Abundant Acreage Available (2017) Movie Script

Out here in the
middle of the field?
Seems appropriate.
Well, it's not.
Can I just go on?
I don't care for you to be here.
I think...
I don't care what you think.
You don't seem to care what
anybody thinks but yourself.
Go away.
So, what are we
doing in the spring,
we just plow around him?
You can kiss my ass
for all I care, Jesse.
I don't think this is
funny, it's disrespectful.
He deserves a proper
burial in a proper place.
I'm putting him here
Jesse, in the earth,
right here, right now,
you don't like it,
you can take a flying leap.
What do you want?
You want to put him up in that
columbarium at Prospect
United Methodist?
Maybe we go visit him
once a week or month,
bring him some flowers that will
just die and wilt
in front of him?
It's the way it's
done, with a ceremony.
From Pastor Goodwin,
not that new girl.
This is his place, here with us,
with his two kids on his
farm where he spent his life.
This is where he
should be for eternity.
Come on.
Whoa, whoa, no, no, no.
Come on now.
It may get spilled.
You're all riled up.
- Stop it.
- Come on, I'm serious.
I'm serious!
Stop, stop it.
- Come on.
- Give it.
Doing this.
Got no grip left at all.
I'm going to Costco later,
you need some glucosamine?
You wanna say something?
What are you gonna
do with yourself now?
Say a prayer or something?
Without him to take
care of all the time?
Why would you ask me that now?
I just thought maybe you'd
consider a vacation
or something.
You know what?
You go if you want,
you rent that house
or condo you've
been talking about.
Me, I don't want to,
I've got things to do.
You wouldn't have to go to the
lake, you could travel anywhere now.
Good golly you're so mean.
I'm not mean.
Asking me that right now.
I'm concerned, you
know I'm not mean.
I think you'd be tired
and want to get away.
Dad, God.
I mean?
I am sick and tired.
I hate this farm.
No you don't, it's
the grief talking.
Heavenly Father, please
accept your son in Christ,
Edward James Ledbetter,
to your bosom.
He's passed from us, but
his veil of suffering
and his long battle with
the cancer is finally over
and we're grateful that
he's no longer in pain.
We pray that he
knows, Tracy and I,
that he knows his family will
be taken care of and fine.
Jesus' name,
- Okay-
- Why didn't you call him Bud?
I called him by
his Christian name.
What, you don't think
Jesus knows him as Bud?
You going to mark it?
I know where he is.
An unmarked grave.
- Tracy.
- What?
We'll leave him for the
winter and then in the spring
we put him in that
old graveyard.
What, out in the woods?
It's not our people.
It's sanctified.
You don't think
the field is healthy?
I'll tell you what,
I'll think about it.
Moving Daddy.
You hungry?
It's getting colder.
What, what are you doing?
Well I dunno.
Are they deer hunters?
Well they can't just waltz
onto our land and
camp out like this.
Well I don't see any guns.
Wake them up.
They're old.
Think they're
friends of Daddy's?
You need to get up now.
Help him.
Here you go.
' Okay, I got it.
Whoa, whoa, hold on there.
No, no, no.
No, I don't, no, I wasn't going to.
We excuse
me, we're so sorry.
You see our car,
! bet this looks kinda odd.
He came up at me
with a fucking gun.
Sorry, he's been.
Where's our house?
Tom, be still.
So you were saying
something about your car?
Yeah, it stopped
running over where the
cut off through the woods,
you know, late last night.
So you hiked here?
Hi, Hans Triggerston.
How's that?
Hans, and these
are my two brothers.
And Tom.
Hi sir.
It's the stroke.
Tom, be nice.
Well I'm Jesse Ledbetter
and this is my sister Tracy.
This is our farm.
I know where we are now.
So where you all headed?
This is private property.
No, we know that.
Are you here to pay respects?
Did you hear about our Daddy?
Bud Led better?
Yes sir, yes sir, he passed
away one week ago today.
My God, no, we can go.
Yeah, we didn't
have a formal service,
we had just a
family remembrance.
Yes, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I didn't know you,
that you were, that you knew,
I didn't mean to be,
you wanna come in?
How did you know our
daddy, if I may ask?
Do you remember
our late Papa at all?
Are you all from around here?
What'd you say your name was?
Wow, you're the
family in the graveyard.
Yes, sure,
we bought the place from
Charlie Triggerston.
I sure do remember him,
I must have only been
about five or six years
old but I remember
first time my daddy
brought me out here
because that was the
first time I ever saw,
well I remember your father.
- And you say he's
passed now too?
I'm sorry to hear that.
You must be the three
boys from that day.
- Yeah.
- Good grief,
what was that, 50 years ago?
49 years, man, yeah.
Tracy, you weren't even with
us yet, you came right after.
You all wanna come
inside and warm up?
- No.
- Yeah, we're fine.
We can help you get your stuff.
No, we can leave it right
here, it'll be just fine right here.
Sure, you want to
see your old home?
When was the last time
you were around here?
It's 16 or so, we haven't
been back since, none of us.
'Till now, so we wouldn't
mind walking around a bit.
Well be our guest.
Sure, used to be yours.
Yeah, okay, appreciate it.
- You need help?
- No, we're good.
We're self-contained.
- Change anything.
- Well.
Have you added on at all?
Nope, no.
Still the same 50 acres
Daddy bought from y'all.
Still small, still got tobacco.
And we rotate corn and soy.
Wouldn't consider
selling it back, would you?
What about your things?
They're fine out there.
It's a little untidy,
there's only so much to do,
got our hands full. I know,
growing tobacco is a big job.
Well, small farms don't
make much sense anymore,
but we're still here.
Boy, it seemed
bigger before?
You got it?
Whoa, slow down.
I got him, watch
your head up here.
You used to jump over that.
Thank you.
Offer them breakfast.
Yeah, okay.
But get them out of here.
They're crazy.
You're crazy.
Beautiful dreamer
Queen of my song
List while I woo
thee with soft melody
Gone are the cares
of life's busy throng
Beautiful dreamer
awake unto me
Beautiful dreamer
Awake unto me
You see the card
from the Smithermans?
Really nice.
You wouldn't believe
those two fussing in
the bathroom.
It is nice.
Where's the eldest kook?
Well, they wanna see everything.
Yeah, I know, it's
like they're measuring.
I think we should sell.
I've been praying over it
and I may ask them if
they want the place.
That's nuts.
Maybe just some
acreage, maybe the woods,
over where the graveyard
stands and we could retire.
Shit, this is our place and
will be as long as I'm alive.
I think God's looking after us
by sending these brothers here.
Boy, that's a long rise from
down in that lower
land, isn't it?
Yeah, it sure is.
Whoa, would you
like to sit down?
There's everybody.
Good God, you
scared me to death.
Sorry, I didn't know, sorry.
The gang's all here.
Hail, hail, the gang's all here.
Are we disturbing you?
She looks at me like
I've got shit on my face.
Shh Tom, be good.
He doesn't,.
I know.
Needs a good fuck if you ask me.
Whoa, okay.
Stop it.
I apologize.
You get a good
look at that field?
Yeah, tomorrow we wanna tour
downtown East Bend,
see what's changed.
How long you gonna hang around?
You can't stay out there.
We don't need
to put you out.
No, no, this isn't a campground.
Well, we got our tent,
a little Coleman
stove, we'll be fine.
No, I'm saying you
can't stay on our land.
You don't
have to worry about us.
We've always been campers.
Maybe we should go
start making our lunch.
Now that's just
stupid, I'm making lunch.
That was really nice.
Gentlemen, I have a little idea.
So what's wrong
with your car anyway?
Did you call someone?
- I did,
they said they might
come out early evening.
We should head on over there.
We got this little
Latino who works on the car
for us in Orlando and
now I speak some Spanish,
but he talks so fast that
it's like a speeded up record.
What do y'all do there?
We run a little
plumbing company.
Plumbing, wow,
did you hear that?
Big operation or just y'all?
Well let's just say we do okay.
Jesse, we need to dismantle
the hospital bed completely
so Hoosier Rental can come
pick it up tomorrow, excuse me.
Can I help?
' Jesse?
Excuse me.
You can't stay out there!
Daisy, Daisy
You're not
selling my land, Jesse.
We need to
think about our future.
Stop talking to me like that!
You're just holding on!
It makes sense.
To you, but not to me.
Just let it go!
- Why won't you consider it?
- Leave!
Leave me alone.
I'm crazy all
for the love of you
Love of you
It won't won't be
a stylish marriage
Daisy, Daisy
Daisy, Daisy
Give me your answer true
Is Charles off?
Yeah, to deal
with the car, early.
Weren't too cold last night?
No, no.
I like a season.
No seasons in Florida?
Warm all the time?
Yeah, hurricane season.
When I was a child that sound
would give me the
saddest feeling.
Did you come here
to get your home back?
Because I've been giving it
a lot of thought and
consideration, sir.
I asked the Lord for guidance.
Are you a religious man?
I can't say that I am, no.
Well I am.
Have been since I
turned my life around
from Hell when I
was 26 years old.
And I have to say, if
you and your brothers
are still interested,
I'm interested in talking.
Well, well that's interesting.
You could make it the way you
remember it is the
way I figure it.
And of course with the
foreign markets and such,
tobacco farming is changing but,
it's still good, it's
still good, it is.
I love it.
Just like your mama
and daddy did, I bet.
And before that.
Generations of
Triggerstons buried here.
Papa, he appreciated all that
family history, of course.
He was the sweetest
man there was, my Papa.
But he was a drunk man.
Mama had him thrown in
jail for 60 days, she did.
And he came out,
all of this was gone.
She sold it to
your family, cheap.
He didn't believe it until it,
until you fellows
came out that day,
and your father was, he was
eager, yeah.
I remember his face, he knew
what kind of deal he got.
That's not our life
story I'm giving you.
Just is the way things were.
Got his ashes in
a little urn and
almost brought them up
here with us thinking,
can you imagine?
Losing everything
'cause of drink?
I mean, you understand
anything about that?
Can you just give me one
minute here, just to pray?
Will you pray with me?
Um, sure.
Sunshine, it's
never gonna leave me
Always be with me
When we become my
I brought breakfast.
I know you're late
risers but I thought
you'd want something
before you head out.
Well I'll be.
Just donuts.
- Tracy?
- Sleeping in must be nice.
He's not here,
you need some help?
I'll get him.
Can I?
Yeah, I know.
Where's Charles?
Charles is off, that's
Tracy helping you.
Would you like a donut, Tom?
For the road?
Where's Charles now?
What do you need, Tom?
You know where, don't you?
I asked Hans if he
wanted our farm.
We're not selling.
Their farm.
Did you tell them
we're not selling?
Their family farm.
I'm not selling our
farm, Mr. Triggerston.
Charles told me he hoped
you were heading home today.
- Hans.
- I'm not considering
selling it anymore either.
It's theirs, it belongs to them.
It's their land, we've
got to give it back.
Well I don't know
what's going on.
I'm saying give it back to them.
It's the only thing to do.
Daddy had no business
to profit off
another man's misfortune
and neither do we.
You're talking out of your hat.
No, you and me, we've got
the means to rectify this.
He's as crazy as a loon.
What pact with the Devil will
you make to hold on
to what you have?
You will not start talking
to me like that again!
- I will.
- They're leaving!
- It's time to let go!
- What do you think you are?
I will not have you
spouting off one more word
about it in front of
these people, you hear me?
Good God, give it away?
- Give it back.
- And you can't even decide.
- Return it!
- Something about something
that's not yours alone
to decide about anyway.
I told you that last
night, this is our farm.
You hear me?
Ours! Our family's!
It's not your blood.
Sorry, it's not.
You're saying
'cause I'm adopted?
My Lord.
This is good.
Excuse me, Jesse, but who
are these people anyway?
They could say they're
Triggerston, but we don't know.
Tracy, this is for
our greater good.
They could be scam
artists telling us anything.
If you'd stop...
Jesse, you are not
living in the real world.
You don't just give
away property like that.
You and your higher power
could maybe be wrong,
- you know that!
- May I...
Will you please get him to stop?
You hush!
I wanna do this,
I wanna put it to right.
If there's one thing
I've learned in this life,
one thing, don't try to talk
a man out of his convictions.
Are you okay?
What are those
called, do you know?
Do you know what they're
doing, my brother is?
Jesse wants to give
your family this farm,
to give it back to you.
Thought you said you were
leaving this morning.
Old men have fantastic ideas.
Sick old men, like my
brother Hans, it's crazy.
Do they listen to me?
What's wrong with him?
Pancreatic cancer.
That's fast.
Why does he want our farm?
I think he's just
like an old dog
that's looking for a place
to lay his bones down.
Does your brother wanna sell?
My brother.
Did you scrape your hand?
Let me.
Is it?
There you go.
Keep going.
My brother, when he was younger,
there was drinking,
you know, and drugs,
and screaming fights and
we had a strict father,
especially after Mama died.
Jesse hated farming.
So he took off.
And he
became a father at 19 and
one time camping, Jesse
was passed out drunk and
his three year old
unzipped the tent
and wandered into
the Yadkin River.
Good Lord, look at that.
It's like a single thing
flying there together.
After a really hard time,
Jesse found the Lord.
He came back, never
took another drop,
never mentioned it
and just every day,
get through the
tasks, just us three.
And then Daddy got sick
so we took care of that.
That's all any of us
really got, I suppose.
What, day to day?
Taking care of family, mopping
up, do it again tomorrow.
He always wants to finish
things neat, you know?
Yells at me when
I can't keep up,
keep a clean house,
throw things away,
he says throw it away, Tracy.
That's him and Daddy.
Yeah, I'm a pack rat.
God, me too.
God, you know, no.
You should see our place, it's
it's always something.
It gets overwhelming.
I think he's afraid
to hold on to things,
he's lost too much.
Maybe that's the
right way to be.
When you've got nothing
really to hold onto.
LQtlS SQQ h F QWI S V0 "I":
Fine, fine.
My stuff, include
it when you burn off
the old crop to replant.
This is not right!
Come on, let's go.
To the car.
I don't burn.
You turn onto her, you know?
She's being dramatic.
Should we get you a burger too?
I'll get it all out,
'cause it's nothing,
it's all nothing,
I thought it was mine
but it's nothing, so burn it!
I'll pray for Ya-
You're still in mourning.
It's just.
- Are your teeth chattering?
- Nope.
Look, why don't we go in?
He asked us again.
We're gonna do good here, okay?
We'll just snuggle up okay?
We're gonna be fine.
Yeah, yeah, this is good.
Look, when are we going home?
No, we gotta just see
how things play out first.
You can't be serious.
Get in your sleeping bag.
Come on baby.
So you think we should
offer them money, don't you?
You're asking me what I think?
I think you should
grab that piece of ass,
man, while she's
shaking it in your face.
But this is an opportunity.
I think we should
all be at home.
'Cause you're a homebody.
We can never
pry him out of his shell.
You like her?
Shut up.
Would you move over?
You know, she's not
bad looking, really.
You talking to me?
Tune you guys out.
You could both have the land.
She'd know how to run things.
I think Jesse'd go for it.
He could retire like
he wants and
you know what about
when Tom goes too?
You don't have anybody
that needs you.
Would you shut the
hell up, both of you?
God dammit!
You like the dirt.
I can tell.
You feel like an orphan now?
I'm 68 years old,
I still feel that way.
I have a son who died.
Not a day goes by I
don't think of him.
Even more than my late wife.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- Yeah,
I'm sorry your father's gone.
I know what that's like.
You just want to hold
his hand again, I bet.
Hear his voice.
Chat about nothing much.
Feel sick to your tummy?
Does it wash over you in waves?
It'll pass.
Charles told me.
I wanna be buried
here on his farm,
and I want you to help me.
Our Charles that never had
a girlfriend, not once.
Spent his whole life
as a nurse maid.
Now what?
Well I'm not gonna be here.
It's a fantastic
thing to be no me.
Okay listen, he'll get along.
He'll be okay.
No, no I don't believe he will.
No, my daddy worried
about the exact same thing.
We're fine.
Are ya?
Will you be?
Will you consider it?
Consider what?
My brother Charles,
he likes you.
You two could both together,
things need looking after.
Tracy, hold on.
Tracy, hold on
here just a minute.
You seen my blow up float?
You didn't throw it
on your pile, did you?
I bought it,
I wanna sleep on it.
They all tucked in?
Getting there.
Hans is in your room,
the others are down here.
Thought I could put
a pallet on the floor
in the front room,
maybe it's gone.
Come here.
- 0h, shit!
- You okay?
Thank you.
They were singing.
They brushed their
teeth, gathered around,
started singing earlier.
How'd they sound?
Not bad.
Why didn't they
ever come before?
It could all have
been different.
How much do you
think it's worth?
Just ballpark.
I'm just curious,
Charles was asking.
He asked you?
Do you think Daddy...
Forget it.
What, Tracy?
I'm sorry if I
hurt your feelings.
You can move all your stuff
back in tomorrow if you want.
You ever remember Daddy
kissing you or hugging you?
Do you think that's why I never,
do you think that's
why I'm cold?
I don't think you're cold.
I think I'm cold.
Or maybe just not warm.
You're a good person.
Thank God they're
leaving tomorrow?
Will you and
Charles be in touch?
Tom was the nicest one,
then he had a stroke,
it changed his
personality completely.
Yeah, I know, Hans told me.
Isn't that something?
Maybe it killed some part
of his brain, the nice part.
Mean was all that was left.
Well the Devil will take
any opportunity to get in,
if he sees weakness.
We're tested, if we're
not up for the challenge,
if we're weak, then the Devil
takes advantage
and evil is born.
Come on, it isn't the Devil,
it was a burst blood vessel.
It would be a lot to deal with.
It's not his fault.
I can stab a scarecrow.
When the crops come
up, I can't remember.
All covered tobacco.
Yeah, it was real
pretty in the spring.
Too little when we left.
That's not so, you
can't remember?
I lost a lot.
Why don't you sit?
They won't be long.
Gassing the car.
- Home.
- Yeah.
You want us to stay?
Just some of us.
You're thinking about it.
I could get you some coffee,
you want me to go
get you some coffee?
I want you to stay right here.
- With me.
Come over here.
Sit on my lap.
Sit on my face.
That's a long drive
you got, y'all stop?
You ever drive to Florida?
No, I haven't been
to Florida at all.
Stay with us, you'd like
it, we have a nice place.
Big rooms, sleep with us.
Okay, Tom...
I mean it!
I don't wanna hear that.
Yes you do.
So you be still, okay?
Big cocks.
Okay Tom, you be
quiet, that's not nice.
And I know you can be nice.
- You sit.
- No, Tom, you stay.
I want to be nice to you.
I'm fine standing.
Clear, okay.
Alright, I'll sit,
sit for a bit.
Thank you.
'Cause you are
a sweet girl, you are.
I'm gonna see what's
taking them so long.
Please, stay.
- Don't pay me no mind.
- I think you are a nice girl.
Just bothered by strangers.
People saying they're going
to take your home maybe.
Maybe not.
Scary old men.
I know I'm scary.
You okay?
You okay?
Let me lick your pussy.
Let me fuck your ass.
Stop it, stop it!
Hey, something's happened.
Tom fell!
Hey, Tom?
Hey, can you hear me?
Let me turn you on your side.
Do you have a cell?
Mine's in the car.
Come use the phone in the house.
- Stay with him.
- Go.
He just fell?
He blinked and he looked funny.
I'm sorry, he won't be
long, they'll be okay.
It's not your fault.
He was saying off things to me.
I'm right here, buddy.
Help's coming.
Gosh, I'm sorry.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
My God.
Are you okay?
Will you put me out here too?
Not in the cemetery, out here
in the open, like your daddy.
We've been talking
about coming back
in a few weeks to
finalize things,
maybe bury my papa too, but now.
Wait, are you taking it?
Are You?
Are You?
Will you agree to my
request, Miss Tracy?
Are you taking my home?
I just wanna be put
back where I came from.
What are you gonna do, Hans?
Hey, you're a mess.
I'm right here,
buddy, I'm right here.
Help's coming.
It's all temporary.
How many bones have
been put in this ground,
do you think, that
we don't know about?
Civil War, you know, slaves.
Before that, the
Indians, all mixed in.
I wonder,
I wonder sometimes
if it's cursed
'cause we didn't keep it sacred.
Harming it.
Tobacco, what that's meant.
You know, Hans?
If you're dying, I guess you
can't take my farm, can you?
I'll put you out here,
what do you think of that?
It's so hard to let go.
So hard to let go for everybody.
Dear Charles, again,
I wanna say I'm
sorry for the reason,
but we look forward to seeing
you when you come next week.
Please consider staying
the night with us.
Especially because the motel
on the main highway
is not that nice.
Although it is not a fleabag.
The owners are Dot
and Billy Wadlin
and they're getting on,
but as you and I both know,
it's hard to stay
on top of things.
I'm rambling, but it is nice
to sort of talk to you
again in this fashion.
I know it's been a difficult
time for your family,
and I am sorry.
Please be our guest.
We could maybe go for a
stroll if you had the time.
I think I
write stupid emails, sorry.
Yours very sincerely,
Miss Tracy Ledbetter.
PS, dress warm,
it's clear and cold
but very pretty with the
sky so blue here usually.
See you soon.
I know you don't want any fuss.
Hans told me what he want...
Yeah, I know.
No, please, let me.
I can do it.
I don't know if they have
to be all lined up like that,
all exact, you know,
could be sort of freeform.
What do you want?
Doesn't matter.
You two could sit if you want.
This isn't bad.
Okay, alright.
Can I hold that for you?
Who's that?
That's Hans.
That's Tom.
And this is Papa.
Well, I guess it doesn't
matter which one goes where.
Just remember who's who.
Who's that?
Hans, this is Tom.
Okay well.
I know this is Papa.
Are they marked?
My God, this is awful.
I know, but.
- May I say a few words?
No, this is sufficient.
Bless these souls, Lord.
Welcome them to your heavenly
kingdom with open arms.
Grant Charles
solace in his grief,
and bless your humble
servants Tracy and myself
as we continue to mourn
the loss of our father,
and of our new friends.
In Jesus Christ's name,
we praise you, Lord.
Now I wanna tell you something.
I'm leaving this land.
We have the sacrosanct remains
of four men buried here,
and I cannot ignore
that or look around it
or plow or plant where they
lie, this now is yours.
There's something here
that we have no right to.
God's leading us to a new
life, whatever that may be.
Charles, you may do
with it as you see fit.
Maybe you could sell it if
you don't want to stay here.
I can't believe you've
been hatching this
this whole past month and
never breathing a word.
If you do sell it,
maybe you'd consider
sharing some of it
with some of my sister.
Whatever you two think is right.
Maybe Charles will show you
their house in Orlando now.
Maybe that'd be
something you'd enjoy.
God, Jesse.
I don't think I'm ready
for visitors just now.
No, of course not, I
apologize for my brother, I...
I don't want this.
I don't want anything.
I didn't want you to pray.
I wanna go home.
- Of course you do.
- By myself.
Of course.
I just wanna be
left alone for once.
Not called on, not badgered,
not no one's beck and call,
no one to clean up
after but myself.
Of course, I know
exactly what you...
All by myself.
You do that, Charles, for
now, but take it from me,
one day you gotta pull yourself
up and step back into life.
Don't bury yourself
with the dead.
I don't have to do anything
anyone says, I don't.
I'm free of everyone,
I'm 58 years old
and I'm a free man, finally.
In Florida, there's
a couch that's mine now,
and my room and a bottle
and that's all I want.
I've given enough.
I'm tired.
Of course you are.
No more singing.
I'm going now.
God bless you, Charles.
God help him.
Sorry, Tracy.
For what?
Well I'm sorry for you.
He's boxed himself in.
Some people, they can't help it.
Maybe time, takes time.
That's why this is so
important for us to do, Trace.
To sell.
To take action now.
I hope you can see that.
Left him a mark.
Ashes to ashes, dust
to dust, so to speak.
No that's not what that means,
it doesn't mean forget.
No, you hold onto them?
You gotta work, by God.
Every single day I
work to forgive myself.
I don't forget.
I try to forgive myself.
We're only human.
I know my Lord forgives
me, that's all one can do.
I never could get Daddy...
It gets dark so quickly.
You know, all those
years taking care of him.
He never once,
lately I've been picturing
us dead and gone.
Who would give a damn?
The name would run out.
Let's go inside.
It's not my name anyway,
I wonder what my name was.
Should have left it all
out here and had a bonfire.
I'll do this tomorrow,
I wanna take the suit off.
When do you plan to go?
I'll put the farm on the market
as soon as I get
things in order.
Things in order?
Yeah, you and I can
decide where we want to go.
I have to move poor
old Tom and Hans,
all of 'em, I'll do it
first thing tomorrow.
To where?
You know, consecrated land.
It's the only thing to do.
Daddy too?
Of course.
I'm sorry but, you agreed
to consider the move,
now we have to, do you see that?
Now, come on, please, I
don't want you getting sick.
It's so easy to catch a cold.
Come on inside and I'll
make us something warm.
Maybe some hot chocolate,
how's that sound?
Come on honey, don't linger.
That's all we are.
Beautiful dreamer,
wake unto me
Starlight and dewdrops
are waiting for thee
Sounds of the rude
world heard in the day
Though by the moonlight
have all passed away
Beautiful dreamer,
queen of my song
List while I woo
thee with soft melody
Gone are the cares
of life's busy throng
Beautiful dreamer
awake unto me
Beautiful dreamer,
wake unto me
Starlight and dewdrops
are waiting for thee
Sounds of the rude
world heard in the day
Though by the moonlight
have all passed away