to pass.
No joy could be greater.
I keep my promise!
Here you are.
Oolong tea forme.
Just for the toast.
It's more than my life's worth.
raise your glasses to
a long and happy life...
for Yusuke and Koharu.
Thank you, Dr Fujiwara.
Please be seated.
Give her a kiss!
Shut up!
Get closer!
They're cutting the cake.
Is that all cake?!
Just part of it.
Dr. Fujiwara's leaving.
Give me a whisky.
Ah, that's good!
I'm sorry I have to go.
Thank you for coming.
A splendid reception.
Thank you.
Where's Tetsuro?
Congratulating Koharu.
I tried to stop him.
Koharu! Best in the land!
Darn right!
He's my uncle.
My mother's younger brother.
You make Koharu happy,
you hear?
If you go cheating on her...
I'll come from Osaka
and beat you black and blue!
He's joking.
He's always like that.
I'm not joking! I'm serious!
Don't forget!
Aunt Ginko says
to come and sit down.
She does, eh? All right.
I beg your pardon.
Don't forget.
You're related to him?
I'll tell you later.
How embarrassing!
Why didn't you bring him?
He's chugging.
Down it! Down it! Down it!
One more!
One more?
All right, one more!
That fool!
To celebrate the wedding...
of Yusuke Terayama
and Koharu...
we will raise a cheer!
Hurra-a-ah Yusuke!
Hurra-a-ah Koharu!
Hurra-a-ah Koharu!
Thank you very much!
A big hand for Yusuke's friends!
Thank you thank you thank you!
He's blind drunk!
I told you so.
We have a surprise speaker.
Your name, sir?
I am Tetsuro Tanno,
uncle of Koharu.
Her father asked me to name her.
And I decided on Koharu,
meaning "Early Spring"...
after the beloved wife of
a famous Shogi chess master.
Thank you.
I'm just getting started.
The night he finally beats
his life long rival,
he speaks quietly to Koharu.
'As I stared at the board,
the rooks wept.
'They wept while I thought
which one I should move.
'Let's true. I did not win.
'I lost.
'I won the game,
but the game beat me.'
Somewhere a flute
begins to play.
'You know, Koharu...'
'Should I have sent
all my students away?
'A better life
would not be bad...
'but I can't be thinking
of others...
'when I've yet to find myself.
And what does Koharu say?
'I am used to being poor.
'No matter how poor we are...
all you need to think of is Shogi.
'How wretched you must be
with a husband such as me.
'I am not wretched at all.
'Lef you are content,
then so am I.
'Koharu, be here forme
while I still live.
'Promise to become
a Master of #Shogi#.
'I will, if I have to eat
the very chessmen themselves.
'Live forme.
'Live until I die.
'I will.
'With a heartful...
'of worries on all sides...
'in a run-down tenement...
'another year has gone.
'With no word of complaint...
'his wife, Koharu...
'She forces a smile...
'so painful to see...
Thank you! Moving right along...
Wait! There's still Act 3!
Let me sing!
I'm sorry!
'Tomorrow I go to Tokyo... '
Tetsuro, come on!
I want to sing!
Come on!
Cut the mike!
Now, speaking for both families...
the father of the groom
will address you.
I am most humbled...
that you have taken the time to attend
the wedding of my son Yusuke...
and his bride Koharu.
They both still have much to learn.
I hope you will all provide them
with leadership and guidance...
through their lives together.
Excuse me.
That I most humbly ask.
Thank you very much.
That was the father of the groom.
Thank you very much.
Change? Keep it!
They're here.
We're back.
He went to sleep?
What did the Terayamas say?
A lot.
They said we should have told them
about a relative like that.
They don't want their grand-children
with DNA from a drunk.
His mother said that.
That's awful!
Ginko, I'm cutting my ties
with him.
He's no brother of mine.
I've had it.
You do that, too.
Don't talk like that!
This is a day of celebration!
You keep out of it.
This is between us!
But Ginko practically raised Tetsuro!
Your mother was too sick.
Ginko did everything for him!
When he was caught smoking,
she went to his school.
When he was caught shoplifting,
she went to the police station.
She spoiled him.
That's why he's a fool.
Quiet, will you?
I'm trying to sleep!
Shohei, I'm sorry.
It was my fault.
But in his defense...
he only came because
he wanted to celebrate.
You don't need to defend him.
Shohei, stop it!
I'm going.
He can die in a ditch
for all I care.
I don't want him in our tomb.
We'll see ourselves out.
Good luck with him.
Good night.
Good morning.
Thank you for coming
back to work.
You're awake?
I was bad, wasn't I.
You promised
you wouldn't drink.
Yeah, but Sis, they were drinking
all that nice bubbly stuff.
I wanted some so bad,
and suddenly I was drinking it.
It's all this hand's fault!
Do you remember what you did?
Well, I sang
the Sankichi Sakata song...
And then, uh...
How'd I get this? It hurts!
What did I do?
You ruined Koharu's wedding,
that's what you did.
You went on a rampage,
and spoiled it for everyone.
Shohei and I had to
apologize to his parents.
They had a lot to say
before they settled down.
You're not a child any more.
I'm appalled I have to apologize
for a man of your age.
You don't say!
So I did it again...
Drink this and wake up.
What are you doing?
Drinking water.
I mean for work.
How are you earning a living?
There's not much work in my line.
You mean acting?
'Tetsu! '
'Aye. '
'Tonight I leave Mt Akagi.
'I leave my territory, my land,
and also...
'you who follow me.
'Caw! Caw!'
The ones like me
without a name...
are lucky to draw 40 or50 people
once a year.
You can't live on that.
So I've been making
Osaka's famous fried octopus dumplings.
Fried octopus?
That's hard work.
It's fine in the winter,
but it's bad in summer.
You sweat and you sweat.
You get the rhythm
with the skewer.
It's that rhythm that's important.
It takes five to ten years
to get the trick.
It's a hard life!
So you've been working hard...
Inflamed tendon.
An occupational hazard.
I'll give you something for that.
Whose outfit's that?
A comedian friend's.
You wore that on the train?
Yep. First thing in the morning,
and I needed a dump.
I couldn't get my arse
out of the culottes.
So I...
I don't want to know.
No, listen! I didn't want to get
anything on them, but...
Don't tell me!
There's a toothbrush and towel
in the washroom.
I made her laugh.
It's been a while.
Yes, I'm back to work again.
The Missus?
She's gone
to thank the go-between.
Did you hear about
the trouble at the reception?
Her brother from Osaka
caused quite a scene.
Oh, dear!
You think all's well...
but every family's got
a black sheep or two.
Even I've got a distant cousin
in prison.
Oh, dear!
Has he gone home to Osaka?
No, he's still here.
He's here?!
He went out to
play pachinko pinball.
Gambling, huh?
Oh, I almost forgot...
I want to order some more
hair restorer.
The Missus'll know what I mean.
Yes, sir.
Keep quiet about what I said,
all right?
I will.
It's pouring!
There's all my money gone.
Now how do I get home?
Watch out, buddy.
The river might flood after that rain.
You live here?
Sis? I'm back.
Sorry I'm so late.
I was wandering around
and I came to this river.
I met this homeless guy
and he gave me dinner.
He lives better than I do!
That's Grandma's cardigan.
What are you doing?
I thought I'd give you
some of Kazuo's old things.
But those are keepsakes...
It's all right.
It's been nearly 20 years.
Hey, this is brand-new!
That sleeve's frayed.
We should fix it before you return it.
No, I'll get that done.
Who by?
Well... a lady.
Is she nice?
Well, you know...
She works hard, and she's sweet.
Why didn't you tell me!
When did you get married?
Sis, you're so serious!
It's not like that.
But you love her...
Don't be so serious about it!
Don't you?
Give me a break, will you?
Talk about something else.
This homeless guy, he had a...
Tetsuro! Listen to me.
I'm very happy to hear
that you have someone.
Does she work with you?
Then give up acting
and make fried octopus your career.
Get married and have a home.
At my age?
It's too late for that.
It's not too late at all!
If you put your mind to it
you could even have a child.
What would I do
with a kid now?
A kid of mine would be miserable
from even before it was born.
You might think
you're miserable...
but you'd want to make sure
your child was happy.
That's being a parent.
You could be a father, Tetsuro.
A father? Me?
Never happen.
Sis, if you want...
Are you angry?
If you kids want to fight,
go outside.
You make too much noise
forme to sleep!
At your age, going 'Sis!'
Train fare home.
Thanks. I'll pay you back.
No. Just remember...
I know.
Get my act together,
and become famous.
No! I don't mean acting.
Oh yeah, octopus.
I'll make lots of money,
and pay you back with interest.
Take care of yourself!
I can't deny...
that the ruckus my uncle caused
cast a shadow on our marriage.
The virus produces
its own neuraminidase.
By interrupting the production
of neuraminic acid...
About the time the
wind turned cold...
I became a problem
for my mother.
Stay here?
But we store things in your room now.
I'll sleep in with Mom.
What happened?
You've married into
the Terayama family.
I can't let you stay here
without asking why.
You must know that.
I wanted to learn to drive...
so I asked Yusuke for money.
And he said...
a license is part of
getting ready for marriage...
and you should pay for it.
Yusuke said that?
Was there anything else?
For example...
I needed a dental implant
which Health Insurance doesn't cover.
'Why didn't you get that done
before you got married?' he said.
The rich are stingy.
Take him for all he's got.
This is important, Mother.
Go to your room, please.
Oh, I'm an outsider.
I'm not wanted here.
All right.
Whatever you say.
So Yusuke knows you're here?
I emailed him.
Your husband?
You emailed him?
What else can I do?
We never have a chance to talk.
It's like living with a stranger!
Can I put out a fut on?
Roast potatoes!
Roast corn, roast potatoes!
Stone-roasted potatoes!
Man, it's cold!
You're back home?
Yeah, my mom was saying
it shouldn't be long now.
When are you due?
Do you need something?
Your mother asked me
to look at the bathroom door.
Yeah, it catches.
May I?
Can you fix it?
It's sagged a bit.
I'll just reset the hinge.
Someone didn't do a very good job.
The door should hang vertically...
but the weight pulls it over,
so you set it a few millimeters back.
A trick of the trade.
Carpenters play tricks?
Take your ceiling.
For this room, the middle's
a centimeter or so higher.
That way it looks level.
Tricks like that are
a carpenter's trade secrets...
so they tell me.
That's interesting.
You're not in a hurry, are you?
I'll make some coffee.
Where's your mother?
Sorry to keep you.
Let's have some coffee.
Lately we've gotten
decent coffee here.
How's the pharmacy?
I try my best,
but sales just keep going down.
It's the chain stores.
They buy in bulk,
so they're cheaper.
The old stores can't keep up.
I'm not here to talk about
store management.
It's about you and Koharu.
I'm sorry about all this.
How is she?
Is it true you're so busy
you two can never talk?
With the shortage of medical staff,
we're all so busy our heads spin.
But she says we don't talk...
I don't know what she wants
to talk about.
You're two different people.
Don't you need to sit down and talk,
even if it's only for a few minutes?
That's what I think she wants.
Sit down and talk about what?
Talk seriously
about serious things.
If she writes me a memo,
I'll deal with all the points.
But just to 'talk', I mean...
If I were cheating on her,
I'd understand.
I don't even have time for that.
Excuse me...
Oh, hello! Yes...
Shortly after that,
we were divorced.
Endo Dental Office
Is it ever hot?
Hi, Koharu. Hot, isn't it.
How's your mom?
Fine, thank you.
Here I am.
Thanks a lot.
It's so cool in here!
Did it hurt?
After Koharu's, your mouth
is the last one I want to see.
You know she's divorced,
don't you?
I sure do.
Isn't there anyone from around here
who'd be good for her?
Well, put your son forward again.
Not that fool!
He's good-looking...
Thanks. I'll buy you a beer.
Oh, hello.
Hot, isn't it.
Is your husband bad again?
Yes, and we never know
what's wrong.
Here you are.
One of these
after every meal...
and one of these before bed.
He should take them with
his blood-pressure medication.
Koharu, take over.
I have a visitor.
That's? 00.
And? 00 change.
Thank you.
Take care.
It's so hot!
My daughter.
So you're Koharu?
Tetsuro told me all about you.
'I named her!' he says.
He's so proud of you two.
You're both beautiful.
You could be sisters.
Watch the store.
And you're a doctor's wife?
You're visiting your mom?
As you were saying,
when did you last see Tetsuro?
The cherry blossoms were out,
so it was the beginning of April.
May, June, July...
It's been three months.
I see.
And the money you lent him...
How much was it?
Please. Tell me honestly.
All right, I will.
3 million?
I run a small store,
so I've borrowed money before.
I can't believe you'd lend
that much money...
without any proof.
Proof I have.
This is the IOU he wrote out.
That's his writing, right?
And it's a cheap seal,
but it's his.
We took these pictures at Shirahama
the year before last.
He's not a bad man,
but he has no sense of money.
And he drinks and he gambles.
I'm sure he gambled it all away.
That's money I sweated and saved
for my old age.
It's silly with a man of his age
to be asking his big sister.
I don't ask for it all...
but maybe half of it,
or even a third...
It's a shameless thing to ask...
'Hitomi', wasn't it?
Wait here a while.
20 or 30 minutes.
Where are you going?
Take care.
Thank you.
Who is that person?
Just go to your room, all right?
It's 'important'?
Am I in the way?
'Yes!' Just like that!
I'm sorry to keep you.
Here is the money my brother borrowed.
Write the amount and your name
on this receipt.
Use your finger as a seal.
And today's date.
Count it.
I took out what savings I have.
The amount here,
then your name and address.
My brother's debt to you
is now clear, all right?
Thank you very much.
Take care.
Thank you.
Won't you count it?
Thank you for doing this.
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
Don't be.
It's my brother who deceived you.
That was wrong of him.
I'm sorry.
That's so nice of you!
I'm thinking of breaking off
with Tetsuro for good.
He's a good person...
but I don't want this
happening again.
Yes, that might be better.
You think so?
It's a relief to hear it from you.
Well, I'll be off.
Thank you.
I really appreciate this.
Forgive me for barging in on you.
Good luck to you.
We should've brought your mom.
I asked her,
but she said for us to go.
She's not herself lately.
Coming through!
Hey! Kenta!
It's Kenta, from the bike shop.
Your dad's a customer.
What brings you here?
The fireworks.
Who's that?
A friend.
Is this it?
That's the one.
My wife says she's sure
it's growing more hair...
but I don't think so.
It's expensive.
Well, you get what you pay for.
We're having a meeting Saturday
about that new station building.
Be sure to come.
We'll all be in trouble
if they build that thing.
A supermarket, bookstore,
optometrist, drug store...
You won't be able to compete.
A doctor, a dental clinic...
Dr Endo's in a panic.
Although that's because
he's not very good...
I say that, now my tooth hurts.
Anyway, Saturday at 1 pm.
All right.
It's raining.
In you go.
Hi, Sis.
I had some business in Tokyo,
so I thought I'd drop by.
How's everyone?
I brought you some ice cream.
Go inside, please.
You must be busy.
Running the store,
cooking, cleaning...
Doesn't Grandma do anything?
If you don't keep her busy,
she'll go gaga.
You always liked birds, didn't you.
I had some parrots I was fond of.
I'd go to sleeping holding them...
and in the morning they'd go
'Good morning!'...
and chew on the end of my nose.
My nose was all scratched
from them.
Thanks, Sis.
Oh, that's good!
Barley tea's the best thing
for a thirst.
You'd better put this ice cream
in the freezer.
You're angry, aren't you.
She was here, wasn't she.
Things happened,
and it's true I caused her trouble.
What did she say?
That cow showed you that?
That's your wonderful hand writing?
So then what?
I'm soaked!
I'm back.
I had something to do
here in Tokyo.
How are you and that doctorlad
getting along?
We're divorced.
I'm not surprised.
I didn't feel right about him
from the start.
He gave me a real dirty look.
Not that a lot of people
are glad to see me...
We're not discussing Koharu.
Oh, yeah. My parrots...
Oh, Hitomi...
We had a little spat
over me paying her back.
I told her I would!
I'm a bit late,
so she comes running to you.
She's hopeless!
Uncle, you've no right
to talk like that.
You're in the wrong.
Why me?
I don't believe this!
Because of you...
Mom had to pay back? 3 million!
At least apologize!
Say you're sorry!
Sis, is that true?
That's not important.
I consider that money gone.
But you were saving that money
to renovate the store!
Why did you just
believe what she told you?
She's nice and all...
but she's a bit weak up here.
She's a fool.
How dare you talk about
that poor woman that way!
'Weak up here', 'a fool'...
have more respect!
Wait, Sis...
What I meant to say is...
I don't want to hear.
I'll forget the money.
I'm not your sister any more.
You're cutting me off?
Yes! Get out of this house.
Is that how you talk
to the man who named you?
I didn't ask you to.
It's a fusty old name anyway.
I've always hated it,
if you want to know the truth.
You little brat!
Don't give me lip
when your husband sent you away!
You ill-bred little fool!
So this is it, huh?
Well, over the years you've done a lot
for a no-good like me.
You're all happy and blessed.
You don't know what it's like
when nothing ever works out.
You've got a customer!
Get out here, stupid!
Medicine, please!
You watch the store.
I'll clean this up.
It was raining really hard!
It sure was.
After that we heard no more
of my uncle.
As time went by,
even the memory of him faded.
Calligraphy Class
Very good.
Let me see your down stroke.
Press down a bit harder,
and pull to the side.
Mrs Takano...
Has Koharu expressed
any interest in remarrying?
It's about time
she was thinking about it.
I have a young relative.
Could we exchange photos?
Thank you, but she doesn't want
anything arranged.
Oh, dear. That's too bad.
You, related to Mrs Takano?
Nobody's going to buy that!
I'm back.
I just saw Dr Endo...
What's wrong?
You had a phone call
from the Osaka police.
What about?
Your missing person.
Tetsuro Tanno.
Where is he?
They'll only tell the person
who filed the report.
How is he?
They took him to hospital
a few days ago.
The number?
Did you file
a missing person report?
He didn't look well
the last time he was here.
And he had that strange cough.
Since then I've been worried
he's got something wrong with him.
Or maybe several things.
Why do you care?
We've cut our ties with him.
I don't even think of him
any more.
Surely you're not going down
to Osaka, are you?
I'm dead-set against it.
Koharu, sit down.
Just sit down.
I've never told you this...
but when your father suggested
that Tetsuro name you...
I was against it.
I'd already thought of
lots of lovely names.
But your father said no.
'Let Tetsuro do something
to feel good about himself...
is what he said.
'Sometimes I think...
'maybe you two older ones trampled
on him while growing up.
'From when he was small,
did anybody, parents or teachers...
'ever once praise him?
'So I'd like him
to name our daughter.
'Even if it's a strange name,
I plan to be grateful to him.
'Is that all right?'
And ever since then, Koharu...
I've always felt like
some how I owed your uncle.
I never figured a man like that
to have a sister like you.
They found him lying
in the street!
This way.
They operated right away...
but the cancer's in the larynx,
the lungs, and now the liver.
Plus there's diabetes,
high blood pressure...
Four or five things all together.
He's only got a few months...
and the hospital
wouldn't keep him there long.
The social worker...
and the welfare people
looked all over...
and finally they found...
They found the Green House.
They had a place,
and said they'd take him.
Your brother was very lucky.
It's a public facility?
No, it's not public.
It's a kind of private hospice.
A hospice?
They care for those without family
in their last days.
So they can draw their last breath
believing in the life to come.
They operate hand to mouth,
and the staff work very hard.
My hat's off to them.
Here we are.
Wait here.
To paraphrase Tolstoy...
all unfortunates are unfortunate
in their own way.
And everyone faces death
Some want to be alone.
Some want their loved ones.
Others want friends around
to give them a send-off.
We try to grant those wishes.
So our work is helping people set off
on that final journey.
Does Tetsuro know
when the end will be?
Yes. April...
What day?
He seems to have decided on
April 7th.
April 7th?
Why would he say that?
My wife and I think maybe
he'll be right.
What is it?
Tetsuro doesn't want to see her.
Oh. Now what do we do?
I'll go in.
You will?
The sheets are dirty?
I'll be right there.
Jiro, could you move
for a few minutes?
Tetsuro, your sister's here.
I said tell her no.
I don't want her seeing me like this.
She's come all the way from Tokyo.
Don't be like that.
Show your face.
Come on, Tetsuro.
I don't want to see her!
Tetsuro, it's me.
Are you still mad about that fight
we had over Hitomi?
Then forgive me.
I came down as soon as I heard
you were sick.
How are you feeling?
I'm done for.
I know when I'm going to die.
So go home.
Tell Koharu...
her uncle in Osaka,
died in debt
under Tsutenkaku Tower.
You're still upset
about that money?
Leave me alone, will you?
Just leave me alone!
I'll be back.
Don't come back!
All right. Thank you.
This is the lounge.
A Canadian woman comes in
and plays this harp.
We have a tea in here
once a week.
Tetsuro's a good talker,
so he's very popular.
It's small, but it's a nice room.
Supperis ready.
Turn off air conditioners and TVs
and come to the dining hall.
How was it?
He said to go home.
He did?
He's embarrassed.
I'll come back tomorrow.
I must say, though, I'm surprised.
I hated to think where he might be
after they found him on the street.
He's being treated so well!
We happened to have an opening.
What about the fees?
How much should I pay you?
That won't be necessary.
What do you mean?
He was put on to welfare
when he went into hospital.
That pays medical.
Now he's out of the hospital
and living here...
he has a housing
and a living allowance.
We can more or less manage
on that.
Don't worry.
He's gone.
Mr Komiyama,
Tayan's taken off again.
I'll go.
You will?
He wanders off sometimes
and goes for miles.
We've got to find him.
I'll be right back.
Call the police box, too.
He said he had birds,
so I said no problem.
I never thought
he'd just let them fly free.
I said to keep them in cages...
and he said it wasn't fair
to coop birds up like that.
Forget the birds.
He wasn't fair to me!
He didn't pay his rent,
he never came back...
I was just going to let the birds
but I figured that wasn't fair.
And bird-seed's expensive!
As a tenant, he was a disaster.
Write me a bill for the bird-seed
and three months' rent.
I'll pay it.
You will?
That'd be great!
You can take anything you want
from here.
You can still use this.
I'll write you a bill.
when I look at you...
you remind me of
my dead brother-in-law.
He had a good head
on his shoulders.
When his daughter was born,
he asked me to think of a name.
What do you think I named her?
How do you know?
You've told me three times.
At least you could act like
you've never heard it before.
I'm a dying man, you know.
That's not for sure yet.
You've still got a chance.
How can you lie to me like that?
The Buddha came to me
in a dream.
He said I'm going April 7th...
when the cherry blossoms fall.
Are you in pain?
I can give you something.
I don't need anything.
You put shochu liquor
in this, didn't you.
I can't be responsible
if you do that.
I don't need you
to be responsible.
Don't go causing trouble.
That beautiful sister of yours
came from Tokyo.
A widow.
You shut up!
It came out.
Give it here.
Ow! Ow! Ow!
That hurts!
That hurts! Ow!
I'll be fine.
Don't worry about me.
So you'll stay in Osaka tonight?
Yes, I'll tell her.
Good night.
The TV's fixed.
Oh, thank you!
It's so nice to have a carpenter
who fixes TVs!
It won't work from here...
I'll be going.
Till next time.
Koharu, I'm going.
I knew it was getting cold...
What's happening in Osaka?
My uncle's sick.
That uncle?
He's alone down there?
That'd be hard on your mom.
Where's that phone?
In there?
Hi, it's me.
I've just finished work.
I'll be right there.
Kenta's getting married.
We're all having a drink.
Why don't you come?
No one's seen you for a while.
Not me.
Why not?
Having a divorced woman there
would just spoil it for everyone.
That's crazy.
Being divorced has nothing to do
with who you are!
That's never bothered me a bit!
Ok then, don't come.
It never bothered me.
In fact, when I heard
you'd got divorced...
I thought 'great!'
It's no use peeling that forme.
I can't eat it.
You don't like apples?
I can't eat.
There's a hole in my stomach...
and they drip the food into me
through that tube.
I can't taste anything.
It's all the same.
But instead of that apple...
there's a plastic bottle
under the bed.
This one?
Pour that all in there, will you?
I'm dry.
All of it?
All of it.
Oh, yes!
Do you want anything?
No, thanks.
Sorry I was so rude yesterday.
I said that 'cause I didn't want
to cause you trouble again.
The director and his wife
bawled me out.
They said you'd gotten mad
and gone home.
So you came back?
I stayed in Osaka last night.
Koharu must be lonely
all by herself.
She's worried about you.
Oh, yeah...
She's divorced, the poor thing.
you've got to think of someone.
A man who'll make her happy.
Well, she's seeing someone now.
Is he nice?
A good carpenter.
A carpenter?
That's good.
Will you have a big wedding
if they get married?
So you get better by then
and come to it.
I'll have to sing again.
You can see the Tsutenkaku Tower
from there, right?
'When in the sky
the lights go on...
'on Tsutenkaku Tower...
'Again my will to fight...
burns bright...'
Tetsuro, what's wrong?
I feel great!
There's the Tetsuro we all know!
Why is your face all red?
Are you drunk?
That's alcohol! Who did that?
I'm sorry.
I thought it was water!
You did?
You tricked her!
No, no! I said no,
but she insisted.
You wet yourself!
I did.
I'll bring a change of sheets.
I'm sorry!
There's another bottle under the bed.
Pour it all in, will you?
Don't be silly!
Oh, don't be mad!
So does Uncle know...
he's dying?
I went there fully prepared...
to have to bring him here.
But he's made it very clear
he wants to die there.
They work hard to give a good end
to a no-account like him.
Or maybe...
they're working to get him
to change his ways.
He's not depressed?
Not at all!
He's cracking jokes,
singing songs...
And not just him.
The people who work there
laugh a lot, too.
Or at least
they think humor is important.
I'll go change.
I'm tired.
Maybe this isn't the best time,
but I'm...
I'm thinking of
getting married again.
To who?
All right?
I'm very happy.
Spring came late that year.
It was April 6th, when
cherry blossoms started to fall.
Takano Pharmacy...
One moment, please.
Who is it?
The Green House in Osaka.
Yes, this is Tetsuro's sister.
Mr Komiyama?
Thank you for all you're doing.
I see.
I'll try to be there tonight.
Thank you for calling.
It's your uncle.
It looks like he's going.
He said he'd die April 7th.
I wonder why...
And it's really happening.
Go out with your head up...
I'll get your things packed.
You ok?
Tetsuro, your noodles are here.
But can you eat them?
Just put some in his mouth.
He'll be fine.
You eat, too.
I wanted to have noodles...
with you.
All right, I will.
You're here? They're calling you.
You're not very friendly.
Sis came all the way
from Tokyo.
At least you could tell her
thanks for coming.
Thank you.
You just said that
'cause I made you.
doesn't this stuffed shirt
remind you of someone?
Your husband.
He was the strong silent type, too.
That's right.
Do you have a wife?
No, I'm single.
That makes sense.
You're not the type
that women would like.
Maybe you can teach me
how to talk to them.
I wish I could...
but I don't have that much time.
You must be tired, Mom.
Don't over do it.
He might not make it past morning.
What should I do, I wonder...
That's for you to decide.
I'll go. Can I make the last train?
I'll bring the van. Get ready.
Here I am!
Knock, knock.
I'll see you, Grandma.
You're leaving me alone?
I told you!
Aunt Nobuko's coming
a bit later.
What happened in Osaka?
I'll tell you later.
You hold the fort here.
I told you that, too.
Oh, all right.
I'm always the one left out.
Go wherever you're going.
The last bullet train's at 9:38.
Can we make it?
I'll take you to Osaka.
But what about work?
We won't be working
with this rain.
Thank you! That's great!
But no sleeping, ok?
Stay awake and navigate.
I will.
It's stopped raining.
The Towerlights are beautiful.
Do me a favor.
Will you stay here tonight?
I was planning to.
Lately I wake up
in the middle of the night...
and I can't sleep for a while.
That's the time
I start to get a bit scared.
I'm glad you'll be here...
to talk to.
The Director says
he'll fix me a place to sleep.
If you wake up,
then wake me up.
How will I do that?
I can hardly talk.
That's right...
We'll use the ribbon
from my flowers.
I'll tie it to our wrists,
and you can pull on it.
Tied to my big sister...
by a ribbon?
I like that.
That'll wake me.
Why didn't you ever
get married again?
After Kazuo died...
there must have been
one or two guys you liked.
No, there weren't.
I bet you there were.
Sure there were.
But I bet...
it was because you had
this hopeless...
no-account little brother...
always hanging around
that you couldn't get married.
That must have been it.
That's not true.
If there'd been anyone,
you wouldn't have mattered.
So there really
wasn't anyone?
We've been lonely,
you and me both.
I wasn't lonely at all...
with a pest of a little brother
like you.
What's wrong?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Forgive me.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Are you awake?
Switching to mask.
He's suffering.
We could knock him out
with medication...
but he said no.
Let's move the bed.
Well done, Tetsuro.
Just a bit longer.
We'll be with you till the end.
Would you like to rest in the lounge?
You must be tired.
I'll stay here.
You will?
Tetsuro Tanno?
Is he still?
You're here?
Tetsuro, Koharu's here.
Do you see her? It's Koharu.
He wants to get up?
Let's sit him up.
One, two, three!
I'll take the mask.
Koharu, come here
and speak to him.
It's me.
Koharu, who you named.
Look, the V sign!
You can tell?
You know it's Koharu!
Isn't that great, Tetsuro!
With the sister you love,
and your niece...
Let's remember this moment.
Tetsuro? You can let go now.
He's stopped breathing.
Let's lay him down.
5:20 a.m. I'll get the doctor.
Well done, Tetsuro.
Thank you...
for coming to our house,
and spreading laughter.
You're so lucky your family
could all come...
and see you on your way.
Everyone's going to envy you.
Mom! It's Dr Endo
and Mr Maruyama!
What is it?
What brings you both?
A wedding gift...
for Koharu,
from the Area Merchants.
Oh, dear!
You didn't have to!
It's just a small family wedding.
Last time we were disappointed
she was going away.
Now we're all delighted
she'll be staying.
Thank you for saying that.
It's not much.
Now I've had two.
There'll be no third.
Well, Grandpa, shall we go?
There you go again.
He dotes on the baby,
and he knows it!
My son's a fool,
but his kid's cute.
Well, Koharu, be happy.
Thank you both.
Thank you.
Grandma! Dinner.
I can dress simply tomorrow?
Sure! It's just a tea.
Toru's just wearing a suit.
$ 3,000 with two pairs of pants.
The wedding's tomorrow, Mother.
Who's getting married? You?
Koharu! Did you forget?
I'll help you with your kimono.
Well, all three of us...
To Koharu's second marriage.
Mother? What's wrong?
Is that man coming?
That crazy brother of yours
from Osaka.
No. We didn't invite him.
He's not coming?
Lately I've started
to feel sorry for him.
He always gets left out, too.
He's all alone.
That's true.
As long as he doesn't drink,
why not ask him, Ginko?
Or is it too late by now?
No, it's not too late.
Is it, Mom.
He'll come charging up from Osaka,
all covered in sweat.
That's right.
Oh, good.
Thank you.
Ah, that's good!