Accidentally Engaged (2016) Movie Script

[man] Didn't see you
here last Friday.
No, but I loved the place.
- Friday...
- I know.
Here you go, ladies.
All right, so we got you
your director-approved apron.
Yeah, yeah.
I like the small better.
So, I saw his abs.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
Yeah. He just ripped his shirt
off right in front of me.
Abs for days.
[woman] What did you do?
Well, I did
what any girl would do.
I just refrained from asking him
to take a selfie with me
for my Instapics.
And you? Are you gonna be able to
handle looking him in the eyes
without stumbling
over your lines?
I think I'll manage.
I mean, he's just a person
like everyone else, right?
[women] Right.
We're ready for her.
Let's go, Clare.
It's Clarissa.
Go, go, go.
Let's go.
I need everyone at their ones!
Okay, guys, quiet on set!
We're gonna roll for rehearsal.
All right. Scene 101 A,
take one: Coffee Shop Crush.
And action.
I didn't see you last Friday.
Or the Friday before,
but you were here...
[both] three Fridays ago.
I was visiting my mom
in San Fran.
Aw, that's sweet.
[man] I thought I'd
never see you again.
[woman] Well, I'm here now.
Let me buy you a cup of coffee.
Can I get you anything else?
Think I've got everything I need
right here in front of me.
[all exclaiming]
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry!
Um... No.
I didn't know the lid wasn't...
Don't sweat it.
Wardrobe has doubles.
Wardrobe has doubles.
Yeah. You, come with me.
Clarissa, honey, you always
gotta check your props.
I know. I made
a complete fool of myself
in front of two of the hottest up-and-coming
actors in Hollywood right now.
Oh! Oh, please!
Honey, Stella is
a notorious diva.
It was probably her bad karma that
caused it to happen in the first place.
And Chas, he's all sexy
soap-appeal, no brains above.
I doubt he'd remember you
if he saw you.
Jeannette, I know how hard you
worked to get me that audition.
Forget it. Okay?
You still got paid, and we'll
keep it on your headshot
until we book you
something better.
Yeah. But what if this small
part led to something bigger?
Clarissa, it was seven lines.
It's not the end of the world
or your career.
You're barely 24.
Yeah. Well, Stella's 24.
So says her publicist.
I'll have you know
that Stella is nearly 30.
And do not compare
yourself to her.
You are a talented actress.
So you're not all
lips and lashes.
But you are beautiful.
You look like
a storybook princess.
And you're vulnerable,
yet you're strong.
Honey, you have star quality,
that's why I signed you.
You're right.
I mean, 'cause if I don't believe
in myself, who will, right?
See? You are a great actress.
Well, even though
you're down on your luck
and you don't believe
a word you just said,
you had me convinced.
All right. You go home,
you get some rest.
And I'm gonna get you out
for a commercial audition
on Friday at two
in Studio City, okay?
I can't. I'm going back home
for a bridal shower, remember?
Yes, you're maid of honor in your
best friend's wedding, right?
The honor is all mine.
All right.
Well, it'll be good for you
to get away. Go have fun!
And, Clarissa...
Life is a movie
if you let it be. I know.
- Okay.
- All right. Go have fun.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Of course I'm coming!
You think I'd miss your bridal shower?
I'm your maid of honor.
Um... About that.
Well, since you don't live here,
and you've been so busy
with your auditions and stuff,
and haven't really been
able to help with planning,
I kind of had
to make you like...
a co-maid of honor.
I'm sorry, you made me a what?
A... co-maid of honor.
Maya, there's no such thing as
co-maid of honor. Are you serious?
Hey, look, it's my wedding, and I can
create whatever kind of title I want.
Look, Riss, I'm sorry.
It's just Kelly's been the one who's
been doing all the grunt work on this.
So, I had to kind of
give her that title.
And you know I wish it were you.
But I realize how busy
you've been with your auditions.
Not anymore. I just got fired.
And now I just got fired from
wedding duties, too. Great.
Look, it's not like that, okay?
I still want you right by my side
on that big wedding day, okay?
Nothing's gonna change
besides a silly little title.
You're my best friend, Riss.
I mean, heck, you're like family to me.
Sister I've never had.
You're right. I'm sorry. It's...
I guess it's a good thing that
Kelly stepped up to the plate.
Yeah. Well, don't get me wrong,
her and Veronica
have been driving me nuts,
but I will say that those two
know how to get stuff done.
[Clarissa] Okay, fine.
But when I get there tomorrow, I'm gonna have
my say in some of the arrangements, too.
Of course you will.
And me and Pete will be there
to welcome you with open arms.
How is the old fart, anyway?
Speaker phone!
Pete! You know I love you.
How am I an old fart?
You're old.
I'm six years older.
You should've seen him
running at the park today.
He fell over
after the first mile.
That is her cooking.
She's trying to keep me heavy
so I'm slow and easy to catch.
So, Riss, how the heck did
you get fired from your job?
I... spilled coffee all over Chas
Hunter and Stella Sommers' laps.
But, Riss, you really
are a waitress.
I know. I must've been,
like, nervous. I don't know.
Well, was it hot at least?
I hope it was boiling hot.
That Stella Sommers deserves it.
She's so full of herself.
Yeah. But what did I do
to deserve it?
I mean, I thought
my karma was pretty on point.
I don't know.
You're just gonna have to leave it
up to a higher calling, I guess.
Okay? 'Cause everything
happens for a reason.
And if this wasn't your ticket to
success, then the next thing will be.
I just wish I could do it over.
Well, when that
opportunity comes,
you just have to make sure
that you're ready to take it.
Aw, thanks. You're the bestest
friend ever, you know that?
No, you are.
Okay, I'm gonna be there this weekend.
I will see you guys.
I cannot wait to just relax
and not think about Hollywood.
Advertise your product or brand here
Can I get you guys
anything else?
No. I think we're
all right, thank you.
Uh... Chas.
You know, I...
I think I came
to the wrong place.
Hey, Melody, can you
watch my tables for a second?
Hey, baby, can we just
meet back at my place?
The menu here isn't so great.
Yeah. I'll pick us up
some takeout.
All right, bye.
You didn't even
look at the menu.
I didn't think my publicist
would like it here is all.
You thought I was gonna pour
cold coffee on your lap again.
I'm not an idiot, you know.
I wait tables for a living.
Shouldn't you be brunching at the Ivy
with some Teen Choice Award winners?
I don't even know you're name.
Why are you so mad at me?
You're the one who set our
shoot back two hours.
You know what? Does no one blame the
props master for not doing his job?
Checking your props is
practically Acting Class 101.
Since when?
Since always. I don't know.
That doesn't change.
Great, I'm getting acting
advice from kids' TV show star.
Wait, you watched
Cool Time Kids?
Everyone our age did.
You had a crush on me,
didn't you?
Come on, admit it.
You thought I was cool.
[sighs] I have
to get back to work.
Just remember, coffee is better
in a cup than on your shirt.
Joke! It was a joke!
Come on. You'll get a better gig.
Just... you know, avoid props.
[door slams]
Hey, I didn't know... Excuse me.
That was Chas Hunter!
The one and only.
Okay, he's hella dreamy.
And he knows it.
Wait. So, are you two,
like, really a thing?
No. Why would you think that?
Because this pic I saw online.
What pic?
The one of you and Chas
clearly leaving some, I don't
know, VIP lounge in Hollywood.
That wasn't me.
It wasn't! Why would
you think it was me?
I don't know. I mean,
you can't see her face,
but she has
the same hair as you.
It's not me.
[woman] It's so great.
Looks so good.
[woman 2] It does, actually.
[people talking indistinctly]
- Do you know what I mean?
- I know.
You guys started without me?
[Kelly] Oh, my gosh!
Oh, my gosh!
If it isn't Clarissa Byers, our
fancy old friend from Hollywood.
This color is so in right now.
Let's Instapic the moment.
And I heard you're doing a
movie with Chas Hunter?
- Well...
- Okay, you have to tell us all about it!
Like, is he as hot as he is in person?
Or is he, like, tall?
Or is he kind of, like, short?
What is he like, you know?
The maid of honor
has finally arrived.
[Kelly clearing throat]
I mean, my co-maid of honor.
Clarissa, you know
I'm only teasing.
When you're here, I want you
to do everything you can.
And when you're not,
I just want to help out.
Thanks, Kelly.
I mean, that's really sweet of you
to help, when I'm stuck in LA.
- Champagne.
- Champagne.
And I didn't tell anybody
you got fired.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- [indistinct]
- Me, too.
And how is Los Angeles, dear?
It's good, you know. Just
going on a lot of auditions.
Okay, so, is Chas Hunter, like,
really tall or just kind of tall?
Um... No. Today is
all about Maya.
Right! Guys, shower me
with attention.
Right, right. Totally right.
We will revisit
this convo, believe.
Okay, I want to open my gifts.
And I hope you guys didn't get me anything
naughty, because my mother is here.
She's just worried
I may steal it.
Clarissa? Is that you?
Losing your eyesight already?
So sad.
No, no. I just didn't recognize you
with all that... Hollywood Botox.
No Botox.
- Then why do you look like that?
- Come here, jerk.
Old man jerk.
Good to see you, Pete. Congrats.
Thank you. And thank
you for being here.
I know it means
the world to Maya.
Are all the hens outside still?
Yup, just picking up some wine.
Let's get this party started.
Excuse me. Since when does the
groom join the bridal shower?
Since the groom's poker
party ended two hours ago.
Aw, lost all your
Monopoly money already?
I don't get that game.
Mr. Pete.
Wow. I didn't even
recognize you!
Howdy, Clarissa?
Missed you.
You look great!
I mean, how much...
- You look...
- You can ask. It's okay.
How much weight did you lose?
Fifty-eight pounds.
Yeah, give or take a few, you know,
depending on what shoes I'm wearing,
or how much I ate that day.
That's crazy.
I mean, I just saw you last
year, after grad school.
When did this happen?
So, after that
I took spring break off,
hired a personal trainer,
and focused on the body.
And now?
Now, I'm a project manager
at a tech firm near the beach.
That is amazing. Congrats. But I
thought you'd move back here.
I'm close. I visit on and off.
Came back today
for Pete's poker tournament.
Yeah, he is awful at poker.
I destroyed him.
He's just so bad.
What about you? How's LA?
Dreams don't disappear!
No, they don't.
people do.
Ouch! Is that directed at me?
No, no. Of course not.
Okay, maybe a little bit.
Hey, you ran off to Atlanta
for college, remember?
Yeah, but that's a close drive
compared to the Hollywood sign.
And where would an actress go
to get a career?
I'm not judging.
I'm just saying.
You've been missed around here.
A lot has changed
since you've been gone.
I can see that.
Now I know what was taking so
long for you to get that wine.
Look at you two.
Together again at last.
So cute.
So... how long
have you guys been...
- Two months.
- Two weeks.
Two weeks?
And what were we doing
before that?
Two months. I meant two months.
Two weeks was, like,
officially became the...
Two months.
Are you ready to go home?
Why don't we stay?
I haven't seen Clarissa in a while.
It'll be good to catch up.
Well, of course we want
to catch up with Clarissa.
Come on, let's go back
outside then, shall we?
A lot's changed.
[Veronica] Clarissa,
you have to tell us.
Have you been dating
any celebrities?
Well, a lot of recurring TV guest
stars turn into non-recurring dates,
so, no, no one famous.
What did you call them?
"On-set romances"?
Wasn't there
that director, Zeke?
Yeah. That was a lifetime ago.
Yeah. And he dumped her
on her birthday.
We hate that guy.
I mean, in his defense, he
didn't know it was my birthday.
And I'm focusing on my career
right now anyway, so...
- It's fine.
- That's a good thing.
But by choice, because of course
all the guys just
adore her out there.
And I totally respect that you
just focus on your career.
And that takes
a lot of dedication.
And it sounds
like it's paying off.
You know, with this
big movie role and all.
You booked a film?
That's awesome! Congrats.
Yeah. Well...
[Graham] When does it come out?
You know, I don't know.
You know, my scene
could get cut, so...
Why would your scene get cut?
I mean, don't they
need you in the film?
Aren't you, like,
a lead character?
Well, I wouldn't
say that exactly...
Okay, guys.
You guys, it's complicated.
I mean, you know she has to sign, like, a
non-disclosure deal and all that stuff, so...
She's not even allowed
to talk about it. Right?
It's top secret.
Like, they shred
the script pages every day,
so, like, no one knows,
who's gonna die.
-[Maya] No one dies, babe.
-[cell phone chimes]
- It's a romantic comedy.
- Right. Yeah.
Is that...
- No way.
- What?
- That's you!
- Huh?
Like, the guy...
She's the mystery girl, the one
that's kissing Chas Hunter!
No, no, no.
You said you worked with Chas.
Yeah. Yeah, I did. But...
That's why you've been
acting so shady?
I'm not. It's just...
A showmance!
- No.
- Is it more then?
Yeah. How much more?
I wouldn't... say that.
Then, do you even know him?
No, I do. He was just
at my work last week.
Then it's true!
Then you're dating Chas Hunter.
[clearing throat]
Yeah. It's true. It's all true.
He's a cutie pie.
Okay, we just want to know
if he's coming to the wedding,
because I want him to sign
my bridesmaid's dress.
- Really?
- Yeah, yeah.
Okay, I don't see
what the big deal is.
It's not like
I'm going to wear it again.
He's not gonna come
to the wedding.
No? Why not?
Because... no one knows yet.
It's a publicity thing,
you know, all that stuff.
So, you guys can't say anything.
About what?
Mrs. Byers!
You didn't tell us your little
girl was dating Chas Hunter!
Well, I didn't know.
Hi, Mom, Dad.
Who's Chas Hunter?
He's a cutie.
That's what I said!
What are you guys doing here?
Well, we were just driving by,
we didn't know if you had
a ride home or not.
I mean, you're staying
with us, right?
Yeah. Right.
My stuff is in the car.
I can meet you guys at home.
Well, we can hang, can't we?
No. You know what?
I'm exhausted. Can we go?
- Sure, honey.
- Okay.
Bye, guys.
- Hi, Graham.
- How's everybody doin'?
Maya, hi!
So, is it true?
About Chas?
Of course it is.
Why would I lie?
Maybe because you don't want
any of them to know
that you got fired
from your job?
Look, Clarissa, it's okay
to be struggling. Okay?
I promise you
all of them will understand.
It's just like I said.
I can't say anything.
Okay, fine.
I just don't why you
wouldn't have told me then.
I mean, I wouldn't
have said anything.
Yeah. Well, you could have told me
about Graham and Kelly, too, you know.
I just didn't know
how to tell you.
They'd started dating
right when he came back.
And I didn't even think
it would last.
It's fine.
It's just weird, you know.
Kelly used to make so much
fun of him back in school.
Yeah. But, I mean, he's a lot
different than he was back in school.
Yeah. I guess. He looks great.
Yeah, but so does
Mr. Chas Hunter.
I'm so sorry
all of that came up.
Tonight really should have
been about you, not me.
It's okay.
I'm just glad that you came.
Just no more secrets, okay?
Right. No more secrets.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Um... You're not telling
anyone, are you?
No, no.
Not really.
-'Cause it kind of looks like you're telling people.
- Yeah.
No. She said don't tell anyone.
We don't know anyone from
Hollywood, so it's fine.
[cell phones chiming]
[men sighing]
- Morning!
- Hey, honey.
- Hey, Dad.
- How'd you sleep?
- I wish I didn't have to leave so soon.
- Me, too.
No. I can imagine with all the
fanfare you're getting back in LA.
Honey, why didn't
you tell us about Chas?
There's nothing to tell.
It's not serious.
But, I mean,
what do you mean by fanfare?
Here. It's all over
the Internet.
- What?
- Yeah.
No, no, no!
I mean, I know you guys like to keep
things so mysterious, so romantic.
Is he nice? He looks nice here.
What's wrong, honey?
Who is she?
I don't know.
It's some girl I met on set.
So you are seeing her?
I barely know her. She's on
the film I'm working on.
She had a small line.
- And she got fired.
- Good!
So if you're not seeing her
then what is all this about?
I don't know!
I woke up this morning to your
screaming voice mail. You tell me.
I am leaving for Paris tomorrow
for that press junket!
I can't handle this right now.
I have too much on my plate.
Baby, it's okay.
Calm down. It's fine.
Calm down.
I don't like her, okay.
I don't even know her.
I ran into her at that diner
the other day.
Somebody must've saw us together
and just assumed we were dating.
What were you
talking to her about?
She was mad,
she thinks I got her fired.
She spilled coffee on my lap.
What was she doing on your lap?
She spilled coffee on my lap.
I don't get what you're so mad
about anyway? You're married!
That's over! I'm just playing
the game so I can win in court.
And that makes it better?
There's nothing going on between
me and my husband, Chas.
And there's nothing going on
between me and this...
I don't even know
this girl's name.
This Clarissa Byers chick.
Well, now everyone thinks
you're together.
Is that better than people
thinking we're together?
This might actually
be a good thing.
If everyone thinks you're with
her, then they won't suspect us.
But I don't know her.
It doesn't matter.
You just have to convince
the media you do.
You're an actor.
You'll be great!
What exactly do you
need me to do?
- Dump her, in public.
- What?
I'll send a few paparazzi
to this diner where she works.
You go there and dump her
in front of everyone.
Claim she broke your heart.
She's an opportunist who sold
your secret love to the media.
If she argues, all the better.
The media will get it all on tape.
It'll be great!
Yeah, I don't think
that's gonna work.
I'm your publicist.
Trust me, it'll work.
And it'll put us in the clear
until my divorce lawyer
gets everything hashed out.
This is exactly
the cover we needed!
She's never gonna go for it.
She doesn't need to.
You're dumping her, remember?
And if anything,
it's good press for her, too.
She'll have her five seconds of fame.
Believe me, she'll love it.
I don't know. She doesn't really
seem like the type, babe.
Oh, my God,
she's right behind us!
Chas' hot new flame
is back in LA.
I'm sure she's ready
to rush back into his arms.
Man, these paparazzi
sure love you.
Yeah. Try getting into an audition at
8 a.m. with three cars chasing you.
[whines sarcastically]
Well, you said that
you two weren't dating.
We're not. It's just
a big misunderstanding.
Chas Hunter wants nothing
to do with me.
Then why is he here?
Oh, no.
I knew it. You big fibber!
Sorry! I am sorry
about everything.
I swear I didn't tell anyone
we had a thing.
It was just
a huge misunderstanding.
But you did tell people
it was you in the photo.
Well, yes. But no.
See, they said it was me
and I just didn't tell them no.
I went back home for a
bridal shower last weekend.
Bridal shower.
- You a bridesmaid?
- Mmm-hmm.
Yeah. Those are rough.
Look, I just didn't want to
tell them I got fired, okay?
So you told people
we were together instead?
You don't know these girls! They
create fantasies in their heads.
Looks like
they're not the only ones.
If you want me to go out there and
tell everyone it was a lie, fine.
End scene.
Actually, I kind of need
your help with something.
My help? With what?
Well, I was kind of hoping
we might break up.
In public.
Break up? Why?
No one can know who was really
with me in the photo that night,
so I kind of need people
to keep thinking it was you.
Who is it?
It's complicated. But if...
If people found out
I was dating this woman,
it could destroy
both of our careers.
Well, you didn't really seem to
care about helping me save mine.
You didn't ask.
But I am.
I'm asking for your help here.
Besides, this looks like it might
be pretty good press for you.
This really isn't the type
of press I'm looking for.
I mean, if I get famous, I want it to
because I actually played the perfect part,
not because I was the chick
dumped by Chas Hunter in public.
What do you want then?
No. I'm not gonna lie for money.
No, it's not lying. It's acting.
Besides, you didn't have a problem
lying to your friends back home.
All right, so, what do you want?
We have to break up
amicably, okay?
Neither one of us
can be humiliated.
I completely agree.
But we need to do this fast.
Like, this weekend fast.
I'm not around this weekend.
This can't really wait.
I mean, in my experience,
these things, they get out
of hand pretty quick.
Actually, this is perfect.
You want to do it this weekend?
Then come with me to a wedding.
No. No, no. No way.
It's the least you can do.
Okay. So, here is the flight
you need to book, and my cell.
You have to promise you're not
gonna embarrass me, okay?
I'm pretty sure you'll be able
to do that all on your own.
I got it. I got it.
You really need to stop
dropping things.
Whoa. That got crazy fast.
Okay, this weekend.
We're getting married!
This is the happiest day
of my life.
[Melody] Oh, my God!
Chas Hunter!
[Clarissa] I can't believe people
think we're engaged. This is insane.
[Chas] It's all part
of the break-up plan.
It's your typical
Hollywood love story.
Got engaged, and that's what ultimately
leads to the untimely break-up.
The fear of commitment,
wedding woes.
Cheating with another woman.
Can you put that thing down
for, like, two seconds?
We have to make sure our stories are on
the same page if we're getting married.
All right. I got it.
We met onset,
you spilled coffee on me.
You offered to pay
for my dry cleaning.
And when I called to collect, you
asked me out, the rest is history.
- I asked you out?
- Yeah.
I don't think so.
Why not? Girls ask
me out all the time.
Yeah. Starstruck girls.
That's not me.
Okay. What's your
grandiose idea?
I don't know. We don't know
a thing about each other.
Let me guess.
You grew up, bored in this small
town, always yearning for more.
You watched chick flicks
at the discount cineplex
and dreamed of being
the next Julia Roberts.
So you saved all your pennies from
your job at the local five-and-dime,
hopped a bus to pursue your
dreams in the City of Angels.
Am I right?
You got me.
Except you forgot the part when I went
to college and studied Communications,
because I didn't think
I'd become an actor.
And the year I moved back
with my mom
because she was
battling breast cancer.
And the time that I almost
threw in the towel in LA
because my car died in K-Town and I
didn't have the money to fix it.
I'm sorry. That's a tough ride.
But, hey,
you stuck it out, right?
Yeah. Don't be sorry. I'm fine.
I mean,
everyone has tough rides.
Your turn.
Come on. You got to guess.
Okay. So, rich parents, had you in
acting since you were a toddler.
And when Cool Times ended, you wanted to
break out of that perfect-kid persona.
So you did that movie where you
were playing the psycho pre-teen
who was wreaking havoc
on your neighbors.
Shunned by your entire fanbase,
you've spent the last decade trying
to regain that perfect-boy image.
But it's hard
because it's not you.
Ouch. You play rough.
So, what did I miss? Other
than the girls, of course.
Well, you got me.
Bad guy. Right here. That's me.
I didn't say you were a bad guy.
I just said you weren't perfect.
But nobody is.
Tough rides for everyone.
- You an only child?
- Yup. You?
Three siblings, parents
divorced, thank God for that.
They still live in DC. I'm not
really too close to any of them.
Black sheep.
More like the "who wants
to borrow money next" kid.
Even your parents?
You got it.
Wow. So, no rich parents, huh?
Nah, I moved in with my aunt
when I was little.
I was getting in trouble a lot.
I was fighting with my siblings.
She's the one who helped me
channel that into my acting.
She's still my best bud.
So, who's getting married again?
My best friend, Maya.
She's the least of our worries.
The ones we have to think
about are Veronica and Kelly.
Why? What are they gonna do?
They don't have to do
anything, just be.
And I almost forgot. All my
close friends call me Riss,
it's just a lazy nickname.
I almost forgot.
What's this?
Put it on.
Wow. That's amazing.
Yeah. It's from my aunt's first marriage.
She let me borrow it.
Let me help you out.
[Chas] There you go.
- Let's do this.
- Yeah.
This broach looks really good...
I don't believe it.
[mouthing words]
They seem nice.
He's real.
a real person.
Chas Hunter, look at you!
Just as handsome
as you are in the movies!
And tall.
- So, this is Chas.
- Can I tou...
And this is Maya, Pete,
Kelly, Graham and Veronica.
Hello, Maya, Pete.
Kelly, Graham, and...
We all went to school together.
Except for Pete.
My fiance graduated in the '90s.
Yes. We didn't have books then.
There was no fire.
A lot of us didn't make it.
My! Look at this!
Oh... Wow.
to the both of you.
Yeah. Congrats.
And congratulations
to you guys as well.
Got you a little something.
- Wow. Thank you.
- Thank you. That was sweet.
Did I just say,
"That was sweet"?
Did we miss the entire rehearsal?
I'm so sorry we're late.
Yeah, you did.
No, it's seriously fine.
You know how these things go.
Walk down the aisle, smile,
grab a bouquet, done.
And what held
you guys up, anyway?
Believe it or not,
they had to delay the flight
because everyone
asked for autographs.
Where do we get in line?
At least they held
the flight for us, right?
I guess it helps
to be famous, huh?
So, who wants some punch? We're
here, so, come on, help yourselves.
- So, what'd you get them?
- It's nothing.
I like your friends.
So do I.
So, how do you like
our little town?
- Cozy.
- Cozy.
And how did you
meet Clarissa, again?
The last time she was here
she was very hush-hush and...
We were on set together.
She... It's stupid.
She got in trouble for something that
was actually our prop master's fault.
So, felt bad, I went to
visit her at her work,
asked her out, and here we are.
How sweet!
Just darling.
Swept in like a knight
and shining superstar.
So... how are things
with Hollywood?
They're good. Great.
No. I mean, Mr. Hollywood.
Yeah. They're fine. Good.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't pry.
No, it's fine. It's just...
It's new, you know, so we're still
getting to know each other.
It's kind of a whirlwind
romance, you know?
I used to do acting
back in high school.
I was actually Alice in Wonderland.
It was my senior year...
Yeah? What did...
What did Clarissa play?
She was the Queen of Hearts.
Really? It's...
my favorite character.
Just wanted to make sure you're
making the best decision, that's all.
I could say
the same thing to you.
So, are we ever gonna talk about
what happened at graduation?
Graham, I didn't know
what to say.
I told you, "I love you."
You could have said it back.
Yeah, I just...
Of course I loved you. But...
You didn't think I was
good enough for you?
We were friends.
And... that meant so much to me.
So, that's Graham, right?
What's Graham's story?
Yeah, he's my boyfriend.
He and Clarissa were totally
in love back in school.
He was chubby back then.
Looks like he got it
sorted out now.
Is there a gym around here?
I wanna...
Do you remember...
freshman year,
when I told my mom that I was staying
at Kelly's parents' beach house?
And I told my mom that
I had to go to Charleston
to compete with the debate team,
just so we can go camping.
We heard that sound and you thought
it was a bear and you freaked out.
I did not!
You got freaked out. You could
barely roast your marshmallow.
Well, if truth be told...
I wasn't scared. I just...
wanted to get closer to you.
I don't... think I have with
Kelly what I had with you.
Maybe you haven't tried.
Maybe you should.
Do you have with Chas what...
you had with me?
Or maybe better?
He's my fiance, right?
I can't believe
there's no gym here.
- Please tell me there's a good organic...
- Nope.
At least there's cake.
I'm fine.
I'm okay.
- So, you grew up here?
- Yeah.
The soon-to-be famous
Clarissa Byers,
born and raised right here
in these very halls!
Shh. You're gonna
wake up my parents.
I can never find...
Mom, Dad, I told you
never to do that again.
- Welcome home.
- It's our tradition.
- It's our tradition.
- How you doing? Good to see you.
She would come home late, and we'd
be hiding in the dark and go...
like that and scare her
every time.
It's a creepy tradition.
My future son-in-law.
Welcome to our home.
Thank you for having me,
Mr. and Mrs. Byers.
No, sir. Bruce and Sandy.
- Bruce and Sandy.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- There you go.
Okay, let's get you settled in.
Right up here.
You know where you're going,
young lady.
And you just follow her.
And creepy fact number two,
they left my room like this.
I think this is awesome.
Every time I go home, my aunt's
turned my room into a game room
or a yoga studio, or,
as of the most recent visit,
a kennel for foster dogs.
Well, we couldn't change it.
It's not ours to change.
And they're probably always
hoping I'll move back here.
What kind of parents
would we be if we didn't?
All right.
You kids get some rest and let us
know if there's anything you need.
Thank you, Mrs...
Thank you, Sandy.
Hey, you like omelets?
Yes, sir, love 'em.
I make a mean omelet.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Bye, Mom, bye, Dad.
- Bye.
Yeah, your parents
are pretty awesome.
And you're totally
not sleeping here.
There's a futon in the study next
door with your name all over it.
All right.
Well, let's just hope your parents don't
find me on the futon in the morning.
So cute.
Leave it.
- Adorable.
- Thank you.
[Sandy] You'll figure it out.
[all taking indistinctly]
[all screaming]
[all laughing]
Oh, my God! That's so funny.
Your guy here,
he has no idea
how to make an omelet.
I can't believe
you didn't teach him.
I taught you everything I know.
Dad, we haven't had a lot of
sleepovers that involved breakfast.
You're telling me
this isn't a work of art?
As much as I'd like to be polite
because you are a guest in our home...
Well, my rule of thumb is
it's not about how it looks,
it's about how great it tastes.
So, even a messy omelet
can have potential, right?
We'll see.
House of honesty
says, heck yeah!
Your turn.
You're right. It's good.
- Good job.
- All right.
[Chas] I told you I have
some culinary skills.
Yeah, you proved me wrong.
All right, so what's on our big
wedding agenda for the day?
So, we're headed to the beach. Tonight is
the bachelor and bachelorette parties.
You know, I've actually
never been to one of those.
Well, relax.
It's not like the movies.
It's gonna be probably mostly junk food,
video games and burping contests.
There's nothing you just said
that I don't like.
I can lift my own suitcase.
Can you also say thank you?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Okay, so I think the guys
are staying in condos over here.
You're in 236.
236. Where are you gonna be?
I'm in 222.
And we're actually gonna settle
in and then go to the pool
before the bachelor
and bachelorette parties.
All right.
- Cool. Okay, I'll see ya.
- Yeah.
[cell phone vibrates]
Wait. How does
she even know that?
Because I'm right here, darling.
What are you doing here?
Why does she have a ring?
You're the one who wanted us
to play this up, remember?
It was supposed to look like a fling!
Not a full-on engagement.
I got, I don't know,
carried away in the scene.
Did you?
Well, it's too late
to take it back now.
And I gave her the ring my aunt let
me borrow, what's the big deal?
I'm sorry, why are you here?
I'm your publicist. It's my job to make
sure you don't do anything stupid.
So far so good.
I didn't have anything better
to do this weekend, so...
I couldn't stand the thought of
you way out here alone with her.
Come on, baby, we talked about this.
You know it's...
Look, here's the plan.
If anyone asks,
I'm your publicist Suzie.
So, the truth?
I'll make sure not to jump in any
photos and blah, blah, blah.
But don't think for a second
I'm not watching you.
Eyes of a hawk. Ears of a tiger.
- Got it.
- Good.
Shall we hit the pool?
Yeah. Just give me a head start?
[Suzie sighs]
Okay, this is so exciting.
So, he proposed to you at work?
I mean, that's what
the tabloids said.
- Well, no. It was more, like...
- And it was a whole thing.
- Yeah, and then it was...
- Totally.
Just wow.
[both] Aww.
So cute.
Wait, what?
They didn't say anything.
They don't have to say anything.
So romantic.
I don't know if that's romantic.
I'm romantic.
Very romantic.
How are you romantic?
I took you to the pier
last week, we got ice cream.
- That's romantic.
- Yeah. Veronica went with us.
Kelly, you don't even
like romance.
How would you know that?
Well, to me, and I maybe sappy,
but I think anything can be
romantic with the right person.
The activity doesn't matter as long as
you're with someone you feel romantic with.
Yeah, anything.
I mean, even making breakfast
in the morning can be romantic.
- Can't it?
- Right.
Everyone knows that French toast
is the most romantic of toasts.
Chas makes great omelets.
You should make omelets, too.
Come on!
Guys, get my back here.
- Bros before...
- What?
No, no, no. "Bros before" what?
Hey, everyone. I'd like you
to meet my publicist, Suzie.
She just coming by to make sure
everything's good, you know.
Hi, guys!
Look at you.
You're all so cute,
and all-American.
And this is my fiance, Clarissa.
Clarissa, so nice
to finally meet you.
Chas has said
so many good things.
Nice to meet you, too, Suzie.
So many good things.
You, too.
Okay. You've officially shaken.
I think I might go
dip my toes in the water.
Anyone care to join me?
Is that the stripper
for the bachelor party?
Well, Suzie's welcome
to join us if she wants
at the bachelorette
party tonight.
- No.
- No, no, no.
[Suzie] I'd love to!
Have you ever met
that publicist before?
Not before today.
But she's big in the biz.
Well, she was getting really flirty with
your fiance at the beach this afternoon.
And she's gorgeous.
- And she's flirty.
- Very flirty.
Relax, you guys.
She's married to this handsome,
big-time agent in LA.
And she's not the first girl
to flirt with Chas.
Girls flirt with him all the
time, you two included.
I'm not really worried about it.
Or maybe you're just
a really good actress.
You know, he's dated
a lot of girls.
I know. But, I mean,
he never makes me feel insecure,
so I'm not worried about it.
A lot's changed
since high school.
What are you talking about?
I don't know. I mean, you used
to be, like... really insecure.
No, I'm not. Wasn't.
I wasn't.
Come on, Riss.
You were super insecure.
You never went out with anybody.
You buried yourself in, like...
- In, like, you know, the drama club, the clarinet.
- Yeah.
The jazz choir, you know.
You did everything.
I hung out with Graham
all the time.
Yeah. But you used him to
feel better about yourself.
Is that what
you're doing to him now?
Don't turn this around on me.
Graham and I are doing just fine.
I just really worry about you.
What is that supposed to mean?
Come on. He's... Chas Hunter.
And... And you're...
you know, you.
Can't imagine why I'm insecure
with friends like you.
I'm not trying to pick a fight here.
I'm just saying...
He's really good-looking, and I'd
understand if you felt insecure.
I just don't want to see
you sabotage anything.
You're wrong.
About you and Chas?
No, about how
things have changed.
You're still playing games,
stupid, little
high school games.
Hey, guys.
Hey, where'd Riss go?
She needed to take
a walk I think.
- What are you doing here?
- Hey.
I came in search of ice.
How about you?
What are you doing here?
You're the maid of honor,
shouldn't you be off...
leading the party or something?
Yeah, apparently that honor has been
crowned to your publicist, Suzie.
She sure knows
how to have a good time.
She's the one
you're seeing, right?
You mad?
- I'm not.
- Well, you seem mad.
They just got to me.
High school drama
rearing its ugly head,
and Kelly doing her devil's duty
to make me feel bad about myself...
like she always does.
Yeah. Thank you.
Is she jealous?
Wow. You have an ego.
I didn't mean about me.
I meant about Graham.
See the way
he looks at you, like...
You picked up on that?
I'm not quite as self-involved
as you might think.
I am capable of observing, too.
We used to be close
and then we weren't.
It just ended. I don't know.
We were young,
I was stupid, and...
He told me he loved me
and I freaked out.
It happens.
Yeah, got kind of weird at
the rehearsal dinner last night.
You think he's just
with her because he...
can't be with you?
I don't know.
I hope not. I mean, I hope
he's not just settling.
You think people always find
their perfect match?
My mom and dad did.
Well, they certainly gave you
high standards, that's good.
I don't think it was as
easy for them as you think.
I bet they had to work pretty
hard for what they have.
Think all relationships do.
Wish my parents
worked harder sometimes.
Then I guess what matters is...
how do you feel about him?
Yeah, I mean,
I had feelings for him, but...
I don't know. I was... insecure,
or just not mature enough,
or maybe just not ready.
I don't know. Maybe all three?
What about now?
He's different.
I'm different. I don't know.
It's not like it used to be.
It's 'cause you broke his heart.
Little heartbreaker.
I got to admit, this is not quite
as bad as I thought it would be.
It's actually been kind of fun.
Yeah, it's definitely
gone better than I expected.
You, too, for the record.
Sorry if I gave you
a hard time before.
I wasn't exactly a distinguished
gentleman around you, either.
Personally, I think we kind of
like teasing each other.
That is what engaged
couples do, after all.
where we going on our honeymoon?
It's kind of silly,
but you know what I always thought
would be a fun honeymoon?
What's that?
A road trip across the
States, in an RV.
Just camping, and cooking, and
seeing the sights. Just simple.
Slumming it through middle America.
A big camp-out.
Yeah, I'm down.
So you think
the party's still going on?
Yeah. I should
probably check on Maya.
She never stays up
past midnight.
And I bet she's passed out on the
couch, especially after all that wine.
Come on.
Okay, so... at what time are
we supposed to leave tomorrow?
I think, like, 10?
The wedding is at 5, so...
All right.
thank you for a nice night.
Yeah, you, too.
[softly] Wow.
[door opening]
- What?
- Are you coming to the wedding or not?
Now you're marrying her?
The other wedding.
Yeah, get ready.
[Suzie groaning]
You'll have to start planning
for your big day soon.
Yeah, I guess so, huh?
Do you happen to have
any painkillers?
Vicodin would be great.
Uh... I have some aspirin in the
medicine cabinet in the bathroom.
[Suzie sighs]
- I need eight.
- Okay.
- I can get it for you.
- No, no, I'll manage.
I need to touch up
my make-up, anyway.
The humidity here
makes my face melt.
Have you talked about
where you'll have it?
No, not yet.
Where'd you guys have yours?
- We eloped.
- Really?
Her folks weren't too happy
about us getting married.
Yeah. They said that
Bruce lacked ambition.
You know, I didn't care though.
But now, the lack of ambition
has landed him the senior VP
position in community development
at his firm.
Being with you
made me try harder.
Clarissa is really lucky to have
parents like you, you know that?
And she's lucky to have a
guy like you in her life.
Mm. I can tell by the eyes.
Tell what?
That you, Mr. Hunter...
are a good one.
Oh! Honey!
You look amazing.
Are we ready to go?
I'm here, I'm here.
[Suzie sighs]
Let's rock.
Oh, so beautiful.
Wow! Maya, you look amazing.
Doesn't she?
Takes after her mom.
Audrey, can I
borrow you a minute?
- Mom, it's fine. Go.
- Okay.
Hey. What happened
to you last night?
I got into it with Kelly over the
whole Graham thing. It was dumb.
Big surprise.
Anyway, I'm so sorry I bailed there
at the end, it was lame of me.
It's okay.
I came back an hour later, but you
were already passed out on the couch.
I know.
So, where'd you head off to?
I ran into Chas, and
we just talked for a while.
Mm-hmm. Sure. You talked
for a little while.
Anyway, what did you guys do
after I left?
I have no clue.
Honestly, the last thing
I remember
was Suzie yanking that tiara off
my head or something like that.
Well, for someone who's hurting,
you sure do clean up well.
Thank you.
I do look beautiful, don't I?
Wow, I can't believe
this day is really happening.
We would talk about this
so much when we were little.
Remember, we used to take those
white sheets off my mom's bed
and we would wrap them around ourselves
and make them our wedding dresses,
and then use
the pillow cases as veils.
Yes, I remember.
And I remember how you would
always give me the fitted sheets
because they were
too crinkly for you.
And I remember how you'd always say you
were going to get married before me.
- Remember that?
- Yeah.
Because you were
such a total wild child.
I know.
Well, I have a feeling that
somebody isn't too far behind me.
Maya, listen,
there's something I need...
[Kelly] Hey, guys.
My! Look at you!
You look so beautiful.
I can't express how beautiful I think
you look without cursing in a church,
so I'll just shut up.
All right, ladies,
five minutes and counting.
Let's get our things
organized, shall we?
Okay. This is it.
This is... really it.
You're gonna nail it, just like
you did when we were kids,
crinkly fitted sheets and all.
[guests cheering]
What's all this? Did your
mom get more photographers?
[male reporter] Clarissa, are you
and Chas Hunter married now?
No, no, this wasn't my wedding.
This is my friend,
Maya's wedding.
Clarissa, is Chas here?
We know he's staying in town.
Yeah, Chas is here. We're
having a wonderful time.
But if you guys wouldn't mind letting
my friends enjoy their wedding day,
we kind of need to get past?
Over here. Over here.
[jazz music playing]
[cell phone ringing]
Hey, Jeannette, what's up?
How's the reception?
It's great.
I mean, it's winding down now,
but everyone had a lot of fun.
I see that the paparazzi are
already posting photos online.
Chas isn't even in them.
You're kind of famous now, huh?
Yeah. Probably because I look like
I'm freaking out in every photo.
I swear they, like, hide in the bushes
and jump out at the worst moment.
Well, get used to it, honey.
Because you have nine auditions
when you get back next week.
Two features, three reoccurring,
and four commercials.
Just for you, hon.
Nine auditions? That's amazing.
Well, that's the biz for ya.
All right, you go have fun and I will
see you back here next week, okay?
Yeah. Thanks, Jeannette.
Hey, I didn't hear you there.
It's probably the buzz of excitement
from your nine upcoming auditions.
You heard?
Well, first I heard the scream.
And then... the nine auditions.
I'm happy for you, Riss.
You deserve it.
And you look stunning tonight.
Thanks, Graham.
You look great, too.
Thank you.
What are you doing, Riss?
Looking for paparazzi.
I know, okay?
I know all about this.
Suzie was tipsy, I don't know
half of what she was saying.
But she did tell me that everything
between you and Chas is a sham.
No, no, no. See... It's...
So, the truth is...
I lost this big job in LA.
And I really didn't want everyone here
to know that I was a failure, so...
One lie just led to another, and
then to another, and then I just...
You just... realized
you actually like him.
What? No. No, no. No.
- No?
- No, no. Definitely not.
He's not my type.
He's got a really crazy life.
You remember
that thing you told me?
About how I should let myself
get closer to Kelly?
It stuck with me,
and you're right.
You should take your own advice.
It's different.
You don't know that.
You two could have something.
Something great.
I mean, not that that dude
could ever be as cool as me,
he could try.
I'm glad... that we never dated.
'Cause I never wanna lose...
my best friend.
- See you later.
- Yeah. Well, bye.
[soft jazz music playing]
Hey, I've been looking for you.
Well, you've found me.
What's up?
Thought I'd ask you to dance.
- You did?
- Mmm-hmm.
Yeah. I was dancing with Veronica,
but she's kind of got two left feet,
and she strangely asked me to sign
her bridesmaids' dress, so...
I'm kind of exhausted.
It's probably for the best. Probably
too much for you to handle.
Is that so?
I used to dance when I was
younger, so, I'm pretty awesome.
Well, I think I'll be
the judge of that.
- I'll try to keep up.
- Okay.
- You are pretty good.
- You, too.
Well, I've taken
a bit of dance myself.
[slow piano music playing]
So, now that you're
a big-time celebrity...
what do you think of the press?
It... kind of sucks.
It feels like I stole my best
friends' thunder on her wedding day.
But I don't know. I don't know if I
can ever be a superstar, though.
It must be tough.
You kind of get used to it
after a while.
It's just a bunch of
lights, camera, action.
Sorry. Didn't plan that part.
What about that girl
you're seeing?
Right. Yeah.
Yeah. I guess I just...
Caught up in the moment.
I know.
The world around us
just disappeared I guess.
Yeah. Me, too.
It's nice.
I see you got some auditions.
Yeah, that's great!
Yeah, I mean, thanks to you.
If this accidental engagement
leads to me booking
something legit,
I really can never thank you.
Come on. You already have.
This town, your
friends, your folks.
Kind of amazing.
A vacation from the madness,
I guess.
I needed it.
Badly. I just didn't realize it.
That's great. I'm glad
you had a good time.
I mean, it's kind of been
a vacation for me, too.
Yeah? Coming home?
Mainly I guess from myself.
- Remember that argument I had with Kelly?
- Yeah.
It was about how insecure I
used to be when I was younger.
And, I don't know, when I'm with
you, I don't feel that way.
I mean, I should, but I don't.
Nobody should ever make
anybody else feel insecure.
We do enough of that
to ourselves every day.
[Suzie gasping]
[Suzie] Oh, my God!
Chas! Chas!
Randall and Alicia!
My PI caught them
making out at a day spa!
And he got photos! Look!
So gross.
But isn't that fantastic?
Now I can get a divorce, and you and
I can be insanely rich together.
Her and her husband, it's...
kind of a weird thing.
Okay, I guess it's over now.
What? You don't owe her
an explanation.
- Let's just get it over with.
- What?
The big break up. It's
perfect, at a wedding.
It works on so many levels.
Suzie, can you just
give me a minute here?
Sure, sure, yeah.
Get into character.
Find your moment before.
Then break up.
Just give me the ring.
The ring?
You're marrying her?
- No.
- No.
You want this? Fine.
Take it.
It's just a prop anyway, right?
For this whole act.
Okay. The scene is set.
Let's go.
We need witnesses.
People! Hey, people, get over here!
Yeah. Come on.
We need to make sure someone
gets photos. Hold on.
No, no. You wanted to do this.
Let's do this.
Let's give them the big show,
the big finish!
Clarissa, you don't
have to do this.
Yeah, I do.
It was the deal, right?
No improving.
Stick with the scene.
Riss, what is she talking about?
Clarissa was helping me
out of a mess.
Good ol' Riss.
Always here to help.
You guys were right.
Chas would never go for me.
He's way out of my league.
That's not true.
True? True?
None of this is true.
None of this is real.
This is just a fantasy.
Our relationship. This plan.
Even your relationship with Suzie
is probably just another fantasy.
I get it. I do.
You grew up on a TV show.
So, the places weren't real. The people
weren't real. The words weren't real.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe I do live
in a fantasy world,
but I know how I feel.
And I know what I like.
It's not a loser like me.
Clarissa, you're not a loser.
You're just saying that
because I lied to you.
No, she knew.
You knew?
I'm your best friend,
of course I knew.
But if you felt the need to lie to
me, I wasn't going to stop you.
I just didn't understand why.
Why? Why?
Because I messed up, guys.
I'm not famous.
I'm not dating a superstar.
I had a role in a film
and I blew it!
I didn't want to come home
and be a failure again.
I screwed that up too.
Hey, sweetie.
- Did you have fun last night?
- Yeah, it was a great time.
Yeah? Sounds like it.
What happened?
Where's your ring?
Chas was seeing Suzie, and she's
married and getting divorced,
and it looked bad,
so they asked me to cover.
It was supposed to be so simple,
and then it just went crazy.
Like, super crazy.
And then, everyone knows
now, and I look dumb,
so I just want to sit here,
eat my pancakes and die.
You lied to me.
Yeah, Mom, I lied.
I'm sorry. I really messed up.
Where's Chas now?
I don't know. We're not engaged.
Well, not yet.
Don't give me that look.
You like him.
He likes you.
He has a girlfriend.
Or whatever she is.
Well, I had a boyfriend
when I met your dad.
Gross. No.
Yes, I had a boyfriend!
His name was Oliver.
He was studying to be a doctor.
He was really handsome, too.
Bruce and I were just friends.
I think we met at a Halloween party.
Yeah, that's right.
Oliver wasn't there that night
because he had to work all night.
And then the two of you
fell in love.
No. No, no.
It wasn't quite like that.
We didn't date for quite some time.
I think maybe a month.
Yeah, a month after that. But we
were good friends, great friends.
Yeah. Well, what did Dad have
that Oliver didn't have?
Your dad...
But together...
Together we had
something special.
Together we had fun.
We had magic.
And that's what I see
with you and Chas.
It's different. I mean, you and Dad
are perfect for each other, Mom.
But back then, no,
things were different.
With the laughter comes the
tears, comes the fighting.
All the stuff.
starts out perfect.
If it did...
If it did, you'd be bored.
The special things
you have to work at.
You have to fight
for those special things.
But the perfect things, those
are the things you've earned.
I really am sorry about lying.
I understand.
And truth be told, I...
I was very upset...
Very upset to hear that you had gotten
engaged without us meeting him.
Next time you'll meet him first.
I already have.
Mom, I'm not marrying Chas.
Not yet.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hi, guys.
[knock on door]
Come in.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Come here. Come sit with me.
Shouldn't you be
on your honeymoon right now?
We leave in a couple of hours.
You know I wouldn't leave without
saying goodbye to you first.
Like I did last night?
Stop, okay? I'm not mad at you.
I mean, I am mad,
but not for last night.
I'm mad because you just
didn't trust me enough
to tell me the truth
in the first place.
I can see how
you'd feel distant, though,
because of the whole
Kelly and maid-of-honor thing.
I should've stuck up for you when
she was being a pain in the butt.
No, Maya, you are great!
I am the worst
maid of honor ever.
No, you're not, okay.
You're the best.
And... I loved the gift
you gave me.
I cried when I opened it.
- Did you really?
- Yeah.
A framed photo of the
Rockefeller Christmas Tree
where Peter first proposed?
Even Peter cried.
Come here.
Even when you're a mess, you're
still the bestest friend ever.
No, you are.
And speaking of good gifts.
Chas got us two plane tickets, an
all-inclusive stay at Napa Valley.
That is amazing. I didn't know.
Well, he said that
it's from both of you.
Yeah, well, he didn't tell me.
He's a good guy, Clarissa.
I know. But he's taken.
So, what are you gonna do
when you get back to LA?
I'm gonna do what I always do.
Enjoy the California sun, go on some
auditions, and hope for the best.
And that's my maid of my honor.
And... there's somebody else
who wants to talk to you.
- Really?
- Mmm-hmm.
Hey, listen, I'm really sorry
for the way I've been.
Well, always I guess.
Like, I talked to Graham
last night for a long time
and... if I'm the reason
that you or him...
or anyone else felt insecure
back in high school or now...
I really can't apologize enough.
Kelly, it's okay.
I know, I know! But, look, I promise
I'm gonna get better, okay?
You know, it's just I...
I get jealous of you
sometimes, you know?
I admire you for chasing your
dreams, and sometimes...
I wish I had been as brave.
Thanks, Kelly. I mean,
that really means a lot.
And, hey, you're gonna be
a big star, you know that?
And you're gonna
find a great guy.
Like you did.
I'm so jealous.
[softly] They made up!
We want to visit you
this summer too.
After my honeymoon.
- Girls' weekend?
- Sounds perfect.
So, you had that 3 p.m. audition
on Tuesday, which I had to cancel.
No, why?
You are booked for a
six-episode reoccurring role
that may go to series regular
if the response on you is good.
I should have the script
very soon.
Seriously? I mean,
not even an audition?
Nope. This one
is all yours, baby.
Wow. I mean, he must have
been reading the news.
It must've been
because of all the press.
No. Not at all. I asked him.
He didn't even realize
that you were the same girl.
So, you're saying I did
this one all on my own?
Well, I worked out
all the deal points,
but, yes, ma'am,
you most certainly did.
Wow! Thank you
so much, Jeannette!
This is so crazy.
So, if I were you, I would
go to that job of yours
and give them your two-week
notice as soon as possible.
So how does it feel to be working your
last shift at the good ol' diner?
Well, it feels like a good chapter of
my life is finally coming to a close.
But I'm gonna miss you, lady.
And the paparazzi.
Mostly the paparazzi.
We haven't had any in a while.
I wouldn't be
so sure about that.
Hey, how are you?
just wanted to say
For what?
Well, I heard about the
new show you just booked.
And actually my new agent asked
if I wouldn't mind seeing if you
would take a meeting with her.
How could I say no?
Well, you know,
I am pretty busy these days.
But I'd love to. Thank you.
You have a minute for a coffee?
So, how is Suzie?
She's good. She's...
Just planning the trip
she's gonna take
with all the alimony
she's about to get.
That's great.
Where are you guys going?
Not sure about her.
My only plan was to come here.
And I figured
you'd be quitting soon,
I wanted to make sure
I didn't miss you.
Well, yeah, it's my last day.
Well, then I'm very glad
I made it.
Just gonna... leave these here.
Okay. All right. Okay.
Man, we put on a heck of a
performance for everyone, didn't we?
Yeah, we did.
So, what now?
No scripts
or stories anymore. Just...
Just you and me.
I'm Clarissa Byers.
I'm Chas Hunter. Pleasure
to meet you, Clarissa.
You know, it's funny, I actually
used to be engaged to a Clarissa.
She was pretty great.
Think you'd like her.
That's crazy. Because I was
engaged to a Chas once, too.
He was one of the most
amazing men I ever met.
Once you got past
all the paparazzi.
So, can I get you two
anything else?
I think I've got everything I
need right here in front of me.
[pop song playing]
When her eyes are shining brightly
You forget about the dark
Some things in this life
are priceless
Giving comfort to your heart
When she smiles
she's like an angel
When she laughs
it's heavenly
Some would say
true love is fiction
But I'm starting to believe
I just fell in love
with a girl
And it feels like I'm flying!
I'm on top of the world
And now I know that
this could be my lucky day
I'm in love
and I can't wait for her
Fallin' with me
I want to feel the beat
Beat in my heart
Before it goes away
There's something down deep
Deep in my soul
That I just can't explain
And when I know
that you feel
And I know that you're mine
You are making me brand new
Everyday that I'm alive
I just fell in love
with a girl
And it feels
like I'm flying!
I'm on top of the world
And now I know that
this could be my lucky day
I'm in love
and I can't wait for her
Fallin' with me
I just fell in love
with a girl
And it feels
like I'm flying!
I'm on top of the world
And now I know that
this could be my lucky day
I'm in love
and I can't wait for her
Fallin' with me
I just fell in love
with a girl
And it feels
like I'm flying!
I'm on top of the world
And now I know that
this could be my lucky day
I'm in love
and I can't wait for her
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