Acasa, My Home (2020) Movie Script

He's coming in too!
Come on!
Gigel, work that paddle.
Paddle, Ric!
Let me do this.
Look, otter shit!
Let's turn around.
Let's go after it.
Wait, what are you doing?
Hey, boy, how are you?
We'll call this one Costic.
What's up, Costic?
Fuck, stay still!
Let him go!
Can I touch him first?
Vali, let him go.
Bye, be loved!
Ciao, Boss!
Vali, that's our lunch!
Cut that out!
Stop it.
- Eat grass, idiot!
- Oh, really?
I'll bury you, you're dead!
No, you're dead!
I'll bury you in that mud over there.
I'll dunk your head in!
I be hangin' with my crowd,
Livin' tough and partyin' loud!
This song is really nice!
Don't go
before you bring some water.
Get that water first.
Pick up already.
Hello? I called you,
it kept going to voicemail.
I don't have voicemail.
I've been trying to get hold of you.
The social services are coming.
What do they want to do?
Say what?
What do they want?
I thought I'd warn you.
If they see the children again...
I swear to God,
if they come I'll kill them!
I'm just worried they'll see the children.
I'll see. They don't scare me.
Bless you, my man.
Thanks for the warning.
If I get my hands on a crowbar,
they'd better run!
I'll hit them with a pan!
So what if I'm a woman?
I'll punch them to death!
Vali, come.
Let's hide the children.
Vali, stop being stubborn
and give me a hand!
Let's go.
- Go that way.
- No, the hut is to the left.
Run, it's the Social Services!
Further ahead, then left.
We can't go home now.
- Where are we going?
- To the hiding place.
I'm not going to the orphanage!
Yeah, they'd feed us
100-year old potatoes!
No way!
- Are they there?
- Not yet. Go inside.
You too, messy hair!
- What?
- Who's coming?
Child Services and the police.
- Who?
- Some people in cars!
Stay here.
- No yelling.
- Alright.
- What if they come here?
- They don't know the way.
Can we go back tonight?
Yes, after dark.
Now get in there.
Goddamn cigarettes!
Bloody hell.
- Vali, are Child Services gone?
- Yes.
Let's get your brothers.
I want to keep you safe,
you're my children.
Just take care of the little ones,
you're the oldest.
You have to promise
you'll be the head of the family.
They'll die if you hook them like that.
Four, five, six frogs!
Put them together.
You let two get away.
- Done.
- Done?
Vali, look how well I cleaned it,
it's like a real fishing rod!
- Pity it's still green.
- It's fine, we'll leave it to dry.
By next year it will be good.
Vali, what are these?
- Tell me.
- They're for fishing in rivers.
Like how?
Do the fish get hooked in it?
It drags along the bottom.
And then?
Come on, doggy!
Go, go, go!
Can you go sit there
on the grass, all of you?
Move over.
Dance, dance, don't stop,
Party hard and live it up!
Man, she's messing up my nose!
Food is ready!
Get the bread.
I want the big piece!
Don't eat it all.
- Want fish?
- No, I can't afford it now.
- Alright then.
- Bye.
- Want fish?
- Say what?
Want fish?
Move, bro!
Those drunk fishermen
set it on fire again!
Hey, wait!
- Where are we going, Vali?
- We'll wait it out here.
Is it still burning?
Yay, no more sleeping on a bench tonight!
- Have you been here before?
- Yes.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I am very glad to have
Prime Minister Ciolo with us,
knowing his love for nature.
I am very happy that we've succeeded,
after four years
of studies and bureaucracy,
in turning this area, abandoned for years
and taken over by nature again,
into what it actually is: a nature park,
almost in the heart of the city.
It's the largest
urban nature park in the EU.
Knowing the park is ours,
we have an individual responsibility
for working together to better it.
The authorities still
have a lot of work to do to -
- Anyone have an empty bag?
- Any more bags?
Mr. Gic, nice meeting you.
I've heard much about you.
Madam Minister,
I've been living here for 18 years.
- I've seen a lot of crazy things.
- I'm sure.
As long as I'm here,
this area will be protected.
I'm glad, and I hope you will
collaborate with the administrators.
- I was the one who found otters.
- Here, in Vcreti? Congratulations.
And several species of birds,
photographed by professionals.
Yes, I've heard you've been
a great, dedicated guide.
And I hope you will keep doing it.
I hope so.
I have nine children, I'm not a nobody.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Minister, what will happen
to the people living here?
I truly hope the area's
new administrators will work with them.
They know the land so well,
and they care so much about it.
Believe me,
if they destroyed it, I'd die too.
- What's your name, doggie?
- Boto!
Hello, Boto!
Oh, more doggies!
- Hello.
- Hello there.
- How are you?
- Good.
I'm Mihaela and I'm here
to help register the children for school.
Just not School 102!
- Why not?
- It's too far from here.
How many children and how old?
You have their documents there.
Dad went to highschool.
I had a good job too,
I was a laboratory chemist assistant.
I moved here because
I hated this wicked civilisation.
I see.
- Luciana doesn't go to school.
- No?
She's only four years old.
- I'll write her down.
- Go ahead, Ma'am.
- She could go to kindergarten.
- No way!
I'll be all alone here.
It's too hot!
Get lost!
Shut up when I'm talking!
The babes, I give them a good ride,
All over me 'cause I treat them right.
Thank you for listening to us, stay tuned!
Hello, we have reports of a fire.
Give me a break,
a Prince is coming to visit!
Put out that fire,
people are calling the police!
- I'm burning garbage!
- There's a risk of wildfire.
They'll see on the security cameras
and call the firefighters.
- We're not leaving until you put it out.
- Fine!
- Fucking prick.
- Look at that smoke!
Fucking idiot!
Douse it well, so it won't start again.
You can make a bracelet out of it!
For a long time, in Bucharest
and here in Vcreti particularly,
people caught wild birds
by putting glue on branches.
The birds would stick to it,
hunters would cage them
and sell them in the market.
People bought them,
but the birds died, because
they're not meant for captivity.
They're meant to live free, in nature.
We, the Vcreti Nature Park Association,
have fought hard to protect the area,
so it doesn't become
your typical urban park.
Be quiet, boy.
I'm talking to you!
The species and habitats here are unique,
not just for being
in the middle of the city,
but because they're rare
all over the country.
They're protected by law.
It's wildfire season.
One cigarette butt is enough.
Hear that, Gic?
So is burning garbage.
The whole place could go up in flames.
Thank you, everyone.
See you back at
the starting place for tea.
In 20 minutes.
Alright, thank you.
- Glad I caught you.
- Hello.
- How's it going, chief?
- Boss, I want a serious word with you.
- I want to plant some willows this year.
- Alright.
But I want to talk to
academics and specialists first.
There's an interesting willow over there.
I want to see which trees
suffered in the fire.
- There's lots.
- We'll replace those first.
Then botanists will
show us where to plant.
They don't know this place like I do!
- Let's not hurry.
- I'll do it anyway, just you wait.
- Then why are you asking?
- You're the park boss now.
I need your approval.
Be patient.
They'll ask "Where's your permit
for planting in a nature park?"
I've been doing it all these years.
I told you, wait a little,
I'll get approval for it.
Fuck this shit.
I knew this would happen.
They won't let me fish or plant anything.
Go catch some fish,
they can't do anything! I'm boss here!
Didn't you hear me?
Go fish right now, in the big lake!
Calm down, Dad.
I'm the boss here!
I swear to God,
you'll do as I say!
- Or tomorrow you're out of here.
- Fine.
I'm telling you,
tomorrow I'm kicking you out.
Think you're so smart?
- What have you ever done for this house?
- And you?
You don't know your place.
I've had it with you
and this house and fishing!
Don't talk back!
I told you to do something!
Go fish now!
- Hello.
- Hello, welcome.
- He won't bite.
- What a big dog!
Please, put them inside.
- Hello, beauty!
- He won't bite, Ma'am.
Hey there!
- He's so cute!
- Come here.
We'll be off, Sir.
Merry Christmas!
- Same to you.
- Enjoy the gifts.
I will.
And let me tell you something.
I'm never going to leave.
They promised
they'd make me a park ranger.
I don't know if I am one yet.
It's up to them.
I've done a lot here these 18 years.
Vali, let them out through the window!
Mum, look!
What's this here?
What's this?
Tell Mum.
You children don't need this shit.
These are the best potatoes in the world!
How about garlic cake?
- There's no such thing.
- There is, if you make one.
Catch it!
Don't let it bite you!
Grab its legs!
The legs!
Grab its legs properly!
Hurry the fuck up!
Wow, watch this!
Can you do this?
Get the kids warmed up.
What's your problem?
Get inside.
We're Child Services.
Go warm up.
But I'm not cold.
- Go inside.
- Give me a break!
I'll suffocate in there!
Ric, go inside!
Go inside!
Madam, we're here
to find a solution.
What's wrong with my tone, Madam?
We're the Mayor's counsellors.
He coordinates the local police.
You don't even care what we want.
- This is discrimination!
- Ever seen those shelters?
No one wants to live there.
This is far better, trust me!
- How so?
- I've been there.
- And you like this better?
- I'm free here.
Free to live with
chickens and pigeons in the house?
- That doesn't matter!
- Yes it does!
Madam, you're
endangering the children's lives.
- Why are you yelling at us?
- No, I was yelling at her.
- Why?
- It's dangerous for the children!
Then yell at me too.
They're endangering
the children's lives and health!
Want to see me set myself on fire?
For a good show?
See, Madam?
- Well, you made me angry!
- So you're threatening us?
- Listen!
- Is that a solution?
- Don't do anything stupid.
- I'll blow this up!
- I'm not afraid of fire!
- Why die?
- I'm not afraid!
- Put the cigarette away, let's talk.
No one fucks around with me!
I'll go crazy on you!
If you want these people
to become responsible taxpayers,
you have to help them
out of this situation.
- I never said we wouldn't.
- You treat them as second-hand citizens.
Go inside and warm up.
I'm not cold,
I'm shaking from my diabetes!
- At least warm up a bit.
- I'm not cold.
I swear to God, if he touches my children
I'll rip his eyes out!
Even if they put me in prison!
He wants to take the children!
That rat tried to take us
two years ago, too.
They got what they wanted!
- Stop crying, Dad.
- I knew this day will come!
Calm down, Dad!
I don't want them
to take you away from me!
I don't!
They don't know
how hard it was raising you.
I'm so sick and I don't want
to lose any of you.
There's no point in crying.
Those idiots will come take us all.
- I know, Mrs. Mihaela.
- We'll find a solution.
How are you feeling, Dad?
They made us tear down the house.
This is the kitchen,
with the fridge and cupboards.
The handles need a bit of fixing.
But we'll get that done, no problem.
I'm not the nosy type,
I won't come and check up on you.
I'm relying on your decency.
Being poor doesn't mean
you're not a decent person.
- We all have our problems.
- Of course.
Just please keep it clean and quiet.
I don't care about
your ethnicity or anything else.
I'm no racist.
I'm sure it will be alright.
- Are you feeling alright?
- Yes.
- Is the haircut done?
- Yes.
- Let me see.
- I'll get you a mirror.
What do you think?
Looking handsome?
- You like it? Feeling lighter?
- Yes.
Now turn your head the other way.
Let me wash your ear.
It's alright, we'll towel you off.
And we're done!
Pump it hard, like a machine!
- This one's awesome!
- Hey, it's my room.
Adults and children,
your attention please!
I'll bring you the bins
and everything, just remember:
You have to separate garbage.
Plastic and metal goes in one bin and -
I know! Plastic, HDPE, sheet metal...
A glass bottle gets you 10 cents.
A plastic bottle gets you 15 cents.
- Great, you recycle already.
- Paper is 4 cents.
[No Swimming]
Enache Costin Marcel?
- That's me!
- We say "present".
- So, Costin or Marcel?
- Marcel.
- Enache Aurel Marian?
- Present!
- Aurel or Marian?
- Whichever one you want.
Which one do you like?
What do they call you?
- Enache Alin Valentin?
- Present.
Right, what shall we call you?
- Vali.
- Alright.
- Enache George Helmut?
- Present.
- I bet they call you George.
- Yes.
Oprea Cornel?
Let it go, Vali!
I don't like this!
- What's your name?
- Luci.
- Look what you did, Luci!
- What?
Watch out for the car!
Oh no!
Well done!
- Sorry.
- Where do you think you are?
Who brought you here?
People are trying to sleep!
Go stay with the damn Gypsies by the lake!
Go to hell, crow!
Do you order your wife around in bed?
- Shut the hell up, crow!
- Go order your wife around!
- Freaking slut!
- Shut up, fat ass!
Go back to your hole by the lake!
- Go die there!
- Shoot yourself, idiot!
He's such a stinker, that Romanian.
A real stinker.
Put on some music.
I want music.
- One...
- Two, three...
- Five.
- No, what comes after three?
Wait, I know!
One, two, three...
- Ma'am, is this right?
- Very good!
Ric, are you writing your name?
OK, you wrote L,
now what letter do you need?
If I say "LU", what's the second letter?
- L.
- The second letter.
- LU.
- That's the whole syllable.
L, U, LU.
So what's the next letter?
- U?
- Right.
Now let's write "MI".
4, 3, 2, 1...
We are Romanians, here we stand,
Forever rulers of this land!
We are Romans, strong and brazen,
Descendants of emperor Trajan!
Look how high!
Big one?
What are you doing there?
So go to a fishery, this is forbidden.
I get it, you're having fun, but
I'm a fisherman too and I don't fish here.
At the fishery they make you pay,
and it's not even fun.
- And if the police sees you?
- They'll fine us.
- Are you fine with that?
- So what.
Don't move!
I'm not running, man.
Try to run and I'll break your legs!
He punched the kid in the liver!
He punched my brother!
- Why did you hit him?
- No one hit him, stop it.
I saw you punch him in the liver!
- Someone call the police!
- But we are the police!
They punched this boy in the liver!
- No they didn't.
- I saw it!
It's just some fish,
we didn't kill anyone!
- Stop yelling.
- They punched him in the liver!
Why don't you film
that fish you were poaching?
And keep your voice down, please.
Hey, get up.
We've been after them for days.
Look what they did.
Big deal, we caught some fish!
- Do I call it in?
- Yes, call for backup.
Dan, handcuff them.
Handcuff me? Why?
Want me to start
locking the door at 10 p.m.?
Whatever, I'm leaving tomorrow.
Fine, go wherever you want!
You'll end up straight in prison!
Spare me!
Next time they arrest you,
they won't let you go so quickly.
Give me some space, you crazy brat!
- I'll stick to my own way.
- And build a hut, you crazy?
I'll kick you out.
I'm boss now!
Vali, the old fart
wants to build another shack!
- Keep dreaming, Pops!
- Right?
On Luci's life, I will!
I drop everything and take the kids
where no one will find them!
No more city or anything,
they'll stay the way I raised them.
I swear!
I'm staying here with the children.
I don't even care.
I can take care of my children.
Until I'm old and sick, I will.
I won't let them become hooligans,
acting up, coming home late.
Roaming around in the city,
not answering when I call.
Next time, you deal with the police.
I don't care what you do anymore.
Ric is almost as tall as you and me.
- So?
- So is Vali.
Aren't you ashamed
to hit them at this age?
No, why should I?
You were just as wild at their age.
Me, wild? I had an education!
- So do they.
- It doesn't show.
They're boys, not girls.
You can't keep them locked up.
- Stop protecting them.
- I'll protect them all I want!
- Want them to end up in the orphanage?
- It's not like that.
Fine, stay here with them.
You won't be able to handle them.
I won't be able to handle them?
- They're my precious children.
- So?
If they do something bad, it's on you.
- We'll manage.
- That's not how it works.
You can't take them there.
I'm not staying here anymore.
Watch out for the cars!
Slow down.
Watch out!
Thank you all for coming
in such great numbers
at the inauguration of
the Urban Biodiversity Trail,
the first in the Vcreti Nature Park.
Our colleague Vali Enache is
one of Gic's children and grew up here.
Vali works with us
and he is a valuable colleague.
Vali knows the species here best.
I always ask him.
Sometimes he still uses popular names.
He goes "This one's a kitten."
"A what?" I ask.
- It was actually a plant.
- That tree over there.
- And you all lived here?
- Yes.
- In the middle of the reeds?
- Not really in the reeds. On an island.
Oh, on an island.
What did your regular day look like?
It was good.
- Are you sorry you left?
- Yes and no. I work here every day.
- How do you see this place in the future?
- Just the same.
No restaurants and such.
Congratulations, Vali. Thank you.
From now on, you pay
half of the rent, water, everything.
- It's how it's done.
- I can't.
Ask anyone if you don't believe me.
- I told you, I can't.
- Ask anyone.
- You'll be 18 soon.
- What next?
What next?
No more playing the slot machines.
None of your business.
I want you to be that good child again.
Well, I don't want to!
You haven't been a model father either.
Oh, now you're grown up
I'm not a model father anymore?
Now you're the father and I'm the son?
Give me a break,
it's too late to come up with that.
Now I'm not good enough for you?
You still depend on your mother.
Wash me this, give me that.
Big deal, she has
to wash one pair of jeans!
It is a big deal, she's sick.
She weighs 30-40 kilos dressed up.
She raised you all!
She was the one
who gave me hope in life.
She never left me.
She gave you hope,
you gave her nothing.
How can you say that?
Back in Vcreti,
I kept the family fed.
With the fish I sold.
And who were you doing it for?
- For you all, of course.
- "You all"?
"For us all", you idiot!
Don't talk like we're strangers.
We were all as one, united!
- Yeah, right.
- It's such a pity.
Such a pity you now live
in the civilised world.
- You should have stayed -
- How? Illiterate?
At 16, I couldn't read or write.
I started from scratch.
Even now I can't read well.
You didn't send me to school.
If they had let you raise them there too,
they'd have ended up like monkeys!
This guy doesn't even know
to say "thank you" to the shopkeeper!
I hoped, if I had lots of children,
I'd become a better man.
Well, here they are!
You had 20 children
and didn't give them anything.
- What?
- You didn't offer them anything.
You'll regret saying this to your father.
In front of your mother and your brothers.
You're a failure.
How am I a failure?
You keep calling me that.
You're a failure,
you and your vagabond friends.
- Bloody lies! Liar!
- Keep it down.
Talk calmly.
- Let me speak.
- Yeah, Dad, let him!
You know what?
I'm done talking to you.
...this gruesome accident.
The car broke in two,
and the young woman's body
was found metres away.
The grieving family
is shattered by the loss.
Though nothing can ease it,
they want the criminal to pay.
They demand
a million euro in compensation.
I'm sure you're ready to raise a child.
- I'm not.
- You are, I'm telling you.
You are.
You're only saying that because
you don't know what it's like,
having a baby.
Just get an abortion.
Abortion is a great sin.
You're very young
and you have no one else to support you.
We'll just have to manage.
This baby is like a burden on my chest.
It scares me, just think about it.
You're 15.
A family made up of three children.
- Three children?
- You, me, and the baby.
- Huh?
- Aren't you a child?
- So?
- So am I.
So we'll be a family of children.
Your parents had you around the same age.
- We are not the same.
- But we are.
They started having children
living in that shack.
Think about it.
We have a place to stay,
and we're still afraid to have children?
Happy birthday to you, Vali!
Happy birthday to Vali!
This wall has a hole in it.
The toilet seat covers are all broken.
Not to mention the mess.
Do you even have any cleaning products
to take care of this place?
This is my house,
it hurts to see it like this.
I'll call Mihaela
and have her talk to you.
I want you to bring things
to the state they were before.
Hello, Ma'am!
Oh dear, you need to put something on!
Go back in, quick!
The house is beyond filthy.
Your children are dirty.
If you can't take care of your children,
the state should take them.
They might be better off.
You have children
with learning deficiencies,
you don't send them to school,
you don't look after them.
They're dirty, the house simply stinks.
You have to learn
to take care of yourselves.
It's not our job
to take care of you forever.
I'll have to get you
into the social housing programme.
I'm not going to live in a ghetto!
This neighbourhood was bad enough.
Many people live in social housing.
- I'm not going!
- You prefer the streets?
- You can't stay here.
- Fine, I'll leave. I'll go anywhere.
- But without the children.
- Says who?
They're not your children!
I fought to raise them!
You want them to live on the streets?
I'm their father,
I can kill them if I want to!
- Mum, Dad, this is all your fault!
- Shut up, Ric!
- It's all your fault!
- Shut it, you lunatic!
Good girl.
It smells like piss!
Is this the room?
Put that here. Careful!
We're not your slaves.
What's that?
- Wait, there's no electricity?
- No, Dad, I told you.
This is all the state
can offer you right now.
While we're looking for a house for you,
you'll be on the priority list,
to be voted in April,
and I can try to get you moved
into better housing if any is available.
I would go back there,
in the park, I swear.
And I wouldn't get bored.
What would you do
that you can't do here?
I miss waking up there,
so nice and quiet.
And Dad's changed so much
since we left that place.
Even you - whatever I say,
you just call me an idiot.
You know how often
I come to your place and cry.
Remember Dad told us
what would happen if we left that place.
You can't live there anymore.
Do you want to live on the streets?
In the cold and rain?
Vali, you've moved out,
you don't give a fuck about us.
You left, the little ones
will all leave one by one,
I'm not going to stay here!
I'll find work and
I'll go somewhere far away!
This city isn't good for us at all.
It's like a prison.
Are we supposed to eat concrete?
Even the food tasted better there.
I mean it.
I don't know.
If someone told me
"Ric, go back, your shack is waiting",
I'd run back there so fast!
- I'm never going back to living there.
- Suit yourself.