According to Ben Adams (2016) Movie Script

- Look, I'm not that
good with words,
but lemme tell you something.
There are some stories
that just never go away
like Romeo and Juliet.
Two kids fall in love
but the families can't
stand each other.
That's sad but it happens.
Everything happens.
Everything's happened
before, dammit.
But imagine
if something did happen
for the very first time,
something that never happened
to anyone else before, ever.
Man, wouldn't that be somethin'.
Wouldn't you wanna get
all your friends around
like you used to as a kid
on a Saturday afternoon?
You know those
Saturday afternoons
that used to last forever?
Except, hey.
Except for that one kid
that never got invited
and just watched
from a distance.
You know what'd been a
first time for that kid?
Someone saying,
"Hey, you wanna play?
"You wanna come see?"
I wonder whatever
happened to that kid.
- [mumbles] for
a glass of water?
Not big on the water, eh?
- Which one is it, Barney?
Are you intimidating
or provoking my client?
- Hard to say.
Whichever's the lesser
of the two evils I guess.
- Give my regards to
the wife and kids.
- Thank you.
- Now, what are we
gonna do with you
mister man with no name?
You ride to town and you
go and get yourself caught.
It's not quite the way the
story goes though, is it?
Not the way I
remember it anyway.
Alex and I would say
exactly that, actually.
So you're the devil.
That's clever and kinda
funny, but it's also stupid.
As a joke, my guess is
it's time to wear thin
with about three
seconds of the punchline
bein' delivered, my friend.
Cops are a pretty
tough audience,
but let me prove it to you.
Because if they ask for
your name one more time
and you say the Devil, they
gotta make up their mind
that you're a risk to
yourself and the community.
Whatever it is you're up to,
you're gonna have to give
it up to sharing a cell.
- Christoper Davidson.
- Thank you.
- No! [snarls]
That is not my name.
You have a name for who I am.
Christopher Davidson
was innocent.
You should've helped
him more than you did.
He was found guilty.
You're a bad lawyer for
letting that happen.
- The hell are
you talking about?
Alright, do you know what a
transitional care facility is?
It's where the cops want to
put you for a little while.
A transitional care facility.
They used to be called hospitals
and before that, nuthouses.
You follow me?
We've come a long
way, but you do not
wanna be doing bed and breakfast
with the self-harm and
hearing voices crowd.
Work with me, yes?
[soft, somber music]
- I'm bored.
- Excuse me?
- I'm so bored, you
you can't imag--
- I'll find some tissues.
- You don't know what it's like.
There is nothing to do!
- Do you want to
keep your voice down?
- I do wanna keep my voice down!
I wanna keep my voice down
as much as you
wanna fuck that girl
young enough to
be your daughter!
You see what I mean
when I get bored?
I get desperate.
- [sighs] You listen
to me, you lowlife.
[intriguing cello music]
[intriguing piano music]
- The building has a history
that goes back to the reign
of the English Queen
Victoria in the 19th century.
It is a magnificent
colonial architecture
and one of the oldest inhabited
buildings in the country.
It's been a hospital only since
after the second World War.
But you know what, though?
It's been many, many
amazing things too.
I believe Chris, you
[mumbles] once upon a time.
Is everything okay?
You good?
- Good?
That, I'm not but
thank you for asking.
- Hey Paul.
- Hey Tom.
- Alright,
you good?
- Good.
[intriguing cello music]
[intriguing piano music]
[phone ringing]
- Excuse me, do you
think you're invisible?
- No.
- I'm glad because you're
definitely not that.
In fact, you're
very hard to miss
being as big and ugly as
you must know you are.
- [chuckles] That was a joke?
- Who told you that?
- That's mean!
- Goodbye.
- I'm not ugly, I've
got a girlfriend.
- You haven't got a
girlfriend anymore
and I've got two weeks to live.
[phone ringing]
Come and sit down.
Yeah don't breathe on me.
Now what's your name?
- Take it back.
- I'll think about
it, what's your name?
- I used to have a girlfriend.
- Did you?
What was her name?
- Rose.
- Oh that's very original.
Tell me when she
was your girlfriend,
what was her boyfriend's name?
That's right, think harder.
It's a trick question
just like your head.
- My head?
- Mhm, this business up here.
- I don't like you.
- Sit down!
[intriguing cello music]
You didn't do it, did you?
They said you did,
but you didn't.
You didn't push him.
He slipped.
No one believed you.
Poor Robbie.
- I messed up.
I'm so glad you believe me.
They made me cry.
I wouldn't have pushed anyone.
They wouldn't listen to me.
- That's because you're boring.
Will you please go away, Robbie?
- But you know!
- So I know
where the Sahara Desert
is, but I'm not goin' there
in need more of
a hurry than I am
to continue this conversation.
Will you please go away?
I'm waiting to see a doctor.
- Please be my friend?
- No, you're ugly!
Besides, you lied to me when
you said you had a girlfriend.
You were lying to me,
weren't you, Robbie?
- No, now Rose was
always my girlfriend.
But then the accident happened
and they said I couldn't
ring her anymore.
- Almost your girlfriend.
Well what say you make
me almost your friend?
But better still,
what say you make me
almost your best friend?
Almost your best friend
in the whole wide world.
Now Robbie, if I say I'm
goin' to be your friend,
will you go away?
- Oh mister, I'm so
happy you're my friend.
I ain't gonna stay with
Jesus, I don't care.
'Cause I got my own friend now!
You're my friend now, Mista!
- Robbie, talk to me.
You just said
Jesus, as in Jesus?
- Some other people here
sayin' they're Jesus,
but they're not.
I lie.
What do you reckon?
They say they're Jesus
and people believe them.
I don't believe them.
That's why I haven't
got any friends
'cause they're all friends,
but I don't believe them.
That's why I haven't
got any friends.
You know how know
they're not Jesus?
How come I know?
- I was about do ask
you exactly that.
- Because I'm a carpenter,
just like the real Jesus.
They don't have a trade.
I did my apprenticeship,
I went to trade school.
I'm fully qualified!
- Robbie, did I
say you're boring?
You're right, you
don't need them.
Let's show them how
much we don't need them
by showing off our
brand new friendship.
But most of all, let's
show it off too for Jesus
that did not go to trade school.
Them first.
[Robbie chuckling]
[birds chirping]
Thank you.
But I was expecting
it to turn red.
I thought you said you were
turning water into wine.
- It's a metaphor.
I really didn't turn water
into wine in the Bible,
I simply replaced the
old faith with new.
Transformed the
commonplace into eternal.
But just for a minute there
as I was pourin' the
water into the glass,
because you expect it to
become wine, it was wine.
The metaphor became
reality and that's faith.
You take that minute and you
multiply it to the nth degree,
you have faith.
- Mmm, what'd you
say your name was?
- Jesus.
- What'd you say his name was?
- Lawrence Turner.
- Thank you for your
time today, Mr Turner.
It's been a tremendous priv--
[Robbie laughing]
[door knocking]
- [Patient] Repent!
- I think he's talkin' to you.
Knock again.
[door knocking]
- Bud, you're not
wearin' your watch.
- It must've fallen off
when I was doin' the dishes.
- That's bad!
- Repent!
- I told you he
was talkin' to you.
- Repent!
- You have quite a
theme going on here.
Now I don't mean
just your vocabulary,
I'm talking more along
the lines of the decor.
Don't even think about it!
- Repent, repent, repent!
[Robbie laughing]
[intriguing cello music]
[Robbie grunting]
- You listen to me.
If the next Jesus so
much as mentions water,
let alone demonstrates
using water
or even just tries
to lead me to water
like the beast of burden
you're very quickly
turnin' me into,
I want you to know I
am goin' to kill you.
Just on principle and
just in case. [snarls]
[intriguing piano music]
Yes I think I could see
the problem here already.
- Who are you looking for?
- Oh we're not, but thank you.
- No, wait!
It's because I'm
a woman, isn't it?
Why can't I be Jesus?
- Who said you can't?
Don't believe them.
I'm sure it's in
the Constitution.
- You came in
looking for someone?
- Did we?
Ah yes, my friend here's
tryin' to find enlightenment.
We're looking for Buddha.
He's a big fat guy
with a bald head.
[woman chuckling]
- That's very
offensive, you know?
Some people find truth
in Eastern religion.
- Hello.
- Hey.
- Excuse me, could I ask
you to stand still please?
You're makin' me rather seasick.
- He doesn't like water.
- Why don't you sit down?
- Seasick, seagulls, swim.
Swim, swim, sweat.
Sweet 16.
When you're 16, you think
you know everything.
Until everything stops, that is.
Which is exactly what
happened early one morning
when a 16 year old girl woke up
to find that a statue
in her room was crying.
A statue that her
mother put there.
The statue that
right now was crying.
But hang on a minute, I just
said that already didn't I?
Well it is a bit of a big deal.
Statues don't exactly do
that kinda thing, right?
They don't exactly
do any kinda thing.
Just stand there and be statues
and look good or bad
or holy or whatever.
I don't know, but nor
did the teenage girl.
Talk about lost.
But when all else fails--
- Text someone.
- [snaps] So she did
with the statue with
tears in its eyes
looking on, of course.
Still looking on
and still crying
as that teenage girl got dressed
in something like record time.
But not much to see here people,
just truly terrified
teenage girl
skipping breakfast
and missin' the bus.
That sucks, but it wasn't
far to her boyfriend's house.
They walked the rest of
the way to school together.
Hand-in-hand, young love.
[sighs] Clueless.
Clueless too, as I walked
through the school guides
and almost directly right
into the school priest.
Now he could tell somethin'
was wrong, priests always can.
So I explained.
Of course he'd heard it all
before, priests always have.
But not this.
They have never seen
anything like this before.
Standing there in
the girl's bedroom
starin' the statue
straight in the eye,
it was staring
straight back at 'em
through tears still
in both its eyes.
A crying statue
staring up at a priest
and a priest staring
down at a crying statue
of Marilyn Monroe.
[patients clapping and laughing]
- It's on the table, guys.
[muffled crosstalk]
- Robbie, who's your new friend?
- I could ask the same question,
but I won't.
Robbie save me a
seat, I'm starving.
In fact I am so hungry,
you can't imagine.
- Yeah, you want me to go now?
- Well how the hell else
are you gonna manage
to save me a seat?
- Listen to million
dollar haircut, will you?
You gotta love the
mouth on this guy.
You're going nowhere, dude.
What a mouth.
Are we going?
- I won't be long, guys.
[intriguing piano music]
- Is she the funny one, is she?
I'd hear [mumbles] or something.
I'm not sure I
counted 12 back there,
but she certainly
did do very well
to stand out though, didn't she?
Now who are the other ones?
Sneezy, sleepy, bashful,
boring, irritating, gullible?
- You sound like a little bit
of a dab hand at
comedy yourself.
- No I think we better
clear up the question
of your name first.
- I'm Jesus.
- You paused.
what are you afraid of?
Are you worried
they're going to say
you're crazy and lock you up?
- No.
Did you know I
think he's scared?
The fact that the architect
who designed this place
laid out the corridors
in such a way,
the smell from the kitchen
carries right through
and just lingers.
[sniffs] Mmm, chicken.
Do you like chicken?
I like chicken.
[intriguing harpsichord music]
- I'd so like to say a prayer
for the same thing that--
- What's wrong with your hands?
- I'd like to say a
prayer for the same thing
that I said a
prayer for yesterday
because yesterday I
left something out.
I forgot to mention
that the boys are going
on the road to
promote the single
and being boys they're
obviously going nowhere.
They're obviously gonna need
all the help they can get.
So God, can you please make
sure that they don't fuck up
and that they don't turn
up stoned to interviews?
Can you please, please,
please make sure
they don't make
dicks of themselves
by sliding off other bands or
getting release dates wrong
or hitting on girl interviewers
or any of the
bullshit like that?
One last thing, can
you do something
about the radio stations
that play our song?
The hardcore stations,
not the wanker ones.
They can go keep
playing with themselves.
That's me.
- Thanks, Beth.
I hope God has an open mind.
- Actually could
I say something?
- Please.
- Thank you.
I'd like to say a prayer...
Is that how you
start it, I hope?
- Yeah that'll do just fine.
- Gonna be quite short,
not having a religious
upbringing and all.
- Just say the prayer.
- I'd like to say
a prayer for anyone
who isn't sitting down
to a meal right now.
For anyone who doesn't
have food on a table
or clean water to drink or
warm clothes on their back
or a roof over their head.
Where every day is a
struggle, every day.
A prayer for people
from countries
that are in every other
country's too hard basket.
Countries decimated by war.
Countries decimated
by corruption, by
famine, by plague.
Countries where either
that doesn't rain enough
or it rains too much.
A prayer for the children
of those countries.
We're talkin' children that'll
never take their first step
because they'll
never have the energy
to lift their tiny
bodies up off the ground.
Where mothers weak with hunger
can no longer produce milk
to breastfeed their children.
It's all and well good
for us to sit here and ask
why would you wanna bring a
child into a world like that?
All because there just isn't
enough food to go around.
Thank you for letting
me say my peace.
I'm sorry.
Chicken, I like chicken.
Od you like chicken?
Robbie, where's my coloring?
Robbie, we won't
have any coloring.
No no, that's not
my color Robbie.
Give that back.
Go get my coat, it's over there.
That's it.
[intriguing piano music]
[dog barking]
[intriguing cello music]
[intriguing piano music]
[owl hooting]
[door squeaking]
- Hey.
Are you hungry?
If you change your mind.
I think...
Actually no, I'm sure I've done
more graveyard shifts
than anyone else.
But tonight's the first night
I've ever really felt afraid.
I can't work it out.
I feel like someone's just
told me the place is haunted
and I didn't know that before.
Maybe it's just the cold.
- So it's ghosts now, is it?
- I didn't say I saw a
ghost, thank you very much.
I'm really scared,
that's not funny.
I'm overworked and
underpaid, feel sorry for me.
Thank you.
I am scared, you know.
- I can't.
- Adele.
- Please leave.
- I wasn't trying to
get you to go to bed.
- Please, just go.
[soft guitar strumming]
- Goodnight, Beth.
[fingers tapping]
[soft guitar music]
- Shh.
- Beth, that song you were
playing there are some people...
There are some people who
are good at what they do,
then there are others
who tear their heart out
and put it on display and say,
"I dare you to get
closer than that."
- That's a good thing, right?
I'm tired.
- Now that wasn't
fair though, was it?
I've got it right
though, didn't I?
It was exactly was
you were about to say.
That always takes
so much outta me
and it's always such
a hard one to manage,
but the look on your face.
Like I wish I had a cloth
or handkerchief or something
because then I could wipe
that look off your face
then I'd get to keep
it forever, wouldn't I?
- You know what?
You can call me Ben.
I feel you, I feel you
I feel you scream
I see you, I see you
Can I see you scream
I breathe you, I breathe you
I breathe you, I breathe you
Everybody trying
to calm me down
They said that shit's
only in your head
So take your meds
there's nothin' to dread
Shut your mouth
and go to bed boy
Everybody knows
I'm a paranoid skit
Nobody really cares
[bell dinging softly]
[door creaking]
[door banging]
- How you goin', Tommy boy?
- I'm good, I'm good.
Welcome back.
- Is it Friday yet?
- [laughs] How's your mom?
- She died.
- What?
- She's mom, what do
you want me to say?
- [chuckles] Funny,
you're a funny guy.
Hey, we should wake up
Veronica there, yeah?
- Yeah sure, I'll do it
but I think I'm gonna
have a coffee first.
- Yeah sure, do you
want me to wait?
- Nah, but I do wanna know is
have you broken
the [mumbles] in?
How are things goin' with you
and little miss porn's worse
than third-world poverty?
- No no no, she's a
lady friend of mine.
It's nothin' like that.
- Lady friend.
- Yeah.
- Man, where do you
come up with this stuff?
- What do you mean?
- Lady friend.
This isn't Knights
of the Round Table.
[crows cawing]
[birds chirping]
- Welcome to the
jungle, good people.
As for our dude with a story
to tell, well here's the thing.
I was kinda stuck
for a story that day,
just didn't wanna happen
until she came along.
When he first saw her, he
was sitting by the window
waiting for inspiration to
slap him across the face
like he was some drunk
on a dance floor.
She changed all that.
She was so beautiful.
She never even knew
he was up there.
He watched her pass by, seemed
to stop for just a moment
and then disappear.
That's all it took.
He didn't sleep for 24 hours,
making notes and
scribbling ideas.
But most of all tryin'
to come up with a title.
You see, the title
always had to come first.
Then it came to him,
his new screenplay was gonna
be called A Rumor of Angels.
You had a man and the
name that came to him
almost exactly 24 hours
after he'd first seen her.
In fact, he was even
sitting right where he was
when he'd first seen her.
Everything was almost
exactly the same.
He watched her pass by, seemed
to pause for just a moment
and then disappear.
In an instant, he went from
just a title to a whole story.
An entire screenplay
from start to finish
and by morning, it was finished.
Now that's two
days without sleep,
so he crashed and then wake up.
Woke up at, guess what time?
Yup, at the same time the
woman walked past each day.
He watched her pass by
and then looked down
at A Rumour of Angels.
He knew it was good and he
had to get it out there,
so he emailed it out to anyone
who even sounded
like they mattered,
who might just care enough
to read his screenplay
by a guy that no
one even heard of.
So he sent it off and
forgot all about it
until a knock at the door
only a few days later.
It was some big
name movie producer
and he wanted to make
A Rumour of Angels.
A few months later,
he did exactly that.
Now it had everybody in it
and it did not too badly.
Not number one box office ever,
but certainly
number two or three.
People started
quoting lines from it.
People started coming back
to see it again and again.
In fact about the only
person who hadn't seen it
was the guy who'd
written the thing.
You see, he never
left the window there
because she never let him down.
Every day at exactly
the same time,
there she was and that's all
that mattered to him now,
until the Oscars threatened
to ruin everything
and that's because
A Rumour of Angels
was nominated for everything.
You know what that meant?
Our dude had to go.
Oh boy, not good.
Even the Oscars means
not at the window,
but what choice did he have?
His producers already sent him
a new suit and a limousine,
but he didn't get far.
The limousine that was
carrying him was cut off
by an ambulance before it
got to the end of the street.
Two paramedics rushed past,
he followed them to a house.
[sirens wailing]
[somber violin music]
You could hear a woman crying.
He found the woman standing
behind the paramedics
tryin' to revive another woman.
A woman who's facing you.
It was her.
The woman that had
passed by his window
every day for so long.
She had taken her own life.
He watched them cover her face.
He needed answers.
He turned to the crying woman,
the dead woman, the
woman he knew and loved.
She said, "It was an actress.
"I had been an actress."
A Rumour of Angels, that was
so gonna be her big break.
Five times they made her
audition and in the end,
they gave the part to
some lingerie model.
Broke her spirit.
The reason they gave her
for not getting the part,
"You're just not
beautiful enough."
- Oh that's so sad.
That's not fair!
No, that's...
- Robbie.
- No!
That's so sad.
- Robbie!
- It's so sad!
- Chill, dude.
- No!
That's not fair.
That's so sad.
[whimpers] It's not fair.
- There is somethin'
wrong with him.
He's not right.
The rest of us, we're
just doing it tough.
But he's not right, look at him.
That should be
locked up alright.
My God, if you could
only see yourselves.
Who do you think you are?
He's just a big kid.
He just misses his mother.
You just wanna lock him
up and throw away the key.
Actually why don't you do that?
Why don't you fight
amongst yourself
to see who gets first go
of throwing away the key?
What about you?
Someone must wanna be the
first to throw away the key.
Someone must want first go
of throwing away that key.
Someone must wanna
go first, someone.
[somber violin music]
[muffled crosstalk]
- Christopher Davidson.
- Find [mumbles] the
infamous [mumbles]?
- No, it wasn't time.
Could be that I've represented
him by another name.
I think he is,
could be an alias.
I don't know.
Tell you what I'm gonna do.
I've gotta [shoot through
every name I've got on file.
There's a lot there.
What's tomorrow, Thursday?
I'll get my secretary
to make it happen.
- [chuckles] You doin' her?
- What?
- Man, your secretary.
- Do you actually
work at being cliche?
- Oh you mean the grubby
Private I routine?
Yeah, fuck yeah.
You don't have to have
courses, so practice for hours.
So what are we doin' dredgin'
through your client database
lookin' for this guy?
- Christopher Davidson.
- Yeah, I heard
you the first time.
- That's where his name came up.
- Yeah, by who?
- Some twit, it doesn't matter.
- Ah, of course it doesn't.
Yeah, lucky for you to
pick up the phone and me
knowing that the sound of
your voice fucks with me.
Fucks with me hard.
- I've got no answer.
His name came up and I
need to know who he is.
- If you gave him
your woman's name.
I guess that was helpin' you
find the one that got away.
- I think I know where
you're goin' with this.
- [chuckles] I'm not,
actually but how is she?
Still has a preference for a guy
that can provide her with
stability and security?
You still worrying
about your love?
- Sorry.
- That's alright.
- Half past six at court six?
- That's perfect, thanks.
- Goodnight.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I wonder.
You want me to find a
Christopher Davidson.
Do you want me to find him
as much as you
wanna fuck that girl
young enough to
be your daughter?
I wonder.
- Okay, so have you tried
retracing your steps?
How 'bout the game store?
- No, I've looked
everywhere for my diary
but I still can't
figure out where it is.
- Come on, let's
give it another go.
I know we'll find it.
- Mmkay.
[hard rock music]
Ooh my God.
- [All] Surprise! [claps]
- Happy birthday.
- Ooh thank you.
Oh my God, wow!
Does Doc Lucas know about this?
- In a manner of speaking,
I believe she does.
Gotta keep a watchful
eye on things.
- [Veronica] Of course.
- She's talkin'
about me, right Doc?
Happy birthday, beautiful lady.
- Ooh, thank you.
This is all you, right?
- Try again.
- Beth?
Where is Beth?
- Yeah, where is Beth?
- Oh my God!
- Happy birthday, girl!
[everyone clapping and cheering]
- Beth, I love you.
I'd like to say I got
a hole in my heart
I want you to know
- Are you happy?
- Oh thank you so much, yes.
[Beth clapping]
- And thank you Doc
Lucas, you rock!
Thank you, thank you,
thank you so much
for letting me invite the boys.
I had to tear them away
from groups of girls
that were throwing
underwear at them.
- G-strings, actually.
[guys laughing]
Maybe I better shut up.
[everyone laughing]
- That's Dan Nelson, everybody.
He's on lead vocals,
as you can tell.
Mainly because he's
got such a big mouth.
- Woo, woo!
[everyone clapping]
- Anyway, on rhythm guitar
we got Mr Claudio [mumbles].
Ooh, as his note to his
friend plain ol' Claude.
[everyone cheering]
And on bass guitar,
we've got Mr Jamie King!
Shh, shh.
And on drums, you
know what we've got?
We've got our very own
private little drummer boy.
He's only 17, so you have
to be very, very quiet
so that you don't
scare him away.
If there are any cradle
snatchers out there,
keep your hands to yourself
because I'm waiting
for him to grow up.
Mr Jesse Stuart,
everybody! [claps]
[everyone cheering]
[retro rock music]
I'm so sorry
Sorry that you couldn't stay
I see you wash
those tears away
Oh darling
Why in Heaven
Did Heaven ever do to you
Hell must be the
better of the two
Well I know ho, ho
I don't wanna sleep alone
Never say never
And I want you back at home
No no no
I don't wanna sleep alone
Never say never
And I want you back at home
No no
So I tell you secrets
are so hard to [mumbles]
Things that make
me lose your mind
- [Veronica] I think
I know what this is.
- Well then do you
think you'll like it?
Ever do to you
Made your stupid
dreams come true
Well I know ho, ho
I don't wanna sleep alone
Never say never
And I want you back at home
No no no
- I've never kissed a
married woman before.
I don't get it.
- Seemed like the
right thing to do.
Some mistakes you
make and some mistakes
you let yourself make
said lesson of the day
courtesy of Mrs
Veronica [mumbles].
I'm not that good with words
But let me tell ya something
There's just some stories
that just don't go away
Like the story of
Romeo and Juliet
Two kids in love
But the families can't
stand one another
Sad but it happens
Everything happens
Everything happened
before dammit
- That's it?
- [Veronica] Oh look, Lavender.
- Great, fantastic.
Greatest thing in the world.
Is there anything in there
that'll get you laid?
Just kidding.
- You sound just
like my husband.
Never say never
And I want you back at home
No no
I don't wanna sleep alone
Never say never
- Yo, Beth.
- Yo, Claude.
- You see that girl
sitting it out?
She single or what?
- I could ask.
I'm pretty sure she
is though, actually.
Do you remember that girl
who was like gang raped
with four fuckwits
on a dance floor
with everybody staring and
selling popcorn and stuff?
That's her.
- Shit.
- Yeah.
- Baby.
- I'll give you baby. [giggles]
We could've killed ourselves.
Why are we laughing?
Are you okay, baby?
Did you hit your head?
- We'd have died, then this
would've gone to waste.
[lips smacking]
- Now, you were saying?
I can't.
- Why?
Baby, I don't know.
I want to.
I just don't want
to risk it, 'kay?
You can take that
look off your face.
I like to watch.
You know that I love you so much
because you're going
nowhere, right?
You have no idea what I'm
talking about, do you?
[bird chirping loudly]
- You're hurting me.
Please! [whimpers]
- Now I gets to kiss it better.
But if you think
about it is really
all she wanted all
along. [snarls]
[intriguing cello music]
[dog barking]
[intriguing piano music]
- Good news is it backs
up the defense argument
that we'll be presenting.
So it's consistent
with the context
we'll be working to establish.
Our line of arguments will be
that a key contributing
factor here
is that Chris has
himself been a victim
of bullying in the past.
That's going to help us
to explain his behavior.
- Is this your idea of fun?
- Didn't mean it.
- I guess you don't like us.
- No of course he doesn't.
- No, I get that.
But he did decide
he didn't mean it.
The way my mind works is
that maybe it was dark
and he might've
been driving home,
the dog ran out in front of it.
What did you use?
What was it?
A branch, a bat?
- It's just some dog.
- Oh that's a good answer, good.
I can see the judge
[mumbles] very quickly.
So you be good boy and tell 'em
exactly what happened, okay?
It was just some dog,
you didn't meet it.
Make sure you got that
stupid grin on your face
when you tell your
heartwarming story.
- Hey, come on.
- What a weirdo,
I'm telling dad.
- Shut up, Chris!
- He's not your son?
- [Secretary] Mr D Stefano
is Christopher's stepfather.
- It's Chris!
- Chris what?
Christopher what?
- You need help, buddy.
- Christopher what?
- Christopher Herring.
[door knocking]
- Boo. [chuckles]
- [chuckles] Hey, good morning.
Sorry, I thought you'd
still be sleeping.
- No, what's up?
- You ever visit him?
- Who?
- I think he said he's
from a magazine, I think.
That's for you.
- Oh my God, did he
say what he wanted?
- There's one way to find out.
- Do you think I could
go like this, you reckon?
- You've always looked the part.
- And you always know the
right thing to say, you dork.
[gasps] Oh, maybe I should
put some underwear on.
- Now what I wanna do
is ask you to let me
put you in touch with a guy who
speaks the digital language.
I'm thinkin' of one
guy in particular.
This guy's got the
smarts and he knows it.
He's created a
career for himself
doin' what no one else is doing.
He knows your stuff.
- Okay.
- I introduced him to it
and I'll tell you why.
Because it lends
itself perfectly
to track-by-track
commentary, follow?
- I love it when you talk dirty.
- Right?
Your stuff tells a story
and the hooks stay lodged.
It's a pretty good
start-off for this guy.
Now right about now
you're wondering
what my piece of the pie
is in all this, right?
- Yeah, yeah yeah, cool.
Yeah I'm listening.
Come on, tell him!
- Beth.
- Tell him what the
fuck he's been up to!
Where the fuck do you
think you're going, huh?
- Calm down!
- Tell him!
Tell him! [growls]
Dan's been cheating
on me behind my back
for the whole time
I've been sick.
The fucker!
These bitches, these bitches
are good friends of mine too
and these going nowhere assholes
have known about it
the whole fucking time.
What the fuck?
Do I look like I have moron
written on my forehead, huh?
Listen, listen!
As far as I'm concerned, you
can all go and get fucked okay?
Because I've got
someone real big
and real good interested in
me now, so get up! [growls]
So you can all go and tell them
that I quit your stupid band
and they can write
their own songs!
[door banging]
[Beth shouting]
[somber piano music]
This has fucked with my head
real bad, you know that?
[Beth weeping]
[Beth coughing]
I can't heal you
I can't see
I can't feel you
I lost your touch
I can't feel you
I can't see
- Bullshit!
[muffled shouting]
Beth, Beth, Beth!
Get the fuck outta my way!
[muffled shouting]
- You fucking idiots.
- Beth! [grunts]
- Don't you know it's your
voice I hear when I write songs?
It's all I hear in my head.
Fuck you.
[wind whooshing]
- Did you do that?
- No, it was you.
[birds chirping]
- Can you help me?
- What is it, Beth?
- [Beth] Something awful.
[train wheels clacking]
- Lane?
- Yeah?
- You got a sec?
- Talk to me.
- Look, that's him isn't it?
[hard rock music]
- Yeah, what about him?
- Before you ask,
it's not broken.
I don't need to check it,
I don't need to look at it.
Everything's fine.
I've checked.
[computer beeping]
- That can't be right.
- So far it's come up
with 22 different names.
A different one with each scan.
- Yeah, what about
the non-matches?
- Well, that's just it.
Every single time it
scans his fingerprint,
a different name comes up.
Are you watching?
[computer beeping]
Okay, so that's deceased
person number nine.
[Lane mumbling]
- Is this thing Kosher?
- I opened the bag myself.
- Wow, I know who that is.
[computer beeping]
- Easy, come on.
[computer beeping]
[keyboard banging]
Hey, hey!
Settle down.
- I'm sorry, Tony.
Now listen, can you
do me one more favor?
Can you type in the name
Christopher Davidson?
- [signs] Yeah, I
can do you a favor.
You can take a number.
There's the fuckin' door.
[intriguing cello music]
[birds chirping loudly]
[intriguing piano music]
- Hey.
[intriguing cello music]
- Visitor.
- What?
- There's someone to see you.
- Someone?
- A visitor.
- Yes, but I don't know anybody.
- Don't you?
- No.
- Humor me.
- Ah, how you doin'?
So, you're the Devil. [chuckles]
Look, I appreciate
you taking the time.
Please, I won't take long.
You don't know me.
I'm looking for
Christopher Davidson.
He's not in any trouble
or shit like that.
I'm not a cop.
Hate the bastards.
But I was told you could help me
and I could really
use your help.
- Woof.
[hard rock music]
[door knocking]
- I'm not here!
You wanna hear a new riff?
- No.
- Why not?
- I want you to start taking
your medication again.
- What does that got
to do with anything?
Alright fine, I will.
I promise.
I'll start taking them again.
I'll take them from
the Dining Hall,
all the way back
to this here room
and flush it down that there
toilet just like I have been.
What's wrong with you?
Come on, I wanna feel
sorry for myself okay?
I'll go back to the
pills when I'm ready.
Right now, I just don't feel
like stabilizing my moods.
Rock bottom suits
me at the moment.
Going nowhere is good sometimes.
Is that alright by you?
- It's just good to
see you smiling again.
- Oh my God, are you
tryin' to make me vomit?
Hey, don't you wanna
hear my new riff?
It's called it's just so good
to see you smiling again.
It's just so good to
see you smiling again
So good, so good
So damn good
[chuckles] Saying
shit like that.
Nice catch. [chuckles]
that's it.
For that song I was
thinking to help them.
I'm too out of it to play
you a riff now anyway.
Tell me what you think of it.
They're going nowhere
near those songs.
- How many songs do
you have on this thing?
- Too many.
Me in the music.
Me singing too.
I can sing.
We just got Dan 'cause
he looks like a god
and people buy what they
wouldn't mind fucking.
- Why are you givin' this to me?
- I don't know.
It's your friend fixation
- I hope I wasn't
thinking of killing myself
or anything like that.
Oh my God you
make me see red
What'd you come back for
I thought you
were dead to me
Lookin' back on
failure with pride
Doesn't really do it
Maybe you should've died
That sacred [mumbles]
[guitar plucking]
[guitar strumming]
[guitar strumming]
[Beth gagging]
[emotional guitar music]
- [Ben] Veronica.
- Oh my God, what time is it?
Oh my God, it's my dairy.
If I had my diary, it
gives me something to do.
You shouldn't be in here.
[buckles clicking]
[somber violin music]
[hard rock music]
[muffled chattering]
- Hey hey.
- Get out!
[muffled shouting]
And I'll try and I'll try
[Mumbles] to pieces and
I'll try to make you
[Mumbles] to pieces and
I'll try to make you
And I'll try and I'll try
[muffled shouting]
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's goin' on?
- He's got a god-awful headache.
- Is this the stuff I gave you?
It's not cheap, you know?
- Leave her alone.
- Who the hell's talkin' to you
and who the fuck do you--
- Silence Simon!
- Veronica!
- How much did you pay
for the oil, Simon?
- whaT?
- How much did you
pay for the oil?
- Fuck you.
- Isn't it about time you
gave her back her diary?
- You're a patient.
Not even supposed to be in here.
- Ben, would you
like to go next?
- Oh fuck, someone died in here.
Oh I see, he's like that
character in his story.
The Hollywood guy.
You're stuck for a
story, aren't you?
This is so uncanny.
Do you know if Beth
was still alive,
she'd say, "You got
[mumbles], dude."
Come, let me help you.
I think I might've picked
up a trick or two from you
along the way about how to
tell a really good story.
Come, here's what
we're going to do.
I'm goin' to start the
story, then you, then me,
then you and so on and so on.
me first or you?
Mr Adams.
- There is a legend.
- Oh my, not just a
story but a legend.
- There is a legend that
says the Devil appears
only once every 666 years.
That he appears in the form
of a person's greatest fear
and if that fear is conquered,
then evil itself is
destroyed for all time.
- I like it.
- Just tell the story.
- Alright.
Once every 666 years.
Well here's what I
prepared earlier.
Well not exactly, although
someone did once sit down
and work out the ages of all
the men and women in the Bible.
Working on a theory of course,
that if you work backwards,
that would give you
the date of creation.
- 4,004 BC.
- You do know your Bible.
- In the Garden of Eden.
- Is that where our
story begins then, is it?
- Look, I'm not
gonna ask you again.
- You're right, you're not!
So very beautiful.
So very
green as I recall.
- So teaming with
animals and insects.
- The wolf lying with the lamb.
The spider playing with the fly.
- Streams and
waterfalls everywhere.
- Bubbling and
flowing everywhere.
- But only one man--
- The first man.
- Adam, picking berries.
Suddenly behind him,
the sound of hissing.
The berries slipped
through his fingers.
He can barely bring
himself to turn around.
The hissing getting
louder and closer.
- You gotta understand,
the hissing is the Devil
appearing as Adam's worst fear.
I'm right, aren't I?
All he has to do is turn around
and evil itself is
conquered for all time.
I am right, aren't I?
But he doesn't turn
around though, does he?
He comes close though, does he?
but no cigar.
- Eden wasn't in Cuba, dude.
- What?
Oh I see, you're tryin'
to change the subject
'cause you know
what happened next.
- So, the world had to
wait another 666 years.
- It did.
The place was ancient India.
The year
was 3,338 BC
and the Devil appeared
to a man named [mumbles]
as his greatest fear.
But [mumbles] did not
conquer his fear that he had.
- And in 666 years after that?
- Ancient Greece.
- The present?
- The year, Mr Adams.
The year.
The year was 2,672 BC.
The person,
her name was Sophia.
He would appear to Sophia
as her greatest fear.
But Sophia did not conquer
her fear that year.
Are you beginning to
see a pattern, Mr Adams?
- No, but I'm
beginning to wonder
what happened 666
years after that.
- Well then think pyramids.
- Pyramids?
- Think harder.
- Scribe.
Go nuts.
- Fine, let's make him
a middle-aged scribe.
A middle-aged scribe working
in the middle of the night.
He blows gently on a
page for the ink to dry.
The sound of
can be heard in the night.
But then he spots movement
in the corner of his eye.
He looks up at the shadow
of the candle on the wall
and right there beside
the candle is a shadow
of a very large spider.
- Ah, his greatest fear.
All he has to do is
turn around, but no.
The brush slips
through his fingers.
The ink staining the
immaculately neat
hieroglyphics on the page.
- The shadow moves again.
The spider is moving.
- With a trembling hand, he
picks up the bowl of ink.
He starts to turn
around, but never does.
The bowl smashes
across the hard floor.
- Oh does it ever.
He runs into the
light and the spider,
the spider is no spider at all.
It's the Devil doing
this with his hand.
- I like it, that's clever.
Spider with his hands.
- You like it?
- Next.
- Ancient China, 1340 BC.
- No good.
- You didn't ask who.
- I know who.
- How could you
possibly know who?
- It's a story,
I can make it up.
- Wwell everybody
needs no story.
- [sighs] Fine.
- Good, you're learning.
- [Ben] You're teachin'
me how to tell stories?
- Amos.
- 666 years later?
- That's right.
- Where?
- The year was 674 BC.
- Yeah, but you
didn't say where.
- The year was 674 BC
and Devil came to Amos
as his greatest fear,
but Amos did not conquer
his fear that year.
- Aah, the Holy Land.
- How could you...
It doesn't matter.
Do you know I am startin'
to get sick of this story?
- Look, alright,
alright, alright.
Amos did not conquer
his fear that year.
No one has conquered
666 years after that
or 666 years after that.
They're wasted
opportunities lost forever.
Evil the victor.
[somber violin music]
But then, somebody came close.
- What?
- In the year of
our Lord, 1324 AD.
The place was England.
- A man or a woman?
- A woman.
- What's her problem?
- It's dark outside.
- That's it?
- She'd been collecting
wood for the fire.
She closes the
door with her foot.
She wanders over to the table
to lay out the wood
for the kindling
when suddenly behind her
the door opens again,
but she had definitely closed.
- Yes, I think I can
see where this is going.
- Aah, I bet you can't.
- Of course I can!
I bet you she goes over
and closes the door
and doesn't think
anything of it again.
- Close.
She goes over and
closes the door
and doesn't think
anything of it again.
- Are you trying to be funny?
- Let me finish.
This time, she places
a bucket up against it.
- Gee, I never would've
thought of that.
- A cup rolls across the table
and smashes on the floor.
She quickly makes
the sign of a cross.
The sound of an
owl makes her jump.
She reaches down to
grab a piece of wood
and looks down to
see that the bucket,
the bucket has rolled
across the room to her feet.
- What about the door?
- Well you tell me.
- It's blown open
again, not fully.
Just hitting against
the frame in a breeze.
She knows she has to close it.
If only she can close that door,
her greatest fear is
conquered for all time.
She's almost there.
- She stumbles and
falls to the ground.
- But then the door's
blown fully open again.
She jumps to her feet,
rushes at the door,
out the door and into the night.
It's no good, Mr Adams.
- The door slams
shut behind her.
Correction, the Devil slams
the door shut behind her.
- He really gets around
this Devil guy, doesn't he?
- Are you starting
to lose count?
- I never lose count.
She ran into the
night 666 years ago.
That means
666 years later
is now.
I'm serious.
The dates do add up.
Spooky, isn't it?
Do the maths.
It's not my fault if
the figures add up.
it all adds up to me,
you, and your greatest...
Oh my, that must be me.
Now should I be scared?
What are you waiting for?
[cheerful violin music]
Why didn't you say something?
So it was Adele.
All along it was Adele.
I thought it was Beth or
perhaps that Jill girl.
I knew there must be a
reason why you were here.
- Please, I'm not
sure I understand
what you can or can't do,
but I need you to help Adele.
Alright, do something.
I don't know what.
Help me help her.
You've won.
- You romantic, you.
Oh my, she did not
even know you existed
or how you felt or that
you were playing Jesus
or playing mad.
Much the same.
- Are you gonna help me?
- One.
Why not?
Because you're
due for some luck.
Because you, Ben Adams, are
the most unlucky you've been.
You fall in love and she
gets raped by how many men?
You decide to play Savior and
the Devil decides to turn up.
What are the chances, really?
How unlucky can you get?
Yes I'll help you.
But only because it's
my of sayin' thank you.
I'd given up, you see?
I was so bored
and then this.
You, Ben Adams, might very well
be the first bit of creation
to ever give me joy.
- Creation.
I believe in evolution.
Help her.
- I am.
Which is to say I am already.
I'm helping right now.
Good book?
I was just making sure
it wasn't the Good Book.
- You mean the Bible?
No, I don't have one.
- 'Course you haven't.
You said you believe in
evolution but more importantly,
what happened to the
men that raped you?
[intriguing music]
- Please.
I don't want to, please?
- Goodnight.
It's the others isn't it, Adele?
The ones you watched
and did nothing.
The whole dance floor full of
people clapping and cheering.
I could tell you exactly
how many there were.
153 people who did nothing.
Most of them are
probably sleeping right
now, I don't know.
I want to help you, Adele.
Would it help you if every
one of those 153 people
died this minute?
- What?
- Would it help you if
they died right now?
[Adele gasping]
If they died in their sleep
or behind the wheel of a car
or up watching late
night television
or on a dance floor somewhere?
Yes, even then.
Clapping and cheering on some
dance floor somewhere, Adele.
Would that help you Adele,
if they died this minute?
[Adele sobbing]
[ominous orchestral music]
they're all dead.
Every last one.
153 people just died
and I'm smiling.
Now you're smiling.
You have such a beautiful smile.
- Where are you going?
- Where are you going?
- To bed.
Get some rest.
Get some sleep.
I'll save you a seat
at the breakfast table.
How did you get in here?
- Through the door.
- Which you naturally
didn't close
after yourself when you came in,
but what you want me to close
when you leave,
don't you Robbie?
- Are you in a good mood?
- Happy.
I am happy.
- You know Ben Adams?
- From way back.
- Well you know Ben Adams,
why do I have to hang around
Ben Adams and his friends?
- Listen to me.
Don't you try and tell me
how to run my business.
You stupid half-wit.
You stupid man.
Don't tell me what to do.
I've waited too long,
I've worked too hard.
Go to bed,
I do not wanna see
you in the morning.
Forget about me.
Go to bed and make
Ben your friend.
Do you understand, Robbie?
- Why?
I love you, please let
me still be your friend?
- I said Ben.
- What did I do?
You're my friend!
- Robbie, it's really very easy.
If you want to make me
happy, make Ben your friend.
Even you can do that, Robbie.
- No please, it's not fair.
I was gonna give you a present.
- I don't want it.
- It's a good present.
It's a watch.
You know you look at your hand
and you haven't got a watch.
It's a new watch.
I haven't used it, I promise.
I got it for my birthday.
My mom gave it to me.
- A watch?
- Yes!
- Really?
There you go.
Give it to Ben!
[intriguing cello music]
[door knocking]
Lemme guess,
here to ensure you fill
your daily quota of repents?
- No.
- Well you've got my attention.
- My room's just next door.
- And?
- I hear everything.
- And?
- I don't like what people
like you do to good people.
You're not a good person.
- I think I liked you better
when you were a broken record.
- You're not a good person.
- One more time.
- Stop being so mean to him.
- Your 15 minutes are up.
[intriguing piano music]
[thunder cracking]
[door knocking]
- Robbie,
what is it buddy?
[thunder cracking]
[rain pattering]
- I'll take those off.
- Talk about look what
the cat dragged in.
- Be nice.
- Thank you.
Jackets, please?
- Thank you.
- Please see Veronica,
[mumbles] okay?
- Hi.
- Good morning, I was
hopin' you could help me.
- Yes of course,
are you [mumbles]?
- No, I'm not sure I follow.
I think I get the [mumbles],
I beg your pardon.
We're not here to
admit anybody or me.
We're not patients, we're fine.
- Oh would you like
to take a seat?
- Cut that patronizing tone
out of your voice,
you stupid bitch.
- Hey, let's just
keep it polite.
Voices down.
I'm Simon, this is Veronica.
We're here to help.
- That's great 'cause
we need some help.
- Okay, what can we do for you?
- We're looking for
Christopher Davidson.
- Are you family?
Does he know you?
- Do you believe it?
- You better--
- It's a standard
question, guys.
Are you a relative?
It's the crack of dawn, buddy.
It's a little bit early
for visiting hours.
- Oh no, I understand.
Of course not.
I'm not family,
we're not family.
Well no, we're not
related to him.
Can we see him?
[Ben screaming]
I need to see him.
[somber piano music]
- [gasps] Oh my God!
- The fuck?
- Oh my God.
I'll call for an ambulance.
- Go go go.
- No, no!
- Christopher, please.
- I did nothing.
That's not my name.
- Christopher.
- I'm Robbie.
- Christopher, please.
- No one wants Mr
Davidson anymore.
- Please.
- Leave him alone!
- Please.
- Will you be my friend,
- I will, please.
[Ben screaming loudly]
- [Robbie] Will you
be my friend, mister?
Will you be my friend?
[muffled shouting]
- [Tom] Christopher.
- [Robbie] Will you
be my friend, mister?
- [Tom] We're all your friends.
- You did this.
- Tom leave him alone!
[Tom chanting]
- That's twice, two times.
Once was enough?
- Will you be my friend, mister?
- We're all your friends!
- Oh no!
[muffled shouting]
[Robbie growling]
- You mean there is a
Christopher Davidson?
I thought I made that up.
- [Tom] Christopher,
[Ben screaming loudly]
[thunder cracking]
- [Robbie] I'm Robbie.
[Robbie mumbling]
- Christopher.
- That's not my name.
- [Tom] Christopher, please!
Calm down, please.
Christopher, listen to me.
- [Robbie] Robbie.
What do you want [mumbles]?
- [Tom] Okay, please.
I can feel you
I know your name
[somber piano music]
[muffled crosstalk]
- Someone please
tell me he doesn't
get the girl in the end, too.
Oh for the love of God.
[rain pattering]
[gate creaking]
- Good morning, I didn't realize
you're getting discharged today.
- I am.
- Do you have a lift?
- I do.
- Do you believe in God?
- I do.
- I want you to have something.
This is yours.
You can keep that.
Oh my God you
make me see red
Why'd you come back
For I thought you
were dead to me
Lookin' back on
failure with pride
Doesn't really do it
Maybe you should've died
[Mumbles] away
- [Radio Announcer]
Okay here's one
straight from the [mumbles].
Father sayin' I ain't
leavin' yo head.
I'm stayin' in there and
I'm goin' into yo head
and yo head and yo head.
I'm gon' eat yo brain
'cause I'm a zombie song.
That's exactly what
these songs do, man.
It's eatin' everybody's
frickin' brains up.
It's the number one song
on the cut this week
and we're givin' this
one lots of airplay
'cause it has a great song and
has a great story behind it.
Actually make that an old story.
Yeah, old news.
See the original demo with
Beth [mumbles] on vocals
and everything else
broke all the rules
for what demos were meant to do
with enough freaking views to
fill a continent [mumbles].
So Ben finally got around to
re-recording and here it goes.
One polished diamond for
you to make a best friend
until further notice, right?
Give it a listen,
you gonna love it.
Only leads to realization
[muffled lyrics]
Oh my God you
make me see red
What'd you come back for
I thought you
were dead to me
Lookin' back on
failure with pride
Doesn't really do it
maybe you should've died
Oh my God you
make me see red
What'd you come back for
I thought you
were dead to me
Lookin' back on
failure with pride
Doesn't really do it
Maybe you should've died
[Mumbles] away