Abuse of Weakness (2013) Movie Script

Hello, yes.
I need an ambulance.
I'm listening.
Half of my body is dead.
You're talking,
so you can't be dead.
No, I'm not dead!
I'm calling for help!
It may look disastrous now,
but in time, she'll come out of it ne.
Resuscitation, fast!
1... 2... 3.
Frankly, I don't remember
the resuscitation room.
It took me a year to realize
I'd had a massive brain hemorrhage.
They say they told me.
Even several times.
But it's not true.
I never heard them.
Yet the next morning
nothing was the same.
Nothing will ever be the same.
I thought it was the phone.
Follow my nger, Madame.
All the way.
Very good. Now come back.
Slowly, once more.
Once more.
All the way.
Very good.
Once more all the way.
Very good. All the way again.
What color is this ball?
Between my ngers.
And this one?
How about this one?
Good morning.
I'm the speech therapist.
Can you draw a clock?
- With the numbers?
- Yes.
What comes next?
I know...
I can't...
nd it.
That's very typical after a stroke.
What I'd really like
is to laugh.
Because I love to laugh... and now...
I can't laugh anymore.
I understand.
Say "eee.
Exaggerate your lip movements.
I'll give you my mirror.
Watch your mouth.
Stretch your lips...
Keep the left side level
with the right side.
Do it as often as possible.
I'll be back tomorrow.
That's good. Push, Maud.
That's good.
Try to push, to open your arms.
- I can't.
- That's good.
Gently. Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.
You'll be ne.
We're with you, Maud.
I can't, I'm too scared.
We're with you, Maud.
I can't do it.
We're with you.
Very good.
That's very good.
Excuse me.
Don't be afraid.
You did that ne.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
It hurts, I know.
You did that ne.
That was very good.
Gently, it'll come.
I was in Cannes.
I got 500,000 Euros
for the Italian rights.
But I told them
we'd only shoot the lm next year.
Don't delude yourself, Jean-Paul.
I've sunk like the Titanic.
But if I ever resurface,
I'll be an atomic bomb.
You will be.
I'll tackle anything.
We now welcome Vilko Piran.
Hi, Vilko Piran. Things OK?
Just fine.
In your book,
your mom often put you out
during the day.
You hung around, hungry,
searched trash-cans for food...
And you describe how there was
an old woman chuckling
behind her curtains.
If I'd seen a kid like that,
I'd give him something to eat.
Most people have lost their humanity.
One day you hid,
and in the trailer window
saw your mom under a man.
watch Channel 2.
You say she had an eerie smile,
her legs spread apart,
and it turned you off love.
When a youth is confronted with that
his point of view changes.
You lose your purity.
I got kicked into an adult world.
It's that simple.
Shit, he's really good.
With his icy hangdog look.
Fascinating, isn't he?
They were ripe to be robbed.
After several jail terms in France,
you leave for Hong Kong.
That's where you start
your life as a major crook.
You really swindled 35 million?
And I started from scratch!
What's the key to your scams?
Human greed.
People with money always want more.
I conned idiots
who were smarter than me,
preyed on their vanity.
Yes, but you cheated poor people too!
I never said I acted decently.
I did 12 years in jail! Not enough?
Must I say I'm sorry?
I paid my debt to society. Period.
Now I'm a French citizen like any other.
You see that: bitter pride.
No repentance, I love it.
You're right.
He's got quite a face!
No actor's like that!
Find him for me!
I want him!
His book is: "My Life in Yellow.
On sale Wednesday.
This is the kind of place I need.
The library's a gas!
How many bedrooms?
Just mine.
When I was little,
we were too poor to buy books.
Now I'm catching up.
I devour everything I nd.
My master is Nietzsche.
But hey,
I never bought a book in my life,
I steal em.
Place has good vibes,
I'd like to buy it.
Hurry, I'm selling it.
How much?
One million.
Peanuts! You're being had.
So why did you send for me?
I'm a businessman,
I can't waste my time.
To act in my next film:
the leading role.
Fine, but I won't do a test.
Excuse me.
Yes, my love.
No need.
I can manage a few things by myself.
A few.
Who's that guy?
My rst assistant.
More like your lover.
No. My assistant.
So you don't know me?
You never heard of me?
Should I have?
You really sure?
You don't know my story?
No, what interests me is you.
I saw you on TV.
So it must be true,
you don't know me.
World's biggest crook,
soon to be a movie.
A scumbag who stole $135 million.
Jailed for 12 years in Hong Kong.
Pretty dumb!
I may be a hood, but they say I'm smart
OK, if the ending's good, I'll do it.
It's the story of a rather crude guy,
who meets a movie star.
He soon becomes
her "hidden lover",
she wants the paparazzi all to herself.
as he knows she's nuts about him,
he insists she come to his place,
a crappy little walkup
with a tatami mat
that can't fit two people.
They screw themselves silly on it.
She's caught in a trap
in this closed world.
Then she has to leave
to shoot a film in Australia.
She comes to his pad
with all her fancy luggage!
he goes into his bathroom,
slams the door,
she hears him take
an endless shower.
She goes into the bathroom,
it's tiny,
and stares at her naked lover.
He tells her to leave.
But she doesn't budge.
Then he starts
to bang her head against the wall...
with its surgical white tiles.
I see long smears of blood.
It's very beautiful,
they're all over,
red on white.
She goes back into his pad,
lies on the table.
Lies there waiting for him...
She taunts him for lacking the guts
to nish the job.
She's not afraid,
but he is...
So he starts to hit her,
hits her, again and again.
When she's totally
disgured and bloody,
he picks her up lovingly,
carries her like a newlywed bride,
and lays her on the bed.
And she says:
I'm not in pain.
Next morning, the star is dead.
The paparazzi all ock around him.
I like the ending,
so I'll do your movie.
Now I'll come see you all the time.
I never see my actors
before my lms.
You're gonna see a lot of me!
That's horrible.
That's much too shiny.
You have this in black?
Thicker? In patent leather?
Or a more supple leather, or suede?
That's horrible!
The handicapped need an S&M look.
I'll draw it for you.
Ezz, help me please!
Sorry, Madame, he's used to this-.
Come round the other side.
Hold her carefully.
Let's go.
Don't let go. I'm falling, Ezz
I'm here.
Hold me better, please.
There we go.
Look, I made you a lovely boot.
Like that.
With a man's heel?
A cute little heel.
Not a high heel!
Of course.
Like this!
A bit smaller. I'm not a 10!
And this is essential:
Velcro, like this.
Perfectly lined up.
With chrome buckles.
And some studs.
To jazz them up.
That's not my eld.
Mine is orthopedic medicine.
But they needn't be ugly.
I've had my car 5 years,
and you can't nd it.
- Cars don't interest me.
- I know. There it is.
Now what have you done,
Maud Shainberg?
If my eyes stray,
you do something silly.
"Caller unknown" means it's him.
You look better in a suit.
It's Dior. They dress me.
I get what I want.
Now you look elegant.
I hope you realize it...
Meeting you was both lucky
and unlucky.
You're too bright for me.
Let me do it.
Now if you disappear, whatll I do?
I'm nobody, with nothing
to do on this planet.
You've made me
permanently anguished.
Get used to it.
I won't be long-lived!
You want to torture me,
you sadistic?
No, you'll live to be eighty.
Half of me's a corpse already.
A hemiplegic can't stand a fall.
You drop like a stone.
You see the scar there?
Used my left hand to cushion my fall.
I Ieant on it like this.
Until the bones broke.
I reach my room, my hand
dangling like an overcooked leek,
with two bits of bone sticking out.
Two bits of bone.
Everything makes you laugh!
Hey, you!
- Bring me a bottle of Ptrus!
- We don't have any here.
You don't have any?
What a dump!
I downed 3 bottles of Ptrus
last weekend.
Only a boor would say
he downs Ptrus daily.
That'll do.
Thanks a lot.
I like it here.
It's pleasant, the air, the sun.
Shall I tell my driver to join us?
It's nicer than making him
wait in the car.
Hey, Gino?
I'm Gino!
- She called?
- Yeah.
She won't stop, and I won't answer.
You know what Vilko's like.
Let him calm down.
- You really won't talk to her?
- No.
Only he counts now!
Jean-Paul and I are jealous!
Not to worry, he's my leading man.
You know how I am with my actors.
So I don't exist anymore.
You idiot!
Know how much that is?
200,000 Euros.
That's a big load of dough!
All that dough has no effect on you?
It makes you laugh?
You want to drive me nuts?
Gino! Go give that to the guy
waiting on the sidewalk!
He's from the Ministry of the Interior.
He brings me the dough
and takes his cut.
You don't believe me?
This is the Ministry of the Interior.
See, I never lie.
You don't believe me!
That wasn't
the Ministry of the Interior?
Nothing surprises you!
You heard it was the Ministry!
You can see those 200,000 Euros.
I see some 500 Euro notes.
I'm gonna leave!
To punish you,
I won't come for a month.
Too bad!
You can do without me for a month?
I'll miss your sweet voice
when I wake up,
saying things my mom never said.
I'm not your mom, you creep!
Nice young esh feels good, huh?
That'll do.
Why'd you slam the door on me?
Wanna get me mad?
Open the door.
If I get mad, I'll smash everything-.
I can cover the damages!
Open the door.
I wanted to say hello,
be sure you were fine.
You know I worry about you now.
My wife's nuts,
walks around starko!
She's right.
Think so?
Now she's dancing naked!
I'll put her on.
I don't know her.
Good evening.
Dunno why Vilko gave me the phone.
Tell him he's an old fan.
So you know him well.
She says you're an old fan.
She's really perverse.
I'm late.
I'm OK.
Let go of me.
That's out of the question.
That's ne.
That's very good.
We pick those we put on our site,
and those that are special.
That's good, too.
You know I don't want Vilko Piran
for the film.
We need a credible actor.
But he really is my character.
And your leading lady
won't be easy either.
I know.
They're like two live hand-grenades.
Don't raise his hopes too much.
Don't worry.
He inspires me,
he's an amazing character.
And you're so perverse!
Now when I call, you don't answer!
When I work, I turn off the phone.
I get it.
I thought I was bugging you.
Tokyo jet lag is tough.
I'm a wreck.
Tokyo's nothing.
A tiny 7-hour ight,
No sympathy?
None at all.
Noticed I can't help calling you?
First thing I did. Glad?
I'll sleep an hour, shower and call you.
It's important.
I'm asleep.
You should've called earlier.
I'm a star here.
Japanese TV did a whole show on me.
I love hearing your sleepy voice.
Call me every morning.
I mean it.
Big kiss.
Sick of hearing from me?
Big kiss.
OK, then.
Is your lackey making us tea?
He's not my lackey.
5 days without you was tough.
He's a former soldier. Be respectful.
He's exquisite with me.
Cuts my meat, helps me into my boots.
Folds my panties and puts them away.
You love humiliating men.
Sure. But I can't cope alone.
You listening?
This is serious.
The cops might grab my dough,
they keep searching for it.
So for now I can't use it.
It's as if I had none.
Can't he vacuum elsewhere?
It's a drag.
Don't worry.
He doesn't understand French.
Meanwhile, the taxman's on my ass.
They want 100,000.
Just for that book on my life.
That's armed robbery!
And they call me a crook!
Hold it for me. Or I can't write.
You're a tyrannic.
A tyrant!
Try doing without your left hand,
you'll see.
And there you write "loan".
If the cops ask, you say it's a loan.
But it is a loan!
I've got to pay the bank back.
They lent it to me.
And you've got to pay me back,
with interest.
What interest?
3.9%. What I have to pay the bank.
OK, I see.
It's a big sum for me.
Then take your check back!
- You OK, love?
- Fine.
You'll get to meet the caveman.
He's a braggart.
But fascinating.
I think he's amazing.
So you're the crook?
The ex-crook!
Dump him at once, he's dangerous.
You saw his eyes?
He was ready to kill me.
It was hilarious!
Listen, he's made your home
his territory.
I said he's a wild animal.
He's a killer. Get rid of him!
I'm not kidding.
Maud, I'm not kidding.
Do it at once!
Today, you'll make an effort.
We'll go to my canteen.
She can't do it alone. Help her.
I'm falling...
One's always doing things for you.
Your big trip...
is turning men into slaves.
I know what I'm saying.
It's one plus of being a cripple.
That'll do.
- It's enough?
- Yes.
Can I inhale it?
Go ahead.
Looks like a fabulous wine.
Too bad, I can't drink anymore.
Wine's what I missed most
in the pokey.
Can I have your next book?
I'll put my name on it
and co-author your thoughts.
Wouldn't be credible!
Contempt, again!
Know how I went to school?
Barefoot, even in winter.
Nothing moves you,
you upper-class bitch.
I mean it.
We put both our names on it?
Your book.
There's no money in it.
It's only for a very few readers.
Screw all that!
Our two names will be together.
Books last a long time.
For all eternity!
Don't let me fall.
- Sign it.
- Oh, yeah.
Put: "Advance
for book collaboration".
If the cops ask,
say we're writing a book.
So they can't touch it.
50,000 on a book that won't sell!
You're good at accounts.
Keep track of it.
What's this?
It's disgusting.
It's fabulous. You can't understand.
My producer says I shouldn't
be in your movie.
You only make porn icks.
That's pretty?
Yes, it is.
It's Poppa!
Poppa's here!
Pretty li'l Mumu!
She's so cute.
Your Poppa's here.
Hi, lil Mumu.
What is it?
Lil Mumu!
You're upsetting her.
One doesn't shake a baby.
She loves her daddy.
She's too cute.
So you didn't mention our deals.
Never mention that.
To anyone.
It's our secret.
Or you'll wreck my marriage.
I'm well aware of it.
Here we are.
- Shall I serve you?
- Yes, thanks.
Want some?
Sure, a little.
Say I'm your last love.
Tell me I'm your last love.
I'll always be around
to help you walk.
Even when you're in a wheelchair,
I'll be there.
This is good wine.
What did you expect?
Chteau Margaux...
Maud, I'm in deep shit.
This time, it's the slammer.
Now what is it?
I wrote a bum check for 100,000.
You crazy?
You'll be a 3-time loser.
I told you not to bounce checks.
It's better to have debts.
I had no choice.
You know what it means?
It doesn't matter.
If you can't save me, I'm sunk.
But it's my own fault.
I don't have 100,000.
Then I'm a goner.
I could do 70,000...
But then what...
Without the other 30, whatll we do?
You can't even say yes or no to me!
Am I right?
I must be dreaming.
You're a drag with your dough!
Why lend it, if you didn't want to?
I didn't make you.
You must open my front door.
I can't alone.
You shoulda been nicer...
Mom, coming for a stroll
on the beach?
No, I can't walk on the sand.
You go.
- Go on.
- I'll pay.
Come along.
We'll go see Dad later. Come on!
You OK?
Yes. My best friend just died.
I'm sorry.
I'm just a pigeon for you.
A Pigeon.
I'm just a pigeon.
For you, I'm just a pigeon.
I haven't got money
to buy my daughter lunch.
No, I'm OK.
I wasn't always straight with you.
- Yes, you were. Why?
- No.
I wasn't always straight.
Now I'll repay it all.
We'll go to Switzerland.
And lunch on a big terrace
with a big banker.
You don't listen
when I say important things.
Kill the TV, it's just ads!
I can get a million Euros into France.
- Gino, when are we leaving?
- 3 PM.
Come with me.
It's crucial for us both.
We drive there, shower,
sleep at the hotel,
cruise home the next day.
We drive right back.
Don't want to spend a cozy evening?
Just the two of us.
No way. I'll sleep in the car.
What's got into you?
You smashed my nose.
If that's how you kiss...
OK. 3 PM!
You OK, Madame Shainberg?
Don't you realize you're a jinx?
I'm the luckiest person in the world.
I can take everything that hits me.
But you made me lose a million Euros.
You'll nd another way.
Put on my boots.
Now I'm your slave?
I have to get up.
Put on the other one.
I gotta tie them too?
What if you jinx us again?
I need the 55,000 Euros now.
I said it's urgent.
Stop it.
Still, it's nice
to hear you chuckle.
You had me worried.
You're nuts.
Can you manage?
Madame is sewed.
I'll help you.
Can you take my bag?
Grab your cane.
You can't go home
and sleep in that mess.
Good evening.
Put it on my tab!
You sleep here tonight.
Here we go.
Pay next time. It's embarrassing.
Ever see me not pay my bills?
I'm the hotel's best customer.
Don't bug me.
Antoine came for you at the hospital.
Where were you?
Your phone was dead.
Why did you worry?
I was at Andy and Vilko's, I was fine!
You forgot your kids for 4 days?
We were worried sick!
I didn't realize.
Antoine's furious, too.
The knight's position...
Left foot forward...
The knee.
Right knee on the oor.
Are you a friend of Hortense?
No, Gran. It's Mom.
Look, Mom,
what I have to say isn't very pleasant.
Assa's going away for Xmas.
You should check into
a nursing home for a week.
Antoine agrees with me.
Gran, don't mess with your diaper.
I do a lot for you!
Yesterday I did Geneva to Paris again.
Realize that?
Now another 1000 km round-trip
just for you.
Don't let go of me.
I'll just put this down.
One second. Wait.
Help me to sit down.
Hold me.
Under my arms. Go on.
Don't let go of me.
I'll fall if you don't grab my leg.
That one?
Yeah, that one! Which one?
That OK?
You gotta eat something.
Remember the restaurant Chez Mioc?
I told you about it!
In the summer,
it nets 80,000 a month.
I've never been.
I'll take you there.
My pal Jerome, the manager,
he's in trouble.
If I send him 300,000
for 30 or 40% of the joint,
I can sell it for twice that.
Go get us a coffee.
Give me some water.
I said, I can sell for it double.
Good deal, huh?
We do it together?
I don't want a restaurant.
Neither do I.
But when I sell it,
I'll repay all I owe you in one go.
It's a sure thing. Think it over.
You still here?
Go fetch Andy and Mumu.
Gimme 200 Euros.
Now you're ripping me off!
I gotta pay for the gas!
You always need dough.
That's enough, get going.
how much did you have
before leaving?
600, right?
If I deduct 135, that makes...
You can...
we can even more-.
No, I owe for work on my place!
No more.
That's up to you.
Gonna write me that check?
I can't write, you do it!
We said 220,000?
But you write me a check
for 500,000 Euros!
You kidding?
It's for the money I'll owe my bank.
I don't want to pester you.
If you lend to friends,
they pick a ght to avoid repaying you.
I don't want a fight with you.
So write me that check.
Then you sign this one.
It's not easy!
I'll hold it.
The things you make me do.
Give me a good 6 months.
To resell it.
Not a day more.
Swindling you'd be
like swindling myself.
Don't deposit it until I tell you.
Or I head for the pokey. You know that?
You do know it?
The family Christmas I never had.
See, girl?
This is for you.
Look. It makes sounds.
Dunno how it works.
Andy, go get your gift.
The Ala'l'a purse in the back.
Go on!
12,000! I did right by her.
Look, honey, there's more.
Come and get me!
You can manage!
You know I can't alone.
You're in a real x!
Screw that, I'll jump down!
You might just do it!
Vilko, don't be dumb.
Go get her.
Don't let go of me.
I'm holding you.
But I gotta move forward.
Hold on tight to me.
- What else can I do.
- You're strangling me.
The little one thins the blood.
I'm on tons of pills.
I'll take that one rst.
Place it on my tongue.
For the roof work, there's 64,027 due.
There. Is that all?
For this gentleman...
92,028, please.
And 28, please.
Proud you blew 1.5 million Euros?
I wanted a garden.
You just love signing checks!
I'm coming.
I don't know where my leg is,
if I can't see it.
Wait, I've got to get dressed.
Vilko! Help me put on the belt.
I don't know how.
You can't tie knots?
It's harder than a normal knot.
Show me my room!
You don't have one!
You said not to nish the house.
Quit complaining.
Then I'll sleep with you!
Not a chance!
So where do I sleep?
There's a foam mattress
upstairs in my ofce.
You made me divorce my wife.
I did her a big favor.
See, you admit it.
You didn't miss a trick!
I need your advice.
You're a woman, you can help.
Let me sleep.
Advise me!
Andy texted me...
well, I'd sent her one.
It said:
"How will the next guy take it?"
My name's tattooed on her thigh.
That could turn off a guy.
Especially my name, no?
If she apologizes, I'll go back.
I don't care.
I hope Andy feels happy very soon.
You love your little Andy?
Of course I love her.
You'd better choose sides:
it's her or me!
Don't you dare call her
or see her behind my back.
Wanna wake up the neighbours at 4 AM?
Just raisin hell for a laugh!
My producer likes thugs.
I'll teach him what that means!
I'll make him cough up a million.
And, I'll repay you.
If we'd met sooner,
we'd have had fun.
Like Bonnie and Clyde!
You got balls like a guy!
That's a real shot of adrenaline!
How about we go on the lam?
Why should I go on the lam?
You took my money!
- Whenll you give me back my gun?
- Never.
It's illegal to have a gun at home.
In this mess, even I couldn't find it.
Bedtime! Go to bed! I'm asleep.
Shit, don't I get a pillow?
Don't act stingy with pillows.
I need all three.
- Screw that, I'll sleep with you.
- Stop!
Grab the green one
and don't bug me.
I got it.
I'll call you.
See what time it is?
Next time, go sleep elsewhere.
You're being mean.
Look what I brought home.
Don't touch it!
Hand it over!
It's dirty money,
lthy, disgusting...
They'll bust you for laundering it.
I don't care! Give it back!
You took me to the cleaners.
How much cash you taken?
3 times?
4 times that?
You understand? Give it back!
Or I'll file charges!
You're a bum,
t for palaces or prisons.
How can you say that?
I don't have money
for food tomorrow!
You swindler!
You're a swindler!
Your dough!
I want my moolah,
my money, you dig?
Doughs all that interests you now!
I don't interest you anymore.
You're right, our squabbles
are a bummer. I'll repay you.
Then we'll be friends like before.
So, tell me your name?
You're with which agency?
My lm agent is Jacky,
and for commercials it's...
How old are you?
9. Today's my birthday.
We'll start now
so you can celebrate your birthday.
Get out!
Get the hell out, I'm working!
Dirty slut!
Were you scared?
Look at Ezz again.
Sharpen the focus on her.
What are you doing?
Look at Ezz all the time.
There, that's very good.
Now a mean old witch shows up.
Look what I brought you,
now you can't complain anymore.
You'll be happy,
I've got a check for 900 000.
Isn't that great?
Doesn't it say 900,000?
Doesn't it say 900,000?
I busted my balls for you!
And you can't even thank me.
Put it on the table,
I'll look at it tomorrow.
Is this Mrs. Shainbergs home?
Are you Mrs. Shainberg?
What's it about?
I have a summons from the A.D. Bank
to pay 800,000 Euros.
That'll be for me.
Thank you.
This is for you.
28, 29, 30.
No more bets.
22, black, even.
Nothing on the number.
You listening?
One million three, will that do?
In cash.
I can only do it in cash.
I already told you.
I'm working my ass off for you.
OK, so le a complaint, very funny.
With my reputation
it'll be a gas. You're a big girl.
File a complaint.
Change this for me.
Change for 3,000.
No one got wasted.
You didn't file.
My lawyer checked.
He didn't check enough.
If you led a complaint,
withdraw it!
You won't see the guy,
he'll grab you like this,
dump you in a car trunk,
then in a basement.
You'll withdraw that complaint
in a big hurry.
Get the fuck out!
Get out!
Aren't you scared?
No, I'm not.
No, you're not.
Beat it!
You got my gun.
why didn't you kill me?
Come over fast.
First, we can't leave
your mother without a penny.
"Fortune lost, nothing lost,
as they say.
We'll all protect you
and take things in hand.
I can give you 15,000 now,
but then you all must chip in.
How much did you give him?
Yesterday, I said 700,000.
It may have been 800.
You don't see the difference?
I lent him 220,000 when he came
to get me in Biarritz at Xmas.
I'd have done
the round trip for that!
What was so special about him?
He showed up...
- You give away money like that?
- He was the star of my lm.
Will this lm get made?
I doubt it.
So you won't earn any money now?
500,000. Is that check good?
I doubt it,
he only stole from the poor.
I thought bad checks
landed you in jail.
I thought he'd repay me
to avoid that.
Bad checks aren't illegal,
the bank may not be pleased,
but it's not a crime
to have debts.
Even checks of 500,000?
The amount doesn't matter.
How much do you owe the bank?
A loan.
My overdraft,
700,000, plus the penalties,
the mortgage on my house,
3,500 a month for 10 years.
Can you help your mother?
- I'm hardly loaded.
- Then she has to sell her house.
I refuse to.
We'll find a solution, don't worry.
Mom, you wrote 16 checks?
Were you lucid?
Yes, I wrote all those checks.
I wrote them.
I can't deny it.
One by one, I see myself doing it.
It was me, but...
How can I say it,
but it wasn't me.
It may seem strange but...
I can explain all the details,
except the check for...
Right after my epilepsy attack,
there I'd taken Rivotril.
It's what rapists use on victims.
You remember nothing.
Guess he was persuasive.
No, he just asked me for money.
I got used to it.
If I'd done one check for 15,000,
I could write another for 15,000.
Like in a supermarket.
What does that mean?
Like overlling your shopping can,
it's the same thing.
But it's 50 times that.
I knew I had to stop, but didn't care.
I veried my expenses, I was lucid,
I was lucid but...
But couldn't stop writing checks.
No, I just did it.
I must have done it, since I did it.
Checks for 100,000 or 200,000,
you didn't realize it?
Yes, I did realize it,
but it didn't matter.
I don't know how to put it.
It was me, but it wasn't me.
It was me... but it wasn't me.
But it wasn't anyone else,
so it was me.
Maybe that's how I am.
But it wasn't me.
It wasn't me.