Above Ground (2017) Movie Script

(somber orchestral music)
(boat engine roars)
(distant boat approaches)
(somber orchestral music)
There's only four bags in here.
That's all you get now,
man, rates are goin' up.
Does Gayle know about this?
She's not gonna be too happy.
Oh, hell, Gayle should be
worried about keepin' us happy.
What the hell, Clint? We got
a good thing goin' here, man.
The economy's rotten.
Look, you don't
like their rates,
they'll take their
product someplace else.
What are you, a stock analyst?
I don't wanna be out here
doin' this more than you do,
but you know this is gonna
cause nothin' but problems.
This is our decision.
Good luck sellin'
directly to the buyers.
Gayle's got half of
Day County locked up.
We'll see about that.
(dark orchestral music)
(background chatter)
[Waitress] Be right
back with those drinks.
- Appreciate that, thank you.
- Thank you.
Aw, thank you kindly, Marie.
No problem, I'll be
back to take your orders.
I've been tryin' to
call you for three days.
Here we go again.
It looks like I'm gonna
do all the damn talkin'?
How many times I gotta tell ya?
It's time for you to
move on and forget it.
I really don't wanna be
having this conversation.
[Man] You're the one
who invited me here
in the first place.
I moved all my stuff
outta your place.
Yeah. (Chuckles)
I'm sorry, I just,
I can't be with you.
Not when I'm still in
love with my husband.
I don't care.
What are you gonna do when
he doesn't take you back?
I'll be alone.
(somber orchestral music)
(audience applauds)
A goal without a
plan is just a dream.
What I've developed
is a guaranteed way
for you to achieve your goals.
So, if you join me, my
program helps you focus on
the behavioral changes that
lead to real weight loss.
For instance, what
force pushes us
to eat when we know better?
What about you?
Have you noticed a
connection between eating
and your emotions?
I tend to eat more
when I'm depressed.
Yes, yes, exactly.
When we feel down, we
seek out comfort food.
We bury ourselves in
food like ice cream
and chocolate and cake.
Even though they have
zero nutritional value.
They seemingly offset
those negative feelings.
But what makes us feel
negative in the first place?
What do you think?
If I knew, I wouldn't be here.
It's okay, you're right,
that's why we're here.
You don't have to be perfect,
because there is no such thing
as a perfect person.
So, no matter where
we are right now,
we can get better and we will.
(audience applauds)
So, if you're serious this time,
if you really wanna lose weight,
I can show you how to
achieve your goals.
My patented and proven
to work weight-loss pill.
(audience applauds)
Thank you.
I'm not here for you, so...
I haven't seen you in a while.
It's a small town, Thad.
You can see me
whenever you want.
[Friend] We'll take two bottles.
Not a bad haul for a weekday.
Not a bad haul for
any day of the week.
So, we need to talk about
the supplier's rates.
We do, but first
let's take a ride.
(dark orchestral music)
Grab a shovel.
(dark orchestral music)
I don't like
diggin' graves, Gayle.
They shorted us on
our last shipment.
I did what had to be done.
Next time, leave me out of it.
Take care of this for me.
(somber orchestral music)
[Julie] Shit.
Come on.
(water splashes)
(somber orchestral music)
[Thad] I don't wanna be out
here doin' this more than you.
This is our decision.
[Thad] You know this is gonna
cause nothin' but problems.
(wind whistles)
(background chatter)
I keep a pack of
menthols at home.
Every once in a
while, I'll smoke one,
and it reminds me of you.
So, why you been comin'
to the weight-loss clinic?
I need to lose weight?
Would you stop it?
It was never about that.
Thank you.
I never really
thought about myself
before you started
working there.
It made me feel like
there was something wrong
with the way I look.
Maybe I can count calories
and get my body back.
Maybe I can take a pill
and get my life back.
Time has only shown us,
that I'm not good
enough for you, Julie.
You're better than you think.
No, I'm not.
I've done things that I'm
havin' a hard time livin' with.
I don't even know
who I am anymore.
(somber orchestral music)
Hell, I don't even know how
to get back to who I was.
Look, I just think it would
be easier on both of us,
if you just stayed
away from the clinic.
Bye, Julie.
(Julie sighs)
(dog barks)
[Woman] Need anything in there?
Nothin' we need.
(dog barks)
Looks like Buster got somethin'.
Hey, hon?
(porcelain smashes)
Dog, Buster, he tends to bring
birds and squirrels up
to the house. (Chuckles)
Dead critters in his
mouth. (Chuckles)
Although, you can't blame him.
He thinks he's
bringin' you a gift.
This is the gift he
brought this morning.
A human ear.
You think he'd be able to
take us where he found it?
(chuckles) You just
try and keep up with him.
(suspenseful orchestral music)
(Buster sniffs)
Definitely not a proper burial.
Mornin', Sheriff.
How's my favorite intern?
- Coffee?
- I already had some.
What's the news from the lab?
No fingerprints found on file.
Nobody's came forward
to identify the bodies.
The hell else is new?
(intern chuckles)
I found this in his pocket.
(moody orchestral music)
- Any idea what it means?
- Could be a transaction?
Could be.
But I got a hunch I'm gonna
check out this afternoon.
Good work.
(device bleeps)
Sorry to bother you, ma'am.
Seen anyone specific
in these waters like
in that area there? Well, yeah.
That's Thad Sitter's
fishin' spot.
Just another busy
day at the office.
- Sheriff.
- (chuckles) Thad.
Don't you rent out
Stockton Lake now?
I do.
Seen anything suspicious
out there on the water?
Suspicious how?
How often do you
go fishin', Thad?
- Three or four times a week.
- Must be nice.
Would you mind recommendin' a
fishin' spot for me sometime?
Sure, Sheriff.
What's this all about?
Picked up two bodies
out on Highway K.
Paul Walter's farm?
Do I know 'em?
I don't even know who they are.
Played me a hunch,
GPS coordinates led me
smack in the middle
of Stockton Lake.
The area of water in
question happens to be
your top-secret fishin' spot.
Well, I guess it's not
so top-secret after all.
[Sheriff] I figure maybe
you'd seen somethin', seein' as
how it's quiet on that end.
It is quiet, that's why
I moved out there, but,
I haven't seen anything
out of the ordinary.
It's not often this county has
a double-homicide on its
hands, so when it does,
it's my job to make
sure I catch the killer.
Hope you understand how
committed I am to that.
I don't know how committed
you are to anything.
More committed than you've
proven yourself to be.
Sorry to hear Julie
broke your heart.
Afternoon, Sheriff.
You're leaving town.
It's fine, he
doesn't have anything.
I'm not even a suspect.
He'll make you one, even
if he doesn't know it yet.
Gayle, you're just
actin' paranoid.
Your ex-wife just
broke up with him.
Hey, I didn't cause that.
I'm not gonna let your little
love triangle bring me down.
Hey, listen, you
killed those men, not me.
And you buried the bodies.
Inside the bag is
a key and a map.
It'll take you to
a family cabin.
You have to leave now.
You know, I didn't ask for this.
You wanted to make
money, just like me.
This is the price.
(moody orchestral music)
What do you want?
Let me in.
Well, alright then.
(cat meows)
Oh, I know, Mattie, I know.
Okay, baby, okay.
You look like you're
doin' alright.
I mean, since the
last time I saw ya.
How's it, uh, how's it been?
I don't know.
You look like you're doing well.
I'm sure this trailer home
is a real chick magnet.
What the hell are
you doin' here, Gayle?
Well, I've got a job for you.
You know, I'm not
sure I'm interested.
Why do you need me?
I hear you're pretty good at
cleanin' up your own problems.
The sheriff's
watching me too close.
I don't need any more
suspicion my way.
Who's the target?
Thad. (Dark orchestral music)
Think he's good, but he
doesn't have what it takes.
Oh, I like that.
Survival of the fittest.
What's he got, like a
heart of gold or somethin'?
Down, Mattie, down, baby.
(cat meows)
Yeah, that's
exactly his problem.
Where can I find him?
In the perfect
place to take him out.
(door opens and closes)
When I first started,
I was stuck in a cycle
of fluctuating weight.
So, I resolved to get fit
and lose weight for good.
I had to create ready-to-go
positive thoughts.
You have to be ready to encounter
the candy dish at work,
or the fried items on the menu.
So, I wanna hear what
you'll tell yourself
when you find yourself
in a tempting situation.
(background chatter)
Have you seen Thad?
He's on vacation.
That's all he said?
It's really none of my business.
("Toccata and Fugue in D minor"
by Johann Sebastian Bach)
What're you doing?
Why are you watching me?
Don't you know that your
lives are in danger?
When you've tried,
but not survived,
we're watching an entire hour
of the New Uncle Gregory
Horror Hour has made mice...
[Man] Well, a happy
birthday to you, too.
And these candles
are not working!
(suspenseful suspenseful music)
(background chatter)
(door bell jingles)
Nice to see ya again, Julie.
Do you have a moment to talk?
Of course.
What brings you here?
I think I need to file
a missing persons report?
On who?
(sheriff chuckles)
What makes you suspect that?
His boss said he
was on vacation,
and then I saw his mom
at the grocery store,
and she didn't know
anything about it, and...
Maybe he doesn't want
you to know where he went.
(somber orchestral music)
You're divorced, after all.
[Julie] Sorry.
(chatter on TV)
(suspenseful orchestral music)
(lock rattles)
(lock clicks)
(chatter on TV)
[Hit Man] Let's go.
(dramatic orchestral music)
How much is Gayle paying you?
The next time, you
should ask for more money.
Get you a little
better rug there.
That one looks ridiculous.
I might be hiding
under this rug,
but at least I'll
still be alive.
(gun fires) (groans)
(suspenseful orchestral music)
It wasn't personal.
I only tried to kill
ya because she paid me.
(Thad grunts)
(tense orchestral music)
(keypad bleeps)
(chatter on TV)
(man laughs)
(door opens)
(door closes)
(service bell dings)
(wind whistles)
(suspenseful orchestral music)
Obstacles don't
have to stop you.
Figure out how to climb it,
go through it, work around it.
Climb it, go through
it, work around...
[Sheriff] May I come in?
I hope that's alright.
Thank you, Julie.
It looks wonderful, but
for official purposes,
I just need to ask you a few
questions regardin' Than,
and then I'll leave. Like what?
I just need to fill
out this paperwork,
and file it for the county.
- Paperwork?
- A few boxes and check marks.
That's all.
You don't wanna find him?
I can't begin to search,
until the proper
paperwork is filed.
Lots of red tape, you
know how these things are.
But this is Thad,
we have to begin now.
The thing is, it's not
illegal to go missing.
People do it all the time.
For all sorts of reasons.
You have to have something.
But you have nothing?
This is all my fault
because you hate me.
[Sheriff] I don't hate ya.
Please, you have to find him.
I don't hate you at all.
I still love you.
If you still love me,
then you would find Thad.
(moody orchestral music)
Doesn't work like that, baby.
(Thad groans)
You've gotta stay down and rest.
Who are you?
You stumbled into my
motel office and collapsed.
Where's my stuff?
[Manager] Took out
enough to cover your room.
- What's in it for you?
- Nothin'.
You can stay here until
you're healthy enough.
(somber orchestral music)
Doesn't look like I've
got much of a choice.
[Julie] Thank you
for coming with me.
Of course.
You say it's been 72 hours.
And the police have no
leads, is that right?
Yeah, that's what
they keep telling me.
They don't care
about finding him.
Thad's out there somewhere, but
they can't explain anything.
Julie broke up with the
sheriff last week, so he's
not too keen on finding him,
if you know what I mean.
You can't exhaust
all your options.
Can you find my husband?
You mean, your
ex-husband, right?
Well, what if he
doesn't wanna be found?
Why does everybody
keep on saying that?
I mean, what if he
disappeared for some reason,
and he wants to stay hidden?
That doesn't sound like Thad.
No, I've know Thad for
years, he's one of those
mommy types, he could
never leave home.
Well, you never can
tell what a person will do
when they're pushed
to the limit.
He's never even left
Missouri, for Christ sake.
- Where does he work?
- At a weight-loss clinic.
Julie's been stalking him there.
I only went there
because I'm fat.
Okay, look, I'm gonna
need everything, alright?
Pictures, records.
I wanna know what kinda
underwear Thad wears.
So, you'll take the case?
I've already started.
Thank you.
Now, you.
What do you say you and I go
get a slice of pizza together?
(somber orchestral music)
Nice doggie.
How you doin'?
Hey, Julie!
I told you, I wanted
to know everything.
I told you
everything that I know!
Except that you and Thad
were having financial troubles.
(somber orchestral music)
Adoption agencies,
fertility clinics.
These things aren't
free, I get it.
Thad blamed himself
for the fertility
treatments not working.
And every time one of
our friends got pregnant,
it just got worse.
- But you were going to adopt?
- We didn't have the money.
That's why Thad
took a second job.
At the weight-loss clinic.
Ever since I was little,
this is what I wanted.
A family.
A husband.
A daughter, a son,
just children, babies.
Just something to pour
my life into, you know?
When you gestate
too many calories,
and your failure
brings you down,
another commitment broken,
you feel like the
fattest person in town.
Are you gonna quit,
are you gonna fall?
It's not too late
to heed the call.
The race isn't over,
you can still win.
You're gonna make it,
one day healthy and thin.
The Dieter's Poem.
I wrote that.
(audience applauds)
(wind whistles)
(suspenseful orchestral music)
[Clerk] Can I help you?
[Jake] Yeah, what can
you tell me about this wig?
Oh, wow.
I haven't seen this
model in years.
- Do you sell these?
- No.
This is an imported
European deluxe model.
Made from the finest, most
luxurious donkey hair.
- Donkey hair?
- Ah, truly resplendent.
These animals have
been bred for centuries
to obtain the perfect
quality for the hair.
Where would someone go to find
one of these in this area?
You'd have to go to Eastern
Europe to get one, most likely.
But I have sold a few
of these in the past.
Let me look, there's a serial
number on the back of the tag.
Let me see this.
Careful, that's a little gooey.
Ah, yes.
Let me check my files.
Very good.
Now you can see.
I found the original
buyer of the wig.
It was sold to a Michael Hurt.
Thank you very much.
Now, you know where to find me,
if you're ever lookin'
for any help on top.
Sorry for the intrusion, Gayle.
I figured maybe it's
time we had a talk.
Is he dead?
You don't seem too
concerned at the possibility.
Dead is fine with me.
About time you admitted it.
If I ever see Thad
again, you're done.
Your whole operation
here will be shut down.
You've made a lot
of money off of me.
And you won't be able
to pay me enough to turn
a blind eye anymore, so
it better be as you say.
'Cause if I see Thad again...
You won't!
I promise.
Hi, yeah, I'm looking
for Michael Hurt.
That's his.
Do you know him?
Not really.
He rents that from us.
(dark orchestral music)
(lock rattles)
(camera clicks and whirs)
[Gayle] I know who you are.
So you don't need to
introduce yourself.
Well, I know what I'm doin'
here, what're you doin'?
Looking for Thad, just like you.
Well, where's Michael Hurt?
(sighs) I remember when had
the best hair in the world,
but when he lost it, he
just couldn't take it.
I just know he'd rather be dead
than without his hairpiece.
Well, so, if you
think he's dead,
who do you think killed him?
Whatever you're getting
paid to find Thad,
I'll double your pay.
(suspenseful orchestral music)
I'm not taking on
any new clients now.
Especially when I know when I
find him you'll just kill him.
(Gayle yelps)
You're just a
pseudo-health-nut wacko.
Just because you're able
to trick those people,
doesn't mean you got me fooled!
Oh, shut up, fatty! (Grunts)
(Jake groans)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(blender whirs)
Do you want almonds
in your smoothie?
(blender whirs)
You gotta be careful!
Almonds, while very healthy,
have a lot of phytic acid.
What are you doing?
Put the gun down.
Tell me where Thad is.
I thought you knew?
(Gayle chuckles)
If I knew, he'd be dead.
Don't say that. (Gayle chuckles)
You're both coming with me.
I want my money and to get
the hell out of this town.
But I shouldn't complain.
Fat, fat, fatties
everywhere you look!
Which means fat stacks for me.
(dark orchestral music)
I might as well kill you two
to draw Thad out of hiding.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Move it.
Hurry up.
It's nothin' personal.
I just want my money.
(gun clicks)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(chokes and groans)
(dark piano music)
(thud) (friend screams)
(gun fires)
Oh, god.
What did I do?
You did the right thing.
She was gonna kill us.
(wind whistles)
Did you put my scarf somewhere?
Didn't touch it.
Where did my scarf go?
I think I left it in the
field, it's evidence.
I'm aware it's evidence, Brenda.
(wind whistles)
(Gayle gasps)
(suspenseful orchestral music)
(Gayle groans)
(car approaches)
(car door closes)
Get it and let's
get out of here.
I'm sorry if her weight
pulled it off my neck,
and I didn't notice.
How could you not notice?
- Where is she?
- I don't know.
Where did we leave her,
right there, right?
I'll find her.
(muffled clunk)
Did you feel that?
(dark orchestral music)
I'm over this.
Julie, what are you doing?
You can do whatever you want,
I am not changing that flat.
(suspenseful orchestral music)
[Man] Good luck.
You know, if I hit it
big, I'm gonna come back,
and give you a million dollars.
That would be mighty fair of ya.
Excuse me, ma'am?
Are you okay?
- I need to use your bathroom.
- It's locked.
Bathroom key, hurry.
(water sprays)
Obstacles don't
have to stop you.
Climb through it, go
around it, work through it.
Climb it, go through
it, work around it.
Climb it, go through
it or work around it.
(knocking thuds)
(knocking thuds)
(Jake pants)
Hands up.
- Okay, yeah.
- Nice and easy.
It's about time.
There's no airflow in there.
- Nice and easy!
- Oh, I'm strarving.
What's your name?
Jake Liebig.
I'm a private investigator.
Show me your license.
- Easy!
- Yeah, yeah.
I know who you are.
And I know what you're
doin' and I don't like it.
Yeah, well, I'm
just doin' my job.
Time for you to leave anyway.
Your little case
is over, detective.
Why's that?
Thad's dead.
Hiker found his
body this mornin'.
[Man] You're not gonna see much.
Looks like the
vultures got to him.
Vultures did this?
I've seen worse, but
not in a long time.
What'd you get off the body?
The victim's
wallet and car keys.
They're lock-up
with the sheriff.
- Who'd they belong to?
- Thad Sitter.
Well how long before we have
a definitive match on the ID?
We should know within
a couple of days.
(somber orchestral music)
If the truck's not
at the trailer...
Where is it?
(suspenseful orchestral music)
(muffled shouting)
(chatter on TV)
(muffled shouting)
Hey, buddy.
Uh, hey, look, I was
gonna come over here
to tell you to keep it down,
but um, forget it, that's okay.
You wanna come in and
have a shot with us?
No, it's okay, thank you.
Hey, listen, man.
Let me tell you somethin'.
When you figure out
life's meaningless,
this whole world
don't seem so cruel.
And maybe one day you'll
even start enjoying yourself.
- Just try to keep it down.
- Are you kiddin'?
I can't control
these two freaks!
- Woo!
- Come here, daddy!
(muffled shouting)
Well, lookee who I found.
(camera clicks and whirs)
Look, I don't know who you are,
but I don't want any trouble.
Your ex-wife hired
me to find you.
Yeah, but now I don't
know who wants you worse.
Her or Gayle Benson.
Does she know where I am?
Not yet, but if
you don't want me
to tell her where you
are, it's gonna cost ya.
You can have the money.
It's brought me
nothin' but trouble.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- I saw you out there.
I don't want any trouble here.
(Jake groans)
[Jake] Oh, no. (Groans)
Just hang in there, okay?
We'll be at the hospital
in about 10 minutes.
Ever had a heart attack before?
Just hurry!
I'm hurryin'.
Thad, I need to talk
to you about Julie.
What, is she okay?
Gayle tried to kill her, too.
Hey, hey.
(somber orchestral music)
[Brenda] You're gonna be okay.
If you need me, then just call.
(muffled soft rock music)
(soft rock music)
(patron chuckles)
Thank you.
[Barmaid] Alright,
here you go, hon.
[Patron] I appreciate that.
(phone keypad bleeps)
(phone rings)
I got somethin'
important to tell ya.
I was wondering when I
was gonna hear from you.
We found his body.
(Julie sobs)
We're gonna find out
who did this to him.
I promise you that.
We already know who did this.
Gayle is a suspect.
If it wasn't Gayle, then who?
What can I tell ya?
I'm so sorry for your
loss, and well...
I want you to know
that I still love ya.
I have to go.
(suspenseful orchestral music)
(door rattles)
(gun fires)
(switch clicks)
(door opens and closes)
(floorboards creak)
(gun fires)
I thought you were dead.
What're you doin' here?
I came to kill Gayle.
Me, too.
- I have to call 911.
- No, come.
[Julie] There has to be a
towel around here somewhere.
It's on top of the cabinet.
In the box.
You shot me.
[Julie] It's okay.
Look at me, look at me.
You're as beautiful as
the day I married you.
(both sob)
(Julie sobs)
(moody orchestral music)