Abraham: The Friend of God (2008) Movie Script

It's me, Satan!
It's me, Satan!
Satan, the banished!
The accursed! The disfavoured!
The humiliated!
Expelled from the empyrean!
Thrown down to the earth!
But Jehovah gave me till
the end of times.
So, hear me man, son of Adam!
With time still ticking,
I will not be inactive.
I will lead you into various
temptations and sins.
I will lead you into ignorance.
Sweet ignorance!
The great idol!
Second only to Nimrod!
Who are you?
Sent by God!
This a hallowed idol-house!
Babel in the land of the Chaldeans
was ruled by Nimrod. son of Cush.
Babel in the land of the Chaldeans
was ruled by Nimrod, son of Cush.
Also known as Babylon, it was
a small part of Nimrod's kingdom.
Yet, it was the largest city
I in the region.
Nimrod was the most powerful
man on earth.
Fig was considered the god
of gods.
And his people worshipped him
besides many other idols.
People of Babel!
I swear to you by Nimrod,
the god of gods.
I was dusting a certain idol.
And even though my action
was a form of worship.
He cursed me with an
eternal curse.
Give way to Azar!
Give way to the one who crafts
the gods with his hands.
Give way to the one who crafts
the gods with his hands.
May Azar put an end to this curse!
Give way to Azar, please!
He forms the gods
with his hands.
And by the generosity of
this great sage
the greatest priest of Babel
one's fate is decided
the clouds disperse and
the sky of Babel brightens.
When Azar uses his hands
and tools, a god takes shape.
And when a god is created,
Nimrod, the great monarch,
holds him dear in this land.
I have not sculpted
this cursed idol.
Obeis, the other sculptor, did.
You're a great poet.
My carvers would make your god
worthy of your words
and that, without charging you.
Out of the way!
Bow down!
Out of the way!
Bow down!
What are you looking at?
That ungrateful Nimrod.
He doesn't appreciate me.
How can anyone holds
Azar's idols worthier
than mine?
What are Nimrod's troops going
to do to him?
What are you talking about?
Abram didn't prostrate.
They arrested him, father.
Even though he's
Azar's protege.
What will become of him?
The law is:
prostrate or be punished.
Lot, is it Abram again?
He refuses to prostrate.
What have you done, Abram?
Do you enjoy being
in this dark dungeon?
Is it better than home?
Should I prostrate
before a man who's flesh and
bone like me
even though he's
the head of an empire?
That's enough, Abram!
That bitter tongue of yours
has disturbed Nimrod
and his followers.
Be careful!
Soon, even I, Azar, won't be
able to intervene on your behalf.
Azar, why are you making
my son son pt idols?
I am,hunted by the ghost
of Abram's deceased mother.
I make Abram carve
stones like my other children.
Gut his father lets him stay here
so he can learn the craft
and knows well that his son
sculpt with such great finesse.
He's even superior to
my own sons.
Sculpt! Sculpt!
For you shall be my successor!
What have you done?
- It's only rock...
- It's a god to worship!
This stone?
How can you worship what
you yourself make?
You are my future, understand?
You won't carve for me anymore.
From now on you'll be selling.
Selling only.
You'll go to the bazaar and sell
gods to your fellow Babylonians.
Idols! Polished and colored!
Cheap ones!
Expensive ones!
Neither useful, nor harmful!
Buy an idol! Buy an idol!
Cheap ones!
Expensive ones!
Get a good deal on my gods!
They do no harm and
they do no good. Buy now!
Your own personal god
made in Babel!
I took you in, Abram.
With love, I taught you everything.
You should use what you were
taught to grow the business.
Not destroy it!
Sculpt it again like this!
sculpt again!
Sculpt with inspiration,
finesse and joy!
Let your gifted hands turn hideous
rocks into divine creation.
Sculpt gods with your hands.
Who created your hands
and mine?
I bought you from Azar
with my money.
So, I have power over you.
I am your god.
You must kneel before me.
You may be a god to the
stupid Babylonians
but you're not a god to me.
Whose throne is that?
The great Nimrod's throne!
I only sit on that throne
because of the peoples
But you, you are clever
because you know to keen
feeding their ignorance.
As long as the people
stay ignorant
my throne is secure
and I can rule them better
than a god.
But you are the god
of Babel!
You were freed at last.
Captured Nimrod's cruelty
Freed by Azar's intercession.
Aren't you afraid?
I might Nimrod's spy.
Nimrod's spies are not
as kind as you, Sarai.
What do you know about
Sarai's kindness?
Nimrod's followers
don't help the needy.
Another Azar masterpiece!
These hands create miracles!
Elf Nimrod sees you.
he'll forget his godship!
Polish it!
Lot, any news?
He's gone again to
the mountain to pray!
Pray! Pray! Pray!
Abram is my student,
but he's nothing like me.
I'll go look for him at the farm.
Maybe he's returned.
You're Nimrod's eyes. Harpak.
You were supposed to cause
Azar to be disfavoured
not favoured!
You also promised that Azar's idol
would never reach the idol-house
but it did and
endeared Nimrod.
My idol was supposed
to charm Nimrod.
It's very hard, Obeis.
The day you were expelled
from Nimrod's court
Nimrod bestowed upon Azar
the official commission to sculpt
all the kingdom's approved gods.
A commission I think is
too heavy a burden for him.
No, Harpak.
Maybe, it'll help if I disclose to
Nimrod our little secret.
Then, it'll be really hard.
Don't threaten me. Obeis!
If need be, I'll bury you alive.
Then, you'll be really finished.
I did think of that possibility.
That's why I revealed your
secret to someone I trust.
He's instructed
to divulge everything to Nimrod
in case you decide to kill me.
I will never forget that fateful
day when I went to the forest.
Fist I saw a horse. then you and
then her...
You win.
Azar's idols won't enter
the idol-house of Babel.
Now go, Obeis. Don't stay here.
That's good, Harpak. Good.
Obeis will reveal our secret
to your husband the king
if I don't get rid of his rival. Azar.
Then, we'll kill both him
and Nimrod.
Lord Almighty!
You've called me out from
among my people!
But my people don't worship you.
They worship nothing!
Oh, celestial bodies who are
our gods!
Oh, stars in the heavens. who hide
in your bosom our future.
7 our lives, our riches,
our empire, and our world.
Our lives, our riches,
our empire, and our world.
Behold us', your servants!
What are you worshipping?
You are not wanted.
Leave us be!
Which star do you worship?
Could it be Venus. the brightest
in the heavens?
But, I worship Jehovah, more
luminescent than any star.
What happened to Venus?
It's not as bright anymore.
It faded before the moon. So.
now your new god is the moon.
A much larger and
brighter god for you.
Why are you mocking us?
Leave us be! Leave! Leave!
I'm; the servant of the Most High!
Their nighttime gods have faded.
- During the day, they worship
the sun, brighter than the moon.
Leave! Leave!
We worship what we please.
Now that the sun has clone down.
It is not worshiped at night.
Worship Jehovah the true God
who is Eternal Light!
To be God is to be immortal
and nothing in this creation is.
Fie Lord is our heavenly father.
Worship Him with all your heart.
- What's he saying?
- What new thing is that?
I must invent a new god!
My people have
gone astray, Lord!
Satan has taken hold of their
leader to keep them blind!
I'm sacrificing my son to the gods
To soothe their anger for my son
broke one of the house idols.
He was playing when his leg
brushed against the idol and it broke.
What kind of god is that
who can't defend himself?
That even a child can break him.
I wonder if my new god is
one of the broken halves
Or is my child my new god?
Lord, hear me out!
I know without a doubt that
you decide the fate of all.
You rule! You decide!
You're everything!
You promised me
wonderful things!
Why don't you do one
little thing for them?
Open their eyes
to see You, O Lord!
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
He didn't hear you, Abram!
But I can help you!
Help me Lord not to hear him!
Abram, it's I, the Lord.
Soon, you'll marry Sarai.
Then, you'll get out of your
country, from your family.
I'll lead you to a new land where
I will begin a new thing with you.
I will bless you
and make you a great nation.
And in you all the families of
the earth will be blessed.
Because Abram. you are
my chosen vessel.
Damn you, Harpak!
I will cause Nimrod's sword
to fall on your head for this'!
I am the messenger of the one
true God to you Babylonians.
Abram, no.
What are you doing?
Have you gone mad?
Do you want me to beg?
I'm begging. Please.
I'm begging. 'll even cry.
But know this. prophet.
My patience is running: thin.
The feast of the gods is in 3 days.
A day I've been eagerly waiting for.
The feast of the gods is in 3 days.
A day I've been eagerly waiting for.
Not only for business,
but or tradition.
Please, don't ruin it.
Those stones you call gods
do they hear you when
you call out to them?
Stones do not hear.
And octahedron can they help.
Our fathers worshipped them.
And we worship them too, even
though you call them useless.
I worship the Lord who created me
and guides me out of His kindness.
The same God who generously
provides food when I hunger.
Water when I thirst.
And healing when I hurt.
Aid when I die, he'll give me
life again in the afterlife.
As for forgiveness, he cleanses
my unrighteousness.
All because He's kind
and forgiving.
Leave me alone.
Leave Babel if you can.
Harpak has betrayed the king.
That's a lie!
That's a lie!
That's a lie!
This man is nothing
but a deceitful liar.
He's conspiring against you.
Expel him once more.
He's conspiring against you.
Expel him once more.
Take away this traitor!
Not until I reveal
the sordid details of how you
betrayed the great monarch.
That dreadful day when I saw
the two of you in the forest.
I swear by the king I'll kill you.
Lock him up!
Oh great Nimrod,
kill me if you must
at least, let me tell you
what Harpak did to you.
Let go of him!
He's crazy.
He's after revenge. Plus he wants
to smear your reputation.
All because you expelled him
and chose Azar over him.
On ghat dreadful day, your Maiesty.
I was in the forest
when I saw Harpak and your wife
on lush bedding
betraying her vows
and your majesty.
Your wife betrayed you, Majesty
because you killed her father.
She has been using Harpak's
influence to topple your reign.
She's guilty, Nimrod.
Don't spare them!
Don't spare them, Nimrod!
Alright, Obeis! I heard you.
I said go!
I won't play your game
It's over! It's over!
No, it's not.
You will finish it.
my dear Harpak.
Obeis revealed our secret.
If you don't keep your promise,
I'll seduce Nimrod into killing you.
My Sword!
Get lost!
Was ell this to avenue
your father and your tribe?
Here's my sword!
Go ahead!
Kill me!
Go ahead, kill me!
No, Great Nimrod!
Don't kill me!
I can still be useful to you
and Babel.
You have always been prudent
because of my advice.
Killing me will serve no purpose
except destabilizing your rule.
Please, don't kill me!
Please don't!
Enough! I forgive you!
And only because I can
better use you now as my vizier.
Thank you, Monarch!
Get up!
Get up!
If I were you, I'd ged rid of Obeis!
Are you with us?
Today's the feast.
Sarai will be there.
I'm not feeling well.
You go, Lot.
Don't worry.
There's a reason for it.
Go on now!
Do not be afraid. Abram.
I am the Protector who protects
and you Abram are my servant.
I am the one and only true God
who promises that I will
make nations of you it
and kings shall come from you.
You're the great god in Babel
after Nimrod.
Who are you?
Me? Destroyer of false gods!
Your voice
isn't frightening, though.
I feel strange in your presence.
I can't see well.
my eyesight is dim.
Why aren't you at the feast
with the others?
If you've brought offerings,
please leave them and go.
What? Not hungry?
Prepare to defend yourselves!
What makes you think
I've broken the idols?
There was only one person who
didn't attend the feast with us.
That's you!
The favorite protege of
Azar, the idol-maker.
And there were witnesses. too.
This axe
belongs to Abram!
Give me the axe!
Whoever used this axe
should be amputated.
Even if he's my student
or even my own family.
I heard from Azar that the axe was
found on the great idol's shoulder.
Don't you think the great idol
could have done it?
Ask him and he may tell you
he; didn't like the lesser gods.
Everyone knows that these idols
never talk and never move.
You're right.
You worship
gods who can't talk and move.
So, how can they move on your
behalf and answer your prayers?
And yet you forgot the
One True God
Jehovah whose Dower can
deliver blessings and cursings.
Fire on you and
what you worship.
So, it's true.
You Abram are a prophet.
I am.
Let it be known in all the kingdom
the punishment that befits a heretic.
Spare no firewood and let
the flames reach the heavens
and burn this man.
Let it be done.
It will be done, my king.
All Babylonians must be present
at the burning ceremony.
Obeis, you win.
You won this battle.
I'll sell my workshop.
You have no rival anymore.
They're going to burn
my dear Abram.
My intercession is
of no avail anymore.
Nimrod regards me
with disfavour.
Now it's your turn to do
as you wish.
Yes, as you wish.
Where's your saviour God
to save you from this calamity?
lam Abram.
Servant of the one
and true God.
Instead of God, you worship
nothing but useless,
lifeless idols
that you make with
your own hands.
Don't you realize that
what you worship
cannot provide you
with sustenance?
Leave for good
these false gods!
Seek sustenance
from your Creator!
And worship Him alone!
Not the creature!
Great Nimrod, the fire's ablaze.
How do we get the heretic
into the fire?
Catapult him!
Catapult him!
No, wait!
I too can bear being burnt.
I too am a woman
who worships.
And many mothers
I know do too.
The gods who couldn't defend
themselves against the axe
are not gods at all.
Me, Sarai...
I worship the God of Abram.
Burn me with him
because I have an axe too.
I will break the idol of Nimrod.
- I will destroy his idols.
- Sarai!
Come Sarai!
I am an Angel of the Lord
sent to help you, Abram.
Im also an Angel. Abram.
Sent by God to protect you.
Not one hair on you
will be harmed!
Blessed be the Lord my God
who never fails to protect me.
My God is the ruler
of the universe.
He is the uncreated Creator.
Life and death are
at His command.
He is generous, kind
and long-suffering.
The One who makes alive
and makes dead.
He is the Alpha
and the Omega.
On the order of the Monarch
prepare 2 prisoners
sentenced to death!
We'll go to the prison.
This heretic must come too.
Untie him!
He's free.
He's free.
Untie him!
Rao! Rao!
Are you that Prophet
from God...
the one I couldn't
see that day...
and the one with
divine protection?
I renounce my idols
for your God!
Pray for my forgiveness!
A lifetime of darkness...
with just an instant in the light.
Did you see?
I gave life to one...
and death to another.
My God is the Most High.
Moon and sun obey
His command.
Every day He raises the sun
from the east.
If you can, tomorrow,
raise the sun from the west.
Stop it!
Get out of Babel!
It,doesn't want you.
Leave it!
You are the god of the earth.
Fight the God of the heavens.
He's not to go anywhere in Babel.
We'll ascend the Tower of Babel
and fight Abram's God.
You are quite clever, Harpak.
And you were right, too.
I thought over what you said.
I'm about to show everyone
who here has absolute power.
And that? why I'm on top of the
Tower of Babel, the world's tallest.
I'm going to kill Abram's God
with my arrow.
Your predecessor was
also after my throne.
As a young General, you got
to him before I did.
You succeeded him because
youre smart and capable.
But like him you went astray.
Treason upon treason.
If I forgive you...
I won't be Nimrod anymore.
My Monarch!
Please forgive me!
I am the absolute power.
I don't need a vizier.
It's tall.
Very tall.
I meant the tower.
Flow should Harpak bid
his Monarch farewell?
Monarch, forgive me!
Monarch, no. Forgive me!
Monarch, forgive me!
Monarch, no. Forgive me!
Forgive me!
Someone, help!
Abram's like my own son.
Azar, believe.
God loves those who repent.
Tell your God, I'm your teacher
and that I've loved you.
- Tell Him to forgive me...
- Join us and believe.
I loved you, didn't I?
Ask your God to forgive me.
Go and tell your God
to forgive me.
Leave me alone.
Help... Help... Help...
Let go... No!
Let go... No!
Behold the fall of
Babel's Monarch!
Babel is breaking apart.
Nimrod can't even fight
a tiny mosquito.
I must now look for a new god.
Father knows that God
has called you.
He sent me.
hike wants to see you.
He sent loveliness.
I'm not sure how to say this.
But I'll try.
I'm not sure how to say this.
But I'll try.
Am I a suitable husband
for Sarai?
I need a helpmate.
Do you consent?
I do.
EL leave this land of idolatry
and go to where the Omnipotent
God will lead His servant.
After settling in Canaan, Abram
went to Egypt to wait out a famine.
There, Pharaoh lusted for Sarai
and the Lord plagued his house.
After Pharaoh repented. he gave
Sarai a maid named Hagar.
Then, Abram settled in Hebron
where he lived as a shepherd.
Hi, Sarai.
...is missing here.
Don't you hear its voice?
What voice?
The baby's.
A baby's voice.
I love you Sarai.
Baby or not.
Your seed is to bless nations.
I can't conceive.
I can't.
I guess the promise won't
come from me.
Take my maid, Hagar.
Abram's seed is more
important than me.
Remember, God's promise
iis your right.
I know without a doubt
there's love between us.
I am in love with you. Abram.
Don't ask me that.
I am asking.
All I know is that God
made me promises.
And that nations would
come from me.
He promised.
I'll talk to Hagar.
Lot, you're here.
I arrived last night.
That Sodom is a wicked land.
Men copulating with each other.
I heard.
God has ordained
you in Sodom
so that you may be a light
and a prophet unto them.
It's God's will.
Lot went back and became
a thorn to the Sodomites.
I asked Hagar.
What happened?
When Sarah and I left
Nimrod's kingdom
God promised us a son
whose descendent
would be a blessing
and in whose name all
will be called chosen.
May the Lord bless
my second born Isaac.
My father Abraham is
the son of Terah.
Terah is the son of Nahor
who is the son of Seruq
who is the son of...
Remember now son.
Who is the son of...
who is the son of Peleg
who is the son of Eber
who is the son of Elah
who is the son of Arphaxad
who is the son of Shem
who is the son of Noah.
Well done, Ishmael.
That's my jug.
It's water for my love.
My love doesn't
need your help.
We don't need a maid.
I don't need a maid.
You should prepare to leave.
I Sarah am
my husband's only wife.
Are you disappointed with our son?
You don't love us anymore.
Are 'cu disappointed with our son?
You don't love us anymore.
You must resist this temptation.
Do not surrender to it.
Love is why I'm here with you.
And our son is God's promise.
Sarah, beware jealousy's fire.
It burns worse than
Nimrod's flames.
Fight it.
Throw them out.
Hagar is my responsibility too.
Ishmael is my son.
Sorry, Sarah. I can't do that.
Oh Lord!
This situation is
taking a toll on me.
Give me your wisdom.
I will make a nation of Ishmael.
But, hearken onto Sarah. For out
of Isaac your seed shall be called.
Do not fear for the lad
and the bondwoman.
I will keep them both
safe from any harm.
It's time to bid farewell.
It's God's will that
you stay here and I go back.
What have we done
to deserve this?
Here's called Safa.
That hill's called Marwah.
God showed me
this place in a dream.
We'll die in this desert.
Have mercy on us, my lord.
It's really hot here.
Oh Lord, keep them safe
as you promised.
Have obeyed every command
of yours no matter where lam.
Oh Lord, help them find favor
and provide for their needs.
And cause them to be
grateful for your blessings.
I'm here.
I'm here.
You're here Lord.
Nearer than near.
More than ever.
Oh Kindness,
Divine Kindness!
Your son...
I love him so much.
Your son!
He's all grown up now.
And dearer to me than life.
Go to where I will show you
and prepare Isaac
to be sacrificed.
This is not true.
Do you want me to sacrifice
my precious son
like the Canaanites who throw
their firstborns into the fire
for their idols?
How can you ask me
such a thing?
If everyone kills
their offspring,
how would the earth
be blessed?
No, no, no.
I don't believe it.
I'll go find our son, Sarah.
For we must worship.
The camel is ready
by the gate.
I'll be waiting, sir.
Tomorrow we sacrifice
to our Lord.
I'll prepare the best sheen
in the herd.
I'll prepare the best sheen
in the herd.
God will provide Himself
the sacrifice.
He will.
Your mother greets
you, my son.
We leave in the morning.
What do you know of
revelations, son?
Divine ones?
Both when I was asleep
and awake
God clearly showed me
what to do.
Sacrifice a lamb for God?
You are the lamb
to be sacrificed.
God ordered me
to sacrifice you.
If it's God's will.
you'll find me willing.
do what you've
been ordered to do.
Father, tie the rope tight
and do it quick.
A sharp dagger is
an easy death.
Send peace to mother. Tell her
I willingly accepted my fate.
Father, be proud.
God is satisfied with you.
It's hard what you've
asked me to do. Lord.
Give me strength.
I was busy at times and didn't
enjoy all the days of your youth.
Flow, I won't see you
in your old age.
Worse, you must die by me.
It's on God's command. son.
I always do what He commands.
You understand. son?
Lay me prone.
That way you won't have
to see my face.
Be strong, father.
Oh, Lord!
I'm sending my son
back to you.
Hp is all Yours, my Lord!
In the name of
the One True God!
Let go of Isaac.
Flow, I know that you fear God
since you have not withheld
your son
your only son from Me.
Now, I really know.
Today. I have provided on this
Mount an acceptable sacrifice.
And because you did this,
in your seed I will bless
all the nations of the earth.