Accidental Obsession (2015) Movie Script

Miss Williams, Miss Williams...
I'm just going to answer
a couple questions.
Ms. Williams, this is an
astounding verdict of Not Guilty
on all counts surprising
many in the legal community
as well as the press,
and public.
My client is innocent and found
to be by a jury of his peers.
Now contrary to public opinion,
a defendant should not be tried
by the media.
The evidence against your client
was overwhelming
from the forensic experts
to the eye witnesses.
Many are shocked by
the outcome of this case
and chalk it up to your
client spending a fortune
on a legal team that was able to
manipulate the system
and win on technicalities.
How do you respond to that?
Twelve neutral members of this
community weighed the evidence
and decided in favour
of my client.
Justice has been served.
That's all for now.
That was defense attorney
Heather Williams
winning the biggest case
of her career.
A huge victory for defense
attorney Heather Williams.
Not many in the legal community
were predicting this outcome.
Oh come on! We won!
You should be ecstatic.
You are a celebrity now.
Oh Lisa, a celebrity? No.
Nancy Grace wants you
on her show.
I'm not interested
in Nancy Grace.
Heather! There you are!
Congratulations kiddo,
you did it.
Thank you.
Now your brilliant work will
make Ruben & Associates
one of the most sought-after
law firms in the state.
And you, rightly so,
deserve to be a part of it.
That is, if you accept.
Saul if you're asking me to be
a partner I absolutely accept.
Oh thank you Saul.
Oh my God.
I will take that.
You go.
Congratulations counsellor.
You did it.
Well, thank you.
We did it.
I just can't believe it's over.
18 months on this case.
Thousands of cups of coffee.
Airports all over the world.
You know what the best part
of this job was?
Getting to know you.
Thank you.
After the dust settles,
would you have dinner with me?
I would love to.
Unfortunately I have
to get going.
Previous commitment.
Oh that's a shame.
Party's just getting started!
I know.
Love to stay but I have a client
leaving the country
in the morning so...
Sounds like there's
a possibility
of some international intrigue
in the works.
Could be but you'll
never know.
Client confidentiality and all.
Call you later.
Good night.
Bye Jack.
Oh stop that.
Why not?
He's handsome and smart
and I saw the way you two looked
at each other.
You know what?
Let's celebrate the victory.
Okay well if you want me
to start dropping any hints
just let me know.
Can I have a moment
with Heather please?
Thank you so much.
Look Heather I've got to go
but before I do,
I just wanted to let you know
that I'm letting you to take
the lead on the Eli Boden case.
Really? Are you sure?
Why not?
You did fantastic on this case.
I mean, you deserve it.
Oh thank you.
Now Boden's got deep pockets.
And if we get this guy
as a client
it could put us on the map.
I'll file a writ.
Judge Andrews
will never go for it
but it will give us some time
to build a defense.
You're going to go far.
Aww, thank you Saul.
Have a good night.
Everybody having
a good time?
Congrats all, everybody.
Well done.
What the hell are you
doing here?
You look as lovely as ever.
What's it been,
almost two years?
I see you all over
the television.
Thought I'd come down here
and congratulate you in person.
Oh cut the crap.
What are you doing here?
Is there somewhere more private
we can go?
I want you back.
Listen I know I screwed up
our relationship
and I take full responsibility
for that.
But I've changed!
Are you joking?
Getting involved with you was
the biggest mistake of my life.
What on earth?
We were good together Heather.
You have to give me
another chance.
No we weren't
and no I don't.
I don't even trust you.
I think it's time for you
to walk away.
You know what?
I'm going to walk away.
It's not going to be that easy
Don't you remember
the good times?
We had so many special
moments together
and we can have
so many more.
I remember those
special moments
and that's why I'm going
to say goodnight.
Don't contact me again.
Are you okay?
Yeah yeah.
I saw Ray.
I know. He's leaving.
Are you sure?
Hey. I'm a new partner.
Let's go celebrate.
Hello girls.
I had a good night.
Did you?
Hi there.
There's two nice surprises
for you on your desk.
Ooh two airlines tickets
to a tropical island resort?
Not quite that exotic but
I think you'll like them.
Bring me the Eli Boden file
would you please?
Nice ring.
Thank you!
Oh, wow.
I have Jack Reilly on hold.
Shall I tell him you're
Ha-ha, very funny.
Put him through please.
Hi Jack.
Good morning.
I just happened to be
in your neighbourhood.
Are you available for lunch?
I have a client lunch but I
would love to go take a walk
with you afterwards and get
some fresh air.
Are you up for that?
Okay I'll see you at 2:00,
good? Queens Park?
I'll see you there.
Great. See you then.
Nice to see you away
from your desk
and outside the courtroom
It is. Thank you.
You're welcome.
You know I have a little
confession to make.
Oh yeah what's that?
I did a little research
on you.
Oh really?
What did you dig up?
I know that you served
in Afghanistan and Iraq.
And then you joined the agency.
Very good.
And then you resigned to go
into private investigating.
You really have been
checking up on me.
I could have worked anywhere,
FBI, Secret Service.
I decided I wanted to work
for myself,
then I could choose what cases
to work on and when.
Being a private investigator
fit the bill.
And since we're on the subject
of confessions
I have to admit I've been doing
a little checking up
on you myself.
Oh really?
Single the past two years.
No kids.
And your favourite food
is Japanese.
Oh, no.
No what?
It's now Indian.
That's a huge error there.
Yeah it is.
Well then I guess I better get
to work on finding
the best Indian restaurant
in town
for when I take you
out to dinner.
Well thank you.
You know your CIA sources
can help you with that I think.
Oh trust me, they're on it.
Oh good.
I'm happy we were able
to do this.
So am I.
Hey Jack.
Nice kiss for a first date.
Talk to you later.
Oh Damnit.
Oh my God, ughh.
Are you alright?
Uh yeah I'm fine.
How come you slammed
on your brakes so fast?
I'm sorry, a dog just ran right
out in front of my car.
I couldn't hit an animal.
I'm sorry, it doesn't matter.
It's my fault anyway
I hit you right?
So let's just exchange
Oh god.
I don't have my
driver's license.
I must have left it.
I do know my number
by heart.
You know it really doesn't
look that bad.
It's probably not worth
your deductible
and the increased insurance
If you want you could just
pay for the repair directly
and leave the insurance
company out of it.
Uh I'm not so sure
about that.
Well honestly I am feeling
just fine
and you don't have to worry,
I won't show up tomorrow
with a neck brace and crutches.
Yeah that would be hilarious
considering I'm a lawyer.
Oh, why don't you just pay
for the repairs.
I'm okay, you're okay,
everything's fine.
And besides you seem like
the kind of person
who might do the same
if the tables were turned.
Did you not catch the part
about me being a lawyer?
That's funny.
Here's my card.
You call me when the estimate
is ready.
I'm Heather.
And I'm glad you're not hurt.
Have a good day.
You too.
Ray, give it up.
There's a woman on the phone.
Said she's a friend of yours?
Oh that's right. Vanessa!
Put her through.
Oh hi, Heather.
Can you meet me today?
I should be able to show you
a copy of the estimate.
I could meet you downtown
at lunchtime.
Should I be sitting down?
The body shop said it shouldn't
be that bad.
So how's 2:00?
I'll bring you your cheque?
Francesco's Caf. 2:00
Great. I'll see you then.
So it's actually a little worse
than I thought.
It's $1100.
$1100 is much less than
I expected actually.
Don't worry about it.
I'm paying for it,
it's my fault.
That's a relief actually because
I'm between jobs right now
and I don't think I could afford
the repairs
and I'd have to go through
all the hassle of dealing with
the insurance company and...
I totally understand but I did
forget your cheque at the office
so we'll have to get it
afterwards if you don't mind.
Oh it's no problem.
So how many days before
you get your car back?
They said just 4-5 days.
Well if you need help with
transportation let me know?
That's very nice of you.
Thank you for offering.
What do you do for work?
I'm a travel writer actually.
That's my passion anyway.
But I'm having a lot of trouble
finding work here.
It's hard to write about
far off exotic places
when you're stuck
in East Crescentview
trying to make ends meet
If you hear of anything,
strictly legal of course,
let me know.
I will.
You have great hair
by the way.
Thank you!
Thank you.
I have to confess,
I actually smoothed it out
after I saw yours,
I thought it was so pretty.
Well thank you!
I'm very flattered.
So tell me what led you to
become a lawyer anyway?
Oh it's a long story.
Well you know what,
I'm starving.
So why don't I order
some food too
and you can tell me
while we eat?
Sure. Here.
That is a great story.
Heather you have the most
interesting life.
I mean maybe professionally
but not personally.
Ah, you're single.
Yes. Very.
Divorced actually.
I caught my ex having an affair
with my best friend
I decided to leave the state,
get as far away from the two
of them as possible,
start fresh and voila!
Here I am.
Well, I'm sure it'll work
out for the best.
Everything happens for a
reason, or so they say, right?
If it weren't for the crash,
I wouldn't have made
my new friend.
A toast, to friends.
Well I guess we could
toast tea.
Heather. May I?
You're kidding me?
Hi there.
I'm Ray Johnson.
Heather and I, we used
to be together.
Well, uh...
You haven't gotten back
to me Heather.
Have you given any more thought
to our last conversation?
Ray, this is really not the time
nor the place.
You didn't even thank me
for the flowers I sent.
If I didn't know better, I'd say
you were trying to ignore me.
Hey, jerk.
She doesn't want you here.
Can't you see that?
Maybe you should just leave.
I can handle it.
Spoken like a true lawyer.
Can you actually just give
us a moment?
I'm sorry.
Listen to me.
I saw you outside my house
last night.
You cannot do that again.
Why not?
Or I'll call the police.
You owe me another chance.
I deserve another chance
No I do not owe you anything.
Hey are you okay?
Is that bastard following you?
We should do something
about that.
This is my problem.
I can handle it but thank you.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to upset you by saying that.
No no, you didn't upset me.
I'm just a little frustrated.
I'm sorry.
I just... I'm looking out
for my new friend.
No, it's fine.
I can handle it but thank you.
Can I catch a cab near here?
You're not going to catch
a cab.
I'm going to drive you.
We're going to pick up
the cheque
and I'll take you home.
Are you sure?
I'm sure it's out of your way
and it's not the best
part of town.
It's totally fine.
There you are.
Thank you very much.
And voila.
Thank you.
So this is my assistant
This is Vanessa.
Hi Vanessa,
nice to meet you.
Lisa runs the show.
And Vanessa is the one
I got in the car accident
with, obviously.
So that's it.
Oh hey Jack.
What are you doing here?
Just dropping off the rest
of the files for Miss Lisa.
Thank you.
Nice to meet you.
You as well.
Any chance you have time
for a quick cup of coffee?
I can't.
Actually I have to drop
Vanessa off.
This is Vanessa,
this is Jack.
Nice to meet you Vanessa.
So maybe another time then?
Can I ask you a question?
Of course.
Who is Jack?
Jack is a private investigator.
Oh well I know we're just
getting to know each other
but I got the impression
there was chemistry
between you two.
Yeah well we'll see
what happens.
Well a catch like that
you gotta move fast.
Well we work together
so I'm not sure
how I'm going to keep
that from getting complicated.
Oh that's me,
right up ahead.
Oh it's not that bad.
Well it's not exactly 5 stars
but the price is right.
Thank you so much
for the ride.
Talk to you later.
See ya.
Would you do me a favour?
I'd like to see if we could
find some work
for my friend Vanessa.
The woman that you got
into the accident with.
Right. She's new in town.
I want to do something
nice for her.
Do you want me to do
the background check
or go through HR?
No you can do it but I don't
want her to know
that I'm doing something
nice for her
and I have her driver's
license number.
Give me a couple days.
Thank you.
Hi Heather.
It's Vanessa.
I'm going to be in town
later today.
Do you want to meet up
for coffee?
Actually I don't, I have
to go on my daily run.
You want a running partner?
I could use a workout myself.
I'll be at Queens Park
in an hour.
Great, I'll see you there.
Talk to you later.
You run every day?
Try to.
It's really good for stress.
You know I always imagine
that I'm running with whoever
or whatever
I'm up against at the time
and I take off and I push
past them.
It's a great visualization.
You must be really stressed
right now.
Because we've been running
for miles.
Let me guess.
It's your ex, Ray, right?
Yeah, good guess.
I'm going to visualize him
right now.
Oh okay.
Oh hey it's the office.
Can you give me a second?
Yeah. Yeah sure.
Take these, I'll meet up
with you.
Hey Saul.
Yes I am working on that...
Sorry about that.
That's okay.
Not again.
Oh, it's Jack.
Yeah tonight's good.
Concerto's bar is good.
9:00 is good.
Okay, see you then.
Wow, Jack, nice.
We have a date.
Well I've got one more
case in town
and then in three weeks
I'm off to Europe.
Business or pleasure?
A little bit of both hopefully.
I'm so sorry I'm late,
the cab took a while
finding this place.
What are you doing here?
Oh my god.
I'm sorry.
When you said we have
a date,
I assumed you meant me
as well.
I'm sorry, I should leave.
No. Sit down.
Yeah of course.
No, please.
Are you sure?
Please join us.
There you go.
Thank you.
Can I get you something
to drink?
I'd love a glass of wine.
Heather tells me you're
a private investigator?
Guilty as charged.
That must be very exciting.
Well I guess that
all depends.
Well who the client
is for one.
Well on that note,
why don't we order something
to eat?
I'm starved.
Thank you.
Can I give you ladies a lift?
Actually we're taking a cab.
Thanks, good night.
Vanessa, it was nice
seeing you again.
Oh, okay.
Well, good night ladies.
Good night.
Oh that was fun; we should
do that again sometime.
It was obvious Jack is crazy
in love with you.
Is it?
Are you kidding?
Girls would kill to have
a guy like Jack.
He's a sweetheart.
Oh my God.
Good morning.
Saul was looking for you.
He wants to know how
the Boden file is going.
I told him you're up to
your eyeballs in work on it.
Yeah I've been a little
distracted the past few days.
He wants to see you in his
office as soon as possible.
Do me a favour?
Get this key cut.
Oh and you have
another message.
Jack called and he wants you
to give him a call back.
Is there something
you're not telling me?
No comment.
Hi, my birdies.
You wanted to see me?
Yes please, sit down.
Eli called.
He's concerned that we're
not giving
our full attention to his case.
He hasn't heard from anyone.
I just started the defense.
Is he looking for someone
to hold his hand?
If he wants someone
from this law firm
to tuck him in at night,
we will.
There are millions
at stake here.
Now you just make sure
that you deal with it
and keep him happy.
Now don't get distracted,
do you understand?
Hi. Heather, it's Vanessa.
I'm at the motel and I'm
just thinking things through
and I could really use
your advice.
Well I seem to have hit a
brick wall and I don't know
if I should move back home
or stay here.
Do you think we could meet
and talk tonight?
It would really help me.
You know I'm sorry;
I'm working on this big case.
I really can't.
I understand.
And I don't really usually
reach out about these things
but I really respect
your opinion
and I could really use a talk.
Uh, I don't think I can.
Well you need to eat right?
I could pick up takeout
and bring it over
and we could chat
through dinner
and then you could get
right back to work.
Okay I'll help you
for an hour
and then I'll have to work
after that.
Okay, great.
Thank you for being such
a great friend.
Okay, bye.
Blue is my favourite colour.
Dinner as promised.
You scared me.
Oh I'm sorry.
The door was unlocked
so I let myself in.
So good to see you too.
You too.
You have birds!
They're beautiful.
Aww thank you.
I love birds.
They're so sweet.
Sorry one second.
You gotta be kidding me.
Everything okay?
Uh huh.
Thank you for bringing it
but now I feel like I filled
my skirt, I'm so fill.
That was delicious.
Thank you for your advice
and for putting up with me.
Well now I've got work...
I am tired of being ignored.
Get out!
You think this is some
kind of joke?
I am going to call the police.
Don't you walk away from me.
That is not a very good idea.
You and I are going
to have a talk
once this crazy bitch
isn't around.
No we're not.
...and that's never going
to change.
Get out of here! Go!
And don't come back! Go!
He's crazy.
What were you thinking
coming at him like that?
I don't know, it was
just reflex I guess.
I had all these images of
my husband threatening
and beating me.
I'm so sorry.
Should we call the police?
I could stay with you tonight.
I could keep you company.
No. No no, I'm fine.
I have a lot of work
to do and...
Are you sure?
Yeah thank you.
Are you sure?
Yeah yeah.
Thanks for the food.
Good night honey.
Alright, thanks.
It's Vanessa.
Heather's friend.
Well we had way too much
wine after you left
and that's when she told me.
Told you what?
That she still loves you.
She went on and on about how
she really feels about you.
That's when I felt truly awful
for trying to stab you.
Yes, that was a little crazy.
I was going to call the cops
on you.
What else did she say?
I'd really rather not talk about
it over the phone.
Could you meet me somewhere?
I'm showing a house near
Bryant Park.
After I'm done we could
meet there?
That sounds great.
Text me the address
and I'll see you there.
Something came up I wanted
to show you.
I sent you the file.
So when I sent you the driver's
license number
that you gave me,
this is what came up.
That's not Vanessa.
I checked twice.
And Vanessa's what, 5'4"?
This Vanessa is 5'8"
I don't know what
to make of this. Do you?
No, but you could ask Jack
to look into it.
There's got to be
some explanation.
Sure, but it wouldn't hurt
to look into it.
Okay call and give him
the details
and see if he can meet
with me tomorrow.
Got it.
Hi Ray.
Nice suit.
Makes a good first impression.
Are you here just to blow smoke
or what?
Are you going to invite me in?
Wow. This is a nice house.
I should make an offer.
Are you going to tell me
what Heather said to you?
Heather is crazy in love
with you.
She went on and on about how
she misses being in your arms
and making love to you.
I knew it.
The reason she broke up
with you
is because of pressure
from her friends.
Those bastards.
That's right.
And I started thinking
if he's such a great guy,
why treat him so badly?
My thinking exactly.
And then I thought I should
get to know him better.
Much better.
Just think about it Ray.
Heather dumped you
once before,
what's to stop her
from doing it again?
She's crazy if she can't see
what a catch you are.
You are my kind of man.
You are strong, demanding,
Why are you telling me this?
I told you.
I like you.
What is this? A trick?
You're Heather's friend.
If she found out you're hitting
on me.
I guess that's a risk
I'm willing to take.
I think you're worth it.
Say I was interested,
how do I know you're not going
to run off and tell her?
I've got just as much to lose
as you do Ray.
That's my promise of secrecy
to you.
I won't tell if you won't.
Some friend you are.
This has nothing to do
with friendship.
I would never hurt Heather.
But I'm a woman who knows
what she wants
and when I see it,
I go after it.
I want you.
You want me now.
Are the owners come back
any time soon?
They are away for a few days.
It's just the two of us.
Why don't you make
yourself comfortable
and I'll pour us some wine?
Sounds good.
A toast.
To what?
To us.
To us.
Are you okay?
I don't feel so well.
Oh no.
No, you don't, Ray.
What did you do to me?
Oh just a little poison.
Because you're such
a nuisance honey.
You're always popping
up when it's least convenient.
I need Heather to focus.
No distractions.
You're interfering
with my plans, Ray.
Did you honestly think that
Heather was interested in you?
Did you know she has a new
boyfriend she really likes?
His name is Jack.
Heather doesn't know it yet
but Jack loves me.
Hey Heather, it's Jack.
I can meet you tomorrow
at Francesco's but listen,
I've got some suspicions
about Vanessa.
See what you can find out
about her
and I'll see you tomorrow,
Okay, see you then.
What was that?
Hey Heather, it's Jack.
I can meet you tomorrow
at Francesco's but listen,
I've got some suspicions
about Vanessa.
See what you can find out
about her
and I'll see you tomorrow,
Okay, see you then.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to surprise you.
I'm surprised.
Why didn't you just call?
Oh I'm sorry.
Where I come from it's
just the way we do things.
You know I'd invite you in
it's just I have so much work
that I brought home and...
I'm sorry.
I should go.
Where do you come from?
Is it Indiana?
Just outside of Boise.
Oh that's right.
What about your family?
No family.
They passed away
when I was in my teens.
Oh I'm sorry.
You're asking a lot
of questions.
Yeah just trying to get
to know you better.
I thought you crossed me
off your friends list.
Oh, no.
Not at all.
Talk soon then.
Give me a call.
So Lisa filled me in on
the DMV information
not matching with Vanessa.
I'll look into it to make sure
it's not a mistake.
You know she could be involved
in some kind of identity theft
or other fraudulent activity.
You know before today
I would have said no but now,
I'm not so sure.
Why's that?
Since we met at the accident
she's been...
I don't want to use
the word stalking,
but nudging her way
into my life.
Dressing like me,
doing her hair like mine,
calling me continually.
It's weird.
You never told me any of this.
Because I didn't think it was
a big deal at the time.
But I got your message
and so I started asking
her questions.
Where are you from,
your family,
what do you do for work.
She started getting suspicious
so I stopped.
Why don't you tell me
exactly what she told you.
Okay. I asked her where
she came from,
she said just outside of Boise.
I asked about her family,
she said she didn't have
any they passed away
when she was in her teens.
And then she wondered why I
was asking so many questions
so that's about as far as I got.
This is some good info
to start.
Just need a few days
and by then I should have
something more concrete.
And when she calls?
Just keep it friendly,
don't change anything.
If she's not who she claims
to be
and she suspects
you're on to her,
she might try to skip town
and we don't want that.
You're so sweet.
But now I have to go
back to work.
Come on, I'll walk you.
I've been trying
to reach you all day.
Sorry I've been really busy
with this big case.
I left messages
at your office.
Why didn't you call me back?
Like I said, I've been really
busy with this big case.
It feels like you're trying
to avoid me.
Well I'm not.
I thought we'd have lots of
time to hang out together
with Ray out of the way.
What do you mean with Ray
out of the way?
I mean, you haven't mentioned
him bothering you anymore
so I assumed he got
the message loud and clear.
Anyway with Ray gone I thought
we'd have time to relax
and I wouldn't have
to protect you anymore
and we'd have a lot of time
to connect...
Vanessa I'm so sorry
to cut you off
but I've got to get
back to work.
Okay so I'll just talk
to you tomorrow.
Twelve neutral members
of this community weighed
the evidence and decided
in favour of my client.
Justice has been served.
That is all.
That was defense attorney
Heather Williams...
Heather Williams...
Heather Williams...
Justice has been served.
Thank you.
Heather Williams.
So you were right
to be suspicious.
It's confirmed.
She is not Vanessa Miller.
So I think I've come up with
an idea that will let me dig
a little deeper.
Tell Vanessa that I'm looking
for an assistant
and I need to interview
her first.
Set up a meeting for tomorrow
and pick a public place.
Why can't I just tell her
that I know she's lying
so I can just get her
out of my hair?
Well you could do that
but I think we should
play this one out.
Well she is stealing identifies
and we need to stop her.
One more thing.
Why don't we meet at my
place tomorrow evening?
I want to make you dinner.
I may even try an Indian dish.
Then I can fill you in on
what happens with Vanessa then.
I'll be free after 6:00.
Good night.
Hi, Vanessa, how are you?
I have good news.
Jack is looking for an assistant
and I mentioned you so
can you meet up with him
and he'll fill you in?
When and where?
Drake's Caf at 1:00.
Sound good?
Okay, thank you.
I'll be there.
Well I will let him know.
I'll call you after
the interview.
Good luck!
I'm not Vanessa.
Vanessa is a very close friend.
Jack. I'm not Vanessa.
Vanessa is a very close friend.
She knew that my husband
would never let me leave alive.
She knew that my husband
would never let me leave alive.
Hi Jack.
Thanks for meeting me.
I really appreciate
what you're doing.
Of course, not a problem.
Can I get you something?
Yeah, I'd love a cup of
coffee please.
Can we get another
cup of coffee please?
Thank you.
So I don't know how much
Heather's told you
about the position.
I need someone to do some
basic filing, bookkeeping,
scheduling appointments
with clients
and generally just keeping
me organized
which is not
always an easy task.
That sounds promising.
Tell me about yourself.
I'm from Boise.
I had a bad marriage so I came
out here to start over.
What did you do in Boise?
I'm a travel writer.
You'll be able to supply
references of course?
Why don't you give me
your email address
and I'll fire that over to you?
I don't think that'll
be necessary.
That was easy.
I've got the job already?
No it means I know you're lying.
You can drop the act.
I know you're not
Vanessa Miller.
Now you want to tell me
what's really going on?
Okay. I'm not Vanessa.
Vanessa is a very close
friend of mine.
She's the only one who witnessed
my abusive relationship.
She knew that I'd never get
away from my ex alive.
She left for an extended
trip to Europe
and she let me assume
her identity
just long enough to get
as far away from my ex
as possible
without being traced.
She's a very good friend,
she's very generous, very kind.
Where is she now?
Still in Europe.
I'm so embarrassed.
I should have been honest
with Heather from the start
but you have no idea how
frightening it is to be stalked.
It terrorizes you.
I have no doubt that if
my ex knew where I was,
he would kill me.
I'm sorry but would you
excuse me for a second.
I'm sorry.
I've been such a fool.
Don't be silly.
You haven't even told me
your real name.
It's Carla.
Carla Majors.
I should go.
You must hate me
after everything I've done.
Of course not.
If what you say is true,
who could blame you.
Come on. I'll walk
you to your car.
Thank you.
What about Heather?
You think she'll forgive me?
I don't know.
You'll have to ask her.
She has everything.
Excuse me?
She has everything.
She doesn't need me.
She doesn't certainly need me
to complicate her life.
I wouldn't say that.
She's successful, she's smart,
she's beautiful.
Look at me.
I'm a wreck.
I think you're being a little
hard on yourself.
Am I as pretty as Heather?
I think you two could pass
for sisters.
Why don't you let me talk
to Heather?
It's probably best if I explain
the situation to her first.
Thanks Jack.
I really appreciate it.
What are you doing?
Oh I'm sorry.
You, you were so kind.
I just thought that maybe.
It's okay.
It's fine.
Heather is so lucky to have
someone like you.
Please will you tell her
I'm sorry?
Here you are.
So that Vanessa is quite
a piece of work.
So what happened?
Well she broke down
and fessed up.
Her name is Carla Majors
and the real Vanessa
is a friend of hers
who let her borrow her identity
while she's off traveling
in Europe.
Why would she do that?
She said to get away
from an abusive ex.
What do you think?
I'm not sure.
But I'm checking on the name
she gave me and I managed
to get some prints off a spoon
I took at the restaurant.
I'm having the lab run them
as we speak
so we'll see.
What does your gut say?
Well either she's a really
good actress
or she's telling the truth.
Either way we'll get the prints
back in a couple days
and either we get a match
or the mystery continues.
Anyway enough about Vanessa this
is supposed to be our night.
And I'm starved.
And I have cooked you up
a little surprise.
Oh Indian?
I don't know.
Dinner was so amazing.
What about the company?
The jury's still out on that.
Oh really?
Well maybe this will
tip the scales.
...A little help to blur
my vision?
Who would have thought
the two of us...
would have connected like this.
That shirt looks way better
on you.
Oh thank you.
I hope you're not a vegetarian.
Oh come on you know
I'm a meat eater.
That's true.
What time is it?
Oh almost 10.
Oh my god!
I have to get the office.
10 more minutes.
At least finish
your breakfast.
Come on, the world will
still be there when you're done.
Uh Heather, I think I recognize
that outfit.
Don't start.
Saul's on the warpath.
What are you doing in here?
I'm sorry everyone looked
so busy,
I didn't want to bother anyone.
Heather I'm here to apologize.
I misled you.
And for that I am so sorry.
I should have been honest
with you when we met
but the stakes were high
for me
and I didn't know
if I could trust you
or anyone for that matter.
You have to understand I didn't
mean to harm you.
I hope you can forgive me
and we can start fresh.
I really enjoy the friendship
we started
and I want it to continue.
Alright thank you
for telling me.
You can thank Jack.
He was so lovely when we met
and he made me feel safe and
special when he kissed me.
When he kissed you?
Oh it was just innocent.
He was only trying to make
me feel better about myself.
Don't worry, I didn't let it
go too far.
After all I know how
you feel about him.
Yeah okay, Vanessa I don't
want to be rude
but I really have to get back
to work.
You and Jack and I should go for
drinks together again sometime.
Miss me already?
I had an unannounced visitor
when I came in this morning.
She said that you kissed her.
Did you?
Of course not.
I walked her to her car
and she tried to kiss me,
but I stopped her.
Oh, she didn't mention
that part.
She was upset.
I was trying to make
her feel better
and I guess she misread that
and somehow thought
there was something between us
but there's not, believe me.
She seemed so convincing.
Look why don't we talk
about this later in person
and I'll explain everything.
I'm waiting for a call
on the fingerprints.
Okay, bye.
Saul would like to see you
in his office.
What's going on Heather?
I just got off the phone
with Eli.
He's not impressed with the way
things are going.
Now you tell me what
the hell is going on.
I've just had a few
personal issues
that I've been dealing with
but they're wrapping up.
Heather, there is no room for
personal issues
when millions are at stake.
In this case business always
trumps personal issues,
do you understand?
Perhaps I was a little premature
in offering you a partnership.
Please just don't worry,
I'll fix it.
Worry? Fix it?
It shouldn't have been
broken in the first place.
You're right. I'm sorry.
I am done talking about it,
just go and do what
needs to be done.
I will.
My office, five minutes, clear
my schedule for the day,
we're going over
the Boden case.
Got it.
Hi babies.
Oh, she really loves you two,
doesn't she?
Come play with me.
Come see me!
Come see me!
Come see me,
you two!
Come see me!
Hi girls.
Hi honeys.
Don't be such a crybaby.
You did that?!
Why would you do that?!
Because you have everything
and I have nothing!
I don't have everything!
Yes you do!
You have this house.
You have an amazing career.
You have money.
Just like when we were
in school together.
That's right we were
in school together.
You don't remember that,
do you?
That's because you were so
busy being little miss perfect.
Little miss popular.
That you didn't even
notice me.
Well I deserve
to be noticed too!
And then you stole him.
I loved him.
And you stole him from me.
I don't know what you're
talking about Vanessa, please.
Shut up!
Carson High School.
We went to school
there remember?
Until they took me away.
You're not the only one
who hurt me, you know?
My parents did too.
Your parents?
So I had to kill them.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
That's what the judge said
when he threw me in
the psycho ward.
They put me in that hellhole
for years
and they rotted my mind
with their drugs.
And then I saw you on TV.
My life had purpose again.
You're supposedly
such a brilliant lawyer,
do you really think that
we met by accident?
Who do you think phoned you
on your cell phone
and distracted you while you
were driving?
There was no dog!
Why did you do that?
Because ever since I saw you
I wanted to be you.
Not like you, but to be you.
Oh my god.
Talked about.
Just like when we were
in school together.
Now I want you to phone Jack
and convince him
to come over here.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
You just call him right now
and don't do anything stupid
or I will pull this trigger.
Hey you.
Do you want to come over?
What, right now?
I miss you.
Uh yeah sure, I just have a
couple of things to finish up
at the office and
I'll come right over.
Okay I'll see you soon.
And now we wait.
Vanessa you don't need
to do this.
Just walk.
Alright let's see what
we've got.
Well hello miss Anna Burrows.
No. No.
Come on, pick up.
It's Jack.
Don't answer it.
Heather it's me, call me
back right away.
It's Vanessa.
See if he left a message.
Play it.
Heather it's me, call me
back right away.
It's Vanessa.
She's not who she says
she is okay.
She's dangerous,
very dangerous.
Well Heather that changes
things doesn't it?
Where have you been?
I've been trying to call you!
Did you get my message?
Are you okay?
Hi Jack.
Just give me your gun.
Don't move!
Give me your gun honey.
Okay take it easy.
Move away from her.
You don't need to do this.
I'm so glad you came.
I'm so happy to see you.
Good, then put the gun down.
Don't tell me what to do.
All my life people have been
telling me what to do.
They are not going to do
that anymore.
You ruined everything.
It was all supposed
to be so easy.
This life, your life.
It was all supposed to be mine
and you stole him!
We know who you really
are okay?
It's over!
See, you ruined everything!
Well if I can't have him...
I enjoyed watching
you see Jack die.
Now I'm going to enjoy
watching you die.
We all have to make sacrifices
for love, Heather.
Good bye.
I thought you were dead.
Let me call this in.
Yeah this is Jack Reilly.
I need units at 4101
St. Paul's Road.
Code 44.
Suspect is dead, thanks.
Thank god you're okay.
That's for killing
my birds!
I thought she was dead!
What the hell!
You think you're so clever.
They put me in the psycho ward
once before,
there's nothing to stop me
from getting out again.
Good luck with that.
I still have that case waiting
for me in the south of France.
I've heard that's
an awful place.
Sure would be a shamsi
all those vinerds yaone.
Yeah wouldn't it.
Of course I could always use
a good lawyer
to make sure I don't break
any international laws.
Do you need a referral?
Actually I kind of already had
one in mind counsellor.
Oh yeah?
Will you come with me?
Hmm, let me think
about that.