Above the Shadows (2019) Movie Script

Once there was
a girl who was invisible.
No one could see her.
And no one could hear her.
She wasn't a ghost.
Her invisibility was simply
a fact she had to live with.
That girl is me.
- This looks amazing honey!
- Good!
My older sister
was the pretty one.
Melody is such a cow.
How come she can eat
whatever she wants?
Cows only eat grass, stupid.
And they have a four-part stomach.
My little brother
was the smart one.
Wanna bet? The rumen, the reticulum,
the omasum and the abomasum.
- Quit showing off.
- Quit tossing your hair.
Dad was generally
How about we enjoy this amazing
dinner your mother made? Mmm.
- Troy...
- And I was the middle child.
Those green beans
are to die for.
Troy, sweetie.
Holly hasn't had any.
Luckily there was Mom.
Thank you. Hmm.
Mom was interested
in everything.
To her the world was full of wonder
and mystery. A puzzle to be solved.
See how much it changes when
you rotate it even slightly?
Yeah. It's a kaleidoscope.
See, I'm fascinated by the fact that you
can rearrange the same shapes and colors
and get a whole new pattern.
That is the look that means I
don't want to hurt her feelings
but I'd rather be doing
my algebra homework.
- Pre-Algebra.
- Mm-hm.
Alright, get out.
When she got sick, I wasn't worried
because they said the treatments were working.
- What's a simile?
- It's an analogy.
Like um...
If I say to you, I love you
like bread loves butter.
So like...
I love you like laundry
loves laundry detergent?
Exactly. Or I love you
like... A foot loves a sock.
Ow, it hurts!
Oh no... should we
call you a doctor?
- No, no, no, no!
- Tender knees...
Then mom died,
and everything changed.
Without her, I began to fade.
It started at home.
Vanessa, are you feeling okay?
You haven't eaten anything.
I just can't have carbs.
I'll puff up like a blowfish.
Troy? How's school going?
That's great.
You didn't ask me anything.
What's that?
Forget it.
And then it spread
to other areas of my life.
Just to review,
everyone is reading chapters two and three.
And doing the study questions
in the back of the book.
Does anybody
have any questions?
- Nobody?
- I have a question.
Okay then, have a good weekend.
And by the end of
the summer, I was gone.
How come nobody woke me up?
Vanessa, would you stop
for a second and look at me?
Troy, I specifically
told you... hey!
What I wouldn't give
for a good night's sleep.
Dad, Troy and Vanessa
are ignoring me again.
Where did your mom keep
the camera? Here we go.
Does nobody care that I'm going to
be late for the first day of school?
- Dad!
- Aahh!
What the hell was that?
Uh, gotta capture the first day of school.
Get over by the window.
It's gonna be backlit.
It'll be perfect.
I want to be in it too.
Thanks for asking.
That's a keeper.
God, I have a double chin.
The lighting is horrible.
I'm not there.
I think it's great.
What's happening? Why are
you all pretending I'm not here?
But they
weren't pretending.
I didn't want to accept it,
but I had disappeared
from sight and from memory.
It was like I never existed.
I guess it's like anything.
Eventually you adapt.
Hello. Delivery.
Does it say to ring twice?
All things considered,
I live a pretty normal life.
I have my own place in a building
that does corporate rentals.
Nobody knows anybody,
so I fit right in.
And I have a job.
Mostly, I work nights.
I'll be right back.
Gotta take care of something, alright?
We ain't got a lot of time.
You suck, Bobby. Besides,
you're a married man now.
Come on, you know me and her
are just for show. Come here.
If you think I feel bad
about what I do, you'd be wrong.
I show people
as they really are.
Pretty terrific, huh? I'm
telling you, this girl is good.
Thank you.
And she delivers. Always delivers.
No muss, no fuss. And she's cheap!
- Not anymore, I'm not.
- Yeah.
Couldn't be happier.
Yeah. It's great.
Hang on for a minute.
Who the hell is this?
Who is this?
Oh for heaven's sake.
I just sent you the cover photo.
That's it. This girl has a sixth sense.
I don't know how she does it.
What the hell is this?
As for my family,
Troy still lives at home.
He moved to the basement
as a teenager, for the view.
It's what supposedly inspired
his career as a visual artist.
Troy has been working on an experimental film
called Top Ten Legs of the Last Decade for...
well, the last decade.
And using our mother's
legs as a benchmark.
Vanessa had remained her own number
one fan until she married Marjus,
a Lithuanian elevator inspector.
Come on baby.
We're gonna be late.
- How do I look?
- Perfect.
Come, come, come.
And with that,
she doubled her fan club.
And Dad had found a new love
in commercial real-estate.
You guys go ahead. I might have found
a buyer for this incredible granary.
Friday night dinner
is still a tradition
although Marjus is usually held up at work.
Hey. Yeah. Yeah, I figured.
What floor are you on?
Vanessa, you haven't
eaten anything.
Um, meat makes me nauseous.
Troy, how's the job
search coming?
That depends
on how you define job.
Why do you
have to be so obnoxious?
- Well why do you have to be so obtuse?
- Enough!
No, not you. No, I love you.
Not much has changed.
My favorite things
about being invisible...
Going anywhere,
seeing everything,
not having to worry about
rules or good manners,
or even caring what I look like.
Never feeling ashamed
or embarrassed.
The worst thing is not
being a part of anything.
Let's all
have another round!
I think I need to lie down.
Hey, you!
Why are you following
those people?
You can see me?
Ever heard of respecting
people's privacy?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
- This conversation is over.
- Blackwell!
- I'm not letting you back in.
- Wait!
Blackwell, we need you in there.
Wait, don't go, I was just...
Can you see me?
Mom, you'll never
believe what happened.
I met someone
who can see me.
He could hear me too.
Just some random bouncer.
But the bad news is that I'm
still invisible to everyone else.
So I... I don't know
what that means. I really...
I don't know how to
put the pieces together.
wrong, little bird?
What's going to happen
when you die?
I'll be with you in spirit.
Do you know what that means?
It means that the wind will carry
me to you, whenever you need me.
- Yeah, right.
- It will.
You'll see.
How come you'll be in the wind?
the wind
is the soul's messenger.
But if I can't see you,
how will I know you're there?
Because you'll feel loved.
That's when
it dawned on me.
What if he wasn't
some random bouncer?
What if we were connected?
Shayne Blackwell,
former world champion
and one of the most sought-after
fighters in MMA is now all but forgotten.
What happened? Shayne
Blackwell first on to the scene
with a series of unexpected
wins against veteran fighters.
From there, his career took off.
Fans latched onto
his rags to riches story
and he caught the eye of actress
and supermodel, Julianna King.
Shayne and Julianna became
the "it" couple of the moment.
Until this.
These photos of Blackwell caught
cheating on Julianna quickly went viral.
The breakup was immediate.
Shayne's fans
turned against him.
And his life spiraled
out of control.
It all came to a hit at the
championship fight against Attila Matae.
Blackwell had been
an early favorite to win.
Instead, he suffered
a crushing defeat by Matae.
Maybe it's karma.
Cheaters never win.
Thanks for watching.
Tune in next week.
Shayne Blackwell?
Do you remember me?
Vaguely. What do you want?
You think I haven't seen
this picture a hundred times?
I took it. I took that picture.
- Why are you telling me this?
- I... I want...
- I...
- That picture destroyed my life.
- I know.
- No, you don't know.
But you don't care. Makes you feel
better about your own sorry life.
You're probably right.
Stay away from me.
I can't.
You can't?
You're the only
person who can...
Who can what?
I want to make it up to you.
You want to make it up to me?
You want to make it up to me?
Alright yeah, uh, so yeah, you just
gotta fix my reputation. You gotta...
you gotta restart my fighting career. And
then you gotta get me back with Julianna.
That's it. If you do all that,
you'll have made it up to me.
I can fix your image. I can.
And I could help
with your career.
I don't know about your
girlfriend but I can try.
You're crazy.
What...? I'm trying to help.
- Do you mind? I got somewhere to be.
- I don't mind at all, no.
I mean, get lost. We're done.
But that's not what you said.
Look, I'm gonna meet my manager over there.
I got some business to take care of.
Give me five minutes
in there with you.
If you don't think after five minutes that
I can help you, then I'll leave you alone.
And you have to
promise to ignore me.
Yay! Hey! There
he is. The champ!
- What's up, brother?
- Not much, same old.
- How about you?
- Ah, you know, maintaining.
Trying to make this million.
Trying to make you rich.
Basically no information
has been exchanged so far.
- What are you doing?
- G&T.
Don't talk to me.
That's the deal.
- Pops!
- And right about now you're gonna start to wonder
why it is that he
doesn't seem to notice me.
Double Scotch.
G&T, Double Scotch.
So beat this, huh? I got an offer
for you to book you on a live show.
What kind of show?
Celebrity Poker Rodeo.
- Never heard of it.
- Are you serious?
It's where a bunch of has-beens
play poker in front of an audience.
Dude, you shoot the breeze with a
couple of celebrities. And that's it.
- Simple.
- Has-beens.
- Are you hearing this?
- What?
Hold on.
Oohoo! Oooohh. It's the wife.
Definitely not his wife.
So what's up?
You gonna do this or what?
Is that all you got?
When's it start?
Let's see.
It's next Tuesday, as long as
you stay in the game once a week.
How much does it pay?
Eight hundred dollars a pop.
It says fifteen hundred here.
Just so you know.
I thought it was
fifteen hundred.
Who told you that?
Just something I thought
you said last time.
Oh yeah? Let me check.
Mm, I see it. It's right there.
Fifteen hundred. Even sweeter.
Talk to me.
I'll be outside when
you want to talk.
Champ, this is what you've been
waiting for. Exposure. Play some poker.
They're gonna be like, "Who is this guy? Look
how brolic he looks. I want to fight him."
So sup, you in or what?
What was that in there?
It's uh, it's complicated.
It sounds really crazy to um...
to say it.
- Say what?
- That I'm a...
I'm invisible.
What does that
mean you're invisible?
Not to you, obviously.
But to everyone else.
- You don't believe me?
- No, I don't.
Well didn't you see what just...
just happened in there?
How do you think that I take my pictures?
I don't use a fancy lens.
I don't have to.
I'm-I'm right there.
Okay, you know what? I don't
need to know what your trick is.
You want me to prove it to you?
Fine. I'll-I'll prove it to you.
What are you doing?
Get out of the street.
If he sees me, he's
gonna stop, right?
And not if he's drunk.
Get out of the street.
I need you to believe me.
Could have gotten
yourself killed.
Tell her that.
- Who?
- Her.
I would have moved, I just...
I was proving a point.
He couldn't see you.
And Brandon, my manager,
he couldn't see you.
So I'm the only guy in this
whole city who can see you?
My family lives right over the
bridge and they can't see me either.
Let's assume for a second it's true... and I'm
not saying I buy it... but let's just assume
I'm the only guy in the whole
world who can see you.
What am I supposed
to do with that?
I think we're supposed
to help each other.
I'm Holly, by the way.
Okay, how about this?
That building on the corner
over there, apartment 510,
that's me.
If you're still invisible in the
morning, come by and we'll talk.
- What time is it?
- Six.
You said come by in the morning.
What's up with you?
She's usually more
of a guard dog.
She can't see me, remember?
What do you want from me?
I wasn't always like this. And
you weren't always like...
My point is maybe if
I can fix what I broke...
then things will go back
to normal for both of us.
How do you plan to do that?
I'm sorry, this
is just so strange.
Tell me about it.
No, I-I mean the way that...
You look at me
and not through me.
I'm just not used to it.
I gotta take her out.
Maude, let's go.
How'd she lose her leg?
That's how I found her.
Tied to a post.
Someone gave up
on her same as me.
Who gave up on you?
What's that guy's problem?
Oh he, uh, thinks
you're talking to yourself.
Everybody in this city
talks to themselves.
- So who gave up on you?
- What?
- You said...
- Oh. Yeah.
My mom's boyfriend kicked
me out when I was thirteen.
Decided I was old enough
to fend for myself.
Where did you go?
Wherever. Around.
- You slept on the street?
- In cars, mostly.
I've done that.
There was this junkyard nearby,
no place to shower though.
Kids at school would make fun of me
so I started getting into fights.
Eventually I dropped out.
You kept fighting though.
One day, I take on this guy.
Disrespected some girl at a bar.
These kids at my old
school gather round.
Me and him were going at it.
He was a big dude too.
All of a sudden they start
calling my name. Like
cheering me on like I'm all of a
sudden important or whatever.
That's when I'm like,
if this is what it means to be a
fighter, I think I just found my calling.
We gotta get you back out there.
I still fight.
You still fight?
- Why didn't you say something?
- 'Cause you didn't ask.
Well that makes
things a lot easier.
I got a fight on Friday if you
want me to put you on the list.
Oh that-no I-I
can't go into crowds.
I wouldn't worry.
- Hey!
- Whoo!
Look at that, huh? Good as new.
Nice going, champ.
Should I tell them same time next month?
I'll be there.
My man.
It's for you. You earned it.
Is that three hundred dollars?
You don't do it for the money,
you do it 'cause you love the sport.
You call this a sport?
It may not look like it to you
but there's a lot of strategy in MMA.
It's a lot more than throwing punches.
It seems like people
throwing punches.
Okay look, say you got...
Say you got a... a... a wrestler over here
and then a... a kick boxer over here. Okay?
And... and... and they're both
very good at what they do.
But they're different you know?
Like one's a hurricane and one's a tornado
and... and so you get these two crazy
opposing forces of nature in the ring and...
and... and... and it takes
everything they've got
to beat the other one, you
know? Physical, mental...
It's like a game of chess.
It's like chess.
Still, I mean three hundred
dollars is just wrong.
The other guy gets half,
so... go talk to him.
We need to get
you better venues.
And bigger fights.
- You think so?
- Yes.
How you gonna match
me up with better fighters?
'Cause let's be real, nobody
who's anybody is gonna fight me.
Why not?
'Cause I don't sell
tickets anymore.
Just get me a list.
Yeah, right.
So what a super moon is, is it's
the closest a full moon gets to the earth.
You know the orbit of the moon is not a perfect
circle, it gets closer and farther away.
So from Sunday night
going to Monday night
we'll have the closest full moon
of the year. Now this one is a...
The moon hasn't been this close
to the earth since January 1948.
So it's been a long time
since it was this close.
you give us the details
of how much larger and
how much brighter it might get?
Someone who wants
to make a deal.
It's open.
So, I have some news.
Oh wait, wait, two seconds.
Finish line's right here.
Which one of these guys is gonna win?
Oh. The... the top one.
- You sure about that?
- Definitely. Look there they go.
- Okay.
- Come on.
- Go! Go!
- Come on.
- Yes!
- Aw. How did that happen?
Let me tell you, this
is not my first rodeo.
I mean... I just mean, um I've spent
a lot of time staring out of windows.
When you said it wasn't
always like this for you
what did you mean?
It started when my mom died.
She was kind of the only one who got me.
So when she was gone, I just kind of...
I was twelve.
I'm sorry.
Oh you should... you
should probably take that.
- Hey champ!
- Hey Brandon, what's up?
Get ready for this.
Pulled some strings. You're gonna be
fighting The Clever Suarez in six weeks.
- You're kidding.
- He's not.
Yeah what - uh... I will.
Alright. Bye.
Let me guess. You're fighting
Carlos The Cleaver Suarez.
- How did you pull that off?
- You let me worry about setting up the fights.
You worry about the training.
You're awesome.
You better get to work.
Alright, yeah.
Drop and give me
twenty! I'm kidding.
Shayne Blackwell. Now there's a
name we haven't heard in a while.
This match up with Carlos
Suarez came out of nowhere.
I give the guy credit
for giving it a shot
but we're talking about
a five year lay-off here.
Suarez is a great competitor. He's the
real deal. He has a great ground game.
What I want to know is, how do you make up
for all this lost time in just six weeks?
Hey look, Shayne Blackwell was a good fighter.
Maybe a great fighter back in his day.
Blackwell is way out of
his league if you ask me.
Suarez is gonna put him
away in the first round.
Call in guys, let me
know what you think.
My prediction? He's
gonna get killed out there.
What's with the pictures?
For publicity.
I'm fixing your image.
Who's Troy?
My brother.
I didn't know you had a brother.
I have an older sister too.
What's your family like?
Well let's see. My uh,
my brother is a pervert who spends
his days ogling women's legs.
And my sister's interest in the world
consists of what's on her plate.
Her latest diet is sesame
crackers and water.
She says everything else
makes her nauseous.
Maybe she's pregnant.
Yeah right, she could never
stand to gain the weight.
Wait, so your family
never talks about you?
It's like I never existed.
That's insane.
I wish I could be at the fight.
You're not coming?
I don't do crowds that size.
- Why?
- The last time I did I got this.
Oh my God.
I had to give myself stitches.
So I will be watching
you but from home.
Why don't you come
watch the fight at my place?
Come on, baby!
We gonna be late.
Hi Marjus. Hey Ness...
Mind if I borrow some clothes?
Does this look too tight
on me? It feels too tight.
- You look perfect.
- Perfect.
I promise
I'll bring them back.
Well Blackwell came into
tonight's match as the underdog.
You can see him trying to find his rhythm
against an opponent in his prime like Suarez.
But we have seen him win
a lot of belts in the past.
Keep doing what you're
doing, champ! You got him!
Blackwell tries to gain
some distance from Suarez.
Blackwell looks a bit
stunned but he shakes it off.
Suarez now looking
for a takedown.
You got
him, you got him!
He's in a tight bout!
- And it's all over!
- Yes!
Blackwell wins by submission
in the third round!
- Unbelievable.
- Yes!
What an upset!
Yeah! He tapped out! Whoo!
And the winner
is Shayne Blackwell!
You're the champ. Number one!
What'd I tell you, huh?
Stick with me, kid.
You the man!
By the way, that purse is not quite what they
said. Something about taxes what have you.
But for the next fight, you're gonna
be making triple what you made now.
Yeah! Champ right here!
Champ right here!
Thanks, bud.
Shayne? Dan Wolfe, Gotham News.
Congratulations on your big win tonight!
Thanks, man.
You went in as the underdog in a lot
of people's minds. What happened?
I mean, Suarez is a great fighter.
He made a mistake and I capitalized on it.
Yeah. Rumor has it you're gonna
be fighting Tommy Bones next.
Uh, any reason you're not out tonight
celebrating? Did you get injured?
I feel great. And I do
plan to celebrate.
- Hey Maude.
- You did it.
Felt pretty good.
- Oh my God, your eye!
- Looks worse than it is.
You take that.
Come on.
I want to show
you ladies something.
There you go. Hey,
stick that thing in the door, will you?
There you go.
- Not bad, huh?
- Wow.
Here you go, I got this for you.
And this is for me.
- What kind is it?
- Peanut butter ice cream.
The best thing ever
after a fight.
I couldn't have
done it without you.
You looked great out
there. You really did.
You look good, by the way.
Thank you.
Can I ask you something?
Are you sure you're real?
What is that supposed to mean?
You know.
Maybe I took a few too many
hits to the head over the years.
You know just because people can't
see me doesn't mean I don't exist.
Alright, see? I knew you
were gonna get mad.
- You're writing me off.
- I'm not writing you off. I'm just...
trying to understand.
I want you to be real.
Prove it.
Hey! Come back with that camera.
No, no, no!
Well hey, jokes on him.
It's gonna look like
you're alone in that picture.
Hope you like sleeping
under the stars.
Come here.
Your heart is
beating really fast.
Okay, whoa!
Is this okay?
No, it's... it's good... it's...
It's really good. It's just new.
We can take our time.
I don't know what to do next.
I got some ideas.
I'm in the photo.
I'm in the photo! Yes!
Thank you!
Tommy, as a two-time
platinum belt winner,
what's your prediction
going into the fight?
- How many times did I win that belt?
- Two times.
Man, this joker been out
of the game for five years.
I bet you right here, I get that
submission in the first round.
Shayne, what
do you say to that?
I've been working hard and
I know what I'm capable of.
All that matters is what
happens in the cage.
Only thing that'll happen in that cage
is I'm gonna beat your ass like a drum.
Shayne, is it true you
fired your manager?
Yeah, we parted ways.
You sure it wasn't
the other way around?
I'm gonna give you
a little preview
of what it's like when I
mop the floor with his face.
I'm gonna make it look like
Matae took it easy on you, baby.
Why don't you walk over here,
I'll knock you out right now.
Gentlemen, gentlemen, please.
The fear
in his eyes, man.
Alright, we have time
for one more question.
Shayne! Is Julianna
King Shadow Girl?
There are rumors going around that you and
Julianna King are getting back together.
Is she the woman
in this picture?
No comment.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Tommy, Tommy!
Oh, my people. Here you go!
Don't' forget: you look good, you feel
good. You feel good, you fight good.
You look good, you fight good.
Yeah, we waiting on someone.
Well Tommy, I'll get right
down to business, shall I?
Yeah, right.
Oh shit!
Get the f...
Yeah, alright.
Yes or no?
This is some bullshit.
Playing games with Bones.
- Okay Kevin.
- Yep.
See you next week.
When are you gonna quit? You
don't have to work here anymore.
It keeps me humble.
Why did you let them
think it was Julianna?
What are you talking about?
At the press conference
when they asked you about...
- Shadow Girl?
- I thought you didn't show up in pictures.
I don't... usually.
So you're coming back?
You're coming back!
You... you made me
feel like... like I matter.
Of course you matter.
Hold on just a second.
I heard we might be getting
back together. I'm just kidding.
Congratulations on the Suarez fight.
That was pretty impressive.
Well uh, I will be rooting
for you during the next one.
You in town?
For a few weeks, my new
movie's coming out so...
Anyway um, I just wanted
to wish you luck.
Appreciate it.
Wasn't expecting her to call.
Well, you are a winner again.
- She sounded happy for me.
- She's an actress.
I'm sorry, I didn't
mean it like that.
No, I know what you meant.
Hey I'm just
looking out for you.
Is that what you're doing?
And now for the moment
you've all been waiting for.
The main event of the evening.
Fighting out of the red corner with an
undefeated record of ten wins and no loses,
Tommy the Destroyer Bones.
And challenging him for the first
time, the former world champion
fighting out of the blue
corner, Shayne Blackwell!
Obey my commands at all times, protect
yourselves at all times. Touch gloves.
This don't make you a winner.
Ready? Ready? Fight!
I've got a behind the scenes
exclusive Blackwell training.
Does it include
naked shower photos?
No shower photos.
Well doll face, good people
and hard work don't sell papers.
How about this for an exclusive?
agrees to rematch
with Blackwell.
When did that happen?
Ron! You got
something good for me?
You know anything about a rematch
between Blackwell and Matae?
One of my sources.
I can't remember her name, but she's good.
Giving you this.
Either you run with it or
someone else will.
It's gonna be
the fight of the year.
Hell, if we print it it's
halfway to being true anyway.
Kick the embezzlement scandal off page one.
They're dime a dozen.
- You're telling me...
- People love a good comeback story.
You bet you're a...
What's up, bud?
- Can I get your autograph?
- Yeah of course, man
Dude, I'm totally pumped
about the rematch.
- Rematch?
- Yeah.
- What rematch?
- Shayne Blackwell. That's pretty cool man.
Alright, man.
What's this bullshit about
a Blackwell rematch?
How is this the first
you've heard of it?
Well, it's not happening.
'Cause I've already beat him.
That's ridiculous. You know what? I've
beat him before and I can beat him again.
Fine. Just get it done so I can
focus on the championship.
Nice place.
Come on, we've all got secrets.
You still up?
I'm just checking on you.
Please, be a prostitute
or a dealer.
Yeah? What are you wearing?
Come on Ma,
they're just slippers.
Your other ones were worn out.
Aw, I'm glad you think
they're comfortable.
Alright, you have a great
night, Ma. I love you too.
Oh my God, you are pregnant.
Does Marjus know?
What's the matter? Why
aren't you happy about it?
Hey, this is Shayne.
Leave a message.
Hey, so you were right, Vanessa's pregnant
but she's not telling her husband about it.
I hope she's not
having an affair.
Call me back.
Thank you.
To old times.
Come on, they weren't all bad.
Some things were great.
They were.
How's Maude? I miss her.
She's doing good.
So you still with that uh,
big hot shot director?
No, he was a producer.
And no, that was
a long time ago.
So who's the lucky guy?
Who says there's only one?
I'm just kidding,
there's no one.
- What about you?
- What about me?
Who's the girl in that picture
with you? Who's Shadow Girl?
Nobody you'd know.
Okay, well, if you're trying to
make me jealous it's working.
Julianna, I don't know
what this is but
I don't have time for games.
I'm not playing.
That didn't take you very long.
- What are you doing here?
- What?
What are you doing here?
- Are you spying on me?
- Who are you talking to?
Shayne, what's going on?
I came for her, I didn't think
you were gonna be her date.
Holly! Wait up!
Stop, stop!
So what was that the other night?
That meant nothing to you?
Of course it did.
So... so then what were
you doing with Julianna?
She called and asked
if we could meet. I...
I wanted to see
what would happen.
I have a pretty good idea.
You don't get it. We've been
through a lot, me and her.
She doesn't care about you.
- She's just...
- Holly...
- ...using you.
- Holly...
I think you're great.
I wouldn't be where
I am without you.
out in the real world...
you don't exist.
People seeing us...
People seeing us right now
think I'm talking to myself
like I'm some kind
of crazy person.
I just wanted to be
straight with you, alright?
You deserve a medal.
And don't pretend that you didn't...
You want something else out of this.
You wanted to help me
as a way to help yourself.
Well, that may be
all I can deliver.
I couldn't find
anything on Matae.
- So?
- So? I can't guarantee you're gonna win the fight.
Yeah, of course you
can. What are you...
You've been fixing these fights.
You wanted me to wave
a magic wand so I did.
- So you make me a fraud?
- You didn't question the result!
Is that what you think of me?
Is that what you think I wanted?
Get out of my sight.
Keep looking for the worst in people,
I guarantee you're gonna find it.
What are you doing here?
Can I come in?
I need to tell you something.
Go ahead.
The picture you took
of me and that girl
wasn't the reason
Julianna and I broke up.
It wasn't the reason
I lost the fight.
I think somewhere along the way I just
kind of started to buy into my own hype.
I felt like the world
owed me something.
Why try so hard, you know?
I cut corners, I got lazy.
I cheated.
We both did, by the way.
It wasn't the first
time I got caught.
It was most public.
And when it all fell apart...
I couldn't handle it.
So all this time...
it wasn't my fault?
Well, it makes sense
why it didn't work.
Well, you got everything
you wanted, right?
Tell me how I can
make it up to you.
I can't.
I can't.
It's okay, nobody has to know.
I c... I care about
you, Holly, but...
I don't want to be
that guy anymore.
Whatever you lost...
You gotta...
I gotta what?
I don't know.
Face whatever happened.
I know what happened.
My mom died and my
family abandoned me.
Are you sure?
Am I sure?
- I just meant...
- Am I sure?
I just think maybe there's
another way to look at it.
You think that I want this?
Do you think that
this is a choice?
Do you think that I woke up one day as a
twelve-year-old and decided it wasn't enough
to have the one person I cared about most
die and watch everybody else move on,
but what I would really, really love
is to have everybody start ignoring me?
And slip into this weird
in-between world
where I don't get acknowledged by another
living soul for how ever many years?
You know that's not what I said.
Just go.
I hope you'll be there.
It would mean a lot.
I don't do crowds, remember?
So where are you, huh?
What happened to me
never being alone?
Huh? What happened to you
coming whenever I needed you?
Well, I need you now!
I don't know what to do.
I don't... I don't
have anywhere to go.
Can someone tell me what to do?
Can someone tell me what to do?
Okay, I have this photo shoot and then
I'll be back. How are you feeling?
Ready to get in
there and dominate.
'Cause I don't date losers.
Babe, I'm joking.
Let me ask you something.
Would you have called
me if I hadn't fought Suarez?
Yes, of course.
Would you have called
me if I hadn't won?
Eventually, yes.
Look, I'm not going to apologize to
you for wanting you to be successful.
Makes sense.
Come on girls,
let's take a picture.
Dad, why do we
always have to do this?
- Alright, smile!
- You'll thank me one day.
Okay, it's good!
See it wasn't too bad. Let's go.
Just a sec.
I wanted to come
say good-bye to you.
I'm not really sure how much
longer I'm gonna be here.
That's your third one, Vanessa.
I think it's pretty clear.
- Everything okay, baby?
- Just a sec.
You have to tell him, Ness.
Just broke a nail.
No, she didn't!
Look, they're perfect.
- You sure you're okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm not leaving you like this.
We make the baby?
I didn't know how to tell you.
She's gonna be beautiful
like her mommy.
I can't...
I can't.
- Did I say something wrong?
- No, no, no, no, no...
Growing up I... I... I never felt
like I was good enough,
or smart enough or
interesting enough.
My mother always
played favorites, and it...
it definitely wasn't me.
I felt so cheated when she died.
All I could count on was that I looked nice
and I don't want to put that on our kid.
I... Whether she's
pretty or not, I... I don't...
I don't ever want her
to feel that's all she is.
She won't.
She won't.
Same goes if it's a boy.
Your film is really beautiful.
I guess I wasn't really
the best big sister, huh?
You need to get out more.
- I'm sorry.
- Ow.
- Are... are you okay, Miss?
- I... I think so... I...
Yeah you shouldn't stand. Uh.
Here uh, do you need a hand?
- I'm gonna put your arms...
- Come on, Troy.
- Don't put... don't put too much weight on it.
- Uh. Okay.
- Do you need some ice?
- No.
- I'm Allison
- Oh, I'm Troy.
- You took quite a spill.
- Yeah. I don't know what happened.
Yeah, I saw it.
Then I thought I'd help.
Why don't you date?
I always thought it was because
you were too busy working
but I've been wrong
about a few things lately.
Why do you work so much?
It's not like this makes you happy.
That's what you look like
when you're happy, Dad.
Are all these to help you sleep?
And then it clicked.
Like the tumblers of a safe.
Losing mom didn't
happen just to me.
It happened to all of us.
You never got over her.
Happy anniversary, Vicky.
I know you prefer the
apricot-y orange but
this one
was the healthiest one they had.
I never realized how hard it must have
been for you to go on without her.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I had always expected
people to be there for me.
But the truth was, I had never
really been there for anyone else.
Come on. Would you
go a little bit faster?
There we go.
Round two in this high round bout.
Matae with a clear advantage so far
but it's still early
in the fight.
Blackwell's strategy seems to be go straight on
the offence but Matae right now is untouchable.
Goes up against the fence trying to keep him
from raining down strikes and that's round two.
Alright, come on we gotta hurry.
You got this, baby!
Attila! Knock him
out! Knock him out!
Matae tags Blackwell
with a left, then an upper cut.
That one looks like it might
have done some damage.
Blackwell taking some heavy blows in
this third round. He isn't backing down.
Come on man!
Looking good, babe!
- Blackwell going for the take down and he gets it.
- Don't slow down!
You can make the light, go!
Matae gets Blackwell into a headlock
hoping to turn it into a sweep.
But this is not a good
position for Matae.
Come on man!
Attila! Let's go! Let's go!
Blackwell, you can
do this! Come on Blackwell!
Matae has clearly dominated
these first three rounds.
Blackwell tried to reverse the
momentum, but it may not be enough.
Blackwell showing
signs of fatigue.
Kick his ass!
Kick him!
Yeah! Let's go!
Way to get him down! Let's go.
Hey! Can you sign this?
There! Whoo!
Take it to him, Attila! Take it to him.
Take it to him! You got this, Attila!
Make him tap, Attila!
Go, Shayne!
This is it!
Yeah! Kick him! Let's go!
That's it, that's it!
Attila! Knock him out!
Finish him, finish him!
Yeah, Attila!
Come on Shayne, stay in!
Don't give up!
Get up!
Get up!
Come on, get up.
You got it, come on!
Yes, yes. Yes.
Hey, you're doing great.
You deserve to be here 'cause you're a
fighter and even though you can't see me...
I'm here for you,
no matter what.
- You're here.
- Yeah.
You're doing great.
a girl in the cage.
Hey, where did she come from?
Who's the girl in the cage?
- How'd she get in?
- She part of Blackwell's crew?
Who's that?
- Let me check on that.
- Copy that.
You got this.
You ready?
You got this.
What should I do? People
are starting to complain.
Get out of there!
Come on, Shayne!
Why won't she move?
Looking good.
Come on, Shayne!
You! With the trench coat!
That girl is not
with Blackwell's crew.
Copy that. I'm on it.
Come on, Shayne!
- Hey.
- Yes!
- Hey.
- Hit him!
- Ma'am!
- Hit him back!
Ma'am. This is
a restricted area.
You can't be up there.
- Come on.
- Come on, Shayne!
- Yes, you got him!
- Ma'am, ma'am, let's go.
- Just give me a minute!
- Let's go, it's time to go. Let's go.
I'm coming.
Come on Shayne! You got it!
You can do it, babe! Come on!
Shayne no matter what
anybody says, you did it!
Ladies and
gentlemen, after five rounds
we go to the judges'
score cards for a decision.
Can I have a selfie?
Harvey McIntire
has forty-nine forty-six.
Larry Crosby has
forty-nine forty-eight.
John Bromley had
forty-eight forty-nine.
And the winner
by split decision...
Attila Matae!
Hey Attila,
congratulations on your victory.
Tell me how are you feeling?
Hey, you.
I'm sorry.
But you did a good job.
I gotta go find somebody.
I know, I saw her.
- Oh, hi.
- Hey.
Uh, great job, great win.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Pretty impressive.
I um...
I didn't realize
I needed a ticket
- 'cause I...
- Hey!
She's with me.
She didn't have
a pass or anything.
You were amazing out there.
- Um...
- You came back.
You were right
about so many things.
Not everything.
What about Julianna?
We ended on good terms.
So she's just here
to support you?
In her own way.
Oh, my God.
I got a little blood
on you, I'm sorry.
That's okay.
And so the
spell was broken.
But love was only
half the journey.
The rest was learning to recognize the
depth, and longing, and pain of others.
In short, to grow up.
Hey, dad.