Above Majestic (2018) Movie Script

[surreal instrumental music
[narrator] Freedom
is a heavy load,
and a great, strange burden
for the spirit to undertake.
It is not easy.
It is not a gift given,
but a choice made.
And the choice
may be a hard one.
The road goes upwards
towards the light,
but the laden traveler
may never reach the end of it.
Man approaches
the unattainable truth
through a succession of errors.
Affliction comes to us,
not to make us sad, but sober.
Not to make us sorry, but wise.
You'll be required to do wrong
no matter where you go.
It is the basic condition
of life
to be required
to violate your own identity.
At some point, every creature
which lives must do so.
It is the ultimate shadow,
the defeat of creation.
This is the curse at work.
The curse that feeds
on all life,
everywhere in the universe.
The gravest error
a thinking person can make
is to believe that one particular
version of history is absolute fact.
History is recorded
by a series of observers.
None of whom were impartial.
It is change, continuing
change, inevitable change,
that is the dominant factor
in society today.
No sensible decision
can be made any longer
without taking into account
not only the world as it is,
but the world as it will be.
The saddest aspect
of life right now
is that science gathers knowledge
faster than society gathers wisdom.
Each generation imagines itself
to be more intelligent than
the one what went before it,
and wiser than the one
that came after it.
Man is the unnatural animal,
the rebel child of nature,
and more and more
does he turn himself
against the harsh and fitful
hand that reared him.
It doesn't matter what you do,
so as long as you changed something from
the way it was before you touched it
into something that's like you
after you take your hands away.
The very concept of truth is
fading out of this world,
and lies
will pass into history.
Solitude and isolation
are painful things,
and beyond human endurance.
For small creatures such as we,
the vastness is bearable
only through love.
[man reading softly]
Few people laughed,
few people cried,
most people were silent.
I remembered the line from the Hindu
scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita...
is trying to persuade the prince
that he should do his duty,
and, to impress him,
takes on his multi-armed form,
and says,
"Now I am become Death,
the destroyer of worlds."
[surreal instrumental music
When the Trinity nuclear test
was done,
and Robert Oppenheimer said,
"We have done this before,"
he was speaking
from an informed perspective.
In the ancient Hindu text,
the Bhagavad-Gita,
there is a reference
to a bolt of iron
charged with the light
of a thousand suns.
It describes
radiation sickness.
It describes elephants
screaming and dying.
It describes the shadows that are left
on the ground after the blast goes off.
All things that we're now very
familiar with in the nuclear age.
The same culture that described what appeared
to be the use of a modern nuclear weapon,
also was describing things
like anti-gravity craft
that flew through the air
with no sound called "Vimanas".
This craft could pass
right through a mountain,
and they also used some sort of
particle beam weapons.
You have human-looking beings that
are larger than the rest of us,
and have blue skin,
like Krishna,
and they also have
extraordinary abilities.
And in addition to that,
you have weird reptilian beings
called Rakshasas
who are also
code-named "snakes".
And these beings clearly appear
to be of a reptilian nature.
This even goes to the point
that you still, to this day,
have temples in India
in which there are
people called Nagas
who have a human-like top,
but then, from the waist down,
they literally have
a snake's body.
All of this stuff takes on a much
different investigative hue,
once we look at the fact
that the actual record
of what we now know
a nuclear bomb
looks and acts like
is dutifully recorded
in these Hindu scriptures.
So, Oppenheimer was aware that
this weapon unleashed a fury
unlike everything
we'd ever seen before.
Prior to Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
the scientists
were the rock stars.
Thomas Edison,
Alexander Graham Bell,
Marconi, Tesla.
These were the rockstars.
These were the people
who made our lives so exciting
that we went from, essentially,
a primitive situation,
where in order
to have food preserved,
we have to have an ice box,
where literally pieces of ice
are covered with sawdust,
to now, we have
electric refrigerators,
we have electric lights
so we can read at night,
we have thoughts being
beamed wirelessly by radio,
and then, eventually, even
pictures through television.
This was so exciting.
People could travel,
transcontinental railroad.
All these things were coming out
that had never happened before.
The private automobile
without the need for horses.
And then, all of a sudden,
the nuclear explosion shows
that technology
hit a screaming brick wall.
We could not trust any longer
that our toys
would be the instruments
of our enlightenment.
They could actually be the
instruments of our destruction.
Exploding these nuclear weapons
ended up basically
acting as beacons
to a number of ET races
in our general area.
The primary energy pulse
that occurs in one
of these explosions
sends an energy that feeds back
through the fabric of space-time.
All stars, all planets
are connected
through electromagnetic
Scientists call
these connections
the "cosmic web".
It looks like
a giant spider web
all throughout the cosmos.
When a nuclear
explosion occurs,
it sends a feedback
through this cosmic web.
This is a problem
because these extraterrestrials
not only communicate
through this cosmic web,
but they actually travel
through it from star to star.
Therefore, when we
detonated these devices,
we sent out a signal saying
not only are we
at a certain level advancement,
but we're not at a certain level
of advancement spiritually.
Oppenheimer's key quotes
revealed that he did not know
what the effect of the detonation
of the nuclear bomb would be.
When they conducted
the Trinity test,
they were unaware as to
whether or not this explosion
would create a chain reaction
that could actually
destroy the whole Earth.
And yet, they proceeded forward
because they believed
that this weapon was the only way
they could end World War II,
and thus the ends
justified the means.
With how potent
and how powerful
these technologies can be,
we can never expect
to be able to handle them
if we operate them
from a low consciousness.
When you raise your
individual consciousness,
when you actually
make the effort
to become more aware
of an individual,
that has a mirrored effect
to society.
It's the Law of Correspondence:
As above, so below.
So, when you become more
conscious of an individual,
that makes society itself
raise in consciousness.
And when each one of us,
every single one of us
begins making ourself
more aware,
society itself is going
to become more aware.
Multiple insiders
with credible military
and corporate backgrounds
have said that
extraterrestrial spacecraft
have appeared over
nuclear missile installations,
and have completely
powered them down.
...first like to briefly
describe the incident
that I experienced
in March 1967.
At the time, I was a first
lieutenant, US Air Force,
stationed at Malmstrom
Air Force Base, Montana.
I was trained and assigned duties
as a missile launch officer
for the Minuteman I
Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.
We had operational control over
ten Minuteman nuclear missiles.
On the evening
of March 24th, 1967,
while my commander was
on a scheduled rest break,
I received the first
of two phone calls.
Uh, the first call was to report
unidentified lighted objects
flying above the facility.
Well, they were hovering
above the nuclear silos,
and what was happening was,
they didn't attack
the nuclear silos,
all they did
was shut down, um...
Like, Captain Robert Salas
had, like,
eight nuclear-tipped ICBMs,
and they all got shut down
in rapid succession.
And these systems have triple
redundancy backup systems.
So, and the, uh, guards
up topside
were with their weapons drawn,
with a glowing red saucer
above the silo.
And then the, uh...
The UFO then went 60 miles
to the other base,
and shut down their
nuclear missiles as well.
This has happened
more than once.
This happened in
Bentwaters in UK as well.
What most people haven't heard
came to me from two insiders,
Bob Dean and Pete Peterson,
where both of them
independently told me
that in the year 1990,
all of the nuclear warheads
in the US and in the USSR
completely melted down,
became radioactively inert,
and even the missiles themselves
would just sputter around,
and wouldn't even fly
a straight trajectory anymore.
Right during the same time
that all of these nuclear missiles
were literally melted down
inside the warhead,
we also have this
amazing formation appear
on a dry lakebed in Oregon.
[female newscaster] The Idaho National
Guard has a huge mystery on its hands,
and that is
our top story today.
During routine photo reconnaissance
missions over Oregon,
our F-4 jets spotted
and took photographs
of a huge carving in the desert
over 1,000 feet across.
It has everybody talking.
I mean, this is just something
that chills you.
How would someone do this?
It's incredibly time-consuming.
Uh, a lot of
expertise involved,
had to take a long period of
time, and maybe a lot of money.
From point-to-point, it's exactly
eleven and a half degrees.
- [interviewer] Exactly?
- Exactly.
And the outer ones,
they're exactly
23 degrees apart.
- Exactly. No variation.
- [interviewer] No variation?
And there's something
else puzzling here.
Something that you do not see.
You do not see tire tracks,
the kind of tracks that might
be made by a tractor or a plow.
No tire tracks
and no footprints.
[Walden] In Oregon, I'm
Walden Kirsch from NBC News.
The reality is,
that this is the same type of thing that's
being done with crop circle formations,
but on an even more
impressive scale,
and that mark was a symbolic
statement from the ETs.
The Mandala, remember, is supposed
to be a symbol of the cosmic mind,
a symbol of the creator,
the origin of the universe,
the geometric nature
of how everything unfolds.
So they're giving us a message.
They're showing us
that they will make sure
that we stay on track
for this positive future
that's been promised to us
in over 35 different ancient
cultures around the world.
[male announcer] Ladies and gentlemen,
the President of the Unites States.
[Eisenhower] Good evening,
my fellow Americans.
In the councils of government,
we must guard against
the acquisition of
unwarranted influence,
whether sought or unsought,
by the military-industrial
The potential for the disastrous
rise of misplaced power exists,
and will persist.
We must never let the weight
of this combination
endanger our liberties
or democratic processes.
We should take
nothing for granted.
Only an alert
and knowledgeable citizenry
can compel the proper meshing
of the huge industrial and
military machinery of defense
with our peaceful
methods and goals,
so that security and liberty
may prosper together.
So when I, uh, really
think about the speech
from Dwight David Eisenhower,
his farewell speech about
the military-industrial complex,
it brings up
a lot of stuff for me.
Um, I was recruited to go
off-planet in 2006,
and it seems to be related
to the Alternative 3 scenario,
um, that relates to creating
colonies off-planet,
um, and the Mars colony was the planet
that was being discussed during that time.
And so when we hear
about a warning like that,
but we don't hear about
the actual alternatives
or agendas
or ET-government treaties and some of
the things that were taking place,
what was he really
trying to say?
Um, there's so many layers to
the military-industrial complex
that we're starting
to discover now.
Um, and I've been definitely
researching and digging real deep
in order to understand
really what he meant.
And as many have uncovered
and been a whistle-blower for,
and just my own experience,
uh, in that Mars recruitment,
we discovered
Secret Space Program,
um, this multi-level...
uh, shadow government
with compartmentalism.
Um, things that happened after the Second
World War and the infiltration coming in
from Project Paperclip
to the American government,
MK-Ultra having
so many branches,
so it's like, "Okay, here's a
warning about the misplaced power
that exists and will persist,
if we, as American people,
don't start to
become empowered."
It's basically what
I got from it.
I could feel a lot of pride in a lot of
my family members about that speech.
Uh, but I would say that I'm
a family member that has,
I think, recognized some layers
that were not brought
to my attention growing up,
that I've been able to
sort of, uh, share with them.
And again,
there's compartmentalism.
Uh, the NSA signed
something in 1947
that made it legal, like a law,
that you can disclose that sort of
stuff without massive ramifications.
And here we are,
in this particular window,
um, without oaths being
signed by many of us,
uh, with more freedom of speech
and more of an ability,
um, to bring light
to all of this.
And that's why the speech
is really relevant
because it rings true to today.
Those warning are something that
we're beginning to finally uncover.
It actually started
back in 1955
with the Eisenhower
that was forced, uh, into...
Into a tree,
somewhat of a surrender
with, uh, a Nazi faction
that have been operating.
The, um...
One of the witnesses
that was General Brigadier,
uh, Brigadier General
Stephen Lovekin,
who, uh, was
an Eisenhower staff,
who was aware that
he'd lost control
to the corporations,
and that it would not be
in the best of hands.
And so, once this treaty
was signed,
Nelson Rockefeller restructured
the whole CIA MJ-12 operations.
So now, our legal government
is no longer, uh, in the loop.
They also replaced
the complete MJ-12 group
that was originally set up
by President Truman
with Allen Dulles as MJ-1 or
head of the MJ-12 operations,
of all people who was highly
instrumental in the Nazi infiltration.
Uh, what happened was,
when this happened,
all of the reverse
engineering operations
that were at Wright-Patterson
Air Force Base in Ohio
were moved to Area 51 in S4,
where, um...
Eisenhower realized that
he had lost control
when he attempted
to look into it,
he was denied access.
Uh, here, you know,
a five-star general
is really pissed,
so he, uh...
He threatened
to invade Area 51
with the First Army
out of Colorado,
and until they allowed
two agents to give a report
of what's going on over there.
And what they found
was that several craft
were being reverse-engineered
that were extraterrestrial
and of German origin.
One of the ways that the Nazis obtained their
advanced technology before World War II
was through the use of a
channeler called Maria Orsic.
Maria Orsic was channeling
telepathic messages
from extraterrestrials that were
offering her plans and schematics
to actually create
anti-gravity craft.
Maria Orsic channeled
this information
for the occult Vril Society
in Germany.
This information was later used
by these German secret societies
to build out many
of their crafts.
Because they were focused more
on the qualitative superiority
rather than the quantitative,
they were more focused on
having more advanced technology
rather than more tanks
and boots on the ground,
they were losing
the ground war in Europe,
but they were obtaining
the more advanced technology,
and to save that technology,
they took it down to Antarctica
pre and during World War II.
In the late 1930s,
the Nazis had an expeditionary
group go down to Antarctica,
and they found some
very interesting things.
They found a region
under the ice
that was created
by geothermal heat
from volcanoes,
and there'd be
three miles of ice,
and a few thousand feet
above ground level
would have been melted
by the geothermal heat.
And the rest of the ice
acts as an insulator,
causing it, sort of
like an igloo effect,
and the dome would grow
from the heat,
uh, the geothermal heat,
and it would melt
and, uh, run under the ice.
And that was some of what was lubricating
the ice and causing it to move.
But underneath these areas,
they were finding
perfect areas
to build submarine bases.
So, not only did the Nazis
build out submarine bases,
as they developed more and more
of their space program,
they developed out
a massive space port.
After these space ports
were developed,
and the Nazis had handed it over
to, basically, the Americans,
the Americans began to develop
more and more research
in development bases
in Antarctica.
In the late 1950s,
a treaty was signed
that stated that Antarctica
was only to be used
for, uh, peaceful research.
Well, we were...
basically arriving,
and digging giant holes
under the ice
in various areas,
and building out
these giant complexes,
much like, um, I think
it was called Project Iceworm,
back in the 1960s,
where, like, in Greenland,
uh, the United States
Army Corps engineers
was building out an ICBM base
hidden under the ice.
And it was very sophisticated.
I'm told that they
were very similar,
uh, in when they were built
and how they were built,
to the buildings that were
built in this program.
Uh, companies that were given
access to these R&D bases
began to develop NBC testing.
They called it Nuclear Biological
Chemical testing, which, in the programs,
usually translates
into them working with clones,
working with, uh,
different chemical compounds
to affect, uh,
how people develop
or physiologically.
So, a lot of very, very dark
scientific programs
began to be developed
down in Antarctica,
and indeed are going on
to this very day.
One of the biggest things
that the cabal does not
want us to know about
are the existence
of these R&D bases,
and the, um,
all of the horrible
crimes against humanity
that are occurring
on these R&D bases.
On December 9th, 2015,
William Tompkins released his epic
book Selected By Extraterrestrials.
I became aware of it
early in 2016,
but it wasn't until he had
conducted several interviews
that he and I became friends
and began speaking regularly.
The story of William Tompkins
is quite amazing.
Here's a man
who's 93 years old,
and he gets hired right as he begins
his military career in the Navy,
working in
a highly classified program
for the United States government
at the highest levels,
where he was
personally responsible
for getting information
from 23 different
American spies
who were embedded in the
German Secret Space Program,
which apparently included
bases in Antarctica.
A single navy operative
went into Germany.
Uh, this is, like, 1939.
He didn't believe this,
but there was very
strange organizations
and different research groups
all over, not just Germany,
but in the occupied
countries, too.
And, strangely enough,
Germany was
putting in production
fantastic vehicles.
They didn't have wings
on these aircraft.
They didn't have
empennage or tail.
Uh, they had landing gears.
Some of them
were triangular-shaped,
some were rectangular-shaped,
some were round-shaped,
like a saucer.
And, so he, being, uh...
being a spy for the Navy,
found out all of these
fantastic situations
that were going on
inside of Germany.
And this is
an important point.
Instead of him
going to his boss,
coming back to United States,
he went directly
to the Secretary
of the Navy, Forrestal.
Forrestal gets
tapped on the shoulder.
He gets told,
"Don't select... a Navy officer
to head up these operatives."
He's told to select somebody
who had never been
in Annapolis.
Now, almost every
Navy officer,
whether they're a one-star
or a lieutenant commander,
they've all
been through Annapolis
to learn how to be
a Navy officer.
It turns out...
Forrestal is told
that every book,
every book in the libraries,
every book in the colleges,
every book in the universities,
every book on this planet...
is misinformation.
It's misinformation.
So... Which is initiated
by the Draco Reptilians
as far back as 6,000 years ago.
The Reptilians really
came into control,
and started to, um,
be able to manipulate
what was going on
on the face of the planet
about 6,000 to 7,000 years ago.
It is true that they have
different masking technologies
to be able to be in a room
and look like a human,
but usually,
they're in underground bases
in various places on the globe,
as well as in a huge area
in Antarctica.
The southeast region
has a large number
of underground caverns
that are kept extremely warm,
too warm for humans,
by geothermal heat.
It's a perfect place
for all of these colonies
that the Reptilians have.
They're basically cities.
Huge cities with millions
of them.
So, the Secretary of Navy
selects Rico Botta.
He's not even an American.
He comes over here
with his family,
he goes to school here,
he then goes to the second
year in high school,
he leaves school,
he joins the Navy
as a three...
as a third class seaman,
works his way up
in the Navy.
Now he's a commander, okay?
That commander is selected
by the Secretary of the Navy
to head up all
of these operatives,
to go back into Germany
and find out what's going on
because that individual
had never had misinformation
given to him about every
technical field on the planet.
Everything we learn
in the establishment-controlled
education systems
is specifically designed
to program our minds
away from the truth.
Physics is wrong,
medicine is wrong,
history is wrong.
Everything we are taught
in textbooks is mainly wrong.
And this is done purposefully,
so we don't understand
how to move our bodies,
how to feed our bodies,
what really
happened in the past,
what technology
can really do these days.
All of these things,
if we learned them,
would help us empower ourselves,
would help us actually understand
what's really going on
with our reality.
Now, if you're to go
to San Diego and look
over at North Island,
you're gonna see
a tall building like this.
There's a small office
in the top of that building,
which is a secret office
for the admiral.
This is where
the operatives come to.
So, the admiral's aid
comes to my barracks,
taps me on the shoulder,
and he only says
one word, "He's here."
We drive over to that building,
we get up to the top,
and we go into
this conference room,
a small room,
Admiral Rico Botta sits here,
I sit here,
and one of three other bosses
that they have are all captains.
So now, I have
three captains as bosses,
and now, a two-star admiral.
He just got another raise. Wow.
He just came back
from Lockheed,
he just came back
from Scripps Institute,
he just came back from
all the aircraft company.
Now he's got
these operatives coming in,
so the operative sits on
the other side of the table.
He discloses to us
these fantastic things
that Germany is doing
that make no sense.
Now, I have eight girls
and three PhDs
as a group.
We put together a package from
what the operative brings back,
some of it is photographs,
once in a while, it's a manual,
hardly any manual.
A couple of manuals
were not even in English,
German, or any other language.
They were
extraterrestrial hieroglyphics.
You see all of this stuff.
You hear it, you understand
what the Germans are doing.
They didn't just get documents
from the extraterrestrials,
they got brand-spanking-new
space vehicles.
Here's one,
here's another one. Here.
They brought these,
they take you inside,
they show you how to drive it.
So they put me
in a secret laboratory...
which is designing
night-flying wings
like Northrop does, okay?
These are just a fuselage
with no wings and no tail.
Half-airplane, half-spaceships.
This is what Northrop
was designing.
Our first space ships
are US Navy
attack-class submarines.
We put together programs
that went all the way out
into the galaxy,
not just this galaxy.
The military-industrial complex,
back when they were testing
a lot of the technology
that they had received
from the Nazis
after World War II,
as well as from ETs,
when they were testing...
During proof
of concept testing,
they had attached
this technology
to, uh, a regular submarine,
and then they flew it
out of our atmosphere.
That was the first time that they
were really able to fly a vessel
out of our atmosphere using
electrogravitic technology.
The reason that they
used a submarine
was, of course, because
they were self-enclosed.
They, uh...
The crews that served on them
were used to serving six
months or more away from home,
having all of their
supplies with them,
and they had the psychology of being
able to handle those tight quarters
for such a long time.
The technology developed to
a point to where they...
And they developed
the finances,
these financial schemes,
to begin to build out fleets
of these long,
cigar-shaped craft.
Some of them were
a kilometer long or longer,
and they could make them longer
by putting in sections,
and the sections were modular,
just like in modern submarines.
They could take apart
the fuselage
and pull out sections.
It could, um...
One of these modules
could be set for, like,
three or four months
as a laboratory for
a bunch of different, uh,
you know, scientific programs.
And then,
at its next time at port,
um, the modules are swapped out,
and then it's a hospital ship.
The modules are swapped out
the next time,
and it's a troop transport,
or it's, uh, just
a long haul freighter.
So, these ships
are very modular.
And in the beginning,
they were using,
uh, power systems
that were nuclear.
Then they moved to thorium
type of electrical generation,
and then they moved to,
sort of, uh,
zero point
electrical generation,
and that is what
they currently use.
This is totally unreal,
that this happened, like,
in 1942 on this planet.
Extraterrestrials come from
who-knows-where out in the galaxy.
Germany gets to be the country
that these
Draco Reptilians pick out
to do two types of missions.
One, to remove
all of the people
that Hitler didn't want
in his country,
and every one of them
around the planet.
to take every man,
woman and child on this planet
and put them in slave factories,
men, women and children,
to build and construct
all these different type
of Draco Navy
space battle group ships.
This may sound like insanity,
but this is what happened.
He had concluded from what
these insiders were telling him
that the Germans
had actually made treaties
with a highly aggressive
and highly negative
Reptilian humanoid race
that they've called
the Sorians or the Draco.
This treaty involved the Nazis
actually being given
workable technology
that is built with our own
conventional systems.
They used a sort
of mercury turbine,
a type of mercury
called "red mercury,"
and then, they are actually
able to leave the Earth,
they had a settlement
on the Moon,
they had a settlement on Mars,
and they were doing this stuff
as early as 1939,
even before World War II
actually started.
As you can imagine,
everybody was thinking
he was crazy,
but yet these insiders
were reporting,
literally standing there,
in which you have
eight-foot tall,
even 12 to 14-foot tall
Reptilian extraterrestrials,
terrifying in appearance,
they smell bad,
actually advising the Germans
on how to build this stuff
in these various bases,
including that in Antarctica.
Operation High Jump was an
operation commissioned in 1947
that was led
by Admiral Richard Byrd.
And on a public level,
it was said that this was
a scientific exploration,
but what happened
was that this operation
was commissioned with 33 ships,
13 aircraft and 5,000 men.
Now, this was not
a scientific exploration,
with that many men
and that many ships.
What Operation High Jump
actually was commissioned for
was to go down to Antarctica
and basically root out
the Nazi installations
that they had built
pre and during World War II.
The DC Flyover was an event that
occurred over successive weekends
in July of 1952
in Washington, DC.
And what had happened was
that there was a mass sighting
right over the Capitol Building
in Washington, DC.
There were many lights
in the sky.
Now, many people believed
that this was a UFO
or an extraterrestrial incident,
but, in fact, it was not.
It was German saucers,
German craft,
that were flying
over the Capitol Building,
and essentially forcing
the hand of the Americans
to accept many
of these Nazi scientists
into their controls structures.
When many of these Nazi scientists
came into America after World War II,
in Operation Paperclip,
they infiltrated into,
basically, every power structure
in the United States government,
media, medical systems,
basically everything.
After World War II,
James Forrestal
went to Germany
to tour many
of the research facilities
that the Germans had
over in Europe,
and John F. Kennedy actually
accompanied him on those tours.
Some believe that Kennedy
was actually given information
by Forrestal about
Secret Space Programs
and the UFO phenomenon.
And near the end
of James Forrestal's career,
he was also embroiled
in many policy struggles
within the United States
He wanted to disclose
the UFO phenomenon
and the technologies
associated with it.
It was said
that he committed suicide
by jumping out
of a high-rise hospital
that was staying in
at the time of his death,
but, of course, many people
are also believing
that he was actually
pushed out of the window,
and, in fact, assassinated
to prevent him from working
to disclose these technologies
in UFO projects.
They had a really
troubled Eisenhower,
that passed the torch
over to Kennedy,
you know, before leaving his
famous speech of, you know,
beware of the misplaced powers
when the industrial-military
and that only alert
and knowledgeable citizenry
can protect our future
liberties and freedoms.
Kennedy, with his background in
Office of Naval Intelligence,
and documents showed that he was
aware all the way back to 1942
of operations happening.
Kennedy, uh, had Allen Dulles
as the CIA director.
Finding the nefarious activities
that Allen Dulles was doing,
he eventually fired Dulles
and was replaced
with John McCone.
Because Kennedy was trying
to look into these activities,
Allen Dulles set up
an assassination directive
that was revealed in what
was called the "Burned Memo,"
one of, uh,
James Jesus Angleton's memos
that they were attempting
to try to destroy it all,
one intelligence operative
was able to pull it.
Basically saying that, uh,
"Lancer," or the code word
for JFK,
"has been looking into
our activities.
This, we must not allow."
This group was working
with the group
that was with the treaty
in 1955.
So, when Kennedy put forth
a top-secret document
to the CIA director
looking into the MJ-12
and, uh, CIA operations
with the extraterrestrial,
uh, he was silenced,
uh, with assassination
ten days later.
Years went by...
Uh, by the way,
the Warren Commission,
which, you know, Kennedy's famous speech
of infiltrated monolithic conspiracy,
and beware of the dangers
of secrecy and secret societies.
the Warren Commission,
who said, you know, "We have a
lone gunman that did this,"
uh, was all made up
of 33rd degree Freemasons.
And afterward, the CIA put out
a memorandum to its operatives
to use the term "conspiracy
theorists" for anybody questioning,
and it's used today
as a common ploy
to discredit people who are
questioning the situation.
The closest we ever came
to having technologies
and the existence of
non-terrestrials go public
was actually in 1962-63.
I'm told, through
alliant sources,
that President Kennedy
was indeed going
to make some announcements,
and also make announcements
that he was going to
take drastic steps
against some of these secret societies
that were running the planet.
Therefore, they worked
through the CIA
to have him eliminated.
When he was eliminated
in a very public way,
the cabal came into power
in a very public way.
They had been controlling things
very covertly up until that point.
But since then, they have overtly controlled
the destiny of the United States.
[Kennedy] The very word
"secrecy" is repugnant
in a free and open society.
And we are, as a people,
inherently and historically,
opposed to secret societies,
to secret oaths
and to secret proceedings.
We decided long ago
that the dangers of excessive
and unwarranted concealment
of pertinent facts
far outweighed the dangers
which are cited to justify it.
Even today,
there is little value in opposing
the threat of a closed society
by imitating its
arbitrary restrictions.
And there is very grave danger
that an announced need
for increased security
will be seized upon by those
anxious to expand its meaning
to the very limits of official
censorship and concealment.
That I do not intend to permit
to the extent
that it's in my control.
You were both in Skull and
Bones, the secret society.
It's so secret
we can't talk about it.
What does that mean for America?
The conspiracy theorists
are gonna go wild.
[laughing] I'm sure they are. I
don't know, I haven't seen the web.
[Russert] Number 322.
[chuckling] I'm...
Excuse me, what are you
arresting me for?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Is anybody watching this?
[crowd cheering]
[male newscaster] Yale University
is 300 years old this year,
and were you
to visit its campus,
you would see that it still
has exotic clubhouses
which look like tombs,
where Yale's legendary
secret societies meet.
[Harris] The videotape
provides a grainy glimpse
into what appear to be
the initiation rituals
of a secret society
that's been around since 1832
whose members have gone on to be leaders
of Wall Street and the White House,
the Senate
and the Supreme Court.
What they captured, they say,
was initiates,
known as "neophytes,"
being forced to kiss a skull...
[indistinct shouting]
...then, members
performing a mock killing.
[indistinct shouting]
Still, Rosenbaum says the
tape is a valuable artifact,
an extremely rare view
into the secret society
that groomed the American
ruling class for generations.
Dan Harris,
ABC News, New York.
We see the remains of humans
with elongated skulls
all over the world.
When you look at Egypt,
there are countless depictions
of the Pharaohs
having these weirdly
elongated skulls.
This includes Akhenaten,
Nefertiti, and their
daughter, Meritaten.
In the case of Meritaten,
there are multiple
granite busts
that you can see
that were carved of her
in which she clearly
has no hair
and has this freakishly
elongated skull.
Remember, this is a culture
that was apparently
building pyramids
at the time that
these sculptures were made.
The people
with the elongated skulls
had apparently been keeping
their lineage secret and hidden
in the Egyptian priesthood.
But then, remember that
Egypt became weak,
and it was conquered by Rome.
What happened when
the Romans got in there
is that they made
a secret agreement
with these people
of the Egyptian priesthood
who still have
the elongated skulls,
and they created
a save haven for them
in the Vatican City.
The Library of Alexandria
was burned down,
but only with a false flag,
where they burned tax documents
and census documents.
They took all the good stuff
that included books from
before they came to Earth,
and relocated that
to the Vatican Library.
Then you go across to the other
side of the Atlantic Ocean,
and once again, you have
a pyramid-building culture
in Mesoamerica,
with people depicted
in their inscriptions
who have elongated skulls.
And unlike the case of Egypt,
with Mesoamerica,
we now have the added benefit
that there are
multiple elongated skulls
that have been dug up
and were not censored,
but are actually on display
in museums
in places like Bolivia.
We have the researcher,
Brien Foerster,
who is bringing out
new examples
of elongated skulls,
and they are being
genetically tested,
they're being analyzed,
and they have clear
physiological differences
from the skulls
that the rest of us have.
These people have
very large brains.
Discover magazine,
in the year 2009,
came out with
an article called,
"What Happened To The Hominids
Who Are Smarter Than Us?"
And it describes how,
in the early 20th century,
elongated skulls were found
in Boskop, South Africa,
thus, earning them
the name, "the Boskop skulls".
And they were given
ceremonial burials.
Apparently, these people
were revered in their society.
But the article claims
that the brain volume is almost
twice what ours would be,
and thus, the average person
in their society
would have an IQ of 150,
and some of them could have
an IQ that goes up to 300.
These weird elongated skulls
were also found
in a dig in Siberia
in a town called Omsk,
and the men who dug them up
were so afraid
that many of them
actually started crying
and left their jobs,
and refused to come back.
We furthermore see in the case
of the Mongolian conquerors
that there were reports of them
having weird elongated skulls.
And, most recently,
even in Europe,
we have found tombs
of the nobility,
the wealthy people
who preserved their bloodlines,
such as in France,
and they also have
this bizarre elongated
skull feature.
It wasn't until insiders
started talking to me
that I thought about the fact
that in the Vatican,
you see people
wearing these miter hats,
and those hats would
very nicely conceal
an elongated skull.
These people
with elongated skulls
would look like us
in their faces,
and the hat would conceal the only thing
that would make them appear to be different.
My research also
turned up data
on an Italian noble family
from the 14th century
known as the d'Este Clan,
and the d'Este Clan
had very close ties
to the Vatican.
What's so bizarre is when
you look at a painting
of Prince Leonello d'Este
and someone who is either
is sister or his wife,
the scholars don't really know,
they usually call her
Princess d'Este,
they both have freakishly
elongated skulls
in this painting.
The story gets
even more interesting
when you trace the descendants
of the d'Este clan,
the lineage that
they left behind,
for what you find is,
that King George I,
who began ruling in 1714,
was a direct
bloodline descendant
of these people who obviously had
the elongated skulls in the 1400s.
And then you find out that a variety
of earlier British consorts,
meaning nobility,
also were direct descendants
of the d'Este clan.
Then it gets even more
outrageous when you discover
that the royal families
of Norway,
Sweden, Spain and Denmark
are all descendants of the same
elongated skull d'Este clan.
And let's not forget
that only recently,
we found royal tombs in France
and other countries in Europe
in which the nobility, again,
had these elongated skulls.
And if you think this only has
to do with divine right of kings
in European nobility,
you would be wrong.
In 1988, an article
in the New York Times
traced fully 13
out of all of the 40
US presidents at the time
as having a direct
bloodline connection
to European nobility.
In 2012, a 12-year-old girl
named BridgeAnne d'Avignon
actually did a much more complex
genealogical study of the US presidents
using the power of the Internet
and computers.
On the "School Watch" tonight,
the story of a seventh grader
from Salinas
who claims to have made
a major discovery
about President obama.
She and her grandfather
say that President Obama
is related to all
but one US president.
And she found that 42
out of 43 US presidents
all had a common ancestor
in King John I from England.
And this is not just
any old king,
this is the guy who actually
chartered the Magna Carta
which became
the defining element
that turned into
the British Constitution.
[male newscaster]
D'Avignon says
she spent countless hours
on the Internet
over the summer researching
the lineage of our presidents,
a project that started with her
trying to trace her own family tree.
But I'm the first historian
to do all the presidents.
So, that's almost all of the US
presidents that we've ever had.
The bottom line is,
these people are
tracking their lineage,
they're tracking
their bloodline,
and they're making sure
that their own people
get steered into the positions
of the highest power
and influence worldwide,
including the United States
of America.
Within secret societies,
there can be both good
and bad people.
White hats and black hats.
So, many of these secret
societies are, of course,
involved in
very dark practices.
But there are also
secret societies out there
that are harboring knowledge
and information and technology
to keep it out of the hands
of the deep state
or the black hats,
or the people that would do
detriment with these technologies.
Some of the, I guess,
very well-known elites,
uh, names I won't mention,
but are on the front lobes
of most watching this video,
are highly involved,
not only in some of
the slave trade aspects,
but are also involved in
dealing with non-terrestrials,
and dealing with, uh,
organized crime
down here on Earth,
and how it's related
to this program.
I will tell you,
Director Deutch,
as a former Los Angeles
police narcotics detective
that the agency has dealt drugs
throughout this country for a long...
[crowd cheering]
Director Deutch, I will refer you
to three specific agency operations
known as Amadeus,
Pegasus and Watchtower.
I have Watchtower documents
heavily redacted
by the agency.
I was personally exposed
to CIA operations,
and recruited by CIA personnel
who attempted to recruit me
in the late '70s
to become involved in protecting
agency drug operations
in this country.
For the record,
my name is Mike Ruppert.
I did bring this information
out 18 years ago,
and I got shot at and forced
out of LAPD because of it.
- [crowd cheering]
- I've been on the record for 18 years non-stop,
and I'll be happy to give you
congressmen anything that I have.
Um, a lot of these elite
are running a lot of,
um, financial scams,
drug programs
to raise money for,
uh, these secret programs
that they have going on.
And they take full advantage
of this access.
They probably don't age anymore.
You know, one percenter,
you don't know who they are,
you don't even know
what they look like,
you don't even know their name.
They can go down
and be at a 7-eleven
and you wouldn't even know it.
So, they could not age
and you wouldn't know it.
Never get sick.
Offsprings would be born,
and they'd be super smart,
super strong.
Just the quality of life
improved in every direction.
And, uh, I'm sure the one
percenters are enjoying that,
while the rest of us
are dying with diseases,
and malformities and stuff.
They walk around,
you know, body-beautiful.
So, that's...
That's just the medical area.
Then think about
the other things.
Transportation, um...
The vehicles
they travel around, uh...
home security, all that stuff.
Just, you know, it'd be like
somebody in modern suburbia
looking at a man in a cave.
We're the men in the cave.
What every often occurs is that
an elite will get to
a very old, ripe age,
or they will... and die,
or they will die in some sort
of an accident publicly.
Privately, they are taken,
and depending on their level,
they're either age-regressed
or they have their consciousness
basically downloaded
into a clone
that is an exact
duplicate of them.
They then disappear
from the public eye forever,
and go into these programs
or go into retirement.
This is something that, uh,
pops up a lot in the programs,
and everyone that
has served deeply
knows that the elite
have access,
and many of them
never really die.
What the deep state
of the cabal
or the New World Order is,
is a small group
of very powerful,
but very psychopathic
that have acquired
a lot of money,
a lot of technology,
and a lot of information
over the course of centuries.
Definitely your politicians,
the older ones.
The one that are chairpeople
that command the power.
Um, one percenters,
chairmen of the boards.
Those people, that's they.
That's the ones, we never know their
names, don't know their faces,
and they control
all the power.
The more you get involved
in these societies,
the deeper and deeper you go,
the more compromised
you become.
You start to learn more and
more of the secret teachings.
You have to work
really hard for the knowledge.
It can take years of time.
You keep accessing higher
and higher levels of rank,
and they keep dropping these
little seeds in as you go on.
Seeds that start to
blossom in your mind
and make you
think differently.
Ultimately, if you go
far enough down this road,
you will be invited
to participate
in things like pedophilia
and human sacrifice.
And if you don't do it,
it's the offer you can't refuse.
They may actually even kill you.
Once you partake
in these activities,
whether you like them or not,
they now have leverage
they can use against you.
If you ever dare to speak out
against this group,
they have photographs,
they have films,
they have the footage
that can absolutely
ruin your life.
[speaking German]
[female interviewer
speaking German]
[female interviewer
speaking German]
[female interviewer
speaking German]
The reason that these elite
dark occult societies
sacrifice and traffic children,
first and foremost, is the
energy associated with it.
So, when a human
is in a state of fear
and trauma,
they release an energy,
and this energy
can be picked up by,
essentially, negative
extraterrestrial beings,
negative archonic influences,
and they feed off of it.
They literally feed off of that
energetic release of fear and trauma.
When these dark groups
use children,
because a child is not
mentally programmed yet
as an adult is,
they are much more innocent,
they're much more connected
into their higher selves
or into their divine,
if you will.
The trauma that they release
is much more potent
than using adults.
During these ritualistic practices
that the elite participate in,
one of the compounds that is
released in the children's body
during torture, during trauma
is a compound
called adrenochrome.
It's released out
of the adrenal gland
during highly traumatized
and this adrenochrome
acts as, essentially, a drug.
These secret societies that make
up the deep state are nothing new.
This actually spans back thousands
and thousands of years,
and they have always occulted
this information for themselves.
We need to understand
what occulted actually means.
Occulted just simply
means "hidden" in Latin.
It doesn't necessarily mean good
or bad, it just means "hidden".
So, these secret society groups
have hidden or occulted
this information
for thousands
and thousands of years,
they've kept it to themselves
and they haven't shared it
with anybody outside
of their inner circles.
The secret societies are really
more of a front organization
that they use
to recruit people,
and they will gradually,
over time,
find out exactly how ruthless
and bloodthirsty you are.
It is only as you go
farther and father into this,
you become embedded
with your brothers
in a brotherhood,
you become more
and more involved,
you get deeper and deeper in,
that then they start hitting you
with the really heavy stuff.
Until we face,
as a society,
that these things
are actually happening,
and that there is
a centralized control group
that is responsible for this,
we will be doomed
for these people
to continue to exert
their control over us.
If we don't learn
how to respect each other,
then we're never going
to make any progress.
We need to learn
from the Me Too movement,
and understand
that there is corruption,
there is rape,
there is pedophilia,
there is child trafficking,
there is human sacrifice,
there is cannibalism.
And all of these things
are happening
because there is
a hidden elite
that actually uses
these behaviors
as part of their
religious sacrament.
It actually doesn't matter
whether you believe that these
people exist or not,
the bottom line is that they are actually
advertising themselves constantly.
They do it in movies.
There's a whole set of symbols
that you can look for in movies
that show their influence.
They do it in video games,
they do it in television shows.
They do it
in music videos like crazy.
They do it in awards
at ceremonies.
And it's always in your face.
Now is the time for us
to get our heads
out of the sand
and understand that even if these
things do seem unthinkable to us,
there are people today
who are actively
practicing this.
The evidence is voluminous.
And really
what it boils down to
is that people don't want
to look at the evidence
because it is so upsetting.
[Reagan] In our obsession
with antagonisms of the moment,
we often forget how much unites
all the members of humanity.
Perhaps we need some outside,
universal threat
to make us recognize
this common bond.
I occasionally think how quickly
our differences worldwide
would vanish
if we were facing
an alien threat
from outside this world.
And yet, I ask you,
is not an alien force
already among us?
Solar Warden
went active 1980, 1981.
It was funded,
in large part, by SDI
through President Reagan.
Though, that money
was funneled off
in many different programs.
Solar Warden was developed
to do exactly
what its namesake says,
to police our, um, solar system.
We were now able...
We had the technology
to prevent these, uh,
interloper, ET races
from coming
into our solar system,
grabbing our people,
and leaving.
We could now stop them.
So, Solar Warden was developed,
and it began to do its job
of policing the solar system.
At the same time,
we had the Interplanetary
Corporate Conglomerate,
which is made up
of all of these
military-industrial complex
Uh, we have all of these
other programs
that are developing technology
at the same time,
and are developing much,
much more advanced technologies.
So advanced, in fact,
that there are ET races
that come here to trade
for our technology.
Corey Goode is the one insider
I found
whose testimony ties all of these
different threads together.
I've heard Corey
have knowledge of something
that each of the different
other insiders I've spoken to
had said to me in the past.
Nobody else
had ever done that before.
And that was fascinating because I
had not put this information online.
The information
was proprietary,
it was things that I'd heard
over the course of conversations
that could have gone on
for many, many dozens
of hours over time,
spreading across about 20 years'
worth of my own past history.
I think they chose children
for these MILAB programs
in several different ways.
They had to profile them.
They definitely used standardized
testing and a few other ways
to identify whether
they had a skill
or a talent
that they needed.
Then they would
check out their family life.
They preferred children
from broken homes
or from homes that, uh,
were not harmonious
because the children who were
used to getting smacked around,
they were used to
stressful environments,
and, uh...
And the parents were not always
as attentive as other parents.
Therefore, the children
were able to handle
a lot more stress
and their parents,
uh, may not notice, you know,
certain behavior in the kids.
Well, I guess you would say,
typical day,
if there is a typical day
in the life of a MILAB,
would be your parents
dropping you off at school,
just like any other day,
and, except that day,
you're pulled aside and told
you're gonna go on a field trip.
You're in a special
education class
or, uh, an accelerated
learning class,
you're special.
You're being taken off campus
to go, you know,
look at dinosaurs.
Well, you are taken,
put in a van,
usually, a person is driving
that is military-looking,
sometimes in uniform.
They would then drive us
for little over an hour
to Carswell Air Force Base.
We parked inside this hangar
that was a motor pool,
and we walked to the back,
and there was an elevator.
And the elevator went down
quite a ways.
And when we came out,
we were underground
in a Cold War era-type,
uh, bunker.
That would then lead us
to another set of elevators
that would take us down
where we would
get on underground trams
that would, uh...
They were trains that would
take us over 500 miles per hour
anywhere in the world.
When we were sent
to one of these locations
through one of these shuttles,
we would then go through,
sometimes because
of travel time,
we would only get
45 minutes of training in,
sometimes two to three hours
of training in,
then we would go back,
be debriefed,
and they would give us
a chemical through a shot,
and they would sit us in a chair
in front of a movie screen,
and basically hypnotize us,
and give us a screen memory
of going to a museum
and looking at dinosaurs.
They would then put us
in the same van,
drive us back to school,
let us out,
and as our parents
picked us up,
we would tell them all about
looking at dinosaurs.
[Sather] MK-Ultra was a program
done by the CIA
in the 1950s and '60s.
And within MK-Ultra,
they experimented with
trauma-based mind control
through the use
of electroshock therapy,
through the use
of mind-altering drugs,
through the use of even
hypnotic progression
and many other techniques
to figure out how to control
and program human beings.
Uh, there was... There was
programming at bases,
the US military bases,
um, because they won't have
any interference,
uh, when they had someone
on a military base.
And a lot of my programming
took place
on military bases.
Uh, I would like
to talk about the fact
that there are rituals done
at the military bases also,
and that rituals
are not a cover.
The people that do
the mind control
are involved,
and rituals are very much
a part of how they do things.
For example,
Naval Intelligence members,
or people that are
in Naval Intelligence,
are usually very involved
with Ordo Templi Orientis.
And that doesn't mean that
everyone in Naval Intelligence
is involved in that.
But Naval Intelligence
is responsible
for a lot of overseeing
of ritual activity
in this country.
And they are responsible
for a lot of this going on.
There are other organizations,
other, um, agencies involved,
but Naval Intelligence
is very involved.
We were taken
to some kind of facility
out on the Nevada desert,
and for a long time,
I thought it was Area 51.
But there was also
another underground facility
at Tonopah.
So, either Area 51
or the Tonopah facility.
I was taken to a medical
dispensary type of place,
and I was sat down
in a waiting room
with the lights off.
Everything they did
seemed to be to cover memory.
To make sure that if anybody
did remember anything,
being in a room
with the lights off,
you wouldn't be able
to see the people clearly,
things like that.
I was given fatigues
to wear that night,
uh, with no rank insignia,
no name tags, no identifying
marks of any kind,
was forbidden to speak
to the other people
that I was out there with,
beyond what was necessary
to run the tests. So...
the situation they put us in
was very isolating
and very frightening.
Uh, terrifying, actually.
And, uh...
So, we got to this facility,
we sat down in this waiting
room with the lights off,
and I still see it
really clearly,
I could draw a picture.
And, uh...
One by one, we had to go off
to the side in this little room.
Finally they called my name
and I went into the little room.
It was a small room.
There was a security guard
in there
in, uh, desert camel fatigues,
wearing a sidearm.
He was standing
at the parade rest.
And, um...
And I was told to lay down on this
stainless steel examining table
that looked old, like it was
maybe from the '40s or '50s.
And, uh...
I lay down on there,
fully clothed,
didn't have to
take anything off.
And I waited for a long time,
with that security guard
watching me.
Then, finally, some guy
in a white lab coat came in
the same door I had gone in,
uh, to the room,
and he said, "Stay calm" three times
in this really deadpan monotone voice.
And, uh...
He walked past
the security guard,
up the right side of the table,
got up to the right side
of my head,
and then, uh...
He had a hypodermic needle
hidden in the sleeve
of his lab coat,
and he injected me in the
side of the neck right here.
And whatever the chemical was
went straight to my brain.
And, uh...
[exhales heavily]
So, I'm... I'm kind of in shock
from whatever this injection
is doing to me
'cause it went straight
to the brain, and I was like,
you know, in shock.
Um, suddenly, there's two guys
on either side of that table,
pulling me up by the arms,
and, uh, dragging me
off the table
and down through this doorway
where there was a long
flight of stairs going down.
For some reason, I remember it
as one long flight going down.
Not switchbacks,
like a lot of staircases are.
It was just... [whooshes]
straight down.
They half-carried me, half-dragged
me down those stairs.
And at the bottom of the stairs,
there was, like,
this little room
that had a one-way mirror in it.
And, uh...
And I went through the effects
of that injection in that room,
and I felt like, uh...
I've described it so many ways
down through the years, um...
It was kind of like feeling like your body
is turning to soda pop fizz or beer foam.
It's just, uh, like, you know,
when your leg goes to sleep,
and it comes back and there's
all the pins and needles,
and tingling,
and everything else like that.
It was like that was happening
to my whole body,
but super-duper intense
pins and needles.
And... And I just curled up
on the floor
and just screamed
because it was just...
doing this number on me,
you know.
And, uh...
And I felt like I was
coming apart, somehow.
I don't know why
or how I thought that,
but that's how my body felt,
it felt like it was just
kind of coming apart,
and running down
a drain in the floor.
And I had a feeling
because that mirrored thing
on the wall,
I think it was one-way mirror,
and they were looking at me
through the mirror
to watch me go through
the effects of this.
And I racked my brain to try
to come up with some idea
of what this injection was
and what it was for,
and the only thing
I've been able to come up with
is maybe they were trying to create
a chemical version of ascension.
One of the technologies
that I was exposed to
while in the MILAB programs
were the chemical cocktails
they would use on us.
They would use them
to enhance us
in many different ways.
Some of the ways that we
would be enhanced
would be if they discovered we
had an intuitive empath ability.
There was a cocktail
that they would give us
that would enhance it,
make it manyfold stronger.
They would also give cocktails
to people that would, um...
They would have hormones
in them
that would make them stronger,
faster, and think quicker.
Major part of the program
was that, when you started,
they were not quite sure
where they would send you.
A lot of the kids that were
in these programs,
they would end up
in different syndicates
here on the Earth,
working for the cabal,
and a small percentage,
very small, would end up going
into the Secret Space Program.
Certain children were picked
who had certain DNA.
And, um...
I was connected with that.
And what they did was,
when we were, like,
five and six years old,
they took us there, and, um...
they trained us,
and we did, um...
We learned, and we trained,
and we did all sorts of
operations when we were there.
Now, when I was five years old,
my parents moved to Los Angeles
at the time, out of the blue.
Out of the blue. And I was
living on Sepulveda Boulevard.
And the Mars Jump Rooms
for children were
at 999 Sepulveda Boulevard,
I now know.
So, and I didn't know...
So, I had these memories
before I knew that,
this particular information about these
Mars Jump Rooms on Sepulveda Boulevard.
It was a lot of training.
So, say from five years old
to 25 years old was spent there,
and I know
some of the people now
who are back here,
but what they did then
at the end of the, um, Mars...
at the end of that thing
- is they used age regression technology.
- [interviewer] Mmm-hmm.
Brought us back
to five years old,
and then placed us exactly
back to where we were.
The reason so few went
into the Secret Space Program
was that
most of the participants,
almost all
of the participants,
are pooled from various
military branches.
They, uh, bring people
in to the military,
send them through training,
testing, find out
where their skills lean,
and if they have a fortitude
for this type of mission,
and then they are
invited in or drafted in,
and they'll serve
a 20-year term.
And this is referred to
as a "20 & Back."
And after that 20 years,
they are actually age regressed,
and regressed back in time
using the technology that was
handed to us by non-terrestrials
and then they were
buttoned up in time
and placed back in their life.
And then they finish off
the rest of their military term,
and then return
to civilian life,
having no memory of serving
in the Secret Space Program.
The whole point of regressing
people back in time
after serving in the 20 & Back
and wiping their memory
has to do with a deal
that was made
with an extraterrestrial group
that gave us that technology.
There's a Nordic group
that are engaged
in a time and space battle
with a reptilian group.
This battle's gone on
for many thousands of years.
When delving
into this research,
some people formulate ideas
that there's only
good extraterrestrials here
or there's only
bad extraterrestrials here.
But we need to understand
that the Law of Polarity
is universal.
There is both good
or benevolent extraterrestrials
here to help us,
and there is negative
extraterrestrials here
to essentially feed off of us
and traumatize us
into a state of fear.
These negative extraterrestrial
species involve some gray species,
they also involve
many reptilian species,
and many non-physical
archonic entities
that can also remotely
influence and utilize
much of that fear energy
and traumatized energy
that we release.
Towards the end
of my training,
it started to become
pretty clear
that I had done very well
in the intuitive
empath training.
I had done very well
in the rest of the general
training that I was given,
and I was starting
to be introduced
to non-terrestrial beings.
So, it became very obvious
that I was gonna be interacting
with non-terrestrials,
and I assumed it was going to be
in an off-world environment.
Little did I know
that I was going to be drafted
in this program
when I was 16 years old.
And it was during
my Christmas break,
between the age of 16
and 17 years old.
I turned 17 in February.
I was taken from my room,
I was then taken
to Carswell Air Force Base,
I was then transported
to the Moon,
where I sat and signed
a bunch of papers
that were non-disclosures.
Were, uh... Just a big stack
of papers, signing my life away,
when I wasn't
even 17 years old yet.
The Lunar Operations Command
is a Moon base,
and it was built out
originally by the Germans
in the late 1930s,
early 1940s.
Uh, while they were
building this complex,
they had utilized
an ancient alien building
that was not
too terribly far away.
They had found a bunch
of these buildings on the Moon,
and they had found one of the buildings
that they were able to patch up
with some of the concrete
they made
from the local regolith.
They then were able
to pressurize it
and use it
as a base of operations
while they built out
the Lunar Operation Command.
After a number of years,
and after Operation Paperclip,
it, uh, served its purpose
and integrated the Nazis into
the military-industrial complex.
The LOC was handed over
to the Americans.
When approaching the Moon
from Earth,
in an electrogravitic craft,
you will find the Moon
will be at a distance,
and then it will grow
very quickly in front of you.
And then the next thing
you know,
you are above the surface.
You will then fly
in the electrogravitic craft
at breakneck speeds,
except you don't feel inertia.
You find yourself hugging
maybe 90 feet,
300 feet
above the lunar surface,
going at incredible speeds
until you reach a crater.
And then you find yourself
orbiting a crater.
The person piloting the craft...
radios in, requesting
permission to land.
You don't see anywhere to land.
All of a sudden,
a little haze kind of occurs,
and then there's a base.
It's a Lunar Operation Command.
And as you fly down and over,
there is, uh, a control tower
where they, uh,
control the air traffic.
As you fly around this base
to make your final approach,
you see a secondary crater.
And as you fly down
into that crater,
it's fairly deep,
and you end up popping out
into a lava tube section,
where you immediately
see a giant building
built into the middle
of that lava tube
that blocks it.
And it's built kind of like
the shape of a bell.
And it looks like the outside
of a battleship, almost,
the way it's built.
You then fly in
and land in the bay,
and you're now at
the Lunar Operation Command.
Well, some of the testimonies
coming to me over the last year
in particular
has been, um,
nothing short of startling,
in terms of, um, the degree
to which the Space Program,
the Secret Space Program
has expanded.
Um, I've talked to people
who have said that, uh,
there is and has been
an ongoing extrasolar
planetary colonization program
that's been going on
for decades and decades.
I mean... [sighs]
To the point where one of the
people who had actually gone,
and this was a claim
that he made,
that he was
on a warp-capable spacecraft
that went from here to the edge of
the Andromeda Galaxy in 20 minutes.
And that when they got there,
they've located at least
eight Earth-like planets
in some of the star systems
along the edge of the galaxy,
and eight of those planets
had human life on them.
They were Earth-sized planets
with Sun-like stars,
stars similar to our Sun,
at approximately same distances.
Uh, they wound up, um,
using some kind of
radio telemetry sensors
to determine, uh,
which ones were broadcasting
in conventional radio
and television signals.
They found two planets
like that,
two of which
were speaking English.
And the minute I heard this,
I thought, "Well,
this is complete baloney
or this system,
this whole program
has been going on for a lot
longer than anybody would dream."
But he described seeing cities,
and roads, and cars,
and people in conventional
clothing, speaking English.
And there is only one way
that that's possible
other than, you know, parallel
universe type of scenario,
and that is that the program
has been going on
for much, much longer.
Right after about
the six-year mark,
in my 20 & Back experience,
I found out
some very disturbing details
that no one on the ship
knew about,
and, well, almost knew.
I was approached
by a petty officer, Wheeler,
someone who I honestly
had a crush on,
and she used that
to her advantage.
She needed me and an engineer
to help her get into a room,
a restricted room,
and look into some pods.
She wanted to know
what was in those pods.
She had a bad feeling.
Well, I, uh, helped...
We helped her get in,
and I was standing watch.
She and the engineer
opened up one of the pods,
and they were, uh,
cryogenic chambers.
[clears throat]
And they were full of people
that had basically
been treated...
Looked like they'd been
flayed and cleaned,
then sent to the market.
While I saw this
a little bit from a distance,
some gas was escaping
from this pod.
It overcame the petty officer
and the engineer,
and they collapsed. And before...
As I was turning to run
through the door
I was watching through,
I collapsed.
[clears throat]
After I came to
in, uh, the sick bed,
they had explained that
the two others had died
in the accident,
and that I was being held
for debriefing.
I was then debriefed,
told not to repeat the
information to anyone else,
if I wasn't a valuable
intuitive empath,
my fate would've been
much different.
So, they sent me back
to my regular duties,
and told me that
from time to time,
I was gonna be pulled over,
uh, to work on a different deck
on a different project.
And this project was basically
a galactic slave trade.
[clears throat]
It turned out that,
uh, for many decades,
while we were developing
the technology to try to fight
some of the negative ETs,
there where extraterrestrials
that were coming
into our solar system,
were coming to our planet,
would swoop down,
and kidnap people and leave,
and then take them
and trade them off
into some sort of galactic
slave trade that's going on.
After a while,
the benevolent powers that be
decided, "You know what?
This is a commodity.
If we start culling
our own people,
and trading them off
to these extraterrestrials,
we can get trinkets,
we can get technology,
we can get biologicals."
And that's what happened.
They would trade human beings
for biological samples,
much like what Emery Smith
would end up
receiving in his lab,
and doing
different experiments on,
and they would, uh,
also get technology.
And they would
trade the humans off.
The humans would, uh, go off
to be used
in any number of ways.
Humans are
a very coveted, not...
People aren't only leaving
to be food for reptilians,
that's a small percentage.
Most of them are being used
for their skills.
Humans are very well-known
for our engineering,
our creativity,
our ability to, uh,
bring things from our mind
and create them
and engineer them.
And strangely enough,
uh, we are coveted
and used in that fashion.
So, the cabal group
has been basically utilizing
human beings as a resource.
So, this little key groups
of people
from all of these
different programs
started to join and work
very quietly and secretly
to not only find out the full
truth of what was going on,
but find the way to combat it.
The SSP Alliance
is a very small fraction
of the overall
Secret Space Program
or Secret Space Programs.
You know, under one percent.
So, the only technology
that they have
is what they brought with them
when they defected.
It is a ragtag group
that is doing their best
to bring full disclosure
to humanity.
They don't want
a slow, protracted disclosure,
they want all of these
given to all of humanity
at once.
Not to any one group,
any one country,
to everyone at once.
And that is what
the Secret Space Program
Alliance has been working for.
The collective story
that these insiders
have shared with me
is much bigger than where
the UFO community
had been going up until then.
And thus, it has
utterly revolutionized
the whole basic discussion
of what everyone
is now talking about.
Whether they agree
with it or not,
everyone has had to deal
with the concept
of the Secret Space Program.
According to some estimates,
we cannot track $2.3 trillion
in transactions.
On September 10th, 2001,
the day before 9/11,
then Secretary of Defense,
Donald Rumsfeld,
testified in front
of congressmen
about $2.3 trillion
missing from the Pentagon.
In 2015,
an Inspector General report
came out
detailing that that number
grew from $2.3 trillion
to $6.5 trillion
missing from the Pentagon.
This money is going
into unacknowledged projects
both above our heads
and below ground,
into deep underground
military bases,
and Secret Space Programs
with technology far beyond
what many of us
can even realize.
Our black budget, for instance,
garners $1.023 trillion
every two years.
That's over $500 billion a year.
Right now,
there are 131 active...
deep underground military bases
in the United States.
There's 1,477 of them worldwide.
Each one has an average cost
of 17 to 19 billion dollars.
Each one is, uh, built
in the site of...
It used to be, it'd take a year
to two years to build each one,
and now they're capable of
building a couple of 'em a year,
uh, with sophisticated methods.
Area 51 is only one base,
one of the 131 bases.
Of these 131 bases,
I call Area 51 a "megabase."
It's got more than one base
in it.
Tonopah Test Range, Area 51,
S2, S4, Groom Lake,
and a host of others.
Now, these megabases...
are gobbling up
our gross national product.
Right now, we're spending 28%
of the gross national product
on building
underground bases solely.
China has built
50 different ghost cities
that collectively
are built to hold
an estimated
64 million inhabitants.
The apartment buildings,
the roads,
all of the infrastructure,
all the plumbing,
all the electrical,
everything you need for a city,
and there's nobody there.
Fifty cities, 64 million people.
Now remember,
China's gross domestic product
is $11.2 trillion.
They're not even
spending a majority
of their gross domestic product
on these ghost cities,
and yet they have the money
to do it.
It's only cost them
a few trillion dollars.
So, once you start
thinking about it that way,
you start to see how much money
a thousand billion dollars
really is.
A billion dollars is a lot.
If you're a billionaire,
you can do anything you want.
A thousand billion dollars
is a sum of money that just
gets dropped out there
with this word, "trillion,"
but we're not
really thinking about
how it literally can build
an entire civilization.
The articles
on China's ghost cities
refer to it as China's
multibillion-dollar debt,
not a debt in the trillions.
In fact, in 2016,
one estimate that I saw
showed that
the total estimated debt
that China has gone into
to build these ghost cities
is only $2.5 trillion.
Now that's 50 different cities
that hold 64 million people.
Just because they think
that as they continue
to have a population boom,
they need a place where
these people can eventually go.
But literally
nobody is there right now.
So, imagine what that means
when you start
tossing around a figure
of the two big defailed banks
needing a bailout,
that according
to Senator Ron Paul,
was $29 trillion.
You're talking about
over ten times
the amount of money
that China needed
to build 50 different
ghost cities
that can hold millions and
millions and millions of people.
So then the question is,
where did all this money go?
The total amount of money
in the world in the 2008 year
of the collapse,
the gross world product or GWP
was only $60 trillion.
So the theft of 29 trillion
from the printed-out-of-hot-air
US dollar
is half of the wealth
of the entire world.
Try to wrap your head
around this
because what
I'm telling you is,
from all the insiders I've been
speaking to for the last 20 years,
they are building civilizations.
It's just not above ground,
where we see it
on the surface of the planet.
There is vast amounts
of underground drilling,
there are huge caverns,
20, 30 miles wide
that they've built out
into gorgeous,
elaborate cities,
and they're building
entire civilizations
on planets and moons
in our solar system.
This is where
the money is going.
Well, I have a copy of the Inspector
General Act here in front of me,
and it says, among other things,
that it's you're responsibility,
to conduct and supervise
audits and investigations
relating to the programs
and operations of your agency.
[Coleman] That's correct.
So, I'm asking you
if your agency has in fact,
according to Bloomberg,
extended $9 trillion
in credit,
which, by the way,
works out to $30,000
for every single man, woman,
and child in this country.
I'd like to know if you're not responsible
for investigating that, who is?
[Coleman] At this point,
we're at a very...
We're conducting our lending facility
project at a fairly high level
and have not gotten
to a specific level of detail
to really be in a position
to respond to your question.
Have you conducted
any investigation
or auditing of the losses
that the Federal Reserve
has experienced
on its lending
since last September?
We are still in the process
of conducting that review.
Until we actually,
you know, go out
and gather the information,
I'm not in a position to really
respond to this specific question.
So, are you telling me that
nobody at the Federal Reserve
is keeping track
on a regular basis
of the losses that it incurs
on what is now
a $2 trillion portfolio?
Until we actually
look at the program
and have the information,
we are not in a position
to say whether there are losses
or to respond in any other way
to that... To that particular-
Mr. Chairman, my time is up,
but I have to tell you honestly,
I am shocked to find out
that nobody
at the Federal Reserve,
including the Inspector General,
is keeping track of this.
What's amazing
is that right now
we are seeing the very first
audit of the Pentagon ever.
And this audit could very well
begin to expose
the trillions and trillions,
upwards of even 21 trillion,
if not more money than that,
begin to be exposed,
and we might even find out,
very soon, where all this money
actually went.
Let's go back now
to the LIBOR scandal
that happened in the wake
of the 2008 economic collapse.
LIBOR is an acronym
that stands for London
Interbank Offered Rate.
And what we're finding
is that these two
big defailed banks
are only appearing to be in
competition with each other.
The LIBOR scandal revealed
that these guys are calling
each other on the phone,
colluding about how to rig
their own interest rates,
so that one appears
to be winning,
one appears to be losing,
but they are actually
like branch offices
of a single larger corporation.
All of the apparent competition,
"Oh, these guys' stock
is going down.
Oh, it's a bloodbath."
No, no, no.
They're doing all this together.
They're competing only on paper,
when, in fact, it's collusion.
This is financial
organized crime
on such a massive scale,
How can you arrest
all the banks?
They are too big to fail.
This gets into a law
that was passed
in the United States in 1970
called the RICO Act,
which stands for Racketeer Influenced
and Corrupt Organizations.
And that act was built
to be able to take down
massively organized crime.
None of this
really makes sense
until you get back into the idea
of the Federal Reserve System.
Now, up until the Federal
Reserve was founded in 1913,
the United States essentially was
in control of its own currency.
The same banking cartel
that we've been talking about
worked behind the scenes
to create a series
of fake economic crises
in the late 1800s
and early 1900s,
which caused regular Americans
to have their savings wiped out.
This became such a crisis
that people were desperately
calling for reform.
And then the government
comes along and says,
"Look, we're bribed,
corrupt politicians. We don't
really know what we are doing."
They have spokespeople saying these
kinds of things in the media.
Let's bring in the investors.
Let's bring in
the British bankers,
the people who really know
how to make money.
They've been doing it
for a long time,
they're not just gonna hold
an office for a few years
and go disappear.
They are the guys
who really understand
how to run a financial system.
So, what did we do?
We handed over the issuance
of American currency
to a private corporation
of private bankers.
When you see "Federal Reserve
Note" on the US dollar,
that means it's printed
by the Federal Reserve.
The Federal Reserve,
since they came into power
just over a century ago,
has eroded the purchasing power
of the US Dollar by 99%.
So, what was really
going on there?
Do you think that
these investors
built up the equity
of the United States,
made us more profitable?
It's exactly the opposite.
We have been living in a
prolonged economic depression.
They just don't call it that
because the metrics that we
use to measure the economy
are coming from a rigged system,
just like we saw with LIBOR.
Don't bother to look
at the Dow Jones.
Don't bother
to look at the Nasdaq.
That has nothing to do
with the reality
of everyone else,
and how hard it has become
to earn a living.
The complete wiping out
of the middle class.
You have rich,
and you have poor.
And even among the rich,
you then have super rich people,
where a concentrated
small cluster of individuals
have so much wealth
that it could feed
entire nations,
entire peoples.
So, this is something
that is an economic inequality
that must be addressed,
and the only way that we're
ever really going to learn this
is by a collective
massive understanding.
I say the elite powers
in control, which is nothing...
Which is really
the same as these, uh,
central banking dynasties
that are basically sitting
over the nations.
They are a form
of global government,
except that they are not
a government at all,
they are just dominants.
They are dominants,
they are the ones that issue
the orders to all the nations,
uh, as we saw clearly in 1947
after Roswell.
We saw these elite powers
in control
issue these orders
to all the nations
that anything real
that comes up,
in regards to alien visitors
or UFOs,
must immediately be
covered up at all costs,
no matter what.
And that was first, uh...
That was how that wall,
embargo of truth,
that Berlin Wall
went up originally in 1947.
And that's an example
of them in action
over the nations.
And that's the reason why...
Why disclosure and the images
that conjures up in our minds
is not a real thing really
because the nations,
whether you're talking about the
United States or anyplace else,
they don't have the actual
agenda of aliens to reveal.
They're not in the inside of
that, they really aren't.
Nations just follow orders.
That's all they do.
And that's what
they're doing now,
and that's what they always do.
And when you see them
all doing something strange
or something that seems
out of the ordinary,
uh, it's because they're following the
orders of the elite powers in control.
We stand at the birth
of a new millennium,
ready to unlock
the mysteries of space,
to free the Earth
from the miseries of disease,
and to harness the energies,
industries, and technologies
of tomorrow.
A new national pride
will stir our souls,
lift our sights,
and heal our divisions.
It's time to remember
that old wisdom our soldiers
will never forget,
that whether we are black
or brown or white,
we all bleed the same
red blood of patriots.
[crowd cheering]
After the inauguration,
the President signed a number
of secret memorandums
stating that he wanted
the release
of advanced technology that...
And a lot of this technology
was involved
in the space program,
and he was very aware of it.
We know that President Trump
is aware of
advanced technologies
because his uncle
was the one who went in
and cleared out the safe
of Tesla after his death.
So, we are fairly sure
that President Trump
grew up bouncing
on his uncle's knee,
hearing stories
of free energy.
Aside from the Secret
Space Program Alliance,
we have a different alliance.
It is made up
of all of these countries
that have been fighting
against this cabal
for 50 years or so.
It is also made up
of various military groups
that had broken away
from the cabal,
such as elements of
the United States military,
intelligence groups
have broken away
and have been participating
with a lot of other
breakaway groups
in trying to overthrow
the cabal,
who took over the United States
back in the 1960s, around 1963.
This Alliance, Earth Alliance,
began to get
more and more organized.
And they got organized
to a point to where
some of them approached
some generals,
and told them that they wanted
to do an open coup
in the United States.
These generals decided they'd
make one last-ditch attempt
to get rid
of the cabal legally.
And that's when they
approached Trump, allegedly,
to run for President
and allow them to legally
get the country back, basically.
The Alliance is
an international group.
It is a confederacy.
There are lots
of different factions,
some of which agree,
some of which do not agree,
about the only thing
that they all have in common,
is they want to see
this satanic, pedophile,
elitist cabal
come down in flames.
They do not want these people
trying to kill off
most of the planet,
trying to control all of this
immensely high technology.
The alliance also consists
of a surprising majority now,
of personnel in the US military
and in the US
intelligence community.
So, we're going to have to deal
with the fact sooner or later,
and probably sooner,
that not everybody
in the government is bad.
This is part of the psyop
that was put out through movies
and though media
to get us to completely
distrust all levels of society,
all of the institutions,
so that no one will ever
be able to oppose these people.
You're not gonna do this
by a bunch of keyboard warriors
on the internet.
They're not gonna actually
take the solid action
that needs to be taken.
What you do need to see
is what we now are counting up
in August 2018
as 45,000 sealed indictments.
Now, this is on the official
US government court record.
You can go
to the pacer. gov website,
which lists all of the lawsuits,
and all of the indictments filed
in all of the different
districts in America,
and just count up
the sealed indictments.
The official count,
the undisputed count is 45,000,
and the normal number
for any given year
is approximately 1,000.
Now this is a very,
very big story
that people are really
not seeing
exactly how awesome this is.
Let's talk about
what do you have to do
to get a sealed indictment.
Okay, a sealed indictment
is the result of a secret
grand jury proceeding.
Now what is
a secret grand jury?
A secret grand jury
requires a panel
of 12 to 23 US citizens,
who are then given
information and testimony
from a prosecutor.
The prosecutor is prosecuting
a particular individual
who is not invited
to the proceedings,
has no idea this is going on,
and in legal terms,
that's called ex parte.
So, he is...
He or she is testified
against by the prosecutor,
and then the jury has to decide
if there is sufficient cause
to prosecute this person
with a crime,
in which case,
they file a sealed indictment.
The indictment
stays off the record,
you don't get to know
the person's name
until they unseal it,
at which point the person
is immediately arrested.
And then they get to have
the regular trial by jury
with a judge,
But you have to understand
that the prosecutor is either
a federal US Attorney,
a county district attorney,
or a state attorney general.
These are big,
big league of players.
This is not some attorney
that you hire in Podunk, okay?
These are major players
creating major indictments.
And the reason why
they do it this way
is that they are prosecuting
organized crime.
Typically, that's what it is.
They are prosecuting
a larger ring,
where they can't indict
one person at a time.
They have to get
all their ducks in a row,
they have to line it all up,
so that when they unseal
the indictments,
everybody gets arrested at once,
and there is no ability for them
to tip each other off
if something happened,
so that the rats can
flee off of the sinking ship.
They all get nailed at once.
The phenomenon
known as Q or QAnon
came onto the scene
at the very end
of October 2017.
And what essentially occurred
is that group
that called themselves Q
began posting on anonymous
online image boards
called 4chan and 8chan.
And what they were posting
was a lot of questions,
a lot of suggestions,
a lot of very interesting
and intriguing data sets
that essentially laid out
a real-time takedown
of the deep state
by Alliance
and white hat groups
behind the scenes.
As the QAnon briefings
recently stated,
these indictments
are going to be like
Watergate times a thousand.
We've never seen
anything like this
in the history of the world.
Some of the most recent
QAnon briefings
which our insiders have told us
is coming from the Alliance,
have said that there are
many, many figures
in the controlled
mainstream media
who are in these indictments
as well.
So, Harvey Weinstein
is just the beginning.
And isn't it interesting
that when Harvey Weinstein
was finally arrested,
in his hand, he had
the biography of Elia Kazan,
who was a guy
in early Hollywood history
who was brought in during
the McCarthy investigations,
and sang like a songbird,
and ratted out many
other people in Hollywood.
And Weinstein has now said
he is doing the same thing,
and that everybody in Hollywood
was doing the same stuff
that he was doing.
So he was upset
about why he got singled out.
So, once these indictments
becomes unsealed,
this will be the fulfillment
of the mass arrest scenario
that I have been leaking
on my website since 2009.
The only two indictments
that we've had unsealed so far
involved the cult group Nxivm.
The founder of Nxivm,
Keith Raniere,
and one of his understudies,
the actress Allison Mack.
These are the only two
unsealed court records so far.
And their unsealed indictments
actually labeled
child sex trafficking on them,
and Nxivm has found to be
a hot bed of cult activity
of ritual abuse,
and of child sex abuse even.
So, if these are the only two records
that have been unsealed so far,
and they are taking down
names of this caliber
with charges of this caliber,
we can only imagine what the rest
of these unsealed indictments
are going to show us.
This is nothing new,
it didn't start
with the QAnon briefings,
has nothing to do with who is President
of The United States right now,
this is a decades-long effort
in the making,
and they have tried and tried
and tried in various ways
to get this to work,
they've had consistent failures,
and now they're being
much more systematic
and much more methodical.
It's all gonna be done legally.
All of the indictments
are totally bona fide,
and it's just that
once this finally happens,
it will be something we have
never seen before
in all of American history,
a true
second American Revolution.
One of the things I learnt
as an FBI agent
is not that I learned
to believe in conspiracies more.
What I learned to know
is when I am caught up
in a river of deception,
and everybody else around me
is being taken
on the same current,
and we are all being taken
in one direction,
and suddenly one guy has to
stick his head up and say,
"This isn't right.
This is all wrong.
We're all just
being fed garbage,
and we're not
being told the truth."
Well, how is it that technology
in today's age,
our technology has moved forward by
leaps and bounds in so many areas,
yet we're still driving...
The entire world is still
driving automobiles
that function essentially
on the same technology
that they have for 100 years.
A hundred years, and we're
still using fossil fuels
to fill up our gas tanks.
How is that possible that
that has not moved forward
hardly one iota?
I mean, they blend
the stuff sometimes, but...
I mean, essentially, that technology
has been stuck for 100 years.
Well, that's because that's one of the
economic factors from the globalists
that is so dead set
against distributing
real energy,
which is free energy,
which we know was discovered
during Tesla's time.
So, Nikola Tesla is known,
of course,
for delving into free energy
or zero-point energy sciences
but funny enough, near the end
of Nikola Tesla's life,
he was actually delving
into antigravity research,
and unfortunately, Tesla didn't
have enough time nor money,
towards the end of his life,
to be able to continue
his research into antigravity,
but he passed along his knowledge
to a man named Otis Carr.
And funny story about that,
Nikola Tesla was staying
in a hotel in New York,
near the end of his career,
and during his stay
at this hotel,
he befriended one of the workers
that was there,
and that was Otis Carr.
And they courted
a relationship,
and Nikola Tesla actually
felt comfortable enough
to begin sharing some of
his research with Otis Carr.
Now Otis Carr then went,
after Nikola Tesla's passing,
to develop this research out
a little bit more so,
and Otis Carr actually developed what
was called the OTC-X1, I believe,
and it was actually
a flying saucer craft
that was piloted
with the consciousness
of the individual,
and he did, supposedly,
actual experiments
that were successful
in navigating both space
and time with this craft.
So, we could say Otis Carr
actually was the first person
to develop a...
Or begin to develop
a civilian-based space program.
But he was essentially
run out of business,
and was not able to continue
the work he was doing
because the military-industrial
complex suppressed his work.
But the same forces
that destroyed that,
I mean, at that time,
uh, supposedly,
was Thomas Edison,
who was a part
of the global system.
I mean, he was...
He was the original,
fossil fuels
and normal electricity system,
and he was supposedly...
But he was just a front man
to destroy Tesla,
and destroy his, uh...
Because the efforts
to destroy his patents
came from national government,
not just Edison
and his private conglomerate
that had billions of dollars
even at that time.
Uh, and the reason
for that is why?
Because this effort
to repress free energy
was coming from
the elite powers in control,
the ones that sit
on top of everybody,
and tell everybody,
"We've got to stop this."
And what we're seeing today,
of course,
is that free energy
is like a... It's like a dam
that's sprouting leaks,
and is getting ready
to burst forward
because it is coming,
it's coming really soon
because it's been
out there for so long
and I think we are getting
to the point where
it is going to come forward.
And it's gonna come forward maybe
from several sources at the same time
because the pressure
has built up so much
from so many different sources.
So, I think we are
going to get it very soon.
I was asked to give a paper
at Vandenberg Air Force Base
to the American Institute
of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
And their normal request
would have been,
"Tell us how you are trying to get new
business using advanced technology."
That was my job,
to run 250 guys
with different disciplines
to try to get new business.
But instead I surprised them
by saying,
"I want to give a talk called 'The
Giant Discoveries of Future Science.'"
And there was a moment
of silence and, "Okay."
[chuckles] So...
So, I developed this talk,
and in this talk,
what I had established was...
I distinguished the difference
between engineering and science,
engineers being people who wanna
build something and make it work,
they don't really care
how they get there,
and the scientists,
they wanna know the "truth."
[clears throat]
I made that distinction,
and then I gave examples
of ten scientific facts
that are
essentially established.
You know, the Earth evolved
by gradual processes,
and there were Maxwell's equations
of the right-hand screw,
and Einstein's E=mc2,
that was all good.
Then I took these ten greatest
achievements by the ten scientists
and asked what could we tell
about these ten.
And... And the interesting thing
was that you could tell
three things.
Number one:
Not a single one of them
was known in their field.
[interviewer chuckles]
Number two:
Every single one of them
had been criticized
by their peers
as being stupid or charlatans.
And number three:
The average age was 23
when they made their discovery.
[interviewer] Hmm.
So, I took that thought
and wrote down a list
of what I thought
were the 12 greatest
discoveries of the future
- that we had to attack.
- [interviewer] Mmm-hmm.
And the first one
was how the UFOs work,
the second was time travel...
Well, not... Time travel
was towards the end.
The processes of the brain
and the mind,
uh, psychic discoveries,
uh, psychokinesis,
that sort of thing,
a bunch of those things
were on the list.
The amazing thing
is that today, in 2017,
I am satisfied that my list
that I said would maybe...
And I give a probability
of discovering these things,
you know, 20 years from now.
[interviewer] Mmm-hmm.
My list was essentially
already discovered,
every single one,
including time travel,
at the time
that I reviewed this paper.
My, uh...
My engine's complete.
I rebuilt it.
I have the entire package
sitting and outsourced
on the servers
around the planet.
Uh, upon my death,
the servers dump everything
onto the web.
And I mean everything.
Blueprints, schematics,
diagrams, lists of materials,
lists of tools,
lists of suppliers that would
help me get the tools,
um, dimensions,
working models.
You'll be able to recon...
Any normal lab
would be able to
reconstruct this thing,
and get the same results I did,
And, uh, I want that done
because that would be
validation of technology,
but once it's built,
it's not gonna sit there,
they're gonna use it.
And, um...
I expect, in a year's time,
once that kind of technology
is done,
they build it,
they start using it,
oil is reduced to a lubricant
planetwide, and that's it.
That's the first step.
Imagine what will happen next.
I don't wanna be around.
That's the reason I...
It would be a media circus
and I'm just not into that,
so I'll just leave it behind,
and y'all can play with it,
do with it what you want.
So, how do we hear
all of this information
and not feel disempowered?
How does it not feel hopeless?
Well, I look back,
when I start to feel hopeless,
to the reports of
legitimate ET contacts
that have occurred
in the '40s, '50s and '60s.
In all of those reports,
the ETs asked two things.
"Grow spiritually
or expand your consciousness,
and demand the release
of suppressed technologies
from your governments."
Those are the two things
that we can focus on.
If we begin to organize
and demand the release
of suppressed technologies,
they'll have no choice.
If we focus inwardly
on whatever our religion is,
becoming the best human being
that we can,
and expanding our consciousness
beyond our comfortable
belief systems,
when we do those two things,
we are going to gain
the freedom that we desire.
I started realizing
that the cabal
or the Illuminati, or whatever
you wanna call 'em,
they keep us fighting
with each other intentionally
because they know
that the potential in
our unified consciousness,
should we ever come together and
stop fighting with each other,
is extremely powerful.
And they have been
using that energy against us,
like farming and managing
our consciousness in such a way
that we spin out
a version of reality
from the thoughts
they program into us
that makes the matrix.
Just like in The Matrix films.
And so, we have made
the matrix that's our prison.
We made it from our
consciousness and our thoughts
that's been managed, farmed,
programmed, and controlled.
And if that's true,
then we have the power
within ourselves
to come together and stop
fighting with each other
and remake the world.
And emotion is key.
We are not taught anything about how to
deal with our emotions in this world.
It's like a big black hole,
and we just
spurt emotional energy
all over the place,
like an out-of-control
garden hose.
You know, would we waste money
like that, in most cases?
Would we waste gasoline
in our car that way? No.
Well, we need to look at our
emotional energy the same way
because that's the big key,
and we have powerful emotions
as human beings.
And that means a lot
of emotional power.
But the only way
that we can wield it
is to come together
and find our commonality
isn't built on those,
and stop looking
at our ideologies
that might divide us,
and our beliefs
that might divide us,
We've got to come together,
we got to focus on the fact
we're all human beings.
We all have hearts,
and souls, and conscience.
And we need to look
at what brings us together,
and then we need to take the emotional
energy of that love and connection
and make that really,
really powerful,
and then release it
intentionally in waves
of consciousness,
energy, and power.
That can remake this world
and the matrix it's based on,
in ways that we want,
for ourselves, for our children,
for our grandchildren,
for all the animals
and the environment.
We can remake it,
just through the power
of consciousness.
We can get full disclosure
just through the power
of consciousness.
But we can only wield
this energy together,
and we can only wield it with love
for each other and the planet.
We're at the early stages
of this movement,
and every movement, you know,
whether we're talking about
the civil rights movement,
the abolition movement,
the women's rights movement,
uh, it's always once it reaches
a kind of like, uh,
a critical mass,
then the political
changes happen.
So, this is a very,
very compelling story.
I do believe that it's time
for all of us to take a stand.
We cannot simply step back
and allow all these things
to happen.
Even if we don't
fully believe everything
that the people in this movie
and other insiders
like them have been saying,
it's worthy
of our consideration.
Can we really afford
to be so ignorant
as to turn our backs
on this information?
We don't have the time
to sit around
and argue about whether
this information is true.
The planet is dying.
We have economic collapse.
We have mass starvation.
We have the largest
mass extinctions
since the collapse
of the dinosaurs.
Our ecosphere is collapsing.
We see the lack of water.
We see ever-increasing
global temperatures.
And no one really
is doing anything about it.
The entrenched power structure
stays the way it is.
We're still
burning fossil fuels.
We're still not getting access
to these amazing technologies.
If we do get full disclosure,
now the dam breaks.
Now we're in
a totally new reality,
which very well could
be the golden age
that was promised to us
in so many different ancient
teachings and traditions.
I do believe
that in our lifetimes,
we will see
the full disclosure
of these so-called
"forbidden technology."
We will become a truly
galactic civilization.
And we will do this
with the cooperation
of people in the military,
people in
the intelligence community,
people who were
working for the cabal,
and have decided to
break away from all that,
become insiders,
and be the change that
we want to see in the world.
This film is an embodiment
of that global movement.
This film is the red pill
that wakes you up to what's
really going on in the world.
They do not have
the staff to fight us.
The cabal is losing.
We are on
the winning side of history,
we are moving forward
and at some point,
this is all going to break open.
So, when we raise consciousness,
when we come together
as a group,
when we create
this initiative,
when we define what we want,
by having that
be our state of mind,
we are literally transforming
this planet
into the golden oasis
that it was always
supposed to be.
And the breathtaking future
that we have been hearing about
from so many ancient traditions,
whether you wanna
call it ascension,
the golden age,
whatever it is,
I do believe it's possible,
and it is up to us
to co-create
this amazing reality.
Power in defense of freedom
is greater than power
on behalf of tyranny
and oppression.
Because power, real power
comes from our convictions
which produce
uncompromising action.
Every daring attempt
to make a great change
in existing conditions,
every lofty vision
of new possibilities
for the human race
has been labeled utopian.
Like it or not,
everything is changing
The result will be the
most wonderful experience
in the history of humanuty
or the most
horrible enslavement
that you can imagine.
We must draw our
strength from the
very despair in which we
have been forced to live.
We were born
with potential.
We were born
with goodness and trust.
We were born with
ideals and dreams.
We were born
with greatness.
We are the universe
in esctatic motion,
and it does not
require many words
to speak the
The ultimate end of all
revolutionary social change
is to establish the
sancitity of human life,
the right of every
human on the planet
to liberty and wellbeing.
Do not allow
yourself to get lost
in the fear of change.
Remember, the wound is the place
where the light enters you.
We are here to
laugh at the odds,
and live are
lives so well
that death will
tremble to take us.
[surreal instrumental music
[Trump] Very importantly,
I'm hereby directing
the Department of Defense
and Pentagon
to immediately begin
the process necessary
to establish a Space Force
as the sixth branch
of the Armed Forces.
That's a big statement.
If you are willing
to come forward
with information regarding
suppressed technologies
you can do so
anamously through
We have end to end
encrypted communication
options available and
a tour site
that supports dead drops
of many file types.