Abzurdah (2015) Movie Script

Hogweed says:
Hogweed says:
I've heard you're very pretty.
Abzurdah says:
You're wrong.
Hogweed says:
I don't think so.
Hogweed says:
How are you?
Abzurdah says:
Hogweed says:
Abzurdah says:
Broken heart.
Hogweed says:
Pretty and with a broken heart?
Abzurdah says:
Hogweed says: Confirmed.
Then you are pretty.
My name is Cielo.
Yes, Cielo.
My parents spent my whole childhood
saying I was special.
I have two younger siblings,
but I was raised as an only child.
Big mistakes are always made
with the first child.
I'm my parents' little guinea pig.
Upper-middle class.
I lived in La Plata during
my childhood and teenage years.
I've always been pretty self-sufficient,
self-centered and arrogant.
Perhaps some of you are perfect.
Well... I'm not.
When I was 18, I moved
to Buenos Aires city, to Caballito.
I lived in a very nice flat whose walls
I left stained with blood.
I'll talk about that later.
I won't spoil the ending for you.
What else? I don't know.
Instead of saying who I am,
I'd rather say who I'm not.
I'm not normal.
Lopatn? Good.
Bracken? Very good.
Trincadelli? Okay, good.
Mendelberg? Very clever.
Puebla? Poor.
Foster? Well, okay. Saavedra?
Juncker? Interesting. Cortez?
Okay. We'll talk later, Latini.
I like it.
- It's pretty.
- That's not the problem, Cielo.
I want to see a psychologist.
- What for?
- I have no friends.
At your age, I didn't have
any friends either.
Are you saying it's hereditary?
- No, she means it'll pass.
- Besides, you do have friends.
What about that girl
from your swimming class?
Taty, she's so sweet.
- Isn't she your friend?
- No.
I want to switch schools.
- You can't now, it's almost end of term.
- I don't care if it's end of term.
- Cielo, you'll have to put up with it.
- Why don't you put up with it?
We're not transferring you
to another school again.
Yes, I had friends,
until one of them stole Cocol from me,
the love of my life.
I was feeling very lonely
when Hogweed appeared.
He told me his real name was Alejo.
We used to chat a lot.
Sometimes in group chats
and sometimes in private.
We were only virtual friends,
nothing more.
Hogweed says: Still sad?
Abzurdah says:
I can't get him out of my head.
Hogweed says: It happens to all of us.
Abzurdah says:
Really? Who's on your mind?
Hogweed says:
Doesn't matter. Forget about Cocol.
Hogweed says:
I'd never trade you for another girl.
Abzurdah says:
Thank you... I want to switch schools.
Hogweed says: Then leave.
Abzurdah says: It's not that easy...
Our worse regrets come
from the things we dare not do.
Abzurdah says: You're right...
Abzurdah says:
It seems like you're always right.
Hogweed says: Bye.
Abzurdah says: Bye.
Hogweed says: Sweet kiss.
Abzurdah says: New school, new uniform.
Abzurdah says: Impossible to look cool.
- Horrible.
- Reproduction
is a biologic process
with two basic types.
Different schools, same fauna.
Another year in prison.
Let's see. Funes.
What type of pollination do you know?
Wind pollination. Wind pollination.
- Wind pollination.
- Very good.
Hary, Agustina and Tamy
are the only acceptable ones.
They call them "the gang".
I love them and now I'm a member too.
Hogweed says: If the Gang is drowning
and I'm drowning too,
who would you rescue?
It's easier for me to rescue you
because you're just one person.
I swallowed water.
I'll need mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
Hogweed says:
Will you save me?
You're all fired up today, eh?
Want me to take you off the private chat
and go on the group chat?
Hogweed says: Chicken.
If you want to,
take me off the private chat
so we can arrange the group meeting.
What meeting?
Hogweed says: With the chat members.
We didn't tell you before
because you're the youngest.
- Pizza or billiards?
- Pizza place or I'm out.
- You have no street smrts.
- You have no "a".
- Pizza and champagne!
- Saturday at 8. Confirm.
Hogweed says:
So? Will I see you or not?
See you on Saturday.
Hogweed says:
I'll be waiting. Sweet kiss.
...tell him you're clumsy
with your left foot.
- Don't say that!
- But he's clumsy.
He's a bit clumsy with his left foot.
Ask him to place you as center forward
so you can score a goal
from time to time.
- But I scored one today.
- Did you?
- Yes.
- Good, very good.
- Eat that.
- May I go?
- We already said no.
- Why not? I've been behaving well.
You were expelled from school
a month ago, Cielo.
- Yes, but I'd been getting good grades.
- You were still expelled.
- We don't know those people.
- She doesn't know them either.
- Why are you laughing? I know them!
- They don't know each other, it's crazy.
I do know them. Why are you laughing?
They might have other interests.
You'll get bored.
I live bored, that's why I want to go.
- She should go to the club.
- Yes, go to the club.
Go to swimming classes with your sister.
Adolescence is a turning point.
Everybody says so.
I know, Cielo. Every self-help book
says it. Thank you very much.
- What's that?
- What did you do?
- What's wrong?
- There's chicken all over the floor!
You can't have a peaceful meal
in his house. Stand up. Sara!
- Fede, you're a pig.
- Why can't we have lunch in peace?
Everyday there's an issue!
You go to bed so late...
I can't believe you won't let me go.
- It's a weird plan.
- It's not weird.
It's early at a pizza place.
- I'm sorry, Sara.
- It's alright, sir. No problem.
Could you talk to mom?
Will you?
- I don't know.
- Yes!
Mind you: If I don't like
the people or the place,
you're not staying.
- Artie?
- Yes.
- What are you doing? No, mom...
- No speeches. I'm not your father.
Either you go in or we're leaving.
- Hi.
- Good evening.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm Abzurdah.
- Hi, welcome!
- Abzurdah?
- We use nicknames to chat.
I'm Barbarella.
But I really am Dr. Seplveda.
I have two beautiful kids.
This is my cell phone number.
- Thank you.
- Don't worry. We're good people.
- Don't worry, okay?
- Okay.
I'll pick you up in a while.
What were you saying?
You couldn't have arrived
at a better time.
- We just named you champion.
- Co champion.
- Co champion of what?
- Among the best spellers.
And the more interesting ones, of course.
- Who is at the podium with me?
- Who do you think?
- With... Hogweed?
- She doesn't even know who he is!
- Yes!
- Give it up for the co champion!
- Here comes the co champion!
- Give him a round of applause!
We should also crown
the chat's worst speller.
The other day, Mortadelo spelled
"underwear" with "u" instead of "w".
Why was he even using that word?
So, what happened with your thing?
Did you break up?
Yes, we broke up. We really broke up.
I followed that guy through high and low.
I even dropped out of college
because he wanted to have kids.
Then I had to stop drinking.
I gave up my life.
- Are you happy with that?
- Are you kidding me?
Do I look happy?
I did everything. I put myself out...
for a guy. That's how it is.
You fall in love and... bang!
- You haven't spoken. Tell us something.
- Let's change the subject.
Are you in love?
Okay, stop with the questions.
Slow down, cop.
I don't know.
- What do you mean you don't know?
- No, I don't.
- Have you ever been in love?
- Yes, I have.
Hey, do you want to know something else?
Ask for our social security numbers...
- What else do you need?
- Well, I want to know...
- Don't you fall in love?
- I don't talk about my private life.
You came.
I managed.
- Good evening.
- Hi.
- Someone came to pick me up.
- Cielo?
In the restroom.
A sweet kiss.
- How was it?
- Good, good! Thank you.
Have you known each other for long?
- More or less.
- It's more a matter of intensity.
- As if we had coffee every day.
- Sure.
- We talk and share...
- Okay, good night.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
- It was very nice to meet you.
- You too.
Yes. Just like that.
I was free falling.
He was ten years older than me.
I was breaking the rules.
Many rules, all together.
But I didn't keep in mind
that after a free fall,
there's always an impact.
Hi, how are you?
Good. I couldn't be any other way
when you're here.
Do you want me to melt?
- Do you want an honest answer?
- I don't know.
The other day you told me
you needed love.
You're the man any woman needs.
How come you don't have a girlfriend?
- I'm scared.
- Gorgeous, don't be scared.
I'm crazy about you
and I don't know what to do.
You can do whatever you want.
I know what I want. Do you dare?
It's up to you, Cielo.
Your name means "sky"?
Can I be the sun?
The stars, planet stupid.
I get that all the time.
- I mean, what could you be, kid?
- Don't call me "kid". I'm a year older.
- I'm 18.
- You're still a kid.
Why don't we go upstairs
and I'll show you?
If you play with fire, you'll get burned.
Really? Okay. I look forward to that.
- Sweet kiss.
- Sweet kiss.
Tell me what kind
of kisses you'd give me,
and I'll tell you if I'd go
upstairs or not.
Wild kisses.
- Where did you go last night?
- I went out with some friends.
- And now?
- Out with other friends.
Right here, dad.
So, what's this friend's name?
The one you're going to see now.
Did mom ask you to interrogate me?
- Hary.
- Hary...
- Okay, bye.
- Aren't you forgetting something?
No, wait.
Here, take what you need.
What time should I pick you up?
I'm staying at Hary's.
Her dad will pick us up.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Have you got keys?
- Yes.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Your dad brought you.
What did you tell him?
That I was going out with friends.
- You didn't go in.
- No, I don't like this place.
- Where do you want to go?
- I don't know.
Get in. Let's go.
Thank you.
Was there something
you wanted to tell me?
No. Why?
You insisted so much that I thought
you wanted to tell me something.
No. I just wanted to see you.
What about you?
Did you want to see me?
What's so funny?
- Are you nervous?
- No.
- Where are we?
- Avellaneda. My place.
Something wrong?
Come in.
It's not like I imagined it.
No? How did you imagine it?
What do you want to drink?
I don't know.
I have beer, wine, coffee,
tea, tap water, sparkling, flat,
- Champagne.
- No, I don't have champagne, honey.
Okay, I'll have what you're having.
What are you looking at?
Your books, your music, your stuff.
What, are you investigating me?
- Is this house yours?
- No.
Does it really matter?
No. Just making conversation.
Do you want to talk?
Let's talk.
Would you be my girlfriend?
Would you be my woman?
What's the difference?
Relax, relax.
Let's stay like this for a while.
I'm not going to do anything
that you don't want to do, ever.
Let's not do the summaries separately.
They'll figure out
we put them together.
Don't worry.
- They grade them without looking.
- Look... Someone's here to see you.
See you on Saturday.
- Hi.
- No, no...
- Your friends are looking.
- It's okay. They know.
Get in the car.
We had several afternoons like that.
I was naked, he was dressed.
Going between Avellaneda and La Plata.
Incredibly, I was still a virgin.
- It's late, I can't keep skipping.
- It doesn't matter.
Come here.
I need to know what you like.
Do you like everything?
Where have you been?
- I was at Hary's.
- It's late.
- Want some ice cream?
- No, I don't want anything.
What are you doing with this?
Did you have dinner,
did you eat anything?
You went through my stuff, mom.
Keep your voice down
if you don't want your father to know.
But it's disrespectful!
Tell me about Jogweed.
Hogweed. You don't respect me!
Are you spying on me?
Don't confuse respect with upbringing.
Is he your boyfriend?
That's my business.
From what I read, he's your boyfriend.
Whatever you read here is made up.
This guy is not interested in me.
I don't think so.
It's fiction, fantasy.
Really? Are you writing?
It has no shape yet, but yes.
- But does the guy exist or not?
- What do you care?
- Where do you know him from?
- It's my business, mom!
Okay. I forbid you to see him again.
- You can't forbid me anything.
- Yes, I can.
Or else, I'll tell your father.
So what? What's dad going to do?
He'll know.
Besides, what's the problem if I see him?
This is what we'll do.
You can see him, you can kiss,
but don't have sex with him.
Our worse regrets come
from the things we dare not do.
Ask me.
He said it wouldn't hurt.
If he had said I'd turn into
Snow White, I'd have believed him too.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Can I ask you something?
- Yes.
- Have you told anyone about us?
Just my mom, my dad and my siblings.
We can have dinner all together
if you want to.
No, Cielo. It's just the two of us.
I want everybody to know.
Honey, for the first time, we don't agree.
It's best to keep it our secret.
I don't want people talking
or trying to break us up.
Cielo, could you go offline?
We can't use the phone.
Done. Could you knock?
What are you doing?
What do you want?
To talk.
I don't want to argue with you
all the time. It hurts me.
Is that possible?
You know how I met your dad?
Yes. Your cousin Beto introduced you,
but you didn't like him because he had
a mustache. You liked his friend.
But dad insisted and here I am.
See how you are?
Are you still seeing that boy?
- Is that what you wanted to know?
- Have you seen him or not?
How was I?
From one to ten, what's my score?
- You know what?
- What?
I love you.
It's the first time I feel...
in love.
And you?
Do you love me?
Would you have my name tattooed,
for example?
What's "mhm"?
"Mhm" means yes.
"Mm-mm" means no.
"I love you, so I'm willing
to wait for as long as you need,
until, he spelled until with "ll",
you feel confident and safe.
I know we are meant for each other
and that that day will come soon.
Never forget that I...
- Love you!"
- Love you!
Why do you laugh? It's all right.
- He wants to fuck you!
- It's so obvious.
- He's using reverse psychology, Hary.
- No, guys, he says he'll wait for me.
He drew little colored hearts on a sheet
of paper. What boy does that?
Those who want sex.
Cielo, your mom called.
She'll be here in half an hour.
No problem.
Start cleaning if you want to.
- Everything okay, Cie?
- Yes.
Tidy up when you're done, please.
And don't burn the sofas!
So what will you do?
- Will you sleep with him or not?
- I don't know. I feel weird.
- Disgust?
- No, you fool. I'm scared.
My sister's boyfriend was using
a condom and it had a hole.
She was terrified.
Watch out because Alexia fancies him.
- My Fede?
- Obviously.
She's such a slut.
- Why is she a slut?
- The defender of sluts and the absent.
- You're not a virgin, are you?
- Obviously not.
- Come on, don't lie. You can tell.
- You can really tell.
Do you want details?
- You went to a motel, right?
- No, why would they?
I talked to them
all afternoon about Alejo.
I talked more than I should have.
Hello? How are you?
I'm done. Who is it?
It's for me!
"Cielo, don't expect a typical
boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.
I've been through that and it's boring.
I can't see you every day. I work.
We live in different cities,
and you knew it all along.
It is what it is. Okay?"
I'm sad and I feel lonely.
I can't sleep.
I need your sweet kiss.
Abzurdah says:
Hi. You're finally online!
Hogweed says:
Hi. I can't talk right now.
Abzurdah says: Please don't ignore me.
No one talks to me at school...
Hogweed says:
I said I can't right now.
- Hello?
- Hello, what's wrong?
If I don't call, it's because I can't.
I get home late.
- Cielo!
- I know, I'm sorry. It's just...
I don't wanna listen to 20 million
voicemails when I get home,
- it's insufferable.
- Cielo, you're on the phone.
Yes, I'm talking with Hary.
- She broke up with Fede.
- And why are you crying?
For her.
Tell her not to call at this hour.
- I'll only talk for five minutes.
- Five minutes.
Hi, Hary.
You're getting crazier by the day.
You filled up my voicemail.
I can't sleep if I don't talk with you.
We talk every night. I have to work.
Can you understand that?
Do you realize it?
You worked two nights in a row?
- Are you with someone else?
- Stop, stop, please.
Learn to be okay on your own.
We are born alone and we die alone.
Will you run away?
No, that's dumb. But what if I travel?
- What will we do?
- I'll go with you.
What if you can't? What will you do then?
What if I die?
Don't cry anymore, enough, please.
Don't go.
Your friends let you talk to me?
- I miss you.
- I don't.
And I don't want to talk to you
because you're a puppet.
Cielo, you make fun of all of us.
- No, I don't make fun of anybody.
- Yes, you have a huge ego.
- No.
- Yes, Cielo.
- You think you're better than the rest.
- No!
- So that's why you guys don't talk to me?
- No.
They say you're a slut.
- What about you?
- No, I stood up for you.
I told them they're jealous.
Thank you.
- How's everything with Fede?
- Good, very good. Look.
He told me he loved me
and we got married.
- What?
- Yes, in my terrace.
- Under the moonlight. It was beautiful.
- Wait.
- What?
- That's so cheesy.
No, Cielo, it was beautiful.
Look. He wrote me another letter.
- Did you fuck him?
- Sort of.
What do you mean?
Yes or no?
I don't know. He couldn't, you know...
Did you do it or not?
- Sheets out. Come on.
- No!
What would you do if I was pregnant?
You're not pregnant.
How do you know?
It's impossible because I'm very careful.
But my period is late.
One day isn't anything.
What would you do if I was pregnant?
You wouldn't do anything?
Wouldn't you marry me?
Hey, stop it. I don't like this game.
What are we? I don't get it.
- You're being a child.
- Yes, because I am a child.
When it's convenient for you.
No. With you, it's never convenient.
Hey, Cielo.
I need you to love me
like I love you, Alejo.
You're all I want and all I have. Please!
This email might seem
like any of the other hundreds
I've sent you for the past eight months.
...but it's different.
It's goodbye.
I couldn't adapt to your
casual philosophy of life.
You show no commitment to me whatsoever.
I'm disappointed
and I don't like you anymore.
I'm never a priority in your life.
And you're everything in mine.
Why didn't you tell me it'd be this way?
I'd have loved you less.
From now on, I'm starting over.
I don't want to talk to you,
see you, or hear you.
I want to be fine.
See you never.
It's Alejo, leave a message
after the beep.
Ale, it's Cielo. I know you're there.
Please pick up. I'll be quick.
I sent you an email,
but don't open it, okay?
Can you hear me?
It's Alejo, leave a message
after the beep.
Ale, it's me. I'm sorry.
Don't open the email I sent you, okay?
I love you.
Ale? It's me.
Yes, I know. What do you want?
Open up, please.
What are you doing here?
Nothing. I wanted to apologize.
Okay. I forgive you. Done.
Won't you let me in?
No. Go home, Cielo. Go.
Ale, I'm freezing. Please. I came
all the way here to apologize. Let me in.
I've already told you.
Go home.
No. I don't want to lose you, no.
You'll never lose me.
Alejo! Alejo, open the door!
For one year,
I didn't see him once.
Girls, as an agency
we offer free admission
to every single club.
Everybody was happy.
Our graduation trip was near.
What happens in Bariloche,
stays in Bariloche, girls.
Stays in Bariloche.
Give them the leaflets.
Is this a joke? They're such morons.
I turned 18.
I threw a big party.
My parents went away
and left the house for myself.
I had a great time.
I invited Alejo.
He didn't come.
I wanted to die.
And when I said I wanted to die,
I meant it literally.
Abzurdah or Cielo, happy birthday.
I didn't forget you.
I'm just doing what you asked for.
Not seeing each other, not talking.
I hope you're doing fine.
Until forever, Alejo.
That's how I discovered the button
I had to press to feel good.
Why wouldn't I press it
every time I felt bad?
- Cielo?
- Cielo, are you coming down?
I'm coming!
One year without Alejo.
I couldn't stand the withdrawals anymore.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here?
I brought you Cerati's last CD.
I already have it.
What do you want?
To see you.
You sent me an email
asking just the opposite.
Yes, but that was a year ago, Alejo.
No, no.
If you come any closer,
you know what'll happen.
Hi. Everything good?
Cielo, Marina.
Hi, how are you?
Shall we?
Could you explain
this garage situation, please?
I've already told you about her.
- What do you want?
- Are you okay?
Why do you knock
if you'll open the door anyway?
Are you really okay or should I tell mom?
No, shut up. Don't say anything.
Abzurdah says: I can't believe it.
You changed me for that one?
Abzurdah says: If I get fat
and dress poorly, will you like me?
Abzurdah says:
I miss you. I love you.
You're not going out?
Why are you doing this?
Because Sara is cleaning up my bedroom.
You have to do something.
You can't live confined.
Why do you laugh?
Have you thought about it?
I don't know. Find something
you like, a career.
- You've always been a good student.
- Stop it, mom.
- What will you do?
- Nothing.
- You won't do anything?
- No.
I'm only interested in Alejo,
everything else is boring.
Everything and everyone is boring to me.
And I'm very self-demanding.
It'd be better for you
to discuss all that in therapy.
I was just telling you
because you asked me how I felt.
Yes, yes, it's fine,
but a vocational orientation test
is more limited, you know?
From what I see here, you have a strong
orientation towards communication,
especially journalism.
It could also be linguistics...
film school, theater, right?
Do you have any interest in any
of these careers I just mentioned?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Here in La Plata,
you have the State University,
where you could study
a career in communication...
What about Buenos Aires?
You have the UBA,
where you could study
communication science or...
Are you there?
Hogweed says: Yes.
I'm moving to Buenos Aires to study.
We'll be closer.
Hogweed says: I'm still dating her.
I don't care. Can we meet?
Everything I ate left my body
in less than an hour.
I stopped eating.
And that didn't mean
I wasn't eating much.
I just stopped eating.
More than 50% of women
between the ages of 18 and 25.
would rather be hit by a truck
than be fat.
...increases the risk of death.
Everything I read was negative or bad,
but I had stopped eating and I felt good.
You wouldn't read that in any book.
You're different. You're skinnier.
Would your girlfriend like this?
As long as you like it, I'm good.
What time are your classes tomorrow?
Are you asking me to sleep over?
I don't think you'll be able to sleep.
- Hello? Why weren't you answering?
- Hi, mom.
I'm gonna kill you.
I've been calling you all night.
I'm sorry. I slept in.
Why are you whispering? Who are you with?
Because I was studying.
Where are you?
In Buenos Aires.
At Pilar's house.
I have an exam tomorrow.
When are you coming home?
I want you here after your class.
- You can't always...
- Bye, mom.
...precisely to deal with this difficulty.
So the Electra complex may be considered
as a loving attraction of a girl
towards her father.
It's a psychological concept
that helps us understand the growth,
women's growth experience.
- Stop. Forget about Alejo. Let's go out.
- No.
- You could meet Gus's friend.
- No.
- He's a barman, he's so cool.
- No, Pilar!
There were others like me.
We didn't have to be alone.
We had to support each other.
That's why I started my own blog.
And my alter ego: "Teardrop".
A virtual guru who proclaimed
to the world
that anorexia was not
an eating disorder but a way of life.
Who could know more
about anorexia than us?
...be different from the rest.
Eating is something everybody can do.
From a doctor to a construction worker.
You are different from those people.
You can live off of yourself.
Of your own purity.
Don't let anyone corrupt
the divine state you're in.
Why are you moving out?
Stop it.
Why? I'm asking why you're moving out.
I don't know.
I feel like it's a new phase.
What's your house in Monte Grande like?
Promise me you won't get upset.
Are you moving in with Marina?
Are you moving to a bigger house
to live on your own?
No, I'm moving out
with a friend of mine and her son.
Are you kidding me? What does Marina say?
We split up.
You split up?
What happened first?
Splitting up or meeting this chick?
We've been friends forever.
She's not a "chick".
I don't have to give you any explanations.
No, but you never said you'd split up.
Yes, we split up.
What happened to me is horrible.
Marina is desperate.
She calls me all the time.
You're incredible. This is a joke, right?
What are you, jealous?
Why should I be jealous?
Because you're moving
with someone who's not me?
I'm anorexic.
- You don't eat?
- No.
- But you drink alcohol.
- And I throw it up.
- For how long?
- A month.
A month is nothing.
Cut that shit and eat.
I needed him to worry about me.
I was going to be
the best anorexic in the world.
- Hello.
- Hello? I think it's Cielo.
- Yes?
- Who's this?
Romina. Who would you like to talk to?
- Alejo.
- He's driving, he can't talk.
- Who is it?
- Who are you?
- Cielo. Can I talk to him?
- It's Cielo. Do you want to talk?
Hang up. I can't talk.
- What do you want me to say?
- Can I talk to him?
Tell her I'll call her tomorrow
when I'm in the city.
He says he'll be in the city
tomorrow and he'll call you.
Yes, I heard him. Can't he talk?
- No, he can't. I'm hanging up.
- OK, enough, hang up.
- I know, but... she's so annoying!
- It's because I moved in with you.
Ale, let me know if we'll meet or not.
I'm at Pilu's having a drink. Bye.
- Who's she talking to?
- Some guy she's on and off with.
- All good?
- No.
- Here you go, Miss.
- Thank you.
- Want some?
- No, I don't smoke.
You have no idea how it'd help you relax.
Cielo is never relaxed.
- You never smoked?
- OK, enough with the interrogation.
No. My mom won't let me.
- Is that true?
- See why I don't smoke?
- It kills your brain cells.
- Your friend is very nice, eh?
She just doesn't smoke.
She's not that big a nerd.
What other things don't you do?
I think marijuana affects memories.
Is that bad?
Yes, because I need
to remember everything.
- Alejo.
- Hello, Ale. I called you several times.
Don't leave me hanging.
Can you please call me? Thanks.
I guess we'll have to spend
the night in the kitchen.
I hope not.
I've had too much to drink
and I only drink when I'm with my ex.
Well, I think he's my lover now.
Don't tell me about your ex.
And about my lover?
I think she's faking.
I used his method for two days.
I didn't answer, I didn't answer,
I didn't answer.
I missed you.
I love you.
Do you like my body like this?
Do you like it?
- What's wrong?
- You're too thin.
I can't fuck you like this.
You don't even have breasts.
I'm fine.
You don't look fine.
I think you should ask for help.
- I'm asking you.
- I mean a doctor.
No, it's not that bad.
I think it is.
- Then I'm asking you for help.
- Alejo...
- Ale?
- Coming.
Ale, sorry.
Do you have the mosquito repellent?
No, it's in the kitchen.
- Listen, I'm with Cielo.
- Yes, I know.
- Were we too loud?
- I don't care, Alejo.
Wait, I'll help you find the repellent.
Cielo, Romina.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Are you okay?
- Something to drink?
- Water.
- Can you prepare some mate?
- Sure.
Will you hand me the honey?
- Where is it?
- In the fridge.
- I can't find it.
- Forget it. It doesn't matter.
What a nightmare.
- Who's going to go?
- Mom!
- Will you?
- Come!
- What?
- Nothing. Just kidding.
I'll make you some toast.
I don't want any toast. I want to go.
No, stay. Let's have breakfast.
It's all right with Romina. All cool.
I don't feel comfortable. I want to go.
You're already here. Let's not argue.
- Alejo! Will you come here?
- I'm coming.
- I'll be right back.
- We have a situation here.
What happened?
- Should I tell him or you?
- I don't know.
- What's wrong?
- I don't want to go to football practice.
Why don't you want to go? Look at me.
- Tell me why you don't want to go.
- I just don't.
Have you ever skipped football practice?
- Never. You?
- No.
You won't be absent today.
It won't be the first time.
- Come on.
- Get up!
Was he ever absent from work?
Have I ever failed to cook for you?
I eventually started
to feel the side effects.
Not eating made me sleepy.
I was in a terrible mood,
I felt cold and I couldn't think.
But still, the negative effects
carried less weight.
We knew when there was
someone else like us.
If someone read our minds,
we all thought the same thing.
You're never too thin.
Teardrop received questions
from everywhere.
She understood their doubts
and heard their confessions.
She knew what it was like to be
lacking in food but full of self-pride.
You put your lives at risk.
I feel sorry for you.
Sometimes she was attacked.
We were attacked.
But it didn't matter.
We had our goal: perfection.
We're royalty. They call us princesses.
We are princesses.
To live the way I wanted to live,
I needed freedom.
To go back with Alejo, a flat.
Nice, isn't it?
Let's see. No.
- We can't turn it. It won't fit in.
- It's okay, dad.
- Okay, let's leave it here...
- Here we are.
Bringing in a fridge
I wasn't going to use.
Thank you very much. Thank you.
Okay, you tell us where everything goes.
It looks great.
And there goes that one white sofa.
Where can we put the closet?
- With all the clothes she's buying.
- Over there. I'll be perfect there.
That's it. Everything's perfect.
Let us help you. It's no trouble at all.
- Make some tea while we help you.
- Yes.
No, I have people coming to help me.
My friends will be here soon.
What people?
I thought we'd stay a bit longer.
You're kicking us out.
- It seems like we embarrass her.
- No...
- Thank you.
- Okay...
- Will you be okay?
- Yes.
- Bye, honey.
- Will you throw a party?
- With your classmates?
- Yes.
One more thing. In the toolbox,
there's an extension cord...
- I'll call you. Thank you.
- It's taped.
- Okay.
- Bye, honey.
- You already kissed me.
- Oh please, what little politeness!
I got you a present.
Thank you.
I want you to feel at home.
Do you picture yourself here?
It's a bit snobby.
Would you like to live with me?
Was my question so strange
that you don't even answer it?
I can't ditch Romina overnight.
You can't ditch Romina,
but you're always ditching me, right?
- Are you going to live with her forever?
- Not forever, just until I decide on it.
Decide on it now!
Logically, you should live with me,
not with her.
- I have to go.
- No, no, no.
No, please, I miss you.
Last night you didn't come.
- It's always the same!
- I know. Why can't we be fine?
- Because you're not fine. Open the door.
- I know I'm not fine.
- It's why I asked you for help.
- Open the door.
- Are you dating Romina?
- I have to go.
She doesn't mind if you're with me?
- I don't mind either.
- Open the door! Stop it!
The princess is locked in the tower.
The prince got the hell out.
Another night alone.
No, we're always here and we're with you.
Don't call him for a while.
- What if he never calls me again?
- Don't call him!
- Never again.
- I'm eating an apple a day. Is it OK?
Your blog has been temporarily
disabled due to repeated reports.
Check those reports in order
to avoid future problems.
Cielo! Wake up.
That's it. Easy.
- Easy, easy.
- Don't let them see me.
- Can you get up? It's fine.
- Get up slowly.
- Thank you.
- That's it.
- That's it.
- Want some water?
- What are you looking at?
- Calm down, it's okay.
Let's go. Sit down.
Why are they staring at me?
Have they never fainted?
You can't be like this.
- How?
- So nothing's wrong, you just fainted.
- Stop, Pili.
- I mean it.
Why am I your friend?
You never listen to me.
Every time you argue with Alejo,
it's the same.
Don't mention his name.
I don't want to talk about him.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Why are you here?
Did you call them, Pilar?
- That doesn't matter.
- It doesn't matter to you!
It does to me.
- Did you call them?
- Leave her out of this.
- We can't let you go on like this.
- Like this?
What happened?
- Didn't Pilar tell you?
- No, Cielo. I'm leaving. Bye.
- Bye, thank you.
- You're welcome.
What happened to you?
I felt bad.
This isn't normal.
Look who's talking about "normal".
- You are not normal.
- Okay, come on, get up.
No, I've been feeling bad all day.
- That's why we'll go see a doctor.
- No.
Look at her. Look at her skin, her face!
- I've never seen her so thin. Never!
- You speak as if I wasn't here,
I'm here, mom.
What's the matter with you?
Have you been eating?
If you don't eat, you die. And I'm alive.
- The fridge is empty.
- I order takeout. I hate cooking.
How much do you weigh?
It doesn't matter.
You can't fool us.
We want to weigh yourself.
I won't, mom!
- Eduardo...
- Eduardo what?
Get up.
Get up, Cielo!
What are you doing? No, dad!
No, what's wrong with you?
- Please.
- Please, stop it!
- Let me go!
- Cielo, stop it!
- Cielo, no, no!
- Don't lock yourself in!
- Take your hand off!
- Eduardo, don't let her lock herself in!
- Cielo, you can't lock yourself!
- Yes, I can!
- What are you doing?
- What happened?
- Open the door!
- Oh my God, Eduardo, open the door.
- Open the door now!
- My God!
Calm down.
Are you calm now?
- Stop it!
- I want to go!
Let me go, dad, let me go!
Get the fuck out of here!
Let me go!
It's over.
- It's over.
- Let me go, dad!
Stay calm. It's over.
Cielo, you can be either hospitalized
or receive outpatient service.
In any case,
you'll have to see a therapist,
attend group meetings
and have a medical check-up.
I don't want to.
This is only to help you, that's all.
To help me? Is that why
you took me out of my house?
We took you out because
you can't live alone. It's obvious.
We're responsible for your life, Cielo.
My life? Suddenly you care about my life?
We were always worried about your life.
You're lying. Ever since I was 15
I've been asking to go to therapy.
- It wasn't necessary then. Now it is.
- It's always been necessary, mom!
You worry that I'm thin but you made me
see a nutritionist my whole childhood.
- Why did they send you?
- Because she never ate properly.
Because I was fat! Tell him!
Do you want to blame us for everything?
- Go ahead.
- Yes, of course I blame you.
And you too. Of everything.
If I have to apologize
for everything I did wrong, I will.
But you can't go on like this.
You always make me look like crazy.
Do you like it?
See how they portray a happy family?
She has her own view of the world
and it's intransigent.
No! You can't stand anything different
and I am different.
You want the perfect family,
the perfect daughter, but we're not.
- I know. You're self-destructive.
- Stop it!
And you're a phony.
She's always been
very aggressive towards me.
- Let me live!
- Do you want to live?
Of course I want to live.
Otherwise, I'd jump
from a tenth floor. Why do you ask?
- Please, don't speak like that.
- I speak like I want to.
- Or I can't do that either?
- Of course you can.
You have every right.
Cielo, what matters now
is to start your treatment.
What if I refuse?
You'll have to do it.
If you want to live on your own,
you'll have to come here
and your parents will take you
to the hospital every day.
Either you do that
or you'll be hospitalized.
Your choice.
It was over.
My freedom, Teardrop...
Alejo. Everything.
What's wrong?
It hurts.
What hurts?
To eat.
Eat slowly, okay? Little by little.
Are you two finished?
- I don't want any more.
- Agus, you barely ate.
- I don't want to.
- You have to eat something.
No, leave them.
Then go watch TV.
Sara will bring dessert for you.
You can eat something else.
Do you want some soup?
- Do you want some hot tea?
- No.
I can't see her like this...
But she's going to be fine.
We're doing everything we have to do.
You really think she's fine?
But she's gonna be fine!
So then I made a decision.
I love you.
- What?
- Nothing. I love you.
I said goodbye
to everybody and everything,
until I felt I was ready.
- Did you stick to your meal plan?
- Yes.
Hello Cielo, we're looking for you.
Hello Cielo, where are you?
Please, where are you? Come home.
Are you kidding me? Please, pick up.
Hello. We're looking for you, Cielo.
Dad's about to go out searching for you.
We're at home, please come back.
Hello, please call home.
Hello. Cielo...
You're nowhere to be found, Cielo.
Please call home.
I'm begging you.
If she comes here
or if you know anything, let me know.
- Okay.
- Is that clear?
Listen, brat. Your father just left.
I don't want any trouble. You hear me?
- I know. Let me in.
- No, no.
- Let me in, Alejo.
- Stop it! It's over!
- Don't close the door.
- You're completely insane.
Stop, I don't wanna see you anymore.
- Alejo, open the door!
- I'm fed up with you!
Get away from my house
or I'll call the police!
I know it was the last time I saw you.
I will always love you, you know?
Don't forget me.
What is it?
You can't sleep?
Are you going to die?
I don't know.
What did you do?
Calm down...
What do I do?
Stay calm...
Talk to me, Cielo.
Cielo, can you hear me? Can you hear me?
Go let them in.
Is she going to be okay?
Breathing is not being alive.
I've been dead for a long time.
Don't cry because I left today.
Cry because I left long ago.
I left my soul months ago
and now it's time to leave my body.
I never really knew why I didn't die.
It took me months and years to recover.
I had to learn not to hurt myself.
And I had discovered
a thousand ways to do so.
I suffered and I made
a lot of people suffer.
But I learned that everything is relative.
That there's a little more
to me than that.
That I'm not just
that painful and troubled part.
And that I like being here.
And that I can often be myself.
And even when no one will ever know
what I've been through,
I'm sure people can sympathize with me.
Because all of us, at least once,
were absurdly in love.
And other times, absurdly sad.
Absurdly dead or absurdly alive.
Anyway... absurd.
"Abzurdah", the autobiographical novel
by Cielo Latini, was a best-seller.
Nowadays, she's working on her third book
and she has two daughters.
One out of 25 teenagers suffers
from an eating disorder
and ten percent of them suffer
from bulimia or anorexia.
Argentina is the second country
in the world, after Japan,
with the highest rates
of these disorders.