Above the Clouds (2018) Movie Script

[matchstick scratching]
[gentle music]
[seagulls chirping]
[gentle music]
I love this one.
Something, isn't it?
Most uplifting.
It's funny, I was
thinking just the opposite.
Cheer up love,
it might never happen.
That's what I'm worried about,
what if it never does?
What if this is it?
Well, then it could
always be worse.
You know, even if you're being
pissed on, it's always sunny
above the clouds.
That was cringe.
Funny, people usually
go wild for that one.
Mostly drunk people, mind.
Yeah, I can see why. [laughing]
So how come you're down there,
instead of up there?
Ah, you know, work, home.
Not really, no.
Oh I guess not.
Sounds like I dodged a bullet.
Oh I didn't mean, like,
of course, I, sorry.
Sorry. All's
I ever get is sorry.
Change? Sorry.
Got the time?
Sorry, sorry for what?
I've got most of me wits
and a good quality sleeping bag.
I'm winning.
And I suppose
you can come in here,
look at all the pictures,
meet new people.
Yeah well, the pictures
are usually better company.
-But you're tolerable.
-Thanks, I guess.
My name's Oz, like
the antipodean landmass.
Charlie, like
the overpriced narcotic.
-Do people ever bother you?
I can never get
to the bottom of them.
-Oh, I meant do people in here--
-Oh, I know what you meant.
And no, they don't.
Thing is, see,
I can make myself invisible.
[bright music]
[Sylvia clears throat]
Finally legal.
You kept that one quiet.
Short notice and that, but here,
for my little work sister.
Welcome to adulthood.
These are for tomorrow,
you're going to need them.
We're going out on the lash.
And guess who's finally buying?
[gentle music]
-[dog barking]
-[phone buzzing]
What, it's vintage.
Hello, you're
through to Charlie.
For birthday wishes,
please press one.
-For all other inquiries,
please press--
-[Susan] Charlie,
what are you playing at?
I'm not playing
mom, I'm at work.
Many happy returns to you too.
[Daisy clears throat]
Listen, Mom, I was gonna
go out raving tonight
-with Daisy.
-What about
our birthday dinner?
Shit, shit, yeah, tomorrow?
We fly tomorrow, darling.
Do you listen to a word I say?
No comment, Ma.
Listen it's my 18th,
if I want to go out--
We'll see you at home,
don't be late.
Listen Ma, I've got
to go, duty calls.
Do I need to remind you
again of our policy
on personal phone calls?
It was important.
It was just your parents.
You're 18 today.
Time to grow up.
[gentle music]
[bus guide] Margate's
popularity as a seaside resort
continued to grow,
and the town had its heyday
in the late 19th century
when artists including
J. M. W. Turner
were drawn by its unique light
and atmospheric conditions.
Turner first visited
Margate aged 11
having been sent by his parents.
[gentle music]
[device beeps]
[Susan on radio] Charlie,
was that you?
Black Sheep
to Mama Bear, didn't copy.
- [Susan on radio] Charlie,
can't we just--
-Black Sheep standing by.
[Susan sighs on radio]
Mama Bear to Black Sheep.
Dinner's almost ready, and we've
got an early start tomorrow.
[Charlie on radio] Ah yes, your
paradise break with Captain
-He's not plotting to renew
your vows or something, is he?
-[Susan laughs] Don't be silly.
No, I suppose romance
isn't exactly dad's M.O., is it?
Uh Susan, I was, uh,
thinking, it's been a while,
we should get our vows redone.
Think of it as a,
uh, MOT for the marriage.
Here's a minister, and some
flowers, what do you say?
He'll probably give me
one of his little
talkings too before you fly.
-Uh Charlotte, you may
have messed up your...
...exams but there's
still time to find something
soul-destroying to do
with your life, okay?
What's, um, gotten into her?
[cutlery clanking]
[soft piano music]
Shall we open the cards?
Yeah. [laughs]
[background talk]
Obliged muchly.
[background talk]
What's the pot?
You know we want
what's best for you.
What you think is best for me.
Have you had a think
about what you want to--
-I thought I might
apply to art school.
-I mean apart from--
-Art school!
-Art's not a career!
It's all very nice in its place,
but all I'm saying is you need
to think things through.
-Well, that makes a change.
-Just have a look
on the website for
the Community College.
If you can retake one or two
-How would I even get there?
-A-Levels-- Wait.
You need to find a path to some
kind of financial security.
-You can keep doing
your drawing on the side--
-My drawing?
-Charlie, listen,
we were young once and we know--
-How are you on his side?
-My name is Charlie!
It says Charlotte on
your bloody birth certificate,
that's good enough for me!
[chair thumping]
[door shutting]
-[bag unzipping]
-[sirens wailing]
Oz, it is Oz, isn't it?
You've got to help us out, I'm
looking for something of mine.
Piece of paper, about yea big.
Picture of a bird
in a shiny hat.
-I haven't got any money.
Come on old man, help us out.
What you got, ID, hmm?
Bloke like you
has got to have ID.
Look at this boat race,
hardly a mark on it.
We're going to be
neighbors from now on,
We need to work together.
Share and care,
help each other out.
And I really,
really need that tenner back.
I'm sorry,
I don't have any money.
[Oz grunting]
[Oz coughing]
[Susan] Morning.
[Susan] There we go.
Is there anything for me?
Oh, yes, that looks
like Uncle Lloyd's writing.
Lloyd's TSB.
It's just 20 now, is it?
They probably assume
as you get older,
you'll get a job
and some disposable income.
Well, of course now I'm 18,
I should be making
my own way in the world,
is that why you didn't
get me a birthday present?
[clears throat]
We'll discuss it
when we get back.
That, and a few other things.
I can't wait!
No, actually, I can.
[car horn honking]
Shouldn't be using the horn in a
built-up area before eight a.m.
God, try and unwind
on holiday, yeah?
-[Susan from other room]
Just a minute!
Come on, we're
cutting it fine for check in.
[Susan] Charlie,
Charlie, come here.
Okay, the fridge is full
so you won't need this,
but just in case
of an emergency.
-Sweet, Royal Bank of Susan!
-Do not tell you father.
And don't spend it on anything,
um, foolish, okay? Muah.
Oh, uh, the PIN,
day you were born.
[gentle music]
[cheerful music]
[answering machine] Message
received today at 8:45 a.m.
-[Susan on phone] Hi
-Oh Susan.
We made it to the airport
with some time to spare.
Well, in fact, check-in
isn't even open yet.
-Your dad was a bit cautious.
-And bears are Catholic?
-Anyway, um, I couldn't go
without telling you.
-Go on?
I know you and him
don't always see eye to eye--
-And the Pope does
his business in the woods.
-But we did get you a present.
-Yeah, shoes. You do realize
it's my 18th, right?
-It's your 18th
and we thought it was time to,
well, oh, go and have a look in
the garage.
-Oh my God.
-Happy birthday darling,
-Dad chose it.
He says brighter colors
are safer.
Safer, right.
And, you know, if you do decide
to give
the Community College a go,
you'll be needing some wheels!
Listen, Ma, if you think
that this is going to--
[answering machine] This message
will be deleted in seven days.
[cheerful music]
[gentle music]
Sometimes you feel
The wind begin to turn
It's not as if you know
The way that
It will take you
Feel it on your face
See it in the trees
There's something
In the air for you
The landscape that
You knew becomes a blur
It's hard to tell yourself
The only way is onward
Shoulder to the wind
Forward through the rain
The only one
Who knows the way is you
Maybe you'll fly
Maybe you'll fall
You really have
No choice at all
The storm is up
You have to ride the wind
After the stories
And the lies
The half-remembered
-[smoke alarm beeping]
- The storm is up
You have to ride the wind
Fuck, shit!
[smoke alarm beeping]
Fucking hell!
After the stories
And the lies
The half-remembered
The storm is up
You have to ride the wind
[gentle music]
[Charlie] I've got another dad.
-Your dad's gay?
No, no, no, no,
Jack's not my real dad.
My real dad's name's William
Malone, he lives in Scotland.
Oh my God.
Well, are you going
to go and meet him?
Well, I don't know, yeah.
Yeah I guess,
I should go find him.
I should go now while the
bastards are still on holiday.
Hey, we can take my car,
you can drive, right?
-Hold on, you've got a car?
-I'll explain it on the way.
Daisy, this will be amazing.
Just me and you,
on the road, off the leash.
Babes, we've got
shifts all week.
Yeah, and I've got
a dad I've never met!
Look, it might be alright
for you to chuck your job,
but I need this.
I need them
to take me on full time.
Yeah, right.
Yep, didn't
think it through, did I?
[Daisy] Charlie!
Hey, Oz.
Might never happen.
My dad's not my real dad.
They lied to me.
My real father's name
is William Malone.
He lives on the Isle of Skye.
Long way from here.
Yeah, right now
that sounds pretty appealing.
Do you ever get the urge
to just leave it all behind?
All what?
Oh my God, your face.
I told you two o'clock,
but no, you had something--
Who's this?
Oh, this is Oz,
like the landmass.
I'm administering first aid.
Yeah, but
you can't bring him in here!
We've got a policy.
Oh well, I've got
a policy of my own,
and it's if someone's
bleeding, you help them.
-This is a hygiene hazard.
-I've been called worse.
-Yes, sir,
if you could excuse us.
-[Oz] I'll move along,
-No, no, you can't do this,
he's a human being.
-He can't be in here!
-Then neither can I!
Oz, who did this to you?
-Lad from down the shelter.
Cards, money,
overpriced narcotics, you know.
Not really, no.
He wanted money,
I didn't have any,
so he gave me
a bit of a pat down.
Looking for what?
-Means you're somebody,
you can get a bed.
-But it's got your face on it.
Yeah, well most people
don't look that closely.
If I had one of those,
I could drive to Skye.
Legally speaking you can
drive on your provisional.
All you need is a responsible
adult in the passenger seat.
Someone who's held
a license for more than...
No, absolutely not.
Well, you're
a responsible adult!
Most would dispute
that, I'd dispute that!
-Oz, I haven't got anyone else.
-Well I can't, I've got...
Come on, it'll get you away
from here for a few days.
And the change will do
you good, pun not intended.
-Oh my God, you're in?
-Okay, fine, I'm in.
-But I don't do any driving,
I don't touch the wheel, deal?
-Well let's go.
-What right now?
Believe it or not,
I'm already packed.
[upbeat music]
[car engine revving]
[upbeat music]
What's this?
Precious cargo?
Hygiene hazard?
I just thought it's
still got that new car smell.
And you've got
a tiny bit of an aroma.
-Why, I've never
been so comfy though.
And we've got snacks,
fruit, tunes, sleeping bags.
Did you say sleeping bags?
May just have done.
You've driven before, right?
Dad-- Jack gave me
a couple of lessons,
but we had a-- he's just got
this tone of voice that he uses.
Ah, say no more.
[car engine revving]
[car sputters]
Okay, don't walk
before we can run.
Right, handbrake on,
clutch down, out of gear.
Now, restart the engine.
Give it some gas,
but gently this time.
Imagine it's a small animal,
and you're standing on its
belly until it starts to growl.
[engine revs]
That's it.
-Okay, you know
that tone of voice?
[cheerful music]
You know it goes faster.
Don't want to run
before we can walk?
[cheerful music]
Learners aren't
allowed on the motorway!
Well, it's a bit late now!
Oz, what do I do,
tell me what to do, I need help!
Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
preserve us now and in the hour
-of our need.
-Not that kind of help!
-What the hell was that?
-Nothing, I just--
last time I--
it's been a while since
I been in a car, that's all.
-I'm fine.
-You don't look fine.
Look, if this is a thing,
then we can just
turn around and go home.
No, just not the motorway.
I've only got one pair of pants.
-Explains the aroma.
-Grow up.
Anyway, I don't have
a home to go to, do I?
Right, right, it's just...
Do you think
this is a good idea?
Well, whenever
I'm not sure about something,
I ask the Queen.
Okay, the Queen?
Heads we head north,
tails we turn tail.
You'd really flip
a coin over this?
You're right, you don't know me.
[gentle music]
What'll you say
when you meet him?
[Charlie] I don't know
Well, you should have
a few words prepared.
-Tell you what, I'll be him,
see, you be you.
-I be me?
-Think you can manage?
-Well, go on then.
Well you have to knock
at the door first.
I may not live in a house,
but I understand the rudiments.
-[knocks on window]
-[car door opens]
Uh, hi.
What can I do you for?
I'm looking for William Malone.
That is I, I am he,
I am William Malone, I am, I am.
-He's not gonna talk like that.
-You don't know that,
he might be a nutter.
What do you want?
Why have you come here,
to my house, what I live in?
I came to-- I... Hi.
My name's Charlie.
Charlotte Malone.
I'm your daughter.
-[Oz screams]
-[car door closes]
-What was that?
-Worst case scenario.
Go in too hard, see,
and you'll spook him.
Specially if he's a nutter.
Deal with
a lot of nutters, do you?
You meet a few
in my line of work.
Well, William won't be a nutter.
Although, what if he's a...
-A bum?
-I wouldn't mind, I like bums.
-[Oz laughs]
-Right, grow up.
We prefer the term
domestically challenged.
Well, if William is domestically
challenged, that's fine by me.
[gentle music]
What if he's had a sex change
and I've got two moms?
Or, or, or, or he could be
an Earl of somewhere?
Or he could be an actor
and I could've been
seeing him on the TV for years
and not even known
he was my dad.
Don't watch much TV.
No, I guess not.
What do you do
for kicks then, drink?
What makes you ask that?
Just something dad-- Jack says,
"People like that
have just made bad choices."
And does Jack know many
of the domestically challenged?
Don't get much more
domestic than him.
[Oz] Well, there you go.
[Charlie] So do
you, then, drink?
[Oz] You offering?
-What about a flutter?
-Oh, cards and dice
can be a nice little earner
when you're on the street.
Ah, but they can also put you
there in the first place.
So there must have been a point
you went from living
in a house to not?
Yesterday I had
a dad, I had a job,
who'd have thought that when
we were sat in front of that
painting that we would...
Point taken.
[gentle music]
Get off, oh!
-Still here?
-Some responsible adult you are.
Well in my line of work,
you've got to be able
to sleep through anything.
Well, it's my turn now.
A doze, Oz.
A kip, a nap,
I'm going to turn in.
Chop up, get some
shut eye, hit the sack.
Throw some z's.
[gentle music]
[Oz] They won't have my type.
They bloody will,
the Royal Bank of Susan's
paying good money
for the pleasure.
Black Sheep to Straw Man.
Straw Man hold the big
button down, the big one.
-Are you sure about--
-Black Sheep!
Bloody hell.
Straw Man to Black Sheep,
is this a good idea?
-One of my best.
Third room along, strobe light.
[gentle music]
Bloody hell. What--
[gentle music]
-[Oz grunts]
-[Oz pants]
Straw Man to Black Sheep,
I think we're safe, over.
[gentle music]
Well it's not exactly
the night sky.
No, but there is a hot shower.
What do you draw, then?
I don't know, I just sort of
get obsessed with a face
and draw it over and over.
Always faces, I've no idea why.
Well it makes sense, doesn't it?
First thing you see when you
come into the world is a ruddy
great face looming over you.
Two if you're lucky.
[birds chirping]
-Obliged muchly.
-[Charlie laughs]
I'm sorry, but the look on
your face was worth its weight.
Here, what if she calls someone?
And says what? Eating one of
these breakfasts might be risky,
but I'm pretty sure it's legal.
I mean, they could
have you carted back home
and me banged up
quicker than a redtop
can say, "Deviant
Bum Snatches Kid."
Well, I'm not a kid, so.
You wicked pig,
you wicked, wicked pig.
Odd choice for a birthday.
Cheery, isn't it?
7th of September,
Charlotte Theodora Malone.
Oh sod off, it was
my great-grandmother's.
It's from the Greek,
means gift of the gods.
Could be worse.
Born 7th of September.
And the adoption papers
are dated the 15th.
So, unless Susan
was straight out
on the pull
with me in a papoose,
Captain Sensible was already
on the scene, which means
-William wasn't even--
What's hmm?
[Oz] That is weird.
Why would he--
-He's a photographer!
-Or he's a nutter!
Excuse me? You couldn't look
something up for me, could you?
Um, sure.
The name's William Malone.
William Malone.
Did you mean William Malone,
Archbishop of York--
No, no, no, no.
-William Malone,
NFL line-backer--
-Not Susan's type.
There, there William Malone,
born 1954.
Oz, that's him!
-Could you...
-What's this about then?
Just settling a bet.
Oh my God,
those are my eyebrows.
Are they?
Let's see, born in 1954
Malone was a key mover
in London's fashion and music
scene in the late 1980s
and early 1990s shooting icons
from Madonna to Princess Diana.
-Oh my days.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, here we go.
Left London in the late 1990s,
at the height of his fame,
and withdrew to the Isle of Skye
where his work
has focused on landscapes,
empty of the human figures
that dominated his early career.
-Is she okay?
-Oh, aye, she's just
upset she owes me a favor.
You're welcome!
All these years,
they've been lying,
and he's just been
sat there on fuckipedia,
waiting for the penny to drop.
How could they?
I mean how fucking could they?
Here, quiet it down.
No, she lied to me.
-She lied!
-I said quiet!
Plod, get in the car,
no sudden movements.
Stay very still, if you stay
still, they can't see you.
I thought that
was Velociraptors?
Remind me who's
the expert on being invisible.
[knocking on window]
Arse, bang to rights.
Morning Miss, this your vehicle?
Documents please,
if you don't mind.
And which of you is Jack Finch?
He's my stepfather.
Oh right. And this is?
My responsible adult.
Is that right, Sir,
is that correct?
Afraid so, I'm her uncle.
She's got her test in a week,
and Jack asked me
if I'd take her out,
get some practice in. I know
the roads better than him, see.
[officer sniffs]
Right, the smell.
I keep pigs.
You keep pigs, do you?
[laughs] It's
the bloody ammonia!
I knew it.
My brother works
on a swine farm,
he hums like
a salmon in a sauna!
You have a good one, Mr. Oliver.
[cheerful music]
Eyes on the road.
I'm sorry, but that was amazing.
Mr. Oliver.
The ammonia, the swine,
pungent Uncle Oz.
Why don't you open that present?
-For me, is it?
-It's from Jack.
It's probably a copy
of the uh, highway code.
That wouldn't go amiss.
Look, Jack doesn't
know you at all, does he?
Doesn't matter. He's not even
my real... I'm not even his...
Oz, am I a bastard?
Well, you can be
a bit of a pain in the arse.
[cheerful music]
-[dog barking]
-[phone buzzing]
Oh, this thing must be
as old as you are.
It's vintage, who is it?
-Mama Bear?
-Oh, don't answer it.
-Well how do I stop it?
Don't, if you hang up,
she'll get suspicious.
So, you do want me to answer it.
No, just don't press anything.
[Susan on phone] Hello?
-Hello darling, how's work?
-Delightful, how's not work?
-Oh, it's been so nice,
it's so relaxing.
-Dad's like a different person.
-Yeah, he is.
And you were wrong
about the vows, though.
Not so much
of a sniff of a clergyman.
Oh well, a girl can dream.
-So, did you find your surprise?
-Yeah, pretty surprising,
thanks for that.
[Jack in background] Tell her
I'll take her out for some
lessons when we get back.
[Susan] Dad's here, um...
He was thinking that
once we're back, maybe the...
-two of you could, you know,
have a few more lessons.
-Yeah, maybe, lessons, yeah.
Charlotte, back to work!
I've got to go, Susan.
Oh, okay, love you.
I'm sure she was going
to tell you, in her own time.
She's had 18 years!
Of course she's
not going to tell me.
They want me to be safe
and stable and deathly dull.
But they can see that everything
inside me wants to be like him.
You don't know him.
Well isn't it time I did?
I'm a grownup now.
There's two parts to growing up.
First, is realizing your
parents aren't always right.
Second, is realizing that
they're not always wrong.
Really? That's brought
grown men to tears that has.
-Christ, I need a wiz.
-A what?
A wiz, Oz.
A tinkle, a wee.
I need to splash
my boots, spend a penny,
lead a horse to water,
look after number one.
Make my bladder gladder,
answer the call
of nature, pop a squat.
[upbeat music]
I'm sure there's one
just around the corner.
We haven't moved
in like half an hour!
-I've got to go,
or there'll be floods.
I'll just make like the Pope
in those woods over there,
and if by some miracle
this lot start moving,
-you can just shimmy over.
Oz, I'm dying here,
I'm going to have a water baby.
I bloody well said no!
Jesus, you've got a license!
You can just go
a few feet and pull over.
-We agreed no driving!
-Some just came out!
Hey, hey!
You can't make me do this!
[sirens wailing]
[helicopter in background]
Oh come on, we're not--
Christ, we're moving!
[car horn honking]
Piss off!
I'm trying!
[car horn honking]
Oh for fuck's sake, get moving!
-[car horn honking]
[car engine starting]
[Oz groaning]
-What the hell was that about?
-I said no driving,
-But do you listen?
Do you, bollocks!
-You've got a license.
The last time I drove
a car, I-- I wrote it off.
Were you hurt?
I'm still here.
Well, you had an accident,
accidents are accidental.
I'm sorry, okay,
I didn't realize this
was going to be a thing.
Well it is a thing.
Okay fine, no more driving.
I meant give me the keys.
[cheerful music]
[cheerful music]
[Charlie] You know what they
say, you never know when
the next one's going to...
[cheerful music]
-[engine rumbling]
-What's it doing?
Bloody hell, no.
You better be praying!
-Just pull over.
Shit, Oz, we're losing power.
-Down there, layby.
-We won't make it!
[car engine rumbling]
[both] I'm sorry I...
-Shall we just skip this bit?
-Good job you bought them
good quality sleeping bags.
Well, I don't see
any hotels around here.
What, here?
Is that legal?
Well, is it safe?
You just got to keep
your eye out for nutters.
[all screaming]
Yeah, you want some, do you, eh,
eh? We're dangerous people, see.
I've seen active service,
and she's trained in the...
Sorry, sorry, I thought
you were about to start.
Start what?
Numpty, buffoon!
-Even this
you manage to screw up.
-Screw up what?
-Oh, oh God.
I've never been out here before.
I'm not a pervert,
I'm a wee bit shy, and...
I didn't know what to expect.
I certainly didn't expect this.
Sorry, didn't mean
to frighten you.
I think maybe I--
[Charlie] Well,
he was quite sweet.
Oh, lovely, as sex offenders go.
-He didn't know what
he was getting himself into.
-Yeah, I know the feeling.
So, still want
to sleep in the car?
Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot!
[all screaming]
I said sorry.
The thing is, see,
our car's broke.
You don't want to be stuck round
here at this time of night.
You run into all sorts of...
Could you maybe give us a lift?
What, you'd ask me?
After I, after the whole...
Unfortunate misunderstanding.
Yeah, we all make bad decisions,
believe me, we know.
Anything I can do
to make up for the whole,
the whole unfortunate...
I've got a tow rope
somewhere in the back,
I could give you a lift down
to the uh, down to the uh...
It's in here somewhere.
Good to go?
[car engine starting]
[heavy metal music]
[knocking on door]
A friend of the family.
-She'll sort you out with a...
-Cheers Leo, you're a legend.
Leonard, how's your mom?
Oh, fine thanks, Mrs. Raymond.
Do you have any vacancies?
You see my friends here--
Friends... of yours?
Oh, but I'm chocka
all week I'm afraid.
Can't they stay with you?
Well, I don't really know
them that well, you see, and--
But they're friends of yours.
Aye, new friends.
Then why do you have
to find beds for them?
Well, they're
a bit stuck, you see.
They broke down
in that layby and--
What were you doing in that
layby at this time of night?
I was, I was out in the van,
and I was looking for some--
My dog. I lost my dog
and Leo was helping us look.
But it's fine,
we'll just crash at his.
Night then.
You want to be careful
in that layby, Leonard,
they say it's
a hotspot for dogging.
Night then, Mrs. Raymond.
Night, Leonard.
You're welcome at mine,
but I thought after the whole,
-the whole unfortunate--
-I hardly think a real pervert
would try and find us a B&B.
-[door clangs]
-[bell dings]
[Leo] Well, here we are,
this is my, well, you know.
You live in here?
[Leo] Oh, no, no,
no, no, no, no, not here.
Tammy lets me have the room
above the you know, come on.
[dog barking]
Wow, okay.
Stock, you see.
Tammy keeps it here until she...
You got a bathroom
amongst this lot?
Yep, just out there,
on the left-hand side.
And help yourself to...
[gentle music]
[shower running]
My god, he's cleansing,
this is huge.
-Quick, let's
stick these in the wash.
-I don't have a--
Tammy washes my...
Oh she does, does she?
But he can't put these back on.
We could always...
So, uh, he's not
your dad then, I mean...
Ugh, don't even get me started
on who's my dad and who isn't.
Oh, this is good.
Smart, but raffish, very Oz.
Whoa, I thought
someone had had this.
I'm trying to make
him look less Dickensian.
It's kind of nice
having people over.
Kind of feels
like a slumber party.
Come on.
[Leo] I'd better turn in.
Tammy looks after her mom in the
mornings, so I'm on the early
-shift in the--
-Sure, night Leo.
Thanks for everything.
-That's my stuff!
-Oh my God, you look amazing!
-Simon Oliver.
-You can't just barge
into other people's lives
and start rearranging stuff.
Why not? What's the worst
that could happen?
Where is she?
Now, you listen very carefully.
You keep your hands off my stuff
and your nose
out of my business,
or you can find yourself
another responsible adult.
You take the sofa.
I'll be fine with the floor.
[all screaming]
-[Leo] You remember
the way to the--
-I think we'll manage.
Thanks for everything,
though, Leo.
Ah, you're welcome. Anytime
you're passing don't forget to--
-And maybe steer clear
of the layby from now on, eh?
Oh, and give Tammy
a kiss from us.
-[glass breaking]
-[Tim] Unbe-fucking-lievable!
I have kept this place going
since before you were
a twinkle in my eye!
[Alex] Dad,
you could lose the business.
I tell you the only
thing I'm going to lose now
-is my bastard fucking temper.
-[Alex clears throat]
Don't tell me,
the wee yellow casualty?
Yeah, he's uh,
do you know what the problem is?
Oh aye, I'm looking at it.
Fill him up with diesel, did we?
And does he drink diesel
or does he drink petrol?
-There's a difference?
Look, missy, if that wee car
were a child, they'd bang you up
and put your Day-Glo
shag wagon into social care.
So, how much to make it better?
You've got to drain the tank,
run it through, labor, fuel,
call it 50 quid, couple
of years' therapy, all in, 130.
Sorry Ma, total emergency.
Oops-a-daisy, must've put
the wrong type of money on it.
I really didn't think
this through, did I?
Grab car, go find dad.
Discover higher truth
about myself. Wind up with no
car, no money, nowhere to go.
Things are finally
back to normal.
Look, I know-- I know
you wanted to meet your dad.
Let me see if I can't
turn us up some funds.
You forget, I'm an expert.
-A hundred and thirty quid
is a lot of change.
-Like I said, an expert.
Oz, you're not going to do
anything foolish, are you?
What, like putting
diesel in a petrol car?
Straw Man over and out.
[Tim] It's all under control!
I've got a bastard system,
it's worked for years!
What if the bank comes calling?
Banks! Er--
-Yes, love?
-My associate's gone
to get cash.
-Can we start treatment?
-Of course.
Let's go make some money, eh?
What's going on here, then?
Invoices, these go back years,
Dad's not
the first clue what's in here.
[Tim] What
the fuck are you doing?
Those are private!
They're none of her concern,
like they are none of yours!
Dad, this place goes to
the wall, it's not just you
out on the street.
This place is going nowhere.
You can't just pretend
this is not happening.
I can do what
I bastarding well please!
And I will not have my son
telling me I can't
run my own business.
That's not what I'm saying.
I want to help you, I love you,
you daft bastard.
-[Tim groaning]
-Dad, Dad?
-Dad, Dad!
-[Tim groaning]
-Oh my God, what do we do?
Shit, fuck,
ambulance, ambulance.
[Tim groaning]
Black Sheep to Straw Man.
Straw Man, mayday, mayday!
Oz, it's the mechanic, I think
he's having a heart attack!
Oz, can you hear me?
-[Oz on radio] Don't fuck
-I'm not fucking around.
He's on the floor,
and he's got no voice.
[Oz on radio] Alright, erm,
lie him on his back.
Head raised,
ambulance on the phone.
Okay, and what you--
what you've got to do
is you've got
to find him some Aspirin.
Aspirin? It's not a headache.
Don't fuck around!
You've got to find him some
Aspirin. Not paracetamol,
not the other one,
it's got to be Aspirin.
-Have you got it?
-I've got it.
Aspirin, Aspirin...
Fuck yes, Daisy.
[Tim groans]
[Oz on radio] All right,
you need to check for allergies,
and then give him
two, two pills, okay?
But make him chew them,
chew them, not swallow.
-Ten minutes, Dad.
-[Tim groans]
Oz, the ambulance is on its way,
and he's chewing. Where are you?
-You alright, pal?
-[Tim groans]
Eh, no, no, you're
fine, you're doing fine.
Okay, can you feel
your extremities?
[Tim groaning]
Okay, alright, all right.
[Tim groaning]
No, no, shh, you're doing fine.
You're doing really great.
[Tim groaning]
That Aspirin
probably saved his life.
His vitals are stable,
but we'll need to keep him
in for observation.
What about his voice?
It'll come back in a few days.
[car engine starting]
Thanks, you okay?
Aye, is he?
-Ah, keep your money.
-But what about--
Don't worry about
the business, I'll sort it out.
You saved my dad's life,
we owe you.
Thanks, Alex.
Right, on your way.
I've got some paperwork
to get on with.
[gentle music]
[Charlie] So, someone
knows a lot about medicine.
Oh my God, Oz,
were you a doctor?
[Oz] No, I was not!
-[Charlie] So where did
the money come from then?
-[Oz] Nowhere!
[Charlie] What was it?
Horses, scratchcards, roulette?
Oh, just take
the bloody hint, will you?
[gentle music]
[wind blowing]
What the hell's this?
It's a boat, Oz. It's like
a car, but it goes on water.
Really, really?
Another travel phobia.
What is it this time?
Molested by a pedalo?
Lose your fortune
on the boat race?
You were so much
more fun when we set off.
You just weren't
looking that closely.
You needed a legal
technicality, and there I was.
There you were, kipping
in a bin because your missus--
Don't, please!
You don't know
the first thing about my life.
Then tell me, Oz.
Whatever you did,
it can't have been that bad.
Oh, oh no, really?
Can't have been that bad!
Well, thank you,
what a fool I've been!
All these years, blaming myself!
No, really, I'm fine, thank you.
Blaming yourself for what?
Oz, what happened?
It was a heart attack.
Oh shit.
Where are you going?
What, where is home?
-I don't know!
-But you'll drown!
Sounds fucking delightful!
-What was her name?
-Tell me her name!
Jo, like Joanna?
Like Joseph?
Oz, I didn't--
Are you for serious?
I am.
I am for serious.
His name was Joseph.
Oz, I'm so sorry.
Where's the ring?
We always said,
soon as they made it legal...
They only gave me
200 quid for it.
It were worth
that again, but well,
we were in a bit
of a pickle, weren't we?
[seagulls cawing]
[Oz] Seemed like nothing.
He'd get tired easy,
out of breath.
We were joking about it,
we didn't think anything...
Then I hear him
fall down the stairs.
First I thought
he was fucking around.
When I shook him,
he didn't get up.
So I panic, and think
I'll call an ambulance,
but then I thought sod them.
It'll take them quarter of
an hour to get here,
so I think I can...
So I'm in the car,
speeding and...
And he's whispering,
but his, his voice is so faint,
so I lean in
to hear him, closer.
I only took my eyes off
the road for a few seconds.
By the time they
got to us, he'd gone.
Oh, Oz.
They did all they could.
He died there
at the side of the road.
If only then I knew
about the fucking Aspirin.
If I'd called for an ambulance
might have made
no difference, but...
I can't go on.
Oh, don't say that.
I meant in the car.
I know what you meant, but..
I can't go on
without you in the car.
And we're so close to William.
Yeah, I know,
and I'm sorry, I am.
I shouldn't have come.
But you needed
a responsible adult, and...
I just want to get off
this fucking island.
I want to go home.
It's okay, Oz,
we'll get you home.
But it does mean you're going
to have to get back in the car.
There's a bridge that'll
take us back to the mainland,
unless you want
to get back on the ferry?
There's a bloody bridge?
[gentle music]
-[Charlie] Oz?
-[Oz] I'd like it if you'd
stop talking now, please.
[gentle music]
[Oz grunts]
Hey, you're awake.
We're still on
the island, aren't we?
I'm sorry, okay?
But you were out of it,
and it was such
a teeny tiny detour.
I asked the Queen.
I'm glad you learned
something from all this.
-[door closing]
-[people chattering]
Are you here for the wake?
What wake?
[gentle music]
[birds chirping]
[doorbell rings]
Hello, anyone?
What are you doing in my house?
William Malone!
Sorry, do I know you?
Who died?
Old Jesse, ploughed his
sheep truck into a four by four.
-Dearie me.
-He was always
a menace in that truck.
He couldn't keep
his eyes on the road.
Well, you've got to,
haven't you?
Two of his flock also perished.
I am sorry to hear that.
But the boys from the abattoir
made them into pies
for the wake.
Come on then, who are you?
I'm, well, I'm...
Your work... I'm a big fan
of you work, I'm at art school.
Art school?
Right, we studied
your landscapes this term,
so I thought that...
You thought you'd
appear in my kitchen
and frighten
the bejesus out of me.
Yeah, right, sorry, I knocked,
but, um, the door was open,
no one answered,
the lights weren't on.
I was in the darkroom.
-You still use a darkroom?
-Of course!
from the Greek phos graphe.
Means drawing with light,
not titting about with pixels.
You can't get an image
like that out of a machine.
That is exactly
why I love your work!
Well, thank you.
Listen, it's always
a delight to meet an admirer.
Even if they do show up
in your kitchen unannounced.
So, given the day has
rather run away from me,
I should really see
about some dinner, if you're...
Yeah, cool, I'd love some.
I'll be sous-chef.
What are we making?
[people chattering]
[man] There we go,
there we go, there we go.
Do you have a bed?
I mean for the night,
just a bed for rent.
I know what you meant.
Uh, I have, I've got one left.
It's a single,
but it's right above the bar.
-I'll take it.
-The wake's liable
to get a bit rowdy.
Believe me,
I've slept through worse.
Forty quid and I'll
throw in breakfast.
Cash only.
Cash is fine.
[people cheering]
[glasses clinking]
So, my landscapes.
Most people prefer
Lady Di in her smalls
to sheep shitting off a cliff.
I'm not most people,
I don't know much
of your early stuff.
Oh really?
Ah, well, good.
Hack work, mostly, juvenilia.
But I happened to be on Skye,
and as soon as
I got to the village,
I recognized it
from your pictures
and I was wandering around, and
I saw your name on the postbox,
and I thought be rude not to.
Well, as trespassers go,
you're alright.
Thanks, I guess.
How'd you get up here?
Drove, took ages.
Um, that's why I moved up here.
No bugger comes
here to bother you.
Present company excepted.
Why did you, then?
Move up here,
leave it all behind?
Eh, enough about me.
Tell me more about art school,
what's your thing?
What's your, uh, practice,
as they insist on
calling it these days.
Um, faces,
I paint faces, mainly,
kind of stick stuff to them.
I think you mean
your visual language
is concerned with
investigating the tension
between reproductions
of the human form
and the materiality
of lived existence,
coded through the use of found
objects and mixed media.
Something like
that, yeah [laughs].
[laughing] You watch out.
They'll have
you speaking in tongues
by the time you graduate.
So, come on then, why faces?
I don't know, really.
Nobody does, your subject
chooses you, I always say.
-Right on.
-I mean, they're
very primal, aren't they?
Faces, features, you know.
I mean they're literally
the first thing you see.
Yeah, yeah they are.
When you come into the world,
great big faces
looming down at you.
Two, if you're lucky.
[man] One more go,
who's got change?
That's my line.
[man in the bar]
Gentlemen, gentlemen!
Jesse can't be with us today,
as he's shearing
the big sheep in the sky.
But in honor
of our fallen comrade,
we're going
to win his money back.
-Nice gesture, poetic.
-[crowd cheering]
[man] The banana,
nudge the banana.
Don't nudge
the banana, the banana never...
[man] Bollocks,
anybody got any more change?
Oh bloody hell!
The thing is I still see
my stuff as portraiture.
-For serious?
It doesn't matter whether
it's a model or a mountain,
you still have
to get to know your subject,
read their moods,
gain their trust, and then wait.
Till they let their guard down.
Most of us walk around
all day with our defenses up.
Fretting, resisting.
-Thinking things through.
-Yeah, exactly.
And our job, as artists,
is to find a way
through those defenses.
Wait them out,
let them forget you're there.
Until you see a side of them
they've never shown anyone.
And then, when
the moment's just right,
you raise the camera,
real quiet like,
and wait just that
little bit longer, and then...
[bangs on table]
-Caught forever.
Then, of course, you've got to
work out how to make a living.
And that is an art form
all of its own.
Ugh, don't. Nothing would
make my parents happier
than to see me
safe behind a desk,
with a nice pension and a drawer
full of broken dreams.
Course, mine were the same.
They're scared
of you getting hurt.
They want you safe and secure
and out of harm's way.
Trouble is,
nothing surprising happens
when you're out of harm's way.
And without surprise,
there can be no creation.
There's so much world out there.
So much to experience,
so much to love,
so much to lose,
so many ways to get hurt.
And if you want
to make anything,
you have to grab it all
with both hands
and just fucking go with it.
That's what makes you an artist.
Come on, let me
show you something.
Which one are you?
Which one are you?
Hit the light, would you?
Aha, yeah!
Up at four, hour's walk
in the dark to get to the place.
She's sat there against the
hills, like she owns the place.
So, I sit down to wait
for the sun to come up.
Sun comes up, she's
munching away at the grass,
I can't get the shot.
So I wait some more.
It's fucking Baltic,
I can't feel my hands.
And I'm thinking
the haze is going to clear
if we don't get
our act together.
And then it happens,
ready for my close up.
She lifts her head and looks
straight down the barrel at me.
And then,
she sticks out her tongue.
camera shutter clicking]
It took forever,
but when it came, it was so--
Sometimes you have
to wait the longest time
for something to surprise you.
Wow, that was cringe.
-[Charlie laughs]
Oh wow.
Speaking of surprises,
I never told you my name, I'm--
-What are you doing?
-Seizing the moment,
letting down my defenses.
-Hey, what, wrong moment?
-[glass shattering]
What the hell is wrong with you?
Me? This is my house.
You barge in here
all gooey fucking eyed.
Oh, I love your work,
Bill, wine?
Yes, please,
and now I'm the bad guy?
I thought we had
a fucking connection.
We do, I'm your
fucking daughter!
No, fuck off,
this is a stitch-up.
You're from the papers.
No, but, but you can't be.
Charlotte Theodora Malone.
Yeah, but I thought Susie
never wanted you anywhere--
Well, Susan
tried her best not to.
-Oh, I am so sorry.
-No, don't touch me!
Charlotte, Charlotte!
[people chattering]
-Whiskey on the rocks,
make it a double.
-ID love?
[people in the bar talking]
-Come on then, Oz.
-Stick another quid in!
-What's the idea then, pal?
-Here we go.
[gentle music]
[Charlie sobbing]
Cheer up, love,
it might never happen.
But it happened.
[Oz] And?
He's not my bastard,
he's a father.
He's a bastard.
[Oz] You must have
got it from somewhere.
[Charlie] You're funny.
[Charlie sobs]
So what now?
I guess I'll go find
my real dad.
The one that's put up with me
for the last 18 years.
[people cheering]
Oz, we did it,
we beat the fucker!
[gentle music]
[seagulls cawing]
[Charlie] Lovely view.
[Oz] I was
thinking just the same.
Do you think
you'll see him again?
[Charlie] Maybe.
One day.
So, I guess we can go home now.
I don't know about you, but
I think maybe I am home.
[Charlie] Huh?
It's not a bad
part of the world, is it?
But you'd have no job,
nowhere to live, no one...
Oh, yeah, I guess.
When did you
become so sensible?
I'll miss you, Simon.
Simon like
Garfunkel's other half.
I'll miss you too,
Charlotte Theodora.
Piss off.
[gentle music]
Ain't you got a home to go to?
[gentle music]
I told him the bypass was
quicker than going through town.
-Didn't I tell him?
-Yes, you did.
[gentle music]
We were going, uhm...
Charlotte, where's the car?
It's fine, Dad, I've left it
with a responsible adult.
[upbeat music]
Sometimes you feel
The wind begin to turn
It's not as if you know
The way that it will take you
Feel it on your face
See it in the trees
There's something
In the air for you
Maybe you'll fly
Maybe you'll fall
You really have
No choice at all
The storm is up
You have to ride the wind
After the stories
And the lies
The half-remembered
The storm is up
You have to ride the wind
The landscape that
You knew becomes a blur
It's hard to tell yourself
The only way is onward
Shoulder to the wind
Forward through the rain
The only one
Who knows the way is you
Maybe you'll fly
Maybe you'll fall
You really have
No choice at all
The storm is up
You have to ride the wind
After the stories
And the lies
The half-remembered
The storm is up
You have to ride the wind
The storm is up
You have to ride the wind