Aby (2017) Movie Script

What are you planning
to do, Baby Cherian?
There are only 3 months left.
Will you get it done?
Everyone has families
and difficulties.
If you don't try hard, you can't
achieve your target! Let me warn you!
Despite having such a good team"
It's really sad!
Hey Baby!
- Move!
- Come down fast!
You son has jumped from the top
of Thonekkunnu hill again!
Come fast!
- This has become a routine now!
- Come fast!
- Imagine that the
policy holder is dead.
- It's not like LIC.
- If you pay one premium, you'll
be covered for your whole life!
The company will pay back
your money with interest!
Eldo, start the car!
Stop your bloody song!
It's the latest song!
- His first jump was 2
years back, Doctor.
- Fix it!
- Yes Sir!
Jesus Christ!
His second jump was during
the first Holy Communion
of our Sub-Engineer Xavier
Sir's sistefs eldest son.
(Church choir singing)
- Where is Aby, deal'?
- I don't know!
Oh God!
- Eldo!
- What's it, Baby?
E 'lumped again'.!
- Start the car!
- Open the door!
Put him inside!
Get in!
Come on!
- Peter!
- Go, go! I'm holding tight!
Stop your damn song!
Is everything in place?
Since Christ was there to save him in the
form of a lorry carrying rubber sheets,
he didn't die!
Only this much happened!
In the form of a lorry?
Make it fast! I've to go
to a couple more places!
Sir, I can't find the
neutral wire of this thing!
Working in KSEB,
and you don't know which
is the neutral wire!
Hold that black wire!
Oh my God!
That's phase, and the one
next to it is neutral.
Don't get it wrong hereafter!
- No!
Sir, what are we gonna do
about Mathachan's connection?
He's going on calling!
When I asked him to
get me 2 bottles,
he told me that he doesn't want a
connection by giving alcohol & water!
He doesn't know that current
is generated from water!
Mathachan will be
in deep water!
That was one hell
of a jump, doctor!
Look Papa,
R's Aka)'.!
Hey, don't jump!
Stop there!
Oh my God!
Looks like he has all the water
of ldukki dam inside him!
Instead of Mathachan, it's
Sir who was in deep water!
There goes Xavier Sir's liver!
Get lost!
Who said that he is deaf?
And that he cannot speak?
In spite of being stuck in front of the
fireworks at the Church festival,
- Sit down!
- he didn't make a sound, doctor!
That's when we had a doubt.
And Dr. Sukumaran from our
neighbourhood also said
that it will be quite difficult
to get him to speak.
He will speak.
He can hear as well.
But he has to feel that
he wants to do it.
The vision & thought process
of such kids are different.
They won't be seeing many things
in the same way as we do.
They are the ones who dream
even when they are awake!
Aby Baby.
He's a special baby.
A special one!
Friends, the fireworks spectacle we were
all waiting for, is about to begin.
This madness is age-old.
Socrates, Einstein,
and our Gandhi.
Each one of them had a madness
which toppled this world.
An intellectual madness.
At the pinnacle of this madness,
in 1912,
this man called
Fram/Bois Reichelt,
jumped from the top
of Eiffel Tower,
while the police & the
army stood watching.
And did he fly?
Sparks flew out of his eyes!
So many others after that.
How many ever times you throw stones
to get the mango from its tree,
only that one throw that brought the
mango down would be remembered!
People will talk
only about that!
Who threw stones at
the mango tree here?
Hey Baburaj!
It's for you!
your son;
He will fly!
How much did you spend
this time, Baby?
Good that there were no
fractures this time.
Jeena Chechi, keep this there.
Shall I go?
The bucket is lying there.
What did Father Thondel say?
He said that he will write a letter
to a new special school at Painavu.
Since there will be other kids like
him, he might make friends easily!
- That's true!
- Jeena!
Here VOu go!
Give it to them.
Get him admitted to
some such school.
Or else, the whole town
will be in deep water.
I think the frog is still
inside my stomach.
Should I swallow a
snake to kill it?
Hey.. What did Baby say?
Don't bother about him.
I'm taking my son anyway.
Keep this.
The money for the eggs.
- This has extra money!
- Keep it! What if you need it?
Let me know if you
need any other help.
- Okay. Here you go.
It's okay.
I'll take it later.
- I have to go to her house.
- Ya. I'll be here for 2 months.
- Ya. I'll be here for 2 months.
- Okay then.
'Come before my eyes, as the first rays of
the morning sun, after a good night's sleep'
'Sloping down the mountains, sliding down
the meadows, roaming around the countryside,
To fly high in these skies'
'Wake up'
'Shine brighter,
rise higher, grow taller'
'With fresh, flying
colours tomorrow'
He doesn't have any such
problems like you've imagined.
I just hope he starts talking.
Everything will be all right.
You're smart!
'Aren't there a thousand things
to talk to each & every flower?'
'Share all the woes of your
soul with me, my love'
'Come, flying along,
with your new wings'
'Come before my eyes, as the first rays of
the morning sun, after a good night's sleep'
What's the point of
taking medicines in vain?
You shouldn't keep working!
You shouldn't lift heavy weights.
But you won't listen to me!
Son, you should make
your mother understand.
- Next is Haseena.
'Time will pass as days and nights'
'You will rise up to the sky'
'Won't you leave your sweet
murmuring for my ears to cherish?'
'Come, come along with me,
with your fresh new sprouts'
'Come before my eyes, as the first rays of
the morning sun, after a good night's sleep'
Be careful.
'Sloping down the mountains, sliding down
the meadows, roaming around the countryside,
To fly high in these skies'
'Wake up'
'Shine brighter, rise
higher, grow taller'
'With fresh, flying
colours tomorrow'
Am ma
(Moth er)
Say it, dear.
'Am ma'
Like hell, he would say!
You better go to sleep!
- Where's your mother?
- She's on bed rest. Why?
Just like that.
- Then take a trip to Mars & come back!
- Why?
Just like that!
Get lost, Baby!
Akele Hum
Akele Tum.
What is this, man?
It's a Hindi film, Father.
Stay calm!
- Hey Peter!
- Yes!
He's talking about
some insurance policy.
Whatever it is, ask him directly.
Isn't this like Mangium
& Money-Chain?
I lost a lot of
money on Mangium.
I don't want to lose
more money, Father.
Join it if you can.
His kid is not well.
We just need the copies
of your certificates.
Please sign here.
We'll do the rest.
It's not because I need this.
This is for the kid.
I also have a
little one at home.
- What do you want, Baby?
- Just a plain tea.
You don't have to bother
about anything else.
If sentiments work, use it!
Hereafter, take your son along,
when you go for field work.
You should cover yourtarget, right?
You are doing this job
for him as well, right?
One double omelette!
- One double
omelette over there!
Did you wear your slippers, son?
I'll take the child. You stay here.
You're unwell, right?
Sit properly.
- Sicily will come next week, right?
- Yes.
I have good policies for people
staying in the middle east.
That ladder is damaged!
Who knows when something
would happen?
If you don't get a policy,
' Baby!
. Yes!
- Have you taken a policy?
- No. I have to.
- Why?
- Then get one soon.
Once I come down, you
won't have the time for it.
Move your hand.
I was just an accountant
at a utensil shop.
And today, I am this
company's inspector!
Under me,
Listen to me.
There are 760 agents
working under me.
You know how much
my commission is?
How much?
I just have to sit at home!
The cheques keep coming!
- Sir, bill.
- Huh?
Jayan Chetta, are you leaving?
I was just leaving.
I'll finish this now.
This is the scheme
I told you about.
- My dear Baby, this is not possible!
- It will be!
What is this?
Don't you sleep well?
'Mariyapuram development
Stop the price
reduction of rubber!
- I'll fill the rest.
Long live the working class!
'At Mariyapuram Panchayat, there's
not even a drop of water'
Long back, everyone used to fly!
cats, dogs,
and everyone else!
And gradually, everyone stopped
standing on the ground!
Then God asked
everyone to come down.
Audacious creatures!
None of them listened to God.
Would God leave them alone?
He chopped all their wings off!
But can His tricks
work against humans?
Instead of those chopped wings,
humans invented an airplane!
Fly m
Come here!
I was wondering what happened to Aby when
I didn't see him in the bus for few days.
But how will you send him
when you're unwell?
He's taking that ailing child to toddy
shops, street vendors & brandy shops,
to make people take insurance
policies from him.
Such a bad thing to do!
Please don't fight with him when you
go home, because I told this to you.
Where's the comb?
You didn't even come to
admit him in the school!
And the priest is
paying the fees!
And I have to make the money for
conveyance by selling eggs & farming!
You're making your own child beg for
money & drinking with that money?
You will never learn!
- I will kick you!
- Don't hesitate! Kill me!
I'll show you!
I'll show you what I made
with your son! Come!
Oh God! My file!
'I have 760 agents
working under me'
Gosh! What happened?
'Do you know how much my commission is?'
- You rascal!
- Don't hurt my child!
Give him to me!
Move away, you!
- I suffered so much..
- Don't kill my child!
Have you gone mad?
- I worked so hard for this!
- Oh God! He will kill us today!
My bad times started
the day he was born!
- Chacko!
- Yes!
It's a dry season. The
milk is less this time.
Get me a black coffee.
Hey Clara!
(reading verses from the Bible)
- Let us pray for the departed soul.
(continues reading verses from the Bible)
Oh Lord of life and death, the
Father, Son & the Holy Spirit!
Oh God!
What do we do now?
'Am ma'
(Moth er)
- Don't just keep looking!
Go to him!
'Am ma'
'Aren't you the rose flower
of the heavenly paradise?'
'0' rainbow, that
blooms in a teardrop'
'Keeping your feet
firmly on the ground'
'Soaring the heights of the sky'
'Darling, I am seeing the
crib of Betlehem today'
'I am hearing the songs
of the shepherds'
'A glowing star in
the deep, dark sky'
'You descended from
the sky, into my arms'
'May I ask the birds
for their wings?'
'For you to swim across
the morning sky'
'Darling, I am seeing the
crib of Betlehem today'
'I am hearing the songs
of the shepherds'
'Aren't you the rose
flower of the heavenly paradise?
'0' rainbow, that
blooms in a teardrop'
- How much?
- Thirty.
- Get Ravi Aashan his regular tea.
Don't kill it!
- What do you want?
- Should I keep it as a pet?
Something to bite on!
Bite is okay! But I can't
bear its buzzing sound!
- Punnoose!
- What?
The mosquito is not buzzing!
It's flapping its wings!
- What is he saying?
- Per second,
3000 times!
Can you do it?
- The pump is damaged!
- Shall I start?
- Ravi Chetta, shall I start?
- Wait! I'll tell you!
Ya. Start now!
It will take some time.
What time is the wedding?
Between 10 & 10.45 AM.
- Can you change it?
- How? - Well.. I was just asking.
- Where is Aby?
- There he is!
Where the hell were you? When
you have so much work here!
It will take sometime!
The wedding will be over by then!
- Are you going in this?
- Yes.
Then you can attend their
child's birthday party as well!
- This car is in good condition!
- When it was bought, right?
Dad, we'll get a taxi!
Ambiswamy is preparing
the wedding feast!
What to do if we're
not meant to have it!
Hey! Don't do anything
to the nozzle.
I checked all that!
How much?
No need of any money.
It was a silly problem!
Get in!
Ravi Aashan, he will
make you shut shop!
Aashan, your tea is ready'.!
(Popular Malayalam film song
from 2003 plays on radio)
Kunju, eat breakfast & go!
I don't want it!
He left already?
I made his favourite
'ldiyappam' today!
Don't bother! He
will get it himself!
Ya. We should have
given him some money!
- Are you late again, dear?
- Huh?
I mean..Are you
late again, Anumol?
People who do their
home-work are like that.
We might be a little late.
Don't be late.
You can"
Keep this on my seat.
What about you?
I'll walk!
Then I'll also walk.
Or else.. We'll go on the cycle.
No! The new teacher is coming for the
first period! It's time for the bell!
I'm leaving!
I'll be happy with this then.
Even though I've been with you
since the time we took baby steps,
you haven't been able to
realize my love..
For you..
No girl should be so innocent.
I want to tell her.
But I don't know why..
My tongue gets twisted
each time I try..
And I feel like pissing as well.
Shall we go?
(popular Malayalam film
song from 2003 continues)
(school prayer song)
So shall we get
introduced to each other'?
- Sir!
- Are you in this class?
- Yes Sir.
- Get in.
So one by one..
We can start from here..
- Did he take attendance?
- Not yet.
Sreyas Narayanan.
Jithin VS
Rom; Thomas
Suresh TR
We organize science fairs to find new
scientists & to encourage their talent.
I heard about this school's participation
until last year. So this year you should!
Who knows whether we have an
Archimedes or Einstein amongst us?
We have Newton, Sir!
- Where?
- Here!
Is it?
Did an apple fall on your head?
Not an apple, Sir.
When he was sitting under a coconut tree &
thinking, a baby coconut fell on his head!
Now he just keeps thinking!
But has no sense!
And when Bindita lost her hair-pin,
he was the one who discovered it!
- Is it?
- Get lost, you dog!
He even put it back
on her head, Sir.
- Get lost!
- I swear!
Is that true, Brijeesh?
So, who used to go for the science
fairs in the previous years?
It was Aby, Sir.
And where is he?
He is in the workshop, Sir.
He will either be in the
lab or in the library!
He does everything alone!
And he doesn't talk to anyone.
We are short of glasses.
Then there's Anumol Xavier.
She is his only friend.
He made all this!
Cinema projector, dairy farm,
There are many such items.
And he has won prizes as well!
Why did such a talented
boy stop his studies?
That's because of his dad!
And there's some fault
from his side too!
It was during the last vacation,
It was during the last vacation,
when NCC's para-sailing camp
was happening at the hill-top;
that I understood the gravity
of the situation.
'2nd International
Para-sailing festival'
This was also founded
by a foreigner.
David Barish!
If you tie ropes to the four ends
of a something like a blanket,
and go stand on a hill-top, in the
opposite direction of the wind;
the wind sweeps you off and
takes you along with it!
It is good fun!
And the para-swing by NSC",
We can do that!
But we need proper
training for that.
Will he jump again?
What happened?
- What is it?
- Sir, I want to do it!
- They have started!
- Sir, please sir!
Leave me!
Hey, this is not something which
you can do on one fine morning.
You need practice! And, are
you part of NCC? No, right?
Sir, please!
It's not conducted
by me or our school!
It is by the para military
force for NCC students
who were selected from different
parts of the country!
- Sir, please!
- Try to understand!
Such a pile-on!
Hey AW!
Stop, I say!
What are you doing?
This guy!
Take him away!
- Don't do anything!
- Who the hell is he?
Leave him.
He didn't know..
Get lost, you idiot!
What are you doing, Aby?
How many times did I tell you?
(a+b)2=a2+2ab+ b2
- He's studying hard, is it?
- Exams are nearing!
Read softly!
Anyway, let him finish
his exams, Baby.
- You can send him to me after that.
- Why?
What's he going to do for this exam which
he's been writing for the past 3 years?
If he helps in household
work during that time,
in the future a + the b2 a2
- Sheesh!
- So many people have become like that!
From tomorrow, that
will be your school.
'Baby convinced Ravi Aashan
after a lot of struggle.'
'Since he got someone for
help without spending much,
Aashan also stayed quiet.'
How's the new member'?
He disappears in between.
But when he's here,
he works hard.
What is it over there?
Anyway; with thatAby's
schooling was stopped!
- Hey Sottu!
- Yes!
- Where's the 6-8 spanner'?
- I don't know! I didn't take it!
Nothing is in its place here!
- Aashan!
- I got a job!
- What job? Who gave you the job?
- A government job!
Is it?
In the Revenue department.
Then shave off that
beard of yours!
Okay! See you!
- Bennykkutty!
- What?
Your Tyre on the
back-wheel was worn out.
I've changed that. And
I've changed the oil too!
Keep this wheel here.
I'll take it later.
Hey flying machine!
Give something to him.
It's his wage.
There's something at home which
he made from last month's wage.
Something this long!
Anyway, he would have
his own needs, right?
Why is this guy like this!
- Hey!
- Here comes the snake head!
Send Aby to get some fish.
Can't you see that
he's working here?
Where is he?
Send him!
He is busy!
What's he busy with?
He's making a project
for the science fair.
Aby, come here.
Go Amp,!
Or she won't let me be at peace.
This cover is damaged.
The sardine looks delicious!
After this yeafs science
fair, everyone will know..
Who the actual Newton is!
You think that you
are brilliant,
because everyone
keeps praising you!
I will show you what that is!
Dude, once the science fair is
over, Anumol will come behind me.
Too woo her,
I'll use this brain of
mine to the fullest!
- This brain?
- Any doubt?
She will come behind
me like this!
- When she sees you, her..
- Her'?
Level goes down.
Level? What level?
Level of testosterone!
Test..et.. What?
Only when all of these
go to the brain,
'that' will happen!
When you see the
person you love,
your lips will shiver,
your body will sweat,
Even I sweat when I see her!
That must be some other disease!
Actually, what do you mean?
Even if you lay an egg,
you won't get her!
I will get her!
Hey! Wash your hands
before eating!
Why? You haven't seen
him before this?
- Where's the tea powder'?
'Scientific Kerala'
- Oh! It was here?
Eat it & go!
- It's torn now!
- As if you don't tear it before eating!
I enrolled for the science fair
hoping that you will help me!
Since Haridas Sir also forced me
saying that you're my friend..
Anything is fine!
I should win the first prize!
It's a matter of my prestige.
You can do it!
I'm sure!
'Fly high, o' bird'
'Not letting both your wings know'
Papa, that's Aby!
'To land on the high mountain
ranges and cloud waves'
'The boundaries are disappearing,
eyes are opening'
'0' sky, give kiss him on
his forehead like his mother'
"Fly high, 0' bird'
Anu, come fast!
Yes! Coming!
'I was along with you like a shadow
as you grew up and tread many paths'
'We sat together for time infinite'
'Hoping to hear your
tingling Iaughters'
'I never left your
side, oh dear'
'Fly high, o' bird'
'Not letting both your wings know'
'For you to fly as
high as you want'
'I will be the blue sky for you'
'Blowing the trumpets in
these flowery gardens,
won't the angels come along?'
'Fly high, o' bird'
'Not letting both your wings know'
'To land on the high mountain
ranges and cloud waves'
'The boundaries are disappearing,
eyes are opening'
'0' sky, give kiss him on
his forehead like his mother'
'Fly high, o' bird'
'Not letting both your wings know'
What's happening there?
We were doing my project!
And did you do it?
Get up & go home!
- Now they're doing projects
inside the house too?
- What is this?
- Magical power station of America.
What are you going
to do with this?
What is this?
Magical power
station of America?
- And this?
- That's a damaged motor piece.
- And this?
- Nothing!
- That one?
- A part of the clock at home.
- And this?
- A pen-torch!
- This one?
- Soap box battery!
So what do you actually
need among all these?
Soap box battery & pen torch!
Then you could've brought
them alone, right?
Why did you have to fill it
with so much scrap waste?
Take it & get lost!
Look! Xavier Sir's daughter's
photo on the newspaper!
He would've paid for it!
Read it!
For the ladies from hill-side villages who
have to walk miles to get drinking water,
a unique instrument called 'water
wheel tap' was invented by
Mariyapuram Vocational Higher
Secondary School's 10th standard"
What are you doing, Baby?
What the hell! We
were reading it!
- What is this?
- What is it, Baby?
What happened?
I don't know!
Baby, your son is over there!
What the hell is happening here?
My son should be honoured!
He made it!
Calm down, Baby!
You know it, Ravi!
Look straight & walk!
Keep going!
'You're a scientist who
made such a huge discovery!'
'But when I realize that you
couldn't discover my love for you,
I feel ashamed of you!'
I have no doubt
doubt in the fact
that this revolutionary invention
would be a huge relief for
our mothers & sisters who have to walk
so many kilometres for a drop of water!
I will make a recommendation to our Chief
Minister to install this Water Wheel Tap
not just in our constituency, but all
over Kerala" no, all over India,
as a business model!
I will ensure that it won't
get stuck as an petition,
and it will be executed on time!
You have my word!
But isn't he an MLA who
lost the elections?
Shall I call Aby as well, Papa?
If that happens,
Shut up!
Will be getting Iakhs
of Rupees as a patent.
- You son was fooled!
- Get lost!
To the pride of our village,
Anumol Xavier,
I'm giving Rs.10,000 as a prize!
To receive the prize,
I humbly invite our smart,
young &talented girl.
Get up!
Sir, this is not possible!
I won't allow it!
What are you saying, Baby?
Sir, this money belongs
to my son Aby!
He made it and gave it to her!
Say it!
What nonsense are you talking?
It was you & your daughter
who did all the nonsense!
What did we do?
Sir, it was my son who
made the Water Wheel!
There! There he is!
- Let this program get done, Baby.
- Papa, let's go!
If you try to fool him because he's
a special child, I will finish you!
What do you want?
I want the money & the patent!
Get lost!
- How dare you!
- Don't create a scene!
Who are you to ask
me to get lost!
No! Let's go, dad!
Hey, you take the award!
At least give the money to him!
Sit down!
This problem won't be solved
unless we get the patent.
You don't know me well!
If they don't know me,
tell them who I am!
This is a betrayal!
Grave betrayal!
Talking nonsense
because he's drunk!
- Catch him, Sir!
- You got enough patents now?
- Enough, Sir!
- I've given him enough patents, Sir.
- Did you?
Then I'll give him
the cash award!
Aren't you ashamed of
betraying your own friend?
But he's an imbecile, right?
Very nice!
Did you take everything?
Give it to me!
Hereafter, if you or your father step
inside my property to get water,
I will chop your legs off!
Put it down!
Or else, you can
take these ones.
What are you looking at?
Start the car! - Yes!
She kissed him!
Oh my God!
Are you talking nonsense
about your own sister
whom you've grown up with?
Let her romance!
What's your problem?
Even if you've seen it,
How could of you think
of telling it to me?
I'm her father, right?
If you try to create troubles in
spite of growing up together,
- you bloody Kunjoottan!
- Don't hit me! I'm going for pilgrimage!
To Sabarimala!
I'm a Swami!
- Swami!
I mean, what is it?
Let her finish her studies.
If they like each other,
we can make it happen!
You should be there
as her elder brother!
You may go!
Is he a father?
- You want to break it here?
- No!
Then go!
Is it over'?
Almost done!
- I said that to him!
Oh Mother Mary, why did
you say that to him?
What else could I do?
I should've believed
him, gone to the school,
taken our daughter
out, slapped her;
and let the whole world
know about it, or what?
Dear, it will be a problem only if she
thinks that we have taken it seriously.
Now she will be totally confused.
You &your wicked brain!
Did you kiss him?
Sheesh! What are you asking her'?
I gave him the money as well!
Oh God!
Baby, listen to me!
Don't go there!
Baby, if you start a fight, you'll
get more patents from the police!
You electricity thief!
You'll make the
police hit me, is it?
Bloody dos!
Listen to me!
You'll never do well,
if you spoil my living!
You! You spent all his
money without any shame!
Bloody scientist!
Leave me!
Both of you go inside.
She has given that
money to your son!
Go ask him if you want it!
Try coming to fetch water
from this house again!
What will you do if he comes?
Our daughter is here.
Keep quiet.
Go inside!
Where is he?
Where is my son?
He is missing for the past 2 days.
I was about to tell you.
Hey! He knows where Aby is!
He knows! He is Aby's aide!
Where is Aby?
Tell me!
Ab; is on 'cop of the
Thanappara man!
- He is making something big!
- Let him do what he wants!
Didn't you both spend
all the money he got?
Baby, wait!
Oh God, my leg!
Such a steep climb!
We should split the
money between us!
It should be worth climbing
all the way up here!
Oh God!
Noah's arc!
Look Aashan!
Your entire workshop is here!
- Oh God!
- There's the pilot!
My entire workshop is
in your auto rickshaw!
His mom died because of his
bloody airplane craze!
I won't allow you to fly
anything as long as I'm alive!
- Move, Baby!
- Get down, I say!
Get down!
- Baby!
- Oh my God! My silencer!
What are you doing, Baby?
Leave me!
How did you bring
all this up here?
I want to kill him!
You bloody!
Baby, he will die!
- Baby, calm down!
- Let him die!
He stole all 3 tyres of mine!
What have you done, Aby?
Oh God, will this really fly?
Don't do anything stupid!
Baby. no!
Has he gone mad?
Take him away, Bennykkutty!
Catch him!
- Didn't I tell you earlier?
- Give me the balance, Sir.
- Sir, ask him to pay the money.
- Don't worry. I'll settle that.
Why do you want to pay the
police unnecessarily?
Hello! No need of the taxi!
Cancel it!
- Sh riya was awesome, right?
- Leave that! Our 'Thalaivar'
Rajnikanth was so stylish!
- Which one? The song?
- (sings a song from Sivaji - The Boss)
Hey! What did you do?
- My phone isn't working!
- Hey! Who's that?
- I don't know what happened!
Get up!
Who are you?
Who is this?
A thief or a madman?
- Hey! Get up!
- Throw him out!
Get out!
Hold him!
Get lost!
We ourselves strive so hard for
food, and he wants a share of that?
- Correct!
- Hey Pattaas!
What are you staring at?
Get lost!
Sir, that's a regular guy!
- Tell me your address!
- KR Tower!
Blow it!
Not high octave!
Low octave!
'0' dear Krishna,
please come quickly'
Hey! Hey!
Stop there!
Start the jeep!
Get him into the jeep!
VAT 69?
No! Plain 'Vaatf!
(Locally brewed arrack)
- Fruits?
- No!
Get inside!
Get in!
'I saw a dream yesterday'
'The traffic police
came & caught me'
Who is it singing a lullaby
when it's time to wake up?
What's this, Pattaas? Why are you
playing songs in the morning itself?
- Hey, come!
Hey Engineer!
Your phone started
working again already?
Did he repair it?
That's good!
- Hey!
' Hey engineer!
I got a call from UK.
They are curious about our 'Sky Blue'.
About our company which went
bankrupt and shut shop?
That's not a problem for them.
They are ready to take it over.
They will invest the entire amount.
But on certain conditions.
They know that there's no one better than
you in light aircraft designing, GK.
All they're asking is, your
expertise & creative support.
To be cheated again?
I don't want that again!
(Tamil devotional song
plays on the radio)
Oh Lord Muruga!
- Has the boss come?
- I had called him!
- Hey, boss is inside, right?
- Yes.
Your phone is fixed?
Tell me clearly!
We have an engineer with us!
There he is!
- You always keep asking for money!
- Not that, Sir!
- We're asking for the old balance
- No! I can't give any money now!
- Give it, Sir.
- Oh Lord Vinayaka!
Lord Muruga!
- Today we should do good business!
Hey! Get in! They'll join you!
I'll slap you!
- We buy old newspapers,
bottles & magazines!
'Our hands are not
empty, but full of gold'
'The sky is our roof,
rags are our bed'
'Hither and thither, wherever
I go, is a paradise'
- Hey! Sit down! Let's go!
'Our hands are not
empty, but full of gold'
'The sky is our roof,
rags are our bed'
'Hither and thither, wherever
I go, it's a paradise'
If you don't take a decision soon,
you'll have to surrender all this.
You could survive for so long only
because that bank manager helped you.
If you don't settle
your liabilities soon,
the bank will take away
your house & property.
Let them come!
Let me see what happens.
Come here!
What's over there?
Hey! Bring the stuff fast!
What a man!
This is the effect
of military alcohol!
Look at him jogging early in the
morning after drinking all night!
- Hey Engineer!
Throw it!
- What's he doing?
- Come fast! Catch it!
Oh my God!
Hey engineer!
'We don't need a pocket when the
income & expense are the same!'
'When we make more
money than usual,
we get three meals on
that sumptuous day'
'If the pocket is empty,
someone starts humming inside the tummy'
'The only solace being
the street tap'
'Hither and thither, wherever
I go, it's a paradise'
They are really impressed
with our presentation.
- Initially they'll pay 40 Iakhs.
- Where's the bar?
GK, not now!
Wait for some time!
'The one who's not lazy to slog it out,
will always be at the prime of his health'
'If he feels happy with the sun & rains,
no one would wish for a glass mansion'
'We are the ones who should share the
burden this earth carries on its shoulders'
'Ours are the hands that should
support the mother earth'
'Hither and thither, wherever
I go, it's a paradise'
'Our hands are not
empty, but full of gold'
'The sky is our roof,
rags are our bed'
'Hither and thither, wherever
I go, it's a paradise'
So you want to fly?
Before that, you will have
to do certain things.
There's one more thing
that you'll have to do.
What is it?
How do birds fly?
And, have you noticed
a bird's wings?
It will be curved in the front,
shrunk towards the back,
and the tips would be closer.
In our engineers' lingo,
this shape is known
as 'Air Foil'.
When it cuts across
air, and goes forward,
the speed of the wind which flows
above the wing will increase.
So the pressure over
there will decrease.
When the speed of the wind that
flows beneath it decreases,
the pressure upwards
would increase.
It is this pressure,
or this lift,
which makes a bird fly!
Consumed by the desire to fly,
so many mad-men like you & me,
tried tying wings to their hands,
and running by spreading a cloth;
and did so many other
experiments which failed!
It was the result of their hard work;
The Airplane!
That won't fly!
It's dead!
Like my..
Sky Blue!
My Company!
Sky Blue!
He repaired it.
Where there's a will,
there's a way!
I started with rem ore-controlled
toy flight designing.
The hobby of rich people!
Mostly Europeans!
Gradually, I progressed
to microlight aircrafts.
Mostly from North
America and Europe.
Mem ber of the Royal
Aeronautical Society.
It was only after the
company became profitable,
I understood the true colours
of the people who were with me.
They got me perennially drunk,
and started a new company.
The 2.5 crores I borrowed from
Meera's Papa to start Sky Blue,
went kaput!
I became ashamed of myself
in front of everyone else!
I had only one shelter to run & hide;
This is my shelter!
This house is also pledged.
Hypothecated to..
Blah Blah Blah Blah Bank!
Everything is lost!
I am a dead man!
- Hello!
- Javed!
'As a fresh sun is shining bright,
the spy spreads its arms'
'A fresh new morning has arrived
to clear the foggy sky'
'Making a feather nest
with a crores of feathers,
the bird waited with an upbeat
rhythm inside its heart'
'Hurdles along the way and the
mistakes we make by tripping on them'
'We have to fight our way through
them, and that's such a trouble'
'A lot of desires and
some luck on the way'
'The one who has these, will achieve
his goal finally, in this world'
Our adventure sports client has
been repeatedly calling us.
- Those powered hang-glider guys?
- Yes!
GK, so as we discussed,
- Day after?
- Yes, of course!
'A strong heart will
take you to your target'
'A strong deep-rooted
desire along with hard work'
'Will help you achieve
your goal incessantly'
'Always ready, energetic within,
moving on with self-confidence'
'When you face obstacles,
do the right thing'
'Success will happen to you'
'Gathering the dreams we weaved
while we were in our nests'
'We flew daily to touch the golden
clouds with our flowery wings'
'A lot of desires and
some luck on the way'
'The one who has these, will achieve
his goal finally, in this world'
When you set angry.
Just count to ten.
It will be gone!
What if it doesn't go?
Count to 100!
'If you are still obstinate even
after being pricked by a needle-tip'
'Distances vanish far away,
with the blink of an eye'
'In the heat of your aspiration,
the sky will come down'
'The clouds & storms
will hide far away'
'Will there be a
time as we wished'
'When the dreams we kept
bottled inside become true?'
'A lot of desires and
some luck on the way'
'The one who has these, will achieve
his goal finally, in this world'
As of now, everything is fine!
Shall we call the
clients tomorrow?
Call them!
What is it?
I had warned you not to play
around over here & to stay away!
(an old Hindi song plays)
Let it go, dude!
Why do you take
everything to heart?
And you know him!
When work starts, he goes crazy!
Leave it, dude!
Have a beer!
What are you doing?
You crazy nut!
Aby, what have you done?
Get lost, you moron!
Little more to the right!
Just a minute!
Is it a film shooting?
It's a road survey.
Rural development.
I completed my civil engineering course.
What about you?
I'm not married yet.
If you have conjunctivitis,
don't remove it!
No, Sir.
It's for style!
Make it fast.
- I have an urgent meeting.
- Okay!
- Hello!
- Ya! Tell me.
- Where are you?
- Tell me what it is!
- That boy is back!
Which boy?
- Aby!
- Shall I start cutting?
- Ya! Start with my throat!
Sir, give my apron back!
- You devil!
- Oh my God! Ghost!
Start the car!
Where were you?
For the past 7 years.
Ah! When did you reach, Mr.
Flying Machine?
Did you even bother to find
out if I'm dead or alive?
Baby, each person in this world
lives to achieve their dreams!
What if his dream is to fly?
He's saying that he wandered around for 6-7
years for that and learned about it!
Ya right!
As if making an airplane is as
easy as making a straw ball!
Whatever it maybe!
Or let him do whatever he wants!
You don't try stopping him!
- Baby,
- Father!
After wandering around for a long time,
some people will do well in life.
But he hasn't!
His bloody airplane craze!
if he wants to live here,
he has to live obeying me.
Or else, I won't let
him enter this house!
How can you say that?
NW, wait'.!
Don't go!
Stop there!
Hey you, I won't let you fly!
I want to see how you'll fly!
However much you fly,
you'll have to come down to
the land for a drop of water!
Give it to me!
What is this, Sir? You're
running away with my apron?
Take your Apr 8 May with you'.!
I have just one of these!
What was it?
Don't you need wings
to fly, brothel'?
Where is it?
I have to make it.
My child is hungry!
I'll die now!
- Kunjoottan!
- Yes!
Come here.
What are you doing?
It's him, dear.
That Nivin Pauly!
Oh my God!
Nivin Pauly?
Attend the call, dear.
- I'm going inside.
- Yes, please.
Nivin Pauly, the film actor?
- You don't know that?
- I mean"
Was it him on the phone?
Yes. He is my husband's
close friend.
If he doesn't pick up,
he keeps troubling him.
- 2 Mutton Biriyanis.
- Okay Madam.
Add some extra onions.
- You got my message, right?
- Yes!
I got the message.
- There are lot of tools & parts, huh?
- What?
I was talking on the phone.
Just show the message
to the shopkeeper.
Is it too much of a
trouble for you?
What are you saying?
- I didn't mean that.
The trouble is only when
you talk to me like this!
Is it?
You're all standing here?
Then buy 10kgs of rice and
5kgs of tapioca as well!
- Go! Or else, I'll make you fly!
- Have you heard of Bernaulli, Sir'?
- Who's that?
- Do you know anything at all, Sir'?
- You & your bloody questions!
My husband was coming back
on a train from Chennai.
When he saw him first, he
couldn't recognize him!
But after they started
talking & got acquainted,
they kept talking for the whole
night without any sleep!
When the train reached Aluva,
Here's some water!
Nivin Pauly took my husband's mobile,
added his number on to it, and left.
And my husband came back home!
These calls started thereafter.
What did he say?
He asked me when
your due date is.
That's what's called affection!
Mutton Biriyani for the unborn child?
Don't you want something, Sir'?
One tea.
When Sathi Aunty became
bedridden after an accident,
they got Kurqoottan
Chem married.
But Sathi Aunty was the
one who had to suffer!
Kunjoottan Chettan is staying
in his wife's house now!
Whatever said & done,
Kunjoottan Chettan still has
a soft-spot for me!
He comes running
whenever I call him!
He will do anything for me.
Speak of the devil..
And here he is!
He will live for a hundred years!
- Anumol!
- Give it to me! - Hold this.
So heavy!
Phew! You're sweating so much!
It's just because you asked me.
Or else..
Don't I know that?
Some water!
What's up bro?
Long time!
You've got the looks
of a pilot now!
Like hell you're going to
fly with all this!
I heard everything, bro!
I am proud!
You should fly!
You will fly!
- Thanks.
- I don't want this.
What do we do now?
We have to get it exchanged,
for a different brand.
Its has to be
exchanged, it seems!
I will do it!
- Tomorrow is fine, right?
- No!
I want it today itself.
Ask your daddy!
I carried it all the
way up here and"
Please Kunjuttan Chettan!
Why not? I'll go &
get it right away!
Thank you Kunjoottan Chettan! I
hope it's not too much trouble.
There you go again!
I'll be upset if you
talk like this!
- I've sent a load there, Sir.
- Okay.
Is she going to act
in a film or what?
Leave all that, Kochappu!
Tell me if there are any
well-settled guys with a good job,
we'll see!
Then we can proceed!
I'll call you later.
What is it, Sir?
A boy from Koratty.
He is into business.
Was thinking if he would
be suitable for Anumol.
That won't be necessary!
Start the car!
Start the car, you fool!
My hands & legs are
shivering, Sir!
Why are your hands & legs shivering
thinking about my daughter'?
I haven't filled my tank, Sir.
Phew! You're always
thinking of alcohol!
I was talking about
the diesel tank, Sir.
Sister Glory left it here.
It's German.
Have a drink, Xavier!
Tell me the matter, Father.
Once we arrive at a solution
for this, I'll decide
whether I should drink
this or something else.
your daughter is not
a little child.
Whatever precautions we take,
whatever has to
happen will happen!
Your mom stays with you?
No. At our ancestral house.
She just came today.
- It's difficult for her to walk!
- I don't have any such difficulty!
No problem at all!
Have it!
Give it to him.
I'll take it myself.
What is this?
Oh! It's Horlicks?
I don't have.
Papa is slightly diabetic.
I mean" This doesn't
have sugar in it.
Oh God!
You didn't add sugar?
Have the snacks!
She's our only daughter.
That's because you
weren't capable of more!
Okay then.
Shall we leave?
Hey Anu. bye!
Don't think about anything else!
Fix this right away!
- Nice boy!
' See you!
I understood that when you were
talking to him for so long!
You had so much to say?
Shouldn't I tell him
everything beforehand?
Everything as in?
Did you talk about that fellow?
. Huh?
Oh God! There he goes again!
I'll show you what I can do!
Hey you!
You bloody son of a plane!
Use these pipes & screw-drivers
to the con the townsmen!
If you try to mess
with my family,
I'll pull your screw out!
Why are you silent?
Listen! Don't try to hit
on my daughter anymore!
If you do that,
I'm not like your dad,
I'll torch this whole damn
thing up along with you!
Got it? You bloody b@$#ard!
Switch off the fan!
My 'Mundu' is gone!
My 'Mundu' is gone!
Wait & watch!
- From an initial fascination,
- Thonekkunnu has become an
entire town's focal point!
- We're witnessing the dream
of this young man called Aby
turning into the dream
of the entire town!
When the plane goes
through outer space,
how do the people
inside it breathe?
They will adjust with
whatever they have inside it.
You can't do it! You have a
breathing problem, right?
Brother, which is the
way to Thonekkunnu?
Make this turning, turn
left and go straight for 1 .5 kms.
Thank you, brother!
- An entire village
is praying for Aby.
Everyone is going to Thonekkunnu.
Brother, where's the Aby Hill?
Where he's making the plane.
Make this turn, then turn left and
go straight for 1.5 kms. Go fast!
All these people will not let me..
- What?
- Can this scooter go up to Thonekkunnu?
Of course!
- What's such a big deal over there?
Already some 60 people have
gone there since morning!
They won't even let me
do business in peace!
- Friend!
- What?
Just go straight.
1.5 kms.
Okay. Thanks.
Thonekkunnu. Aby Plane
Workshop - 1.5 km
Okay brother!
Why has he kept it
on top of the hill?
Because the hill is not
too far from the sky!
Baby is here!
Are you coming back
after seeing the plane?
Ya right!
Come, Baby! Isn't this
a happy occasion?
You carry on!
- Why did you have to call him, Father?
- Come!
The plane flies through the sky
and not through the road, right?
' Stop!
- Is it too far from here, brother?
- What?
So you aren't coming from there?
Aby, look!
TV Channels!
Get up!
Move a little!
As there are only
a few days left ,
for your childhood dream
to turn into a reality,
what do you want to
tell the world, Aby?
I have not just one,
but two desires.
I want to fly!
- Second one..
- Second one?
Tell us, Aby!
What is your second desire?
I want to marry Anumol!
Oh my God!
Everyone, please make some way.
All the gentlemen are here?
Is he planning to fly it?
What else?
Why would anyone take so much
effortto keep it on ground like this?
Father, I had told you long back itself,
that it can't be flown so easily!
He needs permission! From the Civil
Aviation Department to the Local Panchayat.
And then KSEB, security
forces and many more.
Even if he gets permission
from all these places,
he'll have to pay Rs.1 Iakh as
security deposit in DGCA.
Without any of these, how can
he fly it just like that?
What is this?
An insect?
Hey kiddo!
Get down!
Can't you hear me?
Get down I say!
Father, what are they doing?
I'm telling this to everyone!
It'll take a long time for this to fly!
All of you, please leave!
- Move!
- Go, I say!
Father, come here.
And you too, Sir.
Sheesh! This is atrocious!
You believed that boy and"
How do you know if it will fly?
My dear Sir, for this, some really
efficient pilots or engineers,
who have a Civil Aviation
License, should come.
And then they have to approve
that this is all right.
Then you have to get permission.
Without any of these"
Suppose you've got
the permission;
What if he flies it and dumps it
on top of a house or inside the dam?
It will become my
responsibility then!
Breaking the law;
deliberate intention
to kill people;
there are many such sections!
My dear Father, make him understand
the gravity of this situation.
What is wrong with him?
What are you living for?
For me and my family!
But he is living to fly!
If we have all these
documents, he can fly, right?
You can fly!
Okay then.
But these documents are required!
W5 paining!
0h my God!
I've got muscle cramps!
I can't bear it!
I went to the gym for 4-5 years.
And see this?
No use!
Get some tough muscles, I say!
Oh my God!
It's Nivin!
I had such a hard time
trying to convince her!
I got out saying that I have to get
some ready-made clothes for our shop.
We'll buy some!
There you can get clothes
in latest fashion!
Fashion! Ya right!
If she knows this,
she will poison me!
Kurti from Pantaloons;
Where is it?
Ya! See this!
This is Gorilla!
I mean, Kangaroo from 'W'.
You'll get all this
at Shopper's Stop.
And there's one more item..
Here it is!
These are tunics!
You didn't like it?
Who is it?
What do you want?
Why did you go to Bangalore?
For this!
Why did you go to Bangalore
with my daughter'?
How could I send her all alone?
It was just a favour. What's wrong with it?
You bloody b@$#ard! If
you try to mess with me,
What did I do?
Even though I've been trying to hit
on your daughter for 10-20 years,
I haven't got even a
handshake from her yet.
Then what the hell do
you think I have done?
You know how depressing it is?
I mean"
The aircrafts that we make,
work purely based on mechanism.
But this one,
has his soul in it!
Who is it?
It's m e!
This is his money.
The money I made by using
him during his childhood.
'Aby is ready to fly high'
He didn't take a farmefs loan for 2 crores
and say that he can't pay it back, right?
Is it fair if you say that
the boy cannot fly something
which he made after years
of hard work?
What he's saying is true, Sir.
Please consider this
with all your heart.
Where were you up to
at the village office?
I went there to give an
application for Aby.
You & your bloody Aby!
I will kill you!
What's the matter'?
Mix some more of herjapang
gopang Horlicks & give her!
Sir isn't here.
You may go & come later.
We've got all the other papers.
The only one left is from KSEB.
If we get that as well,
they're saying that we can go ahead
with the proceedings for you to fly.
It's actually a very simple matter.
But your father should
show some mercy.
As if he's waiting for us!
I'm afraid if he would
do something drastic,
if he's not able to fly!
Keep quiet, Father!
I know you're doing all this
because of your love for me.
What I have for Aby is also love.
But I know that he loves
flying more than me.
If he doesn't fly,
he wouldn't be there
amongst us, Papa!
I'll obey whatever you say, Papa.
I'll marry whoever
you want me to.
It's okay even if I fail.
Let him fly, Papa!
It's working!
This village's homegrown pilotAby, is
getting ready for his first experiment.
For Aby, who was born with wings,
this would be just a rehearsal.
Only if shows a satisfactory
performance in this flying,
he will be able to get a
license to fly alone.
Look! Our Aby is going to fly!
Where are you?
You reached?
I've reached the main junction!
How do I come from here?
- So you've made an airplane on your own..
- This isn't an airplane.
It's a powered hang-glider.
Anyone can make this.
I will make an airplane!
As the uncertainties
have cleared,
Mariyapuram village's
own pilotAby,
is getting ready for his
first flying trial.
Under the supervision of
aircraft designer GK Menon.
- Anyway, let us wait & watch how this
trailer is, before we watch the film!
- Linju Gopakumar for Mindvision,
with cameraman Biju Basil.
Everything is ready here
for the flying trial.
No other problems.
Everything is okay! Over!
Watch where you're going!
- Am I late?
- No!
He's going to fly, right?
- Who is he?
- l..
One second.
Sir, just a second!
They have started flying, Sir.
Stop it!
There are some proceedings to be
cleared for security reasons.
It's the Collector's order.
Please co-operate!
All the papers were cleared!
What are the new proceedings?
Move away!
Is he a mental case?
Get down, you...
A letter has gone to
DGCA's central office,
saying that his mental fitness documents
should be evaluated once again!
From where?
From a local address.
KESB, I think.
You can fly after
clearing all that!
Father, didn't I warn you that
this'll be a headache for us?
I sent it long back.
It was a complaint
I gave long back.
But I would never..
- Hey Xavier!
- What is this?
I also want him to fly!
Believe me!
Baby, leave him!
Stop it!
If you mess around, no one
will leave from here!
No way, Sir!
If he's from Mariyapuram,
if he was born in this village,
we will make him fly today, Sir!
It's his long time desire, Sir!
He will fly, Sir!
We will make him fly!
Maintain the same level!
Maintain the level!
Shift to the right!
I am his friend.
We've been friends since childhood!
What is it, Sir?
Do you feel like flying?
The thrill of flying,
If you experience it once;
even if your legs
are on the ground;
your eyes would always
look up to the sky!