Absolute Beginners (1986) Movie Script

Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
I've nothing much to offer
And there's nothing much to take
I'm an absolute beginner
But I'm absolutely sane
As long as we're together
The rest can go to hell
I absolutely love you
But we're absolute beginners
With eyes completely open
But nervous all the same
If our love song
Could fly over mountains
Could laugh at the ocean
Just like the films
There's no reason
To feel all the hard times
To lay down the hard lines
It's absolutely true
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
I remember that hot, wonderful summer
when the teenage miracle
reached full bloom,
and everyone in England stopped
what they were doing
to stare at what had happened.
The Soho nights were cool in the heat,
with light and music in the streets.
And we couldn't believe
that this was really coming to us at last.
Nobody knew exactly why.
But after so many dreary years
of bombs and blitz and slow rebuilding,
no sugar, no jam,
nothing sweet anywhere,
with the whole English world
dressed in gray it seemed forever.
Suddenly life broke out
in warm colors again,
so young and beautiful that a lot of people
couldn't stand to look at it.
For the first time ever,
kids were teenagers.
We had loot, however come by.
And loot's for spending.
And where there's loot, trouble follows.
During my last teenage year,
I kept myself by taking photographs.
Naughty pictures for profit.
And solid street pictures for love.
So that when the blossom went off,
and the flower turned to plastic,
me and my friends
could remember how it looked.
Money for looks. Money for film.
Do you like it?
But most of all, money for Suzette.
You got it.
My beautiful Crpe Suzette.
Don't be late, Colin.
- What, no trousers, Ken?
- That's fine with me.
Yeah, this is England. Go back home.
Come on. Is this enough?
All right, 50 quid.
But that's for two of you, right?
Where to, girls?
- Mandy's house.
- Hey.
Oh, you bitches, where are you going?
It was England all right,
but very un-English.
Every class, every income, every kink.
Boys, girls, black, white, yellow,
bent, versatile,
all on equal terms.
Hey, Joe, we got us some fun!
All right.
Let's have a night on the town, baby.
What a big boy, isn't he?
You naughty child.
Leave off.
Take it easy.
Bloody teenagers.
True, sometimes a knife came out.
But that was always between friends.
You behave yourself,
you're all right here.
It's not in Soho where some sex maniac
leaps on your back and violates you.
That's strictly for
the respectable neighborhoods.
All right then, come on.
I've got half an hour to kill.
Me and my pals are regulars down here.
Every night the same old young faces.
Wiz, a real child of the pavements.
Baby face like a mask
over his 2,000-year-old soul.
A colored cat named Cool.
So cool for reasons
too obvious to mention.
Fabulous Hoplite.
Our own low-rent Oscar Wilde
and a very well-connected boy.
Dean Swift.
A sharp modern jazz creation.
Expensive habit.
No bread.
- Whoo-hoo!
- Big Jill.
Hiya, big boy. Give us a flash. Ooh!
Chicks only for Big Jill.
But a boy's best friend anyway.
Christ. Midnight.
Hey, nobody.
Open up.
Just doesn't do to be late
for a girl like Suzette.
- Hi, doll.
- Hi, hon.
You nearly lost me there.
Cool, honey.
Hold this.
- Mods! Mods! Mods! Mods!
- Trads! Trads! Trads!
- Mods! Mods! Mods!
- Trads! Trads!
Yum-yum. Crpe Suzette.
Nice enough to eat.
Careful, Wizard.
Hey, Dorita, can I walk you home?
The streets have eyes, Cool.
And my mom and dad would kill me.
Why roll the dice, Dorita,
if you didn't want to bet, huh?
It's one thing in there,
but it's different on the streets.
- Look, I've gotta go.
- Taxi!
Come on, Suze. Hey!
Come on, it's not that late.
Your place or mine?
Some of us have to work for a living.
I have to be at Henley's show
tomorrow morning.
Why do you work for that creep, hon?
He's just using you.
You could take your designs anywhere.
I'm using him, too.
I may even get to Paris this year.
Paris, France?
Oh, Colin.
Look, he could help you, too,
if you'd let him.
You could take pictures of my designs.
We'd work together.
I told you, I'm not taking pics
of a lot of high-class tarts
wearing your silly hats.
And certainly not Henley's glad rags.
Oh, sorry, I forgot.
You're taking all those pics
for your exhibition.
The one you're having
in your wildest dreams.
- Hold it! Taxi!
- Go on, get out of here.
You should be at school in a few hours time,
you ratty little sod.
Take me there. Let me in.
Come on, let me in.
Look, I found another client for you.
Harold Charms, the pop mogul?
He could easily find
his own dirty postcards.
You'll do it. You're down
to your last pair of mock crocs.
And you promised to take me
to dinner tomorrow night.
Money isn't everything.
I know. But...
It'll do until everything comes along.
Help! Somebody!
Stop! Please, stop!
They've got knives!
Help! Help! No!
Don't get involved, Colin.
Oh, let's get out of here.
Over here.
I need my beauty sleep.
Where to, luv?
Okay. Jump in.
Well, last chance, Colin.
See you after the show
tomorrow, all right?
And don't be late.
Last chance.
She means business, all right.
I couldn't even afford a down payment.
But anyway, you don't get a girl
like Suzette on the never-never.
It's not that I've got
anything against money,
it's just what you have to do to get it.
Still, there's always tomorrow.
At least, there's other
casanovas in the same boat.
Napoli, the land that time forgot.
We always came home
with the night shift.
Now you might say,
"If you're so cute, kiddo,
"how come you live in
a disaster area like this?"
Well, for one thing,
as you might imagine, it's cheap.
Cash to the landlord once a week.
But otherwise, goods circulating
on a more or less informal basis.
I saw that.
But the thing I love most
about these streets
was the thing that made some people
positively hate them.
Because here, nobody cared
where you came from or what color,
what you did or who you did it with.
Santa Maria.
Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly Suzette's
idea of a desirable address,
which is why I've never
brought her home.
- Catch.
- How's that?
Come on!
Come on, you owe me two months' rent,
and I'm not going until I've got it.
You can't charge rent
for that, Saltzman.
You need to put a roof on it first.
- Hiya, Big Jill.
- Hiya, lady killer.
Oh, Napoli, Napoli, Napoli
Not the one in Italy
Come on, darling.
Sweet and sour home.
People often ask me how I became
dressmaker to the Queen.
My answer is always that I owe it all
to my wonderful clientele.
And I can only hope that you kind ladies
will grace our latest collection
with your favor.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Henley's
new Elizabethan collection.
Opening with a selection of
costumes de baigneuses,
with a touch of rococo,
in aquamarine,
bouteille, and nuit.
Decorated with cerulean oysters,
pearled fish, scallop shells
and shimmering starfish.
Guaranteed to sink any passing ship.
And for evening wear,
our shell and mermaid creations
in crepuscule and turquoise
and inlaid with over
18,000 Majorcan pearls.
And for the more daring among you,
our latest bikini styles
in oyster and coral motifs.
Henley, you have got to be kidding.
I mean, you are not seriously
going to show these gowns in Paris.
Honey, they will laugh you
off the stage.
And, Henley, hemlines can't come down.
They've got to go up.
Really, Dido, there's nothing worse
than the back of a woman's knees.
They remind me of uncooked rock cakes.
Somebody help me!
- Oh, God, Suzette.
- I'm just taking off my...
Oh, Colin.
I said I wouldn't do this.
And here I am doing it.
A few painless shots,
and I can pay for dinner.
That's what I call integrity.
But you've never heard it
like this, Mr. Charms.
It's a sure-fire hit.
Just look at these fame-starved urchins
putting on the agony,
all trying to sing like hillbillies,
just praying for Harry Charms
to snap them up
and sell them into pop slavery.
I mustn't throw stones,
especially not at Americans.
Yanks invented teenagers.
England for the English, and all that.
But being anti-Yank's
a sure sign of defeat.
I've got the tickets for
the Stravinsky recital.
Harry Charms, I've got an appointment.
He's in there.
Do me a favor,
don't drive me mad down there.
He was precious, all right.
And very nasty in the wrong hands.
You know the three
most useless things in the world?
The Pope's balls, a nun's tits,
and a good write-up
in The Record Mirror.
Harry Charms?
- Who are you?
- My name's Colin.
Sonya, how many times
do I have to tell you...
- Suzette sent me.
- Oh.
I've come about the dirty pictures.
Dirty pictures? No, no, no.
Where'd she get that idea from?
Do you mind?
This is the Harry Charms Stable
of Stars.
Each one a star in their own right.
Come and sit down.
No, over here.
Whitey Britain, Charles Harold,
Zesty Boy Swift.
All my own discoveries.
And over here...
At least one more, maybe two.
They don't know it yet.
Neither do I, for sure.
Right, come in here and have a look.
All right, settle down, everybody.
All right, stars?
It's not just their talent,
you see, it's mine.
Look at this.
Stand up. No, not you, you.
No, not right. Who else?
You, let's have a look at you.
I'm a great drummer.
Too many cream buns.
Naming them, taming them,
famousing them up.
Oh, he's very musical.
Oh, he's a great mover...
Leave it out, Mum.
You could be right.
Well, Colin, I've got a new song.
With your help,
I'm gonna make it a hit.
Well, there's gonna be some changes
What a mover.
Around the garbage can
Get a shot, Colin, get a shot.
When you lean, lean right forward.
That's good, baby.
It's a hit. We've got a hit.
I can feel it.
I may look like a little kitten
That's good. Give it to us, baby.
Boom it out. Yeah! Ooh!
Look out, big cat,
a little cat's moving in
Yeah, yeah.
Now move your hips.
Move your hips forward, back.
Now twirl them around.
Come on, baby, boom it out, baby!
Sing it, baby.
Baby, boom it!
Baby Boom!
Baby Boom! That's it!
Get a shot of Baby Boom.
Until I start to roar
- Come on, Suzette, I need to go.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'll pin you underneath.
Oh, God, I'm caught!
Stop, Camilla. Stop.
- Get off!
- Stop.
Will you get off?
Oh, Henley, you've been
holding out on me, you rascal, you.
Watch it, will you?
Oh, I love this look.
What do you call it?
Henley, this is one of yours?
I'll bloody well get you for this!
There she is! Her!
Oh! Bravo, bravo.
Get her!
Oh, Henley, you're a genius.
Get this.
I'll bloody well get you for this.
- It's a very exclusive club.
- It's here somewhere.
I know I had it. I had it...
What seems to be the problem?
This gentleman, sir.
Look out. What are you doing?
I don't think she'd appreciate
your presence here right now.
- Come on.
- What's that supposed to mean?
Come on, boys!
Look at that!
- Fantastic!
- Wow!
Henley! Henley! Henley! Henley!
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you, thank you,
ladies and gentlemen. Thank you.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
You have witnessed an historic event.
The birth of Henley's young idea.
Bravo. Bravo.
Darling, I didn't know
you were so talented.
Let's talk about it over dinner.
But a friend and I were going to eat.
Well, the Paris collections
start next week.
I know a lot of people who'd like to get
acquainted with you, design-wise.
Would you like to meet Yves? Christian?
I'd love to.
I've got whores!
I've got whores!
Anybody want a whore?
Out of the way. Watch out. Thank you.
Less lust.
Young men and young women.
Two coffee, coffees coming up.
Can't you two get a room?
Move it!
I will tell the whole truth,
and others will continue
what I have begun.
I am like Zola...
I'm in a trance!
I'm your boy, Suze.
Forever and ever.
Every man is a reasonable being.
Hi, Colin.
Hi, hon.
I don't believe it.
How come you're not late?
I made sure.
Listen, Colin.
I can't make dinner tonight.
I've got to work.
Don't be like that, Suze.
- Why didn't you turn up?
- I did turn up.
No, you didn't, Colin.
I did. Ask your Uncle Henley.
He knows all about it.
I even did the Harry Charms
shots for you.
Oh. Don't worry about it, Colin.
Stay on here in the Land of Oz,
with the Wizard
and all those other creepy pals of yours
and you'll never need to know.
I've gotta go.
You ask me what I want
When I thought I'd made it clear
Although I won't stop loving you
You can never have me near
Don't blame me
I never asked you to fall
No one's gonna stop me
from having it all
Having it all
You'll never stop me from having it all
Having it all
You'll never stop me from having
Having it all
Having it all
You'll never stop me
From having it all
You've got to accept
I'm no ordinary girl
And I'll never fit
In your perfect little world
Don't take it lightly
Baby, I'm not bluffing
To get what I want
I'll stop at nothing
Having it all
You'll never stop me
From having it all
Having it all
You'll never stop me
My reasons are simple
So don't ask me why
I'll never forget you
Less lust through less protein.
Have you ever chased the night
That sailed in front of you
On a boat that's bound for hope
But left you in the queue
With the shouting, waving, taunting
Flaunting friends that's cruel
Telling you that every lie
you ever heard was true
Have you stood up on that dock
Have you ever had it blue
Ooh, ooh
Doo da doo doo doo da doo doo
Have you ever woke
to find the morning didn't come
Undelivered with the paper
stolen by someone
Found the milkman bound and gagged
And with shackles round the sun
And the holder of the keys
turns out to be the one
The girl you had your heart set on
Have you ever had it blue
Have you ever had it blue
Have you ever had it blue
The days really drag by when it's hot.
No Suzette to make the time fly.
Five days without her.
It seemed like a year.
Back to the old ancestral seat.
I still have my darkroom.
Down in dreary Pimlico,
where my parents live.
If you can call it living.
Hello, Ma.
Hello, blitz-baby.
We present Tony Hancock, Sidney James,
Jim Kerr, Hattie Jamieson,
Kenny Williams
in Hancock's Half Hour.
What are you doing
in my darkroom, Jules?
My name's Vern, ain't it?
So why do you keep calling me Jules?
Come in.
Hello, Dad.
I tried to stop him moving in.
Been misbehaving with the lodgers again.
Bloody wogs.
Thanks, Dad.
How's the photo album going?
All right. Here, have a go at those.
You're not still on the poor
old 1930s, surely.
It was a terrible time to be young.
Poverty. Unemployment.
No light at the end of the corridor.
It's better now, even with the bomb.
Hold it a minute. We'll not do this.
Should've had my youth along
with all these drip-dry shirts and sputniks,
not like then.
Come on, Dad, you're toughening it up
a little,aren't you?
You and Ma look like you were having
a good time in these snaps.
My wedding day.
I remember it like it was yesterday.
I wish it was tomorrow,
then I'd cancel it.
It's not that bad.
You should get out more often.
What do you hang around this dump for?
'Cause the dump has to look respectable.
She keeps him here.
Ignore him, Dad.
He's nothing to do with me.
And keep him away from my pictures.
I don't want my image splattered
all over the ceiling in the morning.
You really are a horror.
A real unidentified slob from outer space.
Is that a fact?
Well, you're a traitor
to the working class.
Well, Suze, that's the way it goes.
If you could see my weirdo family,
you'd never have to ask why I left home.
Poor Dad,
sweetest bloke you'd ever want to meet,
locked up with his pre-war photo album
and his sad memories.
Mum trying to keep her looks,
always carrying on with the lodgers.
Half-brother Vern,
born middle-aged, thick as two bricks
and you wouldn't even want to imagine
what he gets up to.
- Hi.
- If this is adult life,
I think I'll stay
an absolute beginner forever.
Something's happening,
but I'm just gonna turn a blind eye
If I see no evil
I ask no questions and I hear no lies
Get them down
to the kitchen and wash them.
Can't communicate
with minds that are small
With some people it's like
talking to the wall
And the fella who walks away
Lives to battle another day
And I've really got no appetite
For a fight
Sign here, Governor.
Not tonight
- What the hell is going on in there?
- Coming, Mum.
All I want is a quiet life
Anything for a quiet life
No ambition to rock the boat
When I can just stay afloat
And be content with a quiet life
All I want is a quiet life
Anything for a quiet life
Here, wash these.
Hear no evil, see no evil
Speak no evil at all
You naughty boy.
Confidentially, between these walls
I'm on top of it all
I'd rather have 'em think
I'm deaf, dumb and blind
Than aggravation every time
I speak my mind
Keep spoonin', have a quiet life
Anything for a quiet life
What, you lazy sod,
what you doing in here, anyway?
Get upstairs and vacuum the carpets.
Panty, bra.
I could easily blow my top
Hello, Dad.
Start a row, but why start now
Give your daddy a quiet life
Give your mama a quiet life
Anything for a quiet life
Oh, the telly's on the blink.
Vacuum cleaner. Dad!
Switch that bloody thing off!
Hey, what's going on?
Look, get off.
Come on here, pretty baby.
Switch it off!
Give your daddy a quiet life
Give your mama a quiet life
Anything for a quiet life
Confidentially, between these walls
I'm on top of it all
Son, I want a word
with you about your dad.
- I'm busy.
- Oh, it's important.
How's the male harem?
The Pal Joeys? The gigolo lodgers?
Grow up, Colin.
Bed-and-breakfast, evening meal?
You nasty little bastard.
Mother should know.
Gotta snap out of this.
I'm too young for tears.
Suzette will be back...
Sooner or later.
Time's on my side.
Nice day.
Yeah, so I hear.
- Hey, Cool?
- Yeah?
Couldn't lend me a quid, could you?
Crazy, man. What're you doing?
Over here.
Take all this crap furniture
and all your little schwartzes,
and piss off out of it.
You know, there's something odd
around these parts.
Yeah, so what else is new?
All the other families
are moving out or being moved out.
Which, to my mind,
means somebody else is moving in.
Who the hell would wanna
move in around here?
It's only your kid sister.
Hey, Cool, I know
you was rolling dice last night,
and I'm gonna tell Mama on you,
Mr. "I'm Cool" Cool.
I'll tell Dad as well,
and it'll mean big trouble.
See you later, Cool.
God, I love this city.
And I never wanna leave it.
'Cause though it seems
so hard and untidy,
if you get to know it well,
if you're its son,
it's always on your side, come what may.
That's what I imagined, anyway.
Hello, bad boy.
What are you doing
pounding around down here?
Well, I've moved down here.
My God, it talks.
And why's it moved down here?
'Cause I moved in with me gran.
She lives here.
Anyways, I live where I like.
It's a free country, isn't it?
Face it, Ed,
all you old-style Edwardians
have been put out to pasture
in the provinces,
where, no doubt, you'll live forever.
But down here, Ted is definitely dead.
You're an old man, and only last week
a snot-nosed little kid.
Watch it.
Your problem was never
being a teenager in between.
Teenagers? Get out of here.
That's kid's stuff.
Drown the lot of them.
If you say so, sucker.
Go home, Yank!
And take sambo with you.
- Hi, Cool.
- What's he doing here, man?
Are you all right, Colin?
What's going down?
Hey, who threw that brick?
Was it you?
You bloody hooligan!
Oi, come here,
I want a bloody word with you.
Oi, what's your game over there?
Hey, we're trouble on the rubble
at the bum side hop
It ain't never gonna stop
Come on, Teds
We're trouble on the rubble
And the bum side is the hop
I know you don't like it
but it ain't gonna stop
Like it or lump it
you can't show us the door
We licked Hitler in 1944
Ted ain't dead
Yeah, look at my bleeding window.
We could use them, Mr. Saltzman.
They've got nothing better to do.
And if we use them,
what's it gonna cost?
Ted ain't dead, Ted ain't no dead
We all have not too much to say
Ted ain't dead, he's alive
Ted ain't dead
Gonna kick you in the head
Since I was a young boy
Round about 13
I knew rocking Ted would
outlive any passing scene
Still do now, still do now
Still do now
Still do now, still do now
Ted ain't dead
Oh, hello, Ted
Here they are,
my two latest discoveries,
Eddie Sex and Baby Boom.
Hey, Colin.
I'd asked everyone, but Suzette
hadn't been around in weeks.
Now this is urgent.
I need a new whosit
for my whatsit, you dig?
Give me your jacket, Eddie.
And they're all mine.
My boys!
What a mover! What a mover!
We want Baby Boom! We want Baby Boom!
Go on, give her a kiss.
We want Baby Boom! We want Baby Boom!
Hold it.
This teenage scene's
getting out of hand.
Yeah, well, you should know, Wizard.
Hello there, pop pickers.
You will give my boys a mention,
won't you? That's it.
Hello, pop pickers.
Sorry, boy.
I won't regret it
when the teenage label's
torn off my drip-dry, sky-blue jeans.
It's not working! I want my money back!
Shut up and keep singing.
I may look like a little kitten
New label.
They never know the difference.
- Oi!
- I'll show you the real thing later, girl.
And you big old ginger Toms
That's his kick, not mine.
Must all be missing persons
when I've gone, along
Baby Boom,
14 years old with a mental age of nine.
It blows younger every year.
From what I hear, your snaps played
a certain part in that spermlet's rise.
Don't knock it, Colin.
Milk it, shake it, rake it, make it.
Take it for all it's got.
The power of youth.
Have you seen Suzette, Wiz?
You're a born adult number.
Good for your girl.
Paying for nosh.
You need educating.
Hi, Wiz.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Shut up.
Wiz, you're a real specimen.
I'm surprised they don't use you
in some experiment.
Her name's Dorita. Going into business.
You heard.
Gotta blow. Give my hi to Crpe Suzette.
You should hear them all meow
Look out, big cat,
little cat's moving...
Look out, big cat,
little cat's moving in
Look out, big cat,
little cat's king cat now
Hello, Suze?
Oh, Colin. It's you.
What are you doing these days?
I'm getting ready to go out.
Where you going?
Well, I'm going to Dido Lament's party,
if you must know.
Dido Lament, the gossip columnist.
That vampire?
Chumped-up spivs
and body snatchers, that's her scene.
Watch out, Suze.
You don't know what you're getting into.
Deary me, child,
what are you doing here?
Socializing, like everyone else.
Everyone you hate.
All the parasites are here.
Oh, the Fabulous Hoplite.
And a new friend.
Not your usual type, Hoplite.
Doesn't swing my way, sugar.
Dido, this is Colin.
Colin is one of
olde London's hottest talents,
with his camera.
Well, honey, if you're so handy
with this little thing,
why don't you fix me up
with a few party snaps?
What's the price these days?
You do it for love.
- Cocktail, madam? Sir?
- Ah!
- To life!
- Thanks.
To love.
Careful, child.
It's got alcohol in it.
Selling out
Selling out, selling out
To love.
Well, you've never seen
my little place here, have you?
Uh, oh. Oh, oh, darling.
- One-hee
- One-hee
- Two-hee
- Two-hee
- Can he
- Can he
- May he?
- Maybe
Colin, I'm so glad I caught you.
I've got so much work for you.
Now call me.
Dreadnought, seven, seven, double seven.
Dreadnought, seven, seven, double seven.
I'll see you later, Fido.
It's Dido.
Oh, what a shame.
Nobody's wild about Harry.
Are you ready for something
a little more potent?
Don't worry about it, Colin.
Stay on here in the Land of Oz,
with the Wizard and all those
other creepy pals of yours,
and you'll never need to know.
Who are you talking to?
I'm talking to you.
Don't bug me.
What are you doing here?
Let's get legitimate.
Why don't you disappear?
How far are you going?
Hey, man, I'm going all the way.
We'll never live this down, man.
I don't care what people say.
If I become a swinging somebody
I'll get my Crpe Suzette
I'm selling out
Selling out
Selling out
Selling out
It's ready. Ah!
- Selling out
- Don't try to stop me
- Selling out
- I'm pulling out
Are you with me or without me
Let's party.
Right. Go and circulate.
Why don't you push yourself forward.
You know, give it some of that.
Oh, Hoplite. Who got you ready?
Hi, Call-Me-Cobber.
He's researching a TV Special.
Do you know any authentic teenagers?
What are they?
Teenagers are the new economic class.
This is the age of the teenager.
It's my aim, it's my mission in life,
to bring pop culture to the masses.
Uh, why don't you give me a ring?
My number's Speedwell...
What is my number, anyone?
Speedwell 8-7-6-5.
Yes, that's it.
What he actually wants to know is,
do you teenagers
have an active sex life?
Well, do you?
None of your business, nice bitch-girl.
Oh, I love anger.
You know,
you and I ought to argue sometime.
Selling out
Selling out
Good idea. You need a nose job, Harry.
Having it all
Having it all
Having it all
You'll never stop me
We meet at last, Colin.
Harry's been telling me all about you.
Selling out
Selling out
He tells me you have integrity,
just the kind of thing
my agency stands for.
Tomorrow's watch, today.
I can use a guy like you.
Bell me. Mayfair, zero,
zero, double zero.
What was that?
Mayfair, zero, zero, double zero.
Oh, I'm seeing double
Selling out
Come on, surrender
Selling out
It's what she's hoping
- Do you like my designs?
- What designs?
Colin, what are you doing here?
I'm selling out.
What are you doing here?
Selling out
Selling out
Selling out
I can still see you, Colin.
The French have a word for it.
I don't care what the French call it.
He's an old queen,
and I call it disgusting.
I can understand why he'd do it.
But you?
He's just using you.
You're just a front for his...
Is this some kind of a gag?
What, you going out with Suzette?
Aren't you a little old for her, Henley?
I'm only 37.
Around the waist, maybe.
Afraid that can't be, dear boy.
I'm afraid we've named the day.
Show him, my dear.
Not now, Henley.
Show him.
You couldn't afford her
in the first place.
You'll ruin everything.
We'll never live this down, man
I don't care what people say
If I become a swinging somebody
I'll get my Crpe Suzette
I'm selling out
My friends,
a specter is haunting Britain.
The specter of immigration.
People of Kensington,
time is running out.
But a great man
has returned to our shores,
and he has chosen these streets
to launch a campaign,
which will cleanse the country
of this pestilence.
Now is the time to act.
Come to the public meeting
and hear him speak about this evil.
It is a black tide,
which threatens to engulf our country.
Only last week, in Tilbury Docks,
a black spider over 8 inches long
was discovered, concealed in a crate
of bananas from Africa.
Your women are being sold
into sexual slavery,
to pander to the lust...
- Give me that.
- ...of the African barbarians.
The time for talking...
"Way out." I'll see you out
with pleasure.
What, the hell,
right do you think you've got
coming here, stirring up trouble?
You want to smell my broom?
You shut up, curly-locks.
Naturally, we're doing all we can
for anyone who can't afford it.
You know what I mean?
Little incentive schemes.
Don't you worry.
Is this who I think it is, Maury?
He lives at one of ours,
in Ladbroke Crescent.
Bright boy. He'll land on his feet.
Hey, ease up.
Hello, Tradewind.
Jump in.
Close shave, Colin.
City's full of people, kid.
People looking for rainbows, Colin.
Oh, oh, oh, oh
But I've been looking for you.
Ho, ho, ho!
You deserve a drink, Colin.
It's over there.
I don't drink.
Well, not anymore.
Smoke? Take a strand.
You're never alone with a strand, Colin.
What's this?
A housing development for newlyweds.
It's lovely.
No, it's not, son. It's horrible.
But it's lucrative.
Which brings us back to you.
I've been looking at your photographs.
You are talented. Smile.
But you're wasting your time.
I think I can safely say
you could get anything you want.
By working for me, Colin.
What, selling things to people
who don't want them?
Never things, Colin.
We don't sell things.
We sell dreams.
- Rich.
- Mellow.
- Dazzling.
- Radiant.
- Fresh.
- King-size.
Do you hear what I hear?
Do you see what I see?
Colin, I want you to use
your imagination
You wake up one morning
and you ask yourself
Why am I so exciting?
What makes me dramatic?
You're trying to say
something about yourself
This dazzling crime of wisdom
You fall for reality
You're bruised and bewildered
Then you learn to fall in love
with yourself
That's motivation
You raise yourself high,
presenting your soul
You step from the shadows,
you hear the command
An image to dream, you
tremble permission
Tomorrow's rewards
flood the skies of today
You're swept by the tide
Of delight's every dream
A life of such powerful meaning
Now you has class
Now you has flash
Now you has mass motivation
There's an image I can recommend
There's a product you will die for
Here's a nightmare that will never end
Gets you fired up burning
Then you go, go, go, go
You know you got something
You know you got style
We don't take much, just a little bit
That's motivation
Welcome to the world
of your dreams, Colin
Where you can do what you want
Commit horrible sins
and get away with it
And jealousy
You know you got something
You know you got the style
We don't take much, just a little bit
That's motivation
No more false illusion
Good bye to confusion
Stand out from the madding crowd
Motivation is symphony
Symphony and style
That's motivation
- It's thrilling
- Original
That's motivation
- Scintillating
- Charismatic
That's motivation
As fresh as tomorrow
That's motivation
- Say what?
- Motivation
New soul
Now you has class motive
Now you has mass motivation!
I'm your boy, Vendice.
For most of the summer, then,
Suze and I only saw each other
in the smart magazines.
At least she could
follow my meteoric career
as a professional teenager.
She must've known
I was only doing it for her,
so she wouldn't have to
slip into that world completely alone.
"From now on," I said,
"I'm gonna be a tough, tough nut
and a very practical boy."
My exhibition could wait.
It's funny,
once you make up your mind
to let go and sell out,
it's one damn check after another.
Money at the best time to have it,
when you're young and strong.
Money to catch Suzette when she falls.
And she's gonna fall.
Wait and see.
And as for photography,
well, it isn't exactly difficult, is it?
Right. Hands on the handlebars.
Hands on the handlebars, Dean, right?
And turn away from me.
Hands on the handlebars,
and turn around to profile.
That's it, just hold it there.
That's, uh, that's great, Dean.
Right, feet off the handlebars,
and look straight into the lens.
Dean, straight into the lens, man.
Come on.
That's it. Just hold it right there.
That's lovely.
Teenage phenomenon.
Crashing into the TV casbah,
are we, Colin?
That's the name of the game, Dean.
Can't say I'm not displeased.
Cool it, man. These are serious shots.
And this is a real pearl.
And this is Mr. Dean.
Smash his trash.
Just one more, Dean. Hold it.
Dean, just one more.
I haven't finished the session.
Hey, Reptile.
Hiya, Wiz.
Where'd you get the new skin?
Like it?
It's all right. Must've cost a few bob.
What've you been up to, then, stranger?
Haven't seen you
around the track lately.
Well, I've moved out of Napoli.
It's not England anymore, is it?
I've got a pad down here now.
And I got a brand new racket.
Do you want a free sample?
Poodle parlor. Yes.
Oh, no, we only do the straight shampoo.
Yes. Ten minutes?
That'll be fine.
Match me, Wiz.
Yeah, that's a nice suit, Colin.
Formula works, doesn't it?
The power of youth, remember?
See, lover girl's younger than me.
None of the poodles is under 50.
It works like a dream.
Wet dreams, Wiz.
No class.
You could keep it
clean and unreal, look, like me.
That's a bit rich coming from a kid
I've known around town
for flogging dirty pictures.
I was just in that kick
for giggles, Wiz.
I've moved on.
Yeah, I knew you'd go up in the world
once you got rid of that girl.
Or did she get rid of you?
You wouldn't understand.
Motivation, that's what you need.
She's jailbait,
and you're the one who'll end up inside.
Can you imagine me in a court?
Who's gonna believe a baby face like me
could be in this racket?
If you could see yourself now,
you'd realize you don't look
young at all.
You just look old.
Old and used.
Yeah, well, it's an old business,
isn't it?
Anyway, if the cowboys come down on me,
you'll have the money
to bail me out, now.
You're so flash.
Don't be so sure.
You'll come running. You adore me.
Happy honeymoon!
Long life, everything crash
In the world if we use the gas
Move out.
Say hello to the TV cameras for me.
You're going now, then?
Gimme a break.
See you later at Chez Nobody's.
Adios, bambino. Adios!
Cue, Cobber.
Hi there, pop pickers.
Tonight, the teenage phenomenon.
I have with me in
the studio Amberley Drove,
conservative member for Beckensfield,
and a former headmaster.
Top pop picker, Harry Charms.
Hello there, pop fans. Nice to see you.
We have that delightful lady newshound
all the way from the U.S. of A,
Dido Lament.
And last but not least, Colin.
Don't he look good, eh?
He's a teenager
who's really going places.
Ladies and gentlemen,
teenagers, let's get with it.
Now, Colin here
snaps the habits of his fellow teens,
capturing them alive.
Well, uh, half-dead, some of them.
I've often wondered what you'd get
if you crossed Jayne Mansfield
with an orangutan.
What's he saying that for?
- What the hell do you think you're doing?
- Colin, it's all right.
That bourgeois bastard.
He's the kind that's turned this scene
into minks and jags,
and little homes in Teddington.
Now, that's more like it.
Colin, are teenagers
really as highly-sexed
as we are led to believe?
I mean, if the right girl came along,
would you bother to tie the knot
or is that just old square talk?
What the hell do you think you're doing?
These are my friends.
More of that later on, all right?
Now, Harry, you're the toast
of Tin Pan Alley, I see.
I see also that you just recovered
from a very unsuccessful nose job.
Can you still smell success
in your teenage discoveries?
First of all, may I say
how marvelous it is
to be on your show tonight
with my latest discovery.
You know, my boys
are always being criticized
for the way they move.
And it's a great shame
we still can't show
what they do below the waist.
Amberley, I think we'll bring you
in here, now.
I mean, you have actually
taught teenagers yourself, haven't you?
Yes, Cobber, I did.
And I think it taught me a great deal.
I've always been
a firm believer in that old maxim,
"Spare the rod and spoil the child."
Of course, the root cause of the problem
seems to be the unbridled promiscuity
they seem to have inherited
from the colored influx to these shores.
And all these loud clothes
and jungle rhythms
only serve to fan the flames...
Get your hands out of my trousers!
- Who said that?
- Colin, will you sit down?
Cut. Call the musicians.
I've got a message for you and you
and all you telly witchdoctors
and advertising pimps.
Get that boy off camera. Get down there.
Colin, sit down!
All you old sordids
with your toupes and your falsies.
Get off the set.
This teenage ball had a real splendor
in the beginning.
Cue, Baby Boom, get on.
Because we found out no one could
spit in our faces anymore...
- Whoo!
- ...because we've loot to spend at last.
And our world must be our world,
the one we wanted.
But it's over now. Finished.
You've choked it!
This teenage fishbowl
is as real as your rug, pop picker.
Darling, have you deserted your guests?
Of course not, Henley.
I'll be down in a minute.
You old faces, here I am...
It's Colin.
Colin! Colin!
We're so proud of you.
You were so fantastic.
Come here, stud.
Sit down.
You're just in time, stud.
Feast your eyes on a vision.
Athene Duncannon.
Pretty little thing
She held all the magic
So hard to believe
Never too far away
It's hard to conceive
Never thought she'd have to go
Never thought she'd leave
It came like a killer blow
A killer blow
Funny, isn't it
That a little girl could make the world
Seem so small
Hard to believe
The little girl can seem so tall
And the thing that he calls love
Isn't thick enough
She had to go
That's the way it goes
Killer blow
Girl, her love has wings
That took her to the things
He couldn't give
She's got the kiss of life
- Kiss of life
- Kiss of life
She's goin' where it's so easy to live
It's so easy to leave
Searching for the scent of content
Oh, no!
It's a killer blow
Ooh, ooh
Aah, aah
Killer blow
Get along without me, boy
Get along without me
You see, things aren't quite
What they seem to be
Get along without me
Wipe me
Out of your dreams
I'm no angel
I know this may come
As a killer blow
Killer blow
Killer blow
She can go to hell.
They can all go to hell.
Over! Turn it over!
Bollocks off the top floor and get out!
What's up, Ed?
Look what you made me done!
Fry the bastards!
Niggers out! Niggers out!
Fry the bastards, you black scum!
You shake my nerves
and you rattle my brain
Your kind of love drives a man insane
You broke my will, what a thrill
Goodness gracious, great balls of fire
I laughed at love
'cause I thought it was funny
You came along and you moved me, honey
I changed my mind, this love is fine
Goodness gracious, great balls of fire
You're shite! We're white!
Goodness gracious, great balls of fire
Is that you, Cool?
No, I'm not Cool.
Oh, no. What do you want?
First of all, about these platters.
I wanna sell 'em.
Is there anything else?
Flikker sent me.
Who's Flikker?
He heads my gang, see.
He wants Cool out of here.
Yeah. Well, you tell Flikker
I'm getting some sleep.
You don't tell Flikker.
Ed, you can go piss up your leg.
Well, what about these platters, then?
How much do you want for 'em?
Five pound.
I'll pay anything to get rid of you.
All right, you asked for it.
Right, let's have you.
I give in, Col!
I heard some trouble.
That's it.
His crew and Flikker
just introduced themselves to my family.
Those are my records.
And this is my kid sister's toy!
I told you there was gonna be trouble.
Let's get rid of him.
Who is this Flikker character?
You wouldn't know.
You haven't been around here lately.
Flikker leads the Teddy boys...
They're just hooligans.
Listen! They're organized.
They're an army now.
They have a general behind them.
And they wanna kick us
out of your country!
What are you talking about?
This is your country, too.
You think so?
I'm on your side, Cool.
Well, that's nice of you, Colin.
But you don't know what side you're on.
The truth is, Colin, you're on your own.
He's right.
It's been building
with the heat all summer,
right in front of my eyes.
How could I have missed it?
These have always been my streets.
"Henley. Partners."
What's this?
It's a new housing development
for newlyweds.
It's lovely.
No, it's not, son. It's horrible.
Yeah, that's their star, the bastards.
Suzette couldn't know about this.
Could she?
Is this really you?
You are...
But I married him.
Why don't you skip, hon?
I can't.
He can't stop you, Suze.
I've ruined what we used to be.
It's all just a mess.
It's just a mess.
What do you know about this, Suze?
It's... It's one of Henley's companies.
He seems to think
it's going to make him a fortune.
What, no cocktail, Susan?
Sorry, Henley. What will it be?
Shall we make it a Between the Sheets?
White City Properties, Henley,
anything to do with you?
Not that it's any business of yours,
young man, but yes.
It's a company I have
a small interest in.
And would that be the same company
that's redeveloping West 11?
You know what I mean, Henley.
Knocking down old houses,
putting up new ones.
Down the hatch.
It's just a cover-up, isn't it?
The whole thing.
The corset, the royal jelly,
and you, Suzette.
Susan, did you invite him here?
Well, young man,
as you obviously weren't invited,
I suggest you leave.
Haven't you got enough already
without hiring Teds
to put people out onto the streets?
Jesus, Suze.
We must keep Great Britain white!
That is our theme for tonight.
Hate in church
and hate in school,
hate at home, hate in your hands,
hate's the way to clean the land!
Hold it, boys!
Hey, this summer, it won't last forever?
Oh, yes, it can.
It'll last until the calendar says stop,
Hey, it's not Daddy-O. It's Mario.
Listen, Henley, I'm...
Look, I've told you before
not to call me here.
If you don't get over
a bit lively with some cash
we're gonna be bang in trouble.
What on earth are you talking about?
I've got a feeling the whole thing's
gonna blow up on us!
You bloody fool, can't you take care
of anything for yourself?
Hope you're proud of yourself, Saltzman.
Get outta my way.
Did you get the pictures, Dido?
Boy, you really
wanna nail this guy, don't you?
It's not just Henley.
There's someone else involved.
Someone we both know.
In fact, I wouldn't
be surprised if this was his idea.
Like who?
Let's just say he's moving out
of selling dreams,
into property development.
My, my, my.
Well, it seems you've been
a naughty boy,
There he is, the nigger lover!
See the chickie run.
Come on, lads, let's get him.
Come here, you!
Quick, Jill, inside.
What's going on?
Shut the door.
Is Cool in the house? Where's Cool?
Haven't seen him all day.
Don't know where he is.
Come on. Run for it! Get out of the way!
Get away!
Hitler had the right idea.
Don't knock him, son.
You need him here.
Jackboots smashing up your rear.
I serve in the Royal Air Force,
fighting for this country in the war.
What's going on, Cool?
I have a medal to prove it.
I even met Mr. Churchill
and shake him hand.
This is my country.
We must leave it up to the police
to protect us...
Don't worry, Colin.
Remember, this is England.
But without force. That is not the way.
Do something before
we are forced out of here.
You're sitting there doing nothing.
Shut up and listen!
I've got to split.
Look after yourself.
But you're talking a whole load of shit!
We don't need no representations
or committees.
What we need is a few pieces of iron
and my organization
so when they do come in here tonight,
we can defend ourselves!
If you go down to the woods today
You're in for a big surprise
If you go down to the woods today
You'll hardly believe your eyes
Nigger lover!
Lynch the bastard!
Lynch the bastard!
Good night, golliwog, sleep tight!
You have a better solution.
Have some real fun!
Burn the bastard!
What in God's name do you maniacs
think you're doing?
I'm not paying you to cause
this sort of trouble.
That's all right, Mr. Saltzman.
This one's for free.
Never. That's not my game.
Get on with it. I'm going.
Saltzman, come for yours!
Die! Die! Die! Die!
Henley, stop. Stop, Henley.
Oh, God.
Leave him!
Come on, let's go!
Suze. Get the hell out of here!
Hey, you.
Hello, boys. What's happening?
You choose the wrong night to be white.
Hold it.
What're you doing around here?
Cool it, kiddo.
Come to the real teenage ball.
We don't want the Blacks or Jews,
yellow, red, brown or blue,
and let's kick out the homos, too!
Fascism is here to stay.
Trains on time. Regular pay.
Jobs for all the Christian whites.
Hate's the way to win our fight!
Hate's the way we shall unite!
Give me your hands to make us free!
Give me your fists to crush the beast!
Give me your pain and misery!
Give me your vote for victory!
- Keep Britain...
- White!
This guy's flipped, man.
Look. You wanted kicks and fantasy.
Whose side you on, teenager?
Keep Britain white!
That's the last white breath
you'll draw.
Get him!
Take this.
Stop it.
Break it up. Leave it out.
Go get him, Misery.
My man.
Go! Get him. Dust him over.
Get off! Stop it!
What's the matter
with you crazy bastards?
They're ruining it.
Hello, and welcome to the streets
of Notting Hill in torment.
The flaming passions of hatred
consume these streets
known as Jungle West 11th.
Rent asunder by the passions
of the color riots.
And we have violent teenage
gangs roaming free,
causing panic in the streets.
Come on!
Take that.
Down the club, quick.
You bet.
- Open up.
- Open up.
Let us in. Come on, open the door.
- Come on, Paul.
- We're friends.
Hurry up. Good. Thank God for that.
An uneasy calm is finally returning
to these troubled streets.
The question now
is whether this divided community
can work together to heal the wounds.
Their task is not easy,
as a fuse has been lit
and the whole area
threatens to blow sky high.
- Hello, Mum.
- Get off. This is national television.
Let me through.
- Hi, hon.
- Colin.
You all right?
Run! Run, Suze!
Don't drop me! Don't drop me!
You all right, Jill?
Colin, where's Cool?
Leave it!
There's nothing you can do now.
If you go down to the woods
He's crazy.
You don't learn.
What's up? Lost your cool?
Didn't get me, did you, Flikker?
Golliwog pie.
You'll die for that, Flikker!
Get off him! Leave him alone!
Leave him alone! Get off him!
Leave me alone!
Get off.
Come here, you.
Why don't you pick
on someone your own size?
Yeah, a real nigger, chocolate drop?
Where you gonna run to now?
Get up, Cool! Get up!
Fight! Die!
Where are you? Show yourself!
Come on! Where are you?
I was put up to it.
I was paid!
You ain't worth it, whitey.
All right, Cool, nice one.
We'll be back.
So what?
Now whether you're white
or whether you're black
Here comes a real exclusive
medical shark attack
A medical thing called "So what?"
Oh, yes, we're in '58
So what?
The year of absolute beginners
So what?
This is no ordinary year
Why not?
Let me explain it
Why not?
There were race riots in the streets
So what?
In the longest, hottest summer
So hot
Stirred up by ignorance and hate
So what?
And indecent people
So what?
I had to fight like me be mad
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
I've nothing much to offer
There's nothing much to take
I'm an absolute beginner
But I'm absolutely sane
As long as we're together
The rest can go to hell
I absolutely love you
But we're absolute beginners
With eyes completely open
Finders, keepers.
But nervous all the same
If our love song
Could fly over mountains
Could laugh at the ocean
Just like the films
There's no reason
To feel all the hard times
To lay down the hard lines
It's absolutely true
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
I just can't believe it.
It's the most incredible thing
that's ever happened to me.
It'll ruin his career.
Nothing much could happen
Nothing we can't shake
Well, we're absolute beginners
With nothing much at stake
As long as you're still smiling
There's nothing more I need
I absolutely love you
But we're absolute beginners
But if my love is your love
We're certain to succeed
If our love song
Could fly over mountains
Could sail over heartache
Just like the films
If there's reason
To feel all the hard times
To lay down the hard lines
It's absolutely true
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh
Ba-ba-ba, ooh