Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe (1990) Movie Script

(dramatic electronic music)
(dramatic electronic music continues)
- Have you ever been vaulted?
Let me tell you, it's not very pleasant.
It involves reinforcement of
skeletal and muscle structures
by shortwave irradiation
and ozone layering to 0.23.
Very painful.
It can also knock out your memory,
so some researcher came up with the idea
to play word association videos
while they roast your tissue.
- [Computer] Planet of origin?
- Sargacia.
- [Computer] You're a Sargacian?
- Some of us are.
- [Computer] Some of us are what?
- Sargacians.
- [Computer] What is Sargacia?
- My home planet.
- [Computer] I thought it
was the home planet of the
finder movement.
- It is.
- [Computer] What
division are you, Abraxas?
(electricity crackling)
Forget the pain, Abraxas.
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
- Easy for you to say.
(electricity crackling)
- [Computer] What division?
- Interplanetary ecology. (grunts)
- [Computer] No such division.
- [Abraxas] It's my division.
- [Computer] There's no
such division, Abraxas.
- That's my division!
- [Computer] Mission?
- Apprehend a renegade!
Finders are required to renew their vows
every 100 Earth years.
I've renewed my vows about 90 times now.
That's right, I've been on the force
for almost 10,000 years.
- [Computer] What is the law?
- [Abraxas] To defend all life.
- [Computer] What is the law?
- To be loyal to the vow of protection.
- [Computer] What is the law?
- I will have no relationship
before my obligations
as a finder.
Kick around as long as I have,
and you're gonna see it all
sooner or later.
Now they're sending me
out to bring in Secundus,
my ex-partner.
He'd gone over the top,
an occupational hazard
for all finders.
We see too much, we're around too long.
Finders are the cops of the universe.
Occasionally one of us goes renegade.
(electronic tinkling)
(dramatic music)
(explosions roaring)
- [Computer] The renegade
has been located.
Affirmative action in process.
- We have a renegade.
- Who is it?
- Secundus.
- Secundus?
Still after a Culmator?
- Yes, but now he's
re-engineered his DNA coding
and he's in a yellow star system.
If he mates, probability is
the Culmator will be born.
- I bet he's got skin like
steel after his re-engineering.
- [Hite] Have you sent a finder after him?
- Yes, I sent Abraxas.
I used warp travel.
- You used warp travel?
Must be some distance you're covering.
What sector?
- RVS 034.
It's a little planet third
or fourth from the star
in that area.
- Intelligence level?
- Tertiary.
But very advanced technologically.
We're barely ahead of them
except for warp travel.
And a few other things.
- Peaceful?
- Relatively.
We've intervened twice.
But basically, they're on the right path.
- [Hite] Nice place?
- Alright, I suppose.
Never been there myself.
Inhabitants call the place Earth.
- Hm, nice name.
Can Abraxas stop the renegade?
- We've reinforced his skeletal structure.
Vaulted it, T-squared.
- Weren't Abraxas and Secundus partners?
- Ancient history, Hite.
Secundus turned bad 1000 years ago.
You know that.
- You should not have sent Abraxas.
- Abraxas can handle it.
He's brought Secundus in before.
He knows the man, he
knows how he operates.
- I suppose we'll see, won't we?
I know Secundus, I know
what he's capable of.
- And I know what your problem is, Hite.
You really can't stand
being at an outpost.
- I should be at command central.
Instead I'm wasting my career
at some god forsaken outpost
at the edge of the known universe.
Now I have a problem on a
planet no one's ever heard of.
Abraxas better take care of this.
(tense electronic music)
- [Abraxas] Secundus and
I went back a long way.
We pulled each other
through a lot of hard times.
- [Secundus] Abraxas cannot
possibly understand my motives.
He believes in right and wrong.
(blasters whistling)
(explosion roaring)
The only thing that matters is power,
the power to no longer
be a victim of fate.
(blasters whistling)
(explosion roaring)
(blasters whistling)
(explosion roaring)
(blasters whistling)
(explosion roaring)
(blasters whistling)
(explosion roaring)
(blasters whistling)
(explosion roaring)
(blasters whistling)
(explosion roaring)
(dramatic music)
(blasters whistling)
(explosion roaring)
(car engine humming)
(upbeat music)
- Carl.
Please, come on.
- What's the matter?
- Carl, stop it.
Nothing has matter with me just because
I don't want you falling all over me.
- [Carl] Come on, Sonia, please?
- Mm-mm.
(dramatic music)
- [Carl] What the?
(engine humming)
- He's coming for the car.
- [Carl] We're getting out of here.
(engine humming)
Start, start!
Come on!
- [Sonia] Get the car started, hurry!
Get it started!
- Go go go!
- Hurry, hurry!
(glass shattering)
(both screaming)
- [Carl] Run for it,
Sonia, get out of there!
- Are you a birthing
member of the human race?
- Huh?
- I need your body.
- [Computer] Communication from command.
Secundus is in possession
of a fertile birthing member
of the species.
(engine revving)
(dramatic music)
- [Sonia] No, please, no, let me go!
No, please!
Please, no!
No! (screaming)
(intense rock music)
(intense rock music continues)
(tense music)
(tense music)
(Sonia gasping)
- I really do need your body.
(electronic humming)
- [Computer] DNA infusion complete.
Reproduction commenced.
- What happened to your face?
- I was vaulted, T-squared.
- Looks like they lined
your skull with plasteel.
- It's over.
- Right, I win.
The girl will bear my child,
and he will be the answer.
- Why?
You had it all.
An almost immortal lifespan.
Virtually unlimited power.
- Almost, virtually?
It's not enough when I can't have it all.
The key is the birth of a Culmator.
A Culmator will be able to
compute the Anti-life equation.
That child will be a Culmator.
Join me.
To stop me now, you have to kill the girl.
I know you. You can't do that.
- [Computer] Communication from command.
Secundus will be
transported to penal planet
Tyrannus 7.
A travel warp is offered to him.
- (laughing) It doesn't matter, I win!
See you soon, Abraxas.
- [Computer] Stand clear,
travel warp is offered to him.
(energy warbling)
(melancholy jazz music)
Remove the possibility of the birth
of Secundus's child immediately.
Eliminate the female.
To eliminate the offspring
upon birth would be hazardous.
The anti-life equation could erupt.
You have two minutes.
(dramatic music)
(Sonia groaning)
Order repeated, eliminate the female.
You have one minute.
(Sonia sobbing)
(dramatic music)
(Sonia groaning)
(dramatic music)
Abraxas, you must eliminate
the female before birth occurs.
You have 30 seconds.
- What is happening
to me?
(dramatic music)
- [Computer] 15 seconds, Abraxas.
(Sonia screaming)
Five, four, three, two, one.
- No! (screaming)
- He didn't do it.
The Culmator is born!
- We don't know if the
child is Culmator yet, Hite.
- Mere possibility of such
an occurrence is sufficient
to warrant the death of
the woman and the child.
(dramatic music)
- [Sonia] Here, here.
It's okay.
(dramatic music)
(melancholy jazz music)
(Sonia groaning)
(melancholy jazz music continues)
(fire crackling)
- Sonia, we wanna help you.
But this.
This story is so hard to believe.
- I'm not asking you to believe me.
I'd settle for some help.
- Why won't you tell us who the father is?
- I, uh, I know this sounds terrible,
but I honestly don't
know who the father is.
- The only thing worse than
protecting a delinquent father
is not knowing who the father is.
- I have nothing to be ashamed of.
If you want me to leave
this house, I will.
- I want you to leave this house.
- County of birth?
- Simpo.
- Town?
- Thornbury.
- Name?
- [Sonia] Mine?
- The baby's.
- Thomas.
Thomas Murray.
- Name.
- Thomas.
- Got that, give me yours.
- Sonia Murray.
- Father.
- Um,
I'm the only parent.
- Come on, lady, what'd you do,
find the kid in a parking lot?
You wanna register the kid?
Okay, how do I know
this kid is yours, huh?
You got one affidavit signed by yourself,
now who's the father?
- I'm the mother.
(dramatic music)
I'm the mother.
You don't laugh.
You never cry.
You never make a sound.
Who are you?
What are you?
Where did you come from?
I bet you have a lot of secrets.
It's been five years since Tommy was born,
five years since that night.
We have a nice, fairly regular life,
except that Tommy has never spoken,
he's never made a sound.
Sometimes, I have no idea
what he's really thinking.
Hurry up, hurry up, I'm gonna get you!
I've never told him what his father was.
(fire roaring)
Catch it, yeah!
I love him so much, but I'm
afraid that something terrible
is going to happen to him.
I don't know why, but, I have a feeling
that something will take
him away from me forever.
(explosions roaring)
There's no physical reason
as far as they can see
why he shouldn't be talking.
He's apparently capable of it.
There's no hearing impairment,
he's bright enough.
- [Doctor] He's five?
- Yep.
- He's big for five.
- Yeah.
- [Doctor] Seen any
other doctors about this?
- Yes, about a dozen or so over the years.
- Has there been any trauma
in Tommy's life at all?
- When he was born.
He cried a little bit,
but then he stopped.
- Since then?
Not a sound.
- [Doctor] Nothing?
- [Sonia] Nothing.
- [Computer] This is
penal planet Tyrannus 7.
We confirm the escape of Secundus.
- Standby, we will advise.
- How did he escape?
- [Dar] We're not sure.
- Secundus would be irrelevant if you had
eliminated the girl before she gave birth.
- None of us could be certain her child
would possess the anti-life equation.
- We're certain now.
The readouts indicate
the child is a Culmator.
The boy may be capable of
unconsciously computing
the anti-life equation,
and Secundus is capable
of ripping it right out of his brain.
- [Dar] Consciously, Hite,
the Culmator is still dormant.
- That will change.
Secundus will see to it.
You should have taken her life.
That would've prevented
this problem from arising.
- You could've executed Secundus.
That would've prevented the problem.
- He was a finder, Abraxas.
- Was.
Now he's an uncontrollable malcontent.
You should have terminated him.
- All finders are necessarily
and understandably
exempt from execution,
it's operational mandate.
- My operational mandate
does not allow execution
of innocent women and children.
- Do you realize what you've done?
Let me spell it out for you.
With the equation,
Secundus could gain access
to the anti-life universe.
If he even attempts
entry, a destructive force
would be unleashed that
would shatter worlds.
- I understand, but it
still doesn't justify murder
of an innocent victim.
- You've endangered the
lives of millions of people
for the sake of one woman and one child.
- [Abraxas] I think
you're over-dramatizing
the situation, Hite.
- I think not.
Culmators are not legend!
If travel warps could handle
more than single entities,
I would send a platoon down right now.
- Can you latch me on to Secundus's warp?
- [Dar] I think so.
- Another water landing?
- Has to be.
You're restricted to
carbon-based, H2O warps.
The planet is 70% water.
- Abraxas, you must locate
the Culmator and terminate it.
Kill the child before Secundus-
- The decision to terminate is mine alone.
- Not in this case!
- I'll solve the problem my way.
- There's no time for this, Hite.
Let's pay weaponry a visit.
Abraxas, you'll need some heavy artillery.
Secundus hit a techno-carrier
after he escaped.
- [Abraxas] Travel
warps are like wormholes
connecting different
parts of the universe,
kind of like a galactic subway system.
They're a natural phenomenon
that we've learned to use,
sometimes successfully, sometimes not.
(dramatic music)
(explosion roaring)
- [Computer] Malfunction,
travel warp malfunction.
- What happened?
- I tried to run parallel
with Secundus's travel warp,
and the streams crossed.
- Abraxas will be stripped
naked of his weaponry.
- Hite, he'll be lucky to survive.
- All they'll have left
is their answer boxes.
- These indicate that
Secundus's answer box
is in low charge.
He'll be forced to find
a repower generation source immediately.
That means that Abraxas will
have the upper hand initially.
- Better use it to terminate
the Culmator child.
(dramatic music)
- I thought you were still asleep.
Did you have a good sleep?
I'm meeting with your principal today.
He wants to talk to me about you.
You haven't been up to
any mischief, have you?
No, I didn't think so.
Come on, let's get you
washed and dressed, huh.
(dramatic music)
(Abraxas screaming)
- [Principal] So you're Tommy's mother?
- Yes.
- Is it Mrs. Murray?
- No.
- You're single.
- Yes.
- How long has the father been gone?
- Since he was born.
- Has there been any abuse in the family?
- No.
- How long has he not been speaking?
- (sighs) All his life.
- Well do you think maybe
that Tommy's acting out
'cause his father isn't around
and that he's not speaking
because he's angry.
- No.
I think he's mute.
- Have you tried anything
with him to get him to speak?
I know here, when students
are not paying attention,
pretending they don't hear me,
I try to catch 'em off
guard, I go (screams).
It gets a little response out of 'em,
have you tried anything like that?
- What are you getting at, Mr. Latimer?
- (sighs) Well Mrs. Murray, I'm sorry,
this is a normal school
for normal children.
- My son is normal.
He just needs special attention.
- He's getting special
attention alright, Mrs. Murray.
His presence is causing a
problem with the students.
Frankly, Tommy scares the piss out of 'em,
and they act out, they push
him, they call him names,
they tease him, constantly.
- Why don't you just tell
them to stop teasing him,
to stop pushing him, to stop
calling him all kinds of names?
Have you ever thought of
just telling them to stop it?
- No.
I haven't.
PM, I'll try that,
I'll speak to the kids.
I'll just tell 'em directly.
That's a good suggestion,
I'm gonna try that.
(melancholy jazz music)
- [Secundus] Something wrong
happened in the travel warp.
I was alive, but my
weapons had been destroyed.
Abraxas had to have
suffered the same fate.
In hand to hand, I could take him,
but first I had to recharge my answer box.
(melancholy jazz music)
(both grunting)
- Yes.
I like camping in the fall,
the phone reception is better.
You've got my fax number, right?
(tense music)
(both grunting)
(Abraxas screaming)
Hi, can I help you?
Hey, what do you want?
- Hey, what are you doing here?
What do you want?
- [Man] I'll handle this.
- [Computer] I am insufficiently charged
to activate this vehicle.
- Give me the keys.
- I'm not gonna give you my keys.
What's your driving record?
I've got quality insurance?
It doesn't cover high-risk drivers.
Look, I'm willing to
overlook this if you are.
I could sue you for this, you know.
Personal harassment.
I'm a lawyer, I can litigate.
- Give me the keys.
(man gasps)
Grab the keys.
Michael, Michael, get the key, get them.
- [Michael] Here you go.
(intense jazzy music)
- You know, you really ought
to get an alarm system in here.
- For what, to protect a
few bags of organic pasta?
- [Johnny] Oh, geez, oh I'm sorry.
Let me get this for you.
- Um, this is a country
store, Johnny, there.
Drink your wheat grass juice.
- Okay.
You know, I was wondering.
Saturday, I mean if you weren't busy or.
(door chimes)
- Hey!
- Howdy Johnny.
How's the law in Dodge City?
- Hi, Maxie.
- Wait, here!
- Stop, stop!
Could you please provide me
with ground transportation?
- How's your girlfriend?
- I haven't asked her out yet.
- Well why not, Johnny boy?
You're the new kid in town.
Probably just holding her breath.
- I've been busy, know what I mean?
- Sounds like fear of failure to me.
Yep, fear of failure.
It's held many a good man down.
Well, I'm gonna grab me a coffee.
Come on, I'll buy you one.
Say hello to some of the locals.
(soft music)
- [Man] I'm on my way to town.
I'm gonna report this to the local police.
- [Abraxas] I am a police officer.
- [Woman] Don't you think we
should go to the local police?
You don't look local to me.
- Perhaps you'd have some
local clothing I could wear.
- [Computer] Sensors indicate
appropriate power source
in this vicinity.
(dramatic music)
(metal cracking)
(dramatic jazz music)
(glass shattering)
- [Secundus] The anti-life
equation is tantamount to magic.
It would make me a god.
Anything less is death.
(electricity crackling)
(computer beeping)
- [Computer] Program resumed.
Warp travel damage corrected.
We are active.
- Hey, what are you doing in my shop?
- I am recharging my answer box.
- Whatever the hell
that is, you sure picked
the wrong place to do it.
- You're quite a big man.
- Big enough to take you, pal.
- Yes.
(man grunting)
Test for the anti-life equation.
- [Computer] Subject does not
possess anti-life equation.
Testing will result in discorporation.
- Run the test.
(man groaning)
(explosion roaring)
You failed.
- So what makes you think you
can locate my four by four?
My box has VD, trust me.
- Your what?
- VD, vibrational detection.
Everything, even machinery,
has its own particular
vibrational frequency.
We just can't read them.
This device, my answer
box, can read and locate
anything it's made solid contact with.
- And it must be able to
pick up this guy as well.
- No, members of our force
were taught to avoid VD.
- [Man] Michael, grab a bunch
of those old work clothes from the back.
Give them to the man.
- Boy's never gonna learn.
- Anybody belong to that poor excuse
for a forklift out there?
Need the safety check, talking now.
- It's mine, got a problem with that?
- Ah Billy, Johnny here
was just doing his job.
He doesn't mean anything-
- Sheriff Sharp, that's a 217.
- Johnny, Johnny, he
just takes the tractor
from town to the five,
he never causes any harm.
- I'm trying to-
- I must locate Secundus.
- Good luck!
- Johnny boy,
you got to learn the difference
between the spirit of the law
and the letter of the law.
Now right now, you're
trying to act and function
on the letter of the law, right?
Now this is a small town.
We got no bad guys up here.
You're the one who wanted
to get out of the city
out to a place where you
could really make a difference.
- I didn't want to spend my time-
- The difference up here is,
you're a peace officer, got it?
- With all due respect, Sheriff,
I think peace officer is
an antiquated concept.
- Huh?
- Listen, a police department today is
in a constant state of siege.
- What are you talking about?
- Look around.
Ever corner there's freaks,
lunatics, terrorists.
- [Sharp] Most people are locals.
- We have to be prepared
to defend ourselves.
- From what, apple-pickers?
- [Woman On Radio] Sheriff,
we got an emergency
at town hall.
They say some guy's in
there tearing the place up
pretty good.
- On our way.
No bad guys, huh?
- [Abraxas] Secundus had the mother's name
and would be looking for the
location of the Culmator child.
He had it pinpointed to this area,
but that was basic logic.
This was the terminal
end of the travel warp.
(dramatic music)
- Hey.
You work here or what?
My electricity got cut off.
So what are you gonna do about it?
You gonna fix it or what?
(siren blaring)
- Let her go, Secundus.
- Get out of my way or
I will crush her skull.
- Drop her.
- One more bark or whimper from you,
and her brain is dust.
Just try me.
- Do what he says, he will kill her.
- Who are you?
- I'm a fellow officer.
I am in pursuit of this man.
- He's not armed.
I can nail him.
- I don't think so.
Do you want the girl to die?
- Tell them, Abraxas.
They cannot change destiny.
Up against the wall.
Give me your guns.
- Don't give him your gun, Johnny.
- You're right.
(John groaning)
I'll take it.
Put your gun in my pocket.
(John groaning)
Follow me, and she dies!
Have a nice day.
(dramatic music)
(man grunting)
- Hey, don't shoot!
- Don't shoot!
(gun firing)
(all shouting)
- Stay.
(tense music)
- No.
(gun firing)
(man groaning)
(tires screeching)
(gun firing)
(man screaming)
(man grunting)
- [Johnny] Stop right there, mister!
(dirt bike engine buzzing)
(dramatic music)
(children laughing)
- [Child] Come on, Tommy.
(children chattering)
- That's our slide!
- It's everybody's slide.
- Not today it isn't!
- He's too big, Tommy.
- You two beat it!
Come on, I said beat it!
(dramatic music)
- Should I hit him?
(dramatic music)
Hey Willie, little guy made
you wet your pants! (laughing)
- It's payback time, kid.
I don't know how you
did it, but this time,
I'm gonna make you real sorry.
(dramatic music)
(mysterious music)
(water gurgling)
(door knocking)
- Betty?
It's Sonia.
Forgot my keys again.
- What else is new?
So how was your day today?
- It was good.
Really busy, but good.
- Eh, you know, the usual.
Still going out to the movies tonight?
- Hi Sonia!
- Hi.
Hey you!
Oh, I missed you!
I missed you all day!
Still wanna go to the movies?
Yeah, okay.
Go get a sweater.
Chilly outside.
- Do you mind if we stay
here and watch your TV set
while you're gone?
- No, fine, whatever you want.
- Great, 'cause ours has
got all those squiggly lines
and you can't see nothing, come on.
- There's food in the refrigerator.
Help yourself to anything you want.
- Don't forget your keys.
- Oh no, I won't.
Hi Mr. Mucci!
Merry Christmas!
- [Mucci] Hey, merry Christmas, Sonia!
I'm a pirate king
Teran tera, teran tera
And a doo da doo da doo
Oh jeez!
I don't believe it, I
forgot my keys again!
Do you believe it?
Oh, what the heck.
I guess Betty'll still
be up after the show.
Teran tera, teran tera
You ready?
For I'm a pirate king
Teran tera, teran tera
- [Man on Television] Is he gonna show up?
- [Man 2 on Television] He'll show.
- [Man On Television] The kid's a weasel.
What the hell's he gonna do?
(knocking on door)
- I know, I know, you forgot
your key again, right?
(door knocking)
(wood crackling)
(woman shrieking)
(dramatic music)
(woman whimpering)
- [Boy] Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!
- [Computer] Entity has no
knowledge of anti-life equation.
- Must be the Culmator.
Run the test!
- [Computer] Discorporation.
Warning, warning.
- Run the test.
- [Computer] Warning.
(glass shattering)
- Whoa!
- Run!
(intense music)
(electricity crackling)
(electricity crackling)
(Abraxas grunting)
- You think there is good and bad?
There's only power.
(Abraxas grunting)
Soon, I will have power
beyond imagination.
I could kill you now,
but I will let you live so you can see
everything you care about be destroyed.
(Abraxas groaning)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
- Oh my God.
- [Computer] Your initial
wound is now closed.
Surface street (indistinct) will provide.
I have taken sterilization procedures.
- We have to leave now.
The authorities will arrive soon.
- Hold it.
Hold it right there.
Tommy, get in your bedroom right now.
Five years
I have lived with this thing
that is so unbelievable
that the only people I
could tell are my parents.
When I tell them, they disown me.
I don't even know the
name of whatever it was
that impregnated me.
You'd think one of you space
guys or whatever it is you are
could've dropped me a note or something.
You know, just to let me
know that I'm not crazy,
that this thing really did happen.
Oh no, that would be too much.
You're probably too busy off
saving the universe, right?
Do you ever think about
what I'm going through?
Or how difficult it is making ends meet?
Do you have any idea how much
a two bedroom house costs?
You know I just feel like I oughta...
Ow, ow, ow!
What have you got in there, steel?
- Plasteel, to be correct.
We really must leave.
- Why should I trust you.
- If I had wanted to hurt you,
I could've done it years ago.
You know that.
We must go now.
(dramatic music)
- [Computer] Birthing members
of the dominant species
are highly protective of their offspring.
Find the mother and you
will find the child.
Abraxas is concentrating on his wound.
I cannot locate him.
His shield is intact.
- Hey you, it's closed!
Can't you read or what?
(dramatic music)
- I'm looking for a man, a woman.
- Women, ah, you're looking for women.
Like exotic dancers?
- I'm not familiar with
the term, exotic dancer.
- [Computer] Exotic dancers
are birthing members
of the species performing
contemporary fertility rites.
- What the hell was that?
- That's my answer box.
- Hey listen, pal, ain't no exotic dancers
here in these parts, not
in this town, anyways.
- Shame.
Thank you.
- Hey hey, watch it! (groans)
Hey bub, that's my car! (grunting)
- Tommy has entered an
unconscious resting state.
- No he hasn't, he's asleep.
- [Abraxas] What is our destination?
- [Sonia] We're going to Maxie's.
- [Abraxas] Is Maxie a man?
- [Sonia] Yes.
- [Abraxas] Is this man a friend of yours.
- A good friend.
He grows organic apples,
which I buy from him.
- Is he a mating partner of yours?
- No, he's a good friend,
but he's certainly
not a mating partner.
- I understand.
A non-conjugal relationship
with a male member of your species.
- Yeah, that's what I said.
- [Computer] Command issues
a reminder that you are
to terminate.
- What did you do that for?
- So that we can talk uninterrupted.
- [Dar] It appears that Abraxas
has shut down his answer box.
- That's three times he's failed
to apprehend Secundus in a
direct confrontational situation.
Abraxas may be a little too
aged for this assignment.
He's had possession of the
Culmator for 147 parsecs
and still hasn't terminated-
- Parsecs are not an
appropriate earth time unit.
- Send somebody else down.
- I can't send somebody else down.
We're still experiencing warp malfunction
in that sector, Hite.
- [Hite] When it's back
on audio, let me know.
- Alright now, Jack,
what did he look like.
Can you tell me what he looked like?
- He was big and then he had a beard.
- Did he say anything to you?
- He was going to give me a test.
- What kind of a test?
- That I knew something.
- What could a kid like you possibly know
that this guy wants?
- His wrist was talking!
- Maybe the blood samples
will tell us something.
I scraped some off the walls
and have them queried
down at the city.
We'll get a fax report
back in about an hour.
(dramatic music)
- And they all lived happily ever after.
Goodnight angel.
- About this Abraxas character?
What do you know about this guy?
- [Sonia] I know more than I believe.
- Hello.
I suppose you're not tired.
Wanna sit up here with me?
I'll tell you a story.
It's about two men,
who were partners.
Police men?
No, I'd say more like peace men.
That's a person who tries
to solve things peacefully.
That's a very hard thing to do.
- Sheriff, I can't eat this.
It's nothing but white
bread, processed cheese,
and non-organic lettuce,
just pesticide and water.
- Oh for chrissakes,
lighten up, would you White?
You fall in love with
the Murray broad,
and now you're trying to get
to her by eating all the shit
in the store.
- Never get involved with a suspect.
- [Sharp] She's not a suspect!
- What were those guys doing
tearing up her place, huh?
I think this thing is
bigger than it seems.
I think it's gonna blow up in our faces.
I think we need outside help.
- With what?
I got one guy responsible
for two counts of auto theft
and three murders.
I can't even be sure the
same guy did all three.
- We got fingerprints and then
eyewitness identification.
What more do you want?
- It ain't enough to be
bringing the National Guard,
the CIA, the grand jury,
and god knows who else.
Boehs, you put this on my tab, would you?
Come on.
- 10.
- But one of the men
began to grow unhappy.
He was seeing so much, learning so much.
He thought he found a way
to become all-powerful.
Soon, the only thing that mattered to him
was himself and the power that he wanted.
He was no longer a good man.
- Tommy?
You should be in bed.
Go now.
How are you feeling?
- Healing rate is a control factor
that one can manipulate at will.
I am feeling better,
much better, thank you.
- Maybe you can manipulate
it at will, but I sure can't.
- You haven't tried.
- Water helps.
It's a great healer.
- Well, I'm gonna take a shower.
I'll let you know what happens.
- You never married after Tommy's birth.
- No.
Are you married?
- No, people in my profession
are not allowed to marry.
- Yes.
15 Tommy gonna be alright?
- The anti-life equation
could lie dormant in his mind
for his entire life, or
it could be triggered off.
- What's triggered off?
- Overloading his mind
with fear and confusion.
That's what Secundus will try to do.
If he gets to the boy-
- But you won't let that happen.
- We won't let that happen.
(upbeat rock music)
(crowd chattering)
- There any women here?
- Are you crazy, what do
you think you're looking at?
- Yes.
I'm gonna be crying
Well you're leaving me
- Hey buddy, don't touch
the dancers. (grunting)
(tense music)
(man grunting)
(computer beeping)
- [Computer] Vocal mode has resumed.
Sensors indicate that you have lied
and that you have had direct contact
with the Culmator child
on a one to one basis.
You have had ample opportunities
to terminate the Culmator,
cleanly and efficiently.
- Do you like functioning
in the vocal mode?
- [Computer] Vocal mode is necessary
to serve and protect you, Abraxas.
- You will speak when spoken to,
or I will deactivate your vocal mode.
- [Computer] Command has issued an order
to terminate the Culmator child.
- You are not to speak unless spoken to.
The problem is not the
child, it is Secundus.
(peaceful music)
- [Computer] I am reading
your emotion level to Sonia,
the birthing member of the
species in undressed state.
Need I remind you that
finders are not permitted
to be bonded so that they
might remain totally loyal
to their task.
- Need I remind you that
you're only to speak
when spoken to?
- The two sets of prints
found in the apartment
match those in the vital statistics,
but there's something weird.
- What do you mean, weird?
- Well they have highly
irregular patterns,
like nothing we have on record.
- What about the blood on
the wall at the Murray joint?
- You believe in extraterrestrials?
- Ah, spies, CIA, now ETs?
Look, I believe I saw what I saw.
More than that, I'll figure out as we go.
Now what about the blood?
- The blood doesn't read as human.
- Great, what's it read as, goat?
- Chemical composition is like nothing
the big city boys have ever seen before.
Doesn't match up with any blood
type they've ever heard of.
Animal or human.
- That's crazy!
- Alright, so who do you think
these guys are, shriners?
(peaceful music)
(Sonia clears throat)
- I brought you a shirt.
I wanna ask you something.
- Yes?
- Just before I gave birth to Tommy,
you were gonna kill me.
You had orders to kill me.
Why didn't you?
- You had done no wrong.
You were an innocent,
and you were brave.
I could not kill you.
- It's your section.
- No it's not.
- Yes it is.
- No, it's not.
- He's in the mid-section,
that's common territory,
and besides, there's been
murders in this town,
and that guy looks like
he could've done it.
- Any guy who just killed three people
would not be sitting in
here eating his breakfast.
- Well I'm not gonna go serve him.
You go ahead.
(people chattering)
(woman clears throat)
- I'm hungry.
- Here's the menu.
- This I cannot eat.
- You just pick something.
- Very good, I will have that.
- What'd he order?
- He ordered the whole breakfast section.
- [Woman] Did you check to
see if he had money first?
- You ask him.
- No way, uh uh.
- [Sharp] 50, what are
you doing for Christmas?
- [Johnny] Well, I was gonna
go home and see my parents,
but they don't like me very much.
- [Sharp] Sure they do!
- Anyways, I gotta lot
of work to catch up on
around here.
I'm gonna stay in town.
Clean my guns or something.
- Why don't you come to our place?
Family dinner.
- What are you having?
- Turkey.
- Free range?
- I paid for it.
(dramatic music)
- [Johnny] So what makes
you think these guys
are saying at Maxie's?
- [Sharp] I drove past light
not, car was parked outside.
(horn honking)
- Get in the other room.
The less people that know
you're here, the better.
(door knocking)
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Sheriff Sharp, and I'm Deputy White.
- John, I see you almost
every day in my store.
What are you introducing yourself for?
- Your apartment was vandalized last night
and we have reason to believe
that the man who did it
is also responsible for
several killings in this area.
We're concerned for your safety.
- I'll be alright.
- I'm not asking if you'll be alright.
We're talking murder here.
The killer may be after you.
- [Johnny] Look, Ms. Murray-
- You're being pretty formal here, John.
- We believe that you know something.
Now maybe you're protecting
somebody, I don't know,
but whatever it is, we can help you.
You can't do this alone.
- I'm not doing it alone,
and you wouldn't believe me anyway.
- Why don't you try us?
- Ms. Murray, you're in danger.
I can protect you.
We can protect you.
Talk to me.
- Let me think about it.
- Come on, guys, I'll
see you out to your car.
(soft jazz music)
- We have to get out of here.
- Running would just
further disturb Tommy.
I'm sure he's been affected
by the turmoil already.
And Secundus would just track you down.
We'll take care of this right here.
- [Sonia] How?
- By taking care of Secundus.
- How are you gonna do that?
- I've done it before, I'll do it again.
- Yeah.
- I'll take care of it.
- (sighs) Thank you.
- That was pleasant.
- [Computer] That was physical
contact against an area
of the human anatomy pressure
sensitive, self-moistening,
and located close to the perceived source
of thoughts and emotions.
- You answer box sounds a little jealous.
- [Computer] I am free
from the bondage of emotion
and do not suffer petty jealousies.
- Remember what I told you?
- [Computer] Sorry.
- Haven't you ever kissed a woman before?
- No.
- You're kidding.
- No.
- That, good, that was really good.
(soft music)
- [Computer] Abraxas.
- You've spoken to.
- [Computer] I thought you should know
that the Culmator child called
Tommy has left this domicile.
(dramatic music)
- "Dear Mom, I love you and
Maxie and I think Abraxas, too.
Bad man is after me.
I don't want anything
bad to happen to you.
I'm going away so he won't find me
and you'll be alright.
I love you."
- We must find him.
If he wanders too far, my
answer box cannot cloak him.
- Will there be anything else?
- [Secundus] Those children,
where are they going?
- To the school up the street.
- Do all the children from around here
go to the same school?
- Yeah, it's the only one in the area.
- I see.
What is this?
- The bill.
- Did I order this?
- Everyone gets one.
- Merry Christmas.
- [Computer] Culmator
still cloaked by Abraxas,
but cloak weakening.
(dramatic music)
- [Johnny] Hey that's him!
- Hey!
- Freeze!
- On the ground, pal, now!
- Now!
- We mean it.
(metal clattering)
- My DNA is altered.
- What are you talking about?
- My flesh can handle your weapons.
- Well try this one.
(gun firing)
(electricity crackling)
(intense music)
(dramatic music)
(intense music)
(John screaming)
- Interesting.
(gun firing)
(explosion roaring)
(dramatic music)
Interesting, but not effective.
(dramatic music)
- Are you alright, Tommy?
- You had us scared to death.
- I wanna talk to Tommy alone.
Perhaps I could drive
back to Maxie's house
in your car with Tommy.
- Is that okay with you, Tommy?
- [Computer] Culmator not within.
- I know that, I have other plans.
(dramatic music)
(children laughing)
- Different languages,
different religions,
different colors of skin.
But basically, when it
comes right down to it,
we're all just people, aren't we?
(dramatic music)
And that's what's really important.
Can I help you?
- Bring me the Culmator.
- What?
- I said, bring me the
Culmator, or I will kill
all these children, one at a time.
(dramatic music)
I love children.
- Your mother told me you
have a birthday coming up.
You'll be six.
I have a birthday soon.
I'll be 11,862 next Tuesday.
That's a little bit
more than six, isn't it?
(sighing) I know why
you won't Speak, Tommy.
You're afraid, afraid of
what you have inside you,
afraid of your power, and I
know it's hard being different
from all the other children.
Sometimes life can be hard.
Sometimes we all have to
do things we don't want to.
- He'll do it now.
He was just exercising
compassion for the mother.
He didn't want to do it in front of her.
- He wants Secundus, Hite.
- No, no, he'll do it.
- I agree, but he'll do it his way.
- He can't do it his way,
he can't take Secundus out.
He knows what's necessary.
He'll do it when the child
is relaxed and unsuspecting,
make it a peaceful death.
- You're a good person, Tommy.
You could learn to control your power.
You can speak.
(dramatic music)
- Come on, everybody, get back there.
Let the men work, come on, get back there.
Come on, clear the street,
okay, bring it on in.
- Tell me I'm dreaming.
- Well, if it ain't the mystery cop.
- I know the location of the perpetrator.
(dramatic music)
(glass shattering)
- What's going on, Blake?
- Some lunatic burst into the classroom,
grabbed me, and says he
want (stammers) Culmator?
- It's him.
- Send me the Culmator.
I want him now.
You have 30 seconds,
or I kill the children.
- Why are you doing this?
What do you want?
- [Johnny] He's gonna start killing them.
They're just kids!
- Send in the Culmator,
the child called Tommy.
- Tommy, Tommy.
- Five seconds left.
- Tommy!
- [Johnny] Sonia, stop!
- Tommy!
(dramatic music)
- I knew you would come.
You were born for this moment.
You are my creation.
You will reveal the anti-life equation.
You are my son.
You are the Culmator.
Test the Culmator.
(dramatic music)
- Tommy, run!
(both grunting)
- Not this time.
- [Computer] Culmator escaping.
Culmator escaping.
Culmator escaping.
Culmator escaping.
(dramatic music)
(tires screeching)
(tense music)
- [Abraxas] I knew what
Secundus was going to do,
play cat and mouse with the boy, tease him
until fear and frustration
had Tommy's mind bubbling
like a pot of Sargacian oil.
- [Sonia] Abraxas wait,
I'm coming with you!
- The Culmator's energy is building.
He's now capable of causing
spontaneous combustion.
- How long before he hits critical mass?
- Very soon.
(tense electronic music)
(electricity crackling)
- There's no more hiding,
no more running.
Look in my eyes
See me as I really am
- Just you, me, and
the anti-life equation.
(sparks crackling)
Show me how it feels without
The ocean pressures go away
(fire crackling)
Save me
You're breaking me
(explosion crackling)
Strong as I am
There's something about
this thing that scares me
Strong as I am
There's something about
this thing that scares me
Strong as I am
There's something about
this thing that harms me
Strong as I am
There's something about
this thing that harms me
You have me near you
Your great uprising while you run
Ooh yes
It could be you
You have me near you
The love you would not share
This time I'm waiting
(fire crackling)
(tense music)
- You're my son.
You are the Culmator.
You cannot change destiny.
- Secundus!
- It's out of your control, Abraxas.
You cannot kill Sonia's
son, and you cannot kill me.
I was a finder, a good finder.
Remember the mandate?
No finder, past or
present, can be executed.
Go back home, Abraxas.
(tense music)
(electricity crackling)
(explosions roaring)
(dramatic music)
(Abraxas screaming)
(explosion booming)
(dramatic music)
- [Abraxas] I didn't know
whether Tommy was gonna
blast me off the face of the
planet or offer me a hand up.
- Tommy.
- [Abraxas] It could go either way.
- Tommy.
It's gonna be alright.
It's gonna be alright.
It's gonna be alright, Tommy.
(peaceful music)
(dramatic music)
(siren blaring)
(Sonia groaning)
It's stuck!
- Freeze!
(gun firing)
(suspenseful music)
(both grunting)
(Abraxas groaning)
- [Computer] Abraxas, your
mandate does not allow you
to terminate another finder, let him go.
- Dead end.
- You can't kill me.
I was a finder.
- Test for the anti-life equation.
- [Computer] Warning, testing
will result in discorporation.
- You can't do it!
- Testing will result in discorporation.
Testing will result in discorporation.
(explosion roaring)
(sirens blaring)
(men chattering)
- [Man] Get in the trucks,
come on, let's move it.
Get the hoses out of there.
Burning like a cylinder.
Come on, boys.
We can save this old wreck.
Come on, get in there, okay, okay.
- [Computer] Your mission is completed.
Command congratulates you.
A travel warp will appear in two minutes
to transport you to your next assignment.
- It's possible someone else may try
to exploit the Culmator.
- [Computer] If that occurs, it will be
dealt with then, Abraxas.
- It might be wise if Tommy were
assigned a permanent finder.
- [Computer] Command
says your recommendation
will be considered.
Prepare for travel, Abraxas.
- I would be very interested
in taking that assignment.
- [Computer] Command says your
desire will be considered.
Now prepare for travel.
- I cannot leave.
- [Computer] To refuse a transport order
means to forfeit your finderhood.
- I know.
Can I keep my answer box?
- [Computer] I would be pleased
to stay and watch over you,
Sonia, and Tommy, if Command permits it.
- We have a decision to make.
- The decision has already been made.
I was wrong about Abraxas.
- [Computer] Affirmative, we can stay.
(peaceful music)
- Hey!
You got some explaining to do.
- You're a good man, Officer Sharp.
This world needs good men.
- You really are some kind
of off-world cop, aren't you?
- I'm terrestrial now.
- How am I gonna write
this up in a report?
- I think you should scale it down
to acceptable proportions.
- Fine.
- You know, I think I'm
gonna like living here.
This planet's got a
great deal of potential.
(engine humming)
- I kinda like that guy.
Mm, let's go.
- Coffee and donuts?
- Yeah.
- [Abraxas] Secundus was
zapped off into the universe,
and I was on Earth for good.
Earth, nice name, isn't it?
- [Sonia] I'm really glad you're staying.
- [Tommy] Me too.
(calm pop music)
(calm pop music continues)
(calm pop music continues)
(calm pop music continues)
(calm pop music continues)
(calm pop music continues)
(calm pop music continues)
(tense electronic music)
(peaceful music)