Abulele (2015) Movie Script

Let me tell you a story
that my grandmother told me
and her grandmother told her,
a story about something that
doesn't really exist
and even if it did exist
you wouldn't be able to see it.
It lives in the dark,
far from human beings,
and this is where our story would end
except that every once in a while
it comes in search of someone special.
Hello everyone,
we have someone very interesting here,
a great basketball player,
a very prominent figure in Jerusalem.
Assaf Arbel, let's see him.
Say, what's it like being such a loser?
- It's a blast being a loser.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
You're having a blast
being a crappy player?
- It's fun to be...
- An embarrassment to Jerusalem.
It's fun to be an embarrassment.
I can even prove how much I suck at this.
You can prove you're a loser?
Well, you're my coach, aren't you?
- Oh, yeah? So it's my fault?
- Whose fault it is that we lost?
You're the one who should
have that medal.
Yeah. Yeah.
You're blaming this on me? -Yes.
It's on you. -After all,
with all due respect,
and there's no respect...
I'm not the one who lost...
All right, fine. Let's get out of here
before it gets dark.
Hello everyone,
we have someone very interesting here...
Drone here. We're on standby.
We're a go.
This is Team 1.
We're going into the neighborhood.
Team 1, I have eye contact with you.
Initiating thermal scan.
Team 3 entering ring road.
Team 1, continue on the main road.
Drone to Amihai.
I've got thermal ID.
Mark 442 in the playground.
Shlomi, that's our creature.
Get over there now.
1 minute to objective.
And don't forget,
you can't always see it.
I want it alive.
All teams, head toward the playground.
Team 2 splitting up, initiating
search of the southern section.
Amihai, it's Shlomi.
There's nothing here.
I have a positive ID, pursuing south.
We've lost eye contact with the target.
We've lost eye contact with the target.
I repeat, we've lost eye contact with the target.
Find it!
Shlomi... Shlomi, it's on the roof!
New spotting, Mark 781...
Team 3, split up.
Try to cut him off.
All units, the target is apparently
on the roof of 32 Dolchin Street.
Team 1 moving in.
Team 2 in place. Entrance covered.
We're at the door.
We're going up the stairs.
Sharpshooters, take your places.
Amihai, we've spotted a boy on the roof.
The heat signature may have been his.
There's nothing here...
Amihai, something's happening.
Possible contact with the target.
I don't have a direct
line with the target.
Shlomi, prepare to move in.
Drone here, I have no other
heat signature.
Amihai, the boy retreated.
No further spotting.
Pack it in, Shlomi.
It's back again!
Now on sale for Independence Day.
Two bottles, any flavor, only 5 shekels.
Tutli, kids just love this soda.
Good morning. Israeli police held a massive
drill last night just outside Jerusalem.
The drill included sizeable infantry
units as well as numerous vehicles.
Police spokesman declared the drill
a success.
Additional drills may be held
in the coming days and weeks.
Next, a new CEO appointed
to the Tutli food conglomerate
after being acquired by the global
investment fund Sandstone, no less...
As usual, most of you
did quite well on your midterms.
I'm glad to see you're
applying yourselves.
The supervisors' commission will be visiting
next week, and they'll be pleased as well.
Nice job. C+...
at least you passed.
Yael, nice work.
Tamar, excellent as usual.
Very well done.
- Geek...
- Geek...
Those of you who failed
for lack of trying
have a paper due by tomorrow
to improve the class average.
No less than six pages, single spaced.
Everyone read Chapter 18 in your
Civics books for tomorrow.
- What? - What?
- There's going to be a quiz.
- A quiz? No.
- Darn it.
What are you doing here?
He asked you a question.
What are you doing here?
Can I play too? Take a shot?
- No.
- No?
Come on, you want it?
You can't have it!
What don't you get?
This is our court now.
You can't play here.
You want the ball?
Go fetch!
Nir, watch out!
It's Hani.
Who's Hani?
- Remember Shai Feiman from 3rd grade?
- Yeah, so?
- I heard he didn't really move to Herzliya with his folks.
- What?
They say he asked Hani to get him
the ball that got kicked onto the roof,
and Hani killed him.
They say that since then
his body's been hidden
in the janitor's room.
Go ask the janitor
to give you back the ball.
-Public Bomb Shelter-
Is somebody there?
Let's see you.
Don't go in there!
There's a monster!
Adam, you're such a freak!
Shut it, Tamar!
- Mom! Dad!
- Adam?
- There's something in the basement!
- What's wrong?
- It's a giant creature.
- A creature?
With black fur and glowing eyes, and...
Oh, well, then.
I thought something was wrong.
Here, look.
It's real!
- It looks like a smudge.
- It's not a smudge!
Adam, what were you doing
in the shelter?
Come see for yourself.
I can't come now.
I'm busy.
How was school?
I got an A- in Civics,
then I shot some hoops
with some friends.
Come on!
Where is it?
It was right there.
I believe you.
I saw a monster once, too.
That's right.
I was doing a boy scout leaders' course
in Mitzpe Ramon.
I got up at night to get a drink.
It was misty.
Suddenly I saw this huge creature right
in front of me, looking at me, all creepy.
I told myself, no way,
monsters only exist in movies, right?
I closed my eyes and tried to relax,
I took a deep breath
and when I open my eyes again,
the thing was gone.
Adam, only babies believe in monsters.
Do me a favor,
don't come down here again, okay?
There's nothing for you here.
Let's go.
And if you see it again, tell me, we'll
tell the SWAT team and they'll catch it.
Come on.
Eyes front, everyone.
You probably don't know this
but in two weeks
we'll be celebrating
Israel's Independence Day.
In honor of that you'll be writing a paper
about the establishment of Israel.
For this assignment
you'll be working in pairs.
So everyone write down
what I'm about to say.
"No human being
is wealthy or powerful enough
"to transplant a nation
from one location to another.
"The Jews have dreamt this dream of sovereignty
all through the long nights of their history.
"Next year in Jerusalem."
Hello, Adam.
Glad you could join us.
Something on your cell phone
you'd like to share?
Adam, come to the front
of the class please.
Adam, come here
and read your homework assignment.
I have nothing.
So come up and read us your nothing, so we
can all learn what it means to apply yourself.
I guess.... this is the wrong notebook.
I forgot the notebook with nothing in it
at home.
Be quiet or I'll give you another quiz!
Very well, Adam.
I understand.
Now go to the library and write a paper,
ten pages, double spaced.
No, sorry, single spaced.
Let's go.
That's how it goes.
"Go to the ant, you sluggard;
consider its ways and learn!"
Yes, Tamar?
Sir, actually it's:
"Consider its ways and be wise!"
Tamar, I'm pairing you with Adam
for the Civics assignment.
- What?
- What?
But Yael and I were going
to do it together.
If you're so smart, you can do it with
Adam and Yael can pair up with Gil.
- That's not fair!
- Right.
"It is now a question of showing that
the dream can be converted into..."
Serves you right, geek!
Wait a minute!
Do you know what it is?
Come on, open up!
I saw something in the shelter last night.
I know I saw it!
He knows my name.
Are you that kid who's always
getting into fights?
My name is Adam.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Hani.
Sit down.
It took my medal.
A wise man once said....
It means:
"It is better to consult a man of
experience than a man of wisdom."
Many years ago,
my dad got into debt
and we lost our house.
My mother and sister
worked for the family in the Galilee.
I was too young to work,
so they sent me
to stay with my grandfather,
not too far from here, in Sheikh Jarah.
When I was about your age,
I was helping my grandfather clean
the brick fireplace for the winter.
I remember he sent me to get the
iron chimney broom from the basement.
It was the darkest place
I had ever seen.
Just as I'm about to come out
I hear something moving.
I look back,
and then I see it, looking at me.
And then I hear:
I had this red ball, made in America,
that my dad gave me before we moved out.
I remember I threw it at him
as hard as I could,
and I ran out of there.
My grandfather and some other people
went down there to look. They looked
and looked, but couldn't find anything.
They laughed at me.
They said I had a little boy's
vivid imagination.
But they never found my red ball.
My grandmother, may she rest in peace,
used to tell us about them,
about the monsters of darkness.
The Abuleles.
She said they really loved sweets,
but that not every child would meet one.
They would show themselves only
to special kids.
Kids who are...
delete that.
Delete it.
I'm not afraid of anything.
Adam, delete it.
Don't go back there.
Do you hear me?
By the way...
can I please have my ball back?
Yossi, what's the sweetest
thing you've got?
Oh, it's you.
The sweetest thing?
The strawberry Tutli.
Two for five shekels.
Thanks Yossi, put it on my tab.
Don't drink more than one cup!
It's not good for you!
Drink as much as you want.
-Adam's Room-
Adam, where are you going?
- I'm busy, Tamar. What do you want?
Pardon me for stopping you from doing
the very important thing you're busy with,
but you and I have a paper to write.
My dad's coming back tonight,
which means we can only do it now...
- Leave me alone, bookworm.
- Adam!
And if you think that just because Yair
is making me write this paper with you
and that I'll do all the work and
you're going to do nothing, like always,
you're way off. -What if I write a bad
paper on purpose and we get an F?
Then I'll tell your parents on purpose
that you're hiding things
in your little box in the shelter.
You hear me?
I need my medal back.
And... I got you something.
It's kind of gross
but you might like it.
You want some more?
More! More!
- Hey.
- Hey.
I was just sitting here.
Come on in.
Remember the day he and his friends won
first place in the basketball tournament?
- Second place.
- Second?
And then, I don't know what he was thinking,
but he took you in dad's pickup truck
and you went to that wreckage
behind Hadassah Hospital, right?
The ruins.
We sat on the rooftop and talked
for like an hour, just me and him.
But then it got dark so we left, 'cause Assaf
said it was dangerous to be there at night.
- And then the car wouldn't start.
- Yeah. I remember that.
And then he called Dad
to come get you and Dad got angry.
Do you miss him?
Say, Adam,
did you happen to see Assaf's medal?
It was here on the desk.
If you happen to see it,
I'd you to put it back here,
exactly where it was. Okay?
Hello everyone,
we have someone very interesting here,
a great basketball player,
a very prominent figure in Jerusalem.
Assaf Arbel, let's see him.
Say, what's it like being such a loser?
A true failure?
All right, okay, okay.
- It's a blast being a loser.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You're such a crappy player.
- It's fun being a loser.
- An embarrassment to Jerusalem.
It's fun to be an embarrassment.
I can even prove how much I suck at this.
You can prove you're a loser?
- Well, you're my coach, aren't you?
- Oh, yeah? So this is on me?
You're the one who should
have that medal.
Yeah, yeah.
- You're blaming this on me?
- Yes.
- It's your fault.
- After all,
with all due respect,
and there's no respect...
I'm not the one who lost by 20 points.
24 to be exact.
All right, fine. Let's get out
of here before it gets dark.
Before it gets dark.
What do you want?
Get out of here.
Get lost!
What do you want?
The ball?
You wanna play catch?
Here, catch.
Let's try again.
You have to use your hands.
Wait a minute.
Okay, okay.
You know what? This rooftop is going
to be our spot. We're gonna be friends.
No... Repeat after me.
Repeat after me. Fr...
Ra! Avra!
Not "Avra."
- Avra!
- Okay, avra.
- Avra!
- Avra!
- Avra!
- Avra!
- Avra! Avra!
- Avra!
- Avra. No...
- Avra.
This is our rooftop.
We don't need anyone else!
No, no...
No, no, don't do that.
No, wait!
Oh, no.
What have you done?
Where were you?
On the roof.
The power's out all over
the neighborhood.
Yeah, it's weird.
Weren't you afraid,
alone in the dark like that?
Uh... I wasn't alone.
Well, I have to finish those reports,
so good night.
- Hey, Dad?
- Yes?
We're out.
Can you get some more?
I thought you didn't like that stuff.
but it's an acquired taste.
- What?
- Strawberry Tutli.
Did you say something?
Strawberry Tutli.
It must be fun being an Abulele.
No parents to bug you
and no school, either...
I gotta do a civics paper
with that pest Tamar from upstairs.
You'd hate her.
She thinks she's perfect 'cause her dad
is some hi-tech hot shot or something,
so he gets her all this stuff
from abroad and she shows off.
I have an idea. Why don't you eat her?
We'll get her down here
and you can eat just her head, and then
all the blood will squirt all over the walls.
That'll be cool!
- Adam and Tamar.
- That's not funny!
Leave me alone, jerk.
Shut up!
I want you to pack it in
and head back to HQ.
let me do what I do best.
And what exactly would that be, Shlomi?
Catching the bad guys.
These aren't the usual "bad guys."
I was about your age
when we started hunting
for these things.
They're smart,
they're quick to learn.
They study us.
And they're dangerous.
You know,
they were here long before we showed up
and built buildings and planted trees,
and brought life to the desolation
that was here before.
With time they were pushed aside,
faded and forgotten.
They turned into the stories
we tell our kids at bedtime.
Because who believes in monsters
any more? Only kids, right?
But that's just it.
They never left.
He's in there.
Lurking in the shadows.
That's what they do.
And we're gonna get him.
You know how you catch
something you can't see?
You find someone
who can.
Hey, what's up?
Man, did you see the power outage last
night? Dude, that was some blast!
My mom said it must have been
a terrorist attack.
I wanted to call the police,
but my dad said not to.
Oh, sorry.
Are you okay?
Watch where you're walking, Gil.
- What? Look at you, big shot.
- Come on, stop it...
Not such a big shot
when no one's backing you up, huh?
Leave him alone.
And don't let me see you on the court again.
You've got nobody to play with anyway.
No, don't...
Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight!
Everybody back off!
Nothing to see here!
- Don't you ever talk about my brother again!
- I'll be waiting for you after school!
- You don't scare me! -The teacher won't be there to save you then.
- Go on, back to class!
- Don't you ever talk about my brother again!
- Just you wait.
You again?
Nir started it.
Go back to class
before I call your parents.
I'm not done with you.
Well, Adam, it's been a week,
and you're already back in my office.
Nir told me you punched him
during recess today.
He talked about Assaf.
Right. So you're going to beat up anyone
who mentions your brother?
If Nir's bullying you, let me know.
I have zero tolerance for violence.
Now go on, back to class.
Just like that?
No suspension?
That boy has a negative influence
on my entire class.
He doesn't study, won't do his homework.
And now he's beating up other kids.
He just doesn't fit in here.
I see Adam on a regular basis and
I must say I see a significant improvement.
But it's only been a year.
We have to be a little more sensitive here.
I'm handling him with kid gloves,
and I'm not a social worker!
These kids need discipline.
They need to concentrate on their exams.
- You can't be their buddy. - Understood.
- Early in the year I submitted a letter,
listing clear goals for these students.
Including national test scores.
What's the matter, Yair?
Is he lowering your class average?
Hermoni, do me a favor,
stay out of this.
About the boy,
he can go to Cypress School.
- They know how to deal with kids like him.
- That is not going to happen.
- No?
- No.
Sure, what do you care?
You dump him on my lap
and wash your hands of him.
So let me tell you something,
the both of you.
Tomorrow, when the supervisors are here,
they'll hear exactly
what I have to say about that kid.
Along with my demand
to have him transferred.
As his homeroom teacher,
they'll take me seriously.
Yair, please, this has nothing to do
with the supervisors' commission.
I have the highest GPA in the county,
and I'm not about to lose it over
one kid who just shouldn't be here.
And you, Devora, as school principal,
should have backed me up from the start.
When you run this school,
you'll do as you see fit.
Until then,
please focus on your own classroom.
That day isn't far off, Devora.
I used to buy a lot of sweets
when I was your age.
The kids in my neighborhood used to say
that if you can't make it home
before dark,
the monster will get you.
if you throw something sweet at it,
you've got a decent chance
of getting away.
I didn't really buy that.
I mean, who believes in monsters?
Only little kids.
But one night,
in the orchard
behind my parents' building,
I saw one.
I saw its yellow eyes
following me in the dark.
I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.
My name is Amihai.
I work for National Security.
Our job is to protect those creatures.
- I'm Adam.
- Adam.
Have you ever seen something like that?
Maybe around your house?
Maybe it tried to communicate with you?
Sorry, Amihai,
I'd love to help you, but...
Only little kids believe in monsters.
He'll leave you soon
and you'll never see him again.
But if we work together,
there's a chance that...
Hey, hey, hey!
Don't touch anything.
Adam, we have to write that paper.
We have to get a perfect score!
You hear me? My report card...
What's that?
You got a new dog?
What are you doing?
Don't touch anything!
Don't move. Don't breath.
If Tamar finds out about you
she'll tell everyone.
Tamer, can we do this some other day?
No! Adam... I've been thinking it over,
and I realized we have no choice.
We have to work together.
I brought my notebook
so you can catch up a little.
But be careful with it.
My dad got it for me in London.
Listen, Tamar,
I'll do the assignment, okay?
- You have to go now.
- Adam, I'm just trying to help you.
- But...
- You have to write that paper.
I have something more important to do
than your stupid paper! -Like what?
Like something that someone like you
will never understand
- 'cause you think you're so perfect.
- Just be careful with the notebook, Adam.
Tamar, relax.
Take a deep breath.
Tamar, relax.
Tamar, open the door.
Wait a minute!
Don't worry, I'll save us.
He won't hurt you, I know him.
Stop yelling at me!
- Police.
- Hello, there's a creature here.
Wha... what? A creature?
Hold on, please.
Don't hang up.
If he wanted to eat you,
he would have done it already.
Tamar! Eat her head!
Come here if you're so tough!
Thanks for waiting, I spoke with my CO.
I'll put you through
to the Sanitation Department.
What? Hello?!
- Enough already!
- Avra!
- No, no avra!
- Avra.
If they find you here, we'll both be in
trouble. And then they'll take you away.
Can't you stay quiet for one minute?
Do you need Ritalin? -Ritalin?
Don't you get how important you are?
No one can know about you.
No one. Not ever.
my God.
What is that?
Where did you find him?
- In the bomb shelter.
- In our bomb shelter?
Yes. And he's been living here
with me ever since.
Abulele, this is Tamar,
she's in my class.
- Tamar, this is Abulele, he's an...
- Abulele.
This is so much cooler than my cat!
Do you still want to write
that civics paper?
911, how can I help?
Listen, Tamar,
you can't tell anyone about him.
Are you nuts?
Who's gonna believe me?
- "lieveme."
- On one condition.
I get to play with him too.
- "you-nuts.".
- Okay. - "you-nuts."
Tamar... Avra.
So what do you do with him?
- Remember that jerk Yaron from 4th grade?
- Yeah, so?
So he told Yair
I shoved him during recess.
Adam, on second thought,
why don't we go home?
You asked what to do with him, right?
Rani, I already told you, we...
What's this?!
You never learn, do you?
He brought his geeky girlfriend
to protect him.
I'm not a geek.
I just like to study.
As of now, this is our court.
Didn't I tell you to stay away?
I'm not afraid of you.
I'll play here whenever I like.
The three of us are gonna make sure
you never come here again.
Just like Assaf and his stupid friends
wouldn't let us...
Don't you ever say his name!
- Is that Assaf's ball?
- Yes.
No, it's my ball.
- It's Assaf's ball.
- You can ask all of Assaf's friends where he got the ball.
So take it.
Here. You can keep it.
Where have you been?
Your mother asked you a question.
I went to play basketball.
- Alone?
- With a friend.
Who's this friend
you're always hanging out with?
Someone from your class?
What's his name?
What does it matter?
Did you two mess up Assaf's room?
You took this ball from Assaf's room.
How many times have I told you
to stay out of that room?
What's the difference? He's dead!
Stop pretending he's here!
You shut your mouth!
Take the damn ball
if it means so much to you!
I wish I got killed instead of him.
From now on this room stays locked.
What are you doing?
Stop it! Are you insane?
Stop that!
Why? Stop it! Stop!
Stop! Stop...
I miss him so much, Avi.
I know you're in here.
Wanna hear a secret?
But promise you won't tell anyone.
Assaf died because of me.
The night it happened I was at the mall.
I had to buy a mouse for my computer.
And I got stuck there.
I finally called Assaf to come get me.
At first he wouldn't,
but I made him come.
I drove him crazy.
But he still didn't show up.
I waited a long time.
And after about an hour
my dad showed up in a cab.
When I got in the cab my dad said Assaf
had an accident, and that he was in the hospital.
And I was, like...
I didn't get it.
When we got there we rushed
to where Assaf was supposed to be,
and then I saw my mom
sitting on the bench, crying.
I never saw her cry like that before.
And then they told us
that Assaf was dead.
But we don't need anyone.
We'll clear this place up
and fill it up with Tutli.
And... we'll play basketball.
Tamar can play too.
I'll take care of you, I promise.
I'll make sure no one sees you.
What do you say?
It'll be fun.
If you want to leave, then leave.
Go on, leave.
I don't need you. Go.
You said you wanted to go, so go!
Before you go home,
I want your Civics assignments.
Tamar and Adam get an F because
they didn't even do the assignment.
I see he's a bad influence.
I expected it to be
the other way around.
Adam, I want to talk to you in private.
Please wait for me in the teachers' lounge.
- I didn't...
- What?
Speak up. I can't hear you.
I didn't do anything.
That's right.
Chairs on desks, don't forget.
Look, Adam, I'm here to help you.
Everyone should be in a place that's right
for them. This school simply isn't right for you.
I'm not blaming you, I just think you'll
have a much better time at Cypress School.
You get me, right?
These are personal evaluations I filled
in about every student in the class.
The supervisors are coming soon.
And when they get here
I'm going to give them my evaluations.
They might want to meet with you, too.
And here...
is my personal recommendation
to transfer you to a different school.
Have your parents sign this
and get it back to me. Okay?
It's a transfer form.
Have it your way, Adam.
Next year
you'll be someone else's problem.
Oh, no...
It's all right...
- And this is our teachers' lounge...
- Yaki...
Yaki, you've got to help me!
He attacked me!
He made this mess...
He's lost his mind.
I wrote a full evaluation
on each student.
Here, take a look.
I have everything you need to know
about this student. Everything.
Come here, Yair.
Now, what do you think you saw?
That kid is acting very strangely.
Yair, what happened?
What did Adam say to you?
Yaki, he's acting really weird.
And I thought this was a good school.
So? How'd it go with Yair?
Really well.
- Bullseye!
- Fire!
Tamar, get him out of here!
I've lost eye contact with the target.
Shlomi, get over here.
But Yair, I don't understand.
What do you think you saw?
Yaki, you have to believe me.
Yes... Yair, how are you doing?
How are things at home?
- Things are fine at home.
- What about...
- You see?
- Hands up!
Hands where I can see them!
Did you come here to get him?
I saw him,
he was in the teachers' lounge.
He attacked me just now.
You won't believe what happened.
- You came in contact with that thing?
- Yes! It attacked me.
Get in there!
Go get him...
I didn't see anything.
- I really... nothing...
- Are you sure? - Yes, yes...
Absolutely nothing, I was in...
The bell rang.
Initiating search.
Shlomi, there are enough tranquilizers
in it to bring down an elephant.
He's lost his ability to disappear.
Get him.
Team 2 enter from north entry.
Team 3 from south entry.
And as you've seen, this school
provides a very calm environment,
safe and stable.
It's nice to teach here
and it's nice to study here.
Team 4, we're on the roof.
Begin moving into the building.
Team 2, begin classroom sweep.
Sweeping the southern wing.
First grade classroom's clear.
Move on.
Third grade classroom's clear.
Shlomi, ground floor is clear.
We're moving in.
All entrances secured.
Why are they shooting at him?
Maybe we should call
the police or something.
They are the police.
Moving on to the second floor.
Team 2 is at the south staircase.
We're going up.
Team 2 here, initiating search
of the second floor.
Team 2 advancing towards the library.
Library's clear.
Team 1 is at the north staircase.
Team 2 advancing towards
fifth grade classrooms.
- Fifth grade
Teacher: Yair Zemachovsky-
They're gonna take him away from me.
I'll be alone again.
- So what do you want to do?
- I don't know.
If Assaf were here, he'd know.
My dad doesn't really work overseas.
He lives there.
two years ago he left me and my mom
and went there, to Boston.
He's got a new family there,
and a new wife.
And his new wife
won't let him talk to me.
And I miss him.
But I still love him.
And I know he still loves me.
So I'm not really alone.
stop feeling sorry for yourself.
What are we going to do?
I know someone who can help us.
Shlomi, what's your status?
We're in front of the classroom.
The Chief is in the building.
Move in at my signal.
- Fifth grade
Teacher: Yair Zemachovsky-
Amihai, Shlomi...
The classroom is empty.
Keep searching.
Team 3 finishing search of the second
floor. On the way to the gym.
- Listen.
- What did you do now?
I need your help.
He won't hurt you.
He won't hurt you.
Hani, there's no time for this.
Don't open it.
Did you see two kids here?
There are lots of kids here...
It's an elementary school.
Open up, I need to search your room.
There are no kids here.
No sign of the target, teams.
Return to vehicles.
Team 2 is on its way.
You don't mind if we look
for Abulele in here,
do you, Hani?
You can't look for Abulele here.
Abulele are the ones looking for you.
Either you open the door,
or you rot in jail
for the rest of your life.
All teams, target located.
I repeat, target located.
Second floor, janitor's room.
Initiating break-in.
A wise man once said....
That means:
"Before you go in, plan carefully...
- "how you'll get out."
- Whoa.
You got a car?
Come on, hurry up!
Does this thing even move?
- Clear!
- Clear!
Can't Abulele make the car fly?
Tamar, this is real life, not a movie!
Everyone back in the vans, now!
We've spotted a heat signature
in a vehicle behind the building.
- A wise man once said....
- Who cares? Just go! Drive! Go!
I hope you know what you're doing, kid.
Because if we get caught,
we're all doomed.
Especially him.
Watch out!
Hold on tight!
You drive like my mother!
Watch out... a traffic light!
What are you honking at?
Do you know the old road
that leads up to the ruins?
- In the mountains, behind Hadassah Hospital?
- Yeah, so? - Go there.
All units, pack it in.
Back to your vehicles.
Hey, Yair, when do we get
our civics papers back?
Hey, how are you doing?
Hanging in there?
We got an ID on the car.
It's headed west, Mark 942.
Roger that.
On our way.
What are we doing here?
Trust me. I used to come here
with my brother.
We have to go underground.
Where are we going, Adam?
Amihai, we're at the ruins.
I'm on my way.
If that thing gets away again,
you know what to do.
- Amihai, there are kids involved.
- I don't give a damn, Shlomi!
We have an ID. Team 1, come with me.
All the others, block the exits.
Hands up!
Hands up, all of you!
- Please... no guns.
- Grab the boy.
- Leave me alone! - Get away from him.
- Leave him alone!
Get over here, kid.
Leave him alone,
he didn't do anything to you.
That creature is dangerous.
I don't you to get hurt.
Adam, you're a brave boy,
but it's all over now.
Come here, come to me.
Don't think that creature
gives a damn about you.
It's not really your friend.
Come here, Adam.
Step aside.
Abulele is coming with us now.
He's not going anywhere with you!
Okay, if that's what you want.
But you know,
you're all alone here.
You know something, Amihai?
I came here once with my brother.
Now I remember why Assaf
didn't want to stay here after dark.
He said there were monsters here.
You know what I mean?
We're not alone here.
It's you that's alone here.
Stations, everyone.
Shlomi, something's moving over there.
Nobody move.
- Movement on the left!
- Movement on the left.
- Contact on the left!
- Contact on the left!
Contact on the right!
Everyone stay in place.
Guard the flanks.
Four targets, five targets.
- Three targets approaching. Move back!
- Nobody move.
Stand back!
I was your age once,
and I learned... something about them
a long time ago.
One morning you'll wake up
and he just won't be there any more.
And for the rest of your life,
you'll ask yourself: "Why?
"Why did he leave me?"
He doesn't really care about you,
and he won't stay with you.
Tell him, Abulele.
You know what I think?
I think you need to grow up.
Shoot them!
Shoot them!
Shoot them...
Give me the gun.
What are you doing?
Catching the bad guys.
You'll pay for this!
You'll pay for this...
Get him out of here.
You'll pay for this...
I'll make sure you pay for this!
I guess we'll have to change
this unit's objectives.
We'll talk.
It's okay.
I understand.
Avra (friend)?
Isn't this yours?
You can keep it.
- Bye.
- Bye.
As long as he doesn't drink it...
Where were you all day?
We were worried sick.
I need to tell you something.
Assaf died because of me.
The road was wet.
The driver in the opposite lane swerved
and Assaf didn't have time to brake.
You can threaten me all you want,
you can bring your father in
or whoever you want.
In the end the court will grant me
full custody.
You don't know what's going on with her,
You don't... Okay, but...
Hey, Adam...